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Compared to your recent adventures, the voyage back home to the Hollow has been uneventful.

As you arrived back into the Hollow you were surrounded by curious breezies wondering not just about the strange and wonderful treasures you carry but also the shrunken zebra Oomar, who so far has been delighted to visit the breezie city. A different case entirely has been the breezie witch who has refused to speak during the travel and her stay in the hollow heavily guarded by the breezemancers.

Because of the hard-earned rewards you've been given by Tumbleweed, the wealthy breezie, you've been able to fund the development of the radan style aiship. With help from volunteers from the Guild, Pattern has started the long anticipated project.

As the project nears completion we find our heroes in a tent next to the airship warf.
The breezemancers have found that an expert in exotic and cursed artefacts is currently residing within Breezie Valley.

You're both standing around a table with airship blueprints while Marrow Fargale, as you might recall you saved from the forest just some weeks ago, finishes reading the letter.

She looks up. "It's the best we found. I'm sorry, there's simply not many breezies who seek to delve into these kinds of items. And those who do, usually aren't very willing to divulge their secrets. Like our guest."


"It's not much of a problem, really. A closed box never hurt anyone. Really, curiosity is the danger."


"Thanks for tracking one down for us, d-do we need to bring some creepy items to trade or ?"


"That's true. Perhaps it would be safer to store away this box and never talk of it again. But I would want our guest to be far away of it in that case. Some magical items are known to have a bond with their maker."

"I do not think so. Our expert used to meddle in dark magic but has voluntarily sworn off such perversions. I think he'd be willing to help freely."


I breath a breezy sized sigh of relief.
"Maybe we should go now? Better not to keep him waiting."


"At the moment I'm not too worried about any speck-sized revenge. Still, we may as well check this out to get closure on the forest incident."

"Maybe we should bring Oomar, as he has an interest in the mystery as well."


"I'm sure he wants to know what the box that was inside his house is too!"


"Even in such a small form she might still be dangerous. Giving her water and food while making sure she couldn't escape has been a nightmare so far."

"Oomar has shown interest in becoming a breezemancer actually, but I am unsure if a non-breezie can actually become one. Maybe the breeziemancers of the valley would know…"


"You mean there are breezymancers outside the hollow?"


"Well, let's collect him, then see the specialist. We can plan our next course after that."


"Yes, all the important breezies in our order are in the Valley. Just like the leaders of the Tinker Guild are in the Valley."

"This could be a good test flight. Pattern, one of the Tinker workers wanted to confirm what you wanted in the airship. Three rooms have been fitted for crew quarters. Two for each of you and one larger for other crew members. There's a large internal hall where Ribbon can sit, though as we discussed he won't have much room to walk.
That then leaves three rooms in the front. How did you guys wanted that outfitted again?"


"It would be nice to have a workshop, and a cargo space, and um, the third one.. did you want a space to put useful animals like sparkflies, or mice that we might want? Or maybe a training room?"


"It's good that Ribbon can ride along, but I expect he'll probably want to follow on the ground, unless he's feeling very lazy."

"Those aren't bad ideas. The cargo room might need to share space with a small kitchen though."


"Oh, a kitchen, I suppose warm food is a good idea."


"I'm sure he'll like it if he has to cross a river." she says with a wink

"Okay I'll confirm that with the crew. I was thinking…would you mind if I went with you on the first flight to the Valley?"


"Sure, its a solid design, so you don't have to worry."


"I don't see a problem. Besides, we might want to make changes after the virgin voyage."


"It's a radan designed sip after all. Together with Pattern, the Guild altered the design to make it more breezie friendly but I have no doubt there's a lot we'll only learn during the flight."


Take off?


"Just pack a few extra supplies in case we have to stop."
Sure we can go.


Marrow Fargale leaves to get the final preparations done.

You still have a few hours before the ship is ready. If you want to check up on someone in the Hollow we can do that or we can immediately take off for the Valley with Oomar, Marrow and the box.


I'm ready to go at least


I'll pick up a newspaper on the way out to catch up on anything we missed while away. But I think I'm fine for going.


File: 1537126128468.jpg (18.59 KB, 300x191, 300px-Airship_3.jpg)

As one tinker member paints the words HAPPY HUMMINGBIRD on the hull you fly up onto the deck of the airship.

Note: while there's some differences, I'd like to show this image as roughly the shape of the airship.

Two thirds of the deck has been taken up by the helm, it's shielded from the elements by steel plates with only a large frontal window for the navigation and smaller hull windows to the side. Above it is the balloon keeping you afloat. The front third of the deck is open.
The ship has been painted a light grey to more easily blend in with clouds.

As you gather at the helm, one of the leaders of the Tinker Guild gives a long and dull speech about furthering the progress of all breeziekind before wishing you a safe journey.
In front of the window is a great black orb that can be rotated to decide the direction of the airship, and several levers around it to control its speed, lift the anchor etc.

As the Tinker leader leaves Oomar is the first to speak up. "We should hurry, the grand spirits of the valley will not be pleased if we are late…"


Hmm, as much as I'd like to give it a spin, I'm sure Pattern is dying to try the new tech, so I'll let her have the first go at driving


"We won't be late." I pull the lever to lift the anchor and take off!


Roll a 1d10+2



Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


As you slowly touch the orb it lights up blueish and as you spin it the ship shocks and everyone flies back as it goes up into the sky at incredible speed. You quickly get your bearings push the ship tot he right to narrowly avoid slamming into a tree before slowing it down horizontally above the canopy.

Oomar and Marrow get up again. "Aw my antennae" whines Marrow "I think they got broken!"


Examine her head for injuries, "We've been aloft for ten seconds and I'm already wondering if we need an infirmary. No, no, that's silly. Bedrooms can double as infirmaries. Why don't you lay down? I'll get some ice from cargo."


"Um, sorry, maybe we need something to hold breezies in place when we're moving.."


Her antennae are just slightly bruised. City breezies, whatcha gonna do?

Oomar gets up. "That's fine. We could just hold ourselves by these steel rails."


"The beds are definitely gonna need straps though…"


"That's easy to install, just a bit of belt material and a few buckles.."


Oomar perks his ears.
"Did we bring any rope? It would help until we install proper straps"


"I'm sure there's some in the cargo bay."


"Then I'll go find some at once!"
He quickly goes down the stairs.

The ship seems stable enough. And at this low attitude it should be no trouble for Ribbon to follow.


I pick up a paper sheer and make a cone, to announce "We will be moving in 2 minutes, please hold onto something."
And then wait exactly two minutes and move us forwards!


*paper sheet


You start to gently steer the ship forwards.
A lot smoother now, you're learning!
Keep your eyes on the prize!

Oomar comes up with a rope. "Fairweather, there's a strange sound coming from one of the cabins! Some kind of knocking."


"Yes! Its working! I did it!" I do a little breezy cheer for myself and turn to hoof-bump Scrap.


Scrap initiates the Hoof Bump Protocol.


I'll investigate the cabins ound


okay, I focus on steering us safely


You set the airship towards the right direction and simply let it glide to its destination. If the weather doesn't change this should be an easy ride.

You fly downstairs and find that the sound is coming from your cabin. One of the portholes has been left open and is clattering against the hull. Your cabin's become a mess because of the wind entering through it. As you try to close the porthole, you see the lock has been forced open.


Well, without any more steering to do, I'll go wander around the deck.


Scrap has started looking out of the window ready to alert you for any changes.

Oomar attaches a rope to himself and Marrow. He offers you a rope as well. "Here."


To me?
I nod an accept the rope, tying it around my waist.


You're now secured. Oomar trots immediately to the front deck and whinnies in surprise!
"By the ancestors, look you should see this!"


"What is it?" I ask him and curiously float over to the front.


As you fly outside the wind catches you and you fly up. Luckily your rope prevents you from flying off the airship.
"Look, we're seeing the world like a pegasus!" answers Oomar.
The wood indeed looks very different from up here. You see the leaves of the trees peeking out for miles, hiding the forest underneath under a sea of green.


"Ooh, this a lot higher up than I usually can get."


The trees slowly go past you. You cannot see Ribbon from up here.
Marrow sits on the front deck as well.
"This is lovely, I've never been this high before."


"Its kind of nice, just a few of us, and the open sky, and no spiders or birds."


"Yes…but what if we get attacked by some bird? Like an owl…" asks Marrow worriedly


"An owl?! No its the middle of the day, we'll be okay." I shutter at the idea of an owl as I try to assure her.


"Or maybe a sparrow, or a hawk. I've seen those before. They look really scary." She rubs her antennae nervously.


"Oh no.. If that happened.. " Glup and rub my hooves together anxiously.


"Wait, you don't have a plan??" she shrieks and starts looking out the front deck.
Oomar laughs nervously.
"No need for apprehension, look it's a beautiful day and there's not even one bird flying! Everything is fine. Really!"


"aha.. yea, of course there's nothing to worry about." And I'll just float inside, where birds can't attack you, and look around in there..


Maybe some kind of anti-bird device is needed…
Hmmm, that sound is still going on in one of the cabins!


I get scrap to come with me, and go down to the cabins to look!


