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Last time on HolyQuest Autumn had arrived from his leave of absence only to beset us with another hiatus. The HQ crew strung out of their crack ships have taken their last resort to defeat a monday without a game. FEMTO Presents Holy Kyusetsu!! Uchikeshi no Rapyuchitsu ga Koko ni!

This quest is intended to burn the time away while we wait for the current hiatus to be over and we can move on with the main plot of the 3rd act of HolyQuest. Players will be allowed to remake their character sheets and replay old characters or multiple characters at the DM's discretion. Please make your character appropriate to a highschool setting.

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Last time on Holy Kyusetsu!! Uchikeshi no Rapyuchitsu ga Koko ni! Formally known as- Holyquest Highschool edition!

Flaming, Amy and the goat Shei, had made a break from chemistry class to find a cipher at their school library. They'd have to get there before next period or it would be closed until tomorrow. With sketchy witchery afoot the gang could not afford to lose time to whatever the witch's plans were. Yet when breaching the halls they came to an impasse with the School's Hall monitor, ____ The dragon. Our young delinquents were chased through the hallways, as the hallmonitor's proportions defied all logic and sent locked and drywall cascading on his pursuit. Flaming and Shei found solace in the girl's bathroom. While Amy remained outside the bathroom door at the brinking coaxing the Dragon with her temptress seductions. The Hall Monitor had become pacified, his anger simmered away by the awkward situation he finds himself in. The entire length of his body pressing agaisnt Amy's luxuriously soft fur. As ____ The dragon's enlarged form struggles to even fit in the hallways, he finds his face uncomfortably close to Amy's. A beat of sweat drips down his face.


Meanwhile Flaming and Shei were saved from watching the spectacle. During Flaming's investigation of cubby holes and vents in the girl's bathroom she had stumbled upon a hidden passageway. Therein was an all girl's lounge called -The Little Mare's room- In the company of mares the underground lounge is aghast at the presence of a boy. Yet an exception is made and a deal is met. The girls have taken away Shei for their own schemes, with the promise of alternative means for passage into the library which is surely closed by now.
Although the bell has rung for P.E. you're likely to get away with skipping the class or coming late. Buiwong neither takes attendance or compel's his students to actually work.

The period bell has rung. And students fill the hallways. Your next period is gym class. Pryce and Gabriele have already arrived at their gym and from the groans of their fellow classmates come to understand that gym class will be kicking off with running laps. A dreaded thing as the boys are known to purposely bump into one another during the run.

Amy's last post
responded DM POST
You currently have you back against the wall just next to the door to the girl's bathroom. Combat has ended. Flaming and Shei went into the bathroom and Gym class is going to begin in 5 minutes. You can likely get away with playing hookey since Buiwong doesn't care about forcing his students to do work nor does he take attendance.

You may also continue teasing the dragon if you like.

Everyone else

Please respond to the last DM post



Having lost track of her friends and seeing an opening to get away, Amy runs off to let the others take care of the leg work. She doesn't want to get in more trouble, so she runs off to gym class.



Punish, for her part, just spent her time being a normal student going to class normally. The only abnormal thing about all of it is her typical rush to the girls' locker room to get changed before it becomes crowded.


"Right, see you out there," Pryce says as the conversation is side-tracked. He goes to change, and regain his composure. One done he heads out to join the rest of the class for the run.


Flaming shouts out to Shei as he's dragged to the salon chair, "I'll make sure they remember you as you lived, Shei!"

She turns to Evil's Judgement, nodding in appreciation. "Okay, so, there's another exit out of here that can get me to the library faster?"


Gabriele sighs, "Ah, so I understand. Yes, that does sound quite miserable. Hmm…"

She expands her wings, "Coach Buiwong doesn't take any issue with 'flying' instead of running, does he? I mean, it is exercise either way." She asks as she finishes changing into her P.E. uniform as well.


You hear the click of a stereo system and the music in the room changes.

