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>Time moves in one direction, memory in another.

Calling sheets for the 85th session of TimeQuest
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"We know they don't." Nero specifies. "You have seen the doomed future with your own eyes. That does not change unless we change it."

Nero braces himself as the G-forces intensify. Luke sits himself down in his chair and Honey gets a full view as she pushes the throttle down, watching as the stars start to come out. The Earth is starting to slowly dip below your view, the moon starts to come in more clearly over its horizon, and you feel the ship already starting to enter the reaches of space beyond the reach of its gravity as the G-forces start to subside. The measurement for velocity doesn't indicate it's near light-speed yet, but it's still steadily rising as the distance between the ship and the Earth grows more and more distance at a steadily faster pace.

Nero's brilliant show of colors blinds everyone for a brief moment as they all bunker down in the hallway, Celestia helping Ahatsunu to stabilize as the G-forces grow more and more powerful.
"What's with the light show?" Hive asks
"Didn't you read the mission details?" Solethik asks irritably as your communications once again become open, and you reach out to both Luke and Honey

As you hug Beryl, she does not push away from it and even leans into it, but her expression seems no less optimistic than it was a moment ago.
"…you'd better make sure of it." She chides, letting out a sigh as she almost seems ready to fall asleep on you amid the embrace. "So you're going too, huh?"

"Only to make sure things go smoothly." Steel clarifies. "With us, perhaps he can finish his work even faster."
"Is Onyxia going too? I mean, the other Onyxia?"

As you both pilot the ship, you suddenly get a large alert on a virtual screen that shows up in the middle of the room: the ship's communications have intercepted some kind of signal, is trying to open a channel here on the bridge for you to speak to them directly.


"Computer. Open Transmission." Lukewarm just assumes it's voice activated, incredibly unlikley but he's in the moment. He hopes Honey will do something to turn on the big screen so he doesn't look like an idiot in case he's wrong."


"Mhm," Onyxia hums. "Took a bit of convincing but I'll be at Dad's side the whole time."

When Beryl asks of Twonyxia, she shakes her head. "She isn't. I don't know if she's aware yet even. Did you tell her Steel?"


Nero stands fast in the hall despite the rising G-forces, the others managing as might be expected. He grits His teeth as He reasons stopping to call is costing them precious time as the ship continues to climb, but that combing the ship would take even more time. Lukewarm's wrist computer somehow syncs into the antediluvian spacecraft and projects the incoming video call unto the big screen. Honey, Lukewarm, and Fake Nero see the crystal emperor appear onscreen. Unlike the Fake, this Nero is shining brilliantly with golden light, and is missing His trademark cape [having loaned it to Ahatsunu to keep warm]. As Nero sees Lukewarm in the Captain chair, he does not yet see Honey or Fake Nero [though they can see Him]. As the video feed on His end shows Lukewarm confidently sitting in a chair, holding a glass of rum and a pizza bagel, the stars rising out the viewports behind him, the king takes in the sight.

"*You* started the ship." He says in a tone that is at once dull surprise and disappointed parent.


"That is-.. a Captain's prerogative." Luke states boldly as he swivels around a glass of rum. Still doing his Captain Kirk Impression. "We received your transmission. Now state your business."


Honey lets the moment drag on a bit, just long enough for Luke to start to feel the slight twinge of embaressment, before pressing stuff in order to get the videocall going.

"Hey, fucka off Goldie! I'm the onea who got this junker in the air," she yells out off-screen, not wanting to give Luke all the credit for the awesome stuff happening around her right now.


Nero can likely hear Honey off screen. When this happens Luke momentarily puts half his body off screen as it appears he's leaning forward in some direction.

Nero can also probably hear Luke say "Psst Shut up Honey, -I helped! I'll put you on laundry duty Celestia so help me!"


Steel shakes his head. "I tried to jostle her awake, but she sleeps deeply. I thought to leave her for a moment while I checked on you, I will try harder." He explains, moving out to the hall again.

Beryl sighs. "Well, at least she'll be around… I'm okay." Beryl says, trying to push herself away from you. "I'll really be down in a sec, just let me brush my mane."

