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Pastel rainbow horse edition.


I'm so ronery


File: 1496645603793.jpg (52.97 KB, 259x293, tmp_5209-14954277079239132….jpg)


File: 1496646876398.jpg (57.55 KB, 599x595, engineering8.jpg)


File: 1496647837836.jpg (36.43 KB, 522x516, tmp_5209-1487812174123-104….jpg)


So bep


File: 1496654338622.jpg (28.97 KB, 319x336, mause4.jpg)


File: 1496654886457.jpg (71.62 KB, 1099x545, witch5.jpg)




File: 1496656408347.jpg (22.58 KB, 640x640, tmp_5209-858-1946458144.jpg)

Bep is


>keep running into my club senpais during training

3 years of continuous research work takes its toll


File: 1496665978343.jpg (67.92 KB, 507x810, dominant boobs.jpg)

Fug, I need to buy my own lights for the apartment



What are you lolling about you spaghetti


It's just funny to me.


File: 1496668450071.png (117.94 KB, 1170x1089, 0fb2c179-4b2f-4a01-9d29-40….png)


Only dumb assholes sit in that box.


>Maeda is jealous she doesn't have her own box


File: 1496669975902.jpg (Spoiler Image, 57.54 KB, 1024x576, _86675369_coffin-think-976.jpg)

Sure she has one. This is her box.


Hahaha rip


File: 1496670633696.webm (242.59 KB, 327x184, suiccid.webm)


Theresa may won't be elected for a few more days no need to jump the gun


File: 1496675184247.webm (2.59 MB, 1280x720, Reloading.webm)

Silly Nopony, Brits don't get guns!


The best reload animation from that one cops and robbers Battlefield was the one where a third hand out of nowhere gives the player the magazine for his gun


I really wish my computer could run Battlefield 1 so I could one day get the kolibri.


What a dead day.


File: 1496682855268.jpg (187.18 KB, 640x888, 1392764.jpg)

I know right
And I can only keep waiting until 1.7.


You know what that post reminds of?



Tom of Finland?



>tfw no werewolf waifu



File: 1496686653380.gif (878.73 KB, 480x240, 1492115423455.gif)


File: 1496686819768.jpg (83.4 KB, 546x1024, 1496675602440m.jpg)


File: 1496686863572.png (659.53 KB, 1647x395, counfounded oriental femal….png)


File: 1496687077540.png (350.71 KB, 899x1400, 9959d9c28ca5391e9c548fe64b….png)


File: 1496687257722.png (5.23 MB, 1850x2542, 14b5352ee09a0dee5a565f5c0e….png)

It didn't upload



File: 1496687296524.jpg (398.72 KB, 862x1111, 1490640325178.jpg)


File: 1496687360037.gif (1.56 MB, 480x270, [touch fluffy tail].gif)


File: 1496689074425.png (108.96 KB, 787x787, breezie_by_ve.png)

Just booping in to say Bzzzz can continue on Friday.
If you can't be here boop me on steam.


File: 1496691781650.gif (1.35 MB, 540x232, nugforce.gif)


File: 1496692120900.webm (2.25 MB, 1280x720, 1496638617661.webm)


The coffee equivalent of ordering a well done steak with mayo


You do gotta use a lot of cubes, or you can't taste any sweetness.


>Equivalent of ordering a steak well-done
I still don't get how people think cooking all the flavor out of the meat serves any purpose other than appealing to paranoia about mad-cow disease.
Sure you ought to go at least medium-rare if that's a concern, but you gotta have at least a little red in there.


File: 1496694494607.png (314.59 KB, 750x750, 1490497798629.png)


Good… now the rest.


It's something I've been ingrained with here in California. I've never heard someone ask for meat that wasn't cooked properly


File: 1496695672672.jpg (351.35 KB, 2048x1024, e3.jpg)


File: 1496696491450.png (884.84 KB, 1280x720, Limestone_Pie_becoming_enr….png)

Oh boy, thanks


>University racial advocacy group for a small public college asks all white people to not come to campus for a day
>A white professor sends a private email to their coordinator objecting to segregation based on race
>After the day has even passed, the email gets leaked to the public and black people go nanners, seizing control of the administration building, barricading exits, taking the administration hostage, issuing demands including dismantling the campus police and firing the professor who said that no one should ever be disallowed to speak based on the color of their skin
>Classes have been cancelled for three days as protests continue

I didn't know that there was a Swedish university in the US.


File: 1496697109188.jpg (78.4 KB, 600x430, sheriff_pol.jpg)

Thanks Trump


>learned I can place flags to teleport anywhere on the planet
>didn't have to make my first base right at the default place


What the fuck


File: 1496697517451.jpg (40.32 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


I'm happy there's no such retardation here in italy.


I hear Switzerland is nice, I do wish to visit my ancestral homeland some day

Although my German pronunciation is terrible, really bad. I would really have to immerse myself for a while.


>try pokemon romhack
>supposedly best Emerald enhancement
>grindy as fuck
This is not okay. Fuck anyone who thinks grinding is fun.


File: 1496697786152.jpg (435.63 KB, 866x711, 1487125475155.jpg)

You know, I used to enjoy Marvel. Then they started pulling shit like this.
Like seriously, how did the writers fail their research THIS badly?
Don't worry, we've all made the same mistake.

Also, there should be a mine somewhere on your starting planet. It's filled with crates that have goodies for you, you've just got to clear out the beasties first.


You're implying they do research and not just make shit up.


Not yet.


I already have a basement with like 4 crates and a little farm there
2late to move, but now I know for base #2
I got the uh 'core fragements' to activate the gate from that, its huge


don't you get to live in a starship? Or is this not that anymore?


File: 1496697980287.png (349.33 KB, 338x654, 1488146788017.png)


Did you think about that offer to be campus police?


Another way to look at it is that you can teleport to flags, even if you go to a different planet, so you'll be able to return to your first base even when you head out into the stars.
Have you gone through the gate yet, or are you still collecting fragments?


I tried to live in the space ship.
But the space ship doesn't have much room to put things, the cargo hold is tiny and also, I can't place many objects or grow anything!


Now do you see the advantage of being tiny in a full-size ship??


I did! there is a town and and old adventurer there


Based on Fidget's pictures, I think my ship gets bigger.


The ending of soma is the single most terrifying thing in video game history


IKR? The idea of a dude who can't understand what copy pasting means is terrifying.


File: 1496698665461.gif (5.77 MB, 480x480, feast.gif)


Good luck robit gurl


There are two ways to increase the size of your ship: acquire more crew (every two new members nets you the next upgrade at the station) or do it illegally and pay money to the shady pirate who will provide you counterfeit licenses to expand your ship.


I think he knows, but I can understand his emotional reaction considering the circumstances


Goddamnit I want soup now.




Why is Buu grey instead of pink?


I think its from that game


Oh, that one dragon ball game!


Based on Beerus in the background I assume it's from DB Super

Probably the multiverse tournament, I stopped watching during the Future Trunks/Goku Black saga


its actually pretty cute thou


It is

Didn't ask for your lifestory, nerd!


Look at this chad acting like he owns the place!


Normies out


File: 1496700044473.png (331.51 KB, 1000x1000, Kelani Rush.png)

This stallion walks in the club an wing-slaps your mare on the ass

What do you do?

I'm a Dragonball elitist, I only watched the original and Z


File: 1496700174358.png (63.77 KB, 920x532, 1494911566657.png)


>he is yet to meet a tiny

Am I doing this pandering thing wrong?


I've been trying to find that meme pic of the doujinshi where a thief dresses as a girl to fuck the shogun's wife, succeeds, but then the shogun comes back and fucks him in retaliation, but no luck.


He has escape artist and unlike pumpkin he's not gay so I doubt he'd stick around for that latter part


File: 1496700392123.jpeg (310.58 KB, 1500x2000, 1311958__suggestive_artis….jpeg)

There have been athletic girls though right?


I dunno. Knowing it's an Andy character, I think he'd stick around for Pumpkin.


File: 1496700524319.gif (961.08 KB, 250x188, 1434511442916.gif)


Not even Chell could track him down, he's gone out of spacetime at the moment.

I know there was one that died recently
Does a guard count though?


You've been hypothetically violated


He is calling Kelani gay!


What a dosh


Don't act like you don't like the Swagsong.


Nah, he's an unsymphatetic prick with no redeeming qualities.


He's literally kind and helping to all!


Except for Equestrians!


Factually wrong, he helped Radiant go fuck herself


>called her a traitor for being loyal to her true, non-amnesiac self


File: 1496701066415.png (154.17 KB, 807x721, Crescent is not happy.png)


File: 1496701072673.jpg (44.37 KB, 482x478, PumpkinIsAskedAboutHisCuti….jpg)

It would have to be a very convincing disguise.


He's literally saving Equestria as his day job


Also Kelani would like Pumpkin. In a No Homo way


>settling for second best after he failed to save his home



But would he like Radiant?
I mentioned this before but she has been dead for a while now in Destiny, but she does have statues for being a war hero


Celestia sees him as a good pony.


You acted like a prick first!
[1d20+19] disguise!
Saving the North and building orphanages in his spare time!

Roll #1 15 + 19 = 34


Maybe… Is Radiant going to beat him up for being a thief?


She doesn't need a reason to beat someone up.


I'm trying to think about the stance of Celestia on assassins…
Then again, Radiant was a glorified henchman too

She would ask questions like "Who is the best deity an why is it Princess Celestia"


File: 1496701473325.png (339.67 KB, 900x1564, fleetfoot__3_by_mdgz-d5d8a….png)

Oh my
That is convincing.


She would have been disloyal if she stayed!


She's the Light Princess, she doesn't really approve of shadowy tactics, but you know, she also knows its needed sometimes

"Uh… Sure, the Sun is great.."


Disloyal to an oath she had not yet been born to take!


But loyal to herself and her cutie mark, aka her destiny!

"Now let's stare at it together!"
>sound of eggs frying in pan


First encounter, you used your magic peeping eye to mock his appearance. Something he was sensitive about.
Nigga was just trying to deliver a message to the king.


No way! I used it to see under the disguise and didn't say a word!


'1d10' sneak away

Roll #1 2 = 2


Can't see shit captain, why were you staring into the sun?


run away instead '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


File: 1496703393631.gif (6.45 MB, 720x858, run fuck fuck run.gif)

>man = Kelani
>giant feline = Radiant telling Kelani he is not done praying to the Sun yet


Watch out, Radiant has a bad track record teaching rogues.


True, Pumpkin turned out to be such a little bitch because of her


someone save Kelani


File: 1496703699003.jpg (61.58 KB, 400x400, 1453522446324.jpg)


Macross in an hour and a half-ish. Running some errands, but we'll skip ahead to the next destination.


Id only interacted with Pumpkin like twice

He seemed nice enough but I didn't ever see any swagger


He had a family by then!
AND a very stressful job!
More like M than Bond, really.


Well, I was wrong anyway. First encounter between the two was polite, if nothing else.
After digging through the archives, it wasn't until after Crescent and Pumpkin settled their bet that he called him a mare.
Also, reading back through that I am so fucking embarrassed with myself jesus christ


File: 1496706381959.jpg (100.14 KB, 600x1082, ministry of defence.jpg)

>I'll just make my ministry of defence a 16 year old boy!


It works in chinese cartoons


He was well into his 20s by then, you know.


File: 1496706628706.jpg (88.79 KB, 1280x720, 1494361101660.jpg)

Message recieved, boss-man.


In the end, it worked out well!



>blaming me for no reason at all
Super mean.


I can't recall any examples.


Stow your bottled tears, spymaster. You weren't fond of Crescent from the beginning mostly because he was always in full armor until ordered out of it.


Can you blame me?!


>It turns out old man cresent was just upset about some sicks bants
salt is very valuable to the medieval age, don't waste it.


Considering the climate of assassins and me showing up out of nowhere, not really.
>old man
>at 25
Venia must have been a doddering ancient crone, then.


File: 1496709016809.png (480.53 KB, 1438x690, Siti1.png)

>Finally get Starbound running again
>Start up a Floran character
>First two cosmetics are a Cowboy Hat and a Hiker's Hoodie
I get the feeling my Floran either wants to be or was taught by a Novakid. Either that, or the game wants me to go Novakid instead.


