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Last time, on PirateQuest…

Another dream haunted our crew the night before, wherein they and many kingdoms and races of the world stood side by side, trapped within a vortex of overlapping folds of reality, witnessing the opening of a great and towering Vault. From within, an army of giants, metal men like the one that the crew recovered last night, stepped forth, their hands outstretched to take away all that lay before them. But before the giants could snatch the people away, the obsidian machinations of Cuauhtemoc rose with a bloodcurdling frenzy of war-cries, attacking the giants in a guerrilla ambush, and made a mad dash for the Vault itself. But they were defeated and routed, and the giants continued their eternal march toward the world.

That morning, the party rose, groggy and disoriented from the strange dream. After they'd gotten their bearings and breakfast, they set out with a task from Bee Holder. The night before, Paraiba, Prisma and the five remaining mooks had been found by Kukulcan's crew, and had been taken back to his camp for medical attention. Bee Holder, however, distrusted Kukulcan, and wanted our crew to recover the wounded group during their exploration of the island today. With that in mind, they set out for the jungles of Cuauhtemoc. Although Kukulcan was not expecting to see them today, he had made arrangements yesterday, so perhaps the party could use those.

After heading west for a time (minus Cloud, who stayed behind because of his lame forearm), they reached a high plateau overlooking a canopy of a tree-village, and to the distance they saw the gnomon of a magnificent sundial many miles off. Before they could try to scope out more, they were approached from behind by pack of obsidian jaguars, unknown in number, who apparently had a strange taste for the island's fruit.
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Cerulean gives a relieved sigh as she feels herself become reinvigorated. Eventually she stands back up and steps out, letting herself drip dry as she wrings her mane out.
"For a small pool, that felt REALLY great." She gets dressed again and gathers her stuff back up, letting Tabasco dry off as well, before checking out the door to the south.


"O-Of course!" the griffon chirps, following along with Cutlass and Splendid.

Alder gives the cook a bit of a wave and a bow, before speaking up with "Hello! Apologies if asking this is strange, but do you think you could give us some tips on cooking? I was wanting to learn, and we have little else to do right now."


The moment you get yourself dry, Tabasco drenches you with a shower as he shakes himself out. You sense he did this intentionally.

The southern room appears to have suffered some damage from the Temple's collapse, for much of the ceiling and the walls have crumbled. It appears to have been of a similar size to the healing spring to the north. Bits of junk litter the floor, though judging by the way the debris is scattered in relation to the collapsed walls and ceiling, it was probably like this before the collapse of the temple.

There is one thing of note, however: A strange obsidian box off to the side. Instead of a traditional lock, there appears to be a coin-sized slot, adjacent to three panels arranged side-by-side on the chest's lid. There don't appear to be other ways of opening it besides whatever mechanism this is.


The diamond dog leers at you, his gaze sharp and appraising. "I do not waste my time on those not willing to sweat and bleed and suffer for the craft. Have you a heart hardened to suffering?"

Splendid's eyes widen, not expecting such an intense answer.

"Oh-ho-ho!" Cycle laughs. He reaches for one of the crates that they've got nearby, withdrawing a couple of mugs, then heads over to a barrel, where he twists the lid and removes it, revealing a well of deep golden ale. "Here I thought this barrel was gonna go unused tonight."

He passes you a mug, drawing up his chair. Juniper draws up another one for you. Cycle then takes his place, holding out his mug for you to click yours against. "Ready whenever you are."



"Then lets go," Cutlass says with an excited grin, taking a swig of her first mug.

"By the way," Cutlass says once she puts the drink down. "Juniper. I haven't been able to get my dress off in months. Two questions for you. 1. How did you do that? 2. Was anyone else around when you did it?" as she asks the second question, her face gets a little redder.


Cerulean looks at the box, scratching her head as she looks around in her bag to see if she had picked up anything coin-shaped lately that looked like it could fit the lock.
"Hmm…lemme see…."


You have an abundance of Bits, and if this thing is unlocked by one, surely it would be possible to get the Bit back.

>roll 3d2 if desiring to open the chest.


"I am no stranger to suffering, Sir- I do not have much experience with cooking, though I am talented in brewing and mixing."


