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This is about turning the dice and races of s10 into a tabletop skirmish game for people who like to paint minis and use their guys beat other guys up. Truth is that I'm not sure if it should have the s10 reskinned races or pony races, as using the former requires sniping s10 from MSOB and the latter requires being a fan of pony in the first place.

In any case I'm back at square one with the racial stats. As for how this game runs, it is a turn-based game that follows a loose situational setup for why several parties want to end up taking each other out.

There are 3 sets of stats for each race, not including the cost of fielding the unit__
[DMG] [DEF] [HP]

DMG is the base amount of damage that can be applied against another's HP.
DEF is the result you must roll over in order for an attack to succeed.
HP Is the hit point amount you can receive from DMG before getting taken out of play.

TOPIC: Pony or Reskin?
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Should I make a quest?

I've got an artifact and a setting. Should I make a quest? People do seem to still use the /q/ board unlike the rest.
R: 14 / I: 2

Crypt Quest: Nostalgia Edition

I've got a lot of free time on my hands and have been missing the good old days. For that reason I'm dusting off an old idea of mine and polishing it up for the people still using Pineapple's site for what it was made for.

Crypt Quest is a dungeon dive that's at least a little bit inspired by Tomb of Horrors, but it's more of a Halloween game than anything else. It's not a clone by any means and will not be featuring what I feel are many of the unfun and unfair traps and deaths, but this dungeon dive isn't going to be safe, either. The dangers will come more from traps than monsters so use your head if you want to keep it. What monsters you do face won't all be pushovers, though.

The general premise of the game is that a group of adventurers has been called to an out of the way town to deal with undead that have been troubling the townsfolk. The party will be sent to investigate the cemetery then descend into a mysterious crypt and deal with whatever evils lurk there. It'll be somewhat on rails, but that's a side effect of there only being so many places to go inside a dungeon. The time period, if that's important, will be a few hundred years after the banishment of Nightmare moon. I don't know how you all handle religion in your games, but we always handled Celestia and Luna as if they were at least somewhat divine.

The rules used for this will be the 3.0 ones found on the cytube. You'll have 7 points to build your character with instead of 5. There won't be any additional splats or anything used for character creation. I want a minimum of four players but I'll see what I can do with fewer or more. I intend to run this game weekly on Sunday or Monday evening at the usual times you cytuber's run your games. If I can get enough players I can start as soon as the 21st. I don't care if you're playing in more than one game at a time, but if you stay silent for too long your turn will be skipped out of fairness to the other players.

If you're interested post a character sheet or a link to your character's pastebin in this thread. If you have any questions leave them here since I probably won't see them in the cytube. I'll be keeping an eye on this thread.
R: 12 / I: 0

Quest Archive Request

Welcome to the quest archive request thread.

The way it will work is like this, post the name of the GM, quest name, and links to the threads in order and I will be able to go down the list and get it done.

Quest Name

Repeat last two steps as needed for multiple quests under the same GM. Fell free to post one thread as it is finished.

Please do not include: Current/Active threads, Locked/Moved threads

Thank you in advance for any help, and remember you guys are all awesome.
R: 680 / I: 218

A meta of smoosh

A meta with meta elements
R: 292 / I: 35

The /qt/ Luna Quest Thread

Luna Quest discussion will go here. Also, here's the format I'll be running during the quest.

1) At the end of each post, you will have the opportunity to state and words or actions you wish to speak or do.

2) There will be good and bad endings depending on the choices and actions you make

3) Some actions will require a dice roll. I will be using 1d100 (as sort of a percentage) and your rate of success will be dependent on that. I will inform you of which actions will require a dice roll and what you need to succeed in that action beforehand.

