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Last time on HolyQuest Autumn had arrived from his leave of absence only to beset us with another hiatus. The HQ crew strung out of their crack ships have taken their last resort to defeat a monday without a game. FEMTO Presents Holy Kyusetsu!! Uchikeshi no Rapyuchitsu ga Koko ni!

This quest is intended to burn the time away while we wait for the current hiatus to be over and we can move on with the main plot of the 3rd act of HolyQuest. Players will be allowed to remake their character sheets and replay old characters or multiple characters at the DM's discretion. Please make your character appropriate to a highschool setting.





IZU KE!!!!!!!!!!!


Roll #1 1 = 1





Defenders win in a tie. [1d10]

Roll #1 10 = 10


So it looks like I'm becoming the defacto DM which I have conflicted feelings on but am excited to DM the first session and so on. Moving forward we may do DM rotations or semi-rotations small events that aren't impactful to the plot (if there is a plot). I'll be writing down a list of what roles NPCs are in this game; whether they are faculty members or students or something else.

The Highschool Arc takes place in a beautiful slice of 2010 americana, nice clean rows of suburb populating a sleepy town with it's own grade schools. Please make your character accordingly.
You should decide what grade year your character is in, whether he is a new arrival at the school or has already been there some time. If your character has an after school job or is a part of any club activities you may say so. You should also make short notes of your household and the temperment of your parents if you have any, any interactions with parents will likely be handled off screen but I'd like to have something just to be prepared.



So I've decided the game is going to basically play like undertale where you can act cute, use compliments, apply belly rubs and such silly social rolls to appropriate recipients to defeat them in battle. I haven't decided on a unique system to account for this and it's likely I might not. For now you can assume that social rolls used in combat deal damage to an opponent's regular hitpoints.

Also I will not be accounting for ultimate abilities. Any ultimate abilities you were given will not be counting towards the Highschool Arc. I'm doing this because I don't want to suffer like autumn does.
For the same reason I won't be taking into account any special armor or items that give you resistances to an element. You make keep your trinkets or weapons fluffed as whatever they might be as the highschool kid analogue of the weapon/trinket but I don't want to deal with element weaknesses and strengths in this game either when it comes to combat.
However when it comes to using social rolls in combat using something that I deem extra appropriate as a social roll will have it's lowered nat crit range by -2dc. For instance if you're fighting a dog or Onion who is a diamond dog and used belly rubs on him as a social roll in combat that would apply the reduced crit range to.
If You're ever in a combat scenario where social rolls can't be used I'll let you know the same turn combat starts with [You get the feeling you can't talk your way out of this one]
You may also fluff magic attacks as a social roll. And at the DMs discretion I'll port their ability's effectiveness. For instance if Pryce instead of conjuring fire swords conjured sparklers and dazzled the audience with them he would get the conjured weapon bonus applied to his social rolls in combat.

These rules are subject to change; we might just find a better way of doing this as the game progresses but for now I think this is serviceable. Although combat will be spares please have your sheets ready by monday when we start.

Next: you are allowed to refund any of your abilities and remake a new sheet entirely from the bottom up, changing your class, talent, multiclass or awarded abilities or whatever. That's fine. Just please make a sheet with the ability names and and description, please include your H/W


As a note Appraise will have a small buff where in addition to the benefits it already provides it will allow you to know what types of social rolls are especially effective on enemies by giving intimate details about their personality.


Please welcome the staff and Students of Huoli High! And the citizens of a small town known as Fantasia

[let me know if you have any suggestions or any differences with the list. The list can be subject to change.]


Calling for sheets. Gonna go watch an anime while you guys unload.




I'll probably change my name depending on who I'm posting as. We'll see how it flows.




It's a beautiful sunny day in small town Fantasia. The birds are chirping and the sun is peaking out warm colors of dawn into the sky as the town wakes up from it's slumber and the soft whirs of cars and trolleys, chatter of gardeners and people passing by livens the world.

You stir awake in your bedroom it's time to get ready for school. You may RP out your routine, your rooms, and how you plan on getting to school. Bus? Walking? Bike? Do your parents love you enough to buy you a car? Spoiled child.

You hear a loud banging on your door "PUNISH." The coarse forceful voice of your father rangs pass the door "I'm leaving to work. I don't want to hear about your truancy on the first day of school.

Your father has already left to work, however your mother remains in the house (If you don't have a mother feel free to omit this. I don't know anything about Gabriele's actual parents so RP will be limited.)

Music comes alive on your radio alarm. Stirring you to awake. Hallmarking the day Summer ends and School session begins. It's time to mentally prepare for another year.

Shei-Sher is up past the night, but he's never needed sleep. An odd quirk he's adopted from his goat heritage. He is chipper as can fixing up breakfast for himself, his little brother and his father. The clinking of plates and glasses signal this house waking up to a cozy morning. The scent of sausage and eggs drifting into his family's respective rooms.

Shei-Sher shares a room with his Brother Gadds. Approaching his bed, and nudging his softly and he sends quieted messages to him "Gaaaadds. Gadriel.. It's time to wake up. Breakfast is ready."

Next Shei-Sher ambles to his Father's bedroom door and knocks softly "Breakfast is ready."

"Thank you Shei." his father Aliester Crow-ley announces from the otherside of the door as he readies his routine.

[Game Start]


Gingerly you awaken to a new day. The start of School session. Light filters through your window, prodding you to get out of bed. Your parents have already left for work trusting you to get to school without having to wake you up themselves.


File: 1636427313779.png (34.55 KB, 400x500, gabby.png)


>Gabriele: Huoli High Ver.

>Gabriele is a semi-popular griffon female steadily climbing the ranks of social hierarchy at the school, presently on the student council in charge of the Disciplinary Committee. It is a task she takes great joy in, finding a hobby in tormenting tardy/miscreant students and finding ways to exploit them for favors to continuously move her way up the ladder. She has a crush on the Class President, though mostly for his status/power and he barely realizes she's there most of the time. One of the preppy kids and very haughty, though comes from a lower-income family than most of her peers on the council
>Lives with her mother, her father having been divorced when she was quite young and her controlling mother very defensive of ever letting her see him, so it is mostly the two of them around the house



"Yes sir," Punish groans as she wakes up, attempting to put as little attitude in her tone as possible. "Thank you," she adds for good respectful measure.

She grabs her bag, already packed, and gets dressed real fast. She dons a black leather jacket, some black gloves that go all the way up to her upper arms, and a black skirt with light blue tights underneath.

Once she is ready, she opens the window and starts flying to school. She prefers to get the extra exercise in in the morning rather than taking the bus.


One moment, Amy is in a deep sleep. The next, her eyes snap open, and she hops out of bed. She quickly throws on some tight-fitting sweatpants and a loose-fitting blouse and heads out the door to the bus stop.


mystery roll


Roll #1 3 = 3


Pryce wakes up with a yawn, the music easily soothing him awake better than the standard blaring beeping. He taps the alarm off, hopping out of bed with a stretch. After a quick shower to wake up and clean, he heads downstairs where his parents and younger brother are already eating breakfast, a nice bowl of custom oatmeal for each (Pryce's being a peanut butter and walnut mix today). His other siblings aren't too be seen, either woken up far earlier for their own jobs or away on extended business.

The usual morning chatter goes through, asking how they're feeling for the new year, if they got any big plans coming. KP of course is going on and on about how great it'll be to see friends again. Pryce is also looking forward to it, junior year is the second biggest one after all. After finishing his breakfast, Pryce washes his bowl in the sink and gives each of family a hug before heading off early, taking a leisurely flight to school.


Gabriele has woken up characteristically early, looking over her homework and notes and organizing papers concerning today's council meeting as she prepares to make an early departure, grabbing her bag and cap as she makes her way to the kitchen to make a very quick slice of toast with jam for breakfast.

"Morning mummy!" Gabriele cries out in her posh accent, preparing the toast swiftly as she shouts, "I'll be off to school in a few minutes, need to go early again. I might be a little late too due to a council-meeting, so don't wait up for dinner!"



The sky's are open to you. You breeze through the fantasia skyline able to view the town below you like miniture figurines. The lives people live driving through the streets, walking on the sidewalk are small meandering dots.

It is quite chilly up above. Though you are likely used to the biting cold as the air brushes past your body midflight.

In the sky you can see other flying races opt for the sky as their path to their respective occupations. Here comes one right now. It looks like Pryce Etac is just behind you.

In anycase it won't be long until your reach school.

Just as Amy steps outside the door she bumps into something causing her to fall butt first on the floor

Oh hay! It's your next door neighbor Spike. "-u-uh Hi Amy. I was going to knock well but the door opened well you know haha" He boyishly chuckles. This conversation is going to be a waste of time you can sense from previous encounters with him

"Any I noticed you never took my minecraft invitation. They boys would be really happy to see you pop in."

[Oh.. no… what is this. It's like some sort of confrontation except he's not assailing you.]
[Oh no! You've entered combat. Remember your social rolls. You could hurt Spike physically but that probably wouldn't be a good look for you beating up an elementary school kid. You might want to talk your way out of this one.]

"Have a good day!" You can hear your mother call out to you as you exit the front door and begin to take flight. The sky is freezing today. It's the morning cold that precedes fall rushes past you as highspeed wind.

You spot someone in the sky as you take flight. It looks like Evil's Punishment. Maybe you should fly by and say good morning.

You mother forces a tubberware of lunch into your arms as you spring out of your room to get ready "Back to the old routine. Couldn't you be a little more lazy this year Gabby." She radiates a warm caring smile. Her question isn't phrased as a question, she doesn't expect you to comply with a mother's doting request.


"Oh mummy!" Gabriele says with a cute giggle, belying her sadistic nature at school as she waves a talon at her kind and attentive mother. "One never gets anywhere by not putting in the hours. Besides, I have important responsibilities." She says very proud of herself as she takes the tubberware lunch in claw, holding it under wing as she moves to nuzzle her beak against her mother's feathery cheek. "Love you mummy, I'll see you later!" She says in a hurry, nombing down on her buttered toast within a few minutes before preparing to take flight to good old Huoli High, taking advantage of her wings to make it there without having to dirty herself on the bus or with some other of the many street-urchins below her.


You take flight into the open air and ahead you see two other bodies present in the neighborhood skyline. Is it a friend? A neighbor? Someone you know?

Oh hay! it's Pryce Etac and Evil's Punishment flying the same skies as you. You may approach them if you want or head directly for school.



Amy grimaces as she rubs her bruised behind from the fall. She gets up and looks at Spike. She smiles.

"Oh, hi, Spikey!" Amy says as she gives him a pat on the head.

"I'm sorry," she says awkwardly as the subject of Minecraft is brought up. She enjoys video games, but things as slow-paced and boring as Minecraft aren't really her cup of tea.

"I haven't really played Minecraft lately. I'll definitely join your game next time I log in, though!" she says, flashing him a cute smile.

"You better head to your bus stop!" she says as if Spike is going to be late, inwardly praying that they don't share the same bus stop.

>[1d10] social roll with DC-3 due to Compassion

Roll #1 9 = 9


Gabriele takes note of the other students flying in the air, smirking to herself as she sees a few other early-birds (semi-literal) flying their way to school. She decides to impose her presence upon them, flying up from behind as the student council disciplinarian moves in from overhead, casting a shadow above.

"Well, this is pleasant to see. Getting to school early for once, I see?"


"I'll tell you all about when I get back!"
Pryce calls back as he flies up into the air.

The cool fall air is welcoming. The crispness helps shake off any lingering morning grogginess, and the chill in general is a nice contrast to the constant heat that comes from his magic.

As Pryce flies and sees another student, who looks to be Punish, Pryce waves a hoof (even if it can't be seen since he's behind), and calls out.
"Morning! Looking forward to the new year?"

Pryce looks up as a shadow is casted over him.
"Well of course, it's the first day! Lot to do, right?"
Pryce greets with a smile to the imposing gryphon.



Punish looks up at who is casting a shadow on her and groans when she sees it's that Disciplinary griffon. "Don't you have someone else to condescend to?"



Punish merely gives Pryce a sideways glance and curious expression when Pryce greets her.


Health total 9 hitpoints

Compassion succeeding from DC-3 deals 7 hits of morale damage

Spike's 2 Morale HP away from giving in, but not just yet.

He grabs your hand in a knee jerk reaction "H-hold on! I mean, don't you want to go for a walk. It's the first day of school. We may as well enjoy it together"

You can see your bus waiting for you. You can see the exhausted expression on Eragil's face. He's rolling his eyes and looking at his wrist watch, the bus driver might just leave without you but you're so close!

After the moment Gabriele's highschool colleagues can respond another shadow engrossed your stature and blocking the sun from your heavenly Flight

"HO- HO! A couple of Early birds I see." It's Gengenschien flying overhead Gabriele by 20 or 30 yards. "Good Morning!" His voice belows from above you all, grandy and jovial. Perhaps even annoying if you have something against friendly Jocks.

Before any of you can respond a clever reply Gengenschein dive bombs straight past the three of you. The sheer force of wind briefly disrupting your flight path.

[Roll to reorient your flight path, apply whatever modifiers or skills you think could apply but please note them in greentext]

Distracted in conversation you've failed to notice your Highschool is directly below you.


[amendment post]

Eragil is female


Gabriele smirks at the Pegasi's almost sickeningly upbeat attitude. "Well, isn't that studious of you? Make sure you keep that up for the rest of the year now." She lectures.

She chuckles, "Why, I take offense at that. Here I was simply trying to make polite conversation. What might I ask your name is, dear?" She asks haughtily.

Gabriele's attention is distracted by the shout of Gengenschien shouting above, a social-climber like her immediately attuned to the voice of one of the school's premiere jocks. "Ah, why hello there Geg-"

She's cut off as he dive-bombs past them, the force of the wind blowing her out of course. "AGH! Bloody….!"
[1d10] Correcting flight

Roll #1 8 = 8



Amy jumps when she feels her hind leg touched so brazenly by this child. She blushes slightly.

She looks over at her bus waiting for her pointedly. "My bus is waiting, Spikey… We can talk later, alright?"

Amy gives him another pat on the head before turning to skip toward the bus. She doesn't hate the kid, but he's sooooo clingy!

>[1d10] social roll DC-3

Roll #1 3 = 3


Pryce merely smiles, a casual greeting to a fellow student.

Pryce nods.
"Mhm, got to set an example for the younger years."

Pryce looks up higher as another greets from above Gabriele.
Pryce's response is cut off as Gengenschein dives past the three of them, the turbulence spinning him off-course. Pryce angles his wings to try and spin back straight to avoid a crash landing or worse, being late.
>Flight Fix [1d10]

Roll #1 6 = 6



Punish nearly spins out as Gegenschein cuts them off.

>[1d10] to not crash


Punish shakes her head as she regains her composure. "And you don't even know who I am," Punish responds in a combative tone. "Typical. Everyone's been calling me Evil's Punishment. Or Punish for short. The name doesn't ring any bells for you?"

"I certainly recognize you, you posh griffon," she rolls her eyes.

Roll #1 4 = 4


1 morale damage done
1 morale HP left

Spike steps a his little dragon foot claw back and and digs it into the concrete, sheering it to crack. (yes, dragons are that strong even baby ones.)

His head leering down. His eyes grown to beat the puppy dog's reputation. "You promise?" he asks, a sweet troubled voice.

You correct your flight almost immediately. you may fly down to Huoli High whenever you like.

You hardly manage to correct your flight path, but you do. You may fly down to Huoli High at any time.

Feathers burst from your wings as the wind generated and momentum of your flight send you careening down toward your highschool. You manage to adjust yourself enough to decelerate before crashing into anything.

Huoli high isn't much further down. You may fly down into the courtyard at any time.


Pryce steadies himself, hovering in air as he reorients after the tumble.
"Close one…"
He mutters to himself, before looking down and seeing he's above the school now. He decides to glide on down before any other eager early birds dive past.



"Yes! Geez! Why would I lie!? It'll be fun! I really gotta go! Bye!" she says more forcefully now.

>[1d10] social roll DC-3

Roll #1 2 = 2



"Stupid jock…" Punish grumbles angrily as she shakes off the near-crash. She then lands in the courtyard.


Upon correcting her own flight pattern, she turns and clicks her beak at Punish's comment. "Posh griffon? Well, for one who recognizes me and takes offense at not knowing your name, you don't seem to know ME very well either. Though, I'll gladly take the compliment." She chuckles, arrogantly flying around her as she blows a bit of wind in her direction. "So, 'Evil's Punishment'. That's a rather interesting name. I'm Gabriele, in case you didn't know. Head of the Student Council's Disciplinary Committee?"

She nods towards Pryce as he comments on wanting to set a good example. "Well, that is refreshing to hear: an exemplary upperclassman."

She snarls after Gegenschien. "Unlike SOME ponies I know…"

She touches down at the school in a huff, looking towards Pryce as she checks her bag to see nothing flew out of it. "Well, it was nice meeting you…?"


File: 1636432284515.jpg (189.04 KB, 1200x645, Hibbing_High_School_2014.jpg)

You have the benefit of arriving at school early meaning, no need to beat the rush, no lines no trouble.

You hear a bell ringing as you descend. It's not a school bell though.

"Remember to pick up your new uniforms!" A very formally dressed teacher, in plaid skirt, black stockings, modestly short heels and a turtle neck sweater of cozy coloring waves a cow bell as you all hover down into the School courtyard.

It's River Spring!

"Down the east wing, in the lunchroom."

you all remember the layout of the highschool and will be able to reach the lunchroom without much busy work where uniforms are being handed out. You know the drill.

You all see Gengenschein just a few fee ahead walking toward the door to enter the school halls and exit the courtyard "Thank you Ms. Spring. Should be another good year for us."

"I know but-" Spike follows after you and steps on your back heel causing you both to trip over eachother. You fall onto the grass of your front lawn with the Baby dragon on top of you

"S-Sorry! I didn't mean to do that."

You suffer 4 hits of damage from the fall. It seems theres a rock in the grass you feel on.


Bus honks. The driver is getting very impatient.


Pryce turns as he lands, holding out a hoof to shake.
"Pryce," He answers the trail off. "It was nice meeting you too, miss…?"



"Cool, now I know the name of the person to avoid," Punish says in a grumpy tone as she turns to leave Gabby behind.

Punish heads to the lunchroom to get her new uniform.



"Ow!" Amy shouts out as this fall genuinely hurts her. "That hurt, you idiot!" she shouts angrily as she pushes Spike off of her violently. "Get OFF!"

>[1d10] to push him away

Before Spike can do anything else, she rushes onto the bus.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Pryce looks as he hears a bell, though seeing it's just a reminder gives him some relief, worried too much time passed in that flight.
"Thanks for the reminder M.s Spring!"
Pryce says as the teacher takes her time out to remind the students before school begins proper. He heads down towards the lunchroom to pick up his uniform.


"Ah, of course. Gabriele," she says, extending her talon to shake the pony's hoof. "Student Council head of Discipline. Let's make sure you come to school early often, shall we? Would hate to write you up now…" she says in a sing-songy voice.

"Ta-ta, 'Punish'." Gabriele waves her talon at her good-bye. "With a name like that, you might be interested in joining my committee."

"Ah, right! The new uniforms." Gabriele says with a skip in her step, always eager to try out each year's new uniforms. A sense of conformity and discipline, something like that always gave her a thrill.

As Gengenschein heads towards the doors, Gabriele delays in fetching her uniform for a moment to clear her throat next to the jock. "Excuse me, Gengenschein? I feel I should remind you that inconsiderate or endangering flight-patterns ARE outlined in the school rule-book…"


"Oh, wow. Meeting somepony on the Student Council before school even starts. Glad I left when I did," Pryce says with a chuckle, looking to be more upbeat on meeting and not catching the little threat implication.



At Gabriele's pun, Punish drops her tough facade and genuinely lets out a girlish giggle.

Which she immediately regrets as she realizes they're both heading in the same direction.


Punish can't help but roll her eyes.


You enter the lunchroom. Before to the gymnasium and the theatre it is the 3rd largest room in the School. tables are set everywhere with only a few students populating the place. They're sat down to enjoy their breakfast and conversation. None of the students you recognize except for Princess Solar wind who is currently haggling with Mister Friendly at one table. She looks terse.

Nonetheless breakfast is being served. The quicker you get your uniform the quicker you can eat. The Music Teacher Volkama and Chemistry teacher Deriva are sat at the closest table with a stack of uniforms a clear bucket of keys, enjoying cups of coffee amid pleasant conversation

"Over here." Volkama calls you over "Make a line. Uniforms over here. He gingerly sips his coffee.

4 physical damage versus 1 morale hp
-3 morale hp, poor boy

You push the small child off you and promptly you see he is holding back tears. "I'M SORRY!"
He runs off in one direction, seeming to elect to walk to school instead of taking the bus.

You hear the pressured steam like noise of the Bus door closing. As the Bus Driver threatens to disembark now. No roll is necessary to catch up or get the Bus Driver's attention. He's just fed up with waiting. So hurry now!

"Caught some whiplash? haha! Dreadfully sorry Gabriele. I considered you 3 expert fliers by now I didn't think of it any harm. It won't happen again." Gengenschein responds

If you like, you may follow him into the lunchroom with the rest.



Amy quickly jumps in through the closing bus doors. "Sorry, sorry," Amy apologizes vehemently to the driver. "He wouldn't get off of me," she adds with an uncomfortable laugh.

Amy then proceeds to find an empty seat and looks out the window in the direction of Spike. She sighs, inwardly feeling bad for the baby dragon.


Pryce smells the air as they enter the lunchroom with breakfast being served. While nothing can beat a homemade meal, it does still feel enticing. As Volkama calls them over, Pryce steps in line to get his uniform.



Punish quickly gets in line to get her uniform so she can get some food before it's all gone. She makes a point of getting into the line just before Pryce.


Gabriele flushes her feathers, taking a deep breath as she lets it out. "Well, in light of your contributions to our school's sports curriculum, I'll over-look it for now, but don't let me get caught up in one of your tail-winds AGAIN."

Gabriele catches sign of Punish's chuckle, her brow rising at that and grinning triumphantly as she turns towards Pryce again, "Yes, yes, it's quite an honor I'm sure. Forgive me for asking but, which grade are you? Sophomore or Junior?"

Spotting the stack of uniforms ahead, Gabriele pushes ahead, her wings fanning over Volkama as the teacher's pet eagerly pushes for attention from the faculty. "Oh, over here, Mr. Volkama, over here! Oh, I'm ever so eager to see what wonderful uniforms we have this year. You know the School Committee I'm on voted on the designs?"


Pryce takes a step back as Punish rushes in ahead of him.
"After you," He says politely, letting her take the spot.

"Junior. And you, if I may ask?


Shortly after Volkama returns to some gingerly conversation with his wife Deriva "Did you hear Buiwong is petitioning for new baseball equipment. NEW Equipment! That spindly spider has this school caught in his web of -of -eh gah! Obsession- And baseball! It's silly. What about the arts!"

"We still have malfunctioning bunsen burners" Deriva remarks

"Precisely my sweet cesium drop. Now these new clubs starting out krr-" He sneers "all candy sales and car washes, from here til the end of the year. They'll see no funding after their pet clubs get first pick."

Gabriele pushes past Pryce and Evil's Punishment, it's so early in the school day they were the only line to push through.
Volkama addresses Gabriele's brown nosing with lacking enthusiasm "Eager sport this one. Can I see your student ID?"

>"He wouldn't get off of me,"
"Wouldn't be a first!" Another student, Fox. is quick to make the jab and bus seats curdle with snickering and chuckles

The Bus driver pays the commotion no mind. "Hm! Spike again? He sure loves to ruin a lady's routes." She shifts her stick into next gear and the bus begins driving again as the pressurizing sounds announce it's departure.

The Bus's sudden departure sends you off balance for a moment. But you're free to find a seat.
You catch nearby, silver, metallic fured lion laughing to himself. With a goat seated beside him cautioning "Don't laugh at that! Gaaadds!" Shei tries to quell his brother.
"But that was great. You have to admit!"



"Junior," Punish answers moodily.

"For a student council member, you sure don't know your own constituents," she comments with equal grumpiness.


"Well HE definitely didn't vote for you," Punish comments with a laugh.


She smiles, "Why, the same. I'm surprised I haven't met you before over three years. Then again, it IS a big school."

Gabriele's feathers ruffle up at that comment, sneering at Punish as she chides her. "Well, for one of MY position on the committee, it is preferable for students NOT to be overly familiar with me. I can make things… difficult, for malcontents."

As she jokes further that he didn't vote for her, she flaps her wings, "Oh! Did you vote at all last year? Do you even care about our schools duly electoral process?!"

Gabriele smiles happily, "Oh, of course sir! Right here…" she says, reaching into her saddlebag and happily producing her ID out of her neatly organized saddlebag. "Never far without it."

