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Sir Pent slithers off of your arm and crawls over to Sparkler, and bumps his head against her arm until she relents and gives him a pat. Sir Pent soon bites off an old scale, one already on its way to falling off, and holds it out to her. Curious, Sparkler takes it, and after some deliberation, starts to mash it in a pestle while her healing takes its effect.

*Click click* the beetle continues, patiently awaiting your questions with its forelegs folded up together in a professional posture.

Your shark senses tell you there's something worth taking in this room… but it might be a nap.

Juniper flings herself into the pool outside the room, and Cycle follows suit. Juniper then climbs out and steps through the doorway with no issue.

"Looks like the Mechpriests would have had to purify themselves with a ritual bath before entering here," Juniper says. "But for our purposes, just stepping into the pool is enough to enter one of these kinds of chambers, I suppose."

"Yeah…" Chiu mutters, but she does not sound very sure.


"Well… ah! How many players are typically in this game? Is it done with two teams, I imagine?" The griffon asks, cocking his head to the side.


Willow, thinking he had done his best, moved to very slowly place the device on the drone. He aimed to translate the impulses from it's mechanical brain into speech through some handy dandy aura tech.


*Many teams can play, each as small as one player.* *Click click.* *Most game modes are played to best of three, but if all players agree, all rules can be modified. Challenges include the limiting of certain limbs, elimination-style team reductions, and so on.*

Splendid continues to scratch Alder, moving now to his shoulders and spine (tastefully kept above the waist).


"Oh, interesting! Limiting of limbs meaning that one could, for instance, bar the use of wings if not all competitors had it, or only hindlegs could be used to hit the ball? I see! What were the 'traditional' rules!" Alder asks, letting out a bit of a chirp as Splendid continues to scratch and preen. "Oh! No complaints about continuing, for sure."


*For teams of one to three players, best to three wins. Four or more, best to seven. Anyone hit by the goalie three times is out. A player can knock out another player at the cost of being out as well, but their team incurs no penalty.*



After a moment, Cloud puts a hoof under Chiu's chin, looking her in the eye with utmost sincerity.
"I know things have been rough, especially lately. But we got through Stone Cold, and the Ribcage hasn't been able to put me out yet, and it's been trying pretty hard. I swear on my life, nothing bad will happen."


Chiu nods, holding your gaze for a moment. She then hugs you– and forces you to think fast, as she then hops into your arms. "Nap begins now," she says, with a big yawn. "Fair to say this conversation took out the last of my energy. Chauffeur, back to our quarters, please."


Seeing that his work had indeed done the job he clapped for a moment before composing himself "Genius as always."


As the beetle goes on to explain the rules to Alder, Splendid passes you the ball. "That really is impressive sir – did you want to play a round too?"


Cloud catches Chiu, stumbling back as he does, spreading his wings to keep from falling.
"Any other requests, Queen of the High seas?" Cloud chuckles as he flies off back to the ship.


"I see, thank you! Hrm… were there any other sports people tended to play, or was this the main one?"


"Hmmmm…" Chiu hums, but she does not answer. Once you are back in your quarters, she gives you an answer of sorts – by pushing you onto the bed. Then, she hops on, and hugs you from behind, trapping you inescapably in the role of the little spoon.

*This was the most popular national sport, but individual towns and cities had other local pastimes. I am not so well-versed in those. My purpose was to play this.*

The beetle taps its legs together. It knows its purpose in life, and it does well at it.


"Hmm- any ideas, Splendid? I'm sure you have at least a few ideas on what to ask!"


"Has anyone been up here to play in recent times?" Splendid asks.

*No, they haven't,* the beetle says, deflating a little.

"Well, I know what I'm doing next," Splendid says. She scratches your ribs now, lingering there… the fiend!


"A-Ah! Rather thorough, I see." The griffon remarks, squirming a little bit and letting out a soft giggle. "A-Anyways… what are you doing next? Bringing the sport back? Reminding the Beggar King?"


*I have been waiting here,* the beetle admits. *It is my directive to. I cannot do more than that barring special emergency circumstances. But when those circumstances are gone, I am bound to go back to my primary directives.*


Cloud is caught by surprise as Chiu pushes him over to be used as a pillow.
"Good request," He says, accepting his fate with a yawn as the contagious sleepiness starts to infect him. "Could use one myself too."


With a flash of aura, Chiu summons shadow copies of both herself and you. The two are already fast asleep, and you know they won't mind being pillows or blankets as well.


"I can't say I know much about sports. At all. I've never played any."


"Our guide just explained the rules, with your help I might add," Splendid says. "But, some knowledge is best gained through practice, wouldn't you say? Want to at least shoot one?"


"The people down there seemed a bit more aware now," Splendid says. "Wouldn't they like being reminded of something they used to partake in? Might cheer up the god and this guy too – and maybe there's a god of this ball game too!"


He paused and then slowly brought the ball over with his horn "May I make it without being hassled?"


The beetle immediately turns your way. Its every robotic directive tells it to knock it – and you, probably – away from the goal.

*…That, I cannot guarantee.*

A competitive bug, it seems.


He hummed, and then took the shot now, figuring it was better to just do it.

[1d10] hoops

Roll #1 4 = 4


Cloud gently pulls his Shadow Chiu in, claiming a little spoon of his own, leaving Shadow Cloud open for Chiu to claim for a wing coverage.


"I agree- why not go spread the word, a little? It'd help everyone involved, I think!~" Alder suggests, squirming out of Splendid's grasp and settling atop her back- an easy enough feat, given her size.


The beetle grabs it, bracing itself to launch it back at you – but then drops it just to be on the safe side. It rolls toward you so you can give it another try.

Like a colony of bats, you, your special somepony, and your shadow selves, huddle together for sleep.


He was mildly chuffed by this, one might even say nettled, but he tried once more.

[1d10] alley oop

Roll #1 8 = 8


You make the shot, scoring nothing but air! The arena flashes green in celebration of your point.

Splendid claps for Willow's victory, before turning to give a bow to the beetle. "We might be back in time – if our crew isn't in a hurry to leave. But whether or not we are, thanks much, sir. And don't think you won't be playing again soon, if we can have anything to do with it."

The beetle clicks is mandibles together, unsure of what she means.


"She's going to get more people I assume." he said before raising a brow "Have you ever considered leaving? I know you are built for this, but have you actually thought about leaving?"


"Ah- fantastic shot, Mister Willow!" the griffon chirps, before tapping Splendid's head softly and giggling.

"And, yes- we'll bring the players back, even if we don't return ourselves!"


"Thank you Alder."


*Then who will run the games?* the beetle clicks as if you just asked the dumbest question it had ever heard.

You go back down into town, and begin to canvas among the locals for who would be interested in attending or even playing some of the ball game hosted by the lonely beetle Watchkeeper. Within around an hour, as the festival winds down, more and more of the golden shades, reminded of their national pastime, head on up, with a renewed vigor once long forgotten.

The beetle is quite happy.



Willow seemed to be somewhere between amused and bemused by how eager they were for this oddly simple game.



Cutlass watches Sir Pent curiously. "You're such a clever, cute, little snake," Cutlass says with admiration as she strokes the snake with her hoof.


"Well being clean is important. Feels good to take a nice bath after getting all sweaty and stuff," she says while nodding, happy to see them in the room now with her. She gives a bit of a yawn though.
"Though kinda getting a bit tired with all this bashing and smashing lately. Anything special about this room?"


"You, of course- who else?" The griffon teases, giving the beetle a soft pat before hurrying back over to the others, to help find some shades to play ball!

"You are welcome, sir!"


Sir Pent bites down, toothlessly, onto your hoof. He probably wants more fish sticks.



Cutlass rolls her eyes at Sir Pent. She telekinetically retrieves a (at this point cold) fish stick for him. "You're going to get fat if you keep eating so much, Sir," she says as she lovingly spoils her pet.


As you start to explore the junk heap of a priestly cloister with Cycle and Juniper, the two pause, their ears attuned to something above them. At first, you hear nothing. Yet, focusing faintly, it's like there's some kind of high, high whirring, yet as quiet as a feather spinning in air.

>roll perception…?

"It's a bit late for that, isn't it?" Sparkler asks as Sir Pent eats the fish stick. She pokes him in the gut, and he rolls over, playing dead.

Though you would not know of Cerulean, Cycle and Juniper's suspicions right now – you too start to hear a strange and terribly faint sound, that high-pitched whirring, far-off, quiet, yet piercing, almost like – a warning.

>roll perception?



Cutlass hears the sound and checks to see how much sunlight is left.

[1d10] perception

Roll #1 10 = 10


>before the perception

Cutlass can't help but snicker at the little snake's antics.


Cerulean attempts to focus her senses as well, not exactly liking any noise right now that isn't them.

[1d10] perception

Roll #1 10 = 10


It's just past noon, but…

Your memory reacts faster than your body, as Two Reeds' previous mention of the Heart Temple possessing "aerial defenses" jumps to mind. Presumably, these defenses would be made of the same advanced magitech from which the Watchkeepers were made.

And thus – could be just as easily hijacked by the dark, possessing sludge that comes from the bodies of the Metal Men.
You're hearing some kind of weapon being charged up, while most of the rest of your party is upon the roof.

Your electroreception could have given you a jumpscare, if you hadn't instinctually braced yourself before giving into them. Through that sense, you can feel a great deal of power being drawn away from the rest of the Temple. The ambient lighting system, made by strips of a translucent mineral running along the walls of the Temple in geometric patterns, suddenly dim, as all their power is drawn toward the tops of the Tower.

The sense you get is like when a predator prepares itself for a sudden, and powerful attack. Another sense – you and the others are probably going to need to get to cover, right this second.



"Guys! Get down here now! Something's about to shoot at you!" Cutlass shouts to those still on the roof.


Cerulean thinks about it for a moment, then looks to the others.
Guys, get under something, quick!" Going off of instinct, Cerulean makes like a little fish and tries to find somewhere for her big frame to duck down into for cover.


An ear-blasting SSHHSSSSSSHHHHHHRAAAAAAACK!! rips through the air, cutting off your warning midsentence. Blinded by a flash of light and deafened too, you are knocked to the ground by a great weight. When you shake off the daze enough to see again, you see that Auspicious Sign and Ossie have landed atop you, and are wounded with burns. Great chunks of the passageway's ceiling are completely gone. Hollow Promise and Two Reeds are nowhere to be seen either.

Sparkler and Ossie attempt to communicate, but neither they nor you can hear. Auspicious Sign is desperately pointing at the far door, back to the chamber filled with the poison gas, no way to tell whether Sparkler successfully–

Another one's coming. You feel it in your bones – quite literally, as the Temple's divine electricity surges through the rock–

Cycle and Juniper dive for a nearby bench, curling up beneath it as much as they can, when the whole Temple rocks and shudders, and a great blast rings out from high above, though muffled by distance. Moments later, a second, much closer impact lands, rock cracking against rock. It sounds like something landed on the Temple's roof, near where you are.

The two look out, but don't dare move yet, quietly scanning the room for any immediate dangers.


Cerulean is a bit bolder as she moves from her spot to more easily look around the room.



Unsure of what's going on, Cutlass chooses to follow Auspicious sign, gesturing for the others to come with her.

[1d10] to discern what he's trying to indicate as she follows his pointing

Roll #1 10 = 10


In the next moment, for Cerulean and Cutlass both…

Everything goes dark.

The second blast from the Heart Temple's aerial defenses blast the Passageway of Penance, through which Cutlass and the others had been running. The lights in the Temple below dim, then, a moment later, completely black out, as another great impact – the Passageway collapsing upon the Temple's domed roof – quakes all those inside.


>roll for recovery



Cutlass can't do anything before it all goes dark.

[1d10] recovery

Roll #1 10 = 10


Cerulean doesn't know what happens as everything goes dark. What is going on?



Roll #1 1 = 1



All is haze and shadow… earth and pebbles scrape your skin beneath you… you smell melted rock… burned flesh… rotted, fetid seawater… Something drags you away, your brain rattles as your skull drags against rock.

Barely can you twitch even the tips of your hooves… your magic fails you, and neither your Aura nor your voice will come… still, this is your last chance to do something… there might still be time to leave behind a sign.

Many heavy things of various compositions fall onto you from above as you stir.

>Cerulean 3/4

From a distance, there comes a voice. "Cerulean? Hey! You there?" Though whispered and desperate, it's discernable as Droplet's. Some time seems to have passed… weren't he and Colobok lagging behind?


While concerning, Cerulean had no time to think about that as all this heavy stuff was crushing her, and she had to get out quick.

[1d10] Recovery

Roll #1 10 = 10



Cutlass's first thought is that she is being taken by the giants. But, how could that be? It's bright out, isn't it?

She doesn't know what is taking her, and she lacks the strength to fight back. Her only thought is that she will need help. But, how can she tell anyone want is happening?

Her thoughts go to Monty. But, Monty only knows things other people know. If she is to leave him behind, she has to first know what is taking her.

Slowly and carefully, she telekinetically reaches for a knife and picks it around whatever limb is currently being grasped. She doesn't want to start a fight. She just wants something. Some information. Some sound or reaction. If it's something hard, or soft or alive or machine. Something she can use to determine what is taking her.

[1d10] to poke with knife to get something useful

Roll #1 1 = 1



test roll for something that isn't a crit success or fail [1d10]

Roll #1 9 = 9


Almost as soon as you grip the knife, you feel yourself slipping back into darkness. The last you hear the faint clatter of the steel upon the stone…

With a great effort, you arise from the debris that had crushed you, finding yourself amid worse wreckage than before. Much of the room has collapsed, and the exit is blocked. Colobok and Droplet stand before you, their arms poised to attack – your sudden emergence probably spooked them.

"Afternoon naptime's over," Droplet says grimly. "Plans have gone awry – we need to get to broad daylight soon as we can."

"We think the Captain's been taken out," Colobok elaborates. "The route she was taking got hit by some powerful weapon, and the wreckage landed atop the Temple, hence the collapse."


Cerulean looks at them and blinks a bit, then tilts her head.
"Wait…weren't you…way further back?" She then has a look of sudden realization.
"Oh wait! Cycle and Juniper! Where are they?" She starts frantically looking around for them.


"Scouting ahead–" Colobok begins, before spinning sharply, his ears poised. He signals for you and Droplet to follow. You all head toward a section of collapsed wall, where the two assassins had come from. In the dim, flickering lights beyond, you can see Cycle and Juniper peering under a great deal of wreckage…

"H-hey!" Cycle gasps. "Juniper, get back!"

He throws himself in front of his special somepony to defend her–

From Sir Pent!

The fat snake pops out from the wreckage underneath which he had been pinned. Yet despite his quick and flashy reemergence, the snake looks quite troubled.


Cerulean blinks a bit, wondering why they'd be scared of Cutlass' snake. She shrugs as she starts trying to use her strength to clear out some rubble and such to free the two.



Sir Pent recognizes Cerulean and quickly slithers to her. He pokes Cerulean's leg urgently with his nose.


"Oh? Hey little buddy. Where is Cutlass? Its super dangerous for you to be out in these waters without her you know."



Sir Pent turns his head toward… which way did they take Cutlass? Sir Pent is not sure.

But, Sir Pent is a living compass… or something. He doesn't completely understand. Sir Pent is but a snek. Still, maybe he can find Cutlass?

Sir Pent digs deep down for his inner compass to find Cutlass. [1d10]

Roll #1 4 = 4


As Cerulean clears the way through the wreckage, Sir Pent forges ahead, cautiously sniffing around every corner and under each heap of rubble for a clue… Droplet eventually picks him up to keep him safe around more hazardous sections of the floor.

Until at last, your hooves step foot into a hallway, illuminated by light from far above. The construction of this hall is not so different from the rest of the Temple – but it's certainly out of place. For one, it fell into the Temple from above. For another, because of that fall, not much of it remains.

Out of what little remains, much of it is stained with blood…

And a single throwing knife lies slumped against the wall.



The Kirin continued to watch the crowd with a mix of mirth and mystified


Cerulean looks around the now destroyed hall, really dreading the thought of what might've happened if that big blast hit her and all. Though her thoughts are pulled away at the sight of the throwing knife against the wall. That…Sir Pent being here….
"Wait…no!" Cerulean goes over to the knife and starts trying to clear away rubble near it.
"C'mon, let me be wrong on this one. I'd really like to be wrong right now."



Sir Pent also forages for clues as to where Cutlass is.

>Survival: spot check rolls +3. Can create and forage for basic supplies like rope, bandages, tents, torches and low-quality meals. Can see far into the distance and can see if dim or night light.


Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13


Cerulean, Droplet and Colobok overturn just about every shattered chunk of rock and marble they can find, all while Sir Pent sniffs around… yet the search turns up empty… of bodies, at least.

Sir Pent can still sense a faint scent trail… it's probably hours old by now. It leads somewhere deeper into the ruins, on the opposite end from where Cycle and Juniper are trying to dig a way out. They were taken that way.

"Nothin', huh?" Droplet muses. "Alright. Colobok, get Miss Sunshine on the Conch. She and Schnitzel are Vice-Captains, but he's busy, last I checked. We'll need to regroup. Cycle, Juniper, how long's our escape?"

"Almost… there…" Cycle grunts, trying to shove aside a heap of shattered stone blocking the doorway.



Sir Pent frantically slithers up Cerulean's leg, trying to get her attention.


Cerulean is in an odd state of mild and panic. Mild since there are no dead bodies, but panic because there doesn't seem to be bodies in general.
"What…where…huh? Where's anything?" Her confusion is somewhat halted as she feels Sir Pent slithering up her, which she allows him to do without issue. She gives him a gentle pet to try and calm him down.
"Oh? I know, I'm upset about Cutlass too, but we'll find her, okay?"


>Alder, Cloud, Willow

The next day…

With the port town's troubles quelled as best they can be, given the situation, the crews of the Beesting and Hidden Dagger sailed south along Cuauhtemoc's western shore, towards the Ruby Round. Both Little Miss Sunshine and Bee Holder stand near the helms of their respective ships, and the crews of both ships are likewise at the ready.

When Bee Holder and her four first mates had attempted to scope out the island's southeastern shore, they found themselves beset by the elements, forced away by winds, currents and rocks that all seemed to conspire to wreck their boats. And, proceeding by land was not much better, for they were under attack at all times by Watchkeepers, including those possessed by Metal Men, emboldened by the shadows afforded in the jungle undergrowth. In other words, it seemed forces were endeavoring to keep the crews on the northern end of the island, away from the Vault.

Soon enough, however, Little Miss Sunshine retrieves her conch from her bag. "Hello…?" she answers, pausing. Her expression quickly drops with alarm.


Willow for his part was reducing his fireworks machine into spare parts for later, not noticing the call for now as his attention was on that.

Two Tons for his part seemed to notice the change in demeanor from his spot as his eyes adjusted to look at Sunshine closer.



Sir Pent points his snout in the direction of the scent as pointedly as he can.



Cloud stands on deck as they sail down towards the Ruby Round, nervousness growing despite his best efforts to look calm and collected. While he's gotten over his bout of near-death depression, he's still not too keen on venturing into an area that seemed to all odds be working to keep everypony out. To this end he is keeping closer to the center of the ship, where it is more defended.

He tenses up as he hears Little Miss Sunshine answer her conch, unsure what kind of news will be coming through.


Alder's mood is put on hold as he spots Sunshine retrieve her Conch and answer it, alarm suddenly flashing across her face. "Is, ah, something the matter?"


"Colobok– Colobok, hold on. Let me talk to…" Miss Sunshine stutters, frowning, overwhelmed, and yanks the Conch away from her ear. "It's Cutlass… Sparkler, Ossie, a bunch of the others… they all got taken somewhere. Two Reeds' plan went bad out of the blue, they think it was some kind of weapon at the Temple of the Heart. Everyone else is mostly okay, but they're trapped in the Temple, trying to find a way out… th-they need my orders!"

Frantic, Miss Sunshine starts to pace about the deck, face fraught with worry.


"DO you have an estimate on their location and how deep underground or high up they are?" he asked letting a golden eye slowly glance over.


"Taken? O-Oh, goodness! We ought to hurry, then. Should we go check at the Temple of Heart for this weapon, then? Maybe we can find a way to reverse it."


Clouds face drops with dread, feeling concern of what they might get into after hearing of the weapon, and over hearing the others being taken and the rest trapped.
"Do…Do you think they took them to the Vault?"


"I… m-maybe? What would it be like within the Vault? We should hurry even moreso."


"I don't know, if they're tossing everything in there it might be a landfill."


"Perhaps there might be treasure."


Cerulean looks in the direction that Sir Pent is pointing and tilts her head a moment, but seems to put it together.
"Oooh! Okay!" She starts to walk in whatever direction Sir Pent points towards.


Droplet arches a brow as Cerulean takes Sir Pent away from the direction of escape, but stops himself from intervening, and follows along.

Through the stony ruins, the scent trail leads downward, and in fact, the further it is followed, the more you realize you are heading downward through floors, floors you did not know the Temple of the Heart held, shattered and upended, as if something had drilled through the very earth. The air is putrid with the stench of sea-rot, stagnant and beyond humid…

Some levels down, the trail comes to a dead end… at some kind of horrid orifice in the earth. A great ovular shape, mayhap fifteen feet tall, leaning into the earth below as if it were the head of a pustule. The "head" is sealed shut with a combination of metal and the sludge of the Metal Men's suits. Unlike elsewhere, this sludge is still liquid, not hardened.

"Careful, don't get close," Droplet warns. "Stuff's likely to take you away like it did Colobok…"

There's no apparent way to open it, but the hole is oriented toward the South…

"Maybe a cocoon, or a doorway?" Droplet speculates. "Cerulean, you sense anything around us?"


"The Vault would be my guess," Bee Holder says. "Or if not there, then the Ruby Round. Those two are still the strongholds of the Metal Men along with the Capital."

"C-Colobok is requesting we regroup to discuss a new plan of attack," Miss Sunshine shouts to both crews. "Their plan's down half its people, so they're considering pulling out. What do–"

"What are you asking me for?" Bee Holder scoffs. "They are your crew; you are their Captain. Lead them!"

"Tch–!" Miss Sunshine gasps, barely containing her panic. "…Colobok, let's regroup. Head due west from the Capital and send out the signal flare when you're at a safe distance. Stay put there and we'll find you."


Willow raised a brow but looked at the sphere he had finished yesterday before humming a bit and starting to take some glass and bits of metal, starting a new project while they waited.



Cloud gulps from nervousness hearing it's likely either of the Metal Men's hideouts that Cutlass and the others were taken to, dreading the possibility.


"Perhaps they are in the Ruby Round? I think it would be more likely to find them within the vault, but… it could also make sense to make us split attention from the vault, yes?"


Cerulean has a disgusted and confused look on her face, not liking the smell nor the appearance of this. Cerulean looks to Droplet and scratches her head, seeming unsure.
"Lemme…get used to this smell first…." Cerulean tries to brace herself as she tries to use her senses and such to try and detect if anything else is amiss.

>Perception like Droplet requested


Roll #1 5 = 5


You can sense that it is indeed a doorway, for there is a vast emptiness beyond it too deep to belong to a cocoon… a distant wind indicates an end far away… you check also with your Demonic senses, but you cannot sense any souls or other supernatural entities beyond the doorway. Still, you have no way of opening this eldritch door.

"I hope it is," Miss Sunshine says, finally hanging up. "Colobok's report made it sound like it was too dangerous to get into the Capital right now. They don't know that weapon's range or area of coverage, either. If we didn't hear the blast from this distance, then I don't think we're in danger out here or at the shore…"

"But getting too close to the Capital with too big a group would open us up for fire," Bee Holder concludes. "…We need also to figure out how far that weapon can reach, whether the Round is also a target."



Sir Pent slithers down and searches for signs of how the door was opened in the first place.

>Survival: spot check rolls +3. Can create and forage for basic supplies like rope, bandages, tents, torches and low-quality meals. Can see far into the distance and can see if dim or night light.


Roll #1 3 + 3 = 6


It appears that the door slides outward radially from its center, pulled by the black sludge. But with no way for either of you to interact with that sludge, it doesn't seem operable for anyone besides Metal Men.


"So, uh… What is this weapon then?"
Cloud asks as the two captains discuss the new force the Metal Men are employing.



Sir Pent is but a snake, not a problem solver. He slithers back up Cerulean.


Perhaps we should try and go underground or something.?" He pondered aloud as he seemed to be shaping a pair of spectacles.


"Huh, jeez…you really wanna get in there, huh?" She ponders over things a bit and shrugs, then looks to Droplet.
"So last time there was this gunk blocking something, I just sorta beat it up. Think maybe I should give it a few whacks?" She slaps her tail on the ground for emphasis, though she is looking for a second opinion before making a tense situation even more tense.


"Hmm… have we anything in the way of a decoy? I would rather not risk our own lives to figure out the range of such a weapon."


"I wouldn't recommend it, that stuff looks live," Droplet says. "Besides–"

Before he can continue, Colobok hisses from above, and throws down a pure-black paper airplane. You recall this from Kaco Island, the last message Colobok was able to get out before being captured by Queen Toko's torturers: Shadow Paper Airplane!

Droplet catches and unfolds the paper airplane, and you are able to watch with him a glimpse of recorded footage of Metal Men prowling around the levels above. This footage appears to have been taken from within the collapsed room… it's safe enough in there, but the route out will be tricky.

"Shit, we shouldn't stay here…" Droplet whispers. "Hey– we should consider getting out of here."

The two ships start to drift eastward to the shoreline, looking for a suitable place for a makeshift dock.

"Colobok made it sound like some kind of ranged energy weapon," Miss Sunshine explains. "Apparently, everything in the Temple went dark when they heard it power up, like it was draining the rest of the Temple's magical energy to ready a shot."

"With that much power, it's going to have considerable range," Bee Holder says. "We should consider all the Capital, and some miles out, to be unsafe."

"Energy tends to want to disperse," Doctor Godot chimes in. "Once it's been fired, no shot from that weapon will keep its potency for long. Not to mention the difficulty of even aiming over great distances. I don't think we'll have to be overly concerned about it being able to hit us so long as we maintain cover and keep a dash of common sense in our mugs."


"A whole building's worth of magic?" Cloud repeats with dread. "Well, hey, it shouldn't be able to fire it off that much, right? A whole temple to recharge must take a while," He follows, trying to look on the brighter side.


"Seems like it hits hard but has a big recoil and recovery. It's an easy enough way to beat. We need to bait outba shot and then rush in before it has a chance to recover. That or we go in a way they can't see us."



Sir Pent sits with an air of sad resignation upon Cerulean's head.


Cerulean looks to Sir Pent and pats his head.
"Don't worry. We'll get ourselves back together and come back, okay? I could really use some patching up, honestly."

"So…up is out. So which way?"


"Hmm… that is a disturbing range. If it is want to disperse, I wonder if there is a way we could make it do so faster? Regardless, sticking to cover and out of sight sounds like the safest bet if we are to approach."


"We could all use it," Droplet agrees. "Alright, this way…"

>one stealth and one navigation roll please, +1 bonus to each due to assassins' and C&J's presences

The two ships pull in parallel to a level enough section of cliffside, employing lookouts to ensure you don't graze against rocks in the waters below. The ships drop anchor, then extend the gangplanks to land, and about half of each crew disembarks for land.

"They should be due southeast of us," Miss Sunshine says. "The sun's on our side for now, but sticking to cover means sticking to shadow. Give a shout if any of the Metal Men get you – but shut your traps otherwise!"



I don't know if Sir Pent has to stealth if he's on Cerulean… but…


Roll #1 4 = 4



Also a navigation roll with a +3 if survival applies to it.


Roll #1 1 + 3 = 4


The large and otherwise noisy Cerulean tries to her best to be like the sneaky assassins she's currently traveling with. What could go wrong?





Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8 / Roll #2 3 + 1 = 4


As they dock, Cloud feels a bit unsure of how to help. He gives Chiu a hug as the gangplanks are set up.
"I'll be sticking in one piece this time. It'll be quick, I hope," He says to her before joining the expedition crew.


"I am… somewhat skilled in stealth, though my game has always been deception and misdirection- I can try to offer pointers, but I cannot promise the best of results. How large of a group ought we take?" He asks, before looking for Splendid- is she coming along, or staying behind?


Willow and Two Tons tagged along, the Kirin once again fiddling with his spectacles as he remained relatively close to Cloud.


>dubs… trips… sort of?

Cerulean is able to swim up through the floor to the upper levels, while Droplet hops from floor to floor with Sir Pent in the crook of his arm like a hoofball. When they reach Colobok, Cycle and Juniper, they find that the three have managed to clear out a small tunnel through the fallen rubble. Though they light is low, they keep an eye out for the patrols, and when a gap presents itself, they sprint through the opening as quiet as they can.

Soon they are vaguely aware of having passed through some manner of doorway, then of stepping into a much vaster space, judging by how every sound now seems to echo outward…

This must be the main chamber of the Temple… the great doors await them, but as Cerulean recalls, they can only be opened by switches atop staircases, near the apex of the doors.

"Cloud," Chiu sighs. "Whatever you do, don't lose your eyebrows, okay? You're already down one eye, it'll be hard to express yourself if you keep losing more of your face."

Was that supposed to be some kind of joke…? She must be really nervous.

Puddin Tame, Splendid, Squatz and Paraiba join your group, Splendid having apparently made some kind of nervous tic out of running her claws through Alder's feathers.

The others fan out in small groups of their own, sticking to cover and shadow with eyes peeled and weapons drawn, trying to bridge the uncomfortable distance of moving fast and quiet at the same time…


Alder squirms a little as Splendid immediately resumes running her talons through his feathers, before looking up at her and letting out a nervous warble "Y-You are coming along? You do not have to, if you do not wish to- I will endeavor to keep you safer this time, I promise."


Willow for his part was surprisingly apt at being quiet aside from the soft tinks of his work on his next gadget. Two Tons similarly managed to be quieter than one would expect for a walking machine pony thing. Perhaps his insides could insulate against sound.


Cerulean gives a slight sigh of relief as she sees the doors, even if the mechanism for them was a bit high up.
"Alright, I think we're almost out? If someone can get up there with me to the other lever, we can open these doors and get out."


Cloud gives a light chuckle in response, almost shaking a little himself.
"Heh, you got it."

Cloud keeps close to the group as they venture through the jungle, not wanting to get caught by any surprise ambushes, while also keeping his ears on high alert for any sounds.



Sir Pent slithers to the other lever dutifully.


As you split up to approach the levers, however…

DOOM… … … DOOM… … …

With footfalls heavy enough to rattle the living bones of this Temple, a silhouette glides against the darkness, its graceful, stoic gliding contrasted by the earth-shaking steps it takes. With no light on in the Temple, you cannot see its true breadth and height, but its silhouette is gargantuan enough to obscure the massive front doors of the Temple.

>roll stealth again, DC 8, +1 from assassins.

Colobok's and Droplet's glaze over. They brace themselves, and an air about them suggests they're full ready to turn themselves into living sacrifices for your escape.

She briefly stops her scratching to honk your beak. "They're my allies too, Alder. A little brush with death isn't enough to intimidate me out of fighting at your side, either!"


The all-too-familiar heat and humidity swallow you up, just as brambles and brush fall upon you like another layer of clothing.

>roll stealth and navigation, +1 to stealth from PT and Squatz, +1 to Navigation from Paraiba and Splendid



Alder squawks softly as his beak is honked, before leaning into the larger griffon and huffing a little. "I suppose you are right. I should not treat you like a child because of my mistake, anyways." he replies, squeezing her larger, thicker talons with his own. "You, ah… you are welcome to keep scratching- it is quite nice! Unless you would prefer me to return the favor instead."
>Navigation [1d10+1]
>Stealth [1d10+1]

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7 / Roll #2 4 + 1 = 5


Cloud fans his wings now and then to try and shake off the oppresive jungle climate, which is adding onto the uncomfortable feeling they could be ambushed again like last time. But still he marches on with the group.
>Stealth [1d10+1]
>Navigation [1d10+1]

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8 / Roll #2 7 + 1 = 8


Cerulean looks at Colobok and Droplet and she shakes her head from the look they have, as if trying to silently tell them to not think that. She motions for them to go first before she starts making her way as quietly as she can manage.



Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8



Riding Cerulean, is it really necessary to roll? Well, here it is anyway!


Roll #1 5 = 5


Willow for his part seemed more focused on his work but Two Tons seemed to have picked up the slack as he watched things.

