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Tekkit: autismblox.no-ip.org:8015
Seikamod: autismblox.no-ip.org:8016
Tekkit server dynamic map: bloxmap.no-ip.org

We have somehow transcended autism and achieved satori. The Seikamod server is more active and more heavily modded than Tekkit.

Seikamod server requires the mod available here:

Install that into a vanilla Minecraft install.

The Tekkit server requires Tekkit, run from the Technic Launcher. Get it here:

Both servers share some core mods, so the Tekkit wiki is useful for both.

Minecraft is a resource hog and runs best in 64-bit Java. You have to manually download a 64-bit JRE, here:

The Technic launcher allows RAM allocation from the launcher menu.
I give it 16GB and it stays fat and happy.
Also, the current Tekkit server version is 3.1.3, ensure this is selected in the launcher.


These mostly work with Tekkit, don't know about Seika.

Both servers use a whitelist. For access, post your username here, or email me, or message me or Seika on Steam.

If either server is ded message or email me and I'll go kick it.





File: 1359581379822.png (176.59 KB, 990x444, what are the haps.PNG)

Seikamod server is going to be down for a bit while we figure out how to regenerate Thaumcraft nodes without constantly crashing.

Tekkit is still up in the meantime.


File: 1359591434129.png (276.9 KB, 1280x800, 2013-01-15_00.06.39.png)

We attempted to regenerate thaumcraft nodes/aura and during the regeneration the server abruptly stopped. I'm guessing the sudden stop is what corrupted the world save file so now it crashes whenever someone tries to join the server. We do have a backup, but that's a file from the 13th of January and I'm assuming a lot has been built since then, so we're not going to roll back YET.

I'm now working on trying to export chunks of the map using MCEditor, but this might take a while and I might miss a few builds people have made so reply here if you want your super special sexy building salvaged and its contents. Mystcraft ages should carry over, that's yet to be seen though. As for items, I'm unsure since most of you are using Metallurgy chests, but I'm pretty sure vanilla chest will carry over their contents.

Questions? :3c






It should be fine, audino D:


File: 1359610127161.jpg (19.19 KB, 394x300, megamanwillcomeiknowit.jpg)

After multiple attempts at extracting chunks and placing them in another world, I regret to inform you that the mcedit method to recover portions of the map has failed. Many mod blocks like machines, reinforced steel, etc. could not be transferred over correctly and instead turned into vanilla items like mushrooms, dirt, enchantment tables, or just plain old air. The probability of a massive roll back seems more and more likely.

If this is the case, what we might do is just enabled creative mode and let you all rebuild and spawn in items that you've lost in the rollback. I'm still unsure of what to do next at the moment, so hold on to your butts


Isn't this the third time this has happened?


This is the first time on Seika's modded server, which is a totally different setup from Tekkit.
The solution from the Tekkit server, automating backups to run every half-hour, was not applied due to the Seika mod being Forge-dependent, which prevents the use of Bukkit plugins. Of course I should have backed up manually before running the regen, but at the time I just thought it was a config file change, not a total world modification.

Backups were supposed to have been handled by the Forge Essentials backups module, but I couldn't get it running before this issue. For what it's worth, from here on out backups will be handled every 15 minutes by the SimpleBackups module.

Overall, I'm very sorry about the increasingly-likely-looking rollback; I haven't been especially active in administrating the servers lately due to some IRL issues, but maintaining regular backups should have been a ground-level responsibility for me.


Server is back up, but Seika and I beefed it.
The overworld has been rolled back by two weeks. To compensate, everyone has access to creative mode using /gamemode to switch modes.
The Myst Ages are still up-to-date, and I've dropped the current ComputerCraft programs back in, so let me know if they don't show up so I can put them in a pastebin or something.

In other news, the Seikamod has been moved from Equestria (the general-purpose server) to Agama, a dedicated Linux machine with an integrated battery backup (it's an old laptop I haven't used in years). This should improve performance and stability, as the mod won't be competing for memory with Tekkit, Fighting Is Magic, Opencanvas, and my roommate watching Netflix.

My challenge still stands, and with free stuff from creative mode I expect some truly grandiose aerial equine genitalia by March 1st.


Here are all the ComputerCraft programs, for anyone who wanted them:

The files don't have extensions, but they open in Notepad++ as text files.


File: 1359904516365.png (99.65 KB, 900x532, 1359522759234.png)

For the Seikamod pack is there a list of the big mods in it and what they do? Need a small wiki for the amount of things in adds.


File: 1359951868815.png (462.41 KB, 815x663, wrong.png)

Yeah, I've been meaning to make a list of mods in the pack for a while now, I'll get one up in a bit with some helpful info


File: 1359958785074.gif (143.88 KB, 582x400, engineertryingtofixsentry.gif)

OKAY, here's a list of the mods currently in the modpack, BUT ALSO you can use this:


That will give you a list of mods that are currently 1.4.6 and 1.4.7 with links to the threads/wikis so just crossreference this list with that list to get the info you need

Mods with [] tags signify that the mod is an addon to the tagged mod. ENJOY.


Rei's Minimap
Tree Capitator
Balkon's Weapon Mod
Mo' Creatures
Easy Crafting
Twilight Forest
Rope +
Power Converters (atomic stryker version)
Inventory Tweaks
Fossils/Archeology Mod (Original updated to 1.4.6 really badly, so things may be broken)

Red Power 2
[RP2] Compact
[RP2] Core
[RP2] Digital
[RP2] Mechanical

[Buildcraft] Additional Pipes

Industrial Craft ver. 112.198(using beta version 1.4.7, so things are broken/glitchy, go here
[Industrial Craft 2]Advance Technologies
[Industrial Craft 2]Advance Machines
[Industrial Craft 2]Advance Power Management
[Industrial Craft 2] Compact Solars
[Industrial Craft 2] IC2 Nuclear Control

Universal Electricity (aka Basic Components)
[Universal Electricity] Atomic Science
[Universal Electricity] Electric Expansion
[Universal Electricity] ICBM - Missiles and Military Tech
[Universal Electricity] Modular PowerSuits

[Forestry] Extra Bees
[Forestry] Thaumic Bees

Computer Craft
[Computer Craft] MiscPeripherals

[Flan] Modern Weapons Pack
[Flan] Parts Pack
[Flan] Stan's Vehicle Pack(There exist NO RECIPIES for these, can only be spawned, WHY DID I ADD THIS? I DON'T KNOW)
[Flan] WW2 Pack
[Flan] Ye Old Pack

[Metallurgy] Base Metals
[Metallurgy] Core
[Metallurgy] Ender Metals
[Metallurgy] Fantasy Metals
[Metallurgy] Nether Metals
[Metallurgy] Precious Metals
[Metallurgy] Utility Ores
[Metallurgy] Mystrcraft Addon

Not Enough Items
[NEI] Red Power Plugin
[NEI] Plugins (adds forestry, buildcraft, industrialcraft, recipie stuff)

Pam's Harvest Craft
[Pam]Chili Pepper
[Pam]White Mushroom
[Pam]Simple Recipes



Fare thee well, autism house.



>Rei's Minimap
Core mod, keep it.
>Tree Capitator
Also important.
>Balkon's Weapon Mod
Might be invalidated by Metallurgy, honestly. Only the musket is still useful after losing Flan's.
>Mo' Creatures
Creatures are fun, though ogres and golems are fuck. Keep.
>Easy Crafting
Really useful, keep it.
>Twilight Forest
It's outside the overworld, fun, and adds some neato items. Keep.
>Rope +
Grappling hooks make mining and exploring a lot easier, at least. Keep.
Adds some useful machines and devices, plus the rather pleasing Nitor. Keep.
>Power Converters (atomic stryker version)
Useful for automation using tankcarts and such.
>Inventory Tweaks
>Fossils/Archeology Mod
Dinosaurs, feels kinda like extra Mo'Creatures stuff. Keep if you keep Mo'Creatures.
Keep as fuck- It allows for endless resources and reduced travel without making it creative mode EZ- and it's useful in creative too, for testing dangerous shit.
Haven't really played with this.

>Red Power 2

Keep. It's one of the best mods ever.


Automated, easy to use resource collectors are great. Keep.

>Industrial Craft

Useful at all levels, from base furnaces to massive mass-fab arrays. Keep.

>Universal Electricity

The systems are buggy and unpolished, an annoying side-based system with no wrench-type item, but the things it has in addons (ICBM, Power Suit) need it, so we're forced to keep it.


Improves on Buildcraft and makes automatic collection even easier. Bees are nice too, I guess. Keep.

>Computer Craft

It's sad that CCsenors never updated, but even without those, Computercraft makes managing advanced machines easier and more elegant, in addition to adding helpful Turtles to do odd jobs in automation.

>Flan's Mod

We already decided to drop it, but reasons for that are:
Buggy as shit vehicles, annoyingly loud guns, awful, server-melting code, COMPLETELY UN-removable flags… DROP.


The many types of ore complicate the game a lot, but most can be made into pretty blocks/good weapons/tools, used for mod-things, smelted into more useful alloys… Keep, I guess.

>Not Enough Items


>Pam's Harvest Craft

Doesn't mesh that well with our other mods- Auto farms don't work with its crops, most of the crops aren't useful beyond pretty food. I'd drop it, myself.





I don't know if it's just me or not, but the server is always down, and only active when I ask Gala to do a restart.


I think we need to talk about deleting the Ages and starting fresh with those. There's +130 Ages right now and a lot of the crashes we've been experiencing have been taking place while someone was dicking around with something in an Age. That should help a lot with server stability, and after deleting them we could impose a limit on Ages per person. We have maybe seven, eight people that actively make use of Ages, which means there are over 14 Ages per person right now, and there's really no need for that.


And nerf the fucking explosions for all mods. Who wants to play on a server when literally anyone can make a nuke and wreck your two weeks of progress?


I was wondering, is anyone planning on hosting a FTB server? Probably with the Direwolf20 mod pack? I'd play the shit out of that.


File: 1360468317897.jpg (877.7 KB, 1920x3054, autism house progress.jpg)

Current progress on my next monument to autism awareness, because why not.

* indicates a change that took place after the screenshots were taken.


I'll just mention a few:
>Mo' Creatures
it's fine as is now, with ogres, wolverines and golems disabled (I assume they are disabled since they haven't wrecked my shit for a while)
I'm not a fan of the billion drops and the ugly white-blue blocks but I suppose having dinosaurs and shit is fun so keep
Very useful, the best thing would be giving the users the ability to delete ages though. I had about 20 ages myself that I only created to get the symbols and never used them afterwards.
Great mod, allows you to transform many materials, keep.
Obviously keep, but it needs some sort of wireless redstone mod. Aside from being useful with switches it also helps with reducing server load (use only 1 timer set to .5s instead of one for each machine you need a pulse for)
Not a huge fan of it, way, way too many ores clutter up chests (although you can convert them to iron by making buckets and smelting them in alloy furnaces).
>Harvest Craft
As long as it's not putting a large extra load on the server I'd prefer to keep it.