The girls (Princess Yareakh, Desert Lamp, Dania, Der Freischutz.) whip up into a frenzy of giggles as they seat Shei and throw the barber's blanket over him and around his neck. The chatter of girls at work ensorecells, the clipping of scissors, the whirring of air blowers. Curlers are brandished, and hair product is dispensed with.

Der Freischutz "Zhei Zher- merveilleuse! your hair is très bien. Very much so."

Princess Yareakh "It is quite easy to work with." The girls compliment as they lather his hair

Shei-Sher "Ow -ow Can you- Can you be more gentle." Though Shei winces at their tugging, his face blushes for the overwhelming amount of physical contact with girls he is not used to.

Desert Lamp emits a puff of smoke as she take her pipe cigarrette away from her lip "Ooohh do take care girls your making Shei flush." She teases

Dania squees "I think Shei has a crush~"
Der Freischutz "Shei is zit true?!"

Shei "b-a-a-a-a-ah!" Shei bleats a groan of defiance.

"Don't worry it's there." Evil's Judgement confirms for you while she polishes a glass "Why the rush? You only just got here." Evil's judgement pours you a sangria in a glass

Mocha can only offer you a shrug in response "It's never really come up before."

Pryce exits the changing room into the main foyer, gravitating towards the friends he was previously talking too. As everyone gathers they shuffle around hesitantly into lines as if in anticipation for running laps around the gymnasium.

Hexapod and Little Journey line up with you.

"So- What's your type?" Hexapod asks Pryce.

Amy runs into Gabriele and Mocha as she rushes into the changing room and files out with everyone else to the main foyer.
As everyone gathers they shuffle around hesitantly into lines as if in anticipation for running laps around the gymnasium.

You all hear the tweeting of your gym coach's whistle "Alright form up! You know the drill. We're running laps around the gym, participation is mandatory. Afterward it's freeform exercise, the period's all yours kiddoes." Buiwong blows sharp tweets through his whistle twice, as students groan "Don't give me that, it'll be over before you know it. Now form up into three lines. We're doing five laps. Six if you're slow about it."



"Hi!" Amy says with enthusiastic kindness when she finds Gabby. "Have you seen Shei or whats-her-name?"



Punish rolls her eyes when the other students groan at having to do exercise. She takes position as directed.


Flaming looks at the sangria she pours, licking her lips as she eyes the glass greedily. "Weeeell… I did get kind of thirsty running through the hallway, but just one! I gotta get to the library and back before me and Shei miss any more classes."

She takes the sangria in her hooves, taking a healthy swig
>Is it alcoholic?


As Amy comes into the locker room, Gabriele shakes her head in a negative response. "No, not as of yet. I had a different class with Pryce rather then them, but I figured they should have the same P.E. period as us."

"Didn't you have the same class as those two? I figured you might have seen them last, did you make it to the library as planned?"

As Coach Buiwong tells everyone to line up, Gabriele raises a talon, "Ah, yes, Coach Buiwong, question! My legs are a tad sore from a quite thrilling exercise in drama last period. Might I use my wings instead to fly my laps?"



"We got stopped by that mean hall monitor. Then, we got separated when they hid in the girl's bathroom. I don't know where they went after that."

"But, forget about that," Amy says, her eyes suddenly narrowing. "You had class WITH Pryce?" she asks as if that's some sort of accusation.


Pryce lines up as everypony sets up to begin running. While set to run, the follow-up to the earlier conversation throws him off a bit.
"I… uh, I'm not sure," He answers Hexapod.


"Hmm… well, either they made it to the library or they didn't. We'll simply have to wait and see if they show up here."

As she asks him about having a class with Pryce, Gabriele nods. "Drama. We re-enacted some scene from a movie that I can't recall. *I* had to play the security guard while *HE* got the lead role, can you believe it?!"



"Y-you get to ACT… with PRYCE!?" Amy asks, as if she's been delivered news of a loved one's death. She slumps to the ground in defeat. "How can I compete with that…?" she mutters to herself in utter despair.


As Amy slumps to the ground, Gabriele rolls her eyes, "Oh, don't be so dramatic, dear. I just said I played a security guard, it's not as though I was the female lead in that scene like Summer Snow."