As the transmission of Nero appears on the main-screen, the other Nero currently on the bridge turns and looks at it. He glares and his expression turns serious.

He turns to Honey as she calls the one on the video screen 'Goldie'. "You do realize that is an imposter, yes?"



Continuing to B-hop through the area, she runs up and punches the pillbug.


"My business is that we're currently throttling into the firmament with you to blame-" Nero says, before Honey insists she was responsible.
"*That* I believe. Then I'll address the question to you-"

"Why are we soaring into space!?" Nero asks, the sky visibly panning back in the window behind Him.
Nero then addresses the Changeling.

"Drop your pretensions, I've already found the others." Nero says panning the camera to the other two Changelings, undisguised.


"Because why the fucka not?! It sounded likea a fun idea!" She replies back, crossing her hooves like a child who thinks she's done nothing wrong.

Its not until the Nero next to her points out that the other Nero is an imposter that she realizes: there are somehow two Nero.
"Wait…the fuck?! When thea fuck did you make another onea of you?!"



Lukewarm continues swiveling his drink in hoof as he feigns the semblance of someone giving considerable thought to Nero's words "It seems I'll need to seek the considerations of my crew. Excuse me a moment."

Lukewarm rises from his chair and leave's the frame of the telecom camera. Popping back into sight just to say "Just hold on." and he dips back out again as he darts over to the suposed imposter Nero's station "Dude are you real Nero or not. Come clean with me man, that guy could kick all our ass."

>Word of Power: In combat, forces an enemy to miss their next attack and renders them helpless on a crit. Outside combat, can extract information on a success.


Roll #1 4 = 4


wrong name


this post is for the dmpost


Nero snickers at Honey's childish complaint.

"Do you have control of the ship? Can you bring it into a stable orbit?" He asks, before addressing her second point.

"The ship was over-run with Changeling. It was another scheme of Sight's. Needless to say it failed."
Nero watches the empty Captain's chair.


>Necklace of Persistence: Instant, Automatic: Recharge 2, on a failed action (including critfail), you can give up 3 hits to make the action automatic.

using this to make word of power succeed



Onyxia frowns, feeling that her leaving too probably isn't good either since she's only been part of the family for a short time, especially after their adventure last night. She gives Beryl one more tight squeeze of a hug as she tries to push away.
"We'll be back before you know it, I promise," She says before releasing Beryl from the vice love grip. "See you downstairs."

Onyxia then steps out into the hall, and checks on how Steel's progress with Twonyxia is going.


Your wires caught up in the seemingly endless strings that the massive creature summons to defend itself, you leave itself open as your hoof makes contact with its blackish-green chitin, godlike strength reverberating across its surface and resounding with a *GONG* that echos throughout the thorn layered valley.

As your hoof makes contact, you note that it feels like it goes numb in the tips before making its way up your hoof, slowly recovering with a pins and needles sensation after you disconnect your punch. The creature does not retaliate, but you note how it did not summon strings to defend itself either. Your punch left a relatively small but noticeable crack in the hard chitin, bits and pieces breaking off and falling to the ground below.

Po-Yala lets out a yawn, "Bigger… need bigger chunk for *yawn* glove…"
The calling echoes in your head again, this time feeling like a splitting headache.

As Nero addresses the other 'Nero' on the deck, Solethik (an armored, red-ant like changeling for Honey/Luke) moves up closer and says, "Stand down, Elite. The mission's changed."

After Luke gets out of the view of the telecom camera and approaches the other Nero, your bridge-mate looks unbothered, simply raising his brow as he turns to Luke and Honey in their respective positions. "He's a determined imitation, if unconvincing."

"Clearly, our ship has been infiltrated by Changelings." Bridge Nero explains to Honey and Luke. "They're already trying to take every chance to turn us against each other before even infiltrating our group. Your taking the ship out of the ice must have rattled them."

"I suggest we continue on our current course. If the Changelings are concerned with our taking the ship into orbit, I do not think we should turn course."

Meanwhile, as Luke speaks with the other Nero off-screen, Solethik looks to you. "Pretty sure that's 'Hopper'. We decided he did the best impression of you when we were assigning roles."