I really fucking hate looking up how to build designs because over half of the authors say "It's self-explanatory". IT IS NOT FUCKING SELF-EXPLANATORY IF I'M LOOKING UP HOW TO BUILD IT YOU AUTISTIC LITTLE PISSANT HALFWIT.


Thaumcraft sorta has a wireless redstone machine in the form of the Arcance Ear, which pulses when it hears the correct note block sound.

Ogres and such aren't disabled, I think, but all spawning was turned way down, but the destructive mobs have it even lower. They exist, just not much.


I'd like to call a vote on resetting the map for the modpack.

After the creative period, we're left with most of the land area near spawn in the form of a huge-ass crater, flying bedrock swastikas and crosses all around, shit everywhere from hypersonic bombs, a random large hadron collider sitting around, glitchy shit from the modpack updating and turning all the oil to zinc, a billion laggy ages…

What I'm trying to say is that if you're not travelling 10k+ blocks from spawn to the lands over the sea, everything's fucked. A reset would be nice.


Yeah, the overworld is a mess and there are about 20,000 ages now. I wouldn't mind a reset.


Wireless redstone, chickenbones edition is pretty much the best wireless redstone mod there is. If one is needed, that should probably be it.


Hoy someone add me to the whitelist for seikamod, my meinkraft handle is tweekus


Tekkit server will be down for a bit as I try to work out a server-crashing world issue. I may roll back to 3.1.2 if it doesn't corrupt the current overworld.

If enough people are in favor of a full reset, that could be done best at the next revision of Seika's modpack, once he's determined what to strip out. Another option is to just prune the ages; I've been hesitant to do this since I haven't actually played on the Seikamod server yet and I'm not sure which ones are unused.

Also if a server's down for a while and you can't get a response from me or Seika, this email address goes right to my phone.

The Minecraft modding community has the worst documentation I have ever seen. Most of these guys expect you to just look at their code to figure out how to use it.
If I wanted to do that, I'd just code my own plugins, right?


It's actually a pretty common problem among novice game devs to assume that their familiarity with what they've made means that it's intuitive, when in fact they've just got it memorized from exposure. Causes a lot of bad interface design, too.


There's an explosive in the ICBM modpack that is supposed to be able to regenerate terrain, basically revert it to its initial state on the chunk you use it on, but it's not working for some reason. Maybe you should consider fixing that and using it? I have a lot of shit built that isn't destroyed yet and I really don't feel like losing or rebuilding all of it. I guess it could be saved and mapedited in if the seed is the same.


Fair enough, that probably works. I probably won't get back on the server until it gets reset, though, since everything I ever loved has been reduced to kipple there.


Hey so apparently Seika wants us to do a stupid-ass vote for seikamod map reset.

So, uh, yeah.
My vote's yes, please. map's fucked and cluttered with Ages




File: 1361594126602.jpg (110.81 KB, 1017x786, ahshit6nigg.jpg)

Seikamod server will be wiped and I'm going to redo the modpack from scratch. It's going to take a while so if you're planning to make more shit in the server it's not going to be there for long.

It will really help me ALOT if you guys posted some major bugs or issues with the current modpack so I can go through and fix some of them, I know a major one was about Flans' mod, WHICH WAS TERRIBLY CODED AND I WILL NEVER EVER ADD AGAIN, and there were some issues with Minechem. If I can't fix the bugs, then I'm going to either remove it completely or leave it in if it isn't that big of an issue, like Batboxes that don't receive the right amount of power or something.

New pack will hopefully be more stable as I will attempt to put it through more extensive testing before I release it (thank god for error logs).


MineChem had a bug where, for instance, 1 copper bar gave you 2 Cu, but when you tried to turn it back to copper, the 2 Cu would only get you 1 copper ingot. This was true for tin and silver iirc. Also obsidian's recipe didn't work at all, gave you flint or whatever. Other than that the 4 copper in square crafting recipe clashed between Universal Electricity and Metallurgy. Don't forget to add wireless redstone.


Just recapping for convenience

No fucking squids anywhere to be seen, and too many dolphins/manta rays. Really dicks around with Thaumaturgy. (no squid ink = no scribing tools = no research.)

Nukes. Fucks shit up really badly, blah dee dah, redmatter nuke never dissapears and probably was the largest cause for the servers' deaths, along with the next topic.

Ages number restrictions, like 5 per person rather than 20+. Perhaps also a way to wipe and remove ages, by person, completely if possible? like destroying the description book in the cauldron or research table or what-not.
no clue if that's how it works or not.

While only having zombies around was decent, par mobspawners. FUCK CAVESPIDERS. it would be great to see at least a bit more variety. Fuck endermen though, nobody enjoys hearing or seeing or fighting them.
Also, neutral mobs like beetles that are PISSFUCK LOUD and contributes nothing but exp? really gets on my nerves and just adds to the total mobs spawned in area list.

I think that was all of it.


You can make a lot of ink using UU-Matter.
The cauldron is a different mod but maybe Seika could script some commands which would delete any age as long as you're the creator of it.


File: 1362156508548.gif (1.67 MB, 640x360, kawaiihoneypink.gif)

Here's the new modpack the server is running. Be aware you can /gamemode to change to creative as we are currently testing what might break the server, so spawn whatever you want. After a few days we are going to wipe the map and go full on survival mode, so don't build anything now that you don't want to lose.



File: 1362294724954.png (5.97 KB, 303x243, fatluigitryingtohitchhick.png)




File: 1362689356789.gif (415.82 KB, 261x239, pinkobama.gif)


In a few hours…


File: 1362896187532.png (190.75 KB, 640x360, thisimageisntsexualatall.png)


I added one new mod to the server called "thaumicbees" as well as modified some config files to fix a 3 way item id conflict, so use this to patch up your modpacks or else you will not be able to join the server


unzip the file and go to the /patch/ directory and place the /mods/ and /config/ files into your modpack's /.minecraft/ directory. It will pop up with a warning that it wants to merge the /mods/ and the /config/ files as well as overwriting the contents, so just hit yes and you're good to go!

Post questions if you got them or pm me on Steam "Seika"


I logged in and was accosted by three werewolves, a wraith, and a fire demon in the course of a single in-game night.

So I guess the patch worked.


The only things that keep attacking me are whisps.


Welp, update.


File: 1363240698061.png (461.92 KB, 823x631, 2mule5u.png)



File: 1363756205506.gif (1.57 MB, 428x405, YESYESYES.gif)

OKAY, MAJOR BREAK THROUGH! I found out how I can have the modpack integrated into the Technic Launcher, so now updating and running the modpack should be a lot easier on you guys as you don't have to fumble about with unzipping stuff, plugging in patches, and all other sorts of tom foolery, so here we go

First download the Technic Launcher from the site:


This is the most recent one, version 2.0.x, so if you have an older version of the Technic Launcher, it wont work.

Okay after you download the launcher and run it, you should be brought to the main menu. On the left side should be a scroll menu, so scroll to "Add New Modpack" and click it. Once you do, it'l ask for a "Technic Platform delivery URL" so paste this URL in the box


Then hit the "Add Modpack" button and it'll add the icon and background for the modpack. After that's done, just input your regular Minecraft login information and hit the "Launch" button. It'll automatically start downloading the modpack and install it on your computer.

BOOM YOU'RE DONE, whenever you want to log into the server just launch Technic Launcher and log in. It should already have the server information, as well as a couple of Texture Packs in there for you to choose from.

Here's the page for the modpack on the technic launcher forums



P.S. ppls dunt hat. stole pretty horse drawings :3c


File: 1363801636855.png (770.92 KB, 824x982, 2013-03-20_11.10.42.png)

For the old Tekkit Lite server: From left to right: An Automatic Crafting Table MKII, a Retrievulator and a Retriever. The top chest is filled with rubber, the other with copper wire. The Retriever is fully powered. In the Retrievulator, the R side has 63 rubber, 63 copper wire; The T side has one rubber and one copper wire. The ACTMKII is set to make insulated copper wire.

I'm trying to make the machines automatically craft insulated copper wire for my HV solar array machine. The Retrievulator isn't sending a signal to the Retriever to pull the needed material. I've followed the set up in other peoples videos. Did RedPower change how these machines work, or am I missing something in this design?

If I have the set up correct, then something is wrong with RedPower on the server. Might be so as well in the Sekia server.


File: 1363996192631.png (211.94 KB, 1000x1000, derpysomberonacho.png)

Another patch for those of you not using the Technic Launcher and instead are still using the modpack's batchfiles to run the game


Same as before, extract and put it in your modpack's /mods/ and /config/ folders


If you ARE using the technic launcher, you don't need this, it'll auto update


File: 1364002176749.jpg (193.97 KB, 468x683, DUCKSPLEASE.jpg)

One more thing, if you find yourself getting frames drops like mad, to the point where the server kicks you out or the game is unplayable, try updating your LWJGL stuff.


Very helpful, right now I'm in the middle of trying it out myself with version 2.8.4, so if it's helpful I'll add it to the modpack for the next update


File: 1364183082948.png (575.97 KB, 908x710, no.png)

WELL, AS IT TURNS OUT, Fossils/Archeology doesn't like to play nice with Smart Moving and Player API, so I've gone ahead and removed it from the server, BUT DON'T FRET something better is going to replace it, two things in fact.

First up is MineFactory Reloaded, which is another extension to buildcraft, ic2, universal electricity, and so on by adding really neato machines


NEXT UP: I've added AtomicStryker's Dynamic Lights! This allows you to light up areas by just holding a torch, bucket of lava, glowstone, or anything else that emits light! I've gone in and trimmed the jar a bit to remove the other moduels it has, but if you want it at it's full glory, head to the site and download it, it's completely client side only!


That's about it, however, Technic Launcher users are going to do a bit of extra work, and by a bit of extra work I mean click one more thing. Once you open up the technic launcher, scroll over to the modpack and hit the little red box with the minus button so that it will erase the modpack from your list. The reason for this is because since this time I'm REMOVING a mod the launcher won't recognize that one of the mods is missing when it updates and just keep the old version of the mod in the /.technic/aab folder, therefore, causing some conflicts when you update. So this time a complete removal of the /aab/ folder has to be done BEFORE YOU CAN UPDATE, so do that.

That's about it, of course here's the patch for you modpack zip users


It has also come to my attention that some of you are having issues with Technic Launcher and have to use the modpack zip version, so I'm updating both from now on, meaning Technic Launcher WILL NOT BE mandatory anymore, SO REJOICE. Remember to remove the /Fossil-Archeology/ mod from the /mods/ folder as well as removing /Fossils.cfg/ from the /config/ folder in the modpack .zip to prevent problems when using the patch.

That's about it, again, any problems pm me on steam of post it here in the thread.


I'll note this also works for the Tekkit server in some instances.
There's a bug in IC2 where if you get enough machines running at the same time, they crash Minecraft's sound stack. Sentenal built a machine that drops people from the game and produces solar panels; disabling IC2 audio fixes it, or this patch.


