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File: 1379180342889.jpg (65.88 KB, 1663x866, MLP - Luna.jpg)

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Luna Quest discussion will go here. Also, here's the format I'll be running during the quest.

1) At the end of each post, you will have the opportunity to state and words or actions you wish to speak or do.

2) There will be good and bad endings depending on the choices and actions you make

3) Some actions will require a dice roll. I will be using 1d100 (as sort of a percentage) and your rate of success will be dependent on that. I will inform you of which actions will require a dice roll and what you need to succeed in that action beforehand.

Thank you for playing and I hope you enjoy the quest. Please feel free to discuss anything you wish about the quest here.


When does it start?



15 minutes


aw yiss


Glad I woke up just now then.



So are batponies vampires or what



I'm going off the show. If the batponies aren't vampires on the show, they're not vampires in the quest.


Smoothly run first session.
Well done.


Next session is on Saturday, September 21 @ 1:30PM EST, 7:30PM for you Europeans.




>12:30pm Central
Alright, thanks mate.


Second session will be starting soon.



Every Wednesday or Saturday right?


Whoops. Meant every Wednesday and Saturday




What? No. Saturday. Always Saturday. I spend too much time developing the next session to make it Wednesday AND Saturday.



Ah, I see now.

Thanks m8


New Session today, right?


Read the post above you ya dingus


Starting up in a couple of hours



We doing this today?



Yeah. in about 20 minutes. Wanted to ask you guys about the session length. Do you think they go on too long, or are they fine as is?


As long as you run it, I'll play.
You'd need to have 12 hour sessions to begin to drag on into "too long"


They're fine. Can't speak for everybody, but I'm really enjoying the length of the sessions. You got my vote to keep it how they are.



Hey A.J., can we get an updated affection chart?



Of course.

Luna - New Friends
Lucent - Low
Gold Heart - Mid-Low
Celestia - None


>Luna - New Friends
She better prepares herself for what's about to come~

>Celestia - none
;_; I hope we didn't beef our only chance, I'd like to have us at least some affection from her


There's a chance this week's session may be cancelled. I'll let you guys know as soon as I can, but if you don't hear anything from me on Saturday, assume it'll continue again next week.


O-okay ;_;


Luna Quest tomorrow




>work tomorrow
Damn if I'm not going to try to make it anyway.


File: 1382190115621.jpg (80.46 KB, 256x256, 1381358071116.jpg)



>"I do not wish to accompany you," Luna says
A.J. please ;_;


Complications. Next session moved to Nov. 2. There won't be a session Nov. 30 either.

Oct. 26 - No Session
Nov. 2 - Session #6
Nov. 9 - Session #7
Nov. 16 - Session #8
Nov. 23 - Session #9
Nov. 30 - No Session


Wow, you're planning ahead. Noted!





9 minutes




Need more time to prepare. No quest this week.


File: 1384021478767.png (97.17 KB, 945x945, 1364249918267.png)



Sorry, but right now I've only got enough for about half a session depending on the choice you make. I need to cover the other options, but I have to come up with something for those options in order to do that.



What do you guys think of it so far? Is there anything you want to see/do more of?

And don't be a smart ass by saying you want to "DO" Luna/Lucent/Celestia/etc.


I really like it so far.

The only thing I'd suggest to change is the way you present some of the choices. Like, for example, last time when you presented us the options who we could talk to. If it's in a list like that instead of a text fragment like "You are looking around, trying to find out if there is anyone who needs your help setting up their tent" to indicate that we should go talking to one of the characters it immediately feels like we will miss out on something, no matter which choice we pick.

At least that kinda bugs me - always kinda leaves the taste of "What would have happened if I picked the other option?".

It's obviously fine for stuff like battles and so on.


It's going well, flowing beautifully.
I know you told us not to be smartasses, but I want see more questing period.


Quest today. I spent all week working on a particular something for this next session, but haven't got anything to show for it yet. With any luck, I'll come up with something in the next few hours.



Got it. Quest should be here in a couple of hours.


>couple of hours
Do you have a rough estimation? I assumed it would start in one.


That would have fitted if he'd meant a literal couple of hours (2), but guess not.



I'll be starting here in a few minutes.



I hope you aren't to bummed by todays low quester attendance


>I hope you aren't to bummed by todays low quester attendance

I'm not. People were just doing other things. It happens. I kind of expected this what with the holidays coming and the new season starting up. I'm busy myself and that's more than enough reason to drop it. If people just don't have time for it anymore, then I see no reason for me to continue. I think I will stop Luna Quest and possibly pick it up again once we're back in hiatus. It truly does seem silly to continue it with everything going on.



and there actually were 4 people there I think.


File: 1385225660291.jpg (52.2 KB, 302x336, 30-(n1362568574431).jpg)

>I think I will stop Luna Quest


File: 1401391108119.png (172.02 KB, 467x785, lucent_nobackground.png)

So, any chance that you might pick this Quest up again, now that we are back in hiatus mode?



Spaerk, I have to know who drew this. This means so much more to me than you know. I can't even begin to tell you how happy this makes me. I might be a total faggot for saying this but I'm genuinely tearing up.

I'm absolutely doing Luna Quest again now. This, I can't even thank whoever drew this enough. I just can't.


>I have to know who drew this
It was _______me.

I'm glad you like it.







Gotta couple of questions for you guys.

I know it's been a while since we last did anything for the quest, so I wanted to know if you were looking to do something new with it this time around…

Or did you just want to pick up from where we left off last time?

