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>Fun fact, I've been numbering these wrong so we're actually up to 11 mlpg threads now!

Last time on HolyQuest…

The Saviors wrapped up the last of their business for the night before retiring to bed. It had been a very long and very eventful day, and needless to say, their exhaustion gave them a good night's rest.

Amy Thest and Flaming Shorthorns met with Fairy Castle in the Observatory. There, Fairy Castle explained what it meant to be a Witch, and what one's Craft represented. Put simply, to be a Witch was to be free. Though Witchlings are cursed from birth by the Mark of the Crone to lives of misery and misfortune, adult Witches have the power to rebel against that fate. The point of choosing one's Craft was not just to gain power, but to exercise a strengthened Will, to go down a path not because they are forced to by fate or destiny or any other external pressure, but because that is what they desire. Thus, the highest virtue for any Witch was to be free. Regina lost against the Saviors because she attempted to take their freedom, and because she created Replicas and Replicants, and tried to take their freedom for the sake of defeating Mudi. Mudi, Vizsla and Azawakh were also guilty of stealing others' freedom; in this way, they sinned against what it meant to be a Witch.

Fairy Castle concluded with a formal ceremony, in which she, as Shekinah of Wacachan, gave Amy the Arc of the Moon, a special talisman designed to inspire Amy, helping her develop her own spells relating to her Craft. She also gave Amy a title – well, Amy basically chose it herself: She was dubbed "Amy the Inescapable Revelrous Friendmaking Heartthief Hugger." Perhaps an abbreviation would be in order.

Shei spoke with Gadriel and Buiwong, accidentally spilling his plans. Some days prior, Shei had consulted a group of Umbrals via the Augur Grail, the relic of Tartarus recovered from the Tower of Traitors. During this time, he learned about the power of the Sacrifice: It was a special property of Tartarus. Those who entered Tartarus from the Overworld, the land of the living, could sacrifice their lives for another's sake. They would be given tremendous power in exchange, but their deaths would be all but assured. In addition, a life that is sacrificed to the God of Tartarus would be claimed by that God, with no hope of escaping Its jaws. Shei hoped to sacrifice himself in the event that Mudi overwhelmed the party, and use that power to help Amy fuse with Mudi. Needless to say, Gadriel was unable to accept this, but Buiwong made no objections.

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"That's… a strong spell in there. Even that Scuttlebutt didn't use it."
Pryce comments as Meister reveals the enchantment. He puts the Memory-Pluck on the counter.
"The Guarded Peculiarity for this one. I'll be needing the extra defense with this."

As she offers assistance with working out, Pryce is caught aback by the favor compared to the others they've done so far. And then is a little insulted at her comment.
"I'll pay for my wares. I have something later that wouldn't go well with an injury."
He decides, putting up the 350 bits from his trade earlier.


"It's totally something you can do on dates!" Tantra says firmly. Vortigern flies over, picks up the massive buffalo, and flies away with him, back toward the training ground.

"That looks like a veto to me," Regina says. "Box, LJ, what say you? You do have an agenda planned, right?"
LJ steps up. "Actually, I thought we could go for a nice walk around Threecoins. Maybe even a run if you feel like it. We've spent a good while cooped up in this massive Library, but buffalo can't be kept all penned in like this. Am I right, Flaming? That sound fun to you?"

"Indeed I could," the Bodhidharma answers. "It was a bit like intimacy, or facing one's oldest enemy in battle. It was a level of closeness that few have experienced, or can imagine. That was why I had to fight, lest I lose myself within it. But I'll back up a bit first. What you are asking is indeed… possible."

Mirror, Chorazin and Gadriel tense up at this.

"But before you can perform such a feat, you must understand what it is you are doing. This is not mere transformation or transmogrification – the shifting of the outward form. Becoming an angel, becoming a demon, is a moment of rebirth, of true change. Mortals' souls are fundamentally, measurably different from other types of souls. What you are seeking is a feat of transubstantiation – an ultimate change. A godly act. It is possible, but difficult, requiring that one tap into the blood of a divine body as the baptizing catalyst of this change. I have sensed in your party's possession such an artifact – the Ember of Jalandhara. Its flame is faint, however… using it to obtain this feat would result in its permanent loss, you understand?"