"And might I say," she says, putting her talon on her chest, "I absolutely agree with you both. The state of our artistic and scientific is in dire need of an overhauled budget! I do think our sports facilities are more than up to par as it is. I assure you both, I shall speak to the committee at LENGTH about this." She says, continuously trying to ingratiate herself to the teachers.


"I trust my fellow students to vote for the best pick. I get a little too busy myself to look into making the best informed decision."

"I'm not too surprised, I get a little too focused on my extracurriculars."

Pryce stumbles to the side as Gabriele pushes past.
"There was a line, Ms. Head of Discipline," Pryce says, still friendly but a little annoyed for the lack of respect to a line already made.



"Ha ha ha," Amy says sarcastically at Fox's comment. She kneels on her seat to look back at him on the bus. "Poor Foxxy," she says loud enough for everyone to hear. "So jealous. He's probably been holding it in all summer. Well, hopefully SOME filly will take pity on him this year."

>Mantra of Equality to embarrass Fox in front of everyone

>Mantra of Equality: Recharge 2; Instant; Soothes a hostile target, making them more likely to listen to what you have to say, and unable to target you next turn.
>[1d10+4] DC-4

Then, she looks down at the two right in front of her. She smiles. "Helloooo," she says in an excited, friendly tone. "I don't think I know you two! Sorry if I do and just forgot! I kinda do that… What's your names?"

Roll #1 2 + 4 = 6



Punish rolls her eyes at Gabby as she talks about being someone of "her position".

Then, when she asks if she voted, Punish smirks and says a flat, "No," to answer both parts of the question.


Punish chuckles lightly at Pryce calling out Gabby's line-cutting.


Punish fishes her pockets for her school ID for whenever this gabby griffon is done getting her beak brown.


Gabriele flushes a light pink as Pryce calls her out, clearing her throat, "A-ah… was there? I apologize, I must have missed it." She flaps her wings, "I'm just SO excited over new school uniforms, and, surely a studious young colt as yourself recognizes it's important for someone on the Student Council to be enthusiastic about these things, yes?"

She glowers over towards Punish as she chuckles at her snafu, sticking her beak up and looking away with a light 'hmph'. "W-well, I suggest you consider it. After all, re-elections will be upon us before we know it."



"I don't think you WANT me to vote," Punish grumbles.


"It was only me and her-" Pryce says, gesturing to Punish with a wing, "but that's still a line. Excitement or no, it's still proper to follow good conduct."


Volkama takes your Id and begins tallying it down it in his notepad. He searches the stacks of folded uniforms behind for the right on. "Deriva find her, her key." As Deriva searches the key bucket.

Volkama speaks up "Well- well. You have my vote as long as you give Buiwong the business."

He hands you your uniform and locker key "Enjoy."

The uniform is crisp and smells like new hallway.

"The weak should fear the strong." Volkama says to you, before holding out his hoof for your student ID. But instead Punishment is first to place her ID in Volkama's hand. Beating you to the draw.

"Another eager one." Volkama takes her idea instead of Pryce's. The guy just wasn't quick enough on the draw. Soon enough Volkama supplys Punish with her uniform and locker "Don't fret. Breakfast will wait for you. On the first day of school the morning intermission lasts an hour."

Not quite a roar of laughter. But another wave of laughter cradles the bus Carriage and Fox takes your rebuke in good jest, laughing along with. "Alright, that was pretty good."

You see Gadriel emit another rancor of contain laughter. Shei-Sher introduces the both of them to you. "I'm Shei-Sher and the chuckle head is my brother Gadriel. But people like to call him Gadds for short."

"Nice to meet you." Gadds finally says

"We're freshmen." Shei-Sher informs Amy.

[we can timeskip to school at anytime you want.]


"Well that's not right, nopony should fear anypony," Pryce comments back as he reaches for his ID, only to be beat by Punish. Which is acceptable to him, since she was in front of him in line anyways. After the two girls get their uniforms, Pryce hands his ID over to Volkama to get his, and see what they're serving for breakfast.



"Oooh! Freshman, huh?" Amy converses with the new faces happily. She rests her chin on her hoof-paws which rest on the back of her seat (potentially uncomfortably close to their faces depending on how tall they are).

"Are you guys neeeeervous?" she asks teasingly.



"Thanks," she says tersely as she takes her uniforms, stuffs them in her backpack and goes to get some breakfast.


"…maybe not," Gabriele grumbles under her breath as well, but clears her throat. "Well, all the same, consider it. I would be pleased to have your vote."

As someone NOT on the Disciplinary committee lectures her, Gabriele leers at Pryce for a long moment, before saying with a forced grin. "Why, you're absolutely correct. As I already said, I APOLOGIZE. Might we move on from it?"

Gabriele can't help herself as she takes a quick sniff of the crisp, warm uniform, appreciating the scent of new clothes. "Why, but of course Mr. Volkama!" She says sweetly to the professor, bowing her head. "I will bring up your concerns first chance I have! And, thank you for the uniform!"

[good to move to classes when ready]


"Of course, everypony makes a mistake now and then," Pryce says with a smile.



"I don't pay attention to popularity contests," Punish replies flatly.


File: 1636437766512.jpg (125.17 KB, 1280x733, avon-highjpg-b7ab701b4f458….jpg)

Gengenschein's girth approaches. A shadow is cast as he stands behind you smirking. "A single vote can cast a large shadow. I think Gabriele and I would both be pleased to know you voted for either of us. Enthusiasm or not."

"Yeah, yeah here you go." Volkama hands you your uniforms and locker key "Enjoy the lunch."

You grab your breakfast down the tray line. Fluffy eggs, sausage, beans and sprouts are for breakfast. With plenty of desert still left. Your choice of toasted marshmellow poptart or blueberry scone.

Where ever you seat yourself to eat you see that slowly the school is filling up with activity and it's not long until the halls are buzzing with activity. Feel free to RP where ever your locations are, feel free to get creative too. You could be locking yourself down in the boiler room, getting a peek at the classrooms, being a loner around the rooftop, or just enjoying your lunch in cafeteria. Your choices are not limited.

"Eager actually!" Gadriel responds in kind.

"Errmm not so much." Shei responds. "Our dad had us watch dazed and confused to prepare us for highschool. Is the freshmen paddling still a thing?"

Gadriel tries to reassure Shei "We can take them."



Amy bursts out into laughter at Shei's question. "Oh, I WISH!" she says with a little wink.

"Anyway, my name is Amy! Amy Thest!" she extends both of her hoof-paws over the seat back to shake at once. "If you guys need anything and I'm around, feel free to ask! I love helping people and making new friends!"

>ready to skip to school


"After meeting you two, I might look into the election this year."
Pryce says.

"Thank you, Mr. Volkama."
Pryce says as he's handed his uniform and key. He then goes to grab a little breakfast from the line. Not too much since he already ate, but a little extra boost wouldn't hurt, and he opts for the scone.

He eats the main breakfast in the lunchroom, and then with scone in his telekinesis he goes to scout out where his classes are for the day to get it mapped out ahead of time.



"Like I said," Punish responds to Gegenschein. "I don't pay attention to popularity contests."

Punish takes some eggs and sprouts and a blueberry scone. She finds an empty table at the cafeteria to eat by herself in peace and quiet. Notably, no one wants to join her.


Again, forcing her grin, Gabriel says between clenched teeth (if she had any) "How very gracious of you."

"It's not JUST a popularity contest! The students you elect are burdened with an immeasurable responsibility to our school! We organize school events, and oversee our peers! Only the most qualified should ever even campaign."

As she gets into line for breakfast, Gabriele feels a bit peckish off of her early morning toast and elects for a few eggs and sausage to get her protein up."

Having gotten her food, Gabriele decides to seek out a table containing her fellow councilmembers, ideally the most popular table in the entire cafeteria!



"Then, it sure does suck that it's a popularity contest," she responds flatly.


The Bus finally arrives at School. By the window side you can already see rows and rows of cars parked and students of all kinds, demon, pony, mule, minotaur, zebra pouring into the Highschool proper.

The pressurized sounds revisit you as the Bus comes to a stop. Everyone walking down the aisle now exiting the Bus.

>"Anyway, my name is Amy! Amy Thest!"

"We already knew that." Shei says "You have something a reputation." His eyes travel to the corner of his vision

You amble into the school theatre to get a scope on the drama class. You see a man covered in military camo, boots, a bandana. He's jotting down notes and seems to be preparing for the school session.

"I always do try to make it a contest of wills." Gengenschein comments "It was nice talking. I'll see you in the classroom then." Gengenschein takes his leave

Gabriele follows Punish to her table regardless of her consent it seems. And they enjoy their chat as around them other tables fill and quickly cliques form.


[typo fix]
"You have something of a reputation."



"Oh woooooow, guys," Amy says to everyone on the bus. Though she says it accusingly, her tone and expression make it clear she's being mostly playful. "First day and the rumors are already starting back up!"

"Don't listen to them," she looks back to Shei and Gaddriel. "MOST of the rumors aren't true. Trust me, I don't bite."

She then gets out of her seat and starts walking down the aisle. But, before she leaves, she looks over her shoulder and says, "Unless you want me to," and winks.

Then, she hops off the bus and heads to the cafeteria. The whole way, she waves and greets just about everyone she walks by, regardless of whether she gets their names right. Upon receiving her uniform, she stuffs the shirt in her backpack, but puts on her skirt haphazardly over her tight sweatpants. It's arguable as to whether this makes her look more or less decent.

Then, she grabs some breakfast. If you can qualify a pile of sausage on a plate as "breakfast" and eats it at a table of fellow cheerleaders.


Gabriele, taken in by Punish's comment, follows her to her table to continue their argument. "Well, that's a rather shallow way of thinking it. What better way to choose those to represent the student body that one chosen specifically BY the student body?"



Punish lets out a long sigh as Gabriele sits down with her. "And, you expect a bunch of teenagers to make well-informed voting decisions? Come on. I know you're self-absorbed, but you're not DUMB!"


Gabriele flaps her wings in shock at the jab, "Ah, AH!" She says, gasping as though in shock. "Well, who would YOU have making such decisions then? The teachers? You expect students to listen to the Council that the professors picked for them? Letting the students choose who to have on the Council at least guarantees they'll choose someone they'll likely listen to."


You leave Gadriel and Shei high and dry to process their encounter with you before you head off.
The two brothers step down the bus and Shei asks Gadriel "Is your heart racing to?"

"I thought she was going to hug me." Gadriel says in a somewhat shellshocked tone.

"I thought too Gadds, I thought so too." Shei adds pensively. These two are clearly sheltered.

To some pony's dismay a few student's excitement you take a spot beside the line to dress in your skirt, posing your slender taut legs out as you pull the skirt to fit. You sweatpant tights emphasizing the form of your figure. You might catch a pony sweating if you look hard enough.

"We have bathrooms for a reason Miss Thest." Volkama sternly remarks your way

As you engage in your discussion the attention the room is diverted to Volkama and Mudi. You can't help but notice the tension in the room.

"I am not taking that key give- give me another." Mudi demands
"This is the key you were assigned. Take your items and please take a seat Mudi-"
"I know that locker number. If you think I'm keeping my locker in the corner of the highschool an inch away from the boy's bathroom you're mistaken." Mudi again asserts herself
Vizsla steps to Mudi's side to back her up "Do as she says pencil pusher. We have a class to get to."

"Pencil- Pusher!" Volkama curses.



"What!?" Amy responds to Volkama, sounding outraged. "I'm literally putting something over me while I'm already fully clothed! How is it inappropriate?!"

This is obviously an argument she's had a lot with the faculty.

When Mudi starts arguing over her locker assignment, Amy steps in. "I'll trade lockers with her," Amy offers eagerly.



"Alright… That's a good point," Punish admits. She actually seems to smile slightly and give a nod of approval.

She doesn't say more on the subject, though.


Gabriele continues as though Punish had just argued back, "Oh, before you even START on-" she pauses, her eyes blinking as she just seems to realize she was no longer arguing.

"…I'm sorry, what did you say?"

Gabriele takes note of Vizsla and Mudi causing a stir, sighing to herself. "Wonderful, those weirdos causing a ruckus again…" she says under her breath, not letting anyone hear it as she stands up ready to try and do something, if only perhaps secure a few more favors.

But her attention is distracted as Amy stands up and offers to trade with them instead, seemingly resolving the issue. She stands back, watching the exchange from afar



"You're right. If we're going to have leaders, it should be picked by the students. Teenagers don't listen to authority otherwise," Punish shrugs.

"Which is kind of why we shouldn't have a student council at all," Punish grumbles more quietly (but still loud enough to be heard).


Punish also watches the events transpire. A look of noticeable and utter distaste crosses her face when Amy gets herself involved. She rolls her eyes at the offer Amy made.


Mudi simply pays Amy a look and then a demanding look to Volkama at her suggestion.

Buiwong calls over from the room's entrance "Volkama quit bullying my star. You're holding up the line."
You can see Volkama's brow furl, you can practically hear him cursing in his thoughts. Volkama takes your key and gives you the one that was assigned to Mudi. "Here." He calls next in line "Next!"


The first bell rings and with it the school day proceeds. You are greeted with introductions for each class you arrive in.

Volkama address the classroom "Salutations, salutations, salutations." Volkama's eccentric and poignant behavior seems to always catch the attention the class. As the chatter dies down to allow him to speak "I'll be your music teacher and advisory period adminstrator. If you're in this class it is because you are compelled to discover your musical potential." Volkama paces the room "I don't allow just any creaton to step into this classroom. To be frank I don't very well have a say in it. But if you didn't belong here I will make it very apparent don't you worry. For those who don't know Deriva- Deriva dear come over here would you." Volkama asks Deriva to join him at the front of the classroom. "Is my class aid. You are to treat her with the same fear and condemnation you regard me. Now lets get on to class materials."

You get on with your classes, and the teachers then after are somewhat less eccentric.

For language arts you have River Spring, who seems to fail at holding her class's attention "Please! Everyone Please! I can keep you here past recess if that's what it takes." She eventually wrestles control of the class long enough to dessiminate materials.

For your math class is Chorazin. She is now points to a figure on the chalk board with the horsewhip in her hoof. "This is the area underneath a curve." Her statement is met with radio silence from her class. But then she cracks her whip against the chalkboard "SOLVE IT." without any introductions the class seems ready to proceed.

for your next class you have Lord Kibble, a large gruff Diamond Dog. He is probably the most casually dressed teacher at school next to Buiwong. "I am here to teach you lies.." There isn't an inch of humor in his tone.

Your next class is an elective of your choice; drama/dance class, chemistry, art class, mass media

You may respond or RP within whichever class of your choosing before we move on from here.

All the party members share the same classes together except for their elective. unless they all choose the same elective. For advisory and band Class you are mixed in wtih all grade groups, freshman, sophmore, junior, senior. If there is an NPC you want to engage with just write yourself doing so.


Pryce walks into the theatre, taking a look around to get the feel back for the place after not being there all summer. When he sees somepony else in there jotting notes, Pryce waves a hoof as he greets them.
"oh, hello! I didn't think anypony else would be here this early."



"Yeaaaah!" Amy does a little excited dance as she gets the scandalous locker key.

"High five, Moody," Amy demands as she raises her hoof-paw to her.


Mudy squints her eyes at you. Almost appraising your hoof as she slowly decides to touch it with hers. She hold her hoof there intimately touching yours

She regards you with a smile "Please refrain from tiring out my teammates too much this year."

You approach the man, but he ignores you. He's busy writing down notes. It is so quiet in the theatre you can hear the jotting of pencil against paper reverb off the walls.

You hear a voice from the stage, and following it is the sound of wheels moving on hardwood floor. "Don't mind him. He's in the zone." Onion, the janitor of the school leans on a mop standing in a rolling mop bucket.


"He must take… whatever it is he's writing, very seriously," Pryce comments as Onion rolls in.
"Who is he?" Pryce asks, since Onion seems to know him, and it has his curiosity.



Paw pads feel good to touch.

Amy lets out a series of giggles at Mudi's request. She blushes slightly. "Hey! They should be used to getting a good workout! They're athletes!"


Amy spots Gads and Shei in music class and goes over to sit next to them. "Heyyyy! How are you two doing?" she asks conversationally as she sits backwards in a chair, once again resting her chin on her arms and her arms on the back of the chair. "Everything working out for you two so far?"

>On a side note, surprising everyone, Amy's elective is chemistry. And, she's not bad at it!



In Lord Kibble's class, Punish can't help but raise her hoof. "I'm sorry. What in Tartarus is this class?"

>Punish also elects for chemistry, she doesn't do all those artsy-fartsy or communications things


"Kid, the man's been serious ever sense he finished his tour in afghanistan. Shell shocked that fella." Onion responds.

"My name is Hope. And I will be teaching you drama. If you can manage." Hope finally speaks up. Huoli High's Drama teacher.

Mudi leaves you to join her sisters in the cafeteria

You join Shei and Gadds in their rows
"Surprisingly yes." Shei says with idle relief.

Gadriel says "A jock type tried spanking Shei's tush but we took care of him right quick. He won't be using his right hoof anytime soon."

"Or leaving the janitor's closet." Shei adds

Gadriel admits "It was probably a joke thinking in hindsight but its better we don't take risks."

Volkama reaches you three in your seats. He seems to have been going through the rows. "And what instrument will you be playing?" he asks

Lord Kibble stops his jotting onto the chalk board as Punish asks her question. Kibble slouches forward and sighs the word "History…"


The site is unstable



"Oh…" Pryce comments lowly, having not known.

When Hope speaks up about being the drama teacher, Pryce smiles after seeing how serious he was with the writing.
"I'll look forward to it," He says with enthusiasm. "I should check out the rest of my schedule. I'll see you later!" He says in farewell to not keep the teacher held up or distracted too much longer as he heads off to get a note on the rest of his class locations.

After scoping out the rest of his classes, it's easy for Pryce to be on time for each one, important to do for the first day both to set a good habit and to also get the best seat.

Language arts was always one of his more favorite of the core, the literature and speech aspect linking well with his drama enthusiasm. Though he can't see why the class is so rowdy, Ms. Spring seems to be the most straightforward of all the teachers, you'd think they'd appreciate that more.

As for his elective, his choice is obvious, drama.


"…oh." Gabriele says, looking surprised. "I… sorry, I'm not so used to someone agreeing with me so quickly. Usually I have to be a bit more beak and talon."

She clears her throat, "Well, you HAVE to have a Student Council. We're entering that part of our lives where we should be preparing ourselves for the responsibility of adulthood. That involves at least a degree of self-governance."

As the school-bell rings and classes begin, Gabriele lets out a sigh of relief and stands up from her table, very eager to start off the new school year and earn the admiration of teacher and student alike.

Gabriele proves a spirit though plainly average student in music, though she does not go for Volkama's over-enthusiasm she grins and bears with it, finding her own pace as she plays the violin.

Language with River Spring she excels at, being one of her better subjects in understanding the finer points of Equish and literature. Mathmatics she's noticeably less skilled in, grumbling to herself angrily as she considers tearing apart the book at every moment. But throughout all her classes, no matter how grumpy or tired under the surface, Gabriele keeps on a pristine, plastic smile at every turn, even making faux offers to help others when she sees the opportunity (though silently hoping they'll turn her down)

As she reaches her elective, Gabriele picks up her bags and moves to dance class, much like with music finding a sort of refined, elegant joy in the finer arts of dance. Though, sadly like music, she finds herself rather average at it, but no less for enthusiasm as she practices the fine art of ballet.




"What!?" Amy responds with upset shock at Gads and Shei. "You can't hurt people! Or lock them in closets! At least let them out!"

"I'm a trumpet kind of lady," Amy responds to Volkama.



"Since when does 'self-governance' involve a few stuck up students with too much time on their hooves telling you what to do?" Punish responds with a rolling of her eyes.


Gabriele's talon grips at the notion of her 'having too much time on her hooves', but sighs. "I'm going to ignore that, because I'm so nice. And, it's still technically self-governance since the majority chose those 'stuck up students'. If you abstain making a choice, you are still in fact making one in accepting the outcome regardless of your input."


File: 1637031865814.jpg (166.66 KB, 1024x732, classroom-2093744_1920-102….jpg)

You hear Hope murmur something in a dismissive manner as he continues his writing and you leave the room.

As one of the few students with some classroom decorum you catch River offering either of you a chagrined look of desperation. Though there's nothing she could expect you to do to discipline the classroom you can't help but see the pleading in her eyes.

The day moves on to Drama class where you get a proper introduction with the new Drama teacher. The students are seated in the auditorium seats, Hope is pacing the stage paying each of you silent looks. His dress shoes clap against the hard wood stage with each step. The sounding echoing into the auditorium like a well timed metronome. You can feel yourself being appraised for you're very worth as a person.

Seated beside you is Mocha and Ichimonji. You're a small class seated at the front seats.

Shei and Gadds look eachother blankly before Gadds answers to you "But he violated the NAP."

Volkama looks to you, he scratches his chin upon careful consideration. His concentration only interupted when Shei interjects.

"I would like to try the saxophone."
And Gadds says "Where are the kazoos?"

"PSS!" Volkama silences them with a hoof and continues his glower toward Amy. His stature clearly leering over you.
"Yes.. But are you a trumpet lady? What can you do?"



Punish smirks, but says no more on the subject. She walks away to her next class.



Amy's eyes shift back and forth in confusion as if she might for the answer somewhere else. She leans away from Volkama slightly.

"Plaaaay the… trumpet?" Amy answers the question slowly, as if it's a question.


Gabriele takes a brief break from her dancing exercise, seated in a modest leotard besides Mocha, Ichimonji, and surprisingly the young pegasus Pryce she met this morning as she looks on ahead towards the imposing Mr. Hope.

As he taps on his shoes against the hard wood stage, she watches the metronome pacing back and forth nervously, curious what it is he could be waiting for. She clears her throat, "Ahem… ah… did you, wish for me to perform my routine one more time, Mr. Hope?" She asks deceptively sweetly.


"Come on everypony, it's the first day! Let's focus to get past the starter stuff quick."
Pryce speaks up, seeing how much trouble Ms. Spring is having keeping the class controlled.
>Persuasion [DC-1] [1d10]
>Gilded Tongue: Passive; The DC for persuasion, bartering and intimidation-related rolls is reduced by 1. Folks will naturally sense your charisma at a glance and be more willing to trust you the first time you interact.

Pryce takes his seat in the front row, looking up as Mr. Hope paces back and forth. After meeting him earlier and seeing the intense focus he had, he starts to wonder how grand of plans he has for the year.
"…Will we be starting soon, Mr. Hope?"

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Can you play any arpeggios, what scales do you know."

As you speak up the classroom can sense the annoyance in your voice and then look to themselves as the source. That trained look you have inspires some of the less wild students to disquiet their neighbor. As soon enough it seems no one wants to be on Pryce's bad side. There is a short exchange of words between the students as they reel their routiness back in. What was previously a cacophony of ingratious students is quieted down to a bare 1 or 2 conversations exchanged in whispers before that too peaters out.

River Spring looks to you with an approving smile. And returns to the giving her introductions in order to start the class on a good note.

You had finished your stretches and dancing exercises that marked the beginning half of the class when you were prompted to take your seats and Drama Teacher Hope began appraise you all.

To Gabriele's questions Hope responds "Hm.. maybe." His glower then lands on Pryce "River Spring tells me you stood up for her in english class. You might have some command over your words. I want you to step up onto the stage."

He gestures toward Gabriele "You- I want you on stage with him. I like your stamina."


Pryce smile as the class quiets down, feeling good to have helped out an unruly first day.

Pryce nods as Mr. Hope instructs him to come up on stage.
"I can carry a presence when I need to. Can't be an actor without that talent."


Gabriele at first looks shocked when Mr. Hope picks Pryce over her, almost looking ready to argue before, thankfully, he gestures to her as well. She smiles widely, bowing in a curtsy of sorts, following up behind Pryce while flaunting her wings, trying to make herself more the star of the show. "I take it we'll be performing a scene together? Just hit me with whatever you have in mind, sir, I assure you he's not the only one with a commanding voice!"



"I don't know… what that means…" Amy says in a similarly slow and questioning tone.


"Oh hey, this is great! Who could've guessed we'd be paired up for the first performance," Pryce comments on the coincidence after their earlier meetup.


"Ever watched The Lion?" Hope asks Gabriele and Pryce as they step up on stage. "I want you to play that scene where Rafiki is holding up the Lion king to the animal kingdom."

That is all he says, without specifying which of you two would be Raifiki and who would be Simba

"Harumph." Volkama grunts with displeasure at your answer. He seems to be losing his patience. He steals away another student's Trumpet from behind him.