Cerulean shrugs and gives the bits a try….

Roll #1 1, 2, 1 = 4


As you insert the coin, the three panels on the front of the chest begin to cycle through characters you don't recognize. They stop after a time, and the first and third characters are identical. The chest opens, and reveals a sword-like weapon, or perhaps more like a bat. It appears to be made with wood, and has several obsidian pieces, rounded at the ends, embedded along its edge. It would be good for knocking out a foe, less so for dealing more immediately dangerous cutting or stabbing wounds.

>Obsidian Mauahitl

>Tag: Single
>Grants a bonus of +1 to basic attacks when the aim is to knock out an opponent. On critical hit with a basic attack, the opponent loses a single action next turn.

"Then we start from the basics," the dog says, swiftly rising from his seat. He leads you and Splendid to the edge of the Dreamer's Moon, and gestures to the waters below.

"Catch a fish," the dog says.
"Erm, I think I left me net and harpoon in me other skin," Splendid says.
"It is fine," the dog says, either ignoring or missing the sarcasm. "Use your claws."

Cycle Kick downs his own mug with little issue, and quickly goes back for more, filling his by dunking it back into the barrel.

>roll DC 5 to avoid getting drunk; 3 failures and you're out

"My dress-up magic allowed me to finesse you right out of the dress," Juniper says. "Though, it tried to take a bite out of me in the process. But, it was just me and Splendid. Well, Alder too, I guess, but he was out cold."

"More like out hot," Cycle says.

[1d10+1] DC 5; spending one TBP

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6



Cutlass chugs more of the rum.


"Wow, I hated the way you worded that," Cutlass laughs in response to Juniper. "So, it was just that easy? What a weird power. What does it do aside from make ponies naked? Or, are you really that much of a perv?" Cutlass asks with a laugh.

>Whisper in Your Ear to get Juniper to talk about her aura

>[1d10+2] Critrange-1

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 10 + 2 = 12


"Huh…nifty," she says giving it a few swings to test it out.
"Though what a weird box, right?" Fastening the mauahitl to her side, she heads out of the room. With these two explored, she decides to follow the hallway and keep heading east.


"Ah! Yes, I would be more than willing to." the griffon chirps, wiggling his talons and looking into the waters… before nodding, and setting his saddlebags aside. He unfurls his wings and flutters up into the air, before diving into the water to snatch one!
>[1d10+1] Divebomb fishing!

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


"That and they also know those fancy engines that got us here better too. We're kinda reliant on them it looks like."
Cloud ads to Bent's description. He dives down to the trees after her, nodding.
"Right, I'll send a message over if I get anything that'd be a game changer. Hope the others are doing alright."
Cloud heads off towards the Thunder Serpent, quick in his pace to not be alone in this jungle.

"Hey, Hmm, can you see through the eye? Having an extra lookout would be pretty great here."
He says as he picks up to a gallop.


"I don't only strip people naked!" Juniper protests far louder than she really should. "It's dress-up magic, which lets me change just about anything about something's appearance. It's not just for people, though I often use it for that. Makeup, dresses, hair, eye color… it's not too hard to change our flesh and bones, either. Height, weight, bone structure, you name it. I mean, we're basically always changing as our cells die and regenerate. I just take that process over."

You nearly cough up your second drink, but you manage to choke most of it down; at least a third runs down your cheeks into your neckline, leaving a sticky trail across your skin. Your eyes tear up, burning with pain. Cycle laughs at the display. "Giving up already? C'mon, Cap! Thought you were way stronger than that. Or did I hear wrong about the pony who stole The Golden Vein?"

>only counting that as 1 failure

[1d10+1] DC 5, using another TBP

You manage to catch a small trout, but it's a bit shrimpy, all things considered.

The culinarian nods with approval, then looks down at the surface of the water. He raises his paw for a few moments, falling utterly still. Then, in a blur, his paw shoots out and retracts, clutching the fattest bass you've ever seen. Naught but a single ripple stirs the surface of the water.

The chef deftly kills the bass with a quick cut of his claw, then looks to Splendid, who gulps. She flies overhead, attempting the same as you.