Meister nods, collecting the money. "I'LL JUST TAKE A LITTLE OF YOUR TIME, THEN, SINCE YOU'RE NOT SPENDING AS MUCH," she says to Cloak.
Spitshine steps forward. "You think I could get in on this?"

She opens the counter, inviting your group to a hallway which connects a few of the back rooms. She takes you to one of the larger ones, where a number of training dummies, free weights, a weight bench, a punching bag, and a number of other workout equipment pieces wait.

She looks over to Cloak. "READY?"

>Make 3 DC 8 rolls, any bonuses/skills to being tough or strong in general apply here


Leather nods, cracking his neck. "Here's where I see if using the rifle more often has put me out of shape after all."

>Tough: passive; Earth ponies take 1 additional hit before becoming helpless as well as 1 extra wound once they become helpless, for a total of 6 hits and 6 wounds without other modifiers. They can also lift, carry and move heavier objects than unicorns and pegasi.

also possibly vanguard if you'd find it applicable
>Vanguard: passive; You and all allies ignore first damage taken in combat, including critical failures. This does not negate non-damage effects.


Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 6 = 6 / Roll #3 4 = 4


Flaming looks at Tantra with a peculiar look, considering the possibilities of a training-date… before Vortigern promptly picks up the buffalo and ferries him away. "Heheh… guess so. Maybe that's just a thing TANTRA likes to do on dates."

As LJ suggests a run, Flaming turns towards him, smiling wide. "OH! That's a great idea! I haven't had a good run in a long while, the ship can only give my legs so much room to work with." She says, stretching out her legs and stomping around in a circle. "Let's make it a full out stampede, huh? Bet you we could kick up a dirt cloud big enough to surround the whole town. Regina, Box, you're in right?!" She says, sounding genuinely excited.



"So, what's the plan to do this to EVERY demon?" Amy asks more out of curiosity than disbelief. "It's gotta be good if it's so hard to do it to just one demon."


Pryce follows to the back room, surprised the forge has a workout room as well. He wonders if the witches' stores also act as their homes. As Spitshine goes to join in the workout as well, Pryce keeps an eye on him, helping the colt out if he needs any assistance.

>"Wow, this place has everything."

KP comments as they enter.


Shei-Sher begins to look down on himself as The Bodhidharma goes on to explain just the height of the feat Shei is resolved to perform. He lightens up a bit when The Bodhidharma reminds him of the Ember of Jalandhara.

"Right. Then this is something I will have to as permission for from a number of people." Shei turns his head back to Chorazin, Mirror Image, Amy, Gadriele.

"How do you all feel about this? The Ember of Jalandhara is our only known portal to the source of creation. I can assume every person who regrets their rebirth would be happy for the opportunity. And I feel if I personally asked Y'dryth for his permission he may just say we did not need it in the first place. This is something momnuemental to consider. We would be destroying an artifact of possibly infinite potential."



Roll #1 5 = 5


"Well when all is said and done there will likely be plenty of 'fuel' figuratively speaking to do more than one person. Possibly hundreds or thousands, though someday it will no longer be possible. I assume one could stoke the ember by sacrificing yourself to it. Good luck to the colt who will be burdened with coaxing such an act"



"I don't even know what it is," Amy says with an unashamed shrug."


Amy frowns. "I wonder if we could sacrifice the demons that won't listen to keep it going."


>"I wonder if we could sacrifice the demons that won't listen to keep it going."
"You scare me sometimes Amy." Shei-Sher says with tired defeated disposition. He doesn't even want to get into this sort of conversation infront of the bodhidharma. We'll make ourselves look like psychopaths



What follows is an intense series of reps of a myriad of exercises and sparring, ranging from as simple as spotting Meister as she benches hundreds of pounds, to holding the punching bag as she kicks and swings at it. She asserts that the bag would fly right off its chain if someone doesn't hold it in place while she trains – and it's quite likely that she's right. You engage also in a bit of boxing and sparring with wooden weapons. She thinks aloud about wrestling as well, but thinks better of it as she notices Zjetya giving her a look.