You leave the captains deck and go down the hall.
The sound comes from Fairweather's cabin. One of the portholes in her room has been left open and slams repeatedly against the hull. All the wind that got in has turned her cabin into a mess.
As you get to the porthole you can see the lock got forced open. Did something get in or out?


"That clumsy bushbreezy probably didn't close it correctly."
I'll go latch it closed for her.


Force it shut anyway. And have a look around. What's the damage?


>Bogdanoff: "Activate quantum timestream fusion, monsieur Sion"

Fairweather's closed the porthole after a little bit of trouble and then Pattern comes in.

It seems a stack of papers has flown of your desk and is all over the place. In addition, a little white cat figurine has fallen on the floor. Some of your cushions have fallen on the floor.
Some black powder seems to have fallen down as well and forms a streak across the floor.


"What happened in here?"


"It seems the lock has been forced. Unfortunately the winds at this altitude made it hard to close the window."

Glance around, is there a closet? Below the bed maybe? Ceiling?

"We may have a stowaway."


You start checking around and you notice the closet is closed and the another black powder streak is on the handle.


Narrow my eyes.

And fling the door open as I draw my blade in a flurry of action.

"Like maybe… right here!"


"A stowaway? On our first flight?" I gasp, and then look suspicious. "Are you sure you latched it before take off?"
I will look at the window to make sure its not broken.


You swing it open and immediately a black ashy blob jumps you. Roll a 1d10 for super reflexes.



"Aha! Is now our chance?"

Roll #1 1 = 1


"What is that?!"


The blob jumps straight for your face and you're blinded! The black mass feels soft and malleable. A strong scent of burned tar hits your nose. Try to pull it off (1d10)

You see a black round mass jumping and hugging Fairweathers face as she stumbles around trying to pull it off.
The mass seems to have little breezer hands that hold on to Fairweather. Its skin seem to be some sort of black ash like substance that flakes and falls to the ground and on Fairweathers breezers as she stumbles around! There's a noticeable stench of burned tar


I try to help her by pulling the ash covered thing off of her face! '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6



"Out, damned spot!"

Roll #1 5 = 5


You both pull it off Fairweathers face and the black tar blob falls on the floor. It quickly stands up. It perhaps looks at you for a second, you can't tell since it has no face before dashing for the door.


We're not playing this chase game. Go to the animal storage room and get the old bug vacuum!

"Follow it! I'll join you!"


"AAAAAA" chase after it! fsat

Roll #1 4 = 4


You go quickly to the animal storage room.
It feels so empty without Ribbon here. But he couldn't have helped anyway in these closed spaces. He should still be following the airship on the ground.

You put on the old bug vacuum, the green light on the noose says its ready to go!

You miss it! It goes to the right, down the hall!


Fortunately Pattern is screaming so it's easy to find where the chase is going on.

Now suck it up! '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Come back here!!" I shout at the black thing, and rush down the hall after it.


You manage to trap it in the hall.
The blob disintegrates and gets sucked into the vazcuum. A thick load of black tar spews into the container.
It doesnt move anymore.


Examine the vacuum's jar. Did it stop moving? Is it normal tar by the looks of things? Do I have any idea what that was? "Well, that was something."


I flinch vaguely disturbed and hoover around the container. "What was that? It had hooves.."


It does indeed look like tar. Studying it closely, you do notice little green specks of dust floating in the tar substance.
You've never seen anything like this!

Perhaps you could have scrap run an analysis on the tar.

You hear a loud shout coming from above. Oomar is shouting "DEMON, BLACK DEMON ON THE HULL!"


Did he at least drop a corpse containing a key out of this room for us? Head up there to face it down!


"Oh no!"
I hurry up to the top to see what's going wrong there.


You both hurry up to find Marrow and Oomar leaning over the deck.
You can see that a similar black blob is leisurely strolling over the vertical hull, seemingly glued to it somehow. It's pretty close to the previously open porthole.
I'll assume you both put on a safety rope.


"Is this some kind of… engine thing? It's not natural!"

Vacuum power to full throttle!


yes! safety rope please.

"Eww What are these things?"


Fairweather turns on the vaccum and as easily as the last, it gets sucked into the jar, leaving only the thick black tar.
As Oomar studies the jar closely, Marror frowns disgustedly. "What was that?!? As Fairweather said, it doesn't look natural…"


"What do you think Oomar? It may be unfair to ask you, you've had so little time to study with the spiritualists of the land."


"Scrap, run an analysis on the contents of this jar." I order the robot


"No I have never seen this before. But in my homeland there is a creature called the Donsara. It is a white fluffy blob, about as big as that creature we saw here. When it is squashed it turns into white goo." He ticks the jar. "Not unlike this. Donsara hide inside rocks. When a Donsara appears we smash it quickly because one can quickly grow to tens, to hundreds! But I did not know black Donsara existed."

Scrap takes a little drop. After a few moments it prints out a small note and hands it to you.
"99% tar
1% Electralium"

Electralium is the green substance the Radan use for some electrical devices. In fact, here on the ship, the engine uses an electralium gem for power since it's a Radan design.


"Hmmm. At our size they could be very troublesome."

"We should check the engine."


"Maybe its just a couple in the engine room." I take my tool box with me in case I need to repair something down there.


You go down through the hallway, past the animal room and as you get closer, you hear the hum of the engine. You stop in front of the large metal door marked "ENGINE ROOM".
It is locked and there's a metal eye next to it, ensuring that only one with a tinker badge can get in.
The door is not marked by any black streaks. However one of the pipes leading out of the engine room on the ceiling does.
Marrow gets out her breezemancer talisman. "I think I hear some sort of buzzing inside. Is that the engine?"


I should get a Tinker badge or something. It's half my ship, I'll go where I want!

"Open it up."


Open that door!


The iron eye beeps and the door bursts open, flooding the corridor with ashy blobs. Marrow screams as she gets dragged along by the flood and Oomar is struggling to stay afloat.
You both manage to hold your own next to the engine room but you'll have to find a way in since the engine room is completely full to the ceiling with blobs.


"NOoo my engines!!" Is there an airshaft or such I can go in?




You start vacuuming your way to the engine! You keep it up but you cant get them all this way
In the middle of the room you see the glass globe within which one of the green Radan power crystals has been placed. You see cracks have formed in the crystal through which black tar oozes. It drips into the globe and quickly starts growing, it seems the engine has become a breeding chamber for these blobs and they're unaffected by the deadly power surges emmanating from the crystal itself

You can follow Fairweather if you like.


"Can you patch it? They're coming out of that!"

Try to clear a path through.


I will follow her, and gasp in horror at the situation.
"Well blow my breezers away!"
And then frown. "Of course I can fix it, but we need to land."


Most of the blobs seem to be streaming into the outside corridor giving you some room to work. Your vacuum is almost full however.
You're right next to the engine primary controls. You don't know anything about it but you can probably guess not to hit the giant red button.


Is there an emergency stop button?


Yes its the big red button over there.
Remember that you're still flying though. The craft would start gliding down immediately and there's no one to guide it down presently.
But you're welcome to see how lucky you are



"Fairweather! That button shuts the engine down, give me 92 seconds to get to steering controls and then push it."
I hurriedly fly toward the wheel!!


Roll for your chances of making it there in 92 seconds while swarmed with blobs


'1d10' My brand new engine!

Roll #1 1 = 1


As you get halfway, the blobs seem to get excited and start jumping across the hallways. By the time you manage to get to the entrance of the steering controls, you're covered in black tar and smelly. You see Marrow trying to claw herself from under a pile of blobs as suddenly the lights go out and the only light comes from the partially tarred front window where you see the sky give way to a slowly approaching green treeline


"Oh no.." In intense fear of my ship crashing, I pull until I'm free and hurry the rest of way.

Roll #1 2 = 2


You pull yourself free from the blobs and push the steering wheel to the right. But not fast enough and you hear the sound of the hull scraping against the tree branches. Your mind is filled with progressively more horrendous visions of what might be happening to the hull right now.
You manage to exit the foliage and slowly glide down on a patch of daisies. A last THUMP and the ship has come to a halt. Some of the blobs start running for the outside.
Marrows eyes are like spirals as she asks 'w-what happened…"


"Well.. those things escaped.. but we stopped making more."


She gets up.
"There's still a lot of them actually…"
Indeed some have escaped outside, staining the lovely white daisies with their filth. But there's still a whole lot of them jumping around the corridor.


"They ruined my new ship!" I get my paper cutter and try to slice the nearest one in rage. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


You slice one up…and now there's two.
One of them splooges your head with black tar.


I make a frustrated pout as I try to push the tar away.
"Where's Oomar, he said something about seeing these before.."


"I don't know…last I saw him, he was trying to stay afloat as those blobbles went to the lower deck."
She wipes some tar off her. "…did we install a bath in the ship?"


I gasp and grab her hoof and rush below deck to look for Oomar.


You go down the deck and start a search. You finally find Oomar tangled with one leg in the wires on the ceiling fo your workshop hanging upside down. He tries to keep his robe down (up?) as you enter.
"Please don't ask how I got here…" he says as Marrow looks speechlessly.
Your workshop is also covered in blobs. However Scrap is very viciously defending your toolbox from them.


