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File: 1360629931049.jpg (56.97 KB, 739x550, vg.hh.01.lg.jpg)

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For everyone who has a 3DS.

Post friend codes, discussion for upcoming games, etc.

My Friend Code: 4468-2005-4039

So who wants to play Kid Icarus? Also I should really get Color! 3D.



Kid Icarus all day every day
Thinking of MK7 and New Leaf


oh god im terrible at this


Here's mine



aw shit. my internet is crapping out a little bit. sorry anon



mine too actually

add me at least pls


3265 - 5294 - 7744
I play Kid Icarus and MK7. Also draw ponies on SwapNote and Colors!3D.




sorry for being pleb but whats MK7? sounds popular


Mario Kart 7.

Don't have it but heard it's fun

I'm more of a Sonic Racing fan


I'll come up as "Jonathan" when I add you, though you're free to name me anything beforehand.


Kid Icarus game is up, if anyone's interested. Room starter is "Jonathan".



hopefully internet wont die


Just the three of us playing Kid Icarus right now?


yeah im done for now tho

im really terrible


I'm done for now as well. Gonna draw ponies on Color!3D.


you should post them in here or on mlpg when you finish

i don't have colors! yet, but it seems like it could be fun and more efficient than carrying a sketchbook everywhere


File: 1360632803151.jpg (102.3 KB, 1280x960, HNI_0098.JPG)

I'm a very slow drawfag.

This was done a few weeks ago.


oh yeah, i remember you posted a few things



File: 1360994660279.png (131.43 KB, 320x350, 1359918984552.png)

Hit me up bruvs. Here's mein code: 0559-7482-2699

I've only got street fightan and MK7.


I got me some Fire Emblem: Awakening. Anyone else?




Been making a LOT of notes on Swapnote. Resending to those in this thread. Enjoy!


Well, why not…


File: 1369772483588.png (90.07 KB, 500x485, 1368733132440.png)

How many of you are getting the Animal Crossing game?

pls show some hands, I wan pvp in ur world


Im getting it when it comes out EU.


provide friendcode pls


I am not.


Here's my friendcode


only games I have that I can play online is MK7, I dont draw on swapnote much but I do have a lot of drawing on Colors!3D


once it comes out here


Neato, pls add me, my code is here



gonna put this here

will register all the numbers when i'm able.

I already have Miles, Lynchy, Jalm and Ken in my friends list.

I play Kid Icarus, MK7, swapnot, and getting AC:NL when its out.



here I am


I'm going to be playing MH3U and New Leaf mostly


Here is my code: 0860-3749-1944

I'll be going down the list and adding everyone soon.



and thats everyone added.

I have pears and i need an orange for a buddy in my town. pls fruit


I've got apples if anyone's interested.


no one wants your apples AJ


Just bought a 3DS. So far I have MK7 and New Leaf. Also got SwapNote and Colors!3D, but I'm not good at drawing. Haven't had a handheld system since 2005, so this should be interesting.




Everybody here better get Swapnote. It's free.



>>829 here, adding


808 here added back


I've got KI:U, MH:U, FE:A, and AC:NL


File: 1371260382830.jpg (22.4 KB, 330x411, 1369607923324.jpg)

Feed me your friend codes so that I may send you drunken swapnotes.



>gay dogs

blueb pls

oh why not:
5069 3968 7858


Added you nig nogs



added you guys



add plz gib friends plz


File: 1371346165688.png (64.93 KB, 256x255, CBuqZ.png)

I play a lot of Animal Crossing and stuff. I draw Swapnotes every now and then.

I'm also not Scootanon if you're wondering


Added! My code's here



Went down the list and added everyone, also


File: 1371357154307.png (80.68 KB, 800x600, ac pank.png)

Alright, here you go.

If MH4 comes out in the US, you can bet I'll be online on that constantly. I have no other online capable games at the current moment, but if commissions pick up then maybe I can buy it.

So for swapnotes I guess.



Adding everyone since my friends list can hold it



who's the guy who asked me for my number from the thread?


So I just got a 3DS and AC.

How do I do… well, anything?
Friendcode is 3110-4695-0238



Well you already found your friend code and that's the hardest part for most people, ehehe

Just FYI both people have to add each other to their friends list to become friends

Anything specific you want to know?



Thanks for the help with the Bug-Off.



Added everyone with a name in the thread!


I'm guessing that was me since I already had you added, no prob.

I have added everyone that has posted in the thread thus far, so add me back. FC here: >>829


>owning a 3ds


I think i got all of you so add me back





File: 1371848219995.png (126.12 KB, 1024x768, twi concept.png)

due to anon buggin' me about it, I went through and added every friend code in the thread. Now I'm just waiting to be added back.


Alright, my thingy is 2895-7231-2215.




and behold my mii's surpassing grumpy dance


Just added everyone in the thread


Adding everyone


File: 1372014439552.png (73.34 KB, 206x218, 1366928569748 - Copy.png)


I have added you and junk



Mostly ACNL for now.


H-here I go




Here's my code: 4441-8179-8587

Added GR and LK.



