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File: 1369365434630.png (76.08 KB, 504x421, flutterdoc.png)

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Might as well make the thread about it.

PASSWORD: bonbon

24 slots

alltalk, nocrits, no random damage variance, fixed shotgun spreads, rtv, nominate, all that good stuff.

Arena maps and Degroot are only 15 minutes, instead of 30.

Map Rotation: http://db.tt/cjOpIIhN

We also got a few for fun things like !fov, highfive enemy team, and everyone's favorite:


>soiled it

But yeah, post server stuff here if shit goes haywire or you want new maps/saysounds/anything else.
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File: 1373934508469.gif (361.99 KB, 475x489, 1360536058240.gif)

Ookay, today's update has been updated.


I'm willing to give any map a shot, but CTF in tf2 has some serious issues. Turbine is the only ctf map I've played that's managed to work with TF2's horrible CTF mechanics.

I'll add it tonight, but don't expect it to stay in rotation if it's just another 2fort.


shit, i guess you'll just have to miss it.


Remove Arena

Yeah, the problem with CTF is that a lot of the maps are too large. Turbine works well due to its smaller size and minimal claustrophobic sideroutes. I'll have to look fo rsome good customs.


Arena is okay, but reduce the time by half at least. There's no reason to keep an Arena map as long as an objective map.


In terms of size and compexity, the map is comparable to turbine


File: 1374037459563.gif (436.53 KB, 348x489, 1360436297513.gif)


No. Arena stays.

Turbine works because it's very hard to defend the actual Intel room. Turbine is all about the center room, and who has control over it. I haven't gotten the chance to try ctf_system, but it's in the rotation.

Arena has always been half time, it's even in the OP. 15 minutes per map.


should be gud



File: 1374711446870.png (383.16 KB, 1687x1186, 1374190032538.png)

Should be good for today's update.

Also, ctf_system has been removed from rotation.

Also, I'm trying out some different plugins related to map voting, so give me a heads up if shit's broke.



For those who were wondering just what the hell tan was up too



File: 1375756253001.gif (390.05 KB, 800x800, 1357026663072.gif)


we can barely get people to play degroot

In other news, three new saysounds.



They aren't supposed to be balanced or well designed, it's supposed to be fun.


File: 1375835538366.png (332.58 KB, 448x473, nofunallowed.png)


Somebody's gotta be the fun police. I'm trying to run a server that keeps everyone as happy as possible.

>trade map

>pl_goldrush:pokemon edition
>DM map
>2fort: minecraft edition
>pl_babbysfirstmap:pink eyebleed version
>melee map
>cp_canterlot, a gigantic map that's already on the server.

I might end up adding the victory road map, but expect super silly things to be like arena_coreyinthehouse and canterlot. Meaning only admins can change to that map.

Eventually ill get around to separating the mapcycle and nominate lists. That way, silly things can be nominated on, but they won't be in the default map rotation.


File: 1375839983543.gif (1.89 MB, 236x224, 1315634157623.gif)

>keep everyone happy
>1 or 2 people out of 18 (including yourself) might not like a map, so it gets removed entirely
Krabb pls, you take hats too seriously.

Also, from what I see on the new maps,
The first one says it's a control point map in the description. Looks like it could be fun.
Second one looks like a decent payload map. Worth a try?
Deathmatch can be really fun. It's like arena except without all the waiting to play bullshit or stacked teams because of uneven amounts of players. Also great for practice.
You really can't deal with CTF in TF2 at all, can you?
Fuck no on the Simpsons map.
I don't really like Degroot or melee mode, but that map at least looks halfway decent.
And I'm not fond of Canterlot, but some people like it so whatever. I'm surprised you even put it on the server.

You really have to allow people to vote on all the maps. When you're not around, they usually like playing the ones that you don't like.



>can barely get people to play degroot
That shit always wins the votes, the fuck are you smoking

And we still need CTF maps. May as well test more out if you don't want to add doublecross. What about mach4?


Speaking of votes, we need to have it so 1 is "no vote" because those who really don't care are going to press that anyway. Be sure to turn off the "Not enough players voted" option because being stuck on a map forever because people don't care is bad. If they want to stay on the map, have vote 2 be extend map or something. Even if we have twenty people vote 1 and one person votes 4, option 4 should win.


File: 1375926418609.gif (306.49 KB, 300x212, 1374302261672.gif)

Okay, okay.

I hear what ya'll are sayin.

Ive changed over to the naitvevotes mapchooser plugin. this means mapvotes will be handled with F1-F5.

