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Last time on HolyQuest Autumn had arrived from his leave of absence only to beset us with another hiatus. The HQ crew strung out of their crack ships have taken their last resort to defeat a monday without a game. FEMTO Presents Holy Kyusetsu!! Uchikeshi no Rapyuchitsu ga Koko ni!

This quest is intended to burn the time away while we wait for the current hiatus to be over and we can move on with the main plot of the 3rd act of HolyQuest. Players will be allowed to remake their character sheets and replay old characters or multiple characters at the DM's discretion. Please make your character appropriate to a highschool setting.

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"It wasn't STUPID!" Amy says, defending the teacher. "It was just… kinda…" she puts a hoof-paw to her chin to think of the right word. "Pointless?"

She nods in satisfaction at the word choice. "But, Coach is always doing stuff like that, it's kinda cute," she says with a giggle.


Then, Amy notices Pryce for the first time today.

"Ooooh! Speaking of cuuuute," Amy says with a big grin on her face. She hops over to Pryce and leans against him like a dog looking for attention.

"Hiiii, Pryyyyce! I haven't seen you aaaall summer," she says in the flirtiest tone she can muster. "I missed you!"


"Oh, hey Amy!" Pryce says with a smile as she hops over to him.
"Yea, this summer was a little busy. How was yours?"


Gabriele gasps in an exaggerated fashion, "W-why I said no such thing, Punishment! Just that, it's rather… distracting."

"Well, 'pointless' might be a tad too harsh for our," she chuckles, "ESTEEMED physical education instructor, hehehe…" she chuckles, "But, as traditional as it is for Mr. Buiwong to put on such a spectacle, as this year's DULY ELECTED Student Council Disciplinary Committee chair, I do feel it is my responsibility to perhaps, point out such grievances." She says, trying to seem as political as possible to both sides.



For the briefest of moments, Amy deadpans at the complete lack of affection in Pryce's response. But, then her bubbly smile returns and she doubles down.

"Ooooh, busy?" she asks in an interested tone. "What were you doing? I hope it didn't involve any summer romance that didn't include me!"


You see the pale of terror screen over Shei's face as he takes the first moment of distraction to flee your talons.

"That will be fine Mister Etac. The fog is pleasantly dramatic."

"We're getting there, but first I need to make class introductions and show you to your changing rooms."

You hear Mocha voice out her concerns "It was pretty bold Buiwong! Can you save the routines for the games." A quasi gothic lolita dressed spider-mare complains.

"Little spider I won't have to put in that much effort for another year. And I don't remember us being on a first name basis young lady." Buiwong chides Mocha

"Sorry.." He apologizes, crestfalen.


"Alright, alright settle down class. Now for the most part people have treated my class as a goof off class. Well I'm here to tell you that if you are going to goof of that is your prerogative. The world needs underarchievers like you so that it's over achievers can have someone to achieve over. It's like the food chain. There is a bottom of the food chain. Like mycelium. You see a lot of you are like mushrooms dangling at the jungle floor and the then king of the jungle comes around and digs you up to cover his poop. If that is your destiny in life I'm not here to fault you for it. I'm here to manage the baseball team -Go Ecclessia!- and provide a sort of cushion between classes for the teachers. That means if you prefer to walk the bleachers instead of doing laps or hitting the weights you will be awarded the same grade as the people who actually try in life. Do I have any questions before we move on?"



"As much as I hate to agree with the mutt," Punish says, gesturing at Amy's pathetic attempt at flirting. "She's right. It was pretty pointless. Which I would call stupid."


"Way ahead of you," Punish says as Buiwong talks about changing rooms. She gestures down to her wearing her P.E. uniform from last year which she brought with her specifically so she could get changed before everyone else.


"I say we let the underachievers try harder. Just creates better competition," Punish disagrees with Buiwong's world view.



Amy ignores everything else as she devotes the entirety of her attention to Pryce, staring at him longingly. While right next to him.


Pryce chuckles a little as Amy hopes he didn't have a fling.
"Went to a summer camp for acting, even picked up a little singing too. My little brother picked up skateboarding too, so that's been a time and a half helping out."

"I… alright."
Pryce says, accepting the fog as staying.

As Buiwong gives his speech of under and overachievers, Pryce can't help but frown at the usual presentation.
"We really shouldn't encourage underachieving. Everypony should reach out for their full potential."