But she gave killer head from what I heard


In attitude



File: 1496709248525.jpg (184.45 KB, 1280x738, 1495390838039.jpg)


File: 1496709310183.webm (365.95 KB, 1280x720, How_do_you_do_fellow_kids.webm)


File: 1496709343702.png (111.01 KB, 244x297, The best.png)

I'mma guaaaard
Learned from the best, I hear.
Radiant was no spring chicken either.


So is Latasha, now we have something in common.
And so is Radiant


That means she has decades of experience in smiting heretics!


I always thought security officers were offended at being called guards.


Well if they are paying you.. I mean, it would be better if they called you 'security' but…
I hear she has a lot of heroic stories


Lucky you, your clothes fit perfectly.


Snek is pleased


File: 1496710049793.jpg (282.99 KB, 1460x1344, 1495806083242.jpg)

Got my reply chain mixed up, thought this read

>I heard Radiant is the best at giving head

>So is Latasha, now we have something in common


File: 1496710129744.jpg (203.83 KB, 1024x1237, viper__armored__by_infinit….jpg)

you want to sleep with snek that badly huh?


Nah, snek is cute but we'd probably not have much in common although Wan can get along with pretty much anyone. That's not to say we wouldn't hang out, but since you're not a Fold user I have more reason to bug Shelly.

I do like to tease you in the meta tho.


Sneks can unhinge their jaws, so naturally they'd be skillful at swallowing things.


File: 1496710408046.jpg (1.19 MB, 1000x1412, 1494856966014.jpg)

I really have to run Horizon again. It's tough to make time when my T players want to play so much! And I feel guilty for making one or the other wait.

But Marina deserves her happy ending.


She'll get it, in time. And honestly, you've had DM and Nasse twisting in the wind for too long anyway. So it's good they get to play.


DM and Nasso play more than you know!

It's nice to run for DM though since he hasn't had a character he resonated with in literally half a decade. Really, he didn't think he could stick to one in the beginning.


File: 1496710725579.gif (30.54 KB, 100x100, starbound_floran_2_by_extr….gif)

"You can call thissss Floran the Kidd!"
because most florans have an almost childlike mentality.


Well, that's a pleasant surprise. I'm glad DM's having fun questing.
floran a shit


Their bio said they are a savage race, and the one at the outpost talks about florans loving hunting. I thought they were more like klingons or something!


You could say Klingons can be childish…


Think savage as in how the drudge were a "savage" race, recently uplifted.


They're space viking, are viking childish?
Well okay, maybe at times
I see.


They're childish in that they have an almost biological obsession with stabbing, and the idea of "talking meat" being people in the same way that other florans are people is a relatively new concept for their race. At least in the original lore.
They're not dumb- according to some of the dialogue when examining things, they can instinctively read binary- they just developed to spread and eat first, THEN became sentient, and thus don't have the same understanding of morality as other races.
They're one of the more interesting races in Starbound, if only for being plant-people that act like plants instead of hippies.


Medieval people in general would seem pretty childish to us by our modern sensibilities

The concept of hiding your emotions and acting stoic is actually a modern invention, like politeness. People back then wore their emotions outwardly.


I still think they dropped the ball hard in the last stretch, since the racial quests to get their respective macguffins were tossed when it came down to the human one.
"teehee I had the human gem in my mattergun the entire time and didn't give it to you first before anything else because I'm a cute old woman in a hover chair."
We could have gone back to earth to rip it from the clutches of the beast, but no.


That is a lot better than "leaf themed high elves" yea



I agree; both in terms of the new lore and the end of the story, they dropped the ball hard.
She actually works better as a villain, considering pretty much the whole damn thing is her fault.


I think /sbg/ was actually considering a rewrite of the script via mod that would actually have her as a bossfight/villain after you'd come back from getting the last alien item. she'd knock you over, take the thingajigs, open the gate, the station would be overrun with tentacles, and you'd have to fight her in her funky-ass professor X chair and it'd be great. Then you'd go through the gate to end it once and for all.


File: 1496712641450.png (353.76 KB, 842x559, Midnight became a teacher ….png)


File: 1496712804093.png (389.53 KB, 640x480, D15D8YV.png)

That would have been pretty cool, yeah.
I mean, she's not wrong… There's plenty of villains who started down the dark path because of hormones/getting cockblocked.


What's the story behind the avians and robot people?


avians are cultists, or were in original lore, and the ones that didn't want to throw themselves off of towers as sacrifices to their birdgod Kluex were regarded as weird and apostate. So yours was one of those "fuck that I'm out" types that found a spaceship.

The glitch were a science project of some bygone race that were locked in medieval trappings, and in a hivemind. Any aberration (read: free-willed glitch) were exiled/killed. Your glitch is one of these free thinkers who found/cobbled together a spaceship.

Novakids are the leftovers of the Progenitor who are stuck in a western setting.


File: 1496713311489.jpg (1.3 MB, 1600x1200, avian.jpg)

Robot people: Built by a precursor race to simulate a society in order to study how said societies grow and develop over time. This society became known as the "Glitch" because of an error in their programming that caused them to become locked in medieval stasis culturally; ironically, this is why they survived and grew, as all the other robot societies ended up wiping themselves out once they got nukes.

Avians were Uplifted by the Precursor in order to save them from dying out; Due to the Precursor not sticking around to give them any real guidance, they essentially became Aztecs with Space-tech who thought they had lost their wings due to being "unworthy" and could get them back through faith; hence the practice of chosen members jumping off really high towers to test their faith.


By the way, were we supposed to level up before today? I forget.


Yup, but I'll be holding off the combat until next session, so go ahead and look at things you want and let me know. I have some new rules if you want Fold things.


Maybe being electrocuted by the foldmech awakened nascent abilities.
Or not.
Anyway I'll have to look in on things to pick up.
You said we'd get 400 credits, right?


Yeah. Let me know what interests you, but X-Rounder gear is out of your pay scale at the moment.


I figured as such.


And I'm gonna need that googledoc link with the rules/leveling thing, since it's not in the thread and archived one is before we swapped to the leveling system.



It's why I've always disliked nuzlockes


I don't dislike nuzlockes for the grind, I dislike the limitation of my choices.
Also the kind of lazy thinking behind the rules bothers me.


>half past four am
>still up
I enjoy the misery.


File: 1496716491201.png (330.58 KB, 3000x3243, hooded_trixie_by_jeatz_axl….png)

take this mysterious horse with you


About 20 more minutes before I end this session.






File: 1496717089542.gif (885.5 KB, 346x328, Rarity02.gif)

"I explained it but.. she took the concept a little too far.." - pink unicorn


File: 1496717101548.jpg (146.1 KB, 800x494, vajra11.jpg)



Rookies will be the death of us all.


But they have such potential!


The only thing that mare has potential for is causing trouble.

[Grumpy Old Pony Goes to Bed]


File: 1496718541554.jpg (71.67 KB, 640x640, mlfw8702_medium.jpg)


Earlier today I got the Cruiser skin

But I'm never gonna stop using the Officer skin so that kinda sucks


File: 1496718638194.png (326.65 KB, 738x650, 1347700253007.png)

Sleep well grumpy horse


what a cute


one day daddy blizzard will gift us the random skin option





Or maybe its a pikachu detective game for the switch!


Wednesday and Thursday seem like good possibilities for the next session.

Tell me what you thought so far.


File: 1496719257943.png (498.94 KB, 1440x2560, tmp_30120-Screenshot_20170….png)

Quiet, you


Thanks for running.
I'm almost hoping for an attack so I can repaint it in more muted colors than day-glo orange.


What about a new pokemon snap game where you use the Rotom Dex to take pictures just like in sun-moon?


Thanks for running
The crew seems nice


File: 1496719435889.jpg (52.4 KB, 610x457, 4b655bf7e950d2780b9ce031c0….jpg)

That should be fine.
Gee, I'm sure this trip down to a shady planet isn't going to go sour at all.


It's going to be a while before you get that chance.

You are part of the security team, they'd better be. Their safety depends on you.

It'll be fun for the whole family.


I imagine vipers are kind of rude, compared to humans, so this is probably a nice change of pace.
Like a mech engineer on her old job might have complained about her size or having to adjust it so much.


>turns out I can claim airfare and accommodation expenses from the government student fund

Fuck I knew I should tried flying business for once


File: 1496720054471.png (9.42 KB, 600x695, Well shit.png)

At least I'll be easy enough to spot while loading.
On the downside, I'll be easy enough to spot by anything that doesn't assume obscenely bright colors mean poison.


I'll bet.
I'm tempted to take Bright Flash just for the chance to completely nuke an enemy you've been building up with a lucky crit.
I can see them being sort of "sickly-sweet," if you know what I mean.
"Oh, the suit's too tight? Poor little dear, I'm sure we've got time to loosen it up and let the queue back up just because you're a bit uncomfortable. It's not trouble at all…"


Mite be cool
On mobile


>Granny sneks are like this


I can already imagine all the eye-rolls and sighs coming from that person.

You are packing weapons, so it wouldn't be unwarranted. You should enjoy it while you can.

Ha, this time I am prepared thanks to Gradius!

I don't know if you've seen this yet:

It's a Halo inspired game that looks like Halo.


But the switch is mobile BDN :^)


Can't wait until I finally properly develop my mech-sized bolter and its rounds.
And those bits for Wan's mech. Triangulation Targeting should help her land more shots. And putting fold lenses in at least one of them should help her bank shots around obstacles.


File: 1496720469842.jpg (100.41 KB, 854x640, tmp_19165-whatsu433411581.jpg)



File: 1496720599946.jpg (125.9 KB, 752x1280, 1269306753.guyver89_kiala.jpg)

Oh hey, I vaguely remember seeing something about that. Isn't it basically a fan-game? More importantly, does it have Elites?



By the way, if I took the "Filled with Surprises" perk this level, would it not come into effect until I hit level 4 or would it go off at level 3 as it might be counting from 1st level? Because the text is just "gain an additional perk point every two levels" so I thought I'd clarify.


File: 1496720954277.jpg (82.51 KB, 1280x720, gradius 5.jpg)

I'm sure Wan will appreciate the targeting help.



Yup, they show up en masse in the video near the end.

Gradius is a series of SCHMUPS, those arcade games that have you fly around in a little space ship. I'm going to use some of the bosses and the way they use them.

Yeah, I'm going to go with every 3rd level from when you get it. So no bonus point until 4th.


So it'd go 4th, 7th, 10th, etc.?
Exactly how far along were you planning on running this adventure?


about 4 or 5 distinct locations, with probably 6 level advancement moments.


File: 1496721180691.jpg (193.76 KB, 855x975, 1492619140891.jpg)

>playable elites
>Bungie elites, not 343 elites
This game officially has my attention and my support.


I had forgotten how much bigger they were than even the Spartans, and how much bigger they are compared to normal humans like the ones in Reach. No I understand why they were removed.


So we'd end at 7th level.
That'd net me all of maybe one bonus feat (since the first multi-feat would basically be taking what you would have taken otherwise this level).
Definitely a perk that only really shines in long, long games.


It's also a test game. We might change the rules under you too. Try something that looks like fun.


Well, I'm not kitted out yet to try a Valguard uppercut (as performed by the Pierce the Heavens perk).


File: 1496722144493.jpg (387.69 KB, 1110x755, 1376460396.guyver89_convo2.jpg)

Maybe, but that doesn't mean I'm any less sad that 343 isn't giving them any love.
Besides, the profile disparity is marginal, and it couldn't be THAT hard to balance it out with slightly better shielding or something.
Or in games where leveling-up is a more common occurence. Knight's taking it slow in order to test how well the system holds up.


You can save up your point, you don't have to spend it at this level.

I remember seeing a bunch of them in the ads for 5. Did they just not show up?


Leaving perk points unspent unless certain perks cost more than one is anathema to me, as a person who likes keeping my sheet tidy.
Ah, what the hell. I'll take FoS, since I already took Educated.
Then at level 3 or 4 I'll delve into Machine Cells.


Well, they did show up… for a few missions at least. Three of which didn't involve combat.
Admittedly Halo 5 at least gave them some attention, but from the tone of it I think they just want to sweep the friendly elites back under the rug so they can focus on the Spartan-IVs and the Forerunners and the AIs rebelling and turning on humanity despite them essentially being human themselves…
I dunno. 343's changes just leave a bitter taste in my mouth.


I thought AI rampancy was always there?