Once you take out the macuahuitl (I misspelled it the first time), the box shuts once more, and the panels reset. It seems there may be more to this strange magical-mechanical contraption. It's not particularly heavy, if you wish to take it along…

In any case, you proceed eastward, and the torch sconces to the north and south light your way as you pass them, marking your step over their thresholds. In time, you come to the end of the hall. The eastern wall has collapsed in on itself, but you realize that this didn't change the intended architecture all that much.

Before you, between the end of the path on which you stand, and the collapsed wall, is a circular pit, deliberately crafted. Small panels and platforms jut out from the sides of the walls, in almost a spiral shape. Some of the pit has collapsed, while much of it remains intact… but portions of the intact spots look unstable. It appears that this is a test of dexterity, agility, and climbing ability, made trivial if one has any capacity of flight.

"Absolutely," Hmm says. "Anything you want me to look out for or study?"

As you come within sight of the massive galleon docked at the lake and the campsite nearby, you see your allies gathered near a bonfire just north of the camp. Kukulcan's lookouts wave in greeting, recognizing you from when the crews met just before the expedition began.

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6 / Roll #2 1 + 1 = 2


Splendid, like a fledgling sea-griffon attempting their first dive, belly-flops onto the water, completely flat. She sinks into the lake not long after, apparently paralyzed by her disastrous descent.



"I just got it down the wrong pipe is all," Cutlass half-lies in defense of her poor showing.

"And, I didn't STEAL the Golden Vein, I borrowed it as a distraction while my forces dismantled an entire monarchy," Cutlass responds to Cycle with a little giggle. "And then I called in the Gates of Justice because I thought it would be funny for them to rule an island run by criminals. And, it IS funny," Cutlass laughs a little harder. "I mean, those criminal families are total assholes. I'm sure their lives are completely miserable now. And, I'm sure the Gates of Justice aren't doing much better."

She giggles up a storm before she goes for another drink.

>Using 1 TBP

>Drinking [1d10+1]

"So, you can like… rearrange a person so that their body is made of weapons and stuff?" Cutlass asks Juniper. "And I'm guessing you could use it to heal, too! That's a pretty cool interpretation of 'dressing up'. How'd you pull that off? That had to be more than one breakpoint's worth of aura right?"

>Whisper in your Ear to keep her talking [1d10+3] Critrange-1

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11 / Roll #2 4 + 3 = 7


"Not right now, but if we go back out in the jungle, keeping a lookout for any more of those golems or anything else threatening would be good."
Cloud pauses a moment.
"And, depending on how having Obstinance's memories goes down, having another set of eyes might save my life."

Cloud continues along, starting to wind himself from the growing unnerved feeling from being alone, until the hip and other bodies come into view. Still, he doesn't stop until he gets close enough for comfort, finally stopping his running to catch his breath as he gives a wave to the lookouts. He continues towards the bonfire, relief washing over him as he sees familiar faces.


(Noting that, Cerulean will take it along with her.)

Cerulean looks at the pit and doesn't like how unstable it looks, but that gives her an idea.
"Alright Roger. This looks like something for you and me," she says before hugging Roger into a fusion.
"Hang on Tabasco. Doggies…unless you know another way, you might have to stay here or something, okay?" She gives all the dogs headpets before sinking down into the floor enough to swim with Tabasco hanging on, then proceeds through the odd pit.


Alder manages to stifle the most of his chuckle, before frowning a little and trying to pull her out of the water. "G-Goodness, be careful! You need to be more careful- I have had much experience with such things." the griffon says, straining to keep her afloat.

"Ah- very nice, sir!" the griffon chirps, gutting the fish he caught himself. "It has been some time since I have fished in such a way. It is nice to do so!"


>Forgot to add a bit. Also, not gutted, killed!
"So, what next? Gutting the fish, yes?"


"Alright, alright, now you're just bragging," Cycle says. "Besides, we all know the attack on the circus was the coolest part of that whole operation! Crazy how much they covered up about that whole thing."