If we do pick up from where we left off last time, there's just a simple change I want to make to the format.

I'll be removing the options at the end of certain posts and making it completely your choice as to where to go and what to do. Rolls for certain things will still come into play when necessary, and the Affection Levels are staying because I like how it keeps track of your progress.

Also, as I've stated before, it can change the ending you get.

Please, let me know what you guys think.


Looking forward to starting up the quest again and I hope to have the new session scheduled for either the 21st or the 5th. I might have something going on the 28th.


Personally I vote for a hard reset.


I'd be inclined vote for picking it up where we left -

but on the other hand that would probably mean that you have less players because people can't be arsed to read up on what happened.

I can live with both options though.



Benefits to restarting

>new story means people can start fresh

>also, new story
>cleaner implementation of slight format change


>new story means I'll have to develop a new story, which would take more time than just going back over and gathering notes

>some of the things you may have liked before have a chance of being lost now
>Affection Levels are reset

Of course, I suppose I could just take the notes anyway, then start up the quest again with the same story as a sort of…revised edition? The affection levels would still be reset, but this actually doesn't sound like a bad option.

I just wish I could delete the old thread once I was finished with the notes. Leaving them there feels messy.

How's that sound?


My first thought is reset since it's been so long, but since I'm guessing you're planning to keep the same side-characters it'd probably be a bit weird having to re-introduce ourselves and whatnot, so I guess re-continue if that's the case.

>I'll be removing the options at the end of certain posts and making it completely your choice as to where to go and what to do

I always was under the impression those options were just suggestions anyway, and that we could come up with our own if we had a better one.

I hate it whenever data is lost through deletions and whatever, but if you really wanted to remove the old thread I'm sure Pineapple or one of the other mods could do it for you.


How much would a 'revised edition' differ from the quest we played so far? Because if it was basically the same we could kinda cheat since we already know in which direction certain choices will go


File: 1402874527617.gif (983.37 KB, 450x252, Luna1.gif)


you're planning to keep the same side-characters it'd probably be a bit weird having to re-introduce ourselves and whatnot, so I guess re-continue if that's the case

A fantastic point.


Another excellent point.

After going over everything, I think the best course of action would be write up a summary of the quest so far so that those just coming into the quest won't be so lost, and continuing from where we left off so those who enjoyed the quest before won't have to worry about anything changing. This will also make it easier for me, and after seeing how much you all did enjoy it, I think it'd be a shame to just toss it out like it never happened.

So, I'll be going over to take notes across the previous sessions, write up a summary, and we can continue on from the last session.


I never participated in this before, but I'll certainly lurk and keep an eye out for it in the future.


That sounds good. Would have been kinda awkward to be reintroduced to all the characters I guess.


File: 1403133429415.gif (686.05 KB, 853x480, Luna7.gif)

I'm really trying to cut down on the work time and wait time for the new session, so I'm going back and screen capping all the quest posts. I'll load each session into a folder and put the folders into a zip. The zip file will be posted here and in the new session thread so that no one misses it.

If all else fails and I don't get things done buy July 5th (which is when I plan) to have the next session) you'll at least have that to look back on for a refresher, newcomers and returning participants alike.


You still planning to start a session tomorrow or will it be shifted?



it will be shifted to next week.


File: 1404964849509.png (489.18 KB, 1280x720, Rarity8.png)

Right, so, just a little update to keep you all…updated.

Just finished archiving Session #5. I'm working on Session #6 now. The summary turned from "a summary" into "write almost everything down from each session and then type it up again into a Google document." I'm getting it done, just not as quickly as I'd like to. Writing it all down is a method of relearning everything and refreshing my memory on what I wanted to do.

And in case you're wondering what's causing the delay: Long story short, my boss started giving me more hours. A lot more hours. This leaves less time for me to write, plot, archive, etc. Also, moving. Which I'm way behind on.


I'll be posting up the archive later today. There's going to be one final week of delays and then I PROMISE the next session WILL begin.

Reason for delay:

Police are involved. That's all I'm really gonna say.


>Police are involved. That's all I'm really gonna say.
We told you you shouldn't pony pony…

good luck


File: 1405311042739.png (195.45 KB, 466x559, MLP - Rarity21.png)

Finally, some progress!

Look forward to the next session this weekend for sure.

Here's a link to the .zip file containing the Luna Quest archive. You'll find everything you need to know for the quest in here as well as some extra stuff just in case the links don't work.

Also threw an art folder in there. Since Spaerk was amazing and drew Lucent, I thought having a folder for anything else might be nice. This way I can just throw it in there for everyone.


Let me know if anything's out of order or doesn't work.


Time to go over it again and see if I remember what we did so far.

Do you already have the date and time when you will host the session?



Gonna aim for Saturday, July 19 @ 12:00PM, or Sunday, July 20 @ 12:00PM

Depends on what happens. I'll let you know.



Sorry, that's EST. Should have mentioned that.


I don't think I've seen you announce it in the general yet.
You should probably do that, I don't think a lot of people check /qt/ regularly enough to see the information here


File: 1405809840608.jpg (179.85 KB, 900x900, Derpy6.jpg)

Currently working through a number of various situations for Session #8, as well as a bit of character discussion. Moving is taking up most of my time, so I haven't been able to get much done aside from the archive. I'll work through the night to get everything planned out and aim for the quest to run on Sunday at 12PM EST. If my mind gets away from me and I end up not being able to properly flesh out the new session, it will be postponed again until next weekend.

