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File: 1485811577683.png (511.37 KB, 1253x1024, 1473304647731.png)

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Family edition


File: 1485811657925.gif (1.42 MB, 540x304, 1485368716811.gif)


Go back to sleep!
Also I don't know if that's a man or a woman.


File: 1485811745166.png (212.27 KB, 750x633, 1485373828125.png)

wow rude


I knew starting to make a new thread would cause another to spring up. Taking Murphy's law into account never goes wrong.


You're meming your life, Fidget.
You should meme magic your life to what you want!

Tell me!


Internet died over 2 hours ago.
Safe to say I won't have any home connection for at least a day.


File: 1485811810421.jpg (1.4 MB, 2048x1024, 1485089361436.jpg)


Sion, you know forced memes don't go anywhere.


File: 1485811938357.jpg (194.93 KB, 870x720, 1469302862487.jpg)

I'm not clear…
Especially with it being a chinese school. Those guys might dress up as girls.

Pony is a forced meme!


File: 1485811945541.jpg (1.03 MB, 2882x2171, 2017-01-30 22.34.16.jpg)

I'm not sure about the colour scheme


Pony was a flash-in-the-pan phenomena that managed to actually persist.


File: 1485812048134.gif (9.69 MB, 1286x724, 1229779.gif)

>a flash-in-the-pan phenomena that managed to actually persist.



File: 1485812254052.png (385.84 KB, 1280x720, this_gets_wf_hard.png)

Fuggggg :DDDDDD


File: 1485812429145.jpg (498.41 KB, 1280x1280, 2cc50227-9276-419e-a9d6-48….jpg)



>Bastion will now be "Soldier 76, but can also turn into an indestructible turret"



>have some nice games in comp, win some lose some but generally enjoy myself
>have a game where we have a widow and also a hog who does nothing but just jumps off the map over and over again

I am so fucking ultra platinum mad right now
I want to literally just murder people


File: 1485815610363.gif (1.1 MB, 280x207, 602.gif)

>Dad actually haven't paid for the Jap school monthly and books


File: 1485815645490.gif (400.89 KB, 585x423, 1256744.gif)

Life's a bitch



Its funny because just the other day he was calling me out of the sudden to go visit him


File: 1485816423116.jpeg (69.31 KB, 720x460, hawk.jpeg)

>get on plane
>see this

What do


File: 1485816627507.jpg (422.23 KB, 1500x1100, 34633663_p4.jpg)

Let out mine.



Don't make fun, they're trying to evade the no-singles policy


Apparently it was a saudi prince who booked 80 seats for his hawks


Birds are people too.


Stop flying with Air Saud.


But you can pay in infidel ears.


File: 1485817024636.bmp (5.93 MB, 1920x1080, ScreenShot_17-01-30_23-51-….bmp)

Wew indeed.


I am starting to get pretty mad jelly of everyone else's event skins

Glad I've been saving up before this event, but it's frustrating to not even get one freebie


You're not alone, brother.


>still only trash


Why is his gun a comb


It's a rake and it's not his gun


File: 1485817601660.jpg (35.3 KB, 556x526, get (50).jpg)

So half of inner Budapest will be on tight lockdown because Putin will come to visit so Orbán can spitshine his cock some more

Reminds me of the joke when the policeman tells an old man:
"I'm sorry, but you can't leave your bike here, Putin is coming to visit soon."
"Ah, don't worry, officer, I made sure to lock it!"


It looks like a comb.


What pisses me off is how a 3000 coins skin only nets 200 coins if dupe.


>Got Bronze Eliminations as Mercy


>arcade reset in 17min


I'll clean my car in a bit and join then.


3v3s with me and nopo.


Unfortunately coincides right with my dinner plans, perhaps in an hour if anyone is still around


File: 1485820625636.png (459.85 KB, 720x960, cefab257-b08a-4052-9e33-e5….png)

How's the life been?


Pretty good I guess, getting back into grad classes but they don't seem to harsh



Don't get too comfortable now, or you'll risk looking like a fool in class


I'm not worried about that, there's already a designated fool and he's in both of my classes.

Heheh, just thinking of how he has made awkward silences in every class session fills me with amusement. It is a sick predilection, but a very human one.


File: 1485823898152.png (1.33 MB, 1360x765, the omnic club's two block….png)


File: 1485823923773.jpg (827.29 KB, 1280x2792, 1473750636349.jpg)




File: 1485824179921.png (432.57 KB, 1280x875, f896cf06-cb6d-423c-97bd-4e….png)

It's not that sick, don't worry. Classrooms with dedicated students like you can have that competitive mood

And what are these awkward silence moments? Does the teacher asks him stuff and he doesn't know how to respond? >>808910


>no feathers


He's a total meme. Just example:
>Teaching College History course
>Prof asks us to describe our best experiences with undergrad profs
>Meme man: "Well, in high school I took non-AP courses because I preferred auto-didactic learning, so I read a lot of books on philosophy. In that time I became familiar with the German philosopher Nietzsche, and in many ways I consider him my greatest teacher."

Also another gem from my other course
>Meme man: I notice this author describes concepts like man's conquest over nature. Does that mean that essentially urban history is an offshoot of Marxist ideology?
>Prof: Uh, no. It would actually be anachronistic to apply the ideas of Marx to pre-industrial urban history since his ideas are explicitly industrial.
>Meme man: B-but
>Me: Actually, man's conquest over nature is biblical, and even predates that.
>Other student: In fact, Marx brings up man's conquest over nature as a response to earlier thought, not as an original idea.

hue - there have been a lot of smaller incidents too, like not understanding what a historiography is, or what social history is


Didn't you see the poster?
Feathers are for biches!


This guy sounds like he just wants to be seen as an intelligent and cultured patrician to hide his plebness.


oh my
So how did the feathered dinosaur thing affect the scaly economy


File: 1485824796109.jpg (207.71 KB, 1280x1428, 70096502-36c8-46fa-8242-6d….jpg)

Not sure
I can't remember any feathered non-birb fursonas


That bitch has a fat tail like she is a leopard gecko saving up for winter


No tailshaming pls


[polite clap]


File: 1485825492827.jpg (124.9 KB, 768x768, K2byVJYyAB8KmIuhy0-nnF1gd-….jpg)

Everywhere I look on the internet people are screaming the word 'fascist' at everything.

I guess 'racist', 'xenophobe' and 'nazi' have all lost so much of their meanings that they had to switch to a different word.


With Trump elected it's the new trend. I foresee it being used many times in the future.


File: 1485827467828.webm (761.85 KB, 480x480, 427797.webm)


File: 1485828444879.webm (896.94 KB, 360x360, That feel when Dark Souls….webm)

>locking on to the wrong enemy in Dark Souls


File: 1485828476633.jpg (32.07 KB, 350x547, 1485793983649.jpg)

depressing stuff
have a trap


Damnit Andy


he's also an assassin


Does he drive people to death by shame when they realize their mistake


no he uses a knife like a normal person geez


File: 1485828682561.jpg (145.61 KB, 492x700, tumblr_o3zaqrA2Gh1v1vknto3….jpg)

>tfw no qt girl trying to take your life with a kitchen knife

Feels bad




File: 1485828871716.png (630.18 KB, 1220x1003, 1481753541235.png)

Oh, I remember this pic!


File: 1485828949655.png (331.24 KB, 1000x618, 1483976316044.png)

>implying Chara isn't a girl


File: 1485829085173.jpg (229.11 KB, 650x872, 1221288099554.jpg)

You've been posting many


I'm sorry my meme level is too low for these advanced memes
What a nice trap
I wanna be one


File: 1485829161737.webm (5.34 MB, 640x352, 427700.webm)


Describing water is like describing a bird. What are birds? We just don't know.


Several ants were armed in the making of this video.


Armed with what?
Assault rifles?


Ice cubes. Dangerous weaponized ice cubes.


Ice cubes are only dangerous in the hands of a man who likes little boys for artistic reasons


File: 1485829641890.gif (3.06 MB, 500x207, 1465265370488.gif)

not that many

I fucking knew it


File: 1485829750853.jpg (776.17 KB, 1920x1080, 1456192017941.jpg)

All the trapposting makes me feel left out since I can't contribute


well fine I'll cut it out


Post ponies


That wasn't my point!
But we could branch out!
Maybe you could post reverse traps


File: 1485829893050.png (1.62 MB, 1131x1558, 1465589542750.png)


File: 1485829924787.jpeg (98.46 KB, 894x894, 657841__safe_oc_scarf_bac….jpeg)



File: 1485829939079.png (226.18 KB, 894x894, 1371693153125.png)



For you maybe!
What's boring about a girl trying to pass as a boy?
It's the same but in reverse!


File: 1485830076089.png (142.94 KB, 900x903, 1405116296717.png)

>put girl in really "boyish" aka plain clothes and shorts
sure makes some interesting art to look at


File: 1485830138173.jpg (2.09 MB, 1631x2603, 1208650405294.jpg)

She delights too much in leaving us guessing

Now I'll let you decide what this is


File: 1485830141592.jpg (345.02 KB, 1600x1200, 72592.jpg)

There is only one reverse trap that is 100% kinographie


I know a trap. He shitposts and baits on /r9k/.


File: 1485830169021.jpg (609.13 KB, 2400x3240, eqp's fanfiction.jpg)


File: 1485830205432.png (1.01 MB, 640x364, dac1718a504550_full.png)


File: 1485830248513.png (1015.01 KB, 1237x1363, 940e0719-0ee5-42dd-87be-ff….png)

>it's the same but the exact opposite!


File: 1485830276816.jpg (21.42 KB, 430x240, binbogami-ga-episode-7.jpg)

Objectively wrong


That's a nice picture.


File: 1485830537604.png (204.14 KB, 999x999, c15d2ea1-ec01-4e0e-99de-b9….png)

Peridot is pretty good


Her name is literally Kino


You imply I know anything about jap words


flick/movie/film/kino (sometimes joint, cinema, and motion picture are used as well) are /tv/ memes


I should add if it's not obvious, that flicks are the lowest rank and kinos are the highest


You're literally the only one of us who ever goes to /tv/
I only used to go to shitpost in TWD threads


>tfw too intelligent to not browse /tv/


/tv/'s a pretty garbage board, but I find myself going there sometimes and seeing if there's anything worthwhile.


Sure, keep telling youself that!


File: 1485830758302.png (479.11 KB, 900x600, 1346794266815.png)

I guess we could play "the guess the main" game, post you 4 most hated OW characters, and we guess what your main is. No need to give reasons for it.

take your name off so no one can cheat to know what it is.







File: 1485830926055.jpg (798.83 KB, 1125x1600, 1467659628011.jpg)

You mean like this?




Oh dear
That's the ticket

Gee, how did you figure




And by that I mean, Bastions hate snipers




Mercy main!


You play Winston
Literally how


I'm pretty sure we all know each other's most hated heroes because we are freens. Do you not even know our hated heroes Andy??



I just dislike the concept.


Oh this is kinda a hard one, no one character they all counter..
Is is a rien main?


The first one would self describe as a Zarya Main, the second one a Roadhog main


Sounds like a healer main, Wf

It's a tank!


Its just a game!

Solider or Junkrat?


Yeah, everyone knows my hated heroes

My top hours are Ana > Zarya > Roadhog > Winston


Sounds like healers would be harassed a lot by them!




Although these sound like a Bastion main too..


Man, 0/3, I suck at this game


It's def Knight/Bastion


I guess that just means that you do the right thing and white noise the parts we get salty and start complaining about heroes we hate


File: 1485831548220.jpg (143.88 KB, 886x1000, 1466443288091.jpg)

Unfortunately, that's about the only one I've got.


Nah it was anathose are the three that I have trouble out healing their damage




File: 1485831623251.jpg (27.39 KB, 299x271, 1431438991782.jpg)


Is this a rare Mercy Main?

Huh, makes sense!
I was playing the game wrong, making assumptions!


File: 1485831692149.gif (1.54 MB, 591x410, 1460808959238.gif)


This has to be a zen main


silly, the game is about making assumptions


But I assumed for the wrong reasons!


What you are saying is, you were wrong and just lost.




File: 1485831953634.png (225.89 KB, 485x342, Groof_Lady.png)

oooh burned

Haha! A point for me.


What I'm saying is I assumed the people and not the mains, thinking I was infallible!


I wish I was in dixie.
I bet I'd be able to open a pizzeria, in dixie.


When I was going to the airport and we were at the nearby mall with my mother before coming out here
I was wondering what makes a chinese woman decide "Fuck it, I'll just move to an Eastern European shithole and open up a fast-food restaurant in the foodcourt of a mall that is next to the airport"
My mother just said that well, China is a dictatorship
I said yeah, but so is Hungary


Perhaps she's in love with the son of a hungarian baker.


Who would love a gook/chink/spook?


File: 1485832474935.gif (512.24 KB, 1831x1637, 1432722820288.gif)

this suddenly got romantic


The son of a baker, clearly.




Makes sense!

