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File: 1389985055220.png (1008.53 KB, 1024x615, horsecraft.png)


I got the itch to play some carefully modded Minecraft with some people, so I made a server. The mods have been specifically chosen to minimize overlap.

The server's whitelisted, so post your name in the thread and I'll add you.

Client download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vx94ga5nlo47n14/HorsecraftClient.zip

Mods in use:
Bibliocraft - furniture and item display
Buildcraft - pipes and factories
Computercraft - turtles and Lua
ExtrabiomesXL - interesting landscapes
Factorization - barrels and 3x ores
Forestry - bees, trees, and farms
InventoryTweaks - sort your shit
Iron Chests - bigger chests
Natura - berries and terrifying nether
NEI - because NEI
Obsidiplates - player-only pressure plates
Railcraft - trains and rails
Thaumcraft - magic and shit
Tropicraft - islands and shit
Twilight Forest - everfree and shit
Mine Little Pony - horses and shit

To connect to Horsecraft: (pasted from the readme)

1. Run Minecraft 1.6.4 at least once (you can change versions by clicking Edit Profile)
2. Run forge-installer.jar
3. Select Install client and hit OK
4. Open up Minecraft, select the Forge profile and start the game
5. Verify that it says Forge somewhere in the lower left hand corner, then close the game
6. Run liteloader-installer.exe
7. Check Chain to Minecraft Forge and hit OK
8. Open up Minecraft, select the LiteLoader profile and start the game
9. Verify that it says Forge somewhere in the lower left hand corner, then close the game
10. Run mods-installer.exe and extract all the files
11. Open up Minecraft and mash Play


Have you considered also mirroring the pack on Technic? That's another easy way to get mods and updates to people.

And not to bring any /vg/ autism in here, but…
>CJ Buildcraft


Is that a thing I can do without either sucking cock or having to set up something cleaner than a Dropbox link? I know FTB requires requisite sacrifices upon the altars of the Holy Modmakers, but I assume the Technic folks are a bit more level-headed.


Yeah, it's easy. You just need to make a Technic account, do "make a modpack", and then provide a DL link for the files.

Then, people can put the pack's platform URL into the Technic Launcher and it'll DL and set up the pack for them. It'll also check for any updates you may have added.

It's what I use to keep Nurgleblox/LAB updated.

For some history, the Technic group are the precursors to FTB, and they said who said "FUCK DRM LET'S HAVE FUN." FTB came later, when DRM babbies showed up.

Also, to suggest some mods, you should get Chisel, Carpenter's Blocks, and Statues in the way of "pretty blocks" mods. In addition, if you're having issues with ID conflicts, IDfix Minus is a little utility mod to fix that.


I'm well aware of the details behind the ugly world Minecraft mod drama, but it's nice to see that the Technic launcher makes third party packs so easy.

As for additional mods, I might consider some aesthetic ones like those if there's demand.


That sounds pretty neat, been thinking about playing MC but Seikamod's last version was a bit of a mess. Whitelist me please.


Added Twh to the whitelist


Will probably only be able to get on on weekends, but please add "Aquain" to the whitelist if you wouldn't mind.





Due to some things changing around, I'm back to hosting locally. Expect some reduced performance if there's lots of people on as I look for a more permanent home for horse-related blockplacing.


Put me on Whitelist pls.

IGN: TranceSwitch


Just added you.


Still not whitelisted :/


nvm, its ok but:

ID 325, 326 and 327 mismatched between world and game


That's odd… you followed the instructions in the zip right?

I can doublecheck the configs


lemme make clean install


Nope. it dont wanna start since this mismatch


Unless I'm mistaken, those items are the vanilla bucket/water bucket/lava bucket, which doesn't make any sense at all to get messed up


Can you post a screenshot of the error?


now im make a complete Reinstall from all MC files. wait a sec


whitelist pls







For those interested, there's also a mostly inactive Skype call for the server - shoot me a message at empty.audio if you want in.


Server is down


File: 1392427057928.png (16.2 KB, 854x480, 2014-02-14_20.16.18.png)


503 error usually means that the login servers are down on Mojang's end, I think. I've been using
whenever that happens to find out when I can get back in.


The End is being tackled Sunday afternoon, PST. Be there and be square.


File: 1392785007482.png (704.55 KB, 1280x972, 2014-02-17_22.49.35.png)


Damn, how much stuff did you have in your cauldron?