Also, I've enabled runnoff votes. If a map doesn't win the vote by at least 50%, a second vote will happen. If not enough people vote, it should just pick the map with the most votes. 50% might be too much, but it's the default, and I can easily tweak that later. dunno how well this will work out, but I think it's worth a shot.

cp_furnace, pl_outback, cp_mainline, and ctf_chaos are in the rotation and being uploaded right now, so they should be live soon.

SOME is now a saysound.

mach4 is small as shit, but i might add the arena version later. It's way more fun as an arena map.

ctf_chaos is pretty fun. I know i hate ctf, but you're right. There aren't enough in the rotation.


Something fun to try out


It's an ammusing way to completely mess with everyone


File: 1376783007642.jpg (111.71 KB, 487x500, 1329362644933.jpg)

Oh god

how horrifying

just looking at that hurts

I'll upload them tonight


I'm so used to seeing them one way that it messed with my mind. I kept wondering if the dynamics of the map would change or not considering it's just a mirror.


I generally find that good 25% of the game is spent trying to remember left from right


Might I suggest trying this version of turbine?

It plays a little better


I recall that we played pl_borneo at one point before, or I might be confusing it with another map. Either way it just got updated.



File: 1377053434579.png (701.12 KB, 1105x787, 1360424796359.png)

Server updated for today.


both sound good. pro turbine is worth a try, and I didn't know the guy was still updating borneo. Then again, I don't really keep up with map versions.

I'll get them on today or before I sleep. My upload speed is pretty damn awful.


The bill has come, it's $60. If anyone can spare any amount, it would greatly help.



File: 1377656267188.gif (17.57 KB, 228x250, 1342491918146.gif)

Hat update seems to have fucked linux based servers, or at least the ones our hosts are using.

Hopefully they will get their shit together soon.



File: 1377740072829.gif (945.02 KB, 1920x1080, 1347118397925.gif)


we should be back in business.



Saysound you want but know will never happen? Try this. I look forward to seeing what nonsense will spam my ears if everyone starts doing this.


File: 1378258237829.png (27.02 KB, 537x445, spock.png)

Updated for today


File: 1378261035219.gif (1.22 MB, 351x368, 1336337041002.gif)

Scratch that, shit's broke and wont update properly

i'll make post when shit's not broke


File: 1378263020125.gif (717.62 KB, 431x351, 1335058417532.gif)


NOW, were good.


Server is still broken. Two people with the same IP can't connect at the same time. Just on yours though, I tried it out on others and it worked.


Okay, server up to date and saysounds are no longer broken.

That's an odd problem, how long have you been unable to have two accounts play from the same IP?


shud b gud


File: 1379379905364.png (44.68 KB, 205x254, 1360478789004.png)

>sticky jumper gimped

reese's pieces

updated for today




alright, should be good for today

also, test



if you ever want to punish everyone, trainsawlaser just got an update

still just as shitty.


I keep finding metal boxes how do I get the things inside of them?


should be good for today.

you can pay money to buy a key to open crates

opening them will give you a "strange" version of a weapon you probably already have, or a pointless cosmetic item.

there's also a 1/100 chance of getting a pointless cosmetic item that sparkles or some shit.

save your money, delete normal crates, sell salvaged ones.


File: 1380802453934.gif (1.66 MB, 400x363, 1337600117350.gif)

somehow it makes me legitimately sad when people delete items


File: 1380954116661.png (739.92 KB, 1400x1200, running_out_of_rockets_by_….png)



found some wah sound files for you

download links in the description


Consider adding some of these maps


Links are in the description


Those maps are not made for play at all

they were made just to look pretty.


a serious map to consider. Actually pretty fun

A silly map to have nonsense on


File: 1381455825876.jpg (245.64 KB, 1024x640, spiderman driving his rain….jpg)


There will be a bit of change of hands when it comes the the server.

the IP will change, and shit will be all covered by me, rather than a joint with Sent.

Probably wont have a server for a few days, but it will be back up soon.


File: 1382147897703.gif (271.1 KB, 576x720, where do you blink we are.gif)

The new server has been purchased and is pending install (might take anywhere from a few hours to a day till I'm able to mess with it.). Once it's up it will take me a bit to get everything back how it was, but I'll try to make it playable as soon as possible.

ALSO, I had a couple people wanting to throw money at me to keep the new server running.

I'd like to stress that you absolutely do not need to pay me jack shit.

But if you wanted to, here it is.




okay move it on here

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