It's not even the sound. Too many machines going on at once makes it crash. Or it;'s the redpower. Or the timers.

Fucking depressed over the limitations I keep getting to make awesome shit.


"1. Find a Modpack. 1.4.7 sould get you what you need. Last link, if multiple entries.
2. Get a patch, or several. Most links are patches that aren't modpacks, as techniclauncher is auto.
3. Overwrite the files, run from RAM.bat. Play."


Anyone got copper for free or trade? I'm building an IC2 nuclear reactor to power sentenal's mass fabricator.

Final requirements unknown pending reactor design.


File: 1364958480813.jpg (35.16 KB, 365x512, 1338712239535.jpg)

So I just got this game the other day, already bored of Single player t a bit so I figured multiplayer would be funner. If it'd be alright to join you guys where do I get started?


First off you need to get whitelisted on the server, either ask Seika or Galatamon, or post your name here.
After that you need to get the modpack itself, instructions are in this thread. Once you have it and connect, there are many additions to the vanilla game, some wikis you can use to find shit are:

Keep in mind that not everything from the above wikis applies to Seikamod, but the vast majority does. Also ask others ingame for help.


And once you're up and installed, you should end up somewhere on what I call "Spawn Island", where I've set up shop with a little mineshaft and a simple crafting lab. You're free to use my resources responsibly. The location is 100 or so blocks southeast of 0, 0.

You may also find sentenal's gigantic array of… something. Pay it no mind.


Ok, checking the mods out. Name is Sarcophylophagus.


I wouldn't mind copper being such a fucking bottleneck if it didn't come in three incompatible varieties.

Fucking copper plates. Why do these MC mods have to be so fucking obtuse?


Get an easy crafting table, those enable you to convert different types of copper.


So for the nuclear reactor housing itself, what material has the blast resistance required for nuclear containment and is relatively easy to obtain? Construction Foam was suggested for ogre-proofing my house, so that's pretty strong, but I also read that Basalt Brick is stronger than End Stone.


I was in the process of helping you, you know? But it was an eye sore apparently


Reinforced Stone was designed for it.

Possibly C-foam or Warded stone would work too.


Okay, whoever took all the tools off my racks, quit being a jerk.


Also you took half the fucking diamonds. Least you could do is tell me what that's for.


can you whitelist torrenz? I haven't played this since 2010 and I need to get my autism on


File: 1365466842150.jpg (46.07 KB, 266x280, 2kawaiicelespike.jpg)

Done and done. Man I have to look at this place more often


File: 1365507317701.gif (43.81 KB, 291x200, THE SERVER IS EXPERIENCING….gif)


I nearly had an aneurysm over the two hours the server was down. Modded Minecraft feels like it's held together with duct tape and hope.

Also, I'm considering taking down the Tekkit server because out of the 249 user logins in the last 45 days, 240 of them were Sentenal and 6 were me.
Does anyone want to keep it up, or see another server take its place?


whitelist "juegoman" please




File: 1365619318802.jpg (205.89 KB, 868x1056, error1.jpg)

I get these screens when I try to launch with the .bat files in Seikamod. I get as far as the Mojang splash screen during startup. I managed to get rid of the first one by removing the older versions of the mods, but then the second one shows up and I don't know what to do.

pls help


I'm no expert but it sounds like it might be conflicting with your regular Minecraft install.

Do you have the modpack in its own little folder separate from all the other Minecraft stuff? It comes with its own .minecraft folder, and that should stay where it is in the extracted mdopack folder instead of being copied over to wherever.


File: 1365626831814.jpg (97.75 KB, 870x517, error2.jpg)

yeah, I do keep it in its own folder and launch the .bat from there and I reinstalled the base game to make sure it's not tampered with

also, I get an update prompt when I launch with the mod (even though the game is fully updated), I've ignored it so far because there was no mention of it but now that I updated I can get to the start screen and this poorly textured server list


File: 1365628452693.png (277.85 KB, 397x406, lagifasci23shy.png)

Server's down for a bit, for some reason there's no more space on the dam drive, might be the backups. HOLD ON TIGHT


Yeah, the modpack is packaged with the version of Minecraft it's meant to run with. Don't do the Minecraft update.


File: 1365673725684.jpg (98.11 KB, 868x515, error3.jpg)

I'm back to this screen then

I've tried downloading Thaumcraft 3.0.3 manually but that just makes minecraft crash on startup

also that .log file doesn't exist



So, for anyone playing in this, are we joining /mlp/ or /co/?


/co/. /mlp/ may have numbers, but everyone hates them. Hell, they may self implode due to them being retards basically, 'ironically' killing each other for laughs.


Dunno, man. /mlp/ seems pretty well organized, and /co/ seems to not want us.


Some of us are joining /mlp/, no idea what are the exact numbers, but it's more than 1 person at least.


If anyone wants to form an MLPG subgroup within /mlp/, post your IGN here. I think we need at least ten people, probably more, for it to work.
Otherwise we'd be better off integrating with /mlp/ for better timezone diversity.


I would but I'm poorfag and I don't have a real copy.


They're saying the final server will be pirate-friendly. With vanilla running on Bukkit I might be able to make that happen on a practice server.


Or a permaserver?


If y'all want I can convert the Tekkit server to vanilla and make it permanent.

As far as pirate-friendliness goes, that's in the pipeline for AAB once Seika and I can get the AAB clientside portion updated to the latest Forge version. That will allow us to set up the authentication module for ForgeEssentials that will in turn let us do authentication locally instead of through Mojang's servers. It's a lot more of an issue on a permaserver, though, because it makes moderation more difficult. Without Mojang's servers, the whitelist becomes useless and permissions are more of a challenge to manage.
So yeah, that's why I haven't just flipped the bit in the config file to "OFFLINE".


OK, I'm in.


okay I'm here
what do I do


IGN is KeiKaemon.


Currently running updates and configuring Bukkit.
Server should be up in an hour or two.

In the meantime, I've started a pastebin for everyone who wants in. Let me know if you want to be added. Once we reach ten members I'll submit it to the /mlp/ 4craft group admin.

Also it looks like we have plenty of time, since the hosts for the main event ran out of server support and are asking for donations. If you feel like supporting them, keep an eye on this:


Vanilla server is up at the old Tekkit address,

Bear in mind that this is intended as a practice server for 4craft, so settings will emulate the proposed game conditions, i.e. Nether disabled, 24-hour ban on death, Factions installed, and local authentication. Currently the only one of those conditions met is disabling the Nether.

-configure xAuth for authentication
-set up deathbans (or not, for practice server)
-set up Factions

Finally, since the 4craft thing is in limbo at the moment, feel free to use this as a standard vanilla server. When/if we start using it to prep for 4craft, I will swap in a virgin world and restrict the whitelist to only those players listed on the pastebin.


File: 1366089548094.gif (131.53 KB, 535x314, HRK.gif)

Well I'm in, wooooooo


I'm in


Adding the deathban is pointless for a practice server. Also, currently I don't seem to be able to do anything, it's as if everything was lagged completely. This includes movement, destroying blocks, and probably crafting although I have no way of verifying that.


Oh fuck me, I left spawn protection enabled.
You'd think I'd have learned by now; I'll change that.

Also, the 4craft Alpha server is live at

It's going to be reset, and factions aren't enabled yet, but there is a base on /mlp/'s central island. It might be worth logging on and exploring a bit.

Make sure to direct people here if they ask about it in the thread; we need five more people at least to be viable as an independent unit. The map is a good deal larger than I expected, so I think most of the /mlp/ islands will be going underutilized. By occupying one and fortifying it, we'll be contributing to the team effort.


File: 1366104250902.jpg (1.1 MB, 1967x2625, map.jpg)

Someone started mapping the islands.
I think the main /mlp/ base is on the north island; I discovered a huge underground dome and mineshaft under the central island.
I think that would make a good base for our nefarious purposes.


File: 1366110457229.jpg (36.07 KB, 317x265, 1366071315632.jpg)

I'll play. IGN is in the name field.


Factions info:
Stone stuff, iron doors and such are protected.
Wooden stuff isn't.


IGN is Marshtomp

yeah I know but I am sided with MLPG and not /vp/. What I'd give to change my name


Protected as in indestructible?

Isn't it better to get new thread going with some copypasta like basic rules of server and stuff?


IGN is xkil1a

I'd get fucked by cactus if I knew that would mean I could change it


Can you post your Steam names as well as your MC names?


Twh for both, am in the MLPG steam group.



At 200+ players things started to lag really badly, if the actual combat is going to be like this, it's gonna be a laggy clusterfuck.


I can, yeah, but why do you need it?


File: 1366144958508.png (149.36 KB, 313x235, map.png)

Little info about board islands. Map with /mlp/. Nether and End confirmed. Multiple bio-domes confirmed. Closed beta for board reps soon. Monsters confirmed. Spawn rates slowed down, but grinders allowed. Redstone nerfed, might limit repeaters. Final server, unclaimed islands can be claimed.

Dynamic map here:


Organize Generalers in steam, I have a Team Speak server we can go to.


Do I need to be whitelisted to get into the 4craft server?
I just add this to server address right?


4craft server IP is now 4craft.org, unless they change it again, but it's "closed beta" right now, restricted to "faction leaders" only.

No one knows who /mlp/'s faction leader is, I'm trying to find out to coordinate with them.

TWH set up a Teamspeak server at
The intent is to share it with /mlp/, but we should have our own channel.

There's a dynamic map of the 4craft server up here:


The leader of Mlp just got the information. We will reach you shortly.


"Aquain" here. Add my name to the subgroup list; I've already signed up with the main group on the forum.

Also, if I've slipped off the whitelist for our servers since I last played, mind readding me? I don't really play very often, but figure I should set it up just in case I do get the urge.


>On the forum
What am I saying. On /mlp/, I meant


Alright, you're added to the pastebin and whitelist.

Apparently it's gonna be a couple weeks before the 4craft server goes live, but before that they will be allowing 5 builders from each board to get bases in place.

I'm not particularly happy with this, since it means everyone won't be dropping onto an untouched landscape.

It also means I have to politic with /mlp/'s nebulous command stucture to get a representative in.


I haven't tried Minecraft in years but I'll check it out if you want to whitelist me:



You're whitelisted. Do you want into the 4craft faction as well?


So is this game REALLY worth 27 dollars? Doesn't seem like it.


It's what you make of it. I've spent enough hours on it to get my money's worth; $27 is not much for a game that lets you do as much as Minecraft.

On the other hand, if you need goals and structure in your gameplay you might get bored quickly. Lately I haven't been able to get into it unless I'm playing it heavily modded or with friends, or both. I had stopped playing for a while and only just got back into it because of 4craft.

For most things that are annoying about the game, there are mods to compensate. Whether it's worth the money depends on your view on what a mod framework is worth.


Sure, but that's not up yet right?


