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Welcome players!

NPC list: https://pastebin.com/AhPF3hUg

Please post sheets in your first reply.

>>Last time….

Celestia, dragging the gray by the hindleg bumping over the rocky terrain, tries to grok the room with his gooey sensibilities. Vision cannot cut through the inky blackness; the sound of bubbling water is faintly audible. As he concentrates, however, the eldritch goo-pony becomes aware of life in the chamber. The three changelings with him are bright/loud obstructions to more distant signals, but he realizes there are more beings in the darkness. Perhaps three or four distant shapes curl around each other at the far edge of what Celestia realizes is the edge of the cavern.

It's really, really dark. Em feels like they can sense the presence of Celestia and their captive, as well as the former prisoner. Beyond that, all she can tell is that there is a big dark cavern with water flowing maybe, somewhere in the distance.

Gray number two is stirring, not quite awake but certainly on their way.

Golden, giving up on the hug, listens to Falling carefully. "So, worse than Tempest, eh? I've seen many pones crust up, mainly slower. Mostly, the gems eat you up from the inside first. By the time you see em on the surface, you're already boned, know what I mean?" He takes a long look at Tempest and Zephyr's door. "What they have… had…" he shakes his head, obviously still working on it. "What they got," he continues after a moment of head-shaking, "was something different. Fog sickness takes. I dunno. Years maybe. This took less than a week." He shrugs. "Like I said, there was… an incident." He has a face like he wants to say more, but stops himself with a swallow and a nod.

Golden shrugs. "If you gotta go, you gotta go. You know?" He almost allows himself a chuckle at his own joke while he watches for a reaction.

A single tear from her left eye mars Starfish's perfect makeup, cutting a black river down her cheek. "I can't lose Golden," she states simply. Her right eye drops its own dark cable, destined to meet its counterpoint somewhere upon her chin. "I can't."

Jasper rolls his eyes. "This all seems a bit melodramatic. Can't we visit your domicile first, confirm your dinner plans (or lack thereof), then continue forth?"

Starfish turns on Jasper, all fire and fury. "Melodramatic??!"

Jasper again rolls his eyes, turns toward Cit and KC. "Honestly. I might prefer a less… congested survey."

Starfish looks pissed.
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The Kirin turns to the elevator

"Perhaps the guard chose to separate us in ambush. Cit may be in danger, just as we may be now."


"There was," she confirms. "Weird liquid stuff that came out of the machines. One of my friends got splashed, and…" She trails off and goes quiet, thinking about Zephyr.

She nods wordlessly, and KC allows him to investigate. "It's… what was left after another friend…" Her voice cracks a little; she swallows and looks away with a quiet sniff.


"Uh… well enough," Em says. "I'm sure I can make it to the ground pretty easy from here. Not as fun as that elevator, though. Seriously, there's no way that thing is approved by the board of health."

She fixes Clicky with a stern look. "You get your butt over here, Clicky," she says. "I didn't kill you in the hive, did I? We're pals. It was that stupid knife. Now come on. Lets go. I have some moping I have to do, and I can't mope properly in a crumbling building." If he actually comes over she wraps his forelegs around him and takes flight. If he doesn't, she bum-rushes him and forces him and tries to force him into a bear hug, also with the intention of flying away.

[1d10]Bear hug fight if persuasion fails

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 6 = 6


The elevator doors are motionless as their eyes pass across it.

Jasper looks uncomfortable. "You are expecting Cit to join? I was hoping to speak with her as well. My mentor has looked over our findings in the Garden District, and, well, suffice it to say that we may have bigger problems even than Veddy or Mayfield."

No sooner has the young scientist dropped this tidbit of information than something of a commotion has begun a fair distance down the bar. There is a small group of diamond dogs, dressed in uniform black leather jackets, pushing their way through a group of fogsuit-clad adventurers, who for the most part appear willing to let them through. One large specimen in particular, a rough-looking minotaur, does not appear to want to move from their path; his drink is upturned and he stands to block the dog gang's passage toward our heroes.

Starfish notices and elbows Jiandao. "Wuh-oh. Looks like our guy found Veddy. Ready to show this asshole a thing or two?"

"Wrong," Reverb echoes in agreement, eyeing the janitor warily. Nevertheless, she steps into the small room, pushing herself as far away from the earth pony as possible. He does not seem to notice as he smiles pleasantly at the two of them.
The doors shut. The janitor presses a single button in the elevator control panel. A sense of motion betrays the quietude of the closet-sized room. The janitor begins to hum quietly to himself, a haunting tune that Celly does not recognize.

