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File: 1365343269496.jpg (113.44 KB, 1280x800, Ponykart 2013-04-07 15-48-….jpg)


Uploaded a build of PonyKart mainly to get some feedback on the new drifting mechanism. It's all sorts of buggy and the game will probably crash a lot but you can play around with it.
Multiplayer sort of works but the host needs to portforward whichever port you choose to use, and there's no guarantee that you'll be able to connect - for some it works, for others it doesn't.

Currently the only level it's being optimized for is Whitetail Woods and the only player is Twilight. You can still play as the others but handling will likely be completely off.

To drift, you have to be already turning, then press spacebar while holding the turn key (keys are A, D, left and right arrow). Sometimes you'll have to tap the brake (S) to start drifting. To break the drift just release Spacebar. Eventually these controls will be changed. You can control the angle of your drift by pressing the right and left turn buttons.

To remove the watermark from the screen, open %appdata%/ponykart/options.ini and add
to the end of the file.

For better graphics, set FSAA to 4 and these:

The game will keep crashing and getting weird bugs but as long as you actually get ingame and drive around it's working as well as it gets (if it crashes many times on startup or such, something is wrong).

Preferably don't reupload the build anywhere or spread it around, don't care much but it's better to not have outdated builds floating around.

Other keys:
Shift - use item
F - doubles your speed
G - slow-mo mode
U - throws the kart up in the air
F1-F6 - different camera modes, in F2 (free look) you move the camera with arrow keys and RMB spawns the kart to where you're looking.


Also, to run the game you need:
- Visual C# 2008+
- DirectX9 (or DirectX9 component if you have newer)
- .NET framework 4.0+


>ponykart ISN'T dead
Don't know what feel.

For any future demos and publicity purposes you could just make the other characters into reskins of Twily. As important as gameplay and control are, people care most about being able to play as their favorite characters. When you have acceptable parameters for the different vehicles/characters available, you can start introducing them to the public.


The characters are already playable in the game, and it doesn't take very long to make their karts handle decently, it's just completely pointless since so much needs to be changed still; and also, this upload is not much for the general public. And even though the characters are in, the karts aren't - AJ, Dash and Twi have their karts in the game but Rarity's isn't in yet and Fluttershy and Pinkie don't have their karts modeled.


once the drift is initiated, i think space bar shouldn't be held.

when i try to do donuts, it acts like strafe action not a yaw mechanic.

>derpy's butt , that is all


There's a drift holder mechanism in it so if you start drifting on completely flat terrain you'll keep the drift pretty much forever. Might remove it though, but currently it's pretty hard to drift on WTW even with this.
You won't need to hold spacebar eventually, it's just that there are many other problems that need to be addressed ahead of that.

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