I apologize for making all of you wait so long since the beginning of the hiatus, but I've made a promise to myself and I intend to keep it. My full intention for the quest is to balance out the adventure aspects and the romance aspects. It is my hope that this way, it will be as fun and entertaining as possible. I'm also keeping in mind the development of Tiamat, the Moon puzzle, and some other events for the future in mind. I have to attempt to plan for certain possible outcomes. Obviously, things won't always go according to plan, but that's what makes this so fun. I have no idea where you're all going to take this, but I want to find out. I hope you all feel the same way.

Now, back to work with me.



And I'll make sure to post this in the MLPG as well. Thank you, anon.



I do not have access to the internet at the moment, at least not at home, and I'm finalizing some things for the move. Next session will be scheduled for August 2nd.


Good luck with your move


Luna Quest will be moved to August 3rd, but it's not a guaranteed date. Depending on how things go, it may be moved to August 9th, and that would be a more solid date. For news on why, read the spoiler:

Move went well. Everything is in its place and things are all situated. The cause of delay comes from work. Boss' brother is getting married this weekend so he has me working open to close Friday and Saturday. This would leave Sunday open for Luna Quest, but it's the only free day I have to get anything done before I go back to work again on Monday. Depending on how quickly I can get those things done will effect whether or not we have Luna Quest that day. As those of you who participated last session may know, the quest ran for about 9 hours from Noon to almost 9PM. That's a long time for most people and I don't want it to run too late into the evening. I'm also worried that cutting it short may be insufficient for you.



Forgot my name

Oh, if the quest doesn't take place on the 3rd, I will be updating the archive with Session #8.


Okie dokie


Will the session take place tomorrow?


So what sorta time are you planning on the 9th? Still midday-ish?



Yes. Session 9 will be tomorrow at Noon (12PM) EST (Eastern Standard Time).


Forgot the link for Session #9



Oh…So apparently when the quest got archived, it all got deleted from the actual quest board. I'll be sure to update the other archive to match. I guess we'll just have the archive I keep as a backup.

So if you want to look back at anything, just check the archive page. Hopefully this'll be a more convenient alternative for some of you.


Is the next session on saturday or sunday?



It's going to be on Sunday. I'm working open to close Saturday. And there won't be a session the following weekend (August 22-24) for the same reason.



Same time. Noon EST.


Change of plans. Quest Time is being moved to 2PM EST instead of 12PM. Session should be about as short as the last one though, so there's no worries about the session taking too long to finish.



No Luna quest this weekend


File: 1408782362488.png (243.29 KB, 675x452, 1368533381053.png)


Updated the archive


Should have it up to Session 10

Session #11 will be on Sunday



dropped my name again


3 hours until Luna Quest Session #11





Clearly, we have to tie her up with imaginary ropes more often.


Luna Quest Session #12



File: 1410110602180.png (221.6 KB, 960x640, New Canvas.png)

>"It would be a shame if something were to happen to you."
>"There is much that I have to regret in my life," Celestia continues. "Please do not make me regret you."


So apparently the cube is something important, even if we don't know what it actually does yet.
We should probably pay more attention to our surroundings from now on then. We only found the cube because Anon suggested looking around while Baron was ranting at us, it feels like we might have missed it otherwise.


We probably would have found it anyways even if we had paid attention to Baron's rant first. But yes, paying attention to our surroundings is good.


Probably going to continue where we left off in Session 12 on Sunday @ Noon. I'll let you guys know if anything changes.

There's so much I wish I could explain to those of you participating, but I don't feel like I can until the quest is over.


>There's so much I wish I could explain to those of you participating
Well, hopefully we will figure it out on our own. Otherwise Tiamat will probably eat us


Quest is cancelled for tomorrow. Family stuff. I'll run it again next week.


I hope its nothing serious


Luna Quest will pick up where it left off tomorrow at 12PM EST



Picking back up where we left off



File: 1411370511127.png (97.34 KB, 542x578, 1363829015186.png)

>give Celestia the cube
>she puts it in her chariot
>chariot blows up

>thorn out of control

>Lucent injured

>Celestia hats us


hey, she wanted it. she can deal with the fallout of losing it herself.


Well, that doesn't help us a lot if the cube was important for dealing with Tiamat. We are sitting in the same boat as Celestia on that one.


we'll figure something out



File: 1411978998176.jpg (59.73 KB, 518x368, alicorn starswirl.jpg)


So, i just realized the quest has been running for a little over a year now. Happy late anniversary, guys.

Oh god, I'm so sorry this has taken so long to even get this far


>Oh god, I'm so sorry this has taken so long to even get this far
Well, there was a pretty long hiatus during the season.
I'm glad you picked it up again though, its a lot of fun.


No quest this weekend. If you guys have any questions for Starswirl, go ahead and post them here. He'll answer them as they come up and then we'll pick up the quest again the following weekend.

So this week and until next weekend: Ask Starswirl

Next weekend: Session #14


Should we ask Star Swirl about Tiamat's implications?


"That was.. unexpected. I always thought the stories about you were just that, stories. I mean, we don't have any magic on earth - wait, are you a human disguised as a unicorn or a unicorn that has been to earth? And in either case, how did you switch between worlds?"



