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Last time on HolyQuest Autumn had arrived from his leave of absence only to beset us with another hiatus. The HQ crew strung out of their crack ships have taken their last resort to defeat a monday without a game. FEMTO Presents Holy Kyusetsu!! Uchikeshi no Rapyuchitsu ga Koko ni!

This quest is intended to burn the time away while we wait for the current hiatus to be over and we can move on with the main plot of the 3rd act of HolyQuest. Players will be allowed to remake their character sheets and replay old characters or multiple characters at the DM's discretion. Please make your character appropriate to a highschool setting.

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"I also don't see why we have a time limit."


"Alone!? -You want to do it alone but what about the Hal-" Shei-Sher is cut off again as Metatron repeats himself over the intercom ***"Shei-Sher please see me in the principle's office. Today."***

Shei-Sher grimaces as he slings his backpack over his shoulder "We'll talk about this in chemistry class." Shei-Sher says before being on his way out the clubroom door.

"eeerrmm- Maybe you should just stay in class Gabriele." Shei says, a bit nervous at Gabriele somehow threatening and at the same time non-committal tone.

"Okay two is good! We'll talk more later. In chemistry class!" Shei says, in a hurry as he skips in place before rushing out the door, yet he is stopped for a brief moment as Observer calls out to him.

Observer throws him a tube of something. Shei-Sher only needs a brief look at it to see its a tube of lube "Ughck! Guys- No! That's gross." He slams the door behind him, tossing the tube of lube out. Gadriel and Observer give geeky laughs as they highfive.

Just as Pryce finishes his sentence Hexapod comes in through the door Shei just exited. He's the poison antlered deer who spoke with Pryce about his request to help him chaperone for the scouts "What's this about skipping class? Hay you aren't causing trouble on camping trip week are you?"



Flaming shrugs, "Eh, I mean if you skipped class before it doesn't seem like it's such a big deal."

"The Library's gonna be closed after school! So it's either skipping class, or breaking in. Which do you think is better?"

Flaming looks at Gabriele like she's a literal stick in the literal mud, scrunching up her snout before an idea pops in

"Oh! In that case, you should totally come with us! It could be like, we're on official business or whatever."

"The Hal… what?" Shorthorns is all able to get out before the imposing voice of the Metatron beckons Shei forth, watching him leave in a hurry to make it to the Principal's office.

She looks to the others, shrugging. "Well, if Amy's going, I'm definitely going! My next class wasn't anything exciting anyhow."


"F-Flaming?" Hexapod, this deer with the poison cloud hanging over his head asks "We were in scouts together. I was looking for you." He says hoping you'll remember him.


"Don't worry, we're not," Pryce says as Hexapod enters, clearing the air on that topic.

"I… Hmm," Pryce pauses, thinking on the subject. "Skipping would be better between the two, I suppose."


"Yes, I absolutely agree, Pryce." Gabriele nods in agreement, "Skipping class WOULD look bad after going to the Principal's office, we're on thin ice as it is."

However, as Shorthorns presents her proposal to have their going out in the hallways appear 'official' with her escorting them, Gabriele rubs her beak in contemplation. "Hmmph… I'm not sure… one might ask why I have so many with me, and as I said I'm already under suspicion."

She snaps a talon, "AH! Unless I said I was escorting you all to detention, perhaps? As recompense for the cafeteria incident?"



Amy scrunches her face at the weird, esoteric lube joke. She doesn't actually ask what that's about.


Amy shrugs. "I just don't really mind getting in trouble."



"If we weren't actually given detention, that still looks suspicious," Punish points out.


After hearing Gabriele Hexapod doesn't look too convinced as he chuckles nervously "aaaannyyy waaaaay. -uh Flaming. Did Pryce tell you about the scouts camping trip?

Just as Hexapod finishes his sentence the school bell rings, sounding that lunch time is over (did you guys even get something to eat?)

"Aah- well ain't that just the shortstick of it." Hexapod curses "Well maybe we can have a walk and talk. 'n I tell you all about the trip on the way to class." Hexapod mentions to Flaming.

Flaming, Punish, and Amy have Chemistry class!

Gabriele and Pryce have Dance/Drama class!

Don't be late! They hate that!


