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In which we keep on keeping on with no end in sight


File: 1487080144776.png (879.78 KB, 897x996, c79ed5818a9944cfae3c9ee071….png)

First for Crazy


Is this based on that amnesia dlc




File: 1487080281193.jpg (463.86 KB, 1242x1920, 2e62c4cb-65ef-447a-9520-39….jpg)


I think yes.
She was delightfully insane.

Heh, cute.


Le dead


File: 1487081440046.jpg (264.56 KB, 1280x1920, 1485374886015.jpg)


Low-budget action movie or disaster tourism?
You decide.

The pacing is 10/10 too



Why do naps have the opposite effect to what they're supposed to


Because you are doing them wrong
20-40 minute naps are refreshing because you don't fall really asleep



File: 1487083343767.gif (403.74 KB, 118x114, 1486657275572.gif)

Getfags BTFO


That's a pretty nice get


I thought you'd appreciate it.


It made me chuckle


>Not found
What was it?


31777777 was someone saying "Why do people make threads for gets, I just like playing pokemon"


"gets are dumb just play pokemon instead" post on the 31777777 get.



Reminder that the Sub is creeping ever closer to the 1 Mil get. That's a million shitposts on this place by us.


File: 1487084091257.png (11.07 KB, 1866x110, getfags_btfo.png)


We theorized about what the millionth post on the sub will be.
I guessed that it's going to be at least 3 people trying to get the get which will be accidentally taken by Maali asking something like "what's a fluffer"


File: 1487084615687-0.png (654.48 KB, 1800x1118, 1487084496662.png)

File: 1487084615687-1.png (611.9 KB, 1800x1118, 1487084456750.png)

File: 1487084615687-2.png (771.46 KB, 1800x1118, 1487084402480.png)

File: 1487084615687-3.png (512.2 KB, 1800x1118, 1487084340057.png)


What is it?


We'll tell you if you ask it under the 1 millionth post


Less than 200k to go.
Assuming we do an average of 750 posts a day we should get there this year


File: 1487085728608-0.jpg (40.42 KB, 673x514, 429964.jpg)

>Hector rolls a 1 on Diagnose


3 points lower on that second roll and he did go into shock


File: 1487086006221.png (457 KB, 879x991, 7d2058393e817fcd79327dc5fe….png)


I can slp peacefully tonight


And nothing of value would have been lost


I thought you liked that c@!


Whatever - catboi


I mostly just feel sorry for him and want to help him OOC but IC Hector could not give less of a fuck about whether he exists or not


>it's a 'nopo plays a callous edgelord' episode


How convenient. He also doesn't give a fuck if Hector exists.


Let's be honest. C@ doesn't give a fuck about anyone.


>be a middle aged man whose existence has been destroyed by his sister who not only tries to kill him but erased the memories of his parents an also framed him for murder so he had to leave earth and go to a shitty colony for a shitty job he didn't want and forced to make drugs to get enough money to have enough resources to fight his sisters back who literally have an Earth 1 government on their side (a lot of this was decided by backstory rolls, not me being edgy)
>it's edgy to not care about some random hacker that already shared all the info they needed out of them

It's a DM is talking out of his ass without knowing anything again episode

I was hoping to inject the fear toxin to him to at least make him feel again.


File: 1487086975801.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.3 MB, 700x598, 1486575430260.gif)

He doesn't have an emotion chip.

I know, maybe I should have just encouraged that. the result of non lethal drugs vs surgery would have still be the same info, he just wouldn't appreciate it much




>it's edgy to not care about people and wish death upon them
Well, yes


File: 1487087236379-0.gif (Spoiler Image, 371.09 KB, 322x750, tumblr_okrukwz4hG1rlaql2o9….gif)

Does he do drugs?
Hector can hook him up at least.

>it's edgy to not care
Not in Cyberpunk, people are pretty distant from each other
>wish death upon them
He literally could have killed him after he told us what we want to know.
I said >Hector could not give less of a fuck about whether he exists or not
That isn't wishing death on him, that's just complete apathy towards him. He got the info he wanted, he is no longer interested about whatever happens to him.


So passive aggressive edgy, not violently swearing edgy.
At least it's slightly outside your usual comfort zone. I'm proud.


Who doesn't do drugs in cyberpunk? I mean really.


Wait, shit
C@t can't contact hector for drugs, he doesn't have a cellphone.
Unless he asks for drugs in an email

You really don't know how cyberpunk works huh


File: 1487087834340.gif (289.13 KB, 707x383, mlfw2713-13286286413541.gif)

>let's not buy a phone for my drug dealer character


I probably just lack the mindset for it


>drug dealer
I'm calling batman!



File: 1487088060964.png (34.16 KB, 716x746, 1253099723132.png)

Cyberpunk is a dark setting. Its different than what I usually do.


File: 1487088095357-0.jpg (4.24 KB, 275x183, burner phone.jpg)

It can be learned
Andy did it wonderfully, turning from a caring and kind person to someone who laughs like a maniac at ideas of making lives horrible!

I did say I will want to get a phone accessory for my robot hand!


Batman shows up and asks you to pay 2000euro buckscyber ninja implants aren't free so neither is he


Which is weird since you like other grimdark settings like WH40K

Although 40K is more of a comical grimderp on purpose I suppose.


File: 1487088678009.jpg (21.33 KB, 480x360, robo_phone.jpg)


File: 1487088833193.jpg (816.85 KB, 3000x1718, showtime-3000x1718-2015-ga….jpg)

Next cyberpunk character I make will be a dancer by night, razor girl by day.


File: 1487088897105-0.jpg (27.11 KB, 450x470, stock-vector-shaka-gesture….jpg)

This is my artistic expression of the matter
Antenna and reciever in the thumb while the mic is in the pinky.

Yes because Katte

Also, a slut?


Only a fool would take 40k seriously.
Molly when she was starting out.


The sexiest thing about Molly was seeing her eyes when her face was smashed the fuck up so her visors broke


File: 1487089202572.jpg (121.07 KB, 1600x600, 1468439306268.jpg)

I thought you might say that.


You did?
You totally just say you thought I'd say that after reading the spoilers




>implying 40k isn't the seriousest thing ever


Also fine.

You will need a cyber eye or something to dial the number properly


Because you have a fuckhuge blood fetish.


It's true!
You can't name a better moment!

I have a Google Monocle, remember?

Yeah, but it was also the fact that it was the first time we saw her eye color/her eyes without anything in the way.
It's like breaking a barrier.
I would even go as far as to say it was like she was naked for the first time when we saw her eyes, blood notwhitstanding


File: 1487089509957.gif (983.79 KB, 894x1000, mlfw1033_oh_goody____anima….gif)

>sylt rolls a solo
>now there is no one capable of dealing with robots


I don't mind dark settings. I mind sympathising with anarchistic rebels.


Fascist scum!


>anarchistic rebels
He is literally an emotionless no life hacker who just did stuff because 'whatever' and also because he was manipulated into it by a corp


In cyberpunk, the rebels are the heroes, because the system is corrupt and horrible.
Like starwars maybe kinda


Whoa now, not dropping ACK any time soon!


A horrible system is preferable to the might makes right free for all caused by its collapse.


File: 1487089658993.jpg (675.47 KB, 2187x2165, 1487089384806[1].jpg)

Remember to THICCCC your models


But I thought we could start fresh and clean on Earth 3!


I bet you wouldn't even go out throwing molotovs when people overthrow Sipilä
Sauli can stay though


File: 1487089814771.gif (1.45 MB, 288x198, 1388558602457.gif)

No, but if something were to happen.. cyberpunk2020 is a cruel system..

>he really thought he could escape

Utter collapse might be better than what they have now.


Oh right, well, don't lose your lens. You can't use a computer very well, and might wind up calling you sister or something stupid.


"There's no way back, there's nothing to fight for!"

>Hector shops for a phone


I like to think the lack of aliens or magic existing out there weighs heavily on humanity


pfft, what an old man.


Anyone here has an AOC monitor?


>law vs chaos ideology in SMT games


File: 1487090366283.png (1011.98 KB, 1092x740, All that's missing is the ….png)

You know, for as long as it's gone on, you'd think Oda would run out of ideas eventually.


Well, you've played, you'd know if I was really doing that, or just arguing for chaos reasons.


File: 1487090664127.png (381.73 KB, 745x496, YHVH is watching you.png)

>throat so sore I can't slp

Fucking fuck



It must be a lonely feel


>finally able to explore galaxies
>nothing but rocks and sometimes trees


But wait, if Earth3 has a flora of it's own that technically counts as aliens


Not ones you can talk with.


>"No coffee today?"
>"Nah, I'm just here to pick up something to drink."
>"A large coffee is just 1 pound, Valentine's special!"

Well, there has been at least one good thing about Valentines day this year

For a dork like Hector alien plantlife is still exciting as fuck


What if thsat eventually makes humanity decide to be the ones to seed other worls with life?
Like ponies


It is exciting for a biologist.
most people are let down: they didn't to be the advanced race that fucks up everything and gets discovered by a young race just exploring the wonders of the stars


BDI Mission Statement Spotted




I mean, even now we have official statements that if we are to discover calls from the 'cosmic phone' we should just not pick it up.


File: 1487091795966.png (167.25 KB, 792x792, Cute patoot.png)


File: 1487091854774.jpg (59.16 KB, 424x438, 1475756892042.jpg)

It's a little sad, but someone has to be the one to do it. And if it's us, we can make sure we are the benevolent uplifters that we always wanted to be uplifted by in the first place. We can't receive the gift, but now we know we can give.

Spreading the phenomenon of life across worlds!
Preferably cute races

Y-you too

I highly recommending emulating a PS2 for those PS2 SMTs, by the way


File: 1487091878722.png (239.63 KB, 482x600, 1431415177572.png)

I don't like you line of reasoning here.
implying aliens wouldn't just aggressively make contact anyway


File: 1487091889464-0.png (225.33 KB, 792x792, 1487079893573.png)


>I ordered the last exorcist on GW Europe's site


File: 1487091940957-0.webm (8.18 MB, 484x272, 426358.webm)

They'd have to find us first.
Also relevant


File: 1487091957364.png (343.59 KB, 977x965, Anger scrunch.png)


Truly an optimist. Mind if I quote this for the company museum ?


Did you post for the waifuwall yes?


If we can find them, they can find us. LOS works both ways buddy.


>Grail Edition


It's more akin the lines of directly responding to signals coming from space.


File: 1487092089478.png (673.21 KB, 1000x1078, Palashibe.png)

Nope. I can't shamelessly arrange the appropriate materials.


How hard can it be?
Fullscreen a pony image and get some cheap candy
That's what I did


>implying they won't see old signals and send alien cameras too look at the source


File: 1487092217336.jpg (128.75 KB, 472x453, Trucker Pom.jpg)

Oh, so you were the one who posted the Ponk with the haribo gummies?


I was the one who posted Ponk with the strawberry bonbons


If you have ten minutes to spare watch this

It's really interesting an a bit chilling


File: 1487092311372.jpg (84.91 KB, 369x397, Riot terrier.jpg)

I see. Must have been in the actual waifu wall thread, then.
I wonder if we'll run across another unfaithful waifufag this year.


No, it was in MLPG, dummy.


Also I'm pretty sure I had a different pony on the screen every year


As 8 hours of nothing to do close in, vistas of emptiness reveal themselves


What are you not-doing for 8 hours again?


No, I mean like one year there was a guy who went to /a/ with the exact same setup and had a different waifu than Rarity.


Oh right, that guy, I remember that was a bit of a shitstorm.


I mite later.
Studying just now.


Cool what are studying?



A cup of java?


Cool what are studying?


You guys think the Sub could get into Factorio?


What for?



Why not?


I definitely want to try.
Although I could not be very proficient at it, if there's a few of us I'm sure we can build that spaceship in like 20 hours of playtime


Self improvement.


Too autismal.


what is it?



Didn't you guys play FTB Minecraft?


File: 1487092932406.jpg (72.77 KB, 579x783, 3cd61b0f-8ff7-4834-b23d-6a….jpg)


And none of us was minimally into the automation aspect of it.
I was in it for the exploration and cool spells.