"Vhat! How can you do vis to me!" You hear frieschutz voice some outrage from behind Volkama, but he ignores her for the moment. Volkama gives the Trumpet to Amy.
In a stern sentence her says "Play me something."



"Okay!" Amy says, having no qualms with putting her lips to a use mouthpiece.

Amy plays her best rendition of "When the Saints Go Marching In".

>[1d10] for good trumpet playing!

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Of course, it's a classic," Pryce responds. After the instructions are given, Pryce looks to Gabriele, holding out a hoof, ready to take the role of Rafiki to carry out Simba.


Gabriele forces the fakest grin she's ever put on. "Yes, what a happy coincidence." She chuckles, "Do try and keep up, will you?"

Gabriele offers a blank stare towards Mr. Hope, turning her head as her feathers ruffle out somewhat. "Aah…. ah… well, why… yes, I am familiar with the scene you speak of but," she chuckles, "Well, I mean, it isn't much to work with. There isn't even any dialogue, and, neither of us are quite suited to the role of Simba."


File: 1637034671397.png (1.88 MB, 1212x897, Capture.PNG)

Pic related is the auditorium from stage view. Except the lights are dimmed and there is a row of students seated in the front seats.


>neither of us are quite suited to the role of Simba."
"That is why I want you act like you are. ACT! Ms. Gabriele." Hope doesn't seem to respond well to complaining.


As Pryce offers up his hoof, she takes one look at it as she narrows her eyes as he insinuates to carry her like a baby lion. "No. Absolutely NOT!"


"There may be no dialogue, but it's all in the buildup of the scene."
Pryce comments, giving some helpful advice.

"Well… uh, are you sure you could do it?"
Pryce asks, unsure of how to asks if she could lift him without being insulting.


>"Well… uh, are you sure you could do it?"
"OF COURSE I CAN'T!" Gabriele shouts, "Look at me, I'm a delicate young griffoness, I couldn't pick up a big hulking stallion like yourself! But neither will I have you parading me around like… like… a newborn griffon cub! It's insulting!"

As Mr. Hope insists she act, Gabriele looks on pleading. "But… but… but…!" she start to stammer, before deflating in defeat, not wanting to disappoint - or cause trouble with - a teacher. "B-but of course! How silly of me! Hehe…" she forces a fake laugh, looking at Pryce as she forces herself to smile.

"Well then… I suppose you should… get on with it then, no need to keep the professor waiting…" She grinds her teeth, sitting down on the floor of the stage to be easier to heft up.


You do your best but it's not very impressive. Your notes aren't clear and you have no sense of volume. Your notes are played without any care for accenting. Nonethelee Volkama taps his conductor's wand against a music sheet stand in time with your performance. Overall the mediocrity of your performance is lost in the surrounding mediocrity of the classroom. As the random noises everyone else is making on their instruments is just as unskilled.

"That'll be enough, you got the job." Volkama says with little climax.

"Uh- vhen do I get my instrument back, hm?" Der Freischutz wonders outloud.

Something one of says stirs a memory in Hope.. about the war. "When my OFC had his legs shorn off from his cavalry unit taking heavy fire I had to carry his limp, dieing body 12 miles to the nearest airbase." His voice is singular in tone and calm, yet reverbs through the auditorium with the drama of his statement. "If you can't carry one another, then the actors may cup their partner by the waist to play the scene."


"How is it insulting? We're reenacting a movie."

When Gabriele relents, Pryce smiles.
"Alright, let's sell it," He says, ready to perform.

When gabby sits, Pryce uses the opportunity to play out set up of Rafiki walking to Simba's parents, remember the intro the best he can. His horn glows, using his telekinesis to help lift Gabriele more comfortably, and putting one hoof respectable under her back to look that he is carrying her. He steps forward to the front of the stage slowly, holding her more to the side to give that little bit of hidden from sight aspect, until he reaches the front of the stage, where he lifts her high up overhead in the climax.
>Performance [1d10]

Roll #1 3 = 3


File: 1637036362926.png (124.53 KB, 300x414, unhappy gabby.png)

As Hope suddenly relieves a horrifying war flashback, Gabby's eyes open wide as she can't help but look helplessly around the theater for some sort of rescue from this horrible awkwardness as he lays out his trauma on the class like that. "Oh… uh…" is all she can say in response to his eerily calm tragic backstory.

As he says that if they can't pick them up, cupping by the waist is acceptable Gabriele sighs in relief. "Oh, well, in that case OHMY!!!" She's caught off guard as she's scooped up in Pryce's telekinesis, looking down with barely hidden disdain at the alicorn. However, as she sees him getting into character, Gabriele puts on a dopey face, extending out her arms and legs like Simba did as a cub with little to no enthusiasm, basically appearing like a stiff, angry little simba-cub
[1d10] Performance to appear as displeased as possible.

Roll #1 7 = 7



"You can have this one back," Amy says, presenting the instrument to Freischutz. "It's… a little used now, though," she says with a small giggled. "Sorry about that…"

"Get we get another trumpet over here, Mr. Volkama?" Amy asks loudly.


File: 1637037274837.png (1.02 MB, 1458x814, theanimalkingdomgreetspryc….PNG)

"Vhank'yu! Cherry~" Der Freichutz says as she is handed her instrument. She promptly trumpets a perfected jazz solo to celebrate the reunion.

You still have Volkama's gaze on you "hrm, you have my permission to fetch one from the pile." Volkama points over to a pile of cases and instruments laying about in the instrument gallery at the back of the room.

As he digresses from you hear him saunter over to Gadriel and you can hear to the effect of much drama in his voice "So you think you can play the Kazoo??!"


You earn nothing but Hope's quiet observation. Nobody knows this, but He is currently focusing on hearing the Lion King soundtrack in his head. That is until he realizes there is zero effort being given by the audience.

"What are you waiting for cadets!" He begins shouting like a drill seargent. The student crowd is shaken his roaring volume, frozen for a moment until Hope commands them "You're the animal kingdom! Praise you're new king!" He points to the crowd announcing them as animals "You're elephants. I want to hear elephants" The he points to another portion of the crowd "Zerbas! Whiney! WHIIINEEEYY!!"
And then another portion of your classmates "Monkeys! Tantrum! Throw a tantrum!"

Without much time passing the audience of students assemble a chorus of animal noises. As many of them fake whineying, stamping their hooves on the ground, other flail their arms infront of their face like a trunt and make elephant noises, while the rest make racorous monkey screeches.

Inexplicably A spotlight shine on gabriele and Pryce like a light shone from heaven, amid the performance.

The elective class bell rings and it is time to make your way to your final class. P.E. After your teacher dismisses you, you file into the highschool corridors among the other crowds of students pouring into the halls.



Amy gives Freichutz a round of applause at the masterful playing.

Amy collects the spare instrument, but doesn't get much a chance to use it as the class bell rings.

Amy skips excitedly out of the classroom. "Time for P.E.!" she sings happily. "Best class!"

She exits with Gads and Shei nearby since they were sitting together. "You guys will loooove P.E.! It's just playing and then you get a grade for it!"

Then, she suddenly gets a serious expression. "But, first you two need to go unlock that guy you locked in the closet. If you don't want to, then I'll do it myself."



Punish lets out a long sigh as she approaches the worst part of the day: changing in the locker rooms. P.E. is fine. It's actually almost good. But, she hates the awkwardness of the locker room…

She makes sure to get to the locker rooms first and get changed before the bulk of the people arrive. She does her best to look at no one and draw no attention to herself.

Despite being geared up for P.E. class, she continues to wear her long gloves that go almost up to her shoulders.


Pryce looks down as Mr. Hope gets the rest of the students to act out the animal crowd. He really goes above and beyond for the performances it seems. Even having a spotlight shine down too for the final beat.

After they finish, Pryce sets Gabriele down.
"That went pretty well, don't you think?"

As the bell rings, Pryce heads off towards gym class, expecting a bit there knowing the energy that's in the air after the first full day of classes.


Gabriele continues to look infinitely displeased with everything in regards to life at this moment, up until the light shone down on her and Pryce. In that moment, looking down at all the 'animals' praising the coming of their new Queen, a small smile formed up on Gabriele's beak, and her stiff and hateful expression turned to one of concealed indulgence as she spread her wings and accepted the glory, imagining it in a different sort of tone / setting as she pictured what upcoming elections might look like… for Class President.

Lightly chuckling to herself amid the fantasy, Gabriele is shocked as the bell rings, blinking in surprise as they're released from their performance. After she's (presumably) set down by Pryce, she turns to look him dead in the eye, pointing a talon at his muzzle. "You will tell NO ONE of this." She says promptly before hurriedly running to grab her bag, and make her way to PE, trying to hide the blush underneath her feathers.


After Pryce sets her down, Gabriele does not answer the question, quickly moving down to pick up her bag and quickly flapping up to the stage, a light twinge of pink beneath her feathers. "You will tell NO ONE of this." She says promptly, before quickly retreating away from the stallion towards the exit.


"Why? That was a great show." Pryce says as Gabriele walks off. He tilts his head in confusion before heading off to his next class as well.

"Huh, guess she's stage shy." He mutters to himself.


File: 1637038789505.jpeg (216.22 KB, 1200x800, 1_9bGtVyWq2Yt5TNZ3oGe8Rw.jpeg)

You all make your way for the school's gymnasium for your final class P.E. What the acronym stands for nobody knows. What you do know is that this is one of your few classes that is a composite of freshman, sophmore, juniors, and seniors alike. As you file through the entrance you find the lights are off and the place is quite dark to your confusion. It doesn't seem like there is a class taking place all. The entrance is housed by an archway that holds up the gymnasium stands for people to sit in to watch games played in the gym court.

As you pass the archway into the gym court you find that the entire area of the floor is covered with fog, lapping against your movements.

Shei-Sher and Gadriele almost knock into you as they hurriedly pass by you. "Excuse me!" You see Gadriele placing fog with a portable dry ice machine. And Shei-Sher is dressed in a orange safety vest while wielding orange guiding rods. He wears a yellow safety helmet as he guides the student body into the gym court "This way please. Please file into the gymnasium court, thank you."

The two freshman hang their head low, saddened to have disappointed their upper classmen "Okay, you're right." Shei emits apologetically.

"Maybe we did take that one a little too far." Gadriele admits.

The three of you hurry as there isn't much time before the next bell. Shei and Gadriel lead Amy to outside the highschool to a nook in the courtyard at the border of the highschool where the janitor's supply room is.

To your surprise the Supply room is unlocked and even more the room is mostly empty save for a standing shelf with supplies. In the corner of the room is the locker where you can only guess is where their victim is held.

Shei-Sher makes quick work of picking the lock they used to seal the locker and you find that it was Fox locked in the locker. He is tied up with toilet paper and snoring peacefully in a deep sleep.


Pryce enters the gymnasium, pausing when he sees it all covered in fog. As Shei and Gadriele nearly topping into them as they pass, Pryce looks at the two with concern.
"What's all the fog for? Isn't this a hazard for the class?"


As Gabriele enters the gymnasium, she's right in the middle of preparing to go to the girl's locker room to change before she sees the clear spectacle going on here with the fog being spread across the gym, and the oddly dressed little goat stirring up a ruckus in directing everyone to file in.

She turns towards Pryce, clicking her beak in the process. "Indeed, it is. One moment, *I* shall handle this…" she says with determination, stomping her way intimidatingly towards the tiny goat in the orange safety vest.

She taps him on the shoulder, then putting her talons on her hips. "Excuse me! Might I ask what you think you're doing? This is supposed to be the group PE period!"


>After first period

"You're saved, Foxxy!" Amy says as she finds him asleep. "You're welcome! I already gave these two hooligans a talking to!"


"What are you two up to now?" Amy asks Shei and Gadds suspiciously, assuming that they're being mischievous again.



"Oh thanks goodness!" Punish declares with intense sarcasm. "The chief of discipline is one the case!"


Gabriele is aware of the sarcastic tone, but decides to play on the opportunity as she cries in faux-relief in the midst of so many potential voters. "Yes, yes, dear, you need not concern yourself anymore! Your head of the Disciplinary Committee shall handle things, as you would expect her toooo~!" She says in a sing-song voice, more so to the other students around Punish so as to earn their favor.



Punish just lets out a long sigh.


"Nothing bad!" says Gadriel

Shei-Sher turns his radio on "Rodger Dodger, we have an unruly civilian. over"

"Ten four- she looks like she means business. over." you hear a voice from the radio.

Otherwise Shei seems to completely ignore your response in order to carry on with his work


"Gadds cue the lights." You hear shei's voice off somewhere and at once an array of spotlight shine, accompanied by music playing over the Gymnasium ceiling speakers.


The spot lights line up at the precipice of the bench stands above you. The lights land upon a Zebra's back, green jersey and track pants lit up by the spotlight. He turns around to reveal its none only than your gym teacher, Buiwong!
He begins a precarious sprint, stepping on each of the stand benches as he finally jumps on a mini trampoline at the bench floor.

Buiwong flies into the air in a spining, flipping pirouette. He lands on his feet before you, as a splash of fog dashes away from his landing. Seemingly from no where he produces a bat in hoof and bats an oncoming baseball thrown to him.

Gadriel is seen with a mitting running backward to catch it but instead gets hit in the face "Ow!"

With a flourish Buiwong spins the bat and tosses it into the air, a single hoof held out to catch it. Except the bat never falls. A dramatic amount of time passes and the bat still isn't seen to have fallen anywhere, but the song does end, closing the performance.

"Hello class, I'll be your P.E. Teacher Buiwong. Pleased to meet you all."

You feel like you should be clapping, with some hesitation other students in the begin to clap politely for the performance. And the gym lights turn off.

Gadriel and Shei hurry to the front of the gym to return the equipment. You can see Shei stopping by Buiwong briefly to ask "-and about that favor?"

"Sure thing, it's yours." Buiwong says


Fox's snore bubble pops him awake in response to Amy's yelling. "Huh wha- you!!?" Fox exclaims as he unceremoniously spills out the locker.

He gets up to briefly dust himself off. He points to his own eyes and then points to the three. "You three are nothing but trouble." He finally states before promptly leaving the room for his next class.


As Shei seems to ignore her entirely, Gabriele's feathers literally ruffle up, her talons reaching over to grab the goat by the scruff of his neck. "Unruly!? Now listen here, you upstart little… I am the Student Council Discipline Committee's duly elected head! And if YOU don't want a referral for a month's detention, at LEAST, then you will clean up this garish little mess you've made and…"

As the music kicks off, Gabby lets go of Shei in surprise, looking up to see the flying zebra springing through the air, landing perfectly and hitting off the baseball squarely towards Gadriel in the face, wincing in pain as she sees her fellow griffon get knocked out before looking on at the triumphantly posing gym teacher standing in the middle of the gymnasium.

She clears he throat, putting on fair airs for a teacher, as she approaches, "Ah, my, yes, that was a WONDERFUL introduction, Mr. Buiwong! I uh…" she clears her throat, looking towards Shei. "I take it this was all under your approval, then? I mean… it was quite irregular…"


Pryce looks up as the light comes on, shining over Mr. Buiwong, their gym teacher, though this at the moment feels more like drama class.
He watches the performance, wincing as Gadriel is hit by the ball. At the end of it all, Pryce gives a few stomps of applause, the oddity of the introduction throwing off the spectacle.
"Pleased to be here, Mr. Buiwong. But, uh… should we clear out the fog now?"



"She means it was stupid," Punish says in an annoyed tone at the teacher. "Can we throw some balls around now or something…?"



"It wasn't STUPID!" Amy says, defending the teacher. "It was just… kinda…" she puts a hoof-paw to her chin to think of the right word. "Pointless?"

She nods in satisfaction at the word choice. "But, Coach is always doing stuff like that, it's kinda cute," she says with a giggle.


Then, Amy notices Pryce for the first time today.

"Ooooh! Speaking of cuuuute," Amy says with a big grin on her face. She hops over to Pryce and leans against him like a dog looking for attention.

"Hiiii, Pryyyyce! I haven't seen you aaaall summer," she says in the flirtiest tone she can muster. "I missed you!"


"Oh, hey Amy!" Pryce says with a smile as she hops over to him.
"Yea, this summer was a little busy. How was yours?"


Gabriele gasps in an exaggerated fashion, "W-why I said no such thing, Punishment! Just that, it's rather… distracting."

"Well, 'pointless' might be a tad too harsh for our," she chuckles, "ESTEEMED physical education instructor, hehehe…" she chuckles, "But, as traditional as it is for Mr. Buiwong to put on such a spectacle, as this year's DULY ELECTED Student Council Disciplinary Committee chair, I do feel it is my responsibility to perhaps, point out such grievances." She says, trying to seem as political as possible to both sides.



For the briefest of moments, Amy deadpans at the complete lack of affection in Pryce's response. But, then her bubbly smile returns and she doubles down.

"Ooooh, busy?" she asks in an interested tone. "What were you doing? I hope it didn't involve any summer romance that didn't include me!"


You see the pale of terror screen over Shei's face as he takes the first moment of distraction to flee your talons.

"That will be fine Mister Etac. The fog is pleasantly dramatic."

"We're getting there, but first I need to make class introductions and show you to your changing rooms."

You hear Mocha voice out her concerns "It was pretty bold Buiwong! Can you save the routines for the games." A quasi gothic lolita dressed spider-mare complains.

"Little spider I won't have to put in that much effort for another year. And I don't remember us being on a first name basis young lady." Buiwong chides Mocha

"Sorry.." He apologizes, crestfalen.


"Alright, alright settle down class. Now for the most part people have treated my class as a goof off class. Well I'm here to tell you that if you are going to goof of that is your prerogative. The world needs underarchievers like you so that it's over achievers can have someone to achieve over. It's like the food chain. There is a bottom of the food chain. Like mycelium. You see a lot of you are like mushrooms dangling at the jungle floor and the then king of the jungle comes around and digs you up to cover his poop. If that is your destiny in life I'm not here to fault you for it. I'm here to manage the baseball team -Go Ecclessia!- and provide a sort of cushion between classes for the teachers. That means if you prefer to walk the bleachers instead of doing laps or hitting the weights you will be awarded the same grade as the people who actually try in life. Do I have any questions before we move on?"



"As much as I hate to agree with the mutt," Punish says, gesturing at Amy's pathetic attempt at flirting. "She's right. It was pretty pointless. Which I would call stupid."


"Way ahead of you," Punish says as Buiwong talks about changing rooms. She gestures down to her wearing her P.E. uniform from last year which she brought with her specifically so she could get changed before everyone else.


"I say we let the underachievers try harder. Just creates better competition," Punish disagrees with Buiwong's world view.



Amy ignores everything else as she devotes the entirety of her attention to Pryce, staring at him longingly. While right next to him.


Pryce chuckles a little as Amy hopes he didn't have a fling.
"Went to a summer camp for acting, even picked up a little singing too. My little brother picked up skateboarding too, so that's been a time and a half helping out."

"I… alright."
Pryce says, accepting the fog as staying.

As Buiwong gives his speech of under and overachievers, Pryce can't help but frown at the usual presentation.
"We really shouldn't encourage underachieving. Everypony should reach out for their full potential."

Pryce looks to the side, seeing Amy's focus entirely on him.
"Come on Amy, this is class time, you should at least pay a little attention during that."



"Summer camp!?" Amy says, sounding genuinely concerned. "But, that's where all the best summer flings happen!"

"Pryce, don't tell me-" she starts before Pryce cuts her off by telling her to focus on class.

"F-fine!" she says in a huff. "I see how it is! I'll just have to try harder to beat her - whoever she is!"


"W-Wait, there isn't anypony else!" Pryce says in his defense as Amy gets upset.


Gabriele decides to overlook Shei's terrified expression, but keeps a steady eye on the goat as she directs herself to her seat in preperation for Buiwong's speech. As it proves to be a long and… somewhat demoralizing affair over the state of the student body being mushrooms for the kings of the jungle to feast on. As it comes to an end, Gabriele raises her talon.

"Ah… just for clarification, sir… you're saying if we DON'T participate in activities, we still receive a passing grade in the class?"

As Amy flirts with Pryce, Gabriele can't help but roll her eyes and whisper to Punish, "My gods, what is her deal? Does she know the Colt Scout?"


Buiwong's glower shines on you with discontent like how the sun shines in the Sahara "That's gross. We got new uniforms for everyone. Wearing your old uniform is not an option."

"Then you two can explain that to the ponies that are going to walk the bleachers. I don't know why you're telling me."

Buiwong blows his whistle as he points to you, the griffon raising her hand. He answers "That is correct. P.E. is an almost completely leisurely class, we have activities but as long as your aren't disruptive or go missing feel free to use that time however you like."

"Follow me class." Buiwong leads you all into the boys changing room. He's just showing you around don't worry.
"These are the boys' locker rooms, the Girl's are on the other side of the room. You'll be claiming your locker tomorrow. Now Vortigern is in charge of the ladies P.E. but she's busy with other things today so I have teach coed style for now. But usually you'll be segregated by gender."

Buiwong points you into a dark office space within the same changing rooms "This is my office, I'm almost never in here because the changing smells like sweat. So for the most part I use it as storage."
You see the office is filled with boxes, nick nacks, you think that might be a sleeping mat underneath the desk. And in one spot in the room a pile of folded P.E. clothes.

"I don't have list. You can all go ahead and take a any P.E. uniform, that's fine. Boys change here, Girls will go to their respective changing room and change there. Then everyone report back to the Gym Court. We're playing dodgeball today!" Buiwong blows his whistle signaling everyone get into gear and follow directions.



"Gods, your head really couldn't get any further up your own ass, could it?" Punish scolds Gabby for not knowing her own constituents.

"That's Amy, a cheerleader. That slut of a mutt has 'dated' like half the baseball team. And, Pryce is one of the star players. So, naturally, her predatory instincts kick in around him. It's disgusting," she says loudly enough for Amy to hear.


When Buiwong tells Punish that she can't wear her old uniform, Punish practically deflates. There goes her clever idea.

When they are told to grab a uniform and go change, she quickly grabs one and heads to the girls' locker room as fast as she can.


"Oh… well then!" Gabriele says happily as she takes out her bag, not even bothering to make her way to the girl's locker room as she starts looking over some of her homework she got from her earlier classes. "I could get an early start on all this nonsense, then." She happily starts writing down with a pencil and paper without going to the girl's locker room first to get changed, not anticipating if Vortigern would take any issue of the girls not even getting into uniform for the class.

"Well, EXCUSE me for not knowing the name of every jock, nerdling, and diva in the school!" She bites back, pointing her talon, "You know, I bet if I did the minimal amount of digging, I could find something you should probably be in after-school correction for."

As she explains who Amy is, she turns to look towards the wolf pony, rubbing her beak. "Still, all that said, I am surprised I missed her. Cheerleaders and athletes at least are worth getting to know, lots of pull with the student body. Though, she's a rather promiscuous little thing, isn't she? HALF the baseball team you say."



When Punish calls Amy gross, Amy sticks her tongue out in Punish's direction.


"Oh, Pryce, I knew you cared!" Amy says lovingly as she nuzzles her fluffy cheek into Pryce's neck.


Upon being shown the boy's locker room, Amy can't help but have a mischievous look on her face. When Buiwong mentions it smells like sweat, Amy says, "Yeah it does," like Buiwong meant it in a good way.

She subtly stays in the back of the line to be one of the last to get a uniform. And, when she does finally take one, she sneaks away to a dark corner of the locker room to spy on the boys while they change.

>Transparency: passive; Crystal coats are known for attracting attention making sneaking and hiding more risky for your kind. Few crystal ponies however, don’t shine as bright or stand out all that much. Blending into the scenery better even thanks to their see-through form. When wearing minimal armor (jewelry, trinkets and minor accessories are fine) you gain a passive DC-1 to stealth and hide rolls.

>stealth roll [1d10] DC-1

Roll #1 5 = 5


Pryce follows along as they're giving a tour to the changing rooms and Mr. Buiwong's office. When he announces that the game of the day is dodgeball, Pryce can't help but get a little excited. It was always a fun game.

He picks out a uniform of his size from the folded pile, making sure not to leave it a mess after, and finds a spot in the changing room to change after all the girls have left to go to their room.


Pryce's face takes a small tint of red, taking a back step after Amy nuzzles up to him.
"A-Amy, c-could you not do that in public, please," He stammers back in response.



"Fine," Amy says before getting closer to whisper. "We'll save it for private," she whispers with a wink.

Then, they part ways.



"Honestly, the less we talk about Amy, the better," Punish says, sounding like it's a sore subject.


"You do any digging up on me, and I'll show YOU some Punishment," Punish says as she punches her hooves together threateningly.

Then, when Gabby shows absolutely 0 interest in P.E., Punish gives her a derisive look. "Really? Not going to mingle with your people in a rousing team-building activity? It would do good for your image?" Punish says alluringly.