3 stacks of dirt and cobble


File: 1392824404467.png (451.86 KB, 854x480, Trippy.png)

A week back I was getting some weird visual nonsense as I was playing, and eventually Minecraft crashed with this trippy screen.
Hasn't happened since and it's possibly caused by one of the couple of extra mods I've added, so don't worry about it: just wanted to share the pic


Were you trying to spawn them for taint aspect, or was it just a "LET'S SEE WHAT HAPPENS" thing?


the latter




File: 1393214037258.png (885.42 KB, 1024x615, dragon defeated.png)

Horsecraft has taken down the Ender Dragon!

And with the death of the beast, there's been a shift in the aura - new magical constructs are waiting to be built and arcane arts have been expanded!

In short, we upgraded Thaumcraft to 4.1.0e. For existing players, you can just download the zip from the official thread and replace the old one in your mods folder with it. I've also updated the installer, but that probably won't delete the old version for you.

The old link should continue to work since I just modified the file in-place.

Thaumcraft 4.1.0e link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/47135879/Thaumcraft4.1.0e.zip
Installer link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vx94ga5nlo47n14/HorsecraftClient.zip


Aer - Reed, Sugar
Alienis - Ender Pearl
Aqua - Reed, Cacti, Sugar
Arbor - Any wood
Auram - Non renewable, Wisp Essence
Bestia - Egg, string, Leather, Chicken, Bow, beef
cognito - Book, Brain, Paper
Corpus - Cooked Steak, Brain, Rotten Meat, Bone
Exanimis - Brain, Ghast Tear
Fabrico - crafting table
Fames - Cooked Steak, Potato, Carrot, Apple
Gelum - Snowball, Snow
Granum - Seed, Egg, Sapling
Herba - Sugar, Reed, Cactus
Humanis - Rotten Flesh
Ignis - Coal, Charcoal
Instrumentum - Stone Shovel, Axe
Iter - Ender Pearl, Boat
Limus - Tainted Goo, Slime Balls
Lucrum - Not renewable atm, Gold farm will solve that
Lux - Torch, Stone Half Slab
Machina - Door, Stone Pressure Plate, Lever
Messis - Pumpkin, Hay, Carrot, Wheat
Metallum - Non renewable atm, Iron farm will solve that
Meto - Stone Hoe
Mortuus - Bone
Motus - Door
Ordo - Stone Half Slab, Smooth Sandstone
Pannus - Bed, Wool, Strong, Bow
Perditio - Furnace, Cobblestone Stair, Cobblestone, Sand, Sandstone
Perfodio - Stone Pickaxe
Permutatio - Non renewable atm, Iron farm will fix that, Hopper
Potentia - Coal, Charcoal
Praecantatio - Mossy Cobble, Ender Pearl, Nether Wart
Sano - Health Potions, Need automatic brewery
Saxum - Stone, Cobblestone
Sensus - Carrot, Stone Pressure Plate
Spititus - Soul Sand
Telum - Stone Sword
Tempestas - No known item fits it
Tenebrae - Brown, Red Mushrooms
Terra - Potato Uncooked, Dirt
Tutamen - Leather
Vacuos - chest, bowl
Venenum - Poison Potato
Victus - Egg, Beef, Chicken
Vinculum - Soul Sand, Spider Web
Vitium - Tainted Goo
Vitreus - Glass
Volatus - Feather, Bow


server is down


And back up after a flick to the router.


As requested by Ec, here's a quick and dirty guide to nether portals!

First, some theory:
Distance in the nether is 8 times longer than distance in the overworld. That means that for every 5 blocks you travel in the nether, you travel 40 blocks in the overworld. The coordinate systems of both dimensions are linked at the origin, (0, 0). To convert from overworld coordinates to nether coordinates, simply divide the X and Z by 8, and to convert the other way multiply by 8. The Y coordinate is conserved between dimensions, meaning that the nether only dilates space in the X and Z directions.

When you enter a portal, the game converts your position in the dimension you are in to the coordinate system of the other dimension, then searches for the closest portal within 128 blocks. This distance is Euclidean, i.e. measured in a straight line. If no portal is found within this range, then a new portal is generated. There's some interesting mechanics around portal generation, but seeing as the point of this is to explore linking portals I won't go into that.