"It's simply a good excuse should anyone come across us in the halls. And, if anyone does wish to follow up, I'll simply state that there was a change and you were let off with a warning due to… something, or other, I-I'm certain I can come up with some excuse. It's happened before."

She looks to Pryce, whom she knows she's sharing a class with next.

"Well, Pryce, what do you think? I fear what these hooligans may get up to without proper supervision."


"That does make for a good cover…" Pryce comments on Gabriele posing as a detention escort.

He looks back to Flaming at Gabby's question. "Do you need to stay in the library for this, or can you just rent out the book or whatever you need?"

"Oh, right. I started to talk about that before all the chaos happened," Pryce starts to answer before the bell rings.
"…Oh, forgot to keep track of time. Didn't even get any lunch through all of this."


"Then neither do I!" Flaming shouts enthusiastically. "Especially when the whole school might be at stake!"

Shorthorn's train of thought is interrupted after Hexapod enters the room, whom she does in fact remember from scouts. "Oh hey, Hexapod! Long time no see, I don't think I caught you in class yet!"

As he asks about the scouts camping trip, Flaming's eyes light up with excitement, "A camping trip?! No, I hadn't heard about anything like that yet, when-"

She pauses, her excitement on the verge of overtaking her. "Um, could we talk about this later Hexapod? We're kind of in the middle of something right now, but I want in on that! A billion percent!"



Punish heads to class, keeping the contents of her pocket on her mind at all times.

"Still feels like a silly excuse," Punish says as they walk to class. "Just let them skip. If they get in trouble, its their own problem."



"So, if we're skipping, then what are we doing? We need to get something from the library?"


>*Correction to this dialogue
"Oh, yeah! Pryce DID mention something about that a while ago, the forest rangers needed help with a campout? I was saying I'd love to do it, I haven't been on a good camping trip in a while."

"Can we talk about it later though, Hexapod? We're kind of in the middle of something right now."

"I'll just skip class! You two don't have to put your feathers on the line or nothing," she says to Gabriele and Punish.

She nods at Amy, "Yeah, Shei said he needed a 'cipher'. I don't know exactly what that is but if we ask about it it can't be too hard to find, right? Let's do it!"


"I think Shei said he needed it, so we'll just need to pull it out of the library. I certainly wouldn't know how to use it, I barely know what it even is."


Gabriele looks to Punish, tapping her beak in contemplation. "You recall, the reason we're going along with this at all - or at least I am - is the remote possibility they're right and Vizsla IS plotting something, which would exonerate us entirely from our punishment? If they get themselves caught, our hopes of that happening seem to go bye bye, don't you think?"


*Name Fix


"That' makes it a lot simpler then. You can quickly pop in to rent out the book then get back to class."



"Exonerated from what?" Punish shrugs. "As far as I'm concerned, this whole incident is over. I'm not in this to redeem anything. I just want to make Metatron and Viszla feel bad."


"Oh- yeah, sure thing -I get it. We have all week then to get to the details. I'll be sure to catch you up on it when we both got the time." Hexapod says as he gets ready to leave as soon as he arrived, he sighs "Took long eating lunch. Only had a few minutes to visit the club. I'll be seeing you now." And he leaves out the door.

You hear the pitter patter of hoof traffic just outside the clubroom door and into the school courtyard. There is only a 5 minute window to get to class between bells.

When you decide to you make your way over to drama class where Hope remains seated at the auditorium stage, his eyes trained on the students entering as if he were scrutinizing each one of you. He waits for everyone to find their seats before says before saying "Are you comfortable? Hmph- that's bad. This class is about breaking our comfort zone. Come up on stage all of you. We're doing warm-ups and then the Act. He particularly glares at Pryce with expectation "I hope you brought your red shoes Bowie."

You spent quite a bit of time talking, in the club room, meaning you had to run out the courtyard and fit yourself through the stampede of almost late students running through the halls. But you with a shoulder brush and maybe a head butt you get past the rush.

Entering Chemistry class you see your Teacher Deriva seated at the front of the class engrossed in her Blackberry phone. In marker, on the white board are the words "Happy Acid day!" And a list of materials you should prepare for making acid in class today.

Seated at your table are Observer and Galton. Gadriel is seated away at another table, but he is also in the classroom. Shei-Sher hasn't arrived in class yet, but he should be here sooner or later.