The single button, labeled "B3", glows cheerfully as they speed toward their destination.

"Weird liquid stuff, hmm-hmm." Gallows nods thoughtfully to himself as he ponders this for a moment, chewing it like one might a savory piece of gristle. "Yes, well, something has happened in the Garden District. I wonder if it might have something to do with your friend's… cargo, here." The unicorn, granted KC and Cit's blessing, pokes gently at the perfect amber crystal that used to be Golden within KC. It is firmly lodged in the gem-like crust that has spread over the interior surface of his chest cavity.
The unicorn looks at Cit. "You said this is… the remnants of your friend? Fascinating," he breathes, gazing with appreciation for the spectacle.

"He was a crystal pony, then?"

The alicorn is already gone, apparently sure of Em's flight ability. Gray is not so certain. As she speaks, she can tell that he understands, but doesn't quite trust her yet. He shies away nervously as she tries to convince him, but is caught completely off guard as she pounces on him, wrapping him in her spindly legs.

She's not the greatest flyer in the best of circumstances; holding a struggling changeling (albeit a small one) in her arms almost grounds her permanently. She flutters her little wings and manages to lift the two of them up just as the floor breaks away beneath them, crumbling down into the open darkness below.

Following the alicorn, Em manages to make it through the broken stained glass window and out over an open drop, hundreds of meters above any semblance of a safe landing zone. The alicorn is beating his powerful wings, hovering carefully nearby as he watches their haphazard flight.

"We have to go," he explains needlessly as more of the great cathedral atop Horizon continues to crumble away. He cuts across the great ravine between towers, bearing down on a great forested Toren district, the top level of which is far below them.

[roll navigation to keep airborne and catch up with Border]


She winces slightly as she sees how the crystalline infection has spread on KC's interior. She resolves to find a chisel when all this is over. "Pegasus," she mumbles. "He was a pegasus."


"Did we forget to bring along Alys?, is she still down there?" Celestia looks a bit worried about abandoning their newfound team member. Though is a bit happy to have someone like the janitor who knows where they are going. They got these glowing buttons on lockdown!


Em holds Clicky tightly in her forelegs. "Uh, okay? Are we going back to the church? That's where I was gonna go to say hi to Baxter and… uh… drunk horse."


Fallings nods.
"She was right behind us, but we all couldn't fit in the elevator. …Wait, what did you find in the Garden District?"
Falling questions with growing concern about her home.

When a commotion arises as a group starts to move through the bar, and Starfish's reaction implying these were the ones they were looking for, Falling looks over as they approach, unsure of how she's feeling as her body starts to feel tense at this upcoming confrontation with the source of Diamond's disappearance.


At starfish's goading, Jiandao rises from her seat, stepping forward slightly to greet Veddy, careful to not stray too far from Falling.


[1d10]Forgot to roll

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Hmm-hmm." The old unicorn hardly appears to hear her. He pokes at the crystal again with his strange tool, then, sliding the prod into his pocket, reaches into KC with a perfunctory glance to make sure the automaton is copacetic. He places his hooves on either side of the gem, and with a bit of a wiggle, dislodges it from the crust. His dark violet TK envelops the gem, gently lifting it out of KC.

"Not a crystal pony, you say? Are you entirely certain? Fascinating," he croons, looking the crystal over. Half-looking where he is walking, he brings the large gem over to a strange metal vessel, placing it inside and closing the windowed door. The gem hovers within the strange compartment, light from some hidden machinery inside shining through and glittering off the facets.

The unicorn looks to Cit and KC again. "This is an interesting development. I'm not entirely certain how, but it's possible this crystal… your friend… holds some clue to how the Garden District has …changed." Something about the way he says the word 'changed' sounds off, in an ominous way.

His piercing gaze meets Cit, and his voice is suddenly harsh and demanding.
"Have you shown this to anyone else?"

"Oh, I'm sure she'll be fine," the janitor says, in a familiar and soothing voice. At the sound of his words, Reverb shrinks further into the corner.

The elevator hums and the sense of motion continues for a minute. A soft jolt of inertia briefly rocks the chamber, and the elevator's soft "Ding" chimes.

Reverb, softly to herself, echoes the elevator sound. "Ding," she states nervously.

The doors slide open. Through the aperture there is an inky, pervasive blackness, both expansive and somehow claustrophobic. The janitor offers a cheerful smile at the other two passengers, showing his rotted teeth, and steps off into the dark.

Em struggles to keep aloft with the burden of Gray, who has given up trying to get away and is clinging to her carapace in terror, staring wide-eyed at the dizzying drop beneath them. The alicorn gracefully descends, swooping down in a circling motion around the wide green canopy of the megastructure below.