And now, the practical information:
To create a pair of portals that will always link to each other, start with whichever portal you do not want to move. Press F3, then walk into the portal. Before you warp, note down the X, Y, and Z coordinates of where you're standing. If this is an overworld portal, then divide the X and Z coordinates by 8, otherwise multiply them by 8. Now travel to those coordinates in the other dimension and build your portal such that you can stand at that point while inside it. Do not neglect to match the Y coordinate as well! These two portals should link to each other perfectly - entering one will always lead to the other.

If you want to prevent other portals from linking to yours, then you must make sure that there are no portals within the 128 block range. Simply convert the coordinates of the portal in one dimension to the other, then ensure that there are no portals within 128 blocks in the other dimension. Portal checks scan the entire height of the map - the 128 block range is only for the X and Z coordinates!


File: 1394341281779.png (176.09 KB, 1280x972, 2014-03-08_23.31.01.png)

finished a maxed out map finally. it's 1500 x 1500. three areas are tainted, closest being only 250 blocks away from spawn


servers down again.


servers down again


Should be up now


update done?


Hardware arrived while I was out today, and I just got back.

I'll install it sometime tomorrow afternoon - I'll announce here when the server's going down and when it comes back up.


Well at least for me the server is already down, fyi. no biggy, i have work all day today. thanks mang.


Yeah, blame Comcast for that one.

And since moot has decided 0pone is the way of the future, I'm going to go ahead and take the server down now for some hardware installation.

Should be back up within an hour or two!


Hardware update complete!

The server should be up and running now.


lol this is ebin!


For those curious about the extra music discs, wander around in the tropics until you find a village. Loot the natives' chests for fish or bring your own, then find the hut that has a table with a sort of pressure plate on it. Wait until there's a villager guy in there with red shorts (he might also pop up instructions on how to trade, but it's unreliable at best). It may take a while for him to get there, but be patient. You can spend the time gathering fish from the villagers' chests.

Once he's there, right click on the pressure plate until the music discs come up. Note down the price, then put that many fish in your hand and right click the trading villager. He should take them from you and give an equivalent amount of credit. Left click twice to buy what you want.

Note: If you leave the trading area with unspent credit or have credit leftover after a purchase you'll get an equal number of Solo Pearls. As far as I can tell, these are supposed to be used as raw currency but currently they have NO VALUE. Exact change only!




File: 1395373978642.png (25.89 KB, 1280x972, 2014-03-20_23.52.38.png)


Yeah, it looks like short mead production is fucked in Recurring NullPointerException crash! Hooray!

You can grab that version here while I update the dropbox again: http://bit.ly/1dIwVN7


Okay, the dropbox should be updated now.


My short mead test was a success!

It looks like you don't need to sip a refreshing piña colada in order to use a tropics portal, you just need to be drunk. And while mead doesn't always get your vision swirling, the buzz lasts for far longer which makes the unreliable portal code activate without a hitch.

So it's good to know that mead isn't totally useless after all.


can i please be added to the whitelist?

my MC username is Slowbro_



Does this server have any bukkit plugins? Like maybe a protection thing, or even better a pony class pkugin like the pon3 gaming pack?


server is down


No protection like factions, but there IS a way to protect your blocks through warding. You need to in game learn enough research and become in-real-life knowledgeable about Thaumcraft to progress to the Warding Focus. You can then lay down protective fields around blocks that can never be destroyed unless warded again by yourself.


Just added you to the whitelist


uh, i just tried to get onto the horsecraft server, but it told me i wasn't on the whitelist? did you get my name right? people seem to forget the underscore at the end a lot


I had the underscore on there, just forgot to reload the whitelist after adding you.

Try again?


works fine now, awesome, thanks!


where the fuck is everyone? i'm the only one on, and gala/sekia/nurgle/whomever server died, and there was a player base. i'm getting annoyed at this because of my autism


>gala/sekia/nurgle/whomever server died

Shit dawg, I was busy with exams.
Should be up and running now; the DNS changes might take a little bit to propagate, since my IP changed.


are people playing on it


File: 1400210061546.png (20.39 KB, 626x112, servers.PNG)

Doesn't look like it.
Still, I'll try to maintain uptime. Hopefully we can get the modpacks updated and that will bring in some activity.


is this server still up

is there a map download


It's not up anymore - sort of died off.

I could upload the map if you like.


i'd like that, relive old memories


so is blocks will live?

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