You file into the locker before anyone else can get a chance to beat you there. You arrive to empty rows of lockers and small benches. There is an office in here too, the changing room completely mirrors the boy's changing room.

You think you're alone here until you hear a high pitched "Eeep!!" You see a short horned demon Pony doing her best to drape a shirt over hereself. She has burn scars from her face to here body. "What are you doing here!"

Mocha, the only goth girl dryder in this school joins you in the bleachers setting her books down beside you "Did you under the math homework?"

You hide yourself into a locker, with only barely enough time to go unnoticed. Through the slits in the locker you can clearly see the boys changing.

You see that Shei and Gadriel are preparing to change just ahead of you. And other than a few other ponies whose names you don't know you see Fox among them, and he doesn't seem too happy about sharing space with them.

As he picks a locker to store his stuff he very obviously brushes againsst Shei shoving him against a metal locker.
Gadriel voices out concern "At least say something."

Fox "I have nothing to say to you runts."

Pryce busies himself changing. He noticed some rough housing going on in Shei and Gadriel's corner.


Pryce, mid change, turns his head towards the sounds of rough housing.
"Come on, save it for the game you guys."
He calls over to the group.



"Trying to get changed," Punish grumbles at the demon pony. She tries to office door to see if it's unlocked.


Fox turns head to Pryce "These freshmen threw me in a locker! For two periods!"
"And you touched our rumps! So you're a queer and a pushover!" Gadriel retors.

Fox ignites "If you cannot appreciate my mercy, you'll enjoy my wrath!" and wrestles Gadriel down with four of his tails and two of his arms as the metallic Chimera struggles.

"Hold him there! Gadds!" Shei twists a towel, ready for retaliation he delivers a whip to Fox's hinny
[1d10] for towel whipping

She stands up, without looking at you she stammers "Sorry!" And runs out of the changing room. It's your guess she is probably going to change in the ladies bathroom.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Neither of those is reasons to get into a brawl in the locker room. You can report that proper after," Pryce says to diffuse the situation, until Fox jumps on Gadriel.
"Hey, hey!" Pryce shouts, marching over shirtless to their brawl to split it up.
"Alright that's enough! Break it up!"
Pryce says, pushing Fox off Gadriel and putting himself between the three of them.
>Push Apart [1d10]

Roll #1 6 = 6


[1d10+2] resist

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10



At first, Amy is frustrated that the eye candy she gets is Shei and Gadriel. But, when Fox shows up, she accepts this eye candy gladly. She was wondering how he would look in his underwear. And, she is satisfied with what she is seeing.

Then, she hears Pryce's voice and gets excited. She squirms around in the locker trying to find Pryce.


Then, he marches into view. Amy bites her lip as she happily watches this display. It's all she can do to stop herself from giggling with excitement.



"Nice," Punish says as she quickly takes the spot and gets changed before anyone else shows up.


Then, she heads back out to the gym where the pathetic bunch who won't even partake are already waiting.


Gabriele smirks as she comments on Amy again. "You two don't have history, do you? Perhaps… she found her way towards someone YOU might have had interest in…?"

As she threateningly stamps her hooves together, Gabriele throws up her talons mockingly. "Oh, so scary! Well, forgive me for prying… just remember, I've got my EYE on you." She says, pointing to said eye.

As she comments on how she's missing out on an opportunity to mingle with 'her' people, Gabriele looks at her with a shocked / distressed image. "What…?! But. but… my homework… and… the sweat? I could miss all of it!" She shouts back, before contemplating what she says as she sees several of the other girls starting to head towards the lockers.

Acknowledging she might have a point, begrudgingly, Gabriele waits until Punish makes her way to the locker room, and then looks towards Mocha herself. "Not a bit… you plan to skip this period too?"



As Gabriele comments on Punish's history with Amy, Punish just glares at her for a second.


When Punish arrives from the locker room, she spots Gabby, still not changed/changing. "Pathetic…" she says with a goading smirk.


As Punish comes back from the lockers, Gabriele still in her normal clothes, the griffon sticks her beak up. "Hmph. Well, I'm sure they'd understand why I cannot join them in the festivities. I'm on the Student Council, after all! I have responsibilities, obligations, extra work to be done for all THEIR benefit! In addition to my own homework I have to handle," she says, laying out her complicated math homework, "I have a good reason why I shouldn't - can't! - participate in P.E. with them."

She shivers, "As 'enticing' as the idea of getting all sweaty and worked up sounds."


The crowd of boys hear rumbling in an adjacent knocker but probably pay no mind to it amid the excitement.

Fox partitions the four of his tails to hold Pryce as he gets involved and Fox continues trying to suplex Gadriel, but the kid is making it difficult.

The grappling fails to break up but there is a stall in effort made in the next minute. Two shadows leer over you two. When turn to see who it is you find Gengenschein standing cross armed and stark naked and Living saint Zoantharia with nothing but a towel covering his lap.

"Ho- Ho! What do we have here. 3 on 1 doesn't seem like a very fair fight." Gengenschein's voice dominates the scene though he doesn't try too.

Him and Living Saint Zoantharia are licked with beads of water dripping along their musculature. They look as if they've gotten back from a fresh shower. Zoantharia speaks up "We were just throw some hot coals into a bucket but now are steam has been interrupted. Fox couldn't you take care of these 3 quietly? You couldn't possibly need help?"

Fox gulps nervously, understanding that in close quarters like this he'd get hurt from friendly fire.

"I think he does Zo?" Gengenschein threatens plainly.

You do just that except as you're about to head out a crowd of girls barrage you as they fill into the changing room all at once. In no time the room is filled with the scent of hair spray, the sound of hens chatting, squeeling running amok naked, and somehow the room just gets humid.

"If Buiwong lets me. I would much rather get home without anymore homework to do but Buiwong has always given me special treatment."



Punish shrugs. "Whatever. Not even sure why I'm talking to you, anyway."

She then proceeds to start doing some stretches.



Punish shudders just by being touched by them, let alone the mess they make in the locker room. She gets out as fast as possible.


typo correction:
>"We were just throw some hot coals into a bucket but now are steam has been interrupted. Fox couldn't you take care of these 3 quietly? You couldn't possibly need help?"

"We were just throwing some hot coals into a bucket but now our steam has been interrupted. Fox couldn't you take care of these 3 quietly? You couldn't possibly need help?"



Amy practically starts drooling when Gegenschein and Zoantharia come into full view. VERY full view in the case of Gegenschein.

Oh, no, wait. She IS literally drooling. She can't help it. She can't look away. This idea has worked out better than she ever could have hoped.


"Well, that makes TWO of us." Gabriele snaps back, looking back down to her homework in frustration as she rattles her brain over the formulas.

"Special treatment?" Gabriele asks curiously. "Did he give you this deal for P.E. last year, or something like that? Let you pass the class while doing nothing?"


Pryce struggles against the tails, caught by surprise with how serious Fox is taking it. When Gengenschein and Zoantharia enter, Pryce looks over to them.
"This isn't a 3 v 1 fight. I was stopping these two from fighting," Pryce says, gesturing to Fox and Gadriel.


She giggles charmingly for a goth girl "No, the opposite. He doesn't like me slacking off. Not one bit."

"Ecclessia" Shei curses from underneath a bench in the crowded locker row.

"Ah, hello there Shei." Gengenschein greets him amicably before addressing Pryce "I'm sorry about that dear boy. Gotta protect you're own you know how it is." He tells Fox "Fox. Save this for a sporting round of dodgeball. You're disrupting the sanctity of the locker room."

Fox "Y-yes Gengenschein." He lets go of his graps and the three of you all him to take his leave after the engagement is dispelled.

After changing you all find your way to the Gym court where Buiwong makes gingerly conversation while waiting for his students. Behind him are two cages full of rubber dodgeballs.

You hear the sound of a whistle blowing, calling you all forward "Form up!"

The students arrive group up together, you get the feeling teams for dodgeball are going to be called.

The activity in the locker room disintegrates, until finally the lights go off. You're all alone in a locker.


"Yea, in a way," Pryce responds to Gengenschein's 'protect your own' comment. After they're released and freed, Pryce looks to Shei and Gadriel after the others leave.
"You locked him in a closet for two periods? Regardless of what he did that's not something you do to a fellow student," He mildly scolds, hoping to steer them right and giving them a break for now.

Afterwards, Pryce goes to put on the rest of his uniform and heads out as they line up for dodgeball. He ponders what the teams will end up being.



Amy enjoys the show as long as it lasts. At one point in particular as she stares at Gegenschein's glory, she finds her hoof-paw slowly drifting down her body. Then, she stops herself. She might be depraved, but she isn't THAT depraved! She has SOME self-control!

She waits for everyone to file out of the locker room before she makes her safe escape, seemlessly sneaking into the crowd.


Whereupon she proceeds to stand next to Pryce again. She gives him a sideways glance and a grin that goes unexplained.



Punish stands in the line with a silent grin, excited to kick some dodgeball ass.


"He doesn't?" Gabriele asks again, now definitely perplexed. "Well then, why are you sitting on the bleachers with me instead? Won't he be upset?"

Gabriele continues to sit on the sidelines as the others line up for dodgeball, fully intent on taking Buiwong's offer to sit things out and still be given a passing grade and enjoying the idea of watching the rest of the class beat each other with dodgeballs.

She DOES take a bit of Punish's advice to heart though, and tries to show a little 'team spirit' while she's at it. "Come on girls, knock those boys' blocks off! Woooo!" She says with a little half-hearted 'woo' at the end, waving to the team as she quickly turns her attention back to her homework.



"Knock them OFF?" Amy responds with a giggle. "That's not how you flirt, Gabby!"


Pryce glances to Amy, and just takes this as standard Amy actions.


"Oh for the love of…" Gabriele groans as she reaches over her eyes.

"I'm SAYING - throw the balls at their heads really hard, is that more clear?"



"Well duuuuuh! That's how the game works!"



Punish can't help but chuckle at Gabby's struggle.


"Well, yes, I am AWARE of that, Amy…" Gabriele shouts, scratching her head, "I'm just, trying to encourage you to do it better than normal!"


The boys offer a downcast expression as you scold them "Yeah we know." Shei says "Amy already gave us a proper telling about that."

Mocha is about respond but before she can she's interrupted by the whistle. Buiwong yells after her "Mocha off the bleachers you're captaining the north team."

"But- b- Coach!" She voices her displeasure.

"Don't give me that-" Buiwong chastises her "No grand-daughter of mine is going to be a mushroom." He blows his whistle twice "Now don't make me ask again."

Mocha accepts her responsibility and takes the stairs off the bleachers "It was nice talking to you Gabriele. We should study group together for math some time."

"You" Buiwong points to Punish "You have the three qualities dodgeball necessitates in a team leader. Spunk, attitude, and sass. And you have all three. You're the south side team leader.

The whistle blows "Team Leaders! Pick your teamplayers." And Buiwong blows the whistle some more.




"Oooooh!" Amy says, finally understanding. "I can see why you're not a cheerleader," she says with a giggle.




Last time on Holy Kyusetsu!! Uchikeshi no Rapyuchitsu ga Koko ni! otherwise known as the HQ Highschool RomCom quest that is completely non-canon

The school day was nearing it's end with the student body convening at the gymnasium for P.E. Buiwong gave an excellent introduction that went underappreciated, but despite the reception he had the grace to impart everyone some life advice about being mediocre.

Afterward the boys and girls got acquainted with their new changing rooms, while Amy got down to some peeping from inside an unused locker.
In addition to half naked highschool boys Amy was witness to a rivalry unfolding between the ecclessia boys and Gadds, Shei, and Pryce. But things settled down and they agreed to take their frustration on a good ole game of dodge ball.

You are all present at the gym main floor or the bleachers.

Evil's Punish has been selected the south dodgeball team's captain! Buiwong calls you to come down in front of the group of students ready to play dodgeball, so you may present yourself as their team captain.

You may pick any students as your teammates from this list, Although some may refuse are argue before joining you.


Gabriele waves goodbye to Mocha as Coach Buiwong insists upon her getting up and participating in the activity, smirking to herself as she peacefully takes out her math homework and begins to toil over it, trying to piece it together while mumbling quietly to herself as she barely pays attention to the physical activity going on around her.



Punish looks around at her options. Amy hops up and down, raising her hoof-paw to be picked by Punish. However, Punish rolls her eyes and ignores her.


Her eyes rest on Pryce. "You," she says with a small grin.



Amy deflates when she isn't picked.


You dedicate yourself to working on some homework as you allow the P.E. period to pass you by. Just as well, other students that have resigned from any physical activity pass you by on the bleachers, simply walking laps to at least appear like their doing something as instructed by Buiwong. There are only a few other ponies seated at among the bleachers working on their homework. You note Mudi and Vizsla in one corner of the room working on their homework.

"Well come on boy get down here." Buiwong encourages Pryce to stand by Punish and represent himself as a part of the southside dodgeball team. Yet for some reason it doesn't seem you're getting his attention.

You might want to pick someone else until he shows up. You may pick up to a total of 6 dodgeball players including yourself. You may also pick them all at once if you want.

Mocha gives her pick some consideration before saying "Gegenschein."

"First pick!" Gegenschein brags "And a swell choice at that."

Mocha blatantly asks Gegenschein "Gen, do you want be leader?"


"Mocha." Buiwong chides her with just her name

"Sorry- Gegenschein would you like to be my right hand griffon.

"I can also do that." Gegenschein responds


Gabriele continues to work on her homework, growing increasingly frustrated with the concept of triangles and their stupid, pointless ratios as she scours over the meaning of sines and tangents. She takes a look over at Mudi and Vizsla as they decide to take off P.E. as well. She gingerly scoots her way over towards the pair of nerdy sisters, thinking of being able to squeeze in on the study session.



As the captains are picked, Pryce stands in line as the teams are formed, waiting for his turn. When Punish picks him first, Pryce smiles, walking over to Punish's side.
"I won't let you down captain!" Pryce says with entusiasm and a chuckle.


As Mocha and Punish pick team-members for dodge-ball, the doors to the gymnasium are thrust open by a powerful impact, the sounds of four hooves running desperately on the loud court wood echoing throughout the place as a young Freshman buffalo shouts out loudly towards the coach.

"WAIT, WAIT! I'M HEEEEEEERE!!!!" Shorthorns shouts out at the top of her lungs, no doubt drawing more than her fair share of attention as the tiny buffalo almost runs out a breath as she reaches the line-up. "Hahaha… hah… haha…." she pants for breath, "Sorry… Late… got lost… first day… huooo…" she says, almost collapsing from the exertion.



When it's Punish's turn to pick again, Amy once again starts bouncing with enthusiasm.



Punish points to Zoantharia specifically to separate him from Gegenschein. On subsequent rounds, she also points to Fox and Mudi.



Amy deflates at not being picked again.



Punish rolls her eyes. "You want to be on the same team as Pryce, don't you?"



Amy perks up and nods her head vigorously. She gives Pryce a wink, then looks back to Punish. She gives her puppy-dog eyes.



Punish rolls her eyes again. "Fine, I pick Amy…" she groans.


"Also her," Punish points in an authoritarian manner at the late arrival.


You meander over to on end of the witches respective bleacher, and slowly but surely you scooch your way into their vicinity. Sliding ever closer, they haven't even noticed yet. They can't even tell yet that you are subtlety inserting yourself into their group. The genius! Oh the subterfuge! They won't notice until it's too late!

And you just notice once you halted your pace the two witches are staring at you silently..

"There he is. Took you long enough." Buiwong comments

Good majority of heads do turn your way as you barge through the doors and onto the gym floor. Buiwong wastes no time scolding you "That's no excuse Flaming. You've been visiting the school grounds for the wrestling team. You should know this highschool like the back of your hoof by now. If you're late again you'll be running laps afterschool, I don't care if wrestling club is hosting practice or not."

Zoantharia is amendable to this. He gracefully takes a spot beside you on your team.

The others aren't so agreeable "No way!" Fox declares "I won't be teaming up with someone who associates with a certain goat. Count me out."

Mudi calls out from her spot on the bleachers down to you "Pick someone else." as she continues to work on her homework.

so far you have Pryce, Amy, and Living Saint Zoantharia. Pick 2 more.

"Hmmm" Mocha contemplates further "Who do you think is good?" She asks Gegenschein.

"Why don't we pick Fox, I like his spunk. And Ichimonji she's quite reliable. And I like that buffalo's girth, very rotund, good for absorbing some balls. What's their name?.."

Little Journey walks up to their group "Little Journey, boss."

"Glad to have you." Gegenschein welcomes him.


Flaming smiles, "Alright!" She says, before turning her head in confusion. "Me for what?"

Shorthorns scrunches up her nose, lowering her head grumpily as she stomps her hoof. "It is too an excuse…" she mumbles, "I never had to find my way down here from the stupid science lab…"

As you threaten her with laps though, that gets her attention. "Yes sir, won't be late again sir, promise sir!"


"That's not very sportspony-like. When picked for a team you support the team regardless of your differences off the court."
Pryce comments on Fox's declaration.


As she's inevitably spotted by the duo of witches, Gabriele at first freezes up. But moments later, the grey colored griffoness manages to put on her nicest of airs, waving her talons. "Hello there… good day. Um… I do apologize but, I just couldn't help overhearing, you two are working on trigonometry or, algebra or whatever it is, yes? Well, I just so happen to be doing my homework as well at the moment. Perhaps, we might be able to share notes? I think we could really help each other." Gabriele says, knowing she's going to be of no help but will gladly take theirs in turn.



"Her and…" Punish thinks for a moment. Then, she grins.

She points at Gabby up in the stands. "Her," she says loudly.



"Oh, Pryce, you're such a good sport," Amy says admiringly as she gets uncomfortably close to Pryce again. "Just the nicest, coolest, handsomest guy."


Gabriele is distracted as she hears Punish raise her voice, turning a quick eye to her before turning back to the witches, then glancing back as she sees the hoof leveled directly at her. "…WHO?"


"Who says I have to be a sportspony-like."

Buiwong mentions. "I'm afraid the kid's right, The gym operates on street rules Mr. Etac, you better get used to it."

The two witches look to each other and then look back to you. As Mudi is about to speak she is interrupted by Buiwong's whistle

The sharp tweet of Buiwong's whistle blows as he arbitrarily commands his authority "Alright, Gabriele, you're up get down here."



Punish's grin grows wider. "YOU. Would such an important figure in our student council really refuse to partake in a team-based activity?"


"Just being a team player," Pryce says humbly. As Amy gets far too close, Pryce gets a little uncomfortable. "You… are going to focus on dodgeball, right?"

"I'd argue why we have captains then, but it looks like our team has filled up anyways," Pryce comments as Fox remains stubborn and Buiwong backs him.


"…WOT?!" Gabriele shouts in the most faux-posh/Equish accent she can muster. "B-but but I… you said I had the option to sit out, she can't just pick me, I refuse!"

However, as Punish points out that her reputation seems to be put into question, Gabriele has a quick look around, worried glares on her face as she looks at each of the students in turn and realizes that Punish has cast the die already.

"…I… well, but of course I couldn't allow such a… 'travesty' like that to occur. Why, I would 'love'," she says the word without a hint of it in her snarled tone, "to participate in such a… team building exercise, hmm?"

She pauses, then looks down at herself, "OH! Why, how embarrassing though, I-I didn't change into my gym-outfit earlier! Oh, that could take me so long and, I just couldn't bear the thought of forcing you all to wait on just me…" she says, hoping her needing to change outfits might prove her salvation


Flaming quick moves over to Punish's side, smiling widely as she gets an activity to participate in a game. "Trust me, you won't regret this! I don't know what we're playing but I'm the star on the girl's wrestling team, I can take any of the softies on the other team. Just let me take the lead, alright?"



"We can wait," Punish says, continuing to grin. "Or, you could save the time and just change here," she adds with a laugh. "I mean, if you're SO pressed to not waste our time…"


Punish merely grumbles as Flaming mentions being the 'star' of the wrestling team.



Amy stares luridly into Pryce's eyes, still very close to his face. "Why Pryce, of COURSE I'm going to pay attention to whatever you want me to," she says, smiling kindly.


Flaming doesn't seem to acknowledge her annoyance at first, looking around and trotting about the court before asking, "So, what ARE we playing? Basketball?"


Gabriele lets out a gasp, a light blush appearing on her feathers as she tries to ignore any cat-calling that inspires from the boys. "Oh, you would like that would-…" she grumbles, before composing herself. "Well… if you're all willing to wait on little old me then, I suppose I must…" she says, taking a long, hard leer at Punish as she flies over to the girl's locker room to get changed, making sure she takes a little extra longer just for the sake of spite.


"Thats fine Gabriele. Everyone's eager to play, you can play in your regular clothes for today." Buiwong blows his whistle for everyone to get ready.

"And we'll take Evil's Judgement. A nice little foil to our enemy team captain." Gegenschein makes his last pick

"I heard that!" Evil's judgement says, not taking too kindly to being compared to a person she believes to imitate her in her every regard.

Buiwong blows his whistle "Everyone form up on your team's side, south team south, north team north. That should be simple enough. Now here are the rules.

Each round You may throw a ball at the opposing team, at either a specific member or one of it's un-named npc members. Getting hit with a ball means your are out. Meaning that the total of a team's members are it's collective hitpoints.

You have 14 extra un-named npcs added to your group to join you in making a volleys. totaling at 20hitpoints per team. Over time each group's volleys will whittle the npc member's down.

Hitting named dodgeball players requires a roll to beat DC9 while there are still un-named npcs. Though low rolls against named dodgeball players may catch them off balance lowering the dc next round or hit adjacent un-named players.

Catching a ball will allow you to choose which downed teammate to revive

"Ready?" Buiwong asks the respective groups.

As a dramatic pauses lingers in the air, a row of dodgeballs line the center of the floor.

Inexplicably Shei-Sher and Gadriel seemed to have slipped into your team without Buiwong noticing +2 hitpoints to your team. (22 hitpoint total)




As soon as the whistle is blown, Punish spreads her wings and dashes toward the balls in the middle. She grabs one, backs up slightly, and holds it in front of herself with one hoof. She closes one eye to aim her shot.

With the other hoof, she punches the ball as hard as she can, aiming directly for Gegenschein. Big target and a threat to her own team.

>Slam: recharge 1; damages the enemy via a crushing body slam. Crits on 9+

>Unorthodox makes it a weapon ability
Charge: passive; Your attacks are treated as as having a Weapon tag, chosen when you take this skill.
>Punish's hooves are considered heavy weapons
>Martial Defender: passive; You take +2 hits before going helpless (if you had 5, you now have 7, etc), and Slam crits on 8+
>Crits on 7+

Roll #1 10 = 10


Seeing Punish starting so strong out of the gate, the young freshman buffalo calf grins to herself, snorting as she scrapes her hooves against the hard wood floor of the gym, eager to not be outdone. She shoots out after the nearest available ball, using her head to bounce it up off the ground and immediately head-butt it towards Little Journey, finding a fellow buffalo as a worthy adversary.

All Or Nothing: Recharge 1; When all else fails, use your head. Autocrits. All failures count as critical. Can be used while helpless.

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3


Gabriele looks shocked as the whistle blows, the academic griffoness very much out of her element in such a violent sport. "Oh my…" she says to herself, using her wings to take up to the sky and merely keep out of danger, not knowing if using one's wings are against the rules or not.

[1d10] Purely dodge roll, trying not to be hit by the onslaught of oncoming rubber balls

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Eheh… Good… Could you focus on the ball then, and, uh…" Pryce takes a step back as Amy stares right into his eyes, too close for comfort. "Yea, that's good."

As the whistle blares to start the game, Pryce quickly goes to gather a few balls, denying the other team the chance to knock their players out, and throwing one too to get in a quick knockout.
>Throw [1d10]
>Homing Magic [Gathering dodgeballs] [1d10]

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 8 = 8



"Pay attention to your- Oh! Right! The game!" Amy says, her eyes going wide. She follows behind Pryce and takes a playful-doggy position. She is ready to do what doggies do and catch balls out of the air to protect either herself or Pryce.

[1d10] to be ready to catch a ball

Also, she watches Pryce work his magic and says, "Oooh! Good idea!"

>Prayer of Enlightenment to learn Homing Magic

Roll #1 4 = 4


Little Journey neglects getting a ball instead he stomps on the ground causing the gymnasium to shake and throwing off your un-named npc's volley by -2 dice

>This spell must be sustained each round to remain active


You are direct in your advance and without reproach you capture a ball in claw before anyone can get the advantage on you and shoot the ball with a single punch.

Gegenschein having grab his ball, stands triumphantly at the front poised to dash an unfortunate victim with his ball. That is, until he realizes rubber ball bouncing squarely off his chest. It whips with a loud rubber smack sound, though Gegenschein is unphased. An un-named npc beside him is smacked to the ground by the ball ricocheting off him.