>"One question at at a time," he says your name, though you haven't introduced yourself. "We'll start with the less complicated ones first. What I am and how I got here are not important. Practice magic long enough and you start to transcend things like time, space, and remembering which physical form was your original one. You're a human in Equestria. The least I can do to make you more comfortable as a guest in my home is give you something familiar, but if you'd rather I go back to being 'Starswirl the Bearded' I'd be happy to oblige. I'm a pony here because they're more comfortable with me that way. Honestly, the less you know, the better for me. The last thing I need is someone mucking up the other dimensions…again. I'm surprised this one hasn't started acting up just from your mere presence."


"I am not so sure that the answer to how you got here is unimportant - right now I have no idea how _I_ ended up in Equestria and it might have been in the same way."

>fucking up the dimensions
uh, oh…



>"Well how did you get here?"


"I don't know."



>"You don't remember anything at all?"


"Only that I woke up in a cell in Canterlot and apparently was found in a huge crater I left behind in the front court."



>"A crater you say? And do you know how this crater was made?"


"They told me I had 'collided into the castle courtyard'"



>"That doesn't sound like any of my methods," he starts to stroke his beard for a moment, the waves his thoughts away with a gesture. "Clearly you didn't arrive by mirror or you would be a pony now and we could have sent you straight back. I will investigate the crater myself at some point."

>"Now, back to your questions, as I'm sure you prosaic mind has accumulated many."


Actually, yeah, I do. You mention something about me potentially upsetting this dimension earlier - what exactly did you mean by that?"

I'm not gonna sure if I want to fully trust him and tell him about what Thorn said yet.



>"There have been instances before of beings from this world or another, but the signs of disruption were recognizable almost instantly. Luna tells me you've been here at least a few days, but there hasn't been a hair out of place aside from Tiamat's escape, and I doubt you had anything to do with it. I can't sense an ounce of power in you."


"Speaking of Tiamat - it seems she made a habit of invading my dreams and made some remarks about already having dealt with humans. I assume she meant you?"

Well, if he thinks we have nothing to do with Tiamat's escape better not mention the suspicions, otherwise he might just try to mirror us back right away.



>"You could say that, but I'm not exactly human. As a transdimensional being, I can be what I choose. At one point I may have been human, but not anymore. It is what allows me to stay here. Tiamat can also take human form, but she is a dragon to the core. Nothing about her was ever human. No one here is fully human, which is why your presence here perplexes me."


Inspect ourselves for show.

"Are you sure I am 'fully human' then? If humans shouldn't be able to be here without tipping the 'balance', the more logical explanation would be that I just haven't found out that I have some awesome magical superpowers, wouldn't it?"



>"If you had any power, I would have noticed it the moment you came onto the premises."


"Eh, just as well. I'm used to being mundane."
"So, is it like this often in Equestria? Ancient evil trying to take over the planet and what-not? I sort of figured a world full of talking pastel horses would be more peaceful than Earth."


>You could say that
"Do you know any of her weaknesses then?"



>"It's not always ancient, but we've done what we can to keep peace here in Equestria. It's all thanks to Celestia and Luna that we've come this far."


>"Weaknesses?" Starswirl laughs so hard that he coughs and has to take a minute to catch his breath. "I'm sorry, but no."


"Are there other transdimensional beings like you in Equestria?"


Luna Quest Session #14



No Luna Quest tomorrow.


File: 1413727820813.jpg (23.41 KB, 238x280, 130073085410.jpg)


Luna Quest Session #15



Luna quest is postponed until further notice.

One of my roommates lied or hid something when it came to the rent money. Now I've been evicted because we owe $2,000 on the apartment. So, gotta find a new place to live. I paid my share (which is more than can be said about the last two people they had) on time, every month. Even two months prior to my moving in. Sorry for the delay everyone. I'll get something situated as soon as possible. Thank you for your incredible patience with me.

Posted from my work wifi.


>being evicted because someone else doesn't pay their rent
That sucks man. I hope you find a new apartment soon.


Oh man, that's incredibly awful. Best wishes, find a good place!


Merry Christmas, A.J.


Luna Quest will resume on February 14th. Happy Valentine's Day everyone.


File: 1423383997011.png (295.72 KB, 500x602, 1371887386850.png)

>waifuquest resumes on waifuday


I don't know if I'm gonna make it in time for tomorrow. I might just have to push it to Sunday at Noon EST. If you don't see a thread link in the Luna Quest thread, I couldn't get it together in time and I apologize for that. I hope all of you have a lovely Valentine's Day either way.


Luna Quest Session #16



>tfw Celestia will never get a chance to tell us what's up with the cube


Luna Quest Session #17



No Luna Quest this weekend. I have a friend's birthday party to attend.


Have fun, A.J.!


Luna Quest scheduled for 1PM EST because of the whole daylight savings business.



Tomorrow, March 8th.



Alright, change of plans. I thought I could get everything together by today, but I can't. So, unfortunately, no quest tomorrow…I mean, today. Even worse news is that there's not gonna be a quest next week either as I'll be working A LOT more thanks to my boss taking some time off.

So, the quest will pick up again on the 22nd of March. I really hate to do this to you guys, but things are really busy on my end. If I'm lucky though, maybe I can use the extra time for a double session for Saturday AND Sunday. We'll see what happens.

Next session will definitely be on the 22nd of March. Hope to see you then.


Luna Quest Session #18



So what sort of pretty thing should we get the gem set in for Luna?


Hope you guys found something for Luna. Slim is probably more than ready for round two now that Baron's not around to break his legs again.