For a while, but it sort of fell to ruin after a while. Or, at least, not all of us played it as often as we could have.


No. Its hard.


That looks agressively sarcastic of a response

You have to build a factory to get off an alien planet


File: 1487093007816.png (1.1 MB, 829x662, 1402210488682.png)


You must have a high empathy score to realize my feelings so easily.

>that goal

Eh' automation is hard on servers, we don't need less people being able to connect.


I never got into that aspect either.

But I do see the appeal of games like Factorio where you start with nothing and gradually build up stuff to insane levels.


The first hour or two can be challenging in a fun way, after that you get to build robots that can build shit for you, so you just have to plan blueprints and let the robots build them for you as you keep expaning.
There's also trains and tanks because you have to fight the Zerg who dislike your factory polluting the planet.
It might seem hard, but it's not impossible to win even if we're just a bunch of casuals


Even nicer, that just means it'll be much more Satisfying when you master it


Factorio is not a MC mod, it's a game on Steam.

I think one of the highest rated games in the entire Steam library too.




I had to drive in early for an observation

Mere days left for tower


‎>16 214 ratings

okay, holy shit that is actually impressive
I didn't know that



I see.
It sounds worth a try.

I doubt I can feel true satisfaction from this, but I still must try.


I might need creative mode to actually get the wood to fill that thing in. It was basically done, top priority was fixing the 'moon' on top and dropping the chalk circle there


It has a short demo you can try


Yeah, give the demo a spin sometime.


If you remind me when I get home I'll give you creative

I am happy with some things… Most of the mansion was a space waste but I am proud of the essentia sorter.


I mean, even if it was just you an me Groves, we could try, but it'd be more fun with others.
Maybe even Gaius and Swatz?
I just don't want to play it alone.


It was a classy waste of space, you're better at building things than me.

I'll DL it for later


Every new person getting into programmign is a new chance for me to get developing



Doing some OW. Anyone coming?


My only regret is sylt not accidentally blowing himself up on the fusewood


If only I had motivation to do anything with my life, I'd learn to program in unity.


Everyday you should strive to learn something - gramps


Nah, not gonna play OW today.


True satisfaction is an illusion
You must always seek to improve more


I regret that only us two could really connect to that server. The group adventures of yesterserver were not to be.


Saddening, but true. This weak meat body wants to be still and sated, constantly at war with my mind and reality.


File: 1487094839632.gif (845.26 KB, 300x192, Enough_Fun.gif)

>Oh I see you are studying
>Let me bother you constantly
okay, gonna go I guess
later fags


File: 1487094949843.gif (42.17 KB, 989x679, 1487094902556[1].gif)


You need a shot of B12
You know you do


Bother bother bother


>replaying DS3
>undead settlement first time around in this run
>get knocked off the bridge into that valley
>take no fall damage
>run past evangelist, rats, get to Irina and open the door
Accidental sequence breaking woo


I can give your life some purpose if you do it


File: 1487095844166.jpg (81.68 KB, 1280x720, 1486917477086[1].jpg)

How truly generous


Did you look into the tutorials I sent?
I am a generous god


Not yet, no.


File: 1487096531652.jpg (68.25 KB, 523x535, 0s18ZJa[1].jpg)



That's my meivorite


The fuck is this thread


File: 1487099341752.pdf (4.01 MB, 1487082885746.pdf)

Found this, might be fun to once over


OW Twitter did Valentines responses to tweeters

My favorite is Reaper I think
>Til death do us part…


File: 1487099557338.png (110.84 KB, 484x761, lol.png)

So what's this game about?


>Sylt still hasn't shown an X-card after all the stuff that has happened in Timbuktu

Tough to trigger!


I'm sure none of your players actually have!


Maybe that's only because I didn't provide any


Well, there's a system I'm not reading
Fuck the concept of the X card and easily triggered assholes


File: 1487099722475.webm (232.56 KB, 320x320, 430012.webm)

>not posting them


There are at least 2 for every hero which is like 50 responses, so no

>Tracer: When I'm with you Valentine, time stands still
>Lucio: Is it hot in here, or is it just you?
>Widowmaker: You've got my attention. [Kiss emote]
>Ana: You make me feel young again.
>Mei: You make my heart melt, Valentine.


File: 1487099871197.png (1.14 MB, 1920x681, Coping mechanism.png)

I figure this might get some use in the future.


File: 1487099885910.png (Spoiler Image, 1.12 MB, 1016x927, 1487099371632[1].png)

If I cross my arms now it's totally gonna work.
But would you read THIS system?
I like the concept if I'm getting it right.




I know you have shit taste, don't worry.


>D.va: Falling in love with you was EZ



The kid will either inhibit the further lewds or be taken but then it's going to grow up without a mother!
How can you find that erotic?
You're ruining lives here!


You ever hear the phrase "it takes a village to raise a child"? Elves take that literally, and any children are raised communally. Leaving you free to just make more.


The kids are commissioned to be brought up in some special environment and she's a designated breeder because of her genes.
The actual problem is what happens to her pussy walls.


I'm reminded of that /gif/ webm with the asshole porn caster that prods the meatflaps of a girl and said "Well this has seen better days"




File: 1487102140657.jpg (77.19 KB, 457x695, 1485192758317.jpg)


File: 1487102233238.jpg (56.84 KB, 540x470, 1485799035308.jpg)


File: 1487102649324.png (436.39 KB, 568x736, Alert bun Akko.png)




Do we have people who are up for joining the LWA stram? We got 3 episodes to watch I think.


I'm here I guess


File: 1487102988493.jpg (74.87 KB, 500x720, wander.jpg)

I truly wish I wasn't a horsefucker. Then I could have a normal valentine!


So you could waste money on fancy food and roses that wilt in a day and some fancy champange only to fuck like every other day since literally nothing is different


But what if I enjoy the normalcy?


Knock yourself out I guess


File: 1487103270542.gif (1.52 MB, 200x200, fede806b-097c-4903-bf11-77….gif)

>Gilda2706 started following you
>Oh cool an mlp fan and not a porn bot for onc-
>Is a porn bot


File: 1487103390596.png (155.5 KB, 791x1024, large[1].png)


File: 1487103411088.png (292.89 KB, 863x1135, 1461972420186.png)

You need better marketing


File: 1487103527598.jpg (43.65 KB, 1280x720, Spooked bun Akko.jpg)


Well, in that case I'll just try again tomorrow.


Is DM playing WoW or what?



No thanks
I think it happens regardless of the content of your blog, these bots must follow anything that makes a post with the #NSFW tag



Oh well
Guess we won't be doing anything tonight then

Also, we can talk about revitalizing your Destiny in a bit after I finish up eating, if you want


I'm all for smol spellcasters tomorrow


I'm game.





File: 1487106822076.gif (58.5 KB, 384x220, Roses for daapi.gif)


So what did everyone do for today


I blew around 300 euros on vidya and a new screen.


I drank coffee and ate a sandwich.


I baked a pizza at work
And hammered f5 on UPS'S tracking site like it owes me money


Happy Valentine's


File: 1487107273071.gif (1.02 MB, 482x475, 1257402.gif)

Got lots of work at school I don't wanna do
Had to work job


File: 1487107836960.jpg (186.61 KB, 880x435, There be lewd going on her….jpg)

>new Dungeon Meshi chapter out


finish my weeklies for wew so I can not play it tomorrow


File: 1487108831781.png (229.15 KB, 555x594, 1328439063145.png)

slp end me or at least this day


File: 1487108975701.png (63.21 KB, 279x199, 1469202634004.png)

Should I just go to bed?


File: 1487110342378.png (517.11 KB, 1000x1000, 1454809181280.png)


You two should like
Do stuff with each other!




>tfw Sol is ded and hatsus
I miss how that quest never had any sort of closure.


That's the case for so many quests!


File: 1487111753346.jpg (76.39 KB, 1136x640, 1481553443186.jpg)

Before I head to bed, I wanted to share how I've been playing around with some ideas in my head about how to approach that wizard quest I've been wanting to run and came up a scenario people might like.

Instead of running it in a school setting, perhaps a more Settlers/DD Fortress kind of approach may prove to be more interesting. As in, the players help settle a settlement/colony somewhere in uncharted lands. Maybe in a similar vein to how people fled Europe to escape persecution during the age of colonization. It kind of lends itself to a lot of interesting directions the quest could take depending on what the PC's want to make of their new home.

I don't know if people are even waiting for a quest like this, but I had a lot of time to think during my trip home.


File: 1487111817203.jpg (78.8 KB, 480x620, 1481927334389.jpg)

Sounds like one of Campfire or zulu's old quests.


Sounds like it might be interesting. Would you let people bring their own homunculi to do the menial farmwork, or are they going to have to rough it?


But would you want to run that?


>Would you let people bring their own homunculi to do the menial farmwork, or are they going to have to rough it?
I think I would probably play it pretty loose with the rules and just give the players a bunch of points to spend on whatever school of magic they want to specialize in. Similar to how Campfire handled skills in Dog Fort. So something like what you're asking could be facilitated with spending points on a Summoning skill. Alternatively I could go with an actual system like FC or whatever.

Either way, I think being able to summon minions to do the dirty work would be integral to what makes it a wizard quest.

I think it could be a lot of fun. I mean, I enjoyed the idea behind Dog Fort and Settlers.


As far as quests go they were quite different. Which one would it be closer to?


Pardon me?


Sounds interesting.


File: 1487113000276.png (280.44 KB, 877x411, 1487094855928.png)

New Dungeon Meshi chapter.


Probably Settlers.

Anyway, really got to bed now.




Night you two.


Dream of Dosh


Of course I'd play

I hope you choke in your sleep


File: 1487114530801.jpg (78.73 KB, 1000x1000, 1454299600206.jpg)

>play 3v3
>team is me and a duo, a master and a grandmaster
>lose the first 2 rounds, they start trashtalking me that I can't play and I'm just a shitty diamond player
>we do a comeback and win the 3v3
>que up again, they are on the enemy team
>we win, I tell them "How embarassing, losing to a diamond"
>que up, it's up against them AGAIN
>start shitposting by saying De Ja Vu and all that, win again, they rage so hard they leave before the match concludes so they didn't even get the xp

Get fucking shat in your mouths, cockvads

This is how you put people into maximum overtilt


I've been planning to draw a couple OW heroes stylized as DD heroes

>Zarya - Graviton Surge

[Ranks shuffled]
[Party wipe]
>Soldier 76's resolve is tested…
>Soldier 76: I can't believe I have such a shit team.
>Reinhardt's resolve is tested…
[Reinhardt] has left the game.


File: 1487114871719.jpg (185.9 KB, 1280x687, Darkest Souls 3.jpg)

That sounds fairly difficult, considering the wildly different styles.


>Lucio's Resolve is being tested…

"Come on team, we can do this, just group up and push to the objective, let's win this!"


>that artorias

Fuck me, that's great


File: 1487115180920.jpg (192.66 KB, 1280x687, Darkest Souls 1.jpg)

I can't for the life of me remember who drew it, though.


I didn't claim it would be good desu



File: 1487115841419.jpg (47.06 KB, 587x593, 429963.jpg)



It must be incredibly therapeutic to be HowToBasic

I feel I'd be a lot more healthy and less salty if every few months I could just let go of my pent up agression by smashing shit to pieces.


File: 1487118935114.jpg (190.51 KB, 600x800, Bear did I go wrong in my ….jpg)

>kinda want to play vidya
>nothing jumps out at me, despite there being a boatload of games I could be playing
>but I don't just want to sit here staring at nothing for an hour or two
I suppose it's time for fate to decide.
-Darkest Dungeon
-get lost in Rise of the Triad
-get even more lost in Painkiller
-try to actually finish Rogue Legacy
-try to finish Crypt of the Necrodancer
-continue to do nothing and just surf youtube videos instead

Roll #1 1 = 1


The abyss has firm hold of me, it seems.