"Well that's what I get for showboating." Gegenschein picks up the downed student and resigns to the sidelines.

Little Journey dodges your attack without much effort "Hi Flaming, I didn't notice you there." he gloats

2 other players jump in to focus you down.

Mocha sends a flurry of webs to keep you trapped at the front end of the game

>Lasts until the webs are destroyed. reduces DC to hit opponent to DC6, applied next round


Fox jumps ahead of Mocha, each of his 4 tails and two hooves armed with a ball.


Living Saint Zoantharia steps in to inure you from danger. A force field of shimmering light erects around you.


Although you miss a ball throw you manage to deprive the enemy team of several balls, lowering their volley dice by -1 for one round

Ichimonji steps to the center of the floor with her eyes train on you. She dances a ball on the tip of her sword, using it's flat side she smacks the ball toward you.


Evil's Judgement focuses on you, seeing you as a prime threat after you take out Gegenschein.

>Slam: recharge 1; damages the enemy via a crushing body slam. Crits on 9+

>Unorthodox makes it a weapon ability
Charge: passive; Your attacks are treated as as having a Weapon tag, chosen when you take this skill.
>Judgement's hooves are considered heavy weapons
>Martial Defender: passive; You take +2 hits before going helpless (if you had 5, you now have 7, etc), and Slam crits on 8+
>Crits on 7+

>Going to count the crit of 7+ as a dc7 to hit

>And martial defender gives you two dodgeball hits before you're out of the game.

Roll #1 4 + 3 = 7 / Roll #2 7 + 3 = 10 / Roll #3 4, 2, 2, 1, 1, 3 = 13 / Roll #4 1 + 4 = 5 / Roll #5 9 = 9 / Roll #6 7 = 7


South team volley

>-2 from Little Journey's skill


North team volley

> -1 from Pryce stealing balls


Roll #1 2, 2, 7, 6 = 17 / Roll #2 7, 7, 1, 6 + 1 = 22


A flurry of balls fly around you all as they assail random teammates beside you

south volley score 2 hits

north team scores 3 hits

South Team is at 19 hitpoints

North team is at 16 hitpoints


Pryce's eyes shift over the enemy team, seeing which should be priority. His own team looks to be strong on defense, with Punish being a strong attacker with her opening throw. He settles to Fox, seeing him throw out a volley of balls, though none of them looking to be all that effective. Still, that can't be some to let happen again. But, he can't go direct right away. Pryce grabs a ball ,throwing it to take out another of the unranked number, and then moves to his plan. His horn gives a dull flash, heating up as he focuses his magic as he grabs another ball to prepare for his next move.

>Throw [1d10]

>Smite [1d10+2]

>Smite: Recharge 3, spell, [+2 from 3 BP]; Open a gate to your chosen deity, summoning their power to raze your foes. Hits all enemies in a target area and marks them to be struck down. Next turn, all your attacks on any enemies marked by Smite will autocrit on success.

>Conjure Weapon [Empowering the ball for next round] [DC5] [Single, Dual] [1d10+1]

>Conjure Weapon: instant spell, recharge 3; conjures a magic weapon of any one type for the duration of combat. Can apply any Elementalist effect you know. Crit applies Quality +1 to the weapon. Summoning a second weapon destroys the old one.
>Emblem of the King: passive; Weapons created by Conjure Weapon get a second weapon tag. Weapons are +1 by default, and +2 on a critical conjuring roll. Landing a critical hit with a Conjured weapon grants that weapon another +1 (does not stack).

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 9 + 2 = 11 / Roll #3 7 + 1 = 8


Gabriele continues to keep an aerial advantage over the field, the prissy student council chair crying out as she bobs and weaves out of every thrown shot in the madness below. "Gah! H-hey, watch it! That one almost hit me, I know your names you know, I'll write them down after all this!"

[1d10] Gabriele continues to keep looking after her own tail and dodge

Roll #1 2 = 2



Amy tries to catch Ichimonji's ball.

>[1d10] to catch

Defying all reason, logic, and known laws of magic, Amy starts copying Pryce, despite not having telekinesis. She starts gathering balls around her with some unknown force.

>Homing Magic


Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 7 + 3 = 10


As her ball misses Journey, Shorthorns grunts and stomps her hoof. "Ooooh, Journey! Stay still and lemme hit you, already!" She says, chasing after him looking for another ball to launch
[1d10] Throw

She gasps as she notices Mocha firing webs in her direction, crying out as she tries to dodge out of the way. "Gah! Hey, is she allowed to use those?!" She cries out towards Buiwong as she tries to fire another fierce shot in Mocha's direction
[1d10+1] All or Nothing

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 1 + 1 = 2



Punish sees the ball coming at her and tries to dive out the way.

[1d10] dodge

"Seriously? You're just going to copy me like that?" she asks in annoyance.

She grabs another ball and punches it at Judgement.


>crits on 9+

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 1 = 1


You whip through your the floor grabbing a ball and deftly taking out an un-named enemy. You grab another ball in fiery magic and with your next motion the ball slams like a nuke onto on Fox, a blast fire unfurling on the gymnasium floor. As he is covered entirely in soot once the blast fades.

Buiwong blows his whistle "Walk it off fox, walk it off."

You successfully prepare a ball with fiery magic. +2 on next round's dodgeball throw.

"Solider's! on my mark!" You hear Ichimonji command 5 other un-named students to join her in throwing balls you. As your flight appears to have struck a nerve with the student body. They will not be looked down on.


To Ichimonji's dismay you catch her ball. Her eyebows raise. She stands with her sword in front of her, ready to withstand your next move.

You summon 5 balls in fiery levitation around you, ready to be thrown next round as 5d10

Also you may revive a downed player since you caught a ball. If there are none then your bring back an un-named npc gaining 1 hitpoint for the team.

"Nope. Maybe some other time Shorty." Journey skillfull dodges another ball as he sustains his earthquake. Pounding his hooves onto the gym floor


As you voice your complaint to Buiwong he simply looks the other way and says "What- I didn't see anything."

You try to charge out of the webbing by fall over and simply tangle yourself deeper in the webs.

Mocha very meekly tries to recover for Fox and with both hands throws a ball at you as you lie down on the floor.

[auto succeeds because of critfail unless blocked by Zoantharia]

Zoantharia forms a solid light shieldover you to block it
>Blocks attacks from one attacker

You expertly dive out of the ball's way but as you ready yourself again another ball flies over to your head. It just barely grazes your ear not clearly hitting you.

>Martial defender proc'd

One more dodgeball hit and you're out

Roll #1 6, 3, 9 = 18 / Roll #2 7 + 3 = 10 / Roll #3 2 + 4 = 6


Zoantharia Blocks Flaming from harm for now.

South team volley

>-2 from Little Journey


North Team volley has been divided up by Ichimonji


The volley of balls collide into you all at once ending your flight. You're out of the game unless Amy decides to call you back in after securing your catch.

Roll #1 7, 10, 10, 5 = 32 / Roll #2 10, 2 + 2 = 14


Also team hitpoints is at:

South team 18

North team 11


With Fox out, Pryce looks for the next target to take out. Hearing Ichimonji calling for a barrage and playing strategist, Pryce sets his sights to her. He throws his ball out towards her, then turns to see Flaming pinned down by the webs. He runs over, horn glowing to peel the webs back to help her up.
"Are you alright?"

>Throw at Ichimonji [1d10+2]

(Both being used to remove the webs)
>Telekinesis [1d10]
>Mantra of Purity [1d10+1]
>Mantra of Purity: Recharge 1; Instant; Breaks all (if any) status effects on the target and makes them immune to status effects for three turns.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6 / Roll #2 1 = 1 / Roll #3 6 + 1 = 7


Gabriele looks down at the slurry of balls coming up at her from below and her eyes look downcast. "Oh poo."

As they collide, Gabriele lets out a squeal as she falls from the sky, hitting the ground with little fanfare as she dizzily tries to drag herself out from the game. "AH! M-my wing! I might have broke a wing, nurse, nurse!" She shouts out dramatically, trying to garner sympathy from the onlookers


As she gets stuck by Mocha's webs to the floor, she struggles to break through them as Buiwong turns the other cheek. "Hey, she ISN'T allowed to do that, is she?!"

As Mocha prepares to nail her with a ball while she's stuck, Flaming tense up and watches helplessly before Zoantharia comes in for the save, Flaming letting out a sigh of relief. "Thanks!" She says, trying to pull herself free of the gooey web while she makes another shot at the opposing team

[1d10] Throw

[1d10] Breaking the web

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 8 = 8


>Amy brings back a nameless NPC

"Look, Pryce, I'm playing like you!" Amy says with a maniacal laugh as she SOMEHOW telekinetically launches 5 balls at the nameless NPCs on the enemy team.

>[1d10+3] [1d10+3] [1d10+3] [1d10+3] [1d10+3]

>Also ready to catch a ball: [1d10]

Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13 / Roll #2 10 + 3 = 13 / Roll #3 7 + 3 = 10 / Roll #4 9 + 3 = 12 / Roll #5 5 + 3 = 8 / Roll #6 8 = 8



Punish swoops and grabs another ball and, while on the move, punches another ball at Judgement.

>Slam ball

>[1d10] Crits on 7+

Roll #1 3 = 3



>just keep dodging [1d10]

Roll #1 2 = 2


"I don't laugh like that!" Pryce says, a little insulted at the evil imitation.



Amy blushes. "I-I'm sorry… I was just getting into it."


Ichimonji slashes the ball you send her way. The whoopie sound of a ball deflating as it hangs on her sword. Something in her eyes says she might be a little irked by you interrupting her duel with Amy.

You dash over to Flaming. Your telekinesis only serves to tangle her further in the webs but once your mantra of purity sounds it the webs come undone seemlessly.

Zoantharia bows his head slightly to Flaming, achknowledging her thanks.

The webs have already been undone by Pryce. Once you get up you score a hit on an un-named npc.

With Pryce and Flaming in close proximity Mocha takes advantage of the moment by shooting webs at the both of you at once


Mocha and Little Journey recover a ball and launch them at each of you

[1d10] ball at pryce
[1d10] ball at Flaming

Zoantharia dashes in to retaliate throwing a ball at Mocha

And raising a shield of light over Pryce

Little Journey continues stomping his hooves to cause an earthquake


I messed myself up with how combat rounds work. Since Amy caught a ball I am ruling you're still in and your catch is disabled from failing the dodge roll

You fail to dodge the volley, inspite of catching a ball afterwards it does not count towards the team. Although Amy caught a ball, Buiwong annouces with the blow of his whistle "Gabriele, you're still in the game. Amy caught a ball for you, how about that."

You launch a volley all at once. The barrage of rubber planting many of enemies on their flanks as they fall backward from the sunden burst. They tiredly get up and groan as they walk to the sidelines.

Buiwong blows his whistle "Make some hustle for the people still in the game! A broken Coccyx doesn't mean you can't run."

Though rubber balls sail through the air ichimonji steps her way past them all and continue another throw at you


Evil's Judgement continues her exchange throws with you, determined to clear her name the only way she knows how "I won't play this game with you. We both know who's been copying who!"

>Slam ball

>Crits on 7+


Roll #1 3 + 3 = 6 / Roll #2 4 = 4 / Roll #3 9 = 9 / Roll #4 3 = 3 / Roll #5 2 + 4 = 6 / Roll #6 8 + 3 = 11 /


roll cut off. continue where the rolls cut off

[1d10] ball at amy

[1d10] ball at Evil's Punishment

South team volley


North team volley


Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 2 = 2 / Roll #3 8, 8, 1, 6 = 23 / Roll #4 6, 6, 4, 9 + 2 = 27


With the last volley, The enemy team is whittled down to the last four

Little Journey, Ichimonji, Evil's Judgement, and Mocha.

They only require dc6 to hit now

Your remaining team is at 15 people


Flaming grunts and struggles against the webs as she tries to pull out of them, only to look up as Pryce takes the initiative to pull them off. She lets out a sigh of relief, shaking off the last gooey remnants as she nods her head. "Yeah, I'm fine, thanks!" She says, lightly bonking his side in gratitude (though so roughly it may be hurtful.

As Mocha and Journey make their move, Shorthorns lets out a gasp, quickly rushing for a ball to toss at them. "Look out, they're coming back!"

[1d10+1] All or Nothing on Little Journey
[1d10] Huge (to try and catch the ball thrown at Flaming on her horn)

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5 / Roll #2 10 = 10


"You don't need to be sorry. Here, it'd be something more like this," Pryce then laughs triumphantly, giving Amy an example to base on.

As Mocha approaches to web them again and bring down a volley of balls, Pryce's horn glows red as he tries to burn the webs away before they're snared. He then also quickly scoops up a ball to throw at Mocha for a counter.

>Telekinesis [Fire] [1d10]

>Throw at Mocha [1d10]

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 3 = 3


Gabriele, meanwhile, manages to pull herself over to the sidelines, looking on at her team as they hold a clear advantage over the remainder. More than a little sore at her elimination, the griffon scowls at the North side and shouts,

"Go on, finish them off! There's only a few left, you'd BETTER have this, you lot!"



"I wasn't… trying to copy your laugh. I was just… laughing. Does my laugh really sound evil?" she asks, sounding uncharacteristically insecure.

As she talks, she casually throws a ball at Ichimonji. [1d10]

And also catches the one thrown at her. [1d10]

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 6 = 6



Punish and Judgement continue to duel it out.

>regular throw [1d10]

>crits on 9+

>Dodge [1d10]

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 3 = 3


"Oh, no it wasn't evil. It was… intense," Pryce says, now feeling guilty that he insulted Amy.



"Am I too intense?" Amy (somehow) asks genuinely, sounding insecure.


"Oh, no not at all. I just thought you were doing an impression of me, so it just felt off since I'm usually not," He says in a soft tone to assuage Amy.



"Oh good," Amy says, grabbing Pryce for a hug, completely forgetting about the game. "You're so sweet," she says sweetly.


Though Flaming catches the ball on her horn, deflating it as it's soundly pierced. The both you fail at hitting anyone with your thrown balls.

You toss another ball her way but you swing wide and it flies over Judgement's head.

You score a hit on Ichimonji. She bows her head and Sheathes her sword. "good game" and resigns to the sidelines.

Though you manage to catch the ball thrown your way.

Little Journey meet's Flaming's charge, locking horns with her. Mocha catches both Pryce and Flaming in their web. Sealing them from moving away but not from making actions. The DC to hit them is reduced to DC6

Evil's Judgement retreats to behind Little Journey, hiding behind him, Pryce and Flaming for cover.

The rest of your team can't get a clear shot on them. Though this doesn't stop the enemy team from launching their balls

[1d10] Pryce
[1d10] Punishment
[1d10] Flaming, Journey reaches over with his ball trying to touch flaming with it.

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 4 = 4 / Roll #3 4 = 4


Pryce is a little startled by the hug, but seeing Amy not upset or sounding insecure is good.
"Th-Thanks," He stammers, putting a hoof around Amy to return the hug quickly.

That is, until Mocha's web slings around him, binding him up. And, unfortunately, Amy too, leaving them stuck together due to the hug. Pryce's face turns red at the circumstance, frozen still as he's unsure of how to undo this quickly. The only thing he does manage to do is to flick back the ball thrown at him with his telekinesis as the game is a nice distraction.
>Telekinesis [Throw Ball at Mocha] [1d10]

Roll #1 9 = 9



Amy giggles in Pryce's ear as she realizes they are tied up together. "Try not to enjoy this too much, Pryce," she says teasingly.

"Thank you, Mocha," Amy calls out to her on the other side of the gym.

>Amy does nothing, she is where she needs to be


Flaming grins as she manages to pop Journey's ball on her horn, smiling smugly at the other buffalo. "Well, if SHE'S allowed to use her webs, I guess that's fair too, right?"

As she's webbed up again by Mocha, Flaming looks down in agitation, "Oh, COME ON, again?!"
She looks up just in time to see Journey charging at her, the slightly smaller female buffalo lowering her head in time to lock horns as she struggles to push back against him. "Grrrrrrr…! You're not bad I guess… for a BOY!"
She says, reaching over with her ball as well to tag him out first
[1d10] Throw!

As Amy and Pryce get caught up together, Flaming lets out a gasp, looking worried at the two. "Oh no! Hold on, you two, I'll come save you in just a second!" She says, not catching whether one of them may not want saving.

Roll #1 10 = 10


"I—" Pryce starts, stopping as he's unsure of what to say now to avoid hurting Amy's feelings again.
"…This is just part of dodgeball." Is the best he can come up with.


"Knock them out! Come on, make 'em pay, make them regret throwing those balls at me!" Gabriele continues to 'cheer' on for her team, staring daggers at Ichimonji all the while



The duel continues.

>Slam ball [1d10]

>crits on 7+

>dodge [1d10]

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 2 = 2


"You're welcome?" Mocha looks questioning at Journey at back to Amy "Am I looking at something I shouldn't be?"

Mocha releases a high pitch squeak "OW! Cheap shot."

Little Journey flinches as your ball comes into view, but he's too big and you manage to ouch him first "Okay you got me. You put up a good fight Flaming." Little journey puts his hoof out for you to shake.

There is more of the enemy team sitting on the sidelines than the south team and as you finish your sentence you notice them all paying you menacing glares.

"Never Submit!" Evil's Judgement cries before your dodgeball lands on her forehead.

And just as it does the rest of south team launches a volley at her


A cascade of balls completely surround her like raining rubber.


Roll #1 6, 8, 9, 6 = 29


Here's the recap on Holy Kyusetsu!! Uchikeshi no Rapyuchitsu ga Koko ni! or Highschool Quest!

The gang has been proceeding with their first day of school. Amy ran in to Spike during one of his clingy episode on her way to the bus but thankfully she was able to shake the little dragon off, not without him shedding some tears. The rest of the group took a leisurely flight skyward with only a few interruptions the crew nearly avoided a crash landing into the school yard. While on the bus Amy met two of our new freshmen this year. Shei and Gadriel. The morning continued into the pre-bell breakfast session where our students grabbed some food and their uniforms. When the students were able to scope some haudiness from the school's star baseball players Mudi and Vizsla, otherwise known as the Sisters of Gehenna. Making a fuss over their locker assigments. Though Amy was able to pacify the situation and keep things from escalating. And Gabriele tried earning some suck up points with Volkama and Deriva. This will surely pay off for when she runs for class president.

The first day of school is always a half day and the classes proceeded quickly, lasting only as long as their introductions where the students found their mold into the student body. Amy landed a role playing the trumpet for band. Pryce and Gabriele were a hit during drama class. Evil's Punishment successfully slept through several of her classes.
Gym class marked the end of the day as the last period, where a mix of upper and lowerclassmen participated in the same classroom session. Introducing your eccentric Gym teacher Buiwong. After some humbling words of wisdom the students were sent to their respective lockerooms where trouble followed Shei and Gadds from their previous hijinks. Pryce being a model citizen attempted to break the fight, Amy being a model pervert observed from inside a locker. While our Ecclessian boys Gengenschein and Zoantharia came in to back up one of their own. In spite of Fox's aggression everyone aggreed begrudgingly to settle things with dodgeball.

And things basically just got settled.

You here the Gym Teacher's whistle blow a long tweet signaling the end of class "That's game, shake hands and go to the changing rooms. School's almost over. Good game."


ahem, wrong name.


As the gym teacher's whistle tweets out loudly, Flaming lets out a sigh of disappointment just as she was about to throw out another hit. "Awwww…"

As Journey offers to shake his hoof, Flaming looks over at him, smirking to herself as she lightly slaps his hoof in a playful way. "Yeah yeah, it was alright. Next time, try to bring your REAL game though, okay?" She says cockily before trotting off towards the showers


As the game comes to an end, Gabriele lets out a sigh. "Finally…" she says to herself, rubbing her wing where she was hit earlier. "That was painful on more than one level… but, my team won, so I suppose that counts for something." She takes a whiff of herself, wincing. "Guh, gross… this is exactly why I wanted to just stay on the bloody bleachers…"


As the whistle signals the end of the game, Pryce sighs in relief that its over, though realizes that doesn't mean the webbing is just going to disappear. His eyes move to Amy, then shift away to anywhere not her as his horn lights to try and untie them.
>Telekinesis [Untangle] [1d10]

Roll #1 6 = 6



"We were going to win that," Punish says matter-of-factly to Judgement as she goes to shake her hoof. "Nice moves, though."


Punish just watches Gabby complain with a smirk on her face.



"We're so close together," Amy says dreamily, clearly not helping at all to make this end. "Isn't it romantic?"


"I-I wouldn't exactly call gym class romantic…" Pryce mutters.



Amy makes an annoyed grumble when her advances are clearly being ignored.

"But, it's romantic when two ponies are so close together, they could… kiss…" she says temptingly as she cranes her neck to get her face in the direction of Pryce's. She closes her eyes and waits for Pryce to make the next move.


"Oh yeah, You can maybe throw some balls, but your pinning game still use some work." When you reach out to give him a hoof slap, Journey grabs your hoof and pulls you in to bounce a rubber ball on your head "Good game." He says cheerily and starts to head toward the showers himself.

The students seated around you on the sidelines begin to file out, as it's time to get changed and maybe take a shower if you're comfortable with that.

"It looks clausterphobic." Shei points out
"Do you need us to call a doctor?" Gadriel says in return.
"Perhaps a barbiturate to ease the tension?" Shei suggests macabrely

Pryce's horn glows and a pulse of telekinesis creates space between each strand, causing the net of webbing you're stuck in to loosen and expand enough for you to wrangle yourself out of with some effort.

"I can help with that." Mocha says as she approaches the two of you, getting her spidery hooves into the net, she's able to spin it off of you both without sticking it in further knots. "We can just forget this ever happened." She adjusts her glasses with the reticent acumen of a bookworm.
You see her make her way to the nearest trash can to dispose of the webs.

you can both make your way toward the changing room now.

Evil's Judgment grimaces but she returns your hoofshake "Yeah, yeah good game." She doesn't stick around long as she too heads for the changing room in need of a shower to wash the failure off.

You enter the girls changing room, and are greeted by the thick aroma of hairspray and deoderants. Small groups of girls giggle as they goad eachother into taking a shower first, as there is no curtain to conceal yourself. You see through a glass wall Vortigern in her office, looking over paperwork. The chatter of girl talk and white noise from running showers fills the room.


As Punish smirks over in Gabby's direction, she shoots over a sneer. "Oh, what are YOU so happy about?"



"I'm just happy we won," Punish says with a coy shrug.

She heads to the locker rooms. But, she doesn't go in. Instead, she waits just outside the door.


Pryce says, dragging on as he focuses intently on undoing the webs.

"No no, I got this," Pryce says to Shei and Gadriel as he works on untangling the web, until Mocha comes over and undoes it for him. Freed, Pryce gets up quickly, lifting Amy up as well and gently setting her down on her hooves and making some space between them.
"Thank you Mocha," He says, bowing his head in gratitude. "Good game!" He says as he makes his way to the locker room quickly.


Gabriele throws up a talon in the air, "Wooo, go us. It was positively thrilling, I'm amazed I don't do it more often…" she says sarcastically as she heads inside the locker rooms.

As she heads in, she looks around at all the girls giggling and flapping about, rolling her eyes as she elects to forego a full shower and simply find her clothes to change back into, whilst adding to the sickening aroma of deodorants with her own can. As she cleans up, she looks over towards Vortigern, smiling as she sees another opportunity to gain favor with her teachers. "Helllooooo Ms. Vortigern, quite a game out there wasn't it?"


As he bounces a rubber ball off her head, Flaming looks up in surprise, turning towards the male buffalo as he heads off. Snorting out, she picks up the ball and bunts it his direction with her head to get him back, smiling happily to herself as she makes for the locker rooms.

As she goes by, she sees Punish, standing by herself outside, and turns to look at her with a look of curiosity. "Oh. Is it already full in there?"



"Awww!" Amy whines as Mocha unwinds the two lovebirds.

Then, Pryce's quick retreat leaves Amy dejected. She lets out a long sigh as she watches Pryce longingly. "He's so cute when he plays hard-to-get…" she says more out loud than to anyone in particular.



Punish smiles more genuinely. It's an unusual look on her. "Well hey. Glad you enjoyed it."


"Too full for me, anyway," Punish says, fidgeting with her arm-length gloves.


Flaming shrugs, standing by her side at the locker room. "Eh, whatever, I barely worked up a sweat out there anyhow. How about you?"



"It was alright," Punish shrugs. She eyes Flaming with a bit of a grimace.


As you wait outside the changing room eventually some girls file out and wait in the same space just before the exit door. They're waiting for the last bell to ring so they get the okay to leave. A moment after you see another girl exit from the bathroom door across the hall from the changing room door. She has burn marks running along her face and seems gravely shy. You recall her as the pony that was changing alone in the locker rooms early, and fled when you came in to change.