Don't forget that if you can't think of anything jewelry wise, you can always just grab the bits and get something else. The Taloran Marketplace is pretty big.


File: 1427482208256.jpg (133.39 KB, 797x797, High-Quality-New-Fashion-f….jpg)

>had three different suggestions drawn on a canvas
>restarted the PC later due to a problem
>forgot to save before

My suggestions were:
oval onyx surrounded by some silver bezel with wings to the left and right as barrette
something like pic related as ring for the horn
or a ring with the circlet cut open opposite to the onyx so you could put it over the wing-bone

I guess we could also ask him to put it in some kind of bracelet that Luna could use to tie her mane.

Or something like in the pic in the next post


File: 1427482221917.jpg (73.74 KB, 625x638, Party-Crysta-font-b-Hair-b….jpg)



These are great suggestions and I'm sorry you lost the drawings of them. For anyone participating, please use one of these suggestions if you like. If you can't decide on one, that's fine. As long as I know that you want to get her something, it's okay. I'll just choose something from this post to cover it.

Looking forward to the quest tomorrow.


File: 1427641920455.png (315.78 KB, 722x692, Applejack6.png)


Luna Quest cancelled because of family reasons. See you next week and enjoy the S5 premiere.


Guess I have enough time to sketch some of those ideas again then.


Quest tomorrow



Picking up where we left off in the last thread in a little under 2 hours.


File: 1428246217121.png (53.33 KB, 693x305, New Canvas.png)

Due to reasons completely unrelated to laziness it actually was mostly because after sketching the scrunchy-bracelet I realized that I like this option the most I only did sketches for two of the suggestions.

My second favorite would probably be something along the lines of >>562773 though she could not wear that one all that often.


Continuing from where we left off




No quest this weekend. Surprise visit from my Dad.


Guess whoever our opponent is, he gets another week of reprieve.


File: 1430470233001.png (476.43 KB, 1094x716, ded.png)


You're not dead yet, and neither am I.

Luna Quest Session #20


No Quest this weekend. Gonna try and design a thread banner, I know it's kinda late for that, but I'm running out of Luna images. I also have to work this Sunday. Was gonna do the quest on Saturday, but this episode seems like it's gonna be pretty big. Sorry to delay it another week guys.


Luna Quest this coming Sunday. However, my hard drive crashed and I can't replace it or the computer right now so it's going to be done from my phone. Posts will probably be slower than usual, but I'll do what I can. Hate to do it this way but the phone is all I've got right now.


>it's going to be done from my phone
My condolence. I hope you have some kind of external keyboard for it, otherwise that will be pure suffering for you


For the sake of completeness and being able to find the threads faster if we have to look something up again

Luna Quest Session #21


Aw man. Can't believe I forgot to link the last quest session. Thanks for that Anon. Here's the next one:

Luna Quest Session #22


Luna Quest Session #23


>tl;dr Stuff is going on. Might be late to Luna Quest tomorr… today.

At a party right now. Drunk people everywhere. Going to try to get home as soon as I can and start up Luna Quest on time tomorrow, but there might be a bit of a delay. I've got a guest staying with me and one of my sisters is packing up and leaving at some point.


Starting in about an hour and a half.


File: 1435555617359.png (65.42 KB, 328x331, 1367507112737.png)

Man, I completely missed this message, somehow mlpg.co kept telling me that it was refreshing the thread but didn't actually load any new posts.
Guess I gotta refresh the thread by hand from time to time


No Luna Quest today.



No quest today. I'll be working on the bedroom scene with Luna all this week and hopefully have it up by next session.


File: 1437320693006.png (40.68 KB, 200x187, 41.png)

That's lewd


Continuing from last time: http://mlpg.co/q/res/635264.html


we seriously need to go after her. like now.
if we wait too long, she'll be dead by the time we get there.


she could already be dead


I doubt it. we may still have a chance to rescue her, but we can't squander it.


What if we go for the dream approach first? That could be done in 15-30 minutes and should leave us with enough time to go after her if it turns out to be necessary either because Tiamat doesn't show up or because she makes it obvious that time is running out

If we do not have a few more minutes we probably are already too late anyway


I highly doubt that.
While I do believe that she might die if we do nothing -A.J. did mention that there were also possible bad endings- I don't think he'd lay a trap like that (there wasn't too much in the room, us checking out the door was pretty much inevitable and it was not our decision to knock on it) and then have a main character die because of one butchered roll. We took a lot more bad rolls when we fought the diamond dogs and gryphon and still made it out alive.

I also don't think that its a question of minutes if she stays alive or dies, if that was the case he would have given us the opportunity to jump right through the portal to follow Tiamat rather than forcing us to watch how it closes. Now we have to go through the labyrinth to find her which will at least take a few hours I guess, so the dream option should be viable if we keep it short and don't waste too much time waiting for her to show up.


It was her decision to knock us away from the incoming attack, not necessarily to get sucked into the depths of Tartarus.
And if she DID expect for that to happen and for us to NOT come after her, then she's made a bit of a miscalculation, because short of calamitous consequences we're not going to leave her there.

I just wish we didn't have to leave Luna behind. Bar Lucent, for obvious reasons, all our friends are tied up with the chains so we'll be going it alo-

Wait, Baron. Don't know if he considers himself our friend, but his protective streak for Lucent might be foolhardy enough to want to go with us. Hmm.

Well, either way we're not going to have anyone as knowledgeable on Tartarus as our moon mare would have been and will be pretty much relying on whatever we can gather before we go plus vague human coincidental mythologies of the place (Since it's got the Greek underworld name plus Cerberus out front).