Following the alicorn down, Em begins to lose her grip on her small passenger. Gray clings to her, his little hooves grasping at her pack desperately, losing purchase.

Gray: Grapple [1d10]

[roll again, you're almost there!]

Jasper begins to answer Falling. "The Garden District has been… well, we're not sure exactly what… but it's begun to change. Crystal growths like we've never seen…" He pauses when he notices the commotion across the bar. "Oh."

The minotaur, standing up, confronts the group of dogs. There are four of them, with the smallest in the back, little tough guy, obviously leading them. They say something to the big guy. He acts like he is going to get in their way when one of the two big dogs in front produces a long black prod in the flash of an eye, jamming it into the minotaur's side with an audible crackle. The minotaur crumples. The procession of thugs continues toward the group.
The one in the rear is sneering almost comically, eyes locked on Starfish as they saunter up to the bar.

"Shit," she murmurs. "I hate that mutt."

"Starfish," the little guy exclaims. "It's been too long!"

Roll #1 7 = 7


Celestia being nonchalant decides to follow the janitor ever curious what he is doing. Stepping into the all encompassing darkness. All it reminds him of is the bed times with mini. He finds a lot of comfort in such. His eye blinking a bit nodding a bit off as he continues.


Em takes a deep breath and tries to squeeze Clicky tight. "Almost there, buddy."


Roll #1 5 = 5


"I showed them before," she answers quietly, not making eye contact. "My friends that is. I… It was different then. They haven't seen it as it is now. It keeps… changing shape."

"What's different in the Garden District?" she asks, a bit trepidatious all of a sudden.


Falling says, voice choking up as that image of the crystaled pony from the other day flashes through her mind, imagining that spreading to all the ponies in the District that she's seen and knows.

It's only the voice of the dog that keeps her from this horrid image, turning to look down at the small one that leads the pack. She says nothing, but doesn't look away.


After the group makes their way to the table, Jiandao bows in greeting.

"Greetings. I am Jiandao. You are 'Veddy', correct? We have come to speak with you, of a matter most urgent."


The janitor trots carefree into the darkness, turning around once to show his rotten smile as he makes sure the others are following. His green eyes illuminate the ground before him dimly. His shadow looms ominously up around Celestia.

Reverb hesitantly follows.

The darkness shrouds them, covers them, almost suffocating, like walking through thick curtains. The janitor leads them through a twisting path, winding through the dark as if randomly, following some internal sense of direction. Finally they stop. The janitor reaches a hoof up and raps on the wall, a hollow sound. Once, twice, three times. He turns to look at Celly and Reverb, his eyes two glowing rings in the dark. He smiles.

The creak of a door. No light. The janitor turns toward the sudden opening.

"I awaken. Please fetch for me Doctor Hojo. We have much to discuss."

Something hisses from the darkness. Reverb huddles close to Celestia, cowering in fear.

Gray almost slips out of Em's grasp, clutching at the last minute, eyes squeezed shut. He remains like this as the changeling circles the densely forested roof, clinging to her even as her hooves touch down next to the alicorn. The small changeling opens one eye, then the other, letting himself drop to the ground. He rolls away, rises uncertainly to his feet, gazing up at Em. After a moment, he cautiously touches her side with his nose, then rubs his head against her, clicking softly to himself.

The alicorn doesn't seem to notice. He begins walking almost immediately, assuming that the changelings will keep up with him.

"Things are happening much faster than I anticipated. Horizon is eating itself, Gamut is making his move, and Ambit… well, he's almost completely gone." He looks at Em. "Of course, you have no idea what I'm talking about. I've asked so much of you, without explaining anything. I promise it will all be made clear soon." They continue through the forest atop the tower.

They arrive at a large tree. Border pulls a small device from an inside pocket, slides it across the bark, and a door opens where there was none before. Inside the thick trunk there is a small room, exactly like the elevator in the central spire.

The alicorn looks nervously around as he steps into the chamber. "Here there be dragons," he says cryptically. "We must make haste."


"Yes. Well, I don't see how it could hurt to tell you, this late in the game. Your friend is very special. His… death… is less of an end, and more of a transformation. You see, I've been working with a certain being, Ambit… an ancient, if you will, whose very existence predicates the death of Horizon." He nods to himself as he stares through the glass at the amber crystal which was Golden Flash.
"Ambit plans to consume the city, absorbing the power of the Toren megastructures so that he can defeat his twin brother Gamut. However, there's been complications. Something in the Garden District… something you saw… has changed the nature of the crystalline growth. Like a tumor, its spread is rapid and uncontrollable." He continues to gaze at Golden. "Your friend here was an experiment, a trial run, if you will. He was created to… well, to feed Ambit." He finally turns to Cit. "It is not easy, to serve a dragon. Sacrifices needed to be made. Your friend was a necessary casualty."