They do say love knows no bounds.




File: 1485832695318.png (376.08 KB, 671x688, 427840.png)


You do!


Not a chinese though, just a qt asian of other descent!


File: 1485832764623.gif (1.41 MB, 594x540, 149825__safe_solo_twilight….gif)

sleep well

oh another one, let see
genji main?


But what about my love letter?

Kind of. Closest thing to a main I have is Reaper

My main 'pool' is Reaper/Soldier/Zarya/Genji/Zen


That was magic because Friendship is magic


File: 1485833273431.jpg (158.05 KB, 960x640, tmp_6800-cute_sad_dog_pupp….jpg)



So, half point?
Heh, this was a fun game


File: 1485833364221.png (159.11 KB, 1664x1162, 1447517873505.png)

I'm sorry, our love can never be, your penis is too feminine


Yeah, we can go with that!

Oh yeah? Yours is downright girlish!


But she's called Big Bertha ayyyyooooooooooo


>tfw no letter today either



>a butch penis


It's lesbian, too, only goes for girls.


It's not really my 'hated heroes, it's just the ones I played the least with


>disappears before ur very eyes
>appears behind u
>h3y th3r3
>hacks into ur mainframe

Oh yeah, managed to win pretty consistently with Sombra, she's also very fun


>hackervoice: I'm in

Should be a voiceline when she is capping a point


There are lots of people who don't like how she looks, but imo it fits. She's an edgy hacker, no reason to be cute or attractive


File: 1485834709282.png (1003.94 KB, 1366x768, sombraa.png)

She is literally cyberpunk, so I really don't know why people are bitching about her design


Hmm dislikes the 'turret' and 'low skill' characters.. McrRee main?


Looks like a Rein

>Bastion and Sym break through shields

>Hanzo preys on him the moment shield comes down and can harass it while up
>Tracer is 2fast


very true!


Rein looks like the right answer here!



>just the ones played the least
Oh, never mind

Seems like a Mcree, yeah, I'm ruling out mobile offense because no Tracer. Healer main also possible


I as going to say "Sounds like a PS player" but didn't want to give it away


The platform doesn't matter, as long as you get the character


well now we know its you!
okay I am gonna guess.


I'd guess Lucio!
Or maybe Winston
Since Maali is a mix of the two


And rude
Its Sombra




She's very fun and I like her character and design


Fierce! Intense! Dynamic!
Let's go! Go! Cause a big panic!
Defeat will only make you stronger


File: 1485836030274.gif (183.81 KB, 675x694, cf2ee9df-09d4-4a16-9017-2c….gif)

Purple is also my favorite color




File: 1485836240393.gif (590.97 KB, 233x209, 1457129401400.gif)

Time stahp
Why is it 4


File: 1485837373960.gif (797.21 KB, 1000x700, 1470193081761.gif)

I'll try this bed thing out


File: 1485837565478.gif (1.69 MB, 500x400, tmp_23630-1485506564343-58….gif)


How can it be so ded


Well, it's still early Tuesday morning for your side, and over here it's nearly 1AM.
Makes sense that people who have school would be asleep or, if a euro, getting ready for classes.


File: 1485841728108.png (23.1 KB, 646x553, Sleeping ponoe.png)

On that note, I think I'll sleep as well. Need to make sure I don't make a habit of staying up until 4am like I did in the off-season.


Fuck the earth and having to calculate the density of its components and shit


I figured someone would have done that by now


They have, but I have to do it too
The method is stupidly tedious and requires a fuckton of calculus


File: 1485847161997.jpg (119.59 KB, 852x938, icon_14__princess_luna_by_….jpg)


File: 1485849489645.jpg (284.1 KB, 850x691, 1485832257752.jpg)

Good night


>tfw day off


A perfect time for drawing capers


File: 1485852583804.jpg (127.65 KB, 1280x720, Baito.jpg)


Baito desu


>Finding back some ancient MLP images on my laptop
This shit takes me back to the early MLPG days. Man I still remember when I first discovered the show and the general. Good times.


File: 1485855689252.png (28.59 KB, 743x176, 1322873879757.png)

Good times, huh


File: 1485859164429.png (166.35 KB, 562x860, 1371107612146.png)

>mystery heroes
>roll Widowmaker on Volskaya attack B
>team is scattered, no hope of a push
>get idea
>grappling hook behind over right side gap
>mfw they drop one by one before they realise the headshots are coming from behind them


>think about where to take otr in the long term
[escalating scope noises]


>thinking about going to the hobby store for warhams tomorrow
[escalating heresy noises]


>waterfox starts using 13 gigs of ram within half an hour of opening it
>firefox freezes shut if I so much as leave my room
>Chrome still crashes when trying to play youtube videos


File: 1485863321615.jpg (89.45 KB, 640x657, 1369925.jpg)

So bep


Roll back to an older version of waterfox


With the custodes, I want to go and grab a celestant prime to make one more Emperor model to go with them


Fuck, how do I draw a capra again
I'm kinda sad I'm giving them up, so you gotta promise to build them as soon as you get them and not just stick them in a pile and forget about them.


Sifting through my boxes has given me new motivation to build again at least.
My main questions really are do I buy the celestant and do I make them as individual models or one big diorama


File: 1485869137568-0.jpg (131.15 KB, 900x900, tmp_23630-Brown french cap….jpg)

File: 1485869137568-1.jpg (481.92 KB, 1350x1350, tmp_23630-1460456241212-13….jpg)

File: 1485869137568-2.png (889.69 KB, 1436x2000, tmp_23630-DdsFPfa-92934604….png)

Legs of a pone body of a human, cloven hooves
4 heads tall with big ears and eyes
4 fingers, no distinct wrist


File: 1485869889599.jpg (87.34 KB, 523x800, 416452.jpg)






I am starting to get convinced, that card game matchmaking is actually monitored so they can always give you the deck that counters you whenever you switch decks


File: 1485873258284.png (115.02 KB, 711x879, c28a04fd1b9b47a868ce69565e….png)

God, I hate drawing capra legs.


He's fast!


Just look at bipedal poen


File: 1485875508173.jpg (44.5 KB, 444x453, tmp_23630-41c762490983.jpg)


Because a horse about to fall over would be a great pose right?


That's just for structure. Modify the stance to compensate.


Only just got home from class.

Def want to do some OW today, but I'll be pretty busy so I don't know how much I'll be able to do.


I know the theory behind them, I can't draw them


Imagine a thicccc lighting bolt


File: 1485876538771.jpg (49.71 KB, 411x650, 1485865590203.jpg)

Good morning!


I thought that was samus at first


File: 1485876995761.jpg (33.09 KB, 379x480, 1485866827869.jpg)

Nope, robot. New sweater meme on pixiv.


oh god unf


File: 1485877162291.png (258.98 KB, 347x353, 1336644002867.png)

>one German school has a spot avaialble for later this year
>but one (1) slot only
>and I have to take masters classes

D-do I dare


Is the Dutch one a safer bet? If so, why not go for that one?


File: 1485878567498-0.jpg (389.55 KB, 1200x1680, 1485866867504.jpg)

File: 1485878567498-1.jpg (991.22 KB, 1110x1534, 1485878133568.jpg)

Fascinating isn't it


File: 1485878615134.jpg (273.94 KB, 1280x632, csm_product-teaser_e5dff7b….jpg)

German school is much higher ranked
and it's in Deutschland


Beep me if you want to OW


Tactical necessity?


Man Germany really must have quite the image in Asia.

I'll OW a bit.


Just hat people who've been there said they loved the working environment. Most of the super cool Germany thing is from Japan's perspective.


I'm holding off on OW until they finish the planned server maintenance. Which seems to be underway at the moment.


It's up on Europ now


Want to do a couple arcade matches, then?


>tfw forever out of touch with Overwatch


File: 1485881680778.png (34.97 KB, 445x640, Player has left the game.png)

>join game
>Payload's here have a DEFEAT
>join another game
>lel they were 99% cap enjoy your second DEFEAT


It's free Backfill XP


BDN and Groves are playing, my computer crashed again

Bleh I need to get new memory


I stopped after that Lijang game.


I gotta bed myself


you finished already?


>Some Jap anime voice actress got accused of starring in a porn movie before she got into the VA industry
>Fans get super butthurt, going as far as to harass her and send death threats
Meanwhile those very same people are probably jacking it to their garbage JAV porn every evening.

I know I say this a lot, but two bombs REALLY weren't enough. What a bunch of backward chimps.


I got tilted so I decided to take a break.


Crazed Idol fans are strange.


>enemy team gets 2 Zens
>lel you're sombra, a person you never play
>they then get 2DVa
>eat shit, you're Widowmaker


You guys gonna OW all day again?
Idol culture is some crazy fucked up bullshit. Celebrity in general over there is sad. Someone like Rinko Kikuchi manages to get a break in Hollywood and they treat it like a betrayal.


I'm fine with strams/hams just as well


File: 1485883240041.png (95.78 KB, 955x1143, musak.png)

I could do that.



I feel like 75% of these genres are not real


I've heard of most of them, though I couldn't identify them if you played some of it for me.
I have a hard time imagining that "hauntology" or "math rock" are things though.
damn son


It's just a cultural thing, they want their celebrity idols to be pure.

There wouldn't be death threats, but I am sure it would be quite a scandal if some Western pop star with supposed pure values came out to have done porn earlier. I dunno, like Lorde or something I guess, she was big like a year ago.


I was having a lot of fun on Lijang, very frustrated about my RAM.

I had gold elims and kept styling on them. Roadhog is my ultbatteryfu.


File: 1485883703650.gif (82.03 KB, 341x344, 1285127.gif)

>Japs deify Emperor
>Americans make emperor say he's not a god, effectively killing their god
>Japs now deify random jap girls


>Bokis Cargonians deify Emperor
>Celestia makes Emperor say he's not a god
>They now deify random pony girls they kidnap like Aria


Why didn't celestia just say she's the new Emperor?


Extreme lore depth


File: 1485884014372.png (176.88 KB, 458x512, drizzle_checking_dat_butt.png)

I sure hope it will be revealed in Horizons soon then!


File: 1485884938835.jpg (116.2 KB, 640x1158, yR6q3yG.jpg)

I still feel really bad about the first thing I said to Selena was about the Super secret space club
I could try to save face and say it was because of Rhanna's bits of childishness but in true it was me being stupid and not paying attention


It seems they were right to treat Rhanna with the skepticism of a child!

Sometimes lore is so deep that it never gets revealed, like vast vistas of emptiness revealing themselves


File: 1485885418848.jpg (152.19 KB, 1197x628, 9DAqod8.jpg)

She can prove herself
She's mature for her age!


>new kitchen faucet arrives
>spend the last half-hour installing it
But that's done, and it won't leak or give us the equivalent of lead poisoning. So that's an accomplishment for today.


File: 1485886466835.jpg (1.18 MB, 3436x1882, 2017-01-31 18.53.38.jpg)

Remember to kät


WTB eternal, undying love.
Paying in wow gold.



How about comp points in overwatch?
I could carry you babe.


But I should study
So only a bit of comp


PM me baby


Whoa that cat is cute


All cat cute


Not right now, gotta eat. In 1 hour or two perhaps.


Maybe tomorrow then


File: 1485888427518.jpg (4.4 KB, 284x177, PlottingMurder.jpg)


Perhaps. Had any luck today?


File: 1485888533735.jpg (2.11 MB, 4032x2268, 2016-12-31 22.39.24.jpg)


File: 1485888624450.jpg (Spoiler Image, 313.75 KB, 1552x1456, 1814266 - Cat_Noir Miracul….jpg)

What about catbois


File: 1485888697103.webm (4.11 MB, 320x240, goat.webm)



File: 1485888717244.gif (4.8 MB, 600x338, cat slide.gif)

A loss and a draw
The draw was a fun game with fun people
The loss had a guy played Junkrat when we told him to counter Pharah

That cat just needs some love

That cat just had her poor face bashed in with a frying pan

That cat needs to be put down, it might carry dangerous diseases



File: 1485888974866.png (Spoiler Image, 109.78 KB, 437x1024, catboy.png)


>doing okay in Mystery Heroes for once
>start out with two Zaryas and a Symmetra
>they get an Ana and suddenly everything turns to shit as they then get a further two mercies
>we had a Lucio for about thirty seconds, no healers otherwise
I wonder why I even bother. And then I remember the CTF mode is full of even more cancer, and I don't have the meta perfectly for 3v3. At least with Mystery heroes there's a chance their team gets fucked too.


>do 3v3
>we are losing 1 to 2
>switch to Bastion with no Rein
>Sylt says "This will never work, you are throwing"
>proceed to win the match

But yeah the meta of 3v3 is Roadhog hooks the other hog and whichever dies first is the losing team
Everything else revolves around this idea


I'm just trying to figure out why I'm so bad at video games as soon as you add other humans to the mix.