[1d10+1] Navigation
[1d10+1] Stealth

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3 / Roll #2 1 + 1 = 2


Sadly for Alder, Puddin' shoots him and Splendid a frustrated glare at all the noise. She falls silent, and lets her feline ancestry take over, keeping as low as she can through the sweltering brush, despite her stature.

Your groups stick together as you pick and crawl through the brush, keeping bushwhacking to a minimum, communicating only with a few necessary gestures here or there, or a hissed word when it seems like someone's about to make a wrong turn. Mercifully, your course runs near a coursing estuary, offering you some reprieve from the intense heat whenever the riverbank is low and level enough for you to keep near it.

However, near the end of the first hour of navigating, Cloud's neck starts to itch, as the finest of hairs stand on end, buzzing with faint anxiety…

The two of you are forced to split up, with Cerulean taking the western staircase, and Sir Pent the eastern one. Colobok and Droplet remain where they are with Cycle and Juniper, keeping close watch on the patrolling giant…

Cerulean makes it up to her lever, but Sir Pent finds himself struggling with the stairs, as they were not designed with snakes in mind, much less chubby snakes… and as he gets about halfway up, the giant Metal Man pauses… barely more than a silhouette, the rusted steel of his ungainly helmet creaks and groans as his head turns to the east…


Willow seemed to have finished his work at this point and gently placed the spectacles on his nose before his eyes as he proceeded to turn his focus back to the path itself for now.

Two Tons to his credit was trying to not be a large metal construct clomping through the jungle bless his big mechanical heart.


Alder attempts to remain as silent as he can as they travel; unfortunately, navigating a crowd is different from navigating a jungle. The heat does him few favors either, but he manages to keep the noise to a minimum.


Cerulean watches as the Metal Man begins to look to where Sir Pent is. She tries to think quickly to get the chubby snake an opening, and she then thinks of something.

She quickly fuses with Roger and rushes out from her hiding spot, giving the Metal Man a hard smack of her tail. Then using the speed/momentum of the strike, she backs off and dives into the ground as she tries out a bit of hit and run to distract the construct.


>Crit 8+, DC -1, using as a Ranged attack, take better

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7 / Roll #2 5 + 1 = 6



Sir Pent coils, ready to lash out at the Metal Man.

>Trap: recharge 1; Starting next turn, first enemy to attack is helpless for 2 turns.


Roll #1 5 = 5


As the Metal Giant's silhouette turns, four ghostly un-lights, pale and crusted as sickness, glow from within, behind a greasy and spotted glass visor. Its deformed hand, wrapped in its stinking, sodden cloth suit, reaches toward the eastern stairwell – until Cerulean leaps from the top of the western staircase, and slams into the monstrosity's helmet! A dull ringing shakes the Heart Temple's entrance-chamber. The Metal Giant swings at the open air, but Cerulean has already dived down into the earth.

The Metal Giant raises its foot, preparing itself to stomp…! Droplet and Colobok grab Cycle and Juniper, then leap into the air to avoid the tremors!

>Cerulean and Sir Pent roll dodge, instant, DC 7


Cloud is as silent as a bat as they trek through the jungle, eyes looking every which way to keep an eye on all directions. When they reach a river, he sighs in relief at the break in heat it gives, the island atmosphere really taking its toll.

When his neck begins to itch, he scratches at it, feeling the jitters. He glances around, feeling the paranoia picking up, hoping its just his nerves and not some terrible bug bite or other horrible incident.



Sir Pent dodges clumsily. He is a fat boi.


Roll #1 3 = 3


The duo of brains and less brains continued on not being particularly good at navigating of the area or being stealthy. They simply just moved with the others.

Willow continued his crafting of the pair of specs he seemed quite interested in making.


Cerulean, being a bit blind while in the ground, doesn't know the giant is getting ready to stomp. So she bursts from the ground, sees the oncoming foot, and tries to avoid being stomped on while also attempting to bite its ankle.


>Great Weapon Attack

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 8 = 8


Everyone braces themselves for the Temple to quake at the giant's stomp – but when the giant's foot slams to the ground, there is no shuddering, no rumbling. All, in fact, seems still and quiet, until a half-moment later, when a sudden weight drops down upon Cerulean and Sir Pent, knocking the two to the ground.

Gained Status Condition: Siren of the Sea I
>Siren of the Sea I
>Effect: No immediate mechanical Effects besides written fluff descriptions. Being hit again with an attack that inflicts SOTS will upgrade this Status Condition to Siren of the Sea II.
>Duration: Until Dispelled or exposed to harsh sunlight.

In turn, the assassins, Juniper and Cycle all fall to the ground. Cerulean's and Sir Pent's heads swim with darkened vision, their skin and ears and eyes feeling soaked, bloated and waterlogged. A dim, deep wailing assails their ears, a distorted siren heard from far off…

Cerulean forces herself to her hooves, then darts forward and bites the Giant's ankle! Briefly it stumbles, before reaching back to grab her.


The Assassins leap for the stairwells, becoming dark blurs as they make for the switches that you two tried to go for!

Juniper and Cycle groan, looking like they'll soon be sick, but steady themselves. Cycle grabs a piece of rubble from nearby, then spins and kicks it at the Giant!


Juniper sprinkles glitter from her purse onto her head!

[1d10+3] Dress-Up Magic: Sir Pent!

The treeline to the south shudders and thrashes without warning, and all your groups dive for the nearest cover on instinct! From high above and to the south, large shadows loom overhead – angular, obsidian silhouettes. They linger about overhead… could it just be the Watchkeepers who protect the Island…?

>roll stealth, instant, and mandatory, each turn

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6 / Roll #2 5 + 2 = 7 / Roll #3 5 + 3 = 8


Willow broke his focus from his work for a moment and motioned for him and Two Tons to try and slip into the shadows.

[1d10+1] Stealth 1
[1d10+1] Stealth 2

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10 / Roll #2 10 + 1 = 11


Cerulean stumbles a bit from the odd feeling. She was used to feeling soaked and wet, what with being a sharkpony and all, but this time didn't feel right.
"Gah…what the?!" She tries to make a bit of sense of it all as she goes to slam her tail into where she bit it, but this time looking to make a splash and flood the area a bit.


>Crit 8+, DC -1, using as a Ranged attack, take better, Tidepool

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8 / Roll #2 2 + 1 = 3



Sir Pent, still on Cerulean's back, has the luxury of not having to pay attention while getting away. Instead, Sir Pent listens to the singing. He tries to figure out where it is coming from. What it is saying.

This decision is, of course, not a conscious one, as Sir Pent is a snake.

>[1d10] to listen to singing

Roll #1 5 = 5


>Stealth: [1d10+2] (+1 TBP)
Alder nearly lets out a panicked chirp, but keeps himself quiet! He'll try to slink through the shadows.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


Cerulean doubles down on the Giant's lightly injured leg, causing it to stumble down to one knee, but this only accelerates the drop of its hand onto her back. The Giant's hand closes around her and Sir Pent, trapping the two inside its iron grasp! As it raises them up, the Giant's head snaps back, struck by the chunk of rubble that Cycle "Kick"ed at it!

>Cerulean and Sir Pent are immobilized and must roll to break free before being able to act again

As Cycle readies another chunk of rubble, you see Juniper transform beside him – the glitter she tossed all about herself transfigures into a kind of silk, and also rubber, and even metal, all in shades of orange and black. In an instant, she's cosplaying as a four-legged Sir Pent!

Juniper hisses and screeches, and her tail elongates, coiling into a snare!

[1d10+2] Cosplay Skill: Trap!

The Giant's faceplate rises upwards from its helmet, and it leans over more, coughing up a dark and sinister brew of the black, tar-like sludge common to all Metal Men, the sludge that takes away memories and minds…

Cycle gasps and grabs onto Juniper, trying to fly the two away from the pool!

[1d10+2] dodge vs. DC 8

As you sneak eastward, you're able to get a glimpse at the shadows above… and you behold now that they are no mere Watchkeepers. What flies above you is a grotesque amalgam of the obsidian automata, a heap of winged insectine Watchkeepers, bound together by a hardened sludge, the kind you have seen exuded by the Metal Men.

The amalgam hovers above you, scanning the forest below in a hexagonal pattern, its internal crystal engines burning through untold amounts of power to keep itself afloat in spite of its unaerodynamic design. More dark sludge drips from its many agape mandibles…

The other pirates among you whisper with horror… this is the first time they've seen something of the Metal Men survive outside, in the sunlight, seemingly their sole weakness…

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9 / Roll #2 4 + 2 = 6


Cerulean snarls a bit, noting she couldn't just 'dive' into its arm or something and starts squirming around to try to get herself enough room to muscle her way out.
"Let go of me! Let go so I can hit you!"

>Escaping the grab


Roll #1 5 = 5


Willow narrowed his eyes as he quickly worked to get his spectacles up and working faster and faster, hoping they might key him into this creatures nature.

[1d10+1] stealth Willow
[1d10+1] Stealth Two Tons

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9 / Roll #2 1 + 1 = 2


Alder frowns a little. Metal Men surviving in the sun? Maybe the Black Sludge, or something else.
>Stealth: [1d10+1]

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5




Roll #1 7 = 7


The Metal Man raises the arm holding Cerulean and Sir Pent, ready to slam them down onto the sludge, but Juniper, carried aloft in Cycle's arms, whips her tail around his wrist, and twists, the Metal Man's arm groaning and shuddering at horrifying angles. At that moment, Sir Pent expands his body, ripping the hand apart! Cloth and metal fall into the sludge as the fingers snap, leaving the palm disabled.

But from below, dozens of long, many-jointed arms arise from the black sludge, and grab onto Cycle's hind legs. His eyes roll back in his head, and color drains from his body, and his wings fall limp. Juniper cries in horror as he and she start to plummet into the sludge, but she manages to reach up, and grab onto Sir Pent, and Sir Pent onto her…

You hear a further metal grinding from above, as Colobok and Droplet reach the levers controlling the front door, and throw all their weight onto them…!

Cracks and snaps as loud as thunder ring out – as the amalgam machine plummets from the sky, breaking through vine and branch and trunk, its great weight mangling all below it! The pirates scatter and dive, but Two Tons is not so fast as to escape in time, and with a deep crunching, is flattened beneath the amalgam-machine.

>Two Tons loses 2 Wounds and is incapacitated until freed

Panic flares among the groups. Dust from wood and stone fill the air, obscuring all vision, save for the amalgam's looming silhouette…


Willow froze for a moment before growling and letting his Spell emulator open up and work to summon magic to attack this monstrosity that dare harm his friend.

[1d10] Homing Magic:Magma

Roll #1 1 = 1



Sir Pent uses all of his snakey strength to pull out Juniper.

[1d10] to pull

Roll #1 9 = 9


Cerulean sees what is happening to Cycle and redoubles her efforts, even trying to push herself by using a burst of her aura.
"Okay, forget trying to hit you. Now I gotta save my friend!"

>using temp aura point thing


Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6



Cloud hides in the bushes, the sight of the obsidian amalgam leaving him stunned in fright and bad remembrance of his last encounter with the Watchkeepers, and that was just a normal one.

He peers out after the thunderous crash, holding his hooves over his ears from the sound. When he sees Two Tons trapped beneath it, he rises up, still fearful of the amalgam but he can't just sit by leaving it crushing Two Tons. He runs over, attempting to pull the machine out before the bigger one can react and respond after it's crash.
>Pull Free [1d10]

Roll #1 9 = 9



Piccolo meme [1d10]

Roll #1 8 = 8


Yamcha pose [1d10]

Roll #1 7 = 7


Alder hisses angrily and tries to at ward off the amalgam. He'll use… the Witchwood Bow! Maybe the creature is magic?

>Ranged Attack: [1d10+2] (+2 TBP)

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


Sir Pent and Cerulean flex, and pull back Juniper, and the sludge-hands lose their grasp on Cycle's legs, but instead, start to pull out several pearl-like crystals and gemstones, which float out of his flesh like an object drawn from a pond. Inside the crystals can be seen images and icons, memories and aspects of his self, as Cerulean knows from firsthand experience.

The great doors groan open, and let in the incredible sunlight… but the giant is not immobilized. Now that light has been let into the previously darkened chamber you can see that a heavy, solidified sludge, a putrefied crust, covers almost all of this giant's body. Unlike the previous giant who guarded this zone, this one is not so easily slain by the sunlight…

Cycle's limp form– stirs. Color rushes back into his body, as the Crimson King's golden irises take over Cycle's blank white eyes. "Oh, there we go, much better," the King says.

He swings himself over, much to Juniper's horror, and grabs onto a small patch of exposed cloth on the Metal Man's body. Golden Aura flashes about his hand, in the form of rings, bracelets, and all-around bling.

"This item came to me damaged," the King says, to nobody in particular. "I'd like an exchange on this."

Immediately, a massive cloth diving suit, fit only for a giant, appears on the ground before the Crimson King, whole and without blemish.

And as for the Encrusted Metal Giant – everything below his suit has been exposed to the sunlight. For only a brief instant, so infinitesimally brief, can you see the dark mass below, unable to make sense of the lumps, and the chasms, and the churning, and the bubbling–

–before it all erupts into a blinding, wretched inferno. The two of you fling yourselves away, lest ye be exposed and consumed by the maelstrom of fire. You fall to the ground, just moments after the black sludge below you, now exposed to the sun in turn, immolates, and dissolves, leaving only Cycle's crystals there.

Juniper lays there in silent shock, eyes wavering in horror.

A jagged appendage whips out from the smoke, and sweeps across the wreckage, striking Alder and Willow across the chests, tossing them both through the air.

>Alder, Willow 0/4

Cloud ducks under the strike, and reaches for Two Tons. Despite the weight of the two automata, the adrenaline coursing through Cloud helps him to yank the smaller machine free.

As the amalgam's eyes glow a deeper red, preparing for an attack– metallic scraping rings out from the north, as three Watchkeepers descend upon the amalgam, a spider, a scorpion, and a vulture! Pirates scatter for safety as the four obsidian machines fall into a frenzy, thrashing and flailing as to destroy each other and everyone around.

"C'mon!" a voice shouts, indiscernible through the chaos. "Keep going, leave them!"


Willow and Two Tons Groaned as they both worked to stand up.

[1d10] Stand
[1d10] Stand

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 7 = 7


"Ack. Agh." Alder manages, attempting to right himself mid-air!
>Recovery [1d10]

Roll #1 1 = 1


Cerulean dives into the ground to land from the drop and also to best escape the fire, but pokes her head up fast enough to watch everything happen. She picks herself up and out before the fusion ends and blinks in a mix of amazement and 'not sure what she just saw.'
"Woah…now that was cool to watch. Ah!" Cerulean goes over to the orbs, making sure they don't wander away too far or anything. She visibly shivers a bit, remembering when this process happened to her.


Cloud falls back as he pulls Two Tons free, looking up at the amalgam as it readies to attack, only to be besieged by other Watchkeepers. He mutters thanks for that lucky moment, not wanting to fight any of these again. As the pirates shout to get going, Cloud scrambles up, looking to see WIllow and Alder downed by a sweep of the machine. He quickly runs over to Alder, helping up the gryphon so they can get moving.
>Recover Assist [1d10]

Roll #1 2 = 2



Sir Pent basks in the sunlight, happy to warm up.


Gently, as one would handle a gourmet hamburger, the Crimson King picks up Sir Pent. Cerulean recovers the crystals containing Cycle's essence, while the assassins rush down to the ground floor. Without breaking stride, Colobok helps Juniper up, and keeps running through the doorway. "Let's go, спешить!" he shouts. "Our ride awaits to the west!"

With the snake secured, the Crimson King runs after the assassins.

Cloud and Tons duck, and throw themselves onto Willow as metal and shards of stone fly across the battlefield, pelting pirates, who scream in agony. Alder is struck in the shin by one such shard, and a hot flush of blood gushes from the site of the wound.

>Alder 0/3

In the midst of the chaos, Alder feels Puddin grab him by the scruff and wrench him upward, and Squatz does the same for Willow. The two don't stop to help further, instead bolting for the east as fast as they can.


Two Tons and Willow grab everything they dropped and bolted off after the others, wincing and groaning in pain as they did so.



Sir Pent tries to slither his way back to the familiar flesh of Cerulean.


As the pirates scramble and get everypony up to get out of there, Cloud has the nagging instinct to make sure everypony else gets moving before he leaves after them, so nopony is left behind.


"T-Thank you, Puddin. That was rather unbecoming of me, ehehe…" he works himself to all fours, and bolts after everyone else.
"L-Let us hope we can put good ground between us and them."


With the crystals secured, and making sure Roger and the gang were as well, Cerulean also makes good on getting out. She uses the flooded state of the room to get a bit of extra speed until she got back to dry land. In which case…she was still moving fairly fast.
"Huh, that was a weird way of saying his name," she says to the King, curiosity over the odd thing he said overtaking the fact the two are supposed to be rivals.


The Crimson King offers Sir Pent a juicy-looking cricket. Wonder how much that cost him.

Splendid doubles-back when she realizes Cloud's the last to leave, and nearly wrenches his arm out of his socket to pull him along. Together, the groups of pirates continue running to the east, until the last sounds of the gigantic mecha-beast battle fade away behind you. The adrenaline from the flight quickly drains, and you are forced to stop to treat your injuries and gulp down water, lest exhaustion do what the Watchkeepers could not.

After treating their wounded, the teams from the ships continues eastward, and Cerulean's group continues westward out of the Capital. The eastbound team continues on their trajectory, until they pick up on an old road, its use obviously discontinued even before the sacrifice of Cuauhtemoc, and start to follow it toward the Capital. Meanwhile, Cerulean's group follows the modern road out of the Capital. Soon enough, the two groups hear one another, and after some mutual suspicion and scouting out, you both see one that it is each other you have heard and come upon.


Willow for his part was wincing and trying to fiddle with his Two Tons as he desired to get him back up and running again. He noted the others but remained focused on getting his companion back to top shape.

Two Tons for his part waved to the others.

>1 Turn spent to repair Two Tons


Cloud stumbles as Splendid yanks him along, taking a moment to get his hooves moving.

Cloud waves over to the other group as they end up crossing paths along the roads, worn after all the trekking.
"Glad to see you guys got out okay," He says to the friendly faces, something nice to see in this jungle rather than more death machines.



Sir Pent eats the cricket and remains on top of the Crimson King.


"Thank you for grabbing Cloud, Splendid Dear." Alder chirps, flicking his tail at her beak gently. He'll thank her more properly once they stop to treat injuries, but it's still rather brief- a quick kiss between bandage dressings and wound cleanings.

>Treatment on: Alder, Willow Wisp, Cloud.
"I would offer to help with Two-Tons, but I am afraid my methods do not help machines."



"Cloud! Everyone!" Cerulean, as beaten up as she is and likely looks, still has enough energy to run up and pull Cloud into a big, tight Cerulean hug. She ends up dropping Cloud as she waves over to Alder, not hugging him *yet* since he seems to be busy doing something.
"I missed you guys so much! And holy shrimp its dangerous around here!"

She then peers over closer, seeing Two Tons, but also someone else she doesn't recognize.
"Oh hey! Who's that? I don't think I saw them before we split up."


Splendid bites the top of your head as if to swallow you whole. Seems she's not very comfortable with more… conventional forms of affection.

The Crimson King quietly turns to Cerulean, and takes the crystals bearing the portions Cycle lost of himself. He presses the crystals back into Cycle's body, and flips the coin that has Cycle's head in the cameo. The griffon's body goes limp for a moment, before Cycle wakes back up with a pained, nauseous grimace.

"Let's keep it quick," Droplet says, as the members of the groups start to catch one another up. "The Captain's in danger."

The two groups take this second rest break to review what's happened since they split for their different missions…



"Ah! Cerulean!" Alder calls out, though he can't hug her just yet. He finishes binding Willow Wisp's injuries after smearing them with a soothing, blueish-green paste, and gives the stallion a soft smile.

"There. That should handle the worst of it."

Now that he's free of wound-mending, he hops up and wraps his forelegs around the sharkpony's neck before chirping "Ah! I was very worried about you and Cutlass- it is good for my heart to see you well… though, ah! You have many injuries- here, let me help with those, please. If you still wish for scars and marks I can leave them, but at least let me mend the injuries and dull the pain." He remarks, gently tapping her snout. "I only hope you visited far more damaging injuries upon them."

Alder lets out a mildly confused chirp as she bites at his head, but responds with a soft bite of his own, and a caring nuzzle.


"Thanks," Cloud says as Alder helps patch everypony up.

Cloud groans as he's pulled into a tight shark hug. "G-Glad somepony's doing great out here still," He says with a chuckle.
"Yea, we just ran from some of those machines fighting each other, it's crazy out here."


Willow glanced back at Cerulean and the others he wasn't too familiar with before focusing back on Two Tons

>1 more turn repairing.

"Thank you sir." Willow commented as his wounds healed.



Sir Pent listens anxiously about the fate of his pony.


The two sides fill one another in on what transpired in the others' absence. Splendid explains the town plagued by the theft of its very self, and the selves of its inhabitants, and Droplet catches the crews up on the gist of their failed mission, and the loss of Captain Cutlass, Two Reeds, Ossie, Sparkler, and the two Ninjador, Hollow Promise and Auspicious Sign.

"Now," Colobok says. "You mentioned you were attacked on the way here?"

"Yeah," Squatz says. "By a Watchkeeper, but it didn't look normal. Then a normal-looking one pounced on it, and we split while they were fighting."

"Was the attacker all coated in dark, mucus-like crust, by any chance?" Colobok asks.

"That's the one," Puddin says.

"Perhaps not just one," Colobok continues. "Come, show us to the site of the attack."


"You saw more of those grungy machines? Feels like this island is getting worse by the minute," Cloud comments, not feeling keen on hearing more of those odd watchers are about.



Sir Pent is visibly nervous about returning to the site of those big things. But, he also seems to feel safer knowing that he is protected by the Crimson King.


"Yeah. After some giant laser beam thing got us separated from Cutlass, there was a giant one of those guys. But it was all covered in this cloth that made him able to be around in the sun until it got pulled off. Had me grabbed something fierce, too."

"Hehe, well except for the big guy I just mentioned, everything else was breaking apart with a good smack of my tail."


Willow seemed to be content with his work on Two Tons as he turned and looked to the others

"Seems these things are quite nasty."

He looked to his spectacles and nodded seeing he had managed to finish them.


"Good! As able a warrior as ever- I should not have presumed otherwise!" Alder remarks, getting to work mending her injuries once he's been set down by Splendid.
>Using Natural Remedy and Medic's Knife.

"A great number of losses… concerning. Are they, ah, gone? Or simply out of reach for now?" He asks, worriedly.

"A-And, yes- the attacker was much as you expect. Here, the site was over this way."


"I worry the answer may be the both," Colobok says to Alder's question. "We may find hope, at the site of the attack."

Spurred by Colobok's urging, your groups pick back through the jungle, following their fresh trail as best they can, and at times, stopping to erase the trails on Droplet's advice. Though this slows you somewhat, it is not long before once more you see the great clearing where the amalgam of insect Watchkeepers quite literally fell upon you. Shattered trees, gashed, crushed rocks, and pooling water from the disturbed water table mark the site of a fierce melee… but neither combatant is anywhere to be seen.

You look to the south, and see that the clearing has been extended… by the outline of something that was recently dragged away.



Sir Pent slithers into the underbrush, searching for signs of danger.

>Survival: spot check rolls +3. Can create and forage for basic supplies like rope, bandages, tents, torches and low-quality meals. Can see far into the distance and can see if dim or night light.


Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13


"Sounds like we don't got much to worry about from these if you took out a giant one," Cloud says with some assurance as Cerulean mentions her fight with one of the machines.

Cloud keeps on alert as they work their way back, not wanting to get caught up in the crossfire of the Watchkeepers or ambushed by new ones. When they find the clearing to be empty and a path leading away, Cloud looks out in the direction of the drags with caution.
"After falling that far, it just pulled itself away since it couldn't walk, right?"


"Mmm. Concerning- I would not like to lose any more, Cutlass especially." Be says, hurrying after the others.

>Master Thief: [1d10+1] Just in case I can get a hunch about anything!

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11


"No, you still do. Remember how I said that these things were taking my memories and stuff when I was in that temple? Same deal here. They almost got Cycle Kick."

Cerulean looks around the clearing in her typical, curious manner.
"Woah…yeah, somethingdefinitely went down here. But where is everything?"


There, Sir Pent finds much wreckage of obsidian and brass… wreckage that is clean of the dark gunk. It appears to be that the victor was the aforementioned abomination, the amalgam of insect-watchkeepers…

However, it looks like there's far too little wreckage for this to have been the site where their battle ended… together, with the obvious dragging marks to the south, suggests that the gunk covered amalgam's goal was not destruction of its foe, but rather, capture.

Alder reaches much the same conclusions… what lies to the south, then, the selfsame direction that Cutlass seemed to be taken via the underground tunnel…?

He suddenly recalls the name: The Ruby Round.

Colobok and Droplet convene briefly, whispering to each other, before splitting to address you all.

"If the Metal Men were all capable of covering themselves in this gunk to protect themselves from the sunlight," Droplet begins. "Don't you think they'd have overrun this island by now?"


"Perhaps it's a third party that has taken some of the metal men as it's own minions."


"…Maybe it doesn't last long?"
Cloud says, trying yo find an upside.



Sir Pent points his little snout insistently in the direction he concludes his pony is in.


"Eh, hrm… south, perhaps? I imagine it was capture, not destruction." He suggests, before pointing off in the right way. "Ah.. ah! The Ruby Round?"

"Perhaps this gunk is something special- it needs to be made. Or, it is as Willow suggests."


"Yeah, but we at least know where Cutlass sorta is…kind of. Its just the way to her is blocked off by a big…clog of that gunk junk."

Cerulean keeps an eye over the area as the others look and talk, not wanting to be caught off-guard again.


"Hey Willow I think the snake wants us to go that way." Two Tons said as the large metal equine clomped over towards Sir Pent.

Willow for his part raised a brow and glanced in the direction Sir Pent was looking.


"That's a hopeful theory, Mr. Wisp, but I don't think it holds up," Droplet says. "It looks too much like the gunk they've been able to use against us, just solidified and treated… like it needs to be, for lack of a better term, forged, or crafted, or manufactured. Something that takes time and focus, and a base of operations. Something that can't be done to all the Metal Men or their captured victims, leaving them to prioritize the best among them."

"Spit it out already!" Puddin growls.

Droplet picks up Sir Pent and wears him like a hat.

"Everyone we lost at the Temple of the Heart?" Colobok begins. "They've been taken to the Ruby Round, just as this Watchkeeper has, to where they make this gunk armor to block out the sunlight. Our allies shall become just like them."


"W-Well! Let us not waste time. We ought to go save them as swiftly as we are able." Alder says, his fur and feathers ruffling up.


"Unpleasant." he said as he placed his specs on for now and was prepared to scan the area.


"Then lets go to this Ruby Round thing and break it open, then break everyone out," she says as her tail already looks rested and ready to break some more things.
"I don't wanna fight our friends all crusty and stuff if I can help it."


"You're saying they're going to turn Cutlass and the others into more of those Metal Men?" Cloud questions, the images already flashing through his head.
"How far away is the Ruby Round?" Do you think they got there already?"



Sir Pent continues to stare in the direction of the marks.


"Let's regroup to the ships, then," Splendid suggests. "The other team – Sir Diamantaire, Schnitzel and Make Believe – they were heading for the Round, last we heard, in't that right? If…" she stops and shudders. "If nothing's befallen them, they'll have at least scouted it out and gauged the danger, yeah?"

You start to rush your way back to the docking location of the ships as you talk – and after some more grueling time in the sweltering brush of the jungle, they at last come into view between the last of the distant trees.


Willow calmly scanned the area looking for anything out of the ordinary as they did so. He didn't want to get hit with an ambush.

[1d10] Perception

Roll #1 2 = 2



Sir Pent remains on Droplet's head.


"Mmm… p-perhaps it would be best to regroup. I would wish to pursue them, but it would be better to plan than go in without being truly ready."


Cerulean gives an exhausted sigh from the heat and walking.
"Jeez…its too hot. Are we there yet?"


Cloud keeps silent as they head back to the ships, worried now about going into the heart of a processing plant of enemies that'll purge your memories or turn you into one of them. Once the ships come into view, Cloud goes for a bee-line to them, being the one safe place on this island.


Your allies are all on the guns, and scan the horizon behind you as you hurry aboard. The moment the last of your groups has climbed onto their respective ships, the crews yank up the gangplanks, weigh the anchors, and conjure winds with the aid of the winged crewmates to get as far from the cliffside and the malevolent forces ashore as quick as they can.

Your groups have little time for a reprieve, before they split up, to start catching up the rest of the crews on the news. As you set a course for the south, Miss Sunshine takes it upon herself to call up Schnitzel on the conch, as she fervently paces back and forth.


"Schnitzel!" she gasps into the conch. "You're al– whoa whoa whoa, slow down… what? …I see… then you probably won't find this surprising, either: The Captain's in trouble… … … So, be on the lookout… okay, wait, let me get something to write this with… go on… … … Okay, I-I think I've got all of it. Don't get yourself captured too, alright!?"

She hangs up, and flops down into as close a state to gelatin as a vertebrate can be, helpless from stress.

"Guuuuys… cross-crew meeting, again… Schnitzel gave his report."



"They're not captured it sounds like… so is it good news?" Cloud asks.


I have a feeling that it will not be good if your trepidation is anything to go by."


"We will, ah… endeavor to not be caught, yes."


Cerulean looks with a slightly-tilted head and awaits the report.


Bee Holder and Miss Sunshine direct the crews to disembark from the island, taking their chances on the choppy waters near the southern half of the island to get more distance between themselves and any more possessed Watchkeepers. Once you're at a safe distance, Bee Holder has a gangplank extended to the Hidden Dagger, and Miss Sunshine crosses it, caller conch in hoof, so that everyone can hear her – including the crewmates still on the guns.


"Okay… here's what Schnitzel said," Miss Sunshine begins.

"Him, Make Believe, Sir Diamantaire and a few others have scouted out the Ruby Round. It's late afternoon, so it's still safe for them to talk, but that will change soon, so ask your questions now.

"It looks like the Ruby Round has been converted into some kinda drydocks for the Metal Men. Live Metal Men drag their wounded comrades there under the cover of night, in order that they may be repaired, so long as the Sun Serpent's light isn't there to temporarily erase their existence.

"It looks like the Metal Men have also been experimenting with a few different types of 'living being'. That being wild animals, Watchkeepers, and living mortals captured from the crew of the Thunder Serpent.

"The wild animals and living mortals have undergone unspeakable procedures to become like Metal Men themselves… while Watchkeepers prove harder to convert. It seems that the dark gunk which the Metal Men harbor in their bodies can possess a 'living thing' completely voided of its memories, embodied in those spherical crystals which fall out of someone who touches the gunk.

"The Watchkeepers can also be possessed because the crystals that make up their power-cores also have a kind of life-force. However, almost everything else in a Watchkeeper's body is just rock and metal. Thus, Watchkeepers can go berserk when they're in a Metal Man's possession to cause as much damage before the gunk can reach their core. So, the Watchkeepers aren't very popular among the Metal Men for possession.

"It also seems that the Metal Men are starting to find means of augmenting themselves against the sunlight. When the dark gunk is hardened by some process – which Schnitzel and the others haven't discovered yet – they gain a temporary resistance to sunlight, but it doesn't last long."

"And how many of the Metal Men have donned this armor?" Doctor Godot asks.

"Not many."

"My theory grows stronger…" Godot notes.


Cerulean listens to all this and seems amazed in intrigued.
"Woah…so thats why the stuff did what it did to me and Cycle." She shivers a bit from remembering the growingly-cold feeling.

"So is there any way of breaking it or something? Besides explosives and using my tail. Pretty sure I still felt my tail going numb whenever I touched it."


"Is the gunk-armor re-usable? Or, is it damageable?" Alder asks, cocking his head to the side. "Hopefully they do not get better at it soon- I would rather try something during the day… but, if we wait, Cutlass and the others might be endangered. Hrm."



Cloud listens on grimly as it already sounds like the conversion process has been going for a bit now.
"So this gunk stuff is the real issue. Is there an easy way to deal with it?" Cloud asks.

He then looks to Godot. "What theory?"


