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File: 1487938026916.jpeg (5.92 MB, 3591x2915, 1369964__safe_artist-colo….jpeg)

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Too lazy to come up with a title or find another image or anything.
Who cares about the OP anyway
You're not reading this
If you are, why are you reading it, there's nothing here


Kill Aria, Fuck Adagio, Marry Sonata


File: 1487938574942.png (90.43 KB, 202x278, 1487616279526.png)

First for Akko!


>those vacant eyes

She sure looks special. As in special needs


>first for AKko
>posts second

Typical Akkoposter

Kill Adagio, fuck Aria, Marry Sonata


File: 1487938794836.png (214.65 KB, 735x633, 1487624356271.png)


File: 1487938859139.jpg (118.65 KB, 523x900, 453efc576e9b6cb8ed3b8747a4….jpg)

Akko a dumb


That's an acceptable opinion on sirens


Is Akko for sexually?


Although I'm not too sure about marrying Sonata


Why not?


Because she is dumb as a rock and I cannot stand that


>Crusader Kings (Celebrated its 5th birthday of its release this month): Latest update+DLC finished, releasing in two weeks. Likely there's going to be one more major update+DLC after this one before they stop further development of the game.
>Europa Universalis 4 (Celebrates its 4th birthday of release in a couple of months): Still working on the current update+DLC with no release date set yet. Development of further content will continue as usual for the time being.
>Hearts of Iron 4 (Celebrates its first birthday in a couple of months): Minor patch finished. The team has finally started work on the next proper update+DLC.
>Stellaris (Celebrates its first birthday in a couple of months): Update+DLC likely to release next month. Devs have stated they already have two more major expansions planned out for the future.

Total amount of major expansions released for each game:
CK2: 12 (Soon to be 13)
EU4: 9 (Soon to be 10)
Stellaris: 1 (Soon to be 2)
HoI4: 1


File: 1487940681322.jpg (899.54 KB, 2554x2238, 2017-02-24 14.47.25.jpg)

I love this model.
Obviously wip


She would be too dumb to deceive you though


She'd piss me off with doing dumb things though I bet


File: 1487941630087.jpg (1.33 MB, 1070x1500, 04535dee-eb2b-43b5-84c1-26….jpg)

Disregard sirens
Acquire lolis


>likes lolis
>likes diamond dogs

I think Maali is the Brazilian reincarnation of Lemon


I was making a joke
I don't like lolis
And diamond dogs are not my favorite race
Stop being silly anon


File: 1487942078280.jpeg (66.71 KB, 559x761, 1370358__questionable_art….jpeg)




That is more disgusting too
Please spoiler that garbage next time


Well no, if we were spoilering garbage you should spoiler all your posts, including the text


File: 1487942287705.jpg (31.77 KB, 450x450, tmp_779-148767818011944024….jpg)

Akko a bun*


>DM still hasn't drawn it

I know you like fat and disgusting overweight women but normal people find those repulsive


File: 1487942452521.gif (377.15 KB, 435x392, tmp_779-1487825119784-4939….gif)

But maali
Tiny witches are lolis
Are you saying you don't like tiny witches?


Last night was raid night, and groves occupied my time until that.
Tomorrow is my sister's 18th birthday so that'll eat up a good chunk of the afternoon too.
That means I can draw either tonight, tomorrow night or Sunday after I wake up.


Again, you're not exactly normal so you don't get to judge.


File: 1487942643522.jpg (127.03 KB, 1277x1056, 1487887289335.jpg)

Just do it on Sunday you fucking nerd.


File: 1487942781041.png (170.91 KB, 344x312, tmp_779-148785585897730831….png)

Satan pls


File: 1487942849929.jpg (847.03 KB, 1914x3566, 1487906791766.jpg)

Kill them all, DM. If everyone is dead you no longer have any responsibilities.


Gab pls


File: 1487943005645.jpg (72.77 KB, 579x783, 3cd61b0f-8ff7-4834-b23d-6a….jpg)

Weird, I thought you people loved lolis, especially Nasse
Tiny Witches are cool but I like [i]big Witches[/i[


Only oppai lolis


Merely loli subspecies


File: 1487945267441.png (159.62 KB, 475x428, tmp_779-1487836823453-1034….png)

Absolutely disgusting




Well you're gross


One hour later I come to remind you of your BAD TASTE


Conz > Succ > Diana > Akko > Ursula > Amanda > Jasminka > Lotte > Hannah > Barbara


File: 1487946885341.png (911.63 KB, 1287x1287, 1487614795755.png)

Succ just needs more screentime where she isn't just playing with mushrooms


File: 1487947028314.jpg (107.5 KB, 900x664, 1434689061649.jpg)


I think a Succ episode is coming next or the week after


>putting Akko that high
It's a crime to abuse the mentally incompetent, DM


File: 1487947091861.png (19.9 KB, 282x326, tmp_779-148781863499652941….png)

But akko is cute


Akko > Conz > Amanda > Diana > Ursula > Lotte > Jasminka > Literal SHIT > Cocksucc


Woah ansyy


File: 1487947610327.jpg (546.48 KB, 1680x1050, 1425788096565.jpg)


Stupidity is not cute.


maybe she'll grow out of it.


She is full of yay


File: 1487947747748.png (565.61 KB, 895x1212, 4387d3d1-4c1f-430a-ba1a-f6….png)

Good meme I like it


File: 1487947851774.png (1009.16 KB, 1060x777, 1476978757868.png)

An old meme, but it checks out


File: 1487947860842.jpg (56.35 KB, 1280x720, tmp_779-148766243828318664….jpg)

However it is clear the cutest witch is Ursula followed by tiny chariot


File: 1487947909557.jpg (46.06 KB, 600x339, Julia_on_the_job.jpg)

DM must make a meme wizard class. I have dreamed this.


A memancer


File: 1487947964699.png (313.98 KB, 799x429, 1487851548005.png)

Akko is like a puppy.

If you don't like Akko you should immediately neck yourself for being a subhuman piece of shit.


So for one who dabbles in stale memes, would they be a Necromemer?


File: 1487948011818.jpg (189.61 KB, 720x478, beat-a-motherfucker-with-a….jpg)

this is one of the memes I sekretly liked


what kind of skills do they have?
passive (meme code) (you may speak in the language of memes, only those with this passive may understand the message)


>here we see Akko being waterboarded until she tells the truth about what happened to Professor Pisces


As long as she can run a household its fine!


>forbidden art: Forced Meme



>REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (2 points): All fucking normies must vacate the premises


>meme apprentice sees forbidden meme


>Git Gud: Excites the target into a battle frenzy, consecutive hits landed give +1


>lurk moar: Target cannot attack the following turn


Speak in tongues
Passive, you can mask the meaning of anything you say while remaining intelligible to those you wish to do so with. +2 to deciphering codes or understanding obfuscated information

Attempt to make a relevant cultural reference. Outside combat any success will render the target friendlier towards you. In combat increases your effective power level by 1 per success until a failure or crit is rolled, as enemies lower their guard due to your charming banter.

Sick Burn
On success the target bursts into flames. On a crit they burst into treats instead.

>2 pt

Memetic engineer
Summons a minion of memetic energy, who knows all 1pt memancer skills, is 2 tiers below you and has 3/2 hits / wounds

Just like my ____
On success, gain a single 2pt skill from any class. This effect ends when that skill is successfully used.

Teleports behind you
Teleport behind any enemy, gain a Single weapon and your normal attacks Autocrit for 1 turn


Top kek
Instant, automatic
Tell a joke. If the GM laughs, all your skills autocrit for 2 turns.


What a dangerous idea
Oh God he actually did it


File: 1487949172809.jpg (69.95 KB, 448x585, 1487853437462.jpg)

Deploying an ULTRA RARE smiling Constanze.


