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Hello user! Today's date is Tuesday, November 14th, 601 A.F.N. You have no scheduled events for today.
>Command Prompt:

/sys:(User: 0130)/Prog/Quests/Carousel/Thread 1.0




Rain hangs in the sky of Centro, Manehatten this evening. The CWC had this storm moved over from the upper districts to down here. Despite the weather, the area is as alive as ever. Earth Ponies, Pegasi, Unicorns, Diamond Dogs, Goats, Felids, Dragons and even Minotaurs go about their business, their glassy reflections in the pavement below them flawlessly emulating their every movement. Off the corner of 17th and Mane lies Centro Pawn Shop. A black Felid and a Unicorn sit under the overhang, catching a break from the rain. The lights are on inside, and if you read it right, this is the time and the place that mysterious message in your PDA sent you to. Hopefully this opportunity is a change of fate for you.
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With the drones now barreling down on Gamma, Rads dives towards the earth pony, plating raised to the volley!

[1d10] Brace!

Roll #1 4 = 4


The stallion stumbles backwards and attempts to roll to safety, not keen on being swiss-cheesed!
>Dodge: [1d10]

Roll #1 2 = 2


The zebra grunted and had to move to strike drone 1 with force.

Her minion meanwhile moves to counters Drone 3's shot and promptly tries to slam it down.

[1d10] Strike Drone 1

[1d10] Slam Drone 3

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 1 = 1


As one of the drones faces him down, he grits his teeth and hurls the hat like a discus, aiming for its photoreceptors.
>Snipe: recharge 2, requires a ranged weapon; Aim for a critical spot on a target to deal massive damage. You may raise the DC of this skill by X, causing Snipe to deal X more hits of damage. There is no cap on this. On Crit you strike a nerve, hindering the target and giving them a DC+X to all their actions next turn, with X being how much you raised Snipe’s DC by.
[1d10] +2 hits, hits on an 8

Roll #1 5 = 5


The shots from the drones are accurate and fierce, even with Rads and the holographic Zebra stepping in to take the hit. Gamma remains unscathed while the other two are hit in the arm.

>Rads and Zebra take one hit

The scanning drone completely doesn't notice you as you dash towards it and plunge your hoof into it, causing it to spin out as it clatters against the floor. The red light on it's chassis fades out.

>Drone 1 0/0, Drone 2 4/1, Drone 3 6/1

Your aim was dead on and exactly where the drone was… three seconds before your hat actually gets to it. Zirali slams it before you can actually hit it, leaving your hat to wedge itself into a wall.

Lucy misses yet again, cursing under her breath as she launches herself into another tumble into the weakened remaining drone!

Tumble [1d10]

The two drones focus their fire on Lucy!



Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 10 = 10 / Roll #3 1 = 1


He nods in thanks to Zirali for the assist, then turns his attention to the first of the drones. He thinks fast and grabs his hat out of the wall, hurling it at the drone!
> Boomerang: weapon, ranged; You’re quite skilled at being able to hit an enemy no matter what, even by tossing any old object. Shoot or throw your weapon at an enemy to deal damage. If this fails, you can make Boomerang a minimum success by giving Boomerang X turns of recharge, with X being the bonus this skill needs to succeed. If Boomerang is boosted it will deal damage next turn instead as it rebounds back, striking the enemy from behind. You cannot boost a Crit Fail, and this skill cannot Crit if boosted. On Crit you show off your amazing throw, giving you a Bonus Action to use your weapon’s skill this turn as you catch it on the fly back.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Thanks!" the stallion calls out, scrabbling back up to his hooves and jabbing at the first of two security drones going after Lucy!
>Rupture: [1d10] (DC -1)

Roll #1 4 = 4


Zirali nodded and worked to summon a second hologram as she had her minion go to hit Drone 3.

[1d10+1] Summoning
[1d10] Attack

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3 / Roll #2 6 = 6


Stumbling from the hail of gunfire, Rads advances onto Lucy's position, Doing what she can to shield her from the attack!
[1d10] Brace

Roll #1 2 = 2


You quickly retrieve your hat and throw it into the drone. It's caught off guard as it shoots towards Lucy and it is hit cleanly by the metal brim.

>Drone 2 2/1

As the drone goes flying from Mako's hat, you manage to barely slash it as it goes past you.

>Drone 2 1/1

The hologram orb is resilient, and doesn't even budge. Your minion slams into the drone, leaving a serious dent on the side of it.

>Drone 3 5/1

You dash over to Lucy but lose control and end up splashing right into her, causing you both to get hit.

>Both suffer 1 hit

Drone 2 is barely able to function, and spins around aimlessly.

Drone 3 fires on Mako!

Lucy rises from the ground and takes the easy swing at Drone 2.

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 8 = 8


Zirali made an annoyed noise and decided to join her minion on wailing on Drone 3.