Plus I'm sure a trip to hell and back fighting at each others' side would have done wonders for bonding. Maybe we could have made it a date!


Something else I thought of while thinking over Luna's concerns about losing us: Are we actually in danger of death here?
We're a fragment of the combined conciousness of the stars: baring mental attacks, surely our conciousness can't be destroyed as long as they're fine?
If everything goes completely arse-up and our body gets obliterated, we should just be able to put together a new body just like we did the last time, and send it rocketing down into Luna's plaza again. Or onto Tiamat's head, if we're that good at aiming. Shouldn't take as long as last time either, since the stars will've had practice. (How long was it between S1E2 and our showing, anyway? Can't have been more than a year or two, given the EoH are still around so we're not in S5 yet).

On another note, given we're both in the consciousness of the stars and in our body at the same time, seems to me that if we can get a better grip on that, we might be able to understand that Double spell a bit better.

If we do wind up going for invisibility, make sure that it's more a pass-without-trace spell, preventing us from significantly affecting our environment, so we don't intercept light and don't leave sound or scent for her to detect us with, either. Can we just go incorporeal?


Whoops, just noticed I'd missed that someone had already mentioned bringing Baron in the quest thread.


"And on that day, every star in the galaxy became our enemy" - Simon


We probably can't die completely but I assume we could lose our current personality and maybe memories and have to start from scratch.

>Can we just go incorporeal?

That would certainly be the best option. We have to be careful how we word our spells when fighting Tiamat since she herself is immune to magic, everything that affects her directly would fail.


Alright, we gotta decide on something.
We have three options:

1) Do nothing. I don't think anyone is in favor of that.

2) Take the dream path.

3) Go after her right away.

For 3) we also have the options of going alone or taking Baron along (if we can find him).
We could also decide to let Star Swirl make something useful out of the Harmonyllium before we leave.
I've actually been thinking, we could give him our present for Luna and tell him to use the Harmonyllium as inlay. The present is supposed to remind her of us, so maybe the Harmonyllium turns it into a compass that will always lead her to us. Or we can use it as homing signal to get back to her if Tiamat does wreck our body.
Still a lot less versatile than the options A.J. suggested though and we can't be sure if it would really do this.


Since we're about to get started shortly, I'll vote for #2.


Headcanon: All the stars in the sky is humanity transcended due to finally piercing the heavens with our drill. Part of us got super lovey dovey for horse though. I blame that 2% of bronies that got included in the ascension. We beat Tiamit with a giant drill. Side note, Soriaro days has been stuck in my head for the last month.


That bluff worked way better than expected.

We have quite a lot of different things we could do next now:

>go over to Luna and ask her for a way to keep Tiamat out of our dreams and prevent her from finding out if it was a ruse

>go to Star Swirl and ask him for information on Glauramat
>tell Baron about what happened (which is kind of our moral obligation I think, but it will also lead to drama and problems)

And more general:
>decide if we want to let Tiamat make the first move or if we attack first - which could be kinda risky because now she most likely wants to kill us rather than just play with us

We can also ask Pierce for help at any time now. Actually, now that I mention it, asking Pierce about Glauramat might be useful too - its an old dragon city, they should have some information on him somewhere.

We also still have our Harmonyllium and the gift for Luna


Pls respond



>go over to Luna and ask her for a way to keep Tiamat out of our dreams and prevent her from finding out if it was a ruse

Alternatively, we've set up a mind barrier once; maybe if we get back in contact with the stars/get Starswirls help we could set up a barrier to all of our mind, so Luna can focus on the chains.
That'd mean no more Luna dream times… though we could maybe give her a key.


So our main goal here is to capture Tiamat, right?
Harmonyllium masterball
I'm not entirely sure if I'm serious or joking here


For now our main goal is to capture Tiamat again - it remains to be seen if that is still the case after a few more sessions, Glauramat sounds like he would be a lot nastier than her. Gotta catch them both

I meant that more along the line of her teaching us how to keep Tiamat out rather than her standing permanent guard over our dreams.

Also I just realized that we still have the key, even though we already opened the door - so it probably has more purposes than just that, maybe we should figure out what else apart from opening the dream door and creating a portal in the crater it can do
maybe we can combine it with the Harmonyllium to increase those effects


No Luna Quest today. Hanging out with some friends I haven't seen in a while.


Alright, have fun A.J.!


Thoughts about the next session.


I'm glad we used the Harmonyllium now, I was a bit worried it might end up being one of those things you always save for the "right occasion" which never comes.


Agreed. Problem was, there was so much we could do with it, but nothing much that was really worth giving up all the other possibilities. This, however solved a problem we had immediately (hopefully) and will still be really useful tool in future (even if it's outside the quest) for finding places, things and people. Maybe we can give it to Luna when we get back as an apology for leaving her, so she can always find us if we ever dissapear again.
Props to whoever's idea it was.



No Luna Quest this weekend. Covering a shift.


File: 1442247234137.jpg (117.71 KB, 665x899, ss (2015-09-14 at 06.12.34….jpg)

> 09/14/13 (Sat) 19:39:02
Happy anniversary


Thank you. It's been an interesting time.

COntinuing where we left off from last session.



So, has anyone come up with an idea yet how we can stop Tiamat (for now) without having to resurrect Glauramat? Because that sounds like a really bad idea.