[1d10+1] Using 1 TBP

"Nah, my dress-up magic's just magic, my aura's totally unrelated," Juniper says. "One of my old crewmates taught me the dress-up stuff, though… I didn't learn everything from her before she died."

She pauses wistfully. "Though, in some ways, having to learn the rest myself was better for my development, I think."

"What do you mean?" Hmm asks.

You fish Splendid out of the lake, though it's no easy feat with how much heavier she is when waterlogged. She coughs up water, and puffs her cheeks out with embarrassment.

"You will catch yours later," the culinarian says to Splendid. "Come."

He takes you back near the bonfire, and sets the fish down onto a table. "Scale the fish, and remove the gills, before you gut."

He begins to scrape off the scales with naught but his claws. "Isn't there a knife about…?" Splendid blubbers.

"Knives may break, knives may fail you. Never trust to a tool what you cannot do also with your hands," the culinarian says.

Cloud lands near the bonfire, where he sees Cutlass engaged in her drinking contest with a griffon he doesn't recognize. They're too focused on one another, and clearly getting tipsy, with each drink. Nearby, Alder and Splendid are getting a cooking lesson.

The dogs bark, then turn back and head the opposite direction. Tabasco balls himself up tight for you to grab onto as you slide down the wall of the tunnel, bypassing the test of dexterity with wit and powers. The pit continues for quite some time, and it seems that B5F is far deeper than the previous floors were. Just when it seems your power may run out before you reach the bottom, you at last see the end of the pit, and drop to the floor below: B6F.

You drop into a circular chamber, which, during your descent, you saw was stylized, in its hieroglyphic etchings and general shape, as a flower mandala with four petals, ringed by two etchings of serpents. The petals to the north, west and east continue each with their own paths, while the southern path ends in a small alcove with a bench, intended for a rest.

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


Cerulean gets to the bottom and likely unfuses from Roger once they get down there. She gives a sigh of relief as she sets Tabasco down.
"Whew…cutting it a bit close there," she says with a slight laugh, and looks at the bench.
"Well, we rested awhile ago, but we can always come back to here, it seems." She looks at the other three paths, giving a hum in thought.
"Let's go…hrmmm…thisaway!" She says to the others and proceeds down the east path.


"If Obstinance has any enemies and out plan works and somepony spills out that I got all his secrets, I'm gonna be their first target," He says before he reaches the Thunder Serpent's campsite to keep it secret, "And I know I had the eyepatch on, but you've seen how I've been these last few days. I'm not that great in a fight. I'll need all the help I can get, even if it's just you telling me I'm about to be jumped."

Cloud walks over, having caught his breath back, looking at the activities the crew is getting up to.
"Hey guys, looks like you're all doing fine."
He greets, taking a seat by the bonfire. They can all see too that Cloud is both walking with the previously severed leg, and also has his wings back, while also no longer wearing his eyepatch.


The path is dark, and there is no obvious light source, but there is some strange luminescence to the area, almost like a light captive in the very stones, though it illuminates little. About halfway down the path, you see across from you two figures, at a far off distance. One is larger than the other, and it is too dark to see much of who or what they are.



"Hey! It's Cloud!" Cutlass says as she waves to him. She's obviously drunk again, based on the fact that she seems wobbly and actually cheery. "Finally done moping around, huh?" though apparently she still has enough mental fortitude to insult you.


"Well of course I'm bragging," Cutlass continues to giggle. "I'm a fucking genius!"

>[1d10] to drink

"That's not even your aura!?" Cutlass looks to Juniper with shock and awe. "What the fuck can you do on top of all that?"

>Whisper in your Ear [1d10+2] critrange-1

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 6 + 2 = 8


Seeing the figures, Cerulean approaches with caution and gets her electroception going.
"Hello there! You friend or food," she asks cautiously.


Alder gives the griffoness a soft hug, and nuzzles at her neck a little bit before following inside. At the mention of using his claws, the griffon wiggles them a little before getting to work.

Alder flicks his ears and lets out a surprised chirp, saying "C-Cloud Shear! You are… whole? And, walking! T-That is fantastic to see! W-What happened?"
>Rolling, because Alder's not looking at the fish anymore!
>[1d10+2] De-Scaling and gutting! +2 TBP

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


"Good to see you haven't changed."
Cloud says casually.