"Keep it up Scrap!" I cheer the lil bot on.
And to Oomar I say with hooves rubbing against each other, "Hold still.." And fly up to him to undo the knotted wires.


After a few tugs he drops down on the floor. "Many thanks. I heard a terrifying sound. As if the ship itself was screaming out its displeasure…"


I grit my teeth imagining what that might have been.
"She's gonna need a few repairs.. Poor Hummingbird." Pat the hull of the ship.
"Do you know how to kill these slimes?"


"The ones back at home just turned to dust when you squished them…" he puts his hoof on one of them, but the blob merely flattens and slides from under his hoof. "These are a little more persevering…Where did they come from?"


"I don't know exactly where we picked them up, but I.." I frown "They were breeding inside of my engine.."


'I hope the engine is still functional…"
Marrow waves "I have an idea. Fairweather managed to use the vacuum to suck some of them up. I can create a draft here and blow all of them out of the ship if they're not breeding anymore."


"That would get them off the ship, but isn't that bad too? Oomar said these things spread."


Marrow twitches her antennae.
"…Perhaps…I dont know what they would do if they got into the forest. Maybe I could trap them aall in one part of the ship? The empty animal compartment might hold most of them."


"..and that would let us figure out how to destroy them.." I gulp and nod. "need any help with the doors or something?"


"We should first go from door to door and blow them into the corridor. Oomar, you make sure they cant get to the steering compartment." Oomar nods and leaves.
"Shall we begin?"


Nod firmly and let the wind wizard take charge.


You systematically go from door to door and start sweeping the blobs into one heap.
"..I'm sorry for your ship." says Marrow "This is not how you imagined the first flight would go…"


"Not at all.. I wonder if those Radan knew, like maybe it attracts these blobs and that's why they didn't have a ship…" I sigh deeply.


"You think so? That would be really vicious, leaving us a ship that wouldn't work…I wouldn't put it past them. But hey, you can fix it right?"


"Yea, of course, that's my.. job." I display my shiny badge with TINKER's Guild and Inventor written on it.


"You're different from the other tinkers, you know. Most of the others I've met don't seem to like non-tinkers very much. I heard they even call non-tinkers slowies?"


I frown. "I don't know I never heard them say that, but um, non-tinkerers say some mean stuff about the guild, but you don't do that either. M-maybe just some breezies are not nice?"


"Maybe that's true. I didn't want to sound negative about the tinkerers. They really help a lot around the Hollow. But they're very secretive and they like to be amongst themselves. Not like you, I've never met a breezie that's so ready for adventure as you!"


"Except Fairweather of course."


"Me?!" I look a bit confused by this, and then rub my mane laughing softly. "It must seem that way after all the stuff I get blown into."


"What do you mean? You even went to the Big Pony town."


Shake my head "That was just to look for parts for The Happy Hummingbird.. I couldn't stand that blueprint left unbuilt, it was like an unfinished puzzle. You know what I mean?"


"I have the same thing when studying the old Breezie scrolls. The text is filled with metaphores and obfuscation, it's an endless puzzle…"


I squeak a bit in joy. "Yes, I knew there was a reason we get along."




You both hear a cat outside. It seems Ribbon has caught up with the ship.

I left Fairweather in the engine room but I she could be anywhere, perhaps even right next to Pattern.

"I thought so too." Marrow smiles. "You think we can start the engine again and fly up?"


"Not until I repair it.." I sigh and go look outside, to see how much damage the hull took.


Groan a bit, pulling a bit of wood out of my mane, "Well, at least no one's hurt."


"True.. I contained the creatures in the animal room for now. "


You fly updeck and fly to the starboard hull. During the fall the hull must have hit a branch. It has caused a long dent across the hull. Luckily the hull hasn't been punctured. You feel like the ship would be worthy to fly again at least to the Valley if there's been not too much internal damage.
As you inspect the damage, you hear a buzzing coming closer.
"Pattern, look tough! There's bees approaching!" shouts Marrow.

The whole ship has become quite a mess though! You start hearing a buzzing outside. The unmistakable noise of pesky bees!


"Who do you need for your work? The Galemancer?"

I'll hoist myself up onto Ribbon who can take up a defensive position in front of the ship. Drawing my blade, I'll hail them with it like a flag.

"What ho?"

I should scan the ground to make sure our impact didn't knock down any hives.


"B-bees?!" I gasp and rush back inside.


From safely behind the front window in the captains compartment, you can see the bees approaching! There's also a nice comfy table to hide under if you like.

The bees group up in a diamond formation as the leader breaks off and flies down.
She greets you. "Hail Breezie. We saw the crash of your flying hive and were wondering if we could help."


"We were fortunate to have no casualties and no fire, but there is a potential magic hazard. I can introduce you to our mechanic, but the Tinkers are very reclusive and I do not think she will let your unit anywhere near the engine room - I don't even have a key to get in there."


No, I need to keep watching, maybe they will pass by?


They seem to be…talking to Fairweather.

The leader looks over at the ship.
"We cannot abide unknown magical hazards within our territory. I would like to know the exact nature of the danger and what steps are being taken to defuse it." she says matter of factly.


Oh good, fairweather can speak to beasts, whew we're saved.


"The vessel was transporting a dangerous crystal that began leaking unidentified amorphous creatures. They've been contained - for the time being. If you'd keep a patrol for any black blobs that seem to be skulking away from the ship, though, that would be appreciated. They are seemingly harmless in a direct fight, as our crew of four managed to deal with a great number alone."


The leader shakes her sting twice and part of the group breaks up to, presumably to search for the escaped black blobs.

The leader turns to Marrow as she flies up. "Are you the Tinker mechanic?" Marrow shakes her head. "No, I'm a galemancer, a shaman if you will."
"Then, are you in charge of this ship or is the mechanic?"
"Uuuh…" Marrow looks at you "I..would say no one's really in charge? We work together."
"Aha.." says the bee leader dryly and turns back to Fairweather "My workers will find any escaped blobs. Now, shall we together take care of this magical hazard or are you planning to take it with you as you leave?"


Oomar comes up to the deck. "Are the demons gone?"


"No, we locked them up in the animal room." I inform Oomar, eyes glued to the bees.


"The first order of business needs to be to seal the crystal. Pattern, take whoever and whatever you need to that end. I will oversee the patrol outside the ship. Maybe the bees can help us patch the hull with wax. Sorry, I don't think we traded introductions, I am Fairweather, you might say I manage security."


The bee leader seems confused by your question. "We are the hive. We take care of the hive." She says after a moment of thinking.

Marrow nods "I'll be sure to tell Pattern, but.." she leans in "I don't think pattern would want strangers she doesn't know on the ship…" she whispers.

He sneaks up to the window as well. "Bees…they look a lot scarier now then when I was my own size…"


Nod, "That's not a problem. The Hive is going to be with me working on the hull and patrolling the outside – the engine room is all yours."


I nod and shiver. "I've never met a bee before, I-It seems like Fairweather is making some kind deal with them. E-everything is fine."


"Just make sure they don't go inside…" Marrow flies inside.

Marrow comes inside. "Pattern, the bees promised to patch up the hull for us. And they wanted to help us fix the engine, but we told them they are not to go on the ship^, we'll fix the engine ourselves."


Let's cordon off the area. I'll go get Oomar since I doubt he's going to be used for the engine.

"Do you want to use the Zebra? If not I thought he could help outside."


I get really puffy cheeks. "What? They want to fix the engine? Those busy bees don't know anything about tinkering!"
"Oh. I'll come get help if I need you. I'm glad they your were here to talk to those bees. You always know how to handle buglife Fairweather." I sigh reliefed.

"Oomar, go ahead outside and see what you can do."


Oomar nods. "I'll try…" and trots outside.

The buzzing intensifies as some of the bees have dived for the damaged hull.
You see the bee leader inspecting the upper deck, but not going inside.

Marrow asks "Pattern, those bees said they really want this engine fixed, so let's go down before those bees decide to come in here."


With that in mind, I'll take him outside to oversee the bees.

"Since you've mostly been studying with the forest witches in the city, you're used to living almost the same as you did before you joined us. After all, those buildings were built to scale. I thought this would be a good opportunity to see the forest from the perspective of its denizens – the very roots of trees tower over us here where we work on our ship."


I will take a big breath and fly into the engine room with Marrow and Scrap and my precious tool kit.


The engine room is an ashy mess. Your first priority should be to remove and replace the green power crystal. You could have Marrow clean out the pipes with her wind. And have Scrap repair the small electrical wiring.
Or you could choose to do it all yourself of course!

What will you do with the broken power crystal?

Oomar takes a good pensive look at the trees.
"You and the other denizens of the forest have advantages. I cannot fly, nor can I walk up trees. Life in the Hollow was hard but filled with opportunities to learn. Here in the forest I feel less than qualified."


The broken one? Keep it close by so I can match dimensions easily.
After that, maybe put it in the lab as decoration? I don't know.

"Okay, Marrow can you use your wind on the pipes to clean them up, Scrap do some basic repairs.. I'll.. just remove this.."
'4d10' I'll spend a while on this.