I just had some uncanny fucking De Ja Vu
I literally remember reading this exact fucking thread on Reddit about a Kripp Twitch clip being already out, these were the exact same replies but this isn't a subreddit meme or anything.
Holy shit this is creepy
I even fucking remember posting about it and Wf replying, but I can't remember what

Is this an alternate universe?
Have I lived this moment already and remember it from another life?

So spook


I even google it, this was the only result, so I cannot have read it elsewhere.


Oy vey he's finding out


Sometimes your brain fucks up and makes you experience something twice.


But, I mean, this felt like it was a distant memory that I've experienced weeks ago
I mean, obviously there is nothing supernatural going on, but it's still uncanny as fuck to experience something again that you could not have possibly experienced before



I feel bad I never finished watching that series


Only so many TV hours in a day


This guy really likes to RP with himself and not write out clear easy to skim charts!


File: 1487122774187.png (695.45 KB, 778x655, 1474925055413.png)

>finally able to break away
>complete death
okay I guess


Give me 10 minutes and a I should be able to do a few matches


I don't know, I'd rather do hawknia since the event is over


File: 1487123136770.png (60.96 KB, 377x374, 1472321508818.png)

>magaed to do all my arcade wins + 2 levels yesterday for 5 loot boxes
>no last minute legendaries or anything



File: 1487123220635.jpg (36.05 KB, 640x480, 1487064808241.jpg)

I got all my boxes too.
No legends, used the coins to unlocks the chicken voice lines for taunting later


Sorry, but I'll be gone in an hour and a half for the rest of the night


Speaking of Hawknia, Saturday or Monday I have an evening free. Monday might be harder, but I can try


I'll make some time saturday for it, evening or?

No worries. I'll just study until wf pokes around then


File: 1487123720074.png (370.15 KB, 1280x884, 1365927128664.png)

Purphorse approves


File: 1487123767408.png (800.01 KB, 900x600, 1487097810728.png)

I'm glad, I was told I was wasting my time earlier


>Watching a YouTube video about the importance and value of the healers and supports
>Mercy didn't even get mentioned
Ouch. Buff when?

Evening, I'll be working in the morning.



Oh dear
Is it because of what you're studying?


It doesn't matter as long as I want to keep trying it..
yes, but maybe it was just to bully me


Purpprincess is backing you


File: 1487124551968.gif (2.71 MB, 405x350, hothead.gif)

Thanks Princess, you're the best.


Anyone else staying out late to avoid the risk of hearing anyone making love?


She's going to be invulnerable while rezzing

Most boring character in both fluff and mechanics deserves nothing


>short-but-high-stress warrens run goes well
>no one dies, at least
>come back and find a shambler had stolen eight (EIGHT!) trinkets
>including one of my books of sanity
There's bad events, and then there's events designed to fuck people over. Jesus.


Doesn't explain why she takes up most of the Healslut subreddit.
Which I do not frequent and found during my pursuit of something hilarious.


She's a cute enough girl who is completely helpless unless latching onto someone to heal or boost them.

Seems like the core of the whole healslut thing


File: 1487129625050.png (416.04 KB, 751x1068, 1485374241482.png)

I'll try more in a bit, what are you guys up to?


Thinking about what to do next. DD wears through the patience right quick, and I don't think I'm up for another evening of OW.


same here. I don't want to even log into OW.


Run a DnD quest since BDN is sick


Run another quest? I dunno.


File: 1487131734203.jpg (123.91 KB, 1351x1016, tmp_7329-1461501287049-100….jpg)

Trying not to contaminate my DNA samples by coughing at the wrong time


Knight please.


>tfw I will never ever be able to spend my free time making games like this


>Darkest Dungeon "wrong neighborhood"

These are getting lazier and lazier

This is more like a YTP. Not even rhyming, just breadspam


Three days left of Minecraft


Actually, that's a Shrieker not a Shambler

And, MAJOR SPOILERS DO NOT HOVER IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW the quest to get your stuff back is just a boss fight, no dungeon, and you only have to survive until turn 4, not kill it. However there is a big reward if you can smash its nest.


I'm looking for a team with two tanks and a lot of health
Instalocking Hanzo? Fucking kill yourself




File: 1487137540006.png (1006.73 KB, 1536x2048, 1487052880066.png)

I'll pick Pharah

Zen if I feel like it.

Good night.






Good morning.

Do you think I should really focus on learning Ana?

Quest when?


You should ask wf for that


Right now? Do you like her play style? She's still top dog.


He's got enough players, and it seems a mostly Euro quest schedule.

She's got a lot of options, and putting people to sleep is fun. She's the only other healer I'd like to play, since she actually lets me.play the game.

Lucio I haven't been able to enjoy in a while, and Mercy is just a trinket to me.


Lucio can't work without a coordinated team. I'd say definitely pick ana up. Especially if your aim is decent.


Yes, and?


Yeah, should help me deal with the Pharah problem, though apparently Blizzard thinks I'm an ace sharpshooter as Zen anyways.

I mean to imply you should run a quest. I still have my characters from some of your quest ideas you posted.


File: 1487141598851.jpg (2.82 MB, 4032x2268, 1487141580159-40582927.jpg)

I blame DM for this
Like warhammer quest?


Sounds fun.


What sounds fun


Warhammer Quest


It's literally the only idea I remember having
Other than CoC 2 but Wf's got that handled.


File: 1487143417117.gif (2.06 MB, 340x340, eFXmKEw.gif)

BDN are you here?
I would an actual CoC quest


I bet you would huh


Yes I absolutely would
I would have joined Wf's too if I wasn't such a stranger to 'Victorian era' (And had a way of using my computer)


>Nasse's last CoC quest
>play innocent mare of ice magic
>get sappy with Fidget's character
>dungeon splits all of us up
>evil monster wants to force Fidget into sex
>shows him how my character is about to get tentacle raped in a dark corridor
>roll us a hexacrit and freeze the place solid
>feed cuts off
And that's the story all about how I nuke yet another quest.


Don't forget I had escape artist as a skill, so I was pretty much ready to leave at any time.


I totally didn't know about that.
Why were we so un-rape-able?


Well no, the quest was nuked because someone in MLPG found out about it.



Because we're Those Guys.


Come here you, let's make love in the equine mounting position with the lights off.


But not without proper protection.


>Pony CoC
Wow, poor Nasse


>wasting the seed


It was particularly blasphemous since we were inside a temple of love at the time, if I recall correctly.


Weren't they the ones handing out condoms in the first place?


Well, yes, but they probably didn't expect them to work. Or they poked holes in them.


This love temple thing made me think
>religions in coc world
>each is to a different sex act
>follow their tenants to gain powers
>progress your character by actually getting into the whole coc setting
That'd be neat.
Why so malicious?


[continued laughter]



We lived in a different reality back then.


Malicious? Heaven forbid, but what malice could lie in the "Accidental" mixing of love between two ponies, and the crystallization of that love which is a child?


It's literally useless for them!


File: 1487147019073.png (19.82 KB, 666x666, Bun pillow.png)

Love will find a way.

At any rate, it's passed 03:20, so I'm going to hit the sack.


File: 1487147208418.png (86.8 KB, 500x145, goodnight.png)

You do that. Goodnight.


File: 1487147503025.jpg (2.29 MB, 4032x2268, 148714747251525590463.jpg)

Fucking capers


File: 1487147670617.jpg (14.13 KB, 405x605, 1388851921278.jpg)




They're nice


File: 1487147994597.png (921.81 KB, 800x533, c8fd049b-0a3c-480c-b2e7-74….png)

Okay hear me out
Tonight I had a dream that you asked me what I wanted from Mons and I answered so now I'm gonna aswer irl (unless this is also a dream) and hopefully it'll be interesting for you and help make things even more fun for both of us

I wanted to have a bit more focus on the poke researcher part of my character, I know that right now it isn't the best time since I was in the town and doing the gym challenge and such but as soon as I get back in the road I want to have more interaction with wild Pokemon like that time with the Rhydon

Also discovering more things like the Sunstones, that was amazing. Finding unnatural things like how the other stones are made, exploring a cave with Unown writing in the walls like in D/P/P or seeing other bizarre, lesser known Pokemon behavior

I also want to try stuff like deep sea researching (With proper diving gear and the help of Nadia) like in that first episode of the SuMo anime, and maybe also high-in-the-sky researching with the help of Jasper so I can reach high places like dragon nests in the mountains or watch a territorial dispute between two predator birds

That's pretty much some of the stuff I'd like to see, you don't have to do exactly those examples though, a little surprise is great too and I know you have some waiting for me, but I hope this stuff helps


File: 1487148047121.png (573.58 KB, 538x1413, 23c.png)

Heard you were talking shit.


No, what are buttfangs


Also did DM literally die


File: 1487148296581.jpg (197.85 KB, 1080x1050, 1380383268759.jpg)

The bits of the butt hanging that you can see from the front, behind the thighs

More or less the stuff I was always gonna do then. Great.


Guys help. I have a test in a few hours I know I will fail, and no willpower to do anything about it.


File: 1487148554996.png (91.83 KB, 295x223, 1479877049756.png)

>no last minute panic setting in
Now that is strange


Sorry then


I have the calm of the defeated.


File: 1487148875186.png (207.57 KB, 480x640, 1380387243901.png)

No, it's great, so I know that you'll like what I have in store.

Mons to me was always about exploring a wild and strange world, having adventures and learning about both the ugly and good.

I was a little worried you'd be creeped out by the sun stone scene, so I'm happy

You're not yet defeated. A few hours can make a difference.


Nah I loved that
The one thing that might actually creep me out is the deep sea parts I mentioned, since I have a huge fear of the abyssal darkness


File: 1487149673680.jpg (149.71 KB, 600x600, 1380343090342.jpg)


Pokemon doesn't give me too much deep sea material to work with as I'd like, unfortunately, but there will be stuff




>Nasse's conversion to Overwatch

Reminder all is not lost yet


File: 1487149976736.png (178.09 KB, 1024x1024, large.png)

The depression has struck again.

Don't remind me.
The Berenstain universe was a terrible place.


As it often does.


Are we not in the Berenstain universe right now?

Or did you cross back?


If I see a Jellicent you're dead to me BDN


Oh boy, hope you don't run into the pirate team then

Jellicent is what I'd consider the minimum spooky


What an angry pony


I'm firmly in the Berenstein universe right now. But I feel dimensional fluctuations pulling me back.

She's cutest when she's angry.

How did exams go?


It's at two.


File: 1487150867213.png (59.26 KB, 200x243, Lightning_Dust_ID_S3E7.png)

Take this pony of excellence and perseverance with you.


File: 1487150941617.jpg (41.15 KB, 485x360, 930351[1].jpg)

What's the exam on
What the zog is a brenstein universe?


>Nosso actually never went to 4chon


Physics. All of it.
Pls no trauma


Only to /tg/ recently. Certainly not /pol/.
I fucking hate physics


So do I.
I hate 90% of what I'm studying.


It's not a /pol/ maymay though.

>tfw ponyland started as a carefree place
>now there are mean ponies, disabled ponies, even traumatized ponies in canon


Also maybe you're right but I just really really hate jellyfish and that picture you posted of the Jellicent eating the remoraid kinda traumatized me too


I would have disagreed if you asked me before but now I'm burnt out on 'hey we're gonna teach all the sciences oh btw it's actually 99% physics'

But why are you studying it anyway?


Because it's a 1st year must-take course I pushed up until now. And I still hate it.


File: 1487152345470.jpg (67.56 KB, 640x640, 1466228399523.jpg)

>1st year must-take
You'll be fine, they can't go too deep, can they?


Wide as an ocean deep as a puddle.


>lector keeps using maymays incorrectly



Good for you, then it's easily salvageable


The truth is, I'm too dumb for this shit and should have been a cook or a farmer instead.


Oh THAT thing
It was so silly I forgot it existed


Yeah, I'm thinking programming really isn't my thing but I'm still applying to study it and business in college.


File: 1487153578201.png (173.02 KB, 900x694, princess_luna___sad_by_dra….png)

But that's wrong!


