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File: 1418536686392.png (755 B, 172x172, ea face.png)

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Haha, time for lewds


Dump all your stories.


File: 1418539248660-0.jpg (1.17 MB, 2560x3400, AnonxCelestia Assorted fet….jpg)

File: 1418539248660-1.png (379.54 KB, 1634x2240, big and spurty for appleja….png)

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File: 1418539248660-3.png (721.92 KB, 2940x3085, braeburn teasing.png)

File: 1418539248660-4.png (734.13 KB, 3781x2965, cheerilee and anonymous st….png)

Okay. I'll dump what caps I have at least.

I also have some text stuff up on my FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/kathras/


File: 1418539400911-0.png (260.29 KB, 3259x1724, dsl and other biological a….png)

File: 1418539400911-1.png (341.9 KB, 1237x3011, eyecunt mares and mutating….png)

File: 1418539400911-2.png (1.22 MB, 1350x1146, fat pony pins anon.png)

File: 1418539400911-3.png (192.81 KB, 926x2305, femanon and big mac.png)

File: 1418539400911-4.png (326.39 KB, 944x3934, filling a pony's bladder.png)


File: 1418539463142-0.png (281.59 KB, 1424x2535, fs-aj-rara-cockvore-goopon….png)

File: 1418539463142-1.png (306.34 KB, 1569x2345, futa mare bladderfucking.png)

File: 1418539463142-2.png (326.39 KB, 944x3934, Futa-mare Cockfucking.png)

File: 1418539463142-3.png (327.85 KB, 972x3102, horsecocks and livestreams.png)

File: 1418539463142-4.png (779.12 KB, 1098x4226, ice cream and messy birthd….png)


File: 1418539537314-0.png (187.33 KB, 1280x1852, juicy fluttershy.png)

File: 1418539537315-1.png (496.91 KB, 3744x2178, megaflare snails and some ….png)

File: 1418539537315-2.png (592.81 KB, 1877x3319, milky femanon and her four….png)

File: 1418539537315-3.png (289.11 KB, 1191x2026, milky femanon and her spur….png)

File: 1418539537315-4.png (318.96 KB, 1347x2928, plumpershy.png)


File: 1418539617230-0.png (728.89 KB, 3314x4021, puffy futapone just wants ….png)

File: 1418539617230-1.png (294.8 KB, 1857x1911, pumped pussy gets hyperlew….png)

File: 1418539617230-2.png (280.33 KB, 1896x4444, rarity dom.png)

File: 1418539617230-3.png (65 KB, 686x777, rarity vacuum pumped marec….png)

File: 1418539617230-4.png (515.69 KB, 798x4925, reluctant stallion gets st….png)


File: 1418539668134-0.png (180.89 KB, 1358x2080, slutfilly.png)

File: 1418539668134-1.png (428.44 KB, 1601x3155, snails and big mac.png)

File: 1418539668134-2.png (432.11 KB, 1873x3309, Snails Dick Measuring P1.png)

File: 1418539668134-3.png (401.84 KB, 1873x3215, Snails Dick Measuring P2.png)

File: 1418539668134-4.png (536.94 KB, 1875x4258, Snails Dick Measuring P3.png)


File: 1418539740530-0.png (565.42 KB, 1877x4239, Snails Dick Measuring P4.png)

File: 1418539740530-1.png (156.9 KB, 1246x1213, stallion painting.png)

File: 1418539740530-2.png (1.14 MB, 2835x3187, stallionmilk.png)

File: 1418539740530-3.png (434.99 KB, 656x3512, stone pone.png)

File: 1418539740530-4.png (937.01 KB, 2698x4940, the infamous hollow sound ….png)


File: 1418539796056-0.png (387.8 KB, 1632x3543, twilight mutation fetishry.png)

File: 1418539796056-1.png (401.4 KB, 925x2861, twilight's pacifier.png)

File: 1418539796056-2.png (4.6 KB, 567x121, wanting to suck ea's dick ….png)


File: 1418540644884.png (149.5 KB, 589x281, THAT'S A LOT OF NUTS.png)


So EA, now that the lewd princess story is gone forever… want to make another one?


File: 1418597390920-0.png (215.24 KB, 962x904, EA.png)

File: 1418597390920-1.png (222.47 KB, 1195x898, EA2.png)

Don't forget these.


File: 1418600050540-0.gif (741.95 KB, 320x240, EA offers a ponut.gif)

File: 1418600050540-1.png (100.62 KB, 350x350, EA logo.png)

File: 1418600050540-2.png (70.8 KB, 742x247, ERP with EA.png)

File: 1418600050540-3.jpg (23.42 KB, 538x178, EA.jpg)

File: 1418600050540-4.jpg (2.62 MB, 2500x2346, EA dialog guide.jpg)

And now, meta jokes.



What did you have in mind?


Well, considering everything was deleted, how about starting fresh?


Anon meeting her for the first time? Getting to know her?

Building their budding romance?


Maybe not the first time. It would most likely just be shock value and introductions.

I'm thinking more along the lines of like that orgy ceremony thing. Something explosive that sets things into motion.

I still think Anon, in this instance, should be more opposite than the princess. Reserved, flustered, etc. Makes more a more dynamic story, in my opinion.

Doesn't have to be the same setting, we could do something new.


Do you still want it to be a public event? Or maybe just a private moment where they share something special?


Which would you like?

Since we already did a public event thing, we should do something different. And a private one is a little too bland. How about during a conference with advisers? Like, Anon wants to sit in to understand more about the kingdom, but things turn lewd. Maybe even by the princess in a manipulative way.

Could even go so far that she set the whole thing up to… encourage him.


Ooh, setting things up in an attempt to get him to open up and relax when it comes to lewd stuff? I like it.

A conference sounds like a good excuse. Bringing him along to listen in but then slowly turning the meeting into a private orgy.


Sounds like it could work. But first, let's set it up.

What's the princess' name? How has she tried in the past and failed? Why is she even doing it?


We can stick with her name from before if you like. I'm still terrible at coming up with names, haha.

Let's say she's just fascinated with anon and perplexed by his inability to relax around her when it comes to lewd things. So she's trying to get him to open up some.


Earlier you said that you wanted her to be "created" by others. I don't want to be the sole one to stick a name on.

I think it should be slow. Like try to make Anon think it isn't forced. Maybe even have a maid pony question why he won't take her. Have to play on his terms, in a way, to coax.


That makes sense. He's the only reserved guy in a castle full of sexually open mares and stallions.


So it sounds like we have everything ready. Anything else to think of?


To tell you the truth, I've been sleepy all day and I'm about to head to bed.

So how about you start us off and set the scene and I'll add to it tomorrow?


Pony's Christmas gift to EA this year is a sampling of strange bubbling brews and creamy salves.
They're all just regular products with mild aphrodisiacs mixed in.


Oh my. Just aphrodisiacs? Or perhaps some minor growth serums too?


Anonymous walked out of the seamstress's office. He had to get another measurement taken after complaining about the inseam being too tight. Seems like she wasn't used to making clothing for bipeds, although she was specialized at making things for the Princess. Must be a unique skill-set to be able to design stuff to hold… all that…

Anon tries not to think about it, least his inseam gets too tight again. The sad part is that he could just waltz up and take out his sexual frustration on damn near any pony in the castle. It feels so alien to have such a casual openness to sex. Well, technically he was an alien.

He brushes off the feeling of loneliness once more and makes his way back to the library. It's an easy distraction and a mostly surefire bet that he won't be pounced by someone that wants to fuck.


Still a little unsure of where to take this - should I write more of what Anon is doing?


You can do whatever you want.




My fetishes are secret~
Whatever you want. Continue that Anon walks into some situation, or meets the Princess. Maybe she's fucking in the middle of the hallway. Maybe she's just reading something.


As he gets closer to his destination, his inner thoughts are interrupted by a sound. Slowing his pace as he figures out it's around the corner, Anon tries to think of what it could be.

A rickety fan? No, he thought, there are none in this modest castle. A bumping washer? Floor waxer? Just as he's about to peek around the corner, he remembered where he was.

And there, in the middle of the hall, in front of the door to the library, was Cassus slamming her dick into a pony. "A-ah…" the newly hired maid moaned as she get pistoned by the Princess.

Anon ducked back around the corner and placed his hand over his face. Every day with that royal girl. And it's like she's doing it in front of him on purpose.


He can still hear her going at it, the maid groaning and mewling under her thrusts. As he stands there he can even hear her heavy nuts slap with every piston in and out. His pants feel tight again from listening to her rut. God dammit.

What's he supposed to do now? They're fucking right in front of the library door, blocking his path. Should he just walk right by and pretend not to notice? What if she says something to him? Does he really want to risk having a polite conversation with her while she's fucking some random maid?

Then again, if he keeps hiding here he'd have to keep listening to her. And from everything he knew about that lewd princess, she'd be at it for quite a while. Knowing his luck, it'd start to get… weird too.


Lewd how?
Her ass and marevag swelling as lewd gulping sounds are added to what he has to listen to?
Her crotchtits swelling and her being hooked up to a milker, only for Anon to later be given milk and a choice between drinking mare milk or insulting the princess?
The mare's tongue slowly extending and unconsciously seeking out the nearest unoccupied dick to wrap around, which just happens to be Anon's?


Sorry, meant weird how.


yes hello is this the lewd thread, hi
I am completely filled to the brim with cum, held in place by three delicious huge horsecocks.
It is only natural that I'd try to hold her tight as I
plunge both my hands inside her breasts and pass out from sheer exhaustion and pleasure.


hold her tight with my stretchy, rubbery dick*


Her mouth drools your seed as your still climaxing cocks keep pumping gooey spunk into her womb and colon, but the flow pales in comparison to the volume of cum sloshing in your swollen belly. The cocks stuffing your throat throb and pulse, flares locked inside your stomach and gaping around endless ropes of her seed while the one plugging your ass squirms and thrusts in and out, roughly grinding against your prostate to keep your own cock climaxing hard. As your cumslick hands slip down to her teats, you find that each nipple is a fat as a normal sized cock in its own right, easily filling your hands. You slip your fingers into them, exploring around until your hands are sunk in to the wrists, soaking in her rich, warm cream.

Leaning forwards, she gives your cheek a sloppy, cummy kiss with her spunk drooling mouth and hugs you tight against her body by flexing her shafts and clenching her holes. The sound of her pounding heart and her dense cum rushing through her rubbery urethrae combine with the gurgling of your belly as it frantically absorbs her load to expel through your four balls into her body. The lewd lullaby slowly lulls you into a deep sleep, content and happy to be so close to your princess.


File: 1428369876404.jpg (67.99 KB, 457x456, loli shows off her giganti….jpg)

This was beautiful, thank you EA.
I screwed up that last part because I forgot the two dicks were already inside her, but whatever.
We should definitely do this again sometime.


I agree! Either here, in MLPG, or on Skype.

I'd like to get a little crazier too, if you're up for it~


Crazy is good. Always good. I'm sure we'll be able to make something very interesting the next time.
Goodnight and I came like a firehose.


I always love to hear that at the end <3


yes hello hi


So how crazy were you looking to get? Cock-necks? Bladderfucking? All the way through? Stuffing her ponut with monster horsecock didlos until they push up from her throat? Transforming yourself into one of her fat shafts or vice versa?


Unf. I like the sound of those.

I think we could start bymultiplying myself several times and turning myself small enough to crawl inside her bladder, womb and ponut, only to burst back into my original size at the same time, making her stretch unimaginably from the inside. Imagine drinking that stretchy potion and just… Words fail me.
What do you think?


Leaving your original body outside to watch as she suddenly balloons in size, groaning and squirming as her cock starts belching spunk from the sudden pleasure of being so hugely stuffed?

You could also opt for a melting potion and slowly meld with her spunk, temporarily turning into a living, prehensile glob of goo capable of forming tendrils that thrum in and out of her every hole at the same time.


I like that second one too, but only if I get to fill every single hole in her body, going through her ear tubes and sloshing around her brain to give her an internal bukkake, too. Filling every single hole to the brim with rich, thick sentient cum, feeling her writhe and moan around me,e very single nerve ending on fire in an excruciating moment of bliss before I redouble my effort and inflate her belly completely and solidify, plugging all her holes and effectively making her sweat cum!


Oh gosh. Becoming every fluid inside her until she's got spunk coursing through her veins and suffusing her every pore… she'll have to magic over a tank she can rest in, slowly filling it up with hot ropes of cum until she can float and swim around in it. And with all that potion-laced seed inside and outside her, she'll probably end up melting too, joining you in the writhing vat of dense semen as you intermingle and mix with ecstasy.


That sounds positively romantic. I think we should share the gift with everyone else and dump ourselves into the town's water supply, so we could be inside everyone in canterlot, whispering lewd thoughts, turning them hyper and making the whole town go into heat.
Just imagine the huge orgies in the main square, where hugely hung stallions fucked mares with stomachs bloated from cum, heavy mareteats the size of watermelons sloshing and leaking with every thrust, vomiting cum all over eachother.


I love the way you think. Less transformed stallions being deeply kissed by cumswollen mares, hurling up bellyfuls of spunk down their throat as their eyes roll back with pleasure and their testes double in number and quadruple in size. Feeling like the mare kissing them is puking through their body and out their cock as their shaft thickens and grows massive, belching gallons of hot spunk in fitful spurts.

Other stallions find their urethra plugged by another needy stallion's erection, the influx of seed into their sac making their body vent sperm any way it can - thick gouts of it spewing from their mouth and ponut as they shudder and quake from full-body climax. And nearby a mare watches as her vision goes milky white, two stallions pounding her ears and drenching her mind in hot, dense goop as her other holes are thoroughly stretched and flooded.


Nice. We really outdid ourselves with this one. How about we turned the heat up a notch? A single, sweating, stinky huge mare is laying on an altar, stained white from cum. She barely looks like a pony anymore, with her ridiculously large teats, ponut as wide as two outstretched arms and gargantuan cock constantly spurting , her mane a gross imitation of the alicorn sisters, completely made of sticky magic cum rippling in the still air. Her belly is so bloated with cum she can't even get up anymore, but that's not important since she's used as a public cum dumpster by every single stallion and mare in canterlot. Her ass accomodates tens of dicks at a time and sometimes some adventurous stallions decide to get inside her sticky insides to steal some of the dicks from her. I'm thinking of a very interesting day in which a group of ten or so stallions decide to venture inside at dawn, each one of them fucking the other all the way through to create a wonderful train, while the luckiest one, the one at the bottom, gets fucked by all the unknowing stallions, who compliment the hulking beast about the tightness of her ass. The first stallion, all alone without anything to fuck, is rewarded with he abominion's delicious, rancid scat he'll then shit inside the other pony's urethra and so forth until the last pony, who's receiving all the dicks starts to gag on the fetid, disgusting shit, filling her ass with so much vomit and undigested shit to explode in a violent outburst, covering every single one in the square.
Oh, it goes without saying that everyone is lying in their own filth, some ponies even deciding to take the role of public toilets and offering themselves for everyone to take a shit, vomit and piss inside all their orifices. Some of them are actually literal shitheads now!


Sounds absolutely wonderful.

Perhaps after she erupts with all that gooey muck it starts to congeal and pull together, your essence and that of the princess reforming after being distributed through the now filthy muculent town. Slowly great heaps of the vomit, cum, piss, and waste pull tightly together, shifting and squelching until they form into your new bodies. A lewd princess made from hot, reeking shit glazed in a coat of thick spunk, mane and tail flowing with chunky bile and a cock that looks more like a fat scatlog than anything else. And you, a similarly composed beast of pleasure and excrement, your own massive rod standing tall as the ponies around you pay you tribute by suddenly vomitting shit all over your bodies, cocks spurting puke and ponuts gushing thick streams of viscous spunk, their bodily functions scrambled in pleasure and awe.


How delightful. But I'm getting so hungry now. How about we start getting treated like royalty again? I'm sure my princess is famished too, we must call the cooks to prepare a great banquet. A fetid, disgusting, vomitous feast. jars of piss and cum kept for days under the sun until they curdled into jelly-like cubes as appetizers, diarrhea soup, vomit brûlée, shitbread, fried logs,oh my! Anything else you'd like to ask to the cooks to prepare?
I uh, don't really know if this is your fetish so if it gets uncomfortable just say it.