Roll #1 1, 5, 6, 9 = 21


"For now, at least, the heavy lifting is being taken care of. We're fortunate, but much of the forest is friendlier than you might have expected."


"The forest seems to live in a harmony, that sadly is not found amongst pony- or zebrakind…"

As you take out the crystal another blob drips out. You freak out and start shaking the crystal and as the blob hits the floor stomp on it repeatedly until it stops moving.
You manage to get the spare power crystal and plug it in correctly. It seems to be unaffected by any creatures.
The broken crystal itself seems harmless enough. You don't see any more creatures getting out.


"Darn slimey demon things.." I grumble and I'll check the engine for any ways they could have gotten, any holes or such.


"Hmm, not all is as harmonic as it could be. We get along best with the naive bugs and insects that are mostly agreeable and cooperative. But there are lonely spiders and cunning breezies with ambitions bigger than a zebra hut."


You start checking every nook and cranny. It is hard to determine their path since now basically every pipe has blob ash on it. You do note that some of the pipes lead to the outside to vent excess heat.
You put in a little screen to prevent any other things from climbing in here, just in case.

"What about the birds? Don't they bother you breezies?"


"Some, though there is a town where they cooperate with breezies too… It depends."


"Whew, thanks for the help, I'm going to try turning it on now."
Go start the engine and see if it works!


Once Scrap is out of the pipes, you begin the lengthy start up procedure. As the engine hums into action again, the engine room is bathed in the green glow of the power crystal. Your antennae stand up on end. You check, everything seems to be functioning as normal.
"Maybe somebreezie should stay here to watch the crystal?" offers Marrow.

"When I was learning from the witch, she would talk often to the ravens. They didn't seem to like breezies very much. I am now ocnvinced they would have attacked her if she didn't have her mysterious powers…"


"Maybe I should, show you how to steer the ship, so I can stay here and be able to fix it if something goes wrong?"


"They didn't seem very free to me…"


"Y-you're gonna let my fly the ship?!?"

"I wonder what she did. She never was very forthcoming about the source of her powers. Those were mysteries she would reveal if I were ready…" He sighs. "I would probably never be ready."


I shyly nod, and grab her hoof to lead her to the helm.


"Indeed, not."

Check the progress


She lets you lead her to the helm. She puts her breezer on the steering wheel. She smiles a bit nervously. "Soooo…how do I do this?"

You see through the glass window that Pattern is teaching Marrow how to handle the steering wheel.
Meanwhile Oomar blabbers on. "In my homeland there isn't as much grass or trees as here. I wonder if there are breezie societies as well there."


I meant on the bees! That's fine too though. I'll check on the bees next.

"Perhaps. Although we are notoriously secretive."


"When you're flying you use these levers to control the speed and the wheel to steer and this changes how much the sails are open.." I do my best to explain to a non-tinkerer how to drive.


You go to the hull and see the bees have nearly finished patching up the hull damage with wax.
The bee leader flies down.
"Another one of your crew…We do not recognize this species…" she says as she looks towards Oomar. "Oh I'm a zebra. I'm just very tiny, I got shrunk. By special tinker magic" he responds.
The bee leader seems to consider these words. "More unknown variables. We will be glad when this ship is gone. Has your mechanic made any progress on the engine or shall we send a detachment to assist?"

"Like this?" she gives the lever a few clumsy twists with her breezer.


"No no, firmer like this." I use my hoof to guide hers, '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Either she's done or she's getting a whap on the nose for being at the helm."

Rejoin the groups. "Are we ready for liftoff? Hull is done."


"Oh! Now I get it!" She smiles at you "Thanks…for showing me."

And then Fairweather shows up!


I blush for some reason and smile proudly. "Yes. I'll be staying in the engine room for a the first part of the ride, to make sure that its really fixed. Marrow is going to fly us."


"Good. We're wearing out our welcome with the locals. Honestly, we're lucky that they happened by. We should really think about some more engineering staff. Is Scrap in the shop?"


Scrap is right here!


"I left him nearby the engine. I should go back there, if you're ready to take off?"



My breezers get red from embarrassment at not seeing him follow me.
"Oh, sorry, I was up, focused on showing Marrow the controls and.."


Scrap beeps happily.


Awh, pet his robot head.


And so after some confusion, the bees watch as the ship leaves for the sky.

No doubt onto more adventures!




As the Sun sets in the sky you reach the mystical cave next in the waterfall ravine. Just like the tales tell, inside the cave you see the glimmering portal said to lead to Breezie Valley.

Oomar holds his hooves before his eyes. Marrow's eyes twinkle and she hold her breezers before her mouth as the light of the portal engulfs you.

The light gives way and slowly you start to see a beautiful water stream below you glittering in the light of the golden sky. On both sides of the stream you see giant glowing mushroom houses and white mansions built from what seems to be wax. Flowers in all colors and shapes intertwine between the houses and the water. And everywhere breezies are either flying, playing in the water or resting on the flowers.
The skyship comes to a halt by a seemingly invisible force and slowly sets down on a field next to the river. Immediately tons of breezies fly down to your boat to see this amazing flying machine.


I stand proudly on deck when the first breezy comes by, but when more come by, I shutter and find a flower to hide behind!


A testament to my greatness. Of course, all egoism and adoration is ultimately transient, fleeting.

So I'll just strike a brooding but sentinel esque pose on deck.


The first red breezie comes. "Oh are you the captain? Where's your hat? All captains have a hat!"
A blue and a green one joins her. "Silly! Not all captains. Did you make this ship? Oh it's so lovely, is it ship or a balloon? Or a plane?" "What's a plane?"
There's no flowers in this steering compartment!

You are immediately engulfed by 4 multicolored breezies. "Oh this must be the captain. Look at that stare in her eyes, she's fought skykrakens!" "Ah admiral, can we please see your balloon, pleasepleaseplease"

Meanwhile Oomar found himself crowded with amazed breezies wondering where his wings are. And Marrow is desperately trying to explain she hasn't fought any skykrakens


The least I can do is parlay this into something.

"Krakens are the least of your troubles when you're staring down an army of dread ravens. I can't say we would've made it out alive, if not for our seasoned battle record."


"Yes, I made the ship. Its the Happy Hummingbird." I quietly reply to the many questions.


So many breezies are talking over each other they don't even hear you!
Except…you feel a tug at one of your breezers. It's a little child breezie. "Your ship is really nice!"

The breezies all stare at you wide-eyed. "Ravens?" "No, DREAD Ravens, those are even worse!" "Oh wow, you're real battle breezies! You have to come to the rainbow plaza and tell us all about your adventures!"


"T-thank you. It took a long time to make it." I sigh trying not to stay calm. "do you like boats?"


"I imagine we'll need to make port first I'm afraid. It could potentially take all day to find proper lodgings for my war kitten."


"Oh look, that must be the war kitten right there!" Ribbon has entered the portal and after seizing up the situation curls up in the flowers next to the water for a nice nap. "…she doesn't look very ferocious!"

"Yes, do you want to see the boat I made?"


An excuse to get out of the crowd.
I exclaim "Yes!" A bit too loudly and follow the little breezy kid.


"Making such a fierce and intelligent creature look palatable is the most difficult part of the job." I remark dismissively.


A few breezies go to pet your ferocious little cat. And soon a few are resting in his fur. Ribbon doesn't seem to mind and is fast asleep. He did run all day.
A blue breezie that stayed behind shakes his head. "You'll have to get used to it. I've been on the Great Migration a few times and I've noticed breezies from outside the Valley are always a lot more reserved than us. The name's Whirl. Welcome to the Valley."

You push your way through the crowd and hope that somebreezie else locks up your ship.
It seems like Ribbon has also arrived and is sleeping in one of the flower beds while being petted by a dozen breezies.
The orange breezie takes you to the waterside and picks up a small wooden carved boat from the water. "This is mine…it's not as pretty as your ship though…" he stammers.


"Ooh, its very well made! I bet its never once tipped over." I compliment the smol breezy. "Do you put your other toys inside of it?"


"I see. Regardless, they'll have to be disappointed. I am afraid that, as I said, finding lodgings will be difficult in our unusual case, and we will likely not be in the Hollow long. Therefore, we must away quickly into the city, unless there is some other way to find accommodations."


"I put my Breezie doll in it. And then I pretend a big mean owl attacks it!" He shows his owl doll. "Roo roo" he giggles.

"I see you've never been here before. The Valley is different from the outside world. The Auran, the river, just goes on and on. It's said that at the source of the river, the Grand Duchess has her Palace but I have never known a breezie that made it that far. One of my friends once tried for days, to where there are no more mushroom houses and still no Palace in sight. The Mushroom houses just pop up and if you see one that's not glowing it means its unoccupied and you're welcome to use it. You can find the sweetest nectar in any of the flowers around here. And it never gets cold or rains here so I don't know if your war kitten needs one of the mansions or prefer to sleep in the flowers." He looks at Ribbon. "It just occurs to me that I don't know if cats eat nectar…"


I laugh softly too, "Oh my, what a scary owl."


"Some Duchess, if no one ever sees her."


He puffs his chest. "When I grow up, I also want to see the outside world and big ships and Big Ponies! And Owls!"