Pryce looks to the side, seeing Amy's focus entirely on him.
"Come on Amy, this is class time, you should at least pay a little attention during that."



"Summer camp!?" Amy says, sounding genuinely concerned. "But, that's where all the best summer flings happen!"

"Pryce, don't tell me-" she starts before Pryce cuts her off by telling her to focus on class.

"F-fine!" she says in a huff. "I see how it is! I'll just have to try harder to beat her - whoever she is!"


"W-Wait, there isn't anypony else!" Pryce says in his defense as Amy gets upset.


Gabriele decides to overlook Shei's terrified expression, but keeps a steady eye on the goat as she directs herself to her seat in preperation for Buiwong's speech. As it proves to be a long and… somewhat demoralizing affair over the state of the student body being mushrooms for the kings of the jungle to feast on. As it comes to an end, Gabriele raises her talon.

"Ah… just for clarification, sir… you're saying if we DON'T participate in activities, we still receive a passing grade in the class?"

As Amy flirts with Pryce, Gabriele can't help but roll her eyes and whisper to Punish, "My gods, what is her deal? Does she know the Colt Scout?"


Buiwong's glower shines on you with discontent like how the sun shines in the Sahara "That's gross. We got new uniforms for everyone. Wearing your old uniform is not an option."

"Then you two can explain that to the ponies that are going to walk the bleachers. I don't know why you're telling me."

Buiwong blows his whistle as he points to you, the griffon raising her hand. He answers "That is correct. P.E. is an almost completely leisurely class, we have activities but as long as your aren't disruptive or go missing feel free to use that time however you like."

"Follow me class." Buiwong leads you all into the boys changing room. He's just showing you around don't worry.
"These are the boys' locker rooms, the Girl's are on the other side of the room. You'll be claiming your locker tomorrow. Now Vortigern is in charge of the ladies P.E. but she's busy with other things today so I have teach coed style for now. But usually you'll be segregated by gender."

Buiwong points you into a dark office space within the same changing rooms "This is my office, I'm almost never in here because the changing smells like sweat. So for the most part I use it as storage."
You see the office is filled with boxes, nick nacks, you think that might be a sleeping mat underneath the desk. And in one spot in the room a pile of folded P.E. clothes.

"I don't have list. You can all go ahead and take a any P.E. uniform, that's fine. Boys change here, Girls will go to their respective changing room and change there. Then everyone report back to the Gym Court. We're playing dodgeball today!" Buiwong blows his whistle signaling everyone get into gear and follow directions.



"Gods, your head really couldn't get any further up your own ass, could it?" Punish scolds Gabby for not knowing her own constituents.

"That's Amy, a cheerleader. That slut of a mutt has 'dated' like half the baseball team. And, Pryce is one of the star players. So, naturally, her predatory instincts kick in around him. It's disgusting," she says loudly enough for Amy to hear.


When Buiwong tells Punish that she can't wear her old uniform, Punish practically deflates. There goes her clever idea.

When they are told to grab a uniform and go change, she quickly grabs one and heads to the girls' locker room as fast as she can.


"Oh… well then!" Gabriele says happily as she takes out her bag, not even bothering to make her way to the girl's locker room as she starts looking over some of her homework she got from her earlier classes. "I could get an early start on all this nonsense, then." She happily starts writing down with a pencil and paper without going to the girl's locker room first to get changed, not anticipating if Vortigern would take any issue of the girls not even getting into uniform for the class.

"Well, EXCUSE me for not knowing the name of every jock, nerdling, and diva in the school!" She bites back, pointing her talon, "You know, I bet if I did the minimal amount of digging, I could find something you should probably be in after-school correction for."

As she explains who Amy is, she turns to look towards the wolf pony, rubbing her beak. "Still, all that said, I am surprised I missed her. Cheerleaders and athletes at least are worth getting to know, lots of pull with the student body. Though, she's a rather promiscuous little thing, isn't she? HALF the baseball team you say."



When Punish calls Amy gross, Amy sticks her tongue out in Punish's direction.


"Oh, Pryce, I knew you cared!" Amy says lovingly as she nuzzles her fluffy cheek into Pryce's neck.


Upon being shown the boy's locker room, Amy can't help but have a mischievous look on her face. When Buiwong mentions it smells like sweat, Amy says, "Yeah it does," like Buiwong meant it in a good way.