I'll do some no limits with you fidget


>my 3v3 MMR has us matched up against Grandmasters and Top 500
Shit got hard when that started happening

Also, I need 3 more wins in Arcade myself


It's updating at the moment.



yea I'm waiting on US for you two


This is, no joke, the Mei-fattening patch

I checked the gallery after the update


So that why the patch is so big!


she still has a huge butt fam


It wasn't about her butt, it was to make her waist wider. Really, there was a Blizz bluepost on this



File: 1485891316873.png (204.75 KB, 900x775, a96ab6b7-b3d5-4c7c-9339-d0….png)


File: 1485894755088.png (410.92 KB, 1280x720, Breezie_flying_wildly_S4E1….png)

This is bait


File: 1485894988861.jpg (100.62 KB, 513x486, 1483853288591.jpg)


>breezie has to escape from belly of baitfish



File: 1485895112850.png (1.17 MB, 1276x992, large.png)

>he thinks bzzzz will end without vore


Just as long as there is fun stuff too


File: 1485895276063.webm (3.37 MB, 1280x720, sion_quest.webm)

Do you even know who I am?


File: 1485895499264.png (362.82 KB, 1280x1696, 9e3a14c7-4483-499a-9805-a1….png)


File: 1485895552594.jpg (98.27 KB, 596x625, IggSwgq.jpg)

>human body
>pony head

One or the other!


File: 1485895767935.jpg (415.22 KB, 850x1169, 60c1653a-e80e-492d-9a35-90….jpg)

But it's such a cute anthro, which is a rare thing
I thought you would like


I kinda like it.


>just kinda
Well good enough for me




File: 1485896006037.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.36 MB, 4032x2268, 2017-01-31 22.51.55.jpg)

>Hey steve did you see where the heretics went
>oh yeah just thataway


We were 4 for a while, maybe they're still going

I'm just tilted because we lost to double bastion, we don't have enough players who can aim Soldier76 so No Limits is basically unplayable. It's just so frustrating to lose to because he's not a tough character to beat but we just don't have enough players who can aim.


Hey, I'm a Soldier 76 main!


Doesn't mean you can aim :^)


wf man
don't play OW with me anymore


Better than any of you MMO suckling retards!


I didn't see you killing him
Also, the problem was symmetra again, not bastion


I see you people are having >fun with video games again


I did a few times but it was totally futile, we kill one and the other's still up there, by the time we kill him the other is back up

Hey, you weren't there, and I don't know if I've ever seen you play S76 anyway?

You're going to very rapidly run out of people to play OW with if you permanently discard anyone who gets tilted.


File: 1485897039021.jpg (238.08 KB, 1068x723, 1485875011458.jpg)


Everytime I play with you you get tilted, specifically at my lower skill.
So, don't play with me anymore.


File: 1485897118947.png (Spoiler Image, 260.86 KB, 652x807, 946e126d-71ba-47b9-8076-8e….png)

They could be having fun with quests instead


What manner of knockoff exploshun/tits/worst goddess is this?


Clearly you should play a better class of game
Like WoW with me


Original webnovel designs.


Nah I'll keep sucking at FPS because I didn't grow up on them like certain COD boys


"tilting" is now a real term that people use?


Darkness and Aqua look fine but Megumeme lacks meme.
It's the new "rage"


That's not true, and the problem wasn't specific to just you anyway. I don't know why you take it more personally than DM or Fidget when people hassle them for bad aim. Hell, even I struggle to deal with Pharahs, we all do.

Anyway we hardly ever play duos in the first place so it won't be a problem there but I'm not going to leave groups with the other members of the sub just to avoid you. If it makes you happy you can avoid me though.


Yes because despite what they say, all of them watch competitive Overwatch vlogs.


Yeah bretty much

I watch tourney strams, but no blogs


You are too used to her with diluted chuuni. This is the original, unfiltered memesplosion. At least she doesn't look 12 anymore.


I've only seen it on twitter screenshots and NL Isaac runs.


I just internalize everything.


File: 1485897390871.png (754.72 KB, 767x720, 1483367033562.png)

Delete this.


File: 1485897416609.gif (69.93 KB, 207x207, 1377014603420.gif)

because you don't also offer them extra help


I actually prefer this aqua and megumeme


File: 1485897537282.jpg (72.12 KB, 640x960, 9ShqRWn.jpg)

>Wizard without a hat


The anime outfit looks more interesting, that just looks like a generic grumpy sorceress.


I was literally giving Fidget instructions on how to improve his gamesense before you joined us earlier to day. I can't help myself. You can ask him.

Here are some things I said
>Work on map knowledge
>Look at your target or your trajectory but not at neither
>Awareness is really important
>Don't run in alone
>You don't need to die to contest unless it's overtime
>If you're with a Zarya and initiating a fight, don't LOS her
>As Sombra, you should hack the larges and throw your translocator on those, it's a tough character to play if you don't know map layouts

That's a lot of extra help…


This megumin+animu hat=perfect meme



File: 1485898652155.jpg (16.91 KB, 301x250, american-shetland-bay1.jpg)

good job
you get a ribbon


Time to sleep is now


File: 1485899327499.png (200.48 KB, 740x500, 1485886750301.png)


Well, I got the garbage for D.va, yay.


My pedagogy course is covering "dealing with political issues in the classroom" today, I need to think of how I'll get through it without coming off as a radical patriot.

Since you know, 90% of everyone in COLA is a diehard leftie.



wait, weren't you going to just use the junker skin anyway?


I might use this, despite how god-awful it looks
Not that paper-mech D.va is any fun to play atm


>Complains about Papermech
>Not about Papermonkey who is the same except -100 armor and no eject


I play them differently fam


I think once the Dva matrix buff hits she'll be almost perfect. Reduce the spin up time on deploying defense matrix by half.

It used to be instant but that was too strong.


>no more food in the fridge
>corner store and gas station are closed
>too late to eat an entire pizza

What a shit night this turned out to be

Anyone up for an hour or two of quest?
Anything, really.


File: 1485901250163.png (614.37 KB, 1280x1280, 6369de30-3a87-4712-811f-a0….png)

What's on your mind?


As I said, anything, really.


Would you play a breezie tasked with investigating a case of spiders kidnapping other breezs?


But I run Brzquest, partially at least, I have my fair share of brzss


Yes but this one would be an unrelated to brzz short adventure quest run by me


When would you run it?



Tomorrow if we get 3 players?
Hopefully you Sion and Wf


In this episode, NPCs keep fucking up but Mona suffers all the rolled 1s

Tomorrow is Cyberpunk


Also possibly Brz


Okay okay
The day after tomorrow?


Thursday is a little uncertain because it's a class day for me


So just another tuesday.



Maybe? We'd need to make sheets and come up with characters though

She has her ass licked with how benevolent the GM is


File: 1485902223655.jpg (60.25 KB, 710x400, 1485793953497.jpg)

This is why you should main Zen.

It's not your job to take down Pharahs and Junkrat.

It's not your responsibility to burst heal in team fights.

Zen doesn't initiate combat, so no one can complain if you hide behind the Rein shield.

As long as you occasionally press Shift and E with an even rarer Q, you're golden. Blizzard will even get you PotG if you get a few headshots!


And then a competent Tracer/Sombra/Genji starts raping you from behind the Rein shield.

At that point it's better to switch to a different healer rather than staying Zen.


Are you going to yell at your Healer because they got killed by their counter?

Outside of Ana, I don't think any Healer could handle that situation.


File: 1485902782050.gif (62.45 KB, 540x398, dfcae8d4-c929-4225-a957-2c….gif)

You can be a part of the breezie guard that protects the Village, a talented individual with useful skills, a breezie scholar or even a defective
The only restriction is that your breezie lives in that village
We'll do s10 because it's simple and clean and you start with the regular 5 skill points
Anything else you'd like to know that would help?


Antz was so fucking uncanny.
So you wanna play, asslicker GM?


Lucio or Ana. Lucio won't be able to deal with the flankers but his mobility makes him far more survivable than Zen.


Antz was a good movie though

I'll think about being a brz guard

>an hour already passed
>will have to get up tomorrow

I guess it's too late to start for your tastes then, since you hate short sessions


It was a cool movie at least
Alright, just please get me a sheet as soon as you can so I can work with it


I'm not the one who sat here doing nothing for that hour!


I was eating biscuits, since I had nothing else!


>ask something
>check answers 1 hour later
>"Oh but it's one hour later!"


Too hard for me. I don't feel qualified


File: 1485904006992.jpg (1.26 MB, 2978x2237, shrugg.jpg)

Guess I was just fishing for attention!


File: 1485904640098.jpeg (55.74 KB, 760x527, 6y4147GupDbYCG8Vs.jpeg)

This is the rare couch cat

It only shows up every 9 hundred thousand posts

Catnip and purring will be granted upon you but only if you reply "That's not your bed, cat, that's the couch"


File: 1485905001297.png (206.95 KB, 500x612, cats_napping.png)

that's not your bed, cat, that's the couch


File: 1485905005126.png (1.16 MB, 7524x6000, full.png)

That's not your couch, cat, that's the bed!


File: 1485905145854.jpg (74.06 KB, 660x438, stretching-cheetah.jpg)


File: 1485905303325.jpg (565.4 KB, 1200x687, 1467830900249.jpg)

Time to slip into a coma.



File: 1485905391073.jpg (614.33 KB, 1920x1200, JZTHS4Y.jpg)


File: 1485905661901.png (957.09 KB, 875x1248, 1485901144227.png)


File: 1485905698061.jpg (92.03 KB, 499x665, spaghetti.jpg)



Professor is too fab in that


File: 1485906051874.jpg (84.21 KB, 720x540, CyKcJWZXUAA9mL2.jpg)

It always cracks me up how hard Lillie goes at it



File: 1485906575890.png (896.96 KB, 1280x1497, f05219a4-56a8-483a-95f9-c6….png)

Ssooo are you still up for the breezie thing in Friday?
Interesting clothes


File: 1485906840825.png (610.23 KB, 700x873, 1485904112808.png)

well really, it should have white stripes between the black ones, but somehow fans are literally retarded and think its showing her skin


>In German, they literally refer to the east and west as 'The Evening Lands' and 'The Morning Lands'



>Figure 2. Andelia unconvincingly pretends to not like female midriffs.


File: 1485906987148.jpg (25.38 KB, 500x354, imgs-9-1.jpg)

Actually nevermind, breez plans on friday will have to be canceled
I'm sorry for who was interested


File: 1485907014382.jpg (115.68 KB, 1083x1024, 1475709501530.jpg)

>Fans sexualizing things

Good one!


Oh so she wears that in the game? Neat


well it doesn't even work as a real oufit without something connecting those stripes


I hate to be the one to break this to you, but that hairstyle isn't exactly realistic or practical either!


It would, but then it'd had to be super tight, and that is probably not comfortable


wf+nofun strikes again


File: 1485907531674.png (974.83 KB, 705x738, 1455532969093.png)


File: 1485907627893.jpg (356.85 KB, 1920x1407, wallhaven-283259.jpg)

I don't know man

tell me what you're lost about in cyberpunk


File: 1485907696749.png (816 KB, 620x876, 1485907387072.png)

also this is a pretty amazing one


Well, I don't think I'm lost
I just felt like I had not much to do in the car or the hotel.
Once I can get to analyze that sample I'll sure I'll pick up on what to do.

Oh dear… that is quite something.
Them crazy eyes…


Fucking crazies.


>Fusion of Wf and Nopony

It would probably be like the failed fusion of Goten and Trunks from DBZ


File: 1485907890932.jpg (137.51 KB, 1024x723, 1473356470920.jpg)


That just looks spoopy

>Andy is Piccolo


File: 1485908130031.jpg (208.73 KB, 1240x860, whispers_in_alleys.jpg)

Okay I think since you go fast I better go hard to counter it.


File: 1485908285864.webm (636.54 KB, 360x360, 1480389100432.webm)

…okay, I wasn't feeling lost or confused before, but I do now!


File: 1485908291118.jpg (53.01 KB, 736x595, 1479066879687.jpg)


Is that writing on her leg in form of tattoos?
Also, I love how she doesn't give a shit about the explosion, like that's just an average tuesday on Earth 3


File: 1485908346855.jpg (1001.44 KB, 1306x900, 1479063305241.jpg)

shit posting about cyborg ninjas intensifies


Yea, I think so.
Also that's why I saved it, so fitting.


File: 1485908427206.jpg (76.38 KB, 1300x978, krwista-rka-z-strzykawk-na….jpg)

You'll need an extra hard dose it seems.

The cat knows though


File: 1485908520323.png (1.13 MB, 1280x711, 1479068901087.png)

>needles are barbaric!
>I'll take on in my finger thanks


Needles used for recreational drugs!

He literally uses his finger-syrenge to knock out or straight up murder people


Well, you know, not everyone has a factory which can make them patches


That's why they should stop buying that inferior shit and buy my product!