>not adding everyone

picky bastard




Ive added you guys, plz add back


For all you animal crossing dudes

Bugs and fish that are going away next month


You guys and the rest of Tumblr are making it really hard not to get a 3DS XL, especially since I just remembered I have a $50 gamestop gift card in my wallet I haven't used. I might get one tonight assuming gamestop's online store will let me use it to get one.


H-here I go.

Games: Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem
FC: 0920-0297-7001

I'll be adding as many people as I can.



Why doesn't the 3DS have some sort of IM system? It would be great to notice someone is on and talk to set up playing together or something.


because nintendo is awful with hardware


File: 1373417038134.png (312.76 KB, 626x362, Image07092013203550.png)

Just got mine today!

Friend code: 0361-6980-7453




I need one of these so bad haha


Well, I got a 3DS now, add away.





These people have yet to add me.


Trying to add everyone in this thread right now.
3265 - 5294 - 7744
Getting hyped for Pokemon X/Y





h-here I go…



I guess now that Pokemon is out I should post my fren code too



Hello, I'll leave mine as well.



Reposting my FC from down the thread:

0860 3749 1944

Add me for pokemon.

I should have almost everyone that has posted in this thread added already.


Might as well link mine so that people I haven't added get a fresh chance to.


I'll throw mine here Now that I know about the thread
I'm a huge fucking pokefag


roogna pls teach me how to be a pokemon master so I can beat my little sister who thinks she is so good.



File: 1382401547932.jpg (397.56 KB, 959x750, bestmares.jpg)

I finally got the damn thing to connect to the internet so I guess I'll throw my code here




I look forward to playing childrens games with other grown men.

also is there anyone playing pokemon i missed


I've added you and everyone on your list as well

for pokemons
whoop whoop



Just gonna relink for pokemon

my safari's got mawile, skarmory, and klefki


i need that mawile


File: 1382768133613.png (803.8 KB, 1280x1280, 303Mawile-Mega.png)

oh boy, I just made a 6 perfect IV mawile from your safari.



I've added all you guys

I just beat the Elite 4, anyone want to tell me what's in my safari?



File: 1383310455246.jpg (591.34 KB, 1400x1046, thosewerethedays.jpg)

rip nikki

2 lewd for nintendo



Pikachu, patcharisu, and galvantula


>ded swapnote because of lewd
I blame you horsefuckers.


>tfw not added


Anyone want to battle?
Your choice of battle teams or random teams of Pokemon that are floating around the PC.


no more sending pictures of dicks on swapnote anymore, or saving my pony from a whirlpool of dicks, sad times indeed


Friend safari has Togepi, Jigglypuff, and Clefairy. Anyone got a ditto in their safari?


I'm gonna get a 3DS next week hopefully. I can probably afford 2 games to begin with, what should I get? I kinda want Luigi's Mansion 2.


Good to know you're getting a 3DS Nasse, I'd recommend LoZ: Ocarina Of Time if you never played it before, the new POkemon X and Y is also pretty good, or if you like Monster Hunter there's Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, or you could wait for MH4 next year, Kingdom Heart 3D if youre into it, or you can take a peek at the eshop for any nice games they have there


You could also pick up a couple demos of games, though aside from the Etrian Odyssey demo, they're usually pretty short.


I got mine and Luigi's Mansion 2.

Friend code is 4012-4825-7014


Right, so my 3DS had to go in for repair and it lost pretty much everything on the SD card. So, it seems I generated a new friend code as well. It's now 5301-0153-5795.


Re-add me fgt


I like how your new Mii look intensely pissed off compared to your last one


I thought it was rather appropriate.





Your mom finally give you permission?


I hope you don't honestly think I'm underage.


Accidentally formatted my 3DS. Got a new Friend Code



added like 17 of yous




1v1 me pokemans



if any y'alla wanna MH4U


So, it seems going over to a Nu3DS has given me yet another FC. Check my twos.


Bought myself a new 3ds and here's a new FC:


Only have Omega Ruby and Animal Crossing right now.



So i lost my 3ds and got a new one.

here's my new FC


I'll try to add everyone on the list ALL 4 YEARS OF IT


my FC is 1994-1968-7480


File: 1479922316750.jpg (307.16 KB, 1084x1534, 1468779425016.jpg)

am real anime girl please add



My FC is 5043-1751-5771


Since it's been three years, here's my FC again.


File: 1480138768180.png (118.14 KB, 500x500, menacingducktransperant2.png)


1504 - 7035 - 7778


File: 1480138925303.jpg (25.36 KB, 400x240, BACKBBY.jpg)



5284 - 1899 - 3372



Added, please add back




Adding everyone in the thread


I added everyone in the thread
You didn't show up for me. Did you by any chance mistype mine?


File: 1480382416386.png (236.53 KB, 498x400, fishgun.png)

Add me you faggolas.


File: 1480645587887.png (40.8 KB, 452x506, 1197084__safe_oc_alicorn_a….png)




This is the friend code of the 3ds my gf and i share.
Swapdoodle, Pokemon (SUMO ATM) and hopefully in the future MonHun is what we play.


Forgot to mention, username on the profile is Zanor/Britt.


File: 1550938385065.jpg (80.62 KB, 612x792, Tarkin by raph-lomotan.jpg)


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