During the process, you end up with numerous bruises and a few welts from her more enthusiastic strikes, but it'll take more than that to seriously hurt you.

>You lost 10 Hits

You help Spitshine maintain proper form with the weights, the chin-up bar and the dip bars, avoiding any impromptu trips to snap city. Inspired by the sight of Meister nearly destroying the boxing equipment, he talks you into throwing hooves with him a few times as well – he manages to get in a couple good hits on you, though he's much more careful than Meister. Sugar watches with intense interest and a bit of girlish admiration, occasionally blushing after the good hits. Lockjaw has to be restrained in order to keep him from hopping in on the fight.

After the training concludes, Meister gets to work using the magical square in her forge to make the requested modifications to your equipment. She concludes her spells with the most intensive work – that of transferring the tree-staff's former spell to another, proper staff. She binds it to a well-made cedar staff with a white gem at the top, and attaches two rings of red and green, surrounding the gem in a cross pattern.

When all is done, she puts your equipment on the counter, and wipes her head with a towel.

"Thanks… for your business…" she says between gulps of water, finally talking at a normal volume, probably from being worn out.

"You're the one we should be thanking," Sugar says.

"A purpose like this is truly what the relic is best for," Mirror Image says. "We sought it as our salvation on the night of the Rapture, but in most recent times, it has served to free those infected by Metatron's disease, creating their bodies anew. What would this be, if not the culmination of that?"
"It is hardly my place to say, considering this is an artifact of your nation's faith," Chorazin says. "But, I must concur. Freeing those who have had this dreadful supernatural mantle thrust upon them… it's a great mercy."
Gadriel is silent, pondering the question.

"I'll play along with a walk," Regina says. "It would be most unseemly to let the lesser Witches see me running about like a young girl."
"Yeah but they saw you crying like one yesterday," Box says. "Running's not a step down from that."
Regina turns to him with narrowed eyes and a murderous grin. "Would you like to die?"
"I'd like to race!" Box says.
"So be it," Regina says. "A Dark Corridor. Now."



Amy looks up in thought. "I think that's what I'm supposed to do as a demon queen…" she contemplates out loud.


"Cool," Amy says with a satisfied nod. "So, we have a plan for what to do after we finish with what we're doing."

"Huh…" Amy thinks out loud with a little snicker. "I kind of feel like I'm being a good leader all of a sudden."


Flaming gives a smug look up towards Regina, "What, you don't think you're still young?"

She turns towards Box next, laughing out loud at his proclamation. "That's how you do it, Box. Show no fear!" She smirks up at Regina, nodding. "Alright, a run it is! One sec, I'll get a Dark Corridor open up to the airship, then we can move in a circle from there."

[1d10] Opening up a dark corridor

Roll #1 8 = 8


Shei-Sher looks to Gadriele, he seems undecided. Gadds' thoughts pending, Shei turns back to The Bodhidharma. "So?.. Would you? I can fabricate a seat for your core to interact with the features of a witching lantern. This way you could substantiate Y'dryth's power inside a given subject to reverse that subject's maligned reincarnation. "


"I cannot stress enough, just how numerous your advisors will be, when and if we ever do get to that point!"


Cloak remains optimistic as he takes numerous blows, grinning to himself at one point as he thinks about how much Rooster would enjoy having a peer his size, and makes mention of bringing them some time.

After all is said and done, Leather stretches with a slight groan, though his positive demeanor doesn't change, "As I promised, I excel at bruising." He takes back his rifle and gingerly takes the shield back, inspecting it over cautiously.


File: 1579586548976.jpg (1.08 MB, 1024x768, Threecoins Map.jpg)



"Well duh! That's why it feels that way now! Like I got all these people helping me and together we can accomplish anything! And, we're looking ahead, not just planning the next step."


Shei-Sher simply smiles and nods. Still a bit crazed at the suggestion of state sanctioned sacrifice.


"You're pretty good at that Spitshine."
Pryce praises after their spar, impressed at the strikes he was able to get in. He looks over at Leather and Meister's outcome, glad he chose to pay properly for his wares.
>"Have you ever boxed before Spits?"