Pryce, Gabriele, Make 2 rolls for warming up during the dance portion of class. The higher roll with be used. Fluff your exercise however you want.



Forgot endquote

"Are you comfortable? Hmph- that's bad. This class is about breaking our comfort zone. Come up on stage all of you. We're doing warm-ups and then the Act."


"He gave us a NOTE to send HOME, PUNISH!" Gabriele exclaims like the world depended on it, "I can't let mummy see it, I just can't! And I'm running for Class President, do you know what me having to take a signed note home will do to my odds?! My entire campaign could ride on them figuring something out - as well as keeping my poor mum from having a heart attack!"

"Gah, whatever… just, make it quick! Get into the library, get your silly cipher whatever, and get out! I have to keep up appearances for now, so don't screw it up!"

Gabriele says with a huff as she goes with Pryce towards Dance class, moving up towards the stage to practice her warm-ups. As she does so, she looks to Pryce as she begins a stretch of her wings and limbs, elegantly posing herself as though to outshine all the others.

"Think they'll screw up?"

[1d10] [1d10] Warm up rolls

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 6 = 6


As Flaming Shorthorns enters Chemistry class, she nods towards Amy and Punish, as though the three girls were all in on this plot together.

"Alright, here's the plan…" she says in a hushed voice, comically sounding like she thinks she's some kind of spy in a movie. "I'm gonna ask to go to the bathroom, and I'll wait around the corner outside instead. Then, Amy, you ask to go too, and we'll meet up out there. Punish, you cover for us!" She says, giving absolutely no clarity as to what 'covering' would entail.



Punish rolls her eyes at the inattentive teacher and starts gathering the listed ingredients.



Amy smirks at Flaming's complex plan. Before Flaming is even done with it, Amy turns and just walks out the door. The teacher isn't paying attention anyway.

[1d10] to avoid notice
>DC-4 if you could count her casual coolness as a social roll

Roll #1 9 = 9


As things start to get organized for this witch fiasco, Pryce heads off towards drama class, not wanting to sour his grades or practice more than needed. Luckily he is able to make it on time.

As they're set to warm up, Pryce does some stretches, a bit of some dancers would use and a bit of some he's used to for sports, making sure wings and limbs are good.
>Warming Up [1d10] [1d10]

"I'm sure they'll be fine. They're determined, and you can do a lot when in that mindset."

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 5 = 5


Watch out! This griffon means business. Gliding like hot fat on a saucer. She's lightning on water. Ice breaks where her dancing shoes tread.

Get +4 to all antics involved during the acting segment.

The class is well coordinated as they all take to respective spots gathering materials and setting up devices for their lab tables. Galton pays you annoyed glances as she sets up the table herself with Observer and Punish helping out.

Dervia is still texting on her phone. Looks like her class runs its self.

As the girls, punish, Amy, and Flaming discuss their escape plan Shei-Sher barges through the classroom door. Freshly arriving from the principle's office. He make a brisk amble up to Deriva's desk and you can hear him ask her "Teacher Deriva can I go to the classroom please?" Shei says in an impatient tone.

Deriva blows out a bubble of gum from her mouth. It pops, and she tilts her head up to look at the clock before reaching a hoof over and giving Shei a hallpass. She points at Shei-Sher with only a single phrase to give him "10 minutes." Dervia demands of him, and no later.

Amy, without notice, without even a care for being noticed. Walks out the door like a cool person. Shei is just about to follow suit before seeing Flaming and Punish might be left behind. "What are you wai-i-iting for!" Shei asks flaming and Punish in a tone that's just above a whisper "Lets go."

Pryce is stiff, clumsy, anxious, maybe even has sweaty pits. But he's about as graceful as a goose with a club foot.

He receives no bonuses for the following act. hoo boy.

Your drama teacher runs you through things you've gone over for limbering up as well as walking your through your practice expressions and all that jazz. He stops you all as it's time to finish up dancing exercises.