[1d10] attack
[1d10] attack

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 3 = 3


As the drone opens fire, he rushes forward and falls into a power slide before uppercutting with the steel hat, slashing it with the metal edge!
>Dash: instant, recharge 2; Mako's keen reflexes make him a very quick combatant. This skill allows Mako to rapidly move to an adjacent zone and evade an incoming attack if there is one. The DC to do so is equal to the enemy's attack roll-1. If there is no incoming attack, Dash becomes automatic.

[1d10] Regular attack

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 1 = 1


Splashing onto Lucy, the poor pony is left with concerningly green stains as Rads reforms off of her.

Shaking her head, The goo pony forms another radball, lobbing the iridescent slime at the hovering drone!
[1d10] Ranged

Roll #1 6 = 6


"We almost got 'em!" Gamma says, trying a more focused strike to underside of Drone 2
>Restrained Strike: [1d10] (DC-1)

Roll #1 6 = 6


You both bonk it at the same moment, causing it to spur out and fall to the ground.

>Drone 3 3/1

You manage to slide past the drone gracefully. In fact, you slide so well you slide clean past the drone and all the way to the other end of the hallway. You can see the smashed window the drones entered through.

"Goes well with the red stains." She says jokingly.

Your attacks land perfectly at the same moment, causing the drone to spin out and clatter onto the floor.

>Drone 3 0/1

All three of the robots lie motionless on the ground, two of them deactivated and the last one flickering gently. Lucy walks over to the broken window to help Mako up and look out it.
"No more are coming. At least for tonight."

"Uhh…" After she says this, you all hear a voice at the end of the hallway you entered. A young pegasus, absolutely quivering his voice and body stands wide eyed and tries to speak after witnessing all that. "I have two uh… pizzas for uh… Lucy?"


Gamma lets out a sigh of relief and settles on to his haunches for a moment, saying "Whoo… that went pretty well! Everyone okay?" he asks, looking around at the others. He flicks an ear as he hears the delivery colt, nodding a bit and saying "Uhm… yeah, that's us- don't mind the, uh… y-ya know."


"Oh.. sorry!" Replies Rads, eying the now likely ruined shirt. "clumsy me, tripping into you."


"Anypony injured?" Asks Rads, moving between the party to check for cuts and scrapes.


"I'm good."

"I could go for that pizza though."


He grinds to a halt and gathers himself, mumbling something about being out of practice.

As promised, he saunters over to the pizza guy, paying for them and leaving him a generous 20 bit tip. "Mum's the word," he says to him meaningfully with a smirk, gesturing vaguely at the bedlam.

"Well," he says to Lucy after he leaves, "someone's bound to have overheard this mess. Should we be laying low somewhere till it blows over?" He holds out the pizza boxes for her to take.


The colt doesn't answer. He just sorta stumbles on words until Mako takes the pizzas.

"Not a problem, Rads. I was sloppy back there, you had my back more than once. Thanks." Lucy says, brushing herself off and smiling.

The pegasus only manages to say "…What?" before he slowly backs away and retreats down the stairs.

Lucy walks over to you. "You're right, this isn't optimal. Seems the MPD are onto my latest hideout. There's nowhere better than Thorn though. They can send drones all they want but they aren't getting an actual squad in here anytime soon. Thorn residents wouldn't let them set one hoof down."

She mulls it over for a bit. "For now, let's eat and think out this heist. I'll talk to Glam in the morning and see if he can help at all. We're all alive, and I appreciate that." She says, moving with the pizzas back into her apartment, leaving them on the table as she goes to get changed out of her bloody, slimy clothes.


"Yeah! Uhm… thanks." the stallion says, fishing through his pockets to find the bits he needs to tip the colt well.


"You've got it!"
Strapping her shield back down, Rads follows Lucy back into the apartment, helping her with the boxes as she leaves to change.


"Glam almost had us killed before, you know," he comments casually as he enters and helps himself to a slice of pizza.

"So. Run me by this facility, would you? Those plans looked downright non-Euclidean."


"Well, that's a relief- I think we can handle the drones just fine, unless they have heavy-duty ones, or something similar."
He also takes a slice of pizza once they're set down.


"I think of drones as paper bots," he agrees in response to Gamma, sitting on the couch and folding his hands behind his head.

"So. What do youse think of this job coming up? Got a good feeling about it myself, but there's always curveballs in this line of work. Like that rat Ven."


Zirali grabs a slice and chills as she lifted her mask to rub at her eyes a bit.


"I mean if the pays decent it seems fine."


She returns only wearing an oversized shirt with some band name emblazoned on it. She chuckles at the comment about Glam. "You don't get as far as he did without being a little paranoid. He's really a fun guy if you get to know him."

"EXO is an absolute rat's nest. The actual vault and server is the lowest basement, but the only direct access is from an elevator from the forty-first floor of the building." She throws her PDA back onto the table, the elevator she mention highlighted.

"No drones there. All living security and personnel." She says, rotating the image and pointing out the very bottom of the elevator shaft. "They've got a unique security tactic. Instead of trying to prevent break-ins, they prevent break-outs. Once you go down into the main server room, there's only one way out."