File: 1496726542171-0.png (158.51 KB, 1920x915, f4kl1nsfflj2kbbvjjho.png)

File: 1496726542171-1.png (169.99 KB, 1920x915, veemzyrottyy6gambyfu.png)

File: 1496726542171-2.png (288.93 KB, 1920x915, fblhnhmteie0hxu13gjw.png)

File: 1496726542171-3.png (240.02 KB, 1920x915, n1sxa2ndw0lgbmhb0rla.png)

Another Overwatch Clone



File: 1496726600888-0.png (227.59 KB, 1920x915, tkcb0elmmeuwahf40q75.png)

File: 1496726600888-1.png (157.14 KB, 636x303, h8suyc5395fgklpltf6g.png)

File: 1496726600888-2.png (261.31 KB, 1920x915, p5ljmvbnxbtyxvmm9twz.png)

File: 1496726600888-3.png (190.49 KB, 636x303, gfquyxoqtvxbrpivfuuf.png)

I'm sure Nopony would immediately rock the Immortan Roadhog


File: 1496726646792-0.png (177.95 KB, 1920x915, dn96vhw4ik9ydxm3c4ym.png)

File: 1496726646792-1.png (274.53 KB, 1920x915, el3sridwxodcxaxix1ka.png)

File: 1496726646792-2.png (129.98 KB, 1920x915, vw7no3b4wxgjbsilwlzb.png)

File: 1496726646792-3.png (256.49 KB, 1920x915, zzsnhjzc6ono8ekk3bkr.png)


Rampancy, yes, but that's more the AIs going insane due to effectively thinking themselves to death. Even then, the majority of rampant AIs were incredibly loyal, usually to the point of obsession. Though their loyalty was more to a specific location or person, it's still a matter of them prioritizing the safety of whatever or whoever they've chosen to be stewards of.
Now the AIs are going full AI rebellion- even the non-Rampant AIs. We've gone from loyalty even in madness to full "we must overthrow you" cliched motives. Because 343 thought bringing Cortana back from the dead- only now she's EVIL- was a good plot twist.


And then Microsoft went and made Cortana the voice of their AI. You think they would have put a stop to that.


File: 1496727892634.jpg (208.87 KB, 425x567, 1469410545585.jpg)

Truly it can be hard to understand the thought process of that corporation.

Anyway, it's time I went to bed. Good night.


I want to know what that text says.

Good night. Maybe Microsoft has a surprise for you at E3.


>great Singapore """sale""" on
>most of the stuff I'm looking at is still expensive as fuck

Considering crossing the border just to shop for supplies


What are you looking for?


File: 1496729721600-0.png (99.08 KB, 641x336, robot comtemplates vidya.png)

File: 1496729721600-1.png (83.29 KB, 482x387, robot confused about techn….png)

File: 1496729721600-2.png (100.94 KB, 644x325, robot upset at technology.png)

File: 1496729721600-3.png (101.24 KB, 672x487, robot finds help for machi….png)

File: 1496729721600-4.png (37.5 KB, 425x251, robot cares about light fi….png)

Tonight robot girl has thought about life, found help for the local machinery, and believes that the nearby lightbulb needs shelter from rain and dust.


File: 1496730139865.png (477.44 KB, 1242x1920, 1496623792740.png)

>That last picture


Robot girl is a qt


Top bot


someday I shall construct a tall castle for all the unfortunate robots to stay in and repair themselves.


What's up


File: 1496730937497.jpg (62.87 KB, 800x337, nsclix1pothtl2rrxast.jpg)

An honourable goal.

Thinking about buying the Stormtrooper 76 or Rambo 76


Clothes, maybe a new backpack, and sandals.

What's this now


File: 1496731300737.jpg (132.75 KB, 1208x564, xcsqmtvccxxv3ersk9dk.jpg)

Some stuff from the knockoff overwatch I posted above


Now I kinda want to go back and finish my asteroid fort


You know I'm starting to think that those datamined golden OW lootboxes may just be part of a coming lootbox system overhaul where golden lootboxes are guaranteed to drop at least one legendary, much like legendary lootboxes in HOTS.

Leddit crybabies certainly have been shrieking about the lootbox system a lot lately.


I will never not be salty about opening 11 boxes and having more than half be duplicates.


>tfw no lewd


How are you?


File: 1496734877546.png (960.08 KB, 900x1195, 57fb3a42-9e55-4ff9-b859-9c….png)


File: 1496735287152.jpg (48.63 KB, 550x544, ne'ermore.jpg)

Quoth the raven


File: 1496747736796.webm (2.65 MB, 400x400, 436772.webm)




That's interesting, considering anecdotes of machines being rigged to not choose Trump


two hours until what?


Pokemon direct
Might just be half an hour too


File: 1496756696485.png (583.89 KB, 705x717, 1484624312104.png)

So in short
>would have affected machines in eight of the fifty states
>No evidence that it actually affected the election
>leaked by a 25-year-old anti-Trump woman illegally
The irony of someone in our government leaking information to try and say that information was leaked is not lost on me.
There were anecdotes about machines being hacked last election too, and nobody lost their minds about it like they are now.


Even if none of the machines were actually touched it does not matter
What matters is above Trump or Hilalry, this is above that, it's about the fucking Russians resorting to good old soviet ways and trying to fuck with your internal affairs


Ah, so you're upset about the Russians, not whatever they did.
I agree that the fact they're trying is worrying, but the problem- and the opening they're exploiting- is with the self-justified attitude of entitlement prevalent in our society right now.


Speaking of pokemon…



Gimme some time to plan





File: 1496759121723.jpg (176.97 KB, 1200x600, 1496758666287.jpg)


2/10 oc see my after class


File: 1496759260790.png (1.14 MB, 1334x750, 1496758141368.png)

The in-game models actually look pretty cool though, like some kind of infection




>still haven't played either
>updated version announced
I feel vindicated


Do you still want to mon?


I do, but as you know our schedules don't overlap anymore


Tired. The constant noise makes it hard to sleep.

But I wanted to ask you guys, and Sion but he's already linked, how do you take notes for quest? Written in binder paper? All digital?


All in my head


I take some small notes on my phone


Digital, and head.


Trying to gather people for a group event andl ookig for a godo time.

What times are you free?


I'm thinking of some trime 7-8ish hours from noe so as many people can make it as possible



I got a busy day, so I won't free up for about 12-13 hours, but I can stay late tonight


Probably not today, but hopefully soon.


>1-2 am
>6-7 am
Pls no


You know, now's actually a pretty good time, we just need Andy


Or I could just have everyone sent there seperately, but ionce they're in the same asrea faff is possible
Hmm, yes


File: 1496770909677.gif (2.66 MB, 360x203, 1432635__suggestive_artist….gif)


digital, also a paper sketch book for certain things that are impossible to explain.


File: 1496771729823-0.png (177.1 KB, 900x1140, 1374348275359.png)


File: 1496771809690-0.gif (681.02 KB, 600x600, 1350078147937.gif)

actually I just need some time to myself today


File: 1496772490339.jpg (110.23 KB, 1280x1188, 357850__safe_twilight%2Bsp….jpg)



File: 1496773141814.gif (1.46 MB, 540x303, 8ae753799cbc7af98216e23cf6….gif)


What kind of noise?


Police and Ambulance Sirens.

Strangely, not fire truck sirens. Those trigger dogs like crazy and mine would lose it for about 20 minutes straight.


File: 1496776764676.png (121.6 KB, 361x370, 5ad.png)

>current humble bundle


A bunch of Jap trash?


>still playing that pokemon romhack
>every trainer has perfect movesets
>levels are inflated as fuck
>every trainer has 2 to 4 total recoveries
>every pokemon has either minimize or double team
>one in four has attract
>one in four has sleep
This is cancer.


>Almost midnight
>Should have gone to bed around 9pm
>Here I am drinking cola and browsing youtube


File: 1496782776376.gif (1.68 MB, 500x280, very fsat nug shitposting ….gif)


That sounds pretty cool actually
every trainer encounter will be a test of your skill and every move will be important, just the way it should be

Or you can just grind untill all your pokes are 20 levels above and can oneshot theirs


Grinding is not fun though.


File: 1496784951746.png (170.37 KB, 688x1215, Thatguy.png)



Not really though, because it's the same strategy all over the game.


I carried Nopo and sylt as hanzo and widowmaker in 3v3's


File: 1496785069250.jpg (147.82 KB, 1366x768, ScreenShot_17-06-06_22-22-….jpg)

Spot the cancer comp


that's lame then
I honestly can't tell


Mates meta has been unbearably slow these last few weeks!


I've had better times of my life
WE have been playing a lot together though


File: 1496789735177.webm (1.16 MB, 202x360, ou_la_la.webm)


Yes we have.
It's advertising.


I know, too random not to be
Still amusing to watch a kid slam into a wall


File: 1496790656088.jpg (353.83 KB, 1112x1280, 1994570b-e779-42cd-8da0-ca….jpg)


Goodnight fags.


File: 1496791478139.webm (875.2 KB, 480x480, 424232.webm)


Night feg


File: 1496791982411.webm (237.76 KB, 400x400, 434555.webm)


File: 1496792151301.png (66.3 KB, 325x325, 1430691418651.png)


File: 1496792256062.webm (311.31 KB, 400x230, cage.webm)


Could a cage hold a dangerous Buttermilk?


Literally nothing can hold back a Buttermilk


File: 1496793082564.png (175.21 KB, 887x600, Captura de Tela (93).png)



Nah, she'd just find a bigger boat




Do you mean a set of armor wearing sharks?


No I mean living armor that wear sharks


Yeah, that's what I figured

>move out of the water



File: 1496800573670.jpg (298.65 KB, 793x1109, 1465352631526.jpg)


>every trainer has 2 to 4 total recoveries

Okay yeah fuck that shit


>Battleborn went F2P

Wanna try?




Yep. I think they panicked when player numbers almost dipped below 100


Not at 44 gigs to download, no.


File: 1496802622670.jpg (119.24 KB, 478x711, I'm absolutely livid.jpg)

>open box
>the single event item is a duplicate hanzo profile picture




File: 1496802865382-0.png (89.5 KB, 671x354, Rainbow Rogues.png)

What is this and where do you sign up?


It is very exclusive


File: 1496804157478.jpg (29.4 KB, 512x384, 1471952219082.jpg)


I saw that too
>team up
>double exp with +20%

Shit will be cash


File: 1496804910921.png (363.68 KB, 617x529, 1465361716273.png)

I was thinking we should do Pharah training for part of it

Us versus Pharah-mercy bots in a custom game, those give XP too.


Laughable XP
I'd rather use the double xp boost to farm those event boxes like crazy


It's 90% as much and you're less likely to want to kill yourself


In the Rainbow biomes, obviously.


Find a rainbow biome
pick up as much themed stuff there as possible, then build a house and put all the rainbow items in it. Once you add the item that makes an npc move in, it might be that guy. You then have a rainbow buddy. Also works on your ship.


Guys. Robogirl has a new mission
Hunt for Rainbows and Rainbow related items


File: 1496808972234.png (60.8 KB, 500x500, 6d5c78ad-6d10-4fb0-906c-20….png)


There is the option to spawn them in with /admin commands, but rainbow biomes are I think usually on ocean planets (islands).


Ocean planets huh
I'll have to buy the capsule boat


This game sounds a lot more interesting than Terraria with all these upgrades and stuff


I thought biomes were tied to danger level more than planet type


>embassy's phone constantly fucking engaged
>Dutch technology


If he doesn't spawn, ensure you have at least three rainbow items.
You can also take the colony deed thing off the wall to despawn your npc tenant and try again


There's that too.
There's a mod for a submarine.


Who's this King Wawa guy on steam?


Well maybe.
I'm having a nice time with it at least


That'd be dsty.


It felt shorter and each planet is kinda small compared to the single huge one of terraria


Remember to upgrade your sewing station to make dyes


Can you grow the color flowers to make it?


I never tried farming, I just foraged
You can also find wings if you find a avian temple


I suppose I should get around to traveling to another planet then..


It's worth running all the way around each planet's surface. Leave a pillar or flag or something as a marker so you know you've been around the entire place when you run into it again


Somewhere my rainbows are out there
gonna rest for a bit now nite


Rest well rainbow robot


It's a fun game that improves a lot of Terraria's mechanics, but it has less content.


Digging was so meaningless


I am so ronery


I did quite like how you gathered lots of resources by exploring planets rather than just purely digging like in Terraria, but they should have designed it so you would need to do both.