File: 1487949191408.gif (1.85 MB, 371x209, 1487325293678.gif)


File: 1487949207721.png (284.67 KB, 515x471, tmp_779-1487849911258-1977….png)

[x] Doubt


>Memetic engineer
I feel like this is a meme in itself because of how much of a fucking disaster it was every time you made a cheap skill that could use all the skills like sub-PC


Alchemist - howtobasic
Bard - shitposter
Cleric - prophet of kek
Knight - white knight
Mage - virgin
Monk - four things that aren't Jackie chan
Necromancer - 9gag
Paladin - meme police
Rogue - lurker
Shaman - lolcat
Smith - flavour of the month
Tracker - /k/
Warrior - sjw


File: 1487949854313.webm (3.34 MB, 640x360, 425950.webm)

I would play a Howtobasic
>passive: You must break an egg at least once every five posts


More like
>passive: endless youtube money


And Reference is a joke about the endless new ways to increase 'power' without straight up +1s


We have gone a few layers too deep already


File: 1487950419394.jpg (63.15 KB, 625x469, 1451445577663.jpg)

Testquest when?


I seem to have walked into the /lwag/


File: 1487951082966.png (44.53 KB, 500x316, Love is ogre.png)

So are you saying we've… ogreloaded on memes?


Now needlessly complicated skill with 3 mechanics
For the Flavour of the Month
Meme Gear: Personally memeufacture a piece of clothes or armor which reflects the latest trend.
You may only wear 3 pieces of meme gear effectively, for each piece of meme gear over 3, the effect of all is lowered by 1 stage.
Meme +1: +1 a chosen skill every 4th turn
Meme Tag: Add a tag to a chosen action
Meme Armor: +2 hits


File: 1487951490066.png (832.7 KB, 1280x1153, proper care for your bongo….png)

>Memetic engineer
I understood that reference.



Needs some complicated if/and/or requirement to be complete tbqh


feel free to add on, its just a first draft. we need at least one epin win skill


The shitposter can get a skill that lets them bitch at the GM until they get what they want


File: 1487951874430.jpg (99.17 KB, 256x399, Munchkin_Whine.jpg)


Want to GTA while we wait for DM?


Where is my 'bitch at the player' card though?


Yes hello this is DM


File: 1487952629730.jpg (208.8 KB, 480x640, 1467471859693.jpg)





>meme hell: target may not escape


File: 1487953181220.webm (2.97 MB, 640x360, cat and drone.webm)

>random webm: distract the GM with dumbing a random webm, making them forget what they were going to post and forcing them to rewrite their post.


This is getting really meta


File: 1487953378181.jpg (320.55 KB, 1600x900, 1487952451532[1].jpg)


File: 1487953515523.png (102.18 KB, 208x267, reaper loses his edge.png)

>attack only succeds because Reaps isn't part of it


>sighting of



Reaps did take out the Volskaya mechs with ease


that's nopony's special move



File: 1487953713465.webm (1.39 MB, 1280x720, 1482677463281.webm)

>Kelani meets an Emerald Merc on the street


>watching bojack
>hear familiar voice
>check imdb
>it's the VA for Mabel


For all we know he ran away, the pilot got drunk, crashed, and reaper came back later


She's got a pretty recognizable voice.
Those 50 Shades parodies she did for the phone company were a bit too weird for my preference though.


I mean, he IS a tank buster
Plus he kills all the other guards


Kek I gotta check them out.


I will have to admit with shame that
I don't know the name of that Lizard


I'm gonna need a link

Have you seen the behind the scene exta for Gravity Falls?
It has a bit of Alex Hirchs improvising the voice of Soos and it just makes me lose my shit every time



File: 1487955072432.jpg (227.12 KB, 1320x722, 1487953905415[1].jpg)


This has to be fake
The art that is
It's so bad



File: 1487955258995-0.jpg (48 KB, 1320x532, 1487954301719[1].jpg)

File: 1487955258995-1.jpg (77.36 KB, 1320x532, 1487954612896[1].jpg)

File: 1487955258995-2.jpg (67.92 KB, 1320x532, 1487954676546[1].jpg)

File: 1487955258995-3.jpg (77.35 KB, 1320x532, 1487954765415[1].jpg)

File: 1487955258995-4.jpg (60.42 KB, 533x800, 1487954835122[1].jpg)

Quite real.


It's typical Chinse/Korean cashgrab game art


I know the game exists, but that art in particular looks so bad that it looks like someone made it to mock it


File: 1487955319099.jpg (77.33 KB, 331x322, 1455119543236.jpg)

>that Raiden Genji


File: 1487955325477-0.jpg (65.8 KB, 600x640, 1487954914662[1].jpg)

File: 1487955325477-1.jpg (68.47 KB, 533x800, 1487954991975[1].jpg)

File: 1487955325477-2.jpg (57.21 KB, 1320x532, 1487955087951[1].jpg)

File: 1487955325477-3.jpg (71.84 KB, 1320x532, 1487955152557[1].jpg)


File: 1487955353679-0.jpg (76.85 KB, 533x800, 1487955292069[1].jpg)

They even have a Zen!


Off-brand Soldier looks like he walked out of an Imperial Guard regiment.


>when you make a game where half of the designs are just rip-offs of the game you're ripping off, some of them wouldn't be too bad as alternate skins from the original game, and some of them would actually be alright as their own thing


Panston is very huggable


Way too top heavy.


How do you even make mercy even sluttier?


It can only get sluttier if you remove the panties at this point.


File: 1487958633291.jpg (201.81 KB, 700x875, b77.jpg)


Is her dress on fire?


She looks cute, upset and intimidating at the same time


Hey it's my Adventure League PC


File: 1487959923340.png (114.65 KB, 490x391, Deer sunglasses.png)


that's a great design for glasses actually


Plus it gets around the problem of just giving them pince-nez glasses forever.


That's a pretty nice design


File: 1487960308227.jpeg (2.64 MB, 2700x2000, 1187595__safe_shipping_pr….jpeg)

ponies are


File: 1487960409988.png (461.11 KB, 1280x997, 100 percent ponk.png)

They're also fun


That's a smol discord.


File: 1487960418753.png (254.03 KB, 1280x1234, 1479649591668.png)



What was my statement?


true blushing
it is a fact


>I'll just do this one quest before painting the rest of my canoness
>6 hours later


File: 1487960949316.png (156.16 KB, 611x468, blush.png)

Like a respone to flattery?


File: 1487961001784.png (183.74 KB, 1024x583, nightmarity_by_nasuni-d63x….png)


File: 1487961066268.png (517.11 KB, 1000x1000, 1454809181280.png)

Is this cute too?




File: 1487961166237.gif (1.22 MB, 575x331, 1462897196770.gif)


File: 1487961267906.png (66.79 KB, 894x894, baby_rarity_will_help_you_….png)


>$265 American Dollaridoos for sunglasses


File: 1487961455059.gif (1.63 MB, 614x634, 1450558846608.gif)


File: 1487961456149.png (161.86 KB, 700x693, 1319673740152.png)

Indulging in pones helps in high stress


File: 1487961637822.jpg (768.26 KB, 1512x1222, Love Princess.jpg)


File: 1487961729209.gif (1.53 MB, 639x360, 1454922766540.gif)


File: 1487961876789.png (1.04 MB, 1200x960, 1401641382649.png)

so cute


File: 1487962052672.gif (488.67 KB, 800x450, 1338818271505.gif)

>tfw no cute mare to forget your troubles with for a while


File: 1487962131882.gif (1.84 MB, 542x397, 1447636924569.gif)


>I just met you
>an this is crazy
>I drove a car through the 5th floor of an office building
>but call me maybe



Dog bless penguins for existing, they are truly a miracle of nature


File: 1487963858797.png (820.38 KB, 1400x1400, 1389989381158.png)


File: 1487963906742.gif (1.76 MB, 700x471, 1454692595424.gif)



Ponies with hats


File: 1487965039971.gif (652.03 KB, 370x400, 125936__UNOPT__safe_animat….gif)


>nopo immediately specced into necromemester


File: 1487965186463.webm (10.95 MB, 1280x720, MLP-_Friendship_is_Magic_….webm)

Oh yeah
If you thought that was something
check this
Revive a 6 year old pony video as a webm!

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


What gives you the right to play god in such a way


Hey there friendo
Nice me.me


File: 1487965477838.jpg (32.23 KB, 131x136, i-dd55f012113fb7c28a2312d2….jpg)

The power of ancient mememancy combined with my powers for webms


You'll go too far
Your hue-bris will be your undoing



File: 1487965783301.jpg (102.32 KB, 1387x749, 1463480211016.jpg)

Don't fight it
Let it embrace you


Yeah, well, I bet even you forgot this pony meme after six years.