Miss Sunshine relays your questions into the Conch, then awaits Schnitzel's answer.

"Sounds like they haven't really tried, but Cerulean, I mentioned your experiences to them just now. If you had some success fighting them off, they say that should be safe…ish. Physical attacks aren't ideal, but if killing a Metal Man who has stolen away part of someone's self works, they're all for it. Just keep your distance."

"Just as Colobok speculated," Godot says. "If the Metal Men were capable of this gunk-hardening process en masse, this island, and all its inhabitants, long-standing or temporary, would have been captured already. It must take considerable time and, I imagine, resources for it to be accomplished. Miss Sunshine, what does the area surrounding the Ruby Round resemble, geographically?"

Miss Sunshine relays the question before speaking again. "Very rocky, and near a river and a mountain."

"Eureka," Godot deadpans. "They may be harvesting rare minerals of a sort – perhaps a counterpart to the Godray Crystals which have been our protection come nightfall…"

"So this Ruby Round's got to be our next target, posthaste," Bee Holder notes.


"Sounds like they're making some sort of moon crystal," Cloud comments to the theory.

"…Is there anyway to tell who those memory crystals belong to when they come out?"


Willow was quiet for some time as he pondered upon this "Do they have any info as to what the gunk is made of or any other properties such as flammability or reactivity?" he asked after a bit.

"If it's naturally capable of exploding or bursting into flames or anything else it will simplify it's removal and annihilation quite a bit."


>"Hmm… fair point. Well, hopefully we can deprive them of it and rescue the others at the same time- I shudder to think of any more of them than there already are."


"It seems they can be picked up by anyone they DON'T belong to, but when the one they DO belong to touches them, they're immediately drawn back into that person."

"None of them want to chance touching it, even the hardened material, but it pretty much explodes into fire once sunlight touches it, so sunlight and fire seem like solid options, if you've got either of those on hoof."

"What of tonight, then?" Droplet asks.

"These waves are rocky, unnaturally so," Bee Holder notes. "Getting near the Ruby Round by sea is a lost cause, and I wager, deliberately so."

"The Vault might be influencing the waves," Miss Sunshine agrees with dread. "Well they've got a Godray Crystal they've been charging… if we link up, the light from ours should be enough to help keep things away. Are you all up for getting close to them by nightfall?"


"Mmm… I suppose we have little other choice. We ought to strike tonight maybe, yes."


"With enough time I might be able to rig up something that weaponizes sunlight. Or something." he glanced to the sun quietly as he looked to see how long he had to do just that.


"Well if we can figure out whatever that stuff is, maybe we can find some way of breaking it then. And hopefully soon. Sir Pent was leading me somewhere blocked off by the stuff. Hopefully Cutlass is okay…."


"We can't afford to wait much longer if we want to save Cutlass and the others. We'll have to go tonight."


The Captains nod, and give twin signals to their crews. A great tension fills the pirates, but they obey, rowing the oars and sending wind into the sails to steer the ships back to this dark, sweltering grave of an island. When the ships are close enough to land, the gangplanks extend again, letting you and those who accompanied you last time run back onto shore.

"We'll want to save as much power as we can for the magitech flying-engines," Bee Holder says. "In case we need to flee in a hurry. But if worst comes to worst, fire your flare guns, and we'll come flying in to shoot down your attackers. We'll only be able to do that once… be wise about it."


"Ah, hmm… one time? Very well- we will try to use it only when absolutely needed, yes." Alder remarks, squirming nervously.



Sir Pent nods impatiently from the Crimson King's back.


Willow nodded as he prepared his current gadgets to be ready for this. He began working on another in an attempt to make a make shift sun cannon to deal with any threats.



"Hopefully it shouldn't come to that. Just a quick, get in get out," Cloud says as he prepares himself for this mission.


"No worries! Now that I had that rest, I'm ready to get back to smashing!" Cerulean excitedly gets ready to disembark from the boat, taking everything to not just jump in the water and avoid the gangplank altogether.


This time, as the six of you disembark from the ship, so too does Splendid, Puddin Tame, Droplet and Colobok. A deliberate shrinking of the attack team – apparently, according to Little Miss Sunshine, this was Schnitzel's advice.

>"Trust me, this one's not a lie," Schnitzel says, via Cloud's Caller Conch. "It'll be easiest to explain once you're in-person, but a smaller team of stronger fighters will be a better choice than a larger group."

>"Enough preamble," Droplet says. "We're near a jutting point of the west-southwest cliffside. About how far to the Ruby Round from here?"

>"Tch…" Schnitzel growls. "I think I know whereabouts you are – and it's not like the Round is hard to miss. Follow my instructions and you'll reach our camp soon enough."

>everyone roll navigation, +1 from Schnitzel's assistance



>Survival: spot check rolls +3. Can create and forage for basic supplies like rope, bandages, tents, torches and low-quality meals. Can see far into the distance and can see if dim or night light.

>[1d10+4] for navigation

Roll #1 3 + 4 = 7


Cerulean takes lead, keeping her tail limber and ready in case something happens.

>Rolling to totally not get lost


Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


Cloud follows the group, eye and ears on alert as they enter the jungle again.
>Navigation [1d10+1]

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


Willows device was going to be on the larger side, being something of a shoulder mounted cannon instead of a small one. Given it's energy needs it did make sense. Two Tons meanwhile was his eyes.

[1d10+1] Navigation

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3


>Navigation: [1d10+1]
Alder's both relieved that their smaller group might be less likely to spot, and worried that their smaller group might be easier to roll over!

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


>Sun Cannon
>Ranged, Great
>Damage Type: Light
>Effect: Recharge 3: Attack Target(s) from Range with Light Attribute Damage. If the number of Targets is less than 3, then those Targets have their Attribute Relationship to Light Damage reduced by 1 stage until dispelled.
>Duration: Until dispelled

Cycle Kick runs alongside Cerulean at the head of the group – though, it's Sir Pent who is really doing the leading. Whenever Sir Pent turns his head one direction or another, he sticks his body out, like a pointer hound, to indicate the proper direction to go. Alder keeps an eye on Sir Pent, and hiss-whispers the changes in direction to the rest of the group whenever Sir Pent updates the proper trajectory.

As Cloud keeps Schnitzel on the line, feeding him periodic updates of your journey, you can hear ominous tidings in the background. Metal grinding, creaking… a low shh-shh, shh-shh of great swaths of cloth rubbing together…

The afternoon light is losing its luster…

Droplet subtly pushes ahead of Cycle Kick, forcing him and Cerulean to increase their pace so as to not lose him!

>roll for travel time; the better the results, the more light you'll have on arrival.



Don't know if I get my bonus for travel time, but I'll just put it in.


Roll #1 7 = 7


>tfw I said I would put it in, then I didn't


>[1d10] Fast time!

Roll #1 3 = 3


Cloud picks up his pace as the sun starts to descend. Despite being a bat this is a night he doesn't want to be out in.
>Speed [1d10]

Roll #1 5 = 5


Cerulean notices the increase of pace, so she increases her's as well! Though she might be treating it more as a race than anything.


Roll #1 1 = 1


Willow shouldered the weapon and began to hustle with Two Tons to save daylight.


Roll #1 10 = 10


>But it was not fast time!


As you push along to keep up with Droplet's quiet mixture of impatience and worry, you notice something – this is easier than it was about a month, no, even a week ago. Those of you who awakened to your Auras on Semetyer Island heard from Master Cangrejo and Brewhaha that Aura enhanced one's physical capabilities, but until now, the improvements had been so slight as to not be noticeable… but now, it's as if you had suddenly taken stairs two at a time, instead of just one at a time, that's the kind of climb even your more mundane physical abilities have taken.

However, as you contemplate this, Cerulean drops like a rock. While trying to dash through a bush, she failed to notice an eroded ditch that the bushes concealed, and stepped where she should have leapt. She falls about ten feet, and by the time she rolls to a stop, her hind legs are coated in scrapes and sores, feeling the soreness in her tail and leg bones just as much as upon the skin.

>Cerulean loses 1 Wound and has her max Wounds reduced by 1 until the end of the next sequence

Two Tons stops, however, and helps Cerulean up, propping her upon his shoulders given their similar heights, and you are able to get moving again.


If Cloud wasn't anxious of being jumped, he'd probably find his natural improvement to be great, and a way to skip some workouts. Though as of now the rush to get to the Round is making him not focus on that aspect as much.

When Cerulean suddenly tumbles and falls down, Cloud stops momentarily.
"Are you okay?" He asks with concern, though Two Tons is already up on the save. He then gets back to running once they're set.


"Ah, hmm- I certainly do not feel as if I was in such good shape prior to this. Hiking was never a strong suit of mine… how utterly bizarre." Alder remarks, before shrugging. "I suppose it is the Aura, then?"

Alder lets out a quiet squawk as his friend takes a tumble, and tries to help her to her hooves.

"G-Goodness. Cerulean, do try to be somewhat careful- I do not wish to lose a friend to a tumble and a cliff!"



Sir Pent continues to be snek.


"Owww! Yeah, I'm fine," Cerulean says to Cloud as she keeps up as best she can while being aided. She gives a bit of a grin and chuckle before she speaks again.
"Though for our next big adventure, can it be underwater? I don't have to worry about falling when I'm swimming."


Willow paused and also offered to help Two Tons with Cerulean.


Were it not for Two Tons's robotic strength, Cerulean's injury would surely have hindered your progress – but as the two get used to each other's walking stride, and as Cerulean gets a bit of her wind back, you are able to make up for lost time and head for the camp.

Around an hour before sun-serpent-set, you get another call from Schnitzel.

>"Okay, stop moving," he directs.

Droplet and Colobok frown in confusion, their hooves practically sparking as they skid to a stop. The lack of movement in this dense jungle clearly sets them on edge, but Schnitzel is silent.

>"One second…"

"Explai–" Droplet tries to say, before he leaps aside. The earth below him suddenly collapses, and Schnitzel pokes his head out from a hole. His large diamond dog paws are filthy with dirt from recent digging.

"Nishishi," Schnitzel laughs, putting aside two Caller Conches. "Dang, and I almost had you."

"Why two Conches?" Colobok asks, suddenly curious.

"Sir Diamantaire helped me find you, so I had to keep you and him on separate conches so as not to spoil the surprise. My rotten luck that he detected the assassin. Our camp's underground. If you'll follow…"

Schnitzel then looks at Two Tons and Cerulean, and frowns. "Hmm. Back to excavation, then."

He ducks his head back down and keeps digging in order to make the tunnels wide enough for them to enter. Droplet rolls his eyes, and awaits his turn to enter the tunnel.


Willow pulled out his destabalizer sphere and debated using it to help but instead opted to just wait and take up rear guard duty, letting everyone else get through before he tailed them in, cannon at the ready.


Cloud jumps back as Schnitzel burrows up from the ground ,startled.
"You got a whole camp underground?" He questions. Cloud's a little concerned about getting into close corners, but seeing that there's no way the automatons could fit in there, it's the safest place to be, and Cloud quickly heads in.


"Looks like me and you are gonna have to wait a bit, big guy," Cerulean says, giving Two Tons a friendly pat on the back.
"Thanks for helping, by the way. That ditch came out of nowhere!"



Sir Pent leaps onto Schnitzel when he appears, showing who his favorite is.


"Ahh, Schnitzel!" He chirps a little, jumping about a foot in the air from the suddenness of his appearance. He'll wait with the others for the tunnel to be expanded, flapping his wings a little bit and murmuring "Ahh… I do not like underground, but I will make do. Let us just hurry, yes?"


Schnitzel yelps when Sir Pent leaps onto him, much to Droplet's amusement. Schnitzel regains his composure, however, and puts Sir Pent to work moving small rocks loosened by the tunnel expansions. Sir Pent manages to find a few tasty grubs and other insects for his efforts.


At the end of a winding tunnel, you find yourselves in a mostly underground room, with a few holes leading to the surface to allow in light and fresh air. There are only two other occupants: Make Believe, who is busy making some simple decorations for the cave walls out of rocks and homemade paint, and Sir Diamantaire. The latter is laying against the wall, just a tan crystal. The storm of sand that usually surrounds him has gone inert, and lays around him, like a sandcastle that has been blown away. A caller conch sits next to him.

As you enter, the crystal that is Sir Diamantaire glows slightly.

"Right then, glad youse made it," he says in his usual deep drawl. "This is all of you?"

"That should be our question," Splendid asks. "You all really went this far into enemy territory with just yourselves?"

Make Believe approaches Two Tons and Willow, holding out a pair of translucent, glowing pink spheres in his hoof.

"It's the only way we could have, being a scouting party," Diamantaire says. "Boss Kukulcan said he had confidence in you to catch up and help with the actual raid."



Sir Pent does his job then settles into Schnitzel's clothes.


"Pspspspspspsps…" Droplet whispers, scratching the earth nearby to entire Sir Pent near.


The mechanical equine beamed "I always love to help a friend."

Willow eyed the orbs curiously through his spectacles "And what are we to do with these exactly?"


"This is all of us, yes- this place is, well… b-better than I would have expected, at least." Alder remarks, looking around a little… the decorations and holes seem to help him relax a little.


Cloud looks around the little room they reach, seeing their group is basically all there is.
"So… is this to camp out, or are we digging our way to the Round?"


"This place is neat! Its like those sea caves with all the tunnels and stuff! Just without the water, though!" Cerulean tries to stand on her own, putting weight on the injured leg a bit and testing how much weight she can put before it gets to be too much.



Sir Pent will not be swayed with such half-hearted attempts.


He continues to hold them out to you.

"Oh, right," Splendid says. "He's a psychic, and a mute. But, to hear him, you need to accept those."

Droplet lays his front half on the ground and raises his hind half, imitating a dog's play stance. Schnitzel scoots away, appearing unnerved and unsure whether the gesture is meant for him or for you.

"Dat's more or less what we came to figure out," Diamantaire says.

"Right," Schnitzel says. "As we discussed previously, the Round is a real hub of activity these days… well, more like these nights. It appears to be where the Metal Men are experimenting with ways to hide from the sun-serpent's light. We haven't ventured too far into the Round yet, but we're learning some rather interesting things.

"Bee Holder caught us up on one thing in particular that you guys came across… that god of money, right?" Schnitzel continues. "Well, we don't know for sure, but after hearing that story, we think there might be something similar going on here. If that's the case, that would explain some of the things we've seen and heard, and would partly explain why they're so slow with that hardened gunk armor that protects them from sunlight."


"Something similar going on here… so, this is the influence of some god, former or current? Perhaps I am a little confused, I apologize. How much of these gunk-covered Metal Men have you seen?"


"Do you they found a god there to make that armor, but it's just slow to remember how to do it?"


He nodded and looked it over for a moment before finally accepting the orb.

Two Tons took it with far less reluctance though one wondered if his mechanical mind could be talked to.


Cerulean just sits and listens, a bit distracted with her injured leg at the moment.



Sir Pent pokes his head up in confusion, cocking it to one side.


He produces a bribe from his coat… a fish stick.

But, there is no tartar sauce.

You can tell that even with medical attention, it's going to twinge like a motherpuffer for quite awhile. It could prove a grave weakness if you have to do any fighting anytime soon.

Willow's orb disappears as he touches it, but Two Tons's doesn't.

Oh… a youthful male voice says in your heads. Right! Whoops, sorry Tons, I forgot I already gave you one after you woke up on Kukulcan's ship. Well anyway, my name's Make Believe. Nice to meet you! You guys are our new crewmates, right?

"We've seen plenty being built in the arena around nighttime, but not a lot leaving," Schnitzel says. "That's because – they're destroying themselves. To be more precise…

"During the night, these things emerge from the Metal Men's suits. They're the ones who knit together more of the Metal Men, and who make the hardened gunk armor. It definitely seems like a work in progress. We've seen prototype Metal Men engaging what looks like sparring. Different sorts of tests, or so we think. The sparring seems to happen around dawn, which would suggest they want to experiment with just a little bit of sunlight to see how well their creations hold up.

"However… as of late, we've seen this ruby-colored whisp floating around the arena just before the sparring starts. It's definitely afraid of the Metal Men, because it vanishes quick whenever they spot it. But when it's not running away, it seems to be… almost interfering with the sparring. The sparring combatants start to glow red here and there, and suddenly, their strikes get way more intense and powerful than they had intended. Or, even when they're just shuffling around, they glow red, then start moving way too fast, and crash into a wall, or even tear themselves apart with a normal movement.

"This breaks the newly constructed ones, and even breaks up the hardened gunk armor. Unfortunately, they seem to be learning from this, and spending more time and effort into making a small number of really strong Metal Men, instead of the full-blown armies they were trying to build before."

"So…" Splendid says. "You think this ruby whisp might be some kind of god?"

"Based on what I heard of your guys's side of things, it's not implausible," Schnitzel says.

This might be the longest he's gone without telling a compulsive lie… progress!


"To be perfectly fair I have not decided which crew to belong to. Though I do skew towards whichever one Cloud is on as he helped me a great deal in finding my friend." He said looking to Two Tons who seemed intent on just trying to put another ball into himself.

"My name is Willow Wisp by the way."



Sir Pent slithers toward the fish stick.

[1d10] to nab it with snake speed

Roll #1 6 = 6


[1d10] Mystery

Roll #1 1 = 1


"That's good to hear, that something out here is able to deal with them somewhat easily," Cloud says in relief at the sound of an ally. but, he thinks over the mental image of the metal men tearing themselves apart from its effect.
"But, uh… what if when we go to rescue the others it does that stuff to us too?"


"Ruby wisp?" Cerulean thinks for a moment about that detail intensely, even with her leg hurting. She looks at Torpedo a moment and her thoughts seem to focus a bit more together.
"What if that ruby wisp is something with the obsidian things? Cause when I was in the Skull Temple, they all had these…red things in them. Like a ruby red color!"


"Hmm… interesting. Do you think we could talk to it, or interfere with it somehow? It does sound skittish…"


Nothing at all happens when Tons touches the translucent aura sphere, so Make Believe puts it away.

Nice to meet you… whoa… do you like… make stuff outta Aura?

He's not looking into your eyes, but rather your equipment. This young colt seems pretty perceptive… yet, his eyes are dull and without shine, darkened by something unspoken.

You snatch the fish stick, but Droplet snatches something in turn… a headpat!

The fish stick is a bit dry…

A ruby whisp, enchanting or cursing those within her domai…


W-Willow? Make Believe asks. You find that you have slumped a bit forward, and can't remember the past few seconds, as if you'd been daydreaming deeply.

Here, you look exhausted, Make Believe says, and offers you a waterskin.

That's what we were thinking, Make Believe says, turning aside from Willow. It's obviously no ally of the Metal Men, so if we can make contact, and it turns out it's intelligent, we could probably broker some kind of alliance.

"And with the Captain potentially being held here, we've got little time to waste," Schnitzel adds with a grimace. "We have just enough light to try to sneak into wherever the ruby whisp might be hiding now… if we're fast and fan out, we could find it – or maybe even where they're keeping the Captain."



"Yes I can make gadgest with Anima." I have this solar light cannon and my destabalizer sphere. That breaks molecular bonds and makes things break into a sand like quality…." He trailed off before he collapsed.

Willow looked around as his eyes felt so heavy. He took the waterskin as Two Tons was quickly beside him "Dubya?"


"Goodness! Mister Willow, are you well?" Alder asks, hurrying over to try and help ease the kirin back up to his hooves.



Sir Pent searches slithers into the dirt to look for signs of a hiding place.

[1d10+3] for searching

Roll #1 7 + 3 = 10



"If we only have a little lite, we should move quick then," Cloud says, anxious over the idea of going right into the enemy base right away, though more worried about what would happen to their allies if they held off.

"…Got anything spare lying around to craft something up real quick?"


Willow shivered and looked around a bit confused "I… I don't know."


You take a moment to ensure Willow is well, after his dizzy spell that seemed to last almost two months. With it seemingly gone, you rise to get searching for Cutlass, while you still have a little of the evening daylight left.

Accompanying you are Schnitzel, Droplet, Colobok, Splendid, and Puddin Tame. Make Believe and Sir Diamantaire stay behind.

Sorry, but my stickers won't be much good against the Metal Men, Make Believe says. So I'll stay back to help keep a look out in case any come 'round again.

"Keep an ear out for y' conches," Diamantaire says, spreading the dust that comprises his body out across the ground again. "If anything big heads y' way, I'll warn youse."

Schnitzel and Sir Pent lead the way, sniffing at the air as they return through the tunnel that Schnitzel dug to the secret base. Soon, dusty and grimy, you emerge back into the daylight, and head to the southwest, keeping low and as quiet as you can, while still maintaining your pace.

Soon, you behold the great stone and metalwork walls of a high and imposing colosseum. Though angular, the colosseum has many faces, giving it somewhat of a rounded shape, like a carefully crafted jewel. The walls are of a deep and ruddy hue, complimented by the deep brass of the metalwork, amplified by the setting sun.

Each face of the colosseum possesses a broad vomitorium, as well as a pair of smaller posterns, one on each side of the vomitorium, most likely for the laborers who maintained such an imposing structure in its heyday.


"Hmm.. perhaps a tad unsettling- I have not seen such construction before. It feels rather… grand, ominous."

>Master Thief: [1d10+1] to get a hunch, or a warning of a trap or something hidden.

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11


Cerulean looks around at the grand colosseum, giving a long whistle as she looks at all the fancy building work. Though it was less looking closely for anything and more looking around in awe, like some kind of tourist.


Willow and Two Tons take the time to look around the area as Willow ensures his solar cannon is good



Sir Pent searches for signs of Cutlass.

>Survival: spot check rolls +3. Can create and forage for basic supplies like rope, bandages, tents, torches and low-quality meals. Can see far into the distance and can see if dim or night light.


Roll #1 6 + 3 = 9


Schnitzel, Alder and Sir Pent sneak forward (with Sir Pent securely atop Alder's head) to survey the situation.

Alder's got quite the bad feeling about this area. Soft tremors, imperceptible to all but the most aware of thieves, signal the presence of guards. Big ones. With the sun nearly set, the malignant occupiers of this ancient colosseum must be gearing up to get to work. It is likely that most of the colosseum is going to be like this, but the tremors seem to be localized more to the northern ends.

As for Sir Pent, he picks up on subtle marks in the grasses ahead, signs of bending, where something heavy was recently dragged, or pushed, through the grass, to the south.

"We really must come back here when it's not being used as a twisted laboratory," Colobok murmurs.



Sir Pent points his snout to the south.


"I mean the lab is the most interesting part for me. I don't particularly care for combat sports."



"We have little time before we have company, I would like to say. There are tremors in the… northern part of the structure? And Sir Pent seems to think something is south. Perhaps we ought to look there?"


Cloud follows behind the group, a bit on edge as they approach the Metal Men's base of operations, the imposing walls of the colosseum not helping to soothe the feeling any.


Heading further south, Sir Pent detects that the bending in the grasses abruptly stops about 30 feet ahead of you. You look about in all directions, but you see little out of the ordinary; to the east is the jungle, and to the west, the great colosseum. You're near the eastern face of the colosseum now, and there is nothing particularly remarkable about this section that you did not observe further north.


"Hmm… if the trail we are following cut off here… perhaps there is something beneath us? A trapdoor, if you will."



Sir Pent searches the ground intently where the foot prints stop for anything that could be a trap door or an indicator of some other method of transportation.


Roll #1 3 + 3 = 6


Seeing the trail stop suddenly, Cloud pauses. He picks up the closest rock or stick, and throws it to where the path ends in case there's a trap or anything hidden.


"Back up I have something that may work here if it's hidden beneath us."

He pulled out the destabalizer orb he had and pressed it to the ground, pressing the button on the back and stepping back as he waited for it to break the ground apart into sand.


Cerulean tries to keep her senses about her, seeing if she can pick up anything that might be moving or giving off electricity.



Roll #1 5 = 5


The orb disintegrates, as does the non-living matter in a small and circular radius around it, dissipating into Aura. About six inches of earth disappears, leaving behind various insects, worms and much grass. Around most of the disintegrated area, there is simply more earth. However, further south, there is a gap, where the grasses and such have fallen down, onto a set of great steps. The orb has partially disintegrated a trap door, just as Alder suspected.

Looking about, Cerulean and Sir Pent find a suspicious mound, formed haphazardly of slash cuttings and loose earth. Clearing it away, they find underneath a stone tile, bearing a hieroglyph like those that Cerulean saw in the Skull Temple. They press it, and the earth nearby shudders. A pair of stone doors (one partially broken from the disintegration orb) rises up from the ground, then parts open, revealing a broad and deep staircase.

The masonry of the staircase matches the style used in the colosseum, but in the center of the stairs, there is a chitinous set of rails, made of the hardened gunk seen inside the Metal Men.

"Hmm…" Droplet says. "Their agents in the field must be too tall to get in here, so they made this rail system to shuttle captives down into the lab."

"What's down there, ya think?" Splendid asks.

"A good question…" Colobok mutters. "It's obviously part of the original colosseum."


"Whoa, what was that?" Cloud says in surprise as Willow's orb disintegrates the ground covering the trapdoor.

Cloud steps back as the doors rise, peering down the stairwell, eye focusing on the gunk coating the center.
"If they're too big to go down this, it should be the safest path, right?" Cloud mutters.


"Perhaps slave chambers or something." he said mildly annoyed that his aim had been off but he moved to investigate the stairs.

"I should have prepared a light in retrospect."



Sir Pent slithers back up to Alder's back.


Forgot to hit the numbers


"Aha! We did find a trapdoor, very nice. I suppose we ought to step inside, and quickly. I imagine the Metal Men are waking up."

"Perhaps someone, or something that is the cause of some of this? The stair railings appear to be made of the same hardened gunk…"

"Excellent job, Sir Pent."


"Huh, thats weird. There's a bunch of stuff on it like when I was in the temple! You think maybe there might be more of those trials down there? Those were fun!" She says all this aloud as she excitedly goes down the stairs.


"Not necessarily," Droplet says. "Alder's right: They put the rail system in there to deliver to someone on the other side. Probably one of their allies small enough to work down there. Wouldn't necessarily be as brutally powerful as the big guys, but deadly all the same."

You step down into the tunnel; it is lightless, leaving you with little you can see from the dwindling evening light. Sconces line the walls on either side, where you might make torches. Cerulean's electroreceptors tingle, even without her conscious invocation of that sense; down here, the colosseum is full of ancient technologies, most likely to facilitate what Two Reeds and Kukulcan described as ritually significant games.


"We can't be ambushed from behind at least, right?" Cloud follows with some hopeful concern.

As the group heads down ,Cloud quickly follows behind, luckily his echolocation allowing him to see still, giving some ease of mind to see anything coming still.
"We would probably run into Cutlass before anything else down here, right? If they only just took her earlier today," Cloud says, looking at the brighter side.


"A shame this filthy gunk is everywhere. Otherwise I might be able to study things."

Two tons was at this point silent as he felt uncomfortable about the whole place.


Cerulean does a little shiver as her electroceptors go off a bit without her trying.
"Oooo, tingly stuff down here guys! Let's hurry!"


Alder cautiously pulls Splendid closer- or, at least, attempts to. "I cannot say I am fond of such places, but we do what we need to, yes?"


You just end up pulling yourself closer, as she is twice the bird. Such is the law of griffonic gravitation. She nods in agreement.

Tabasco pops out of his lantern (where he resides when he wants to nap, be lazy, or recover from injuries), and softly increases his glow, giving you just enough light to see your surroundings, but not so much to give away your position to the whole underground. This also freshens up the air, which til now was musty and rank, defiled by the stink of rotten seawater from the gunk.

With your path lit so, you find yourself proceeding down a long path. It eventually reaches an intersection. Hieroglyphs line the walls in ornate, deliberate carvings. At this junction, there are a number of placards, where less ornate hieroglyphs are carved in a haphazard fashion, almost like graffiti.

The gunk-railway continues to the west, and to the north, but not to the south.


Cloud trudges along the path, looking along the hieroglyphs as they continue along. When they reach an intersection, he looks down the three paths.
"…Did anypony note which way the colosseum was from the doors? We should head towards that, right?"


Alder giggles a little, and nudges against Splendid before continuing downwards.

"Hmm- much better, thank you. I must confess I am rather blind in the dark, despite being part-cat. I wonder what all these glyphs mean- I would ask if someone here read them, but I imagine they are not something often seen. Anyways… "Perhaps to the north would be best? I am not sure."


"If we truly need more light I do have a trick that will work. Though it will be a bit surprising to you all."


"Hmmm…nope! I have no clue! Which means we just pick a way and go down it, right?!"

Proceeds to cover her eyes and do only the most tested method of picking a path.
"Eeny meeny miney…MOE!"
Once picked, Cerulean energetically begins down the path.

>1 for west

>2 for north
>3 for south

Roll #1 1 = 1



Sir Pent searches for clues as to which way they took Cutlass.


Roll #1 4 + 3 = 7


The rank odor of the colosseum undercroft overwhelms Sir Pent, and he is unable to pick up any trace of Cutlass's scent. A briny grime coats the floor. Yours are the only marks which are legible as hoofprints. There are others, but their shapes don't belong to any appendage you have seen; most resemble the dragging of a blade across the floor, and others are needle-sharp pinpricks in the muck.

Cerulean, deciding to push on to the west, leads you onward… in due time, Tobasco's restrained light illuminates that you approach a broad room. The shape of the walls suggests that the bulk of the room extends below you, and you see the topmost step of a staircase nearby. From here, you cannot see anything else that awaits you.



Sir Pent looks for signs of whether or not the stairs have been used recently.


Roll #1 7 + 3 = 10


Cloud grimaces as they continue on, keeping his mind on the idea that the grime is just mud and hopefully nothing worse from the Metal men.

He peers at the staircase, the light dying down as it descends. Cautiously, he steps over to the, stepping down one step as he listens out to see if he can hear or see anything down them.
>Echolocation Check [1d10]

Roll #1 10 = 10


>Master Thief: [1d10+1]
"Hrm. I do not wholly like the feel of this place. I wonder if we are missing something…"

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7


Indeed; there is a faint trail through the grime, where the uppermost layers have been scraped away by something large being dragged across them.

You don't sense anyone or anything else nearby – it's safe enough, for now.

Your echolocation reveals that the downstairs area of the chamber is littered with great, hollow husks, roughly egg-shaped, cocoons of a sort, filled with rancid slime. Most are in a process of decay; the ground is slick with their decomposed fellows…

There seems also to be another hallway in the downstairs area; it moves further west. Besides that, in the upstairs area, just to your right, is another corridor which points north.



Sir Pent points its snout with purpose in the direction the scrape marks go.


"It feels… safe-ish?"


"Well- I do not think there is anything to fear quite yet, and the serpent seems to suggest a southward course."


Cloud shivers as he 'sees' all the eggs downstairs.
"There's, uh, a lot of eggs down there, all rotting. But there's stairs past them going west. Is that the way towards the colosseum?"


"Hrm… why so many? What kind?"


Cloud shrugs.
"Dunno. I can just see a lot of them with my echolocation. Maybe it was a nest or something."


"I feel like it's a trap if I'm being honest."


"Ugh…no wonder is smells horrible down here. Dunno if it leads there or not, but if we find out the fun way, can we hurry through here?"


"Probably, doesn't seem like there's anything down there to stop us."

"I feel like every room could be a trap here with those things."



Following Sir Pent's direction, you head down the stairwell, descending into the egg-chamber. It appears to have once been a storehouse; there are crates lining the walls, but many have been smashed open, or are now rotted, under the weight of the putrid cocoons and their noxious material. It would probably be best not to stand too long in the muck.

Before you stretches the west-leading corridor. As it is the only corridor on this level, you proceed down it… the fresh slime below you recedes the further you go, eventually giving way to a layer of dried slime. It doesn't look to be particularly old– maybe a week or so.

The corridor gets wider as you go as well… your pace slows as you see the corner of the corridor intersect with that of the next room. It's hard to see from here, but it seems that the next room is quite vast, and vaguely circular in shape…


Willow for his part had his weapons at the ready, Two Tons meanwhile had his own magic ready in case things got uglier some how.


"Mmm… I wonder if it is still fully safe here. This feels rather ominous, but I suppose the slime is… older?"


Cloud grimaces as they step through wet slime after heading down the stairs.
"Ugh… this feels awful…"
Cloud keeps close to the others as they head through, just to be safe. His ears focus forward as they start to get to the end of the corridor, keeping alert on what's head.
>Echolocation [1d10]

Roll #1 1 = 1



Sir Pent uses his enhanced snake senses to determine if there is anything alive in the upcoming definitely-a-boss-room.