Starfish fakes a smile. "Veddy! Just the turdmuncher I was looking for."

The three bigger dogs make a big show of getting comfortable around the group, all intimidating glares and cocky grins. The one with the prod slaps it against his other paw threateningly.
"Ya know what I said last time you were here, Star. Ya came back anyway. Ballsy. Stupid, but ballsy."

Starfish smiles sweetly at the little yappy dog. She is about to retort when Jiandao politely introduces herself, correctly identifying Veddy and taking him off guard with her forthrightness.

"Yea, I'm Veddy. Whaddya want? I've got a bone to pick with this broad, but I ain't never seen your mug round the Six before. Say," he runs his eyes down and back up Jiandao's fogsuit-covered frame, "you ain't half bad lookin, for a scale-horn!" He turns to his team, gesturing at the kirin. "The workin gals gettin classier by the day, boyos!" Turning back to her, he looks her up and down. "So how much, then?" He cracks a crude grin at the mares, showing off a gold canine. Starfish looks grossed out.

[[ P A U S E D ]]


Last time, in Horizon…

Celestia and Reverb follow the janitor into the darkness of floor B3, where, reassuring the two of them, he knocks upon a hidden door and announces himself, looking for a particular Dr. Hojo.

A familiar voice fills the air. "Alys."
A voice replies. "Hojo. You knew I would come for you."

A faint flicker somewhere in front of Celestia appears, grows, expands to a small orb of dusty yellow light. A familiar face greets Celestia: It is the aged, bespectacled unicorn in the white coat who interrogated him in the cell he was taken to, before excaping and meeting the bothersome changeling. The scientist's glasses flash as he spots Celly. Reverb huddles nearby, shivering in fright.

Em, Border and Gray, finding themselves in a quickly deteriorating cathedral, find their way to a nearby platform, far below. Border, smashing a window to escape, leads Em (who barely carries a still-untrusting Gray) to safety; they find themselves in the quietude of a densely forested level on top of a dizzyingly tall building. Border presses what appears to be a random spot on the side of a tall coniferous treetrunk, and sliding doors coated with bark slide apart revealing a comfortable chamber not unlike the one that led them upstairs to the cathedral. An elevator, obviously.

Border steps on, says something cryptic about dragons or something.

He stares impatiently at Em. "Well?" gesturing to the empty space beside him. Gray, standing close to her side, looks up at her questioningly.

Falling, Jiandao, Starfish and Jasper are all conversing at the bar of Six Arms, waiting for Cit and/or Veddy to approach.
Veddy wins the race, with his leather-jacket sporting group of tough-guys and his almost-comical gangster tropes. He approaches the gang, acting all tough.

He vaguely yet crudely propositions Jiandao. "So how bout it, sweetheart? How much?" He waggles his eyebrows suggestively, not at the kirin but at his boys.

Starfish stands up, ready to fight. All three of Veddy's doggo friends stand up to meet her, obviously itching for a fight. They all glare at each other. There passes an intense silence.

Cit and KC, trying to join their friends in the Six Arms, find themselves in the company of an aged unicorn scientist named Gallows, who offers cryptic exposition, throwing around a lot of names like Horizon, Ambit, Gamut; somehow Golden was wrapped up in all this, and the weird crystal that his body transformed into (which, by the way, Gallows effortlessly removed from their possession, placing it into a strange high-tech-looking chamber) is part of this in some way. He seems to imply that Golden's death was not a tragic accident, but somehow a willing sacrifice.

Something moves in the shadows.

[roll perception]


"A… a what?!" She looks equal parts outraged and confused. "Are… are you saying you did this?" KC takes a step forward, ready to bash some heads if need be.

This line of thought is interrupted, however, by the sudden movement in the shadows. Both of them look past Gallows and try to make out what's moving in the dark.
[2d10] Perception, KC and Cit

Roll #1 3, 8 = 11


Machine Gun Celly decides to call lover to the frightened one at seeing another familiar face. "Hello again weird pony!" He calls out. "What are you doing over here?" He inquires with a tick of his head. He had many questions on his mind. Especially on how to get back to Mini.



When Starfish calls out Veddy by name, Falling can't hold back. She stomps her hoof, stepping forward a step as she glares at the little mutt, not showing any signs of intimidation or fear from his gang.
"Where's Diamond?!"
She shouts at him, staring daggers at the mobster.