Celestia raises her brow. "You… 'practice'?"

"Of course." Hive adds. "Making our personas is one thing, but it takes talent to accurately copy another person."

Beryl lets out a sight that feels laden with disappointment. "Yeah, sure. Be down in just a sec." She says as she pulls herself out of bed, making her way over to the vanity in the room as you see her use her magic to levitate a crystal brush out of her drawer and start to fix her emerald hair.

As you step out into the hall, you hear some light rumbling coming from your and Twonyxia's room. You walk in to see Steel lightly jostling her awake in her bed, only to have her roll back over and grumble.

"Rrgmggh… tired… more sleeeeep…" she drones, Steel shaking his head.
"I've tried telling her your father is leaving. I do not think she either hears or understands, she must be exhausted."


She continues to consecutive normal punch the big orb.


Honey looks at the two Neros confused, and looking very unsure which one to listen to. She grumbles a bit as she tries to think it over, then tries her best t look at both of them.
"Alright, I'ma not dealing with getting bosseda around by two of yous! You!" She points to the NEro on the screen.
"Geta your golden ass wherevera the hell we are! Anda you!" She points at the one on the bridge.
"Youa keep your dress-wearing ass right here!"


Luke Warm has completely dropped his captainly persona for the time he lectures possibly fake Nero. "Okay- for the record I don't care WHO'S WHO, I'm just glad we have the Nero that's pro Star Trek adventures- alright, cool -good talk. Pretend this conversation never happened, I'm back to impersonating Sean Yeehawnery."

Real Nero witnesses Luke through the his comm screen, leap back onto his Captain's chair, as he wrestles with the force of rising G's to remain seated while the Ship commits to it's ascent beyond earth's atmosphere.

"Nero the current circumstances bring me no pleasure. But as Captain of this ship it is my duty to protect my crew.. and the integrity of our mission. Even if you were- without a doubt.. Nero, Prince of all the earth. I'm afraid we are currently leaving the Earth's atmosphere -which remains outside your jurisdiction."


"I can image. If it wasn't for what we've been through I'd be dead tired too," She says as she watches Steel's attempt, sympathizing for how her twin must be after that crazy excursion.
Onyxia steps up to the bed, giving it a little nudge.
"Hey… Dad and me are heading out soon, do you want to have some breakfast?" She says, wondering if she might recognize her own voice.


"Your commitment to theatre is impressive, but we have bigger problems. Such as why this soldier is being insubordinate?" Nero asks Solethik.
Nero stomps the ground suddenly, not enough to cause significant damage, but more then enough to cause shaking throughout the ship and potentially knock people off their feet from the shaking. On Luke and Honey's end the bridge vibrates with the heavy footstep, rattled as though by a small earthquake.

"I don't know why everypony keeps forgetting I can do that. Now I'm heading to the bridge Hopper. If I arrive and you're still wearing my skin, I'll remove it myself. As to you-" Nero says looking to Honey.

"Get the ship into a stable orbit and hold it there, I'm on my way."

Nero begins walking to the bridge [no need to narrate our arrival this post] as Lukewarm informs him that space is outside His jurisdiction.

"Somehow it escaped Me that I'd ever be confronted with a claim like that. Nevertheless, I did not say I was against this take-off. This might vessel might prove useful to Me. For now obtain a stable position and hold."


Luke pokes his head out off screen to say something to Honey "Hit the gas." In complete defiance to Nero's request to bring this thing into orbit.


Bridge Nero shakes his head to Honey's suggestion. "Not a good plan. If we let them up on the bridge they can sabotage something integral before we kill them. Or they could destroy something vital like the engines on their way up here."

"We should isolate them. If we ascend above the atmosphere, and learn more about the controls, we can vent the air from whatever passages we please except a few, and isolate them. Then we can continue taking the ship about without interference."

Solethik's eyes narrow in frustration. "Good damn question. You got an explanation for me, Elite?"

"You can stop with your attempts to deceive us into believing one of us is already replaced. It is as ineffective as it is confusing."