>Survival: spot check rolls +3. Can create and forage for basic supplies like rope, bandages, tents, torches and low-quality meals. Can see far into the distance and can see if dim or night light.

Roll #1 9 + 3 = 12


…No. Nothing in the room ahead. It's devoid of presences, mechanical, necrotic or living.


A voice, from the far side of the room– or so it sounds. An echo follows; the voice bounces across the sweltering stone walls, obscuring its location.

"Whosthere," the voice repeats, a low hushed whisper.


Willow turned on his sun gun but didn't arm it entirely yet, letting it glow a bit as he used it a bit like a flashlight looking for the source.


>Master Thief: [1d10+1]
"Ah! I would not suppose the voice sounds familiar to anyone?" He asks, keeping his voice low.

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


Cloud doesn't answer, not wanting to expose himself to an enemy. He takes a few steps back, feeling this path may have been a bad idea.



Sir Pent is merely snek and lacks the ability to communicate back. He waits eagerly to see what the others do.


That voice… it's unmistakably Cutlass.

Alder's eyes catch the glint… of a dagger. The dagger flies down from the north, to your right. However, it comes out handle-first, and skitters to the ground some distance ahead.

As for why – perhaps to lower the risk of hitting an ally?

The others observe the dagger in silence.


"Literally everyone I know is here." he said turning his light to the north.



Upon realizing the sound of the voice, Sir Pent rushes toward the his beloved food source (aka Cutlass).


"C-Cutlass? Is that you?" Cloud asks after the dagger flies out towards the group, feeling more relieved now.
"Are these eggs holding pods or something? How far in are you?"


As Sir Pent hops from Alder's shoulder and slithers to the north, stone shudders, and gears creak and clack together. Sir Pent suddenly feels himself rising at an alarming rate. In the limited light of the sun gun, you see that, in the circular chamber ahead, a massive circular dais constitutes the bulk of the room. It's moving upwards, raised by a mechanical pillar system from below.

Sir Pent, chubby as he is, has only a sliver of a chance of getting off the dais safely at this rate.

The voice of Cutlass says nothing.


"Oh! Cutlass, is that you?" He asks, cautiously stepping over to the dagger, picking it up, and trying to figure where the dagger was thrown from.


"It's a trap." he hissed in annoyance as he scanned around trying to find the source of the voice.

[1d10] Perception

Roll #1 10 = 10


>revising the post, as Alder is now in the vicinity

Alder, having walked onto the mechanical dais as well, feels himself being raised up by the lift. A fading light starts to filter in from above, as the ceiling above parts. Alder can see that there is a shaft above him, which daylights in the surface world. The tips of the Ruby Round's high spires can be faintly seen as the dais lifts.

In other words, he and Sir Pent are being lifted up towards the heart of the arena.


"A-Ah, hmm." Alder remarks, frowning a little and attempting to slip off of the dias- he'll drag Sir Pent with him, since the chubby snake seems so caught out!
>Run away! [1d10+3] (+3 TBP)

Roll #1 7 + 3 = 10


Cloud jumps back in panic as the room starts to shudder. Seeing the forward room rise up with Alder and Sir Pent on it, Cloud looks around in a hurry. Without thinking, he tries to jam up the lift to stop it with whatever vines he can grow from nearby.
>Earthen Grasp [Crits 9+] [1d10]

Roll #1 3 = 3


Cloud attempts to slow the dais's ascent, but the machinery, though ancient, is well-made, and slows not for him. With his Aura-boosted agility, Alder scoots off the dais before it can close the gap between the chamber and the shaft, and grabs Sir Pent, who lacks the cardio to escape himself. Together they dive to the circular chamber's floor.

As they do, Willow peers about the corner and scans with the sun gun's light, only to see the far end of the northern corridor. A figure back-dashes aside from the light's rays– but Willow still glimpses the hem of an unmistakably stark red dress.

"Definitely not her," Droplet whispers. "She'd have thrown it blade-first, damned who she hits."
"Shall we pursue?" Colobok asks.


He narrowed his eyes and cranked the cannon up to full power, aiming right where he saw the figure "I saw something at the end of the northern hallway, it's avoiding my light."



Sir Pent tries to find some recess he can slither in so as to not get crushed.


>+3 if this counts as a survival check

Roll #1 9 = 9



But, he gets saved before anything bad can happen to him. But, he is more sad than happy, for the others conclude that it is not Cutlass that they heard.



Still, he slithers on ahead to see where the source of the voice went.

>using the 9 to be unnoticed due to be a small snek


Cloud sighs in relief as Alder is able to dash off quickly enough.
"That was a close one… I didn't think these things could copy voices."

"Avoiding the light, you think it could be a small one of those metal men?"
Cloud asks. He looks down the Northern corridor, taking a few steps forward as he tries to pinpoint and track the figure in the darkness.
>Echolocation [1d10]

Roll #1 9 = 9


"G-Goodness. A little too close for my tastes… I will be a little more careful from now on. But, perhaps we should pursue. It may lead us to another trap, though."

"Convincing actors, yes."


>dubs checked

As Cloud and Sir Pent step into the northern corridor, their heightened senses paint a peculiar tableau… there are a few figures to the northwest, they can sense. Their pace is… peculiar. At times the figures walk, and abruptly stop, only to break into a run the next moment. Then, they lunge or dash, or jump straight up with no horizontal momentum.

The only consistent thing about their pace is that they're constantly moving further west, away from you. It's as if these figures cannot competently flow from one movement to another. Though the movements themselves are there, the figures appear to be in the process of learning how to connect the dots.


Willow keeps his cannon blasting pure sunlight down the corridor as a preemptive measure as he moved up with the others.

"All I know is it avoided the light and I saw some kind of flash of red. Maybe fabric."


"Maybe this is a more… complex creation? It moves very interestingly, but rather jerkily- as if it is not wholly used to what it is doing."


"A flash of red? Hrm- maybe it is a duplicate of some kind?"


"A duplicate of what?"

It might occur Willow and Two Tons have never seen or even heard Cutlass.


"Red? Cutlass does wear a red dress, so it could be coping her clothes if it was a fake…"

Cloud observes the figures' movements, finding it odd how stuttered they are. He is genuinely unsure if they're trying to avoid them, or if its natural. He continues forward down the path, keeping track of them.



Sir Pent slithers onto Cloud's back.


The figures are fast, and getting away… but as the sounds of their steps fade, another sound, echoing off the walls of the undercroft, can be heard… a metallic, experimental clicking, just as awkward and stilted as the movements of the tricksters…



Willow turned immediately, scanning with his light gun to search for the source.

Two Tons meanwhile prepped to get a spell out.

[1d10] Scanning

Roll #1 6 = 6


Uhm… perhaps it could be something mimicking her. Could it have its own dress?"


Cerulean's tail gets a bit stiff and her posture becomes a bit more aggressive in nature as she looks almost ready to to leap and smash her tail into something.

"I dunno, but only one way to find out: either we wait for it, or we go to it."



The source is somewhere above you. You turn the light of your gun further down the hall, and see a stairwell, leading upwards…

"All roads lead to the surface, it seems," Colobok whispers.

"Riiight where they want us," Schnitzel grumbles.


"At least we are not split up and sent upwards, one at a time?"


"Oh! Me first," Cerulean exclaims excitedly, though still looks ready to pounce.
"I'm ready to start clobbering whatever is up there at this point!"


Cloud's eyes and ears follow the sounds as they go up above them, where the platform earlier was raising.
"I don't like the feel of this… Does anypony have something we can toss up there in case they have a trap or something setup for whatever exits?"


Willow sighed and holstered his weapon as he looked to the others "I suppose it's our only way forward."


Behind you, you hear the grinding of stone and machinery as the circular dais that rose up earlier comes back down to this subterranean level.

"Open invitation, looks like…" Splendid whispers.

"That, or we look for another way up there," Colobok reminds her.


"Hmm… perhaps, ah… we simply go? I do not know about remaining underground longer."


"We could try the staircase, where those hoofsteps went off to. At least we have a way to go back if it is a trap that way," Cloud suggests.


She seems to be getting bored of talking and deciding and decides a course of action herself as she begins towards the staircase with the hoofsteps from earlier.


"I concur as this limits potential attack vectors."


With a silent nod, your allies follow you as you proceed up the stairs. The grime and muck are almost non-existent here, though not due to any concerted sanitary efforts. You see many fresh tracks of various kinds of legs, which have cleared out the slime – or sometimes just tamped it down. The stairwell is long, and curves slowly along the shape of the stadium, and many inscriptions line the walls, hieroglyphs depicting warriors in the fray. Symbols adjacent seem to indicate years, or perhaps the names of teams.

At last, a light ahead signals the end of the stairwell… however, it is not sunlight, but moonlight.

The stairwell ends in an aperture that faces south. It overlooks the main arena of the great colosseum, still standing and magnificent despite years of no-one to repair it.

On the south side of the arena is another aperture, this one facing north. Above the aperture, on the guard rail of the audience stands, are perched several figures. These figures are covered with a most ill-fitting and uncomfortable armor, composed of scraps of Metal Man cloth, hunks of broken helmets, and an adhesive of slime.

And yet… they are recognizable.

Hollow Promise.
Auspicious Sign.
Two Reeds.
And, Captain Cutlass.

A few others are there as well, Watchkeepers possessed by the Metal slime.

All of them are obviously awaiting the grand entry of their opponents.


"Very glad I had my Sun Gun ready for this." He said as he got ready for a potential brawl.


Cerulean looks at the figures and her tail smacks the ground angrily.
"Hey! Give our friends back! Or am I gonna have to smash them out of that armor myself?!"


A-Ah… oh! I did not think such things were possible- if that is actually them, we will need to try and free them!"


Cloud follows up the stairs, worried what's waiting for them at the top. As they step out into an open arena, and that it is still the dead of night, he is immediately concerned. However, when they spot their friends that were taken, far off on the other side, donned in metal man armor, Cloud takes a step forward, hoping they aren't too late.
"H-Hey! Hey guys, can you here us! Y-You're still you, right?"


As you proceed into the arena, the others practically rush out behind you, Colobok and Droplet in particular. The assassins' faces are dark, dagger-point sharp, and full of malice, seeing what has been done to their comrades and captain.

Your six former crewmates, and their unlikely new allies, leap down from the audience stands into the arena.

The moment they touch down, a foul stench washes up. Dark green and black barriers shimmer into the world. To Cerulean, they resemble the water barriers she has seen in the Skull Temple and Heart Temple, only now, corrupted by the Metal Men's influence. They must be learning how to co-opt more and more of the ancient technology of the Mechpriests.

These water barriers form traps around you, in the shape of narrow corridors. At either end of each corridor is a single combatant, and their opponent.

Cerulean "the Hungry" versus Hollow Promise!
Alder "the Surgeon" versus Auspicious Sign!
Two Tons versus Vice-Captain Two Reeds!
Willow Wisp versus "Main Squeeze" Sparkler!
Splendid versus "Piggyback" Ossie!
"Azure-Eye" Cloud versus Captain "Red Dress" Cutlass!

Guest-starring Droplet "the Clown," Colobok "the Quiet," "Blacktongue" Schnitzel, and "Real Name" Puddin Tame versus the Watchkeepers Possessed!

Each of your opponents pantomimes a taunt. Their gestures are awkward and stiff, as their haphazard armor puppets their bodies.


From deeper inside the colosseum's walls echoes an amplified gurgle, the hideous bellow of another of the eldritch abominations…




Cloud looks around in a panic as barriers rise up around them, trapping them in narrowly in the arena. Cloud looks ahead, seeing everypony paired off into one on one faceoffs against one of their friends, and sees Cutlass facing off against him.
"Cutlass, please tell me you can hear me under that! C-Come on, you can be controlled like that, right?"
He says, hoping maybe he can reach her.


Alder squirms panickedly as the walls slam down, trapping him into a fight with Auspicious Sign. He frowns as he looks them over, before saying "I-I, uhm… m-maybe I can just fix this?"



Cutlass's eyes glow silver. Several knives come out from under her dress. They glow the same silvery glow.

>Soul Slicer activated

>Soul Slicer: All attacks deal soul damage instead of physical damage. Soul health is equal to your hits x you wounds. At 25% soul health lost, all rolls roll at -1. This debuff stacks at 50% and again at 75%. Soul damage us unhealable except by something specifically stated to be able to heal the soul (the soul naturally heals over the course of rest).

Note that this is not the final draft of Soul Slicer. I just don't have it on me right now. This is all the pertinent information for this fight.

One of the knives suddenly bolts in Cloud's direction.
>[1d10] DC-1 because single weapon attack

Roll #1 2 = 2



"Should I be concerned with whoever I'm fighting."



Cerulean watches the walls appear, some worry growing on her as this was all too familiar. She looks down and sees Promise…not liking this one bit.
"Oh c'mon…don't make me do this. I don't wanna hurt the little guy…."




File: 1674011854662.png (91 KB, 2884x2148, Ruby Round Diagram.png)

Without hesitation, your possessed comrades rush into the fray, each against their singular foes. Like before, their moves are jerky and stiff, and they appear more like contortionist marionettes, more than living, thinking fighters.

>On the Diagram:

>1: Cerulean; 2: Alder; 3: Two Tons; 4: Willow Wisp; 5: Splendid; 6: Cloud; 7: Droplet; 8: Colobok; 9: Schnitzel; 10: Puddin Tame
>A: Hollow Promise; B: Auspicious Sign; C: Two Reeds; D: Sparkler; E: Ossie; F: Cutlass; G, H, I, J: Watchkeepers-Possessed

Hollow Promise swipes at Cerulean!
[1d10+3] Basic attack

Auspicious Sign jumps and powerbombs Alder!
[1d10+3] Basic attack

Two Reeds charges a spell at Two Tons!
[1d10+4] Magic Bolt

Sparkler hurls an ugly-looking potion at Willow!
[1d10+3] Alchemist's Fire

"Forget going easy!" Droplet shouts. "They're fighting full-power; it's for your own good to take them down!"

You can scarcely tell what's going on in the others' melees.

>Optional: Roll Perception, Instant Action

Roll #1 3 + 3 = 6 / Roll #2 10 + 3 = 13 / Roll #3 3 + 4 = 7 / Roll #4 6 + 3 = 9


Cerulean sees them coming up and attack her and she grunts as she reluctantly gets her tail ready.
"Alright fine. Sorry in advance Promise!" Cerulean then proceeds to run at him to smack him with her tail, making the impact cause a huge splash to start flooding her section of the arena with her aura water.


>DC -1, +1, crits 8+, take better, Tidepool

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7 / Roll #2 2 + 1 = 3


Immediate panic fills Cloud as Cutlass brings out her knives.
"C-Cutlass, come on, it's me!" He says, trying to plead to her. When it falls on deaf ears as a dagger flies out at him, his ducks out of the way.
"I don't want to hurt you, wake up!" He tries again, his remaining eye glowing a deep orange as he uses his magic to loosen the ground under Cutlass, trying to immobilize her in a sand trap.
>Earthen Grasp [Crits 9+] [1d10]
>Forgoing counterattack damage

>Earthen Grasp: recharge 1, spell, ranged; Summon vines, stones, or quicksand to trap an enemy and render them helpless. Large enemies may only be immobilized. Effect lasts until the enemy breaks free or is released.

Roll #1 7 = 7


>Instant Perception
>Electroception if it applies

Roll #1 2 = 2



Cutlass writhes like a marionette on strings as she tries to worm her way out of the sand trap.

>[1d10] to escape

Roll #1 8 = 8


>Perception (Instant): [1d10]
Deciding to try what he can at first, Alder hurls one of his glass vials at Auspicous Sign- maybe he can somewhat lessen the effects with his potions.
>Natural Remedy: [1d10+2] (+1 TBP)

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 9 + 2 = 11


Willow and Two Tons both did their best to evade the attacks sent at them.

[1d10] Willow
[1d10] Two Tons

At the same time both moved to help their chances in this fight

[1d10] Homing Magic Willow

>Two Tons uses Stance of the bear

If I can also use it

[1d10] Perception

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 3 = 3 / Roll #3 3 = 3 / Roll #4 2 = 2


File: 1674014436638.png (95.83 KB, 2884x2148, Ruby Round Diagram v2.png)

You meet Hollow's strike with a swat of your own, but the impact forces your tail down, inhibiting the flow of Aural water.

>Cerulean 12/5

>Hollow 7/10

Hollow flips backward, and flings a kunai at you!
[1d10+4] Rupture

Two Tons tanks the hit, and prepares to endure further!
>Two Tons 3/5 (from damage) -> Two Tons 6/5 (add 3 from SotB)

The potion explodes on Willow, and he scrambles to put it out!
>Willow 1/5

Two Reeds shudders towards Two Tons, and sweeps for his legs!
[1d10+3] Basic Attack

Sparkler drops a potion at her hooves, and it explodes with a force that flings her at Willow!
[1d10+3] Spring Brew

Sign drops onto you like a meteor, knocking the wind from your lungs and bile out of your stomach. The pain sends you reeling, but you manage to crack a vial over his head. Sign immediately backs off, flailing his arms at his face, as he tries to clean off the healing remedy… seems it had the opposite effect. But on him or on his corrupt armor, you cannot tell.

>Sign 0/9, Helpless this turn (will recover automatically next turn)

As you try to regain your composure, you look over at the others… and notice something rather peculiar.

Over at the far end of the arena, where Puddin Tame fights against a Watchkeeper-Possessed, the Water Barrier has shifted, slightly. Where there was a single wall dividing Puddin Tame from Schnitzel, there are now two; both of them look thinner than the others, suggesting they'd come from a single wall, now split into two thin halves. The two rightmost walls are also angled, such that Puddin' and Schnitzel stand quite near to one another. Schnitzel shrieks in annoyance and fear as the Watchkeeper-Possessed breathes a breath attack at him and Puddin'… but the attack doesn't hit him. In fact, it only partially hits Puddin'. The Water Barrier absorbs most of the attack, and in so doing, protects Schnitzel.

In other words – "living things" can pass through the barrier, but "attacks" cannot.

Perhaps you could take advantage of this…

Roll #1 7 + 4 = 11 / Roll #2 8 + 3 = 11 / Roll #3 6 + 3 = 9


Cloud grows more anxious as Cutlass easily pulls her way out of his trap, seemingly unrelentless. Despite it going against all his knowledge of Cutlass, he runs in close to her,
"I hope this works I hope this works…" He mutters in fear, taking out his dagger and giving Cutlass' helmet a solid thwap.
>Basic Attack [Single DC-1] [1d10]

>The Tooth of Sa'eer [Weapon Tag: Single] Recharge 1: Attacks from this knife do not deal damage, but instead cause the target to become ethereal and intangible, causing them to phase through other tangible objects for (Roll - DC) turns. The effect applies to the limb that the knife's blade touches. During the duration of this effect, the target cannot use any attack or technique that would require the use of the affected body part.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Willow cried out and immediately hit the ground to try and make space once more from the threat.

[1d10] Dodge

Two Tons meanwhile made a more aggresive dodge, aiming to get in close.

[1d10] Dodge

[1d10] Homing Magic Willow
[1d10+1] Grapple Two Tons

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 2 = 2 / Roll #3 9 = 9 / Roll #4 6 + 1 = 7


Cerulean frees her tail and has to spend a moment shaking off that last impact. But she rushes forward to try and grab Promise by the armored areas she thinks is possessing him with her jaws, then begin shaking him about.

>Great weapon attack (crits 9+, critfails 2-)


Roll #1 2 = 2



As the weapon clonks against her helmet, all of Cutlass's knives drop to the ground. Cutlass takes in a gasp of air as if she was drowning until this very moment.

"It worked. I don't know what you did, but it worked," she says quickly in a panicked tone.

However, as she speaks, her body moves on its own. Her hooves grab two of the daggers off the ground and stab them both toward Cloud. "I'm sorry… Please help me!" she pleads as she stabs at him.

>[1d10] [1d10] dual attack

>Soul Slicer is still on

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 6 = 6



[1d10] for memory

Roll #1 9 = 9


Alder attempts to pick himself up, taking note of the rather odd nature of the barriers. He'll have to see what exactly can pass through them, if anything- is the corrupt armor also barred from passing?
>Recover [1d10]

Roll #1 6 = 6


The kunai stabs into you, and as you rush forward to close the gap between you and Hollow, he runs in too, and grabs you by the shoulders. Demonstrating surprising strength, he lifts and rotates you! For an instant you are suspended in the air, before crashing back down!

>Cerulean 1/5, Rupture debuff for 2 turns

Sparkler tackles Willow to the ground, but jumps away when he charges four magical bolts for a counterattack!

>Willow 0/4

Two Reeds sweeps out Willow's legs, but he grabs and pins her hooves, forcing her to fall with him!

>Two Tons 0/4

>Two Reeds 0/9

No– you can see that the corrupt thing has charged at Puddin, and has passed through the barrier. But then, in a stroke of genius or luck, another Watchkeeper-Possessed, the one pit against Schnitzel, barrels into the one attacking Puddin. Your two allies are safe this round, and the WP have only damaged one another.

Auspicious Sign regains his composure, if not his sanity, and strikes up a fighting posture once more.

Concession stand… they're hiding in the concession stand! The east and west exits can reach it!


Both Willow and Two Tons move to stand up, groaning in pain.

[1d10] Willow
[1d10] Two Tons

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 6 = 6



"I-I remember a… concession stand…" Cutlass stammers as she struggles to find her words in this panicked situation. "Someone is hiding there. I think the east and west exits will both get you there."


"Is that really you?" Cloud says in almost disbelief as he hears Cutlass speak after the strike. He lowers his knife, but only gets a modicum of relief before she strikes at him again, cutting him on the shoulder.
"Agh… I'll get you out of there in a second, this knife's magic needs time!" He says, focusing his magic to call up vines to hold Cutlass down so she can't attack.
>Earthen Grasp [Crits 9+] [1d10]
>Forgoing counterattack

Roll #1 3 = 3


Cerulean feels a bit dumb for getting rotated so easily, and even dumber after having that rough landing back on the ground. She tries to shake it off before swinging herself around to slam her tail again, trying again to shift the battlefield to her advantage.



Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6 / Roll #2 5 + 1 = 6


"A concessions stand? Here?" He asks, surprised such a thing would still be around with this siege.


Soul Health Count



When the dagger stabs into Cloud, it stings as a stab usually would. But, when the knife is pulled out, there's no wound. However, it leaves behind a strange burning sensation.

"Yes, this place is like an arena. They make people fight here, I think."

Cutlass's body moves as if it's dragged out of the vines. She continues to stab at Cloud.

>Dual attacks [1d10] [1d10]

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 6 = 6



"How long does whatever affect you did last?" she asks with impatient concern.


Alder scrabbles to all fours, looking around for what to do… he'll position himself inbetween Auspicious Sign and Hollow Promise- maybe he can avoid the next strike! In the meantime, he'll fire off a shot with his witchkiller bow- maybe the armor is magic?
>Ranged attack: [1d10]

Roll #1 7 = 7


Water splashes everywhere as you slam Hollow back! He skids to a halt, then rushes back in!
[1d10+3] Backstab

>Hollow 5/9

Sparkler runs forward, and grabs Willow by the collar. She starts heading back toward the North exit of the arena, dragging him along with her!

As Two Tons stands back up, Two Reeds repeatedly struggles to break free!

>Two Tons 8/4

[1d10+3] Attempting to break the grab

Alder rushes toward Hollow Promise with Auspicious Sign in tow! As Sign readies to grab Alder, the griffon looses a shot at Sign! The ninjador's steps slow as the arrow breaks upon the diver helm. His limbs flail about, as if he were suddenly losing control of his body. He attacks wildly, at–!

[1d10+3] Tackle
[1d2] Alder = 1, Hollow = 2

Roll #1 2 + 3 = 5 / Roll #2 5 + 3 = 8 / Roll #3 6 + 3 = 9 / Roll #4 1 = 1


Alder attempts to inure himself to the worst of it!
>Natural Remedy: [1d10+1]
He also glows briefly, before letting out a loud screech to unsteady him!
>Screech [1d10]

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10 / Roll #2 9 = 9


Two tons proceeded to try and squeezed Sparkler to try and knock her out with pressure

[1d10] Grapple damage

Willow meanwhile tried his hardest to break free and stand.

[1d10] Stand up

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 9 = 9


Cloud rolls his shoulder, feeling uncomfortable with the burning.
"Your daggers aren't poisoned, are they?" He asks with concern. With this, he doesn't notice Cutlass moving out of the vines in time, taking another cut on his foreleg.
"I… I'm not sure! I haven't used it much, it varies!"
Cloud raises his knife, thinking he should work fast. Then, he stops, getting another idea.
"Ok, I'm trying something else, hold on!" Cloud focuses intently on Cutlass, taking a deep breath and trying to pull all her can into his magic to shrink Cutlass separate from the armor.
>Using 4 TBP
>Wax/Wane [Shrink Cutlass] [1d10+5]

>Wax/Wane: spell; Who says size doesn’t matter? Grow or shrink a target or object with a potion, with effectiveness based on the roll. Hits and wounds are not changed by this effect.

>Trained Talent: When Wax/Wane is used to make a target bigger, they gain +1 to all actions. On the reverse, the target takes -1 to all actions if they are shrunk.

Roll #1 5 + 5 = 10



"No, they cut your soul directly. Don't worry, it wears off over time… I thi-"

Then, Cutlass is shrunken. The armor is still technically on her, though. And, with the armor now slumped over her head, her telekinesis is back. All the knives snap back into the air with a quick bolt of telekinesis.

>Dual attack because my inner demon tells me to have mercy in this unexpected situation [1d10] [1d10]

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 8 = 8



Both of those 8s are 7s.


With a bit of an advantageous field now, Cerulean seems to move around faster. She rushes back as the fight is getting her a bit pumped as she tries to chomp down on him.

>Great Weapon Attack


Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3


You fall and wrestle with Auspicious for a time, and deliver a well-placed kick to the gut that shoves him back to the ground! You take the breather to revive yourself, then unleash an echoing shriek!

>Alder 7/5 (went Helpless to 0/3 from Tackle, then crit healed)

>Enemies debuffed this round!

>Sign 0/8

The portly minotaur slowly props himself back up… the cloth portions of his armor are scraped, and seem near to wearing thin.

Two Tons squeezes Two Reeds, and the metal components of her armor start to bend and groan under the strain! She manages to slip away, but not without some serious damage!

>Two Reeds 7/8

Two Reeds begins charging a powerful retaliatory spell!
>Orbital Strike
[1d10+2] Casting
[1d10] Duration

Hollow tumbles through the air, and slams both his feet down onto your spine, flattening you!

>Cerulean 0/4

Rather than strike your incapacitated form, he grabs you by the scruff, and starts dragging you away toward the north entrance…

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11 / Roll #2 1 = 1


Cerulean huffs and puffs a bit, though she isn't about to give up just yet. She tries o flail and splash around for an opening to get herself back into the fight.

>Earthly Affinity-recovery from helpless is DC 4 on favored terrain


Roll #1 8 = 8


When the armor collapses over the now shrunken Cutlass followed by more daggers floating up, Cloud grimaces. He runs in, the knives slicing by him, as he goes for the armor knowing there won't be a stop unless she's completely separated at this rate.
"Hold on, I'll get you out of there!"
Cloud pauses for only a moment, unsure if touching the armor is a good idea. But the alternative worst outcome isn't very preferable either. He lifts up the hunk of metal and reaches in through the etherealized head hole to pluck the little unicorn out.
>Grab [1d10]

Roll #1 6 = 6


Willow wasted n o time in hurling the mass of homing magic at the one who had been attempting to kidnap him, aiming to disarm and disable over any kind of lethal injury

[1d10] Shot 1

[1d10] Shot 2

[1d10] Shot 3

[1d10] Shot 4

{Elementalist: Magma)

Two Tons moved to Evade the shot, while also trying to Grapple them down again

[1d10] Dodge
[1d10+1] Grapple

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 6 = 6 / Roll #3 9 = 9 / Roll #4 7 = 7 / Roll #5 4 = 4 / Roll #6 3 + 1 = 4


Seeing as Sign's down, the griffon takes his Medic's Knife and tries cutting the armor from the skin! Maybe the unusual nature of the weapon will help?
>Medic's Knife (TBP+1): [1d10+1]

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3


You spring up, and shake Hollow away from you! The motion catches him off guard, and he stumbles to the side. You can see the Water Barriers on either side of you shifting to the side, in order to keep him in the "field of play." This causes the Water Barriers to intersect with those surrounding Alder and Auspicious Sign… Perhaps this can prove advantageous.

Hollow rises to his knees, evidently struggling with the diving suit, and flings another kunai your way!

[1d10+2] Backstab

Sign deflects your stab with his forearm, and with you in range, goes for a devastating gut-punch!

[1d10+5] Spending 3 Hits via Soul Punch!

>Sign 7/8

As the bolts hit Sparkler, the sticky magma ignites the suit, spreading far quicker than even ordinary fuel! Something about its composition must be especially prone to conflagrations. Sparkler's face and voice are mercifully mute, as she starts to run about while aflame! She shoves past Willow, igniting him as well, as she tries to put herself out!

>Willow 0/3

>Sparkler 0/7

She runs into…
1 = Two Tons; 2 = Two Reeds; 3 = Auspicious Sign


Two Reeds skips back, and an orb of aether flies from her black mirror, bouncing between the Water Barriers before it explodes upon Two Tons' chassis!

>Two Tons 1/4

Two Reeds uses the breather to charge another attack!

[1d10+2] Homing Magic

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8 / Roll #2 9 + 5 = 14 / Roll #3 1 = 1 / Roll #4 4 + 2 = 6


As cloud reaches in to grab Cutlass, he feels his hoof enclose around a small figure, like a doll– and then a nauseating, swirling cold… followed by numbness. His front half loses feeling and strength, as he ragdolls to the ground…

>Pick one of your classes, then lose its skills and your multiclass skill

Only a faint awareness tells him that his cheek now rests against the cold stone of the arena. There is the sound of clinking somewhere in the distance… but the space about him is a murky soup of color, now.


Having just gotten back up only to be hit by his own spell set off something of a rage in Willow that reflected and supressed the flames that once hit him as his mane and tail became flames, and his coat blackened like soot, his eyes going blank as he slipped into his Nirik form.
>Tempered Rage

[1d10] Stand up DC3

Two tons tries once again to avoid the running foe while trying to pin down the mage once more with another grapple

[1d10] dodge
[1d10+1] Grapple

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 10 = 10 / Roll #3 9 + 1 = 10


Not knowing what else to do, the griffon attempts to mitigate the worst of it with another potion!
>Natural Remedy: [1d10+1]

>Rallying Cry: [1d10+1]

Alder also tries to rally his friends, if he can!

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2 / Roll #2 3 + 1 = 4



Roll #1 2 = 2



All of Cutlass's knives, still glowing with the silver glow of Soul Slicer, point at Cloud at once.

>Dance of Blades: recharge 5, weapon; Turn a single blade into a flurry of strikes. Following a successful hit, keep rolling until you go helpless from a critical miss or from counterattack damage. This entire process only takes one turn, and always ends with you being helpless, this helplessness cannot be prevented. All modifiers only apply to the initial hit, after that all rolls are standard d10’s with no bonus and at DC6.

>In the past, I've always fluffed it as the counterattack damage being Cutlass tiring herself out anyway

[1d10] [1d10] [1d10] [1d10] [1d10] [1d10] [1d10]

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 1 = 1 / Roll #3 2 = 2 / Roll #4 1 = 1 / Roll #5 2 = 2 / Roll #6 7 = 7 /


Cerulean notices his difficulty so she begins to focus her aura in a new way. One to disrupt his movements…hopefully.

"Stop making me hurt you!" With her yell, her aura makes the water in the arena shift and surge until it begins to swirl about. Faster and faster, trying to pull the encumbered possessed pony in!

>Hungering Maelstrom: Automatic; The waters begin to swell with a hunger that can almost rival Cerulean's. While in/on terrain with water, Cerulean can create a maelstrom that attempts to pull everything in the water into its center. Those caught must roll to escape the pull before they can move or act. Those who don't escape are tossed around for a bit of damage from the violent current. The maelstrom does not differentiate between friend and foe; all are fair game to its effects.