It's amazing how Jim Carey didn't need any makeup at all for that.


It says 'gullible' in the description

God I love that movie


So long as you checked the link at all, it's still my victory.
And yeah, The Mask was fun.


File: 1487966829478.jpg (83.58 KB, 450x600, Cuban pete found this on 4….jpg)


File: 1487967590281.png (260.65 KB, 750x720, 1322629133671.png)

>ended up staying up this late but didn;'t run quest


File: 1487967866336.png (154.34 KB, 768x1040, braeburn_vector_by_kamyk96….png)

that's okay, you run quite often anyway


Everyone has so much to do!

At least I managed to install stuff on my phone safely

Tiem to slp


OW for a bit for me if anyone is interested



I was making a joke about how his face is incredibly elastic and expressive.


Wiz - "Pops being saved from purging in particular will be quite happy with their saviors."


Thanks but I'm a bit too tired for that


Oh. Jokes


>tfw my dick lead me into trouble in Witcher
Speaking of what, are you gonna run T tonight?


You can see why I don't usually try and make them.


Nah, I told you I'd say when I know the next session will be


"Now we just need to solve the drug crisis in america!"
"Easy! We will take them all!"
A horse's last words.


Sounds like a realistic policy. Someone elect this horse.


RIP horse
OD' on drugs
Meanwhile, I was reading an article about how people have deducted what type of ballistic rockets NK has juging by the propaganda pictures they released


>not building a wall


Oh ples
Friday was always the Timbuktu day


File: 1487971362975.png (90.08 KB, 600x500, 1346182361264.png)


File: 1487971699584.png (Spoiler Image, 317.26 KB, 1250x1041, 1445017861193-2.png)


Been a while since we've seen a Grail™ Original.


That one is old as dirt though


Yes, but DM still drew it. Thus, a Grail™ Original.

On a side note, I'm bored as hell but nothing seems interesting enough to play.


Play with your


But I don't have any of those. I'm strongly debating whether or not to take a nap. Or whether I should just fire something up anyway and see if it sticks for a few hours.


Play something comfy


PTR updated, the gauntlet is missing and the airport has those smashed bots from the twitter update

Fidget play Dark Dunjon


RUh Roh


But I'm glad the absolute madmen actually did it


I'll probably get dinner first.
The point is not to fall asleep at the wheel, Nopo.


Blizzard's Russian Youtube account just uploaded a private video



File: 1487973851408.gif (999.46 KB, 500x301, 1389007227869.gif)

if you're sleepy, sleep then


I've read 8 hours ago that the French did too
At least one new hero coming

What if I'm tired but don't want to sleep?


>oh boy I finally got to kill one of the main bad guys



Someone theorized it could be two heroes at the same time


think carefully about why you don't want to sleep.


can I vote "no new hero, only new lore" ?



>doesn't want new heroes

I don't think any polls are going to have an option that niche


I think its too soon after mexican lady


It's been 3 months!


yea but we had two big events as well. The game needs more time to normalize


Since the last patch, the meta normalized so currently almost every hero is viable.
That's pretty normalized I think.


File: 1487975453592.jpg (115.57 KB, 650x645, 1435121734605.jpg)

I suppose so


"Yes, saving people that are being purged so that you can turn them into livestock will make them slightly grateful."


Is this Stellaris?


what are you quoting even, fuck


It is.
Stellaris' developers tweets.


pfft okay then


I figured but I had to make sure.
You never know in today's political climate


File: 1487976664973.png (3.58 MB, 1920x1080, 1487971827974[1].png)



>Meme Team


My go She's beginning to believe


Also it's kinda funny how even important NPCs in Witcher get to share their exact models with random NPCs in the street, even in dramatic cutscenes


Is this an averagefinnmeal.mp4?


File: 1487981915791-0.jpg (198.64 KB, 1600x900, 20170224134427_1.jpg)

File: 1487981915791-1.jpg (322.21 KB, 1600x900, 20170224134431_1.jpg)

File: 1487981915791-2.jpg (152.82 KB, 1600x900, 20170224134432_1.jpg)

File: 1487981915791-3.jpg (102.55 KB, 1600x900, 20170224134442_1.jpg)

File: 1487981915791-4.jpg (254.71 KB, 1600x900, 20170224163027_1.jpg)

Another day hard at work.


File: 1487982723803.png (448.43 KB, 678x462, ir.png)

>sirens at the OP keep cockteasing me

Siren threads should be prohibited.
Having a boner for this long is a health hazard


More siren threads, got it


You misread.
I said NO siren threads


time to start cropping porn faces


MORE siren posts too?


File: 1487983888636.gif (1.3 MB, 800x355, 1435561982958.gif)

I was thinking of asking for tinies, but I suppose It can wait


File: 1487984539243.jpg (128.34 KB, 1500x1500, sionbait.jpg)

Ask and ye shall recieve


thanks nopo


It's going to be 1 zeeb


File: 1487987225204.jpg (31.81 KB, 442x446, 426698.jpg)


File: 1487987305829.png (109.16 KB, 591x746, 1403076316779.png)


I appreciate the trade!


Excellent. Pleasure trading pictures with you noponoe




File: 1487988516577.jpg (29.57 KB, 439x413, 431029.jpg)


File: 1487988641853.webm (2.85 MB, 480x360, 1486375157861.webm)


File: 1487991281673.gif (1.1 MB, 598x354, 1448747972970.gif)



>Spend whole day cleaning
>Still not done
Maybe I shouldn't have painted the doors, but they look so much nicer now.

Good night.


File: 1487991638706.png (500.99 KB, 700x550, 1396163094727.png)


File: 1487991798676.webm (2.4 MB, 1280x720, 1485976964921-0.webm)

Time to slp.


File: 1487991877403.png (87.63 KB, 640x605, every mercy player.png)

Give me about 30 minutes to eat and I'll be good to go.



File: 1487992952238.jpg (25.08 KB, 326x268, heroes never die.jpg)


That dun't look like a stream


Back, but I might be slow since I'm trying to see if my PSU died.



The computer boots, but the Ethernet driver is out. Let's see if I can find the disk.



Playing Dark Souls 3 some more.


File: 1487995120855.png (97.07 KB, 500x521, 1482078153230.png)


File: 1487995189017.png (326.78 KB, 550x779, 1487431773966.png)


Change all your passwords.


Why? What happened?
And what do you mean "all?"


Cloud data leaked
change your passwords
all of them


Insurance and stuff too? I'd think they'd be making more of a deal about this just to avoid legal repercussions.


All of 'em.

Cloudflare handles passwords for lots of places, so people got more passwords to throw against the verification apps and steal your stuff.


File: 1487997296747.png (476.86 KB, 682x544, 1449035663184.png)

Well, thanks for the heads-up. Guess I better go take care of that.


Not until you pop this open

My old email account gave me a warning someone from Vietnam was trying to access it, so be careful.


File: 1487997511806.jpg (209.13 KB, 1280x1280, 1418487820409.jpg)


File: 1487997736190.jpg (47.41 KB, 526x860, 1481365871851.jpg)

Is this an invitation to quest or mislink?


File: 1487997933867.jpg (54.8 KB, 694x639, 1465394881365.jpg)

Take it how yo ulike

If you're free, we can go a while


I'm free.
I remember you needed time to figure out where to take it last time, with the ghost-fog?


brb in a bit

Yeah, maybe I;ll introuce you more intimately with another npc


I shouldn't start trying to organize my desk at this hour, but I will.

So how has everything been on your end?


File: 1487999857826.png (175.02 KB, 348x514, 1482811902847.png)

I'll be here.
Eh, getting a bit stir-crazy, but other than that, things haven't been too bad.
Everybody else in the family has been sick for the past week, so that was fun. Brother got here yesterday, and is going to get his braces off on Monday, so I get to spend some time catching up with him.



Sorry for leaving a bit, had to clean something


It's not like I have any right to complain about that stuff. I only have about 30 minutes left in me, is that cool?




File: 1488005940258.gif (2.36 MB, 399x399, 1157407__safe_screencap_an….gif)


File: 1488006167979.png (42.57 KB, 202x216, 1379887844726.png)

Sorry cheese but I need to get back to work

We'll continue another time


File: 1488006388757.png (687.2 KB, 1200x1010, 2e8218b1849398a8b4029d1a09….png)

Works for me, I need sleep anyway. Thanks for running!


