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Last time on HolyQuest Autumn had arrived from his leave of absence only to beset us with another hiatus. The HQ crew strung out of their crack ships have taken their last resort to defeat a monday without a game. FEMTO Presents Holy Kyusetsu!! Uchikeshi no Rapyuchitsu ga Koko ni!

This quest is intended to burn the time away while we wait for the current hiatus to be over and we can move on with the main plot of the 3rd act of HolyQuest. Players will be allowed to remake their character sheets and replay old characters or multiple characters at the DM's discretion. Please make your character appropriate to a highschool setting.

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Amy stares at Pryce and gives a slow disbelieving blink. She then grabs Pryce by the face and looks him in the eyes. "Pryce, no. I will not believe you are this stupid. Please tell me what Summer Snow was just saying before she fainted."


Pryce is a little uncomfortable as Amy takes him by the face.
"She said she needed to tell me something, then could only say my name," Pryce answers, unsure where Amy is going with this.



"She said, 'Pryce, I,' then started saying a word that started with 'lo'. What would she be saying that sounds like that that would fluster her that much?"


Evil's Judgement continues to watch you judgingly. You can feel her looking at the amount of weight you're benching. She then gets up and adds more weight to her bench press. She lays under the bar and quips "Can't copy this." As she begins her workout.

Mocha gulps.

The entire way you are walking up to Buiwong he pays you an expecting look. A dubious you cannot tell is good or bad. But when you come close enough for a conversation Buiwong asks "Hay kid, what do you do after school?"

"maaaaaaaybee- an hour or 2? Come to the Occult Research club after you're done with wrestling. But also! Come to the Occult Research Club before wrestling, and I'll make you a pre-workout shake to get you right and sober."

You both enter the gymnaisum at the end of the highschool's courtyard. You change into your respective gym clothes with Shei's help although for some reason you don't remember much of the debacle except Shei's flustered nature in helping you get dressed. It is time to enter into the main foyer of the gymnasium and pretend you were here the whole time.

Roll a stealth roll to not be caught, any bonuses that can be applied may be applied.
[1d10+1] Shei's being stealthy

"Ah forget the laps Pryce! Just take her to the Nurse will you son." Buiwong says as if giving up on the matter. This is not the type of thing he likes to deal with during P.E."

You see Hexapod at the finish line still catching his breath. But stands upright to cheer you on "Go on Pryce laddy, be tactful about it'n take the girl to the nurse's place."

Gengenschein nods, his chest popped out as he admires the scene.

A gaggle of girls cheer you on as well to take Summer Snow to the Nurse's office. Their shrill cries are girls swooning over their favorite boy band.

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3



"Are you familiar with the phrase, 'The best revenge is living a good life'?" Punish asks Judgement as she watches her put on too much weight.



"I'm not letting this go. I'll help you take her to the nurse," Amy offers.


"I… I don't know?" Pryce says, genuinely dumbfounded after thought.

Pryce nods, lifting up Summer gently with aid of his magic, turning to bring to the nurses post-haste.


"I… of course the nature of the rules matter, I just… well what would YOU know about… GAH!" Gabriele says dejectedly, huffily flying down to rejoin with their teacher. "This discussion isn't over!"

As she touches down alongside Mocha besides Buiwong, Gabriele looks expectantly and nervously at their gym teacher before he asks his question.

"A-After school? Well, I tend to be busy with Student Council meetings… I may have mentioned I'm the Student Disciplinary Chair, yes? A-and actually making a bit of a campaign for Student Body President, as well."


"Oooh, a protein shake actually sounds really good right now…" Flaming says with a loud yawn as the meager alcohol passing through her system lulls her into a more exhausted state of mind.

After entering the gymnasium, Shorthorns manages to get herself changed (with thankfully little memory of how much the young billy had to assist her with that) as she lazily pulls herself into the gymnasium's main floor, struggling not to pass out onto the ground as she pulls herself up and starts to very, VERY slowly, move into a walk along the track when she sees the others stampeding

[1d10] Stealth

Roll #1 8 = 8



"HOW!?" Amy responds, genuinely dumbfounded. "And people call ME dumb!?"

"Pryce, she was saying that she loves you."


"Wh-What?!" Pryce nearly stumbles as Amy explains what Summer almost said.
"N-No, that can't be it. We only just met last week, she must've been saying something else," Pryce quickly says.



Amy rolls her eyes. "Pryce, I-I loooo-ost my socks in the dryer. That MUST be it," she says sarcastically. "I'd TOTALLY faint if I told someone that."