"Whether she exists or not, we seem to be doing fine without her. As I said, place and food aplenty. There's no reason here for any quabbles or suffering like there is on the outside."




In a land far far away, two breezies, tiny delicate creatures made of sugar and sunshine, have arrived at Breezie Valley, the ancient home of all Breezies!

In this magical land of nectar and peace, they are looking for an expert on foul and dangerous artefacts.
Will they be able to find him or will the serenity of the Valley make them forget about all the worries of the outside world?
It seems Oomar and Marrow have already decided a nice relaxing day would be good for them.

But what about these two breezies? Will destiny allow them reprieve?

>>> >>703218


I should direct my efforts toward seizing a large and tactically ideal mushroom, perhaps a grove of them growing close together that I can fortify into an impromptu fortress.


"Um, t-that's very brave of you, I'm sure you can do it if you have your own ship."


You leave the ditzy Valley breezies behind and fly up.
On a giant flower nearby you see Oomar dancing with a few breezies to the sound of a piano.

After doing some scouting you see two potential spots: a group of mushrooms near the water. The mushrooms seem to have been used previously but abandoned now. They'd need some cleaning.
Another is a large mushroom growing high up one of the Valley mountains. While it is only one mushroom it does offer a good view of the area to spot any threats fast.

"I'll become a Tinker then! Just like my uncle!"


I get a prideful smile. "Whirl The Tinkerer, It has a strong sound to it."


I don't anticipate a lot of threats here if it can breed idiots so quickly, so we'll go for the more spacious locale that can accommodate Ribbon better. Some diligent fixing up will keep the mind and body sharp anyway.


The kid starts to think "But…how can I become a Tinker…I never tinkered before!"

You start cleaning up the mushrooms. As you're finishing up cleaning you go down to ground level to find to your surprise black ashy tracks have appeared on your newly cleaned floor!


"Ribbon, go check the ship to make sure it didn't spill those ashy blobs again."

Follow the trail.


I ponder it a moment, "You could get training from the guild. Do you know where it is? We can ask what age they start accepting apprentices."


Udnerstanding the danger, Ribbon gets up and starts running towards the airship.
The trail leads to a trapdoor to what might be a cellar. Do you open it?

"I know where it is…but I don't know if they'll accept me…" he rubs his antennae nervously.


Is the trapdoor airtight? If not, yes. If so, pile my luggage on top of it.


"I know what you mean, I was really nervous when I first went to the guild." I offer him my hoof. "Let's go together."


No it looks like some slimy little blubber could slime his way through the cracks.
You open it and see it leads down far deeper than expected.
In the depths you see some faint colored lights. You cannot make out any ashy creatures though. If it went in here its probably somewhere deep down the depths.

"Now? Yes…but…just to see okay?"


"Yes.. Um, you don't have to go home yet right?"


I'm gonna need some kind of light. Who dug out a basement under a mushroom? It doesn't make sense if there's all these free houses, why go digging?

Can my breezer lights peel back the darkness or am I gonna need a lamp?


"I am home, this is the Valley. It's my home!"

Your antennae lights do a fine job lighting up the nearby area. If you want a more directed light, you'd need a lamp though.


"I meant to your mushroom, or house, where you go after you're done playing?"


I better give it a light search then. Follow the tracks.


"Oh…No, Momma said I should come home before the sky turns blue but that's stil waaayyy off."

You fly down and start going down the tunnel. You see the ashy tracks clearly on the stone floor. You follow it down the tunnel as the roar of water starts becoming louder and louder.
The tunnel seems to end at an underground stream. The water is glowing with a golden hue. By the light you see a single blob standing, restlessy shifting shape next to the stream.
As you arrive you feel it staring at you. The blob starts sliding next to the stream but there's no way for it to go except for to you or into the stream.


"Great, then we have plenty of time." I smile and start to float off then realize I don't know the way. "Uh, which way is it?"


I don't have any way to subjugate it without the vacuum, so I'll double back and cover the trapdoor for now. It can't be helped, at least it's not a nest.


"Oh follow me!"
He flies off.
You follow him till another white house on the mountain range comes into view. Before it is a giant metal flower constantly changing in all colors of the rainbow. On the flower several breezies in Tinker uniform are relaxing.
The white house has a Tinker logo on it. It's a lot less secured than the Tinker Core in the hill though. You can just fly in!

You see the blob slowly following you as you go back up. But you put some junk on the trapdoor and that's that! Down there it probably cannot do much damage.


I don't want it to get into the water supply but I can't do much without the vacuum. Let's go get it.


Well, perhaps its because Radan can't get into the hollow!
I will have to talk to them about the metal flowers thou, they can't make nectar or energy, wasteful!
Go inside.


You enter a large hall where many Tinkers are relaxing, playing with large projectors showing 3D images in the air. One seems to be about colored Big Ponies!
The atmosphere is very relaxed. You see one of the Tinkers working on a small robot. Another seems to be studying a fluffy flower. You don't see any sort of desk where they greet the newcomers like in the Tinker Core however.

You return to the boat and see Ribbon meowing next to the hull. You see that one of the quick repairs the bees did starts to be showing cracks. One of them has a black ashy streak on it. Definitely how the creature, and possibly more escaped. Hopefully not too many did. By the buzzing emanating from the ship, you guess most of them are still inside though.


"Go get Pattern."

I'll fetch my vacuum and empty it if necessary.


I will look for the highest ranking tinkerer in the room!


You see a grey-heared High Tinkerer in the room, reading a book on Advanced Cryophysics in a recliner while enjoying a curious looking drink.
He gets out of his recliner. "Ah, I see you are not from the Valley, Tinker. Allow me to welcome you to the Valley chapter. The birthplace of our grand order. What is your name, sweet girl?"

Ribbon starts looking for Pattern. It seems the Valley breezies have gotten bored of the ship and left. You fetch your trustworthy vacuum. It's still filled to the brim. Where would you expose of the residue?


Don't we have some kind of bug containment in the vivarium?


"Pattern Pitch, Its an honor to be here at the valley sir." I reply very formally and salute.


A piece of slime is not really a bug. But if you want to soil that high quality tinker equipment…I'm sure Pattern will not mind to have black goo in the bug living spaces.

"Ah pleasure to meet you." he says jovially. "The name is Tand Wheel, High Tinkerer first class. Just call me Tand or Wheel at your leisure. What brings you here?"


So they're not living after getting sucked up? Hmm… But still, I'm basically suspicious of this stuff. Find something airtight to seal it inside Pattern's lab, like a flask.


"Oh, you mean in the Valley itself? I transported my friends here from the Hollow to find out about a strange magical artifact." Cough slightly. "In your building, this young breezy wants to know when you can start an apprenticeship at the guild."


No its just goo. It stinks and you probably don't want it in your water supply.
You put it in a flask and seal it shut.
It looks dark and ominous enough that no children would open and drink from it.
Wanna go back and explore the caverns again?

Whirl waves sheepishly.
"Ah but that's wonderful, the guild is always looking for new promising members. You can be part of our next class! I'll have a construct do all the paperwork. So boring, you don't need to worry about any of that, our constructs take care of all the manual labor."


Definitely. Where's Pattern?? Ribbon isn't tracking her well.


Oh, before I go, leave a note about the escaping slime


I get a little uneasy when he says that robots do everything for him, and nod along.
Instead I encourage Whirl, "Looks like you can start really soon, isn't that great?"


"Yay, that's great what will I learn first?"
The Tinkerer smiles friendly. "Why, anything you want of course! We here believe that Tinkerer apprentices learn best when left to their own devices!"

You find Ribbon next to a white Tinker building on a mountain range.
Before it is a large multicolored metal flower that several Tinkers are relaxing upon. Ribbon can't get into the building. He meows but the Tinkers seem completely relaxed. Taking pictures with Ribbon or simply jamming to the music emanating from the flower.


I should go back and deal with the one I know about first, I can get Pattern later.

Back to the underground lair and nab that blob.


Wow he looks so excited. I think I'll quietly leave him with this tinkerer to finish his paper work up.
Time to go see check on my ship!


"Pattern, where are you going? I'd like to show you around our facility." says the High Tinkerer.

You go down the tunnels again. But you see the tracks end at the glowing stream. Did it fall in? Or perhaps find a way to cross?


I better comb this area carefully for signs of it clinging to a wall or ceiling, or perhaps it squeezed out on my side.


"Oh, well if you're not busy then I would love a tour."
I have no reason to leave immediately after all..


"Please, follow me."
As he flies down with you and Whirl, "Here in the Valley we believe in letting our members work and live at their own pace. They have all the comforts they need to be at their most creative."
You enter a dark hall with faint glowing lights "This is our napping room where we can take a nap from our busy days!"
You hear a few breezies snoring peacefully.

You notice a lot of ash in the tunnel. Studying it you notice other footprints of an animal. Perhaps the ashy blob was attacked?


I look around in awe at the relaxed workplace! "And how long are nap breaks?"


That's really bad. Track it around a bit.


"Whenever you want! Would you like to see our mathematics facility?"

You track it to the stream. Do you cross it to search for more clues? You can fly over it.


