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File: 1436279194683.png (669.06 KB, 1255x1024, large.png)


Because I know I can't be the only one.


No, you're the only one.
Also, that is terrifying.


that's impossible, some people must have this fetish

at least that anon that plays a lot with his butt


Should have called the thread Big Things in Little Ponies


that pony is anything but little


File: 1436279684204.jpg (2.1 MB, 3140x2894, 917778__solo_explicit_solo….jpg)

I support the existence of this thread, but can only do so passively


that's a unf


>implying implications


Shame I never bother saving porn, but I will say impossibly big insertions are the best thing


File: 1436905419528.png (351.9 KB, 1280x1280, 846950__solo_explicit_nudi….png)

I admit it
I totally love very well endowed stallions


File: 1439586320015.png (2.72 MB, 1700x1100, 957538__explicit_nudity_ra….png)

and mares

well endowed mares are good too


Reposting some stuff because the thread died before I could finish my answer:

>I like it when she's into it as a point of pride - visible proof of her skill at milking a fat dick

>that's totally my kink

>I want to be the pint-size lover of a well satisfied giant/giantes

>Are you the one skillfully working their cock until they unload gallons and gallons into you?

>you fuckin' know it

>Would you slip them supplements to further increase their already impossible loads?

>What about heading out in public with a nice swollen cumgut, beaming with pride and eagerly telling anyone asking when the baby is due that it's all spunk you expertly milked from your partner's balls?

>Nah, if they're getting supplements it's to encourage them to grow all over. Massive loads are just a pleasant side effect of overall massive size.

>That second part sounds nice though.

>How about being worn on their monster cock as they go about their day, squirming and clenching and hearing them groan as you tease out another couple gallons of hot, thick seed?

>Nah, that's a bit much. I'd just ride on his back (because fuck walking when you're carrying that much cumweight) and encourage his to stop and take frequent rest breaks whenever he's feeling pent up.

>So how giant is giant? Eight feel tall? Twelve? More? Foot long cock? Two feet? Three? How thick?

>I figure 7 or 8 feet is a good height for a big cuddly horsemorph. Maybe throw in a bit of magic to get him up to 12' or 15' temporarily for special occasions. A foot and a half is probably enough cock. You don't want him getting too big, or he might end up hypersensitive. It's no fun if you end up with a dude that cums the second you kiss his dick. I want to work for my orgasms, you know? Really earn that big dopey grin of satisfaction!

>Do you mostly work the shaft, or do those massive, heavy nuts of his get some attention too?

>And on those special occasions I presume he doesn't exactly grow evenly when he surges to 15 feet tall.

With that kind of scale, every part deserves a bit of attention. His warm, plump ballsack is a nice starting point, because you get to watch his shaft grow hard from a nice, low vantage point. They're also nice to play with immediately after a load, when you can feel them churning with activity.

Of course not, and he doesn't fully shrink back down all the way either. It's nice to keep a little bonus mass as a memento of good times passed, and a teaser for what can happen again. But yeah, watching his junk explode in size and the rest of his body catch up afterwards is a nice treat.

Serums, salves, potions and spells are all nice and handy, but there's nothing quite like encouraging your stallion's natural equestrian magic to make him bigger simply by asking nicely. Something like taking his heaving ballsack in your arms and whispering "Grow" into it to make them swell.


I should have thought of looking here sooner - I'm glad we can keep going!
Do you ever like to feel him grow after he's already hilted inside you? Swelling up and bulging your belly with just his cock?


File: 1444707813070.png (258.34 KB, 1025x790, tumblr_nw4k48cwda1rbkt7wo1….png)

I hope this thread starts thriving.


File: 1444715196515.png (326.86 KB, 1280x983, tumblr_ngn683KHSl1rbkt7wo1….png)

Oh, for sure. While it's great fun to watch him in action, feeling it first hand can't be beat. It also seems a bit safer to take it that way. It's much easier to take an unreasonably large dick and let it swell you up from the inside than it is to take a monstrously huge one dry.

