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woah what the shit

this is some revolutionary technology here
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Have memes gone too far?

Kek guide me.
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CURRENT LIST OF ACTIVE /mlpol/ BOARDS Sticky This Please (You) United States 2 minutes ago No.208[Watch Thread]

Alright, this is starting to get out of hand, so I have compiled a list of all the /mlpol/ boards that I am aware of and am posting this thread. I am going to post this exact same thread on every board on this list in hopes that we can actively maintain a list of boards.

Whoever owns this board, if you could please sticky this at the top I think it would help everyone. Ideally every /mlpol/ board should have a list of all active boards stickied at the top until we figure out where our main board is going to be.

If you know of any others please post them in this thread.

>Current list of all boards (including this one):





We need to keep ourselves organized, we are getting spread too far apart.
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>tfw you'll get drafted in the coming wars again Iran, Syria, Russia, North Korea, and China because of that orange cheeto
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Pony nazi memes

I've got a couple
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I am a bit conflicted

Where do we stay, eventually?

here, mlpol.net ,8chan, endchan?

I am for staying in here or going to mlpol.net, as two of those feel most comfy.
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Thanks for bringing this back. Even if it's smaller than it once was it's still great.
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i hate niggers lol
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/mlpol/ diaspora

This board is beautiful, but the center of gravity seems to have moved to the mlpol.net board
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Ok, someone start a straw poll and sort this shit out. We can't afford to spread ourselves out so much. I only have my phone right now so I cant do much, but I think we currently have an 8chan, endchan, and custom website board, as well as /qa/. Personally, I like the custom website, but I'll go anywhere where there are the most people.
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How can Jeb still win?
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Welcom to /mlpol/!

Settle in and get comfy because it may be a long ride. This is a red board and GR2 does not apply here, please chick out https://mlpg.co/rules/ to check out how to use some of the features offered here. The options menu is in the top right hand corner and has some things you may find useful.