"Look, she might be my rival in love, but I'm not going to let such a heartfelt confession go completely ignored!"


"Sounds like coping." Evil's Judgement says as she breaks a sweat exerting herself beyond her usual regiment.

You exit the gymnasium together with Summer Snow fast asleep in Pryce's arms. They take her across the school's courtyard into the main building. And after some walking through the halls you arrive at the Nurse's office.

You enter the school infirmary where the school nurse Mirror Image resides "Welcome, Buiwong told me you would be coming." She rises from her desk to help you with Summer Snow "My gosh, what did you do this poor girl." She chides you both softly as she helps take her onto a medical cot.

"Right, right- That's pretty big stuff kid. Got alotta irons in the fire. Say what you think about playing for baseball instead?" Buiwong seems to be recruiting you "Could use a girl with your pep."

"Grandapa Buiwong you can't just poach my friends like this!" Mocha protests.

"shush honey, the adults are talking." Buiwong quiets her, while Mocha growls in discontent.

Fortunately you assimialte into a group of classmates without detection however Shei is not as fortunate. As his hoofsteps somehow echo throughout the entire Gymnasium. You hear Buiwong yell from the other side of the gym "Little Journey!"

"On it boss." Little Journey concurs, briefly after you hear the deafening sound of a cannon fire and Shei-Sher trapped in a net wrapping him up into a ball as he's sent skidding across the polished floor.

"My just deserts arrive! I've enterred on a world closed off by gender. Now god takes his tithe!" Shei might still be shaken up about helping flaming change.
Some of the class mates surrounding you wonder out loud who that cute girl is, they've never seen her before.

"It sounds like you two put Summer Snow through a lot." Mirror Image says



"I didn't do anything!" Amy says defensively. "She did it to herself!"


"Baseball?" Gabriele repeats at first, a slight bit of haughtiness in her tone as she seems to consider the idea beneath her. "Well, I greatly appreciate the offer, Professor Buiwong, but I'm afraid with all my duties with the Disciplinary Committee and my running for Student… Council… President…"

She pauses mid-sentence, eyes seeming to open wide as she swiftly pulls Mocha to the side, turning around to speak to her in private.

"Mocha, how popular is 'baseball' again with the student body?"


Flaming barely looks back at the ashamed Shei as the girlified billy is captured by the well-placed net, her mental state barely cohesive enough to register why he's so embarrassed as she yawns and continues taking a very slow, uncharacteristically for her, lap around the gym.

Noting the commotion coming from afar, the slightly tipsy buffalo meanders her way to the others as she wobbles from side to side.

"Heeeey guuuuuuys… *hiccup* how's it goin'?"



"Right," Punish says flatly as she does her exercise correctly.

>[1d10+1] to life weights well

>the +1 is because I argue this is a grapple roll

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2


"I-It could be! I mean probably not, but its gotta be something else," Pryce says in a fluster.

Pryce levitates Summer down gently onto the cot.
"We didn't do anything!" Pryce quickly says as Mirror questions what happens and assumes its them. "She fainted while we were running laps in gym."


Mocha shrugs "Iunno, I don't really pay attention to that stuff. Don't people just use school sporting events as an excuse to hang out and post on social media?"

Buiwong raises his volume so you might hear him tempt you during your private huddle with Mocha "That's too bad, too busy. Well elections don't go on forever. How about I put in my vote for you, Mudi put's her vote for you, Mudi tells her friends to put a vote for you? You get the picture- I think you'll have some more time off your hands after elections don't you think? - class president."

The last of the least athletic ponies are finishing up their laps at this moment. You catch up to Gadds and Observer who are very leisurely jogging at this point.

You also are witness to a group of boys crowding Shei-Sher. Pleading with 'her' to stop crying as they help her out of the net and ask her several times over if 'she' is okay. Shei-Sher wipes the barely budding tears from his eyes as he rises daintily, one hoof in another boy's hoof.

Gadriel comments "Man.. I wish I could talk to a girl like that."

Observer also makes with the commentary "Men of all rungs seems to clamor for her attention."

Gadriele again protests "Right! How are you even supposed to approach her when everyone's taking their shot. Such a disgrace."

You bring the bar to your chest and with a slow steady precision you begin lifting while exhaling, slowly, and slowly.. slowly. Actually the bar isn't kind of hard to push up, actually one the metal plates are getting lopsided. It's slides off toward the end of the bar knocking you balance off until you fall to you side all together with the weights crashing down.