"It's a bit of a long story, but yea. I'm all fixed and back to my old glory, mostly."
He looks around.
"Is Cerulean not here?"


"Ohh… well don't worry, I've got you covered," Hmm says. "Though, when we get a chance, I want to go back to Gullveig's shop. That hidden griffon's got my feathers all ruffled."

Juniper smirks, and you can tell that she's really, genuinely debating whether or not to share. "Well… are you familiar with–"

All at once, Juniper flourishes her fan – the one that Cerulean saw radiated demonic energy. She holds the fan up over her mouth, and her eyes look at you with a new sharpness. "…No, no. Why don't we change the subject, captain. You should know that it's rude and dangerous to ask about abilities that someone wants to keep secret."

Cycle Kick has no answer this time, starting to waver in place. But he refuses to give up, and goes back for more.

>The DC will rise each turn until we have a winner

[1d10+1] DC 6

You remove the scales, gills, bones, and guts from the fish, and soon move on to cut off the tail and head and the other inedible portions. The culinarian nods with approval, doing the same for his bass.

"Now, to the flames," the dog says, taking hold of his bass. He skewers his fish, having sliced it into cuts, and sets those about the bonfire.

Splendid sighs with relief. "Thought you were gonna tell us to hold it over the fire with our bare hands, mate."

"Do I look crazy to you?" the dog asks. "No, no, you will get your share of burns in due time. Contaminate not the open flame with your own flesh – you defile the sacred."

Seeing you, the figures approach with caution and get their electroreception going.
"Hello there! You friend or food," the large one asks cautiously.

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


"Still kept the eye though?" Splendid asks. "Not that I'm complainin', every pirate needs a bit of bling."


Cerulean's head visibly shows surprise and replies back with, "friend, as long as you two don't attack me." She looks over to the small one, then back to the both.
"So…who are you two?"


"I have not seen her, but I did call her- she seemed to be doing well, but I think we may want to call her again. Just to make sure, yes?"

The griffon avoids licking his talons clean, before asking "So- what all have you been up to? Anything new to share since we called you?"

Alder nods a little bit, and skewers the fish as directed. the griffon settles his skewer by the fire, before giggling a little bit and saying "A relief, yes- I do not have experience in burning myself."



"So, is the genie dead or…?" Cutlass asks equally casually.


Cutlass is visibly disappointed when Juniper decides against sharing. Not even because her little deception failed, but because it seemed like Juniper was about to share something genuinely cool.

"Suit yourself," Cutlass shrugs. "Personally, I just look into souls and cut your soul from your body. Pretty cool, but nothing to write home about there. I just figured if we're on the same side, then it wouldn't really matter."

Then, she turns to the inebriated Cycle Kick. "What about you? Juniper is a tough act to follow. Are you as cool as her?"

>using 2 TBP

>[1d10+2] for drinking
>[1d10+4] Whisper in your Ear to get Cycle to talk about his powers

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9 / Roll #2 10 + 4 = 14



>[1d10+2] perception

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


("When we get back to our ship we'll check over.")
Cloud whispers to Hmm.

"Yea, it's pretty nice, and Hmm is a nice benefit too. Plus this name those posters gave wouldn't work too well without it now."

"Where is she? She was talking about some trial stuff when we were all talking earlier."

Cloud shakes his head.
"Nah, nothing much. I mostly just changed, cleaned up, then came over here. How's the heat affecting you guys?"

"Oh, hey's still alive, and not too happy. I'd watch your dress if I were you, he's still got some control over that."



Cutlass goes a little pale. "Wh-what do you mean he has control over it? What kind of control…?"


The larger one's head visibly shows surprise, and replies back with, "friend, as long as you two don't attack me." They look over to Tabasco, then back to the both.
"So… who are you two?"

By now, you are close enough to see that the figures standing before you are Cerulean and Tabasco. Between you is a wavering film, like the undisturbed surface of water, like a mirror. However, as you saw just now, the actions on the other side of the "mirror" are delayed by a variable time span – in both cases, the figure on the other side didn't respond until you finished talking, but in both cases, she perfectly mimicked your every action and word – even though your second reaction, the one made just now, was longer in time span than your first.