File: 1488009193537.png (339.02 KB, 1280x1078, nightmare_night_zecora_by_….png)



File: 1488012238618.gif (1.99 MB, 640x360, 1325216032022.gif)


File: 1488012379099.png (163.39 KB, 768x1024, 1mdldFe.png)

>aaaaa, I seem to have gotten stuck inside this pot.
>Now everypony can feel my butt
>I'm helpless completely
>if somepony tries to give the d




File: 1488021616924.jpg (157.77 KB, 900x900, 1334725598722.jpg)


Look at all these zeebs


File: 1488023465922.gif (2 MB, 340x270, 4J5avC0.gif)


File: 1488023698797.webm (142.02 KB, 480x480, 425057.webm)


>woke up an hour before the party


File: 1488024208917.jpg (640.49 KB, 1835x2113, 1487813883448.jpg)


File: 1488024269996.png (120.08 KB, 788x594, 431729.png)


>Akko tries to do a pure magic build


>catch myself saying "y'allright" instead of hello

Fucking northern english is going to rub off on me in ways I did not necesserely want it to


File: 1488025097313.png (38.64 KB, 370x320, 1486842061601.png)

>So did you have a nice Friday evening, brother?


File: 1488025669527.png (285.48 KB, 377x768, 1117395.png)


File: 1488026058860.jpg (26.55 KB, 418x455, witcges.jpg)


>deck is 85% early game/tempo
>for the last three games I have drawn at least two of the 6-cost board clears

Is there a hidden piece of code that is just meant to fucking shaft me or what


>Coop with Abathur as Kerrigan
>Mass up ultras
>Can't build anything new because maximum supply


File: 1488027469200.jpg (129.8 KB, 1200x606, 1487535163355.jpg)

Time to go.
Back in a few hours.


don't die


>No master thief


File: 1488029536660.png (774.31 KB, 946x1305, 9e36f4fd-92a5-4a9a-aea0-11….png)

Yesterday was not a fun day


File: 1488029698864.webm (3.97 MB, 476x268, 1469060716405.webm)


File: 1488029910001.jpg (1.14 MB, 1280x1174, d008743d-349f-459b-a506-9d….jpg)


File: 1488030055183.png (120.03 KB, 500x319, 1422333405294.png)


I want to dress up as one


File: 1488032968179.jpg (270.87 KB, 1000x1000, 1465298300053.jpg)

W-what would the suit even be like?


File: 1488033240155.png (264.21 KB, 600x338, d9566e8.png)


Butler, of course


File: 1488034525856.png (417.79 KB, 838x800, 1461488843716.png)



>be grandmaster
>its off season anyway so I'll play hanzo and gebji exclusively, but in 3v3



File: 1488035215832.jpg (63.22 KB, 540x720, 04cca993-956c-4bb0-9084-32….jpg)

More pokes whenn?


File: 1488035715015.gif (228.58 KB, 473x446, 1418200124362.gif)


File: 1488035798866.png (1.08 MB, 1920x1080, derpy-hooves-r.png)


File: 1488035899452.gif (389.77 KB, 576x324, 169303__UNOPT__fluttershy_….gif)

oh noes


File: 1488035998680.png (199.56 KB, 1150x694, wonderbolt_derpy.png)

Turns out Derpy was the secret grandmaster of the Wonderbolts all along!


File: 1488036089806.gif (2.28 MB, 842x560, 1462653051933.gif)

then rainbow will have to train harder!


File: 1488036102540.jpg (1.79 MB, 860x1200, 1424671857604.jpg)

Soon, finishing up some more work


File: 1488036289711.jpg (328.59 KB, 2000x1385, 1432402740692.jpg)


File: 1488036376383.png (504.25 KB, 1212x1920, 4ca5a73d-959e-4507-b199-0c….png)

That's alright
Sorry in advance if I end up not being here


File: 1488036452397.png (304.14 KB, 1280x1321, 1340286248423.png)


File: 1488036483875.gif (1.73 MB, 853x480, 32267__safe_rainbow-dash_a….gif)


File: 1488036836097.gif (2.49 MB, 438x848, 1449155597920.gif)


>slowly and steadily improve my accuracy and positioning on Widow

Can you feel it Mr. Krabs




File: 1488037058337.jpg (135.91 KB, 1024x768, 1487938749283.jpg)

You should watch out if you do head out to Germany, I hear they're super racist.


>won Hamura defense without the enemy being able to cap in QP without ever dying

I'm getting better at Pharah hunting, but it was mostly because of positioning
I still can't win duels against pharahs out in the open


It's netherlands or bust for me right now, judging by the huge amount of people quieing for Germany


Ana is still the best at Pharah hunting, unfortunately


Well, not really.
I just need to get better still.


>tfw had a really tight match of 40k
Man that was fun


On the upside, that means I could come visit you more than once if I want.


File: 1488038882984.png (395.06 KB, 1280x1638, 3cbab315-be87-4cf3-bdee-e5….png)

Yes here
Give me the mons


Oh gosh~





I want to stick my dick in Sonata!


And you will never get to :^)


File: 1488040851598.jpg (1.71 MB, 3638x2002, 2017-02-25 15.51.24.jpg)

Is that not the point of cartoons?


File: 1488040870233.jpg (113.62 KB, 283x662, 1487538767510.jpg)

I'm back.


Draw it


I thought the point was to teach children valuable life lessons and act as surrogate parents.


Who cares about kids
Kids are assholes


Draw what?

I have secured two potential plans for housing and got a few alternatives on the backburner if something goes tits up.
Likely starting date is 27th or 28th.


File: 1488041306615.jpg (77.19 KB, 457x695, 1485192758317.jpg)


Sisters of Battle


File: 1488041449345.png (1.3 MB, 4598x5000, 1342045261359.png)

Now to pray very hard




File: 1488041720755.webm (765.43 KB, 1280x720, 430582.webm)


File: 1488041742160.jpg (57.28 KB, 319x776, 1483521990147.jpg)


Apparently my younger sister was planning to dress up as dosh for their high school ending ceremony thing, with her friends going as Twilight, Ponk and Spike.


We'll need images


It's still 2 years away. It's the pre-finals ceremony where they celebrate the end of normal classes, and pass the torch to the next year who then go on to do the school dance as the 'oldest' students left.
Tradition is you wear a silly outfit and throw candy at people, then climb on a truck and drive around town throwing candy at pedestrians.
I have some pics of my own one somewhere if you care.


File: 1488042982614.jpg (366.33 KB, 1487x1628, 1487999566528.jpg)

I hope he didn't lose his ball.


File: 1488043142763.png (402.12 KB, 724x648, 1449015749872.png)

Oh hey, this is a thing? Or are you focusing on Knight and Maali right now?


I'm just going to do a post or two more for Kngiht, sorry. Need to fix my slp for school.


File: 1488043330526.gif (40.39 KB, 267x200, 200_s.gif)

I getcha. Actually kind of surprised you're still up is all.


BDN you should just stop running for me at this rate


File: 1488044052358.jpg (171.81 KB, 837x788, 1338075096280.jpg)


And anyway, you can post whenever


File: 1488044578744.jpg (236.84 KB, 961x786, 83940 - artist zomgitsalau….jpg)



File: 1488045938970.png (364.11 KB, 3000x2377, 1143937.png)


Also tell us the meet plans


Okay, bed for real now

Don't fuck it hitting it on the head, Maali


What a cute


>slowly changing all my passwords
What a fucking pain.


Good night, I can't wait to see what roughness he throws at me.

PS, picked up a replacement 2DS since I still had the insurance money and downloaded Moon.


… Shit


File: 1488050405552.png (196.68 KB, 1024x733, limestone_pie_by_midnightb….png)


>doing well as widow, nice accuracy and hits
>a guy on the enemy team gets butthurt and calls me a faggot in all chat
>he was a Masters Widow main
>switches to counter-widow and dedicates his entire life to killing me whereever I was

I could not get a single kill after that point
It was fucking awful
It was cyberbullying


File: 1488050802778.webm (3.31 MB, 480x360, 1479609443441.webm)

Accurate description of how I feel right now


Ah, you got off


On the bright side, at least he wasn't killing your team while he was focusing on you.