Evil's Judgement does not comment. She continues lifting. Yet, she lifts smugly.

Mirror Image gathers a capsule of smelling salts and with modest application Summer Snow's eyes hoot open. "W-where am I?" Summer asks.

"You're in the infirmary. You feinted." Mirror Image chuckles before leaving you both. The infirmary bed's curtain is pull around you three for some privacy. Summer Snow briefly looks at Amy, her expression incredulous as if she can't believe you're still here. She then looks to Pryce "Pryce?"



"Stupid faulty equipment," Punish mutters. She sets everything back up correctly and goes again.

[1d10+1] to do it safely this time!

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9



"I'm trying to help you," Amy says to Summer. "This idiot can't figure out what you were trying to say," she gestures to Pryce with a rolling of her eyes.


Pryce is relieved as Summer recovers quickly, though he suddenly feels very out of place now. Part of him questions if he should have left back to the gym right after dropping her off.


"Perhaps… OR perhaps they would think a talented young lady who was not only managing her duties on the council, but also making her mark as the ace of the baseball team, might win over more of their affection…"

As Buiwong seems to offer a deal of putting the word out for her, that seems to seal the deal as Gabriele giddily clasps his hoof, "Oh, my, well, when you put it THAT way sir, how could I refuse? You know, I always have loved baseball! I get so enthusiastic about every touchdown…" she pauses, looking to Mocha for confirmation if that is in fact a baseball thing.


Flaming lets out a loud yawn, chuckling to herself as she sees Shei fawned over by all the boys. "The prettiest girl in school, hehehehehe… I'll help him out in just a few minutes."

She 'finishes' her laps (really just sneaking off with the last group) as they make their way off the course. She turns to Gadriel, "Hey, what's after running again…?" She asks groggily


"uh Ooohh.." is Summer's response to Amy.

She seems much calmer now having gone through her little episode, and now tucked away in safety of the Nurse's infirmary, away from prying eyes of nosey classmates (except Amy I guess.)

Summer looks at Pryce, her confidence roiling her as she commits to eye contact. Summer Snow inhales and says "Pryce I'm sorry. I'm just a big bother I know.." she brings a hoof to her head and ruffles her own hair in chagrin. But a smile remains on her face as though she is a peace with Pryce here. "I just wanted to tell you that I look forward to seeing you after school. At the home Ec-club. Are you visiting?"

Mocha only repays you with a cautious glance and a expression of mixed feelings. Obviously she can't say what she's thinks in front of Buiwong.

Gadriel says "After running *pant* we kind of just *pant* pretend to do what ever. Look busy- you know."

This time you successfully begin benching your usualy regiment. You are the picture of proper technique.

"Cope." But Evil's Judgement still has her reservations about you. She finishes her set and moves on.


"Oh, you're not a bother," Pryce says, relaxing a little as they talk.
"Of course I am, I signed up after all. We'll make those cupcakes, right?"


"Oh? Well, in that case…"

Flaming basically goes stiff in that moment, her slipping consciousness completely let go as she dramatically falls hard and flat to the ground on her side, breathing slowly as she lets her .5% alcohol stupor to take hold. Surely they'll wake her up when class is over!



Amy throws her head back and groans at Summer's half-hearted sentiment. "What a terrible rival," Amy complains. "Whatever. I'm leaving."

Amy turns to leave.


"You're lucky I like stupid," Amy says to Pryce, none of her usual flintiness in her tone. It's all replaced with pure annoyance.

Then, she goes out the door.



"That's what I'm doing," Punish says flatly.


Gabriele looks at her as Mocha seems concerned with her decision, but after agreeing to Buiwong's terms she turns to face her friend.

She whispers, "Oh don't look so glum. It's just a little outdoor activity, if this gives me any sort of edge on Pryce or Box for Student Council President I HAVE to take this chance."



Not very long after the bell rings, signaling the end of the school day. Kids rush out of their respective classes in a frenzy, excited for to get on with the rest of their day away from the school grounds. However for many of the student body this is where the day ends for our club goers it is just beginning.

You stay with Summer Snow long enough for her good health to be confirmed by the school nurse. She is promptly released. If you are so willing, you escort her to the Home-Ec club room.

You stir to awakedness. Buiwong pokes your body with a stick. "Wakey wakey. Flaming. I don't push my students very hard. You aren't allowed to die in P.E."

You are caught between the frenzy of students pouring out of their classes to rush on home. You still have cheer to get to soon, but you have time to meander and explore, or bug a club.