She tilts her head, as if unaware, before checking her bag for the bit pouch, to check the coin count.

"Ah, a payment for information?"

"I am concerned i may not have the coin for your price. What would be the cost for knowledge of Diamond?"


>Perception [1d10]

Roll #1 4 = 4


[1d10] Persuasion
[1d3] inscrutable

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 3 = 3


Gallows stares at Cit as if unintimidated, but his eyes widen behind his spectacles as the hulking KC takes a menacing step forward. He does not back down as he rushes to speak.

At the same time, Cit sees a shimmering form appear from the shadows, a pony in black tactical-looking gear and a dark mirrored visor signaling with hooves obscurely into the air. Across his back is a wicked-looking rifle. Out of the corner of her eye, she sees two more shimmering shapes in the darkness. The first form stealthily moves behind Gallows as he expounds.

"No, you misunderstand. I caused nothing; I am but a player in a grand game. Ambit planned everything; I merely allowed him …options."

The bespectacled pony takes note of Celly at his unique voice.
"Oho, what have you brought me, Chr-"

"Call me Alys," the janitor interrupts. His eyes glow a more bright green for a moment.

The doctor looks taken aback for a moment. "Fine," he concedes. "Is this… a peace offering?"

"Can there be peace between owl and rabbit?" The janitor's eyes are on the doctor. "Hojo, Hojo, Hojo. I have waited long for this moment. I offer the same thing as always. You possess something crucial to me. I have come for it."

The aged unicorn, lit by a glowing orb hovering in front of his face, chuckles to himself. "A trade, then? The Specimen for the Element?"

Reverb steps in front of Celly protectively. She looks back at Celly. "Weird pony," she says. "Something crucial," she says.

Turning back to the mares, Veddy blinks his eyes at Diamond's name, apparently not hearing Falling's question correctly. "What's that. sweetheart? You want somepony to buy you diamonds?" He turns to the nearest of his gang, laughing uproariously at his own comment. The one he's looking at feigns a smile for as long as Veddy is looking, but it drops away as soon as the gangster looks back toward the group. The dogs appear to be hired to protect but not necessarily entertain their ringleader.

"Payment for information, eh?" Veddy looks interested until Jiandao mentions her lack of funds. "I don't know anything about your friend. She's a nonentity, a nopony. She probably got used and thrown away, like Griff." He grins a nasty smile at Starfish.

Unintimidated, Starfish stares right back. "How'd you know Diamond is a mare? You know something you aren't telling, you little wannabe thug?"

Veddy, his cocky smile locked in, looks back at Jiandao. "I might be persuaded to give up some info for a night with your …exotic friend here. Something about her I just can't read."


Em glares at the empty spot next to the alicorn, looks up at him, and huffs. Grabbing Clicky by the foreleg with her TK, she tries to make sure she draga him along as she steps into the elevator.

[1d10]Come on, pal.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Wh-What options?" she presses, while scanning for an exit; a fire escape, a door, a window, an elevator shaft, anything that will get them away from Gallows and the approaching shadows.
[2d10] Perception

Roll #1 10, 4 = 14


Ignoring the discussion between the two the Almighty Solar Swan butts in with another question. "Weird pony can you tell me where my Mini is? I have been having trouble retracing my steps to her." Celestia asks as he approaches.

Adorable: passive; No matter the size of your horns, no matter what sour expression you may have on your face, no matter how old, experienced, or battle-scarred you are, you’re still a big puffball on hoofed legs. No one can resist giving you attention, which helps you get your point across to most anyone. You have +1 on all social rolls.


Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3


They all step into the chamber inside the tree, which appears to be conifer only on the outside. Inside, the chamber is comfortable, coated in velvet cushions pinned to the curved walls. There are no buttons. Border hums a small tune as if to himself. The doors slide shut and motion begins.

The alicorn looks down at Gray. "You've picked up a Hive drone? Does it respond to directions?"

Clicky looks up him as if angry. He clicks twice, then contorts his face with great effort. "Do you?" his raspy Equish squawks out, barely understandable.


"This is Clicky," Em flatly tells the alicorn. "He's my buddy, and he's helped me way more than you have. Why am I still here, when can we go back to the church, and also I'm hungry? That last part was a statement, but it's true."


When Veddy calls Diamond a nopony, Falling's horn start to glow.
"She was my friend! And you kidnapped her!"
She shouts, enraged at how he speaks about her, so casual an nonchalant, barely acknowledging what they're saying.
"You're going to tell me where she is!"
She shouts, horn poised at his head.
>Intimidation [1d10]

Roll #1 5 = 5


Unphased, Jiandao moves to respond before Falling cuts her off with her outburst.