I'll [bee] on America if you want to owatch


File: 1488052479159.gif (4.83 MB, 858x480, 1251774.gif)

OTR tonight?


So wassap tonight?


More anxiety


Yeah well that always happens. Wanna vidya/quest?


Which one?


I could, I suppose. Do we have players?


Just asking otherwise I'll do something not on pc


I'm still on OW


File: 1488053859722.png (805.32 KB, 1000x1000, 7c515f9b-0efe-413c-a936-1b….png)

I'm here


Be there in a sec


File: 1488054722926.png (554.54 KB, 1000x750, 796100__safe_solo_looking ….png)



That could be relaxing, I am not very well today


>Geralt arrives at [place]
>everything immediately goes to shit
I wish I could finish Chapter IV tonight. I can't wait to try out Witcher 2.



I will do a bit more Starbound and we van begin


File: 1488055367379.gif (852.38 KB, 400x225, when the beat drops.gif)

okay, I think I'll go, fetch a clear soda or something then


So, are you at weebfish yet in the "story" path?


File: 1488056670649.gif (5.96 MB, 800x700, 1422562311343.gif)


>dust will never return to the show to challenge dash to a duel


File: 1488057050214.png (1 MB, 2000x1705, 1428734008056.png)

her loss!


Dust would win all physical challenges, but I guess dash would cheat and win because of friendships


Nah, it'd probably like Rocky. Lose the race, win the mare. You know how it goes.


D-dash doesn't need to cheat


Dust is faster and stronger!


Dash has been training with the real wonderbolts, she's waaaay stronger and faster now!


Dust has been training hard for years, fueled by a desire for vengeance!


Then it would be a good rematch!


File: 1488058053198.png (408.58 KB, 900x1000, 1452711601376.png)


>You can visually see how many charges are left on a teleporter

Gee thanks for making it obvious Blizzard…



its pretty subtle, just like the gui on the weapons that charge up, fits with symmetry perfectly


Rollan for Dust '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


File: 1488058723379.gif (1.65 MB, 479x506, 1391715144735.gif)

'1d10' ok rollin

Roll #1 8 = 8




File: 1488059007010.gif (188.34 KB, 350x350, 1394888637082.gif)

didn't even use a bonus to the roll


Shut up dash!


File: 1488059393055.png (168.8 KB, 336x379, 1347301501193.png)

Wanna train Dust?


Train for what….?


File: 1488059680379.png (148.36 KB, 900x982, dat_eyes_rainbow_dash_by_s….png)

For The Vanhoover Relay of course, its next in 6 months, you wanna enter it together ?


File: 1488060108098.png (235.23 KB, 724x725, 141a0c0d-388c-40ca-bc8b-b6….png)

>DM was completely absorbed by Starbucks
Time for baits




OTR starting in a bit



[training sessions intensify]



Just finished it. Now going for burds.


File: 1488060907275.png (463.47 KB, 1280x720, Lightning_Dust_indifferent….png)


yay for friendly rivalry


Weebfish were annoying as fuck.

The boss was funny at least.


File: 1488061243901.png (984.5 KB, 1280x720, Rainbow_.png)

Rainbow, I could sure use a friendly back rub


File: 1488061246012.png (794.65 KB, 854x1731, 1450222570697-0.png)


'1d10' back rub!

Roll #1 7 = 7








File: 1488061706936.webm (3 MB, 640x480, 1486436107150.webm)


A little lower…


File: 1488061758336.webm (5.13 MB, 853x480, 1486046412050.webm)


File: 1488061803299.png (54.64 KB, 394x252, 697799__safe_solo_rainbow ….png)

You have some serious knots Dust


File: 1488061906737.webm (3.99 MB, 704x396, weeaboos.webm)


We train so hard, it's hard to relax. You know, let those muscles calm down. I'm always ready for action.


I like dat shirt she's got on.


File: 1488062381882.png (352.92 KB, 853x480, post-26550-0-38261600-1421….png)

Oh, I totally know what you need.
take Dust on a beach day'1d10+3' relaxing factor

Roll #1 8 + 3 = 11


Dash have you ever…looked at mares?


>this nigga got his brother an father killed and his city destroyed all over some pussy smh lol…he will be known as fuck boy for the rest of eternity

Some nigga about Paris of Troy


File: 1488063445063.png (1.91 MB, 1600x2100, 1432445897348.png)


I knew it!


Whoops, you caught her


File: 1488063738774.jpg (255.67 KB, 1000x869, large (1).jpg)



Star Versus is getting pretty real


More like, she let herself be caught


nice get


File: 1488064067111.png (456.7 KB, 900x533, where_your_heart_is___fana….png)

this is pony


>Witcher crashes and won't start again


File: 1488064130658.png (1.31 MB, 4000x4000, 1464165828575.png)

Is this pony


Is it?


The only thing that's more lewd than regular Rarity due to the inherent lewdness boost of pegasi.


You tell me


File: 1488064453511.png (225.13 KB, 1024x1024, large (61).png)

Are you suggesting pegasi are inherently lewd?


File: 1488064537022.jpg (8.31 KB, 338x259, 1455533997192.jpg)


Help I accidentally old pony songs


Aren't they? I mean, just look at all of the quests we've run. And in the show, too.


File: 1488064609112.gif (1.96 MB, 640x360, 1403824563565.gif)

pegasi are cute! cute!


Just because Emrille is a whore doesn't mean all pegasi are.


File: 1488064678228.gif (915.83 KB, 213x260, 1353814221779.gif)

smol pno


File: 1488064681588.png (150.58 KB, 849x700, 1454877154948.png)

Seems like we have a conflict of interests here


>playing pirated doom
>having a ball
>reach halfway through the game
>crashes always in the same spot
The fun is over.


RIP fun
Play Painkiller instead


Which one?


the original


File: 1488064796014.png (199.19 KB, 1055x655, It's three in the afternoo….png)

It's not just Emrille. There's Pumpkin, Light Heart, Kelani, your Destiny character whose name I can't recall…
Cute and lewd are not mutually exclusive.


Brb DM


And Felfire.
Let's not forget about the amount of dicks Felfire had!


File: 1488064858111.png (Spoiler Image, 841.22 KB, 1280x1004, large (39).png)

Yeah, the original, as DM said

That much is true.


File: 1488064915547.jpg (36.8 KB, 934x697, 1483808805125.jpg)

>Light Heart
Delete this you fucking troglodyte.


Ghost dicks do count as dicks, yes.
Liberty Belle was a ho.
Lilly would be gay for pay.


Aren't you forgetting a whole island of ponies?


File: 1488065037405.png (1.2 MB, 3508x3508, 1346321350994.png)

that's bias! I'm pretty sure crystal ponies are the most lewd quest characters


She also had literal fleshy raider dick

Light Heart would suck off a hobo for a dime
But she'd only ask for money so she can buy into the bathhouse with the glory hole so she could get more dicks


So what would a crystal pegasus be?


File: 1488065172463.png (297.46 KB, 1024x1024, Angelite.png)

I beg your pardon, Angelite was pure!

A character played by Andy in settlers?


File: 1488065210882.jpg (45.43 KB, 426x341, 1377015422430.jpg)

Oh god, that's so lewd already, any PC that had that race combo would be constantly in contact with lewd events


look at that butt, her tail is raised even!


File: 1488065271070.png (262.76 KB, 700x700, Amber uncovers heresy.png)

Please. Two-thirds of a small island village do not a whole island make. And that really only applies to FelPrime. FelDestiny was liberated before such horrors occurred.
>crystal ponies
Maybe in repressed lewdness, if Amber was anything to go by.


File: 1488065302770.gif (968.41 KB, 430x241, Pumpkin Enters the Room.gif)

>FelDestiny was liberated before such horrors occurred


That's my story and I'm sticking to it until brutally proven otherwise.


She's just flicking it!

Uh, no, that's wrong
It wasn't spelled out explicitly, but it was very heavily implied the pegasus that was totally not just mocking Pumpkin and also Blunstone were raping her quite a lot


Speaking of brutality. We should decide what to do with that quest.


File: 1488065435864-0.webm (330.75 KB, 1280x720, the future is now old man.webm)

File: 1488065435864-1.jpg (74.89 KB, 720x564, Kelani average day.jpg)

>that filename

We have moved on to Kelani memes, get with the times grandpa


Well, they're dead now so that's that.
Nopo was in favor of fast-forwarding past Zebrica and the Witcher-like event until Curry gets roofied and separated from Felfire and then dragged off to Autumnsreach for nebulous reasons.