Cloud can barely even register what happens once he reaches into the armor, finding himself on the ground in an unfocused daze, his head sore.
>Losing Alchemist

He blinks slowly when some of his awareness returns, wondering where he is, finding it hard to see. When he feels a dagger stab into him, it's enough to make him remember what he was doing, trying to get Cutlass.
"Hooolll…" He drones, feeling weak. He grabbed something he's pretty sure, and he needs to move now before he becomes a Nightmare Night themed pin cushion. He squeezes his hoof, and rolls his body to pry it out of the armor.
>Pull [1d10-1]

Roll #1 5 - 1 = 4


Two Tons dodges the bolt with a swift side-step, which makes him bump into Willow. In a smooth move, Tons helps steady Willow on his hooves, before rushing in to grab Two Reeds again! He's got the moth Krikral held in a bear-hug before him, and her dark armor creaks under the pressure!

>Two Reeds 0/7

>Willow no longer helpless, still in Nirik form

Auspicious Sign weaves around your potion, and his strike lands straight into your chest! You've barely enough time to gasp before stones shatter over your back and shoulders– the punch launched you to the far end of the arena, where you crumple in a heap of stone and dust, bruised and bleeding.

>Alder 0/4

As your former-allies-now-foes ready to push on the offensive again, Cerulean roars out a mighty demand. The pool of Aural water, which had been spreading across the floor of the colosseum until now, churns in a clockwise fashion, and though it's only about calf height for most of you, its strength is enough to start pulling you into its epicenter.

>Ruling here that it's DC 4 for allies to escape, DC 6 for all others

>Two Reeds and Sparkler auto-fail due to being helpless

Auspicious Sign and Hollow Promise try to wade to the seating area before they can be trapped in the whirlpool!


Roll #1 9, 2 + 1 = 12



Cutlass tired herself out after her barrage. She collapses to the ground. Or rather, the bottom of the inside of her "armor", as she is still smol(er than usual). In this helpless state, the water begins to suck toward the center of the colloseum. Cutlass is unable to stop the pull.

>getting pulled to center

She silently tries to recover control.

>[1d10-1] to recover

Roll #1 3 - 1 = 2


Willow and Two Tons do the same, with Willow opting to leap and over, while Two Tons waded through.

>Tranquil Hooves: instant, recharge 2; The calm lifestyle and mountainous home has made Kirin light and nimble to walk without disturbing even the grass or air. On success you can walk across any terrain you normally can without causing any disturbances or triggering any traps. Or you can leap high into the air, gliding through the wind to reach as high as those who can fly and land as soft as a feather.

[1d10] Willow
[1d10] Two Tons

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 5 = 5


Alder coughs and sputters as he doesn't manage to drink his potion before being knocked straight into the wall! He coughs up a little blood and tries to get to all fours, flapping his wings frantically!

Roll #1 3 = 3


Cerulean huffs a bit from her aural demand and seems a bit panicked as its affecting the entire arena and not just her planned spot.
Hopefully it might help her allies more than hinder them. At least thats her hope as she watches Hollow and the other fighters to see how the barriers will react with this 'field of play' thing she noticed earlier.

>no action, but observing what chaos occurs through the arena


"Come on… Why are you so lodged in…"
Cloud keeps his grasp on Cutlass, ignorant and too exhausted to notice the water as he tries to free her from the armor.
>Pull [1d10-1]

Roll #1 4 - 1 = 3


Alder, Cloud and Cutlass are dragged into the whirlpool, along with Hollow Promise. Willow and Two Tons manage to get to the furthest edges, through Tons loses his grip on Two Reeds as a result of the current, and she's flung into the whirlpool as well. Cerulean, being the maestro of this Aura, remains steady even as the water spins about her ankles. Auspicious Sign manages to hop out of the water and into the eastern wing of the seating area, being the only one to have made it out.

As for those fighting in the background – Colobok and Splendid have gotten to safety on the far south end of the seating area, while Droplet and the possessed Ossie are yanked into the center as well.

As a result of so many bodies colliding at one point, those at the epicenter each lose a Wound. Cloud loses 3 Hits as well, as he wasn't helpless until now. The barriers surrounding you, having been suddenly subject to much strain and twisting as a result of the combatants being flung around so, have cracks running all along their surfaces, ready to break.

As for Auspicious Sign, currently the only one of the enemy combatants still up at this point, he starts to make a run for Cerulean– until he stops. For a moment or two he remains in an idle pose, before turning back around to run for the northern exit to the arena. As for the others, they're laying incapacitated in the center of the arena, still trapped in their armor, but laying inert now.


Both Willow and Two Tons decide it would also be best to get out of the arena, doing their best to escape the water.

[1d10] Willow
[1d10] Two Tons

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 2 = 2



Cutlass continues to recover.


Roll #1 8 - 1 = 7


Cloud slams against the barrier as the water pulls him in, roughed up against the armor as well. He's bruised, but keeps his grip on Cutlass.
"Get… out of there already…"
He tries to free her again, trying his best to not drown while doing so.
>Yank [1d10-1]

Roll #1 2 - 1 = 1


>-1 Wound
Alder is dragged into the whirlpool in a panicked squawk, flailing helplessly and trying to get back to all fours! He'll try to get his bearings back before swimming out!
>Recover? [1d10]

Roll #1 6 = 6


Cerulean winces a little bit as she sees a good chunk of friends and friends-turned-enemies get dragged in and batter around each other. Though she didn't want to let it up just yet as the barriers seem to be unable to keep up with this. Cerulean gets a simple idea.
"Just hang on guys! I'll turn it off soon!" She hopes it encourages her friends as she goes to give her maelstrom a bit of help and add some more force onto the barrier with her tail.

>Slam on the barrier

>crit 8+, DC -1, take better

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3 / Roll #2 8 + 2 = 10


Alder and Willow pull themselves out of the arena and into the seating area, while Two Tons remains stuck down there, albeit in the peripheries where it's easier to move.

Cloud, in his state of half-consciousness, finally loses what little remains of his grip– both on Cutlass, and on the spell that was keeping her small(er). In an instant, his arm rockets out of Cutlass's armor, propelled out by her armor returning to tangibility. He returns to full consciousness, for the force is so strong as to dislocate his left shoulder and wrist both, with mind-wrenching pain.

As for Cutlass, she's back up, though now that she's returned to full size within the eldritch armor, her mind has fallen back under its control.

While this unfolds, Cerulean busies herself with slamming the water barriers that forced you all into 1v1 conflicts. After she breaks two of them manually, the others shatter of their own accord, having been weakened enough by the others being damaged as well.

Meanwhile, Splendid and Colobok chase after Auspicious Sign, as the possessed ninjador reaches the northern exit of the seating area.


>Cloud loses another Wound



Cutlass gets up and quietly assesses the situation. She quickly notices Cerulean not being affected by her own maelstrom. She identifies Cerulean as the problem here. She throws a dagger at her.

>Soul Slicer is still turned on

>[1d10] ranged attack on Cerulean

Roll #1 5 = 5


Alder, incredibly concerned with the condition of his friend, attempts to treat the worst of Cloud's injuries! While his natural remedies are meant more for the body, they may be able to mend the soul, as well!
>Natural Remedy: [1d10+3] (+2 TBP) on Cloud

Roll #1 6 + 3 = 9


Cloud tumbles across the ground as he's shot back, the fog forcibly cleared from his mind from the pain, only accentuated as he tries to stand and fails. He looks down immediately in fear, relieve to see his leg is attached still. He looks up at Cutlass, controlled again.
"Ngh, this isn't gonna work like this… I can't go back broken again…"
He then sees the barriers have fallen, though he's unsure if that'll make things better or worse.
"I just have to keep you from moving, the others can take the rest."
Cloud focuses his magic, trying to sink Cutlass again into the ground as he softens the bricks to sand. And this time, he taps into his aura, leeching away whatever lifeforce he can to keep himself awake.
>Leech [1d10]
>Earthen Grasp [1d10-1]

>Leech: Instant, Maso; Drains life from a target, dealing damage and healing Cloud's hits by an equal amount.

>Earthen Grasp: recharge 1, spell, ranged; Summon vines, stones, or quicksand to trap an enemy and render them helpless. Large enemies may only be immobilized. Effect lasts until the enemy breaks free or is released.

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 6 - 1 = 5


Cerulean gives a victorious slap of her tail into the water with a grin as she watches the barrier shatter and fall all around her. Though the sounds of ponies hitting into things snaps her back to remind her to turn the maelstrom off.

"Oh right! Sorry again everyone," she calls out as she turns off the massive whirlpool before anyone else gets hurt further and hopefully give her friends a moment to get back to their feet.

>turning off the Maelstrom


Willow began to summon up homing magic as Two Tons resumed trying to climb up.

[1d10] Homing Magic:Magma
[1d10] Climb

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 5 = 5


When the water calms, you see a big pile of your allies laying inert in the center of the arena. Though the sight of their lifeless forms conjures thoughts of the worst, you can see them twitching at their extremities. They're still alive, but still trapped in the armor of the Metal Men. If they're not liberated soon, they'll be at your throat again soon.

As Tons manages to climbs up into the stands, he splashes some water onto the beginnings of the homing magic bolts that Willow's got cooking up.

As Alder helps Cloud back up and sets his arm back into place (regaining full Hits + a Wound), Cloud manages to throw Cutlass off balance by turning the ground below her into muddy sand. Her knife flies wide, though Cerulean can still see the attempt.

>Cutlass 5/3


Willow hissed in annoyance as his flames kicked in s bit and he took a hold of his sun gun with his magic, aiming at Cutlass and blasting her with sunlight as Two Tons began to summoned his own bolts.

[1d10] Sun Gun Shot
[1d10] Homing Magic

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 7 = 7


"We need to remove that armor somehow… Some of my remedies seemed to damage it, but I cannot be particularly certain. Was anyone else able to damage the armor?"



Cutlass looks down to find that she is now sinking into the ground. Her body writhes as if her hooves are being dragged out of the sand.

[1d10] to escape

Roll #1 1 = 1



Cerulean barely reacts to the dagger until its already gone by her, making her look at where it flies to, then looks at where Cutlass is. Seeing the others doing their best to keep Cutlass busy, and feeling she's done enough for right now, she goes over to where the others are.

"Lemme take a crack at it Alder," she says, rushing up quickly thanks to her aura water still remaining, "and uhh…sorry about all that." With at least on apology given so far, Cerulean gets her tail ready as she tries to crack open one of the armor-possessed friends like it was the shell of a nut.

>Slam to break the armor, but not hurt whoever is inside


Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6 / Roll #2 3 + 2 = 5


"Thanks Alder," Cloud says as he's quickly treated, feeling more perked up.

"I can make it intangible, but that's the best I got."

Cloud focuses on Cutlass, feeling some concern but he doesn't have many option left.
"Sorry, I just hope this won't hurt too much."
Cloud focuses on her, running in with his knife to jab it into the side of the armor's body. Once in close, he channels his aura, leeching away at Cutlass's lifeforce to make things more managable.
>Leech [1d10+1]
>Stab [DC-1] [1d10]

>Leech: Instant, Maso; Drains life from a target, dealing damage and healing Cloud's hits by an equal amount.

>Vampiric Leech: passive; When Cloud is at full hits, instead of draining health Leech will drain away size in addition to dealing damage. It will shrink the target and grow Cloud as if applying Wax/Wane. When Leech would use this effect, Cloud cannot use Wax/Wane normally.

>The Tooth of Sa'eer: [Weapon Tag: Single] Recharge 1: Attacks from this knife do not deal damage, but instead cause the target to become ethereal and intangible, causing them to phase through other tangible objects for (Roll - DC) turns. The effect applies to the limb that the knife's blade touches. During the duration of this effect, the target cannot use any attack or technique that would require the use of the affected body part.

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11 / Roll #2 2 = 2


Alder coughs a little bit, before giving Cerulean a soft pat on the shoulder- reaching up to do so. "It is fine, Cerulean. By now I should be used to being watterlogged. We are pirates, after all."
Alder will try to do what he can to help- which is let out a pair of aura-infused bird cries!
>Rallying Cry: [1d10+1]
>Screech: [1d10]

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9 / Roll #2 1 = 1


As Cutlass writhes and twists to get out of the quicksand, Cloud shrinks Cutlass down to size again once more, and she drops into the stew of ichor inside the suit. Willow lines up an ideal shot, and blasts the suit with the power of concentrated sunlight. A sickening stench wafts forth as putrid gunk and foetid seawater-soaked cloth burns away, with the shrunken Cutlass having dodged the heat thanks to Cloud.

With Alder's aid, Cerulean manages to break open the armor encasing Two Reeds. As Reeds is exposed to the open air, she retches, and vomits up some ichor. Though, far from appearing happy about being free, she looks about with anxiety at the battlefield.

"P-pl… eurgh… Players… did you kill the Players?" she groans through her nausea.


Before you can ask her what she means, the ground begins to rumble…


>Cutlass 0/2 but free of the diving suit now


>+1 from Vampiric Leech Growth

Cloud takes a step back as the armor is burned away after his attack, avoiding getting caught up in the sunbeam, himself. He quickly reaches into the gunk, fishing up for Cutlass to get her as far from it as possible.
"Cutlass, are you alright!"
>Assist Recover [1d10+1]

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9


Players? Ah, I am afraid I do not know what exactly you mean, if I must be honest. We have been trying to avoid killing any of our crewmates and companions."

Once she's free, Alder will attempt to heal her with his medic's knife.
>Heal: [1d10+1] (+1 TBP)

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8



Cutlass coughs and sputters as she regains control. Then, she lets out a little "eep" as Cloud virtually picks her up. It is then that she processes that she is shrunken again.

"Cloud, I swear, if you do not return me to my regular size right, now…" she says with her typical attitude, though her voice is weak.


She gives a sigh of relief as Two Reeds appears to be free. Though the words confused her, the rumbling only got her more worried.
"Uhh…guys? What was that?" After asking, and feeling a bit panicked, she tries to use her jaws to rip Promise out of his suit.

>Jaws on the suit (Great weapon)


Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


Sensing things were about to become more dangerous Willow attempted to summon more homing magic for himself.

[1d10] Homing Magic

Roll #1 2 = 2


Cloud looks down at Cutlass, focusing.
"I… uh, don't remember how to," He says after a moment.



"What…?" she deadpans.


"I'm trying but I can't remember how I normally do it! With my aura its kind of a one-way street for a while," Cloud says apologetically.
"It got you out of that armor, on the bright side."


"I think your soulknives took too much from him, Cutlass. I could perhaps attempt to counteract it with one of my remedies."


Cutlass regains her Hits and a Wound from the help she's given, while Cerulean shakes Hollow Promise like a squeak toy, which does manage to shake him out of the torn and battered suit.

Just as Hollow starts to clean himself off, you see Colobok and Splendid dragging an inert Auspicious Sign back out from the northern passageway in the seating area– and they're in a hurry. They leap down into the arena, carrying Sign with them, and as they hit the ground, the source of the shaking becomes known.

Six Metal Men emerge from the northern doorway. They are smaller and leaner than the usual giants, but these ones are armed, in a most unusual fashion.

Like how an archer or arbalist wears quivers for their arrows and bolts, three of these Metal Men are equipped with cases overflowing with cloth, metal, and thread. They grip needles between their fingers like throwing knives.

As for the other three, they are strapped with strange, rectangular tablets, marked with a number of eldritch icons, as well as vertical rods…


The Players click their needles and stick, sizing each of you up – as they get ready for Round Two.



"How does that make any sense!?" Cutlass groans in exasperation. "I think you're just messing with me!"


"You won't be able to heal it, but you might at least make his head feel better. I know that the Soul Slicer can make people feel a little weird. Unless you have a way to mend the soul?"

"Also… thanks…" she adds, a bit more uncomfortably.


"Where are the sun crystals…?" Cutlass asks with concern as more metal men show up.

>Soul Slicer off

"If we don't have sun, then focus down one target at a time. Hit that one," Cutlass says as she telekinetically throws a knife at one of the ones with tablets.

>[1d10] ranged attack on tablet metal man

Roll #1 6 = 6



That 6 should have a -1 if I'm still shrunken…


Willow and Two Tons decided that they needed to focus their fire and decided to arim at the nearest one with needles relative to them and opened fire.

[1d10] Sun Gun
[1d10] Homing Magic 1 Magma
[1d10] Homing Magic 2 Magma

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 2 = 2 / Roll #3 2 = 2


Alder will try to help out TwoTons a little, seeing how badly injured it got!
>Natural Remedy: [1d10+1]

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8



>+1 Bloodbank
>-1 Soul Damage

"It's the truth! I-I'm just blanking on it!" Cloud defends with concern.

As the others get freed, Cloud feels relief that this is done with and their friends are saved. It is short lived however as more Metal Men enter the arena. He takes a step back, already worn from the duel with Cutlass. His eye glows, focusing his magic to soften the ground to quicksand under one of the needle-equipped Metal Men to bind it to make whatever it's capable of much harder.
>Earthen Grasp [Crits 9+] [1d10]

>Earthen Grasp: recharge 1, spell, ranged; Summon vines, stones, or quicksand to trap an enemy and render them helpless. Large enemies may only be immobilized. Effect lasts until the enemy breaks free or is released.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Cerulean gives a big sigh of relief as Hollow seems to be okay now, but seems like the gauntlet was gonna be continuing. Cerulean sees some with big, heavy tablet things. Those could be fun to smash as she runs up to one to give it a smack with her tail.

>Slam. Crit 8+, take better, +2


Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3 / Roll #2 7 + 2 = 9


Alder heals up Two Tons for full Hits and a Wound!

"We've only got one–" Colobok says. "I pinched it from Diamantaire and the others. We'll need to make it count. Restrain them all and we can maximize its effectiveness."

At Cloud's command, the ground collapses into mud and crush beneath one of the Metal Men still in the stands. Cerulean leaps into the fray, and cracks it over the head with her tail! The Metal Man struggles to get free from the earth…

[1d10+4] Recruiter 1's roll

The other two Recruiters throw their needles at Willow Wisp and Alder!

[1d10+4] vs. WW
[1d10+4] vs. AF

The three Controllers fan out. Those of your allies who can still stand rush the third Controller, blocking him off from you! The other two reach for Cloud and Cutlass!

[1d10+4] vs. CS
[1d10+4] vs. C

Roll #1 3 + 4 = 7 / Roll #2 3 + 4 = 7 / Roll #3 8 + 4 = 12 / Roll #4 8 + 4 = 12 / Roll #5 10 + 4 = 14


Willow tossed the sun gun to Two Tons who promptly fired it at the recruiter targeting Willow, who promptly tried to dodge it's attempt to grab him.

[1d10] Sun Gun
[1d10] Dodge

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 6 = 6


>Emboldening Vapors: Two Tons takes two less damage from all sources for one round.

Alder scrabbles and tries to roll out of the way if possible, and also attempts to infuse his allies with more power using an aura-laden screech!
>Dodge: [1d10]
>Rallying Cry: [1d10+1]

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 1 + 1 = 2


Cerulean drives herself into a bit of a temporary frenzy as she tries to tear into the two controllers with her jaws.

>Cleave 2 controllers. Critfail 2-, crits 9+


Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5



"Well figure it out!" a frustrated Cutlass demands of Cloud.

"Everyone, get those things stuck together in Cloud's mud and then we can blast them with the Sun Stone!"

Desperate and without any other options, Cutlass rushes Recruiter 1 and shoulder charges him back into the mud with her tiny body.

[1d10-1] to keep him helpless

Roll #1 2 - 1 = 1


>+1 Bloodbank
>-1 Soul Damage

Cloud looks up as the Metal Men begin to move, freezing up for just a moment as he sees one coming straight for him. He then finds his legs are hard to move, avoiding the hand seems impossible. Reflexively, Cloud lifts up his dagger to jab at the Metal Man, while his aura flares up to drain whatever life energy he can from it to avoid any serious damage.
>Leech [1d10+1]
>Stab Metal Man's Hand [DC-1] [1d10]

>Leech: Instant, Maso; Drains life from a target, dealing damage and healing Cloud's hits by an equal amount.

>Vampiric Leech: passive; When Cloud is at full hits, instead of draining health Leech will drain away size in addition to dealing damage. It will shrink the target and grow Cloud as if applying Wax/Wane. When Leech would use this effect, Cloud cannot use Wax/Wane normally.

>The Tooth of Sa'eer: [Weapon Tag: Single] Recharge 1: Attacks from this knife do not deal damage, but instead cause the target to become ethereal and intangible, causing them to phase through other tangible objects for (Roll - DC) turns. The effect applies to the limb that the knife's blade touches. During the duration of this effect, the target cannot use any attack or technique that would require the use of the affected body part.

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3 / Roll #2 1 = 1


The Recruiters are surprisingly agile, weaving about the shattered arena to dodge Two Tons' rifle shots. Alder and Willow attempt their own footwork, but they're grazed by the needles.

>Willow loses 1 Hit, Alder loses 6

Though they were glancing shots, sharp lingering pain agonizes the two, for they see that deadly, malevolent barbs have been carved into the bodies of the needles, making them a dreadful affair to pull free.

Cerulean goes for the imprisoned Recruiter, but it elbows her in the chest as it worms its way out of the dirt!

>Cerulean loses 1 Hit

With Recruiter 1 freed, it reaches down and grabs the tiny Cutlass, crushing bones in a merciless grasp! The second Controller twists around Cloud's lunge, and slams its helmeted head into his side, slamming him down into the earth!

>Cutlass 0/1

>Cloud 0/3

"Kill it!" a shout comes, and a trio of black shadows leave the third Controller, descending upon Recruiter 1.


Recruiter 1 is too occupied to act further this turn!

But, speaking of which… Electricity has begun to run across the ground.

With Cloud and Cutlass incapacitated, the Metal Men, not noticing or not caring about the electricity, turn their focus elsewhere, and attack the others!

[1d10+4] vs. Two Tons
[1d10+4] vs. Willow
[1d10+4] vs. Cerulean

Roll #1 2, 2, 7 + 2 = 13 / Roll #2 6 + 4 = 10 / Roll #3 7 + 4 = 11 / Roll #4 1 + 4 = 5


Willow and Two Tons both moved to dodge, aiming to summon up some homing magic to try and level the field.

[1d10] Willow Dodge
[1d10] Two Tons Dodge

[1d10] Homing Magic:Magma Willow
[1d10] Homing Magic:Magma Two Tons

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 5 = 5 / Roll #3 2 = 2 / Roll #4 6 = 6


>+1 Bloodbank
>-1 Soul Damage

Cloud hits the ground hard from the headbutt, the wind knocked from his lungs. He groans in pain, trying to roll to his hooves as he sees the Cutlass getting crushed.
>Recover [1d10]

Roll #1 8 = 8


Cerulean snaps the air a bit from the failed attack and proceeds to retaliate with her tail!



Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11 / Roll #2 4 + 2 = 6



Cutlass's cry of pain is more of a squeal than a shout. Too many bones are broken to fight back anymore. But, she continues to fight back with her mind. Her thoughts race to find a way to turn this situation around. They had so many plans, they were so confident. Where did it all go wrong?


"Where's the control rod?" Cutlass asks Cerulean weakly.


Alder scrabbles towards Cutlass, desperately trying to resuscitate her. He ignores the needles in his body for now, hoping that he can at least get someone else back up and on their hooves before going down himself.
>Natural Remedy: [1d10+2] (TBP+1)
"P-Please, try and stay as still as you can.

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7



"Thank you…" Cutlass says weakly.


One of the Metal Men grabs Two Tons by the head and bashes him against the wall, so hard as to leave a crater, yet the machination still stands. Willow is not so lucky, as a Metal Man grabs him by the leg and flings him across the arena, skipping him like a stone until he crashes into one of the gateways at a gruesome angle.

>Willow 0/2

As Cloud pushes himself to his hooves, Cerulean slides beneath the Metal Man holding Cutlass, and jabs her tail straight into his gut! The force launches the Man into the air, black gunk spewing from his midsection. The arm holding Cutlass goes limp, and she falls out, only for Alder to catch her and begin to treat her with the smallest cotton swabs he can find.

>Cutlass regains full Hits and 1 Wound

As the Metal Men compose themselves to launch another assault…

…A shadow passes overhead.

"Thunder Step."

The blinding flash of lightning breaks the darkness of night.


When at last your eyes are clear enough to see again, your eyes are drawn to the crater in the middle of the arena. The charred remains of two Metal Men are strewn about. Electricity crawls all around across the stone, leaving your hair and feathers on end.

As the dust clears, you behold, in the center of the crater… an upside-down Vola.

Kukulcan, or at least his lower half, sticks up out of the stone. His legs kick, and his hands grasp at the air, trying to feel about for any way to pry himself out. Muffled words come from below the surface.



"It's about fucking time," Cutlass says angrily as Kukulcan arrives to save the day.

She uses her telekinesis to pull him out of the ground.

[1d10] to tug on him

Roll #1 7 = 7


Willow let out a grotesque wheeze as one of his ribs broke and squeezed his lungs. He promptly dropped to the ground, laying there as his flames extinguished Two Tons promptly began charging over toe help his friend up


>+1 Bloodbank
>-1 Soul Damage

Cloud covers his eye with a wing as the blinding light fills the arena, practically blinded from the suddenness.
Once it fades enough to see again, he looks over at the stuck Kukulcan, confused and his stuck position.
"W-Was that supposed to happen?"
He mutters. Seeing two of the Metal Men broken by him, Cloud feels a little more comfortable with letting him deal with the rest. With Alder tending to Cutlass, Cloud turns and runs across the arena to help Willow up after his terrible toss.
>Help Recover [1d10]

Roll #1 1 = 1


Alder tries to help out another one of his party members- this time Willow, with the Medic's Knife. He gently stabs at the stallion, saying "Ah- uhm, please, stay still."
>Heal: [1d10+2] (+2 TBP)

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


"Thank you." he wheezed.


"O-Of course. Sorry that the method is so… unsettling." He remarks, gesturing to the knife. "I do not know who would have made it like this."


Cerulean blinks at the sudden entrance and massive explosion of electricity. The sight was even more confusing, but Cerulean goes over to pull Kukulcan out from the ground.


As you yoink Kukulcan free from the earth, the crest upon his head flares up, launching his hat into the air. He catches it as it comes back down, dons it, then gives Cutlass a stern look. "Language, Captain."

Cloud rushes over to help, only to be forcibly yanked back by an invisible force. He realizes that the metal he has on him, be it in his clothing or his bags, is what's pulling him back. He's caught by Kukulcan, and then the force releases him.

Meanwhile, Willow has to deal with the image of Alder stabbing him with a knife whose blade glows a warm hue – only for the knife to heal his injuries, rather than worsen them.

>Willow regains full Hits and a Wound

"Take it as a sign that my re-apotheosis wasn't just a parlor trick," Kukulcan says in answer to Cloud. You notice that despite having just crash-landed head first into a stone surface, neither he, nor his clothing, have any signs of damage, nor even of wrinkles or dirt.

The Metal Men are less than amused with this interruption, and make to resume the attack! However, the electricity crawling across the ground swarms up and then down their bodies, slowing their movements!

"Direct Current!" Kukulcan says, and waves his hand in the direction of your group. The electrical current flows up over you all, energizing and accelerating you!

>Choose one bonus:

>A) Gain +3 Temporary Bonus Points this turn only
>B) Gain +1 Temporary Bonus Point and an additional Standard action this turn

The Metal Men attack!

[1d10+2] vs. Cerulean
[1d10+2] vs. Cerulean
[1d10+2] vs. Two Tons
[1d10+2] vs. Alder

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3 / Roll #2 8 + 2 = 10 / Roll #3 3 + 2 = 5 / Roll #4 10 + 2 = 12


>B) Gain +1 TBP and an additional Standard Action this turn.
>[1d10+2] (Direct Current TBP) Natural Remedy
>Dodge: [1d10]

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6 / Roll #2 5 = 5


>Embolding Vapors: -2 to all damage taken this turn.
>Updated H/W
Alder attempts to let out another aura-laced screech to weaken the remaining Metal Men!
>Screech: [1d10]

Roll #1 10 = 10



Cutlass, still tiny, looks around at the situation. She decides to throw one attack in from a safe distance before changing plans.

>Taking 3 Bonus points

>Soul Slicer: Off
>ranged attack on one of the Metal Men attacking Cerulean
>[1d10+3] using 3 Bonus Points

"Where's the control rod?" Cutlass asks Cerulean again.

Roll #1 2 + 3 = 5


>+1 Bloodbank
>-1 Soul Damage

Panic fills Cloud for a moment as he's pulled back suddenly, before see its some force from Kukulcan.
"Thanks, I think?" He says, unsure.

As Kukulcan energizes the group, he is apprehensive to act, already plenty bruised and not having the best track record against the constructions. But he can't sit by idly. He focused on one of the Men focusing on Cerulean, leeching with his aura to shrink and weaken it.
>Choosing A
>Leech [1d10+4] [Using 3TBP]

>Leech: Instant, Maso; Drains life from a target, dealing damage and healing Cloud's hits by an equal amount.

>Vampiric Leech: passive; When Cloud is at full hits, instead of draining health Leech will drain away size in addition to dealing damage. It will shrink the target and grow Cloud as if applying Wax/Wane. When Leech would use this effect, Cloud cannot use Wax/Wane normally.

Roll #1 2 + 4 = 6


Willow bolted up and tried his hardest to summon up some actual homing magic this time as Two Tons fired his sun gun and let his own orb go, aiming at the one attacking Alder.

[1d10] Homing Magic
[1d10] Sun Gun
[1d10] Magma orb

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 5 = 5 / Roll #3 1 = 1


Cerulean has questions to ask, but they'll have to wait as she gets back into the fight and proceeds to try and shred the two Metal Men that are attacking her with her jaws.

>Cleave 2


Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


A brawl fit for one of those new inventions – hand-drawn moving picture films, or 'cartoon shows' as they are colloquially called by the kids – breaks out in the arena. Elbows drop and dust clouds, captioned sound effects and colorfully-censored expletives fly about. Combatants are flung out of the violence, only to be dragged back in, either by an ally or by an enemy. Through the magic of friendship and exhaustion, damage is spread about democratically.

>Everyone loses 3 Hits

The cloud of violence (not to be confused with the Cloud of batponies) breaks, and the Metal Men are flung into the air. Kukulcan sweeps his hands at you again, and a circuit of lightning runs across your bodies, linking the lot of you in a continuous strand!

"Alternating Current! Finish them off!" Kukulcan commands.

>Elect a leader among you. This turn, those who aren't the leader cannot act, but the leader's actions this round have an extra +1 bonus for everyone else connected to them by Alternating Current. The leader's actions cannot critfail this turn; this bonus does not count against the TBP limit.


Cloud finds himself tossed and jostled about by the ensuing brawl, left exhausted once the dust clears. When Kukulcan links them all with lightning, Cloud slumps back, letter his energy on the current flow down to fuel Cerulean to land the finishing blow.
>Electing Cerulean as leader


Willow and Two Tons follow Clouds lead as they both grabbed the lightning

>Both vote Cerulean






Cerulean braces herself for the electric current, especially with her aura flowing all around like water. Though she begins to feel more amped up by it than hurt, which really got her tail ready to give it its all.

With everyone behind her, she makes sure to get herself nice and sped up along her aura water before unleashing a devastating slam of her tail once again!

>Slam, crit 8+, take better, +a lot at this point


Roll #1 2 + 11 = 13 / Roll #2 1 + 11 = 12


Animated by lightning, water and the trust of her allies, Cerulean's attack is swift and decisive. No sooner do you see her arc into the air, than do you see her descend. Only the faintest remains of charred shrapnel and incinerated cloth remain of the Metal Men, dissolving into dust as they flutter before her.

As your allies catch their breath and tend their wounds in weary silence, Captain Kukulcan, immaculately dressed as ever, clears his throat.

"An attack at sundown was ill-advised, but I trust you had no other recourse to aid our allies," he says. He does a headcount, and seeing that everyone who had been thought dead or captive in the destruction of the Heart Temple is in fact alive, he nods. "Thank you."



"This whole mission was ill advised," Cutlass says angrily as she massages her sore and wounded body. "Splitting up was foolish and pointless. If we were here to steal something, we'd be better off just pooling our resources into one quick grab and run. These sun crystals aren't infinite, are they?"


Cerulean shakes off the impact and possible war crime she just committed, having never experienced anything like that before. Even after shaking, her mane and tail still looks a bit frizzled and on end from the electricity.