This is incredible - I love it!

Perhaps they'd like to serve it up fresh for us, stuffing the servers' ponuts with those stomach-turning delicacies so they can squat in front of us, groaning as they dump our feast out so it's steaming hot. And knowing the skill of the chefs, I'm sure we won't be able to get down the second bite before our testes puke up gooey, yellowed spunk and our stomachs tense in climax, cumming thick frothy puke from our lips to help garnish the meal.

And assuming we can keep it all down long enough, there's always preparing leftovers for the servants - squatting over the table and unloading a reeking, two-foot thick log of foul waste for them to dive on and gulp down with hungry bites.


What's a feast without some games to pass the time? How about stallions and mares trying to compete on who shits the biggest turd? The winner gets to eat the biggest one.
Or contest of bladder strength divided in two parts! The contestants get pissed inside their urethras until they can't hold anymore: whoever gets filled the most, their balls horribly swollen, wins the first round. Then whoever pisses the farthest gets to be spitroasted by the princess and prince in front of everyone.
Projectile vomit! Try to knock out the highest numbers of bottles of rancid milk straight from the princess' bloated teats on a pile of shit to cushion the fall, whoever gets them all gets to drink everything!


And as the competitions go on, the audience is served by the dutiful toiletmares, pressing their fat futaflares to needy audience members' ponuts so they can unload the contents of their bowels in thick, steaming logs, deeply kissing the queasy and gulping down a stomachful of fresh, hot bile, winking thick erections into their wombs so their owners can release torrents of deep amber urine, or squeezing their cocks into extra tight bladders so their nuts can puke up gooey spunk.

Then once they're full, usually after four or five uses, they waddle back to erupt into a large vat the chefs use to ferment up thick sauces that are sure to get just about every hole on your body geysering with flavor.


What a great party. But I'm sure the colts and fillies are enjoying it too! swimming into the large vat, adding their own shit, piss and vomit to the mixture. And we've even got our very own bouncy castle! That's right, the huge, bloated mare is there, asshole completely gaped to let the little ones in and play cave explorer! Or climbing insider her urethra and take a nap against her warm, gigantic horseballs. Shitting inside her fat tits and then jumping on them to make a fountain of shit, oh how wonderful. But why stop there? It could be eduactional too, what about a trip through her mouth to her insides? It's fun and it teaches them about anatomy, too. Plus I'm sure they would be lulled to sleep by her slow, steady heatbeat, making another night zone for our tired fillies and colts.


I like to think that the princess has her own special group of fillies and colts that she takes care of. And that every night she uses her magic to stretch her fat flare wide open so that one by one they can push inside, her cockmuscles gulping them down so they can snuggle up against her fat testes and sleep soundly. And when it's time to get up, her cock lurches, sac tensing as she cums them out in a gooey pile, kissing each one's lips to her urethra to splort out a belly full of rich breakfast spunk to start the day off right.


What precious little angels. Do they get to have their way with the older mares and stallions? I'm sure that being breastfed- oh sorry, cockfed by the princess herself must have some extremely strong hyper properties. Does she ever get lovingly gangbanged by overeager stallions and futa fillies?


But of course. Each one is sporting an impossibly massive shaft, the colts thicker and longer than the fillies and sporting a marepussy urethra on their extra wide flares. The stallions find the fillies delightfully tight, and the colt's cockpussies are equally well used. Most of them spend the day stuffed with cock and worn around town, squirming and squealing with pleasure when they manage to wring a messy climax from their wearer.

And the princess is always available for them when they want to pound a tight hole until their balls run dry.


We can get crazier than this. We need to.
Hit me with your best shot.


Alright. How about relaxing with the princess when she suddenly starts groaning, drool pouring from her lips for a moment before she gags and starts vomitting thick, gooey spunk. Her neck bulges, throat standing out like a cumswollen urethra as it extends, growing longer with each heaving volley of seed. Soon the base of her neck plumps up, thickening and starting to resemble the puffy labia of a swollen marecunt just as veins start pulsing on her elongating neck. With a wet squelch, her neck splorts out of her body, having transformed into a monstrous horsecock with her head at the base. Her neckpussy gushes spunk and slick juices, winking hard as she uses magic to float her head up and around to her rear. Her body lays on its side, lifting her legs up to expose her underbelly as her neckshaft pushes its flare into her mare urethra. Roughly, she thrusts in, groaning and drooling cum as she pushes in, threading through her bladder and bulging out the base of her body's cock. The swell of her flare pushes higher and higher, her horn glimmering as she lengthens her neckshaft farther, growing until it pushes up out of her urethra and extends out a few feet.

Looking at you with bedroom eyes, she licks her lips and opens wide, magic spreading her neck cock's urethra open as her neckpussy winks hard and her fat ponut lets out an inviting minute-long blast of foul gas.


File: 1428871490257.jpg (91.14 KB, 425x300, a happy man.jpg)

I came.



Good and hard?


Like five spurts. It just didn't stop.


I've said it before and I'll say it again - I love hearing this <3 <3


File: 1429786024034.png (125.11 KB, 635x489, qfxhoc.png)

These aren't my glasses.


yes that is perfect

Why is dotkwa so great


New anon here… what about her cunt being vastly swollen to the point that it forces her rear legs apart and makes her hindquarters drop towards the floor? It's so heavy. Her outer labia are each half-a-foot thick and exquisitely sensitive; her clit is fat, twitching, the hood drawn back. She's winking helplessly, viscous, clear strings of cum dripping down her inner thighs in an endless flow. She needs to be milked of her pussy juices–are you gonna help?


This sounds like a job for a monstrously fat dildo textured like a citrus juicer - squelching it in and out of her gulping marepussy as hot, slick juices gush out from the grooves and all over the floor. There's too much to even bother with a bucket. Better to have her fly you to the bottom of her empty pool and slowly fill it up with her juicy excess.


What about her puffy mound being cupped in glass and sucked with a rhythmic, pulsing vacuum that forces her to release a pint's worth of fem-cum with each chug, collecting through clear glass tubing, all while swelling her cunt to even larger proportions? And a team of fillies to assist once the cup is pulled off–all of them drooling from their bloated, trembling marecunts–with suckling, licking, nibbling, and tugging (roughly, even) and squeezing at that huge mass of pussy-lips as one would an udder?

Above her mound, the overlarge, flared head of her cock–the gaping, three-inch-wide urethra, painfully sensitive and just begging to be rimmed and violated, twitching as it issues an endless, slow deluge of pre–has cleared her sheath, and slowly drops from it to slap against her belly.

(No scat, piss, vomit, pregnancy, or lactation, please! And no prolapse except for some of her cock's urethra… that can be busted open until it can't ever be used right again.)


Oh my.

It sounds like once they tug and pull and finally get that monster sized pussy pump off of her fat, heavy mound with a wet squelching pop she'll have squirted and gushed several gallons of her potent slick nectar. Such a valuable substance too - an excellent lubricant that keeps you slicked up and eager to keep fucking for hours, if not days. And it's perfect for her team of helper fillies to gulp down, squealing as the taste makes them wink and squirt, each hard clench swelling their labia thicker too.

But that sensitive urethra of hers demands to get properly used. It's already so wide, gaping open like a yawning mouth and clenching shut as it her cock was winking, sputtering slick pre. The belly of her beast is quite elastic too, capable of stretching around just about anything she's wanted to roughly stuff into her hungry cockmouth. And those titanic testes of hers have more than enough in them to messily spunk everything back out once she's finished.



Her pussy juices pool below her, dripping off her throbbing sac, which is pulled down so much by her overfull, melon-sized balls that they nearly reach her ankles. The thin skin of her scrotum is taut with the weight of them… it aches. She's whimpering, trembling.

Now the colts arrive, with thick, long tongue to pry open her cumslit–which is flared open so widely that there are meaty, labia-like cocklips that swell out around the hole; they're terribly sensitive, the perfect size to be sucked into a hot, wet mouth and slurped and chewed on.

At the base of her cock, past the tight, muscular sphincter marking her medial ring and the even astoundigly tighter one deeper in (which clenches repeatedly and uncontrollably–that's certainly going to be uncomfortable for her to get fucked), her prostate is swelling with backed-up fluids to the size of an apple, easily seen where it bulges at her perineum, pulsing in time with her heartbeat.

All the while, the fillies are siphoning pussy juice into glass canisters to supply the town with the potent aphrodisiac, suckling at her bloated clit and pussy-lips to stimulate the flow.

Her urethra is wide, but the colts are going to have to fuck it open with their tongues and cocks before they even try to insert the device they've brought with them: a speculum long enough to span the entire length of her shaft, all the way to her prostate, and able to be cranked open to gape her pisshole to well over a foot.


please tell me they're gonna enter her shaft


The sight of that monstrous spreader has her pussy squirting and her internal urethal muscles tensing in anticipation. Her innermost sphincter spasms hard, making her bite her lip as she fantasizes about feeling it squeeze hard around something nice and thick holding it apart. Two of her helper fillies move to help tease her more - one rubbing and licking her bulged perineum while the other grabs a thick vibrating plug and eases it into her ass, adding pressure and vibration to her prostate and making it swell up even more. One of the colts slips behind, unable to resist himself and presses his monster shaft between her swollen testes, sawing it back and forth between them and fucking her balls. The rest of the colts are busy tonguing her cockpussy mercilessly, one of them even bringing out a smaller pussypump and fitting it over her urethral lips, swelling them up as the colts bathe her flare in saliva and maddeningly swirling tongues.

By the time they pop the pump off she's got a more impressive pussy on the end of her flare than any of her filly assistants. And the sight of it has all those girthy coltcocks swelling up huge and aching to stuff into her. All at the same time.


In anyone else wants to join in/play as one of the colts–or even a human or some massively-endowed beast (can you imagine those blood-swollen cocklips struggling to stretch over a huge knot, slowly slipping over it to the widest point where the resistance seems far too much to handle–fuck, it's not gonna fit, it feels like her dick is gonna tear open–and then finally having it pop into her shaft as she screams with the sheer overstimulation of her most sensitive membranes, precum flooding her urethra to pummel with hose-like pressure against the blockage?)–you're more than welcome to assist.


The plug nudges her overfull prostate forwards so that it presses closer to the base of her cock than its forms position (nearer to her ass), and, with the pressure from both the toy and the filly working on her taint, the gland is literally squeezed between the two, forcing a torrent of thick, clear pre to spurt from her flared glans, and, at the same time, causing a flood of both sweet, viscous pussy juices to spill from her cunt and thinner ejaculate to spray out.

The suction on her cockpussy is maddening. She tries to thrash and struggle away from the overstimulation, but the sheer weight of her balls has now pulled her dark, silky scrotum down to the floor, and to attempt to walk with such a gargantuan sac would be hellish. She's trapped, at the mercy of the colts and fillies; even if she wanted to, she wouldn't be able to get away from the slick, long shaft that works away messily at her oversized balls.

Her cock is caught now between her front legs–she's kneeling on all fours now to account for the aching heft of her ballsac–and chest, so she can see, helpless as she is, the cup that tugs at her cockhead. She watches as her dicklips are pulled deeply into the glass, engorging, slick and purple-red; so full that they squelch and press against each other. Suck and release, suck and release… a constant cycle that forces an unending stream of incoherent sobs and moans from her. Her entire glans is bulging flush against the glass, and when it's pulled off with a wet suck, her urethral lips are hugely thickened. They're clenching, drooling, desperate to be violated.


She squirms and groans in desperate need, her fat cocklips squelching as her unique internal urethral musculature forces several pints of lubricating pre out in hard, messy squirts that splatter out and coat her fat flare. The colts are restless, their own thick shafts pounding and spitting streamers of their own pre all over her length, spackling it in glossy slickness. The one furiously fucking between her pulsing, swollen testes grunts and huffs, his sac slowly pulling tighter and tighter to his body as he nears a messy climax. Without much warning, he slams his hips forwards, his balls spanking hers as his flare rudely shoves the hooves of the filly massaging her taint aside, crashing into her swollen prostate through her sensitive flesh. His smaller testes yank tight to his body, his urethral mouth yawning wide just before it belches out an inch-thick, gluey column of spunk right against her perineum. The pressure and heat makes her howl, squirming as she feels thud after thud of his gooey seed spank her prostate and splatter all over her furiously winking lips. Each errant gush paints her engorged labia white before her endless drooling washes it down the sides of her balls to pool on the floor beneath her.

The colts in front of her take advantage as she's momentarily distracted from the teasing, the largest one kissing his flare to her cocklips only to have a good six inches gulped into her hungry urethral pussy. He lets out an awkward squeal as the second tug pulls in a foot, another colt shoving against him to stuff his wide flare down at the same time. The princess howls in response, feeling her urethra start to get stretched out, pulling tight and flooding her mind with pressure and ecstasy. A third colt manages to muscle in just as the first sinks in balls deep, his shaft bucking inside as the sphincter at her medial ring bears down just below his flare, threatening to tease him to climax in seconds. Her cock winks once more, pulling the remaining two colts in and straining that internal muscle to its limit, each involuntary tense of it making her wince and gasp for breath. It's nearly too much for her to take, her balls tensing and gripping the still geysering colt thrusting between them as she grits her teeth and sucks in air through flared nostrils, drool pouring down her chin.


I hate to interrupt the flow and everything but I wanna write a fic about mlpg office bimbofication, do I need to get my ticket and wait or what


As much as I'd love this to continue, I think my partner has disappeared.

We can do that other thing if you like.


Other anon here–got sick and will reply soon/don't mind having two things going on.


Oh no! I hope you're feeling better.


File: 1431294587680.jpg (769.51 KB, 1097x1600, 1430137616886.jpg)

Hope you get well soon, guy
I might not have written anything but you do good stuff



yes hello let's make her eat her puke mixed with cum


I thought it was all cum from nonstop throatfucking?


They could easily put a large bucket underneath her as they fuck her throat good and deep and make her stomach churn in orgasm the instant they pull out to change out stallions. That way all her gastric climax can get saved for the big finale - lifting it to her cummy lips and chugging it all down, the stallions watching as her belly rounds and pushes out, swollen with all their cum.



We need to go bigger. What if each stallion used her as a toilet? But of course we'll need to plug her holes before anything comes out.


You mean like stuffing a nice thick plug into her puffy donut so that the only way anything's getting out is through her lips? Or going for a nice long horsecock dildo that's nearly as thick as her arm and watching her fitfully swallow it, gagging and squirming as it slowly sinks into place, bulging her throat out nice and wide?


I'd say let's put the horsecock in her donut, plug her urethra with something smaller and then gag her with their huge horsecocks while she swallows their waste.

When everyone's completely emptied out, we'll just put another huge horsecock to block her stomach from cumming again and leave her like that for a day.
Then rub a potion to make her even more rubbery and stretchy and just keep going over and over for a full week, while keeping a huge basin under her. She shits and vomits inside the basin, until she feels like her throat and ass are burning wonderfully, then she's ready to take another batch.
The day-old basin is put inside a vat, who is then kept tightly closed under the sun from sunrise to sunset to let it ripen.

This goes on for a week.



Too much?


as a neutral observer I would say so, yes.



How is this my life

I wish my fetishes weren't so horrible


Well he isn't answering on skype so it probably isn't that
He's probably busy doing stuff


Aw, don't get so down on yourself Anon… I mean its a little weird but c'mon


Sorry! Lost the mood for a moment and had to get my Sunday stream out of the way.

Though I do like it more when we focus on how things feel rather than how filthy they are.


File: 1433658334504.png (116.99 KB, 385x293, lewd princess enjoys tea.png)




If you'd like to start something new just go for it


File: 1438702001573.gif (440.77 KB, 230x600, a_1310732308704_Full-Anima….gif)

EA what fetishes do you like, besides hyper obviously


Growth, transformation, deepthroating, gagging, vomitting, belching, farting, shitting, peeing, stretching, large insertions, oppai loli, casual fetishry, lipples, dicknipples, lippes with cocktongues, multicock, multiball, multiwomb, interesting anatomies, stuff like that I guess. The list isn't exhaustive.

Also snuggling and kissing and deep affection.