File: 1366160748298.jpg (571.91 KB, 2129x1072, 1366158873383.jpg)

Updated map


Oh, shit, this looks like it would take a shit load of time to mobilize large groups of players.


So is there a pirate friendly server I can practice on? I haven't been able to find one yet and I don't know if it's just coincidence or some kind of technical issue.


It's a pain in the dick to set up.
I've been putting off doing it on the vanilla server due to the clusterfuck that 4craft is becoming, but I'll look into xAuth and see what I have to do.
If it requires constant interaction from me I may back off from it.

Thing is, the final 4craft server is going to be paid copies only; they already have more players than they can handle without allowing cracked copies.


>Paid copies only
When did this change?


File: 1366164618449.png (2.4 KB, 446x83, What do you mean no piracy.PNG)

Not sure if I haven't seen the paid copies only is new or something, but this was in the Q and A thing on steam


Well I'm on the beta server but I have no clue what I'm doing


/mlp/ is "maremen" faction (I dunno), and we're in Teamspeak.


What is the server?


Teamspeak at


>Redstone nerfed
Is that just a lag prevention thing? I'm not really seeing how redstone could break the game.


Any idea what the coordinates are of MLP island?


File: 1366228058678.png (2.86 KB, 184x172, 1365282684331.png)

So this is actually my bad, but I usually go by NoHooves but my minecraft IGN is No_Hooves. Accidentally typed the wrong name. Can you change the pastebin?


File: 1366234969453.png (44.7 KB, 1195x173, 4craft pirates.PNG)

Around 2700, 3000

See pic.



File: 1366239848218.gif (370.44 KB, 1000x1078, 1366023666731.gif)

This had better not be a ruse, sent



File: 1366251869916.jpg (625.03 KB, 1280x1262, 1366198545377[1].jpg)

Not sure what this map is exactly but one of the guys running it said that this is the map


File: 1366281927316.jpg (28.19 KB, 475x263, thumbs up.jpg)

you got my support
steam and minecraft is the same as name field


What's this power at x/5 message that appears when you die on the 4craft server?


A faction's power is a pool of all members' individual powers. It can even go into negatives if you die too often.
1 power = 1 chunk faction territory
If your faction has more power than the amount of chunks held by the faction, you can claim more land. If your faction's power goes below this amount, anyone can claim land from your faction.
TLDR - don't die, get more land, die often, lose land


I am at x2683, z3011. I guess this is the right place?
Anyways I made a little comfort zone with torches and a bed chest furnace etc.

Gonna build here


Is no one ever online in the /mlp/ faction to invite new players?


Is this still happening?
If we can't work something out I'm making my own faction and modding all of you guys.


So is it pointless for me to be doing anything since everything is going to be reset?


valuable stuff is in a chest behind the hut under 2 layers of dirt


So some one just killed me and then dug in that exact spot, I guess that's what I get for trying to be friendly.


Hide it in the ceiling next time. m8




Yeah, only point at the moment is practice and getting to know the other players on your side.


>log in to 4craft
>Wonderbolts allied with /tg/ and /sci/
>consistent 12 fps regardless of settings

Anyone know why I'd get low framerate with a high-end ATI card and Optifine?


Do we just ask over shout to get into the wonderbolts?

>Implying this project is going to survive without mapfag and we're not all going to go to coty's server


Try updating java. Or if you're on newest, getting an older version. MC is retarded like that though.


Was the tekkit server reset or something?
my garden is gone :(


also most of my mountain base


The Tekkit server was converted into a server for 4craft practice. Given there's the whole alpha server now, I reckon we could probably switch it back to tekkit.


Do we have a group we all go to for the alpha server?


Wonderbolts is the /mlp/ faction; it's 30% AiE, 20% MLPG, and the rest is random /mlp/.
A fairly tolerable group overall, and so far we're doing better as one group than we would as separate groups of 4-6 people.
Hop in Teamspeak for an invite.

I had been questioning the necessity of running two mod servers, especially since AAB replicates Tekkit with more stuff.
Also, logs indicated no one was using the Tekkit server for a long time.
While the "practice server" is now redundant in that capacity, I think having a vanilla server alongside a mod server is a better use of resources. Also, I added an authentication plugin to the vanilla server, so once everyone on the whitelist who wants in gets registered I can make it pirate-friendly.

I still have the Tekkit world saved in the event that I need to put the server back up, or upload it for single-player.

Any thoughts on this?


File: 1366687347967.png (8.6 KB, 1140x640, BREAKINGNEWSCHAN4.png)



It's go time.


So I've been on the Tekkit server a bit, pretty vacant lately. It's the one that has mods right?


The tekkit server is on vanilla right now, not on tekkit. The modded server is the one with Seikamod/AAB, for which downloads are in the thread.


Teamspeak server had a someone sitting in it listening earlier by the name of FuckingFuck; everyone switched to raidcall, but it'd be nice if some of the faction leaders could be given control of it so people can be kicked or whatever.


I accidentally updated my game and the server is still 1.5.2

wat do


Use Technic Launcher and select your vanilla version from the menu. I'll be updating the vanilla server only when there is a new supported version of Bukkit out.


So, where is everyone? In minecraft that is. I know the sub's been down but I've never seen traffic in the Tekkit or Seika servers.


I have a lot of exams this month, no time for autism.


One of the members was talking shit in global chat, was attacked by /a/ a few days ago, and now /a/ has its sights on /mlp/. Because of the general incompetence /mlp/ members have and the decisions the higher ups took, I decided to branch off and make an MLPG faction. If anyone is interested in joining, PM me on Steam/Skype.


Heard from the guy who did the financing for the 4craft server when he was still on the team. The server is going down on the 21st. They can't pay for this months rent.


What a shame.


File: 1368947820585.png (337.57 KB, 448x518, googlyeyes.png)


Rei's Minimap
Balkon's Weapon Mod
Additional Pipes
Advance Technologies
Advance Machines
Advance Power Management
Assembly Line
Atomic Science
Universal Electricity
compact solars
Computer Craft
Mo Creatures
Dungeon Pack
Easy Crafting
Ender Storage
Extra Bees
IC2Nulcear Control
Industrial Craft
Liquid Metals
Liquid UU Matter
MineFactory Reloaded
Modular Powersuits
NEI Plugins
NEI Redpower Plugin
Nether Ores
Open CC Sensors
Pam's Harvest Craft
Pam's Simple Recipies
Pam's Sink Mod
Pam's Wee Flowers
Power Converters
Rope Plus
Secret Rooms
Smart Moving
Thaumic Bees
Thermal Expansion
Twilight Forest
Megalithic Mod??



>All Universal Electricity family mods. It's a broken base with worse components, and it's like 10 mods total.
>Liquid Metal/UU matter. Nobody used these.

>Balkon's Weapon Mod: I love it, but Metallurgy makes it invalid.
>Metallurgy: The machines are nice and all, but a gorillion ores that aren't compatible with anything, which displace other, useful ores aren't really that great. Only adds better weapon materials.
>Powersuits: UE by base, which has to go, but there's an IC version. However, powersuits are also OP shit.

>That one tool tinkering mod
>Aether update when it comes out


File: 1369223541253.png (1.28 MB, 1600x860, 4v4exh.png)

Have you guys ever looked at Traincraft?


Oh shit, I don't know what that does but I want it.


Is it compatible with Railcraft's crazy rails?


File: 1369261932430.jpg (363.01 KB, 750x596, train_sample.jpg)

It adds a whole bunch of working, connecting, drivable trains.
Says it's fully compatible on Railcraft's compatibility page.


Holy shit that looks awesome. This would actually go really well with the whole city idea we're planning to implement with the 1.6 updated servers. Hope it updates soon after 1.6 is released.


File: 1369289204556.png (548.91 KB, 1023x527, TraincraftReskinnedTram.png)

Well, if you're building a city it has electric trams so there you go.


Is the server still up?


File: 1371644110371.jpg (167.19 KB, 960x720, what I came home to today.jpg)

Servers were down for a bit because my roommate broke all the downstairs outlets by trying to charge his PSVita. Pic related.

They're back up and powered by way of a long orange extension cord running from my kitchen; I don't know how many fire codes I'm violating, but I'm sure the infractions are many.


Holy shit, you lucked out. I did a similar thing, and it was pressed right against my bed. Fucker lit up like a firecracker and almost set fire to the bed and carpet. It burned so hot it melted the metal inside.




File: 1373704745192.png (46.99 KB, 700x808, shitty mockup 3 straight l….png)

city plannin n shit


Hey, just wanted to let everyone know the server's not dead, I just had to shut it down while the outlets in my living room got fixed.
Both should be up and running now.

The vanilla server will be updated when Bukkit does. I know there's a dev version for 1.6.2, but I want to wait for at least a beta; Minecraft is unstable enough without using bleeding-edge untested software.

The AAB mod server will be updated whenever Seika updates the modpack.


Activity really seemed to die off around the 4craft event. Do people still use these servers? I imagine the impending release of Starbound will also kill our Minecrafting.


4craft brought a lot of people in and then burned them out, I think. Right now there's almost no activity on either server, as far as I can tell. I don't play much anymore, myself; I'm more into Kerbal Space Program and Planetside 2 these days.

Nonetheless, I'll keep the servers up and ready, since they really don't require much from me unless someone breaks something.


Those of us on the modded server are waiting for Buildcraft to update so we can move to 1.6.2. I personally plan on starting a new build as soon as we're updated, and I think for this new one I'm going to record video segments of it to show my progress. I've gotten a lot of questions about tips on Microblocks after my last two builds, so I'm hoping this will help.


Sorry I haven't been on lately. Been waiting for 1.6 and I just gotta get back into it. I could build a railway in the city.


File: 1374475583942.gif (194.57 KB, 342x301, ohcommon.gif)

UPDATE. A lot of mods have gone 1.6.2, even Industrial Craft, but the guy working on Buildcraft is being anal about something or other involving the minecraft modding community and causing autistic drama within that community. So now I'm stuck twiddling me thumbs until buildcraft goes 1.6.2

On another note, Jeb said that they're thinking about fixing Biomes for 1.7, specifically the ocean biomes since there's absolutely NOTHING in them.

That's about it, so sit tight and cross your fingers stuff happens over the next week, if not month.


Honest question: how badly do we need Buildcraft.


File: 1374525082082.png (1.69 MB, 1920x1080, 2013-07-22_11.02.44.png)

Just picked this game up again last night when I couldn't sleep. Haven't played in a WHILE.


File: 1374549734281.png (2.3 MB, 1920x1080, 2013-07-22_23.20.36.png)

Added some more sections.


Man, that looks friggin' sweet

What's it like inside?



It's pretty empty inside so far, there's still a few other things I want to build first, but there are a lot of stairs and plenty of rooms.

Here are some more screenshots I took:



Was this in creative mode? I'd imagine it'll take forever to farm the materials for the legit mode.



Yep, I trying starting on survival mode but it was a pain in the ass to get all the materials and everything when all I wanted to do was build so I just restarted in creative mode.