Yes! Go over, carefully, we don't want to get somewhere we can't retreat from, this is a scouting mission


I look incredibly confused about that, "Um, yes, and also the robotics engineering section."


You cross the stream and see some wet animal tracks on the other side. It seems the creature went further here.
In the light of the water, you also see drawings on the cave walls.
It's simple drawings of breezies, they seem to be harvesting nectar.

You go to the mathematics hall.
There's breezies making music! And drawing pictures. And playing with animals.
"Here we study mathematics in nature and sound and drawings! Studying the geometry of nature unlocks the true deepest meaning. The final blueprint of the universe!"


"Oh, so you measure the animals and shapes?"


Hmm, probably need backup for this. Let's go back. Go find Pattern.


"Indeed! And listen to the music. Every music note has a mathematical representation. As you listen, you get an appreciation and deeper understanding of math beyond mere numbers."

She's probably still at the Tinker building!
You arrive again and see that Ribbon has decided to sleep on the metal flower. A bunch of Tinker breezies have nestled in his fur as others brought him a large bowl of food and drink



Okay time to bust in. Kick open the door and head in, "Let's go Ribbon."


'1d20' rolling for understanding why they favour this over traditional mathematics on a big chalkboard

Roll #1 18 = 18


You kick open the door and go in. Ribbon pops his head in and tries to move in as well. Do you let him?
You enter a large hall where many Tinkers are relaxing, playing with large projectors showing 3D images in the air. One seems to be about a white cat!
One of the instructors draws the crowd to him and starts explaining the physiology of kittens.

You take some time to listen to the music. You contemplate on how the basis of musical notes is an audible representation of the Golden Mean which can be found in Nature. You notice the architecture of the hall contains many representations of this same sequence of number. A set of golden rectangles, a painting of a sunflower, etc.
You realize that for good or bad, the Tinker chapter here seeks to create mathematical harmony in both the function and form of their inventions.


I let out a peaceful sigh, "So this is how the core of the tinkerers think."


Yeah sure, of course he can come.

Alright, with a big open space like this I can scan for Pattern and look for other rooms to search


He forces his way through and breaks out half of the door, but he's in the hall now.
Several breezies scream as they get swept up by Fairweathers fur. The professor goes on as if nothing happened while settling on Ribbons ribbon. Disciplined as he is Ribbon tries to resist the urge to swipe them all off.
Where you going? There's the downward towards the Breezie Archives, the door to the Mathematics hall, the teleporter to the Sanctum Mysterium.

"Ah, I see you understand! Tinkering is not merely about building, truly understanding the mechanics behind the science can lead you to truth and beauty."


The door forward to math is the least committal. Through we go!

"Can you get the scent, Ribbon?"


"Of course, and mechanics can be found everywhere too, just like the objects we make are meant to be used, everywhere."


As you open the door to the mathematics hall, you see several breezies studying flowers, making painting featuring geometrical patterns or portraits of other breezies. You find Pattern Pitch conversing with an older Tinker in the middle of the room next to a band playing harps and flutes. Except for a few looking up from their painting, all seem too engrossed in their work to notice you. Not even when Ribbon pokes in his head and starts to squeeze his way in.

The door opens and you see Fairweather flying in, followed by Ribbon who has some breezies stuck in his fur and now starts trying to get into the mathematics hall, the walls next to the door crack ominously.
The kind High Tinkerer simply continues. "Yes, quite right. Form must be complimented by function just as function is complimented by form."


Excellent. In we go, over to Pattern.

"Pattern, there you are! The hull repairs had cracks and the ash creatures are leaking."


"WHAT?! MY SHIP IS CRACKED?!" I panick and hurry to where Fairweather and Ribbon are.


"We should hurry back. Who knows how much of that stuff has leaked?"


I nod in agreement and cling to the fur of the war kitten.


Ribbon turns around and leaves the building once again. A few Breezies tumble giggling out of his fur as he makes his way back.

Indeed there's a slight crack in the hull and you note familiar dark ashy traces around it. Next to it, a pink breezie has started painting a huge pink hummingbird on the hull.


"I saw one of those monsters sneak off to an underground burrow, but I can't say how much has leaked."


I need to make repairs!
How bad is the damage and how much wood do I need?

I hum. "Okay, what's the priority, patching this so no more can leak, or chasing the escapies?"


It would only require three planks of wood, you could do it pretty fast.
However, if you're not mistaken this crack is near the storage where you locked the remaining living ashen creatures. You can't repair this properly until you find a way to clear them out, otherwise they might all escape!

The pink breezie notices you both. "hhheeeyyyiee. Did you speak about monsters?"


"I can hunt them if you can fix it."


I shyly put a hoof over my mouth.
I float closer to Fairweather, whisper to her "I can't repair it without risking them all escaping, but It would be a relatively fast repair."


"Is there a way to safely dispose of the waste after sucking them up?"


"Nothing we've done has hurt these creatures so far." I frown worriedly.



"yyooooohoooo!" waves the pink breezie


"What?" Ask, a little exasperated


"U-um nice painting?"


She flies down close to you both.
"Hiiiii. I saw a monster com-"

She frowns and looks at you suspiciously.
"…nice? Do you mean good nice or plain nice…or sarcastic nice?"


"Its very cute!" finally look at the humming bird, is actually nice or did this breezy just graffiti my boat?


The pink bird is highly stylized. Its wings are enlarged. Its beak is small and sharp. The picture seems to sacrifice realism for a sense of dynamism and movement.
"Cute?!?" she studies it "Ah, but of course, she is a little bit cute." she flaps her two front breezers. "Bbbbzzzzzzz"


Giggle softly, and smile having successfully distracted her, "What's your name, miss artist?"


"It's Sweet Vapor! Bwzzz!!"
The ship starts making a buzzing sound as well and trembles.
"AH, the ship is talking back again!"
You see a drip of black ash slowly sliding out of the crack in the hull.


Vacuum it.

"Will you tell us already what you were going to say?"


I make a scared squeak!


"Aaaaah, I think I can help. I know how to clean up these little vandals." She shows a green flask. "Haha! Terpentine! I threw some on the last monster I saww and WOOOSH gone."


"R-really? How did you make it?"



"I bought it from Prism Sky. He has all sorts of painting tools. I buy everything there." She rubs her mane.
"He might have enough terpentine to bleach all of those pesky ugly things. Maybe even more!"


"W-what does he charge for it?"


She waves.
"Oh not much…just a little ttiiinnnyy thing." She whispers "Your soul"


I squeak in fear and cover my mouth!


She laughs. "Hah, gotcha! No, he's a bit weird but you don't need any money here. He'll give it to you if he has some left."


I breath a sigh of relief. "Oh, okay, show me the way to him! And Scouting Unit, bring a big crate."


"Unclear parameters. How big?" answers Scrap


"Um, let me see your vial again Miss Vapor."
Get my measuring tape out and measure the bottle of terpentine she had, then do some MATH to come up with measurements that fit 24 bottles and tell that to Scrap.


"Affirmative." he goes into the ship to bring out a crate.
Vapor looks at him fly off before she whispers. "Your friend is pretty cute."


"Yes, polished metal is a good look but, hmm, I think I'll paint him a golden stripe to show off his frame a bit more. After we can clean up the monsters."
I smile and hoover beside vapor. "We're ready to go then."


"Or what about a nice pink!" she says as you fly off


"Pink? But scrap has a male voice.."


"But it will look splendid on him! My previous breeziefriend had a beautiful pink mane."


"Well, that's true, some of the strongest breezy do have pink manes."


I assume Fairweather is following?


unless she specifically says otherwise


searching for terpentine, Sweet Vapor leads you to one of the hillside lodges. This one is similar in build to the others, but instead of white, it is painted in purple, dark green and several shades of blue. The windows consist of colored glass. The door is left open.
Sweet Vapor just flies in.


"Everybreezy sure is friendly here.." I follow her inside looking around.


The bottom floor is full of paintings. Paintings of caves, underground rivers. Strange scary fantasy monsters. A painting of a large golden door covered in moss.
Vapor shakes her head. "Maybe he's asleep. I'll go look upstairs." she rushes up "PPRRRIIISSSMMMM."


"Or maybe he went to one of these places.." Do they look like anywhere nearby? '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


You go to one of the back rooms and find a wooden trap door leading downwards.
You see the glow of a torch or perhaps breezers way down. This might be where the paintings were made…


The only way to know is to go down..


Grabbing all your breezie courage you float down.
You land in a series of tunnels that seems to stretch endlessy in all directions. Your breezers light up and you can see paintings on the wall here. Simpler crude paintings of breezies flying next to flowers.
In one of the tunnels you see another set of lit up breezers. A purple breezie with a long purple beard is sitting there motionlessly, mumbling strange sounds.


Well, um, tap him on the shoulder to get his attention. "e-excuse me."


He doesn't open his eyes.
"Mmmm…breezie, you dare approach me? Is your heart made of fire and your will of iron? Or are you merely a fool, a fly lost in the web of the cruelest fate?" he says in a deep voice.


"F-fate? Um, I just wanted.. are you Prism?" I nervously ask him.


"That is what I am called! Reveal your name, mortal!"