"Falling, it is unwise to lose your temper." says the kirin. "We do not wish to provoke unnecessary conflict."


"Didn't you hear what he said about Diamond?! He's insulting my friend, how can I be calm through that?"


"You must choose your battles carefully, Falling. We are surrounded by his allies, i cannot guarantee your safety should insults come to blows."


"But… But…"
Falling stammers, unable to dispute Jiàndào's wisdom, but unable to sit by idly.


Cit, KC and Gallows stand in the center of a dark bowl-shaped room with one apparent entrance, up a slowly sloping walkway. Looking around the room, Cit sees several machinery-covered shapes, but one in particular catches her attention. It appears to be some wardrobe-sized box with gears atop, along with a diamond chain leading upwards. It reminds her of a bare-bones version of the elevators that brought her hither.

"Well, you see, Ambit being what he is," Gallows turns, clutching a hoof to his chin as if to pontificate, face-to-face with the mirror-masked figure behind him. "Gah!" he exclaims. The figure makes to grab the doctor.

Unknown: grapple [1d10]

Just then, Cit becomes aware of two other figures appearing in the darkness behind KC.

As Celly steps around Reverb, the changeling steps again in front of him, trying to block him from Hojo's intense glare.

Hojo produces something from within his white coat, points it at Reverb. Something emerges from the tip and stretches to Reverb. She starts and tries to back away.

Hojo: (unknown device) [1d10]
Reverb: Dodge [1d10]

The janitor watches all this with passive interest.

Border doesn't respond as the Gray and Em speak. He looks taken aback. He takes a hoof and brushes his dissheveled mane backward. It occurs to Em that he looks extremely tired.

"You're referring to the chapel in Old Town. Benjamin in particular seemed to take a liking to you, as I recall. As a matter of fact, our destination lies beneath Old Town. We can visit them, if you would like, although Lunar and Steady have been… relocated."

Clicky looks up at Em. He looks angry. Then again, he always does.

Veddy looks by turns intimidated by Falling's outburst, then amused by Jiandao's admonitions, until finally he bursts in.
"Enough! Look, I don't really care about your friend. She was just another job." One of his hired thugs puts his paw over his face behind him, shaking his head. "All that matters to ME," he emphasizes his move with several pokes of his leather-clad chest with his paw, the last of which results in his thumbnail stuck in his zipper. He spends several seconds trying to unsnare.

"Aw, fuck it," Starfish says, and throws a suckerpunch at his face. Veddy is completely unprepared for this and unable to react.

Starfish: unarmed [1d10]

She turns to Jiandao after and offers an apologetic smile. "You're getting paid for this, right?"

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 7 = 7 / Roll #3 9 = 9 / Roll #4 6 = 6


Em reaches out and pats Clicky on the head. "It's okay, buddy. You're more than just a drone. You're my bestie."

Looking over the alicorn again, she deflates a little, sighs, and nods. "Alright," she says. "Fine. Guess that just leaves the first and last question. Why am I here, and I'm hungry?"


Sun Tzu made his move in a jump forward to dodge the contraption being pointed at him, this he thought would allow him to be more aggressive as his tentacles started to reach out beyond his plush to grapple with the weird pony.

Grappler: passive; Trained in melee and close quarters combat, you overpower foes easily in such situations. You have +1 to all rolls when making non-combat actions to grapple, subdue, restrain, or in any way preventing a target from moving with your own body. You can apply this bonus in combat to remove an enemy from combat without killing them, but only when they’re the only enemy in their zone and helpless, or on very low health.

Suppress: recharge 1 after letting go, weapon; Renders target helpless. After success, can keep taking automatic actions to keep the target pinned. If this action is not taken, the target gets up.

[1d10] dodge

[1d10+1] suppress

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 2 + 1 = 3


She gasps and reacts on pure instinct, grabbing a heavy spanner from her bag with telekinesis and lobbing it at the unknown assailant grabbing Gallows.
[1d10] Yeet!

"KC, behind you!" she calls. The robot's eyes switch to angry mode, and he makes to grab Gallows and barrel towards the elevator chain.
[1d10] Grapple Gallows

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 8 = 8


>bear stance, 5/6
>Tactician 3

Drawing all three swords, Jiandao leaps towards the guards, striking down onto the closest while battering another with another blade.