File: 1496817565249.jpg (18.84 KB, 300x220, 1319202396332.jpg)


>tfw it's finally official that I'm gonna get the student apartment




>office gremlin is dressed as d.va for whatever reason



Take pics


Take a picture.

Do it you fucking faggot.


Gosh I hope Theresa May loses the election
She won't though


File: 1496829640650.gif (Spoiler Image, 3.87 MB, 845x634, Lx9Um1v.gif)



>walking pokemon models might be used in U/SM



I'm not going to creepshot my coworkers
It also might just be dva print leggings, at first I thought she had the whole suit and a hoodie over it



Make her your gf first then and then take pics.


Then he'd have to send nudes


File: 1496834290750.jpg (396.71 KB, 1280x1760, 1534aed9-fdf3-46a2-8852-5f….jpg)


>tfw finally got the rent contract to sign in my e-mail


File: 1496839332381.png (126.74 KB, 600x600, CW_raFKUkAA0E3U.png)


File: 1496840967043.gif (Spoiler Image, 387.07 KB, 560x417, 1455410.gif)

it's so boring out here


Nasse that's unspoiled


File: 1496842378986.png (170.91 KB, 344x312, tmp_30954-1487855858977-87….png)


File: 1496842499137.png (1.34 MB, 3000x3000, 1d6599f616a134a85ff05c43e3….png)

I usually found them on Desert or Arid planets, so those might be easier or faster to check if you can't find an Ocean planet nearby.


Reminder that bzzzzz will run next Friday.

I'm also free to quest tonight


probably gonna be busy, father's day stuff going on this weekend


Wanna mon?




File: 1496852116267.jpg (774.7 KB, 900x1350, Skirt-Over-Trousers-1.jpg)

>trainers look super qt in skirts and dresses
>also highly impractical to not protect legs with pants

Skir/dress over pants is a pretty compromise


I'm gonna do my HOTS if anyone wants in


I could


I can join you in 40


Nah I'm done with that actually


Is the final boss tough?


Oh yes.
The lootboxia demon is rough


File: 1496853155941.png (327.07 KB, 609x394, 1342004259219.png)

>Amber sides with the Genji picker

Wait, is there some special event going on?


File: 1496853173017.png (553.12 KB, 1569x403, new function.png)

Google has a new function, it seems.
I know. It's a fucking crime.


Yea, you get a daily thing of loot from your first HOTS game each day

Also new hero event soon


Its a high ranking ranger who plays vidya, that's gotta be cool, right?


I thought it was some special box boss, oh well

Oh boy, wait until you see her behaviour score in Defense of the Legendaries!


Hey, that means she's into all the new games, maybe she can hang out with Amber sometime after work!


I knew Jasmine must have played a role in making Leila


>insert joke about fat americans here


No shiet!
I wanted to post a pic of her in a pretty dress.




>weight gain
I swear I have personal tags turned off. Wouldn't have shown it otherwise.


Did you have /v/ or something open in the other tab?


Jasmine is my favorite Pokegirl

But mostly because I like steel types, I don't really find their designs appealing


I love steel types myself.
So many cool, chromed designs.
No, but I had 2 tabs of the sub :^)


I think google may be implying that people really like cute girls


Poor foxo


Dobson pls.
Inflated girls are not cute!


>not wanting to see fox do cute tricks
Nasse did this


You've been into inflation before from hat you have told me

I meant that people will sexualize and push their fetishes onto cute girls they like


I really haven't. You might have misunderstood.


man of insatiable lust


I think it was about a certain type


Still wrong.
What I like is pregnancy. Which you could argue is inflation, but it carries a lot other connotations.


gotta get ready to leave now




File: 1496856032787.jpg (67.72 KB, 600x737, d5c.jpg)

>Leila gets lucky


I know you mentioned liking it about a certain picture of a zebra


That's interesting
I would only link it to inflation very superfically though


Must have been a nice pic.


I'll post it on discord when I am not in game


File: 1496856338650.jpg (76.83 KB, 398x387, avatar.jpg)

It's a theme with my characters.


Thanks for running


You want this Trapinch to be a boy or girl?


You'll get to faff more soon

I really like what I've done with the Sapphire Isles too


I want that to be entirely up to fate!


Look at that dumbass


Roll 1d3


Please don't look at me or my daughteru ever again.

Roll #1 3 = 3


I usually automatically give an even number of males and females

But then Maali kept asking for girls




Very. Then again, all his Pokemon are qter as girls. Misdreavus, Shinx, Carvanha and Servine.



File: 1496858162163.png (378.69 KB, 617x548, 1328607534395.png)

>it's of Part 4
>and actually looks pretty good


I was surprised too, the cinematography itself is weird.


File: 1496858351579.jpg (147.65 KB, 800x1164, fgwl61ffmz8cv80w0aff.jpg)

Figma Zelda arrived yesterday.

She's pretty.


Staring intensified



You know what to do


She does look nice


Create dioramas
She goes well with Saber.


>character just walked 100km in one afternoon
>is now eating shitty rations
>she's a 16yo girl
Meanwhile I'm eating pizza after staying inside all day.
Life is just unfair.


I should adjust the scale, there's not enough to fill out space


That pasta is still one of the better MREs I had


what's up


Looks tasty.


Could be worse. She could be at some shitty compound


Leila is not that dumb to end up in a shitty compound in the first place!


Takes a special kind if dumb, really


I agree.
One idiot of a boy driven by his stomach alone despite years of training.


File: 1496860144130.gif (51.7 KB, 347x432, 1437705533348.gif)

What's this about?


Other character of mine being a dumbass.


Tactically speaking, laying low was a good idea

Not checking if the nearby settlements were under the influence of the biggest opposing faction in the area was the rookie mistake


Also a lack of safeguards in case they got caught.
Super rookie mistake.


There was a safeguard, reporting in to the Labs HQ every 6 hours!


Quote of the day from /co/
"If you think I'm doing this for fun, you are mistaken. I'm doing this because I hate you"


Which story time thread?


"Kim reaper"
I'm just skimming it and it looks like the literal worst.


Don't tell me it's kim possible fanfiction


No. It starts with this fat, pig nosed black chick studying "fine arts" in university staring at emo chick.
Hipster guy scolds her about it.
Black chick follows emo chick after class.
Emo chick is a part time grim reaper.
It's worse than it sounds.


File: 1496863931636.jpg (19.97 KB, 512x384, 1308407634359.jpg)

>first three pages



File: 1496864480410.png (253.83 KB, 566x533, 1496856875963.png)


Rather tired now, thanks for playing

I do wish I had more to fill out the travel segments, but some of these routes are kinda supposed to be desolate.


Thanks for running! I'm enjoying it all the same, it's teaching a city dweller how unprepared she is.


>30/30 in my latest test


File: 1496867086489.png (123.59 KB, 500x750, 1480035618017.png)



Leila is gonna push an update on Trapinch's pokedex entry: "does not like cuddles".


Best Reddit Joke I've seen in a while.

>McCree should just have only English voice lines in all languages, e.g.:

McCree: You weren't given those guns to toss 'em around like trash.
Reaper: Я не беру уроки от вас.
McCree: Now don't go pretending you don't speak English.


File: 1496870122949.jpg (130.31 KB, 1280x720, 1485616739033.jpg)

Slp bewitch me to tomorrow


What if everyone spoke their native languages only


>Rein and Mercy try to communicate but swiss german is unintelligible


>"What the hell is an Esculacha?"


File: 1496877002738.png (468.96 KB, 553x552, 1494517157211.png)

>Fever and indigestion
Oh boy, guess it's time to be sick. Thankfully it seems to be just a stomach bug, but it still sucks to spend all day laid up and not even being able to go online because the screenlight aggravates your headache.


File: 1496877287255.jpg (229.49 KB, 1600x1441, purple_and_blue_by_magnalu….jpg)

You got my sympathies dude. I know all too well that feeling.


>got results for a test and it was top marks
>studied all I had to
>did all my double reward shadowverse quests
>had pizza
>had a great time with a friend I hadn't talked to in months
>had a great pokequest session
>had a great time in OW
>got an event legendary I wanted
>only 1.30am
I'm gonna go to bed "early" and it will have been an amazingly productive and fun day.


File: 1496878529650.webm (2.59 MB, 500x500, 446740.webm)


That fucking anime. Can you believe it exists?


File: 1496878627110.webm (2.3 MB, 398x224, dicks.webm)

BDN told me it is very artistic, actually.
And super deep, too.


BDN is asian.


File: 1496878803122.webm (1.97 MB, 398x224, 430133.webm)

Guess we just can't appreciate a love story between a grown man and a 6 year old girl






File: 1496882262040.jpg (178.66 KB, 900x1350, collector_by_docbraun-d46d….jpg)

Maali pointed out the name on this one to me, which was amusing


Just what websites is Maali visiting now?


File: 1496883044606.png (481.12 KB, 945x1076, 1483854423677.png)

This one, I posted it in the Discord


File: 1496883177130.gif (6.54 MB, 512x512, Unimpressed Rara.gif)

he's on the tumblers, you know



File: 1496883394676.gif (1.78 MB, 250x250, 1454257__safe_artist-colon….gif)

Some of these are fun
This one reminded me of DONKEH


This guy's are really good, but he only does Apple and Coloratura, it looks like. Plus a Leafeon.


Speaking it over with Cheesy, you have the following to spend.

1 Skill Point
1 Perk Point
400 Credits

Please let me know what you want, since I still have some restrictions in place based on where you are.


Since I took educated, I have two SP to spend. I bumped up Tech and Will (they're 7 and 4 now, respectively), and for the perk I took Filled with Surprises.
Also, I put the hit point bonus for the level into shielding points, so it's 20HP/25SP for health stats.


And what are you looking to buy? It'll be shipped to the Ankylosaur depending on your choice.


Hey Knight is there room in macross for another player?


Will you be available around this time during the week?


Not this week no
But do you have a free slot?


As long as you can make the time, I can fit you in. Moving to full time really killed my ability to run in the morning.


well, I haven't used anything I bought previously, aside from my gun.
Probably going to bring the nanocanteen and a couple medkits with me on the away mission, as well as the RAD counter.


Its not for me!
Its for someone else who is interested


Depends on their schedule and character desire, but I'm willing to accomodate.

Think it over and let me know.


I'm still debating which ability to get. I could just upgrade Bolt or Teleport, but I kind of want something to fill in the empty turn in-between their cooldowns.
Brilliant Ray would be great because LAZER BEAMS, but is kind of high-risk, high-reward. I could go Barrier and just be frustratingly hard to kill.


File: 1496886027857.jpg (36.56 KB, 520x293, 20080502-01-00.jpg)

Tell them the campaign is basically Star Fox crossed with Macross. Give me some character ideas and I'll see if they fit.


Oh he knows
I'll call him over


Most of the stuff on the buy list is still holdovers from the Fallout setting, it looks like. Repair Kits still cost caps, by the way.
I'm probably just going to save credits for gunparts and development projects.


Hi there. Got summoned by Maali. Heard you've got a Macross quest with a spot open. Is that correct?


We just fly the bombers


You're right, they are holdovers. I asked Knight if he wanted me to cut them out, but he said to leave them in, so we'll probably just adjust them as they come up.


Yup, I'll be the one running it.

It's a test quest that basically combines Star Fox and Macross. Humans got themselves a nice ship on the cheap and are heading towards a new high-gravity world to colonize. They've hired some Large sized aliens to assist them in their voyage.

Let me know what type of character you want to play, but be aware the rules are still being hashed out.


File: 1496886643929-0.jpg (125.21 KB, 731x787, 1374348351285.jpg)


Well, it flies, at least.


File: 1496886779410.jpg (5.36 KB, 300x168, Vajra you wot m8.jpg)

'Ello there!


Alright. I have a few questions then.

Large sized aliens? Would that be an incentive for creativity regarding race selection there?

Are we using 2.0, 2.1 or 2.5 for this game?

How long has the quest been going so far?



You mean that's an aerial-only quest? We won't be engaged in the process of the humans' colonization?


Hi there. Actually, how many players does this game have atm?


Yes, Cheesy invented his own giant alien race, a hivemind bug race.

No, it's a different homebrew

The original ran 1.5 years ago but the new version was revived just 2 months ago with a new ruleset.

I was alluding to this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlkH687M4YM

We fly fighting mechs but do other stuff too


These are the rules used for the setting.

Quest has got about two or so threads under its belt by now, but there was a decent-sized hiatus between them.