I frown and take a deep breath and then in a trembling voice tell him "Pattern Pitch, and I need your help."


He opens his eyes.
"Of course. I knew this day would come, when you would seek help from me. But do you know such aid comes at a terrible price!"


"W-what you knew? Are you a breezy warlock?!"


"Fear and tremble, mortal. For I know-"
Suddenly you feel a rush of air above you and the pink Sweet Vapor is hugging Prism who does his very best to keep his fearsome expression as Vapor rubs her cheek against his.
"-know everything…"


I close my eyes when he acts spoopy but open them when Vapor comes flying in, "h-huh?!"


"Prism, we were looking all over for you, were you making paintings again!"
She takes a look at his painting tools. "Aw, you haven't started yet."
Prism coughs. "I was in communion with the terrible Dukes of the Deep!"
"Oh that's great, sorry for disturbing you but this girl really needs some of your terpentine!"


I nod firmly, and motion scrap to bring the crate over "A-as much as you can spare."


"Hmmm, yes I believe I can help you.
Perhaps it is the aligment of the stars or the favor of the King of Far Carcosa, but I am feeling generous today.
Take all the terpentine you need, mortal."
"Yay, you're always so generous, Prism!" says Vapor


"Thank you sir!!" I bow politely too him.


"Come Pattern, I'll show you where the terpentine is! Byyyiiieee Prism, I'll bake you a cake tomorrow!"
"…" Prism returns to sitting in quiet as Vapor goes off.


I pat him on the shoulder and float away after Prism.


You follow Vapor back up and she closes the trap door. "Isn't he amazing?"


"Artists are um, different, uh?"


"Yes, we are! We devote our lives and soul to the craft!" she flies over to one of the cupboards and opens them to reveal many flasks of turpentine. "How many did you need again?"


"I estimate 24 will be needed to put a stop to these monsters. How many are there?"


"Hmmm, that's all of Prism's turpentine…but he said we could right?" she seems a bit unsure.


"If we don't use it all then we'll just return the leftover ones." I assure her. "Maybe they aren't multiplying as fast as I expected."


"…Okay, he did say it was fine…"
She starts loading some of the turpentine bottles.


"Scrap help her load those."


Scrap helps load everything in.
You have 24 bottles of terpentine!



I better make it last!


Last episode Pattern acquired 24 bottles of turpentine from Prism Sky and Sweet Vapor.
These should be enough to deal with the pesky ashen creatures.


I'd like to go outside to wear the WAR KITTEN is now.


Excellent. While she's off, I imagine I was probably trying to track down those puffs that snuck away to vacuum them up.

She shouldn't be gone long though so don't stray far, and head back after only scouting the local area so she won't wait on me.


You indeed took care of the remaining pesky creatures together with Ribbon.
You see Pattern return and behind her Scrap carrying a crate probably filled with terpentine.

The war kitten has been tracking the few escaped ashen creatures. You quickly catch up to them!


"Is this the stuff then? Our first job should be killing the ones I bottled up in your bottles. Sorry, I had to empty out my vacuum earlier. Then we should empty out the vacuum again and try an assault on the engine core."


"Yes, I got 24 vials of it, hope its enough for the little slimes! A-and don't worry about the engine, I can fix it again if they messed it up."


Since there's no objection, I lead Pattern to her gear where I bottled up the emptied vacuum slimes before. I'll also doff my vacuum pack next to it so she can clean both.

"Think of this like a practice run."


"Scrap, start recording observation notes on the process."
"Now applying 2 milliliters of Turpentine to subject 1.."
I will use this to test how much it takes to kill a slime.


Scrap starts taking notes as you carefully apply 2 breezieml of terpentine to the remains of the creature.
The moment the terpentine touches the slime it starts smoking and dilluting.
Your eyes both water as the stench pervades the room. Maybe you should have worn protective eyegear?
As you take another wavy look at the subject it seems to have dilluted away completely


"Who knew goggles were the most important part of a tinker's gear? I'll wait outside."

Go guard the engine door while she works.


"I can't believe I keep forgetting them.." I shake my head and put my goggles on this time.
Let's try different amounts for each slime available to see what the optimum amount is. '1d10' for science.

Roll #1 10 = 10


The ship creaks as you near the engine door again. The slime creatures are definitely trying to get out. The corridor is covered in ash streaks from the last time the ashen slimes managed to break out. Looking at the streaks you notice tiny glittering specks in it.
Roll 1d10 for researching!

With your goggles on this works better!
The slimes consistently break apart the moment you apply the terpentine. It seems a bml of terpentine is enough to burn through half a breezieliter of the ashen creatures. The smoke is a concern though. If you attack a large group of them like in the engine room, any breezies without eyegear and perhaps breathing apparatus might choke
Piqued by curiousity you perform some additional tests and discover that when there's a large amount of slime the ashen creatures intelligently break up and reform to counter the effect of the terpentine. After some experimenting you conclude you can use fire or cold to force them together long enough for the terpentine to work.
Armed with this knowledge you know you can formulate a good battle plan.



Roll #1 1 = 1


"Aha, we need extreme temperatures to keep them from multiplying."
I ponder our supplies and resources. "I suppose the fasted solution is using torches, or asking a breezymancer for a chilly breeze."


You pick up a little of the tiny glittering specks. Hmm, you can't really grasp what it is. Pieces of the engine? Diamonds? Gold? You pick up some more and more.
In the end you're completely covered in ash. Woops.


There's torches you can use in the ship.
You had a breeziemancer with you right?
Wonder what happened to her…


Dust off and wait here for Pattern to finish


Go ask Fairweather "Hey are we the only ones on the ship?"


"I think so. Didn't everyone disembark earlier?"

Make the rounds, it's not that big a ship.


"We could use Marrow's help, if she can make a chilly enough breeze on the slimes they can't divide. Also fire can work, so lets pick up a bunch of torches before we go."


No. It seems both Oomar and Marrow have left the ship.
An educated guess would be that they're enjoying a nectar cocktail while resting on a giant flower


"Maybe they are doing tourist things."
Gather up torches and matches before going outside.


I'll do the searching, surely this is what I'm best at. I have Ribbon after all.


Roll #1 10 = 10


You let Ribbon lead the way. He leads you to a set of barrels next to one of the Nectar fountains and points to one of them.
You knock on the barrel and Oomar sticks his head out. "The spirits of this valley are very willing to converse. They asked me so many questions, on and on…
I needed some time to recover."
You help him out and Ribbon leads you to Marrow whom you see laying next to the river and talking to a mushroom hat breezie. She giggles as he says something to her.


I poke her shoulder, shyly moving my breezers "Um, are you busy right now Marrow?"


She looks up. "Huh! Oh hi, Pattie! Are you having fun?"


"A-actually I was wondering if you can make a really cold breeze, like ice cold"


"Huh…yes, but why? Is it too hot in here?" she giggles.


"Okay, enough dancing around flower petals. The slimes got out again and we need your help in the laboratory!"


I nod along with Fairweather
"Its very serious, can you come with us to help?"


Her face turns serious
"Oh, I understand. You guys go on ahead. I'll be there in a minute!"


"Okay, Let's go ahead to where the slimes might be then."
A spoopy cave or something I'm sure.


I'll assume Fairweather told you tehe rest of them are in the engine room.
You make your way back to the ship, before you're even there Marrow arrives in a fast breeze.
"What's the plan, Pattern? I'm ready!"


Uh, right, the engine room then!
"We need to apply a blm of tempentine to each slime, but since there are a lot of them, they may split up and remerge with each other to avoid this affect. Your chilling breeze will prevent this from happening. If you can't keep it up long enough then.. we can use torches.. but only as a last resort, because I don't really want the engine on fire.."


Marrow salutes. "Gotcha, captain!"
Oomar waves. "Can I help?"


"I don't know if we can get all of them, but also we can vacuum up a lot with the bug vac and then just drip them in there, right?"


Oomar thinks. "Or maybe we flood the whole room with this tempentine?"


"You can help applying the tempentine to the slimes." I pass him a vial and inform him "A single breezieml is enough."
"That would ensure we aren't wasting tempentine on missing them."


I get my breezer thinking on it, maybe some kind of misting fan would work? Can we make something like that? '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


"I don't know if we have enough for such a wide tactic!"


"We have 23 full bottles and 1 partly full bottle."



Roll #1 2 = 2


"A..breezieml…how much is that?"

Your thinking breezie is not fully awake today and rolling doesn't offer a solution! In any case the room is far too big to just flood with the terpentine (tempentine?) you have


I demonstrate a breezieml with a little bit of water!

"Marrow and Fairweather are correct We just don't have enough to rinse the room out with. I don't have an easy answer to fill the room with tempertine. And I know we need to hurry or they will keep multiplying."


Marrow whistles.
"Then I say we storm in, I freeze them and you melt them all!"


"S-simple is sometimes better. Everybreezy ready?" Pass out vials to everyone who's going to be melting the slimes.


Marrow nods. "I'm ready. If each of us does as planned, we can catch them all at once!"


"We've got a type advantage, our chances of success are greatly increased."


After a moment of tense preparing, Marrow asks "…you open the door or shall I?"