File: 1488065691211.png (627.38 KB, 1280x720, Breezie_burps_S4E16.png)


I mean, it might not be roofies, it might be coercion.
Long story-short, it only makes sense to do the Autumnsreach part after Zebrica but that does not necessarily require Felfire
Once that is done the timeskip can be completed though


That's news to me, I knew it in a different way!


File: 1488065802611.png (190.6 KB, 859x929, aqwers_celt___my_little_po….png)

I-Impressive work


I wonder if the main quest will end after the Old Mansion in Witcher 1.


Life to Fidget.
Get on steam.


File: 1488067289784.jpg (48.42 KB, 394x456, 1487189376151.jpg)


wut a cute


File: 1488067396788-0.gif (3.89 MB, 600x338, 1487739375561.gif)


File: 1488067446128.png (207.52 KB, 773x576, 1487532910339.png)

In all honesty Conz isn't even that cute, she's just a barrel of laughs.


>smol witch
>not cute


have you seen her eyebrows?


angry eyebrows appeal to my american culture, does not prevent cute


File: 1488067806452-0.gif (342.29 KB, 500x377, GFHXj0n.gif)

You like a strong eyebrow huh


File: 1488067816676.gif (528.79 KB, 600x338, 1487843985755.gif)

>Not cute


She is cute in an overall sense but she is not the cutest smol sorceress in the show by any means.


I like the sketch where she smiles just like the alien cockroach wearing the skin of a hillbilly in MiB does


File: 1488067947961.gif (763.37 KB, 500x383, for bullying.gif)


File: 1488067961080.png (104.83 KB, 354x423, 1486818194310.png)

True enough.

Akko is the cutest.



Its traditional to express emotions clearly!


Very eyebrow



File: 1488068075995.gif (154.98 KB, 389x500, typical akko.gif)

Why not both



Anime girls with big eyebrows are cute!


Gonna slp but continue OTR without me since I'm not quite necessary right now


File: 1488068137651-0.png (315.18 KB, 855x764, 1487626598232.png)


Hannah Barbara are hanging-on basic bitches and do not deserve to be in the show.
And they have inferior eyebrows.


>Sleeping right before the boss fight

Sleep well, ya big chicken


But clearly the cute ranking is
Tiny Chariot > Akko > Ursula > Power gap > the rest in no real order




We need more Chariot


Akko is okay, she's more of a POV/moral delivery character. Which is good for a kids' show!


Just 3 more episodes and I'm caught up with Star Versus Being Cucked

Just in time for the season finale too, I can't wait


What's the deal with that show? Is that aspect as bad as the memes suggest?


Do you think we should pause here and see if we can move to a proper system?


It doesn't really come up until late in the series but /co/ is obsessed with it

Basically, Star spends season 1 and 2/3 of season 2 trying to help set up Marco with Jackie Lee and then she succeeds and gets super fucking jealous once they start dating

Thirsty bitches man


>OTR returning somewhere mid-2030's


I'd like a pause so I can figure out dinner and things for a while


Does this offer anything in terms of learning or morals?


Dunno yet, it's almost certainly going to be one of the major features of the 2-part finale since one is named Starcrushed


File: 1488069632248.jpg (340.72 KB, 1400x769, Nito.jpg)


Witch is spooped
thanks for running




What are you stealing from DS now


File: 1488069851194.jpg (43.16 KB, 424x584, 5d3cb702-2a75-4db7-bb10-19….jpg)

I'm serious, the quest would be much more enjoyable for everyone and you too if we could have that


Do you have a tumblr or whatever for this >>819970 artist?


I'm quite liking the relatively dynamic way of explaining things rather than needing to consult the Codified Reactions Table every turn to see how people should feel about what they see.


File: 1488070151992.gif (153.46 KB, 172x417, Whatever floats your goat.gif)


Time to scroll through and see if they like any tokusatsu


File: 1488070393674.png (269.76 KB, 900x537, Fantastical February and F….png)

You'd want Egophiliac for that. She's a toku nut.


Oh is they now


they is


Thanks Fidget
Well we can have a combat system and you can completely skip that nonsense that I don't like too
Andy and Sion can help, they're better with other systems than I am and ran with them before
Even Nonny can help too


I find it hard to believe you of all people are claiming this now. It's been tried before, DM doesn't like rules-heavy systems.


Why is it hard to believe?

I liked s10 before but after trying quests in other systems I have been lured by their depth
Also what am I claiming? I'm just suggesting we move to another system


We are using another system thou, its not s10 anymore


Never going to work with DM
Or me for that matter


>get a grape-flavored malt drink
>tastes like cough syrup


File: 1488074744182.jpg (15.9 KB, 225x225, Gyahahaha.jpg)

>the Berserk game that came out on the PS4 ends on the boat


File: 1488074761216.png (515.39 KB, 540x653, nohomo.png)

>when you open your phone to a billion mails because it wasn't actually connected


File: 1488074898232-0.jpg (110.25 KB, 500x526, 1466970448587.jpg)

Hate it when that happens


File: 1488074904812.jpg (57.94 KB, 1410x960, uNLu4eO.jpg)

We're not yeah
I just wish we had more options I guess
Costs nothing to try


I can respect them for not just stopping at the part where Griffith sacrifices everyone.
Is the Lost Children arc in it? It got skipped in the 2016 anime I didn't watch, I'm assuming because they didn't want to have a naked child demon on screen for several episodes.
What is the correlation between the picture and the post?


It's the same amount of confusion.


That's literally all I know about the game.


Oh, okay.
I see now.


maali you're looking at freeform wrong, you have all the options. Want to cover the door in explosives? You can!


File: 1488075424029.jpg (29.28 KB, 504x546, 1471730489841.jpg)

>tfw getting mails because someone keeps trying to change my password


File: 1488075499559.jpg (346.71 KB, 778x960, 1486228633_8542.jpg)

>tfw spent all day changing passwords and now they are all randomally generated and safe as fuck


>not having passwords be nonsense phrases that only make perfect sense to you


File: 1488075581172.jpg (406.06 KB, 1114x1600, 1487886492840.jpg)

Rei a best


Good job


File: 1488075675117.png (556.08 KB, 1280x720, notfanart.png)

Well the main password is!
So time consuming though.


random nonsense phrases with a number or two tossed in are much stronger and much easier to remember


Hey it's best pony, too.


File: 1488075798293.jpg (72.15 KB, 485x435, 1430307138050.jpg)

Even remembering half of the things I have accounts on is a mess.


>not having your passwords safely tucked away somewhere


> are much stronger
Not necessarily. It's a matter of entropy, how many characters it has. Using phrases also lowers the number of characters you have available.
I just use a password manager and do that for the main password, while just generating random 250 bit passwords for everything else.
I used my saved chrome passwords. Anything that's not there is not important enough to change.


File: 1488076155834.png (366.2 KB, 640x628, JmnVRPb.png)

Alright I guess I was too hurried with what I said
I'll give it another chance


>not having all your passwords organized by importance and being on a notecard in your bedroom


I hate passwords


Sorry I don't have 10 passwords.


I guess that's fair, I hit all the important things at least.


>tfw its not the cyberpunk future when they just use a brain scan as authentication


I'd prefer that, really.


>not having a toe scanner in lieu of passwords
Though for real biometrics are the real hassle-free system, all you need is a USB port.



you'll be fucked when they simulate your unique thought patterns!


They'll be fucked when they see the things I think about
They will delete the files an sit in a shower crying for hours


Its just a machine looking at it anyway


It's going to get short-circtuited


don't worry, a robot will come replace the burnt out parts


That will stumble upon the code and just burn the server room down


>you now owe the hosting company 240,596,999 eurobucks


Do you believe you have the capacity to make a robot insane just through your thoughts?


They fucking tried to read my mind!
Lawsuit incoming!

I do


File: 1488078214930.gif (411.79 KB, 150x150, 1328568499700.gif)


File: 1488078719393-0.png (80.37 KB, 506x292, 1452056542736.png)


File: 1488080953818.jpg (1.06 MB, 2500x2500, 1322565166109.jpg)

What a lucky guard


You know, I've had a thought.
It'd be neat if the fight between Jack and Aku is settled much in a similar manner to how Aku and Jack's dad duked it out.