Entering the locker rooms was like entering an airlock, as stepping in you could feel the mixture of axe spray and B.O. create a dense air to pass through. Lots of the guys are using the showers, just as they are in a hurry to clean up before the bell boys waiting outside the shower cubicles harass them to pick up the pace. You See Buiwong through a glass wall in his office doing stuff on his computer.

Shei and Gadriel rush pass you, skipping the shower and going straight to dressing up. Thankfully, Fox is around at their locker row. Gegenschein approaches you suddenly "Good game, Pryce. I appreciate the sportsmenship you put out on the field."

The rubber ball connects with Little Journey, causing him to pause for half a second, before continuing his merry way. As you stand outside the changing room, more girls file out the door waiting for the last bell to ring.

Soon enough, the court floor is vacant. You are the only one here, sweaty, filthy, weird and alone.



Amy sighs one last time and heads off to the locker room, dejected and alone.


Stepping into the locker room, Pryce relaxes with the distance from Amy. Being bound up with her in public was not something he was expecting on his first day.
"Good game indeed!" Pryce responds, turning to face Gegenschein. "Well that's just the right thing to do, isn't it? Always put your all into the game."


Flaming nods in agreement eagerly, not catching any level of resentment from her fellow teammate on the wrestling team as she smiles, "Yeah, not a big problem for the ones who actually play sports outside of PE!"

As the bell seems ready to ring, she turns towards Punish once more and smiles, "Well, I guess I'll see you later at practice?"


Gabriele pours out of the locker room with the other girls in her nice, clean, crisp school uniform, an aura of quick spray-on deodorant keeping the stench of the game at bay as she moves over back to the bleachers, looking over her homework as she laments at not having had a chance to have the nerds like Mudi and her sister take a look at it. "Poo… Now I have to actually do it myself…"



Punish watches the timid pony with a look of pity on her face.


"Yeah…" Punish says with little enthusiasm as Flaming leaves.

She continues to wait until the majority of the students are out of the locker room.


"True as sunshine. It's sad could dash a few balls your way. That girl punishment took me out in an instant. Pryce, What would you think about joining the baseball team this year? The champs want to go to state and we won't cut it without a star line up."

A few more minutes pass and a large majority of the girls have filed out of the changing room. But now there is a mob of girls crammed in the hallway, hollering at one another to just push through the door while others tell them they need to wait for the bell. Vortigern exits the Changing room as well using her presence to keep some sort of order in the hall. You find yourself shoulder to shoulder with the other girls in the room. As more time passes the girls become more routy in their eagerness to leave. The commotion of the changing room has transferred to the hall.

"Gabriele?" That drider pony from earlier, Mocha. She's come up to you on the bleachers "Did you still want to study together?"



Punish has little trouble pushing through the girls to get into the locker room. Once she is safely in, she shudders at the chaos in the hall.

Now that the locker room is mostly empty, she finds a secluded spot to get changed and washed up. Amy is also late to get changed, but Punish doesn't seem to pay her much mind.


"Still planning on it, can't let the team down now after all, right? But really, me in a star line up? Are you sure you wouldn't want somepony better?"


Flaming notices the huge rush of girls coming out of the locker room, eagerly bumping shoulders against them as they all seem ready to lead a stampede out the doors and on to their next classes. "Well, almost time to go! See you later!" She says to Punish, pushing herself up to the front in order to get ready to rush out first. "ONE SIDE! I need to get out first so I can make it to my class on time!"


Gabriele's attention turns towards the voice calling her name, spotting the gym teacher Buiwong's own daughter once again. "Ah, Mocha! Well done out there!" She says sweetly as sugar, intent on trying to get in on one of the teacher's kids. "That was really impressive tactics, I really wish I could have been on YOUR team instead."

"If you'd like to study, well, I'd certainly love to. What's your next class, if I may ask?"


The smell of girl is remarkably thinner now. You are able to change in relative peace. As you're in the process of getting dressed the bell rings and you can hear the muffled stampede of ponies on the other side of changing room wall.

"I'm certain. Mudi is hellbent on managing the perfect team. We're bound to grab some bench warmers this year, par for the course but if we can get a crack team of hard workers to make rotations we'll have one hell of a year. I'll see you at the sign ups." Gengenschein pats you on the shoulder before leaving to change. By sign ups he's refering to the club sign up that'll be set up somewhere in the courtyard after school. Like every year afterschool on the first day the clubs organize a table in the school courtyard for people to sign up.

And like that the last bell rings. School is officially out. Again you see Shei and Gadriel rush past you.

The bell finally rings and you are made a victim of a couple dozen girls rushing past you for no reason at all except impatience, racing one another to push out the door. When you finally peter through to the exit, Vortigern puts her hoof on your shoulder. She gestures for one moment and then gestures for you to follow her as she leads you back into the changing room and toward her office.

Mocha closes your eyes tiredly "You really don't have to pep talk me. I didn't want to play just as much as you. But When grandpa asks me to, I can't really say no."

"Next Class? School is out Gabriele." You recall hearing the last bell just a bit ago but you were too absorbed despair to probably notice. "I was thinking if you don't mind, you can come over to my house and we can work out our hard homework together. After clubs sign ups that is. I still want to stay the extra hour to see what clubs there are this year. Are you going to be signing up for anything?"

Mocha picks up her backpack and books as she appears ready go, waiting for you to walk with her.


"If you think I'm that good, then great! I'll give the team all I got!"

As the bell rings for the end of school, Pryce quickly gets changed, opting to leave the shower for home since it's the end of the day anyways, deodorant works fine for now. He steps back as Shei and Gadriel rush past, paying them no mind as they're probably glad to get out after that earlier scuffle. All set and ready, Pryce heads to his hall locker to get his things, then out to the courtyard to see the sign up tables.


Gabriele blinks in surprise. "Oh… my apologies, I… recall you were trying to sit out the game same as I did. I just assumed you had fun regardless. You're clearly gifted at sports, aren't you?"

As she reminds her that school's out, Gabriele's eyes open wide. "It is… OH, so it is!" She says, chuckling to herself, "My goodness, that snuck up on me… in which case, I don't mind at all. I certainly could use the help, buuuut-" she say, "I have to see if I have Student Council duties, we used to have meetings after school got out. If you'd like to come with me to where we meet and hold on for somewhere between 30 to 40 minutes, then we could head out after?"


Flaming smiles as she jumps out past the other students, possibly knocking over a few of them in her mad rush to get out. "Yeah, look out, here I co-" she says before she suddenly feels an overbearing, dangerous presence looming over her shoulder. Shorthorns freezes like a deer in the middle of the road, looking up over her shoulder at the imposing fiture that's grabbed her on her way out.

"O-Oh… hey, Ms. Vortigern. Something up?" She says, trying to sound as innocent as possible, not knowing what she might have done


You arrive at the courtyard venue and there are a large array of tables set up by students and teachers alike hosting their clubs like every year. The bustle of students signing up for extra curriculars is alive with noise.

A frost furred snow demon pony stumbles up to you. She's holding a clipboard, and is absolutely shaking with nervous energy as she solicits you "Um- excuse me d-do you have a moment- Do you have a moment to talk about the Home Ec club?" She holds her clipboard as if she were trying to hide behind it.

"OH no, I'm not any good at sports. I'd rather read a book or play videogames. I'm just not an athlete at heart, but Buiwong tries to bring it out."

"Sure thing, I can come with you to that. I always thought about running for Student Body President, but I never had the guts to take the leap." like that, Mocha decided to walk with you. Through the courtyard and toward the english classroom you brought yourselves where the student council meetings are usually held. There officially isn't a Student Body President yet as elections haven't even been held yet. When you enter the room you see River Spring seated at her desk along with a few other club members from previous years that usually participate in the running. Gengenschein, Box, and a deer with antlers that fume a purple toxin named Hexapod.

River Spring greets you as you enter the room "Gabby, you've made it. And a friend? Is she running too this year?"

Mocha stammers "I don't know yet- I still wanted to see the other clubs, but I am interested!"

Vortigern walks you silently to her office, she's never been a mare for words. Once inside she hands you a clipboard. On it is a paper titled Wrestling Club sign ups, with lines for students to write their names. Vortigern smiles at you knowing how much you've wanted to be officially a part of the team.

She then points to a folded table wrapped in cloth. And gestures with her hooves as asking you to help her carry it.


Pryce looks across the courtyard to see the array of clubs and activities. He's already set in his mind for his usual sign ups for drama and baseball, but it's always interesting to see what other new clubs may have popped up.

He stops as the snowpony comes up to him, looking like crowds are the polar opposite of her natural environment.
"Sure, I can talk a little," Pryce says with a smile, figuring he can help her get past the starting stage fright.


Flaming still looks nervous and uncertain as the silent teacher walks her into her office, fearing what she could have POSSIBLY done already on her first day. She stays silent, respectful, not wanting to earn any more ire than she already has from her elder…

Before she's presented with the Wrestling-Club sign up paper, looking down at it with surprise and, slowly, a small smile starts to widen far across her muzzle. "R-really?! I get to sign up!?"

She immediately jumps out of the chair, running up to take the clipboard out of her hooves and dance with it, "Oh, thank you thank you thank you! I was so excited to finally be able to join the big-kids' team this year…" she pauses, looking over towards the folded table she's asked to carry. "Oh! Sure thing, here lemme help you…" she says, putting the clipboard aside to help.


Early pause, because I'm falling asleep


"Ah, high parental… or, grand-parental, I suppose… expectations. A classic problem, I assure you. Still, I don't think it's all fair to say you're not ANY good at sports. You clearly showcased talent out there, don't you think?"

As she voices her interest in running for Student Body President, Gabriele's feathers nearly stand on end, turning towards her as she talks about not having the guts. "Well, I can certainly see why! Student Body President… why, it's a massive responsibility! And a timesink. If you think you have no time for books or videogames now, oh my, imagine how little you would have if you actually won! Which, I'm sure you could, being such a star and all, but imagine how much you'd lose in the progress…"

As they arrive at the Council meeting room, Gabriele smiles towards River, "Oh, hello River! Long time no see," she says even though it's only been a few hours. "And, no no no of course not, this is Mocha, Buiwong's granddaughter. She's just tagging along with me before we take the afternoon to study together."


File: 1645585064665.jpg (123 KB, 1280x720, harem club.jpg)

Welcome to another game of FEMTO Presents Holy Kyusetsu!! Uchikeshi no Rapyuchitsu ga Koko ni! or Highschool Quest!!

Last time on Highschool Quest, the gang played dodgeball. That's it! That's all that happened. Get ready for another reciting tale of highschool adventures!!

It's after school and it looks like our heroes are entertaining the prospects of extracurriculars. As a number of booths crowd the outdoor halls in the school building's outdoor terrace. Here's what's avaiable:

Clubs And their Club Hosts:
forestry club - Hexapod
wrestling club - Vortigern
baseball club - Buiwong
home ec club - Summer Snow
Occult research club - Shei&Gadds
Drama club - Hope
Art Club - Volkama
Rockband club - Zjetya
FFA Club - Bananna splitz
Cheer Club - Desert Lamp


"O-okay, thank you, I mean- We're the Home ec club. Sorry- no, this is the sign ups? for the Home Ec club. I'm Summer Snow and this is a club for cooking and sewing, and sometimes we play crossboards or well- no- I'm cooking usually-.. the only one that is.. but I'd like other people to join me and we can rotate with other stuff-" She stammers and then her fear of losing you compels her to nearly shout "B-But if you just want to join for the free food! -t-thats okay too. Will you join please?" Snow nearly shoves her clipboard into as her posture is pleading with you to sign.

You hear Volkama stammer a giggle when Flaming mentions 'the big kids' hearing it as something more a toddler might say.

You assist Vortigern in carry the table and table cloth to the courtyard where you are greeted by a menagerie of booths eager to have more members. As you finish setting up the table at a spot next to the Baseball Sign ups you already see that Vortigern's presence as wrestling coach draws in students waiting to sign up. Vortigern takes a seat behind the booth with another lawn chair available if you choose sit in it.

Little Journey catches you from behind with a perky greeting "Flaming!" He says happy to see you "I thought you'd be too scared to tumble for real with the big kids."

Vortigern rolls her eyes, and turns her amused smirk away from another mention of 'big kids.'



File: 1645585189829.jpg (38.41 KB, 564x352, a terrace, our terrace, yo….jpg)

When Gabriele Compliment's Mocha's dodgeball skills she says "You mean my webs? -thats- just a fight or flight response" Mocha responds with a sense of chagrin.

"Wow.. you hmph-" She giggles "Really have a way with words Gabby." She calls you by the familiar version of your name without realizing it "I mean what you're saying is way too nice! Haha, I'm not really all that busy. Yes, I have my fair share of busy work around the house and school but I always make time for my hobbies and plain old napping- A spider needs her naps. But I'm not like the daughter of a tiger mom or anything. I'm probably not interested enough to be student body president, buuuut.. mabye I could be a student body assistant?"

When you greet Riverspring, she's quite perfunctory in getting the meeting started "Right, well anyone and everyone is welcome. It's about time so I'll pass out the sheets. Riverspring goes around the classroom passing several sheets for you to take home, read get sign by your parents, as she explains the initial proceedings and paperwork finishing off with.

"And just like last year we won't actually have anyone running until a week from now. The students need time to settle in with their schedule and so do you all before we start having elections piled on top of things."

Hexapod raises his hoof
"Yes" River answers.
The lanky deer with antlers buzzing with toxic fumes puts his hoof down "I think I have everything I need from this meeting. Can I be excused to set up my forest rangers booths?"

"Sure thing, you're excused" River nods
"thanks" And Hexapod briskly packs up his items as he leaves the classroom.


[game start]



Punish heads to the wrestling team right after school.



Amy wonders the halls for a while before heading to cheer club. She happens to wander by the occult research club and notices the strange lighting in the room (because of course there would be strange lighting, right?) She decides to poke her head in and see what's going on.


"Well," Gabriele says in response to Mocha, "Naturally I think you'd be capable of *whatever* you set your mind to. But, I think assistant would offer the best of both worlds, wouldn't you say? And I might know someone who might be in need of such an assistant at some point."

As River Spring comes to meet them, she bows her head amicably and looks to the sheets they pass out, holding them up in her claw as she reads over this years guidelines and committing them to memory to better punish students when they don't follow them to the letter.

"I think that's very fair in regards to the schedule. Tell me, will we be doing this with each president selecting their own 'cabinet' or will President, Vice-Chair, etc all be elected individually?"


Flaming looks up with confusion as Vortigern giggles, not even picking up her own childish phrase as she shakes her head and gets to moving the table with Vortigern. As it's set up to receive applicants, she decides it can't hurt to size up her eventual competition as others start coming in to sign up for the class.

As Little Journey approaches, Flaming grins and leans forward on the table at him, "Me? Scared? HA! You wish, wouldn't you? Sorry, but you and the rest of the team are gonna have to learn how to deal with losing to a Freshman."


>a number of booths
>I was imagining them in rooms

Well, either way, Amy spots the weirdness and decides to see what's going on.


Punish and Amy find themselves walking in some proximity around one another, incidentally, as they feed their curiosity on the many after school booths populating the verandas. And even more entertaining are the overzealous invitations offered clubs and their club members.

You are encapsulated in the comfort of being a third party, a lofty observer, a solitary peanut gallery to muse jeers to yourself until, suddenly you become a part of the show.

"Hay you there. Kids. Yeah I'm talking to you." A Stallion dressed in full body camo, militar boots, sleeves rolled up, night vision googles obscuring his face and a skeleton smile bandana hiding his nose and mouth. He stands behind a booth stacked with various pamphlets and complimentary knick knacks, like pens and eagle pins, and tiny american flags. This stallion is quite built and bursting with the sort of energy you'd expect from a man trying to lure the youth into the army. "How would you like to join the United States Military."


[this is meant for you]

"O-okay, thank you, I mean- We're the Home ec club. Sorry- no, this is the sign ups? for the Home Ec club. I'm Summer Snow and this is a club for cooking and sewing, and sometimes we play crossboards or well- no- I'm cooking usually-.. the only one that is.. but I'd like other people to join me and we can rotate with other stuff-" She stammers and then her fear of losing you compels her to nearly shout "B-But if you just want to join for the free food! -t-thats okay too. Will you join please?" Snow nearly shoves her clipboard into as her posture is pleading with you to sign.



Punish looks over at the stallion with a knitted brow. She looks around to make sure the stallion is talking to her. Then, she notices Amy standing right next to her and rolls her eyes. She looks back to the stallion.

"You're recruiting young mares now?" she asks in a condescending tone.

>"Hmmm," Amy says, deep in thought. "I bet all the stallions are really big and strong…"

Punish makes an audible gagging sound.


Pryce starts to feel a bit guilty now. He offered his ear to help get the starting jitters out of the way but it looks like she's desperate for ponies to join her club.
"Oh, well, I'm already joining the baseball team. If you'd like, I could help you with your sign-ups though."


The occult research club is the old janitor's supply room. There's no way for you to have known this, but uncanny doggy intuition has led you here.

The room is dark, and the door has been left unlocked. You pop you head in to see Shei and Gadds bickering.
"We're late Gadds."
"I know but-"
"We're late!"
"You're going to thank me later Shei"
"La-a-a-a-aa-a-te—" Shei bleats at Gadd's protests.

You hear the clatter of some items as Shei nearly trips causing Gadds to fumble as well. They're hauling a foldable table together but having some trouble due to their small stature and lack of excercise. Also god knows why the lights are off but that too!

"Amy! Saint Peter's grave what are you doing? You scared the peep out of me." Shei exclaims.
"You mind helping?" Gadds asks.
"Yes, could you help us please. We suck."

They are referring to helping them haul the foldable table out.

Little Journey takes the clipboard and signs his name "How can I be scared of a freshman. I WAS a freshman last year. I already know what we're capable of and it's not much. But I'd be pretty nervous if I were you. After tryouts, the first years have to try a match with every person on the team at least once, no matter the weight difference. It's supposed to be a character building exercise. But it really just sucks" He laughs.

Some time into your conversation an elephant student arrives at the booth. Ginormous she is, it boggles the mind how this highschool is even able to accommodate her, let alone the buildings.

"Hello, my name is rooster. May I sign up?" The elephant girl speaks slow and gently, betraying her enormous stature.

you see and hear the same as above. Flaming and Vortigern are accommodating people with sign ups.

Riverspring is caught off guard by your question. It's the end of the day and she didn't expect to do anymore than the bare minimum of her job "Cabi- Vice-chair I- um sure…" She quickly reads over some stuff whilst seated at her desk to find the appropriate answer. "Oh yes. Yes, right. The winning election runner essentially adopts the losing election runners as a part of their cabinet. Unless they're bad sports and quit the club all together. As far as a vice chair goes… No one would be afforded any special authority beside the Club host and the President- but if you are so inclined to have a right hand man, no one would stop you."

Mocha smiles at Gabrielle knowingly.

Box speaks up "Oh thats great! Because I have so many lackeys waiting to suck up to me." His box lid claps up and down as he jumps in his seat to speak "Teach I gotta question. What are the rules on posters this year? Can we get stuff done by the art club or what?"

River answers
"There was a precident set last year. Posters are fine, as long as they do not depict anything graphic or explicit, you can't however solicit the art club to doodle up bribes."

"Dang!" Box curses in his gingerly own way.

"You can read more about in the rules and guidelines sheet I passed out." River concludes


"I- I-.. We have brownie thursdays.. A-and we have the board game jumanji." You can see beads of tears beginning to form at the lid of Summer Snow's eyes and she is doing darnest to continue to sell this pitch despite Pryce declining.

The Army Stallion proudly admits his ideals to you "Most men might disagree, but a Mare doesn't belong in the kitchen fixing meals and keeping pretty. Women belong on the frontlines, dieing for their country."

To Amy he says "The name is Tenochtitlan. And you bet. Big strong, burly, tough, stinky, sweaty, weird dudes trapped in a desert hunker for months subsisting on nothing but crackers and camel urine. Days so long you could cry. You kill before the boredom kills you. So what do you say to signing up for the military. You'll be constantly trapped in a sweaty pit of curmudgeon men for an entire theatre. In addition to the free healthcare and schooling.


"Oh yeah? Well I don't care, lemme at 'em!" Flaming shouts back in Journey's face as she smiles widely with confidence. "I've seen the big kids wrestle, and *I'M* not impressed. So what do you think of THAT, huh?"

As she trades barbs with Journey, she looks up with surprise at the elephant who shows up to the sign-up sheet, the diminutive-by-comparison buffalo calf looking up in awe at her.

"…y-you're trying out for wrestling?!"


Gabriele looks over at Mocha as she catches her grin, smiling confidently as Spring briefly touches up over the rules for the winners. "Right, I think that's very fair. Wouldn't want the runner-ups to go to waste, now do we?"

As Box talks a mean game, she shoots a glare over towards the talking boxes direction, further reminded of how they'll let just ANYONE into this council. "Hmph… I'm sure you'll run a fine campaign Box, but you may not want to get ahead of yourself."

She looks to Spring again on the posters, and trying to think if she knows any artists before she puts her faith in her own Photoshop skills.


"W-Well, brownie thursdays sounds like a good day, eheh…" Pryce says with a nervous chuckle. He takes the pen and signs down on Snow's clipboard.
"I'll warn you in advance my schedule may be pretty packed."



(I'm going to say that this happens before Amy gets outside to talk to the army recruiter.)

>Amy looks at the two with in the janitor's closet with a furrowed brow as she tries to take in the scene. She has no idea what's goin on. But, she's never been one to turn down helping someone.

"Sure!" she says jovially. She grabs one end of the table.


>Amy frowns. "On second thought… ew. No thanks…"

Punish laughs. "The military really IS desperate if they're resorting to recruiting people like HER!" she says as she gives a derisive gesture in Amy's direction.

>"What can I say? I'm a lover, not a fighter," Amy says with a grin and a shrug.

"Gross," Punish says before quickly returning her attention to the recruiter. "You can count me out of anything THAT desperate."

Punish leaves to the wrestling booth a short bit away.

>Amy follows her lead and goes to find her cheerleading "friends".


Punish shows up at the wrestling booth. She gives Flaming a glare, but says nothing.


"My father says I should broaden my horizons." in a lavender voice soft like pillow sheets the Elephant Rooster says this. She takes the pen in her trunk and signs her name on the clipboard.

Little Journey is equally agog at the sheer stature of Rooster "I-.. I don't think we have anyone in your weight class."

"That's okay. I don't know much about martial arts. You can just put me against your newest members." She puts the pen down "Thank you for your time." She says before leaving you both to signings.

Little Journey is still standing there. A moment passes before he says "I think- I need to go home. And some push ups.." He emits rather pensively "I'll see you later Flaming"

>but you may not want to get ahead of yourself."
Box jitters up and down causing his lid to smack against his boxy chest as he speaks up "I don't even have 'a head' on myself. So hah!"

"Ho Ho!" Gengenschien laughs "It's going to be a good year I can already tell."

Riverspring smiles and shakes her head at you all. Amused to see the election runners in good spirits. She goes over only a little more about the election before concluding today's meeting "I'll see you all in class or next week if you aren't in my classes. And don't let Student council keep you from joining the other clubs. These meetings are very flexible." She excuses you all.

You are free to go to the courtyard to frequent the other clubs or rejoin with the party. Mocha is packing up her stuff ready leave with you. "You wanna check out some of the other clubs before they start to pack up?"


She sniffs the tears back in and rubs an eye, doing a bad show of hiding her emotions as she lets you sign "You can come by any time. We're in room 102."

As you finish signing a bubbily, though hawty filly comes bustling into the conversation "Summer snow!" Princess Starlight.. well she calls herself princess. Don't think about it. Just think about her regal posture, her starry eyes and galaxy mane, her demanding voice. Okay don't think too much about that, shes a filly mate, calm down.

"Are you going to be making those double layered cupcakes with the vanilla frosting every tuesday?" She asks her with her sparkly bubble eyes glowing with hunger as she asks.

Upon a second of consideration Summer Snow concedes with a relenting smile "..Yes."

"Count me in!" Princess Starlight cheers, before signing her name on the clipboard.

Though you are free to check out any booth as you finish up with that encounter you hear your named called out. "Mister Etac." Hope, the Drama teacher calls out to you from his booth.

"Thank you Amy." Shei exhales with relief "We're running late to set up our booth because someone had to make a run to the library."

Gadd speaks to his defense "I thought this was a place of learning. But clearly I was wrong."

"But on the first day gadds!?" She asks

The two brothers exchange brotherly banter with one another the entire time you help with hauling the table over to the school courtyard. You do set it up, with table cloth, a sign, and weird occult doohickeys strewn about. There is a national geographic magazine about african fertility cults on the table.