She subtly stays in the back of the line to be one of the last to get a uniform. And, when she does finally take one, she sneaks away to a dark corner of the locker room to spy on the boys while they change.

>Transparency: passive; Crystal coats are known for attracting attention making sneaking and hiding more risky for your kind. Few crystal ponies however, don’t shine as bright or stand out all that much. Blending into the scenery better even thanks to their see-through form. When wearing minimal armor (jewelry, trinkets and minor accessories are fine) you gain a passive DC-1 to stealth and hide rolls.

>stealth roll [1d10] DC-1

Roll #1 5 = 5


Pryce follows along as they're giving a tour to the changing rooms and Mr. Buiwong's office. When he announces that the game of the day is dodgeball, Pryce can't help but get a little excited. It was always a fun game.

He picks out a uniform of his size from the folded pile, making sure not to leave it a mess after, and finds a spot in the changing room to change after all the girls have left to go to their room.


Pryce's face takes a small tint of red, taking a back step after Amy nuzzles up to him.
"A-Amy, c-could you not do that in public, please," He stammers back in response.



"Fine," Amy says before getting closer to whisper. "We'll save it for private," she whispers with a wink.

Then, they part ways.



"Honestly, the less we talk about Amy, the better," Punish says, sounding like it's a sore subject.


"You do any digging up on me, and I'll show YOU some Punishment," Punish says as she punches her hooves together threateningly.

Then, when Gabby shows absolutely 0 interest in P.E., Punish gives her a derisive look. "Really? Not going to mingle with your people in a rousing team-building activity? It would do good for your image?" Punish says alluringly.


You file into the locker before anyone else can get a chance to beat you there. You arrive to empty rows of lockers and small benches. There is an office in here too, the changing room completely mirrors the boy's changing room.

You think you're alone here until you hear a high pitched "Eeep!!" You see a short horned demon Pony doing her best to drape a shirt over hereself. She has burn scars from her face to here body. "What are you doing here!"

Mocha, the only goth girl dryder in this school joins you in the bleachers setting her books down beside you "Did you under the math homework?"

You hide yourself into a locker, with only barely enough time to go unnoticed. Through the slits in the locker you can clearly see the boys changing.

You see that Shei and Gadriel are preparing to change just ahead of you. And other than a few other ponies whose names you don't know you see Fox among them, and he doesn't seem too happy about sharing space with them.

As he picks a locker to store his stuff he very obviously brushes againsst Shei shoving him against a metal locker.
Gadriel voices out concern "At least say something."

Fox "I have nothing to say to you runts."

Pryce busies himself changing. He noticed some rough housing going on in Shei and Gadriel's corner.


Pryce, mid change, turns his head towards the sounds of rough housing.
"Come on, save it for the game you guys."
He calls over to the group.



"Trying to get changed," Punish grumbles at the demon pony. She tries to office door to see if it's unlocked.


Fox turns head to Pryce "These freshmen threw me in a locker! For two periods!"
"And you touched our rumps! So you're a queer and a pushover!" Gadriel retors.

Fox ignites "If you cannot appreciate my mercy, you'll enjoy my wrath!" and wrestles Gadriel down with four of his tails and two of his arms as the metallic Chimera struggles.

"Hold him there! Gadds!" Shei twists a towel, ready for retaliation he delivers a whip to Fox's hinny
[1d10] for towel whipping

She stands up, without looking at you she stammers "Sorry!" And runs out of the changing room. It's your guess she is probably going to change in the ladies bathroom.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Neither of those is reasons to get into a brawl in the locker room. You can report that proper after," Pryce says to diffuse the situation, until Fox jumps on Gadriel.
"Hey, hey!" Pryce shouts, marching over shirtless to their brawl to split it up.
"Alright that's enough! Break it up!"
Pryce says, pushing Fox off Gadriel and putting himself between the three of them.
>Push Apart [1d10]

Roll #1 6 = 6


[1d10+2] resist

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10



At first, Amy is frustrated that the eye candy she gets is Shei and Gadriel. But, when Fox shows up, she accepts this eye candy gladly. She was wondering how he would look in his underwear. And, she is satisfied with what she is seeing.

Then, she hears Pryce's voice and gets excited. She squirms around in the locker trying to find Pryce.