Why is Lyra such a cute pony?


She's made of pony ingredients.
like the heart


Gross, Kilana!



File: 1496887275014.gif (2.96 MB, 441x423, Using the ruse skill.gif)

Because she's minty and shaped like a friend. Also excitable and happy.



Okay… admittedly, that's not what I expected. Might as well give it a shot though. I'll take a look at the rules now, if you don't mind. May I ask for links to the threads so far, as well as the other players' character sheets? Wondering what people came up with so far.


File: 1496887285461.gif (11.71 MB, 400x225, 1463255237294.gif)

And hello to you too. How's the Starbound exploits so far? Found a Rainbow Biome yet?
>Large Size Aliens
Yes, there's lots of large-size aliens, I'm playing a big bug not-Vajra actually. However, the thing that facilitates that is the Racials system, which brings me to…
>2.0, 2.1, or 2.5
I'm guessing Maali forgot to mention this is a homebrew system.

As for how long it's been running, under this system it's been running for a couple months now if memory serves, usually two sessions a week or so. As far as players, there's currently four.

And no, it's not Arial-only, though most of the battles previously were in space (which is supposed to change in this next area we've just arrived at). And considering that we're escorting what's essentially Earth's first colony ship, I'd say we're pretty involved in the colonization.


There will be a lot of 'on-foot' sections, but most of the combat will take place with the Mecha.

It'll be a mix of combat and regular RP'ing. So far, there are 4 other players.

Fidget plays Frank, a Human mechanic.

Wf plays Wan, a Human capable of using the system's Magic, called Fold, with a focus on explosives.

Cheesy is a Large Psionic insect with flight and lots of Magic potential.

Andelia plays a Large Lamia Security Guard.

Might be slow since I'm being pulled away



I didn't forget, I just didn't know


No rainbows yet, I've been running around doing quests for NPCs.
and spawned in the pokemon station and a bunch of balls and now run around around with a qt many eyed bat while a rosalia-bunny waits for me dancing in my base


The first thread is archived (you'll find it under Knight's name in the quest archive tab), and the current one's on the s10 board.
So far, there are two humans, a snek, and a bug. Racial traits in character creation are your alien traits (if you roll an ayy lmao), which means you could make just about any kind of alien to match the traits.


>doesn't catch poptops
They sing, you know. Also there are firefoxes you can nab.


I'm aiming for something comparable to Macross Frontier and 7.

The ship can defend itself, but Humanity wants to put on good appearances towards the Aliens.


File: 1496887677502.jpg (245.63 KB, 1200x750, 1494199324783.jpg)

I'm the one who made the system, so you can ask me any questions you've got about it.

Current thread is ( https://mlpg.co/s10/res/25059.html#25059 ), and the last thread was https://mlpg.co/arc/q/raw/knight/macrossquest/649403.html

I can give you a link to my sheet, though it's currently missing a Perk as we've just leveled up and I haven't decided what to spend it on yet.


I did catch that, but just left it in the box until I knew what to do with it.
I did spawn in one actually, the fennix, its very cute and has nice fire blast attack, but it doesn't fly so it keeps falling into the pits on this planten-person planet. So I stuck it on my ship and use agrobat until I find a stronger flier.



>if you roll an ayy lmao

You mean one rolls for that instead of deciding willingly?


My knowledge of Macross is very limited, sadly, but I catch your point, I think.


Two threads and you've already leveled up? Tch. I'll confess that one of the reasons I've decided to give it a go as I've been informed it's started only recently. Not really a fan of joining ongoing games, what with both the power difference and the inability to bond with the party since the beginning…

Which level should I be creating my character at, then?


well, I say "roll" but I tend to leave off the second half of "roll up". Though, since you don't actually roll your stats due to it being a point-buy system, that's not really an accurate term.
As for the leveling, it's intermittent and only planned to max out at around six or so, at most. I think. So it'll probably be a decent while until the next level rolls around.
That's fair. There are tethers you can make that you set your pokeballs in that let your pet wander a specific area of the ship/wherever you drop them.


>Andy getting sucked in by the pokeball-system
Level 2. This is literally our first level-up, and according to Knight there's basically going to be a total of seven level-ups across the game.
To put it in numbers, you have 1600 Credits, 2 Perk Points, and 2 Skill points to invest, plus the two racials you decide to go with.


I gave myself those too yes.
I suppose they are supposed to be late game things, but I just couldn't stand waiting and they scale to your gear level so I don't feel bad about it


File: 1496888338997.png (445.6 KB, 600x544, 1479336308129.png)

I don't think the first thread counts. Half the players from it are gone, and half the current players started as of thread 2. First thread used a different ruleset and was more than a year ago.


Alright… one more important question. When do you run that game?


Not really. They're available as soon as you get the pet station, and that's about the second or third tier of workstation, I think.
but yeah, the grind is real and awful.


Knight is letting us level up so we can see how the leveling actually goes, to test the system a bit.
Can't really see what happens if he doesn't give us any of the goodies right?


Ayys are on the Large size, but you do get to choose.

They haven't gotten far. The ship has barely left the Starport and only two battles took place. All the characters still haven't even met yet.


I read to use pick axes to help with the grind.


American Evening times, usually after 5PM PST. My schedule shifts around, but I usually announce it a week ahead.


File: 1496888549676.gif (675.77 KB, 878x1024, large (15).gif)

Post a prettier pony, I dare you

Protip: You can't


Early on, yeah. After you sink a bajillion upgrade modules into your matter manipulator, it be stronger than most picks/drills.
There is a bulldozer mod, though, which is not only good for leveling terrain but also strip-mining.


File: 1496888634161.jpg (410.58 KB, 1280x1275, First class pony.jpg)


I see.
>mod just to strip mine
what could I even need so many minerals for? Do things get hilariously expensive later on or something?



Alright. Which day?


Derpy is a very ugly pony


Depends on my schedule, but Mondays have been reliable so far. I'll let you know ahead of time about the other days. I usually run for about 2-3 hours, since people have work.

Have you watched Macross Frontier?


Didn't know that we were using an adaptation of my Fallout system, or didn't know that there were official Macross systems?
When you get to the phase where you're building a colony and different houses for each tenant and you want to get just the right blocks in large enough quantities and just the right furniture, your resources tend to get spent pretty quickly.
I think the main appeal of the mod is the time-saving aspect though; it's less the volume than the fact that it turns what would be a hunt for where the right stuff is, into sorting the junk from the good stuff.



To put it in numbers, you have 1600 Credits, 2 Perk Points, and 2 Skill points to invest, plus the two racials you decide to go with.

Given how it says in the rulebook that already 5 Skills Points need to be spent on Level 1, you're meaning what I add on top of that, correct?


Either actually, what a surprise
I still miss Fallout…



All I know of Macross is that it's a sci-fi thing with mechas and cat food commercials.

That's literally the extent of my knowledge about it.


File: 1496889123692-0.gif (1.36 MB, 440x330, You double-nigger.gif)

File: 1496889123692-1.png (25.49 KB, 1978x788, star ores.png)

It's mostly so you can keep up with the progression of metal alloys for certain things.


Ugliest pony



Whoops, didn't green up that first line. My bad.


File: 1496889318953-0.gif (636.84 KB, 440x330, The ugliest! With no redee….gif)

You'll want this for next time.


I guess I see the appeal but would probably rather spawn a stack of the stuff if its about saving time TBH, since I'd still have to spend time picking out and using the mod. Its just me playing, no need to worry about 'cheating' anyone by granting myself progress


Right, though I did mess up. You have 3 Perk points and 6 Skill points. Sorry about that.
Do remember that you can also shift points from skills, ie taking on of the three points in Melee and putting it in Guns instead. You only get to reduce one skill to having a total of 1 though, so you can't just dump everything into two or three stats.


Dude, you are missing out on a lot of memes, and I'm using that properly. Macross is a decades old show that has been copied in a lot of other anime and stories.

For the tone of this quest, make sure to watch episode 5 of Macross Frontier, "Star Date". There will be plenty of action, but also plenty of down time to just walk around and talk with people.

PS, I am a strong user of battle bantz. Please be prepared to get taunted through your radio and prepare adequate responses.


I mainly use the bulldozer to barrel through planets while looking for interesting subterranean mini-biomes.



Oh man

But I prefer to shitpost on my on terms though


I know, it was pretty fun. On the bright side, this system will be pretty much hammered out by the time I manage to get in a position to consider running again.
I do think the main purpose is to quickly turn a stretch of land flat. When building houses or even just expanding the farm, having to either build the ground as you go or work through the hills that are already there gets tedious.


The submarine mod is a good way to explore the bottom of ocean planets before you manage to get your hands on the right environment backpack. Though mechs in general are fairly airtight and can make good diving suits (with the added benefit of being able to shoot things that try to eat you).



Thanks for the sheet. Honestly, I just want to see what the party has and decide on the basis of that what is missing/needed.

For that reason, may I ask the remaining players to post their sheets too?

(unless there is a convenient place where you can just access them all?)



I'll keep it in mind for when I get to the serious space colony phase. For now I'm happy enough exploring as ronrey robit girl, she's probably not ready for coworkers and friends yet but pets are good first step


Mekas huh…



Have Maali send you my Steam ID. You can ask questions there too.





Just remember that mods you get off the Steam workshop and mods you get from the starbound site go in different places. This can lead to weird conflicts, so be sure to have a backup of your character data folder just in case.


I'll keep it in mind when I install them, thanks


File: 1496890559482.png (14.67 KB, 601x258, mods go there.png)

The ones you get off the main site you can just drop in the mods folder in the starbound game directory.
I forget where the workshop ones end up.



Invitation sent.

Also, just a first impression there:


>Proficiency at using abilities, being stubborn, using energies that would normally require equipment to harness, and pushing past the limits of your body and/or technology. Affects ability rolls and interaction with things which are generally considered improbable.

That feels like a LOT compressed in one ability.


looks straightforward enough


I try to mix it up, though.

It's also a test system, so be ready to move some things around.


File: 1496890782680-0.jpg (145.03 KB, 1200x872, pettable pony.jpg)

gonna rest a little bit now
see you in a while


It's basically the casting/mental endurance stat. So far it hasn't been used for anything else.
A good number of mods you'll find there are in .pak format. In those cases, you just drop the .pak file in the mod folder, since unpacking them does… things to them.
Other mods will usually be zipped and need to be unpacked.


It's essentially the Arcane skill, and your ability to do the improbable; think Gurren-Laggan.
In practical terms, it usually applies to Abilities and some various interactions with pseudo-science stuff.


Later, Andy.


What a pretty pony

I should probably sleep too


File: 1496892153328.png (70.64 KB, 400x500, e544cff3-7c7d-4310-a04e-87….png)

No Knight I won't be available most likely


File: 1496893299168.png (129.6 KB, 270x276, tmp_31201-Tachibana_header….png)

*sylpheeeens into thread*


Good morning
Good night


File: 1496898633665.jpg (443.19 KB, 2492x1241, Oil Yards.jpg)

I still happen to see people posting about party balance, like running a quest entirely for mechanics in a post apocalyptic wasteland where the Savior Combustion wishes his worthy party of misfits to save Angels of Dying Steel isn't at all possible.


Alright. I've taken a good while to look at the rulebook and I think I'm not really a fan of it. Between that and how far the game's setting is from what I was originally looking for, as well as due to the shifting game hours, I believe it would be for the best if I did not join. I'm grateful for the opportunity though. If you ever feel like having another quest, feel free to contact me. I hope you have a good time playing in the meantime!


File: 1496900696288.png (13.39 KB, 200x246, 1304519641248.png)

It's actually a grown man who only loves her fatherly trying to stop her getting raped by her caregiver, who's the real pedo


I've learned from playing and from /pgg/ that party Dynamics are more important. You can build around the rest, but everyone having fun is what matters.

Dang it.

Sucks that you won't join, but I'd still say you should stick around. Games do come up here and you'll find more opportunities for questing.



Yeah, sorry about that. I think I might check every now and then. It seems like a nice place.


File: 1496901282818.png (296.62 KB, 736x1200, 1492029940089.png)

I just want to whine and let it out

I'm not ready to go back to class so soon. Bleeeeh!


What hours are you free to quest?


You've got summer classes?


It was either take summer classes or get harassed into taking a summer job.


Congratulations, you've played yourself



Either evenings or nights european times (I'm from Poland) with exception of friday and saturday night (can do evenings on those days though)


What classes you taking?