You're free to check out other booths or just hang out, it's whatever.

AS the two of you dismiss Tenochtitlan it does nothing to dishearten his spirit. At least theres no way to tell as his face is completely obscured in gear. You remark that as you do leave a baby dragon the neighborhood knows as Spike passes by the booth.

"Hay you kid- How would you like to be an international mercenary."

"Boy- would I!"


"I'll be sure to," Pryce says with a happy tone, figuring this can be an easy balance to add.
He looks down as the new filly waltzes in. With how she asks about the cupcakes and Snows hesitance, he starts to rethink that desperation in getting sign-ups. He notes to definitely help her out in this club.

With that sign up done, Pryce turns and starts to walk towards the baseball booth, until he hears Hope call out to him.
"Ah, Mr. Hope! Was on my way to sign up," He responds, turning to head to the Drama booth, not wanting to forget that one.


Gabriele continues giving the 'polite' glare of utter contempt for her cubical rival for the President spot as River Spring goes throughout the rest of the meeting proceedings, thinking over any strategy she can for the upcoming campaign and wondering who else she might have to compete with.

As it finishes, she waves 'cheerio' to her fellow councilmembers as she walks out with Mocha, looking to her as she asks about other clubs. "Hmm, yes, I don't see why not. Though I don't know if I'll be able to join any, I feel like Student Council uses so much of my attention. I really try to give it my all, you know." She says, trying to sell herself as a hard-working individual


Shorthorns continues to stare up at the massive form of Rooster as the soft-spoken girl signs up for the sheet, still dumbfounded at the idea of someone like her stepping into the ring.

"N-newest members…?" She repeats, the realization of who that entails still dawning on her as she finishes up and leaves the signing booth.

As Journey speaks up about needing to go do some push-ups, she turns in half a daze to look at him on his way. "Wuh…? Oh, uh, y-yeah, me too. See you, Journey."

She steps away from the booth, and looks over at Punish as she trots over to her with her heart starting to race. "D-did you see that?!" She says in reference to the elephant signing up for wrestling.



Before going to find her cheerleader friends, Amy turns around and grabs Spike by the hand. "No, he WON'T be signing up for the military," she says to the recruiter in a defensive tone as she forcibly drags him away.

>[1d10] if necessary

Roll #1 6 = 6



"The bigger they are, the harder they fall," Punish comments, unimpressed.


File: 1645595368909.png (1.26 MB, 2600x1800, Malechim.png)

"I like the command you showed on stage. A troupe needs a leader like any platoon. Else everyone doubts their lines."

He offers you the clipboard picking up on your eagerness to sign up by instinct. "You know. A good-" WRANG loud wrang sounds as somebody does a guitar check from somewhere. "A good-" Wraang! "Improvision is neces-" WRANG!

Hope stands firmly from his desk to shout at the booth across from him "Oh would you put down the elton john sonny! The adults are talking!" From the other booth are a group of malechim, outfitted in groovy laid back clothes and hair that covers their eyes. pic related.

Zjetya is at that booth with the musicians, you can hear her tell them "Okay, it's time to quiet it down."

"You're an all business type of gal Gabbriele. But I don't really mind that. I'm a little bit of the opposite. I feel like I'm missing out from not joining all the clubs, sans the sports teams. I hear there's a rockband club this year, I was very curious about. Why don't we see if they're any good?"

You amble over to speak with punishment. And as you do, in the background you swear you see Amy wrestling with a baby dragon.

"B-but my life of espionage and devilmaycare!" Spike complains, as he wrestles back your tugging with dragon strength.

[1d10+3] baby dragons are very strong. You should probably never mess with a real dragon.

Tenochtitlan steps into the fray "What's the hu-bub pussy galore. Why are you holding back this fine cadet from a life of action and adventure."

You feel something errily familiar occuring. Something very similar to what happened this morning when you entered combat with Spike. Do you really want to enter a heated argument with an army brat recruiting dragons?

Roll #1 6 + 3 = 9


Shorthorns looks at Punish with a bewildered look. "Uh, YEAH! That's what I'm afraid of, is her falling on me REALLY hard!!! Can you imagine being pinned by that!?"

Flaming's concerns are distracted as she looks over to see Amy dragging Spike away by the claw, looking on with confusion as he retaliates by pulling her into a wrestling match. "HEY! We're supposed to practice in the ring, not out here!"


At the mention of a band, Gabriele's eyes light up with intrigue, and she puts her talons up in a gleeful pose, "OH! They're putting together a band?!"

She sighs with whimsy, "W-well… not that I'm sure I'd have time for it but, I suppose I might be interested in looking at it, anyhow." She says, offering for Mocha to lead the way. "Do you think they're looking for a singer?"



"WOW!" Amy says, looking to the recruiter. "You DO NOT get to call me THAT!" she says angrily at the nickname.

"And, YOU wait until you're older to make those kinds of decisions."

>[1d10+4] DC-4 Mantra of Equality

Roll #1 7 + 4 = 11


"Thank you, sir. I pride myself on being able to get into character on the stage," Pryce says as Hope compliments his earlier display. He looks over as the guitar tuning distracts the elder teacher.
"They got to get their practice just like we do," Pryce comments to get Hope to take it easy on the malechim.



"Don't call her 'that'. She's a she," Punish responds flatly.


Punish laughs. "They wouldn't allow HER kind of wrestling at our school."


At Punish's reprimand, Flaming's face goes red as she realizes what she just said. "OH! No, no no no no I-I didn't mean it anything like that!"

"It's just, well… you saw her. Isn't that a little… I don't, unfair?"

Flaming looks over at Amy as she gasps in surprise at Punish's statement. "Oooh, what she some kind of pro?"


Mocha joins you, a renewed whimsy added to her step at the prospect of checking out clubs with a new friend. "From what I heard, Zjetya sings for the band. But she's a teacher so I bet she only fills in for singing because there's no one else."

As you arrive by the booths you see some malechim rush together their instruments with the teacher zjetya escorting them and their amps. They seem to be setting up to play "What! Are they going to play. We need to see this!" Mocha is beaming with excitement over the rare occassion.

Hope grumbles curmudgeonly in response to Pryce "I'll see you in class."
You can't help but notice a commotion brew around you as the musicians begin moving their instruments in a hurry

"She's gonna do it! She's gonna do it!" Basist Malechim
"Good timing! Considering we missed her in the morning" Triangle Malechim
"YOOOOOW!" Violin Malechim

The group assemble behind Amy, as Zjetya seems to stay behind at the booth.

"It's not as suggestive as you think. Pussy Galore is a love interest from the old bond movies. But who wants to talk cinema when we can talk about the army!"

The Army recruiter looks to you "Welcome to the ring."




[Oooooh nooooo you've entered combat. You can fight or use social rolls to deal damage. Social rolls always deal natural critical damage if you are appealing to a special interest of insecurity. Have Shei appraise him to find that out!]

As the Malechim band begin to play the sceney shifts magically into something else entirely. The booths conjoin together to form rows of war tables. The people behind them becomes officials, dignitaries, Warriors of high status reflected by their new uniforms. The pavillion transforms into the grey linoleum of a war room with observers watching from the sidelines.

This sort of thing happens all the time when you enter combat with the malechim playing to your battles. They'll always show up to your important fights to play. Don't question it, it's the meta that keeps adults from interfering.

Tenochtitlan flashes around a fancy swiss army knife. And imbues it with an incredible power.
>taxonamomegamonopoly: activates next round: Takes the first two successful rolls made against him the next round and applies it to everyone in his next action after that round. If you casted a healing spell on him you will have to endure him calling you an amateur.

After which Tenochtitlan does two consecutive dropkicks in a row at Amy and Flaming

[1d10+4] Amy
[1d10+4] Flaming

Amy's smooth talking seems to take him down a peg however. He takes 8 dmg from the social roll and can't attack her this upcoming round.

Roll #1 6 + 3 = 9 / Roll #2 5 + 4 = 9 / Roll #3 9 + 4 = 13


"See you then!"
Pryce turns, ready to go sign up for baseball now, until the Malechim all get into a scurry. He pauses, wondering if they're about to play something, curious to hear. However, as things change when their focus goes to an army recruiter fighting Amy and Flaming, Pryce runs over to try and help break up the fight.
"Whoa whoa, you can't attack students like that!"
Pryce calls out, grabbing Tenochtitlan with his telekinesis to try and stop the dropkicks.
>Telekinesis [Grab] [1d10]

Roll #1 5 = 5



Punish grimaces and then laughs. "No," she answers flatly.


When the recruiter straight up starts attacking Amy, Punish doesn't think twice. She flies forward to put a stop to it.

"What do you think you're doing!?" she asks angrily as she grabs him from behind and puts him in hold.

>Suppress: recharge 1 after letting go, weapon; Renders target helpless. After success, can keep taking automatic actions to keep the target pinned. If this action is not taken, the target gets up.

>[1d10+1] crits on 9+

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


Gabriele goes along with Mocha readily, her interest in being a star overshadowing her desire to be Class President ever so momentarily as she looks to the spider-pony. "So their singer is just a teacher placeholding? Oooh, do you think I should try out? I don't like to brag but, my mummy says I have an *angelic* singing voice."

As they arrive at the Malechims and see them about to get ready to perform, Gabriele watches with interest as she spots Pryce there as well. "Oh, Pryce. Are you trying out for the band as well?"



Amy responds with outrage when she and Flaming are attacked. "What the heck!?"

She pulls out a potion to heal Flaming.

>Natural Remedy: recharge 1, ranged; Use an unpredictable tincture to fully restore a target’s hits to full and restore one wound, or removes status effects. Crit on 9+ restores 2 wounds, but crit fail on 2- deals a wound of damage.


Roll #1 9 + 4 = 13


Somewhat stunned at the response, Flaming takes a moment to retort.

"Uh… y-yeah, you know, me too! I mean, I don't think it's unfair either. I mean, MAYBE for her," she says, chuckling, "yeah, I was just testing you. I could pin two elephants with one hoof."

As the Army recruiter challenges her openly and brandishes out his swiss army knife, Flaming looks on with surprise as he proceeds to attack the pair.

"WOAH! Hey, what's wrong with you?! I don't even know what's going on!" She shouts angrily, before snorting out her nostrils.

"But if you wanna fight, I'll give you a fight!" She lets out a powerful and triumphant (and slightly adorable) 'Moo' battle cry to charge head-first into his crotch
[1d10+1] All or Nothing (crits if success, critfails if miss)

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


"Oh, hey Gabriele," Pryce greets. "Nah, was signing up for drama club. With that, baseball, and home ec, my schedule's a little packed."


Tenochtitlan simply smirks "It's only a warcrime.." The camera closes up on him "If you lose."

Tenochtitlan just slips through your telekinesis mid dropkick

"It started as a theoretical demonstration, but now- It's corporeal." You try to have a serious conversation with him, but he just throws puns at you!

That slippery fuck manages to dodge your grab.

You completely negate the damage done to Flaming. But Amy still takes 3 hits of damage.

> I don't even know what's going on!"
"Lacking direction in life? How about joining the army kid?" Tenochtitlan straight up just hurdles over you in the middle of your charge. completely missing. After which he quickly donkey kicks you one in the face. dealing 3 hits of counter attack damage.

>At Everyone

He pulls out a gun and shoots Amy.
Holy shit he has a gun!: recharge 1, ranged; He has a gun. Breaks through any defense except defenses meant to render you invincible to any damage. Adds a +3 to the roll but can never naturally crit.

>Attacking Amy


>Military Secrets: Tenochtitlan charges his qi and is able to fight with forces unseen. Aggroing a target with the highest rolls this round. Tenochtitlan hits you with a roll modified by every number above 5 you roll next round, for all your rolls that round.


Tenochtitlan pulls out a radio and speaks into it! "I'm going to need suppressive fire."
Orbital Strike: spell, recharge 4 after it lands, [+1 to main roll from 1 BP]; Fires a spell directly up. On success, roll an additional 1d10. This determines how strong the spell is, and how long it takes the spell to land. Weaker spells land sooner, but even the strongest ones stay up for a maximum of 5 turns. On a crit fail the spell still works, but will target the caster instead when it lands.

>Aimed at Pryce


Roll #1 5 + 6 = 11 / Roll #2 9 + 3 = 12 / Roll #3 3 + 3 = 6


Orbital strike charge


Roll #1 8 + 3 = 11


hits in 3 turns.


"Are… What?" Pryce is befuddled at Tenochtitlan's response, unsure how to respond. That is, until he pulls out a gun and points it at Amy.
He shouts in extreme worry. His horn glows and he runs to Amy's side and shoves her away, space opening up beside her as she slips out to subspace and safety.

He then looks to Tenochtitlan as his horn glows crimson, conjuring up a bat since it's growing clear this guy isn't going to be listening to reason.
"What is wrong with you?!"

>Subspace Walker [Auto]

>Hide yourself, an ally, or a medium-sized object within a Subspace pocket for four turns, or until they dismiss the effect. During this time, the target cannot attack or be attacked. If used on a sentient target, that target can now move through solid objects, barriers, etc within a short distance at will.

>Conjure Weapon [Baseball Bat] [DC5] [Fire, Single, Great] [1d10+1]

>Conjure Weapon: instant spell, recharge 3; conjures a magic weapon of any one type for the duration of combat. Can apply any Elementalist effect you know. Crit applies Quality +1 to the weapon. Summoning a second weapon destroys the old one.
>Emblem of the King: passive; Weapons created by Conjure Weapon get a second weapon tag. Weapons are +1 by default, and +2 on a critical conjuring roll. Landing a critical hit with a Conjured weapon grants that weapon another +1 (does not stack).

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


Flaming grunts as she goes underneath Tenochtitlan, looking him go up and over her charge with disdain as she sees his rear hooves coming down at her, knocking her away and rolling into a wall as she lets out a pained grunt.
"OW! You…. lucky shot!" She cries out, turning back around and scratching the ground as she prepares another charge head towards him as she sees him pull out the gun, eyes opening wide with shock.
[1d10+1] Another All or Nothing

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9


"Ah, yes, I should imagine that'd make a full schedule. Myself, I was fully committed to spending all my available time on the Disciplinary Committee and Student Council… but, I heard there was a rock-band looking for members."

"What in God's name?!" Gabriele lets out a shrill cry of surprise as she turns to see the crazed recruiter unloading on students. "ARE YOU MAD!?"

She flaps her wings, looking around as she shouts out, "Help! Anyone, the faculty, one of the faculty has lost it!"
[1d10] Crying out for school campus security

Roll #1 8 = 8


quick post for Amy

Pryce successfully shifts you into a subspace dimension. Except… you were already in a subspace dimension.

You find yourself back at the highschool. There is no fighting going on. The malechim aren't present, neither are your party members. At the army recruiter booth you see a person that looks like he could be anyone. It's difficult you focus your glance on him but as you do you see many faces shifting in and out in a single blur, imperceptibly. He glows with the halo of a blur and speaks to you in a voice that is utterly familiar for all the voices it uses. "Welcome back Amy."

He is standing in for the boss enemy missing from this reality.

To your side stands Shei, he just approached you "Amy- Why did you ditch the booth?"


You summon a slender but tall baseball bat, enormous for a bat.

That thing was too big to be called a sword. Too big, too thick, too heavy, and too rough, it was more like a large hunk of wood. -Kentaro Miura.

>"What is wrong with you?!"

"Lots of things kid, but then the army set me straight."

Your headbutt directly hits Tenochtitlan in the gut. "Damn kid, I can see you brought your hard hat.

you deal 7 hits of damage

You cries are only paid with the cold glare of sergeants, generals, and colonels surrounding you in the war room. You don't seem to be in a highschool anymore. And where ever you are, it's totally surreal.

Spike pays you some consolation "Don't you think you're overreacting just a little?" He cocks a glock right in front of you "These are just standard issue. Everyone gets one of these."



forgot to quote Flaming

Your headbutt directly hits Tenochtitlan in the gut. "Damn kid, I can see you brought your hard hat.

you deal 7 hits of damage


>Amy and Punish

"I… Huh?" Amy responds to Shei's questions with confusion, a dazed expression on her face.



"Alright, buddy," Punish says as she punches her hoof into her other hoof. "You wanna play rough? Let's play rough."

She flies straight at the recruiter and punches him in the gut with all her might.

>Slam: recharge 1; damages the enemy via a crushing body slam. Crits on 9+

>Unorthodox makes it a weapon ability
>Charge makes Punish's unarmed attacks considered great weapons
>Martial Defender lowers the crit range further
>Crits on 7+


Roll #1 3 = 3


It's a beautiful totally regular afternoon at Huoli High. A regular day at school that is. The majority of our heroes are fighting at military control at the moment. Amid the hysteria of combat their surroundings have transformed to accommodate the extravagance. Thankfully you have Spike to keep you company. And your faithful fans, The rockband club, here to play a fanfare and keep morale up.


>Military Secrets: Procs this round
Tenochtitlan touches both hoof tips on temples sending a wash of military trained psychic force your way

"Oh kid, that was weak. What's even your action economy. tch- Logistics problems, you don't have that in Army."

Tenochtitlan casually flips his pistol around your way "Hay, kid check out the caliber on this thing." He says before shooting at you.
>Holy shit he has a gun!: recharge 1, ranged; He has a gun. Breaks through any defense except defenses meant to render you invincible to any damage. Adds a +3 to the roll but can never naturally crit.


Tenochtitlan launches himself into the delivering a drop barreling toward Gabriele "Campus Security here. What's the distress."

Tenochtitlan blows a whistle, tweeting throughout the military control room. And at once a Humvee full of african warlords, samurai, and war world 1 era soldiers arrives, which he jumps in to. The Humvee drives circle around the room as they arm themselves with automatic rifles.

"I would like thank all the children participating in this military exercise."

>Calvary Parade: instant; Recharge 6; duration 3; Tenochtitlan's basic attacks cleave without the critfail penalty. Landing a natural crit on Tenochtitlan will stop the ability and send the vehicle whirring away for double the damage. Counterattacks deal bonus damage stacking for every failed attack during the ability.

Roll #1 9 + 4 = 13 / Roll #2 5 + 6 = 11 / Roll #3 8 + 4 = 12


[Calvary Parade is automatic. Looks like I forgot to include that in it's description.]


Flaming winces as the psychic energy washes over her, the fairly straightforward buffalo having never had the need (or want) to train herself against a mental assault.

"Aaaaaghgh…" Flaming curses, holding her head in pain, "W-WEAK!? Who you calling 'weak'…" she says, scratching at the ground as she readies a charge. "At least I don't need any cheap head games to win!" She says as she, ironically, uses her head to win this game

[1d10+1] All or Nothing Headbutt on Tenochitlan

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10


Gabriele opens her beak in shock as the recruiter comes barreling towards her, trying to leap out of the way in a fright as the massive Humvee filled with all manners of soldiers from all manners of era appears, throwing her off her game even further.

"GAH! Okay, this has officially gone OVER the line! Sir," Gabriele says, unfurling her whip. "I must insist you behave according in school guidelines or I, as the Disciplinary Chairwoman of the Student Council, will have to right you up a REFERRAL!" She says, throwing her whip to mark the bus

[1d10+1] Cursed seal

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


"Yes, I'm still Shei. Did you hit your head?" Shei gives Amy a quizzical look. Shei doesn't seem thrown off by your sudden appearance or by the strange looking persona of pure energy seated behind the military brochures booth.

You dive in to throw a punch and are super cool about it too, but unfortunately it didn't pack enough punch nor was it cool enough. The Army recruiter swerves around in his humvee and you are accosted by a series of sword swashing soldiers of history's past.

dealing 3 hits of counterattack damage. Though the failed attempt does not stack damage for the next round's attacks because the ability mechanically doesn't deploy until next round.
Flaming takes 8 hits of damage.
Though, undeterred by the psychic assault, and without any regard for attacking a moving vehicle Flaming headbutts Tenochtitlan square on the shoulder dealing 5 hits of damage, you swear you hear something crack. As Tenochtitlan's humvee swerves and teeter toters to it's side, the sheer force of the headbutt causing it to turning fall over mid drive.
"Cheap! Oh just wait until you pay taxes kid. You won't the military's CHEAP."

Gabriele's whip marks the car with a smudge. To which Tenochtitlan promptly wipes off with cloth wipe. He furrows a brow at you and puts on his serious face. "Hay man lay off the car."
6 hits of damage dealt to price
Tenochtitlan and his recruits shoot at you all from their high velocity humvee

Tenochtitlan celebrates with a round of drinks with his soldiers as they all clink their swords and shoot their guns in the air in praise.
>taxonamomegamonopoly: activates next round: Takes the first two successful rolls made against him the next round and applies it to everyone in his next action after that round. If you casted a healing spell on him you will have to endure him calling you an amateur.

Roll #1 4 + 4 = 8 / Roll #2 3 + 4 = 7 / Roll #3 10 + 3 = 13


forgot to include from previous round's attack
6 hits of damage where dealt to gabriele from the dropkick


Flaming grunts as she's continually impacted by the rifles, but grins widely as she manages to knock the thing square on its side.

"I don't know, sure looks like a cheap piece of junk to me! This is why the cavalry shouldn't be driving cars, they should just be charging in a stampede like the good ol' days!" She says, running for the car's exposed under carriage to smash through it to bits

[1d10+1] All or Nothing

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10


Gabriele lets out a huge puff of air from her lungs as she's kicked squarely in the chest, causing her to double over as her mark merely leaves a smudge on the car.

"H-how dare you! I can't believe you'd assault a lady, you barbarian! I'm going to put this all over the school bulletin board, your career is OVER when they hear about this!"

[1d10] Getting up from Helpless

Roll #1 2 = 2



Amy shakes her head and looks to the strange being behind the booth. "Who are you?" she asks, pointing at him.



Punish yelps in pain as she is slashed.

"Stop this shit!" she shouts. She flies to Tenochtitlan and attempts to put him into a half nelson.

>Suppress: recharge 1 after letting go, weapon; Renders target helpless. After success, can keep taking automatic actions to keep the target pinned. If this action is not taken, the target gets up.

>Grapple: passive; +1 to unarmed grabbing, throwing and wrestling down opponents
>Because her own hooves are her weapon, Suppress is considered unarmed

Roll #1 7 = 7



>Weapon: Baseball Bat +1 [Fire, Great, Single]


Pryce's eyes open wide as Tenochtitlan shoots at him, unable to react quick enough this time with himself at the other end of the barrel. He winces, holding himself steady from the impact.
"Alright, you need to be put down quick, before somepony else gets hurt."

Pryce winds back his bat with his telekinesis, humming a little song to himself as he swings it at Tenochtitlan like he's going for a home run.
>Swing [1d10+1] [Fire, DC5, Crits 9+,Crit Fails 2-]
>Hymn of the Cedar Tree Shrine: [Self] [1d10]
>Hymn of the Cedar-Tree Shrine: Instant, Spell, Recharge 3 after effect ends: Massively increases the target's resistance to all forms of damage for a very brief period. On success, the target will only take 1 Hit of damage from each applicable source of damage that hits them. This lasts for 2 turns, or 3 on a critical hit.

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5 / Roll #2 1 = 1


>Should have been with a +1


"A stand in for the missing Army Recruiter. But those who populate existance know this one as Y'dryth, and if you're still drawing a blank then you should hit the books. What are they teaching in these schools anyway." Y'dryth clasps his hooves together, light bearing, featureless silhouettes of every person in existance. "So did you want to go back and finish what your friends started? I can take you back if you want."

"Can I come with" Shei asks

"Yes you can, just don't cry if you get hurt. Be a man about it." Y'dryth responds.

You are struck by a volley of machine gun fire. 5 hits of damage dealt.

"Young lady we don't discriminate in the army. In the army we have saying; Women and children first!"

You are pelted by heavy rain of assault fire. Bullets leaving swelts as they bounce off your tough buffalo body. 5 hits of damage dealt

But in spite of this you bulldoze a path toward the humvee, nearly sending it crashing once again as it spins out of control
"WOoOoOOoAAaAoaOaOH!" The passengers and Tenochtitlan cry as he tries to remain on coarse "Lady I haven't even finished my drink yet and you already have me crossing eights in the pavement!" Tenochtitlan voices to his displeasure.

Smoke begins to rise from the humvee engine. It looks like one more direct hit natural crit or not might get it to explode.

You deal 3 hits of damage

"Aaaahh, my cover's blown!!!" Tenochtitlan shouts wildly as you manage to trap him in a half nelson hold. Reducing one of his actions from his action economy. Some of sword wielding recruits spar with you to get you off.