You finish your routine in time for the end of school. Soon different groups will be forming in the gymnasium for club activities. You have Wrestling club coming up. Vortigern is likely in her office preparing for everyone introductions into the club.

"If you say so." She murmurs, lacking confidence. However after class she gives you an ear full

"Uuuuuuuuurghhh I can't believe he would do that! He just does so he can get me to play baseball with him. Buiwong just likes to force me to spend time with him, he doesn't care if he's butting into my life. HRRRRMM!! And this is just the start Gabby. You should hear it from me first, but deals with my grandpap almost never work out."

It is afterschool now. You were told at your last school meeting that now is the time to use all your resources to campaign. A popular idea is to gain some favor with one of the school clubs and ask them do you a favor in return. During the last meeting there was brain storming about using the art club to make posters or the convincing the band club to put on a show for their campaign.



Here are all the clubs. They are all available to be visited. The one's not filled in are the ones who's members you are not aware belong to. As you find out charater's affiliations they will fil in.

____CLUB LIST____

wrestling club - Vortigern, Flaming, Little Journey, Rooster, Fox, Yes Mare, Lion

baseball club - Buiwong, Gengenschein, Anzu, Hexapod, Wireframe, Pryce Etac, Nightseed, Busta, Mudi, Vizsla,

home ec club - Summer Snow, Princess Solar Wind, Box

Occult research club - Shei & Gadds, Observer, Flow, Renee, Hexapod, and the (Main cast whenever they feel like it)

Drama club

Art Club

Rockband club - Zjetya, The Malechim: Triangle, Bass, Viola (No Longer Taking Applicants)

Future Farmers of America Club

Future Janitors of America Club

Cheer Club

Anime Club

Forest ranger's club (Boy Scouts (and girls too!) )

Student Council Club - Box, Gengenschein, Gabriele, ̶H̶e̶x̶a̶p̶o̶d̶


"Huh?" Pryce mutters as Amy turns and leaves, the annoyed tone throwing him off.

Once the bell rings and the day ends, Pryce steps to the door, holding it for Summer.
"So what else does the Home-Ec club usually get up to?" He asks as they walk to the club room.


Flaming's nose twitches and her eyes slowly flutter awake after the final bell rings for school to get out, the young buffalo's head pounding as Buiwong prods her awake.

"Hrmm…? Did I miss breakfast…?"

Suddenly, she winces and she grabs at her head, groaning as she feels the after-effects of her inebriation. "AGH! Ow, my head, ow… why's it hurt so bad?"

She grumbles as she brings herself up, "Wait… oh, wait! I have to find the others!" She says as she (tenderly) starts making her way to the exit, nursing her head as she recalls what Shei mentioned about visiting the Occult club before and after wrestling.

>Looking for Punish, Gabby, Pryce, and Amy


Roll #1 7 = 7


After getting out of the gym, Gabriele looks apologetic towards Mocha. "I'm sorry, Mocha, but it just seems like a good opportunity for me to win some much needed support for my campaign! I don't have the dance idea we came up with earlier fully fleshed out yet and I need to drum up more votes before Pryce and Box get too far ahead of me. You certainly don't have to join baseball with me if you don't want to, I probably won't even stay any longer than I need to."

As the school day comes to a close, "Speaking of, I suppose I should start on working more on it… some posters might come in handy. Do you suppose the Art Club might be willing to make something for me?"


Summer Snow touches her hooves together as she makes half sounded utterances but if you listenly carefully you can make out what she's saying "Well we like to bake. I like to bake.. And sometimes we play boardgames. And uh- talk.. Well.. I talk. I try to talk."

Box seen waiting at the entrance to the Home Ec Club. There he is very noisely shaking his trap up and down as his box lid clacks. Hopping up and down "What took so long! Summer I gotta fill up. Got a long day of campaigning ahead of me. So what's on the menu?"

"Oh- uh hi Box. It's nice to see you too." Summer Snow uses a spare key she owns for the Chemistry class room.


All the utilities of the chemistry class room also double as a kitchen. There is a compartment on one corner of the room which Summer trots toward in a prideful jaunt. "Pryce! Come look." She beckons you.

"Flaming class is over. And you drool like a slob. Your friends are probably preparing for their clubs and you should too." Buiwong begins swatting your back with the same stick he was poking you with.

You recall that Evil's Punishment is in wrestling class, last you saw her was in the weight room, a seperate room attached to the gymnasium. Shei's probably at Occult Club, Amy is somewhere around but you think you heard she's in cheer. And Pryce does baseball so he will be out in the field at some point.

