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The party have completed their first mission for the Spacers' Guild, being accepted as recruits for the budding organization. With the help of their new companion Chekhooves and a chipper kirin named Luv, assistant of their employer Ochi, the party have departed on their next mission: hunting down a rogue robot on a remote jungle planet…
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"Alright, then. We'll be off sooner, rather than later." the elk says, heading on-board the ship.

Once on board, he'll take a look around, trying to spot anything off.
>Perception: [1d10]

Roll #1 7 = 7


Gigi grins. "How do you already know me so well? I'd love to. Gotta be careful, though. These things have tracking programming if they're corporate property. It was a bitch and a half to disable Frank's."


Frank makes his way up to Ash and gives her as deep a bow as he can manage. "Lady Ash," he greets her. "Fare the well?" He looks up at her and, with a slightly more serious tone says, "Sorry the boss is so mean."


"Ridiculous." Gale says in conclusion as he storms off to the ship. "Nearly have us die of the wildlife and a emotionally confused robot and they aren't even happy. Typical corporate bullshit."


"True. Honestly all I wanna do is pop it's brain out and slide in a new one "


Ash seems to deduce why you'd keep a space suit on you. "Rest assured, Miss Vandal.". The polite synthetic voice comes from an intercom in your room. "It is not in PanGal's interests to be damaging their relationship with your guild. You are useful assets, after all. As long as no one speaks of the events here and no more questions are asked, you will not be harmed."

Apart from Ash being reset, you don't notice anything different at first. It does strike you, however, that PanGal have confiscated the remains of the murderous robot you ran into on Deep Hollow Station.

"Hello. You must be Frank." She doesn't seem to have much memory of the crew. "Pleased to meet you. For the second time, I believe."

PT wheels in, looking around. He seems smaller than usual amidst the spacious, clean interior of the PanGal ship. "Me-Mean?" he asks.

"Well, that's just the nature of the beast, innit," Luv comments, looking up from playing a mobile game on her datapad as she waits for launch. "We go in, we get the job done, no questions asked. We got our money, so we shouldn't really be losing sleep over anything here. Right?"

Chekhooves is less convinced. "Part of me feels we should do something. But not much we can really do about it. Just hope it doesn't bite us in the ass when the Helians start gaining a following again."

"I think we'll be long gone by the time that comes around," says Luv. "This is probably just a splinter group of fanatics."

"Funded by someone wealthy enough to win over PanGal," Chekhooves points out. "This is bad. If it were up to me we'd be fighting them, but…"

"Better keep your mouth shut," Luv snaps, cutting him off. "You think we're not being recorded right now? I don't have any love for the Empire either, but times have changed. We gotta do what we gotta do."

You head over to the ship's medbay. Eventually, you are joined by a robot that floats onto the ship, essentially a very large floating sphere with many utensils and appendages for medical treatment. It looks a bit menacing. "Please remain motionless," the medbot instructs in a mechanical tone as it begins to treat your injuries. It doesn't take long to patch up your wounds, either.
>Areia is restored to full H/W


Vandal looks warily and wearily towards the camera the entire time she suits up, slipping everything but the helmet on as she leans up against a wall and keeps her mouth shut, knowing not to talk to cops and keeping that logic applied to fascist-reprogrammed robots as well.


"Hmph. Politics never really concerned me. What I do is gonna be considered illegal in every part of the galaxy. Doesn't matter who's saying its not allowed." He says, a bit more jaded than usual.

"Is there alcohol on this ship?" He says into the air, directed towards Ash.


Areia fought down a bit of disgust for the bit as she waited for Gigi to try abd take it down intact.


Frank deflates a little. "Oh. They really did totally reset you, huh? I thought they just meant your settings. Still, nice to see you're alright!" He continues into the ship.

"Oh. Yeah, that'd be way easy." She pauses and slowly her beak twists into a smug smile. "You wanna help Organic, don't you?"


"Hrm. Well, whatever it was that we'd picked up, it's been cleared off. That's… concering, in some ways. Regardless, we ought to move." he says, before looking to Chekhooves. "I'm not a fan either, but for now we're doing what's best for the safety of the crew."


"…yeah I do."


Luv tilts her head quizzically. "What's that meant to mean? You some sort of con artist or something?"

"Affirmative. Check the refrigerator in the mess hall." Doing so reveals a 6 pack of complimentary space beer.

As the medbot finishes treating Areia, it floats over uncomfortably close to Gigi as she enters. "You are in need of medical attention. Please remain motionless."


The dragon silently waited for a signal of some kind.


Gale shuts the fridge with a simple "Nope."

Returning to his conversation, he speaks to Luv. "Somewhat. I've been involved in less than legal business all my life. Just how I paid my bills I suppose." He says with a shrug. "Spent most of my recent years with a couple of guys who made a killing selling fake art to unwitting trillionare types. I played the artist or some snobby critic that was there to 'verify' the piece for them. I'd be lying if I didn't say I had fun with it." He says with a little smile.