They wont't take long, right?


We've got a lot of Europeans here. Finland, Britain, Italy, and Belgium, so stick around and a game might pop up.



That data was one of the reasons I've decided to give it a shot tbh.


Just one class a week, but it's four straight hours

This will make my final semester a bit lighter though


What's up


Another question: what game systems are you familiar with?



Not many official ones, as most of my games have been custom ones.

D&D 3,5e and 4e, Pathfinder, Ponyfinder, Warhammer Fantasy, Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, Deathwatch, Femto, OPd20, mlp:rim 3e and 4e, Call of Cthulhu, Monastyr and to an extent, Vampire: the masquerade. Reading up on Shadowrun now, got offered a game recently.


You're rather prolific. I know they wanted to run a Vampire and a Mage quest. Hopefully they get time to do so.


File: 1496918290446.png (159.62 KB, 475x428, tmp_31201-1487836823453163….png)

Well I feel amazingly awful
Here's hoping it clears up by tomorrow


I'm anxious and depressed
I just want to go home and hide under a blanket


Why the fuck are sandals so expensive


They're for tourists


Are they though


File: 1496923237778.png (1.18 MB, 1222x735, b4040a47-84b2-452b-87f0-c8….png)


File: 1496923430482.gif (3.42 MB, 1273x713, rimshot.gif)

MIST-erious deers




File: 1496924668369.png (533.89 KB, 3288x2581, modernmage.png)


The good ones at least

I have zero reason to wear shoes every day and cook my feet


File: 1496931802497.jpg (305.47 KB, 1280x960, 1448281572652.jpg)


File: 1496933103696.gif (1.92 MB, 500x263, 1493434314195.gif)


File: 1496933148400.jpg (49.44 KB, 600x672, 449623.jpg)


File: 1496936099849.jpg (207.71 KB, 1006x678, 1493873028369.jpg)


File: 1496936320202.jpg (28.1 KB, 331x311, 1304518096355.jpg)

Holy fuck


File: 1496936771653.png (10.09 KB, 500x500, loss rune.png)

Is loss the greatest example of memetic art in human history?


Let me hols this for you deer.


File: 1496941348396.jpg (110.79 KB, 600x300, b7a8b773eb024ec9626a6a2242….jpg)

>Starbound 1.3 update just downloaded
>can't try it out because I've got to leave for an appointment
Perhaps later tonight I'll be able to try out their new space-travel system.



File: 1496942154192.png (386.93 KB, 1000x1414, 1496939183892.png)


File: 1496942364030.jpg (109.67 KB, 400x240, beyond salvation.jpg)

>don't actually know what unit I'm even assigned to anymore
>no info on the army e-services because 'you will be contacted directly by your unit'
>just got another notification for ops manning late this year
>still no news


So explain to me how exactly does levy work in Singapore.
Why were you called back?


File: 1496942610178.gif (Spoiler Image, 464.7 KB, 1040x1015, 1496940323073.gif)

But wait


As a reservist I'm expected to be called back about once a year or so to make sure I'm still somewhat able to do shit in case we suddenly get invaded. I'll be involved in some training exercise, and for some reason overlapping that period I'll be put on standby to report somewhere as well within 4 hours of notice.


That sounds like a wonderful thing for people with a job overseas.


Pretty much, yes. That's one more reason to study overseas.


No wait I was being ironic, how are you supposed to make a life somewhere else if they expect you to be on standby at any time?


Because they can't do shit to you once you're overseas and notified them beforehand


File: 1496943062507.jpg (143.61 KB, 765x995, 1496936727173.jpg)

>Shenmue delayed
Nuts, but I understand

>Cyberpunk game got hacked


Do I smell PR stunt?




File: 1496943325381.webm (1.21 MB, 640x360, booty.webm)


This far out? Wouldn't it make sense closer to release?


E3 is around the corner.


Would get them some headlines.

Looking forward to it?


Not enough to stop studying.


>rolled on the bare maximum to catch


RNGesus knows me, and he knows I'm right.


File: 1496944913082.png (268.97 KB, 625x516, alola-golem-625x516.png)

Didn;t think you'd want an Alolan Golem though, unless you're planning to give it up for study


The latter.
The pokedex did say it was critical information!


File: 1496945956231.jpg (35.02 KB, 669x353, 449571.jpg)


I'm a bad trainer. Had to dig through the old threads for my Pokemon's origins.


Less lewd if you realize he's keeping the fabric off the wet bricks


I'm aware, still amusing tho


Wf please post the marina doll picture
I was thinking about that picture the whole ride on the bus


File: 1496946643876.png (2.93 KB, 321x322, 1461168065711.png)

>nice cuddling in the bed

You don't need a reason to touch Aiustha's butt


File: 1496946658429.jpg (845.47 KB, 1536x2048, 449648.jpg)





File: 1496947256471.webm (1.31 MB, 854x480, deer sounds.webm)


But the good kind of gay!


In the gay way


Deer are the most precious beings


Brb bdn


Man I feel always guilty when I eat so good while cooking so little for it.


File: 1496948117352.jpg (1.36 MB, 1200x1845, 1496947662291.jpg)

Also there's a /co/ thread about this shitty marvel story but rewritten, and it's amazing.


Mona for an hour or two?


Right now? Sure.


File: 1496948345318.jpg (1.98 MB, 1988x3056, 1496907286045.jpg)

Go read better comics being posted


>memes and street fighters
Goddamnit I bet it's traced, too.


yo people.



Hey you wanna do a quick quest?


I'll be free to quest in about two hours. I'm posting faster right because of stop and go traffic.


okay, just say when ready.


File: 1496949048106.png (14.27 KB, 462x542, 1405967463764.png)

>driving and posting


File: 1496949320498.jpg (18.92 KB, 303x296, 1450769249646.jpg)

>questing while driving

I was about to stop to bed anyway


Maybe Gaius would join. What is it about?
Tech is amazing


It's about heroes of old as you fight alongside figures in history of times long ago when the world was young.
You wanna quest Gaius?


File: 1496949681498.jpg (87.23 KB, 800x600, 800px-Fire_hawks.jpg)


Voice controls and keeping an eye out for cops and only posting at stops

They are very long stops


I wanted to get Leila to the city today, but something might happen

Thanks for playing guys, and knight pls don;t die


Thanks for running bdn!


Did you like the ecology?


Yeah! I also assumed the fires were normal but most other gms would lay that as a plot hook rather than background touches.


Aaah sorry I took too long


File: 1496951210515.png (3.15 MB, 1920x1080, mushishi___the_cold_night_….png)

My main drive is making a world that feels alive and natural and making the PCs feel small in it. And now I feel like watching Mushishi again.

>spent all that time preparing images to post
>Cello leaves

Slp soon


Your main drive is my main interest in quests so please, continue.


File: 1496951653266.jpg (66.79 KB, 600x450, 1930927.jpg)

I knew you would love it here.

You should also watch that anime if you haven't also consider it the unofficial mons soundtrack, at least when you're in the east or south.



File: 1496951923117.jpg (Spoiler Image, 439.34 KB, 1200x873, 2f22c6fd-6afb-4d3c-b637-cf….jpg)

BDN please forgive me


>not a butt
No forgiveness yet


Reminds me of that one episode of Drawn Together when Captain Hero turns back time a bit too much and accidentally turns every human into titty monsters composed of nothing but tits then he realizes he is an ass man


File: 1496952518353.png (Spoiler Image, 832.2 KB, 1280x960, 8de7fae8-40ea-491b-abf2-41….png)

Very well





File: 1496958340022.png (16.66 KB, 282x283, 1436292189700.png)


The Maeda doll strikes again. Truly, a cursed object that makes innocent fishponies cry.


Thanks that picture had a neat concept to it that gave me fun ideas



A quick quest?
Does that mean an impending one-shot tonight?


File: 1496961102597.webm (7.05 MB, 854x480, 449681.webm)


File: 1496961474894.png (917.65 KB, 1264x1920, 56d2ccc0-4307-44cd-a4ba-48….png)

Thanks to a friend I am aware that Payday 2 is free on steam
You guys should get it quick if you want it


Have it already, but thanks


Holy shit, so it is.


File: 1496966436624.png (47.44 KB, 278x251, Screaming Nimbat.png)

>two boxes
>two event duplicates


Fidget how does this picture make you feel


File: 1496967159567.png (Spoiler Image, 503.17 KB, 1204x1432, tumblr_or803iFSPI1tdv657o7….png)


File: 1496967462007.webm (2.69 MB, 782x440, 1496918293495.webm)

>You right now


How much more are you going to stay up?


It makes me feel nothing, really. Nimbats are not for lewd.


For a while
What do you need me for?
I was talking more about the sillyness of Fidget with a Fidget spiner


It was solely a matter of time until it happened.


I'll free up in an hour and since it seems I don't have the full Macross team, want to Travel?


Link? or has the thread been archived?
Sorry I haven't been around for Pokes lately, things just keep happening one after the other.


I can't, I'm not at home and without my sheet


Dang. We'll try again another day


File: 1496969115469.jpg (120.01 KB, 945x632, 1491137593.bittenhard_pca-….jpg)

I really look forward to it
Travel was grand



Wf seems to be in class.

Have you decide what to spend your upgrade points on?


>1.3 Starbound update
>decide to see if everything still works properly
>update the mods that have updated to 1.3
>space museum does not load, boots me back to ship
>robot hangar does not load, boots me back to ship
>secret moon colony doesn't even load the world, boots back to ship
[internal screaming]
Maybe it's just a bug on their end, and it'll be hotfixed soon


It's ironic how we were talking about mechs just the other day, and now they've finally added them for reals.
I do like the new space-travel system, though the UI for it could definitely use some work. That or mine is just bugged up.


doesn't matter
This is why you don't update your modded minecraft fam


It's weird not being able to right-click and zoom out, but it's a neat concept.
You'd think I'd have learned by now. I'm pretty sure I know which mod is the culprit, too.


I'm surprised you're able to pick one from the hundred of sex mood you must have installed


well, I thought it was the Assorted Crafting Things mod, since it's mostly decorative items that I'd dump in a museum, but that doesn't seem to be the case.


Home soon… Has XP weekend stared yet?


Yes sir


Yes. 7 to 10 thousands XP per game.


For winning, anyway.


>He doesn't win


Wf tell me in your opinion which would be cuter/sillier

The horizon cast as little plush button eyed dolls like Maeda
Or each one was a different kind of toy like Rhanna was a wind up robot and Emrille was a little toy soldier?


You'd be surprised at how often I don't.
On second thought, no, you wouldn't.


Fidget your thoughts on this too pls


Wanna play? I'm home

The first one seems a lot easier, the second seems like it could be more fun


File: 1496979884105.jpg (Spoiler Image, 18.04 KB, 375x345, tmp_21478-1487243990840-18….jpg)

>ran out of allergy pills
This day better not end up as a meme hell


Learning about counters is a great way to improve those statistics


File: 1496980626470.jpg (81.14 KB, 400x733, 1418535565061.jpg)


There's nothing there though
True, but learning how to play them is more important


File: 1496984437071.jpg (88.9 KB, 742x625, 1496968105799.jpg)


Dr. Sub, I'm SI O N.
Uuuhm, you don't get to bring friends.


But SI O N,

You are my friend


File: 1496985144929.jpg (562.68 KB, 992x1403, 1379769075170.jpg)

Who even cares about bronies anymore?


And I should care about you because?


I guess 2 people will show up. Twitter guy and his mom



It's hard to believe it has been 6+ years and people are still triggered by pastel ponies


yea but why?


At first I thought RT here was about Russia Today, not shorthand for retweet


I checked on /mlp/, best they could come up with is that it was just for the lulz.

Then they posted a bunch of gun + pony pictures

That would be one heck of a false flag operation from them




File: 1496986526543.jpg (41.01 KB, 530x495, 1496984040194.jpg)

Have an extra fun image.

If I ever run for elected office, I want to sneak in a pony reference Every Time


File: 1496987447950.png (647.41 KB, 1070x934, 1496543011277.png)

Maybe they'll grow on me, but I still like the original bugs.


New ones are still awful


Incidentally, want to get monsing?


we should get that asap



I'm headed to bed early tonight, maybe I'll try in the morning.