Hive moves in next, "Hopper, seriously, we're going into freaking SPACE in case you didn't notice! That was never in the plans!"

"So you are panicked. Good. We will be willing to accept your surrender and perhaps we'll reconsider our course."

Celestia looks to Solethik next, "Does he have some ulterior motive for wanting the ship continuing to leave Earth…?"

The leader Elite growls. "He might think we are acting under duress. That we're only telling him to stand down because we're caught and our lives are forfeit if we say otherwise. But he knows even under threat of death we'd never turn away from the mission without good reason. Maybe the corruption is getting to him faster than it is us…"

As Nero recommends maintaining orbit, the other Nero on the bridge speaks up, "Continue to bring us out. Let's give these infiltrators reason to be concerned."

More earth-shaking punches from your hooves continue to rattle throughout the valley as you punch away at the mighty carapace of the creature, and with each blow the crack grows more and more in its shell. The banging in your head seems to grow with each blow as well, until a certain point where it feels like you're knocking on your own skull with each hit
>-1 Wound

However, your efforts bring results, as a sizable chunk of the shell of the creature detaches and falls into your hooves. Just touching it makes your hooves feel like they're made of ice and completely deprived of heat, and thus carrying it in a string proves the best way to carry it.

By this point, Po-Yala and Plasm are out cold, unable to respond at the moment, but the chunk in your hooves (bigger than your head) should prove enough for Po-Yala. You notice the crack is starting to heal the moment you stop pounding on it, and the psychic ringing in your head grows worse with every second
>Roll 1d10 to will your way through the strain on your way back to the Epoch

You are met with a hoof pushing its way into your muzzle, silencing you and gently nudging you away from the sleeping mare as the tired horse desperately tries to return to sleep.
"I'll see you lat…..errr…." she drones out, before deeper breathing returns.

Steel looks to you. "I think a more forceful method may be our only option."


She turns 360 degrees and backwards long jumps outta there.


Roll #1 9 = 9


"Your companion is slow on the uptake, so I'll repeat myself." Nero says stomping harder, causing the ship to rattle with turbulence as it continues its rapid ascent.

"Unless-" *STOMP*
"You can-" *STOMP*
"Do this-" *STOMP*

"Your cover is blown Changeling. For My sake, he's not even glowing." Nero says into the communicator.

Nero turns to the others with Him, turning off the comm after leaving room for any response.

"Lets get to the bridge before Hopper convinces Lukewarm or Honey to test the limits of My patience. I doubt they're fooled, but if they think I mean to end their fun early they may see how long they can stretch this out."


Following Nero's stomp the bridge trembles and Luke feels himself strain to hold onto his chair "Honey!! Say the line! Say Captain we seem to be experiencing turbulence! -So I can say- Tell me something I don't know."

"Whoa whoa whoa- what the fuck are you on about." Luke Warm drops the Captainly persona to inform this other Nero of why is plan is totally not Star Trek "Dude! We're roleplaying star trek. We left Conan the barbarian back with the Empire. People don't die on Star Trek- unless it's a really sad episode. And you literally never do that on episode one."

Luke Warm also drops the Captainly act to address real Nero's flavor of asshatery "Okay we get it Nero! We're not all Nero enough for you. Can't Nero it up like the real Nero does. Lay off man, if fake Nero wants to play dress up and roleplay as a historical figure that's his fucking business. Don't be such a prick about it!"


Honey still seems perplexed, as both Neros have a good point. That Nero IS stomping very hard, but the other also has a point with no wanting to have stuff damaged. Honey gives a very long and hard hum as she thinks it over, especially since both Neros aren't listening to her demands.
"Alright, fuck ita! I madea my own decision!" Honey suddenly make a shotgun appear as she attempts to shoot the Nero right next to her with both barrels.

>Dual, Crits 8+, Ranged


"Now youa stay put! I'm going over there and shooting you next to figure this shit out!" She yells at the Nero on the screen, flying off only after making sure her shots hit…and not really sticking around to know whether the Nero she shot at was real or fake.