"But all the exciting plans are always the ones everyone says are not a good idea," she comments happily, trying in vain to get her mane back in some order.
"Plus, we really had to rescue them. Things wouldn't be nice if…ya know…they lost a lot of memories and stuff."



With the Metal Men cleared out, and an extra ally on their side, Cloud collapses to the ground now that things appear calm, all his energy drained after the excursion.
"Please tell me there's no more of them."


Willow stood up to his full height rubbing his ribs with a hoof and then his other foreleg, his fire continued to burn as the pain kept his anger aflame. The now Nirik was quite the sight, with a coat of coal and a blue red flame mane and tail.

"Are you alright Willow?" Two Tons asked with trepidation.



Cutlass gives Cloud a side glance. "Thank you," she says stoically, her face slightly red.


"Goodness gracious. A-As if I did not have enough work on my claws already. At least everyone is alive, and no longer bewitched, yes?"


"No problem, I'm sure you'd do the same," Cloud says nonchalantly.

"Now why do you attack souls?!" Cloud says very accusatorily.

"Oh no, did the metal menget something on Willow?!" Cloud exclaims, his concern shifting a bit to the odd flames on Willow.


"You'll find not many agree with you," Kukulcan replies. "The capturing of the Ruby Round and the Temple of the Heart required different approaches– that is, before the Metal Men willingly annihilated part of the Temple, against all reason. And, before my unexpected trip into the Skull Temple."

Kukulcan looks to the sky. "They are, for now. But that's precisely what the next stage of the raid is all about – returning the divine spirit to what remains of the Sun Serpent."

Kukulcan shakes his head to Cloud's plea. "No, and with night falling, more are on their way. You'll have enough for a full-blown tournament bracket out here."

Faces fall among your allies.

"That's why I didn't come alone," Kukulcan continues.

Soon enough, you can hear the mechanical skittering of Watchkeepers, fast on the approach, from the northwest.

"I'll explain what's befallen myself later," Kukulcan says. "But the short of it is you can thank Cerulean for this Deus et Machina."

He leaves a conspicuous pause for laughter at his pun, before continuing:

"Take the wounded back to your shelter, while I see what remains of the Ruby Round's holders. Oh, and– do keep an eye out if I'm not back before morning coffee. If it really all was just a hallucination, you may need to collect me to ship me off to Davy Pones' locker."

He adds a laugh, half nervous, half confident, as lightning courses the length of his body. His grim jokes make the others look all the more eager to get gone already…



"It would seem, then, that you don't know the Metal Men or this situation as well as you think you do, then."

Then, Cutlass's eyes narrow. "Or, perhaps you do."

Then, when Kukulcan alludes to the robot army he's amassing, rolls her eyes. "I see Cerulean gave the control rod to you?"


"Mmm… y-you strike me as overly nervous yourself. How unlikely is it that you return, Kukulcan?" Alder asks, cocking his head to the side.

"But, perhaps you have the right of it. We have injuries to tend to for the time being."


Cerulean seems confused by the pause as the pun goes well over her head. While she doesn't laugh, she's at least able to understand the thanks part of it, giving a sharky smile.
"Sure! Always glad to help, even if I don't know what I did!"

"What do you mean? I still have it right here," she says, shaking her bag a bit that has the control rod sticking out of it like a crude antennae.


Cloud groans at the news, wobblily pushing himself back to his hooves. The sounds of the watchkeepers not giving much extra confidence on the situation.
"Should just pull back everything while we're ahead. That was only a hooful of them and I can barely even think straight after that fight,"
Cloud says, not sharing Kukulcan's optimism.


Willow growled a bit "No this is… a natural ability of my people. When we get angry we tend to… ignite for lack of a better term." he said as slowly the flames began to dim as his anger cooled.

Two Tons nodded "They call it a Nirik, not very original but it gets the point of being the opposite of a normal Kirin across."

The duo mostly just listened to the thundering captain before sitting both a bit bruised.



"For once, I agree with the bat-brain. We have the ability to build an army. Why not take our time and use that? Heck, we could even use the robots to just dig a hole down to the vault and expose it to the sun."


"Oh, that?" Kukulcan scoffs, and juggles a ball of lightning between his hands, and across his shoulders. "I've outgrown the need for it."

"Between you and me," he says, leaning in with a conspiratorial air. "I'm more likely to lose the Watchkeepers. They're getting sent in first."

"Hey, I'm getting to that," Kukulcan says. "But give me a minute to hog the spotlight, will you?"

Sir Pent crawls across Cutlass's shoulders, looking for a clean enough spot to curl up for the night.

Kukulcan notices Cloud's memory-crystals laying nearby. Taking a piece of rubble, he scoots them toward you. "Whoever those are, I'd advise against letting anyone else touch them. Wouldn't want them to pick up your memories for you. Or maybe they're unpleasant, in which case you might. Anyway, we'd all best be off."

As Watchkeepers skitter over the walls of the Ruby Round, Kukulcan begins to direct them, using no aura, nor magic, as you can sense, but the lightning that moves across his form, as natural a part of him as his feathers.

>timeskip to morning available



"Because there's a lot of people who can heal their bodies using aura. I'm just staying one step ahead," Cutlass answers in a tone that is a combination of nonchalant and proud.


"I'd enjoy studying these if only to see if I could take some hints for my own work." he said as he looked at the hunks of formerly metal men and then the Watchkeepers as he shouldered his sun gun for now.

Two Tons meanwhile popped out a set of tools and began to repair himself. Allowing any who wished to chat to do so.


"Well, the Watchkeepers are more replaceable, yes? A better alternative to losing you."

"Do you, ah… control them with your lightning, then? They are machines, of a sort, so perhaps it makes sense?"

"I also, unfortunately, cannot fix that. You will need to be careful if you cannot regain it on your own."



Cutlass watches Kukulcan's talons as he picks up on of Cloud's memory-crystals. She knows slight of hand when she sees it. And, she wants to make sure he doesn't pocket anything he shouldn't.

[1d10] to make sure he doesn't steal a memory crystal
>Master Thief if applicable


"I certainly didn't intend on it getting turned on my allies. My apologies."

Roll #1 1 = 1


Cerulean has her eyes more on the lightning ball moving around than paying attention to what he is saying.
"Woah, nifty," she says, a bit unclear if she's talking about his lack-of-need for the control rod or his fancy b-ball trick.


"Oh, wow. That… uh, do you get angry often?" Cloud asks with concern.

"That is totally not a good reason! I already have enough injuries to deal with without needing my soul carved up, how do I fix this?!"

"It would've been nice to know beforehoof…"

"I hope the wish I made covers it…"
Cloud grumbles a little.

Cloud looks down at the crystals as they're scooted to him.
He reaches down to pick them up, only for them to merge back into him on contact. He blinks a few times at the sudden recollection of the memories of his youth.
"Whoa, hey, all those blanks, I remember now!"
He then looks over to Cutlass, fixing her size back to normal with his magic.
"See, told you I forgot!"

He shivers after.
"Can't believe they could do that, I could've left these behind without even knowing… At least they didn't get any important ones…"


>[1d10+1] Master Thief
Alder will also attempt to ensure none of them are yoinked.

"At the least, I can help with the physical wellness. I remember rituals to deal with the savaging of the soul, but… ehehe, they may be superstition."

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6



"It fixes itself!" Cutlass says defensively.

"I think…" she adds uncertainly. "It's not like I made it to be fixed. The finality of it is kinda the point. But, it's not like the soul WANTS to be separated from the body. Plus, I accidentally used it on Alder once, and it seems to have healed up. As far as I can tell, the soul just patches itself back to the body over time."

"It's not technically hurting your soul at all. It's just like… disconnecting it from your body. Imagine there's a series of stitches holding your soul to your body. My attacks cut those stitches. But, they seem to come back over time spent NOT exerting yourself."


"At least they didn't steal your whole self," Cutlass grumbles.


"I try not to but sometimes when you can't even stand up to keep fighting, it can make a guy pretty angry."


Now Kukulcan looks really quite flustered. "…Don't take away from the big reveal I was planning for tomorrow," he huffs.

While Cutlass ogles the impressive masonry that went into the tiles of the Ruby Round, Alder makes sure that all is well with Cloud getting his memories back. One of them is of a particularly irksome time paying taxes… they can't all be good, I suppose.

With his forces guarding the various apertures into the undercrofts and inner places of the Ruby Round, Kukulcan makes for the northern entrance, giving you a final wave.

Droplet nods, and turns to Cutlass. "Captain, you good to walk? Or you lookin' for a ride?"


>Tile Patterns

"Ehe… I will leave it be for now, then. Now, we ought to all hurry up and leave. Does anyone need assistance walking? I can give the aid we need to return to the camp, and give more intensive care there. Goodness knows there is enough scrap here to make splints."



"I will NOT be riding," Cutlass says, limping for the exit.



>good for skippage






"That's not really helping you know," Cloud comments on the description, gesturing to the assortment of limbs that've been disconnected as of late.

"One we're done with all this then I'm taking plenty of time off to ensure this soul damage is fixed."

"I can see that. …Does it burn at all? Or do you not feel any heat since its you?"

Taking a moment to ensure everything in place, Cloud is good to move.
"I'm alright, for now at least."




Gathering together your weary and much-in-need-of-a-bath comrades, you make for the primary vomitorium of the Ruby Round. Finding the gate closed, you halt for a time, while Willow and Two Tons figure out the mechanisms of the gate's operation. When they raise the gates, you continue your escape. In the distance, you hear sparks of metal upon metal, and the occasional gleam of lightning.

You make your way back through the jungle and earth, until you are back in the little shelter that Schnitzel, Make Believe and Sir Diamantaire carved out.

Lookin' a bit crowded here now, innit… Diamantaire gripes. I'll get us goin' on some more rooms. Schnitzel, gimme a paw.
"Yessir, mister boss-gem."
Make Believe gestures north-east. It's nighttime, but… there's a shallow stream not far from here, if you wanna wash up. Though, you probably shouldn't let that stuff run off into the ocean.



A smile flashes across her beaten up face as she sees Schnitzel and Make Believe. "Is everyone alright?" she asks them optimistically.


"No I feel no pain, it's as natural as my mane because it is my mane." he said with a nod, floofing the green puff.

Willow for his part just took a seat and sighed, setting his gear down and letting his lanky form rest.


Cloud takes a seat once they reach shelter, glad to finally be in a safe place.
"I can make some rain clouds if we don't want any runoff."


"Mmm, everyone is certainly not alright. Please, give me some time to work." Alder notes, trying to tend to all the injured as he gets the time, which is… well, more or less everyone.

>Heal/Natural Remedy across the board?


Has a very relieved look on her face as she takes a moment to rest in the shelter.
"Phew…hey, next time we go on an adventure, can we go somewhere actually under the water? All this walking is still kinda exhausting."


Despite everyone's exhaustion, you manage to pool together efforts for everyone to eat, get clean, bind wounds, and find decent enough shelter for a night's rest. Most of your allies are asleep the moment they lay across the bedroll…

And with that behind you, the night passes uneventfully.

…Some time later, you are awoken by a little liveliness in the common area – the smell of coffee, of fire, and the low rumble of arguing voices.


Willow awoke with a long groan, desiring something fried with his breakfast and some juice. Two Tons meanwhile began to brew up some coffee that Willow kept on him.


Cloud awakes, but does not move from his spot, continuing to lay.
"Can somepony hand me a coffee please," He says to nopony in particular, though his ears flick up to pick up on the arguing voices.



Cutlass wakes up groggily and stumbles in the direction arguing, her favorite pass time.


"Give Two Tons a minute and he'll have a fresh pot!" he called out having been close enough to catch it.


Alder awakens somewhat sore from all the work mending people the night before, but at least it's not a bad kind of sore. The arguing doesn't sound very reassuring, though. He'll slink out to take a look.


"Ah, good. Thanks!"


Cerulean grumbles a bit and turns over, trying to go back to sleep. Her tail limply hits against the ground in likely morning crankiness.


In the common area, those of you who choose to venture out there, anyway, see Make Believe, Schnitzel, Colobok, Ossie, Sparkler and Droplet being quite bothered by none other than Kukulcan.

You see, the cups and plates, containing their fresh-made breakfast (toast, fish, berries and herbs) and coffee, are all made of metal. Wielding electricity as he does, Kukulcan commands also a deft control over magnetic forces. This all gives Kukulcan just what he needs to play quite the convoluted and twisting game of keep-away from the others, levitating and spinning plates and cups in complex rhythms; within reach one second, just beyond it in the next. Of the participants, only Schnitzel, Ossie and Sparkler seem genuinely annoyed. The others are quite enthused, but keep up the act nonetheless.

When Schnitzel sees others waking up, however, he makes an evil sneer.

"So, Thunder Serpent, you regain your long-lost divine power after so long and this is what you use it for?" Schnitzel asks.

"Tchaaaawk!" Kukulcan squawks, his head-crest flying up. He catches his hat as it bounces off the earthen ceiling. "What did I say about the surprise!?"


Willow simply quirked a brow and yawned a bit as Two Tons trotted out with an awfully hot coffee pot and begins to pour two cups, adding a bit of cream and sugar he swiped from various establishments and kept for this.

Cloud was free to take and alter his coffee as he pleased, as was anyone else who wanted a cup of high quality coffee.


Cloud takes his fresh coffee, feeling much more refreshed after a sip.
"Ah, that's good."

Perked up, Cloud follows after the others towards the ruckus.
"What's going on in here?"


"Ah! It was as I thought, then." Alder says, mostly to himself. However, being a performer, he doesn't want to steal another's moment. He will accept his food and watch the moment unfold, giggling a little.


>et al

With an annoyed huff, Kukulcan distributes the food to the rightful owners, and sets about putting together more plates for the other early wakers. You see that he is still dressed as crisp and clean as he was when he parted ways with you the previous night, no wrinkles, nor dirt nor even sweat or other evidence of struggle has marred his clothing or the outermost of his feathers.

"Good morning to you all, then," Kukulcan says. "I believe reintroductions are in order, though I've already alluded to this before. My name is Sir Kukulcan; a god of Cuauhtemoc, the Thunder Serpent. Having regained a little of my lost divine spirit, I am now in more of a position to call myself that."

>roll perception (social)



Cloud sits down for his share of breakfast, more concerned with that than Kukulcan.
"How'd that happen?"
He asks, not quite awake enough to question deeper.
>Social perception [1d10]

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Willow Wisp." the tall kirin said nodding

"Two Tons o Fun!" the automakirin added with a flourish.

[1d10] Willow
[1d10] Two Tons

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 4 = 4



"THAT'S the surprise?" Cutlass asks with a deadpan expression. "What did you think we thought happened in the colosseum?"



[1d10] social perception

You'd think Cutlass would have something for this… I mean, you might argue that Master Thief might qualify…

Roll #1 7 = 7


About two weeks ago, the Vola floating before you, Captain Kukulcan, hired you all as a secondary and tertiary crew to assist with the excavation of Cuauhtemoc, a long-lost Island Turtle imprisoned at the bottom of the Sea Below the Sea. Using experimental magitechnology, your ships dove beneath the waves of the Ribcage to reach the island.

(Unbeknownst to you, an unconscious Two Tons was onboard Kukulcan's ship, stuffed in the cargo bay, while Willow Wisp was busy searching for him on Agyl Island. Two Tons had been kidnapped by unknown assailants, deactivated, and sold to Magoja, one of Kukulcan's crewmates through the Black Market. Technically, through a deal negotiated by Kukulcan, Two Tons is now part of his crew.)

After around a week of navigating the depths below, you found Cuauhtemoc, encased in a strange marble of a golden smoke, the likes of which you had not seen before. Beyond the golden smoke was an island that was in the process of being stolen straight out of time. Time flowed erratically here, as a result of a long battle of attrition between the guardian deities of the island, and the forces of the Vault, an eldritch phenomenon located at the south end of the island. The guardian deities protecting the island had lost much of their divine power, and with the native population of the island gone, the faith which strengthened them had run dry, and the deities had lost even their own self-conceptions, dwindling to little more than husks.

Captain Kukulcan eventually named himself as the Thunder Serpent, one of the guardian deities of Cuauhtemoc, who had escaped long ago with his fellow goddess, Vice-Captain Two Reeds, who was once the Smoke and Mirrors.

Kukulcan's claim was dubious to be sure, but he had the knowledge of the pre-sinking life of the island to bolster it. Still, that claim was thrown into question when Cerulean, in the course of exploring the Skull Temple at the north end of the island, met a faint remnant of a spirit, who claimed to be the Thunder Serpent, and had no knowledge of Kukulcan. Kukulcan himself went into the Skull Temple to investigate these claims himself… though you do not know how that went, you do see him here now, augmented by a tremendous power he did not boast before.


Kukulcan hangs his head in dejection at Cutlass's retort. "Pardon me for not bringing cake, streamers and fireworks. But yes! Consider this my official announcement of returned divinity. The Skull Temple… I had squirreled away some fragment of my divine spirit there, now recovered past these o'erlong years."

The reactions of Hollow Promise and Auspicious Sign are those of muted surprise, you notice. They seem to have been out of the loop on this. Really, only Two Reeds and Sir Diamantaire seem to be taking this in stride.

"But with this," Kukulcan continues. "We have fulfilled two of the three conditions we needed to meet to breach the Vault."



"I don't recall you mentioning that you secretted away a part of your divinity. A curious thing to do, to be sure. Even more curious to not mention it…"

Cutlass ponders for a moment before using Soul Sight on him to see if anything has changed.

>Soul Sight on Kukulcan


"What's the last condition?"
Cloud asks as he sips his coffee.


Willow let Cloud ask as he had the same question. He sipped his own coffee too.


This one… this one hurts.

A pair of scenes overlap in your mind's eye, as if projected from two film reels onto the same canvas. And yet, the two scenes are so strangely similar, and also yet opposed, as if to show two halves of a whole…

As you examine his soul, a brief shivering overtakes your entire body. You are reminded of the time when you attempted to peer into Magoja's, only to be met with chaos and endless, impenetrable mystery. But your gaze, tempered by experience, does not waver, as you peer into the unknown.

You catch brief glimpses of a vibrant land / a land overflowing in a storm / a country awash in color.
In the morning sun, / under clouds black and bright with lightning / flowers and fruits glimmer like rainbows of stars,
nestled in dew-kissed foliage. / A war has been recently won / Stone architecture is woven into the green,
comprising great bridges / captives and the spoils of war are taken / connecting across the breadth of mighty lakes.
They are fastened with vines / prisoners are inducted into the ranks of servants / shaded by trees growing / their home tribe plots their terrible revenge
from the waters. Statues of great warriors / Towering glyphs of wars won, an archive spanning centuries / kings of the Krikral race
Arches, pillars, aqueducts, roads / From above, councils of gods dictate grand strategy to both sides / all are hewn with an immortal beauty / so it has been for eons past, since the Singing concluded / only in artists' glimpses of the divine.

Unlike the first time you beheld this vision, Kukulcan, now dressed in divine regalia, is at last present, watching over the diametric realities, holding them equally under his power.

He takes some time to answer, his face plain and earnest all the while. "To tell the truth… I may have forgotten. Whoops!"

He *doinks* the side of his head and sticks his tongue out. "The abandonment of the island was a chaotic affair, and centuries past, to boot. I was gravely wounded, and spent much time in recovery afterward… my memory of that fateful night was always murky."

"The three conditions I sought to meet were these," Kukulcan says. "The first, to obtain control over the Watchkeepers. My regained strength and the Staff of the High Mechpriest, in Cerulean's possession, enable that. The second, to obtain as many godray crystals as we could. Although the raid on the Capital for its crystals was unsuccessful, we have obtained a few, nonetheless. The third, to make contact with the Sun Serpent. Now that I have regained some of my divine essence, I may be better able to link with what remains of the Sun Serpent's divine spirit, where before, he could not hear me, or perhaps I could not hear him. I will have need of your aid to summon the Sun, however."



Cutlass stares down Kukulcan, wondering how to approach this strange set of possible lies.

"And what would you have us do to summon this sun serpent?" Cutlass asks finally.


"Summon the sun? That seems a little… like, that won't mess up where it is and let those Metal Men have more room to walk around, would it?"
Cloud questions with some concern.


Kukulcan floats out the coffee-pots to refresh the crews' mugs. "My people have long since calculated the most auspicious time and coordinates for sun-appeasing rituals. There is a place westward that will serve our purposes. Miss Two Reeds will lead us in the ritual; you'd have to go out of your way, and evade her notice, to screw it up under her tutelage."

"It's true," Two Reeds affirms. "I took few students as the goddess of magic. I've not had one fail me yet. A few even made a game out of trying to fail, against my teachings."


"A bold desire but how?"



"Ah, succinct but vague on details, what a wonderful little puzzle you've given me." he sighed rubbing his temple with a hoof as he sipped his coffee.

Two Tons snorted "Willow taught me everything I know and look how I turned out." the excitable mech declared.


"This isn't going to involve a sacrifice or anything, is it?"


"Are you certain that what remains of it will be able to speak with you? Or, that, it will wish to? I cannot claim to understand the nature of the divine, but it has been… some time, yes?"



"What? No! Of course not!" Cutlass says sarcastically. "Why would the ritual he's tactically not telling us about involve anything that might hurt us!?"


"Well, the ritual does call for one batpony, but only when done at night," Kukulcan says with a sinister grin.

"In the morning, it calls for a vola," Two Reeds adds. "Fortunately, we've got one right here."

"A-ah, yes, I think I saw our spare somewhere around here…" Kukulcan stammers, nervous.

"In fairness, he did not respond to our previous attempts at making contact," Kukulcan says. "But that was when we were only but mere immortals, devoid of divine spirits. With mine back… I cannot say for certain. But, even if the worst should be the case, and the Sun Serpent be too far gone from his divinity to hear me, then I may be able to direct him, as one would a beast, if you will forgive my sacrilegious description."

"In any case," Kukulcan says. "The purpose of such a ritual is to command the Sun Serpent's aid in the raid upon the Vault. Our foes are undone by sunlight, yet may hide under shadow, or behind the Vault's doors, during the day. Therefore, an assault that begins at night, and turns to day at our mere word, shall prove an effective approach. Unless, you have disagreements?"



"Would it be possible for us to simply bring the Sun Serpent inside with us? Then, he could shine on our enemies without having to lure them out."


"I'll just keep my distance then. Cheer on from the sidelines," Cloud comments. "Sun stuff is out of a bat's forte anyways."

"I guess we don't have much other choice, unless we can get a lot more of those godray crystals to not need this ritual."


"A… Vola? What exactly is a Vola?"

"Mmm… well, hopefully that does not present an issue for us, then."

"Mmm. I could perhaps attempt to take some, but I do not think it would be fast enough, or in a high enough quantity."


"In theory," Kukulcan admits. "However, we do not know entirely what may be beyond the doors of the Vault, nor if they could simply slam shut behind us, even with my power concentrated on forcing them open. The Sun Serpent is mighty indeed to persist over these many long years, but to risk his safety, walking into the domain of the enemy… I don't believe it a worthwhile gamble."

"That would be me," Kukulcan whispers. "We birdfolk of the upright variety, distantly related to griffons, but hold the cat."

"When you are ready," Kukulcan says. "Those of you who wish to be part of the ritual can come with myself and my entourage. Though, I'm obvious not captain to the Beesting or Hidden Dagger crews. If you have other preparations you wish to make, or perhaps to espy out the southern end of the island, I cannot hold you."



"I'd like to speak to my crew and prepare a bit before we go. I've barely even had time to eat breakfast. Can't fight on an empty stomach, you know!"

With that, Cutlass exits the conversation. She finds some food and then finds someone from her crew to eat with who isn't eating within earshot from anyone within Kukulcan's crew.


"Ah… I did not know the name for your kind, sir. I apologize. Who is your… backup, that you mentioned? Is there a reason we need more than one?"


"Hmm… I'll lend a hoof with this ritual. be the safest spot from anything else on this island at least."


With a disbelieving expression, he leans in. "…Miss Two Reeds and I were cracking jokes. The ritual does not call for a batpony sacrfice, either."


So what roles do you have in mind for us?"


"O-Oh. Uhm, ah. Apologies. But, ah, what would you have us do?"


Cerulean gives a big yawn as she finally wakes up, rubbing her eyes a bit as everyone seems lively, and she seems a lot less cranky than earlier.
"Mmmn…g'mornin' everyone."


"How skilled are the lot of you at fishing?" Kukulcan asks, by way of a teaser.

When Cutlass insists on extending breakfast before departing for this ritual, Kukulcan nods. Pouring himself a refill of coffee, he and Two Reeds head out with their plates.

Always where you least expect him and least want him– you find Droplet near the back of the cave. He's reading a newspaper, several weeks old by this point– but just the funnies, no actual news to be found. He looks down at you from over the top of the page as you approach.


At the mention of fishing, Cerulean perks up a bit.
"Oh! Me! I am! I'm still learning how to do it with a stick, but I really like swimming after them," she exclaims excitedly, certainly proof of how well-rested she is now.


"Hmm? I would say I am relatively skilled at fishing, yes. Not the greatest, but I have done it rather often… why?"



"I'm not hearing a lot of laughing for one reading something purported to be 'funny'," Cutlass comments conversationally as she sits down near Droplet and begins telekinetically eating her meal.


"It's an alright way to pass time," Cloud answers to his skill at fishing, obviously not too versed in it.


"I could probably rig something up to help fish."


"The humor is subtle, more intellectual than laugh-out-loud," Droplet says.

If Cutlass is the type to be a noisy eater, then she can sense Droplet silently judging her. It is perhaps the loudest silent judgment she has felt so far– the stuff of nobility and their exacting social expectations.

"Like many serpents, belong they to the land, sea or air, the Sun Serpent has an appreciation for fish," Kukulcan says. "Thus, the key to summoning him requires the capture of nothing less than a rare and powerful species. I will direct you in the details when we are there. Prepare yourselves. If you're in the splash zone, you will get wet. Or badly wounded."



Cutlass glares back at Droplet as her fork stops midair. She then takes a moment to remind of herself of the lifetime of practice that was drilled into her by her etiquette teacher. Then, while glaring directly into Droplet's eyes, she takes the most silent bite the world has ever not heard.

[1d10] for bite silence

Roll #1 3 = 3


"…Couldn't we catch a lot of normal fish?" Cloud asks as an alternative.


Willow nodded and began to start gathering supplies to build a trawling device to speed up fishing.


"So… we need to catch fish for a serpent god? Special fish? How will our fishing talents help?"


"I don't mind getting wet. Oh! But I better be able to have some too! I'm starving!"


"Crunchy, huh?" Droplet asks, staring you back down without a blink.

Then– the ultimate disparagement against your etiquette. He passes you a napkin by telekinesis.

Kukulcan arches a brow at Cloud. "We dare to summon a god. Presenting anything less than the apex of what we could offer is to invite reprisal. The elaborate religious rituals of the tribes and societies across the span of the Ribcage attest that all manner of people intuit or learn this truth one way or another. My relaxed demeanor is something of an exception among gods."


"Yes gods, and what not." Willow said waving it off as he worked.

"IS there a specific species in mind?" Two Tons asked curious



Cutlass inhales with frustration as she scrunches her face in an expression that can only be described as anger thinly veiled over amusement. She continues to glare at Droplet as she accepts the napkin with her telekinesis and daintily dabs her lips with it.

Then, she drops the glare and sighs. "I only feel validated for running away. Such things were never for me, no matter how much my grandfather insisted to the contrary. Though, I must say I am somewhere between surprised and impressed. I did not expect such an innocuous thing as light chewing to bother you so. Is there some high society in your upbringing?"


"Alright, alright. Just asking since what if the rare stuff is all gone? Those metal men have taken a lot from this island already," Cloud retorts.


"Ah, I see. Well… what exactly does catching these special fish entail?"


"Don't overthink it," Droplet says. "I'm just trying to enjoy the comics."

He flicks his eyes toward Kukulcan. The gesture is momentary, but unmistakable. He's picked up on your suspicion against Kukulcan, and is prompting you to elaborate– or else, leave him to his funnies.

"I don't think it's likely– but if it turns out to be the case, I have a backup plan. Have a little 'faith' in me, will you? Hahaha."

"The Fish Who Devoured the Sky," Kukulcan says. "From the name alone, you can imagine its appetite. We'll need quite a significant catch of a lesser fish to bait it out, first and foremost. Variants of this story exist across the Ribcage, most commonly in islands which have a similar migratory pattern to Cuauhtemoc. He, and the Sun and Moon Serpents, are quite bitter rivals. Every so often, one eats the other, and the rivalry continues."



"Hmm," Cutlass responds in disappointment to Droplet's evasiveness.

"Well, speaking of reading into things, what do you make of Kukulcan's plans?"


"Are you just making this up as you go? IF so it's quite impressive." Willow chimed, earning a look from Two Tons. The Tall Kirin began to get the nets ready as he had the base of the machine worked out.

"Be nice Willow."


"So we gotta catch a lot of fish anyways, should've said that earlier," Cloud comments. "If other island have stories, wouldn't that fish be out in the ocean then and not down here?"


"So… we catch lots of smaller fish, and then use the smaller fish to catch a bigger fish, which we use to attract a Serpent?"


"That is the most concise summary of the idea, yes," Kukulcan says of your synopses.

"You may stay behind if this task is beneath you," Kukulcan shoots back, as you poke at the stories. It seems the fables of Cuauhtemoc are a spot of particular sensitivity for him.

"I think… you suspect he's a fraud," Droplet whispers back. "To be perfectly honest, it doesn't make much of a difference to me whether he is or he isn't. He's paying me, and he gives me directions. But… s'pose that's an easy excuse for me to make so that I don't have to puzzle it out. I've been reserving judgment on all this god stuff. Not my wheelhouse… but if he and Two Reeds are fraudsters, they're committed to the bit, at the very least. After all–

"The only good liar is one who doesn't know they're a liar."


"I'm simply of the mind of just telling us what we need to do directly. Though I am not averse to a good story, I feel as if the task is urgent enough to dispense with those frivolities." he said glancing up and sitting back a bit

"Is it wrong to give these words that gravitas?"

Two Tons eyes shuttered a few times as his brain processed it all. After a few moments he caught up "Will you're doing that thing where you use big words to sound cool again." he added which got an annoyed noise from the Kirin.


"You don't need to bait me into going, I'm already doing that. I'm just concerned about where this fish is," Cloud defends casually.

"…How much fish do we need to catch?"


"Very well. Guide us to the first fishing point, and I imagine we can take care of things from there."



"I 100% agree," Cutlass nods.

"Whether or not he truly is, was, or even could end up being a god is not my concern. Though, I consider it a foregone conclusion at this point that he is not telling us the complete picture."

"And, THAT is my concern. What isn't he telling us? And, far more importantly, why is he not telling it? There is only one reason people hide information: because you don't other people to have the information. So, the real question amidst all of this is: what should we be afraid of?"

"Forgive me," Cutlass catches herself and laughs lightly. "I'm explaining espionage to someone who has - seemingly - made it their living. I'm not trying to talk down to you. I'm sorry if that's how it came off. I'm just concerned that we're being set up as sacrifices for some convoluted plot. His plans to divide us were foolish and we saw how that turned out. I don't think it's an accident that it all went so wrong. And, I don't want to end up losing my free will again because of HIS plans."


"Well count me in for that! I'd love nothing more than to get back into the water for a long while! So let's hurry up here or whatever!"


"Captain, I don't think it's physically possible for you to talk down to anybody," Droplet says. "Not even to Make Believe."

That's cause we see eye-to-eye on a lot of matters, Make Believe adds. You cannot tell whether his double entendre was intentional.



Cutlass practically jumps out of her skin when Make Believe's "voice" pops in her head. She looks around, only just now noticing his presence (if he is indeed here in the cave with them).

"The insults weren't necessary," Cutlass responds with a sigh as she calms her heartbeat.

"Anyway, I have an idea…" she adds as she fishes out Monty from the recesses of her dress.

"Oh, Monty, dear. Mind answering some questions?" she asks the snake pendant.


"Insults? Whaaaaaaat…" Droplet responds. "It's a term of endearment. You know, they call pet names 'diminutive' for a reason."

Monty looks up from his breakfast. He's got a tiny mug of coffee, and Droplet appears to have torn out a couple comics for him to read. He awaits your request.