File: 1485909069565.jpg (731.87 KB, 1500x938, 1479070251271.jpg)

when you become a big deal, you become a big target too


You only need to survive the first 3 to 5 assasination attempts but make an example out of not only them but whoever ordered them for people to stop trying


File: 1485909314244.jpg (1.14 MB, 1900x1200, 1479068766877.jpg)

we'll see if you survive that long


File: 1485909418673.jpg (571.99 KB, 1920x1152, pablo-dominguez-2017-arloc….jpg)

I'll just have to play it safe until I have the resources to appropriately punish whoever is trying to get rid of me


File: 1485909674951.jpg (718.35 KB, 1920x1608, 1470859050436.jpg)

>See-through fabric
There, fixed! I agree that it's kind of dumb, but at least the art is nice.


File: 1485909728215.png (1.89 MB, 1850x1240, 1479066947213.png)

I knew you were a smart one doc

oh yea, that's probably what it is.
silly animu girls


File: 1485909878930.jpg (354.99 KB, 1920x816, nikita-replyanski-cyber-wi….jpg)

That's why you shouldn't try to double cross me, pendejo


Our dog does that too, minus the worried expression; she's just too fat and comfortable to bother repositioning herself.


what a spooky girl


File: 1485910371264.jpg (312.08 KB, 1333x1000, victor-bravo-teteria.jpg)

That's not worry, that's the thrill of the hunt



File: 1485910415860.jpg (215.19 KB, 810x824, 1479067633905.jpg)

ohshit you have some good stock in there


File: 1485910506369.jpg (276.07 KB, 1920x1014, emre-aktuna-cyberpunk-4.jpg)

I like this one since it's just vague enough to be threatening
Also, the constant haze that is ever present in those cities comes to mind too


that's real likely actually


File: 1485911671783.jpg (383.12 KB, 1592x686, victor-bravo-tuk-tuk3.jpg)

Is it Rainy on Earth 3?
If not, is it reproduced to be rainy?
Are fumes and vapor constantly covering everything coming from the sewers and little food-carts in the bad districts?


File: 1485911938569.png (258.49 KB, 900x863, 1326881954672.png)


File: 1485912108919.png (642.69 KB, 2530x2898, 1471214581938.png)

I can rain, but real rain is not all that common, like once every 2 months. Most of the plantlife's water comes from a river, which leads all the way up to an icy sea, including an iceberg which a mainly russian colony is located.
Simulated rain is a thing yes, sometimes with sprinkler drones.
Yea, certain areas just ignore health and environment codes.


File: 1485912345842.jpg (1.01 MB, 1920x1152, wadim-kashin-monday.jpg)

I just realized that this is somewhat fitting BG music for the dark, grimy streets full of neon lights and unknown dangers of the big city


File: 1485912661358.png (497.61 KB, 753x1071, 1479091223862.png)

pretty nice


File: 1485912712613.jpg (504.19 KB, 1916x1026, evozon-game-studio-1.jpg)

I'd give that girl an oil change IYKWIM


File: 1485912772139.jpg (306.32 KB, 600x1200, 1485912628215.jpg)


File: 1485912833913.jpg (492.66 KB, 2560x1600, wallhaven-241931.jpg)

I think I do


That girl, however attractive, would be hard to get to though.
See, these are the real problems in a cyberpunk world, not pollution or crime.


You've been seeing your empathist I see.


Fucking emphatist, they charge so much!

…then again, it's honest work they do, just trying to get by, and aren't we all just trying to do that?


Is the point of LOL threads on /v/ that they'll be derailed with weird porn?


true.. and it does help with pycho incidents.. at least according to that study by BDI.. which happens to fund some of empathy offices..


…I'll need more whiskey for this


Nah, it's to laugh at the weird porn that inevitably shows up. And make fun of Dobson.


Oh wait, you meant League of Legends threads.


I don't get it.


File: 1485913499596.webm (Spoiler Image, 644.82 KB, 316x180, 1485822586855.webm)

I think this is going to be the one and only time I do this but while we are speaking of weird porn I just have to.
This is just so ridicolous that it cracks me up.

It IS porn, so NSFW obviously.
But it's damn hillarious.


I guess they call that position "The Ceiling Fan."


File: 1485913582452.jpg (307.44 KB, 828x2000, 1485913243642.jpg)

No, if I meant that then I'd just say League of Legends.
I wasn't sure if that was the point, or if that was just what would inevitably happen.
The Sceptile and Swampert are super tough but feel bad about fighting cute ones so they forfeit.
He better appreciate the effort that went into that.


The perks of having an Artiste gf I suppose


They're holding forfeit letters at the end


Their scarves make me think about the Mystery Dungeon characters.


File: 1485915371577.jpg (64.26 KB, 390x1024, 1485884819404m.jpg)

Will you be free on Friday for Cyberpunk?


File: 1485915422099.jpg (128.69 KB, 1100x600, 1474607001755.jpg)

>tfw hacknia can't even get into the cameras on her own


File: 1485915631055.jpg (55.24 KB, 500x500, img-17.jpg)

Well geez
Time to pack up things again because we're getting kicked out a second time


File: 1485915719158.jpg (97.98 KB, 1024x768, 1434823793890.jpg)

oh shit
I hope you're okay


The videos of you beating up people will get Oxcy plenty of upvotes.

Stay safe man.


>browse mystable
>lots of comments about how I look like this ninja groof
>follow links to video of this day
>uploaded by anonypony
"Oxcy what the fuck is this?"




well that's what knight called it


It's funny.


What's going on?


Can't lie I don't feel so good about this

But hopefully we'll be fine. We'll be able to stay in the lab of the guy mom is working for until we get enough money for the rent of a house for us
He's really helping us


Do your best.


Remember when I got here and said I made bonbons with the little girl? I thought she was nice and such
Turns out she's really a spoiled bitchy brat with no respect for anyone, she was staying in the house of a friend of hers and doesn't want to come back to her house
She said mean things to my mom and said she hits her (which is a lie) and she won't come to the house until we're out
So yeah, now we have to leave because this lady doesn't have a grasp on her kids


Oh fucking hell
Please take care of yourself.


Children are evil little creatures with no care for other human beings.
I hope you have a place to head to, Maali.


I do hope she doesn't grow up to be a manipulative bitch
Just a dumb girl that gets pregnant in her teens and ends up in a sad life living in the favela with 3 terrible kids like how she was
Because that's what she deserves


You shouldn't wish evil on anyone, Maali. Else you might end up as some poor schmuck who gets entrapped by some dumb girl who gets pregnant with three terrible kids and lives in a favela.


Anyways, whenever you have time to take commissions

I have some if it helps you



Children are evil scum. I'm sorry you became the victim of one.
But Fidget, how is a girl going to trick a gay deer into having sex with her?


>me marrying a girl
>living in the favela when I'm gonna get out of here first chance I get
Unlikely. Plus I'm just upset. She made my mom almost lose her mind and that really upset me
I mean
I'd love to but I should really get a job
Hopefully I could do both
But I have a picture I have to finish first

At least we're leaving so we won't have to deal with this bullshit again


You might make more money off commissions if you can get a steady flow coming in.


Reverse trap and chloroform.
No one said you'd be there willingly.
But yeah, children are bastards one and all until they learn morals and ethics. Which, unfortunately, they don't learn unless their parents teach them. And if their parents don't know them… well, you get what I'm saying.


True! But you know how steady I can be…
You're right though, as soon as I can get the computer on I'll draw
This could even be a chance to show her commission artists can be a legit job!
That sounds like a terrible fate Fidget

And yeah, I doubt either of these kids will get a proper upbringing. It's sad


File: 1485919392521.jpg (107.19 KB, 636x900, 1421355296016.jpg)


Just focus on having a place to live, man.
And Wf hiring you as a manservant is seeming like less and less of a joke and more of an actual thing that could happen.


As much as I would like that to happen and leave the country, I want to stay and take care of my mom and brother, so I won't leave for a while, despite what I said


I wish I had something useful to say


I hope you all know the super-rich thing is a joke and that my parents are just upper middle class.

No mansion, just relatively wealthy. Top 1% doesn't mean you own a yacht.


File: 1485920170530.png (393.45 KB, 940x618, 25628bbd40f7c5f80c6a505d4d….png)

I know that feeling very well


Considering where I am on the wealth spectrum, you might as well be uppercrust, Wf.


Tfw no sub mansion with a vineyard where fidget works


File: 1485921476923.gif (554.35 KB, 250x170, Deal With It.gif)

I'll live. Somehow.


The dream


File: 1485921658572.jpg (887.38 KB, 2560x1080, Welcome to the Rice Fields….jpg)

Has Advent been taking lessons from the Vietcong?


File: 1485921677838.jpg (921.52 KB, 2560x1080, Welcome to the Rice Fields….jpg)

The answer is yes. Yes they have.


How the hell did you find yourself in that situation.


File: 1485922283050.jpg (993.07 KB, 2560x1080, Welcome to the Rice Fields….jpg)

Not my game, but it's a fair bet that map mods/Long War 2's Alert system are to blame.
Also, being dropped into the map in an area with only sparse half-cover generally doesn't end well; the flood of Advent forces certainly doesn't help.
The fortified gun positions just add insult to injury.


That's why killing field is an amazing thing. It's Overwatch on steroids for snipers.


File: 1485922635853.jpg (592.51 KB, 2560x1080, Welcome to the Rice Fields….jpg)

Guess this guy didn't have a sniper with that. Or maybe he just didn't have time to set the sharpshooter up before he got swarmed.
Either way, the mission ended in the way you'd expect.


Yeah, with that many enemies, the sheer number of attacks would whittle you down regardless of how good your armor or dodge skills are.


File: 1485923033724.png (173.02 KB, 900x694, princess_luna___sad_by_dra….png)


File: 1485923063256.jpg (301.19 KB, 905x1297, 5.jpg)

I'm dying
Some dumb silly things is nice to help get my mind off this


>that guy's shirt
"Jesus wants a hug!"


That's the Cristo Redentor you Cara de Cu


It's a Helsing Abridged reference you normie.


File: 1485923539252.png (203.15 KB, 450x450, 1470378325.pale_hhsdfsg.png)

Hmnnn never seen that stuff before


>finally managed to make my pretty new shoes work out

I feel like such a girl


File: 1485924640466.png (194.73 KB, 410x620, ponko.png)


File: 1485924760790.png (77.89 KB, 150x205, tmp_14882-1481781658430-46….png)


Come to america you fuck


To pass that wall,
he'll need a fucking miracle.


File: 1485925127019.png (410.07 KB, 1885x965, Untitled.png)

Official Horizons developer post
>In previous editions of Horizons, there was a bug which made Selena too thin. We have added 25 pounds in the latest update.



File: 1485925179782.png (178.09 KB, 1024x1024, large.png)




Just hearing the name triggers you ponoe?


File: 1485925293293.png (249.78 KB, 1000x884, 1347317_.png)

She's a pure ponoe who's not fat at all!
She's just got some love handles, that's all. Nothing to worry about.
We'll see you after you pumped out two kids!


It's okay, Marina has some chub too


they didn't fix the shelf butt at all kekee


File: 1485925437256.jpg (43.77 KB, 500x654, hamburgao.jpg)

Autumn please what are you doing here


Maali you can't eat all that, you'll get a belly.


Are you comparing Selena to a fish now?
Is it because she's ugly like a fish?!?


What are you still doing in Brazil :^^^^^^^^^^^)


Some girl posted an image of
>When people think the junk in Mei's trunk is unrealistic

I didn't save it though, I've never been a butt guy


Only half


the amount isn't in question, its the lack of a curve on top


Right now I'm hungry enough to try


oh jeez sorry


Boop grump pon '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


File: 1485925666424.png (364.11 KB, 3000x2377, 1143937.png)


I wonder what her key lime pie tastes like
I'm really picky when it comes to limes, but if you're going to have a fruit in your name you better have a food dish that relates to it.


File: 1485925841271.png (902.75 KB, 1600x900, 022.png)

She'll feed you rocks


I don't like how she's the only one smiling in that table…


Why is Maud the only one to get a photorealistic pumpkin?


Because she's been a good filly and saved up a lot of princess points.

Eat it boi


>princess points


Dusty, you seem to be having some kind of seizure


File: 1485926383794.png (718.7 KB, 3036x1900, 1482025301522.png)

No that was just my disgust translated to text as I recall the bizarre yet fascinating pictures of /r9k/'s daughter or whatever the hell they were supposed to be


I'd still that bun


I understand next to nothing of this picture


File: 1485928087206.jpg (38.82 KB, 640x747, pBEk72j.jpg)

Good night guys


File: 1485928141932.jpg (25.86 KB, 400x234, The_Lion_King's_Nala.jpg)

Should Nala be a Disney princess?


I don't think she's a princess of heart, if that's what you mean


I don't into Kingdom Hearts, if that's what you mean
I meant whether she should be recognized as being part of the Disney Princess brand, since that's about as legit as you can get.