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3 / Roll #2 2 + 2 = 4


Onyxia steps back as she's turned into an impromptu alarm clock.
"Hmm… I think I have an idea. Let me get my bag."
With Steel's assistance of fetching her things from the shadowscape, Onyxia takes out the goo blob.
"If it fixes up everything else, it should perk her right up!" She says, holding it over her twin and squeezing out a good bit of regenerative glop on her.


Luke Warm gets up from his captain's chari "Holy shit! Guys- Guys would you calm the fuck down! There aren't fricken guns in star trek. And dude Honey, you're letting real Nero suck you into the Plot again! He's John carpenter trying to get you to watch The Thing, when we already finished building our enterprise play set. Don't buy into it dude. Remember what we're doing this for. We have to avoid the plot at all costs."

Is there time to word of power Fake Nero into not retaliating?
>Word of Power: In combat, forces an enemy to miss their next attack and renders them helpless on a crit. Outside combat, can extract information on a success.




Roll #1 8 = 8


As Lukewarm reveals he's definitely kidding and Honey snaps and shoots Hopper, Nero [having hung up immediatly after] looks to those with him.

"We should move quickly, Honey becoming paranoid is more dangerous then any game Luke could devise."


As Nero stomps the entire ship and sends reverberations throughout its entire structure, those around him seem concerned as Ahutsunu raises her voice, "Nero! I realize you want to make a point but may I remind everyone this thing is barely holding together?!"

The Bridge Nero (Hopper, supposedly) however keeps his cool throughout the display. "You think an Emperor needs to constantly flaunt his power? I don't 'glow' just for the show of it like a street-side spectacle. I won't play your game, doppelganger, and suggest you pick up a history book for next time if you truly mean to imitate Me."

"Hopper for Metamorphia's sake, knock it off! I'm serious!" Hive shouts through the communicator, "This isn't a joke, we're not being threatened into saying this, the ship taking off was NOT part of the plan so knock it off!"

"I wasn't suggesting we kill them. I was suggesting we isolate them in one of the chambers and remove their ability to leave by altering the atmosphere inside the ship."

You synthesize your shotgun and take fire at Nero, who casually sidesteps it and you see it blast a huge hole in his console. He only avoids the attack however, and does not retaliate as Luke barks orders for them all to calm down.

"You are playing into their hooves Honey. Whether or not that'd have hurt me, don't you think it better we don't cripple ourselves in any way in this situation?"

As Honey leaves the controls, you see the ship has officially left the Earth's atmosphere in the interim: the moon is starting to come closer into view as the ship continues on its path towards the unknown.

Celestia nods as she looks to Solethik to lead the way. "He's quite right on that."

"Duly noted. Come on, bridge is just up ahead." Solethik says in response. "I respectfully request you don't actually rip Hopper's skin off when we get there. I don't know what's gotten into him but we'll handle our own."

You take out the regenerative ooze used to heal your wounds and dabble a little upon the exhausted Twonyxia, and as it seeps into her skin you start to see her eyes flutter awake, if only to wonder what the heck is going on.

"What the… Onyxia, what you…" she groans, looking at the goop now covering her hooves. "Is this a prank? Let me sleep, come on." She says with much more coherency and awareness than she had up to this point, which seems to suggest it has its effect.

With your prize secured, you quickly swing away from the gigantic rolled up hibernating bug (whose wound has healed up entirely in your departure). Just leaving the vicinity of the creature seems to help rouse Po-Yala and Plasm from their stupor, your sidekicks beginning to stir as you make your way inside the ship.

"Grugh… ah… ouch, my head…" Plasm groans, trying to hold his noggin as you take your place back at the controls. The Epoch still seems to be drained of power, and will prove difficult in getting it restored and back on the move.

Po-Yala looks around, and spots the heavy chunk of Eon you procured. "Ooooh! That it, that good chunk of bad juju! It work very good."


Honey proceeds to fly around the ship, looking for the 'other Nero' who was on the videocall before as she reloads both barrels of her shotgun. One way or another, she was gonna get to the bottom of this….