File: 1487153781677.png (212.63 KB, 396x388, Suomi.png)


>half the sub could maybe want to learn programming
If only I could motivate even one if you


You do realize people like me, Wf and Sion already know how to program, but just don't have the time to dedicate for your specific project, right?


Technically I know how to program too.
I mean I have the papers for it.


I tried to get into it once and I'm not inclined to try again.


>bought a sketchpad and pencils for drawing at work
>some shitbag has to sit next to me just then so I can't do shit


Are you considering that they might want you to work?


No, they only browse fucking funnyjunk all day
Literally no one does work here


I'm sure you guys only need some basic income to make you more productive.


Boop me when you get home

I want Timbuktu to be fun uuuu


I don't know, regular people seem to want jobs but no one's educated for the jobs that are present.
>tfw wf likes all his players better than me


I'll be home in an hour or less.


Well there's no question whether or not you're having fun, but things haven't clicked for Groves yet


>regular people seem to want jobs but no one's educated for the jobs that are present
Literally only gonna get worse.


But are YOU having fun
Dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun




It's like the wayward child that gets all the attention when he's good and the good child that gets none since he's expected to do so


And I respect that by not considering you as options




I have enough trouble as it is cobbling together pixel counters


>tfw Wf hates my character



I've had the most intense fucking zombie dream in a long time


File: 1487158359674.png (104.83 KB, 354x423, delet.png)

You do enjoy running quests still, do you?


>outtempo tempo decks
>outcontrol control decks

Runecraft Daria is balanced.
There is nothing wrong with it whatsoever.
This is perfectly fine, to counter literally everything and have no counter of your own.


So why aren't you using it :~]


If you want balance, go play chess.
This is about fun



Because I don't have a single Daria, not to mention 3

Also, they are literally the only class who has a good counter against amulets, and the best control deck uses those, so yeah.
It's just fucking bullshit all around.

Fuck fun


File: 1487160941450.jpg (2.25 MB, 4032x2268, 1487160908764704635940.jpg)

Hey DM



No that's /tg/. /v/ is "fun is a buzzword".


I sure hope you're posting this while on your way to your exam


File: 1487161710917.png (517.64 KB, 566x800, 1476275114342.png)



Clearly we just need more Cheerilee in T


Micro Cheerilee


>Wf confirmed for hating


I'd play a micro Cheerilee to cheer up Wf


File: 1487162612959.webm (150.57 KB, 480x480, wf bait.webm)



File: 1487162836318.jpg (95.53 KB, 709x1128, 1484019968816.jpg)

There aren't a lot of teacher characters. What I want right now is to figure out what Groves wants

I am planning to run today, by the way

Hamsters too thicc
Mousegirls can be nice though



I'm sure you wouldn't mind giving a snack to the teacher for her hard work~




Maybe I just need to play more to get into the groove of things. Right now I feel sort of detached from my character.


Yeah, but that's okay. If you want to reroll or something that's fine too.

You can message me on Steam if you want to toy with ideas. Don't need to commit to anything.


>>815650 I'm planning on being there but not if it starts after 23 o'clock


Approximately when do you plan to run?


This is cap


When groves is redi

It might be better to wait for Friday though, so I can get him sorted out…


I'll only be home and ready in three hours though


I agree, we must wait for each other with our soloquests


Well, that would make it easier on me too, since I had that really long day yesterday and I didn't get as much sleep as I'd like. Plus this is my last day to play serious vidya for a while since I'm going to watch my aunt's estate while she's traveling in the northeast for a while, so it's nice to have the day and not feel obligated to run.

I guess we can push it back to Friday, which is quickly becoming our norm


Whatever you want


Allright then


>get a prawn salad because why not
>the prawn tastes like nothing in particular

Should have gone with the chicken


File: 1487167220914.jpg (428.53 KB, 1280x720, 1484726337999.jpg)

>Pewdiepie makes a joke video about how the media took stuff out of context from a previous video and called him racist in some retarded clickbait article
>Joke video features him laughing at said article, after which he pretends to seriously dress up in nazi attire and to watch a speech of Hitler
>Media takes this out of context even further, causing another massive shitstorm which results in both Disney and Youtube severing ties with Pewdiepie

I think the cherry on the cake is people like JK Rowling deciding to also tweet their shitty analysis of the situation and then getting butthurt over people laughing with fascism.




File: 1487167330605.jpg (36.87 KB, 350x298, dog.jpg)

I feel nothing anymore


As much as I dislike him, I've read about this move of his an it was pretty ballsy.
Also proof of how dumb people are.

Not like this will affect him much, he will still get big dosh from YT, he's just not a featured channel anymore, but at this point that doesn't really hurt him too much


He's been pretty smart with his money from what I've heard, he's pretty much set for life


I mean, yeah, money is not really a concern for him anymore, but I can't really force myself to watch anything from him, social criticism or not because of how obnoxious he is an how his careeer is screaming like a retard


I don't think any of us here are part of his target audience, but I don't dislike the guy for what he does. I think he did a good job managing his fame at least.

So of course this doesn't hurt him. He doesn't need to make videos to earn money anymore since he's already kind of set, but this is still fucking disgusting. Fuck these people. Fuck people like JK Rowling especially.


Truly master troll.


Guess I'm just jealous I can't be the richest man on the planet by screaming at video games with a bad accent

The problem with Rowling is that her fans are like a cult following so she cannot ever be wrong


>JK Rowling at the beginning of her career
“Call him Voldemort, Harry. Always use the proper name for things. Fear of a name increases fear of the thing itself.”
>JK Rowling after her career
D-don't talk about the H-man!


File: 1487169135681.png (131.33 KB, 321x239, 428210.png)


File: 1487169780723.gif (107.4 KB, 224x223, 1442459016670-1.gif)


File: 1487169989189.png (545.21 KB, 1280x720, 1460754129036.png)


File: 1487170189862.gif (347.14 KB, 500x460, 1337013323362.gif)

what's going on this morning


I'd touch her tail
Not much at the moment so I'm thinking of going to the store
Just woke up, had some nice coffee?


I'm out of good coffee, but maybe I can go out for a decent one, but I have horrible cheap stuff here, I should just use that.


Going out for nice coffee is a better start for the day even if it seems like a bother
Source: personal experience


Drown it in milk and sugar


File: 1487170917173.gif (220.96 KB, 660x500, 8ef69f7c-9431-44a1-ae4f-39….gif)

Drink chocolate milk instead


File: 1487171022355.gif (1.82 MB, 400x232, PettingFroakie.gif)

Its only a little depressing, I'll just treat it like nasse says, can't go out at a whim you know.
What am I a kid? Getting ready for nap time?


Going out for coffee daily creates a notable money sink


>Capra males feel the need to over perform in bed because Capra todgers are about the sizr of an average Capra finger


File: 1487171150561.jpg (Spoiler Image, 28.98 KB, 462x750, 068a5cac5390578b3ab9f52c10….jpg)

Luckily for you, Nadia is good at defending you from ghostly jellifish!

Better make sure they don't overwhelm her

But you can't deny chocolate milk cheers you up!


But it doesn't hurt if you do it every now and then

>can't go out on a whim
Why not?


Nopony, I told you to stop posting that edgy shit



Its an expensive thing to make a habit out of


Still better than most primates
True enough. It should just not become a habit unless you get it for free.


I need to buy more of the cheap coffee stuff too, I'm way too used to going out for it


Going to the store but I'll leave you with this delightful zombie short movie


It's drama and not horror, so it's not cheap jumpscares and shit like that


Unlimited supply helps make a stimulant addiction more bearable


All I've ever known is cheap stuff to fuel school with

Though I haven't had to use it in a while for some reason


I just miss my mocha machine


File: 1487171923122.jpg (495.44 KB, 630x895, 1467461156203.jpg)

There are always things for trainers to fear.


Wow so rude
BDN you motherfucker I bet you looked for that picture just to spook me
The moment I even spot a Jellicent I would get the hell out of there
Too bad Cello wouldn't because he doesn't know about them so he would try to research them like an idiot and I hate that aaaaaaaaaaa


You never know. Maybe cello will learn something important about them!


>"Huh, so it turns out that Jellicent actually feed on life energy" thought Cello as he saw his waist and legs being digested into bones


What about how they feed? You could make a model of it for the professor.

Or if it's their behaviour you're interested in, how about looking for ways to be friendlier with one?


BDN please! Those things can't possibly be friendly
I don't trust'em
But I would observe one from reeaally far and safe distance


GTA V is on sale if anyone is interested in that.


File: 1487175593327.gif (741.14 KB, 426x254, 1456526906958.gif)


File: 1487176185118.png (60.1 KB, 447x537, finally some rules.png)

well it took a while to cut through more faff than the 1.4 smith class, but I finally found some rules to that thing knight posted, looks basic


File: 1487176895494.webm (1.51 MB, 1280x720, jump off a clif.webm)


File: 1487178602503.jpg (114.98 KB, 600x800, Nendo Tracer.jpg)

I was honestly not expecting this.


Nendos are nice, they're like those PopVinyls if they weren't shit.




File: 1487179139301.jpg (48.55 KB, 480x468, 1487178560568[1].jpg)

Post rare trolleys.


That's not REAL thick
She's just compressed.


File: 1487179476491.jpg (90.33 KB, 600x470, The ultimate problem trigg….jpg)


File: 1487179548260.png (307.16 KB, 680x859, f18.png)

Also, SMBC did a good one on these


File: 1487179624251.png (608.66 KB, 1024x895, maali_stop.png)

You weren't expecting mass produced toys of tracer?


File: 1487179746795.jpg (74.89 KB, 720x564, Kelani average day.jpg)


Poor girls


Nendoroids are actually nice and poseable figures, though, and not garbage like FunkoPop that license EVERYTHING and get into Hot Topic and are cheap to make, taking away from the origins of the vinyl toy scene that they copied from which were to be limited run art pieces instead of MASS PRODUCED GARBAGE THAT'S EVERYWHERE AND HAS A SHIT ART STYLE AAAARRRRRRRGGGGHHHH


Just tell them to not wear any


I looked them up and they look fucking huge man, they have video games and plush doll lines too.


File: 1487180023719.gif (288.42 KB, 640x360, 1349251649973.gif)

hmm yes, that's normal for ponies anyway





File: 1487180134988.jpg (640.49 KB, 1920x1080, 1432460806136.jpg)

I see.
Its still not weird at all that blizzard would want another large toy company to make tracer toys for them


You two up for Little Bitch Academia later?


Does Kelani peek under the tails of mares when they aren't looking?



File: 1487180189655.gif (1.94 MB, 500x229, dodgy slut.gif)


Oh no not at all, and it's nice to see that they're going for a higher end route, even if they do already have Funkos.



wouldn't that be natural?

top witch there


Depends on how often he does it!


I see.


probably not often he doesn't need to look there to know they are into him


Pffft, I'm sure that's the only reason he'd do it!
Just wait until this bite backs and the mares will not have to look far to see he is into them


File: 1487180913322.png (501.15 KB, 1280x1280, Girls who told you that yo….png)


'1d10' bluff aloofness

Roll #1 10 = 10


Kelani's flaccidity is unmatched.


Bluff '1d10' love

Roll #1 3 = 3


Or he just has a Godlike ability at hiding boners

That's only enough to fool Lockbox


but with lockbox he doesn't need to bluff


Sense Motive

Roll #1 6 = 6


oops she found out that he really does feel affection for her


I wish




File: 1487181919827.png (253.52 KB, 705x676, 1394851424355.png)

cadence approved


File: 1487181997573.png (919.01 KB, 1300x731, 1357650__suggestive_artist….png)

I' let Cadance approve me



That I could turn back time


a nigga would


To the good old days.


File: 1487182489679.webm (2.73 MB, 569x320, sion reminiscing.webm)



Would you


>go out for pizza
>end up giving a 1 pound 50 pence to a bum

I've been meaning to get rid of my useless change for the last 3 days anyway

The most embarassing day was I didn't undersand him for the first minute and he asked me if I even speak English
After I got use to the speed and accent I could understand it all though


You made me imagine a sad drama moment but everyone is speaking in that Lucky Charms accent and I can't stop laughing.