I like the feeling of accomplishment in making something in survival. I never feel good about putting things together in Creative, or in heavily-modded SMP where people just build machines to generate more blocks than they'll ever need…


File: 1375133474201.png (1.35 MB, 1255x703, ohshititsthebat.png)

Buildcraft has the quarries, all the different types of pipes (transport, liquid, energy, logistic, etc.), the liquid oil that spawns around the map that you can turn into fuel, liquid pumps, and a couple of other things, so unless you guys can live without buildcraft and that stuff OR you can find me a decent replacement, we're stuck waiting


Does RP2 have energy transport?
If it does, then you could get by with pneumatic tubes and mining turtles.


File: 1375558114533.png (130.17 KB, 1280x800, buildcraftisago.png)

I BRING TIDINGS OF GREAT JOY! Jr linked me to the Buildcraft Jenkins page which I SOMEHOW missed, we're gonna use that, "AAB +" IS A GO, GO, GO!!!


File: 1375558230192.png (150.83 KB, 1272x733, ohjoyestofdays.png)

No more coremods folder for CodeChickenCore?! Okey doke then. MISSING LIBRARIES?! BOOOOONNEESSSS!!


File: 1375558323376.png (129.31 KB, 1280x800, walkwithme.png)



File: 1375558376641.png (60.35 KB, 895x575, funfunfun.png)

What is even going on anymore…


File: 1375559630143.png (81.26 KB, 1246x626, mipito.png)

BAH, who needs CCC's Wireless redstone logic shit anyway, I DON'T, FUCK Forge Multipart. Also, DIS FUCKING LIST, OH GOD WHERE DO I START…


IndustrialCraft 2
Rei's Minimap
RedLogic (RedPower2 Replacement)
Death Chest
Rancraft Penguins

Armor Stand
Aquaculture (looks fun)
Thaumcraft (Hasn't updated yet)
MystCraft (Not updated and I know it caused some problems on the server)
HayCraft, FlowerCraft, SlabCraft, StairCraft (just adds a bunch of decorative blocks/flowers might not need if you get HarvestCraft)
Galacticraft (this looks awesome)
B&I (adds some useful balanced recipes to make glowstone, better coal, and ice blocks)
Dimensional Anchors
Editable Signs (dumb, but useful)

Decraft (Premise is cool, but looks OP/broken)
Mine Little Pony

Universal Electricity
ICBM (Was fun, but wrecked the server several times)

Just to get started. There's a lot of other mods on there that look pretty decent and should probably be added.


File: 1375660288478.png (17.74 KB, 645x230, bukkit.PNG)


CraftBukkit Beta for 1.6 was released yesterday, so I have updated the vanilla server. It should now work with the current version of Minecraft.

Let me know if you run into any problems; it's still beta software so there may be some isues.


Paniclecraft, Applied Energistics, Traincraft, and the Thaumcraft addons should be on the list too.


File: 1376024131078.gif (43.84 KB, 270x199, gottagetthekincks out.gif)


Anyway, this is what I got so far, a lot of fucking about with id configs to get them all working, it's extra annoying when the Item ID's in the config file don't match the ones in game, stupid sexy +256.

DeathChest isn't Forge compatible, I'm sorry D:

Armor Stand isn't needed because of Biblocraft

Aquaculture was acting all weird whenever you broke that one weird block that spawns in oceans, instead of giving out the block itself it gave out dirt, sand, compasses, cobblestone, and some other shit.

Thaumcraft isn't updated

Galacticraft wasn't playing nice with Mystcraft, so I opted for just Mystcraft

Editable Signs isn't needed because of Panickecraft

Traincraft isn't updated D:

Still adding more mods as I type this out, hang on to your pony butts


File: 1376025068753.png (88.26 KB, 846x631, thisisnttroublesomeatall.png)



File: 1376025618494.png (60.71 KB, 1268x658, neipls.png)

>tfw NEI stops working the moment you plaster in Rancraft Penguins
>tfw after removing it, NEI still wont work and this keeps popping up

I need a drink or something


File: 1376026094073.png (203.45 KB, 1271x731, godplswatexplaindis.png)

>crashing stops
>NEI works again
>I don't know why
Woooooo doggy, them magical fixin' fairies mang



Well that explains that, NOW ONWARD


We better have an extremely autistic central base/city this time around. Last server was 2empty6me. Even if half of the buildings are generic, empty, or simply there for aesthetics with no real interior, I want a multilayered city with sewers, really tall ass buildings, and streets. And maybe a train station. That'd be really cool.

Do we have highly autismal plans regarding builders and resource gatherers? What about a city layout?


I'm not really down for a city for city's sake, at least not at first. For starters, having everyone keep their bases/labs reasonably close to each other and connected by roads would be good, and then we can fill in spaces around them with our own personal vanity projects. We would need to spend time scouting the world for a good location, though, as I'm sure each of us has our own vision of our Mad Scientist's Lair.

One concern is that the subterranean features might run into problems with quarrying, if anyone decides to hollow out entire sections of earth.


I'm all for letting people have their personal secret bases I know I'll have one, but it sure would be cool to have a huge collaborative city somewhere. Because of villager behavior, we could actually populate the buildings with some testicle faced dudes and golems to make it feel lively.

For the streets/sewers/manholes/subway, I'm thinking we could do 9 block wide streets (let's us make nearly every kind of street paint stripe decal) with 3 block wide sidewalks, then make the street 2 blocks thick. Underneath, we could hollow out a 9x5 tunnel with a 3 to 5 block wide water channel cutting down it's center. Sewer access could be done with small service stations rather than making manhole covers in the street (unless there's a mod to make something like that; don't want to use those window grate things because they're ugly). Street lights could be 5 blocks high with 1 or 2 glowstone cubes in them to light it all up. Could even line the streets with archways so that the middle of the roads wouldn't be dark enough for mobs to spawn at night.

Just putting some design ideas out there.


Good idea with the service stations, but how about making the sewers functional trash disposals? Every city building could have a trash disposal hole that dumps into the sewers, and constant water flow will guide all discarded items out to a landfill region for reclamation or just burn up in a gigantic lava pool.

As for rapid transit, it should have both above-ground and underground sections. It should have two tracks, going in each direction.


A functional city wide trash disposal system would be pretty cool, but I think that the server has to strain itself to render lots of drops. While it would be awesome to be able to send our unwanted goods into a dark watery sewer system destined for the ocean, I think it might stress out the server hardware. We'd have to talk to the admin about that.

We could, however, still have a trash collection/recycler system in place. I'm thinking we could do trash chutes in the buildings that let items drop down onto obsidian pipes/funnel top chests, then have the contents of those chests pumped into a large pipe system. From there, every building would funnel their waste toward a secure recycling facility that does nothing but churn out that purple antimatter stuff you can craft into anything. I'm not sure if the stuff in the pipes takes the same amount of processing power as stuff floating in water. We'd have to check with the admin, I think.

One great thing about the sewers is that it would allow us to make an easy access, standardized sub basement for every building that we could use to wire them up with IC power from a central power plant.

What if we turned the streets into the transit system? Like we actually lay the rails down on the road and use them to cart around town?


Railcars sound good, but I'd think a single bidirectional circuit for a subway/skytrain could be more easily extensible.

We'll probably end up with several different lines/routes… hopefully don't need to deal with cockamamie track switching.


I like the subway idea. If we're going to be putting in a sewer system anyway, why not hide all of our rails and stuff underground? Depending on how large the city is, we could do a large track loop with a few station stops here and there. The subway system might also be a great way to branch out and make easy access to other people's secret bases if they want other people to be able to access them, of course. A keycard mod would be really cool for base access doors or something like that

I think only one person should be in charge of the transit system so that things don't get convoluted. Can you imagine if we were autistic enough to actually assign roles to players? That might be kinda fun to organize like that.


For a large collective project like a city, there would have to be at least a few assigned roles. I really like the ideas you had for wiring and piping, that would be a real boon.

And it only gets really autistic when you start introducing area protections, at least with the setup we've been using thus far, people are free to help each other on whatever projects without bugging a moderator.


zomg spam


File: 1377410162154.png (60.23 KB, 700x808, oyixzcmr.png)



File: 1377410269859.png (88.52 KB, 1270x949, 2013-08-24_22.47.51.png)



File: 1377412809374.png (592.42 KB, 1680x998, 4ahQR[1].png)


File: 1377413277976.png (829.58 KB, 1889x994, MinecraftNormal.png)


File: 1377416376335.jpg (131.24 KB, 1024x768, deadhorse.jpg)

So as y'all have probably noticed, the AAB mod server has been updated. Thanks to Seika, it is now concurrent with the latest Minecraft release.

I feel like everyone should be aware, though, that the update broke the utility I was using for automated backups, and I can't seem to find a replacement that's 1.6.2- and Forge-compatible. Until either that happens or I figure out shell scripting and proper use of cron, backups are going to be fairly sparse since I'm doing them manually. I don't anticipate this build being incredibly unstable, but modded Minecraft always runs the risk of random world corruption.


First thing we should do is lay down a power plant. SimCity style.


So does this link still work for downloading the modpack?



>last updated 153 days ago

I'll have to yell at Seika when he's up.



Also, to get into the server you need the following stuff:

Client: http://tinyurl.com/l6yjym2
Patch: http://tinyurl.com/mg5u2aj

Just follow the readme file to install the mods into your client and you should be fine. After you install the client you can install the patch the reason for this is that I forgot to add treecapacitor in the client, so that's why the patch is there.

Have fun and tootles~



But srsly dude
It was easier on the end-user, and I enjoy seeing marker pone in my launcher.


File: 1377591742618.png (1.79 MB, 1914x1004, DankDocks01.png)

Work on the city is progressing at a decent rate.


File: 1377591841806.png (1.11 MB, 1918x1000, DankDocks02.png)

Entrance to the Lethtek Facility/Reactor.


File: 1377591969232.png (854.85 KB, 1895x1002, DankDocks03.png)

Main road past the harbor. Bunch of shops I made. PaperGoat made the signs.


File: 1377592106247.png (1 MB, 1913x1001, DankDocks04.png)

The lighthouse at night, as seen from the gardens across the harbor.


>creative mode server
Where's my resource gathering simulation? Where's my 3D block adventure?
Is creative ever going to be turned off?


>tfw everyone fucks off to make their own superpowered UU mining and inifinite resource generating bases
>tfw no jolly cooperation


File: 1377935050015.png (297.73 KB, 1280x738, 2013-08-24_22.43.52.png)


CREATIVE will be turned off EVETUALLY once the main city is set up and running "smoothly". Till then I guess stock up on creative supplies cause them zombies mang, they a bitch, as well as the penguins. Also, when lighting up some dank ass weed, please be careful where you light up as to not end up as attached picture :D



That's the best part of the picture.


Wait, is this AAB or SeikaMod


I mean, I'm asking specifically which server you guys are/were on because I went exploring the coordinates given here >>1401 and it was just… open water. I'm seeing a lot of long vertical walls where chunks seem to have been shunted in next to others without proper transitions.