File: 1488084400112.jpg (60.72 KB, 473x631, 1486936811534.jpg)

slp end this pain


File: 1488084493075.jpg (48.55 KB, 736x691, 1484055280120.jpg)


Hey DM, you know that episode of Samurai Jack with the haunted house? That'd make a great Call of Cthulu adventure.


I missed many episodes of Jack when it first aired, and should rewatch the whole thing.


Well, I think they have all four seasons on the Adult Swim website. And if I knew how to rip DVDs I'd probably take the ones we have and put them in a torrent or something.


>let's all be support characters!
This had no right to work as well as it did. Even got a few clutch sleep darts in there. I did feel bad for the McCree who thought he was going to be the big hero on Hanamura and kills us all. That many Ults and abilities aimed right at him…


File: 1488095596233.png (427.54 KB, 790x504, 1370087.png)


File: 1488096465652.png (1.17 MB, 1456x1392, Sion's breezie.png)

Well, I guess I'll be going to sleep, seeing as it's 3AM.


Pretty dead here.


Ha, ha, time to Finish the Witcher


File: 1488110859776.png (576.24 KB, 1200x879, 1320857996370.png)

It's the gloomy sunday before school

Did you side with anyone?


>want to stop the Elves from killing civilians
>suddenly I'm Himmler the leader of the Nazi party


File: 1488111105960.jpg (56.91 KB, 720x617, dleWrGE.jpg)


There's the neutral option, I made sure not to be too friendly with the flaming faggots


No way dick lovers wasn't intentional


File: 1488112186906.jpg (130.2 KB, 1920x1080, ddssssssssssssssssss.jpg)


Everyone needs a bit of dick in life.


I'm sad I didn't choose that
Also I'm hoping the game will end soon after I clear this old mansion.


File: 1488114111556-0.png (432.6 KB, 510x573, 1469938865263.png)


Game has 5 chapters
I enjoyed witcher 1, witcher 2 I just got over with asap


File: 1488115540833.jpg (78.16 KB, 637x796, EQLLeTw.jpg)


I liked Witcher 1 fine, it's just starting to wear on me.


Witcher 2 has the weakest story, but at least it plays way better than 1.


>Having any sympathy for sub-human terrorists
Human Path only true path


KB+M controls felt awful, same with Witcher 3 until I plugged in a gamepad. Never tried W2 with a gamepad though


Witcher 2 with a pad feels the same as Witcher 3 with a pad. It's no Dark Souls or Dragon's Dogma but it works well for what it wants to do.


File: 1488116213128-0.gif (2.28 MB, 704x477, 1460499699561.gif)


File: 1488116310584.jpg (93.21 KB, 528x960, 7ea3Yao.jpg)


File: 1488116397238.jpg (52.03 KB, 640x600, pic-dump-378-15.jpg)


I just realised that there are a few episodes of last poni seasonbi skipped.


I still haven't seen the episode with the gryphon


File: 1488116605858.jpg (70.35 KB, 749x701, PXY6yXQ.jpg)


Same. Including the finale.


File: 1488116839217.jpg (75.8 KB, 740x531, 1468591241796.jpg)

>Start playing a game earlier
>PC does its bullshit magic trick again after about 20 minutes
>Shut it down for an hour before trying again
>Get to the desktop, PC shits itself again almost immediately

So playing games for like 12 hours straight yesterday didn't make it sweat, but today getting to the desktop is almost too much to ask? I don't see the logic here.


File: 1488117035835-0.jpg (74.01 KB, 750x674, 398122.jpg)


File: 1488117053898.png (517.64 KB, 566x800, 1476275114342.png)


I'm just so tired of this issue popping up every few weeks, seemingly with no pattern or logic behind it. I was hoping maybe it was going to be something simple like faulty RAM sticks, but this doesn't look like a RAM issue anymore.


File: 1488117519992.png (Spoiler Image, 388.01 KB, 801x1101, 46d94d2d-b8ac-4d2b-9c10-32….png)


>creasing into the butthole

Immersion ruined


>Witcher 2 has the weakest story, but at least it plays way better than 1.
At least the zones can't be any more tedious than Sewer #1, Sewer #2, Swamp #1, Swamp #2, and Medieval town #1, #2 and #3


Oh yes, it can


It's slathered in glue

I'm sorry for your lots

I have a similar computer issue


It's Terrorist elf forest / Mountain with ghosts / Mage City


File: 1488118027089.png (171.74 KB, 700x700, 84bee51c-c2c1-4331-9d67-3c….png)


I think that's the first time you've ever posted art for me that I haven't seen before, although I shouldn't be so surprised since it's on that furry website


What a lewd fairy


You have a funny way of thanking me
All fairies are lewd tbh


File: 1488118564436.png (226.94 KB, 600x600, Sukuna chocolate.png)

I dunno, it's just weird that you go around looking up porn for me!

Thanks I guess?


File: 1488118805096.jpg (187.13 KB, 720x1280, 0656e284-aa3a-43cf-834e-66….jpg)

You're welcome!
And it's not like I'm actively looking for it, I just stumbled on it and thought I'd share it with you


Welp, I finished Witcher


File: 1488118914637-0.jpg (230.46 KB, 1366x768, 20170220153451_1.jpg)


Now import that save to Witcher 2 and be sad about your weapons being early game shit


But then I'd be known as a dwarf-murdering person


If you don't, you miss out on shit even in Witcher 3, and must do an extra tutorial


Was I supposed to recognize the assassin in the final cutscene of Witcher?


I have no clue
That one especially
Look at that cleavage, geesh


Nah, you're just supposed to realise he's another witcher


File: 1488119961959-0.png (1.25 MB, 853x1024, Fairy (Evolved) 900111010.png)


File: 1488120047358-0.jpg (118.65 KB, 523x900, 453efc576e9b6cb8ed3b8747a4….jpg)

File: 1488120047358-1.webm (3.83 MB, 640x360, lilwitch.webm)


Should I do the tutorial for Witcher 2


It's pretty different, go ahead


The gameplay is nothing like 1


I'm gonna start after I eat my breakfast, lunch and dinner all at once


File: 1488121926500.jpg (1.03 MB, 1920x1080, 1487617147436.jpg)

Pay your due.


File: 1488122418242.png (355.05 KB, 552x552, 1488093427537.png)


File: 1488122539354-0.png (416.04 KB, 751x1068, 1485374241482.png)


But will I be able to bang elven hotties if I continue as Geralt of Massacres-Nonhumans-at-Vizima


File: 1488122730694.jpg (253.25 KB, 1920x1080, 1435032167271.jpg)

>implying they'll let such a small thing stop you


I will now meme for a while


And how the fuck am I supposed to know which save to choose when they give me 2 options


I don't remember, check the folder or something


There are no bangable elves in 2 as far as I recall


There is one, along with a succubus and an extra sorceress, but only if you side with terrorist elf cunt


How the fuck do ripostes even work


Block at the right time maybe, I don't think I bothered much though

Also try playing W2 with a gamepad


File: 1488124474118.jpg (12.44 KB, 229x213, totallynotgoo.jpg)


File: 1488125204896.png (263.14 KB, 900x1169, 213101__safe_oc_changeling….png)

good morning meta


File: 1488125241351-0.webm (3.96 MB, 640x360, 1487432398582.webm)


File: 1488125289236-0.webm (954.08 KB, 480x360, 1487363837776.webm)


File: 1488125428788.jpg (242.45 KB, 695x695, 1487727010244.jpg)

what's the plan today?


Same thing we do every night, Pinkie.
Absolutely nothing.


File: 1488125583832-0.webm (164.45 KB, 480x360, Cyber_Meme.webm)


File: 1488125681194.jpg (26.41 KB, 500x375, 1472134183672.jpg)

but must it be?



Nah, but it's the likely outcome.


>tfw no fidget quest



Magic school quest was a mistake and you both know it.
But at least Nopo got a necromancer out of it, I guess, that he can use somewhere better.


Why do you hate running so much?

The prep work?