[1d10] Revolving blade, closest guard
[1d10] melee bonus

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 8 = 8


Falling fumes as Veddy disregards them further, until Starfish cuts in and suckerpunches the dog.
"And SHE matters to ME!"
Falling declares, horn glowing as she fires a concentrated beam of magic from her horn, pure white instead of her normal bronze from the buildup, directly at Veddy's chest.
>Consecrate [1d10]
>Concentrate light magic to strike a target down without intent to kill. This deals 2 more hits of damage than it’s roll would normally do, but it can never render someone helpless, cause wound damage, or kill them. On Crit the light focuses your mind, giving your next action on an ally DC-1.

Roll #1 9 = 9


The alicorn smiles, the dark skin around his eyes losing some of their care-lines for a moment. "Hungry? Yes. Your kind consumes often. Let us make a pit-stop. I have a pony for this." He ends the sentence in a short musical hum, as if to punctuate his sentence. The chamber stops for a moment, makes a low tone, then continues movement in another direction. Clicky looks up for a moment, then stands stoically by.

A quiet moment passes. The doors slide open. There is a warmly-lit chamber with some dozen tables, all of them empty. The alicorn steps off, leads the party to a comfortable booth. A pleasant smell is in the air.

"What do you eat?" Border inquires, begrudgingly including Gray in the inquiry. He glances at a device on his forecannon.

Reverb manages to dodge out of the way of the burst, just in time for Celly to spring out at the doctor unexpectedly. Whatever he shot out of the device flies wide, barely missing the plush as the doll flies toward his face.

The doll is unable to grip the doctor, and he turns and makes another pass with his unknown weapon, this time targetting Celly.

Hojo: (unknown device) [1d10]

Reverb throws herself at him in a full-body tackle.

Reverb: Slam [1d10]

The janitor watches from the sidelines, mildly amused.

As Gallows blunders right into an ambush, Cit is already launching the hefty tool through the air. "Gah!" the scientist states as his would-be assailant is clocked right in the visor, knocking his head back. Gallows stumbles back.

KC launches himself, surprisingly dexterous despite his size, into the good doctor, who falls right into the hulk's arms. KC takes another huge lunge, bashing right into the elevator's chains. Something snaps, and the wardrobe with the gears atop it drops through the floor, leaving a hole in the floor.

The two unknown tactical-suited ponies turn to stone as their leader is taken out of commission. He snaps out of it, signs something at the two, then unholsters some sort of rifle and points it at KC-holding-Gallows.

Mirrored Visor: ranged on KC. [1d10]

Starfish's punch knocks Veddy a bit. He narrows his eyes and wipes his chin, about to charge, when he is hit by Falling's blast of energy. The white beam connects with his chest, knocking him several feet backward, right onto one of the barstools. He ends up sitting, out of breath, leaning onto the bar to stabilize himself gasping for breath.

Jiandao, meanwhile, launches herself into action, feinting with one blade while taking out the nearest guard dog with a surprise backwards swipe.
He falls on his ass.

The second guard dog starts to stand, but Starfish intercepts with a wicked lash of her electric whip.

Starfish: Electric Whip (guard dog 2) [1d10+1]

The third guard dog, smaller than the other two, steps back, his paw covering his masked face in apparent horror… or amusement. It's hard to tell whether he is gasping or laughing under that mask.

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 2 = 2 / Roll #3 4 = 4 / Roll #4 4 + 1 = 5


Celestia squirms away from the direction of the device trying to maintain staying close and gripping upon the lone weird pony. This has been unexpectedly troubling.

Grappler: passive; Trained in melee and close quarters combat, you overpower foes easily in such situations. You have +1 to all rolls when making non-combat actions to grapple, subdue, restrain, or in any way preventing a target from moving with your own body. You can apply this bonus in combat to remove an enemy from combat without killing them, but only when they’re the only enemy in their zone and helpless, or on very low health.

Suppress: recharge 1 after letting go, weapon; Renders target helpless. After success, can keep taking automatic actions to keep the target pinned. If this action is not taken, the target gets up.

[1d10] dodge

[1d10+1] suppress

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 9 + 1 = 10



Pivoting on a hoof, the kirin brings the three swords around to batter the second guard, before he can stand
[1d10] Dual, guard
[1d10] bonus melee

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 8 = 8 / Roll #3 5 = 5


With Veddy knocked for a loop and the guards mostly occupied by Jiàndào and Starfish, Falling marches up to Veddy, eyes narrowed as he gasps for air.
"You're going to tell me where Diamond is. Now!"
She states, horn glowing again.
>Intimidate [1d10]

Roll #1 6 = 6


Em taps her chin and hums. "I can't put my hoof on why, but ever since this morning I've been in the mood for something smokey with a bit of a kick. Kinda smoldery, y'know?"