Cutlass stares at Monty with a disbelieving but utterly amused smile as she slowly blinks, trying to comprehend what she's seeing the snake amulet do. Then, she shakes her head and moves on.

"What do you know about Kukulcan's supposed godhood?" she asks Monty.


"It issss, now, the talk of the crew," Monty says. "His crew mosssstly knew him as an eccentric archaeologist before… but they are getting ussssed to referring to him as a god now. It is not so much that his crew issss getting religion, rather that they are getting accusssstomed to new information. It sssseemsss the idea wasss mostly limited to Kukulcan'ssss inner circle – Two Reedsss, Diamantaire, and himssself – prior."



Cutlass nods, more or less expecting that answer. "And, what do you know about this ritual he is leading us to?"


"…Nothing more than what he has already told us," Monty says. "I will remind you that three or more voices in communication with one another are required for me to pick up on their gossip. Perhaps this suggests that Kukulcan is only giving his crew just the bare bones of what they need to follow his orders…"



"It also means that nothing else on the island is aware of any such ritual. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't you use the monkeys as a reference for information before?"


"Not necessarily," Monty says. "There could be three or more figures on this island who independently know of the ritual, but if they are not speaking to one another, I can't pick up on their gossip. He could be telling the truth, but if the only ones who could vouch for him aren't speaking, I would be none the wiser."



"Alright then, let me ask you this. Are any of the locals inordinately scared of the lake he's taking us to? Do an unusual amount of people die there, perhaps?"


"Hmm… yes. The monkeys I got my gossip from before avoid that area. They fear the great and terrible fish that live inside it. Some claim to have seen the most dreadful of these fish, but their descriptions vary. I'd guess there are more than a few mighty fish in that lake."



"Interesting. Thank you, Monty. You're very helpful."

>ready to go now


"Well- we should not waste much time then, yes? Let us start."


When breakfast concludes, Kukulcan gathers together an expedition group for the western village. You, together with Splendid, Two Reeds, Make Believe, Ossie and Hollow Promise, are to head to the western coast. As for the others, they will rendezvous with their respective crews to catch them up on the events so far. Weather permitting, they will later refresh your stock of supplies at the western village, approaching by the sea.

Schnitzel and Diamantaire, with their skill over the earth and all it holds, break down the makeshift cavern camp, and disperse any trace of your having been there. With that done, Schnitzel, Diamantaire and the others leave, making for the north-northwest, where the other crews are in wait.

>roll for navigation westward


>Navigation time! [1d10]

Roll #1 4 = 4


"So, will we be able to catch these fish with poles, or harpoon? Or is there something special about the process that must be done?"



Roll #1 8 = 8


Cloud keeps an eye and ear out as they navigate towards the west village. While they are a bigger group now and have Kukulcan, he's still a tad wary of traveling.
"So, uh, should we gather some bait while we walk, or do you have all the fishing supplies ready?" He asks.


"The traditional method is more… hands-on," Kukulcan says. "The hero of most versions of the tale suffered a few unsuccessful attempts to catch the fish with net and harpoon. The Fish that Devoured the Sky got wise to his tricks, and stayed away, until it smelled the hero's very own blood in the water."

Thanks to Cerulean's deft skills of navigation, your trip through the jungle is not too long. Around half an hour to noon, you emerge from the jungle upon a high cliff, and a distance ahead you see a magnificent lake, with a river leading from it to the sea, and a village ruin upon its southwestern side. The lake is fed from a river from the northeast.


"Phew, finally out of that jungle," she says with a hefty huff, still not enjoying the overall heat of the place. Though at the sight of the lake, and mentioning the hands-on method, Cerulean's energy feels renewed from that.
"Yes! C'mon, let's go! We can have a big lake party! Or a fish buffet! Or even both!"



"What are the tales based on?" Cutlass asks as she looks down at the lake from the side of the cliff.


"If there's dangerous fish in the water, then I suggest you be careful," Cutlass cuts into Cerulean's enthusiasm.


"I don't like the sound of that…"
Cloud says with concern on the blood.

As they come out through the clearing and see a lake and river ahead, Cloud breaths a deep sigh of relief that it went smoothly.
"Maybe this won't be so bad, looks pretty nice actually."


"Ooh! Well, it is certainly a lovely spot, if nothing else. So, we need to use… our hands- err, mine, I believe the rest do not have them- and our own blood?"


"It'll be fine. Because I'm about to be the most dangerous thing in that water!" Her enthusiasm only seemed to increase instead of decreasing.


Perhaps just a small amount. It would be wise to try and mend wounds before the giant fish.shiws, though. I-I would not like more close calls, if I can avoid it."


"Same, I've already need to be patched up enough as is."


"Same thing all tales are," Kukulcan says. "Something interesting happens, and people won't let each other hear the end of it. Years down the line, someone misremembers a detail in the telling, and the one who corrects the teller corrects them with their own mis-memories. More years pass, and more and more people remember the story in their own way – in a different location, at a different time, starring different characters. So too do many tales spread out and become their own regional lore. It might not all be true, but not a word of it is a lie."

You reach the old town; like many settlements you have seen so far, this one appears to have been plucked from time. Docks on the west and east end of town (for the town goes up to the shore of the lake) host many fishing boats. Nets, cages and harpoons rest upon racks, some still wet from when it was last used to catch fish. In homes, meals freshly-cooked, or half-eaten, lay on tables with no sign of rot, despite having been made perhaps centuries ago.

Mural-covered structures fill the town – fountains, saunas, bathhouses, signs, notice boards, and statues. Part public works, part decoration, and perhaps even part religious and cultural in function. Mosaics of the most elaborate colors beautify these structures, depicting some ancient event, or story, or the like. The town must have had quite a bit of wealth from its position, advantageous to trade.

Kukulcan's allies go to survey the lake as you look around town.



"Soooo, in other words, you have no idea," Cutlass says with a deadpan expression.


"Hmm… this really is a bizarre place. At least we can find more fishing supplies here, if we need it?" He offers.
>Search! [1d10]

Roll #1 2 = 2



Cutlass takes in the scenery. "I imagine this would have been all quite beautiful were it still full of life. It's very… thematic."

"Actually, shockingly artistic for what seems to have been a fishing town," she comments as she heads over toward some of the fishing equipment. She telekinetically takes a harpoon and net with her.

She notices the water still on the equipment and furrows her brow. "Is somebody living here?" Cutlass asks Kukulcan as she shakes the net in his direction to indicate that it's still wet.



[1d10] for Cutlass to read his expression

Roll #1 1 = 1


Cerulean's curiosity instincts take over as she gently mills about, looking around at everything and investigating her surroundings.


Will went for a bit of a stroll through the streets, taking in the sights and anything of note along with Two Tons who similarly looked for anything neat.

[1d10] Perception 1
[1d10] Perception 2

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 4 = 4


"Your incuriosity to the field of anthropology continues to disappoint me," Kukulcan sighs. "The development of a legend – from an interesting happening, to a tall tale, to a bona fide piece of local lore and mythology – should be of equal interest to both gods and infamous pirate captains, wouldn't you say?"

Kukulcan investigates the net that Cutlass presents to him – water drips from one end of the rope. He takes a nearby rag and pats the net dry. As it turns out, it stays dry.

Kukulcan strokes his beak. "Of all the things that the Metal Men love to steal, 'time' is far and away their most desired target. As you can see elsewhere, objects which have had their 'time' stolen remain in stasis as they were. Food with stolen time will not rot, for example. But, this net dried up when I applied the rag to it. In other words, someone actually used this net not long ago."

Around the same time, Willow and Two Tons, having taken a stroll to sightsee, can hear a little commotion some blocks up, though they can't see it from here.


The duo hustled up to see what exactly going on.



"I'm more interested in what ACTUALLY happened. Especially since we are about to replicate it."


"Could someone else be interested in chasing this legend?" Cutlass asks as she observes the net.

"Also… I have to ask," she says as she takes a glance in a window at the preserved food. "What would happen if one ate a piece of food that had its time stolen?"


Cloud looks about the town, the emptiness giving him some unease after seeing the previous town with all its shades. After passing a few buildings, he turns and opts to go to the docks and check the lake.


Alder found… a net! Well, a torn net. He also found some food, giving it a curious poke.
"So, why do they love to steal time?"


"At this point, you'll have to ask the big Fish himself," Kukulcan says.

Monty looks up at you. "Ssssurely a god, even a god not connected to that sssstory, would know the proper history…"

Kukulcan shrugs. "I have expressly prohibited my crew from eating that food. You are under no such prohibition if you are curious about that."

"I cannot say for certain; they are not the type to yield an informative interrogation," Kukulcan jokes in a dry tone. "But I believe it has much to do with the concept of value. They come from the Vault. Why do people keep things locked up, hide away the storage container, and surround it with traps and guards? Because they value those things above all else, and will not tolerate them being taken away. Thus, because so many mortals desire nothing more than more time, these things which reside in the realm beyond the Vault go and take it by force."

The water looks cool and clear at the shore, and the stand is soft and rather clean. It looks to be shallow for quite a distance. You could wade for some time before the water would reach your chest height.

Around the bend, you reach a rather large roundabout near the strand. It was probably once used for market days. Near the edge, you and Two Tons espy a small group of macaques and other assorted diminutive simians. Their fur is damp, and you see the reason why– they've caught a load of fish in a net. It's not a huge haul, and they're chatting amongst themselves as they examine the fish. Nearby, another group are playing with a crab cage, probably puzzling out the mechanisms behind it to add crab to the haul.


Two tons immediately bolted over to awe at the monkeys as WIllow rubbed his eyes a bit and slowly made his way to look over these fishermonkeys himself.


"If we take something that is frozen and use it, does it stay frozen? Err, stalled. What would the word be…"


"W-Wait! Is the lake also stalled?"


Cerulean watches as the monkeys were quite smart, and at least they weren't taking their weapons away.
"Hehe, look at them! They're figuring it out," she happily exclaims as she watches the monkeys fiddle with the crab trap.


Cloud heads down to the shore. With the water all clear and shallow, he steps in and wades out a little bit. After the trek to get here and the general island heat, a quick dip to cool off is the best thing right now.



"Hmm…" Cutlass muses silently as she is content to allow the net and harpoon telekinetically trail behind her as she walks to the lake.

"Monty," Cutlass says conversationally. "Can you eat?"


As Willow and Two Tons approach the apes, one of them makes an alarm call, and the groups quickly run, fish and equipment in tow, for the lake, fearing you to be a threat.

Just as Cloud gets ready to enjoy a lake-bath, he hears the scampering of apes towards his general direction, armed with nets, harpoons, and crab-traps. No doubt about it– he's losing another limb here soon!

>Cloud roll dodge

"I do not like where you are going with thissss…"

"For non-food objects," Kukulcan says. "The stasis of having its time stolen has some amount of utility. For example, a weapon whose time has been stolen will not break, even when used copiously, or dragged through dirt, or maintained poorly. Of course, it also cannot be modified or improved in any way. So, a set of dull scissors whose time has been stolen will forever be useless, as you cannot sharpen it."

He looks to the lake, where you see Cloud being chased down by fishermonkeys.

"As you can see, the lake still retains its time," Kukulcan observes.

"Oh dear," Splendid says. "Chiu wouldn't be happy about him getting turned into fish-food. Let's help him!"


"Hmm, I should have thought that through more." Willow chirped a bit annoyed at himself

Two Tons was beside himself at the loss of the monkeys though, "Awwwwwww…. monkeys…."



"Ugh, Cloud, what are you doing?" Cutlass groans like an embarrassed little sister. She makes her way to the shore of the lake, then drops the harpoon and net on the ground.

"Do you need help?" she offers half-heartedly.


Cloud's ears perk as he hears the sudden stampede towards him. Turning to see a swarm of monkeys with tools coming, He quickly springs his wings out to hopefully fly up and out of reach.
>Flight Dodge [1d10]

"I was just going for a swim!"

Roll #1 5 = 5



"While someone was FISHING? Have you ever been on a ship before!? Do you KNOW how fishing works!?"


Cerulean simply watches as chaos ensues, blinking all the while.


"Ack! Cloud, please!" Alder calls out, trying to grab a net and hurl it at one of the apes!
>Ranged Strike [1d10+1] (TBP 1)

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3


The monkeys swarm Cloud in their rush to get to safety, and he's caught up in their nets and the like, entangled with a fresh catch of fish. Still, he manages to keep his head above water. Once the monkeys are out treading water, they turn back to Willow, Two Tons and Cerulean. They see they're not being pursued, and so they relax a little.

If they get spooked again, they might drag Cloud out into the water… though, if you need to get some fishing done, it seems like this is their domain, in more ways than one.

Splendid frets a little on the shore, and the others remain put, so as not to get Cloud dragged out into the depths.


"I didn't see anypony fishing over here!"

Cloud flails as he's caught up in the nets, smushed in with all the caught fish.
"Eugh, why me…" He groans. When the panic stops, he glances around. Focusing his magic, he attempts to shrink himself so he can slip out of the net and get away from the chaos.
>Wax/Wane [Shrink Self] [1d10+1]

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2



"Hmm, Monty," Cutlass asks as she observes Cloud getting pulled into the water. "What are the monkeys fishing for?"


Willow hits a compartment with a hoof, levitating a few fruits out of them as an offer to the monkeys.

"I keep forgetting you have snack compartments built into me."


Alder frowns a little bit… maybe he can try to help out Cloud if he tried?
"Splendid, please, calm down- we will be fine… we just need to be a little cautious.:


"Shrimp, ssssardinesss… hmm, sssome of them can even catch anchoviessss… the bossss they anssssswer to isss known to have a tassste for lobssster.

Cloud shrinks a little alright, but ends up just being tangled up more in the heaps of fish that the apes had already caught.

The apes calm down a little with the momentary distraction of fruit. Rather than fight over them, the apes divide the fruit as best they can, sharing a little with everyone instead of being selfish. Although they must be sick of having fish all the time, they seem cooperative enough not to just scarf down the first different flavor that comes their way.

As the apes relax, Alder approaches as slow as he can. The apes go on guard a little, but something about Alder's unassuming presence keeps them from another freakout. They wait in the water to see what Alder will do…


"Well if we pair the monkeys that with something to trawl the ocean we should be more than capable of getting the fish we need." Willow mused.

Two Tons meanwhile pulled out a bunch of bananas, and very slowly began to draw closer, doing everything to be as little of a threat as possible.

He accomplished this by rolling onto his back and pushing himself offer with his metallic belly exposed.



"Hmm, it sounds like they would really respect us if we got them some lobster," Cutlass says to Alder as he tries to approach.

"I seem to remember some of my grandfather's guests talking about spearfishing for lobster… Some even caught them by hoof. So… they must that be that deep in the water, right?"

Cutlass observes the shallow water to see if there's anything respectable to catch, particularly lobster.

[1d10] to scan the shallow water

Roll #1 7 = 7


Cloud struggles a bit more as he's now further stuck amongst the fish.

"See if you can offer them some fruit for me, or just to open up this net a little," Cloud tosses out as the others calm the monkeys.


"I respectfully don't think I could, Two Tons might be able to though." Willow responded.

Two Tons indeed try to do that, making monkey noises and gesturing to Cloud while on his back and then to the bananas.

[1d10] Bargain

Roll #1 5 = 5


Alder tries pointing at Cloud, and offering the apes a few pieces of fruit in exchange. They seem pretty laid back with him, so maybe they'll take it?


You'll have to go out to the west side of town, near the sea-shore, to get those lobsters. Some rockier areas on the south side look promising…

Lots of monkey eyebrows rise up in response to Two Tons' antics. Still, at least a few of them look interested in those bananas…

One of the larger apes follows Alder's talon to the net, and then he scoops out Cloud. He indicates he's about to toss Cloud your way, expecting a banana in return…

>Alder/Willow/Tons must roll to catch Cloud


Both of them scramble to catch the flailling bat pony.

[1d10] Willow
[1d10] Two Tons

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 2 = 2


"Whoa wait hold o—" Cloud starts as the monkey scoops him out for a toss, the world then spinning around him as he spins through the air.


Alder gently tosses a banana at the apes, not wanting to bruise the fruit. He'll also try to catch Cloud!
>Is Alder Balling? [1d10]

Roll #1 1 = 1


Cerulean will see Cloud about to get thrown, so she gets into prime jump-and-catch position.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Alder lets out a very undignified squawk!
>Rallying Cry to help Cerulean not fuck up! [1d10]

Roll #1 2 = 2


Willow, Tons and Alder end up colliding noggins, with Cloud sailing right overhead. At his size, a hard landing into the water could really be bad news–

–so it's a good thing that Cerulean's out in the water with the speed of a lifeguard! She manages to use her mane as a makeshift landing pad. Cloud gets the wind knocked out of him, but is otherwise uninjured.

The monkeys are quite amused, and take their banana-payment. Ideal conditions to strike a deal…


Willow felt his head wobbling as Two Tons brass nogging was extremely unpleasant to bonk into.

Two Tons for his part was just left mildly dizzy.


"A-Aha! Excellent work! O-On the plus side, it seems as if we may be capable of treating with them in order to fish here, should we need to." Alder says, rather dizzy.



"Well, it seems they won't appreciate us interrupting their fishing. If we want them to be on our side, I suggest we catch some lobster. There appears to be a good spot to catch them over that way," Cutlass says as she gestures to the rocky area on the south side of the lake.


Cloud holds his head as he tumbles through the sky, hoping that somepony manages to catch him. Thankfully, he finds a soft landing with Cerulean's mane, and after the world stops spinning around him, he hops off and cuts his spell to return to normal size.

"Phew, thanks for the catch Cerulean."


As Splendid flies over, she turns to Alder and Cutlass, given that they've reached different conclusions.

"We've got enough of us here, don't we? I was talkin' with Kukulcan, 'e says we'll need to catch quite a haul of fish to summon this Sky-Devourer guy. Why don't we divide up into groups and try to catch a lot of different kinds?"



"Sounds like a plan," Cutlass nods. "I'll make things go more smoothly by getting these monkeys to help us. If you need be, I'll be over there," Cutlass says as she starts heading toward the south side.


"I'll go with whatever group is not near the monkeys. Not feeling like being fished up again."


"Hrm… how much of this lake do they consider 'theirs'? Just this portion?" He asks, tilting his head to the side.

"Mhmm! What kind of fish do you want to try for, Splendid?"


"Two tons wants to stay with the monkeys ssf o I shall too. Can use themm as references for my trawling device."


"D'ye even have to ask?" Splendid teases. "Some shrimps of course."

You have a flashback to your encounter with the dastardly Professor Shrimp…

As the monkeys split the banana, they look pointedly at you. It seems like all these waters are theirs, but they're in a much better mood now than when you first crossed paths.

Hollow Promise – having waded over in absolute silence thanks to ninjutsu – chimes in to Cloud– "Doubt you'll be able to get much done if you want to avoid them."

You, Ossie and Make Believe split off from the main group, and cut back across town; your destination, the southwest end of the village, where the lobster potting is good.

As you do, you can't help but pass through the mosaic murals and monuments of the old town. Among their stone tapestries appear to be images of an historic and mythic nature…


"Hmph," Cloud grumbles as he will have to put up with monkey business in some way. He looks at them split up the banana, and gets an idea.

"Hey, you got any more fruit on you?"


Alder gives a playful huff and prod's Splendid's thigh, before chirping "I-I will let that slide for now if that is a joke at my expense! But, yes- some shrimp would be rather nice…"

>The memory of Professor Shrimp Lingers…



"I would imagine wherever the fishing is good. And, of course, that's where we need to be."


"Hmmm, their mythology and history seem to blend together…" Cutlass ponders out loud to her companions.

"Any idea what any of this art means, Monty?"


Willow did his best to pantomime wanting to see them fish as Two Tons did the same, being a bit more animated in his motions.


Monty scratches his chin with his tail. "Even I cannot become a cultural expert ssssimply from viewing a mural. But, a thought: There issss a high likelihood that at leasssst one of thesssse should hold the ssssstory of the Fish Who Devoured the Ssssky…"

Make Believe and Ossie check that Kukulcan isn't watching, then start to study the murals up and down.

Assuming that you have more fruit to give them, the monkeys, picking up on your pantomimes, will lead you out of the shallows of the lake, toward the storerooms where the village's old fishing equipment has been stored. Most of it looks functional enough, permitting you to take what supplies you need for a quick course in the local fishing.

>roll twice for learning from the monkeys on fishing, take the better. Any bonus to intellectual pursuits [such as the sciences, engineering, insight, etc] can be applied here.


Cloud follows the monkeys, being cautious to not upset them again. When introduced to the old equipment, he opts for a classic fishing rod. He gives it a few test flicks as he learns on.
>Bat See, Monkey Do [2d10]

Roll #1 9, 4 = 13



"That's very true," Cutlass nods. "Good thinking, Monty."

"Ossie, Make Believe, let me know if you find anything noteworthy."

[1d10] to discreetly study art
>Master Thief if that is somehow applicable here because discretion

Roll #1 8 = 8


Willow and Two Tons do their best to decipher this.

[2d10] Willow
[2d10] Teo Tons

Roll #1 5, 1 = 6 / Roll #2 5, 8 = 13


>Fruit Traded: Neuron Activation [2d10]

"Well- talk about handy! We should find better equipment here than simple rods to use for fishing normally. Let us see… nets?"

Roll #1 2, 2 = 4


Art history, it seems, was one of your stronger subjects growing up. The mosaic reliefs depict a number of scenes. Most focus on the Sun Serpent – what stands out to you is how antagonistic this Sun Serpent seems. In the mosaic, it dances in the air, as the people toil at their labor under its blinding light and heat. A few mortals in the next scene conspire, and perform a ritual at either the lake, or the ocean. From the water comes a mighty aquatic chimera, comprised of an amalgam of many different fish characteristics. The aquatic beast and the Sun Serpent do battle…

…and, most of the following scenes, at least in this relief, are lost to time.


The monkeys demonstrate their fishing techniques to you, although their differing physiology means that most of the lessons aren't that applicable to you quadrupeds. Cloud and Two Tons are able to get into a monkey mindset, and imitate them well enough, but the rest of you are going to need remedial lessons.

>Cloud and Two Tons gain a permanent +1 on Fishing attempts

"R-right…" Splendid says, scratching her head. "Well, in any case, I think we just need to make a big offerin' for the Big Fish to c'mon out, right?"

"From the Captain's instructions," Hollow Promise interjects. "We will need sufficient fish– and the blood of a mighty challenger in the water. The legend, as he recounted it, only depicts one hero who fought the rampaging Fish Who Devoured the Sky… but perhaps it's wiser to confront it as a group."


"Mmm. So, we fish until we have sufficient bait for this sky devourer, and then we best it. I believe this is simple enough. Should we all get started, then?"

>Alder didn't really get it- he's not much for monkey business. Maybe a remedial lesson would help… [2d10]

Roll #1 3, 7 = 10


File: 1693969529257.gif (599.78 KB, 308x328, Levelling_up.gif)

"You know, starting to see why some ponies enjoy this," Cloud muses as he gets a good grasp of fishing.

"Blood of a challenger? Sounds like we're hunting a shark or something," Cloud says as he tosses out the line to do some fishing. "Sounds like Cerulean would be the best pick then to call it out."
>Fishing [1d10+1]

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11


Cerulean scratches her head as she's too focused on trying to grab stuff and make it stick to her hoof like it was a hand. Sadly for her, it obviously doesn't work.
"Oh forget this. I'm just gonna dive in and get them!"

Without too much more thought, Cerulean goes back to what she actually knows and gets herself wet after being on dry land for way too long.


Willow doubles down his attempt to learn the trade, while Two Tons goes right to work on his own!

[2d10] Willow
[1d10] Two Tons

Roll #1 9, 1 = 10 / Roll #2 7 = 7



I see, Cutlass thinks to her nearby crewmates on the same sticker network. The sun was their enemy, or perhaps a tyrant. So, they conspired against him with some deity in the water. I'm thinking something went wrong, though. It's worth noting that these thieving beasts are dressed in garb designed for water travel. It THIS what they accidentally summoned? And, now we are summoning the one that stole his divinity?

I should like to speak with whatever fish we summon, she thinks as she pensively touches the amulet that allows her to talk to marine life.

"Let's go catch some lobster," she says out loud as she heads toward the good lobster spot.


Some of the adolescent monkeys lose their patience, and go off on their own to catch more fish. However, the older, grayer crowd, having more patience, stick around to demonstrate the fundamentals once more. It seems that a number of younger monkeys, perhaps the grandchildren of the older ones, are around as well. They catch small things like shrimp, and the occasional goldfish, though mostly as an amusement, and with a gentle touch.

As the old and young monkeys go back to teaching, Cerulean, Two Tons and Cloud set about catching a haul of fish.

>Fishing lesson can be defaulted on at the cost of taking 'til the mid-afternoon

To add to that, Captain, Ossie replies. Kukulcan was light on the specifics of the legend, but I overheard him talking to Hollow Promise. As Kukulcan tells it, a mortal hero stepped in to fight the Fish Who Devoured the Sky, presumably after the Fish defeated one, or more, of the Serpents we see flying in the sky now. But, on the mural, I didn't see any mention of this hero…

Wait… Make-Believe thinks. Are you suggesting Kukulcan's getting 'his-story' wrong?

It's worth considering, Ossie adds.

As the theorycrafting goes on, you head down to the southern end of the town, where a huge monkey, accompanied by smaller, yet still tough-looking monkeys, are catching crustaceans. They look to you with a little jealousy– they'll not give up their good spots easy.

>fishing lesson, and fishing attempts, can be rolled here


Cerulean dives into the lake to fish, perhaps to get a fresher mind on what she was taught and maybe how to better adapt it to her style of fishing.

>Fishing Lessons


For now, she opts on locating some fish and swim slowly as to not immediately spook them.

Roll #1 5, 3 = 8


Willow was content to sit and learn for the time being, tinkering on a fishing device as he watched and observed.

Two tons meanwhile had a more novel idea for fishing, realizing his lack of need to breath and waterproofing offered a rare opportunity. He grabbed some nets, one large, one small, and proceeded to run under water, trying to use the large nets like a kite through forward momentum, while trying to catch other things with his small net.

[1d10+1] Fishing? Attempt
>Willow defaults and tinkers.

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4



Perhaps the hero came later? Or, this "hero" is only a hero from the perspective of the sun serpent. Thus, he doesn't get a place of honor in the mural.

When the monkeys eye Cutlass, she gives them a small, gentle, respectful nod. "I'm here to share," Cutlass says, using her aura in her words. They might not understand them, but they can still get the intent with help from her aura.

>Whisper in Your Ear


Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


>Alder tries to perform a few tricks for the monkeys, to curry a chance for another lesson. Going off of what he saw them do, he'll try to offer similar performances!
>[1d10+2] (Spending 1 TBP)

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


"Wonder how well this would work on the ship when we're sailing…"
Cloud ponders aloud as they work on gathering their haul.
>Default Fish



Alder's underwater dancing-doggypaddling-dabbing attempt ends in him nearly drowning. If only he were more alert during the aftermath, he'd have gotten to witness Cerulean and Splendid, a pair of beautiful lifeguard sirens, rushing to his aid. The mishap in the water scares off some of the fish, and pickings are slim for some time, as Alder recovers, propped up in a recovery position in Splendid's lap.

Fortunately for Willow, the older monkeys had already moved him further up the shore, where he was able to observe and work in relative peace.

Your fish haul is moderate, but hardly enough to summon a god yet…

That's a plausible explanation, Ossie says. But what I'm getting at, is if Kukulcan really is a fraud… we'd catch him on the true happenings of the tale.

The tough-looking monkeys, perhaps sensing a kindred spirit in Cutlass for her directness of approach, make some room for her. Lobster is a bit trickier than shrimp, even more than trout, so is Cutlass up for the catch?


Cerulean gives Alder a pat on the head before going back into the water. Watching where the fish swim to, Cerulean attempts to swim in a sort of 'herding' fashion as she tries to bring fish back towards where everyone else is fishing.



Roll #1 5 = 5



Absolutely, Cutlass nods. I do like it when one's lies unravel themselves. All we need to do is know what to look for.

"How hard can it be?" Cutlass says as she telekinetically raises the harpoon she took with her. If all those bragging fat rich oafs that her grandfather surrounds herself with can do it, so can she.

>[1d10] to catch lobster!

>Master Thief???

Roll #1 9 = 9


Alder certainly isn't conscious enough to witness Cerulean and Splendid pulling him from the water, but he does get to wake up in Splendid's lap, which is a very nice place to be. He flushes with a bit of embarrassment and squirms around "Uhm, ah… thank you, both of you- I-I suppose I am not one for… monkey business?" He offers, giggling nervously. "Hmm… perhaps not the best time to mention it, but you look and feel a bit, ah… healthier. I am happy for you, Splendid. N-Now, ah, perhaps we ought to aid in fishing?"

>Fishing roll, if allowed [1d10]

Roll #1 2 = 2


Cloud looks at the pile of fish they got. While he has started down the path of fishing enlightenment, he is still a lazy bat at core. He looks at his fishing rod, pondering, then gets an idea.
"Think we need to spread this a little wider, that should get it!"
He sets the rod down. Focusing his magic, he grows out vines from the ground to spread into the lake, crossing over each other to form a plant net to entangle all it can.
>Earthen Grasp Fishing [Crits 9+] [1d10+1]

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


With his new knowhow and device, Willow went to work as well, with Two Tons continuing his master plan under the sea.

[1d10+2] Willow
[1d10+1] Two Tons

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9 / Roll #2 1 + 1 = 2


As you make ready to head back to the fishy grind, Splendid catches you by the scruff, and yoinks you back with a blank expression.

"Don't make me save your life twice in one day now," Splendid says. "Else, I'll be ahead in score!"

Still, despite your teasing, Splendid permits you to sit near her at the shoreline as she makes an attempt at fishing.

This time, it's Two Tons who gets too enthusiastic, from seeing Willow bringing in a big haul, armed with technology and knowledge as he is. Two Tons ends up falling into the water in his victory cheers. Cerulean has her work cut out for her, as she swims around near the center of the lake, trying to keep the fish corralled near the shore for her allies to catch.

As Cloud and Willow struggle to hook Two Tons back to shore… Cerulean can get the sense that she's being watched from the depths, though not precisely from where…

There's no other way to describe it justly– you're absolutely filching these lobsters out from the rocky waters, completely pickpocketing the sea-beneath-the-sea. You take in a good-sized haul of lobster, now that you've had enough time to dredge up that old knowledge, stolen from your grandfather's old fishing buddies.

Ossie fails to catch much, to her chagrin, so she steps back to watch Make-Believe, as he hangs out with a little octopus that has crawled near the shore.


Willow resisted the urge to nail Two Tons with a hoof to the back of the head and instructed him to be more careful. He wasn't looking to dredge metal equines out of the depths today.

With that both dedicate themselves back to the haul once more.

[1d10+2] Willow
[1d10+1] Two Tons

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9 / Roll #2 2 + 1 = 3


Cloud sits back at the shore after the latest attempt. He then takes up his rod and casts the line out again.
"Maybe its better to go slow and steady."
>Fishing [1d10+1]

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6



Make Believe, how well do your stickers work on animals?

Either way, once she has a hefty haul of shellfish, Cutlass approaches the nearby monkeys, telekinetically displaying a few of the lobsters to them.

"Take me to your leader," she says as she does so.

>Whisper in Your Ear


Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


Alder yelps as he's pulled back and lifted by the scruff of his neck by the other, larger griffon. "A-Ah! I suppose you would be correct, unless allowing you to eat your fill counts… but, I do not think it is so." He offers, giving her a peck on the cheek and settling down to fish. His first attempt… well, doesn't go anywhere. He flicks his tail in annoyance, before curling it around Splendid's and making another attempt.
>Fishing Attempt 2! [1d10+1] (TBP)
>Master Thief: What progress is being made? Is something lurking? [1d10+1]

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5 / Roll #2 8 + 1 = 9


Cerulean does her best to keep up with keeping the fish corralled, but her instincts keep setting off some red flags. She gave a big swish of her tail to try and propel some fish towards the shore…or possibly launch a few out of the water and in that direction.

>Slam to fish, take better, DC -1


With her tail swish giving her a bit of momentum as well, she decides to dive down deeper into the depths, trying her best to sense out any movement the darker it gets.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11 / Roll #2 10 + 2 = 12


Dunno, never tested on 'em, Make-Believe thinks. I'm very much against any and all forms of animal cruelty.