Gigi takes a deep breath stands up. "Oh, man," she says. "So neat. What kind of repulsors do you use? How sophisticated is your AI? It has to be something pretty dang fancy if you're a medbot, right?" She slides one of her claws over to her invisiband and clicks off a small EMP charge. Moving to gently place her hand on the robot's side or back like she's trying to get a better look, she makes an attempt at sticking it to it.


Roll #1 7 = 7


Chekhooves looks at you with a bit of a frown, then shrugs and helps himself to a beer.

"Guess we're all a bunch of crooks huh. Think the big guy said he was an ex-pirate or something. And Gigi and Vandal are a pair of hoodlums. Haven't figured the dragon out yet, but I'm sure she's been up to no good. Me, I've been boosting blinkers since I was 12. I'm a driver, a flyer, not a bad shot either. Nowadays I usually run chair work for the Guild. Don't get to go out on the field much."

"Shit, speaking of. I should probably report in to Ochi now that we're off. I'm meant to be babysitting you guys after all."

The robot doesn't seem programmed for riveting dialogue. It stares blankly at Gigi as she talks. "………Please remain motionless."

She manages to stick the EMP onto it as it gets to work patching up Gigi, spraying healing mist and jabbing at her with needles. Before long she's feeling a lot better.
>Gigi is restored to full H/W


Gigi breathes in through her nose and smiles. "Thanks, bud!" She presses a button on her wristband to pop the EMP.


Roll #1 10 = 10


"Dishonest business is the only honest business left a friend would always say. At least you know what evil you're getting into. Do you think our employer is going to have an opinion on how this all turned out?" He says, looking over to Chekhooves with moderate disgust. "At least it's free."


Unacceptable. Unacceptable. Unacceptable. Unacceptable." The medbot shudders and stutters before thumping to the ground, thoroughly fried by the EMP. Looks like you disabled it for good.

"That was company property, you know." Ash speaks through the medbay intercom. "500 florins will be deducted from your wages."

"Well, we kept Guild code. No questions asked, and we get paid. I think it works out for everyone involved."

Chekhooves shrugs. "Better than nothing." He cracks it open and retreats to his cabin.


"I don't know. Might just be my way of doing things but I wanna start asking questions. Between the backstabs and the corporate apathy I think somethings going on here." He says, looking over the ships polished interior. "Probably just paranoia."


Gigi clicks her tongue. "Yeah, really shoulda thought that through a little better." She shrugs. "Oh well." She yawns and stretches her arms above her head. "Anyway, I'm fuckin beat. Think I'm gonna go grab a nap."


She frowns. "You saying the Guild's in on it as well? We're neutral, remember. If it'll make you feel better, you can submit an anonymous report to the New Republic, but I don't think it'd do much good. Better to just take the money and move on, I say."


"No, no. Ah, just think I'm seeing something that isn't there. I trust our employer as much as they trust us."


"Setting course for Delphi. Please brace for takeoff."

An uneasy feeling hangs over you as you depart the PanGal mining facility, traveling to the jump point to the Delphi system. You failed your mission, due to the very company that hired you sabotaging it and paying you to keep quiet. What's more, they, or at least this branch, are in league with a group of ex-Imperial mercenaries. None of it bodes well. Chekhooves especially seems troubled by the events, as does Luv to a lesser extent, but with Ash around, they seem reticent to talk about it.

Still, things aren't all bad. You've acquired 2500 florins from the job, significant progress towards acquiring a ship of your own. Another fruitful job like this and you should be able to look into buying.

The journey back is relatively uneventful. You make the jump with no interruptions, and fly to the spaceport that's been serving as a hub of sorts for you all. Landing in a docking bay, Ash opens the door. "It's been a pleasure working with you all. On behalf of PanGal I would like to-"

"Yeah, we get the point." Chekhooves uncharacteristically snaps at Ash, exiting the ship with the rest of you. PT wheels out, looking around at the spacious, bustling hangar. "Big."

Luv checks her datapad. "Oh, a message from Ochi. He sends his congratulations on the job. Even if it didn't really go as planned, money is money. His words."

She rubs the back of her head. "Guess this is it then." She's not really sure what to say. "…You guys, uh, doing anything later?…"


"Well, I agreed to help Frank find an arcade around here." She rubs the back of her neck. "And I, uh… gotta talk to a guy about a thing. So I'm mostly probably just gonna hunker down and fuck off somewhere for the rest of the day."

Frank steps off the ship hauling the huge sofa on his back. "Bye, Ash! Good luck with everything! I'll never forget the dance we shared!"


"Well, if he's fine with it." the elk says, stretching out a little as he steps off the ship, thankful for a bit more room to walk around.
Fir gives Luv a curious look, and shrugs a little. "Nothing, for now. Why?"