Thank you for playing and I hope you enjoy the quest. Please feel free to discuss anything you wish about the quest here.
R: 1013 / I: 266

A meta of smiles

This filly is smiling
You should be smiling too
R: 1014 / I: 241


Huddled together, furtive and vulnerable. Rats in a maze.
R: 1004 / I: 292

Inconspicuous meta

One of these is not like the others…
R: 1088 / I: 304

A meta that's like many other metas but isn't them

Pastel rainbow horse edition.
R: 980 / I: 300

Ikea thread kit

We have the technology
We can build a new thread
R: 1014 / I: 381

Meta of Quest

>>when there is a hiatus despite the show being back
R: 1032 / I: 348

Secret Meta

Psst, hey. I know who you are. Hail pony.
R: 991 / I: 292

Meta of Bullies and Beetles

Shamelles self promotion edition
R: 1055 / I: 334

A weapon to surpass meta gear

In which we leave behind this imperfect world
R: 1045 / I: 236

Meta Gear Rising: Revengeance

Here we stand beneath the warm and soothing rain
The droplets gently falling down on the terrain
R: 1009 / I: 328

Meme wipe meta

In which we do what we always do
R: 1102 / I: 291

Creepy sleepy meta

In which we go to beb
R: 1055 / I: 294

The goat boat meta

In which we bleat
R: 1021 / I: 297

META: It's no longer about horses

It's a brave new world
R: 1134 / I: 413

Meta: the awakening

In which we wake up in a brighter future
R: 1104 / I: 253

Meta in which the first two dozen posts are going to bitch about the OP

Ponies an metas never change meme etc
R: 1094 / I: 340

Meta of pones

Eat your cloud, pegasus.
R: 1237 / I: 333

Bune meta

In which a witch bewitches this magical realm
R: 1004 / I: 294

Dance party meta

Two to the one to the one to the three
R: 1086 / I: 249

Nug meta

Gremlin flavored doritos edition
R: 1076 / I: 366

Is that a meta?

Whatever it is, I don't like it.
R: 1031 / I: 300

Meta desu

That meta… Only my master ever had one!
Who is this guy!?
R: 1016 / I: 227

Meta of comfort

In which we find joy
R: 1209 / I: 307
In which our meticulously crafted settings are besieged by monsters and players.
R: 1113 / I: 333

A quest of metas

In which we roll a 1
R: 1041 / I: 271


Fancy uniform edition
R: 1067 / I: 333

Thuderous meta

R: 1088 / I: 351

Donut Meta

Wherein we discuss tiny pones, donuts, and other pointless things.
R: 1058 / I: 335

Evasive meta

In which we dance around our problems
R: 1002 / I: 378


Something something uninspired new thread with 100% less fat
R: 1059 / I: 311

Rare grass type meta

In which we discuss witches and samurai on a horse board
R: 1075 / I: 351

Walk this way

Onwards to another meta
R: 1083 / I: 358

Feta flavored meta

Not clever, but fun
R: 1054 / I: 289

This kind of meta

Quest is not for lewd edition
R: 1024 / I: 351

A refreshing meta

In which we prepare for the weekend ahead
R: 1004 / I: 325

Magical meta memery

Magic comes in many forms
R: 1026 / I: 346


Too lazy to come up with a title or find another image or anything.
Who cares about the OP anyway
You're not reading this
If you are, why are you reading it, there's nothing here
R: 1082 / I: 327