You recall that Make-Believe is widely feared for being a serial killer.

The huge monkey, evidently the leader, folds his arms and scoffs at you. Ossie stands at the ready, just in case you need defending…

With your efforts combined, and Cerulean's small tidal wave, you've gathered up quite the haul of fish. This could sustain a crew of meat-eaters for weeks, and only the most haughty of divines would be hard-pressed to overlook an offering like this…

Though, just as your thoughts turn to whose blood will have to stain the water, Cerulean senses something's amiss… she dives into the water, to scout ahead.

The lake proves surprisingly deep, and light from above cannot illuminate its depths. Cerulean, however, can feel with certainty that something approacheth… crustaceous in form, and mighty tall and wide, almost as big as a cog. And, with the demonic power she gained from her bargain with Stone Cold Classic, she senses a particular spiritual power, imbued into this gargantuan crustacean. Could this be the god of the lake, beckoned so quickly…?


"So do we do anything special with the fish? Or just leave them in a heap like this?"
Cloud questions while Cerulean checks the lake.


Willow set his machine aside and moved to comfort Two Tons as he was down over his failures.


There were even more red flags going up in Cerulean's predator brain, enough that it made her start swimming up towards the surface with exceptional speed.
>Earthly Affinity

When Cerulean eventually reaches the surface, she launches herself out as she breaches.
"DEMON!" She yells out before splashing back down into the water.


Alder receives a rather unsettling feeling himself- whether it's the result of his aura or something else entirely, he scrabbles up from the shore and pulls Splendid back- or tries to, at least. "Ah! Something is in the water- something powerful, I think."


"C-Cerulean, wait! The rest of us cannot be so quick to follow!"


Is it cruel to talk to animals? Cutlass retorts.

Cutlass gives the leader a nod of recognition. "My apologies," she says quietly and calmly. She then proceeds to slowly and gently place the lobsters with in arm's reach of the big simian.

>Whisper in Your Ear


Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


Make-Believe stares up at you with his blank, colorless eyes. Then, he goes back to hanging out with his octopus friend. The octopus looks incredibly annoyed with your attitude.

The big guy takes a lobster and appraises it. He doesn't seem super impressed with the size of each one, but the number you've brought in gives him pause. You sense that if you hadn't done so well, you'd have been chased off by now. So, there's a start.


As Cerulean tries to dive back down below the surface, a powerful current flings her back into the shallows! Monkeys scatter for dry land as a great wave crashes onto the sand! A great crab, bigger than some small ships, emerges from the water! Those of you with keen spiritual senses can tell this is no ordinary organism– despite its corporeal appearance, it is of significant spiritual power; some kind of magical beast, or perhaps even a demon, or god.

Yet… you haven't spilled the blood of a hero into the water – the key to drawing out the legendary Fish Who Devoured the Sky. Could Alder's mishap earlier have fulfilled that part of the legend? However, Alder didn't lose any blood earlier. Who knows what this giant crab might be?



Cloud looks ahead as the lake breaks as the crab emerges, backing up as he expects it to start snipping quickly.
"I-Is that the fish we're looking for? Do crabs count as fish?"
He asks in confusion and shock at the size of the sudden creature. His eye glows as he aims his magic to the crustacean, trying to shrink it down to be more manageable.
>Wax/Wane [Shrink] [1d10+1]

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5



"There's more where that came from if you help us catch what we're looking for," Cutlass promises.

>Whisper in Your Ear


Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


Both Willow and Two Tons began to charge their magic in response, preparing to barrage the crab.

[1d10] Homing Magic Willow
[1d10] Homing Magic Two Tons

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 6 = 6



In order to free the sunken Island-Turtle of Cuauhtemoc from the eldritch phenomenon known as the Vault, the crews of the Hidden Dagger, the Beesting, and the Thunder Serpent had temporarily banded together. The Captain of the Thunder Serpent, a Vola by the name of Kukulcan, claimed to be one of the gods of the island, as did Two Reeds, his Krikral first mate, stripped of their powers owing to the Vault's partial devouring of Cuauhtemoc.

In order to facilitate a raid on the Vault, Kukulcan suggested enlisting the aid of the Sun Serpent, the divine being who, along with the Moon Serpent, provided light to Cuauhtemoc all these years. In order to win the Sun Serpent's favor and prove their capabilities to the god, Kukulcan suggested reenacting a myth from Cuauhtemoc's past. It was the story of the Fish Who Devoured the Sky.

However… exact events of the story were… murky, to say the least. According to the version that Kukulcan told, the Sun Serpent, normally distant from the earth due to the heat of his scales, was summoned by a mighty hero, who sought his help to save the people from an arrogant and voracious sea-monster. Yet, an art mural found by Captain Cutlass tells another version of the story: One in which the Sun Serpent, possessed by vanity over its mighty light, burns the earth and the people upon it, until a great hero conjures a mighty sea-monster to bring them salvation from the earth-scorching heat.

Whatever version of the story was true, Alder, Cerulean, Cloud and Willow had just managed to fish a giant crab out of the lake, quite ready to pinch and snap at anything in arm's reach!


The monkey scratches his chin, contemplating the offer… then looks down at some of his crew. With a few ooks and gestures, he calls over three of his fishers, then motions to you. They size you up, then approach. Looks like you've got some temporary help recruited.



"Excellent," Cutlass says with a gracious curtsy. "You're quite generous."

"Now," she says as she turns to her new cohorts. "We're going to fish… the big one…" she says with a dramatic flourish and a showy smile.


"Ack! I, ah… does it count as a fish?" He asks, looking to Kukulcan and cocking his head to the side in confusion. It's nice to see that the monkeys seem to wish to help, and Alder offers a friendly, if waterlogged wave.

He'll try shooting at with his Spellslinger, with a lack of anything better to do.
>Spellslinger: [1d10+1]

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


Cerulean lets the current push her away, then uses the momentum to do an Immelmann turn in the water and go back at the crab.
"As soon as I get past that shell, I'll be eating good tonight!," she declares as she looks set to try and get the first crack on the crab with the use of her tail.

>Slam, crits 8+, DC -1, +2, take better


Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4 / Roll #2 6 + 2 = 8


With all the commotion and noise, Kukulcan has strode over from where he was in town, in order to watch the fight unfold. As you ask your question, Kukulcan strokes his chin…

"…It's a start, is what it is," he says.

As one of Cloud's spells hurtles toward the spirit-crab, it pinches at the aether, snipping it up into ribbons! Two Tons charges his magic, but as Willow does the same, the crab lunges in, and cuts up his spell with a claw. But, before the crab can follow up, Alder opens fire with his magic flintlock, stunning the crab as the bullets plink off its shell. Cerulean rushes in and slams the crab back into the deep end with a well-placed swipe!

The crab seems only energized by the opening of combat, and retaliates with two clawfuls of that energy! It swings back at Cerulean with one claw, and with the other, it scoops up water, then takes aim at Alder!

>Slam vs Cerulean


>Marksman Shot vs Alder


As you try to intrigue your new help, they seem a little… confused by your attempt. Then, you hear a commotion coming from the east side of town. You quickly surmise that progress is being made by the other group. Still, more lobster always helps to have on hand.

Roll #1 3 + 3 = 6 / Roll #2 10 + 3 = 13



A combination of the commotion and the lack of enthusiasm from the monkeys makes Cutlass sigh. "Let's go see what's going on…" she sighs as she turns to make her way back to where the others are.


As the claw comes in for a swipe at her, she tries to meet it head-on and use her jaws to try and crunch into the shell.

>Jaw (Great Weapon)


Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


Willow, feeling annoyed at the outcome of this, tries even harder to summon the magic, failure driving his annoyance.

Two Tons meanwhile lobbed his orb at the Crab, letting the magical sphere of lava sail forward.

[1d10] Homing Magic Willow
[1d10] Homing Magic Attack Two Tons

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 10 = 10


Alder scrabbles around in his pack for other magic bullets… maybe the shock rounds would do a little better? As he loads one in and brings it up to fire, he sees the Crab ready to fling water at him! Realizing he's probably not going to be able to dodge that in time, he'll try to help a little bit instead! He lets out a mildly-panicked screech, laced with aura to try and bolster the others!
>Spellslinger (Shock Round): [1d10+2] (+1 TBP)

>Rallying Cry (Instant): [1d10+1]

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5 / Roll #2 8 + 1 = 9


"It can do that?"
Cloud says in surprise as the crab snips his spell apart in the air. Concerned, but seeing the others push it back a bit, Cloud focuses on the lake bed this time. His eye glows, focusing on the sand as he loosens it up to sink the crab and at least keep it from approaching.
>Earthen Grasp [Crit 9+] [1d10]

Roll #1 1 = 1


Alder's battlecry rings out as he's shot. The impact flings him back to the middle of town with a stinging wound, where he rolls up at the hooves of Cutlass and her new cohort. Make Believe stops to render aid, while Ossie stands guard in front of Cutlass and the fisher-monkeys. From here, Cutlass can see the fight with the Rather Large Opponent Crab unfolding.

>Alder 0/4

You take a bite of the claw's shell, and before the whiplash can hurt you, you grab ahold with hooves and tail to secure yourself.

The crab, seeking to slap Cerulean off, improvises with the situation, and slams her into Willow Wisp, disrupting his spellcasting.

>Willow loses 3 Hits

But, Two Tons drives the crab back with a well-placed sphere of lava, and the crab staggers back. Cloud tries to press the advantage with a trap, but the crab rewards his efforts by picking him up!

>Cloud 0/5

The crab reels back the claw he grabbed Cloud with, and skips him like a stone across the surface of the water, toward Two Tons!

[1d10+2] basic attack

Meanwhile, it tries to shake Cerulean off again.

[1d10+2] basic attack

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6 / Roll #2 3 + 2 = 5


Cloud grunts as the crab snaps him off the ground, again caught up in some trap at this lake. He squirms in its grasp, trying to avoid getting split or crushed.
>Recover [1d10]

Roll #1 9 = 9


>All allies gain +1 to any rolls made this round!
"Ack!" The griffon shouts, flailing a little bit as he tries to get up off the ground. "I-I had not expected water to hurt so much…"
>Recover: [1d10+1]

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11


Cerulean hangs on as best she can, looking really determined to get at this giant, walking meal.
"C'mon guys! Seafood soup is on the menu tonight!" While certainly not an Alder-level rallying cry, it rallies her enough to bring her tail up to swing at its BIG. MEATY. CLAW!


[1d10+3] [1d10+3]

Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13 / Roll #2 7 + 3 = 10


Willow wheezed in pain, and slowly stood up, grunting, as he tried once more stubbornly, trying to get his magic to finally answer.

Two Tons meanwhile moved to evade and answer by rushing in to bash at it.

[1d10] Willow Cast Homing
[1d10] Dodge

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 7 = 7


As Cloud and Alder get themselves back up, Cerulean uses the crab's swing against it! She plants her hooves in the sandy water and makes her tail a counterbalance, using the momentum of the swing to pick the very crab up into the air! She lets go, and flings the crab through the air! Willow seasons it with a well-placed homing shot, and all there is now is to throw it on the barbie!

The crab, despite spinning through the air, makes one last attempt at turning the tide–!

[1d10+3] Barrage vs. All

Roll #1 5 + 3 = 8


>correction: Willow conjures 6 homing orbs


Willow moved to evade before letting his barrage of orbs fire at the crab in a return volley of burning magma.

Two Tons Similarly Dodged before he switched stances and prepared to attack it.

>Stance change to Stance of the Tiger

[1d10] Dodge Willow
[6d10] Magma Orbs
[1d10] Dodge Two Tons

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 7, 10, 10, 1, 1, 4 = 33 / Roll #3 8 = 8


Cloud shakily pulls himself back to his hooves, dazed and dizzy from being thrown like a skipping stone.
He turns, looking at the crab thrown up in the air. Seeing a great opportunity, he channels his magic, forming up clouds over the crustacean to bring down a thunder bolt to put it in its place.
>Climate Control [Thunderstorm] [1d10]

Roll #1 3 = 3



>Remember: Everyone has +1 this round!
Alder will try to keep at least a few people up and at it, scrabbling to all fours and trying to help… Willow, first!
>Natural Remedy: [1d10+1] (Crit Range +1)

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8



Cutlass looks on as her comrades - if they could be called such a thing - get in a brawl with a rather large opponent crustacean.

"Well, the monkey boss might like this. So, that could be good."

She goes to the shoreline to unleash a volley of knives at the crab.

>Dance of Blades: recharge 5, weapon; Turn a single blade into a flurry of strikes. Following a successful hit, keep rolling until you go helpless from a critical miss or from counterattack damage. This entire process only takes one turn, and always ends with you being helpless, this helplessness cannot be prevented. All modifiers only apply to the initial hit, after that all rolls are standard d10’s with no bonus and at DC6.

>no Soul Slashing
>[1d10+1] [1d10+1] [1d10+1] [1d10+1] [1d10+1] [1d10+1] [1d10+1] [1d10+1]

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5 / Roll #2 10 + 1 = 11 / Roll #3 1 + 1 = 2 / Roll #4 3 + 1 = 4 / Roll #5 10 + 1 = 11 / Roll #6 4 + 1 = 5 /


As Willow and Cloud exchange fire with the crab, the bolts of magma and water collide in the air, exploding into superheated fog. Through the fog, Willow sees the impossible, as the crab *punches* one of the magma-orbs, parrying it right back at him. The orb lands in the water at Willow's legs, burning what it hits and scalding everything it doesn't, including the nearby Cloud.

>Cloud and Willow 0/4 (Willow -> max H/W from Nat Remedy)

>Alder 4/4
>Cutlass 1/5

Yet as Willow falls, he continues the onslaught, and the orbs finally crack the outer shell. Then, Cutlass cuts in, scoring hits in the broken armor too numerable to count. By the time that it's all over, the only lingering issue is that the crab is cooked rather unevenly.


Willow panted, anger in his eyes for a bit, letting his emotions slowly settle before he came down and relaxed, closing his eyes, inhaling, then exhaling as he stood up from the remedy and looked over to Cloud, and moved to help him up. Two Tons did the same.

[1d10] Help up W
[1d10] Help up TT

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 1 = 1


Cerulean seemed a bit surprised herself at how she made the crab fly into the air. Though once her slight stupor was worked out, her gaze is fixed on the cooked portions of crab.
"Ooooh ho ho, now this made this fishing trip worth it! Great job, everyone! Now let's dig in!" Excitedly, she goes over to the claw she was working on cracking through to get herself at a nice crab lunch.


Cloud yelps as the burning water scalds him, falling back into the lake from the heat and pain. He tries to scramble back, though its difficult to work through the pain.
>Recover [1d10]

Roll #1 2 = 2


Alder frowns a little bit and tries to help up everyone- tending to their injuries with salves and medicines, or using his medic's knife where he needs to.
>Natural Remedy: Automatic, one to each party member.


"Uhm… m-maybe just sit still for the moment, please? You are making it worse."


Cloud slows his struggle a little bit.
"S-sorry, this hasn't been a good morning for me."


>putting the correct hat on

Cloud, waterlogged, has little choice but to tread water for a bit, until Willow and Tons, with some difficulty (no fault of their own), nudge him to the shallows.

Meanwhile, as Cerulean starts to chow down on the homemade sushi, several of the fisher-monkeys approach as well. Seeing that the sea-monster is actually well and truly dead emboldens them to approach so they can get a few plates themselves. Alder starts pouring out potions, prompting the monkeys to filch a bit for them to use as dipping sauce.

Kukulcan looks on from the town, stroking his beak. You recall why he brought you here: To prepare an offering of the Fish Who Devoured the Sky to the Sun-Serpent, in order to summon its aid. This should be mission accomplished, right?


>Everyone is full Hits, +1 Wound now! :D
Alder will look at the monkeys curiously, and… after a brief pause, allow them to use some of the potion as a dipping sauce. "So, is this the proper offering? Or, is something about it amiss?"


Cloud floats in the shallows, wings spread to keep him above water.
"I really hope that was it. I don't think I can handle another surprise…"


In a scene of 'monkey see, monkey do', Cerulean sees the monkeys use dipping sauce and proceeds to copy them.
"Hey, you guys have the right idea," she says to them, a bit unsure if they'd even understand her.

"Dunno. Let's try it." Cerulean proceeds to break off a section of leg and toss it as far as she can into the middle of the water.


Kukulcan appears to be thinking for quite awhile. For someone who was quick to bring you here, he seems to be unsure of himself now. Though, at this point, you might say that about this expedition as a whole…

"Could it…" he murmurs, then realizes that he hasn't given an answer yet. "Er– y– no. It's… much too small. I mean it's hardly taller than twice my size over."

As Cerulean tosses one of the crab-legs into the middle of the lake, Kukulcan nods. "Right… that was the warmup. Or an appetizer, I should say…? Eh?"

Ossie and Splendid look on at him with suspicion.



Willow sighed, then moved to investigate the crab, leaping along on debris to do s. HE wondered if it may have something magical or useful within or upon it.


[1d10] Rolling Perception if needed

Roll #1 7 = 7


It's certainly supernatural in origin. For starters, most crabs don't get this large, and even a lake as large as this doesn't seem capable of sustaining any kind of organism of this size. Your spiritual senses pick up a certain, faint feeling of otherness, when you focus them on the crab. It's not the same kind of aetherial stirring in the air that magic begets. No, magical phenomena, and magical beasts, have a certain kind of feel that's hard to put into words… but it's not what you're feeling here. It's not Aura either– that has its own kind of feel.

This is something else altogether… something outside your experience. When you look at Kukulcan, you pick up a vibe similar to the crab. Considering his insistence on being a god, this would probably suggest that the crab is one too… but Kukulcan's own uncertainty about things throws doubt on that.



Cutlass sighs. "I've been going along with this not because I trust or believe you, but because I believe that there's at least a plan somewhere in the deception. Please at least tell me you know what you're doing… I'm beginning to feel a sense of professional shame…"


Cerulean patiently waits to see anything comes up for the crab leg. As she waits, she indulges herself in a bit more crab herself.


"This was just another fish?!" Cloud exclaims as Kukulcan says it wasn't their target.
"So what now, do we tie this guy on a line and throw him back as bait?"


"Deception?" Kukulcan asks, double-taking at Captain Cutlass. "What the devil do you mean?"

He certainly sounds sincere, at the very least. His expression is that one of who has been blindsided, as if he'd already forgotten the very uncertainty that prompted Cutlass's comment.

But, before you can pursue this, the water near the center of the lake stirs. That stirring becomes a rippling. That rippling becomes a bubbling. The crab leg that Cerulean tossed out into the center of the lake drops beneath the surface– here one second, gone the next.

Just as abruptly, the bubbling subsides… your allies have all gone silent…


"So… we use this as bait to catch a bigger fish?" He asks, cocking his head to the side. "I am… a tad confused. You sound unsure…"

"Ah- ehm… it is good that I healed everyone up, I think? It sounds as if our bait is working."



Cutlass looks at Kukulcan with a perplexed expression. "Right…" is all she has to say before the crab leg is consumed.

"Well, we certainly know what our quarry needs to show itself," Cutlass comments. "Now, we need to find a way to string the bait up… and more importantly… reel it in…"


Cloud backs up from the lake as the crab leg is suddenly gone.
"I'll provide support once we get a hook on this thing! You know… throw a net or something, from a safe distance."


"Hrm… maybe we could try to pull it ashore? Cerulean is certainly strong enough to attempt to do so with aid."



"A net could also work if we could trick it into swimming into the net as it goes for the bait…"

"Though, we will still need a line strong enough to reel it in…"


Perhaps shocking the water to stun it would help? Or freezing it, there are many ways beyond a very big net directly." Willow drawled as he approached the group before casting his glance to Kukulcan.

"What exactly is this crab? It seems to have a similar nature to yourself and I wish to know if you have answers." He added.



"Well, our resident 'Thunder Serpent' should have no shortage of electricity for shocking," Cutlass suggests.


Cerulean continues to munch on some crabmeat, waiting expectantly as she just takes in what the others are saying…somewhat. This was some pretty good giant crab.


"It is a god, like myself," Kukulcan says to Willow Wisp. He says it so matter-of-factly, like a comment on the weather, that it's clear he's completely forgotten his earlier indecisiveness and confusion.

However, being voluntold to contribute lightning to the cause does instill him with just a slight twinge of nervousness. "Ah, right… the legend of the Fish does call for the blood of a hero to stain the water."

"Ah, here you go," Ossie says, handing him a knife.

"Let's… start with the metaphorical interpretation," Kukulcan says, though he does take the knife to not be rude. "I just didn't want to… steal your thunder."

Droplet offers him a laugh as a consolation prize.

"Right," Kukulcan says. "I'll dart out into the water and attempt to shock the Fish. It may not be enough, so be on the ready with net and hook to reel it in. There's plenty of supplies in the sheds on the shore."

Most of the fishing tackle, the monkeys have brought out already. With the sushi you've caught for them, they seem happy to share.

Kukulcan takes a runner's posture. "If someone with a gun could do the honors…"


>>765706 Two Tons opted to step in, building up pressure inside himself until he popped a small seal on the top of his head and stesm whooshed out, a long bang preceding it.


"Hrm… well, we might as well get the net ready, right? We can all grab a portion and lift it up to throw- we have a few that can fly, so it would be good to be ready, yes?"


Cloud sighs in relief as Kukulcan takes the lead to lure the fish out, letting himself have time to recover after his multiple aquatic tangles so far.
But, little voice in the back of his head he can't just sit back either. After some mulling over, Cloud's eye glows as he focuses his magic on Kukulcan, giving the bird a size boost to make a better lightning rod.
>Wax/Wane [1d10+1] [Grow Kukulcan]

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10



"Right," Cutlass says as she comes up with a plant. "Cerulean, you be on the ready with some net and rope. Wrap that thing up and slow it down as much as you can."

"I'll stick him with this," Cutlass says as she telekinetically lifts the harpoon she got before. She magically ties a rope to the harpoon. The rest of you can help Cerulean by pulling from here."


"Net a rope? But I never used those before," she says with a mouthful of crab and a raised brow.
"I've always been a more 'chase it down and take a big bite' kind of fisher."



Cutlass stares at her, dumbfounded. "Just… throw the net at it…" she says, struggling to find words to make this okay.


Once Cloud gives Kukulcan a boost in size, Willow bangs out the signal.

"Thunder Step!" Kukulcan gasps, and darts forward, swift as lightning. His steps rocket across the surface of the water, only leaving a brief afterimage, and a trail of sparks. When he reaches the center of the lake, he leaps and strikes the water with all fours. Bright flashes beneath the surface signal the descent of his Aural lightning into the depths. Kukulcan skids across the surface, sinking a little, but with another burst of Aura, he dashes back to the shore.


The water rumbles once more, stronger than last time. A strange, intense thrilling permeates the air, instilling a sense of weightlessness, rising, even vertigo, within your bodies, even as you stand planted upon the earth. Something approaches– and fast!


"Hrmgh, I-I do not know about this… it sounds as if it is something… huge? Powerful?"



Cutlass grins. "Every pirate needs and epic fishing story," she says excitedly. She raises the harpoon with the rope attached, ready to throw.


Cloud's wings spring in a flight response the vertigo washes over him, unsure if he's trying to catch himself or run.
"Wh-What's causing that?"
Whatever's coming he needs to be ready for, and in that he's going to boost their muscle, focusing his magic on Cerulean now to give her a size upgrade as well.
>Wax/Wane [Grow Cerulean] [1d10+1]

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


Willow and Two Tons quickly moved to prepare a barrage to wound and maybe cook this beast.

[1d10] Homing Magic Willow
[1d10] Homing magic Two

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 3 = 3


Cerulean blinks at the net, holding it in her mouth with a confused expression. As the rumbling and feelings go all about, she looks to Cutlass again.
"Are you sure this net is gonna be big enough?"



"It doesn't need to wrap all the way around. If it restricts movement, that's helpful."


>Willow and Tons both gain 1 Homing Orb each

Cloud gives a boost to Cerulean's size. She stands about even with Kukulcan now, and he's quite tall. Not exactly eye-to-eye with a giant crustacean, but that's still an edge, right?


With a rumbling fit to shake the very town from its foundation, an overwhelming figure erupts from the lake, its breadth and width so vast that it even seems to emerge from the shallows! A carapace jagged with spikes, limbs innumerable, tipped by dreadful vice-grips, thick knots of tangling eye-stalks, writhing like snakes in the air! Its gurgling cry deafens you, running up and down the pitches beyond both the upper and lower ranges of your hearing. This thing is taller even than the Beesting or Hidden Dagger, and yet, you cannot even see the whole of its body, still obscured by the churning lake!

In stunned silence, your allies gape at the Fish Who Devoured the Sky– it may very well devour it again, and you with it!



Cloud finds himself stuck in place as he stares up at the leviathan towering over them. He can't even bring himself to question that this is what they're supposed to deal with, because they've been going through bigger and bigger foes he should be expecting it by now.
But a similar feeling crosses him as it did when he had to deal with Stone Cold Classic. Not as severe, but he knows this is something that can't be outrun, and everypony will have to act if they're to take care of it. But what can he do? He doesn't have much in ways to fight this, and there's no way he could ever make himself match the size of it, the best he could do it a distraction, but would anything work?
Stuck looking up at the creature, Cloud then sees one thing he can work with. If this fish devoured the sky and ate the sun, then he'll give it as much as he can. His eye glows as he focuses his weather magic, putting all he can to intensify the sunlight as much as he can on this already sweltering day. Hopefully he can draw it's attention up for a moment, or dry it out some.
>Using 3 TBP
>Climate Control [Sunny Day] [1d10+3]

Roll #1 8 + 3 = 11


Willow and Two Tons each lobbed their lava orbs at the beast, seeking to harm it.

[1d10] Willow
[1d10] Two Tons

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 4 = 4



"Oh…" Cutlass says with a bit of a quiver in her voice as she looks up at the behemoth.

She looks to the harpoon she is telekinetically gripping next to her and to the net that Cerulean holds.

"Hey Cloud," she says nervously. "Can you grow a net?"


"I… uh, I can try. No guarantees on the size though," Cloud says unsuredly.


"U-Uhm… that is a little concerning, but… I think we can manage it?" He suggests, letting out a soft, aura-filled chirp.
>Rallying Cry [1d10+1]

"Big Cerulean or Splendid, Big Net? It could work."

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9


"Woohoo! I'm big-woah! Now THAT is big!" Cerulean was enjoying her bigger size, only to be completely dwarfed still by The Fish.

"Hey Cutlass, I don't think there's a net big enough for this guy. Like…nets are big, but this thing is BIIIG!"


The sunlight grows harsh and blinding, and a growing heat starts to cook all beneath these undersea heavens.

>Rallying Cry bonus gained!

>Attacks based on fire, light, lava and anything else bright and/or hot gain +1 on rolls

Yet even with that boost, Willow and Tons's attacks leave only scorch marks on the behemoth's carapace, and the beast does not even flinch. Your allies open fire with their guns and sling-stones, but to little avail, as there's not much indication they've even fazed the behemoth. They quickly scatter about the shore, looking in the abandoned huts for anything that might be more useful. Only two remain nearby– Ossie, who steadfastly guards Cutlass despite her shivering timbers; and Kukulcan. Lightning arcs about in a perimeter around you, some kind of protective measure. His head darts about as he tries to formulate a strategy…

The Fish Who Devoured the Sky towers over the town… perhaps a bit slow to wake, for being dormant for who knows how long. Yet, its limb-stalks snap and fling themselves all through the air, casting slithering shadows around the ground, as they take in the surroundings.


Alder starts to grab his pistol and take a shot at it- he's got a flaming bullet, thankfully!

"Hrm… perhaps we could try coating it in oil and set it on fire?"

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


Cloud raises a wing over his head to help shield his eyes from the blinding light, feeling that that's good enough for now. He scans the area for a net, looking for the sturdiest looking one to attempt to enlarge to help in with binding this behemoth.
>Using 1 TBP
>+1 from Rallying Cry
>Wax/Wane [Grow a Fishing Net] [1d10+3]

Roll #1 5 + 3 = 8


>Growing Cerulean's net



"Hmm," Cutlass ponders as she hears the suggestion. She turns to look for a sufficient source of oil.

[1d10] to frantically search for oil
>Master Thief?
>Master Thief: Passive; Thanks to years of training, you have a DC-2 to picking locks, cracking safes, locating hidden loot, finding traps and smuggling items, as well as not needing tools anymore.. You can also roll once per area to see if your instincts might offer a hint about something important nearby.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Willow cursed under his breath, and handed his light canon to Two Tons while he levitated his own blunderbuss up, relying on his conventional weapons until his magic recharged, moving along the shore with the beast.

[1d10] Willow
[1d10+1] Two Tons

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 9 + 1 = 10


Cerulean leaves the net behind for now, not needing it since this thing was still quite healthy. Though asleep as long as she heard, anything might be healthy after such a nap. Despite being big, Cerulean felt she might be just big enough to run/swim up and bite at the fish. Maybe she could pierce deep enough to get a nice hunk to sample.

>Jaws (Great weapon)


Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


Scouring the fisheries around the shore, you spot a storehouse, and wrench the door open. Toward the back, you see barrels of oil. Ossie helps you load and hitch a cart to her withers, and she wheels it out to where the others are.

Taking the direct approach, you spring through the shallows of the lake, and you don't have to run very far at all, before you can jump and sink your teeth– AAAAAGH!

Your teeth miss the mark, clamping down on one another with grueling pain, which shockwaves through your jaw. You had really thought your snout was close enough to a bevel in the Fish's many-plated scale armor, that you could bite down and hold a killer grip. Yet it was like you bit into nothing but hot air. Odd… seriously, by your calculations, you really should have been able to get a bite. Did something block you…?

Ossie's muscles bulge and strain, augmented by her esoteric shinobi techniques, as she runs a cart full of oil barrels toward your position. As Cloud more than doubles the breadth and reach of the net Cerulean wields, the Fish's eye-stalks slow their dance, turning downwards toward their prey. Yet, before the Fish can launch an attack, Willow and Tons run east by southeast, along the shore. They unleash a great volley of gunfire, and given that great minds think alike, their shots land upon the same mark, concentrating upon one of the joints of the creature, at a gap in its carapace armor!

>Willow Wisp only

You two can see. Your blasts– bore right through the fish. Not into its flesh or blood. But through it entirely, so much that you can see, without mistake, the harsh sunlight of the sky above. The light peering through the hole is bright. It is now, with the sunlight shining through it, that the Fish seems almost flat, as if you'd shot through a paper target in a practice range, and not a terrifying god of the waters.

>For Everyone

At the same time, Cerulean makes a leap at the Fish's armor, but when she fails to get a bite, a dread limb swings down like a pendulum, grabbing her up! It reels the limb back in, raising her toward one of its many jagged mouths! A sulfurous stench billows forth, worsened by the hot air, as its chosen mouth peels open…


Willow and Two Tons exchanged looks with one another, both questioning if what they were seeing was real before trying to concentrate their firepower once again.

{1d10] Willow
[1d10+1] Two Tons

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8



[1d10] Willow but for real this time.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Cloud looks around quickly as Cerulean is snapped up by the beast. It's too big to grow vines to shut its mouth or grab Cerulean. Without further thought, Cloud spreads his wings to fly up, time to return all the catching the others have done for him.
>Flight [Grab Cerulean] [1d10]

Roll #1 9 = 9


>Natural Remedy: [1d10+1] on Cerulean
"A-Ack! Careful!" He shouts, flinging the vial as hard as he can manage!

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10


>Emboldening Vapors: One less Damage from all sources



Cutlass dips her harpoon in the oil. She then places it in the fire of a nearby torch to light it ablaze. When THE Fish opens its massive maw, Cutlass telekenitically launches the harpoon straight toward the roof of its mouth, rope still attached.

>[1d10+1] to harpoon its mouth

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3


Cerulean blinks and holds her nose as the smell of sulfur spews out. She even tried using her tail to wave away the smell. Though her sense of urgency was restored as the mouth began to open.
"Nope! Nuh-uh! I am not the snack here!" To try and get it away from her, she gathers up power in her tail and tries to whack it through the air to make something of a sonicboom, though with the same impact she typically delivers.

>Slam (Crit 8+, DC -1, Arabian Agility gives it Ranged, take better)


Roll #1 1 + 3 = 4 / Roll #2 1 + 3 = 4



[1d10] perception

Roll #1</