Then, he marches into view. Amy bites her lip as she happily watches this display. It's all she can do to stop herself from giggling with excitement.



"Nice," Punish says as she quickly takes the spot and gets changed before anyone else shows up.


Then, she heads back out to the gym where the pathetic bunch who won't even partake are already waiting.


Gabriele smirks as she comments on Amy again. "You two don't have history, do you? Perhaps… she found her way towards someone YOU might have had interest in…?"

As she threateningly stamps her hooves together, Gabriele throws up her talons mockingly. "Oh, so scary! Well, forgive me for prying… just remember, I've got my EYE on you." She says, pointing to said eye.

As she comments on how she's missing out on an opportunity to mingle with 'her' people, Gabriele looks at her with a shocked / distressed image. "What…?! But. but… my homework… and… the sweat? I could miss all of it!" She shouts back, before contemplating what she says as she sees several of the other girls starting to head towards the lockers.

Acknowledging she might have a point, begrudgingly, Gabriele waits until Punish makes her way to the locker room, and then looks towards Mocha herself. "Not a bit… you plan to skip this period too?"



As Gabriele comments on Punish's history with Amy, Punish just glares at her for a second.


When Punish arrives from the locker room, she spots Gabby, still not changed/changing. "Pathetic…" she says with a goading smirk.


As Punish comes back from the lockers, Gabriele still in her normal clothes, the griffon sticks her beak up. "Hmph. Well, I'm sure they'd understand why I cannot join them in the festivities. I'm on the Student Council, after all! I have responsibilities, obligations, extra work to be done for all THEIR benefit! In addition to my own homework I have to handle," she says, laying out her complicated math homework, "I have a good reason why I shouldn't - can't! - participate in P.E. with them."

She shivers, "As 'enticing' as the idea of getting all sweaty and worked up sounds."


The crowd of boys hear rumbling in an adjacent knocker but probably pay no mind to it amid the excitement.

Fox partitions the four of his tails to hold Pryce as he gets involved and Fox continues trying to suplex Gadriel, but the kid is making it difficult.

The grappling fails to break up but there is a stall in effort made in the next minute. Two shadows leer over you two. When turn to see who it is you find Gengenschein standing cross armed and stark naked and Living saint Zoantharia with nothing but a towel covering his lap.

"Ho- Ho! What do we have here. 3 on 1 doesn't seem like a very fair fight." Gengenschein's voice dominates the scene though he doesn't try too.

Him and Living Saint Zoantharia are licked with beads of water dripping along their musculature. They look as if they've gotten back from a fresh shower. Zoantharia speaks up "We were just throw some hot coals into a bucket but now are steam has been interrupted. Fox couldn't you take care of these 3 quietly? You couldn't possibly need help?"

Fox gulps nervously, understanding that in close quarters like this he'd get hurt from friendly fire.

"I think he does Zo?" Gengenschein threatens plainly.

You do just that except as you're about to head out a crowd of girls barrage you as they fill into the changing room all at once. In no time the room is filled with the scent of hair spray, the sound of hens chatting, squeeling running amok naked, and somehow the room just gets humid.

"If Buiwong lets me. I would much rather get home without anymore homework to do but Buiwong has always given me special treatment."



Punish shrugs. "Whatever. Not even sure why I'm talking to you, anyway."

She then proceeds to start doing some stretches.



Punish shudders just by being touched by them, let alone the mess they make in the locker room. She gets out as fast as possible.


typo correction:
>"We were just throw some hot coals into a bucket but now are steam has been interrupted. Fox couldn't you take care of these 3 quietly? You couldn't possibly need help?"

"We were just throwing some hot coals into a bucket but now our steam has been interrupted. Fox couldn't you take care of these 3 quietly? You couldn't possibly need help?"



Amy practically starts drooling when Gegenschein and Zoantharia come into full view. VERY full view in the case of Gegenschein.

Oh, no, wait. She IS literally drooling. She can't help it. She can't look away. This idea has worked out better than she ever could have hoped.


"Well, that makes TWO of us." Gabriele snaps back, looking back down to her homework in frustration as she rattles her brain over the formulas.

"Special treatment?" Gabriele asks curiously. "Did he give you this deal for P.E. last year, or something like that? Let you pass the class while doing nothing?"