After winding down and gather their newly forged equipment, Pryce nods.
"Thank you for your service."
He lifts the Memory-Pluck, giving it a look over before sheathing it. Then picks the staff up in his magic, then floats it down to KP.
>"Whoa, you're giving it to me?"
"It'll be good for you to hold onto, and it might fit well with your magic with Hopper."
>"Yea, we could mix in all kinds of spell types!"


River inspects your injuries, then raises her staff and chants a brief healing spell over them. "Give it a little time, and your body will regenerate," she assures you.

As for Meister's work, it is impeccable. She has undone the dents and nicks that your shield and gun have accumulated over many battles, cleaning and polishing both down to the barest details. The gun now sports certain subtle engravings, lined with aether crystals in the shape of charms and leylines, as well as magical symbols that you have a feeling represent ice.

"HOW'D I DO?" she asks, pouring you a glass of water.

"Yeah, boxing was a pretty popular sport during downtime at my dad's ship. You couldn't really be part of his crew and not get any experience – whether as a boxer or the bag."

Lockjaw sniffs at the new staff curiously, interested in whatever effects it could produce.

"You gonna name it?" Zjetya asks. "It is a new thing after all, plus you didn't get its name from the Chieftan."

"So long as you do nothing to kindle my ire, I would serve this purpose," the Bodhidharma says. "Though, I should warn you, I'm told I'm difficult to work with, heheheh."

"How does this fit in with your other plan, Amy?" Gadriel asks. It seems like he wants to talk about what you proposed about mass demon fusions, without mentioning it specifically in front of the Bodhidharma.

Regina shrinks herself down with a spell, becoming more akin to Box's size, which actually nearly puts her at eye level with you. You proceed through the Dark Corridor, ending up near Fairy Castle's house down southwest of the Library of the Sacrosanct – to the east lies the northern shipyard, where your ship resides, though you haven't been there yourself so you can't directly go there. Upon exiting the Corridor, Regina goes back to her original size. "Come, the Public Gardens will give us the most room for our run," she says. She initially tries to lead the way, but Box clicks his tongue, taking her by the arm to lead the way as the stallion.

LJ sees this and gulps, but steels himself, offering his own arm for you to take.



Amy shrugs in response to Gadriel. "I don't really see a way it's possible without forcing people. Everybody so far has been SUPER against it. I'm sure there will be some people who would like it. It's a beautiful experience. Maybe if that's what some want to do, we can do that. But, this seems like a better plan to solve the actual problem across the world."


As Regina shrinks down to allow herself through the Dark Corridor, Flaming smiles. "I didn't know you could do that. But you better return to your full size for the race, I don't want you taking it easy on the rest of us. ESPECIALLY Box."

As they exit through the Corridor and Regina returns to her natural size, she nods, "I didn't get to see them up close, but I did get a nice view of them earlier from the Clock Tower. They looked pretty, I'd love to run there."

She looks towards Box, noting his taking Regina by the arm and, realizing this MUST be custom, eagerly looks to Journey to do the same. As he offers his, she smiles, shakily but readily taking his arm in tow as she gets close to him, leaning into his fur as she smiles. "L-Lead the way."


"You did excellent," Cloak says, chuckling and taking the water before adding, "And the work on the gun and shield is top notch too."

Cloak stops to down the glass of water, nodding to River. "Thank you River."


"If I may add," Mirror Image says. "As repulsed by your other idea as I am, Amy, I cannot deny that it may be necessary in certain cases – but that is beside the point. You will need to have the power to do both: To make and to unmake demons and angels. It serves both grimly practical and symbolic purposes."



"I think we talked about before saving it for special people as a sort of honorable privilege," Amy nods. "I still like that idea if there's mortals who want to do it."


>"Though, I should warn you, I'm told I'm difficult to work with, heheheh."
Shei-Sher grumble "uuugh, I could not properly convey how tired I am with fighting angels. So if you need the holiday you only need let someone know. Well we will be leaving then, thank you." Shei gets up and is about to leave but then stops himself

"Oh! Right, you are likely be have many offerings at your plate. Do you have any favorite treats? Incense? So I can let everyone know?"