This is on the Tekkit server (8015).


Disregard, logged into Seikamod and confirmed I wasn't going crazy.

Also, nice city, but now that it's all built I'm kind of uninterested now. The building and haphazard planning is like 90% of the fun for me.

What else needs to be put in, anyway?


Just to clarify, there is no more Tekkit server; 8015 is the vanilla server, for those who want to play without mods.
AAB and Seikamod are the same thing; I called it Seikamod until Seika actually listed it in Technic Launcher as Ascended Autism Blocks. Dunno what he likes to call it now that the Technic version is deprecated. Anyway, that mod is the server on 8016.

I kinda wish I could edit the OP, since it's so out of date.

So, now that the city is mostly built, do people want to default back to survival mode? Honestly my preference would have been to build the whole town in survival for resource gathering to have a purpose, but hell, I don't even play anymore. It's up to you guys.


Oh, also, server connectivity has been spotty for the last week. I called Time Warner and they said they're working on it. I dunno when it'll be back to 24/7(ish) uptime; since it's the same time every day, I have this mental picture of a couple of construction workers going and poking at the cable line with a shovel every day at 11AM.


Traincraft updated to 1.6.2.


Pam's Mob Drop Crops grow SUPER FUCKING SLOW. It wasn't like this in previous versions.


The stamina/energy thing is a real pain in the fucking ass. It makes starvation a serious threat, but that's about it. It just punishes you for playing. How the fuck am I supposed to make food when I can't even fucking move?


Toggle smart moving to a different mode.

It's set to greg-level retarded mode by default.


File: 1379144124695.png (63.35 KB, 700x808, plan pt 3.png)

Red Xs have been built.

We need to build more.


What's the hotkey for that? It's not N any more…

Well, I did want to be in charge of the tram, but it's going to be hard if I don't have creative enabled.


File: 1379319150719.png (1.04 MB, 1536x801, HorseTown01.png)

Posting some new screenshots. Here are some monuments to our filly overlords that Jr designed, as seen at night.

I think it's F9


File: 1379319215460.png (1.03 MB, 1534x804, HorseTown02.png)

Party inside Sweetie.


File: 1379319376652.png (1.17 MB, 1535x804, HorseTown03.png)

A bunch of stuff seen here. The Seika's Smoke House to the left, the art gallery, my skyscraper, and >Greentext Press in the middle, and the filly statues again on the right.


File: 1379319438802.png (1 MB, 1536x803, HorseTown04.png)

The other side of my skyscraper and related environs as seen from the dock area.


File: 1379319599623.png (858.66 KB, 1535x813, HorseTown05.png)

The waterfront park I put together. Kind of an arboretum, since I filled it with trees.


It doesn't even touch the cloud layer!


1.6.4 is out, so remember to set your vanilla Minecraft launcher profile to use 1.6.2 in order to connect to the vanilla (port 2015) server.

As for vanilla stuff, I've just set up a little underground base around origin (a snow biome), while EA has fucked off to wherever. I'm going to build nether portals between us.


File: 1381535871755.png (99.98 KB, 556x404, turnontheoven.png)

GOD, how long has it been since I last posted something? Anyway, I'm changing the game mode for the mod server back to survival since a month is more than enough time to build things. Here's another empty promise, since 1.6.4 came out I might update the server to that with the current map if and only if all the mods that are in the current server update as well. If they don't then we'll have to wait till 1.7 comes out for another update to the server and everybody knows how much I love to configure the map to work with a new update. I love it. So. God. Dam. Much.

Also I might work on integrating the modpack with Technic Launcher again since SOMEBODY wants that to be a thing again, but I ain't gonna point fingers as to who :3c


File: 1381536100635.png (41.8 KB, 300x300, HAVI6NGATICKLEMATE.png)

Oh shit, I forgot to mention when I'm doing this or how, wue~

Since everyone is in creative right now and I can't just individually change them back to survival unless they're on the server, I'm gonna have to wipe player data's. This mean's anything in your inventories will be deleted and you'll end up back in Spawn when you rejoin the server, so get to hording! The change will happen tomorrow, so woooooo~


Urgh. Hopped on for the first time in ages, and immediately fucked up; wandered into a sandstone building, saw a bunch of chests covered in TNT and, forgetting that redstone-triggering chests are a thing now, opened 'em up, saw them full of pipes and good shit before everything exploded. None of the loot survived bar a ton of obsidian which I placed back in a chest, and I could only patch up half the damage with what rubble was left lying around. Sorry to whoever that was.


I have an idea.

A new modpack, focused on adventure!

We could retool the Vanilla server to a survival modpack. I have one mostly done, too.

Mod list:


>Biomes O' Plenty


>Smart Moving (default to Easy)
>Balkon's Weaponmod


>Twilight Forest


>Thaumcraft 4
>Thaumic Tinkerer
>Tinker's Construct
>Archimedes Ships

>Pretty shit:

>That one furniture mod



Thoughts? Should I add the maybes?
Note that most of the tech mods are on the lighter end of tech mods, and that Archimedes is something completely different.




>Clear out Mods and Config folders before hand (this includes removing v01)

>Now includes Carpenter's Blocks


I keep getting
>Error:Could not create the Java Virtual Machine
>Error: A fatal exception has occured. Program will exit.
Whenever I hit "play" after setting up a profile according to the readme instructions.
Also, the version included is LAB v01.jar, and the readme talks about edition V0.1. Are these the right files?


Nevermind, that's something weird on my end. That error happens whenever I use any of the RAM allocation arguments beside "-Xmx1G".

This is for
When it's back up, right?
>Tinker's Construct
Aww yiss.


Oh right. I forgot to update the version name in the JAR.

It'll be fixed when v0.3 hits.
It'll be on a different port, I think.


File: 1382332543420.png (68.74 KB, 1279x488, ajax.PNG)

Hey guys, AAB is back up. Sorry for the downtime; I revamped the server with a shiny new Linux install, so it's finally off the creaky old 2.6 kernel. Also it has this nifty web admin UI now with auto backups.

Coming soon: LAB server info.


File: 1382335856766.png (846.43 KB, 1280x962, meat boat v1.png)

Speaking of LAB, it's here in V0.3!

>Added Millienare

>This update breaks buildcraft in previous worlds. Either create a new world or break all your buildcraft stuff before updating (had to completely move the block IDs to a new range)
>Updated release name
>Optifine works now

This will be the pack the initial server launch is on.



Checked a few times over the course of today, haven't been able to connect to the AAB server.


I forgot to save my iptables exceptions, AAB is back up.

On top of that, the new LAB server is online at autismblox.no-ip.org:8017

In other news, both servers are now being backed up automatically every two hours, so they're considerably less prone to randomly losing all your work.


I'm going to be making a server directory thread, if you guys could compile a list of IPs for your active servers I'd appreciate it. Considering the OP of this thread is almost a year old I'm assuming it's very outdated, so try to include the most up-to-date links for modpacks as well.


autismblox.no-ip.org:8015: Vanilla
autismblox.no-ip.org:8016: AAB/Seikablox
autismblox.no-ip.org:8017: LAB/Nurgleblox



As of Sunday, the Ender Dragon has been defeated on the vanilla server!

EA and I were considering getting the world remade to let the server upgrade to 1.7, but not before he gets a couple of his projects built up. Hold on to your horseboners.


File: 1383465849103.png (1.27 MB, 1271x948, 2013-10-30_23.42.43.png)

Nurgleblox now has Technic intergration!

Install Technic launcher and add a new modpack, which can be found at http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/lab-mlpg-branch.203670

Changelogs will be there from now on, but I'll post it up when we update.

Note that the world's been destroyed due to a certain mod causing Technic to break. Sorry about that.


On the Nurgleblox server the recipe for a forestry bee scoop gets you a rhubarb seed instead.
I've notice a couple of other NEI recipes that list fire as their result (that don't actually work): one on the first page of uses for a piston and one on the first page of uses for an item frame.


I just lost over a weeks work of progress on Nurgles server after moving from Sekias, after all my shit was blown up by some creative mode user. This has led me to the following:

All servers with mods on them are unstable. Any work done on them can be undone by an error or mistake at any moment. Any update by any of the many dozens of mods on the servers can cause irreversible damage to a map. There are not even backups available for them, because any change in any mod can cause them to be useless. Therefore, it would be in the best interest of players NOT to play on any of the modded servers, and play on the vanilla one instead.

I have been investing time in these servers since the first Tekkit server went up, and time and time again there is always some update that will solve all future problems, but a map wipe had to follow. As it stands now, there is no guarantee by Sekia, Nurgle or Gala that any modded map will stay up, and are subject to any change by said moderator running their server.Gala runs the hardware, and Sekia and Nurgle run their servers, and it's been proven many times that Sekia, and now Nurgle, can't be trusted to keep a consistent map on their servers. Mods are simply too unstable.

Again, DO NOT play on their servers. Don't even play on the vanilla server, not until it's updated to 1.7.2. The MC team for MLPG have failed to save backups and provide a stable environment for playing MC for well over a year now. It would be best to play on LAN, or single player, until such time their find a way to be more stable, if that ever happens.


File: 1383526874426.png (870.6 KB, 1273x952, 2013-11-03_00.45.22.png)

I'll look into a fix for that. Probably just some IDs between Pam's and forestry overlapping, I'll go through the files.

Minecraft is a game made of spaghetti code that runs on java. It is, by its very nature, quite unstable. The only real fix is to play one of the clones that's better coded or wait for Mojang to fix things (1.7 actually did clean up a lot of Notchcode).

I have also offered you a backup of the previous map, and you refused to take it.


If I wanted to play single player, I would have never bothered with your servers. I am stating what I've experienced with the MC team, and people should know what they are getting into before hand.



Sorry you had a bad experience, Sentenal, but mod updates break worlds all the time, even "real" mods that get use beyond this weird little corner of the Internet.

For what it's worth, I do have automated, regular backups running on all servers, and the vanilla server has been using the same world for quite a while. I make world preservation a priority, since I've seen a few people turned off from the whole thing due to a world corruption and rollback early on in Tekkit. With that said, the mod servers are there to have fun and play around with cool mod stuff; the vanilla server is supposed to be more stable, since, barring some catastrophic loss of all backups, the only people who can break the world are at Mojang.

Ultimately, SMP Minecraft puts the multiplayer experience above building for the ages. If you want to play Minecraft without updates breaking your world, or players blowing up your house, or having disagreements with people, the only way to guarantee that is to play single-player and never update.