Perhaps as they make out with those nipplemouths they end up deepthroating their tonguecocks and the resulting belly full of her rich cummy milk makes their bodies shift and change a little.


it's always nice to know I'm not alone with my fetishes
cock on my friend


So, I found this post in mlpg that is totally not mine so I'll just.post it here because I only think it's the right thing to do
Because that's not me
Not at all

>Guys I just woke up with the weirdest boner

>full sensory VR becomes a thing in our lifetime
>you can interact with anyone in any fashion if they consent to do so
>You will never
have a really REALLY intense, hour-long sex marathon with EA polymorphed into rosemary and with her voice while telling how much you love her and squeezing her and brushing her hair and pumping her multi-womb breasts full of jelly-thick cum and just loving the fuck out of her
Seriously, if full VR was a thing I'd be so fucking gay for rosemary-EA I'm starting to think I might actually have feelings for him
I love you bby
Full turbohomo
[spoiler ]I'm rubbing this next one only for you


This is a more than a little offputting, but also super flattering in a weird way.

I'm not really sure how to react to be honest.


Sorry sorry sorry


Well, I'd say you're out of THE DANGER ZONE until full immersion VR becomes a thing.


Don't apologize!

If anything, I was mostly just surprised by how sudden and intense it was. But it really is very flattering.

We can always chat on Skype if you like.


yes let's do that


It's empty.audio


Not that dream guy, but here I go…

The carriage slows to a stop at the servant's side of the castle. Anon steps out, back from his little vacation two days early. The reason for these decisions is to avoid any sort of ceremony, as such happens when dealing with the Princess, even living with her.

Also to sneak up and give her a surprise…

He thought by now that the ponies would stop talking about how Cassus and he were an item, but the lewd princess being in a relationship with an alien was too good to pass up. "Thanks for the lift," he said to the reigned stallions, "I'll be sure to put in a good word."

Approaching the nearest maid, he asks, "So, how have things been since I've been gone? I hope the Lewd Pink Terror hasn't gone overboard…"


I like where you're going, but how should I respond? Am I playing as the princess or taking turns with you on Anon?


I guess as the princess and other ponies? Or do you want to also Anon?


Would you like a more direct idea?


That would be very helpful, yes. Do you have a larger plan in mind?


Not really, just Anon surprising her by getting back early and then they do some lovey dovey fooling around.


Still to vague? How about the princess was a little lonely since her newfound love was away, but seeing him back, she falls into both lust and love. How's that?


Sorry about that - life sort of got me down for a while.

Almost as if to answer his question, Anon turns to see the 'lewd pink terror' galloping straight for him, smiling wide and shouting his name, her royal shaft rigidly erect. Her fat flare bounced and beat her underbelly as her balls and teats wobbled and jostled chaotically, her excessive body seeming somehow even more gratuitous through her movement. When she got within a few feet of him her horn glimmered and lifted him up to catch her in a big hug, holding him to her neck and front tightly as she grinned from ear to ear.

"I missed you so much! Oh I can't wait to hear all about your trip!"

Gently, she set him back down on his feet, smiling down at him as her cock thumped her underside eagerly, excited to see him in more ways than one.



That's a lovely and sexy relationship. I can't help but be really jealous.



Being so open about her body was one of her endearing qualities. Letting it all hang out for everybody to see and most times than not would let them partake. The way she didn't let it stop her from doing whatever she wanted, yet every so often would betray her.

Picking up her head with one hand, letting her rest it, and using the other to comb her mane away from her face, he says, "I was trying to sneak up to surprise you. How did you find out?" He could tell that every time his fingertips rolled over her scalp that she must have missed his touch from her trying to push against it.


Smiling, she nuzzles into his hand for a bit before responding with a giggle. "You'd be surprised how much some ponies are willing to share if you help them… loosen up a little~" She flexed her cock for emphasis, her flare swelling for a moment before shrinking back down. Out of the corner of his eye, Anon could see one of the castle staff scrunching and looking side to side, slowly backing away into a nearby hallway with cheeks flushed beet red.



Anon groans and says in a sarcastic tone, "But now it's ruined… you shouldn't have pumped info out of that poor pony." He runs his hand lightly over the bridge of her nose. "At least I won't have to deal with any sort of ceremony… right?"


"Oh don't you worry, there's no ceremony or anything. Just you and me, catching up on things. Making up for lost time…"

She brushes her lips against his cheek as she leans in to whisper in his ear.

"And maybe I can show you what I pumped into that pony to pump out all that information~"



Letting her go and stretching upwards, he says, "I dunno, the ride was kinda long." Trying his best to be nonchalant about it, even though he hasn't done anything sexual since he left. "I mean, shouldn't we relax a bit first?"

Her horsedick could be seen slightly tensing with each beat of her heart. A small detail, but one he missed while away.


"Oh of course! You must be tired from all that travelling." Turning, she guides him into the castle proper, walking a bit ahead to lead him towards their room but also to give him a view of her plump marecunt and thick ponut. Her abundant body jiggles and wobbles with every step, swaying almost hypnotically as they head towards someplace more comfortable.

"So tell me all about your trip! I'm quite eager to hear what it was like." Her light wink shows just how eager she is for other things, but he can tell from how little she clenches that she's trying to hold back.



Wanting to revel in this, he slows down his pacing. "Well, it was nice seeing more of Equestria… still don't know exactly what I'm going to do yet, but at least a better idea. Apparently my reputation preceded me in more ways than one."

Every time she looked back, he would divert his gaze from her body to something else. "And what about you? How did you fare in my absence?"


She smiles a little wider every time she looks back and catches him glancing away from her rear, even starting to sway her hips just a little bit more to tease him further. "Hee, it sounds like you've got some stories to tell then."

"As for me, it's been the usual same old same old. Meeting with diplomats, holding court with my subjects, that sort of thing. You've probably already noticed I've changed just a little bit too~" Pausing to wiggle her rump a little, she shows off that while he's been gone she seems to have grown an extra set of testicles, four heavy orbs hanging low in her overstuffed sac.



"I didn't want to be rude, but yes. I was wondering why though… no offense, but you… produce more than enough." He loved her body, but always tried to not let his hunger for it overpower. Even though he was sex starved back home, it never felt right to just dump it all unto her. He really did like more than just that part.

By now, she was leaving small drops of arousal and milk as her engorged sexual parts swayed them off. Luckily Anon was wearing pants that he had to ask altered behind her back to hide his hard on, least she has complete control and turns it against him.


She giggles at his response to her redoubled potency. "Well I had some visitors who were quite keen on, shall we say, viewing the palace fountains? So I decided to oblige them with a little extra for fun. It went over so well I've held onto them since."

They finally arrive at his room, the princess opening the door and letting him in first. "Here we are. Plenty of space to relax and unwind~"



Even though he wanted to let loose with, onto, and into her, not doing it since the last night before he left has left him a little pent up. Worried that he would make a fool of himself, Anon tries to delay the inevitable. "Well, how about something to eat first?"


Still wearing that warm smile, she leans into him some and giggles again. "You should have said you wanted something to eat before we walked all the way up here."

Turning to leave, she pauses halfway through the door, her tail lifting up ever so slightly. "Or maybe you just wanted another show~?" Chuckling and wiggling her hips again, she saunters out, heading towards the dining room.



Oh, she wants to play, does she?

Walking to her side, Anon tries to take the offensive. "So, did you miss me any? I'm sure with all these ponies here, you had some distractions. Got any stories?"


"Oh you wouldn't want to hear any of my boring old stories. Certainly nothing interesting like that little banquet we had~"

Giggling, she huffs almost inaudibly as her cock thumps against her underbelly, throbbing visibly as the flare of her shaft bobs between her front legs.

"So tell me, what are you in the mood for? A snack? Maybe a nice big donut? A lightly tossed salad? Or something more filling? We can skip straight to dessert - we have quite a delicious pie hot and ready. Or you could cool off with a nice thick milkshake~"



"Why wouldn't I? It's nice to know what you've been up to. I mean, you obviously had some fun, considering you've kept an extra pair on you." Hopefully a retelling will get her over the edge.

"All I did was talk around the towns to learn about jobs. You must have had it much more lively."


Should I have her recount an exploit of hers and erupt in the hallway then?


Sounds like fun. Was trying to pad it out rather than they just do sex.


Ohh, I figured they were going to talk for a while and snuggle before one of them pounces the other.

But I'm down with having her quiver and struggle to finish telling her tale as she gets cut off by blasting out several hot ropes all over a nearby wall.


How about Anon trying to "weaken" her so he can have an easier time?


How do you mean?


She did sexual things while he was away, he hasn't. He would probably explode and be unable to continue. So getting her worked up to the point that he doesn't seem so fast to ease the fear of not being able to fully satisfy. Good idea?


I figured that her extra balls would have her rather pent up too. It might actually be fun for him to pop early and feel disappointed only for her to give him a deep kiss and work a little magic to get him ready to go again right away. It would also be a good feely moment where she can say something loving that I'm trying not to type out right now and ruin.


Okay, how about they do a quickie in the hallway?


It's been a week
get to the sex already


Sorry, PAX is this weekend so I won't be able to reply (unless inspiration strikes)


File: 1441175622002.png (320.23 KB, 1983x879, lewdword cow thing.png)


File: 1441386408175.png (3.08 MB, 2418x2400, 158756__rainbow dash_expli….png)

Does Fluttershy go out and try to convert some more ponies into cows?
And what are Twi's udders on her balls for? If you milk them, do you get nice, delicious bullspunk?




just sleeping until someone comes up with some new lewd
which reminds me I haven't talked to EA in like a month
I always think about calling him but then I just forget


Just hit me up. More often than not I'm bored and looking for someone to talk to anyways.


Here lies EA.
He died as he lived.




Giving a look over his shoulder to make sure they were alone in the hallway, Anon jogs up a bit to be beside her. Draping his arm around her neck and guiding them to a stop, he leans in to whisper, "You seem a little tense."

Running his free hand down her chest, feeling her warm body and bounding pulse, he tries to antagonize her. "Why don't you tell me about it?"


She squirms a little, with him so close she can't help but make a lewd squelching sound as her maresex clenches and her fat clit thrusts outward. Not to be outdone, her flare swells up a little, pre leaking out to pitter patter on the floor in front of her.

"Hhuf, it's just been so long since you've… since we've… been together."



"But I know you weren't alone. You just told me that you had some visitors," he says while holding her closer, "ones where you even went the extra mile for."

Anon slowly runs a finger down the bridge of her face. "You mean of all the things you did, you missed me the most?"


She stifles a groan as you remind her of her guests, then bites her lower lip and takes a moment to breathe. Her flare is slowly growing, balls hanging lower to the ground, marepussy squelching in another messy wink.

"Hhah entertaining guests can be f-fun, but at the end of the day huffh they're still just guests. You're ngh you're much more than that to me."



Her involuntary arousal was creating a noticeable mess. Anon figured that it was too late at this point to turn back. "Oh? I was only gone for a little while," he says with a sarcastic tone, "it's not like I wasn't coming back."

Bending down some and pecking a coy kiss on her cheek, he says, "But yes, I missed you too."


She shudders, and there's a faint gurgling sound coming from behind her. All four of her balls have grown half again as large as when she first showed them off to him, visibly shifting and churning in her sac. It seems her already unreal production was also partly to blame for her hair trigger.

She opens her mouth to speak, but has to stop for a moment, panting and shivering a little before recovering. "M-maybe we should ngh take… hhah take care of something r-real quick hhghnhhhah…"



Being able to a goddess of sex wanting for release made Anon feel great, albeit a little mean. Lewdness so bounded that her body shifted to contain. "Well, we are," he says offhandedly, "we're on our way to the kitchen. I mean, how can we catch up on lost time on an empty stomach?"

Her usual pink face was a darker red from blushing. Legs scooting outward to accommodate the new weight. Hips subconsciously gyrating forward all the way.


It took great effort, but she managed to get all the way to the kitchen without giving in to that deep desire to let her balls clench hard and empty several gallons of her spunk through her leaking cock. Though she did leave quite the trail of pre all the way to the kitchen.

Once there, she stopped for a moment and leaned against the wall. Her cock thumped against her underside, flare almost completely engorged and drooling thickly. It took her a good minute to find her words again.

"So… hhah wh… huffhhgh what sh-should hhuhhh should we have?"



"Hmm, I dunno…" he says while savoring the moment. Getting on one knee, Anon slides his hand around her belly, knuckles slightly raking her turgid shaft. "Maybe something light. Have you been binge snacking?"


She groans as his hand rubs her belly, those knuckles on her shaft making her huff as her cock flexes involuntarily, squeezing his hand against her admittedly heavier gut. Her shaft holds tense for nearly two seconds before it sags back down under its own considerable weight, wobbling side to side a little.

"Nghhhmmhsome… some of those nngh! hahh g-guests… interested in hhhah f-fuller mmh belly… ngh!"



Giving her tummy a few playful taps, bumping her dick nonchalantly, Anon mocks, "Oh, come now, what about your girlish figure? We might have to work that off later."

Of course, pink girlish figure with soft curves and one large horsecock. Which at this point has flared with full, taunt, and wet flesh.


She thinks to herself that there's plenty of ways she'd love to lose quite a lot of weight all at once, but when she goes to say it all that comes out is a breathy grunt of need. Her cock thumps against the back of his hand as her bellyslapping sets her pudgy middle faintly rippling with each smack.

With a whimper, her bloated nuts finally kiss the kitchen's floor - the cool touch making them recoil briefly before gravity pulls them back down to rest on the ground below her.



Seeing her ball-sac bloat and churn with four egg-shaped testes, lubing her cock's urethra past her length and onto the floor, all while losing herself in her arousal, was getting to be too much. Anon walks over to a fruit basket and sticks his hand into his pocket to adjust his own boner. He could feel his underwear damp with his own pre.

Picking up an apple and trying to calm down, feeling his face getting warm, he slowly walks back. "You know, I think I know you well enough to tell that somethings bothering you," Anon says while biting a mouthful of fruit, "you can tell me anything. I mean, we do share, as friends do." He hovers the bitten snack in front of her face.


File: 1449713780943.png (479.15 KB, 962x904, G6zgUuC.png)

I didn't see this here

so here it is


She can't even manage to really take a bite of the apple, just pressing her mouth against it and groaning loudly. Her hips tremble, holding back her animal need to buck and rut and pump every last gallon of her viscous load into something, anything. Even hosing down a wall would do.


File: 1451587119452.png (164.3 KB, 895x2149, testicle weirdness.png)

Fresh from the general





>you will never ERP with Agathoid


but why not
I wanna continue the melon thing


because it was awful


>you will never be Princess EA's personal maid


That sounds like an awful lot of cleaning work.

Maybe you could help the princess not make so much of a mess in the first place…


File: 1454358296473.jpg (226.77 KB, 600x800, 1270708235101.jpg)

There's a skillful art to keeping every single drop in, especially when your Master is so… "well endowed". But every good maid has a few tricks up her sleeves, namely: Regenerative baths to keep their passages tight and virginal, so as to not let anything pass, magical property alteration to camouflage anything that does make it past and, most importantly, the ability to thaumaturgically expand their innermost crevices to hold ten times as much in.

Yet, all these generation-passed techniques fail for Mistress EA. Outside help had to be requested for one of her "morning exercises" which managed to occupy the entire staff for several hours.
Although most of the time, the head personal maid does not pleasure her Mistress directly; rather, she helps with cleaning operations directly on the scene, so to say. She can't fool around too much, for she is still fertile and, as is commonly known, apart from the rarest and most potent anti-conception drugs, none of them work on Mistress EA's spunk.


That just sounds like an accident waiting to happen. A lengthy and protracted accident that lasts for months.


Gimme some sugar.


Megabusty plain or megabusty futa flavor?


plain megabusty is nice, but I think the megabusty futa with hyperponut and fuckable nipples flavor packet makes everything taste better.


Ooh, I definitely agree. So, what's the scenario? Inviting her over to play some split screen vidya? A romantic date night out? Or just waking up in bed next to her in the morning?


Oh, man. I haven't played videogames with someone in forever, I think it'd be really nice to have her for a good session of good ol' fashioned vidya.
I can already see her sporting a pair of pants that only accentuate her gargantuan ballsack, her flaccid dick running down her leg.


They were the biggest pair she had. Her top is similarly tight, breasts jiggling with every step and the outline of her fat nips clearly visible. She has to keep her legs spread when she plops down on your couch, her heavy tits resting on top of the fat bulge between her legs as she asks what's on the game menu for today.