Mocha groans "Noooo I'll be a water or something IF it comes to that.. I don't know. -Maybe we can fake breaking your leg or something to get out of it." Mocha seems intent on dodging this but wants to remain by your side. "I don't know, we'll have to check the Art Club to see. We better see them first before someone beats us to it."


meant to type for flaming "And you drool like a drunk."


"That sounds like fun. A lot more relaxing to Drama and Baseball at least," Pryce comments with a chuckle. "Try to talk? The others aren't interested?"

Pryce waves to Box as he sees him waiting outside the room.
"Hey Box, I didn't know you were in this too."

Pryce follows at Summer's call to the corner, curious to what she has in store.


Gabriele nods in agreement. "Then let's not waste anymore time. Art Club awaits!"

Gabriele swiftly leads the way to the Art Club, her eagle eyes set on the prize of the presidential crown


Flaming figures she should check in on either Pryce or Amy first before going to Wrestling to grab Punish, so she races her way down towards the baseball field, looking around for Pryce at practice in the field.

"PRYYYYYYCE? Hey Pryce, are you heeeeeereeee?!"

She calls loudly, causing her to wince from her headache even more but pushes through the pain in search of the others to bring them up to speed on the witch situation (witchuation)


Box is flapping his yap in the background, say things like hay "You ignoring me" and "Hay Summer~ Summer!" and other things like "We doing a keto day. I wanna try keto." but also "What's keto anyway?"

Summer Snow opens the cupboards to reveal a secret stash of baking goods. Chocolates, baking soda, flour and flour, peanut butter, nuts of all different kinds of assortments. A miniture fridge is even kept inside here. It is quite the impressive larder. Not something you would expect to be locked away in a classroom.

"TAaaa DAaaaaa!" Summer Snow's eyes are absolutely beaming to show what she calls "Behold my war chest!" she giggles. In contrast to her shy demeanor through out the school day, Summer Snow is absolutely giddy.

Summer Snow carries out a big box of utensils she intends to carry to lab table "What do you boys want me to make? I can make anything!" Summer boasts.

Saddle Forth!

You inter on the art Club's activities. It is a quiet place for introverts. There are about a dozen students in the art room. None of them are familiar with you however, the notable among them you see are Volkama, Zoantharia, Princess Yareakh, and Prisca.

Your arrival is equally ignored as well as it is appraised as a violation of the quiet sanctity of the art club. No one pays you any mind but the feelings boads in you that they all mind your presence.

Into the fields you go, away from Buiwong's idle concern for you.

but there is no one here you recognize as your friend. You see Mudi out in the field practicing her swings as Vizlsa passes her balls. Past them are some cheer leaders who seem to be socializing in the time that comes before making their preparations for club time.


Flaming Shorthorns gives Mudi and Vizsla a good, long, cold stare as she passes by in the baseball field - she knows those witches are up to SOMETHING bad and she's gonna find out what! - but knowing she doesn't have the evidence to confront them yet she is content to give them the stink eye.

Noting the cheerleaders practicing nearby, Flaming recalls Amy is in cheerleading and quickly rushes over to them instead, changing her shouts to "Amy! Hey AAAAAMMMMYYY! Hey, is Amy over there?!"


"Whoa…" Pryce says in awe at seeing the impressive stash of supplies. "It's like you have a whole bakery tucked away in here!"

"Anything? I don't even know what to think of…" Pryce ponders to think. "Hmm, I can't decide. How about you surprise us? You must have some amazing picks."


As Gabby and Mocha enter the Art Club, Gabriele looks around at those present, trying to take a bet on who is the least busy or perhaps the most inclined to help a poor presidential candidate in need.

She clears her throat and tries to get their attention. "Ahem… yes, excuse me? Pardon me for interrupting your work, but I was wondering if you all might be interested in helping me? I need posters made you see, and the sooner the better!"


Among the cheer leaders you spot a half a dozen, the notable ones among them are Dania, Princess Laciela, and Wishful. But you don't spot an Amy among them. "Oh hi Flaming. Unfortunately, if you're looking for Amy she isn't here at the moment. She usually come just as club is about to begin." Dania informs you with amicable mannerisms.

A smaller Mare is busy doing stretches she calls out to you "Excuuuuse me! You're blocking my sun. Do you have business here?"

Box continues to interject from the background but neverless he is like a fly on the wall to you all "Muffins! Muffins! Make Muffins!"

Summer Snow ponders for a moment "Surprise you huh. Mkay. I can do that."