"Eheh, sorry, had to do something to wake you up a little," Onyxia says, tucking the blob away in her bags. "We're all having breakfast, before Dad and me head out…" She says, keeping it quick and simple, unsure of how Twonyxia would take this news after going through the rest of the family.


"If this ship won't hold together from that, it would not survive the heavens. I wasn't just stomping to prove My identity." Nero explains to Ahatsunu before taking off in what is for Him a brisk jog, unable to move much faster due to the others being with Him.

"Is it possible he actually believes what he's saying? The powers of Eon can have strange effects on the mind." Nero asks Solethik as they head to the bridge.


At fake Nero's suggestion Lukewarm answers with a indecisive gesture of weighing his hooves together "eeeeehh- he'll just tear through the ship dude."

Suddenly something defers Luke's attention. "Oh shit-!" Luke says as he realizes they are gaining closer to the moon.

"-uh I mean." Luke reassert's his captainly aura as he dons once again the Sean Yehawnerry impression "Approaching a celestial mass.. Take us into stratified orbit. I want a good look of this moon."


Luke would find his wish granted as Honey had ditched the controls and flew off to deal with the imposter situations…her own way.


Lukewarm remains in the captainly stance. After some delay he realizes Honey left the room. Luke passes a glance to fake Nero. Before pouring half the contents of a bottle of gin into his throat and then meandering over to the executive controls for driving this thing. All the while keeping his alcohol close to him.


"He believes it? You mean… he actually THINKS he's you?" Celestia asks in a disturbed tone.

"…it's possible. Wouldn't even technically need Eon's influence for it to happen." Solethik explains. "I've seen it happen to Changelings who get so lost in their role they start to believe their own dung. But Hopper's no drone, he's an Elite, he's better than to let shit like that get to him."

As you all continue your way down the hall, you note that gravity no longer seems to be in effect: everyone in the hallway starts to float upwards, hinting that the ship is now free of Earth's gravity. Celestia looks down in shock as she starts flapping her wings to regain control, as Ahatsunu grabs on to Nero for dear stability.

"And it seems we've officially left Earth… by the sun, in any other situation this would be exhilarating." Celestia comments.

Honey leaves the other Nero behind on the deck as you shoot off to find the OTHER other Nero somewhere in the ship. She happens upon them before long, wherein she sees the group 'floating' half way down the hall. Gravity appears to have officially lost its effect on the ship, as you note the party ahead floating just ahead

>Nero's group consists of Nero, Celestia, Wizard Luke, Ahatsunu, Shu-Dural, Nebu the Tiger, Honey Hive, and Solethik

"A fair point, but the damage they'd do to the ship would still be kept at a minimum if we can isolate them somehow to certain parts. At any rate, we should do something to deal with them."

He looks as Honey takes off down the hall, and he looks towards the pilot seat where she last left. "It would appear the bridge has lots its helsmare, 'Captain' Luke. What would you advice?"

Luke notes as you leave Earth's gravity, everyone in the room starts to float upwards, and his gin starts to drip out of the bottle and forming little globs in mid-air.

Twonyxia groans, more awake than she'd been up to this point but still looking unconvinced. "You're going out with Dad? Cool…" she says with a tired yawn, "Can I just get my breakfast put in the oven or something to keep it warm? I could really use just another hour here, maybe two. Tell them I stayed up too late working on new ideas for the forge if they're wondering why…"

"…they're not coming right back." Steel clarifies.

"Huh…?" Twonyxia asks, suddenly a bit more alert. "What, is it a day trip? Where you going?"


"Holy- dude! Do you know how many times the Enterprise has been destroyed. Kirk literally has a self destruct button on the ship just deprive klingnons of the pleasure. We're literally episode one of Stra Trek, I don't want to crash land on the fricken moon. Cuz then I'll have to spend a thousand years listening to Luna ask Celestia how the horse shoe feels on the other hoof."

As Lukewarm has pulled himself by the various articles of furniture and hand rails adorning the brigg, Luke warm pulls himself into the pilot's seat, as he mouths for globs of gin that float around as if he were a fish.

Luke begins by, in a very intoxicated manner pretending feeling the buttons of the control panel and then pushing them in ways that pleases his childlike brain. Perhaps miraculously he can turn the artificial gravity on.