Hope's voice echoes through the auditorium as he speaks to you all with an air of command "How many of you have watched the flim- 10 things I hate about you." He waits for any students to raise their hoofs and continues "..Heath ledger makes a bet to woo the school's resident ice harpy Julia Stiles. The girl grapples with the whirlwind of feelings she experiences from her first romance. While Heath Ledger slowly falls in love without noticing." Hope paces the stage as he explains this "In that film there is a scene that goes like this."

He explains the following scene to the drama class students.


Flaming looks on in amazement as Amy just… waltzes out the door without a single care in the world.

"Oh my goodness, she just walked out." She mutters, looking around in surprise as though her entire plan was falling apart.

Promptly, she throws up her hooves to get Deriva's attention, "E-excuse me, ma'am?! I need to pee really bad, can I go to the bathroom?!" she says with only a moderate amount of shame.

[1d10] Convincing!

Roll #1 3 = 3


Gabriele grumbles, "Your faith is enviable, Pryce."

As Hope explains the scene in question, Gabriele looks on in interest, "Hmmm… I think that movie is a tad before my time, but it's interesting to see that actor in such a younger role!"

She gives a curtsy, "Of course, I think I would be more than satisfied to play the role of Julia, if I might try out for the role, Mr. Hope?"



Punish gives a dismissive wave of her hoof to Shei, indicating that she will be staying here in class.



Amy gives Shei a smirk and a wink as he exits the class, flabberghasted by Amy's brazenness.


Deriva notices your hoof waving and reaches out to grab where she keeps the hallpass. But.. there is none to grab "I already let one out you have to wait your turn."

Shei-Sher is peeking out the door at you, his eyes say it all. come on, lets go.

"How is it you can do the things you do?" Shei says one part appalled Amy can so easily ditch class and another part impressed.


"Gotta have your friends back, no matter the case," Pryce says with a smile.

Pryce takes a breath after the warm up, seeming to be too worn from last period. He flaps his wings a bit, trying to cool down a little to get his head focused.

"Wow, imagine if somepony pulled off something like that here," Pryce comments after the scene. "Are we reenacting that today Mr. Hope?"


Flaming looks at Shei as he motions for her to come, grumbling lightly to herself as she sees Shei has already stolen the one hall-pass for her bathroom excuse.

So instead, Flaming tries to pull one out of Amy's book: she slides every so stealthily out of her seat while Deriva is focused on a textbook or the board, and slyly works her way to the exit.

[1d10] Maximum sneaky

Roll #1 5 = 5



Amy smirks. "You just gotta own it. It's easy when you just… do it. You know?"


"Hay- I said!" But before Deriva can lay down the law on this little buffalo she is already out the door. Deriva lays back into her seat and takes out a walky talkie. It radios on with a pitch of static "Hall Moniter, This is Chemistry room 102. I have a straggler." Is all she says before returning to her own devices.

Hope scratches his chin as he approaches you. It appears to Gabriele that he is taking stock of her every fiber as he eyes her up and down left and right. He points in your direction. "Yes… You."

Summer Snow responds "M-Me?"
"Yes you. you have that icey exterior yet timid inner sanctum the unapproachable Julia Stiles also had." Hope remarks. It seems some other pony got the role.

Hope turns to Gabriele "Hm- You can be campus security."

Hope claps his hooves "Positions!! in 5 minutes. Get dressed, get ready. I want Heath Ledger sliding down that pole and I want the student body to be confused and captivated!"

This is your time to shine. Get into your outfits and start your role just like in the youtube clip.

Gabriele has a +4 to bullying/capturing Pryce as he tries to woo Summer Snow.

Pryce has no bonus roll to woo-ing Summer Snow or Thwarting the campus security's attempts to capture him. But you can use your skills creatively and we'll se what happens.

"Some times I wonder if you really go to this school." Shei remarks

Together, Flaming, Shei, and Amy proceed down the hall. But they do not get far before seeing someone stand ahead of them. Standing in the middle of the hall as if to block your way. Some call him no name, others call him the Hall Monitor, -He is _____ The Dragon.


______ The Dragon, in a low gruff of his voice (which is bizarre because he's not that old, he's a student) says "Hallpass?"

Shei-Sher's legs quiver as he realizes who is ahead of them, he nearly stops in full if he weren't pulled by the momentum of peer pressure and the brave and bad ladies beside him. Shei's hoof shakes as he slowly presents his hallpass.