25% of his speech was ending his sentences with "Y'understan me boss?" But said so fast it was like a single wor





Yeah, that's about how I expected it to sound. We get a lot of that over here as well.


Are you racist?


Probably. Though you know what they say: "Familiarity breeds contempt."


File: 1487186546538.webm (1.97 MB, 398x224, 430133.webm)

What they say is u stink, haha, loser.



>called Hillbilly

Sounds about right


3:45 is where you can hear a guy speaking it quickly. But yeah, there's a good number of people around here who talk like that. Not everybody, but it's certainly not unexpected to find somebody who does.


It was more like the Pikeys from Snatch


File: 1487188162473.webm (1.17 MB, 400x400, 430132.webm)


File: 1487188187061.png (1.04 MB, 1345x1009, 1462660906760.png)

cox plz


File: 1487188292708.jpg (1.14 MB, 3978x2028, 2017-02-15 21.49.12.jpg)

She's certainly gonna get one


File: 1487188379278.webm (1.09 MB, 1280x720, where do you think we are.webm)

Dr. Cox?
Where do you think you are?


what a space of ships

my internet keeps shutting itself off because they are working on the line about 20 miles away, sorry for interruptions


Oh, I see.
Well, we are playing by post so it's not like I'd have noticed much!


fair enough!
I may have mixed up mirage and angel for a moment there


It's okay, it's totally IC for Kelani to be out of the loop


Heh lucky me!


Also, Camain can totally remind you about NPCs IC because he has been there for almost the entire time and you're the fresh guy


File: 1487189637957.png (1.45 MB, 2374x1597, 1375282545311.png)

Even luckier.


What a beautiful Sun


File: 1487190331009.jpg (30.45 KB, 600x450, fae32dea-a273-4d14-9c42-4f….jpg)

>That blissful time you get to eat warm food after not eating anything since yesterday
Whoever said that humans can survive 3+ days without food is a liar


Oh, you can survive. They never said it would be pleasant, though.


Gum and sipping water really really slowly can keep you sane


Humans can literally survive for weeks without any sort of food, you don't even feel hungry after a week.
I mean, Bobby Sands died after 66 days of not eating during his hunger strike.
It's water that you need urgently, you can't make it past 3 days without water.


True, but you need a lot of will power to keep it up, so a strike or something is different.


It's generally really hard to starve to death unless you are striking or live in Africa


I don't actually think a hunger strike would work very well.
>pay attention to me or I won't eat
like, if they aren't noticing and caring about you, why do they care about your health? I don't get it.


It's done by people who others already do care about to bring attention to some incredibly important issue, it's not a teenager's cry for attention.


It's sort of like martyrdom.
Bobby Sands dying in prison during his hunger strike not only made national and international media, it gave a new wave for the Irish independence movement (Sadly a boost to IRA too). There have been riots for days all over Ireland, etc.


File: 1487191502542.gif (1.03 MB, 640x360, 1392338547468.gif)

Hmm, I see.
Thanks for explaining a little.


File: 1487191576669.png (276.23 KB, 1200x800, 0b9c7f78-5a3a-4d4b-b53b-94….png)

Woah gosh
And I was already picturing myself kneeling and passing out on the street from hunger
Guess I'm just a lil pussy in the end


Hunger by Steve McQueen is a great movie about this, but it's incredibly disturbing.

Yep, you're just a little bitch


Lil' deer pussy


File: 1487191911737.png (305.32 KB, 500x500, 1fd19680-abfc-4a08-b38c-2f….png)

Hey that's rude, you can't say mean things to me, only I'm allowed to depreciate myself
You're not allowed to say that either


Or what? You'll starve yourself to death?


File: 1487191943163.jpg (Spoiler Image, 170.22 KB, 640x480, Deer licking pussy.jpg)


File: 1487191989549.png (121.01 KB, 936x854, worry.png)

Maali plz

I might sometime. Its really frustrating to be so far behind on everything. why can't I just download it into my brain yet?


But I find lil' deer pussies unf


F-fidget what's this picture, did you take this?


I mean, I watch a lot of movies either because of Uni or because of my friends influencing me to watch them. I wouldn't have seen Spotlight if a friend of mine didn't invite me over to watch it together and it was brilliant. Plus I have a big backlog too.


Even worse, I'll draw your characters doing terrible things
So lewd
Is that so?
And don't even get me started on the sunburns. I look like one of those people who fall asleep in the beach
Doesn't help that I was also wearing sleeveless shirt


Do it faggot


Don't hold out hope, he's not done the gay pic from skyyarr yet.



Time to draw Emrille Making out with Mei
No porn until I have my computer



No, draw emrille instalocking Hanzo


I do miss movie nights actually, got to see so many things I would never think of watching on my own.


File: 1487192738514.jpg (21.16 KB, 487x274, Slampick.jpg)


File: 1487192783812.jpg (126.34 KB, 400x520, Disgust.jpg)


File: 1487192813102.png (275.62 KB, 322x632, 1464854330520.png)


It's why we have strams!
We could do Movie Nights at the Sub too, to be honest


File: 1487192967464.png (771.71 KB, 1280x720, 1473736300463.png)


We could!


Some light OW?


File: 1487193123968.jpg (152.88 KB, 487x483, Literally every quick play.jpg)


Do the edit with the "xxxHanzoMain420xxx my son, you are in Team Assembly now" thing


What a cute


File: 1487193215170.gif (557.37 KB, 516x516, 1246987.gif)



We really could.
I mean we just had one with Gaius & Swatz




I misplaced the minecraft server address. So I suppose there's no point in firing that up for the last day or so.


The question is would we only watch meme movies or would we watch serious things.
Spotligtht and Hunger are great movies, but way too serious to meme about


File: 1487193440448.jpg (67.17 KB, 600x951, Italy.jpg)

We've been wanting to watch some Leslie Nielsen movies like Airplane! and Naked Gun.


File: 1487193456674.jpg (51.19 KB, 635x851, 7de27082b42417136a87637446….jpg)

>when the fairy hits just right






You haven't watched Falsely Accused yet, have you?
I'd rewatch it with you people. Also, shame you didn't tell me!
We could also watch Top Secret as a meme movie


Nvm I quit.


That was fast


I said we've been wanting to, not that we already did.

Also the POTC movies would be good fun. Maybe some James Bond too. Already blasted through the Harry Potter movies.


I need to leave for my aunt's house in about an hour, so I'm gonna get my last hour of vidya in now


Clicked on 1v1 instead of 3v3.
Showed me how shit I am at the game.


I'll join.


Oh, I misread.
POTC might be fun as well, yeah.

Don't worry, 1v1 shows me how shit I am at the game too
1v1 is just an awful game mode


>meme team
>watching anything but memes
you know the answer to this


I'm convinced 1v1 is played exclusively by people who are great at duels.


>I'm convinced 1v1 is played exclusively by Grandmasters and up


I meant Srs Bsns Movie Night could be a thing too!

I just dislike it mechancally
"Here are all these team-centered heroes, go nuts on each other alone."


If only I knew something that could disgust you
My God DM is a genius


>If only I knew something that could disgust you
GOod luck kiddo.


File: 1487194199041.jpg (24.15 KB, 500x373, 426204.jpg)


File: 1487194247118.jpg (99.05 KB, 399x601, Schweiftasche.jpg)


File: 1487194319859.gif (996.3 KB, 500x376, Light Heart strikes.gif)


Thank you for reminding me this exists.


File: 1487194454821.png (875.8 KB, 804x1071, literally no effoty.png)




I know


What the actual fuck.



At the time me and my friends played that none of us understood that was supposed to be menstrual blood.


>women summon demons every time they are on their periods

Explains many things in life, Edboi


I beat that game like 3 times and I don't remember ever really using Rose for whatever reason.


Have you ever read how Leviticus says to deal with a woman's period?
You sexist pig!


But was the game any good?


Yeah, it was pretty great for the time.


File: 1487195012549.png (191.09 KB, 433x330, 1482277927668.png)


I have a better advice, more universal.
Make sure to put down a towel under her


Dart + Shana + Miranda
Sometimes Meru or Albert
Still holds up decently, had some interesting ideas like powering up attacks with QTEs


pretty cool.


Oh leviticus, always there to make things awkward


File: 1487195434940.gif (218.79 KB, 250x287, 1487187529197.gif)

slp send me to a realm of magic


File: 1487196380015.jpg (24.48 KB, 460x288, AoLkXMo.jpg)


It's funny how people were so dirty back then that a holy book had to tell them not to touch bread with their blood-stained hands.


People literally threw their buckets of shit on the street until like the 17th century


Yea, pretty gross. But I guess they didn't have clean water everywhere to just use when they felt like.

but wait! they are still holding hands. Is that allowed?


Only if Jesus holds their hand too


Whew alright. Glad we could clear that up.


Dodget a ticket to hell there huh


>fire up MC server
>can't connect due to mod mismatches
I had thought I was up-to-date (since I updated through the Curse launcher), so maybe it's the server itself that's out of date.


Wouldn't want to make a horrible mistake! They're only kiddos


>he changed/updated the mod pack
downgrade back!


Yeah go back


How, exactly? There's no "revert to previous" option, so I guess I'm going to have to delete everything and install an older version.


File: 1487197070838.gif (3.27 MB, 377x479, 1097328__safe_rainbow dash….gif)

you can't select a different numbered option from the drop-down list on the launcher near regrowth ?


I had to go into the actual area for the mod itself, but I'm picking up the previous one now.



I was able to connect fyi not really ready to focus on building something for another hour


I'm probably just going to putz around anyway.


Try not to get sent to spawn with no one to help you back.


What a day.
Post a pon to calm me down.


File: 1487197459225.gif (974.55 KB, 640x360, 1350932775797.gif)

What happened to your day?


File: 1487197474930.png (263.14 KB, 900x1169, 213101__safe_oc_changeling….png)

sorry, no ponies here, only bugs


File: 1487197580158.png (610.09 KB, 750x750, 1235814.png)

Lots of stress about my thesis and my internship. Hopefully it will be resolved by next monday.

If I had known the amount of shit I'd have to go through I'd have taken the UK internship.


File: 1487197604807.png (810.3 KB, 1280x1006, Dumb cats get in the box.png)


Make Bug suck up my stress '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10



>tfw Andy only wants to play an hour more


File: 1487197708497.jpg (157.24 KB, 640x740, 1456411571247.jpg)


File: 1487197714192.png (1.17 MB, 1036x801, Got a confession to make.png)


File: 1487197726465.jpg (5.49 MB, 5100x3300, 1000812__safe_solo_oc_blus….jpg)

bug is extremely full now


Nah its not that, just that I don't want to do vidya until about 6


File: 1487197785981.gif (232.33 KB, 295x323, 1477812599290.gif)

Wanna unf?

I can believe that.
I got more stress for her.

But when I heard Nopoop would be there, I realized I had to get as far away as I could.


File: 1487197876019.png (18.08 KB, 600x600, GaP Scrunch.png)

>mod rejection: thuamic tinkerer (unspecified)
She just wants to be friends, since she doesn't really have any.


File: 1487197915549.jpg (91.67 KB, 766x960, lost_hope.jpg)

>tfw you get friendzoned by a hoers


File: 1487197951742.gif (Spoiler Image, 83.85 KB, 700x394, Invisible dildo.gif)

Well, you have to remember, Sion.
She's new to this whole "positive relations with other people" thing.



Fucking tease!


File: 1487197991035.jpg (226.26 KB, 910x297, MLPFIM_3_TheGroup_024_zps1….jpg)

M-more? Bug needs a moment.


should I try to send you mine?


I mean
It's true!


File: 1487198184755.png (301.25 KB, 769x741, Trixie is doing you a favo….png)

She is a showmare, after all. It's all about the presentation.
Might have just been giving me trouble since I hadn't deleted the updated files first. Going to try it again, and then do a clean reinstall if that doesn't work.