I like to think that when she sits down, her huge, prolapsed asshole makes a timid *schlorp* sound, accidentally swallowing her panties who are currently straining to keep the huge dong at bay, with terrible results. I'm absolutely hard right now, so I try to cover my crotch by casually crossing my arms as I sit down, too.
But of course I can't just stare at her for hours, can I ? She came here to play some games… I am sure we can work out something, probably a fighting game to break the ice and oogle at her bouncing tits while she's really into the game and does some pretty hard combos!


She blushes faintly as her suddenly disappearing panties have her cock lurch downwards, pushing farther down her stretched out pants while her fat testes slide forwards a bit and force her legs apart a little more. She happily agrees to your challenge, grinning as she rests her controller on top of her massive chest. She laughs a little and says it's a little awkward but better than letting her tits mash the buttons when she holds it underneath.

Words she quickly forgets once she's into the fourth match, leaning forwards with her tongue sticking out a little as she slips her arms underneath her breasts and wiggles with each dodge, her breasts wobbling and straining against her creaking top. Her pounding heart sends some additional blood flow downwards, cock tumescing slightly in her pants.


Welp, that's entirely too much for me. Since she's so into the game I think it's safe to just hold the controller in one hand and go for a quick handjob while she's not looking.
And… is the air getting a little thick? I… I think I can see some sweat under her armpits.
Oh dear.
Oh dear lord I HAVE to jerk off *right now*.


Managing to hold off until the start of a round, she doesn't notice that you're not really attacking back until she's gotten a double KO a couple rounds in a row. Huffing a little, she turns to see what the problem is and goes beet red when she sees you staring at her breasts and furiously masturbating. She's speechless, but watching you go at it while staring at her gets a different kind of response - her pants creak as her cock swells to half hardness, thicker around than a two liter and still growing.


Oh god.
Well I knew this was coming.

Welp, no sense in pretending right now, I'm too close! And she's getting even bigger, how could I ever stop masturbating in front of a sight so beautiful? I'm only seconds away from shooting a load on her while she's staring at me, I want to give it my all.
In a blaze of courage mixed with craziness I stand up, whip out my dick and just jerk off trying to aim for her tits.


She just stares as you pop up and aim your cock at her chest. When the first rope splats on her cleavage she gasps, then groans as her pants give way, cock lifting up fast and popping off her top. The rest of your load spackles her fat areolae and soda can thick nipples. Panting, she squirms and shudders, cock rock hard, breasts bare, legs spread, heart pounding.


That's not enough, I'm still filled with lust!
I fall to my knees and try to stretch my mouth and suck on her head, rubbing a fat pony nut in each hand and getting smothered by her ridiculously huge cleveage.

Oh man, I wonder what the hell is going on in her head right now.


(Oh god, oh god don't panic! Was he really jerking off to me? Am I that attractive to him? It's gotta be my breasts… right?)


She moans deeply when you stuff her cock in your mouth, knees pulling together a little as her flare throbs and squirts a half cup of pre into your throat. Her nuts are heavy and quite warm, damp with sweat and churning under your touch. Her hands tremble as she reaches up to grip her fat nipples, squeezing and tugging while you worship her shaft.


I've got leave right now, wanna continue this later?
so sorry


I have to head out too, so it works out great


In times like these I wish I had more hands. But I think I can find a solution!
What if I keep sucking until it becomes too large to even try to suck on it? What if I take a straw from a nearby cup and just stick it inside her urethra , trying to suck greedily suckher cum right out of her hole?

I've got half an idea to move my hands from south to north and finally start massaging those heavenly tits of hers, too.
Maybe, just maybe start teasing her inverted nipples with my fingertips, try to see just how much resistance they offer before I gape them with my fingers.

And while we're at it and going all out, I wanna thrust my dick between her sweaty, heavy nuts.



So I wonder how she is on Hearts and Hooves day? Is it the one day she relents a bit from lust to allow more room around the kingdom for love or do things only get worse.




Sorry, I've been working on projects and haven't been watching this thread much.








Lots of lube










That's fucking retarded, Anon.




That's not art.
It's dumb.


And feel them swell as a second pair of gravid testes descend into her stretched sac while you hear her distantly groan, another few gallons of glue thick spunk rippling post your tongue to rinse out your lungs and bloat up your belly?


Yes, that would be heavenly. While I try to massage her balls from the inside, she would knead my ever-bloating belly with her hooves, computing my intestines white when she saw that my belly was bring inflated a little *too* much.
Does Celestia's cum have any magical altering properties? I have just realized that I didn't have a giraffe tongue before, so that must be it. What kind of alterations could her cum ever work out as it's "slowiing" filling me up completely?


Perhaps you could offer her a drink yourself as your new knotted horsecock lurches upwards, balls swelling to the size of cantaloupes and churning with her seed. Your flare's urethral mouth puckers and thickens into a fat ponut, perfect for her cocktongue to plunge into and drink your gooey load directly from your overprotective testes like a fleshy straw.


Oh, you know EXACTLY how to make things fun.

So now we've got Celestia with two pair of balls fucking me endlessly with her asscock and releasing gallons of ropey cum inside me, while most of that cum is returned to sender with my newly gigantic testes and celestia gulps down my processed cum with her cocktongue from my ponut urethra as fast as she can produce it.
We're some kind of eldritch, adorable Ouroboros now!
While the sensation of being completely overwhelmed by celestia's ass is wonderful, I still would like to be able to see something of what's happening, though. Would my giraffe tongue grow even longer and have a large eyeball attached to it so I can snake it through all her digestive tract and come out of her mouth to see what's going on?


Why stop there? Her mutative load could make your body gooey and slick until you find yourself being sucked into her cock and balls, churned around for a while, then your shaft pushed back out of her thick asscock as the rest of your body curls up inside her, peering out her nostrils as you bulge her gut, almost as if you're wearing a living, loving pony suit you have no control over.


OH and *oh my god*
Could I technically be able to stretch my OWN ponut urethra together with celestia to watch her fuck it from the inside of my shaft?


How about your stretchy cock pushing out, then turning inside out like a living cocksleeve around her shaft, while leaving your urethra to geyser your shared loads all over her face and body?


Woops that was a late idea sorry, but I still wanted to say it because it really sounded cool, your idea works great!
I would LOVE to be inside her and having absolutely no control over what is going on. Buy where would we go (obviously somewhere public and crowded) and what sort of nasty things could we do?


She could take you out to the center of Canterlot, sucking your cock into her body and pushing it into her sinuses. Then she could inhale deeply like she was about to sneeze as her testes grind against your prostate, making you cum hard, spraying thick spunk out of her nostrils.

Or head to the restroom and position herself over the toilet, forcing your head from her flare as she pumps gallons of raw seed into your stomach until it splorts out of your mouth and nose all over the bowl.


Vomiting cum out of hercock sound a positively fascinating experience. But there is so, so much more we can do…
How about turning my whole body into a ponut and have her casually show it off on top of a pedestal during the farmers market? I wonder how mindbreakingly orgasmic it would feel to burn with every fiber of my body as random stallions and mares alike fist me and fuck me by the dozen, as I try to scream in mindless pleasure but end up just vibrating, making everyone just come faster?

I can almost see it: Princess Celestia smiling smugly with her gigantic rump in the air, leaning over a stand as I get fucked silly until I can't think anymore, white cum staining her already white coat and wings, while I NEED to be FILLED even MORE


At that rate she could use you as the lining and obscenely plump exterior of her ponut, marepussy, lips and throat and invite the royal guard to her chambers to pound her for a week straight. She'd prep them all with hyper swollen cocks and quad watermelon balls of course, plus rotate your sensations in every hole so sometimes it feels like there's one monster shaft stretching your nostril while another slams through your belly button as a third snakes through your intestines and uses your stomach as a spunk reservoir. Then when they pull out it's your throat, urethra and prostate getting fucked by the next set of guards. And each hole is lined with tastebuds and olfactory nerves, forcing you to taste and smell every last millimeter of those throbbing, geysering horsecocks.


I love you.

After the second day, I'd probably just say goodbye to my sanity, if I even had some remnant of it left. I'm now a perfect fuckmachine and I love every second of it. Say, all that cum HAS to go somewhere, don't you think? Why don't we dig out an old time classic and make me vomit everything into several huge fermenting vats for some good old fashioned cumcheese?

Also, those hyperstallions must catch a break every now and then while they fuck me! What if I grow multiple sets of long prehensile tongues that dart out of my back like some fleshy,quivering imitation of celestia's wings to lick off the sweat of all those hardworking ponies? The salt would really make the cheese even better.
If the princess thinks this proper, I could also become the royal guard public toilet. Maybe we could store that too in another set of vats, in case she wanted to do anything with them too!



Sadly it's getting late and I really need to get some sleep. We can pick this up again tomorrow night though.


Sure thing! I had a lot of fun and I am going to spurt extra hard to this right now.
Thank you so much!


I told you he lubbed us


I feel violated and depressed.
That's no lub.


Well then stop projecting hour problems on good Mr EA right here then! He's always a darling who writes good smut.


>you will never nibble on EA's huge horsecock as he writes lewds on the intertubes


Just make sure you're gentle with those teeth.


I'd prefer to use my lips, mostly. Nibbling is for special occasions.


That sounds lovely. But between you kissing and teasing and the lewd ideas getting typed out in excessive detail I'd probably be making quite a mess down there.


Don't worry, Master, my lips can gulp down every single drop of your gooey spunk. Both of my lips, in fact. I might be a wee bit bloated afterwards, but that's just the charm of being fed by you.


And there's nothing better than a nice, long cum-stuffing to properly prepare a tummy for rubbing


B-But excessive belly rubs would prevent you from writing lewds! Guess I'll just have to use you to stuff myself.


There's plenty of time to rub your belly while I'm waiting for a response from someone. Maybe you could just stay stuffed with cock lying on your back so I could bloat you up more in between rubbings.


Just the right position to wring out some more batter with my feet. Though those throbbing balls of yours will need some massaging, too, seeing as they're pulling overtime just for me.


You know I'm a sucker for a good ball massage. And I certainly wouldn't mind a pair of feet gently rubbing and pressing against my balls as they clench and tense with each hard spurt into you.


I'd have to clench pretty hard to keep all of that glue in. I soon might not even fit under the table anymore with the huge, expanding belly full of your cum.


If it ever gets too much, I can always take a quick 'bathroom break' to drain you out. Just carry you to the tub and slowly pull out, letting you gush and drool spunk until your belly is slim.


But isn't that wasteful? I'd rather you just unload all you got, then let me rest and absorb every single drop of it, coming back with even more capacity, all just for you.


Oh my, that sounds even better. Does absorbing all that mayo-thick spunk do anything other than increase elasticity?


Well… hips, height, curves, all that. A bigger belly, so I could better take all of you. Bigger hips, so I could grind around your big, delicious horsecock better. Bigger breasts so I could bounce on top of you harder. Your miracle spunk can make it all a reality.


How about something a bit more exotic too, like a fat winking marepussy to better milk my thick horsecock? I certainly wouldn't mind a nice fat mound to pound either.

You'd be like a fertility goddess with an equine streak.


That'd be much more gradual, you know. First my clit gets bigger, then my outer labia stretches to better fit your cock, then I get deeper, yet not so deep that you can no longer bump against my cervix and then I get stronger, just so I could hold in a few more liters at once.
But what of the litter? Would they perhaps be half-mare, For His Pleasure™ or would they take after their human roots?


I love a good gradual change, especially if we take measurements before each bloating to keep track of your progress.

They probably vary wildly. Some of them almost completely mare, some barely equine at all.


Eventually, I'd likely just tower over you, my body adapting to be able to contain all that additional vaginal flesh and hips. It'd likely reflect on our children and, eventually, they might just take some of my responsibility off my shoulders (and from under my hips).


It's sort of funny - by the time they can get you a break you probably don't need one anymore.


I'm sure the our little fillies can help you out with your draining duties, but I imagine you'd have your hands full with the colts. If your body is tailored to handle every last inch of my shaft, it should be able to take three or four of them at a time.


I'd bring them up better than that - you should always have priority, after all. Though I'd also discourage my litter from filling me up all at once; after all, they might just demand the same treatment when they get older - and wider.


Such a lovely scene - me hilted balls deep inside you, fillies kissing and lapping at my heavy nuts as they tense and pump pints of seed up through my flared horsecock. And you clenching around my shaft tightly, two colts hungrily nursing from your immense bust, their drooling erections grinding against your swelling belly.


And right as you pull out, your balls aching from emptiness, three or more colts readily take your place, plugging me before even a single drop could escape.
All this, and I'd only grow larger, soon I'd be tall enough that not even your combined bountiful semen would seldom make my belly bulge. Hell, I wouldn't even fit into the room anymore. Even Gloomy would be all like "what the fuck man".


Oh my. It sounds like I'm going to need something to help me catch up. After all that I don't know if anything other than flaring against your cervix and unloading gallons of extra thick spunk would really be able to satisfy me. Maybe one of the fillies could help by letting me wear her to sleep so her suckling marepussy could vacuum pump some feet onto my shaft. Then some of the smaller colts could mount my flare and soak my nuts in weight gaining seed from the inside.


The Stack™ should solve all your woes. After the latest addition of Doc. DJ Acid's patented 3-ATR™ compound adds another whole dimension, allowing exponential growth. Soon you, too, will pierce the heavens.


And then I'll be able to bulge your belly with just my cock alone again. Which knowing your expertise at pleasuring me won't last long as I'll soon be flooding you with hundreds of gallons of yogurt like semen, filling you up huge.

But as fun as it is to fuck while floating in a lake then displace all the water with your massive cumgut, we should find a way to seal away most of our massive size so we can still fit into things. I'm sure the fillies would like to be able to take all of my cock at once again.


The solution is obvious: Bags of holding. A simple, forceful "surgical" impact with a modified, magical condom and my belly can take any size and any amount at any time. Silly, but effective. Same can go for you, of course.
On the other hand, one could simply create a two way portal, put your cock through one entrance and tie the other end to me. Never again will you have to lift a finger to fuck me.


That last one sounds dangerously addicting. Being able to go about my business while ragingly erect, flare swollen impossibly huge with your cervix practically plugging my urethra? I'd never pull out. I might even have to get a second one to put my monster nuts through so they can be constantly tonguebathed and massaged by our small army of cumdrunk lusty fillies and colts.


But I'd only grow larger and larger, always with an enormous bulge in my stomach, writhing and throbbing with your teleported heartbeat. To many it would be weird, some would even realize how incredibly lewd it is, but I'd proudly wear your cockbulge on my stomach, wearing only tanktops and other clothes with belly windows, just so everyone could see how much you're filling me. It would be hard to ignore, after all, as even the tallest of men would reach only up to my belly button.


I love it. And I can totally see someone asking you when the baby is due when we're out together, mistaking your cock and cum swollen womb for heavy pregnancy. And I'd just blush and cum harder as you cheerfully explain that your belly is proof of how good you are at milking my monster horsecock for gallons and gallons of viscous seed.


And as I condescendingly lean over to explain just how much cum you're currently pumping into me, I'd let out a few dainty moans as I feel your extra creamy spurts, proudly rubbing my belly. There's just one problem, though; How'd all the babies get out? Your permanent occupation of me wouldn't leave much space for birth, bag of holding or not. Perhaps I'd have to install another exit, one to your realm of ballsucking.


Feeling each new foal birth with a splash of hot cum right between my testes, cradling them there until they slide out and make room for the next one… I'm sure every time that happens I'd be gushing nonstop for a full half hour.

You'd need another pair of portals for your thick nipples too - both to keep you from drooling milk everywhere and so that all those fillies and colts will have plenty to fill their bellies with.


I'd rather keep them out, loud and proud, but if Master wills it, so be it. The countless generations'd likely get hungry otherwise, even if they could subsist on their own cum.

When in public, however, I could perhaps even carry you. Sloppily make out as I cradle you inbetween my breasts, drool dribbling down as I make you thrust all the more into my permanently ready breeding chambers. Perhaps we could even take those hefty portals off sometimes as a form of break, and just go at it naturally in the midst of some shopping mall. It'd be costly to clean up, but that only adds to the fun!