File: 1485928382041.jpg (726.77 KB, 1001x1001, 1485554914950.jpg)

I need to answer this


Go the fuck to sleep


Well, she technically became queen immediately, rather than spending time as a princess. Simba would have been the prince.
However, Kiara, was definitely a princess



I don't recall whether Lion King 2 is really part of the Disney canon, but Nala's probably more recognizable. Maybe it's because lions are very brandable.
Is she related to Simba? Is her mother part of Mufasa's harem?


>lion king two isn't canon
literally how do you think that?


I didnt see any other male lions there beside mufasa.

Still, she doesnt fit in the line with the other princesses. You do not have to be of royal blood to be a Disney princess, see Mulan. What's important is that you can wear a dress and make up to sell girl products. And Nala cannot. Realistically, I mean.


>I don't recall
Most of the sequels were made by the Toon Disney Studio that worked on the TV shows as well, and not the main Disney studio, so they're not regarded as much or at all. You don't see Ariel's daughter as part of the princess line.
Yeah, branding.


Ariels daughter is a cunt


melody a cute, she wanted to become a siren.
you like sirens don't you sion?


Only to wake up with.
It's not entirely her fault.
>Don't go to the ocean!
>I can't tell you!


[sweating intensifies]
I like SOME sirens


She is definitely her mothers daughter


yea, so don't be so hard on her.


You should be focused on Ursula's crazy sister
whose introduction was boiled down to 'oh no it's Ursula's crazy sister'


Waking up at 7 am is so strange. Good morning.


Im just as hard on her mother!
Spoiled brat

>hurrr just gonna sell my soul to the witch to get this one guy i saw for 5 seconds

>lol i did nothing this entire adventure but thats okay, everyone bails me out and i get everything i want

Ariel is a qt but holy shit what a brat


File: 1485929774342.jpg (106.78 KB, 540x810, 1482272225706.jpg)

Wakey wakey


Did you sleep at all?



File: 1485930008631.png (230.15 KB, 496x368, Is this nigga serious.png)

>I didnt see any other male lions there beside mufasa.
So Scar's a girl, then?


I don't want to wakeee


Her sister made ursula even more awesome in comparison

>tfw if released today ursula would be fat shaming


Oh right. But he clearly didn't have any lioness.


She's based on a drag queen, I think that might get more angry shouts.


Iknow that. I just figured that might get positives. For including the transgender community


Not until LK2 happened, anyway.
There was a deleted scene/song where he tried to bang I think either Nala or Mufasa's lion-wife.


File: 1485930199676.jpg (137.44 KB, 1920x1162, 40968_neon_genesis_evangel….jpg)

you wake up to this girl eating all your cereal
what do?



Go to the blue hair one


Oh yeah, Lion King 2 had the male lion that was voiced by Andy 'Gave Phil Hartman's Wife Cocaine That Led To Their Murder Suicide' Dick.


Take the hose and spray her with it, so she will learn not to be a bad dog.


File: 1485930467444.jpg (82.51 KB, 640x480, useless_01.jpg)

she's just sitting at the table with this blank stare


Stare contest '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


File: 1485930616175.gif (464.33 KB, 500x338, Maybe-- maybe if I just si….gif)

I can see why they cut it though, and not just due to time constraints. Scar, at that point, was the equivalent of, like, a 45-ish-year-old dude trying to hit up a young, 20-ish lioness. That is some ridiculous cradle-robbing going on.


>that get
Yep, she's soaked and not eating your cereals anymore, she promises

what the, you actually won, she blinked


File: 1485930651642.png (643.92 KB, 1028x772, 1485822248578.png)

Hey thanks for posting Eva so I don't have to start it.

I'd just want to hang out with Rei, provided we'd have the same interests.


Do I get a prize?


You get stared at. She's your rival now.


My eyes hurt


If thine eye offends thee, pluck it out.


Jesus pls


>actually wanting to hang out with clones


What can you say? Sometimes the only way to do something right is to staff your base with nothing but clones of yourself.


You have been replaced andy.
In fact, you dont even exist. The universe is actually 2d. So 2d waifus are real and 3d women are an illusion


When does my rainbow waifu arrive?


File: 1485931147072.gif (837.08 KB, 334x264, Sleeping Equaljack.gif)

Anyway, I guess I'll see you guys in the morning.



Once you reject the boundaries of the projected 3d hologram universe


In layman's terms: once you commit sudoku.


>Andy rejected the matrix and the Demiurge.
>has disappeared into the Boundless Eternity with her waifu

G-goodbye, space cowboy…


Lion King 2 was probably the least bad Disney sequel (pixar doesn't count)


I really hope my local hobby store gets more warhams in stock today because I'm going to go there and buy them.


>Implying not Lion King 2 1/2


Also fine if deeply uninspired. I've also heard Cinderella 3 was good but I've never seen it.
Oh and rescuers down under. That one is actually better than the original.

Hunchback 2 is probably the single biggest downgrade from original to sequel.


I remember liking the Aladdin movies and cartoon


The aladdin sequels work better as the pilot and finale of the cartoon than as sequel movies.


Well, duh
But at least Aladdin 2 gave us Jope Ruonansuu as Genie


File: 1485938530753.jpg (68.68 KB, 500x735, 427656.jpg)

Off to class


File: 1485938534445.png (31.87 KB, 679x427, ohmygod.png)

>koth nepal
>enemy team wins first round
>not even by much
>they go gg ez
>switch to le pig of balance
>win both the following rounds 100-0
>people leave before the end because of how butthurt they are
Counting chickens etc etc.


So beep


>the class the building is in is a repurposed industrial factory next to the canal

Pretty cool


>Britain in charge of not being a developing country


I hope you rubbed the salt in


It's a fine new day, full of opportunity!


>there's a short-haired dyke girl openly drawing furry on one of the computers


I did by the end of round 3, but by then all the original losers had left.


So bep


Almost time to go home.

And then it's only a couple of days before I'll be in Austria.


What are you gonna do in Austria?


Where are you now?


>supervisor: "I never played dark souls, is it any good?"
And that's how the rest of the meeting became unproductive


I was still in class. Home now.

Make an educated guess!



Roll #1 27, 28, 2, 18, 91, 24 = 190




Remember to also make him listen to Sabaton and Battle beast
Reviving the Hapsburg dynasty?



Roll #1 42, 44, 7, 23, 11, 37 = 164



File: 1485950276679.gif (351.9 KB, 200x200, 1327833942226.gif)

It sounded like you weren't in Belgium


I will lewd you '6d20'

Roll #1 1, 7, 17, 1, 5, 17 = 48


>2 1's

I don't even know anymore


File: 1485950844494.png (146.83 KB, 726x697, 1456829367572.png)

You are out of practice


Yes give me the Siren


File: 1485951452939.webm (1.41 MB, 1280x720, 428060.webm)

You now realize this dumb whore makes more money than you ever will by making dumbass videos on the internet


>friend on FB sent me a buzzfeed video to piss me of
>shitposter inside couldn't resist watching it
>now I am pissed off

God I fucking hate Buzzfeed


File: 1485953090788.jpg (80.53 KB, 620x615, 1483849140905.jpg)

Stop reminding me this absolute cancer exists.


Feel the pain


Luckily I have no clue who this is


I only just learned today too.
She is crying because Idubzz pranker her by going up to her and saying "Say nigger!" instead of "say cheese"



Was that recorded somewhere?



Apparently he said that to make fun of her saying nigger on multiple occasions as well.

I don't really care for idubbbz, but that's some funny shit.


Ask her out


File: 1485954939264.webm (1.52 MB, 773x433, Extreme bullying.webm)

This show is savage.


No survivors


File: 1485956804530.png (97.08 KB, 581x707, Hc9VEzZ.png)

>mfw people don't know how to deal with the microwave of death


>tfw horus heresy acquired
>Tfw I've made so many purchases at my hobby store that I'm starting to get stuff like tools and paints for free


Nice desu. When do you think you'll be ready to play? Are you friendly with the other players there?


We won't have a game night this weekend but probably the one after.


File: 1485961122807.jpg (434.55 KB, 1280x1303, FMLoQJf.jpg)


Pretty cool of them


File: 1485961478311.png (1.62 MB, 1080x1920, 1485953070258.png)




File: 1485961563311.jpg (67.25 KB, 573x489, 1395297653408.jpg)

Is that Pokemon Duel?


thought it looked cute

what's up


File: 1485961657892.jpg (786.26 KB, 839x1188, 1477235537873.jpg)

I might have to give it a shot


brave bdn, report back what its like


Just trying to make a quick to do list for the rest of the week.
Could run otr on Friday or really at any point in the weekend.



>take another look at the custodes
>sudden urge to make tons of self cast copies so I could have a full army


Are you any good at those?


Never tried casting a whole model worth of parts, just copying details or single bits.


Neat, what's your preferred method?


For my purposes I found best method was a reusable putty for the mold and then green stuff for the material. This way it was easy to still manipulate the copied part afterwards if need be.


File: 1485962913756.png (54.69 KB, 226x190, 1322964066949.png)

I can't wait for Friday


Boop grumpy pon '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


File: 1485963343102.png (148.76 KB, 802x711, 1322953917521.png)

You are powerless, and she continues to grump


Why is rarara grump?


File: 1485963597861.png (392.16 KB, 607x576, 1327147354782.png)

She's swamped with work she's been neglecting because she's been trying to make plans to expand to Manehatten, but the local Ponyville office is run by retards


She should have taken a management class or something. Who's she got working Ponyville?


That is, fuck the exchange office for dicking me over last semester and fuck them for being unhelpful cunts now

And I've got to do more work on something about the Earth's inertial moment or something but fuck that, I'm going to bed


Oh this was an allegory, my bad.


I wanted to ask if you'd mind if i stole one of them to use as my commander
Our just one of their halberds
We can negotiate a new price


File: 1485964475276.jpg (101.22 KB, 1173x890, GENUG.jpg)

OW anyone?


soon, I need to do my morning ritual first


Finding a fairy? I'll wait on you.

I think the fucksquad is already playing, but I don't want to do a 5 stack.


>probably lost one of the baneblade sprues after all this
Good god I don't need this right now


>tfw no qt trainer to take on a ferris wheel


>tfw no qt maali to take on the ferris wheel


File: 1485967795629.png (129.24 KB, 333x369, 2015-09-07 17.27.13.png)

N-Nasse I…


>Jeremy Soule made the music for the Pajama Sam games

This is quite a revelation for the nostalgia part of my mind







I should not be this amused by this fucking video



File: 1485968414215.png (53.07 KB, 400x145, Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at ….png)

Why was this next in the queue?


Probably because of whatever videos you've watched earlier


>having autoplay on

Also, no fucking idea, cause it's trending on YT?



I ain't watch anything political lately


Oh yeah, might be. I have autoplay on because I don't always watch sequential videos in a playlist.


You are a genuine dicksuc

No excuses. Google has decided this is what you must watch and Google is smarter than you


I'll support that, I have it as up next too and haven't watched anything political either.


It's what's next up for me too


>What putting a rap-baseline under the commentary of someone who is tilted out of his mind


Because its huge news?


>Russia Today

Youtube brought out by the KGB confirmed?


>it actually works

The power of autism, truly awe inspiring


I could probably live with just 4 but I'd like the Shields and halberd


He was ranting because Ultra Hard is a bullshit challenge and he had to cheese it by standing still with invincibility and letting a familiar killing a tanky boss


I think trump gave it to them over brunch or something


File: 1485969102063.jpg (27.39 KB, 600x600, 745.jpg)

I promise I won't get political!

>three drinks later


I would obviously build the one with the halberd. You could have his shield and gun-sword though.


File: 1485969549911.jpg (72.39 KB, 680x471, 1-laying.jpg)

time to put politics aside and think about fake corporate politics


File: 1485969635468.jpg (582.48 KB, 1024x680, 1482385252259.jpg)


File: 1485969671003.jpg (1.44 MB, 3403x2137, 2017-02-01 19.18.31.jpg)

Shit's fucking huge, innit


God, that poor dog
I almost feel bad for it

But he and his clone brothers are merely a worthy sacrifice on the altar of science


File: 1485970042328.jpg (189.56 KB, 700x280, 2.jpg)

he can take it
he's a mutant anyway


But the face of the dog looks so sad, although it might just be because if I was a tiny, misguided pekingese, I'd look sad all the time too


The captain looking guy is the only one I don't really need.


Dogs cannot express emotions.


File: 1485970220293.jpg (15.18 KB, 292x194, Tibetan-Spaniel-2-FW.jpg)

maybe you think its a sad face, because you are bearing guilt.


>a family of clone doggos
>all fated to be test subjects

I guess I do

You obviously never seen a dog in your entire fucking life then mate


Amended: Dogs do not have facial expressions.


File: 1485970430648.png (146.5 KB, 500x370, Hector_Anime.png)

Gotcha Human


File: 1485970498234-0.jpg (104.19 KB, 500x750, dd0ab161c27375c123ae28a35f….jpg)

File: 1485970498234-1.jpg (59.99 KB, 607x1080, maxresdefault (10).jpg)

You have not seen a dog


I wonder if Hector and Ack can work together to write a computer virus that gives an AI paranoia


You are merely ascribing human facial expressions to an animal you are conditioned to view as a companion. Dogs do not have the musculature to emote the way we do.