Slap nopo '1d10'

Trixie pls
don't be Selena

Roll #1 9 = 9


can't give you creative if you're not online


okay mine seems to be called ThaumicTinkerer-2.5-1.7.10-164

if that helps


Are you leaving soon? I just don't want to play until at least 5. I couldn't focus at all on it if I logged in now.


Yeah, I have to leave now, but I can give it to you later


It's gonna be a while until the fresh install finishes. Once it does, though, I'll make sure I have that one.


File: 1487198437395.jpg (72.09 KB, 703x702, large (10).jpg)


File: 1487198495789.png (360.49 KB, 936x1200, Arrested development.png)

Sion please. If you wanted that you wouldn't have based Selena on her in the first place.


Let me know when.
I'll use the slow people way if I happen to log before you get back.


File: 1487198598430.jpg (130.2 KB, 1920x1080, ddssssssssssssssssss.jpg)

This calls for Angrypon to call them to order!


File: 1487198625613.jpg (71.67 KB, 640x640, mlfw8702_medium.jpg)

To be fair, Selena started as waaaay less lewd!


Last time I posted Angrypon you got upset at me!


File: 1487198781167.png (355.83 KB, 694x768, 5B6qAf5982HPQiFvEGTDAz_u58….png)

US states overlaid on areas of Europe with equal population


>tfw Texan in a alternate universe
[Claps internally]


All that space they aren't using for anything


File: 1487198906078.gif (141.06 KB, 278x300, pol_marches_on.gif)

>check vid on this whole Pewdiepie thing
Man, I gotta respect the man, he's fighting the power.

You posted her lewdly!


These are strange


File: 1487199216772.jpg (1.42 MB, 3300x2000, Loire-Valley.jpg)

Just think, you could be living in the Loire valley right now.


That's what you were asking for the other day!



File: 1487199318155.png (196.68 KB, 1024x733, limestone_pie_by_midnightb….png)

Angrypon should be angry, not lewd!


I should brush my french up.


France is a beautiful country.

Unfortunately, it's full of Frenchmen.


>that much water
surreal indeed


Frenchmen are just unfriendly italians.


My sentiments exactly.


>the frenchman and the italian are natural enemies


its simple, be an elderly person, and they will be friendly to you


>not angrylewd

>go to France
>start everything with "I don't speak french that well, can we switch to English" in french
>they act like decent people


File: 1487199485501.jpg (7.66 KB, 194x260, letöltés (13).jpg)

HON HON HON, How zo you do, fellow frenchmen?


That doesn't sound french at all.
"Je ne parlé francois pas bièn, poule-vouz parlé baguette?"


>Go to France
I assume you went to Paris and spoke to some immigrants who did speak English.


File: 1487199609842.png (1.91 MB, 1280x853, Fuck if we're doing this s….png)

>game now crashes to desktop while trying to boot
I don't even know what I'm doing wrong now. I put the thaumic tinkering mod in the mod folder where it's supposed to go, so why isn't it working?


Well, I spoke to
1. Museum staff
2. Train ticket people
3. People running small businesses such as a bakery


I swear, 5 separate and not related to each other elderly people have told me how friendly france was when they got to go there at last.


They were paying to stay there!


What I like most about Frenchmen is that if you do try to speak French, even if it's broken, they tend to appreciate it.
We Flemish tend to laugh with people speaking horribly dutch

Wrestling control of the Mediterrenean from the French when?


In Paris. Paris is a strange beast that you can't really compare with the rest of France.


I think it's mostly in the big cities.
French countryside is very agreeable.
As long as you don't try to settle there, a guest that stays for a short while is fine.
If you settle there, prepare to deal with a lot of shit


File: 1487199827433.png (2.69 MB, 7630x8228, detective_pinkie_pie_by_c_….png)

that does make a bit of sense


Only had good experiences with Bed&Breakfast place owners in rural places like Coleville-sur-Mer


58-50BC. We won.


>tfw every time Italians get laughed at for being so useless, they can just say they literally conquered everyone of note at one point




The smuggest of pepes.


I don't know how but you said those two things very well.


File: 1487200023933.jpg (6.94 KB, 226x223, IhaveAPlan.jpg)

>me as a GM
>Oh, the player wants to see [npc] I suppose they'll go to her work
>me as PC
>Huh, the [npc] I wanted to see is busy, better go look into whatever plot the DM is luring me too.


Ignorance is bliss I suppose. Try sharing a country with them and see if you're still so positive about the French.

Only the Lombards never did conquer Europe. Meanwhile the Sicilians were buttsluts to Arabs for the longest time.


Could be. Yea. Its pretty normal to be extra polite to travelers.


But at the same time the sicilians came from the greeks which colonized almost every coast in the mediterrenean.


And then they got colonized by the vikings of all things.


You could have just gone to the City Watch builing!
I know >realism is arbitrary in a game like this, but Kelani literally helped her get into the City Watch so it'd be dumb if she wasn't there on regular days

As Sion said, probably because I was there as a tourist
The Erasmus people I met from France were all decent folks too though

This probably helped


You're right. I just immediately thought she wasn't around because you had something else for me to do. Fucking PC brain at work.


Vikings? I mean I know the arabs, but the vikings?


File: 1487200345387.png (119.66 KB, 500x263, no__not_the_hub.png)

I do not understand.


He's referring to the Greeks, not the sicilians


I'm just as confused!



What's wrong?


Well, you got some plot for yourself allright now


>check wiki
Wait, there's actually a time the Vikings were there

In 860, according to an account by the Norman monk Dudo of Saint-Quentin, a Viking fleet, probably under Björn Ironside and Hastein, landed in Sicily, conquering it .[18]

Many Norsemen fought as mercenaries in Southern Italy, including the Varangian Guard led by Harald Hardrada, who later became king of Norway, who conquered Sicily between 1038 and 1040, with the help of Norman mercenaries, under William de Hauteville, who won his nickname Iron Arm by defeating the emir of Syracuse in single combat, and a Lombard contingent, led by Arduin.[19][20] The Varangians were first used as mercenaries in Italy against the Arabs in 936.[21] Runestones were raised in Sweden in memory of warriors who died in Langbarðaland (Land of the Lombards), the Old Norse name for southern Italy.[22]

Later several Anglo-Danish and Norwegian nobles participated in the Norman conquest of southern Italy, like Edgar the Ætheling, who left England in 1086,[23] and Jarl Erling Skakke, who won his nickname ("Skakke", meaning bent head) after a battle against Arabs in Sicily.[24] On the other hand, many Anglo-Danish rebels fleeing William the Conqueror, joined the Byzantines in their struggle against the Robert Guiscard, duke of Apulia, in Southern Italy.[25]


It was a post for Nopony to understand, that's all.


The Byzantines employed viking mercenaries (Varangians/Normans/whatever you want to call them) to try and retake Sicily after they lost it. The Normans liked it so much they decided to stay and tell the ERE to deal with it.


File: 1487200480164.png (129.02 KB, 900x545, i__ve_got_my_eye_on_you_by….png)

this feels like trouble


>can't connect since authentication for the server is down for maintenance
Fuck it, I'm done. I don't care enough to continue.


File: 1487200652448.jpg (304.41 KB, 980x300, isole-eolie-1[1].jpg)

Sicily is a lovely place.


File: 1487200683593.png (390.03 KB, 610x335, 1469224576332.png)

Looks nice




File: 1487200743423.jpg (106.25 KB, 800x500, Panarea-Isole-Eolie-iStock….jpg)


oh god, I wanna go there.


For a plains dweller like me, seas and islands are spoopy

I want to see land in every direction I look at to feel safe


its up. Just connected to confirm


File: 1487200876146.jpg (60.52 KB, 960x640, Stromboli-Isole-Eolie-iSto….jpg)

Islands are the best m8.
Some can even sink at any time!
Buy a ticket then!


It's a ruse, in reality it's full of trash and boatfuls of immigrants
Don't believe his lies

>"Let's settle in the foot of this mountain that can explode anytime"
T. Pompeii citizens


No, give me a free* one.


Well, we have trash and immigrants no boats, so its an improvement.


File: 1487201003414.jpg (404.83 KB, 1466x900, cad7e8a6-55e6-4466-b581-a3….jpg)

Sign here then~




I mean, I'd go to Italy one day, but all the women have mustaches and I don't see the appeal



[signing internally]


What's the *?


File: 1487201190048.jpg (68.23 KB, 540x577, Depressed bean-head.jpg)

>Thaumic Tinkerer mod is still rejected despite being the same one you have


File: 1487201202831.jpg (197.98 KB, 1024x700, sophia-loren-1-1024x700[1].jpg)

>he still believes that


Terms and conditions, duh


Sounds sketchy

It's a well known fact


File: 1487201382094.png (43.46 KB, 571x461, Mods_1.png)

Haha, time to leave to sicily.

Uh, let me see this should be all the ones which start with "t" here, do you have these?


I read them, its fine.


Come on man I was tricked by him too, you have to give up all your ponies, I have no ponies since I had to give all of them to Sylt, he is a mafioso, run while you can


>tfw the last left with all the ponies
>even the Sylt pone

I will never give them!


But she can't~


Those are all in there, yeah.


I'm calling Geneva


Literally no sway over the FAMIGLIA!


I'll pay you one pone per day if you can protect my pone stash from italians and brazilians


uh and its still saying its thaumic tinker and not something else?


I get to keep one pony, so its not a problem.


Just leave them with me!

You imply he'll let you keep her


File: 1487202009587.gif (2 MB, 610x508, 125462.gif)

>leave the pones with the hungarian

I'm not dumb!


Come on, he won't break the contract.


Well, now it just crashes wholesale again. Something about potion ID conflicts.


A contract is a contract! I'm a uomo d'onore!
I can bank your pones. Just sign this!


What's the interest rate?




File: 1487202190890.png (558.2 KB, 1280x720, Pinkie_Pie_and_Twilight_cr….png)

I can give you a full list of what I have but that sounds like a bigger issue


I'm just tired of trying to make it work. Too much effort for the last day of a server's operation, if nothing else.


1.2222222 ponies a month.


world history? You stuff that didn't happen on american soil?
Where would I learn that?

I knew it. Proof there.


On 4chan, duh


Gotcha. BRB checking /pol/


But how can I know you can be trusted?




guys the jews are actually evil!


It's written here, on the ring. In big golden letters.
"Uomo d'Onore"
Know what it means?
Man of honor!


I honestly don't know what it could be sorry


It's fine. I'm usually creatively bankrupt when it comes to MC anyway, so it's no big loss.


Sounds legit!
When do I get my free pones?

Now it's AndeliaRed


No I think you got it wrong.
You will be depositing all your ponies here. For the next 200 years. And slowly you will see them breed with the rate of 1 every 5 months!


File: 1487202729447.jpg (677.12 KB, 900x1042, 1415751357540.jpg)

I think I'll get a sandwich before trying to dive into building.


But did you read about how italians are a meme?


Ah, you're right comrade, This is more fitting.
I saw an italian flag poster getting laughing memes posted at them!


Wait but what about my interest?
And um, where can I withdraw some pones when I need them?


In 200 years time. But we could schedule a loan…


That sounds great, where do I sign?


[shoves more papers in your face]

And this is how they get you, kids.


I know the main draw is building with other people, but… well, when things don't work, they don't work.


Hey, guys, I got tons of free pones and all I gotta do is wait 200 years and pay some more pones on my loan!


Its not your fault.


Sion, they stole your ponies. I'm sorry.
It's one of the classic blunders, only less a famous one than engaging in a land-war in Asia. You went against a Sicilian when ponies were on the line.


I will now go to bed on my bed full of ponies.


File: 1487203327860.gif (1.37 MB, 915x702, 1454255012322.gif)


Would you abuse a flutter?


Yes, definitely!


File: 1487203681976.png (412.59 KB, 485x750, 1438148486810.png)


File: 1487203780324.gif (631.63 KB, 507x508, 1256617.gif)



File: 1487205708973-0.webm (3.87 MB, 640x360, korean groans 1.webm)

File: 1487205708973-1.webm (3.39 MB, 640x360, korean groans 2.webm)


File: 1487205927722.gif (1.54 MB, 1000x676, 1450717448792.gif)

>Grandma got diagnosed with stage four cancer
Well, it's not like we weren't expecting something like this- a chain-smoker in their late seventies is not a very healthy combination. Can't imagine these next couple of months are going to be very good for my dad, though.