If you're so much larger than I am I could even sink into you balls deep then have you pull on panties over me and get dressed normally. Then I could just lay back and relax as you go about your day, occasionally rubbing the cockbulge in your belly when you want to feel me throb and spurt a few gallons into you and fill you out.


This is getting very silly.


Haha, yeah but silly is fun


File: 1460631757367.jpg (9.55 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

>silly butt fun


All I wanted to do was to lick EA's balls under the desk ;_;



File: 1460819779474.png (121.55 KB, 500x399, you make me so hot and bot….png)



Haha you don't have to do anything if you don't want to.

But if you do want to, you could type up a description of what happens next.


File: 1460872991172.png (41.9 KB, 201x200, makise wants to experience….png)

Well, uhh… I'll suck on your wrinkly horseballs for headpats!


That sounds like a fantastic deal.

Do you also accept scalp massages?


File: 1460876907390.jpg (209.42 KB, 600x600, kurisu can't take this.jpg)

A scalp massage is worth about a buttock peck.


What do I need to pay for a tender kiss on the flare?


File: 1460878821490.jpg (75.39 KB, 500x500, I'll even dress up for you….jpg)

J-Just enough headpats. Rub my head hard enough and I might just suck on the flare's edge


Oh my. I might need to throw in some gentle vocal encouragement and softly rubbing your cheeks.


File: 1460879147473.jpg (72.9 KB, 500x500, I'll dress up extra hard, ….jpg)

T-Taint smooches and kissing under your heavy balls.


After all that tender loving I'll be quite stiff and throbbing.

Are you prepared to take care of that?


File: 1460879449372.jpg (128 KB, 500x500, gah heaving horse balls.jpg)

W-Well… are you p-prepared to take care of me? It might not even fit…


It's okay if it doesn't fit. You can always use your body to rub it.

And of course I'll take care of you. It's no fun if I'm the only one enjoying myself.


File: 1460879734640.jpg (443.56 KB, 715x1000, or my feet or my face.jpg)

My t-thighs are always open to you!

(You know, the thread is kinda shitty to lewd it up.)


Are you suggesting we move to something like Skype?


File: 1460879944615.png (1.67 MB, 1000x1414, don't you just want to sli….png)

I've got a Tox, if you've heard of it. It's just Skype, except not shitty.


Do I just paste my ID here then?


Mhmm. It's better you post yours, you're the entire point of this thread, after all!


I probably won't be on it outside of requests



this got really gay really fast


There's nothing wrong with getting really gay.


What if EA went trans, but the hormones only strengthened his now feminine horsecock?


So does that make me a futa or a shemale


Depends on how much you paid, doesn't it?


I guess so. I'd probably go full futa then. All the better to ride monster horsedongs, you know?


It's not like you'd be the one doing the riding very often.


There's always bouncing on a flared XL Chance while I aim my cock at a webcam and feel my girly nuts clench tight.


A webcam? You're saying that as if just one angle would be enough. At least use a 3D webcamera, so the viewer can truly feel the size of your girth.


That's a good idea. But I also want to capture a nice POV shot of the climax. So viewers can imagine my ladycock gaping wide and unloading gallons of steaming hot, yogurt thick horsecum all over their face.


But wouldn't you like to at least collect it? Have a few beakers and measuring cups ready, just so you can fill all of them, so any viewer can perfectly picture just how much of the fertile stuff you'd be pumping into them at once.


I'm sure with the hormone treatments making my ladycock throb longer and harder I can afford to waste a few pints gluing my cam to the desk. Besides, I'm going to have to save up big mugs of it for the finale where I chug one after the other and spurt just from the taste and feel of it sloshing in my spunkbloated gut.


Maybe, for an encore, you could bring in one of the (very) lucky viewers for a special taste test, maybe even for more?


I like where this is going. Perhaps all the hormones I've been taking are leaking into my gooey spunk too.


Wouldn't it turn her more feminine, then? It'd just get her addicted on your spunk, really.


Depending on how my body processes the hormones, it might also get her sprouting a thick, throbbing, ladylike horsecock of her own complete with a set of very feminine cantaloupe sized testes.


Well, your performance would soon lose the special charm if everyone could have a nice, feminine horsecock. She'll just make a lot of "guest appearances", leaving with a pussy dripping with your chunky spunk each time.


True, but having someone else means we can turn it from a solo masturbation show to us bloating each others' bellies fat with gooey, viscous spunk.


Then maybe just once? A petite, little girl turned hot broad, documented session by session as her breasts become fuller, her pants tighter and her hips curvier. You can even compare progress with her by smooshing your nice cocks together, balls to balls, and showing off on-screen just how much progress she's making!


That sounds lovely! Just sitting in front of the cam fully erect and having her slide down my shaft and bounce until I start unloading into her, each throb of my cock bulging her belly out and filling her body out at the same time.

And once her cock grows in she can do her own POV shot - cumming against the camera as she climaxes from feeling my flare pump pints of spunk into her body.


But she wouldn't be the only guest, right? More girls are bound to come (heh), but can every single one be responsible for a huge, virile horsecock? It'd be terrible if it got out of hand. Even then, though, stretching out all those sluts on camera with your loyal assistant should be loads of fun.


We could do a special stream event where we get a whole gang of girls together and just bloat them all up. Coming in not particularly curvy or thick and leaving jaw droppingly hot with a still swollen belly from all that spunk.


Perhaps you could even do a double special event, where you visit some lucky viewer's own home and bloat up anyone requested? Though I don't know about the public - it'd be hard to conceal the bulge of your enormous horsecock, even when limp.


Are you requesting that I come knock on your door, cock throbbing hard and drooling pre?


Of course I am~


Hee, so how should we start? Are you into servicing my ladylike monster horsecock, or do you want me to take control and just use you?


Well, a little foreplay would never be amiss, correct? I'd get you coffee, then, when you're drinking, I'd climb under the table, unzip you and gently start sucking on your ladyballs.


Ahh, there's nothing like a good coffee as you get your positively obese girlnuts lapped and slurped on. The perfect beverage to moan into as you start unsheathing over a foot of ladylike horsecock.


I'd lick under that thick horsesheath, my tongue getting compressed as you slowly get erect. I'd squeeze at the enormous spotted, dark brown shaft to feel all those liters of blood rushing in, so much it'd make anyone else lightheaded.


The only lightheadedness I get is from the feeling of you worshipping me with that tongue of yours. My flare would be thumping the underside of that table before long, and I'd probably finish my coffee quickly so I could free my hands up to reach down and hold your head as you work over my erection.


I probably wouldn't be able to resist myself, and outright just mount you under that table, pointing my ass upwards as I back up and let your enormous cock fill my pussy past any brim. I'd like to stay under the table as, after all, I'm expecting some… company.


You know, Tox would be a bit faster than this.


Oh my. More guests arriving as you're under the table thrusting back into my lap, belly showing a visible bulge of my not-so-dainty ladycock?

I've actually got to run, so we can pick it up later tonight


Of course. And they'd wonder where I've gone off to, the only clue they'd had would be the constant moaning from under the table. By then, you might even have to make them… join the fun.

I'll be waiting~


I wonder who you invited over? Another hung futa so we can spitroast you all night long? Someone else to worship my equine equipment?


Hello is this the thread of the weird fetish pony porn


The place to be when it comes to feeling the spunk being puked into your stomach through your ass start to rise up into your throat just before a fat cock wedges in there to force it all back down into your obese cumgut.


aha okay wow. That.

I exploded when reading that. It's unreal.
Sorry to make you waste your time by going on /unf/ but holy shit that one was worth it. I'll have to clean my keyboard later.



Always happy to make a big mess~


How did you like the body transformation? I seldom do it, I got surprised at myself at the balludders but they sounded like a really good concept!


I liked it a lot, actually. The balludders are a fantastic touch that I wish would happen more often.


File: 1462412912997.jpg (351.39 KB, 768x1616, 1361145793704.jpg)

What's going on in here?


I'm glad you liked it! I'm gonna clean up this huge mess and then I'm going straight to bed. It's bloody 4 am and I was supposed to study in the morning.


File: 1462413163249.gif (5.03 MB, 480x270, 655157__rainbow dash_expli….gif)

I know what you'll be dreaming about~


And that's why I don't like to do lewd in the general.


I propose we make some new holes in the glass then! I wonder how many I can take at once in all my holes. Who knows how far these new ponutnipples can stretch, plus I'm sure my ass and pussy can accommodate many hung stallions at once.
God, I'm sure I'd start gushing just as I press my frozen udders against the wall for everyone to see, I *know* I will be dripping when I'm being ravaged by the customers.


Maybe once the line for ice cream dies down, Sugar can fit thick milkers over your balludders, suckling and pumping your fresh soft serve out to be packaged and sold in local grocery stores. That should keep you mooing and content as the customers grip your ponut horsecock nipples and fuck away, grunting and huffing as their cocks puke up load after viscous load into your breasts. And around closing time, Sugar herself can join in - wearing your thick womb like a cocksock as anyone still there can empty the last of their overfull testes into her ponut nipples too.


What happens if we become TOO popular? What if word of mouth makes ponies come to try have a taste first from canterlot, until everyone wants a taste? And of course, let's not forget the perk of fucking the cow hybrid senseless after you've ate your ice cream. I'm sure there will be a long line for that too.
I'm sure that as long as they keep fucking me so I can absorb their cum, I can serve more and more. But only sixteen flavors isn't enough! And we just can't let those poor ponies wait in the sun just to have a taste!

How do we fix this?


I think we're at another crossroads.

You could shudder as you feel your body change inside, rapidly impregnating with all that Sugarspunk rinsing out your ovaries and give birth to an army of little spunkcows so there's enough intoxicatingly delicious frozen cum for everyone.

You could moo long and loud as your ass creaks and pushes outwards, tauring out and giving you a second monstrous balludder capped with sixteen more fat nipples plus a second cannon-like horsecock specifically built to get fucked hard and deep and pumped full of gooey spunk.

Sugar could get in on the fun, mutating herself into a spunkbelting cow too, joining you in the cube to get pumped in every sense of the word.

There's so many possibilities.


I have an idea that might be crazy enough to work.

First off, we modify the glass cage to hold two and keep my head in place. That's because sugar's gonna be in there with me, turned into a deliciously thick spunkcow. We both grow a fifth, gigantic new udder with sixteen new nipples and our heads are locked in place with a contraption, our mouths held together, my breasts' nippledicks fucking her ponutlipped nipplemouths, our shafts locked in place as we cannot part out bladders and fill eachothers balls with the other's spunk.

I'm also thinking of a new slogan, "Made with Love". Gives it a completely new meaning.

Of course, we still have to meet the demands! I'm sure we could find a way to et Sugar's cum move towards my womb through my balls, to impregnate me and birth litter after litter of new spunk cows, ready to take over all the new shops we're setting up in all of equestria.


Oh my.

With your mouths locked together in a lewd kiss, I wonder what'll happen when the customers that have grown a second pair of testes start pounding both your ponuts. All that spunk pumping into your stomachs, then rising up, bulging your necks out…

I'm sure it'll make your balludders jiggle and bloat fat with delicious ice cream.

As for breeding, I'm sure your lewd body could mutate a passage from your bladder to your womb, letting Sugar inseminate you non-stop, womb filling with a litter in all stages of development, birthing every weekend while remaining pregnant with more for the next week.


Well I'm running out of ideas, that sounds positively lovely. We solved the production, we're together all day long, our delicious cum is being served by the gallon, we're getting fucked by a myriad of stallions every day…
What else could happen?


There's always quitting time. Perhaps you've got a friend who can let you out - the moment your lips are separated the both of you erupt in a fountain of spunk, the release so pleasurable the rest of your body starts spurting uncontrollably for a half hour straight until you're both drained enough to walk home. By tomorrow morning you'll be jigglingly swollen and ready for work, but tonight you can do whatever you want with your hyperfuta spunkcow partner.


I wonder, does sugar want to see her children while they're still in the womb?

I can't think of anything more motherly of bloating your wife's womb just to suck off your hypercolt son! We could even go for an unbirthing inception, maybe Sugar wants to know what it feels to be a mother too? She could enter my womb, fill her own with my calves and sleep inside. This way the kids would be unbirthed before even being born!


At the very least, she could thrust into your womb balls deep and moan as her daughters relieve their massive erections by fucking her urethra. Then once they're spent she can feed her litter by blasting a couple gallons of extra dense seminal jelly for them to swallow down.

I'm sure if you were to slide into her womb, it'd remind you of work. Being surrounded by all those cocks, feeling them thrust deep into your holes, mouths latching onto your balludders and gulping down your spunk.


You're right, this is our free time after all and we need to relax, not work overtime. Cock-feeding the litter would a great idea, I'm sure we could just cuddle as we lock our trashcan-sized cocks and nipples together again. Maybe Sugar could put her ear to my belly and listen to the babies kicking and probably having an orgy inside my cum-drenched womb.


I wonder if all that kicking plus your daily meal of gallons of dense cum gets you a little gurgly. Groaning into Sugar's mouth as you sloppily make out, then occasionally belching hard, either blasting cummy gas into her face or pushing it down her throat.

Even if it doesn't I bet the little ones fucking inside you will have your balls clenching and your cock geysering.


And spurted!


Gosh. This was incredibly intense. If I were to rate it, it'd probably be in the "toe-curling orgasms" tier.

I can't believe half of the stuff I wrote, holy shit.


<3 <3

Yeah it tends to get out of hand near the end, haha.

So what pushed you over the edge~?


I think the bulging necks back in >>7382 made me almost cum, but I kept riding the edge without cumming. Then I re-read it and I just couldn't stop the deluge.


I had a feeling you were into that sort of thing.

Maybe next time we focus more on throats being stretched wide around hyper horsecocks or stomachfulls of puked up spunk


Yep, that's definitely my thing.

Well, I'll clean this mess up again, thankfully I didn't hit the keyboard this time.
Good night and thanks again for the great spurt!


You should really hit up my Skype sometime


I'm sure we can work something out.


File: 1462495927555.gif (136.87 KB, 770x770, Animation_error_pony_clap_….gif)


It's a doggy dog world out there, you know.
Especially on a no rules round in SS13.


File: 1463250862543.png (295.98 KB, 1046x1041, 1114243__oc_twilight spark….png)

There's nothing wrong with a little dog love every now and then


Well, dog love is entirely justified, seeing as Sasha's all pent up and horny.


How horny


Would become a homosuck if Hussie were around horny


File: 1463251304238.jpg (288.87 KB, 2000x2000, 62O2AZf.jpg)

Actually I've already fapped to feral a few hours ago
How about something else
Something else involving cute caterpillars


File: 1463251448069.gif (518.95 KB, 400x222, thread emergency escape pr….gif)



File: 1463251639047.png (147.32 KB, 278x316, Worried injured person wit….PNG)

I had a niggling feeling you weren't EA.

Is there any other fetishes you like besides dogfucking anon?


>I had a niggling feeling you weren't EA.
It's not like I didn't say it three times.

There's always vox dickgirls


Oh I forgot that post you made.

So who would take the longest to be broken by the Vox?


Ginger would fall immediately after getting her cervix tickled by huge vox girldick, obviously.


Yes yes, but who would take the longest?
Who would give the Vox an excellent challenge to break and make the most attempts to escape only to be hunted down again and "disciplined"?


I don't know anyone who could resist glorious voxie dick for so long.


Well instead of thinking about /vg/ sluts, think of them in terms of jobs
Like the glorious and illustrious captain being kidnapped by Vox raiders and forced to be their servant, possibly after a couple of weeks of forced feminization


Or a mime that gets periodically impregnated by a band of voxies, yet can never tell lest she breaks her oath?


As if she could break her oath with a thick vox dick occupying her mouth


Even less oath breaking happens when she has the full double package in her mouth at the same time.


I bet after she's done gulping down the Vox's load they'd start spitroasting her, I mean they can't just pay the lowly mime a friendly visit without leaving her a parting gift that she won't know about until a couple of months later


She's had quite a few 'parting gifts' already. Everyone the station keeps thinking of her as a slut, because she's practically never swollen with another pair of twins, and when she is, it's pretty sure to change. It's almost as if she enjoys getting raped her entire life, bearing dozens of voxie bastards every few months…


Do you think the Vox enjoy seeing her distended belly swollen by the eggs? Knowing that every time they corner her, take her back to their ship and spend hours upon hours filling her womb that every couple of months the station population would grow exponentially

I wonder if the Mime ever tried to get someone else in on it, like having a security guard follow for help only to be ambushed and taken back to the ship to be a plaything of the raiders.