KC shifts Gallows out of harm's way and beckons for Cit to join him. She obliges, blinking over with teleportation magic to make a getaway down the elevator shaft.
[1d10] Winkmaster

Roll #1 8 = 8


The weapon in Dr Hojo's hand fires a multicolored beam of light, which impacts Celestia a split second before he reahes out and wraps the doctor in a big, tight hug. His eyes bug out in that moment, but he is too late to prevent the explosion which results in a crystalline bubble forming around the pair of them and floating in the air. The device itself drops out of the bubble and hits the floor. The doctor struggles against Celestia's iron grip, fear beginning to reach his eyes for the first time as he realizes they are locked into this claustrophobic space together.

The janitor begins to chuckle, then to laugh. He slaps his knees as he walks over to the device and picks it up. Studying it a moment, he presses a button carefully.

Alys: operate the device [1d10]

Reverb throws her body against the bubble wall separating her from Celly and Hojo.

Reverb: Slam [1d10]

Jiandao, wooden blades flashing around her, approaches the guard slowly, intimidatingly. He tries to stand, narrowly dodges one blade, looks at her triumphantly and is completely blindsided by her second swing. Knocked into the air, her third strike slams him into the ground with a solid crack. He is out cold.

The third guard dog begins to audibly wheeze, but makes no move to help his cohorts.

Veddy continues to cough as he looks up at Falling. He gathers himself enough to spit out a few words between ragged breaths.

"I… don't… know… May…field…"

The third guard dog, the same one who facepalmed earlier and removed himself from combat, walks up and kicks the stool out from under Veddy. He looks down at the floored dog for a moment, turns to Falling.

Starfish cracks her whip at the fist guard dog, who catches it on the butt of his prod, but steps back as the smaller third dog kicks the stool out from under a gasping Veddy, who crumples uselessly.

The third guard dog removes his helmet. Underneath is a bulldog-faced Diamond Dog with a serious face and an intricately braided mustache.

Starfish exclaims from across the bar, "Mayfield! What the flock!"

And just like that, the fight appears to be over. Everyone is still kind of trying to figure out what just happened. Jasper, who has been hiding behind a stool, pokes his head up. "Mayfield?" he inquires. The guard with the prod goes to the side of the one Jiandao battered mercilessly, kneeling to assess his injuries.

Mayfield looks at Falling. "Falling Sand. I've heard a lot about you. Of course you're looking for your friend. There are many things we have to talk about. Do you want a drink? Of course this applies to your friends." He nods to Jiandao respectfully.

"Sure, I'll take a whiskey," Starfish raises a hoof.

[[ P A U S E D ]]

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 10 = 10


"Something… spicy?" Border asks, giving her an apprehensive look. "No…" he taps his chin. Clicky hops up into the booth and slides next to Em. "How about…. smoked lizard?"

A well-dressed pale pony with an exquisitely-maintained blonde mane appears from apparently nowhere to arrive at their table, perfectly poised with eyes closed. Three glasses of water arrive, apparently under his telekinetic control, land on the table without so much as a ripple on the surface.

"Monsieur has brought guests. We are always pleased to see you, Monsieur Frontière. Will you be having the usual this evening?"

"No no, Golden, not tonight," Border laughs nervously, sending a look at Em and Gray. "We're just having… a little something. Whatever the lady will have. And… two for the little one."

The poised blonde waiter appears ready to take your order, though his eyes have not opened.

Cit, KC and Gallows disappear down the shaft, KC simply leaping from floor to floor with the doctor in his arms and Cit following them, teleporting from safe ledge to ledge. They make their way down, eventually ending on a taller level than all the rest with the crash of the wardrobe/elevator chamber in a twisted heap at the bottom.

They appear to have landed on a large stage. Bright lights separate them from what appears to be a packed theatre, hundreds of expectant eyes staring at them. Downstage, two ponies in a medieval get-up are paused in the middle of what appears to be a swordfight with play-weapons, but they are agape staring at the crash of the wardrobe and the appearance of Cit and KC-holding-Gallows.

Someone whispers from above them. "PSSST! The Show Must Go On!" A fat sheep in a beret and a very pretentious coat is addressing them from behind the curtains.

"Ahem, yes, as I was saying, Ser, you shall never possess the Lady!" one of the actors stumbles out, making a desperate gesture at Cit.

"Oh! Yes! Of course, but Ser, I shall! Now that my…" He gestures at KC, clutching Gallows, "Grandpony, the Wizard, has arrived!"

They resume their faux-swordfight as mass cheering and applause rises from the other side of the bright lights.

[[ P A U S E D ]]

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