What a foolish plan.
I will create a unique amusement sound for this.



They do not have the exact same musculature, but they can be plenty expressive with their eyes, brows and ears, and if you are not an autist have any amount of experience with dogs then you'll know to recognize most of their behaviours and the emotions that they are trying to convey


>not a cute tee-hee

Inferior robot


I like how you immediately assume I'm either autistic or not as smart as you because I disagree with your opinion.

I've had two dogs. They don't have facial expressions.


>AI then spends the next hours playing you different laughs to see which one is best
well played human


>dogs don't have facial expressions
…which kind of dog did you have?


A yorkie and a particularly needy cavalier.
Granted I don't remember the second much because we had her for like two weeks and she was a pain in the ass.


well, they don't generally change their mouth to fit the emotion, but they do change their ear position, and where they are looking.


The best way to fuck an arrogant AI over is just to make it believe it could be better so it focuses on minute improvements

I didn't say you were autistic, just in general, it's hard not to realize what dogs are feeling like.
How their snout is, how their lips are positioned, what their eyes and ears are up to, they have aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall the faculties that help with expressing emotions. I didn't want to berate you, I'm just saying you are factually incorrect in the fact that they cannot express facial emotions, but you are right in the sense that they don't do it the same way we do.


I can see how Yorkies can be thought to have no expressions, but they tend to express with their entire being as opposed to just their face/ears.


File: 1485971141264.jpg (44.57 KB, 625x788, BC2SAyx.jpg)


File: 1485971282362-0.gif (1.99 MB, 400x249, MTMwNTIwMjkzNDY1NzA0NDU4.gif)

This is probably one of my favourite gifs about dogs
It's like this collie is embarassed when it is seen playing with that toy


Its so small and helpless.


Oh goodie, I'll check if I can build him with a halberd.


I mean, it could be worse
>most equines and cervines can run within an hour of being born
>humans can't even walk for like a year or two


As long as I can make either all 4 of them with the same gear, or 2 & 2 with matching sets. I do not want an odd one out.
>Most equines don't really become any smarter over the course of their short, fragile life
>Humans are overcoming more and more once thought to be fundamentally insurmountable limitations with each generation


That's the price we pay for brains the size of our torsos at birth.


I'll make sure of that, I'll hopefully mail them tomorrow.


>this is why ponies can only do their cutie mark talent well and literally nothing else


Well yeah, the payoff is worth it


File: 1485972025356.jpg (25.35 KB, 600x375, 15802375_237559033337845_3….jpg)

>30 more minutes
I hope I'm ready for this


Until what?


File: 1485972488766-0.jpg (397.64 KB, 2218x1079, Vm8yaJv.jpg)

Have some immersion

Just imagine yourself walking down the grimy streets.
The dimness is almost ever-present even despite all the led-streetlights and neon-signs advertising this and that. No wonder, what with all the skyscrapers and the cloud of smog and fog that the industrial area has planted onto the sky, turning it grey as long as the chimneys are coughing it up and the production lines chuff and chug their products and bile out.
It must smell like dust, rain, metal, ozone, yet also cheap parfumes, exotic spices and trash food.
It is never quiet. Whether it is the whirring of a fan, the the hum of the generators, the buzzing of the lights, the police sirens in the distance, the whoosing and roars of cars, the shattering of glass bottles against walls with the yelling of augmented nomads…. whatever it is, silence is a thing of the past.


File: 1485972674273.jpg (77.19 KB, 457x695, 1485192758317.jpg)


cyber punk

ah, so soothing


File: 1485972758304-0.webm (114.17 KB, 1280x720, 1485282333472.webm)


I hope it helped!



I'm surprised this wasn't a thing yet.


>Hollywood Defense
>First two points are a roll
>Hold last five meters of Hollywood for 6 minutes and win

Does anyone have the image of "I don't know who's trolling who anymore"?


This is not a joke, this brings us one step closer to access to internet being a basic human right, something that Google is actually pushing for

Roaming charges in the EU have been constantly discussed since like the early 2010s


Very smol catgirl


> something that Google is actually pushing for
Kind of like a drive-in movie theater pushing for more people to get cars


There's been talks about this for a while now. Keep in mind that the EU is still just a collection of 28 sovereign nations.


I mean, irc they wanted to launch satellites over developing countries so they can have access too


File: 1485973146904.jpg (706.68 KB, 1155x2052, 2017-02-01 20.13.01.jpg)



Lel, who does Russia say is going to lead the coup?

I am pretty sure in most cases a coup isn't led by the sitting leader of government.


It's like a movie theater chain that wants to build movie theaters in developing countries so they can watch movies too


File: 1485973189072.jpg (1.26 MB, 2201x2862, 2017-02-01 20.14.28.jpg)

Lodesastuff the Sequel


>posted "big" tank before with nothing to compare to in size


File: 1485973219702-0.jpg (754.69 KB, 2068x1423, 2017-02-01 20.15.19.jpg)

File: 1485973219702-1.jpg (434.31 KB, 1452x1012, 2017-02-01 20.14.59.jpg)

And here's for DM


I mean, they can collect my data all they want if it means free internet literally anywhere.


>always kinda wanted to get into the tabeltop thing
>never had the space or money to invest in it
One day 3D printing will be cheap enough that even I could afford it.


I'm not talking about that, I'm just saying it should be unsurprising that a company wants to acquire more customers


True, but with the amount of infrastructure already in place you'd think they would account for something like that. Though I guess that's all handled by companies anyway.


I'm not sure Star Trek-esque post scarcity "everything is free" will happen in our lifetime


It's a pretty roundabout way though, trying to get internet up there right next to 'access to clean water and food'


Remember, Fidget is a wizard, therefore he can become a lich and live forever


File: 1485973432432-0.jpg (1.33 MB, 2843x2265, 2017-02-01 20.21.20.jpg)

There were lots of paint bottles and stuff around
The local hobby store owner is offering to scan in his customers to create 3d printed figures of themselves working on their model tanks


It's simple
>We can only acquire customers who have internet
>Therefore we should make internet more available


That's hilarious.
Let's be honest, here, it'll never happen in the entire lifetime of humanity as a race.


Look for a game shop nearby. There's a bunch of games that can be played with a few models, and you can write off assembling/painting as relaxation stuff.


File: 1485974156074-0.gif (2.03 MB, 201x264, fuck your tea, lady.gif)


my right fingers have first degree burns, im going to be very slow typing


Oh no, I know where a game shop is, it's just I literally have nowhere to put things.
I live essentially in a hallway and on a couch, if you recall.


That's unfortunate.
Well, I guess that restaurant is very determined to give their patrons the freshest meals.


File: 1485974495391.jpg (405.69 KB, 1280x800, 41974-4-1306228105.jpg)

"I have been baptized twice, once in water, once in flame. I will carry the fire of the holy spirit inside until I stand before my Lord for judgement."


Andy, I have dinner in 20.


You may argue it's TOO fresh when it starts climbing away


File: 1485974627949.jpg (30.47 KB, 500x571, anime-anime-boy-black-and-….jpg)

Okay I after a review of the rules, I think I'm good-
shiiit should I delay for a bit?


File: 1485974719213-0.jpg (44 KB, 667x682, 428216.jpg)



Remember when this was used as Tela bait?
I 'member


File: 1485974925614.jpg (895.91 KB, 1900x887, 1479069680276.jpg)

Well okay I guess I will keep working on this rules handout while you're at lunch, we'll start as soon you get back.


Oh, that's sweet, thanks!


You should know by now when I go to dinner!


Like I would remember that!
Try not to get dragged into hours of conversation or something

its not very well laid out.


No locked cabinet or shed you could use?


ill try to play


I'd have to build the shed, which is where the lack of funds to sink into the project comes into play.


It's better than "I recall how to roll and how to make drugs and literally nothing else"


File: 1485975234471-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 21.45 KB, 480x360, 16441519_1396476557060776_….jpg)

Our cat has been caught playing with things that he shouldn't be playing with again

My friend just took this to fuck with me and make me jelly


Jealous that you don't have the new resident Evil?


A, that I miss that dumb motherfucker. The cat that is, not my friend.
B, Yes, the New Resident Evil is the first RE that caught my attention since the first one



>Asian voice chat


be glad ur not n top 500 all pro asians come to west servers due 2 hackin


>someone will be moving in to the shitty tiny bedroom next to mine on the top floor after all

It was nice to have the top floor to myself
Now I will actually have to think about not being too loud after midnight and shit like that


File: 1485975824090.jpg (2.93 MB, 4032x2268, 2017-01-31 21.12.26.jpg)

It's not really a Resident Evil game though
A) It's an FPS (in a survival horror kind of way)
B) It's got no relation to the world that Resident Evils before it tried to create (although this is so-so considering how hard the last two installments fucked up)
C) It's scary, which RE just isn't


It's a PT clone, that's exactly why I'm interested, because it's not shit like the rest of the series


Oh okay, I thought you liked RE for some reason.


do you think chrome is denser than steel?


Density of Chrome: 7.19 g/cm3
Steel ranges between 7.75 and 8.05 g/cm3


The density of steel varies based on the alloying constituents but usually ranges between 7,750 and 8,050 kg/m3

Chromium 7 140



Chromium is unstable in oxygen, it immediately produces a thin oxide layer that is impermeable to oxygen and protects the metal below.

Chromium metal is of high value for its high corrosion resistance and hardness. A major development was the discovery that steel could be made highly resistant to corrosion and discoloration by adding metallic chromium to form stainless steel.


File: 1485976543318.jpg (193.91 KB, 483x506, tumblr_o9w2elIGxJ1uqrdeoo1….jpg)

I see. I see.


i think you said catboi has chrome ears but it wouldn't stretch the facts too much to say they're stainless steel, is what I meant


I mean, chrome can be the 'color' of the ears


File: 1485976836433.webm (2.82 MB, 854x480, 1484300984953.webm)


File: 1485976964921-0.webm (2.4 MB, 1280x720, 427795.webm)


Huh, aren't augs usually chrome?


probably in color but not in chemical composition?


File: 1485977419016.png (3.93 MB, 2300x1131, custodes.png)


File: 1485977461875.png (2.92 KB, 642x31, 79529c9529579a004a4b396f9e….png)



I don't get it
anyway its not really about the cat kid, it was about this list of common cover places. I thought metal would be more likely than "wood" you know


What he means is that the material is probably steel or some alloy and it's the surface that is covered in chrome


File: 1485977760802.jpg (283.61 KB, 1920x1080, ozcghost-in-the-shell-s-a-….jpg)

uh okay


Alright, jesus fucking christ
It got to 12 gigs of ram usage and guess what was using 70% of that? MLPG.co


File: 1485977888737-0.gif (2 MB, 400x251, giphy (9).gif)

Like the oily crust about a deep fried meat!


burn elevated to second degree, blisters formed


What the fuck are you doing?


Wf, what are you doing that's exacerbating them? Aren't you chilling your hands?


I see. My brain may have melted from trying to make the save rules simpler
stop trolling so hard


yeah I used ice right away

the blisters maybe were there before but i couldnt see from th ice pack


Isn't a new problem


Do you not have Aloe or something?


not at this house


But how did you burn yourself in the first place

I chuckled


long story for left hand typing

pizza from oven 450 fahrenheit

reflex grab, fingers trashed


yea its easy to understand at least, roll lower than the goal, which gets harder the more hurt you are. but no short way to phrase it


no more OW for you



File: 1485978517113.gif (1.98 MB, 620x717, 1483657363600.gif)

>tfw Wf is permanently disabled


It's allright
Also, now I have to check if I took points in Cryo-tanks because they seem more and more useful every time I learn about how wounds are handled in this game

>reflex grabbing hot things
I have dropped hot coals that are burning at 900 degrees celsius, so thankfully I have the instict that "If it drops just make sure none of your limbs are anywhere nearby and pick it up afterwards with the forceps."


File: 1485978657906.jpg (344.28 KB, 900x1179, CnhtAJu.jpg)

Yeah I know it sucks not having your pet after living with them for so long

And did your friend get the remake of the first Resident Evil that was for free during Halloween month last year?


Is for me!


If I could wait 24 years to get a pet I can wait half a year to get back to it

Also, I'm not sure, I think maybe.


Be strong


wat were you even doing with those coals

hopefully by tomorrow most of the pain will be passed


Yea, the combat is super detailed actually.. Will keep updating this as we go


I burned a finger too the other day. It'll pass soon enough. Take a painkiller if it gets too bad.


You put them on the shisha to heat up (not burn, just heat up) the tobacco, duh.


>900C coals to just "heat up" something with a flashpoint of 95C and autoignites at 244C


Seems like the auto thread updater is causing newer versions of firefox/waterfox to devour all available memory. Damn


I just downgraded. I'm pretty sure it's caused this problem in the past.