Amy quickly stands back up. "I won't lose to you!" she declares with newfound determination. "I'll… I'll… I'll just have to learn how to act too!"

She doesn't seem to be listening at all.


"'Lose to me'? Whatever are you-"

Her eyes open wide, "W-wait, you aren't insinuating what I think you are, are you?"


Each time you turn a glance back to Shei-Sher you witness transitions from wet mangy hair to styled curls. The girls work with a tremendous speed in the art of beautification it's almost terrifying.

Desert Lamp appears behind you. You do not notice her until she speaks. "We don't mind if you stay. I think the girls want to do you next." She pays you a coy smile and downcast eyes.

It is at this moment Dania arrives from the backroom with some dresses and asks "Flaming dear- I need your opinion. Which do you think your friend would look better in. The French maid or the bonnet and floral jacquard?" She holds 2 dresses for your appraisel for reference here are two links.

floral jacquard

french maid

Mocha seems to agree with your presence as she lines up beside you. "Never heard of them.. wait- is he the goat?"

You take a side near Gabriele

Buiwong raises his eyebrows "You serious." after tweeting on his whistle a few times and wrangling in some students and responds to you properly "Sure. In fact I'd love to see it." a strange answer but he seems fine with it.

Hexapod responds "You- you never thought about it eh?"
Little Journey chimes in "There's no way. We all think about that sort of thing."

Hexapod nods "No shame in that. In fact- Suffice to say it's better to explore these things instead of bottling them up."

Little Journey "In conversation, he means explore it in conversation."

Hexapod "Well yeah- In conversation was what I was sayin."

Little Journey "You know it's also fine to do the other thing too!"

Hexapod "Oh yeah- Naturally, that's fine too."

The congregation settles into 3 lines. The students are lined up and poised to run. The chatter does not die down but there is less of it. As you sense others are steeling themselves not to be trampled.

Buiwong… is holding a gun. He fires it, a plume of smoke rising out as the signal to start.

In an instant bodies rush ahead and behind you and you feel the momentum of the stampede compel you to run laps.

Everyone in gym class roll a 1d10 mystery roll



"Don't play dumb with me! I know what goes on in plays!"



"Yeah, he's kinda a weirdo, but he's nice," Amy answers Mocha before the running begins.

[1d10] for mystery

Roll #1 1 = 1



"The princess is actually running?" Punish asks with a smirk. Then, the running begins.

[1d10] running mysteriously!

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Okay, let me be absolutely crystal clear with you since you appear to be getting the wrong idea: I have zero interest in Pryce in the way you seem to be suggesting!"

As buiwong allows for her request, she nods in appreciation. "Thank you ever so kindly, Coach! I promise my wings shan't disappoint."

She turns to Mocha, winking at her. "Want to avoid the crowd? Stick close to me."

[1d10] Mystery

"Running? No, nothing quite so… strenuous." she says as she expands her massive wingspan

Roll #1 10 = 10



Punish smirks. "I should have known. But, I suppose it's still exercise."



"You can't lie to me! EVERYONE is interested in Pryce! Why wouldn't you be!? He's… amazing! Are you saying I have bad taste!?"


"It just hasn't crossed my mind, between school and baseball and acting," Pryce answers a little nervously.

When the gun fires off, Pryce goes into his run, but keeping pace with Hexapod and Little Journey.

>Mystery [1d10]

Roll #1 7 = 7


Flaming hiccups as she finishes her sangria, her head starting to hurt a little bit as suddenly the room feels dizzier off the alcohol.

"Me? Hah!" Flaming hiccups. "Fat chanshe. I don't do dressies *hiccup* oooh…" she shakes her head. "Woah, my head feelsh funny… I better get goingsh…"

She uncoordinatedly gets up from her chair before she's held up by Dania. Looking between the two dresses, Flaming stammers to one side as she tries to pick between them.

"Uhhhmmm… I like the *hiccup* flowers on that one." She says pointing at the jacquard. "Okay gotta go..!"