Only thing I could think of so far is trying to seal the portal with our key - it didn't disappear when we used it to open the door in our mind, so I assume that it still has further uses for us.


anon this isn't a video game. keys don't just vanish once you have no use for them


Its a magical key to a magical door, it might just as well have vanished.

Another option we might have is hope that Tiamat is mainly after us for now and lure her away from the city so the Princesses can go back to forging the chains.



No quest this time around. Working.


No quest this week either. I promise we'll have it next week. It's just really busy where I work right now and they keep taking away my weekends.


File: 1444552217406.png (331.71 KB, 463x492, 70.png)

>they keep taking away my weekends.
Those monsters


I went again over the old sessions and checked for the looming presence - it seems to have first appeared when we came back out of Tartarus - I checked the thread for our journey into Tartarus but there is no hint about it in there.
I also couldn't find any clear indication what makes the presence grow stronger. Though it does seem like it might be trying to move towards us. When we ran around the room it either staid the same or grew weaker, when we remained at one spot for a longer time (the discussion with Lucent) it grew stronger.
When we left the room through Star Swirls portal it apparently tried to leave the room, too. At least that would explain why it was halfway up the elevator.
Maybe we should just sit down for a moment and check what happens.


Continuing form where we left off.



lunas reaction to the presence kinda worries me. We made it obvious that we want to investigate it, yet she is keeping it away from us and basically sent us away
I also wonder if maybe Halberds approach could work in a different way too and instead of breaking her will we just convince her to stop being a cunt.


I'm having second thoughts about the jealous part of "jealous NMM" I mentioned last night: it could just be that she wants to be with us. I'm guessing she's always been watching us whenever we're close enough to Luna, and we only just noticed now because we started using our magic to search. Her doing that would be why she was able to show up out of nowhere when Starswirl started trying to pick us apart.

My guess is that Luna is afraid of NMM, given her history, or worried that we won't be comfortable with it or something.

What I figure we should do is see Lucent settled, make sure she's got someone to call on if she needs something, get permission for Luna to keep an eye on her dreams and maybe see if we can get her something to keep her entertained/distracted from her experience (Do they have radio stations?). Then head back to Luna and tell her we think we know what the entity was, and that we're OK with it, and stay and talk with her like she requested before we left.


Oh, I completely misunderstood you, I thought you meant Luna was showing signs of jealous behavior, not that the presence could be nightmare moon.
That would actually be a good explanation, then we would also know why Luna can keep it under control.


Luna Quest Session #29


Luna Quest is on hiatus until the 22nd of November, 2015. Personal reasons. I'd rather not go into it.


File: 1446426949511.png (485.4 KB, 1280x914, 1394495199590.png)

Okay, I'll be looking forward to it.


File: 1446462696816.jpg (183.86 KB, 736x686, 1445290273416.jpg)

I hope everything turns out alright, see you on the 22nd then


Gotcha. Hope things work out OK, whatever they may be.


Was gonna keep this personal but at this point I feel I owe you all an explanation.

Grandmother has brain tumors and stage 4 lung cancer. Bunch of bullshit about going to see her. Work made it impossible to go. Hence hiatus.

And now: We're getting ready to move. Again. I need to watch my niece while everyone else goes to get the new place ready. By the time my sister gets off work, it'll be too late to do LQ.

I'll try again next week. I don't want to have this thing on hiatus for multiple months again.


Oh, that sounds horrible.
Saying that I hope everything turns out well would be quite cynical I guess, but I still want to wish you the best.


It's fine. Take care of yourself.


Continuing where we left off



So remember that bird we could hear in our first dream with Luna, where she thought it had meaning but we didn't know what it was? I think I know what type of bird it might have been.
A starling! Badum-tsh.


File: 1449419278454.png (203.98 KB, 634x328, scrubble doll.png)

Oh Scrubble…

Also AJ said in the general that there would be no quest today because he is moving


Ah, thanks for the heads up.


One more week. Building up for the next few sessions.

Also, I wanted to take the time and thank all of you once again (if I haven't already) for participating in the quest. A lot's happened since this started and I know it's not as active as any of us would like it to be, but this has been fun and the experience has taught me a lot. So, whatever you may be going through in life at the moment, over the past couple of years, or whatever you'll face in the future, I wish you the best. Thank you for your time and your patience.


Luna Quest Extra #1

Contains S5 spoilers and Luna Quest spoilers:

In the S5 finale, you see an alternate timeline in which Nightmare Moon has defeated Celestia and imprisoned her in the moon. You are not mentioned, but the reason you are not at Nightmare Moon's side is that, while you did aid in her escape, you also aided her in the imprisonment of Celestia by standing vigilant as the eternal guard of that prison. So long as you stand guard, Celestia would not escape, and Nightmare Moon would not have her rule threatened or challenged by her sister. Though you can not speak to each other, Nightmare Moon will still converse with the stars about the happenings of Equestria since her claim of the throne. Ger latest one-sided conversation involved something about time-travel, and the hopes of finding a way to relieve you from your duty so that she can be together with the stars once more, free from imprisonment.


>separated for a thousand years
Worst time line. Though I do like her motivation for wanting to know more about time travel.


Link for Session #30

the continuation of which will be on January 3rd. Happy New Year.