I open the door up!


You open up the door and Marrow immediately screams and summons a freezing gust to freeze all the pesky ashen creatures.

Roll #1 2 + 4 = 6


And a good thing she did because at the same time the first of them were trying to get out. They're in a line frozen while storming out of the room. Marrow has one at a breezers length from her face.

Pattern's calculations were correct. The intense cold has incapacitated the creatures.


Using my handy eye dropper I go down the line and drop the tempentine onto each frozen slime.

'1d10' rolling for how well this goes

Roll #1 10 = 10


The terpentine starts instantly breaking down the creatures. You and Scrap start making your way down the line. Yet there's so many creatures.
There goes the first bottle, and the second and the thirds.
And you're not even halfway!

Some of the creatures further up ahead are starting to show signs of life again.
The cold isn't too intense towards the back of the room.


That's okay, call back to the others "Don't let any escape!" And go after the one furthest back before it can move.

Roll #1 5 = 5



Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


You reach it just in time and disintegrate it.
Combined with the efforts of Fairweather, Omar, Scrap and Marrow, you maange to neutralize all of the ashen creatures and cleanse the ship.
You do one last check. Roll a 1d10+2


"Now maybe I can figure out what's causing this.." '1d10+2'

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


As you go around the ship cleaning up, you find a few more ashes hiding in the hull. That would have been trouble if you hadn't found them now!
You inspect the engine again and try to find out what's causing the infestation. The new crystal seems to be doing fine, but when you remove one of the pipes you see the waste of the engine piling up without being properly removed.
Perhaps the radiation of the magical crystal upon the waste causes this?
This could be an interesting study. Your first priority should be to redesign the engine to make sure these creatures cannot be formed again.
Surely a breezie can make a Radan design better.


Hmm, I wonder if anything from my sketchbook will help, let's look over my old designs for inspiration!
'1d10+1' ?

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9


You flip through your sketchbook and find one of the old messenger drones you used to make. These had to go faster than regular messengers and their first designs produced a lot of smoke. So special filters were put in place to remedy this.
You think you can make similar filters for the engines. It would take a few days of refitting but you're not in a hurry right?


There's no danger of not being able to get home again, so I can spend time here.. And its an excuse to go into the tinkerer's guild here for extra parts.


The next day, Oomar, fairweather and the others have each returned to enjoying the tranquility of the Valley.

Not you however, you find your tranquility working on the engine with Scrap.
As you're attaching one of the new filters Scrap boops. You stop your work and listen intently. Yes, it seems somebreezie is sneaking through the hallway coming closer!


*sneaking?!* I nod and get my biggest wrench ready in-case its a hostile and wait with the door cracked open to peak out.


You take a little peak and see a yellow haired breezie with white coat and white uniform slowly drifing through the hallway. She seems to be pretty nervous and glancing through all the doors. "H-hello? Anybreezie?" she says very quietly.


Oh, a uniform, that must mean he's with a guild! Which one thou, that doesn't look like a breezymancer suit or a tinkerer..
I float out shyly towards him to meet him. "h-hello?"


"Eeep!" she jumps in surprise.
"S-sorry, I saw nobreezie on the deck and I wanted to find who owns this ship so I went in looking and I got lost and…"


Apparently I'm enjoying the valley. But I should probably go check on the ship just in case of more slimes.


"S-sorry for scaring you." I make gestures of apology and calming with my little breezers.
"Oh, well that's me." I blush but attempt one of the proud gestures Fairweather makes. "I made this ship. The Happy Hummingbird."


Whatever it is you wildbreezies do for "fun". Maybe you're being grumpy about all these carefree breezies.

In any case, you make your way back to the ship and find the deck door going down wide open! You always close it so somebreezie must have come in!
You hear voices from down below.
It's Pattern and somebreezie else.

She smiles widely.
"Ah, that's great! You're exactly who I was looking for. Oh, let me introduce myself, I'm Golden Twirl. I'm a doctor working for the Tinker Guild."


"Doctoring and tinkering seem only loosely related."

I announce from behind, signalling my presence.


"Really? What section do you work in?" I ask excited to meet a doctor.


"Section? Uhh…I don't know any sections. I just recently got hired and it's not to work with any normal Tinker things. It was specifically for something called Project Frozen Heart. That's why I'm-"

"EEP." she jumps up again.



"Oh, so you're a consultant doing some work with the guild, I see." I nod approvingly. "I'm Pattern Pitch, Inventor Rank tinkerer."

"Hello Fairweather, this is Golden Twirl, she was looking for us."


"Don't let me interrupt, please continue."


"Ok, Pattern, Fairweather, pleasure to meet you." she calms down a bit. "I'll just get to the point. I was wondering if you'd like to ferry me and the rest of us working on this project to a Tinker base in the Far Frozen North. It might be dangerous, it's north even from the Mushroom Breezie lands and very far from any other breezie cities. So…I'd understand if you don't want to but I still needed to ask since…some breezies are very worried if we do the trip by swarm many might get hurt or worse. The last group that returned had to recover a week with the Mushroom breezies before coming here."


"Warcat's whiskers, would you even be able to last up there even if you made it?"


"What are you researching that's worth the risk?"


She rubs her breezers. "It doesn't sound very hospitable I know but perhaps it will make more sense if I give you some context.
A month ago a group of rangers found and liberated a Radan penal colony in the North.
It was an enormous base holding about a hundred captives, breezies and bugs, and a few Radan guards. As far as I understand the base was captured mostly intact so the Tinker Guild saw an opportunity to use it as a base of operations in the Frozen North. It worked for the Radan and prisoners right, so there must be food, drink and warmth there. They sent a detachment of engineers to fix it up a week ago and now they want to send more regular personnel to help build up the base. Doctors, hunters, traders, etcetera."


"What's worth having there?"


"Wow, you're going to be part of a whole new guild building?! And in a par off place where there is endless room to build and expand?" My butterfly like wings flutter in excitement. "Wow, I want to help out."


"Like your friend said, it must be the opportunity for a new frontier right? I don't care what the Tinker Guild is up to there, if it means I can help the breezies up there, then I will."


Goes together with >>709338


"Wanting to take a land just because you can… isn't that some kind of crime of hubris? Well… in any case, if the price is right, we can help. After all, this hummingbird doesn't fly on tree leaves."


I nod along with fairweather as she wisely negotiates for us.


"You'll help? Great. I'm sure the guild will reimburse you for your trouble. I'll make sure of it." she adds quickly "How fast do you think we'll be ready to embark?"


"Already? With just you, or others?"


"I'm still making some repairs, hmm maybe another day or two to be sure everything is tuned up. How many are coming along?"


"There's about 20 breezies that need to be shipped. And also equipment and supplies…oh but I can go and get Venation. He's in charge of the organization for this and he can arrange for your payment as well."


"We'll have to talk to him, then."


"Good idea, an organizer would also know how much equipment they need to bring."



"That's great. How about we meet together with him in an hour? I'll make sure he'll see you."


"Okay, where do you want to meet up?"


"In the Tinker Guild Headquarters? Is that fine?"


"Works for me, I'll see you there Golden Twirl. "


Skip to the meeting or do you two wanna discuss stuff first?


Seems fine to me


We can skip. Before the meeting, I measure the rooms so I know how much space we have for carrying breezies and equipment.
"I'm pretty excited!"


When you arrive back at the Tinker Guild hall you step underneath a construction scaffolding to repair the damage Ribbon did while breaking into the hall just a few days ago.
As usual, there's tons of breezies inside performing small experiments or simply chatting joyfully. No one seems to ask you about the damages.
In the middle you see Twinkle talking to a purple breezie with dark blue hair.


Uh, the building is probably insured against animals! Breezestate has your back.

Hurry up with a little clipboard to the two breezies. "Ehem, hello, I believe you were expecting to see the two breezy in charge of the Air Ship?"


Size him up!


The purple breezie has dark blue thinning hair. His body is frail and his construct seems to be taking notes for him constantly. He puts up his best smile as you speak to him.
"You are the ladies who offered to ferry us to Winterhaven? The name is Venation, but you may call me Vert." He offers a breezer to Fairweather.


"I'm Pattern Pitch, I'd like to discuss what needs your team has, as far as equipment weight and bedding."


"That sounds vaguely familiar from somewhere… have you been to Breezie Hollow?"


Since Venation's breezer doesn't get shaken he just moves on to offer it to you after a few awkard seconds.
"I have an inventory with me. I hope there's a lot of space."

"Ah…uh my last visit was a few months ago. Last time I was there to gather a few reports from the local Tinker chapter. Why?"


"Hmm, I had wondered if we ran into each other before, but maybe it's just coincidence. You know about all that matter with the Radan attack, and then the rogue Tinker, and that weird culty group of Butterflies or whoever. Lot of strange things in the Hollow lately."


Shake his breezer, with a weak little shake.
"Do you have weight statistics? I can look at it?"


He giggles a bit. "Wow, you know about that? Eh, you see that rogue Tinker business, that really isn't representative of all Tinkers."

"Yes, shall we go through the list together?"


"Of course, I've got my own notes ready, um not that I needed notes on my own ship but.." I start mumbling awkwardly.



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