Pryce struggles against the tails, caught by surprise with how serious Fox is taking it. When Gengenschein and Zoantharia enter, Pryce looks over to them.
"This isn't a 3 v 1 fight. I was stopping these two from fighting," Pryce says, gesturing to Fox and Gadriel.


She giggles charmingly for a goth girl "No, the opposite. He doesn't like me slacking off. Not one bit."

"Ecclessia" Shei curses from underneath a bench in the crowded locker row.

"Ah, hello there Shei." Gengenschein greets him amicably before addressing Pryce "I'm sorry about that dear boy. Gotta protect you're own you know how it is." He tells Fox "Fox. Save this for a sporting round of dodgeball. You're disrupting the sanctity of the locker room."

Fox "Y-yes Gengenschein." He lets go of his graps and the three of you all him to take his leave after the engagement is dispelled.

After changing you all find your way to the Gym court where Buiwong makes gingerly conversation while waiting for his students. Behind him are two cages full of rubber dodgeballs.

You hear the sound of a whistle blowing, calling you all forward "Form up!"

The students arrive group up together, you get the feeling teams for dodgeball are going to be called.

The activity in the locker room disintegrates, until finally the lights go off. You're all alone in a locker.


"Yea, in a way," Pryce responds to Gengenschein's 'protect your own' comment. After they're released and freed, Pryce looks to Shei and Gadriel after the others leave.
"You locked him in a closet for two periods? Regardless of what he did that's not something you do to a fellow student," He mildly scolds, hoping to steer them right and giving them a break for now.

Afterwards, Pryce goes to put on the rest of his uniform and heads out as they line up for dodgeball. He ponders what the teams will end up being.



Amy enjoys the show as long as it lasts. At one point in particular as she stares at Gegenschein's glory, she finds her hoof-paw slowly drifting down her body. Then, she stops herself. She might be depraved, but she isn't THAT depraved! She has SOME self-control!

She waits for everyone to file out of the locker room before she makes her safe escape, seemlessly sneaking into the crowd.


Whereupon she proceeds to stand next to Pryce again. She gives him a sideways glance and a grin that goes unexplained.



Punish stands in the line with a silent grin, excited to kick some dodgeball ass.


"He doesn't?" Gabriele asks again, now definitely perplexed. "Well then, why are you sitting on the bleachers with me instead? Won't he be upset?"

Gabriele continues to sit on the sidelines as the others line up for dodgeball, fully intent on taking Buiwong's offer to sit things out and still be given a passing grade and enjoying the idea of watching the rest of the class beat each other with dodgeballs.

She DOES take a bit of Punish's advice to heart though, and tries to show a little 'team spirit' while she's at it. "Come on girls, knock those boys' blocks off! Woooo!" She says with a little half-hearted 'woo' at the end, waving to the team as she quickly turns her attention back to her homework.



"Knock them OFF?" Amy responds with a giggle. "That's not how you flirt, Gabby!"


Pryce glances to Amy, and just takes this as standard Amy actions.


"Oh for the love of…" Gabriele groans as she reaches over her eyes.

"I'm SAYING - throw the balls at their heads really hard, is that more clear?"



"Well duuuuuh! That's how the game works!"



Punish can't help but chuckle at Gabby's struggle.


"Well, yes, I am AWARE of that, Amy…" Gabriele shouts, scratching her head, "I'm just, trying to encourage you to do it better than normal!"


The boys offer a downcast expression as you scold them "Yeah we know." Shei says "Amy already gave us a proper telling about that."

Mocha is about respond but before she can she's interrupted by the whistle. Buiwong yells after her "Mocha off the bleachers you're captaining the north team."

"But- b- Coach!" She voices her displeasure.

"Don't give me that-" Buiwong chastises her "No grand-daughter of mine is going to be a mushroom." He blows his whistle twice "Now don't make me ask again."

Mocha accepts her responsibility and takes the stairs off the bleachers "It was nice talking to you Gabriele. We should study group together for math some time."

"You" Buiwong points to Punish "You have the three qualities dodgeball necessitates in a team leader. Spunk, attitude, and sass. And you have all three. You're the south side team leader.

The whistle blows "Team Leaders! Pick your teamplayers." And Buiwong blows the whistle some more.




"Oooooh!" Amy says, finally understanding. "I can see why you're not a cheerleader," she says with a giggle.

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