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One in each hand.

Share your Steam handles, tips, tricks, and perk levels.


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I've had the game since launch but didn't really grind out the perks too much. Recently reinstalled it because the "arcade" style of play in TF2 just wasn't cutting it for me. I fell in love with KF because of the heightened realism and visceral impact of the effects, which is something that Tripwire really keys up in its development. No crosshairs, lots of recoil, no bullshit, just lots of things to kill and sexy guns to kill them with.

I usually start off Sharpshooter or Medic to survive my first round as a naked newcomer, then work up to kitting out as one of my lower-level classes to get it a bit of experience. Been favoring Demolitions lately.



I bought this when it was on sale but I've never actually played it

But I'm willing to play it now!



totally down to stomping some zeds


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I haven't played this for months now, but I can play now for a little while. My internet is shit though, so I may lag.

The only class I really play is medic. I'm level 5.


so Firebug is kind of useless, right?
I mean, what's the point of damage over time when the 'minor' monsters die in 1-2 hits? It doesn't seem like burning does much against the big guys except make them all bright (which is nice on dark maps but probably not worth it)


Success, gents!

Has anyone been doing more hard mode lately? I find that one to be an actual challenge.


Fire actually stuns monsters. When they turn all charred, they go into a panic and won't attack or rage. You'll notice the difference on Scrakes and Fleshpounds.


I'm down to give hard a shot

ah, that does sound helpful
I saw them get all burnt up but didn't realize that it stopped them from attacking


but wouldnt that make the FP angry and go batshit?


After he panicks, he doesn't seem to autorage. Most times he's set n fire, it's done with the flamethrower, which doesn't count as small arms, so I guess that doesn't set off his ticker. I can't guarantee you won't piss him off if you use the MAC-10 or flare guns.

Plus, everyone needs to really pile on him when he panicks. If there's still gunshots going off after he leaves that mode he can go right into rage mode.


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Some general tactics and behaviors that I've learned by rote and committed to instinct:

1. WATCH YOUR BACK. And your squad's too. Don't get split up, try to at least pair off if you must. Cover each other! If one guy is looking/shooting one way, then turn and look/shoot in another direction. Maps are filled with corners and spawn paths, and the game will not hesitate to drop a bunch of Clots into an empty hallway less than five meters away from you.

2. SHOOT STRAIGHT. Learn to love, use, and abuse iron sights. With the lack of crosshairs and the massive muzzle climb on heavier weapons, you have to make every bit of ammo count. If you have problems using ironsights, go into the controls and assign a key to Toggle Ironsights instead of holding for Ironsights.

3. CONSERVE AMMO. Switch to the 9mm to take down slow-moving Clots and Gorefasts, sometimes Crawlers and Stalkers. These are enemies you can reliably headshot with some careful aiming. Save your big deadly guns for the targets that warrant more firepower.

4. LEARN TO NEW YORK RELOAD. It's faster to switch weapons than to reload a weapon. Buy multiple weapons so you always have a sidearm other than your 9mm to fall back on when you're empty. A majority of deaths are the result of getting caught reloading in a crowd.


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tryhard Hell on Earth squad when
700 hours sharp/supp/demo/medic


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