Summer gets to work. Her efficiency you able to tell she has had years of experience in the kitchen. She asks your for minor things to help out like hand me that, stir this. Can you put the tray in the oven I burn myself.

It only takes 6 minutes to prepare everything and put them in the oven. Box chimes in "Woah you're working fast today!"

"Well of course" Summer responds with pluck "Pryce has to go to Club soon. I can't keep him her all day!"

Summer works up a frenzy, you hand't even the chance to see properly see what ingredients she was putting in. But you can tell when you put the tray in the oven she was making cookies.

Almost 10 minutes pass as you wait for cookies to be done. A late arrival, one of the club members enters the chemistry room. You recognize her as Princess Solar Wind. A familiar face although you may not know her very well. "Aaaah an intoxicating aroma isn't it." She glomps Summer Snow from behind, and Summer Snow emits an "Eep!" from the suddenness "You know your baking is the high point of my day right?"

"uuuum t-thank you Solar Wind." Summer says
Princess Solar Wind remains hugging Summer from behind and asks "Oh is Pryce a new member? He's quite popular you know?" She seems to speak her mind.

The art club collectively give you the cold shoulder. As you are without any response for your conviction. But Volkama calls you over in the low volume of his voice and a beckon of his hoof "Gabriele come here."


Gabriele seems somewhat dejected but mostly annoyed by the utter lukewarm response. "Well, don't everyone stand up at once…" she mutters under her breath

As Volkama calls her over, her expression lights up, fluttering over to him graciously. "Yes, hello Volkama! I take it you might be interested? You see, I was hoping to have some posters made were it not too much trouble."


As the cheerleader mentions that Amy doesn't come until it's about to begin, Flaming grumbles under her breath. "Agh, darn it… I'm kind of in a hurry, I need to find her and then go to another club BEFORE wrestling starts! Can you at least tell her when she comes by to stop by the Occult Club after practice is over?"

As the other mare calls her out, Flaming winces as the loud call causes her headache to act up again. "OUCH! Not so loud, I can hear you just fine!" She says looking at the mare, "I was just looking for Amy, but don't worry, I'm going!"


Pryce assists Summer along with the minor details, working as a good assistant.
"You're a real pro at this, don't think I've seen anypony move so quick through a kitchen," He says impressed.

He looks over as another of the members enters. As Solar comments on him, he nods.
"Mhm, though I can't stay too long on baseball or drama practice days. Aside from those I'll be helping around the kitchen."


"Ladie Gab you are too loud, gab, gab, gab that is what you do, quiet down would you." Volkama waves his hoof at you as if shirking off your enthusiasm. He drinks from his thermos filled with chai tea and coca cola. It smells delicious

Mocha wears a pursed lip, she refrains from saying anything but you can tell she agrees with Volkama. Not the best way to approach a group of introverts.

"One step at a time Gabriele. Why don't I rouse my student's attention for you. Then you may tell them what it is you came here for. How does that sound?"

"Sure! I'll make sure to do just that" Dania gives you a warm smile befitting someone you can trust.

Princess Laciela says "Thaank yoou." But it doesn't sound all that grateful.

"OOoooooooh" Solar Wind coos illustriously "A real man is helping you out in the kitchen. Aren't you so lucky."

"Well I- I mean, Pryce is just a really nice guy."

"Hay!" Box interjects "I'm a man."

"You are a box whose only utility in the kitchen is putting away scraps. You are the club trashcan essentially." Solar Wind chides

"Yeah well you just like to stuff the goods down your fat bitch face." Box retorts.

Solar Wind expresses mock surprise at Box's cursing "Ruuuude! But true. I do just come here for the sweets."

"They're good!" Box agrees

Summer Snow is still wrapped in Solar Wind's arms, as she fails to contribute to their saucy conversation but is somehow in the middle of it too.

*DING* "OH! they're done I- mmf Solar Wind?" She struggles to leave Solar wind's hold "let go please?" eventually she does let go.

"Sorry. I was just enjoying my sweet." Star Wind says with that predatory look in her eyes.

"Oh haha." Summer Snow nervously forces herself to laugh

The tray of cookies are retrieved, ooeygooey to the touch. But after some time they cool enough to eat. Pecan and peanut butter cookies with cranberries baked inside, heart shaped cookies.

Summer Snow looks at Pryce in anticipation and doughy eyes "What do you think Pryce?"

*You gain*

Heart Shaped Cookie: One time Consumable; Made from love. Eat this to save yourself from a single failure or offer it to someone for a free social success that passes regardless of Inconsoble status.



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