The voxies must've tried something like that. They're more capable than an ever-pregnant, ever-stretched mute, after all. It's just a wonder that the crew hasn't figured out where all the vox have been actually coming from, considering any wandering assistant could just happen to find a band of cute voxies, all four balls deep inside some not-so-petite-anymore- girl.

Maybe that's why more people don't use the maintenance - they might just come out in an hour, belly bloated with voxie cum, clothes torn, backpack along with their PDA and ID pillaged for salvage, likely sold off to more vox just as much as their virginity…


Imagine what the station would look like in a few years if the vox keep up the pace, no need to use maint arrivals and main hallway are practically reminiscent of vox outpost, with the exception of roaming pregnant women surrounded by little voxes calling them mom

I wonder how the HoS could allow this to happen, I guess those peaceful Vox delegates that wanted to talk with her privately were very convincing, considering she walks around with one of them with a collar on


Considering she's completely nude bar a collar and very torn underwear and a belly full of cum, she must have been very, very convincing. Not just voxie cum, though. Sasha's had her share of the fun too, after some genetic manipulation she, too, can enjoy double the fun, along with every overpowered genetic ability you can think of. Sasha's became even more effective at impregnating than the voxies, considering she can change any male into a fully fertile and ovulating girl with just her will.

And change them into willing broodmares she does. Even that nanotrasen officer a week ago came back with a litter and a few chicks to take care of.


Imagine the surprise on the captain's face when not only is Sasha is impregnating crew members, but is actively changing the male population to suit her and her vox companions specific needs
Imagine the look on his face when Sasha corners him in his office, just as he's about to alert centcomm of the current situation
and the look on his face afterwards when Sasha makes him into broodmare happy to bring more pups and voxes into this world


Imagine being the captain.
Imagine the warm feeling of those new DDs stretching your armor, as well as Sasha's canine paws ripping through the armor's crotch
Imagine even more warmness as you feel just one of her puppymakers stretch your brand new puppymaker container
Imagine the feeling of being fucked first into the table, then into the carpetted ground as she pushes you down, pinning you down with both her front paws on your shoulders, and as she shoves both of those huge, knotted cocks into your new vagoo, already stretched so incredibly far
Imagine her cute doggy paws standing on your new, feminine legs, her freshly cut doggy nails pushing against your skin as you feel her precum dribble from your pussy and onto that previously mint fresh carpet with each of her thrusts
Imagine seeing her lapping doggy tongue hanging next to your head as she leans in, her furry breasts pressing against your back as she sinks her two enormous knots fully into you
Imagine not resisting to the sensation of kissing her deeply, her doggy slobber all over your lips and face as she begins thrusting both of those enormous knots in and out of you, your fresh femcum and her precum flicking in all directions
Imagine her panting directly into your mouth, her hot, smelly breath filling you even more than her two huge doggy lengths, her tapered tips already long having destroyed your brand new cervix beyond your already quite above average depth uterus, the custom manicured sex organs not enough for your new doggy mistress
Imagine the low growl as she thrusts all the way into you, the foot or something of her two cocks pushing past your womb wall as her knots inflate in preparation for what comes next
Imagine the sensation of rope after rope of thick, virile doggy cum bursting forth and filling your womb within instants, soon expanding your innards as it floods back and fails to go around those enormous, expanding knots
Imagine the growling and her long doggy tongue examining your molars as you feel your brand new ovaries get violated, as you feel each and every sperm penetrate each and every egg you have available in your fertile ovum
Imagine her drool running down your cheek as you lower belly expands, the feeling of hard armor parting around your ever expanding navel making you squirm
Imagine just how many pups you're gonna give your mistress in the coming months, no, weeks as she shoots liter upon liter from her bouncy quad of huge doggy testicles


File: 1463257308024.png (331.35 KB, 448x310, unf.PNG)

Damn anon
Truth be told I told I already came a while ago but now I wish I waited, I'm definitely going to going over this later
>I will never be pregnant with Sasha's 10th litter


10th? Don't you mean 1000th? She's got more up her knot than just turning you female, you know. All those voxen maidens might get jealous, though.


File: 1463258198937.jpg (62.46 KB, 468x373, ss (2015-11-24 at 11.03.54….jpg)

While at it, I'm gonna need a sauce on that picture.


Vox maidens promising to give back the broodmare collar Sasha gave to you if you can convince her to spend some time with them
I think you might like it


No wonder it looked familiar.
"Spending some time with them" might just entail a romantic candle-lit dinner with spaghetti and bologna and some birdfeed and then a facefull of spaghetti as they fuck you senseless, five at once in the same hole, five at once filling you at once, five at once berating you for ever doubting their virility.


I should probably doubt them more often
My pups would love to have vox siblings


They're not the wisest birds, so doubting them would, of course, net you about ten times as many birdies to birth than normally. Not like you'll be short on children with Sasha around.


>Not like you'll be short on children with Sasha around
Maybe I should get her to slow down on knocking me up every couple of weeks, no girl, not even Sasha's favorite could keep up with constant breastfeeding of pups
I hope she doesn't try anything to improve milk production


You don't have to worry too much about breastfeeding - there's plenty of other, less worthy broodmares, each with her own share of milk spouts, ready to feed their mistress' countless offspring
And with that bombshell, it's time I go to sleep.


I was actually plan on sleeping two hours ago but something compelled me to keep going.
I'm glad I did.


Man I got a chubby when I saw someone post shyra but then it degenerated into some obscure videogame porno

What's wrong with you
I can't jerk off to this


File: 1463947439475-0.png (220.71 KB, 1200x875, 4jRaHD3.png)

File: 1463947439475-1.png (260.03 KB, 850x875, mZHTSjE.png)

Sometimes I do sloppy edits to other people's fine drawings.


extra unf


File: 1464874723615.png (321.97 KB, 1078x355, ERPing with EA2.PNG)


I don't know what all that in the thread was about, but these always make me laugh


lewd horse noises


[excited dork noises]


you think we can get another player in this time? I wasn't the one that started to talk about sugar in the first place


I was the one that threw out the dorkhead crop, but I wasn't the one dumb enough to post my futa edit.


there must be a third
there were lots of people talking about dicks


In any event, hyperfuta Sugar hanging out on your couch, playing old vidya, and eating delivery pizza sounds like a fantastic time.


I don't know man, I jerked it to one of your stories less than half an hour ago


Haha, alright then.

Which one was it by chance?


cheerilee and the colt one
I do have to say it got weaker towards the end


>you will never feel EA's huge flare deep inside you


Never say never, anon


I'll never stop loving you, EA!



But will you love me back?


>you will never kiss EA
lewd french urethra on cervix kiss


Whoa jeez

With a kiss like that I wouldn't be able to help loving you back.


Also if this is who I think it is I'm finally on Discord


But Discord is shit


Well yeah, but the only argument I've seen for it is "At least it's not Skype" And that's enough for a lot of people?

Either way, you can talk to me reliably in two ways now.


The thread today took a surprising, but extremely interesting turn of events.
It might be best to keep these rare for the sake of the thread, but a full porn dump while lewding in public is definitely welcome.


I really don't want to disrupt the general. I also don't want to encourage people to post porn and break the rules, even if they might not be very strictly enforced.


so are you saying I am a bad influence?


Curious about how the coltpussy family is going–if their constantly precum-drooling, gaping pissholes are being attended to; if their urethras are being drained of their precious cum via catheters the size of a grown man's arm (or larger); if the thick, rubbery lips of their cockslits are being forced around the obscenely huge knots of their canine neighbors…


When you say coltpussy
you don't mean colts with pussies, right
because the setting seems fun but if the men have pussies I can't even work with that


Of course not, it's one of those stupid fucking cutesy words like thicc or boipussi that retards spam everywhere.


Alright! Then this is definitely right up my alley.

Do you want me to call EA and do a three-way thing (sounds complicated) or do you want me to call him and let you to lewd together or do you want me?


I want you to go die in a fire, but that's entirely up to you.


File: 1468600226278.jpg (98.81 KB, 723x691, 1437098908814.jpg)

I take you're not the gentleman who wrote that thing before.


I'd be the one dying in a fire of my own hoof if I were.


I think of it more pragmatically. As /unf/ has demonstrated, a dedicated place for lewd isn't sustainable on its own because it doesn't get enough traffic. Lewd ideas and greentext need the general. Out of the whole population of the general, there's a small subset that are alright with lewds. And of that subset, the small fraction that will actually reply are still greater than the people who would be willing to just go to /unf/ for lewds. To get the critical mass required for lewd stuff to actually happen, we need to stay in the general - /unf/ alone doesn't cut it.

That being said, we can't just post horseporn all the time. The population that supports lewd isn't the majority here. So if we start posting lewd all the time it'll just make the majority of people unhappy. Do it enough and they'll fight back by reporting all lewd and generally shitting on anyone doing lewd greentext. If that happens, then we still lose because like I said before /unf/ is not self sufficient.

That's why I advocate doing lewd in the general, but being polite about it. Back in the /co/ days that meant lewding in the ded horse, but with how /mlp/ rolls we don't tend to have old horses around for long enough to do anything since we regularly get to page 10 before new horse happens.

So just be polite about it. Get a feel for the room before you start posting paragraphs of spoilers about hyper urethral unbirth scat. If people are hostile, back off for a while and try next horse. If people are into it, go nuts, but always remember that if someone starts throwing a fit and the general looks like it's agreeing with them, you need to knock off the lewds.

We need the general. Don't make them force us out.


I was just trying to make a lewd comment
Yeah, I get what you mean.
I liked lewding in the dead horse, but I understand it's not possible anymore and so the closest thing was lewding in the day horse.
I'll keep my dick down.
Also hyper urethral unbirth scat sounds really really hot. Maybe we can couple it with >>7502's arm-sized catheters?



Nope. EA wrote a piece a long time back that I was referring to: http://mulpwiki.org/index.php/Coltpussies



Would be nice to play with EA, or with you and EA! I'm not down with scat or vomit or stink stuff, though/any bodily fluids or substances besides cum and piss, sorry.


Whoa what I'm on a wiki how the even


Yeah, I just wanted to make things really clear that's all. I wasn't trying to call you out or say that you were doing terrible things.



I think they go on pastebin and upload everything MLP-related they can find.


By the way, does anyone have a copy of the previous thread?
I can't find one I really want to see it again. Especially the nudist Fluttershy casual sex part.



And it's the same thing as always.
I mean sure hyper is my fetish and all of the things I just said are extremely hot but in the end it's always the same scenario, you know?
Just a lot bigger and with lots more fluids. I wanna go back to the old days extreme body modification, of asswine and cumcheese, of organpussies and prehensile prolapses! I want to bring back the good old EA stories of times past not just "the usual, but bigger"

Are you up to the challenge? Can we wrote something fresh and new that's going to make your urethra cry with joy when you write and churn out a 500 ml when we reach the end, EA?


Well, there is one about gastric climaxes and someone being turned into a futa ponies' womb, as well as another about spunk cow ponies being used for ice-cream that he made and I copied from the general.
Here's the pastebins for them.


Yeah those are both mine.
Also the scatfeast one and the celestia assorted fetishes one and god knows what else.


It takes a certain mood and frame of mind to get really weird and not like lose me in the sea of bizarre.

That being said, I've also been like crazy depressed lately.


Well just take it easy, and don't do this sort of thing unless you feel like it.
Your happiness is more important than some Eroticism.


Has the lewdposting finally died off in MLPG, and even here? Not even radical hyper X and fertilizing Y hole with Z appendage, but even the most vanilla of greentext. Is it finally dead?


I know I've pretty much stopped trying outside of a few responses here and there.

Maybe the hiatus frenzy will whip it back up some?


There has been less lewd in the last hiatus than ever, and what was there was HYPER EVERYTHING that just grossed everyone out.
The pony is dying.


File: 1480113966850.png (932.75 KB, 752x762, tumblr_ogdi4pM0Lh1rdg7fbo1….png)

So how about them enlarged futadorks


File: 1480190319890.jpg (252.77 KB, 894x894, Powered by lewd.jpg)

I like them a lot.
I think cute enlarged futadorks might be my favorite thing, next to cute enlarged futaprincesses.


Nothing beats a cute enlarged futadork on your couch playing videogames without clothes on. Except maybe a cute enlarged futadork and a cute enlarged futaprincess snuggling in front of a roaring fire.


With the snow falling outside we were so cold we probably put a bit too much wood in the fireplace and now the hearth is roaring and crackling. Why, it'd be so hot we wouldn't even need to wear clothes, so our lovely futaprincess would just bewearing a festive santa hat and a cock stocking, oozing with her own "homemade eggnog".
But what about our little (that is to say, impossibly large in every way) sugar? Is she wearing a nice and snug ballbra with matching cock stocking?
Does she have a thick candycane-shaped buttplug making her squirm every time she sits and bulging her belly oh-so-much?

Oh jeez. The possibilities are endless.


At the very least, our futaprincess will be laying on her side, erection through her forelegs as her quad nuts and massive crotchboobs spread her rear legs apart. And knowing her she's probably used a little magic to gift Sugar two more fat potent testicles too, the dork relaxing with her flare poking out of her bottomless cleavage.


Now see, that's our conundrum here.
I'm just one man.

What could I ever do to satisfy two of these magically endowed and enlarged ponies with extra mammaries and quadruple balls to boot?

What if we got even closer to the fire until the heat gets unbearable and starts biting at their tender balls and cockheads making them extra sensitive and I started stroking both their shafts together and stopped just inches before they climaxed?
But I'm no monster. I'd tell Lewdprincess to cast a spell so that once they both cum, their cum would geyser out with enough viscosity to be almost solid.
A pole would from straight from both their dicks a pole would form, acting as a large cock pacifier and at the same time as a support beam for my new cum hammock.

Why yes, a cum hammock!
The urethral poles would hold my weight while the cum trickled even more,solidified and formed a sort of spidery web. Of course the process would take some time, time where I'd alternate worshipping Lewdprincess' musky quadnuts with my face and fucking Sugar's tits.

And then after this beautiful, excruciating orgasm, I'd lay down in my comfy cum hammock.


I uh don't really know where to go with this


Oh uh
I think things got a little out of hand


Haha it's fine, just a lot all at once.

I'm sure they wouldn't mind your weight pushing those spunkpoles further into their girthy horsecocks, their groans and panting coupled with their plugged cocks throbbing and tensing gently rocking you to sleep in your new gooey bed.

But you might find yourself waking up somewhere else if they get too bored or pent up letting you snooze by the fire.


I thought I was getting a little too weird! I'll tone it down a notch.

Yeah, as comfy as it can be it's not really fair towards them, you know? Poor girls can't even relieve each other out.
What if when I started to doze off they decided that it was their time to have fun?
What if the princess, seeing me so relaxed and them so pent up tried to repay me with my same medicine?
I'm imagining her dissolving the cum construct and levitating me right over their cocks, my ass ready to be filled by her quadnuts and my throat ready to be fucked by Sugar's needy flare, ready to fill my stomachpussy.

She would probably forge the pool of cum into a large dildo to toy my urethra, too!

And all at once, while I'm still levitating and sound asleep, they'd hammer their cocks in my holes!
A proper wake-up.


Your yelp of surprise turns into a muffled glrkk as you gag on Sugar's fat flare, feeling her feed it into your stomach in fitful, needy thrusts. And at the same time the princess's flare grinding past your prostate has your balls clenching and cum brewing up only to get plugged by that wide spunkrod lazily easing in and out of your cock. All you can do is squirm in place and clench down on cocks, feeling Sugar's flare distend your belly as she grunts and groans, her four obese testes quivering before leaping up to squeeze tight to her body, gallons of jelly thick spunk bulging her cock and your throat as she starts feeding you.


Hug that mare's balls.
Hug them and never let go.


You mean hug Sugar's fat churning sack as she bloats your belly up huge with seminal jelly? Or wrap your legs around the princess's udderlike crotchteats and swollen, swaying overstuffed sac as she eases her cock in and out of your ass, squishing and grinding against your swelling prostate as your own load builds and thickens?