Do you hear the sound of shoes skipping on wood floor? It's the sound of gym class

A petite freshman mare latches onto you by your p.e. uniform. Her cerulean colored hair smells like confections and her p.e. shirt is way too big for her. She struggles to keep pace as she silently holds onto you for her dear life.

You feel her grip slowing you down, but she is helpless to run with the stampede on her own. Roll 1d10 to determine how much she slows you down.

As you begin running and some boys knock into you as they fight for a spot at the front. One of them you recognize as Fox. This isn't anything you can't handle though.

[1d10] boys knocking you around

You take to the air with splendor and ease. You are a beauty to behold on the battlefield. The girls watch you with envy. And the boys salute you. One of them cries out to you "I am wish for the heavens sent glory that rides on those wings. Take me you valkryie- this warrior is ready to die in battle!"

Several boys attempt to jump at you and grab onto your talons as you are mid flight. You just look too dang good flying.

From your side Gengenschein impacts your shoulder. It isn't enough to throw you off balance. Feels more like a hearty way of saying hello "And what are talking here! Kindred souls!"

From Little journey's side Zoantharia slams into him with the same intensity as Gengenschein "I heard them talking about ass in the locker room.

Gengenschein bellows with astonished amusement amusement "IS that so–!"

Hexapod speaks up "More specifically we were talking about our taste in women."

Desert Lamp grows a look of concer as Flaming is apparently drunk. She shoots her gaze at Evil's Punishment, who in turn picks up the bottle of juice she used to make it and begins reading it's contents while scratching her head

"It's 0.5% alcohol."

In the next moment the girls working on Shei-Sher explode with glee as it seems they have finished. Shei-Sher steps out from the hairdresser's chair. In a flowing pink floral jaquard Shei stands in thigh high white socks and black doll shoes. A bonnet strapping around his scalp where bananna curls of pale locks flow out from. You behold Shei-Sher's face, a face of complete violation. "They undressed me…"

Princess Yareakh "Shei-Sher you look like you could be a real girl."

Der Freischutz wipes a tear from her eye "très beau, Shei has grown into a fine lady."

Dania "I'm jealous. you make me jealous. I want your hair!"

They pat and hug Shei-Sher, showering him with adoration. But there is no longer blush on his face save for the makeup put on him. There is only contempt and self-loathing.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"And what are we talking about here! Kindred souls!"


"Well, no, I can certainly see how girls might like him. He's athletic, charismatic, not a bad looker…"

As Gabriele majestically takes off into the sky, she quickly flies next to Mocha and grabs her by her torso with her talon, picking her up and flying with her down the track ahead of the others.

"There, see? No rowdy hooligans up here, is there?"


oh forgot to roll. Boys trying to grab onto you


Roll #1 5 + 3 = 8


Pryce opens his mouth to answer Gengenschein in a more modest way, until Zoantharia and Hexapod answer first.
"Y-Yea, that," Pryce adds. "Just a little, uh, small talk."


Flaming snorts loudly, rolling onto her side from giggles as much as her losing her sense of balance. "Pffahahahaahha! Shei, you shure do look pretty~! *Hiccup*"

She snickers, "Might even be the prettiest girl here now, hehahahahah… oooh, wobbly legs…" She says as she shakes her head clear, or at least try to. "Okaaay, have fun with them, I'm going nooooow!"

Shorthorns says with another slur as she leaves the Little Mare's Room, making her way out towards the other exit to avoid the hall monitor as she hums a little song to herself



Amy smiles at the poor student who can't keep up. "You got this! Let's do it together!" she encourages her in true cheerleader fashion.

[1d10] to keep running

Roll #1 10 = 10



Punish grunts and shoulder-checks them back. [1d10]


"It's not the assignment, though."

Roll #1 10 = 10



"I knew it! You WERE lying to me! You like him too!"


Mocha lets out a squeak as you surprise her. "Woah! I feel the wind in my face!" she harbor's a first time flier's excitement.

At the corner of your eye you see Buiwong eyeing you curiously. There is a sign of agreement in his expression. He might be fond of the fact his grand-daughter made a new friend.