"…" The Hall Monitor's glance shifts over to Flaming and Amy now "And you."



Once it's time to make your appearance the song comes up on the auditorium speakers. You have a microphone ready to sing the lyrics.

And Summer Snow is Standing at the bottom floor of the auditorium, her breath hanging with suspense as she waits for you and pretends to do sport stuff with her fellow actors.


Flaming barely comprehends the words coming out of Deriva's muzzle as she quickly scoots out the door before she can say anything else, regretting how she doesn't seem to have quite master Amy's ability to do as she pleases beyond notice.

After making it outside into the hall, she lets out a sigh of relief after thinking she's in the clear with Shei and Amy, only to be confronted with _____ the Dragon: the dreaded Hall Monitor.

She, once again, gives Shei a good long glare for stealing her idea for the bathroom-pass, before confronting the Hall Monitor. She stands up proud and strong, the tiny buff refusing to be intimidated as she takes Shei's Hallpass from him, holding it up for the Dragon to see.

"We're sharing."

[1d10] To sound convincing.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"C-campus Security?! But that's just a bit role! I deserve-"

She pauses, looking at Summer Snow with a quick as lightning show of contempt before she smiles sweetly, remembering she has to put on a good appearance for Class President. "I mean, I think I deserve such an important and integral role as the… security campus guards chasing the star around, of course! What an excellent choice for my performance, Mr. Hope, just spot on!" She says as sweetly as she can manage, though the grating of her teeth can't be completely hidden.

Gabriele swiftly puts on the security uniform, and almost hates to admit how good a fit it feels once it's on. Like she was made to incarcerate others or something, it feels natural.

She gets up to the start of the steps, waiting for Pryce to enter in first as was performed in the scene…

>will wait for Pryce to begin before rolling



"I mean… what IS going to a school, when you think about it?" Amy responds to Shei as if that's it's some profound thought.


When they are stopped in the hallway by monitor, Amy looks him up and down with a grin on her face. "Hello there, tall, scaly, and handsome," she says in a flirtatious tone as she approaches him. She puts her hoofpaw on his arm as she lightly runs it across his muscles.

"You know, I never really noticed before, but you have SUCH a handsome voice…" she says before biting her lip. She leans in close to his ear and whispers seductively, "Say it again for me."

>[1d10+4] Mantra of Equality


Roll #1 8 + 4 = 12


Pryce heads back to get changed, warming up his voice a bit before starting.

When it comes time for the scene to start, Pryce's horn glows. While there are props, going above and beyond is part of his method. His magic flashes to conjure a microphone as he slides down the pole and begins singing.
>Conjure Weapon (Instant) [Microphone] [1d10+1]
"You're just too good to be true.
Can't take my eyes off you.
You'd be like heaven to touch.
I wanna hold you so much.
At long last love has arrived,
And I thank God I'm alive.
You're just too good to be true,
Can't take my eyes off of you."

Then a short pause, and another quick flash of magic, summoning up his own band of instruments to follow behind him as he hits the chorus.
>Homing Magic [1d10]
"I! Love! You! Baby!
And if it's quite alright,
I need you baby!
to warm the lonely nights."

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2 / Roll #2 4 = 4


Gabriele watches as Pryce begins his dance number, eager to begin her own (annoyingly small) part in chasing him after he gets Summer Snow's attention. Perhaps a bit of jealousy towards his lead role can be felt as she starts chasing him down the steps, throwing her wing out to clothesline him like a wrestler as she glides down the steps

[1d10+4] Limber wing lariat

Roll #1 7 + 4 = 11


It seems ____ The Dragon is chewing something in his mouth. Shei really hopes it isn't tobacco. But it gives that appearance. _____ The Dragon continues "Didn't know they had Co-ed bathrooms.." The Dragon spits out a glob of fiery spit, and you hear it ding the metal tin of a fake ficus's pot. Before the Ficus falls over from having its support melted.

"Yeah… I don't think this Hallway is big enough for two Hallpasses."

Summer Snow freezes briefly as you flash her a look or utter contempt. When you smile, she timidly manages to smile back before finding the courage to inch away from you.
Immediately Shei brings one hoof to his head, bewildered by Amy's response. He wonders for a moment if Amy is a stray or something. He doesn't have long to wonder before he's stunned by Amy's seductive performance.
For a moment you can feel his pulse skip, like his heart was leaping out of his skin. The Dragon becomes blush in the face as a sweat nearly breaks upon his brow. Except, his Brow contours in stony anger.