Well, I was thinking of Sugar's, but wrapping my legs around the princess' orbs sounds like a great idea too!
Bonus points if, when I squeeze Sugar's nuts extra hard, I get even more milk to feed my stomachwomb.
And maybe if I push really hard on the princess' tits I can get a nice shower of milk spraying all over my back?


If that's the case, then you'll quickly feel the tingle of the princess's magic on your taut belly, making you cartoonishly elastic. With the way Sugar is moaning, tongue lolled out and eyes rolled back, you're going to need the extra room to fit all that extra gooey spunk you're squeezing out of her. And while she's at it, the princess may as well get your hips bucking as you join them in having four fat nuts stretching your sac out. You've got more than enough in your gut to fuel four balls and the princess hasn't even started cumming yet!


This could probably end in two ways.
A) I end up becoming a hugely inflated used condom as the princess fills me to the point that there's so much cum my gut weighs more than the rest of my body
B) I find some way to assimilate it into my body or expel that juicy, creamy goodness, possibly all over them, trying not to let my dick explode from the pressure building up in the meantime.


What if the force of the princess's climax is enough to push Sugar's cock out of your stomach, her flare catching in your mouth for a few spurts as she howls, cum rocketing down her urethra to sizzle in her sac. Then she pops free, falling back as you geyser a mix of hers and the princess's cum from your gaping throat and nostrils, gluing Sugar to the floor in an avalanche of jellied semen.


I like it!

The force of the princess' climax and sheer quantity of jelly-thick spunk would turn me into a human cum-flamethrower, essentially pinning sugar to the wall with the sheer pressure of my cumvomit hitting her fat gut tits and balls like a firehose, the shock and vibrations making her have a whole-body toe-clenching orgasm. And this would go on for minutes, until she'd be nothing more than a figure lost in a gigantic cumpudding, with only her erect cock towering above the blob, still spurting.

But even lewdprincess has limits, doesn't she? She can't keep cumming forever!


You're right. Though the sight and smell of Sugar being thoroughly glazed in cum pumped out of your throat helps prolong her climax, eventually her balls would need time to rest, her flare shrinking back down a little as her climax slows to a stop. After a minute's rest, she'd gently pull out of your well fucked ass, cum splorting from both ends as you drain a little. Meanwhile Sugar would be struggling to stand, pulling against the goop clinging to her impossible curves as her cock sputters and her fat nipples start to drool milk.



Sounds like a good moment to snooze again by the fire together, now that all our holes have been filled and emptied. Time to towel ourselves off and cuddle, while I'm sandwiched between their enormous everything.



I'm sure you'll drift off to a sound sleep between the two of them, sandwiched between the princess's fat rump, her puffy marecunt gently squelching and sucking on your cock while Sugar spoons you, her cock slung between the princess's balls and teats while your upper half is engulfed in her soft, warm breasts.



Man, that seems wonderful.

Thanks a bunch, EA!
Always a pleasure to play with you, y'have a nice evening, I'm going to sleep!


So where do we begin?


When you were saying that lewdprincess wants to be whatever I want her to be, does that mean that she prefers to follow the setting to achieve the highest pleasure possible by realizing the desires of her partner, but she can never decide what she prefers?
Does she exist to serve and be called a good little pony, or does she like to take the reins once in a while?


I think it's a little of both. She's the princess of carnal pleasures and lewdness, so her life is dedicated to that. But just like Celestia and Luna do other things she's not bound to eternally serve everyone she meets. She gets to do what she wants, though usually what she wants is to bring her partner to body-quaking climax in whatever way they most desire it. Usually.

Sometimes she wants to have a nice cup of tea.


Alright, now that the Lore has been settled, I must admit I would like to sip a nice cup of tea with her
And with cup of tea I mean drinking various body altering fluids straight from her urethra.


You mean like after the royal guard has fucked her flarepussy until they're spent, bloating her bladder with hot, viscous spunk, then acrid yellow urine as those stallions are too exhausted to pull out before their own bladders relax? She'd probably make a stop by the royal dining hall to help her subjects feast on even more of her delectable dishes by magically nauseating them and letting them use her cock as a puke bucket.


You know me so well.
I'm sure that even with a incredibly bloated bladder, sloshing and churning with fetid spunk and piss to the point that the pressure against her balls would make her ooze precum nonstop and make her leave a slimy trail while she waddles toward the royal dining hall, she wouldn't yet feel full.
Would she really need to magically nauseate the diners, when she could simply show her distended, unwashed ponut with weeks old shit caking her flanks? I'm sure that the smell alone would make their stomachs churn with joy, eager to relieve themselves and to defile her tight, warm hole to make her display even more putrid.


She doesn't want to go too far - she might end up with ponies stuffing their heads into her filthy donut and shuddering as their gastric climaxes paint her colon with goopy puke, other drooling heaving ponies kissing her deeply as they hurl so hard it squirts of of their nostrils and hers. She'd show up to your tea party dripping with sick (and hot spunk from her more perverse subjects seeing her like that) and moaning inbetween wet, messy belches. Her belly would hang low, bladder so full she looks either pregnant or obese, her four balls dragging on the ground from swelling with so much potent sperm.

At this point it would be less you sipping from her and more her cock vomiting hard down your throat, alternating between voiding her packed bladder and venting her jelly thick semen.


Oh, I'm always up for being turned into a living condom of depravity by my favorite princess.

I'm sure I can just try to unhinge my jaw and unwrap my early christmas present from her smegma-caked foreskin before she works her magic on me and starts spraying like a firehose.
Though I'd probably have to wrap my throat around her disgusting shaft immediately not to vomit all over it, but inside it, since the stink would hit me so bad.
And let's give those nuts a little love too. Poor babies are so swollen they might actually burst.
Let's squeeze them a little.


With a hard grunt that turns into a minute long belch, her nuts churn under your squeezing, making your belly go taut and your asshole gape as the force of her sudden orgasm pushes all the way through your body. She rinses you out until you're spraying mayo-thick off-white slop from your ass, her balls emptying slowly through you. All that raw, potent seed soaks into your flesh, making your belly stretch a little further and your spurting cock fatten up, gaining weight until you've got a girthy horsecock like hers, sloppy long foreskin swallowing your flare and swelling with pungent cheese. Your balls grow gravid, dividing into four like hers and making you convulse with a sudden need to empty them. Below your plumping donut a fat horsepussy squirts into being, the mare urethra gushing an endless stream of piss from your overfull bladder. Her load starts slowing from your rubbery pucker, but not because she's cumming any less - you're just able to digest it into a cream colored log of spunkscat, shitting uncontrollably all over your swollen nuts.


How's your stance on gay marriage
because I want to marry you
Jesus christ that's so unbelievably hot.

oh my god please keep going I'm so close


Eventually her bladder wins out over her balls, squeezing be damned, and she burps once, then starts puking hard, her bladder gushing all that putrid, jellied slop into your gut. The force of it makes you sputter, then gag as it somehow redoubles your reflex, your throat spasming and pleasuring her swollen shaft building her towards a second frenzied climax. The waste makes your stomach feel ready to cum and your balls queasy, absorbing her filth into your body. Your flare bloats up wide, puking cummy shit into your smegma stuffed foreskin, inflating it like a fleshy balloon while the piss streaming out of your marepussy turns darker and smells foul. The unbroken log of shit snaking past your oversized, sensitive prostate goes deep brown, steaming hot clouds of flatulent reek into the air as you gag and cum and get utterly used by her filthspewing masculinity.

Make a big mess for me <3


File: 1481401234100.png (419.23 KB, 800x1006, Bird dreams of EA.png)

All over the monitor.


<3 <3


File: 1482049802038.png (233.63 KB, 1082x859, not lewd at all.png)

oh my gosh


Merry Christmas EA!
May your stocking be filled to the brim~



I have a feeling there'll be a certain princess wearing my stocking on her third leg offering me as much 'eggnog' as I can stomach.


Happy dork year!


File: 1483292952076.png (507.12 KB, 1280x870, tumblr_oj2wkxpaVn1rdg7fbo1….png)


File: 1484228012565.png (145.19 KB, 301x492, Curious Low Hanging Fruit.png)



File: 1484337753007.png (161.63 KB, 469x519, trixie grabs a balloon.png)


What's that, Badgerben?


File: 1484451563765.png (67.63 KB, 313x652, blue popsicle with small b….png)

Most of my lewd Highlights Magazine clips are BadgerBen



I agree, though I prefer two over one by a slim margin.


What do you prefer about the second? Is it the broken bra that can no longer hold her gigantic bosom? Is it the pride with which she's flaunting her chest? Is it her large, swollen horsenuts that ripped open her ballbra? Or is it her gigantic shaft, capable of impaling several mares all the way through?


All of the above and also that it's got a better shot of that extra wide flare.


yeah, the head of the first one is just an empty circle.

I've been entertaining the idea of a giant dick that always stays soft, like in >>7590, shooting incredible amounts of spunk while remaining ever flaccid, the head always covered with foreskin. Though could it actually work with horsedicks? As far as I know they only retreat in their sheath.


I have been known to suggest the possibility of a horsecock with a foreskin over the flare. It doesn't make anatomical sense, but that's never stopped me before now, has it?

It could be fun to have a pony with a fat horseskinned cock that never really gets fully erect. Even at full size it's soft and a little flexible, capable of messy climax even though it's not totally rigid.



What if an experiment from our favorite little pony princess backfired and now her dick is ridiculously thick, but a lot shorter than usual and cheesier? about the size of a trash can and with the same smell.


Maybe it's not that much smaller, but the sheer girth is from the bloated up, totally stuffed full foreskin that's oozing curdled cheese from the long hanging loose tip.


I bet no matter how hard you tried you couldn't pull back her soft ans squishy foreskin. To even taste it, you'd have to keep the tip open with a speculum and reach in and dive for the white gold with your fingers, or even a spoon.

What if after a long and hard (at least for you!) fit you could literally just milk that foreskin until it sprayed Yogurt-thick cum and smegma all inside? Why, you could even just push the filth through her tip inside your ass!


Her immense floppy foreskin would be like a personal condom, slowly filling with her jelly-thick semen and gooey smegma until you squeeze down hard and spray it all out.


Well, now that the rotten filth is gone we still have to deal with a gigantic dick that balloons up every time it cums unless you have any other ideas?


Well, having a monster cock that can gush gallons of spunk while staying flexibly soft makes for a lovely bodypillow. You can also bend it around and sink that foreskinned flare deep into her womb so she bloats herself up. Or sink it into her fat ponut so not only does she look positively gravid with her heavy cumgut, but she'll be belching and groaning in between pukin gup hard messy stomachfuls of her own viscous seed.


File: 1484963261578.png (818.75 KB, 1280x849, large.png)

Well I do like the idea of being able to push her own huge, flaccid dick up her ass… But what if she actually wore some completely revealing slutwalk clothes magically enchanted to conceal what's actually going on with her gigantic dick inside her ass (and why down another potion and growing a second one to bloat her womb too, so she looks nine months pregnant?) and have a nice walk outside the castle to go shopping in the kinkiest places of all Canterlot?
It'd be fun to have the princess go around dressed like a whore (nothing really out of the ordinary there) and have random passerbys look at her and see her oozing liters of precum from the attention, filling her even further.

And think of the impractical, slutty clothes we could buy for her!


Oh dear I didn't really finish my sentence there! Basically the clothes hide the fact that she's got two gigantic dicks filling her up, looking as if she was wearing some see-through panties or g-string see but she does indeed get bigger all of the sudden while they look at her.


Waddling around with her huge belly swaying beneath her as all that revealing clothing accentuates the sheer lewdness of her body, I bet she'd be smiling wide as stallions bellythump and mares wink at the sight of her. It'd probably get to be too much for her every block or so, having to duck into an alley to magically gag herself, vomitting up dumpsterfuls of her own glue-thick seed until she was steady enough to keep up appearances again.


Ah damn, you got me at "vomitting up dumpsterfuls of her own glue-thick seed".
If you'll excuse me I'll go wash my pants




Of course… what if for some reason she couldn't make it out of sight in time? Perhaps strolling down market street the stalls are blocking her escape routes. Getting fuller and fuller with each step. Stomach already overstuffed and two sizes two full. Feeling the cum rise up her throat terrifyingly rapidly. Holding back her orgasm only making her balls fill more rapidly.

Finally she spots an exit and takes a few reckless steps forward in a hope to make it in time but the sudden jostling of her everything setting her off. Thinking quickly she does the only thing possible to avoid a excessive mess, grabbing you with her magic and pulling you in for a deep kiss~


Oh jeez
Is she going to bloat me with her spunk right in the middle of the road while the ponies are watching


No, that'd be gay.


gosh anon you can't just necropost dead threads without talking about huge dicks


Nothing wrong with getting gay and nothing wrong with huge dicks


There's a lot wrong with getting gay.
For example: Being gay.



That all depends on how well the two of you can focus and multitask. If you can keep focused and wrap an arm around your Princess and keep walking as you feel pint after pint of thick hot cum flowing down your throat straight into your stomach then the two of you might get away with you only straining your shirt with your overfull stomach before she can hastily break away and fill a few empty trash cans as the cum pours from her lips.

If you can't you're going to be holding that kiss for a LONG time as she lets out her biggest orgasm of the day, pent up for far too long. If anything the stares you'd get would probably push her even further. The gushes pouring into your stomach turning from pints to gallons as she moans into the very wet, and very sloppy kiss. Who knows just how bloated you'd end up by the time she's done.


You know, shoving your own huge horsecock up your own asshole would be a fairly decent solution to the problem of pressure suits in space. After all, the skin is pretty good at holding the pressure in, there is only a problem with all the different holes. Saliva and tears evaporate from your face and all the air in your lungs and intestines tries to go out the shortest way. If you just get a helmet or, hell, even just a simple mask with an oxygen tank and plug your ass with a huge horsecock, you should be perfectly fine.


>Who knows just how bloated you'd end up by the time she's done.

I think pic related shows a rather conservative estimate of how it'd end up.
What if the mix of spells and potions she's using had a peculiar effect, though?
Imagine if after being completely filled to the point I am being held in the air by my own bloated cumgut, her spunk would rearrange itself to a more depraved form?
Maybe I'd grow a huge pair of knockers with horsedick nipples and a huge ass?


File: 1487267492176.png (252.93 KB, 863x900, 0df50fea17b78706c93eac0e4e….png)


Though there might be a slight problem. Out in the vastness of space, where there is no air and where you have testicles large enough for each of them to eclipse someone's entire head, there isn't much convection. You would need some kind of enormous radiator or cooling system to chill those potent baby factories, otherwise they won't be so fertile, right? Maybe a nice pouch with a high emissivity carbon coating, though that might not be enough. It would definitely warm your inner thighs, though, and everyone around you while at it.


I'd be up to discussing that gal


That's why you've got to get conductive heat working for you. Slip pre-chilled heat sinks into your pouch and then store them in a vacuum suspension system for later recycling in whatever closed system you need. It's definitely not perfect but it works great for short spacewalks. They've got built in alarms for when they get up to temp too! Vibration mode only though. Sound and space, y'know…
You've just got to be careful to take the sinks out before entering artificial gravity again. Those nuts are already heavy and fat enough; you really don't need the extra weight OR size.


Its a real possibility, depending on the mix. It could do anything from giving you a pair of beach ball sized tits with foot long horsecocks with a booty to help you keep your balance. Of course then you might run into an issue with your nipplecocks being constantly hard until you 'milk' them. Shooting streamers of cum into the air over the crowd of onlookers that just can't turn away.

Of course it could just as easily work its way into your own cock and balls, overwriting your comparatively weaker virility and giving you just a taste of the Princess's level of production. And without the years of experience of managing it well you're probably going to be more of a mess than she was just a moment ago. Either way. Ponies are going to get a show.


You could maybe even employ thermocouples to route all the heat away from the balls, to further increase the lifespan of the 'heat cells'. And then you can even act all surprised that you heated it past 1000K with your balls alone.
And on that note, all proper astronauts have their own bladder and custom-molded condom for any disposal. Considering the volumes involved here, maybe a double bladder system could be used; one for urine, one for all the important stuff. Not to mention the condom (and particularly the bladder) would have to be quite large and thick to take all the stress.