Sorry to hear that.
Hang in there man.


Damn. Sorry about that.
Lost mine to cancer too.


Same here. Not much one can do.


File: 1487206521319.png (125.91 KB, 500x282, 500px-JennyAboutToCry.png)


File: 1487207045299.gif (360.9 KB, 512x288, 1435342193609.gif)



I always laugh when I am playing Roadhog or Winston and hear a snippet of their tasered-hurting voiceline.
It's just so good


>brought Lemon and Ginger tea
>even when I opened the bag I sneezed and eyewatered from it from being so strong
>just got to the bottom of the cup

Holy shit, ginger please, you're killing me
I wasn't expecting it to be this strong


Brits love strong tea.

>in CyberPunk tazer weapon is actually possible
>every time you use it you hear sounds like these


Yeah, but I thought the Enlgish Breakfast I had was strong, the ginger was a thousand times stronger!

Also, have you heard the sound people make when they are tased?


I've had all four grandparents last until I was in my twenties, so I believe I'm fortunate for that.
It's honestly a little strange to think about.


You should water it down more!

>have I

Nope, just thought I'd be silly for a moment


It is silly
And it sounds incredibly amusing, that's why I asked





no wonder people think its fun to taze each other


I fucking love how the dude at the start just falls over like a log.

My friends got me a 'Shock-ball' for one of my birthdays.
It was basically 'hot potato' but instead of just music and all that, it was a administering a healthy dose of shock at random intervals.
Made for some fun games as you can imagine.


>tfw we can't have these kind of stupid games on the sub


Well, hey, if getting drunk together can be fun, so can getting tazed. They both make you do silly things and make you feel horrible afterwards.
That one's a good one for them to open on, yeah. The one that followed was pretty good; "I'mma get you, bitch."
Part of the fun is how it's a tossup between whether all the drugs the guy is on is enough to negate the tasers or not.


Yeah, sadly.
Only if everyone agrees to get a random button that jolts you when you press it.

He is a bit cock-eyed so you never know.
He could be just a colossal badass too.


I guess we'll have to wait for the mansion


Or the meet


File: 1487210344828-0.png (1.38 MB, 5654x9000, copbox.png)


File: 1487210551031.gif (741.18 KB, 281x274, 1479188907229.gif)

what a mare


File: 1487210677581-0.png (450.96 KB, 1280x798, 1123817__safe_solo_sunglas….png)

>pictured above: before
>pictured here: after


What a happy mare


I think Kelani has a fetish for making others happy


w-what sort of freak do you think he is?


The worst of all a kind and caring one


n-no this can't be true


Maybe that's the only reason Mother Nature chose her in the first place!


And by her I mean him, obviously.


What a strange system for picking your heroes!


That's it for now, gotta come up with some Greek Drama Device for the next session!


File: 1487213404510.jpg (44.58 KB, 400x320, cuticle-detective-inaba.jpg)

I bet the assassin is super surprised kelani didn't just run away


He set some pretty clear terms!
Kelani would have to be heartless to run away!


File: 1487214202079.png (682.34 KB, 1280x720, 1433805448866.png)

In the end his mission comes first but he really missed that police mare


The only drama device I can think of is an Oedipal one, since Kelani might be a child of Nature, thus why he was called upon.
Though that might be too weird.


What a dumbass love can make a reasonable stallion!

Stop being weird, Fidget!
Also, that's called Dramatic Irony


File: 1487214634971.png (187.86 KB, 336x488, 1479188401338.png)

That's right then, it was completely in character, and not me forgetting about the 'go hide for a week' thing that the icecream named goat said.


File: 1487214772024.jpg (23.69 KB, 299x326, Well I dunno have you TRIE….jpg)

You know, that's like asking Maali to stop pretending to be a deer or Nasse to stop liking those oversized balloon tits.


Kelani always does dumb things when he's thinking with Kelani Junior he is lovestruck!

If you like Kelani so much why don't you just marry him?


>tried to rescue her from an ambush
>wound up kidnapped by the ambushers
yep, I guess he does. What a fool.


Then again, it was a bad idea turning worse that lead to some incredibly deep bonding between the two of them.


It did eventually work out! So surely this will too.


Because he's a he and not a she.
Marrying a dude is totes gay, bro.


File: 1487215664987-0.png (1.04 MB, 1436x1077, Riverboat_(Zombie_Island).png)

It gave me a great fucking idea, so there's that!

You can be his little mare!


Whoa, Kelani's not gay! he might do a three way with a mare in the middle thou

Whoa, cool


People don't usually do routes though the Everfree unless you pay good…

But could he avoid eye contact?


That's the gateway! What if he accidentally touches another stallion and likes it?


File: 1487216154403.png (341.43 KB, 1280x1371, Magic box.png)

Or he could be the little mare.
Nature will find a way.


Oooh spooky
I can't wait to see what lies ahead.

Oh shit, maybe he.. better not risk it.


It may be to magic realm!

Now to lie that I plan anything but just watch an episode of Courage the Cowardly dog for it as inspiration and pull things out of my ass!


File: 1487216435855.jpg (26.68 KB, 500x375, NewbiePlz.jpg)

Being a DM is all about lying, all the NPCs are potentially lying to you, that wall might not be a real wall, that chest of loot could be a mimic. Don't fully trust anything in the world, the DM is a liar.


>implying anything is too magic realm
It's not like I'm suggesting he turns into some "ara ara~" tier older mare and goes on a straight-shota spree or anything, Nopo. That'd just be too far.


Huh, honestly I never had you pegged for /ss/

I mean it's not an uncommon fetish I guess so I shouldn't be surprised, it's just not the kind of thing I expected.


File: 1487216631981-0.png (Spoiler Image, 3.38 MB, 2550x2053, 1173821__explicit_artist-c….png)

So that's your magic realm then!

Here, take this mare!
It's free~
Not a lie, totally!


File: 1487216775397.jpg (41.3 KB, 625x626, NoRegrets.jpg)


File: 1487216891176.jpg (48.52 KB, 420x418, Denial.jpg)

Y'all niggas can't take a joke. Just because I use it as an example doesn't mean I'm in that camp. I could have gone with something more extreme but decided to dial it back for your sensibilities.


It's okay, you can admit to it!


File: 1487217039212.jpg (21.49 KB, 218x265, 1435778807902.jpg)

You know they are just curious about what makes the fidget tick


He wants to be the little boi.
So cute!


File: 1487217149001.jpg (42.15 KB, 1056x720, Well that's that I guess.jpg)

Self-loathing is the usual driving force, to be honest. No secret there.


>m-merely a ruse haha


File: 1487217282217.png (109.08 KB, 840x579, filly_captain_of_the_royal….png)

its a cute fetish


Well. If you want to put it that way, I'm driven by a desire to reach the stars.


Well it makes sense. All that bottled up self hatred, he yearns for the unconditional acceptance of a female authority figure.


>Mother Nature is practially eternal as a God
>Kelani is just a mortal
Does this count?


If that counts, arguably all human-elf relationships do too

Although I assume some sort of youthful innocence is probably at play


I dunno, I thought she was more of a MILF type of thing, since she was presented near all those kids


>We need you to write a mother nature character
>Okay, uh… kids and statues. That oughtta do it


Well, yeah, all people who end up in her realm are sort of kids forever but not really, it's a really wonky plane of existence


Streaming is fun! I should get a microphone.


In my PokeQuest there was a fairy town like that. One kid got angry at the outside world left to try to cause the effect to spread to the rest of the world but it was based on a lie they just wanted to get rid of him


Kelani is pleased with it. and the privilege of being one of the few to see it without dying


Even if you die you're not guaranteed to get there!


You know how rhythm games can be fun and stuff?
Sometimes it's just mind-boggling how people can hit all the notes.


Yes, very impressive, I wouldn't be able to keep up.



A true honor


additionally this keeps showing up in my recomended vidoes, you meme


Look at Lillie breaking it fucking down though
How can you hate that?


Okay, that is pretty great.


She goes buckwild at 1:46 too


Not to mention the sick duo moves just before that!


yo' boy guzma is the real star of that thing.


He learned it by watching Lusamine


File: 1487220199754.png (814.56 KB, 1357x658, 2017-02-15_22.42.43.png)

>when you fuck up by one block


At least you have a nice pretzel


Well, they were alone in there for a while, clearly his is what was happening.


Truly, the most horrendous thing to happen.


It just wouldn't go onto the white square..


Don't call it a failure, call it 'modern art'


I can't remember how to put it back in the circle



Slp pls
Why must you demand so much of me


>get onto console to give you kreativ
>you log out

I restarted it though because it looked laggy based on memory use


it can't see the altar
its probably too high up
whole idea is a failure
kill me


It was acting laggy, but I thought java might be messing up which is why I quit


It's okay
Akko fucks up all the time too!


well if nothing else it will look cool up there


should b fine now


File: 1487221077115.gif (1002.68 KB, 480x270, Kelani_Goes_Out_To_Eat.gif)

great, its loading the last of the mods up.


+10 style points for Gryffindor!
Unless you have your own house



Well technically I'm the headmistress and only resident magic userso there really aren't other houses because they are empty


>have a vague idea of a character kinda like Mob (mostly the repressed emotions things, not so much the physic overpowering)

And then I realized that was pretty much Felfire, only she's less concerned with bottling her emotions than she is just being a scaredy-pone.


So you win by default!


You linked the drum thing again


what he said


Yep, I win every year.


>Fidget is replaced by a chat bot
>programmed to promote that drum game



Fidget-bot staph


File: 1487221972346.png (837 KB, 1293x771, 2017-02-15_23.11.21.png)

Its been a nice run, so peaceful to look at


A pity the tower turned out to be a dud for ritual use, but it's a nice sight. You did well.


I'm sure if we wanted to keep trying we could make it work by bringing the altar up closer or the top lower down. but last hours of the server are not for that


also I particularly like that screen because it shows how huge the biggest tree in the world is


Reminds me of my Redwood Mansion on the original server



In the shadow of the valley

I would like to settle down

Wide open space

Wind on my face

A distant horizon

Moon on the trace


What's happening to the server?


It expires when the time runs out, in 3 days



I was about to ask which day even, thanks this is so much faster.

heh I remember that, pretty comfy houses these redwoods make


Took fucking forever to carve out the entire inside of it


It's the final countdown00000


File: 1487223664411-0.webm (264.8 KB, 400x400, 404469.webm)


Almost would have been easier to make an artificial one huh


its getting spookier by the moment


Yeah, but where's the fun in that?
I enjoyed laborously building the stairs and progressing higher and higher!


So tired
Don't want to do thing


I get it, I mean I made a tower of carpentry blocks and then decided that normal end stone and natura planks were in fact spooky and turns out I didn't need the special brick texture from the blocks I enjoyed building it thou, no regrets here


I enjoyed breeding the bees too, but it tanked the server sadly


File: 1487224080117-0.gif (461.97 KB, 250x250, 1459837149275.gif)

>going to sleep at 6AM on a weekday intensifies

Dog Bless not having classes tomorrow



Night Nopo. Try not to make a habit of it, for it will ruin you in the long run.


File: 1487224289020-0.webm (193.23 KB, 640x360, 429045.webm)

That's my secret
I'm already ruined beyond repair


>get put into Oasis match, we have a pretty bad team comp but someone is already playing Lucio, I'll go Ana
>Lucio switches to Soldier, which is fine
>Switches to Hanzo when we already have a Widow and Genji
Fortunately my computer crashed 10 seconds into the match and shortly after I noticed the switch


Kill me


So bep


File: 1487229035469.jpg (12.75 KB, 313x325, tmp_13460-1487050455081339….jpg)

>discuss small sorceress school with coworker
>she only watched the movies


>watching dubs over subs
Literally only excusable if you're unable to read the subtitles.