Gale steps off, adjusting his suit jacket as he tucks his belongings in. "Drinks? As celebration of our accomplishments. I'd say go out for dinner but I'm sure none of us could agree on a place."


Areia blinked and shrugged as she worked to get the med bot up and operational after putting in Organics brain in place of the old one.


"Getting a sword upgrade but I'm free later if you wanna get a drink or a bite or something."



>assuming +1 wound from rest, Vandal would've been shut in too much to let the doctor get at her.

"How much was Ochi informed," Vandal asks with a raised eye to Luv, having shed the spacesuit before she left, hoodie of the cut up and modified onsie she wears still over her head.

"I'm kinda for sticking together right now, at least in pairs. Kinda skittish right now, don't wanna be jumped. You mind if I tag along?"


A familiar voice eventually warbles from the robot's vocoder. "Fuckin', rebooting or some shit. Gimme a day, I dunno."

"He doesn't know about, well, that, but I told him the job didn't go as planned but we got paid anyway. So it works out."

"Cool cool. No real reason, just wanted to know if you guys wanted to grab dinner or drinks or something. Seems that's on the table."

She checks the time. Mid afternoon. "I know a pretty good cantina over in Psi District. I've gotta run some errands for Ochi, but what do you say I plug you the coordinates and we meet up there for drinks after you're all done with your business? Round 6ish?"


"Sounds fine by me. I don't really have much on my plate, so I'll go down ahead of time." he offers, moving for the Psi District.

"Aside from skittish, how do you feel? Better?"


"Could go over new jobs there as well, if you're looking," she adds as an afterthought.



"-Actually, where you going Chek? You need backup?" Vandal says, taking notice to him taking the situation particularly poorly, "If you don't have anything better to do we could shoot the shit and I could find somewhere to tag."


"Not dying from poison so uh, better physically. Mentally I'm redacted." Vandal says with a robotic emphasis on the final word, looking back at the ship.


"They better have good vodka." Gale says, walking off. "I'll be somewhere. Planning on getting in trouble." He says, sarcastic or not.

Navigation finding something fun [1d10]

Roll #1 9 = 9


Sounds good."

Just gimme a hollar and I'll come running whiskers."

Feel like heading with me to the weapons place big guy?"


Fir hesitates a moment, before giving Vandal a soft pat on the head. It's more of a heavy-hoofed tap, but the gesture is clear enough.

"Mmm… sure, why not."


Gigi shrugs. "Works for me." She tilts her head at Frank. "Yo, bud, gonna need you to get into my contacts back at the apartment. Tell him Gigi has something he might be interested in, would ya? Just to get in contact with me."

Frank stiffens up and salutes. "Oui, capitan! You mean Hin-"

Gigi loudly clears her throat to intertupt him. "He's under 'Oxworks' in my contacts. Probably won't message back with that ID, though. I'll just give him the details later. For now, wanna see about trying to find that arcade?"


Vandal reppresses a purr, smiling a little, "Thanks Fir."


She looks up at Luv. "You know who I can talk to about finding some place like that? Like, some kinda game center or something? I know you said there was a casino, but my money says they have rules against robots playing games. Also you know where I can drop this damn couch for a bit?"


"I dunno," he answers vaguely. "For a walk." He doesn't really wait up for you as he takes off.

"I think there's one over in Epsilon, but I'm not sure. Not really my style."

"Alright. You have my comms if you need anything." She sends the coordinates of the cantina to your datapads so you can navigate to it later, then goes her own way, making her way to base.

You go for a walk yourself. Outside the hangar, you spot several points of interest:

There's a small marketplace in the midst of closing up for the day.

A squad of goons seem to be giving a street busker a hard time, trying to rob his guitar and money.

There's a run down looking casino on the corner. Seems to be a popular spot for many.

There's also a sleepy little shopping mall at the far end of the street.

Areia heads to the restaurant where the mysterious Sommelier seems to operate from. However, you find an unpleasant surprise waiting for you there: the place seems to have been shut down by the authorities. A police blockade has been set up, and a few robots are standing guard outside. "Move along, citizens. This area is off limits."


"Hrm. I guess they've been closed, from the looks of it. Did he come off as shady?"


"Welp. Alright. Thanks anyway." She pulls out her datapad and checks the map she downloaded of the area for indication of how to get to Epsilon.


"Ah dammit! Eh yes and no. Figured he was smart though…"


Vandal skates after, not trying to cramp on his vibe by trying to be pushy. She simply follows along and hopes the walk heads somewhere she can break the ice.

[1d10] explore nav

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Not smart enough, it seems. What should we do now?"


Gale walks over to the people messing with the shopkeeper. "Hey, boss told us to call it off. Turns out this guys all payed up on debts." He says, trying a big bluff.

Persuasion [1d10]

Roll #1 7 = 7


I unno, you want or need anything?" she said starting to walk with him looking for a new weapon mod place

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