On a personal note, Sentenal, I'm a bit miffed that you would imply that Nurgle, Seika, and I are so incompetent or lackadaisical that the servers I provide are not worth playing on. How many times have you messaged me about some issue or other that then takes hours of my weekend to resolve? I don't want any players to be alienated or dissatisfied, but it appears that your priorities do not match up with mine, those of the server admins, or those of the majority of the playerbase. I've asked Seika and Nurgle to post here to notify players before any downtime or planned world resets, but beyond that I'm entirely satisfied with the job they are doing. Bear in mind that this is not a commercial hosting outfit. This is a couple of computers I threw together in my living room for my friends on the Internet. If you are not having fun, feel free to find a new server, start your own, or play singleplayer. Otherwise, I'm open to criticism and suggestions, but if you are going to have some kind of episode every time a mod updates, then it may not be worth our time to allow you to continue using services which you find unsatisfactory.

Apologies to everyone for the long-winded rant. I'm hung over and pissed off. I do take pride in my work, even something as dumb as a virtual Lego playset for horsefuckers, and I don't like seeing it implied that I do not.


Tried to connect to Seika earlier today: logged in successfully but the world never loaded properly and after waiting a bit I disconnected and found the server was listed as being down, and has been since. I'm beginning to think that *might* have been my fault.

I had a blaze farm set up where blazes would spawn and get sent through a mystcraft portal to my base where they'd be killed and their drops would be sorted by my AE network.

A day or two ago I had an incident with a creeper that destroyed my ME drive and all the items in it, so I disabled all the mob killing stuff in my base and removed everything that made blazes spawn on the other side.
I remember noticing some blazes coming through after I'd supposedly stopped them from spawning though (I really should have just gone and disabled the portal, but after losing my stuff I'd had enough of the game for the day and just wanted to finish up and go do something else), and if that has kept happening in the time I've been away there could have been a huge pileup of blazes in my unloaded base, which would mean when I logged in the game loaded it and suddenly had to deal with a billion blazes standing on the same block and knocked the server down.

If that is what's happened, sorry, and I hope it's not too hard to fix.


And I forgot to give you any useful information to track the problem down.

Username's Aquain. Don't know the coordinates of my base, but I think I'm situated on the south side of an island southeast of spawn, with a ton of apple trees on it and one Twilight Forest Tree of Transformation toward the middle.
My login point should be next to the theoretical blaze cluster in the underground part of my base.
In the surface part of my base there's a 1 block wide mystcraft portal laying flat in the ground that takes you near where the blazes are being sent from.
My spawn point/bed should be in that surface part of my base, otherwise you can get to the surface part through the portal in the underground part.


Rolled back the AAB server to the last backup point. It seems to have stopped crashing the entire server. Should be functional now.


Would like to be whitelisted, please.




Ouch. Sorry about that.
How often are the backups, anyhow?


Knocked Seika out again, I think: the ender dragon showed up in a Mystcraft world I made, I killed it, and the server went down pretty soon after. Might not have liked spawning victory monument in a place that wasn't the end or something.


Still can't access Seika from my end, in case it's looking like it's up when it's inaccessible again.


File: 1388032449647.jpg (40.76 KB, 384x288, Ah, yes... I was wondering….jpg)

Is it all bad news?


can i please be whitelisted?


Ok, update on stuff.
I checked on the mod servers and they were both a bit glitchy, so I rebooted the whole thing. It looks like AAB (Seika) goes nonresponsive on the web interface, but I can still command the server from SSH so I guess it's ok. I took the opportunity to whitelist anyone who had asked on both servers.

In other news, the vanilla server is down indefinitely and possibly permanently. That server was also my HTPC, and the two uses were constantly fighting for RAM. Since about Thanksgiving I threw some extra graphics cards in it and set it to mining cryptocurrencies (mostly Dogecoin), which has sort of pushed out all other uses. I'll be ordering some new parts to split up roles among more hardware, so I'll be able to watch TV in my living room again, and if there is spare processing power to go around I may bring up another vanilla server.
As far as I can tell, no one was really using this one after Sentenal left, so I don't think I've pulled the rug out from anyone. Do you guys have any input or requests regarding the future of the MLPG Minecraft servers?


If there's interest, I'd love to get a 'modestly modded' server to play on with folks. I've got a small list of mods that I've been playing single player and I'd be delighted to either run or participate in a server using them.

But sadly I don't think that there's much interest these days.

The modlist in question:
Thaumcraft 4
Twilight Forest

Considering adding:
Iron Chests
Mine Little Pony
maybe one more simple/small mod?


RIP minecraft. Sad to see the method of adding mod after mod didn't work out.


At the very least I had a lot of fun on the Tekkit and then Vanilla servers

Unfortunately it was after both were pretty ded ;_;


File: 1389674376976.png (441.67 KB, 1276x949, 2013-11-04_01.51.41.png)

Nurgle here.

If I could get someone hosting, I'd gladly get a modpack working.

I actually have an unreleased Nurgleblox v2 with a number of features added, ability to keep items/progress between world wipes, and ability to add new mods rapidly via IDfix and Technic Launcher.

It'd be rather modded, but the largest mods would be stuff like Thaumcraft, with other stuff just being worldgen, dungeons, crops, and more pretty blocks.

Modlist in progress.


Ok, mod servers should be accessible now.
They suffered a power outage last week and the IP changed; servers showed as up on my end, but the autismblox URL wasn't mapped to the new IP so I had no idea it was inaccessible.

I'll be working with Nurgle and Seika to get their updates uploaded and online.


File: 1390011951389.png (185.32 KB, 1273x946, 2013-11-06_00.41.00.png)



Check the server list for IP.

Currently, we've got a small house to the south, sitting in the shadow of the volcanic Mt. Chance. Avoid the castle, though, it's full of assholes.


How long does the modpack take to install holy shit


servers are dead forever rip


New Minecraft server where

1.7.2 update where

Lodesamods where

Need blox

Whole General involved

Need them


Hey any ETA on new minecraft servers and if we can get the general in on it? Has a strawpoll been done?

Let's get some shit organized:
1. Strawpoll vote in the General. See who would be interested in playing what. Won't matter too much if we can do the 1 survival and 1 creative world solution, but it'd be nice to see who wants to play. More players = more fun (if the server can handle more fun)
2. For both worlds (or just the creative one), we should try and figure out how to build the towns so that everyone can jump right into building their projects. Examples of things we should focus on: street building, street layout, power grid, if we should actually do a sewer this time, how to make an area flatland really quick for easy building, land plot sizes, job titles? (transportation system guy who builds all the roads, a railway builder, the technical builder persons for the power systems, etc)
3. If you know of any design guides/advice videos, that might be a good thing to link up in here. We need to do away with shitty square buildings and make stuff that looks cool. Inspiring links would be useful as I kind of need them myself but don't want to sort through 1,000+ 'my first house' videos on youtube.

We need to get autistic.


Why not just go to EA's server?


File: 1399496187426.png (5.02 KB, 292x66, almost not really professi….PNG)

>two Minecraft threads
>both equally dead

Here's a status report:

I went to update the server around the time Heartbleed happened, and noticed then that my roommate had unplugged the thing.
The takeaway is that the servers are both now up, and have been remarkably stable - it seems Minecraft is easy to keep up when no one actually plays it.

If anyone still cares, I could see if Seika or Nurgle want to update their mods to 1.7.x, or grab an off-the-shelf modpack.

I'm also looking at getting a proper domain for this thing. I had purchased twilig.ht, which I thought was clever, but some Frenchman must have registered at the same time so it went to him and now I have a bunch of prepaid credit on Gandi.net. Does anyone have any horse-related (or not horse-related) domain ideas?



That would have worked, too, but I already set up changelin.gs. I like hipster domain plays, so this was the best I could come up with.

changelin.gs:8016 for AAB/Seika
changelin.gs:8017 for LAB/Nurgle

At some point I'll jury-rig some kind of redirect so that you don't have to type in the port number. Looks like a lot of hacky server script, though.

I just logged into the AAB server and all seems well, except that my client continues to crash. We're gonna have to get these modpacks updated.


I'm alive!

I've been working with some other people to get a new universal modpack running for both servers.

I'll see if Seika can make some pretty pictures of the city.


File: 1399602475872.png (659.29 KB, 1920x1018, 2014-05-08_18.35.55.png)

Is it weird that the day I decided to check on the AAB+ server, you guys are on about upgrading the server?! IT'S SO WEIRD. ALSO PICTURE~!


File: 1399602505397.png (394.71 KB, 1920x1018, 2014-05-08_18.36.11.png)



File: 1399602519341.png (472.4 KB, 1920x1018, 2014-05-08_18.36.28.png)



File: 1399602564341.png (439.08 KB, 1920x1018, 2014-05-08_18.36.20.png)

Need's more shrek


File: 1399602581652.png (361.89 KB, 1920x1018, 2014-05-08_18.36.34.png)

Pretty accurate representation of modern art


File: 1399602634333.png (854.77 KB, 1920x1018, 2014-05-08_18.36.45.png)

And that was the art museum. MORE SOON


>Museum of Modern 'Art'

I like thing.


We were gonna make more some time.

Actually, with shit like Chisel and Carpenter's Blocks existing, we could probably make even fancier shit.


File: 1399605701586.png (154.78 KB, 1920x1018, 2014-05-08_18.42.40.png)



File: 1399605724762.png (617.91 KB, 1920x1018, 2014-05-08_18.43.00.png)



File: 1399605742842.png (650.57 KB, 1920x1018, 2014-05-08_18.43.02.png)





Server went inaccessible for a day or so from my router shitting itself and getting a new IP.
Everything is up and updated, but the changelin.gs DNS entry has not yet propagated to my OpenDNS node so I can't verify that one.
Autismblox should be fine though.


Bumping because we're fucking coming back with updated modpacks


Will the new server have Bibliocraft? I like having library shelves with actual books on them.


For certain. Microblocks, chisel, and Carpenter's Blocks are also planned.

Forge Multipart microblocks are holding it up because it's causing a fatal error every time I launch, but I'm working on it.


File: 1402716309333.png (1.56 MB, 1275x952, 2014-06-13_20.17.21.png)


Creative mode by default. Nurgleblox is still on survival.

For IP and DL, check the server list, which should be updated soon.

Pictured: Spawn.


Can you make it Not Creative and wipe everyone's inventory? I have a feeling that a lot of people would play on here if it was in survival.


is anyone still playing even?


Seika is putting together some unholy abomination that appears to be every Minecraft mod that exists.

We're having trouble getting it to accept outside connections, but it's coming. AAB2 has gone into hibernation in the meantime as this new mod requires all the memory available.


Seika put up a new survival server using a premade pack from Yogscast.

I'm surprised he hasn't made a post here about it. I'll let him post the details.


File: 1408475133664.png (341.68 KB, 1366x706, 2014-08-16_03.29.57.png)

Gentlemen! We've done it! We've put a brony on the moon!


File: 1408475187163.png (212.72 KB, 1366x706, 2014-08-16_03.30.18.png)

This is the location of the first base. It's not complete in this screen, but as of now, we've got a fully functional base on the luna-r surface.


File: 1408475243083.png (161.4 KB, 1366x706, 2014-08-16_03.36.18.png)

A friendly message from one of the locals? Perhaps someone else made it to the moon before us…


File: 1408475300366.png (455.74 KB, 1366x706, 2014-08-16_03.39.44.png)

And a safe return home for our unholy anthro abomination. What other adventures await us on the moon?