"Ooh!" Splendid says. "Wonder when I'll get me own title, too."

"I didn't say we were done," the dog says, passing you some cut limes and lemons, and sets shakers of spices and salt and pepper on the table. "Now, we flavor as we cook. Squeeze and shake!"


You can't tell, in your wavering vision, when he took it from his pocket, but Cycle Kick now has his magical coin held between his claws as he drinks, fiddling with it as the superstitious do with a good luck charm.

Rather than answer you right away, he knocks back his tankard of ale, practically drowning himself in the flow of ale.

>Cycle has 1 failure

[1d10+4] 4 TBP, DC 7
[1d10+6] mental fortitude vs suggestion


>Meanwhile, aboard the Thunder Serpent.

"Aaagh!" Paraiba cries. "Prisma, would you quit it?"

Droplet rolls over in his hammock, looking at where the massive chicken has been pecking at the floor off and on for nearly fifteen minutes by this point. He reaches out with his telekinesis, and grabs ahold at the object that's held her attention all this time – which fell out of Alder's plumage when she pecked him.

"Huh," Droplet says as he twirls it in the light. "Doesn't look like it's got Aura on it, or magic. Wonder where it came from?"

A pale golden feather.

Magoja sips his ale.


Roll #1 9 + 4 = 13 / Roll #2 4 + 6 = 10


"Come on, you think a genie would give stuff for free? It was a lot to pay off so I could get my wings back, and even that wasn't the end of it."
Cloud explains.
"I mean, just imagine what a demon would could do or get his claws on with a magic dress that a mare wished for."


"I am… not sure. Perhaps it would be best to call her on the conch?" the griffon suggests, humming a little bit.

"Ah! Yesyes, right away!" the griffon chirps, snatching up the ingredients and trying to spice it to the best of his ability.



"I figured the 'payment' was just making it into a mimic. I didn't think he'd have CONTROL over it, though. What are you saying he could do? What did he say he could do?" Cutlass asks with growing, drunken concern. Her face is red, but you're not sure if that's the alcohol or her thoughts.


Cloud shrugs.
"He didn't say anything specifically, just that he'd need to collect from some of his other claims."
He pauses to think a moment, tapping his hoof.
"Mallea was telling me a bit about demons and such before I faced him. Let's see… You've never had any relations with anypony before, right?"



Cutlass turns bright red. She looks around at the ponies she's drinking with (and barely knows).

"Seriously? R-right now…?" she asks in a low, annoyed tone, though in her drunken state, they can all probably hear her. Then, she groans. "Y-yes. You're right. I haven't. Wh-why?"


"Oh," CLoud says in surprise, "Well. I mean, to keep things civil… that is something demons go after."



Cutlass's face goes pale and blank. Her face slowly contorts and twitches into a grimace as the redness returns.

"I… see…" she says as if she's thinking things over. "I-I mean… I g-guess it c-could be worse…"


Cloud says with some confusion, and then shrugs.
"Well if you're okay with it then I guess there's nothing to worry about. Kind of a waste though, but your choice."



"Well of course it's a problem! Of course I'm not okay with it!" Cutlass blurts out. "But, what the heck else am I supposed to do? If the options are fight a genie that I can't beat or fuck it one time, I'll take the easier option. It's gross and awful, but it's not like I'm losing anything of actual va-"

Cutlass cuts herself off. Her face goes red again. "Y-you said it would be a waste?"


Cloud snickers as Cutlass blurts out about fucking the dress.
"You could also just not wear it and use normal clothes."
He says in jest of that option being overlooked.

"Well yea. That first time is something special. If you don't share it with somepony special, that's just a waste."



"Somepony special…" Cutlass mutters with a forlorn expression. Then, she knocks back the remainder of her drink. It takes several long seconds.

"That's not ever going to happen," she grumbles once she's done.


Cloud looks down at Cutlass as she grumbles over her drink, feeling a bit guilty.
"There's somepony out there for everypony. Don't tell me you'll take out an island's government but surrender yourself to a dress."

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