That's great but for the moment I have to finish that story about anon turning into the hyper futa slutty anthro colt with huge knockers by guzzling down the princess' spunk in the middle of the road while everyone is watching


File: 1487340501278.png (703.03 KB, 1280x853, Oppai Shota Hyper anthro c….png)

Let's see…
I double down on the floor as my bloated body adapts to the magic flowing through it or should I say is guided towards a more efficient purpose. My organs are pushed and squeezedinto my newly formed, aching breasts, my horsedicknipples shitting what was left of my breakfast, as the cum works its magic to alter my flesh to a more suitable receptacle. Cum starts to bloat my over-endowed balls until they reach a comically large size with a horsecock to match and thus to counter all that weight in the front my trunk gets a complete makeover and becomes gigantic, with a huge protruding ponut for easy access. Probably get a nice pair of DSL to make an air-tight valve when sucking her majesty's rods and don't waste a drop.

From this moment any of the (sentient? Or at least just aware enough to work out how to better employ its vessel) royal spunk would morph my body into the best possible cumrag.



Careful anon, turning into something that perfect for the Princess's cocks to fuck and use might cause the both of you to go into a feedback loop.

Just seeing you transform is enough to send her into overdrive. Production going through the roof, cock growing up and possibly out of her own throat. Slipping past her lips and through your own. Her body positively vibrating with so much sexual energy that the crowd around is practically brought to their knees with lust. The stallions launching ropes of cum that criss-cross over the two of your bodies now properly locked together. Pleasure just building endlessly for the two of you without a peak.


>turning into something that perfect for the Princess's cocks to fuck and use might cause the both of you to go into a feedback loop
Good sir, I quite understand the possible risks of being turned into the perfect cumdump for her Majesty. If her heavenly dickjuice wants me to morph into something completely alien to better satisfy her needs, I would be happy to comply. At the cost of growing a complete set of vaginal canals in my now empty tract from ponut to throat, all of them with different textures to better please her, with feelers sounding her cockslits and god knows what else, I will be happy to put my flesh in her hooves. I want her to fill my stomachwomb until I'm full and then when there's no more space and her cocks are still shooting, I want her to turn my blood vessels white until all that's left is cum and wings start protruding out of my shoulders, with bones made of crystallized baby juice and white feathers made from who knows what process.
Oh gosh.



At that point for the sake of preserving market street I hope that the Princess has a task squad devoted to detecting when things are getting out of control and magicing you away someplace a little more remote and less expensive repair.

Because if you start mutating that much its not going to take long for the Princess's body to sense it can get more pleasure out of you than several dozen of her more normal subjects combined. More cocks spilling out of her sheath to fuck every singe hole on your body, even those usually not meant for penetration. She knows your body will adapt. Perhaps even growing some new holes to fuck just for her. Orb after orb dropping into her sack just trying to produce more cum every second.

She'll be lost in pleasure that she hasn't experienced in centuries. Your entire being being rewritten by her potent magical ever-flowing output. Its almost a mystery what will happen to your body. Will you turn into an unfathomable creature of pleasure? Or perhaps the magic in you will overflow and corrupt the very land around you, causing the earth itself to sprout lewd protrusions and crevices, tempting those who visit the area in the millennia to come. Or perhaps all that spunk inside you will condense and take root, making you a divine being of sexual energy just a half step below the Princess, ready to grow into your own ability much like her own.


Now this one would be a hell of a tale for the kids.
Let's see what I can think of.


Oh great. I wrote a page long paragraph just for it to disappear after my browser crashed.

Well, I think I can rewrite it.



The Princess wants more.

We want more.

We will comply.

As more and more cocks snake out of her medusa-like sheath and fly towards my tender flesh, my body would generate new mouths, pussies and ponuts to accomodate the incoming onslaught of hungry meat trying to get its fill. Soon I would become a delirious onahole, my mouths screaming in pleasure as they milk those fuckrods into submission, complimented by the wet squelch of my depraved holes being desecrated, as I'm held high in the air by my princess' collective girth, so many tens of cocks inside my inadequate body that sometimes they end up fucking eachother's urethras in the process, as cum leaks and pools under me in the street.

This messy form clearly needs improvement.

As the cum seeps through the stones that pave the relatively busy market street and reaches the ground, a new kind of plant would quickly sprout, tearing the foundation of houses and the street in the process, as large cum-ivore plants would swell to gigantic proportions, hungry to give their "victim" the time of their lives, with their numerous suckers and fertile stalks.
The whole area is gonna need a little help on the botanical side when this is over, I think. Though I don't believe that the passerbys would really mind being given mind-shattering orgasms as all their holes are pounded and their dicks milked, at least for a while.

But alas, this form performs rather poorly. We must put it up to standard.



That's why body would create an air-tight seal against all those wonderful cocks my princess decided to lend me and simultaneously put stimulation into overdrive for those trapped cockheads, enough to make them spurt in seconds. I don't need a mouth to breathe anymore, or any other organ. My flesh and blood and mind follow one true hedonistic purpose for me and her and everyone in a hundred meter radius. I become an albino -thing- who used to resemble a pony, with dicks flailing widely inside it like mad headless snakes, bloating me to ten times my previous size , as some of the new acquired matter is expertly sculptured into a large pair of white wings. My form grows large and larger as my loved's cumtubes perpetually churn their fuckbutter into me and I start to fly several meters into the air, the dicks getting longer just to keep up with my ascent.
>(2) Other break. I'll be back later.



It is only then that I would assume my ultimate form: Starting from a formless, withering mass impaled by a myriad of cocks, I'd start spurting row after row of Dick-nippled, urethra-mouthed breasts. But that's not all, for those same dicknipples would would also be prehensile and would start to penetrate and fellate everything with a hole and/or a dick to suck and penetrate, pony or plant. We're not really making any distinctions at this point.

But of course even if the fortunate ponies who just happened to pass by the market would be sucked and fucked dry and all their fluids assimilated into my form, they'd eventually stop being able to produce more juice.

Unlike my favorite princess.

Let's try to imagine the scene for a moment here. You have a being of unparalleled lewdness being held almost hostage by what you could call a sentient mass of spunk, who turned into some kind of unholy hummingbird sucking the sweet nectar out of all the dicks in a hundred meter radius and still getting bigger. Her mind is completely blank. She barely understands what is going on, who she is and that probably things are getting a little out of hand, but there's some kind of pulsion inside her that keeps demanding *more* and then some and an all too eager assistant who's own free will is continuously being challenged by her spunk.
They both feed eachother as everything else is spent. One engulfing all the magical sentient cum to grow bigger and the other being milked on the very edge of insanity as her magical resources are starting to show signs of wear. She's never had to actually battle her cum before.

How will this end? She's still the princess after all, but I can see how this will take a toll on the poor wretch or perhaps as you said before, give him a new husband with powers only slightly below her!



I'd assume that at this point she's in quite over her head and she should be thankful that there are other Princesses in Equestria that probably have a higher lewd resistance. It might not be easy but I'm assuming the other 4 leaders could seperate the two of you somehow to the pont where the Princess could recover and hopefully you would end up exhausting your load and at the same time paint the entire city white.

Unitl then though, she's yours and yours alone. What used to be feeding you more and more magical spunk might find itself receiving a measure of your own twisted power back. Cocks of your own stuffing deep into her womb, ass, and throat. All fueling her to be come more productive. More shafts, more balls. More and bigger everything. Its quite possible that the entire section of town where you firmly seeped into the foundations of the city might have to be forever quarantined by the time the cavalry arrives. Leaving it a no-ponies-land where only the most depraved dare go because the buildings themselves might latch on and fuck them into unconsciousness before dumping them back in the streets.


>It might not be easy but I'm assuming the other 4 leaders could seperate the two of you somehow to the pont where the Princess could recover and hopefully you would end up exhausting your load and at the same time paint the entire city white.

I imagine it as awkward as trying to get two teens with interlocked braces separated. I for one would be too exhausted to listen to a rant about how we shouldn't get too greedy with lewdness.

But yeah I don't see us trying something like this any time soon. I for one have absolutely no idea where my body is, actually. I wonder if this is actually going to be permanent.

I've kept a snow-white coat and mane, even though I haven't still understood what my cutie mark actually is, and I've retained some degree of control over my own form. Being severed from the consciousness of the princess' goo really cut my powers short (which is a relief since this might have actually ended really badly[?] for everyone in case our hivemind overlord decided to paint Equestria white and turn the princesses into its pleasure slaves!) but I still feel like my own powers can, if not match, somehow rival Lewdprincess'. So all's well that ends well. We'll be in a coma-like state for at least a couple days, but in the end it was totally worth it.
Thanks for playing along! Do you have a name? Are you an aspiring lewdsmith? Did you like this? I kind of tried to test the waters and went a over the top to see how far you'd go while also trying out some stuff I had in the back of my mind, like the hummingbird-like pony hybrid with nipplemouths, I remember EA has a soft spot for body transformation.

I didn't cum since we were mostly narrating a story throughout the hours (days, even!) but I kept a nice chub and I'll make sure to change my underwear because of just how much precum has pooled up~
Next time we can try something you'd like! I wanna hear about your fetishes, too!


I dabble in lewd. Possibly a bit too often for my own good. I've enjoyed RPing with EA in the past. You can actually find me in his discord chat for the Ponecraft server. I'm around most of the time but not always paying attention. Don't have a name for lewdwriting yet. And I think I'd rather keep it separate from my other stuff.

Usually I try to go a bit slower and a bit more vanilla with my transformations. Usually just obsecenely large ponydongs, crotchboobs, balls. With even more obscene messes caused by those bits. Though some weird transformation is fun every once in a while its hard not to go overboard and write yourself in a corner. Bizzarely enough a very strange idea floated through my mind of you turning into a sort of sentient depraved jizz castle/city swallowing anyone who dared to come through your doors. Not usually my fetish but damn was it a hot image.


File: 1487568287792-0.jpg (673.81 KB, 1050x835, tumblr_olne99o7GA1rdg7fbo4….jpg)

File: 1487568287792-1.jpg (475.81 KB, 1006x626, tumblr_olne99o7GA1rdg7fbo3….jpg)



Cutie patootie.
Would cuddle and hug.
Would mouthhug that beast between her legs too.


100% agreement

I'd play old videogames with her on the couch and snuggle
Or just have her hold the controller while I hold something else


What if while she held both hands on the controller you started to caress her shaft with one hand and tease her cockslit by gently inserting the round tip of the controller with the the other?
It's not like we'd want to make the game too easy for her after all.


I'd rather help her focus on the game by pointing out where to go or explaining what's going on while alternating teasing her flare, fingering her wide urethra, and toying with those monster nips


Yeah she really is adorkable, isn't she?
There's just so many things you can do with her. It'd be so nice to just hold her and play with her junk while playing videogames.


Just slowly tease her until she's about to blow, struggling to focus on the game and not just drop the controller, grab a fat nipple in each hand, and buck her hips until she starts hosing down the TV in spunk.


Now if you REALLY want to make it difficult on her make her think you're not going to bother her and encourage her to play an online multiplayer game. Get out the headset and microphone and start building some killstreaks together.

Then, as the two of you dominate the server just reach over across her lap and give that sheath of hers a rub. Every time you find a moment to take a breather in game you reach over and give her another new touch. All the while she has to both focus on the game… and try not to make a sound or all her teammates will hear.


Cool thread you've go here EA.


Haha I see you've found me here as well


Ooh new plaything


Princess EA's NASA-designed extravehicular cock support.


How would that work as porn?


Even pornstars need condoms, Anon. Say you want to have a wank in space, and you can't. That's what it's for. It might not be porn in of itself, but it sure oughta help in making some.


I mean I thought it was just a weird brand of shitpost before


Don't worry, it was.
Still find it a wee bit interesting at least. Having an entire compartment of a space suit dedicated to just a huge horsecock and cooling it says something by itself.


Anyway I'm pretty sure you're going to have more luck reaching him on Skype or whatever he's using nowadays
I got here by sheer chance


I'd rather just stay here, by my lonesome.


Celestia with a giant horsedong


File: 1488705632746.png (137.22 KB, 500x519, that's my horse.png)

No, that's my shitpost!


Luna with a giant horsedong


Last day of Comic-Con today, might get back to a computer late tonight


Is it weird that I just want to get fucked by EA with a huge horsecock?




It's lewd, but is it weird?


Well, you don't even know what I look like. But I guess it's probably no weirder than anything else I get up to in text.


But you do have a giant horsecock, don't you?


If I did, I'd be posting pictures of it.

And doing entirely different kinds of streams.


There's no need to lie. I mean, how else would you know so much about horsecock? Reading? Looking at pictures and videos? Hardly. #EAGate


I always knew the secret would get out one day.


You shouldn't have sexted those poor, poor innocent fillies. Now it's all over the press.


They sent me those sexts first!


"They were asking for it," right. And even if they were, in fact, literally asking for pictures of your enormous horsecock with the stamina of a proper man, it's still morally wrong to comply. I mean, think of the fillies!


It was less me sending horsecock pics to fillies and more me uploading horsecock pics to… aspiring artists for reference!


File: 1488825025787.jpg (118.59 KB, 496x1079, references.jpg)

Granted, your pictures could perfectly well be confused for an above average sized stallion, were it not for the poses, ribbons and even cards with the date and name attached. And I'm sure said artists could just get their… references the ordinary way, as they tend to do. There's no use arguing, you spoiled those fillies.


Hang on, are you trying to get in my pants or get me jailed here?


File: 1488825691664.png (357.28 KB, 1100x1257, why not both.png)


Because I never want to encourage fillyposting in the general


That's honorable and entirely respectable, as there is enough of it already.
Doesn't make you any less guilty of wanton horsecockery.


File: 1489303855714.jpg (270.09 KB, 800x795, 969566__explicit_artist-co….jpg)

huge princesses


Huge lewdprincesses


How does one yuge a lewd?


Increase the penis


File: 1489316935925.png (689.53 KB, 986x934, 1422041855986.png)

How do I increase the penis? This is too technical for me.


File: 1490558424445.png (134.97 KB, 1000x1000, Not even the reference is ….png)

I bring an offering


It's still perfect


Thanks! I knew it was you because nobody talks about lewdprincess in the thread


Yeah, I know

I'm glad to have more art of her though


I wouldn't really call it art but I get what you mean
I had fun making them


File: 1491105298882.png (577.06 KB, 1179x1142, tumblr_onpn74GshS1rdg7fbo1….png)

New dork

In marvelous Technicolor


Those proportions are all over the place


File: 1491147308222.png (482.25 KB, 1392x1080, YSgmlqzfnM2z_4-2-2017-02le….png)





File: 1493269844747-0.png (103.98 KB, 485x600, 1492720382004.png)

File: 1493269844747-1.png (11.69 KB, 618x665, shrya_icone.png)

Merry Christmas


I want to beat that thing to death with a copy of the Nuremberg laws, then set it on fire.


>he thinks he can take on a 10 ft tall buggirl
Take your aimless moronic hatred elsewhere, pansy.




oh wow we've actually reached bump limit on a board that is almost absolutely dead
good job everyone


Time to get even more depraved!


On that behalf
I've always thought that shit was the best anal lube




>implying we need EA to have fun
Just not this fuck >>7738


way to ruin the tone of the thread forevermore asshole>>7694


way to post disgusting fucking shit


You have unbelievably thin skin if that got you disgusted

Get over yourself you vanilla fool.




I wanna talk about lewd things with lewdprincess


that was fun
we should do that more often


I had a feeling you would be here

It was fun, sorry I had to cut it short. It's hard to fetishpost on your friend's couch, let alone trying to do it and play a boardgame.


Fetishpost at me, EA.


I think I do better when I fetishpost with you instead of at you


Then try it for once. Fetishpost in my general direction.


I don't really know where to start


Come on, EA-chan, I believe in you!


*fetishposts at u*


Also, lewding on a friend's couch? Kinky.


>not lewding the couch
Missed opportunity.


>not stealthly leading on the couch until the sheer concentrated force of erotica seeps into the world from your phone and your friends start growing huge horsedicks and start an in-doors orgy which everyone promptly forgets after they all cum simultaneously
Missed opportunity.


What if

Robopony handjobs


File: 1525959654465.png (214.68 KB, 800x800, 1523222554389.png)


File: 1526393032659.png (1.06 KB, 128x128, Sasha.png)

Maybe someone should make a new beb

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