Hexapod is sandwiched between Pryce and Little Journey, and you are both sandwiched between Zoantharia and Gengenschein. However uncomfortable it may be, it's not totally disagreeable. As you are shielded by any students bumping into you.

Little Journey speaks up "Geng- The caboose or the bazooms" He makes a gesture refering to the bust.

Gengenschein responds in kind "Ah! That's easy- The LEGS! There is no competition."

Little Journey "Really now." He utters with contemplation.

Heaxpod "Zoa?" He asks Zoantharia

Zoantharia is silent for some time until Gengenschein raises his eyebrows his way in a knowing fashion. To which Zoantharia speaks up "The hips. I cannot resist mother bearing hips. I must confess my fascination. There is no specimen too large."

Little Journey speaks up in abject surprise "Rooster!??" That would be the female elephant in Pryce's drama class.

Zoantharia chokes on his spit as he speaks up "Lord have mercy! Too much- Too much- Journey."

You do not even slow a tad and with your steady pace, your new mare friend is able to keep up. She lifts her face up. And you are witness to the most reticent face with large dooey eyes that look as if they could cry at any moment. You think this person might the mare Summer Snow that Gabriele mentioned earlier.

In a sudden jerking motion she shouts "PRYCE IS MINE!!" And pulls down on your clothes to make you fall with her in full collision.

[1d10+1] a plus 1 for her for the surprise attack. Roll against her throwing you down.

Fox and Lion, the poor fools. They picked the wrong mare to bump into. You modest shoulder checking sends them both off balance. As their hooves twist over one another they fall over causing a cascade of runners behind them to fall over too. Buiwong blows his whistle and yells at the students that fell over "Pick up the hustle or watch where you going!"

From up on high you're able to witness the beginning of chaos unfold on the circuit. A boy manages to grab onto you by the talons, and another boy latches onto that boy as well. However by a feat of majestic flight and momentum their added weight does not seem to bother you. You trail along in your flight a ladder of two colts hoisted upon each other. Still though, these boys are kinda ruining your moment with Mocha.

The shutter gate has been lifted from the exit and you are able to proceed. You leave in such a hurry none of the girls are able to get a word in to pull you into one of their makeover frenzy.

As you leave you hear the snapshot sounds of a polaroid camera producing pictures of Shei-Sher much to his protest. But you are too far away now for that to concern you. Too drunk to really care. You walk down a long dark corridor as the music from the lounge fades away from the background. You bump your head on the ceiling to reveal a trapdoor.

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9



"Wha- hey!" is all Amy is able to squeak out before she begins to fall.

[1d10] to try to not completely collapse

Roll #1 10 = 10


"No, I wasn't! I'm just agreeing with you that he's date-able material, that doesn't mean I *would* date him you thick-headed…!"

"Gah! Hey!" Gabriele shouts at the two colts who latch on to her rear legs, trying to shake them off.

"Away with you! This isn't a taxi service!"

[1d10] Shake them off

Roll #1 8 = 8



"Yeah, Fox, watch where you're going!" Punish taunt as she continues her run.



"Your story isn't adding up," Amy says suspiciously.


Flaming grunts as her head taps against the trap-door, the woozy buffalo looking up at it with an uncertain glare.

"Hrmmmm? Oooh, it's a ceiling door! *Hiccup*" She giggles, "That's shilly but who'd ever think of a sheiling door? Doors go on the wallsh…"

She casually rams her head up against the trap-door to open it from below, probably not being too quite as she exits the hidden corridor


"Isn't it a bit… narrow to only pick one thing?" Pryce chimes in as the group speaks out more in their preferences.


You are unassailable. You leap like lightening and glide like dandelions. Summer Snow instead tumbles over on the floor by herself as you hear he girlish eeeks penetrate the calamity. A stampede of students closing the lap are closing in from behind. And you witness her expression as she faces an imminent demise. You are free to continue running but may also elect to help her if you want.

The ladder of boys trailing behind you collide into other colts on the running track. There is a wake bodies left in your trail, but you finally manage to throw them off.

Mocha curses their names "The ground is not good enough for them, they should be reduced to worms for trying to steal our flight."