"Dry" of course being a relative term. After all, it only takes a single coating of marshmallow horsespunk to get the full suite of magical benefits.

You and me both, buddy


I'll third that sentiment.


I think my next question practically asks itself.

What sort of magical benefits? Just impossible elasticity and durability? Or perhaps something more?


It's a bit more subtle than that. Sure, the incredible stretchiness and figure amplification are immediately obvious, but those are just the expression of the stallion's desires. Since he wants his little lady to have big tits, I get big tits. Since he doesn't want it to hurt when he's railing me, I get to stretch to take a cock thicker than my leg.

It's pretty great all around.
My favorite is when he's got me hilted beyond all reason and he whispers 'shrink' in my ear.

Of course, like all magic, it's not always perfect. Once when he thought it might be fun to make himself addictive, he got to learn just how cockhungry a human can get.


That's quite a naughty favorite. I assume those big tits of yours don't shrink quite as much as the rest of you when that happens, and that the bulge in your belly gets big fast once the increased tightness has him grunting and gasping and spurting hard.

I can only imagine how stuffed you got when you got addicted to his viscous loads. And how exhausted he got when he realized your stamina outstripped his.

Does he ever grow himself or shrink you when he's hilted in something other than your sopping folds? And do you ever help him prepare a nice thick bath for you both to relax in after a long day of milking his monster to messy climax?


>I can only imagine how stuffed you got when you got addicted to his viscous loads.
Well, let's just say it was a long time before I was back to eating non-semen related meals.
You know how most of the cells in your body regenerate in a timespan under a few months? Well it turns out living off nothing but horsespunk for that long gives the magic enough time to really permeate throughout the body. All in all it's given him quite a bit of control over me, considering he's not even a unicorn.
>Does he ever grow himself or shrink you
Being the gentle giant he is, he'd never dream of abusing his puppet master status. He mostly just puts me in the mood for a quicky whenever we're out and get a moment to ourselves.
He did used to make me outgrow whatever bra I was wearing, but it's been a long time since I've worn one. He's mostly just resigned to shrinking me out of whatever outfit I've got on. I thought it was embarrassing the first time, but considering how little Equestrian citizens care about nudity, it's just a little bit of fun and excitement.
>do you ever help him prepare a nice thick bath
While we've certainly shared plenty of baths (and showers, and swimming pools) in the past, we've been more partial to saunas as of late. It only takes a bit of spunk on the rocks to give the room a nice, heady musk, and there's minimal cleanup after we're done.
Plus, we met in a sauna way back when, so it's kind of a nice tradition for us!


File: 1445115959059.png (97.36 KB, 500x517, tumblr_nvdkd15oPp1sa7fz3o5….png)

Stallions enjoying their own size is great. Just getting lost in the hot throbbing and slow swelling.


File: 1445133466584.jpeg (220.42 KB, 1280x1629, 748631__solo_oc_explicit_….jpeg)

While on a leisurely stroll through the garden, you come across a cute pony enjoying some self-enhancement!

He has yet to notice you, what do?




>Splash potion of hypergrowth


File: 1445386740856.png (2.69 MB, 3300x2550, 1006664__solo_oc_explicit_….png)

Oh geez!
Pony is shocked, and stuck!


It is time. For cocksnuggles.


File: 1445482874251.jpeg (436.83 KB, 1155x1280, 1007015__rainbow dash_exp….jpeg)


File: 1445485580999.png (106.05 KB, 394x290, pillowhug.png)

the best snuggles indeed


Both of you spooning his monster horsecock to sleep would be amazing. Rubbing slightly as he groans and feeling his gravid balls clench would be even better.



Really its like a third individual sharing the bed with the two of you. Sometimes it can be a bit of a handful, trying to hog the bed. Some mornings you're practically falling to the floor. Stallion on his side and his cock pushing you further and further to the edge. And lets not even get started on the mess it leaves, it can range from washing the sheets on light nights to washing the whole room and possibly replacing the mattress if your partner has a particularly lewd dream and you didn't empty him the day before. You probably only had to do that once though before probably investing waterproof sheets.

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