"Hmm.. Not sure.. Something hidden like this must be really important though!"

Taking a slice of pizza, she sets it into her mouth as one, before closing her jaw, the pizza bubbling away from some reaction.

"Do you think Ven is okay?" she asks, a mouth opening elsewhere on her muzzle as the pizza dissolves.


"Ah. Right back the way you came, which'll be crawling with guards." he says, taking another slice of pizza and humming a bit in thought.


"I'm feeling disguises like last time," he remarks through bites of pizza. "If we can take out a few guards quietly we should be able to bullshit our way out of the server room. Question though, how do we get in? What's on the table there?"


"As long as I get a good look at one, I should be able to make a really, really convincing disguise."


Zirali sighed as she ate, letting her helmet have some time off her face, shaking her mane loose of it's helmet hair shape.


"Don't worry about that mate, I'll get one of 'em for ya. Rest of us will need the clothes but."

"Oh hey you actually have a face under there. Almost thought you were a bot for a while. You gonna tell us your name or?"


"Hmm.. Maybe a roof vent?" offers Rads, the pizza sizzling away within her as a pseudopod grips another slice.

"We can crawl through and open a door!"


"I don't think most of us could fit, but it's not a bad idea."

"Hey- if there's no other way, I could disguise, walk in, grab the uniforms and walk out.


Lucy bites into her pizza without taking her eyes off of the projected image of the compound. "The place you likely want to be is the server room. Good chance you'll be able to find information on your buyer, Ven and anyone else that's slighted you."

"You're a tailor or something? I didn't take you for the type…" she says a bit curious and confused.

Lucy stares as you dissolve the slice before shaking her head out of her dumbfoundedness. "Roof vent was Cherry and I's original plan. The building has been remodeled more than once since then. It's still possible, but I'd think about alternatives."


He scoffs. "What, just waltz right in and grab uniforms? Tall order, but if you think you can do it go right ahead."

"Wouldn't be the first time I've had to crawl through a vent. Only problem is how do we get to the roof undetected. Other than that it sounds like a good idea, 'less there's something else you had in mind."


"Oh I didn't before? It's Zirali." she said half a slice hanging from her mouth.

Any kind of nasty security in that room?"


"Oh! Uh, no- I'm just shapeshifting. If we can pull one aside, I could disguise myself."

"W-Well, nono! Not, uh, not quite like that. Just finding some spare uniforms, if I could find any."



"Maybe there's a uniform vendor? I worked at this super nice greenhouse that had a machine that dispensed them!"


Lucy turns the blueprints slowly. "That's the risk. It's an easy trip down to Floor 0 but getting to it could have complications."

She chuckles. "All the security is nasty. Bastion security still takes their contracts and the certainly earn them. Experimental weapons, magic and tech."

"Interesting… we could pose as a delivery crew and get a set of these uniforms. The minimum pay wageslaves working shipping and receiving probably don't even check ID. They'd let us in right when we ask."

"Could run this buy your friends back in Centro though. I'm sure they'll have an opinion."


"Hmm… both of those sound like good ideas, yeah. They won't care if we act a little off either, I bet- plenty of weird people around, you know?"


"Ooh, all we have to do is figure out when their supplies are due!"


"Sounds rough."


After a long, fruitless night of discussing plans and alternatives, you each end up asleep in various locations in Lucy's apartment. The following morning Lucy heads with you to Glam who nervously fiddles with his claws as you approach. After his long apology about misunderstandings and how he owes you a favor for trying to kill you, you head out of Thorn street for now.

Lucy hesitates as you step down into the subway station. After a moment's consideration she steps down with the rest of you, bearing only a pair of saddlebags and her katana strewn across her back. This mission was a success with Lucy coming back to Centro with you. But her knowledge of [null] and the task at hand has only really added more questions.

>Despite this, you feel like you have learned something from this tumultuous trip. +3 Karma to all party members.

After a much more uneventful return trip than the one you took out to Thorn you all find yourself back at Centro. The skies are cloudy and dull. The dogs are suspiciously absent.

Lucy speaks up. "Cute place. Not one of Cherry's safehouses I remember though. That means we have basically nothing to work with for this heist. That means not enough firepower to kick the door down and hold off security. Seems like the stealth approach is our best bet. Objections?"


He snorts with displeasure at meeting up with Glam again. "You yellow little shit. Next time, it'll be double- no, triple the pay, up front, or you can find some other goon to do your dirty work."


He takes a look around, arms folded. "None from me. I can work with stealth. Seems like the easiest way to go about it. Forget the uniforms."


I mean with enough time I can get a decent gang together of holograms to act as muscle for us."


He nods. "Once things inevitably go tits up we'll need some meat shields for sure. Can't see this going any other way than punching our way out."


>That's a total of 4 Karma, I think!
"Stealth is fine by me, yup. It'd probably be a bad idea to risk making too much noise, even if we had the gear to. Need me to try scouting ahead?"

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