[After The Bodhidharma's reply I'll be ready to leave.]

"Thank you." Shei beams with pride. "And yes, I think everyone was against it. And after your crestening as future queen, you absolutely turned everyone in Regina's garden pale."


>"Whoa, cool. I bet you could be a professional at it!"

KP waves the staff around to show it off to Lockjaw, trying to make use of the ice magic inside.
>Make it snow [1d10]

"I think I'll leave that to KP, since it's his now."
KP hums in thought.
>"Ooo! Ooo ooo! How about Hearth's Chilling? Since it's like you'll always have a nice winter feeling everywhere you go!"

Roll #1 2 = 2



Roll #1 6 = 6


"Just because I used to be able to survive for a week eating nothing but a single dewdrop doesn't mean I particularly enjoyed it," the Bodhidharma says. "Make sure you surprise me. No half-measures. The finest of exotic spiced vegetables from the ports, hearty broths from the steppes, greasy and tooth-rotting frybread from the city ghettos, I want a cross-sampling of this world's incredible things."

Gadriel nods after hearing all the explanations. "I guess that makes sense. Alright, I'll leave it up to you."

LJ's fur is warm, and smells like home.

Like proper couples, you walk together down to the Public Gardens, a sprawling region of the city which has largely been reclaimed by the plants that were once tamed, domesticated and cultivated here. Sprawling roots have upended flagstones, vines cling to old, abandoned towers, flowers and fungi bloom over stone statues and shrines, and many grasses and bushes bury the old walkways, leaving the area a kind of small, natural labyrinth within the city proper. Comparatively few Witches are here unlike in the busier market and guild districts, and those who are here mostly keep to themselves, gathering supplies for chemical and biological projects.

Box and LJ heartily breathe in the fresh air here, and stop about level with the tallest of the towers in the Garden, a tall minaret about half a mile or so off. "Why don't we use this as our finish line?" Box asks. "Loop around the tower along the outer perimeter, and come back to this point without cutting directly across the grass. Sound good?"
Regina smiles. "You sure you even stand a chance?"

"You think boxing could mix with your show or should I stay solo?" Spitshine asks.

You produce a small shower of snowflakes and drops, which Lockjaw eagerly eats as they fall. He shivers after each bite, but keeps on eating, until he's positively shaking. Sugar draws near and puts a shawl over him, but he's still cold.

Before you go, Zjetya and River speak with Meister, apparently putting in a special order.


"Alright, with that taken care of, where to next?" Zjetya asks.



"Okay, then I guess we're going now. We have a lot more work to do," Amy says, standing back up.

"Thanks for all the help Bodi-guy," Amy says happy. She walks up to him to give him a hug.

[1d10] for hug!

Roll #1 6 = 6


The Bodhidharma makes a quick gesture with his hoof – a mudra – and he vanishes from your grip just as your arms try to close around him. You see him sitting again at the top of his staff, perched on one of his forehooves. He smirks, gesturing for you to try again.


"Oh Lord I've opened a block box haven't I." Shei jokes "Then all will know you are a gourmand to be respected."

And with that Shei-Sher begins leaving the projection.
[ending astral projection]



Amy makes an expression that is between a pout and a determined glare.

She lunges forward for another hug. This time, she adds a little bit of a love bite with it. So, when he tries to teleport again, she eats the magic and prevents the teleportation.

>Hungry Like the Wolf: Recharge 1; Instant; Spell: Bite into a magical effect, such as an enemy's oncoming spell, or a natural magical effect in the surrounding area, and devour it. This both neutralizes the effect, and allows you to roll that spell once for your own purposes, using whatever bonuses and modifiers that the original caster would have used, PLUS any of yours that are applicable. Using this skill is an Instant action, but the captured spell is whatever kind of action the original spell was (standard / automatic / instant / etc)


Also, just another roll for hugging good. [1d10]

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 1 = 1


>Hungy like the Wolf should have a +1


Flaming sniffs a whiff of the familiar scent of Journey's fur, her ears flopping down as she leans more into the soft embrace, all but nuzzling it like a pillow as they walk along hoof-in-hoof through the garden. She tears herself away briefly to look over the beautiful expanse of wild brush taking over the stone statues and shrines, noting how it looks like nature has re-taken the area. "It's even prettier up close, huh?"