"ᴶᵘˢᵗ ʷᵃᶦᵗ ᵗᶦˡ ᴵ ᶠᶦⁿᶦˢʰ ᵐʸ ˡᵃᵖ." Is heard from far away.

Hexapod is surprise at Pryce's interjection. Little Journey hangs onto you words eager to hear your preference. While Gengenschein, Gengenschein rubs his chin mid jog, as he contemplates your words

Gengenschein asks "Ah the bigger picture then?"

Hexapod in his eagerness asks "Well-What do you think. What should a girl have? We talked about personality earlier. Obviously physical traits aren't the only thing to consider."

You hear Summer Snow cry out for Pryce's help "PRYCE!!" She is behind the crowd about to be engulfed in a stampede of boy running forward without consideration for Summer Snow having become prone.

You burst out the other end of the Library's carpet. It comes out as a flap at the corner of a room here. And you see the nothing by the dim rooms of the library faced by bookshelves and so forth. Dimly lit by the creases in the shutter closed windows.

Soon after you arrival Shei-Sher launches at your from behind. Pelting your back with half-hearted swings of his hooves. As he vents "OH Flaming did you see what they've done to me! They took polaroids! They have polaroids of me Flaming! My shame held in the hooves of a delinquents!"



Amy stops and extends a hoof to help her up.

"You're not gonna knock a cheerleader over," Amy declares proudly. "But, more importantly, you're not gonna win over boys by being mean. Well… You might win SOME over. But, trust me, you don't want THOSE boys. If you want Pryce, you'll just have to do better than me."

>Mantra of Equality

>[1d10+4] DC-4

Roll #1 9 + 4 = 13



"I WILL have to wait, you're right!" Punish continues to taunt.


"Well… hmm," Pryce ponders on the thought a moment. "I think having passion is good. Really caring about something," Pryce starts, though further elaboration is cut as he hears his name shouted from behind.
He turns back, looking to see Summer Snow prone and about to be trampled. Pryce quickly turns back, going to Summer's aid to help her up, and to shield her from trampling or being further knocked down.


As Amy is nearly bowled over by Summer Snow, Gabriele calls out, "There, SEE?! *THAT'S* the one you have to keep an eye out for stealing Pryce, I swear you should have seen her glomping onto him during our play!"

Gabriele huffs as she throws off her unwelcomed hitch-hikers, watching them fall with glee into the chaotic run below as she smiles contently. "Quite so. Though…"

She flies down close enough to hover around Punish, still holding Mocha aloft. "Having fun down there, Punish? You know, you could always come up here if you wanted…"


Flaming looks around the library as she stumbles out of the trap-door, looking behind her as she giggles in a drunken manor. "Pfff, now it's a floor-door. Shilly thing can't decide…"

She looks around the library, head still swimming as she looks around. "Hrrm… why did I come here again…?" She says to herself, completely forgetting her objective in finding the book Shei needed to translate the witches' ritual.

As Shei comes up from behind and starts pelting her, she looks behind at him and starts snickering, "Oh, heeeeey Sheeiiiii. You got awaaaaay!" She starts laughing uncontrollably, "Yeah, I shaw, but come on, you were preeetty cuuuute, you gotta admit. *HICCUP*."


Through your efforts combined you form a bulwark around Summer Snow causing the stampede of young colts to disperse around you. Summer Snow clinches tightly to Pryce as the hooves rumble around them on the track.

The boys Pryce were talking to earlier turn their heads briefly to see Pryce huddle together with Amy and Summer Snow. Though you are unsure what make of their opinion on that.

"I was not glomping!" Summer Snow cries out in bitter protest

Shei-Sher strokes his curls in one hoof in a rather feminine way as he mutters "You really think I'm cute huh.." He visibly blushes, a mess of emotion muddying his expression into a meek frown.

Shei stands up and offers Flaming a hoof up as well "I need to sober you up after we're done. I did promise you a protein shake." Shei tugs on Flaming's hoof to follow him "I remember where the book is, they keep it in the same area as the thesauruses."


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