>Intimacies: Protecting the sanctity of the Hallways. Family, No Name considers all species of dragon to be a part of his family. And will go to extreme lengths to ensure their well being.

"Y-you….." His voice trembles engrained with growing agitation "You're the one who's been bullying Spike." He pulls his arm away from Amy.

_____ The Dragon has become Inconsolable.
>Inconsolable: Inherent; A will that is strong with Atma. This person or group cannot affected by social rolls inside or outside of combat. Perhaps in the future you'll find something to break this.

"Oh shit" Shei curses for the first time.

The Drummer from the Malechim band comes into view and begins setting up "Aaaalright! It's time ta'-" Before the Bass player can pull him away "Now's not a good time mate."
Looks like your band won't be backing you up on this one.

Instead tonight's music will be played by John Williams and the Vienna Philharmonica

Somewhere and orchestra of very concerned musicians ready themselves as The Hall Monitor crackles with black electric energies, and slowly grows in transformation. The floor tremors and dust seeps out from the ceiling like sand.

"First you make him cry on the first day of school. And.. And then. You decide his CAREER CHOICES!!"
You already have a microphone, but your magic interferes with it causing a shrill and sharp sound to deafen everyone in the room like a mic check gone wrong.

Hope studies Pryce's movements with a stony exterior. He then looks on to the rest of the class "Well. Look confused. Confused now! come on."

But Summer Snow does not need such instruction, oddly enough she seems captivated by Pryce's lack luster performance. She holds both hooves onto her heart and watches him with begging eyes.

Pryce's magic wanes again as it attempts to summon a band of instruments behind him. They appear but inimidiately seem as if they could dissipate at any moment. Have a free Roll to see if your summoned instruments stay on.

Gabriele steps without even being noticed she clothes lines Pryce with one wing. He falls back hitting his head on the stage.

Hope calls out "Cue in the portly security guard!" And shortly after Rooster the school's elephant, stumbles onto stage in a security guard uniform that barely fits and body slams Pryce.


Roll #1 9 = 9





Flaming looks at Amy with a confused look as she attempts to seduce the hall monitor, not quite sure what it is she's trying to do by complimenting him so nicely and stuff. She thinks to ask why she's acting so weird talking about his 'handsomeness' (she doesn't see it, personally) before ____ erupts in a rage.

Flaming quickly bucks Shei in the rear to get him moving, before shouting towards Amy,

"RUN!" She shouts enthusiastically, thinking they can out-run the Dragon rather than draw attention to themselves by starting a loud, musical inspired combat

[1d10+1] CHEESE IT

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


Pryce cringes a bit as the magic overloads feedback with the mic, but continues on despite it. That is, until he takes the clothesline from Gabriele, going down the stairs far faster than he would've liked. He groans in pain, but you always carry on with the show. He shakily pulls himself up, horn glowing as he tries to keep his backup instruments going.
>Sustain Instruments [1d10]

As Rooster comes in, Pryce continues singing, voiced a bit more strained than he'd like, as he tries to deftly avoid a horrible fate with using his music more directly.
>The Scroll of Seneh, the Wildfire Aegis [Automatic]
"I love you baby,
Trust in me when I say,
Oh pretty baby,
Don't bring me down, I pray."

>The Scroll of Seneh, the Wildfire Aegis: Summons a floating shield as a minion with 20 HP. It can be assigned to any target, and will take all damage for them until it is defeated. After it has been defeated, it has a Recharge of 3 before it can be summoned again. The minion has access to the following skills:

- Brushfire: Recharge 2; Single target fire element magic attack, +1 to rolls, can Cleave.
- Hunker Down: Automatic, Recharge 3; The shield braces itself with fire, halving all damage it takes for the round; any damage it takes is inflicted upon all enemies that attacked it as a fire element attack.
- Hakarmell: Automatic: Upon losing all Hits, the shield rolls for an explosion of fire-element damage, targeting all enemies. Always succeeds, roll determines intensity.

Roll #1 8 = 8

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