>autist went on shooting spree

>yt shows he was full on obsessed with ember from Danny phantom



File: 1496988649977.png (100.68 KB, 491x511, 1440794470522.png)

Here now


what a fluff



File: 1496988940540.jpg (751.57 KB, 2000x1500, IMAG0622.jpg)


And have this phox I found the other day


such a cute


File: 1496989881235.png (284.76 KB, 675x650, 1452251190390.png)



File: 1496990126798.gif (822.04 KB, 488x525, Hoodie.gif)

very nice


File: 1496990447784.jpg (139.03 KB, 680x680, 1322616374036.jpg)


File: 1496993492527.jpg (118.56 KB, 480x525, 1317631640984.jpg)

>will have to stay in base later this year for possibly ten days

Hopefully I won't be asked to go outfield
I won't even get to fire a gun to make up for it


that sounds pretty annoying


On the plus side, I was in pretty much the sole remaining complete maximum security zone, so this time I can bring a proper phone and 3DS for U/SM. If I don't go outfield most likely I'll only be working in the morning and night, which means the whole day is spent on nothing.



File: 1496994748348.jpg (78.29 KB, 431x767, lb5nECJIu4c6J3k5rIX28UY2zj….jpg)

Loving every laugh.


>tfw Thresa May threw the election to stop Brexit

It can be pretty peaceful. On the ay after my firing test we did nothing but laze around while the other groups were at the range. Some people messed up packing food, though, so we had to be punished. The sergeant in charge just made us do three push ups and told us to tell people we'd been disciplined already.


Yeah no fuck her. She deserves it for pushing her nanny state bullshit.

Brexit is going to happen anyway.


Sounds stable


>may gets rekt
>meanwhile Germany opens a gypsy culture center
Though from what I read, several of the minority parties would rather coalition with Labour





File: 1497007653592.png (135.65 KB, 285x271, tmp_21478-1494581610083390….png)


Good morning to you too


File: 1497008938246.jpg (46.88 KB, 276x305, 1343730685567.jpg)


File: 1497009786429.webm (1.79 MB, 720x1280, 1496659719846.webm)


File: 1497011420948.gif (1.1 MB, 400x225, 1377015004272.gif)


Good morning andog


File: 1497011802812.jpg (71.58 KB, 542x800, 0bee30ae7cf3b3a1a3cb87ca66….jpg)


File: 1497011858115.jpg (71.5 KB, 640x360, tumblr_static_tumblr_stati….jpg)


File: 1497011999855.png (295.27 KB, 1366x768, Captura_de_Tela_139.png)

Such a pretty girl
Let me post one too


File: 1497012052673.jpg (23.94 KB, 720x312, 1459898868301.jpg)


File: 1497012072925.gif (569.54 KB, 402x351, 1380159773761.gif)


File: 1497012184354.gif (314.92 KB, 300x238, 1455999058504.gif)

Wait a second


I want to pet that smiling poke


D-do you like
I should be good to play


What happened




File: 1497013736157.jpg (86.43 KB, 650x600, 1419710624929.jpg)

such a cute


File: 1497015029113.gif (639.77 KB, 500x292, 1469009444852.gif)


Gonna do a HOTS round for the daily box

Anyone want to join?


The leather club is 2 blocks down


♂ FUCK ♂ YOU ♂


Daddy gave you good advice


not for me, thanks


>nothing broken on starbound
how nice


File: 1497018158645.jpg (228.32 KB, 850x574, zorua_x_vulpix_reader___no….jpg)


File: 1497018336130.jpg (Spoiler Image, 354 KB, 1848x1197, 1429340656516.jpg)



File: 1497018481188.png (493.48 KB, 962x1000, 1496004100692.png)



File: 1497019266048.png (31.55 KB, 163x147, 1399917249369.png)


I'm proud of my treelore


File: 1497019326278.png (562.88 KB, 700x812, Swan_Song_Cute.png)


File: 1497019459635.png (126.07 KB, 429x426, 1241209__safe_solo_rainbow….png)


>cello doesn't like camping
We can't be friends.


File: 1497019663836.jpg (65.45 KB, 480x270, toast.jpg)


He loves camping, but he just got back from a harsh trial of camping in a very dangerous trial with a murderous Scizor on his tail
He just wants a bag of chips and a bed


Amber likes to camp


I'm gonna be friend with Amber and act like a prick to Cello!



[friendship obtained.meme]



[1d10] bully cello

Roll #1 6 = 6


Likes adventuring, being strong in battles, finding out what he likes, and r-rangers. Water/dark type.


Really likes being tough in fights, being sneaky, keeping tabs on everyone and has a real urge to live up to her dragon heritage. Dragon/Dark type.


Dunno, she's prety normal, no one cares


Likes hunting Pokemon with her friends and navigating harsh environments. Bug/Poison type.


A cute girl who will be a nurse someday, plays mysterious music. Normal/Fairy type


File: 1497020155536.gif (1.9 MB, 270x150, 1464653032163.gif)

Stop iiitt


File: 1497020178157.jpg (695.3 KB, 1200x900, Metagross_by_Tomiokajiro.jpg)

>Dunno, she's prety normal, no one cares
I like her already


Ah, if only.

Good, good.


More like The Pokemon Pied Piper or something.
That, or she's an alien like Viola.




Yeah, that's why all the Ghost-types in the haunted wood were backing off and staying far away from her.


It must have been the black flute song


normal IS immune to ghost



sensible chuckles were had


File: 1497024565630.jpg (145.94 KB, 1040x600, 1467524281734.jpg)

True enough.
Sorry I haven't really been around for mons lately; Life's been hectic with one thing after another.


File: 1497024707451.jpg (59.44 KB, 370x488, 1493126053750.jpg)

Things do sound rough. Take care.


Sorry for disappearing a moment there, friend came and we began talking.


>adjusts glasses

Cello, I


File: 1497026255262.png (13.21 KB, 598x424, kissing_ponies_base_by_rai….png)

for your shipping needs


>no zebra


Also I'm still not sure if I ever gave the color scheme of Lockbox




File: 1497026412803.png (390.95 KB, 1920x1080, 1338831376798.png)



See you around.


See you later


Think I'm pausing here


Ok. Thanks for running.


Aww alright
Pokemon ration with steel pellets sounds like a fun idea
Just gotta make sure you don't get them mixed with the rations of your non-steel types


Oh, be safe


File: 1497028652596.png (812.43 KB, 3300x2930, 1398776.png)


File: 1497030805757.png (106.37 KB, 292x225, 1484703398781.png)


File: 1497033164620.jpg (124.25 KB, 894x894, 1496947414856.jpg)

>early to bed, early to rise
This is a lie, don't believe it


File: 1497033319009.jpg (207.88 KB, 600x600, 1485279536771.jpg)

I never did.


File: 1497033355757.png (1.16 MB, 1024x640, 140003 - animated covered_….png)



Is Fidget here?


File: 1497033711403.gif (4.83 MB, 858x480, 1251774.gif)


Good night


File: 1497033757574.jpg (38.58 KB, 599x698, 1477854153084.jpg)

Good night BDN.
The opposite is certainly true though, at least without outside interference.


File: 1497034481220.jpg (159.62 KB, 1024x1280, 1496883982151.jpg)

If I didn't have to bring my brother to work, I'd likely still be napping.


File: 1497034561375.png (929.58 KB, 1078x1024, 1487101385520.png)


File: 1497034981573.png (206.98 KB, 1024x982, rainbow_dash.png)


File: 1497035078125.png (112.5 KB, 933x856, rainbow_dash_in_different_….png)


File: 1497035307151.png (48.99 KB, 244x255, 38__safe_screencap_rainbow….png)


File: 1497035398961.png (1.39 MB, 5588x4446, pofm_rainbow_dash_by_osipu….png)

"Gentlemen, BEHOLD!"


I want to be like this playing mercy


File: 1497035798381.png (302.83 KB, 1100x644, 270__safe_artist-colon-equ….png)


File: 1497036251611.png (474.25 KB, 835x956, 4ef64a6103444ef24c99364f64….png)

Nanoboosting a Mercy is similar to taking a knife to a gun fight, but lighting the knife on fire to seem more intimidating.

It's still a knife.

Never boost a Mercy.

t. Zenyatta main



File: 1497038854286.png (984.48 KB, 1280x720, uim_S5E20.png)

Well it's happening now
Selena gets her ending


Nice. Congrats


It's a wf ending


Oh, of course.


File: 1497039461900.jpg (33.89 KB, 530x800, constantine14.jpg)


File: 1497039606394.png (3.52 MB, 1920x1080, 1457954021897.png)

How long has she been active?


From pirates 2
Also she still has other versions


File: 1497041107173.png (961.97 KB, 750x930, 6fe9b147-9b04-488a-9cb1-12….png)

What happen?


She got a nice trip to canterlot


File: 1497042314511.png (115.36 KB, 1280x960, 1457562.png)

Oh gosh I just read the post on the thread
Very touching


File: 1497043793747.jpg (88.36 KB, 400x400, Feesh.jpg)

I am now.


Where were you young man


Until 1600 hours I was at work, after which I spent another 20 or so minutes there because we weren't sure my coworker's car would start. Then I went and got something to eat, but there was a line. Then I finally made it home and had to take out dogs. I booted up the computer literally less than ten minutes ago.


File: 1497044934114.gif (711.56 KB, 245x200, qt.gif)


It's Friday night, what's your plan for the weekend?


play vidya and sleep, mostly.


File: 1497051314588.png (343.19 KB, 1280x788, 6a770e10-4472-4a5a-980e-29….png)


File: 1497052256246.png (112.89 KB, 310x553, 1496149439768.png)


File: 1497052283708.jpg (588.29 KB, 1192x1052, 1497034881105.jpg)

Macross in about an hour?


If everyone shows up for it, I'm here.


Yup. Most of the session will be about introducing the new planet.


File: 1497052723936.jpg (2.49 MB, 2622x1864, 1495072303916.jpg)

I'll be here for it.




File: 1497052952123.png (254.27 KB, 908x1200, 87519999-dfbb-4428-bd33-11….png)

That reminds me I need to dress up this dragon


File: 1497053961513.jpg (67.14 KB, 660x371, 2TeSXdZP81SCrvY8eaJ-DKKB8W….jpg)



Working on the Opening Post now


File: 1497057004089.jpg (3.11 MB, 2976x2104, 1491880542309-0.jpg)

All righty then captain!



My day
>Wake up 10
>10-11 T for Perc/Adr/Glor
>11-1 T for Glor/Alex
>1-3 H for Selena
>3-7 OW
>7-8 HOTS
>Now: Macross

I've never had a day with so few breaks, every meal eaten while doing something else


I thought I was going to be busy on my days off.


Well hey, at least you're having fun, right?


What are you listening to?


You mean which greentext? The first one was being asked by another Voldra, and the second one was this drone's reply.
I was expecting a follow-up question of "wait, what was Duana doing in your quarters?," hence the tone.


No, music.

The Fold stuff is more important and has side tracked her. Don't worry, she'll notice in a moment.


File: 1497059188414.webm (2.98 MB, 640x360, 449852.webm)


Woah, you guys sure post a lot.


Past week or two has been super slow, actually, mostly because of vidya games


At the moment, I'm actually listening to commentary on available ships in World of Warships. Not the most mood-setting stuff, but I've always been a sucker for WWII-era naval combat, and would probably play the game myself if my computer could handle it.



I'll need to try this tomorrow


File: 1497060376580.jpg (304.69 KB, 1181x787, 1494138422009.jpg)

You should have seen us back in the day; when I first got here, we tended to through a General thread at least once a day on average.


>bouncybear symmetra



Could be another Bouncybear


File: 1497061662676.jpg (134.48 KB, 1024x696, galaxy carrier.jpg)

Tell me about the ship.


It's a piece of shit, and that's coming from one of the guys who put it together.


Gotta stop here Knight, gnight


Buenas noches


Night, Wf.


File: 1497061986866.jpg (33.68 KB, 640x421, bb-62-DNST8704541_JPG.jpg)

Explain further.
Even the Macross itself was mostly held together by EOT and a lot of guesswork.


Imagine a refurbished ship whose parts were also refurbished, if not scrounged out of dumpsters.
That's our ship, because the higher-ups were such skinflints they didn't even give us working diagnostic tables for repair work.


File: 1497062180729.jpg (52.09 KB, 707x301, Emperor.jpg)

Even flying relics can make for fine vessels.


Those are held together by faith and miracles. The Ankylosaur has no such things.