Well, that's 900C when you take it off the fire and bring it in
It cools down to a stable glow at around 300-400C for an hour
Also, you don't put it directly onto the tobacco
You put aluminium foil (there's special, hardened foils for hookahs that are wider and don't break as easily as kitchen foil) on the ceramics (which also heats up completely to surround the tobacco with heat)


What a pity, the autoupdater is the single best feature.

Feature power tiers

>Sound when replied to (depreciated)
>Quick reply

>Webm support
>Spoiler support

>Email field
>Subject field
>Personal CSS


File: 1485979796413.jpg (321.5 KB, 600x860, tumblr_nnfrl59t3P1urf4tmo1….jpg)

upload yourselves punks


Do I just rush in and stab one
What do I even roll for that



So should I count with melee range then?
And with an Ambush and my reflex save and no points in melee, that would be an 1d10+7, right?


yea, that seems right
next level I'll help you reorder things so you have points in melee


I'll use all six of my Luck to boost it too



Yeah, I think I am going to need that

Here's the drug
Depressant + Euphoric + Aphrodisiac = 20
Death + Tremors: -17
Strenght: +3
Duration: 1d10+1 turns = x1
Dif: 6x1 =6


File: 1485981604158-0.png (14.17 KB, 266x87, cyber death.png)


gotcha, let's see if I remember how to make that save


I should consider making my drug harder to make to make it last longer, therefore getting more than one death save out of it…

by the way, if he doesn't die, it also has this side effect
Tremors: The drug causes painful termors in the hand, face (-2 REF)


File: 1485982079566.jpg (746.71 KB, 1422x3009, 2017-02-01 22.46.46.jpg)

This is all you, America.


I really wish you had just stayed at the door to shank anyone who came in

Now I can't throw a grenade or fire without you getting in the way!


Was talking never an option?


They did plenty of talking
>It's a drug dealer, aim for his legs!


Fuck that, they were theatening me!

IC, I didn't know they were coming, so I acted IC and went out to the corridor since we were done


You really want to talk to them.
"Give our cat boi back faggot"


File: 1485983403867.png (230.51 KB, 571x484, A tiny cat person.png)

>cat bois


[external euthanasia]


File: 1485983476763.jpg (37.33 KB, 320x427, 523a9e5314b241151a0c00b5_5….jpg)

cat boi


>close to finishing one level of Deathwing
>fear that if I restart it, it'll put me back at the beginning of escorting the CAT
I'm not properly equipped to deal with that bullshit a fifth time. Bad enough it doesn't let you save manually.


File: 1485983668422.png (163.72 KB, 500x442, 1437320745532.png)


File: 1485983690203.png (253.94 KB, 400x600, 1472134013566.png)

>accidentally giving the PC overpowered drone


File: 1485983726934.png (849 KB, 1366x768, SAN.png)



File: 1485984952976.png (207.77 KB, 1000x760, Untitled.png)

>We'll have our wolfgirl officer interrogate the catboy


File: 1485985020912-0.webm (9.68 MB, 640x360, Liru_project.webm)


File: 1485985046556.gif (1.25 MB, 540x301, Bully the seal.gif)

>bullying intensifies



File: 1485985155310.jpg (11.49 KB, 259x194, 1471593037634.jpg)


>that face at "who is the butcher"
Always gives me a laugh.


File: 1485985453046.jpg (122.37 KB, 960x505, 1461568922426.jpg)

Slp consume me so I may drink myself to death tomorrow


Night DM. Remember to establish a cutoff point.


File: 1485985740414.png (165.27 KB, 331x321, FEMTO.png)

You jest.


You should know I never joke. I'm incapable of proper humor.


File: 1485986315252-0.png (406.53 KB, 659x504, Sarah Hildur drives Airlin….png)


File: 1485986733805.png (120.3 KB, 754x344, 1485984494413.png)

For something completely different.



A game that tried so hard, but it didn't even get far.


File: 1485987325351-0.png (218.64 KB, 454x559, 16105535_663600193826959_1….png)

>Andy and the new gunner drone


File: 1485987371858.jpg (613.92 KB, 973x1200, 1479068462103.jpg)

channel offline


NERF '1d10



Roll #1 8 = 8


File: 1485987583541.png (730.02 KB, 2892x3220, labels01.png)


I'd like to nerf it but I cannot get over how dangerous that robot is
You are going to fucking spill soup everywhere you dumb bot


foolish human


that's what you get for buying stock


File: 1485988051872-0.jpg (16.31 KB, 300x222, hector does his job.jpg)



What a nice episode that was


Time to jailbreak.


File: 1485989190257.jpg (379.03 KB, 1200x1920, Q8SkUVK.jpg)


That pic makes me go awooo


awoo awoo awooooo


File: 1485989397267-0.webm (3.81 MB, 854x480, awoo.webm)


That's a very pleasant voice.


File: 1485989452319.jpg (521.88 KB, 1280x1280, qDMd1JW.jpg)

There's a pretty nice collection of these if you want to distract yourselves
This artist draws grrreat wolves


This is one of my new favourite voices


File: 1485989782240.gif (1.99 MB, 400x225, QJmRGr.gif)




File: 1485990226384.jpg (244.68 KB, 855x479, new-townhouses.jpg)

maybe like these


File: 1485990323313.jpg (99.78 KB, 1000x650, house-town.jpg)

oh I think I found a better one, since I wanted you to have your own garage to pull into.


Sweet! It's surrounded by tall buildings though, right? A bit like in UP?


It surrounded by other town houses, like a residential area.


Oh, THAT fancy in District 1?
Just makes me concerned about how bad the AI is in that factory


File: 1485990687569.jpg (738.84 KB, 715x957, lab pup.jpg)

yes the reason is. The smallest possible house that I thought could be a base. But, they didn't think this place would be a big colony at first, since earth two was still a thing, and three is further away, so they used their space liberally, and thought this housing area would be enough for 30 years, families and stuff included. laugh track


Haha, what a bunch of LOSERS, they didn't even expect the other planet to assplode!


Man, they also didn't think about what if shit on earth 1 goes real bad and people migrate here


"How bad could it get?"
"Eeeeeeh, not too bad!"


File: 1485990981506.jpg (227.71 KB, 1106x830, 1434227386217.jpg)

heh' you and 88 would talk up a storm with that kind of attitude


Who is the cute hairclip girl you keep posting?


Is 88 on drugs?
And why are all your hackers named after numbers?


88 doesn't seem like he is very good at conversation.


File: 1485991141954.gif (727.43 KB, 540x750, 1435390583580.gif)

super qt girl from a bad animuthat I didn't watch

Yes and Yes, but he mostly has a bad case of apathy.
its from his user name, galaxy88,


File: 1485991149953.jpg (555.44 KB, 1280x1328, xSYY1Ji.jpg)



I bet he just makes walls of texts online though


>Remember I still have a bag of crisps to eat that I opened yesterday
>Can't find the fucking bag anywhere
I don't understand. It was in my room, no one could have stolen it. Maybe I've finally lost my mind or something.


You are a sleep-eater.


There you are
I found something for the Meme Playlist



>Hey /v/, today I got fucking arrested, ugh it was awful. Fucking normie tunes the whole way. The cop's car smelled bad, and he didn't even have a siren, so we had to wait through traffic. And they had this fucking droid on top of me, so I couldn't even sit properly, had to lean against the window.
>still better than the end of Homeless 9


>Lol did you at least log out of Catbook before they took your deck?


>banned. Reason: off-topic
He should post on r9k instead.


>fuck off furfag
>take screenshot
>posts it with reply


File: 1485991973325.png (627.81 KB, 3000x2600, crystal_war_fluttershy.png)

>tfw you realize you're simply too casual for gsg


Speaking of banning, reddit just banned their /pol/ subreddit.

/gsg/ is such pure cancer. It's probably the worst general on /vg/, if not all of 4chan.


truly free speech there at reddit


I thought that too, but I did decently in Stellaris I think, if that counts.
Aside from that one time I initiated a war against a Fallen Empire

>pics or it didn't happen


File: 1485992121756.jpg (47.8 KB, 480x360, 0de8705a0.jpg)

I meant the gs genre, I mistyped.
Last 5 eu4 campaigns went completely in the water.
Btw did you see the screencap I posted right after you went to sleep?


I can't wait to Stellaris again. It's been too long.

Yeah I did. Very exciting. It'll make Asia much more interesting to play in, which was really necessary.


>Paladins has a new PVE mode where they stick you against super-powered bots and the puzzle is whether or not you can work together to unravel the meta and win an unfair situation
>this week's is four mutant turtles and a healer, each with a specific ability buffed to the stratosphere


>fiiine here's something which didn't get deleted
>blurry video of helmet cop yelling about the music having no graphics


And yet you have to leave this weekend.
Although skiing is fun too

>fake and gay


It's probably gonna be more brutal than the HRE since ever emperor gets a CB on him for others to gain the mandate of heaven.
They haven't gone into detail but the theory is that you use the dragon mana points to upgrade the Celestial governement from one of the worst govs to a good gov.


>tfw 0Stellaris


>grumpy shit posting intensifies


We can play sometime!

>the cops call me catboi now


I mean I could play tomorrow and on Friday. I'll be back home by next Saturday.



Vamp sessions when?



sc2g is the worst


also fuck, I didn't know you were on!


On for what?


You tell me!


You're kidding m8.
There's nothing worse than the hell called /tesg/


Eh, when do you want?
I have nothing to do so I can even play now!




roll20, just for a while if you like


File: 1485992710730.gif (1.96 MB, 513x399, 1159708.gif)

Sure, if I remember


File: 1485993017238.jpg (33.12 KB, 288x319, constantine-reeves1_sm.jpg)

>tfw you'll never play notConstantine in Groves' Magequest


You're such a downer today!


Constantine, Dresden, and Kiritsugu walk into a bar…


File: 1485993310643.jpg (33.89 KB, 530x800, constantine14.jpg)

It's the alcohol. I needed a few drinks today after 4 months of being dry for my exams.

>tfw you'll never be a chainsmoking mage

>tfw no crossover between my vampquest and Groves' Magequest

And then all hell broke loose


>tfw booze is too expensive over here to get drunk or even drink a beer a day


What a night on the town.


File: 1485993501522.jpg (195.88 KB, 720x480, Constantine-keanu-reeves-1….jpg)

>tfw Nopo doesn't know the language of King's commonly known as Dutch, so he can't appreciate this beautiful song as a linguist.


I even feel like translating it.

>Constantine enters a tulpa thread


Did you ever see the TV show?


Nope. I should though.


I really have so many TV shows to check. I dunno why but I never get to it.


He does talk like a drunk person slurring words


I still want to do it, but I just don't know how. As in which system to use. Fantasycraft seems like a lost cause and the White Wolf Mage systems seem hard to get into.


It's short. Lasted only about a season or two.


File: 1485993714705.jpg (18.43 KB, 399x400, 54e4a7bbdac11_353693b.jpg)

just do what I do and bullshit the rules until someone calls you on it


HOW DARE YOU steal my DM-ing technique


File: 1485993784667.png (327.13 KB, 604x555, 6katetyHeadCrop.png)

you'll never know if its true or not because no one reads the rules but me ~


A quest with on the fly rules is better than no quest.


File: 1485993940588-0.webm (3.76 MB, 640x360, smug.webm)

>says she after I literally told her how to do death saves






File: 1485994117721.jpg (108.79 KB, 960x960, 1480863372724.jpg)

>it's an /an/ thread on /v/
>cute as fuck and no shitposting


>no shitposting

Literally impossible


File: 1485994193998.jpg (210.11 KB, 650x488, street_samurai_by_kcsx.jpg)

you'd literally never know the difference


File: 1485994205021.gif (1.49 MB, 500x281, 3cf62c7e4e3328c8e2583513bb….gif)

Also noticed some best girl in there.


But that's the secret, Nopo.
the thread itself is the shitpost!


its because you arrested 88, he was actually doing 88% of the shit posting


What you mean is that earth 3 is the new australia?


There is a rare pepe too

Is that a bet?



It's like a fucking horror movie


Was that not clear? I'll do better next session to make it clear!


We at least accomplish important transition scenes before I had to leave


File: 1485994608063.webm (1.61 MB, 718x404, 1485990844967.webm)

Pretty much.


File: 1485994632935-0.webm (489.45 KB, 400x400, 428289.webm)

>Hector goes home and acts nice to the next-in-line dog clone to get drugged


Traditionally I don't spend a lot of time on interrogations, rather just info dump anything they would tell you.


So many dags!

The absolute madman


so scary!


Sorry I meant Timbuktu


File: 1485994704822.webm (678.08 KB, 236x426, 1485991266684.webm)

Look at this flight reflex.


File: 1485994718762.jpg (117.83 KB, 720x576, 2444761-blog_skeletor_thro….jpg)

oh right. I forgot about it


>andelia plays minecraft.webm


It was a very short session, but any progress is progress


File: 1485994969076.jpg (134.86 KB, 500x366, nopo_sober.jpg)

I'll fucking translate it even though it really should be sung in Dutch for the true feel.
I really need a professional translator for this kinda wordsmithing but you'll have to do with my humble try.