>Liking subs
I'm here to watch a show. If I wanted to read, I'd pick up the manga


Nigga just leave and never come back


Most dubs are low quality at best. Gems like good luck girl, black lagoon and chromartie high are worth seeing in dub but I've no interest in listening to a bored janitor reading his lines off paper while absurdly mispronouncing every Japanese name and word they left in there.


I am in agreement with DM that a good 90% of the time Dubs are low-effort, or at least lower effort than what the JP voice actors put in.


I'm tired
I wish I was at home building space marines
Our boss is still on sick leave so we don't have ANYTHING to do at work


>Rock my games today as Zarya, Ana, Zen, Pharah, and Junkrat
>Do not so well as Bastion because Hanzo and our Healer thought they were tanks
Seriously, has there been an outbreak of Genji, Widows, and Hanzo mains?

I watched so much anime that the voices just blend together now. I fully accept that I am merely a consumer sheeple.


>hey Sauce-you-key were we going to Toy-key-yo or Okay-nawa?
>we will see where the ancestral kay-tan-a leads us itchy go


If it has subs, it forces you to pay attention. I'm sorry, Knight, but that's just how it is.


If you want to read subs you should go read a book instead, they force you to direct your eyes away from the artwork, which is the point of a visual medium

You want to know why everyone celebrates those scenes where no one is talking, music is blaring, and the protagonist is going nuts with a giant weapon – but they equally celebrate those quiet looks out over landscapes in beautiful spread? It's because 100% of the fanbase has their eyes on the art, instead of just the dub-watchers.

Not that I don't put up with subs when I have to. Obviously I enjoyed DB Super enough to deal with subs (I'm in the 50s now, while the sub is still on like ep 8)


>not being able to read the subtitles before the speaker even finishes talking
>not being able to look at both the subtitles and the animation at the same time
Step it up, senpai.


t. a man who thinks he's absorbing the art fully, but isn't, and has become so accustomed to quickly stolen glances that he no longer has appreciation for true form or beauty and genuinely believes that this is "the best it gets"


A bad dub actively detracts from the quality of the experience.
Also people praise the action sequences because those are where the majority of the budget and effort goes in most shows.


Wf I'm gonna need you to turn in your opinion permit


>thinking that you're only capable of focusing on one or the other, and not fusing both into the complete experience that it's supposed to be
Admittedly if I was fluent in the language I wouldn't need the subs, but that's besides the point.


I need that one photo of bugs bunny with a coffee cup


That's true, but there are very few dubs that are SO bad that they actually do distract. The English dub of Detective Conan is a good example.

But most of the time, you may as well be listening to the Japanese dub with your microphone off since you can't get any subtext out of it without speaking the language. Their emphasis and emotion is meaningless to one uninitiated.

Exactly, and the only way you can consume both is when your eyes are focused on the animation and your ears on the sound. If you received an anime in audiobook format and your ears had to pull double duty listening to both descriptions of the scene and the dialog, you couldn't justify that as a good blending.


Well no shit, since audiobooks aren't meant to be dual-track monstrosities. That's a terrible comparison.


Nor was a talky ever meant to have your eyes distracted.

You know back when they first started putting dialog into movies, before there was sound, they didn't do subtitles. They broke away to a title card with text. This is so your eyes aren't drawn away from the images.


and certainly nothing to do with the fact they probably didn't even have the technology to impose text on their movies.


>Have the ability to draw text onto still frames
>BUT ONLY if those frames are black and don't have anything else on them

Yeah I'm sure that was why


>implying they didn't just film black cardboard they had written on


Well, you guys have fun shouting at Wf for thinking that making media accessible in its foreign tongue but still have a way to be understood is somehow wrong.

I'm going to sleep.


It's not wrong, and even in some rare cases (like the example I gave), the sub is preferable because they chose grating voice actors for major roles.

There is simply nothing wrong with choosing to watch your media in a distracted, less fulfilling fashion. If you want to watch a movie while browsing the internet on your laptop for instance, there is objectively nothing morally wrong with that choice.


Alright, death has come to this land

I'm gonna go watch some subbed DB Super because I can't wait on no dubs


We could talk about Timbuktu


>bought a sugar free Monster Energy



I want to discuss adventure



File: 1487234703043.jpg (2.78 KB, 126x124, 1287351897063s.jpg)

only available in thumbnail form


File: 1487235075059.jpg (753.31 KB, 1920x1080, 1484854093826.jpg)

What do you think about outer space and potential advebtures within?


Thank anyway


Imagine the madness that slowly overcomes adventurers if it turns out there is nothing much out there

No strange, dangerous aliens, and we really are all alone.


You shouldn't be allowed to adventure.


On what grounds?


File: 1487235790156-0.png (378.23 KB, 1293x771, 2017-02-16_02.51.33.png)

File: 1487235790156-1.png (221.27 KB, 1293x771, 2017-02-16_02.52.40.png)

File: 1487235790156-2.png (653.87 KB, 1293x771, 2017-02-16_02.52.30.png)

File: 1487235790156-3.png (484.72 KB, 1293x771, 2017-02-16_02.52.15.png)

File: 1487235790156-4.png (331.15 KB, 1293x771, 2017-02-16_02.53.16.png)


>Still appreciating art visually
I use echolocation to watch my animu so I can take in everything at once.


File: 1487235919054-0.png (1.32 MB, 1293x771, 2017-02-16_02.59.32.png)

File: 1487235919054-1.png (375.02 KB, 1293x771, 2017-02-16_02.53.39.png)

File: 1487235919054-2.png (244.08 KB, 1293x771, 2017-02-16_02.53.18.png)

File: 1487235919054-3.png (185.48 KB, 1293x771, 2017-02-16_02.53.01.png)

I missed a spot outside but I'll do that tomorrow


You always preach madness


What sort of adventure


File: 1487236636633.jpg (177.9 KB, 700x568, 1447341282930.jpg)

Adventure in a vast world!
A world of joy, cute things and wonder. But also shed tears, the ugly and frightening.

It's an inevitable part of things. As with many others.


Tell me of the birds of this vast world


File: 1487237534088.png (395.06 KB, 1280x1638, 3cbab315-be87-4cf3-bdee-e5….png)

I want it


They come in many shapes. Hawks that roam the skies in search of prey, large flightless ones that have given up flight for other talents. They all share a proud and noble ancestry, so even as meek, even cute as the tiny seed-eater seems, it has not survived in a harsh, unforgiving world without talents of cunning and cruelty on its side.

Think about a thing pokemon do, and imagine how useful it would be to study!
Like egenrating electricity
And since you have a Misdreavus, which has so many things people in the real world would be amazed to learn…


>tfw feeling the genji main slowly overtake me


Why are Capra so difficult


Because you have no experience drawing short things.


File: 1487239186664.jpg (421.08 KB, 640x3056, 1081155[1].jpg)

>tfw thinking of skipping out of work early to go build a few Space Marines before having to go drive around


File: 1487239896470.gif (20.71 KB, 380x255, 786473[1].gif)




I'm dying of boredom
Capras are hard to draw


Like telepathy?
I wonder if ghost types also can do telepathy or if that's exclusive to psychic types…


Wow, it actually turned out a lot better than I expected



Ye of little faith.



Wow it's been years since you linked that.


File: 1487243631684.png (141.16 KB, 400x569, Nwfeftk.png)

Oh man I liked that anime as a kid
Can't remember a single episode of it now though


Extremely rare YYH memes, vintage. Dated 1994 (English 2004).


Mostly psychic types, but other pokemon are capable.
Maybe the way they eat?


You plan on T anytime soon?


You plan on T anytime soon?


Good question yeah

Have we gone through what misdreavous eats? I can't remember


Check your pokedex


Friday for reals

No, really, I have nothing else to do
>Class out for the weekend and only an extremely minor assignment for Tuesday
>I'm at my Aunt's house so no real vidya
>I just (seconds ago) finished the coding project I was working on for a long time

So I have no distractions at all. Hell, I could even run in the morning if I'm awake (e.g.: 2pm your time)


It still holds up desu


I only get out of work at 2pm my time.
And I wanna bet you won't be awake this time tomorrow



Yeah, the sleep schedule thing does persist as a problem…


>It has several round, red gems around its neck, which are used to absorb fear as nourishment.
True that
What is Wf's favorite animu?


Also the lack of lewdness


What's so hard about them


Think about what that means. The professor might be interested in a topic you propose.

Remember that his specialty is materials sciences, and he helps develop new technologies based on pokemon abilities. The pokedex's ability to stay nearly constantly powered is from a battery developed by studying the ability of electric pokemon to store and generate electricity.


File: 1487246258709.jpg (126.97 KB, 750x736, u9AToJq.jpg)

That gives me some good ideas… And some sillier ones

Also that pokedex bit is amazing, wow. I never wondered how it was always able to be turned on without charging


You do charge it offscreen at times, but it has a very long battery life.


Just kill me bro


Making hands without wrists look natural
Trying to draw an amalgamation of cartoony and realistic


I struggled with caper for a good while too
Maybe you should just try getting more used to their proportions


The hands will never look natural.


File: 1487250769792-0.png (1.19 MB, 800x3155, b22b761d7efea6398d15e5d9e5….png)


File: 1487251169982.jpg (51.03 KB, 540x880, bu6PQIz.jpg)


Jesus chrst


>Ahh… you were there all along… my guiding Moonlight…


It would make them look even more silly.


File: 1487252534528.png (451.7 KB, 502x627, SoVbvu6.png)

Horses are truly creatures
I don't understand


File: 1487252655678-0.gif (2 MB, 262x132, horseslide.gif)

Horses are indeed creatures


File: 1487253692158.jpg (1.04 MB, 900x757, tmp_13460-xmRJOOP-19671026….jpg)


Good god, this is terrifying!


I feel devoid of energy


>there are trials to get into rank A too



Have some more


File: 1487254749117-0.jpg (40.01 KB, 768x924, 1459028879518.jpg)



File: 1487255440554-0.jpg (296.27 KB, 1366x768, 20170216142819_1.jpg)

I did it sub


Good work friend


File: 1487255671705-0.jpg (216.74 KB, 1366x768, 20170216143326_1.jpg)

I wonder how far I can get


File: 1487255767129.jpg (18.04 KB, 375x345, tmp_13460-1487243990840887….jpg)

What the actual fuck


Cute horse succ


You've never seen this artist?
It's the "Hey kid, ever got your dick sucked by a unicorn?" guy


I must admit I am not overtly well versed in meme bestiality porn


>Power slide!
Horse has been playing too many fps games.


File: 1487256305891-0.gif (1.47 MB, 375x197, horseflip.gif)

I only know it because BDN kept posting it a while back

Horse is just practicing its Jack Bauer


You ran NL though
That makes you the past master of meme bestiality porn


The more I look back at NL the less I want to remember it.


File: 1487256668041-0.gif (614.35 KB, 500x280, 1453490108944.gif)

Don't we all


Also it's a really unf story


File: 1487257095775.jpg (2.86 MB, 4032x2268, 2017-02-14 12.48.56.jpg)

blå eyes


Fuck, that cat is pretty as shit


File: 1487257321272.webm (3.33 MB, 1920x1080, CheeryAccurateGroundhog.webm)



File: 1487258145072.png (734.47 KB, 1080x1300, 1470835618169.png)

>tfw you kill a fleeing enemy by the very tip of your dash



Yesterday I felt like playing Genji too, so I decided not to play at all


File: 1487258443614.jpg (124.23 KB, 1280x1223, 1484697605508.jpg)

>missing out on the objectively most fun hero of the game


You mean Mei?


File: 1487258487249.png (157.37 KB, 500x707, tumblr_ocbhhmAXIo1sn4eavo1….png)

She's not very fun but she is cute


Mei is the funniest because you get to imagine the frustrated tears on Nopo's and Groves's faces as they get frozen again


I have fun with mostly everyone


Highly kät




File: 1487262864111.jpg (848.76 KB, 3024x4032, YsHVmal.jpg)

>Little brother saying he's gonna "Do a trolling"
I fear for him


File: 1487269452422.gif (1.88 MB, 275x319, 1487267204347[1].gif)

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