Amazing discussions about nothing

In which the same repeats but we still love it
R: 1032 / I: 300

Things and stuff: part XVIII

In which nothing really changes but we still keep doing it
R: 1142 / I: 466


P to the O to the N to the Y
R: 1067 / I: 257

Recursive nonsense thread

In which we keep on keeping on with no end in sight
R: 1013 / I: 294

Doing stuff with bros general

F is for friends who do things together
R: 1050 / I: 265

Dance party in the ether

In which we celebrate our lasting friendship
R: 1179 / I: 302

Little Spurdo Academia General

Haista la vittu, baby.
R: 1018 / I: 258

The merciless passage of time general

In which we remember this was 2 years ago
R: 981 / I: 201

Shitposting central

In which we discuss the same topics as always
R: 1114 / I: 307

Meta something

Family edition
R: 1117 / I: 351

Darkest Meta

There can be no hope in this Hell. No hope at all…
R: 996 / I: 279


Selena is best Mom edition
R: 1039 / I: 216

Anime and vidya general

In which we discuss the same stuff as always
R: 1186 / I: 346


The pon abides edition
R: 1133 / I: 263

Meta Thread

Friendship Meta
R: 1006 / I: 235


Pretty Princess Pony edition
R: 1032 / I: 266

Remote Meta

From another time, another place.
R: 1114 / I: 255

A meta that metas

We meta the meta once more
R: 1062 / I: 251

2kool 4meta

Rebels whose causes are unspecified edition.
R: 1106 / I: 232

Last and first meta of the year

In which we celebrate another year of horse
R: 1135 / I: 289

Post-holiday meta

In which the meta metas
R: 1120 / I: 328

Merry Meta

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me
A horse wanting to be a tree
R: 1114 / I: 259

Meta thread: Die Harder

Christmas is coming, the thread had gotten fat.
Please put a penny in the Pink pone's hat.
If you haven't got a penny, a half-penny will do.
If you haven't got a half-penny, then a God Bless You.
R: 1020 / I: 259


You are confusing the ponies.
R: 1106 / I: 274

Meta 2: Snowbound boogaloo

Christmas is almost here. Are you ready?
R: 1063 / I: 354

That time of year Meta

It's almost Christmas again.
R: 1125 / I: 287

Meta of escapist OCs

Old horse was fat and slow. New horse is sleek and fast.
R: 1084 / I: 289

Anime and Video Games General

It keeps on metaing
R: 1088 / I: 213


In order to affect a timely halt to deterioriating conditions, and to ensure the common good, a state of emergency is declared for these boards by decree of Lord Fallen Pineapple, duly appointed representative of Her Majesty, Lauren Faust. By decree, according to martial law, the following statutes are temporarily amended: Right to create threads, suspended. Right to report others, suspended. Right to bitch at janitors and mods, suspended. Right to shitpost, suspended. By decree, all persons found guilty of ponying, or aiding a person convicted of ponying, or associating with a person convicted of ponying, shall be sentenced to hang by the neck until dead.
R: 973 / I: 260

Meta meta in the meta

In which we meta meta
R: 1222 / I: 344

meta is information

meta is power
R: 1199 / I: 419


Cute ponies and large cocks edition
R: 1063 / I: 319

Meta: Purse Owner Edition

I am a new thread… the true meta!
R: 1224 / I: 327


's, like, more fucking ponies or something, I guess.
R: 1007 / I: 247



The Pony
R: 998 / I: 247

Yet another Meta thread

Best horse edition.
R: 1170 / I: 258

Meta: HIGH NOON edition

It is High Noon somewhere in the world…
R: 1011 / I: 232


Starlight that's not how you do rock-mining edition
R: 1011 / I: 275


With cute horses
Occasionally embarassed ones
R: 1273 / I: 306


Horse is interested in all your stories because horse is easily entertained
R: 1183 / I: 288

meta thread

meta talk from proquesters
R: 1072 / I: 309

Meta horse

Anime sparkle-bubble edition.
R: 1157 / I: 280

HMS Meta Thread

R: 1029 / I: 227


This ride just won't end
R: 1157 / I: 246

Meta in the meta

Put a smile on that paen
R: 1143 / I: 246

Arena meta

Win or die edition
R: 14 / I: 0

FEMTO document link storage

From now on, let's post ALL relevant links in here.

This means all the active docs, and anything else that in a similar way might need an easy to locate link.

If a doc becomes outdated, DELETE the post containing that doc, or MARK IT CLEARLY AS OUTDATED

A hassle, yes, but in the end it's still a lesser hassle than running through old threads looking for that one specific link to that one doc you needed because the link you had was to a long-since obsolete version.

Thank you for taking the time to help us all.