Don't raise the glasses,
or cheers or toasts,
or the drunk talk
cause that's not what I care about.
As long as I, with my my rum or whisky,
or cognac or liquor,
comfortably reach my alcohol limit (translator: basically drunk as fuck in this context)

Bring another bunch of bottles
or a crate of beer,
or a liter bottle, or cans
or cartons

Drink the cans, drink the barrels and the tons and the cans and the jars.
And let the tap flow

I fill myself full
put my brains on alcohol
until everything is paralyzed
Cause thinking about the present, the past or the future
is for my heart, my nerves 100 times more bad.

If you really want to have fun
or stay lucid
or drink responsibly
then just do your thing.
Just let me intoxicate myself,
don't tell me about the dangers,
keep those sayings for yourself,
because I know all of them.

And why should I resist,
I am already lost,
I have long been vanquished,
I've lost everything
Rather give me something to drink
so I won't feel that,
and disinfect the wounds
that time cannot heal.

So I won't think about what went wrong
or what is lost
and all the things I have done wrong
Just let me drink that alcohol
So just open something new,
bring another barrel.

And I don't need the company of some drunk brother,
to have fun being drunk
Tomorrow we'll see what happens,
when I wake with a hangover
and I don't need aspirin
I live from day to day

And I don't need to know if it's Irish or Scottish
Very clear or sparkling
or rose or red or white
Brewed artisanally or unfiltered,
or cold bearing (Note:can't translate this)
I only care if there's alcohol in it

Keep filling the glasses and the tankards,
cause I can still move
so do me another pint.
To the total despair, to the regret, to the emptiness, and my own inability
And those I have loved

I know that my consumption of alcohol is excessive
and that it ruins my kidneys and my liver

But just like drinking destroys more than you love,
love destroys more than you can drink to forget. (really bad translation here but I'm trying to get the essence across)


File: 1485994983632-0.webm (3.86 MB, 640x480, 428271.webm)

Look at this baby sloth

>have an image for robozeeb
>it's too big to post

Have an amusing webm instead


You don't need to tell me how hard translating is fam
I appreciate the effort!
I'll listen to it again now actually knowing what he says


I really should


It's too bad you can't understand what he says I'm sure you'd love him as a linguist.

He does the craziest things with dutch language.
More posting this for groves for fun but here he's making sentences in which the same word is used like 10 times in one sentence but the sentence is still gramatically correct.


I mean it's ike saying "I do do do do do do do do do" but somehow it makes sense. I really can't compare it in any language.


"Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo" is actually a grammatically correct sentence, if you are looking for comparisons


Yeah something like that.
His biggest one is like 16.
Took me a while to deconstruct that one


I don't think I've ever heard of this guy, but I do like people who know how to play around with a language.


Have this in return
I found this less-viewed version that actually has english lyrics
It's a big party song about Pálinka over here

Also, have a poet making fun of the grammatical stupidies of Hungarian



Here's something so crazy I can't even.


I'll try to explain it to Nopo.
So he's saying a sentence in dutch, but the last word also sounds like an english word and that word, translated to dutch, is the same as the second to last word.

So let's give an example.

"Als ik naar die ster staar."
So the sentence is "if I look to that star."
So ster = star
But staar = look, but saying it in dutch it sounds like the english star.

And he makes an entire song of this shit.


>that song
Well now, time for a glass of palinka


Breaking language is always fun

I suppose I should just learn your crazy language!

Still have some, eh?


For special occasions


Had some fun times with it too.
Took it too France this summer and everyone had a drink of it and basically almost fell to the floor at once.
Then this girl who never drinks wanted to try as well, and didn't even flinch.
Was hilarious.


Hey, you still up for a couple of rounds of OW?


I'd play if you'll have me


Nah, we can play tomorrow.

It's always the quiet ones.
Did it have such an effect on your friends though?
I'm glad!


Sure. Can't talk though, people are sleeping.


Sure, dl s finishing, be there soon


I'll join. Can't talk either. Just a round or two.


File: 1485996815965.gif (500.74 KB, 480x267, 1324913127798.gif)


This ruins the teeth.


I normally don't get this tilted at Overwatch but those two fucking troglodytes throwing the match by RPing really fractured my ass.




Pharah and Ana, young ana skin.
Having a tea party in Oasis.


Pharah and Ana were having a literal tea party and lost us the match.

Reported both of them for the crime of being allowed to breathe precious air. I know it won't do a thing but it was a necessary part of my ass healing process.


Did they have that tea party over voicechat or what


Outtake from this session
>Unknown woman: Who's in charge of this house?
>Percival: I am!
>UW: Do you feel in charge?


File: 1485998134947.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.47 MB, 500x558, 1479066289932.gif)




File: 1485998285537-0.webm (274.05 KB, 230x194, catte.webm)

What a rainy cat



The only thing that can tilt me in OW is losing to Bastion. I am honestly really improved about not getting upset about losing in almost any situation, even mass Symmetra doesn't upset me, but losing to Bastion just TRIGGERS me


File: 1485998404116-0.jpg (210.26 KB, 1366x768, 20170131142513_1.jpg)

The absolute madman actually did it


File: 1485998436097-0.jpg (137.07 KB, 808x1080, Brigmore_Witches_07.jpg)

>bastion is getting buffed



Maybe if he feels like a threat it won't bother me so much. It feels like the ultimate disrespect to lose to such a weak character. Like losing to a knife in COD or whatever.

I thought you might like that


File: 1485998534305.jpg (Spoiler Image, 35.54 KB, 800x800, dfgfdg43tergfd_1024x1024.jpg)

I know something else that really gets you tilted.


That was all for me Sion.


The pain of getting hooked is temporary desu, it's not real tilt. Besides, I have relief knowing it will get nerfed.


>won as Bastion in 3v3 several times in recent memory

I mean
Bastion is not weak, people just use him wrong


The thing which still tilts me is when a full team has no idea what the fuck they are doing.


>ragequits, ragequits everywhere


> I have relief knowing it will get nerfed.

I refer you to smug.webm posted earlier


I woke up at 7 tbh.


I woke up at 4:30


I'm tired.


File: 1485998798181.png (314.98 KB, 776x623, 13efd0d3.png)

Me too.
Try to remind me to run a vamp session tomorrow if you feel like it



That vamp session would be on steam about whatever you want.
Maybe how he met his waifu?


Either it will get nerfed or Reaper will get -50hp +50armor, either works


More like slutfu.


File: 1485998938797.png (870.24 KB, 1280x1920, By Allah.png)


Or that!



I do believe it will get nerfed. Poor Reaper just can't catch a break.

Just kind of worried Blizz will overdo things again.


As I said, just stop being bad with Reaper


>not overdoing it


>CK2: big new things
>EU4: big new things
>Stellaris: even bigger new things
>HOI4: well….uhm, we'll fix them bugs guys

I don't blame them, it's good they're working on the core game but man it sure takes a while


Just post something that clearly says "I don't think blizzard will nerf roadhog" so that I can screencap it to post with glee after they nerf it


Granted the biggest stuff with this new DLC seems to be the huge amount of UI overhaul and quality of life stuff

Relics and societies actually seem relatively small


Blizz can't balance for shit.
Another reason this game will never be le e-sports


>tfw no black hitlerian magic cults like in real WW2 in HOI4


Plenty of balanced games never hit it big, the truth is that casual appeal is a huge part of why LoL is enormous. If the average guy can't play it they don't care to watch it either


HOI4 Dev Diaries are just sad.

>This week, we fixed bugs, improved AI and made modding easier

>This week, we fixed bugs, improved AI and made modding easier
>This week, we fixed bugs, improved AI and made modding easier
>This week, we fixed bugs, improved AI and made modding easier
>This week, we fixed bugs, improved AI and made modding easier
>This week, we fixed bugs, improved AI and made modding easier
>This week, we fixed bugs, improved AI and made modding easier

I mean I'm glad they're keeping us updated and I know they probably don't have a big team, but at this rate it's going to be a long time before the game becomes good.


The appeal of balanced things is their replayability though.
Take for example DustII, arguably the best map ever made. People play it so much, playtime on it trumps all other cs maps combined. for the last 10 years!


I feel for the devs though.
When the Blitzkrieg plan was a paid feature and the community flipped their shit, one of them posted like he was seriously cracking.
I do not underestimate how hard it must be to make a game like HOI4.


File: 1486000178155-0.jpg (129.57 KB, 960x960, TheScarecrow-Arkham_Knight….jpg)

>created a super potent fear toxin

The catboi will surely talk now


remove cat


Hmm, but some things are wildly popular despite poor designs. Like 2Fort.


Go full mad scientist. Put his brain into a robocat with a tail that doubles as a computer-jack. He won't mind too much, he's already apathetic!


I just hope they'll transfer some people from EU and CK over to HOI eventually. Paradox is king when it comes to building up their games over time.


"Why does it even matter" - quote from a cat boi hacker stabbed with drugs


I do understand that you can balance something until all the fun is out of it.
When I mean balance I mean more "allow people to be able to do different things that work, and get out of though spots."

Dust2 does this masterfully, allowing for a variety of different playstyles and making it possible for one man to make a difference.

This is to me the weird part about OW. In OW, it's the classes and their abilities that make the difference. In CS it's the map and the environment and how you use it. 


I'm sure it'll in time.


>Do illegal cyborg transplants!
>suggests the LG cop


Not yet

I don't have the tools for that, yet

>the vision of 88 immediately after the drug hits


It's a shame, I wanted to try that at some point.


poor kat


Just beat Delirium in BoI for the first time!
I'm sad now.


We can play it a year from now. By then it'll be much better, no doubt.


More like CG

But this is all OOC anyway!


I know, I was just poking fun at you.


Hasn't it been out for like a year and a half by now?


It came out in June, so not even a year.


File: 1486001182389.webm (2.81 MB, 612x382, 1485983969772.webm)

New rear-legs wheel centaur robot from Boston Dynamics


File: 1486001270907.jpg (216.99 KB, 1024x768, 1483927754808.jpg)

I thought it's been longer. Jesus do I feel old now.


Stellaris actually came out a month before HOI4


Creepy stuff happens in Boston Dynamics

It's up to Big Dog to save his new home!


If only they'd stop kicking him.


Well I know I got it a while after release date, so I don't quite remember that.
Big Dog was euthanized some time ago.


Well now I'm sadder.


File: 1486002447528.png (387.8 KB, 830x1120, 1466755952199.png)

This place feels lonely when the Euros go to sleep, so quiet


File: 1486002566325.jpg (274.3 KB, 1280x754, tumblr_o09008SJHF1ung4wro6….jpg)

I've been lurking and nursing my headache I've had all day.


>I don't dance. I have no left feet.

This movie is classic.

Poor Knight


cat's don't dance?


File: 1486002686222.webm (2.43 MB, 1920x1080, KeyGrandFlea.webm)


Are you running your Bioshock quest?

I've messed up way too many times as Pharah with her ultimate.


>Attention Germs, you are all surrounded. Ahuh. Ahuh. Ahuh ahuh surrounded.

Osmosis Jones, remember?

We put it on hold and never got back on active. BDN seems hard to get a hold of lately!



oh I see


School must be really taking its toll on him.

Hopefully we'll be able to get Cheesy and Fidget here more often to make the place livelier.


>This cat was sick before I even got here


>I swear, the car was already hacked when I got there


>Do you really know a sugar pill who cured cancer?
>Nah, but it makes for a good pep talk, don't it?


are you going to be Officer Osmosis Jones now?
Do we need a new icon?


Nah, with the formal conduct and heavy armor + assault ordinance he's more like Drix anyway

It's a fun movie tho


yea I remembering liking it


File: 1486004518168.jpg (61.57 KB, 504x470, tmp_17693-fuck1801763948.jpg)

Once I settle this stuff I should be okay next week


As I said, I'll have to rewatch it too now


We'll need to make plans to continue. Fortunately you were mostly in the planning stage and had not really gotten into the roleplaying part yet so you haven't had any NPCs to forget.


oh yes


File: 1486005110150.pdf (1.48 MB, Dossier 1940.pdf)

You might want to review this helpful dossier if you forgot about any of the board members, organizations, or problems you'll face this year.


will do


File: 1486005719685.jpg (431.96 KB, 600x450, Falabella.jpg)

[Very serious research into small ponies]


File: 1486005812793.jpg (1.02 MB, 1024x768, Not!SaudiArabia.jpg)


Looks nice


File: 1486009571417.webm (2.2 MB, 1920x1080, good fairy.webm)

Well now…


Where'd this come from?


File: 1486010433235.jpg (92.8 KB, 500x476, 1422321790185.jpg)


File: 1486010538812.webm (3.64 MB, 535x297, fairy song.webm)

"Tom and Jerry's Giant Adventure", so /wsg/ says

Also this:



I'm sure the animators had a fun time doing that part

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