More assault fire rains down on you all
[1d10+4] cleave hit

>taxonamomegamonopoly; activates this round

>proccing [All or Nothing] [5 hits]
>proccing [Suppress] [3 hits]
>hit everyone, suppress removes everyone's ability to make an instant action this round

You begin hear the deafing sound of metal creaking as shutters open from above. The ceiling of the control room opens revealing a helicopter called in by the army recruiter. "Suppressive fire has arrived" you hear the words sound out from Tenochtitlan's radio

A orbital strike launches toward Pryce. Halberd missles launched directly at him in combination of assualt fire.
[3 individual attacks make 3 hits]

3 his of damage dealt to pryce

Roll #1 6 + 4 = 10



Amy's face lights up. "Yes, please take me back!"

"I can't leave Punny to finish my fights for me! She does that too much!"


Flaming cannot help but grin widely as she continues to absorb the storm of bullets and pushes the humvee further and further, taking pride in her tiny little body being able to take so much and deal out even more.

"I don't know how to drive, but I DO know you're not supposed to drink while you do it! So think on… THAT!" She says, slamming out one more head-but to the vehicle

[1d10+1] All or Nothing

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


As the attack helicopter storms in from above, collapsing the ceiling around them, Gabriele looks up with utter shock and terror.

"ARE YOU BLOODY KIDDING ME?!" She shouts aloud, grabbing her whip again as she flies up to try and lay another Cursed Seal on the attack helicopter before it can really get moving

[1d10+1] Cursed Seal

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6



Punish just shouts in frustration as she throws another punch.

>Slam that crits on 7+


Roll #1 10 = 10


Pryce brings up his wings reflexively as the helicopter flies in from above, sending a swarm of missiles his way. He just barely is able to remain standing, though he is looking unsteady and shaky.
"C-Come on, is that all you got?" He says, more to keep the recruiter's focus on him rather than the others. He shifts his stance a bit, bracing himself up to hold more confidence as his horn glows with a heavenly light.
"All your army equipment and you've barely made a scratch on any of us. Looks like your army has nothing on Huoli High!" Pryce says, rousing up an inspirational speech to shield his friends.

>Princess Vinland's Oppulence [Auto]

>Princess Vinland's Opulence: Twice per combat; Automatic; Recharge 2 after effect ends; Sacrifice 1 Wound to negate all damage against you and your allies made this turn. Damage made next turn against you and all allies will be reduced by 3, minimum 1. Damage made the turn after that will be reduced by 2, minimum 1. Damage made after that turn will be reduced by 1, minimum 1. On the final turn, 1 Wound is restored to you and all allies.


"Very well. And I will leave you two with a word of advise "Words can hurt more than any sword. Especially when your opponent is already hurt pretty bad, talking to them can be even more effective. Just ask Shei to appraise Tenochtitlan for his intimacies, and the rest will be obvious." there is a substantial pause before Y'dryth speaks up again "Or you can just beat the crap out of it. That works too. And while you're at it could you tell him to unsubscribe me from their newletter, I'm really not interested in joining the army."

"Will do Y'dryth, Sir." Shei agrees.

And with that Y'dryth offers you both his hooves, at a single touch you are taken back to the scene of combat. You see what the rest of the party sees. Pryce just tank a bunch of missiles as a helicopter arrived into combat and is about to leave just as soon. While Tenochtitlan drives around in a humvee on the brink of destruction, smoke blowing out of it in plumes.

More heavy fire rains down on you dealing 5 hits of damage

You just barely manage to touch the humvee with a head butt but it isn't enough. A mongolian manages to nick you with his spear. dealing 3 hits of counter attack damage to you.

You 5 hits of damage from the nearby swashbucklers and gunners trying to wrestle you off their captain. You manage to clear off one more solid punch. Landing straight for Tenochtitlan's jaw.

deals 20 hits of damage

The blow is so strong it makes him delirious, he loses control of the steering wheel. Causing him to careen out and crash the humvee. In a flash lasting less than a second, an explosion emits sending firey debris everywhere. You rise out of the debris unharmed or manage to fly out before it crashes.

You successfully land a cursed seal upon the apache helicopter. Just as it was about to leave the scene, but with cursed seal struck onto it, it instead whirs in the air confused. You can see the pilot is thrown for a loop as his controls malfunction. He isn't able to escape the fight scene.

Is it charisma? Or narcissim, nobody knows it's just teen spirit! You and everyone else feels protected by Vinland's Opulence.

All the passengers of the humvee flee the scene, terrified and on fire. Shouting in various different languages as they go. But Tenochtitlan rises from the smoky debris of his sweet humvee. His nightvision goggles cracked and his bandana mask torn and burnt.

He only has one thing to say to you "Wait- Let's talk about this."

As combat comes to a brief pause you only just now notice spike without any other excitement to occlude him. He's sitting on a foldable chair, eating popcorn and leisurely firing his glock in the air while making noises "boom Boom, kablam!"


With the battle coming to a momentary pause with his friends shielded and the vehicles of war disabled, Pryce looks down at Tenochtitlan as he now asks to talk.
"What is there to talk about? You started a fight with students, shot at us, called in all other kinds of assault, and gave a kid a gun!" He says, pointing over to Spike. "What is there to discuss aside from how you should be behind bars?"

After calling out the recruiter, Pryce gently grasps Spike's glock with his telekinesis to take it away before any accidents happen.



Amy returns to the frey just as it all starts dying down. She looks around at the scene. Then, she spots Spike.

"Go deal with that obnoxious recruiter," Amy orders Shei as she turns to go in a different direction.

"SPIKE!" Amy shouts like a disapproving mother. She marches over to him. "This is all YOUR fault! And, you're just gonna sit here and watch!? You think this is cool?" she asks rhetorically as she swats the gun out of his hand.

"This isn't cool! People are getting hurt!"



Punish merely stands behind Pryce, her hoof ready for another killer punch.

[1d10] to be intimidating

Roll #1 7 = 7



Just gonna make a social roll for the heck of it for Amy. Maximum guilt!

>[1d10] DC-3

Roll #1 8 = 8


Shorthorns lets out a series of huffed breaths, her bullet-ragged fur coat shaking as she struggles to stand, but she can't help but grin widely in content as she sees her foes driven before them, looking at all those in the humvee running like cowards.

She turns her attention to to the recruiter remaining, smiling and looking to Pryce as she asks, "I say we… uh, what do they do in the army exactly? String him up? Draw and quarter him?"


"I'm not sure… usually hear them shout 'Drop and give me twenty' in the shows."


Gabriele lets out a cry of anger as she sees the Helicopter spiraling out of control, not yet aware that the battle is already won.
"HAH! That'll show you for ruining MY first day back at school! All my feathers you've ruffled out of place, all the anxiety you caused me… well, take THIS in return!" She says, cracking her whip as she commands her cursed seal to explode!

[1d10+1] Corpse Explosion

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


Spike complains as Pryce steals away his gun "Hay! that was promised with the life of devilmaycare!"

Shei speaks up "I don't know this place is pretty cool. Mister where can I get on of those guns"

"Oh it that? -It's standard issue with everywhere commitment of 2 years to the Army. Here I'll get you some paperwork."

"Thanks!" Shei exclaims cheerily.

The helicopter careens out of control and on your command explodes into smithereens. Burning bits of shrapnel rain down into the sweet "Too wicked!" Tenochtitlan shouts as he watches the whole thing go down. He takes out his flip phone to snap a picture.

"Okay I might be a little wrong about taking a kid. But the scary girl in uniform definitely belongs in the army."

Shei-Sher pulls out some binoculars to get a scope on Tenochtitlan

>Appraise [1d10+1]

Just as Tenochtitlan talks to you all he sidesteps his way toward Spike. Punish's intimidating presence and Amy's guilt tripping doing something to make him go back on his recruitment drive ferocity "I see you aren't the bunch to negotiate. That's the first thing we teach. You would've made fine recruits. I guess this theatre is over then. Maybe I did go a little overboard drafting a however year old toddler. I could maybe start him out peeling potatoes, and cleaning toilets."

Spike complains again. "Ahh what, That's not devil may care and doesn't have the dangerous sex appeal mentioned in the brochure."

Just as Tenochtitlan inches his way up to Spike "Hay keep quiet kid I'm trying to help you out here." And just as he's within arm's reach Tenochtitlan flips open Spike's army jacket to reveal a bomb vest beeping and booping in the most menacing way, with dynamite very visibly strapped on. Tenochtitlan opens his vest too, to reveal another bomb vest.

"Always had a feeling I'd die for the cause." Tenochtitlan reveals his ace in the hole. Not one, but two bomb vests. One of them being fastened to Spike.

Spike admits "Uhhh, I think I'm done playing soldier now."

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5




HP: ???
+2 attack +4 abilities
3 actions; 1 instant

Intimacies: Loves the military and people who praise it with him. Also loves it when people compliment his army clothes.

Shei explains the appraisal of the Army Recruiter's stats.

"….Is this what Y'dryth hinting at? I don't think I want to compliment what this guy is wearing. Especially not right now. In this highly sensitive context."


"Shei, no. You don't want to get pulled in with this guy," Pryce says sternly as Shei asks about getting his own gun.

Pryce keeps his stare on Tencochtitlan as he admits to maybe going overboard, though still speaks on having Spike in the army, just for grunt work. When he quickly flips open his and Spike's vests to reveal dynamite, Pryce freezes, looking in panic as the guy is threatening self-detonation. With the quickest reflex, just as when Amy was threatened, Pryce's magic pushes Spike into safe subspace.

>Subspace Walker [Spike] [Auto, 2nd use]

Subspace Walker: 2 times per combat; Automatic; Hide yourself, an ally, or a medium-sized object within a Subspace pocket for four turns, or until they dismiss the effect. During this time, the target cannot attack or be attacked. If used on a sentient target, that target can now move through solid objects, barriers, etc within a short distance at will.


Flaming's eyes open wide as they pull apart their vests to reveal their final ace in the hole in a pair of bomb-vests, to which Flaming looks at the explosives with shock and awe.

After a few moments of stunned silence, though, Flaming looks ahead towards Tenochtitlan and Spike and, a mischievous grin on her face, says,

"You're bluffing. I can tell."


Gabriele lets out a cry of wicked glee as the helicopter explodes on the horizon, cackling loudly and madly out of control.

"MUAHAHAHAHAHAH! Yes, learn to fear me, you slacking ingrates!"

As the recruiter mentions the girl in uniform belongs in the army, Gabriele blushes, and looks at the recruiter. "Eh? Moi?"



"Wow…" Amy says, looking at the bomb jacket Tenoctitlon is wearing. "That's pretty cool. The jacket is nice looking… and it really makes a statement. You're really committed…"

"It's… kinda hot…" she admits. Then, she looks to Spike. "But, it also involves a lot of dying. Is that what you want?"

[1d10] DC-3 to get them both to back down

Roll #1 9 = 9



Punish eyes Amy and lets her do her thing.


Tears begin to roll down Spike's face as he explodes into a crying fit "I don't think he's joking! P-Please I don't want to be in the army anymore! Guy's get me outta here! Get me outta here!"

"It's too late little man. You signed the dotted line. You're life belongs to the military."

"NoOOO!! I didn't sign anything! Let me go home! I wanna go home!." Spike screams and shouts, a blubbering mess.

Tenochtitlan's face scrunches as he takes out some papers from his vest. He puts on reading glasses over his night vision goggles "Huh. You're right you didn't sign it yet. And I almost committed a felony." Tenochtitlan begins unstrapping the bomb vest from Spike "Looks like I won't be blowing you up today kid. It'd be a federal infraction. But maybe in the future we can get you an adult sized bomb vest."

Spike snibbling, mucus crusted, and legs twitching to nearly piss himself, gets down from his chair and waddles toward the party as Tenochtitlan pats him on his way "i'lL cOnSIder iii-i-it *sniff*" Spike, the disgusting piss baby moves over to hug Amy. Digging his face into her shirt and wiping the mucus off his face.

Shei cringes deeply, he looks physically in pain He lets out softly "Please Amy.. Don't- This is beneath you.."

Tenochtitlan is caught off guard by Amy's comments "You really think so.. So you really think chicks dig the bomb vest? Because I have a date coming and I thought it would really wow them you know."

"Oh yeah you! You'd go far kid. Seriously. I have some papers here if you're still considering." Even at the brink of death Tenochtitlan is still ready to invite new recruits.


You ready yourself to push spike in subspace. But as it comes up, Spike never signed any papers, and loses his right to die for his country. Though Once spike reaches the group You go ahead and push him out into subspace. Sending him out of the fight scene and back to Huoli High.


name change Sorry about that


Flaming still manages to keep a confident grin on her face as she seems self assured that the recruiter doesn't have the guts, but as Spike starts to break down and the young dragon is sobbing at the desire to not be here any more, her hardy expression fades away into one of pity. She's about ready to try and bargain instead until Tenochtitlan is convinced to check his paper work by Amy.

As he confirms Spike did NOT in fact sign anything yet, Flaming lets out a sigh of relief at him taking the bomb vest off of spike. She smiles as she sees him run over to Amy, glad to see he's unharmed. "Next time, think about what it takes to be a warrior before you commit yourself to anything, little dragon."

She looks over at Tenochtitlan, and smiles again. "And I KNEW you wouldn't do it."


"To be fair! Spike is a child, in the eyes of the U.S. military. It wouldn't be right to blow him up. But I can still do myself for kicks." Tenochtitlan holds up a on of those classic handle buttons "I'll do it. Swearzies. It's really happening."


"Go ahead, I dare you. Bet you don't have the guts!" Flaming pushes (non-literal) buttons.


"….Okay, but do you double dog dare me?" Tenochtitlan asks


When it's revealed Spike was never signed up, Pryce sighs in relief that one problem is solved. Once he has Spike safely away from the war zone, he looks back to Tenochtitlan.
"Why don't you go back to the base or wherever and get reassigned. Recruitment is not up your alley."


Gabriele swiftly swoops down and wraps a whole talon around Flaming's muzzle, hissing,
"Be QUIET, you little ribeye…"

Gabriele smiles sweetly at the recruitor with a bomb strapped to his chest. "Oh, thank you, it's good to know you can see talent where it's blossoming in front of you, BUT, I'm afraid I have a career path set ahead for the next ten years at least that don't yet involve the military. At least, not in the 'grunt work' sort of deal. But, I think this little misunderstanding has been cleared up, no need to do anything drastic, we've all learned a little something today, haven't we?"



Amy deadpans at Spike as he hugs her. "Yeah… I hope you learned a lesson from this," she says as she subtly pushes Spike away.

Then, she turns to Tenoctitlan. "Oh yeah! A lot of women LOVE danger!"



That was supposed to be Amy.


Punish gags. "Don't listen to this sluts advice," she announces to everyone present.


"Please don't provoke this psycho," Punish says in a beleaguered tone.


"Agreed!" Punish says loudly with a nod.



Amy just sticks her tongue out at Punish.


"Speaking of danger…" Amy says as she works her way toward Pryce, getting uncomfortably close.

"I saw you fighting. You were soooo cool! Thank you for coming to save me, my knight in shining armor! You deserve a kiss," she says before puckering her lips, waiting for Pryce to kiss her.


"I couldn't just let some crazy pony shoot you," Pryce says with an awkward chuckle as Amy gets too close again. As she puckers up for a kiss, Pryce takes a step to the side. "A-Amy, isn't that a little inappropriate!"


Shei cringes even more "Amy honestly. We can just grab any one of the guns laying around and shoot him. I- I just don't think can take anymore this."

"Okay you can all stop me. I can tell when people force it. This isn't my first time threatening people with a bomb vest you know."

One of the Malechim band members speak up "Are guys going to fight? Or should we pack up?"

"Hush you-" Tenochtitlan demands


"I guess you all aren't really cut out for the military. You got that talk first, shooter later personality that's never gonna cut it with negotiating down terrorists. But I'll be seeing you again. And you can try out for something else. Something.. more appropriate for highschoolers. BYE BYE." Tenochtitlan clicks the button on his hand held device.

In an instant the scene is consumed with an explosion and with it combat ends. The flames furl over you and the deafening sound of explosives wracking your eardrum numb you anything else going on. When it all stops you find you're selves back at the highschool. Your injuries are gone, spike is gone too. Infact the Army recruitment booth has vanished with it as well.

The only thing left behind is a comedian's mask with a note attached to it, and a spyglass, where the booth used to be. In your surroundings you see highschoolers and faculty packing up their booths, it is late afternoon now.



"Inappropriate? No! It's romantic! The knight saves the damsel, then she gives him a kiss! It's in ALL the movies!" Amy responds, starting to sound annoyed.


But, Pryce is spared further "romance" when the explosion ensues. When she discovers that she is fine, she looks down at herself and the others. "We're okay?" she asks out loud.

"That was weird," she says with a shrug. "Oh well, whatever."

She turns to Spike. "Am I going to have to tell your mom about this?" she asks in a scolding tone.



"Well…" Punish says, clearly unsure as to what the fuck just happened. "Good riddance to him, I guess."

"How do you get yourself into these kinds of messes?" Punish asks Amy.



Amy just gives a nonchalant shrug as an answer.


"But they're usually in a relationship already when that happens," Pryce counters.

As Tenochtitlan starts to spiel about how they're not fit, Pryce is glad the situation is winding down, until he sets off his vest anyways.
Pryce spreads his wings to shield himself and Amy. When the scene clears and they're back in the schoolyard, he lowers them.
He looks down at the mask and note, about to read them, until he notices the booths being packed up.
"Oh man, what time is it?"
He quickly looks for the baseball booth, realizing he didn't get a chance to sign up yet with the fight, and getting called around beforehoof as well.


Flaming grunts and mumbles against Gabriele's talons as she wiggles her way out of them. "Oh come on, I wanted to see if he'd really do it or not! I've never seen anyone explode before, have you? I mean, outside of cartoons."

As he pushes the button, Flaming's ears flatten dramatically as she is made aware she made a bad bet. "Wuh oh."

She closes her eyes and covers her face with her hooves as the flames wash over them all… only to reveal them back in the hallway at their school. She looks around confused, before looking down at the spyglass and the mask left behind. "Huh… what are these?"


Gabriele's eyes open wide and her wings shut tight as the explosion envelops them all, crying out in dismay even as she is transported back to the school hallway

"AAAAAAAAAAGH no no no no no, I'm too young and beautiful to die, this can't be happening mummy heeeeellp—" she says, moments before opening her eyes again and seeing herself back in the halls, noting as all the other students are packing up and going to class.

She blinks a few times, trying to regain her composure, as she looks towards the trouble-making dragon who started all this. "….Spike?" She says plainly, barely having regained her senses.


"I- I don't know.. I really don't want to talk to Twilight about what happened today." Spike admits, having cleared up all his tears on whatever Amy is wearing.

Gadriel soon enough appears "Why did everyone ditch me at the booth?"

Shei promptly responds "Why did you ditch me at the library."

"I can actually answer that one" Gadriel fires back "Come on and see our clubroom. It's movie night everyone!"

"But it's afternoon" Shei attests

"Then it's a movie-noon. Come on, who's in?"

The malechim say their goodbyes as they exit the scene "Wicked send off guys, but we got to go." said the bassist

"Thanks for letting us put on a show. Til the next gig." said the Triangle

"You guys think Zjetya's mad we left her to pack up?" Said the one on Viola

"I thinks it's going to be about 3pm" Shei answers

The mask is simple theatre mask but with a note attached. The note is blank until by instinct you use the spyglass to view it.

The spyglass allows you read writting that wasn't visible there before "When things get weird again. Under a bristled canopy a merchant offers you something. I will be there." not really a riddle, not really not a riddle.

You've acquired a toy spyglass
>Toy spyglass: You've seen this thing on commercials before. It's a spyglass with the gimmick of allowing you to view invisible ink. Nifty, but can't say you'd ever buy one for yourself. It might just come in handy though.


"Put a hold on that, gotta get signed up for the team first!"
Pryce says to Gadriel as he asks the group about movie night, quickly running over to the baseball booth.
"Coach! Hold on, I'm not too late am I?" He calls out as he runs over.


"Spike." She says to the young dragon attempting to sign up for the army.
"Detention. Week's detention." She says calmly as she flattens down her feathers again, looking around as she tries to make sure no one saw her make a scene.


Flaming takes a look at the note through the spyglass, Shorthorns is fascinated, pulling it back and forth to see the hidden ink over and over again as she looks at her spyglass with rapt attention.

"Ooooh, cool! It lets you see hidden messages?" She smiles, picking up the cool looking mask too as she pockets the spyglass. She turns to look around to see Gadriel as he advertises movie night, the easily distracted buffalo turning with interest.

"You get to watch movies in the afternoon?! I LOVE High School so much! We only ever got to do that in Middle School when the teacher got bored and didn't want to teach us about wars that had movies made about them instead."



"He doesn't even go to this school," Amy defends Spike.


At the offer for a movie night, Amy looks around at everyone. In particular, her gaze lingers on Punish. She continues to to stare, as if her expression is a question.



Punish smirks at Gabby.


Punish spends a while staring back at Amy inscrutably. Then, her expression breaks. She lets out a long sigh.

"I guess it would be fun to watch a movie together."

But, before Amy can say anything in response, she puts up a hoof. "But, don't read anything into this."


You catch Buiwong and the witches in the middle of packing up the tables. Buiwong and vizsla holding the foldable table together "Well Pryce I have a table in one hoof, and Viz on the other end. Hardly have a booth here anymore. What do you think?" Buiwong responds irritably, but then he calls Mudi over "Muuuudi, do you have the clipboard."

Mudi was just on her way out but begins ambling over to you all. Buiwong says to Pryce "You're in luck. Check in with Mudi." Buiwong grunts as he shifts the table in his hooves and they begin hauling it out.

"What! says who!? I don't even go to highschool!"

"Eyyup. I snagged a dvd of bicentennial man and Army of Darkness from the library."

"Gadds.. I don't know if we want to advertise the Occult Research club's activities as movie nights."

"Welp, thats what it is. It's movie nights."


"I'll let everyone know we're good to start. I'll see you there." Gadriel dismisses himself with Shei trailing behind him. As they walk away you hear Shei ask "Wait- so you got more members?"

Once your attention is away, Spike takes the opportunity to try to escape the gravity of the group unnoticed.



Amy dances excitedly, only slightly held back by Punish's stand-off-ish nature.


"This is going to be so much fun! What movie should we watch together? Something romantic? Something funny? Something scary?"

"By the way," she adds practically in the same breath, looking to Flaming directly. "My name is Amy. Amy Thest. We played dodgeball together earlier, but I didn't get a chance to introduce myself. Nice to meet you!"


Gabriel squawks, "DON'T CARE! DETENTION! NOW!" She shouts quite demanding at Spike, cracking her whip once in the air. "Don't make me write you up a referral, dragon!"

She cracks it again for emphasis



"Army of Darkness," the two of them say simultaneously with disparate degrees of enthusiasm.

Upon realization of their simultaneous agreement, they look to each other. Then, they both look away uncomfortably.


"Phew, sorry. Things got really hectic," Pryce apologizes as Buiwong is busy with the tables. As Mudi comes over, Pryce turns to her.
"Really cut it close. Don't worry, won't happen for the games, I promise," Pryce says with a joking attitude, to lighten it a bit.


Flaming smiles, "Wow, my first high-school movie-noon. This is so cool, I didn't even know these were a thing! This is gonna be great. I haven't even heard of either of those movies yet!"

As Amy introduces herself, Flaming smirks. "Oh yeah, I think I remember you! Were you the one with the fire move in the game? I'm Flaming Shorthorns, I just started here! Well I mean, I came here as a Middle Schooler but now I'm officially a Freshman!" She explains excitedly


"AaaAAAHHH!" Spike cries out in fear as Gabriele cracks her whip. Running all the way to the Occult Research Club

Mudi gives Pryce the pen and clipboard "Look forward to seeing there." She says amicably.

You follow what you think were Gadriel and Shei's directions to the Occult Research Club. It's in the old janitors room at a corner of the school property. Beside the entrance you spot Flow and Renee in rasta flavored matching outfits. Trying to light some paper grabbed by Flow's mouth. But upon seeing you they scrambling to hide everything. Flow swallowing the paper and Renee hiding the lighter.

"Hiiiii- See you for the movie-noon." Flow sends himself inside the club room before anyone could tell him something, his girlfriend following with.
"Hehe"Renee giggles "yeah, happy movie-noon."

Entering the build you you can see the sparse decorum of what used to be a janitor's closet. With some cleaning supplies and gym equipment still here in low quantities. Besides that there is a ufo poster on the wall captioned 'I want to believe' and one of those neat tesla coil domes. You see the og machine Shei used earlier in the corner of the room too. There aren't many chairs, most are opting to sit on the diamond patterned rug.

Then the lights turn off, other club members tell each other to sush as Gadriel pops in the movie.

[End of School day] PAUSE

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