As they reach the tallest towers, she looks up at Regina as she asks if they stand a chance. She smirks. "You've got legs on me, sure, but nothing on this Earth is more unstoppable than a buffalo running wild. You have to step around obstacles, WE go through them."
She looks at her and Journey's hoof, snickering, "Sorry, I'm confused on the rules: are we supposed to be holding hooves the entire time while we're racing?" She says with a blush, not making it clear if she is opposed to the notion.


The Bodhidharma prepares to flourish his hoof once more, but Amy's quick bite catches him off-guard, and he loses his balance trying to execute a last-minute evade, falling off his staff. He ends up landing on Amy's back and bouncing off of Shei in his attempts to recover his balance. When he hits the ground, Gadriel pins him. "Now's your chance!" he shouts to Amy.

The Bodhidharma, mildly amused, allows whatever happens to happen.



Amy grins with excitement and victory. She quickly dives into the Bodhidharma for a hug.

As she achieves said hug, a small, content smile rests on her face.


>Depart From Me: Automatic; Recharge 5; Dodge flawlessly any one target's actions for the turn.


"Alright, you got what you came for. Go in peace, and beat it."



>was checking for a Pryce responce but want to fit in before 20min

Leather looks to Pryce, "Been out here for a while, one or two more to go?"


>"Totally! You can fit anything to a show with the right setup>"
KP says enthusiastically.

KP chuckles as Lockjaw starts to snap up the snowflakes he conjures, but stops when he sees the little deviljho shivering from all the frost.
>"Guess I went a little overboard there. Don't worry Lockjaw, I got the perfect cure for brain freeze."
He says, horn glowing as he uses his fire magic to warm up the lizard.
>Warmth [1d10]

"What did you order?"
Pryce asks River and Zjetya out of curiosity, wondering what it could be to take so long.

"The only place we haven't been to is Arthuria's Antiques, so I suppose there."

"We have, haven't we. Wasn't expecting these stores to take so long. There is one left, if you want to take a look."

Roll #1 8 = 8



Amy nods happily in response and does a quick dramatic twirl to leave. "Bye! It was nice meeting you!"

As they leave together, Amy looks to Shei and says, "I hugged the Buddydarma."


Shei-Sher shakes his head slowly as his girlfriend has once again seduced another exotic male into embracing her while his friends and younger brother were present.


"That'd be more of a seven legged race, which is possible for you and me, but not them," LJ says. "She'd be swinging Box around like a bracelet at his size."
"I could shrink myself again," Regina offers.
"Where's the fun in that?" Box asks. "Surely you or another witch can make me huge, right?"
"That is not outside the question, but it is more than likely to leave a trail of destruction in our wake."

Lockjaw leans against you, nearly knocking you over as he comes in to get all warm.

"The details are a surprise, but River and I were talkin' yesterday about us not exactly being the toughest of customers," Zjetya says. "We're looking to get some stronger armor, plus a couple of custom weapons good for keeping foes away from us. That Vector Peculiarity she talked about looked like the perfect linchpin."
"I bet we'll be her employees for a week to pay off the costs for this…" River complains.

With that, the vision fades, and your group awakes in the ship once more, a bit stiff from having laid there, inert, for a while.




"What!?" Amy challenges Shei's head shaking as they both return to their bodies. "What's wrong!?"


"I didn't say anything." He shrugs wildly, as if he were trying to shrug off the heavy feeling of disgust



"You're just jealous," Amy says playfully with a conclusive nod. "You wish you could have hugged the Buddydarma."


File: 1579591997725.png (217.11 KB, 500x432, tumblr_nejklcm7fj1r4y7nzo1….png)

"That's sick!" Shei spits as he finishes the sentence "That is a distance that should not be crossed with more than a couple of very close ponies. Maximum! And I do not appreciate you involving my little brother in your -your.. fffflings."

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