File: 1408475389204.png (349.08 KB, 1366x706, 2014-08-16_04.27.46.png)

Our return trip reveals that Squidward was somehow able to have sex with something and produce offspring in the vacuum of space. You go, Squiddie!


File: 1408475524558.png (370.81 KB, 1366x706, 2014-08-16_04.28.45.png)

Even more impressive, they were able to grow trees on the moon. Talk about 'advanced civilization'.


File: 1408475576424.png (269.35 KB, 1366x706, 2014-08-19_01.03.28.png)

Our second legitimate brony astronaut takes launch! See you on the moon, buddy!


File: 1408475594384.png (178.74 KB, 1366x706, 2014-08-19_01.03.36.png)



File: 1408475732781.png (75.08 KB, 1366x706, 2014-08-19_01.03.45.png)

In just a few short seconds, he'll be up there on the moon, enduring all sorts of horrifying night time mobs that have adapted to space travel so they can kill the shit out of us on another world.

This modpack is pretty fucking cool. It has a little bit of everything.

And Nurgle is plotting the world's Armageddon somewhere on the moon. We actually need some help to find him before he nukes the planet into ash.


Creative is offline until someone asks me to turn it back on; leave a message here or zap me on Steam.

Reason: Survival server idles at 1.7 GB of RAM with nobody online. I know that there's a couple chunk loaders, but what the fuck
Creative only idles at 300mb


File: 1408502162375.jpg (184.63 KB, 1920x1018, 2014-08-17_00001.jpg)

Shieetttt, we survival blox and me without an in depth explanation on how to set up so people can hop in.

Okay what you'll need first is the brand spanking new launcher called ATLauncher which you can grab here:


Download for your preferred OS and put it in it's own little folder

Click it and it'll generate files in the folder

If it hasn't loaded up the main menu page after everything is generated, go ahead and click the launcher again so the Main Menu pops up. Once the Main Menu of the Launcher loads up you'll want to go ahead and set up your account on it, so on the right side you'll see a couple gray tabs, go ahead and hit the "Accounts" tab and Add An Account. Put in your Minecraft User Name and Password as usual.

Once that's set hit the "Packs" tab and the very first one should be "Yogcast Complete Pack", since that's the one we're running. In that section go ahead and click "New Instance". A new menu will pop up and you'll want to set the "Version to Install" drop down menu to " (Minecraft 1.6.4)", then hit the "Install" button.

It'll probably ask you to put in you username and password again, so go ahead and do that again. Afterwards a new menu should pop up.

Okay, this is were things get really weird for a bit, so don't fret. What this menu shows are all the mods that come in the modpack, on the left you have the mandatory mods that it'll download that should all be greyed out, so you can't change nothing. Now, on the Right Side you should see a bunch of unchecked boxes. NOW THIS IS IMPORTANT. You'll want to check ALL THE BOXES on the right side EXCEPT FOR 3.

First one should be EiralIRC which is an IRC mod that will constantly bombard your chatbox with the whines and twines of Minecraft kiddies hanging out on an IRC chatroom, and I'm pretty sure no one what's that, so leave that unchecked.

Next is Mapwritter, which is a mod that will automatically draw and save the sever map to your computer as you walk about the world in some weird graphic format, but that's pretty much useless as you'll get an in-game map anyway, so leave that unchecked.

LASTLY, there are two MAP MODS you can choose from, PICK ONE!!
They are Rei's Minimap and Voxel Map (aka Zan's Minimap)
Pick ONE of them or else you'll get HOT GLITCHY MINIMAP ON MINIMAP ACTION.

So in summary, everything on the left is checked and everything on the right is checked EXCEPT FOR 3 THINGS PREVIOUSLY DESCRIBED!

After you're done, just hit "Install"

Now here comes the performance bit

Go to the "Settings" tab and click it, now a few new tabs at the top of the menu should appear, go ahead and click the "Java/Minecraft" tab.

In the "Memory/RAM" section, depending on how much RAM you have on your machine will depend on what value this will be:
-If you're running 4GB of RAM or less, minimum SUGGESTED requirement is to set the drop down menu to "2048MB"

-If you're running 8GB of RAM or more, minimum SUGGESTED requirement is "4096MB"

Of course your mileage may vary, if you're running 4GB of RAM and want to set it to "4096MB" OR LESS, then by all means go for it. Mess around with the values, see what works for you!~

Now this is important:
In the PermGen Size box, set it to 256 OR ELSE YOUR CLIENT WILL ALWAYS CRASH, SO DO THIS!

Once you're done with these settings, hit "Save" and go to the "Instances" tab. You'll see the modpack you downloaded, so go ahead and click "Play" to load up the client


File: 1408502722700.jpg (329.44 KB, 1920x1018, 2014-08-18_00004.jpg)

IT SHOULD BE NOTED that this modpack is HUGE! Biggest thing we've ever tried to run on Galatamon's server, so expect LONG LOADING TIMES on your client, it looks like it's frozen but it's not! It should pop up with a consol when you hit "Play" and it'll start spitting up codes and errors and what not, but as long as those keeping coming up then the game is still loading, so be patient!

Once the game finished, the Minecraft main page will load up and you just enter the server info like normally by going to the "Multiplayer" tab, "Add New Server" and adding the following IP address


Then hit Join Server and you're golden
We got bukkit running so you all have acess to the following commands ingame:

/home bed
/motd <- Do this for server news

Those are the commands I can think of at the top of my head, I'll add more as needed.

OH, also don't forget to update your Java version as many times this solves a lot of Minecraft issues

That's about it, if you have any issues, pm me on Steam or on the mlpg Steam Chat group, I'll holla back don't worry~

For server problems, shout at me (Seika), Galatamon, or even Nurgle or you can try this thread too, although I don't check it often as I should




File: 1410080582829.jpg (328.86 KB, 1920x1018, 2014-09-06_00001.jpg)


I had to remove Dartcraft/Dartpatch because the fairies it was generating all around the map were eating up too much of the CPU's memory, according to a post I dug up, up to 30%. I couldn't simply turn off fairy geneartion because the modder didn't put in that option and once they're in, they're in forever.

However, removing it from the server has created issues with the ATLauncher clients that still have the mod installed, luckly you can just uninstall it on you side by going to you "Instances" tab, go to the modpack verison, and hit "Edit Mods". A new window will pop up with a list of mods on the left side. Scroll down till you find Dartcraft and Dartpatch. Check their boxes and hit "Remove Mod". You're done after that, you should be able to log in normally afterwards without crashing your client. You can also do it manually without ATLauncher by just going into the folder on your computer, but launcher method works just as well.

Next, Mekanism fluid pipes turned out to have issues updating their fluid content whenever their chunks were loaded, so I had to blacklist the pipes to prevent them from being placed.

If you have Mekanism fluidpipes, PLEASE FOR THE SAKE OF THE SERVER REMOVE AND TRASH THEM! I'll hand you some free fluiducts and pneumatic motors in exchange, just give me a heads up on here on ingame.

That's about it, hopefully this will resolve the frequent crashes the server keeps getting. IMAGE RELATED, the red squares are all the chunks with FAIREIS in them, each chunk having about 10 or 15 of them inside, ECH.


File: 1410081070513.jpg (325.32 KB, 1920x1018, 2014-09-07_00002.jpg)



Hey errybody,

The server will be down for anywhere from a couple days to a month as I move out of my apartment. I don't have anything tied down as to a permanent place to live yet, so until I get that and a cable connection set up it's unlikely I'll be able to host anything at home.

I'll post here with any further developments.


UPDATE: I have found a new apartment and am mostly moved in, Internet access and all.

The problem is that this place hasn't been renovated since we nuked Nagasaki so none of the outlets are grounded. I'm gonna try to fix that with my technician skills when I have time, but it might be later in the week.

If there are no developments by next Monday, assume I have been electrocuted and avenge me by DDOSing the Hawaiian Electric Company website.


Yogscast server is up, changelin.gs:8017
I may need to adjust the network configuration in the near future so there may be some downtime here and there.


File: 1435539001041-0.png (1.96 MB, 1920x1018, 2015-06-28_17.46.56.png)

File: 1435539001041-1.png (1.16 MB, 1920x1018, 2015-06-28_17.36.11.png)







last posted serb is out of date

in general, assume everything posted here is out of date


File: 1452303258138-0.png (657.67 KB, 1920x1018, 2016-01-02_21.25.00.png)

File: 1452303258138-1.png (644.97 KB, 1920x1018, 2016-01-02_21.25.07.png)

File: 1452303258138-2.png (565.26 KB, 1920x1018, 2016-01-02_21.25.09.png)

File: 1452303258138-3.png (752.02 KB, 1920x1018, 2016-01-02_21.26.47.png)



File: 1452303542844-0.png (1.08 MB, 1920x1018, 2015-12-17_20.12.43.png)

File: 1452303542844-1.png (542.05 KB, 1920x1018, 2016-01-03_00.25.03.png)

File: 1452303542844-2.png (838.49 KB, 1920x1018, 2015-12-16_21.37.53.png)

More new server shindiganigans


File: 1452931251144.gif (265.91 KB, 550x600, wearesupersandhorse.gif)


1.) Download MultiMC from here https://multimc.org/




3.)Once you got MultiMC downloaded and Java 64 Bit all set up, UNZIP and place the MultiMC folder someplace on your desktop or wherever you keep programs and junk. Inside the MultiMC folder look for the MultiMC executable. It'll do a little pretest to see what version of Java you're using and it'll ask you to select it. Once that's out of the way you'll be brought to the main menu

4.)Top Right - Input your Minecraft Account information!

5.)Top Left - Select New Instance (White Page with a star on its corner)

6.)Name the Modpack and select the Circle that says "Import Modpack (local file or link)"
This is the Link to the Modpack:


Paste that into the bar OR Download it from your PREFERRED INTERNET BROWSER and select the directory leading to the ZIP file using the Ellipsis (the 3 dots …) button.

7.)If all goes well it'll download/unpack/install itself into the MultiMC directory, NO MORE %APPDATA% JUNK.

8.)After that's completed, select the instance (it should have a green Dollar symbol on it that says GOLLER) and on the right click "Instance Settings"

9.)Adjust the amount of Memory you want to give it, should be preset to 4096 MB for both Minimum and Maximum Memory Allocation and it's recommended you set PERMGEN to 512 MB, but whatever works for you is fine
-Side note: You can hit the "Test" button to see if the Java version you selected is working

10.)Once that's done, back out into the main MultiMC menu and hit "Play" on the right, the game will take a while to boot depending on your PC build, on mine it takes about 5 min. to get to the main Minecraft menu.

11.)Once you're at the main menu, hit Multiplayer and add the server to your server list. Here's the IP:




Have Fun!


is this still a thing? currently downloading the modpack.

username is Slowbro_


Yes, mostly active during the weekend

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