He then steers the ship into the Moon's orbiting path.


Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 1 = 1



"Without the influence of magic I find that difficult to believe." Nero says to Solethik implying Changelings can 'become the mask'.

As they all begin to levitate, Nero pushs Ahatsunu such that she's only grabbing her arm.

"Is it your first time?" Nero asks Celestia if she's ever left the planet.

>will let Honey acknowledge us before I post to Gernade


Honey barely notices the change in gravity since she already defies it often by flying around almost constantly. She speeds down a hallway and almost misses the Nero sighting. She doubles back to him, some familiar faces, and a bunch of unfamiliar ones. She'd have to figure out them out later.

"Ah-hah! Knewa I'd find you! Now staya still so I cana test you!" Without hesitation, Honey fires both barrels at the other other Nero.


Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3 / Roll #2 3 + 2 = 5


"Dad… got a call from work to go to Ponyville about some elites. It's serious… we're going to be out for a few days, probably," Onyxia says, trying to word it as nice as she can.


Nero pulls Ahatsunu behind Him and tanks the shot [only the 5 hits, for 1 DMG]. The buckshot slams into His chest ineffectually. Rather then respond immediately, Nero looks back to Wizard Luke.

"Why does everypony keep forgetting how many of us are bullet-proof?"


You catch Wizard Luke in the middle of doing crunches while floating in 0-G's "I'm not bullet proof, I simply ignore the bullets through sheer mental tenacity. No magic about it. Either bullets stop you or they don't."

You see Wizard Luke traveling forward effortless in zero gravity, but by the effort of continuous and effective mid air crunches.


Solethik nods, "Honest to hive truth. It's not like it's common, you can count the number of instances in the last decade on your hooves, but some infiltrators get so wrapped up in their charade they lose themselves in it."
"What about their constant need to feed on love? Surely that'd give them some kind of hint." Celestia asks, equally incredulous.
"It tends to happen with infiltrators who've worked their way into a constant and steady source of love, healthy marriage or kids and all that so they can absorb the love so frequently they don't even realize they're subsisting off of it. It's stupidly rare but it's a thing."

As you ask Celestia if it's her first time, she nods, "Actually, yes! My word, I wish I could stop to appreciate the feeling for a bit. I've always wondered-" she pauses, "Wait, is it not YOUR first time, Nero?"

You pull yourself through the air, floating gracefully(?) through the bridge of the ship in lack of gravity as you snatch up the globs of alcohol as they pour out of the bottle. You find your way to a control console, wherein some of the alcohol drops its way onto one of the circuits and, in a freak accident, you suddenly feel gravity restore, the hooves of Nero touching down nearby against the still cold metal.

However, this same act seems to fry something else in the controls, and as you comment on crashing into the moon, Nero suddenly says from behind you, "I don't think that's going to be a problem."

You see that the moon is not on your direct path as you're coming out of Earth's orbit. The sun starts to pull into view, glaring against the screen before establishing itself dead center in the middle. You notice the acceleration steadily increasing.

Everyone takes cover and ducks to the side as Honey comes literally barreling down the hall with her shotgun muzzle pointed at Nero, who thankfully manages to take the hit.

"Honey, please! This is the REAL Nero, I assure you!" Celestia says, her horn sparking as though ready to raise a barrier incase of another round.

"No time to explain, the one on the bridge is one of ours," Solethik steps forward, "We got to get there and stop the ship-"

"Wait. Wait a second." Hive says, raising a hoof. "Weren't you flying it?"

"Wait… what?!" Twonyxia says, suddenly quite awake as you lay the bad news on her. "Dad's going to Ponyville?! For work? But he only just got back!"

"Yes. Your mother isn't taking the news well either, but it's apparently an emergency." Steel says in defense of your father. "They need him."

"They ALWAYS need him for something, what is wrong with them? They seriously can't let him stay for a few days?" Twonyxia says, before looking sternly at Onyxia. "And what do you mean 'we'? You're going with him?"



She sets the crew down back in their spots. "Now, can anyone repair our ship?"

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