Remembering the time when I flew with my friends on one of these babies. Good times, those..


File: 1497062399992.jpg (4.14 MB, 4268x5690, ships.jpg)

Do not make light of the great machine spirit's benevolence. Think of the noble pioneer spirit of those before you.


Frank's just had really bad luck with the first-gen Fold mechs the psy-humans are using; reduntant systems and sealed blackboxes everywhere.
The actual ship is an alien warship that's been stripped of most weaponry and military hardware aside from some token point-defense, and is capable of acting as a colony ship mostly because it was built for a macro-species.
I don't know much more than that, since spacebug is not good with technology, but it seems all right to me.


The guys who funded it cut every corner they legally could.


File: 1497062872002.jpg (94.92 KB, 581x436, IMG_3334.jpg)

Reconstruction is difficult work, especially with fold drives. Better to err on the side of caution than to end up with your FTL drive arriving at a completely different destination than the rest of the ship, or sending the entire crew into a coma.


Her 'moment' is a pretty significant length of time.
Then again, she is a dog, and we all know how bad their attention spans are.


I'll be stopping here since I got a call from my brother to pick him up.

There was a 1 week time skip, but Calta is the one who WON'T question that. Wan and Eva do side jobs for her, so she understands Duana being a typist with you.

They really did.


Thanks for running.


Thanks for playing. I'm actually happy that you see the Ankylosaurus that way.


Thanks for run


File: 1497064436911.jpg (180.48 KB, 700x742, 1496618524352.jpg)

Oh, so she already knew about that? I was under the assumption that she only knew Duana had been in my quarters, without knowing why.
The joke sort of petered out anyway, so no big. Drive safe.


Well, when you put it together and have to keep it running, a lot of the mystery wears off and you're left with grim reality.


File: 1497065241363.jpg (79.53 KB, 640x640, tmp_19320-wGu71Si_d2075259….jpg)


How are things today, BDN?


File: 1497065542669.jpg (61.88 KB, 800x340, Mothra_S.O.S.jpg)

Give praise.


I got Monday off, so I should be able to run sooner. Does that sound okay?

>Implying Duana would be able to keep from telling everyone what she does with you
It comes out wrong there but we all get it.

Don't worry, it's freeway driving. I don't post and text there. And stop posting future characters.


File: 1497066118612.jpg (215.39 KB, 894x894, 1339839787055.jpg)

mildly sad

I hurried Squire off to the job, by the way


Yeah, the rush to shower was there. I'm eager to see what you have in store


why so?


@Sion: Still a little hazy on whether or not Brz is gonna happen today [Saturday]. My brother wants me to go to a theme park with him though.


File: 1497067493541.jpg (8.58 KB, 300x223, 1453398839179.jpg)

Sure, should work for me.

How about current characters?
Good morning BDN.


File: 1497067645760.png (3.17 MB, 1508x984, mapofdynasticinfluence1.png)

What's happened in the quest so far?


Current is fine.

Not much.

Human Terrorist attack on the Human colony ship before it even left the Alien planet.
Raider attack throughout it's launch, but they were looking for something else.
Ship went into Fold space for a week and has emerged near a trade water world to finish supplying.


File: 1497068209746.jpg (805.12 KB, 1650x1055, 1403324497838.jpg)

I see.
I need a quest to join and it does seem right up my alley, but as ever my schedule is completely fucked.


I run during American evenings, and you'll usually get a week's notice of schedule.

Send me a steam message and we can hash out details


File: 1497068836283.jpg (148.98 KB, 512x457, 1494626125942.jpg)

In that case, have a twofer.


Heh, go to bed already.


This is the rule set we're using. Let Cheesy or I know if anything pops up.





I see. Let me know how it goes. Andy can't play anyway.


File: 1497088264473.png (97.13 KB, 797x596, 1344196381423.png)

feels bad man


File: 1497096488935.png (51.1 KB, 305x282, suddokku.png)

>might lose the flat with my friends next year
>wasted the last year of it in this british shithole

Just about ready to kill myself now


Let's rent a new flat with the Sub.


I'm up for it. You fags just need to move to Italy.


Hell no.


Like, I love Italy, but I would die of heat exhaustion as soon as winter ends.


No, we all move to Finland of course.
What happened?


Cmon it's just 28° right now, don't even need the AC!


Nothing is sure yet
We'll have a group call today


What's a good laptop to get that has a non-intel GPU?


File: 1497100462224.jpg (83.04 KB, 568x465, 1411567707380.jpg)

Which part?


Nevermind it's too late now


Thinkpad T450


Also, happy e3 day everyone.




>1 760 euros


I'm almost tempted.


Got a student email yet? Use the student store for your region
Or buy it used from ebay or something


Too late, I already ordered a laptop.


what is it?


It has all the economic development of northern europe together with the sun of southern europe and the culture of central europe.


I think you may be overselling it.


Sounds awful


Finland's pro capita gdp: 41.9k USD
Bolzano's pro capita gdp: 39.8k USD
Do I even need to point this out?
No seriously do I?


File: 1497109261917.webm (2.2 MB, 640x360, 449870.webm)

Name one british political decision from the last two years that did not end up in them shooting themselves in the foot
Protip: You can't


File: 1497109352868.jpg (43.96 KB, 800x450, 1400285030816.jpg)

Holy shit, Adam West is dead.



Guess he got cancer from all the time he spent on Family Guy


Leukemia, apparently.
Still, he had a good run.


File: 1497113757989.jpg (526.55 KB, 900x812, 1322540584381.jpg)

>E3 in two hours

I should nap before E3


what a bald horse




File: 1497116247065.png (15.07 KB, 308x486, 1496189044946.png)


File: 1497116304146.jpg (80.83 KB, 595x464, Greetings.jpg)



What are you fags up to?


Not committing to anything just yet due to the fact I've got too many things to do today.
And I really just don't want to do them because I've been working all week.



Getting ready to take my brother to work.
What do you need to do?


Actually OW


File: 1497116848937.jpg (206.75 KB, 1000x913, 1496809145121.jpg)


have fun then
sounds productive


Dishes, of which there are more than there should be since the previous person skipped their turn in the rotation.
Scrub the bathroom walls.
Scrub the bathroom floors.
Check in on my brother's wife's parents' dog to make sure it has food/water.
Help return the assorted rabbits/guinea pig we were looking after to their owners.
Whatever else gets cooked up for me to do since it's my day off.


Family is a pain huh



eternally so.
So I suppose I should get started.


>Whatever else gets cooked up for me to do since it's my day off
I know this feel all too well.
I should be doing more. I feel so lazy :(


I feel the same, but I did quite a lot more than I usually do today
good luck


Finnish culture and weather > italian culture and weather



Hey Knight I bought a gaming laptop, are you mad?




Knight and Gauis, if you're here there will be introductory posts


Depends. So did I.

Give me specs.


I'll be driving my brother to work. I'll post when I'm done with that.


Alright, ETA?


20 minutes, within 30


Acer Nitro VN7-792G-57RL
Intel Core i5-6300HQ
8 gigs DDR4, expandable up to 16.

It was only 700 euros, which is why I got it. Normally like 50.


How long till e3, also how's the bzzzz status.


I have 3~ hours here


File: 1497118360541.png (173.47 KB, 457x501, 26e295ad-230c-4627-b809-d7….png)


You might as well have bought a potato.


I mean, it was 950 euros regularly.
My only other option would have been a NVIDIA GTX950M - 2GB. I just wanted to be able to run Fallout New Vegas and stuff from that era.


The thing is, series 10 cards don't have a M version, so if you'd held out for half a year you could have gotten a 1050 or 1060.


Auto update fooled me again


The thing is, I need the laptop by August.


An iGPU does that perfectly


I should get a new laptop….


>Maali got kicked out of quest because of W10 update
He's still here, respond to him


An intel gpu can't even run windows at 60fps


iGPUs are pretty good now. Runs OW just fine.


What a mess



>12 fps on ultra low


If it was new, it's fine.

I got an open box with a 940m for about $500USD, but it was a returned unit I was eye-ing for a month


Yeah it was new. I wouldn't buy a used computor.
Even though I'm probably going to get wasted by debt collectors now.



You know, it just hit me how many Pokemon fashion blogs there are going to be, or how hard people will try to push memes with their 'Mons


will be slo for e3


What is your professional opinion on it though?


File: 1497121564486.jpg (175.77 KB, 648x720, 1487245743958.jpg)


It's fine for what it is. Just run everything on low and get a real mouse


File: 1497121711149.png (304.24 KB, 749x660, tumblr_o8ls1xDYbs1skvmzzo1….png)


>multitasked cooking and quest


>everything on low
I'm actually kinda sad, aside from RAM I think it's about as powerful as my current rig.


Is that a Grunge Mouse?


This might be a good time for me to leave BDN
Let's say Cello sat down on his corner smiling and doodling and overhearing everyone's conversations


>for what it is
That's leetspeak for "it's shit"


>fifa 18 has a storyline


It's a mouse who keeps it real, a real mouse like you said


Considering gaming laptops sell for a cool $1000+ USD, you're fine. If you are using it for school, I'd have no problem with it.

I use mine for quest and Vidya too.


Looks… playable?


They advertised that last year too
It was called something stupid like "Fifa Merkel" or something
I don't know footballers


Driving back home, might be gone for about 15 minutes


File: 1497122873781.png (142.61 KB, 623x473, tiredWolf.png)

this seems like a good time to tell you guys, I won't be around so much for a while. Personal issues came up. I'll be with family so I'll be okay, just busy dealing with stuff.


Be safe druid gril


Take care of yourself.


Please, we need you


File: 1497122949251.jpg (650.78 KB, 791x1068, 1494260701084.jpg)

See you l8r


We'll be here for you


File: 1497122965608.jpg (74.87 KB, 500x720, wander.jpg)

best of luk


Hope things will turn out right for you
If you have time and want to talk or Destiny you can boop me anytime


File: 1497123047555.jpg (539.94 KB, 927x741, 71b5d63f8fc63f2c6ee1237b7c….jpg)

This will just be a faff session, so take your time

Fox wishes you luck.


Thanks we can probably arrange sessions, just not as often.
Thanks. I'll be well.
Awh, thanks.


Alright, anytime you feel like it or know you'll be available just say the word


File: 1497123342931.jpg (212.89 KB, 555x700, 27727894aa.jpg)

Take care of yourself!


File: 1497124066398.jpg (13.5 KB, 640x480, awkwardWolf.jpg)

Leaving in 10 minutes or so


be safe



Stay safe out there, Andy

Drop in every now and then for a post or two, still.


will do
thanks see you around


File: 1497124595614.gif (109.56 KB, 320x240, 1469248427413.gif)

See you, space Ranger


Don't be a stranger, alright?


pause now, let's focus on E3


There's an E3?


Thanks for running.

>If you need it new
It's fine. It's hard to get better for less money

>If you could handle open box

You can save money on the same thing. I usually always ask for them

Now to find a way to integrate them into Macross


yeah, now


Ok thanks I couldn't get an open box from an online store anyway


No refurbished option on the site?


No, they don't do that. They're just Swedes after all.
I mean it was like an online department store, not an electronics specific place.


Sorry, Europe still weirds me out. Does every country have its own store, or is there a regional one?


There are Nordic stores for the scandinavian region, or country-specific ones, or global corporations.
If you walk in on a store they might sell you the display model or an opened box for cheaper, but that's not usually an option when buying online.


It should be fine. Get a mouse and a cooling and you're fine.


I should have plenty of mice.
Don't know about a cooling though.


>finish things to do
>missed Andy's leave-taking
well, I hope the things that have come up are able to be dealt with without too much trouble on her end.


File: 1497131862095.png (1.03 MB, 1280x720, 1467677400245.png)

Stay safe out there, cowgirl.


Wolfoposting will never be the same


[sad awoo]


File: 1497136443392.webm (5.18 MB, 1280x720, 443038.webm)


Fucking weeabo


File: 1497137579292.webm (4.38 MB, 640x640, 436061.webm)


Deep fried memes are too reddit.


File: 1497140027180.webm (1.27 MB, 1280x720, 446486.webm)


File: 1497145419355.webm (959.9 KB, 480x360, 449906.webm)


>"Fish are like animal gardening."

-Ryan 'Egg' NL


What inspired that?

Also, make a new thread


They were talking about owning cats and dogs but one of the guys on the stream only has a fish aquarium

Also, on it


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