No quest this week. I'm trying to get on a weekly schedule again. Hopefully by the end of this month


Alright, till next week then


Should we ask Luna what she thinks of NMM's suggestion?
Personally I see two problems with doing that:
1) Luna might be offended that we are implying we'd be fine with her handing over control over her body to NMM
2) While it does sound like a better idea than resurrecting Glauramat (Luna would eventually win back control), all we have to is NMM's promise that she would be on our side. She might still make a pact with Tiamat and promise her to not interfere if Tiamat leaves QuestAnon alone.


Luna Quest Session #31


File: 1453406096879.gif (101.6 KB, 400x475, Applejack5.gif)

Possible snowstorm this weekend may mean I have to stay at the hotel/casino where I work and won't be able to do Luna Quest. If you don't hear from me, then you'll know it's postponed until next week

>mfw they're calling for ten inches when we're probably only gonna get three


>their face when "snowstorm"



File: 1453411031486.png (550.34 KB, 1280x800, 1322923155855.png)

Don't get lost in the snow. Or eaten by polar bears.


Next session on February 7th


File: 1454276012186.gif (3.52 MB, 360x500, luna dryer.gif)

Looking forward to it


Continuing from the previous thread


Oh no. Gold Heart won't be happy with us.


>Was a little upset about that one since I had more planned for her than that
Now I'm even more sorry for being the one who delivered the killing blow.


I haven't been able to join in for a number of sessions, but I finally got around to catching up this week, and I can't help but find a bit of irony in the fact that the last thing we said to Lucent was to tell her "No more jumping into the dragon's maw for now". Well, aren't we the big hypocrite now?

And Kukuri was leading the enemy forces, right? Or was she leading ours, then suddenly turned on us?
I thought she was ours initially, since her death prompted Halberd to come out (in order to replace her, I'd assumed) but rereading I'm going more with the first one, and Halberd joined the fight at that point just as a matter of timing.

And I thought the NMM encounter was really cool, and I liked how you included her mean streak


She was originally Halberd's general.
But Tiamat doesn't have her own forces and instead just recruits his, and Kukuri was one of those who switched sides. She led the enemy forces in the attack.
At least that is how I understood it.


Luna Quest continues next week, February 21, 2016


What the shit happened to the quest?!


It's not ded yet, he got stuck with writing the scene from the end of last session


Is he the kind of guy to start making lewd, have to jerk one out, quit making it for a while, and repeat?


NO! STOP THAT! I'll be working on it more tonight. I'll even keep you guys posted with how much I've gotten done via a word count or something from this Productive Journal thing I've started to serve the sole purpose of letting people know that I'm actually doing things. I'll post a progress update through on of those sometime around 3AM.


File: 1467086670641.png (21.23 KB, 209x74, Progress.PNG)

Hey. That Luna scene is done and ready for viewing. Just went over it with a spellcheck so this is pretty much a first draft, but it's finished at least. Once I gather my thoughts together and can recap some things, Luna Quest will finally be back under way. Until then, enjoy.



I'm so happy


File: 1467353126359.gif (1.28 MB, 500x281, 1377668156863.gif)

>Once I gather my thoughts together and can recap some things, Luna Quest will finally be back under way.


Notes for Session #30 complete

[ ] Session #31
[ ] Session #32
[ ] Compile for Session #33


Notes for Session #31 Complete

[] Session #32
[] Compile for Session #33


File: 1478534912479.gif (34.88 KB, 512x473, 1.gif)


File: 1481918540423.png (328.75 KB, 900x750, 1357591674931.png)


Session #33 (to be continued)



Having recently just binge-caught up on this quest, I'm impressed it's kept going for so long.

I've really enjoyed reading it, and I hope to try and be around for any active threads.




we definitely want baron and gold heart to join, because 4 > 2 and if we fail, pony civilization is not going to get back up on its feet after losing two alicorns and thus it's all or nothing

Are we still in the timeline where cadance and twilight aren't princesses?
Am I alone here
is there anyone else


LQ took place end of S3 IIRC so Princess Twilight and Cadence are still a thing, just…not around. The quest map isn't up to date with the current map so Taloran is WAY in the south. A long way away from the Crystal Empire. Twilight's still sort of growing into her role at this point and Celestia is more focused on taking care of Tiamat before she can leave Taloran. If Gold Heart stays behind and falls, it'll be up to the Mane 6, who are, as of this moment, somewhere in Taloran.

Celestia hasn't had a chance to relay her plan yet. You're still dealing with the Baron and Gold HEart situation for the moment.


Well, at least that takes care of one problem and makes the situation a slight bit less dramatic if we all die.
Of course, there's still the fact that if we fuck up we *are* going to die, but at least the whole of ponykind doesn't get fucked too.
I'll admit I'm doing the 4>2 choice based on numbers alone and not really looking at the sociopolitical/ morale implications of what would happen if gold heart and baron would die, but on average when you get down to it even the chance of using them as meatshields for two goddesses makes them a lot more worthy to carry them around. And that's without considering how strong and generally useful they could be.

I'm sure I could articulate that better in the quest without it being completely cynical, but that's the gist of it.


oh, wait wait wait. Gold heart is basically the general of the army right now, right
so taking her away from her post would be a problem
then the only wildcard is baron who should definitely be our meatshield/best friend.


Gold Heart is the current General of the pony forces in Taloran and (in this quest at least) pretty much the friendship ambassador to the dragons alongside Thorn.


Lemme know what you guys are saying in character with quotation marks.


File: 1515396214150.png (94.86 KB, 329x366, liz exhausted.png)

>had forgotten about the session so I wasn't there all day and missed it


Luna Quest Q&A next week.

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