File: 1488126402495.png (174.44 KB, 578x463, 1426458835950.png)

another school might have been a bad idea, since it was competing with other school theme quests


File: 1488126451736.jpg (18.72 KB, 286x313, 1487186040900.jpg)


I would watch a witchy stream


We're going to watch EP7 next Saturday.


It's that little voice in the back of my head that keeps repeating things I've done incorrectly or making me doubt the players are actually having fun, that sort of thing.
Then I just sort of lose the thread of what I was doing, can't really connect the bulletpoint ideas I'd written up, don't run for a week and suddenly the quest is dead. So in the end I really don't have anyone to blame but myself.
But having half the group drop out before even getting anywhere really didn't help matters. I suppose it was my fault for accepting that many players in the first place, especially with how scattered the time zones were, but…
Well, it was supposed to, at some point, overlap with DM's Paladinquest, and then adventure would happen. But we never made it out of the first year, so, that fell through right quick. Especially since we nipped the paladinquest questline in the bud by not being dumb kids.


What would you like to run, Fidget?


Yes. All those quests with 7+ players around the world went that way.


A ponzi scheme with me at the top and no legal repercussions.



>and then adventure would happen
What I've kind of learned, is not to wait for the part you want to tell. You want to tell an adventure, jump right into it, a troll busts in from the basement and into the dining room, forcing them to deal with it, and then 'forbid' them from going into the tunnel that goes to the mysterious adventure filled forest.


File: 1488127102307.png (1.34 KB, 182x32, mail.png)

>when you have to delete and recreate your local mail account


what a fucking pain


Worst of all, my password is like 60+ characters and I have to put them in one by one on my phone, but the phone app keeps failing to interface with yahoo since yahoo is shit.


Well, I like laying groundwork. Plus the main thing I was hoping to get to was the spell development in the latter part, since I was curious as to what you guys would try to make (and how broken it would be, since I'd allow some crazy bullshit if you put in the time/research for it.)


[suffering intensifies]


File: 1488127549008.jpg (2.36 MB, 2000x1429, 1422254654401.jpg)

I wasn't saying not to lay down reasons why they are here or something insane like that, just that you shouldn't delay parts you want to show off for too long.
>broken spells
you're a madman for wanting to do that.


File: 1488127576252-0.jpeg (54.01 KB, 640x426, 90 year old lady is super….jpeg)


Well, I mean, I'd impose some stiff penalties for spells that are just "instagib that dude and his buddies." The school rewards lateral thinking and are just as impressed by utility magic (moreso in some cases, as it could be used by anyone) as they are by feats of magical strength. For example, the divine magic teachers would be tickled pink for magic that could know the location of living things, or magic that improves on the already known cure and mending magicks. It was mostly to see what you guys might have tried to come up with given the role you would have developed for yourself by that point. I mean, even if the spells were emulating other class features, I'd still accept that.


I think it's fair to make a school quest that's just slice of life. I mean, that's basically what paladins was

Say what you want about Harry Potter as a series, but the first one was comfy. They're not too caught up in having big plots yet, there's a lot of time to just build a world and deal with regular school life. It can be cathartic in that way.

The thing I disliked most about the College of Winterhold in Skyrim was that it was
>Go to one class
>Go on one field trip
>Alright, you're the Archmage now


You make it sound so cool, fuck, I want to make a spell that swaps voices around a room at random now


they spread their writers too thin, and all plots wound up too short except the thieves' guild


Oblivion Thieves' Guild was WORLDS BETTER and has an amazing climax, if you haven't played it you need to immediately


Was that the one with the Grey Fox?


but then I'd be playing oblivion and 'meh'


I agree. Comfy quests like that can be really fun.


And that asshole who knows how to stop time wouldn't give you a set of his clothes. They were such nice clothes.
A lot of ideas sound great on paper. The execution probably would have been absurd.
You go on a heist to steal an Elder Scroll.


some of the WoW order hall missions, while short, worked really well


I even paid homage to the the finale quest with Emrille's heist to get the Alicorn Amulet when I referred to it as "the ultimate heist", which is the quest title



Roll #1 2 + 3 = 5


I mean
The ultimate heist is not that specific


I only got a chance to play a few of them but I had fun with the rogue ones

The DH ones were kinda meh

Don't you want the gamer cred?

Seriously though it's a travesty if you haven't played it


Not everything has to be as intrusive a reference as that time I ripped off Mass Effect


The Paladin one for Ashbringer is great


Or that time you ripped off Hero.
Or that time you ripped off Groundhog Day.
Or that time you…


Well, this sounds lame but, I have played a little, but it wasn't my game at the time, and I wound up watching instead of playing. and so, I basically know a lot of the story from that where stuff is, and don't want to play it.


The Hero one worked, but I never ripped off Groundhog day that was an anime reference, you should feel bad for not getting it desu, like it or hate it it's a major icon in the filmography of /a/ culture


Nigga I even watched that fucking anime.


Then you should've known!


It was so bad I try not to think about it.


Witcher 2's combat sure is harder than the first one.
At least I die a lot more.


Repetition is the path to mastery.


post best character


I honestly like a bunch of the characters from Overwatch, not sure if I have an absolute favorite

And I'm not sure if your favorite is Dva or Tracer


>not Reaper


Well she does seem to play him when she needs to relax

The darkness just resonates with her soul!


Oh? I thought you were a fan of sombra these days

My favorite person, is still DVA, but I am pretty bad at being a tank so I don't play her too much


File: 1488130795993-0.png (265.62 KB, 500x717, tumblr_olxgzzMim71qi2qcao1….png)


>lurking a 2nd life thread on /v/
>this work of art shows up
I don't know if I should laugh or what.


File: 1488130906935.png (297.15 KB, 450x416, 1487770490781.png)


Imma delete it, forgot to spoiler.


why the dildo anklet?


File: 1488130979617.jpg (55.93 KB, 973x548, dick wraith.jpg)

I play a lot of Sombra now but I still have 8x as much playtime on Ana or 6x as much on Winston as her. And I like how she plays but I don't really like the character. She's not like the WORST POSSIBLE THING but just kinda meh.

I like Zenyatta and Mei as characters, they are very upbeat and positive. Also Ana because she's just an operator.
>Someone needs to show how it's done.


I think that's one of the most hilarious details.




Repost it with the spoiler then!
The thumbnail is laughably retared


that's why I had to point it out



Good god


This song is so deliciously engrish





I love how you can see how much Kripp hates HS at the moment and just milks the cow at this point.


File: 1488137495957-0.jpg (37.58 KB, 600x401, deed.jpg)


>In Europe and Asia both the protagonist and the movie are renamed to "Vaiana". Not only didn't Disney want to avoid association with Italian porn star Moana Pozzi, but the, lesser known, main reason was actually that there's a cosmetics brand that owns the legal copyright to the use of "Moana" in Europe.

I'm just going to keep shitposting until someone else shitposts back


File: 1488138465272.jpg (316.64 KB, 2048x1000, 1488046175611.jpg)

Cool someone made those Power Rangers movie toys look like not shit.



File: 1488140413864.png (206.98 KB, 1024x982, rainbow_dash.png)

Posting the queen of shitposting pony


File: 1488140548082-0.webm (658.49 KB, 1280x720, shitposting intensifies.webm)


>that fucking Mastodon
>the retarded triceratops
At least the T-Rex and Sabretooth Tiger aren't too outlandish. Or have six/eight legs. Jesus.
And the Pterodactyl is just a fucking jet.


The mastodon and triceratops are the worst designs. The picture I posted were customs, so it's really just polishing a turd. The T-Rex, tiger, and pterodactyl at least look like Zoids.


File: 1488141207547.jpg (129.5 KB, 863x575, 1487667640648.jpg)

The combined robot has its own issues, too.


That looks like it was bought from Poundland and reviewed on a certain brown couch


I don't even know if there are any individual pieces that are able to combine, which really rips my tits because that's part of the major appeal of Power Rangers/Super Sentai toys.


File: 1488142471961.png (172.28 KB, 841x949, applejack_by_90sigma-d7a1e….png)

[shitponying intensifies]


Gonna OW some more


File: 1488142902306.jpg (298.03 KB, 800x1000, 1422569905145.jpg)

>managed to get healthy food for the week
Sundays are horrible and crowded.
what's going on


Absolutely nothing. Why is slaneesh so titt-
Oh nevermind.


File: 1488142972812.png (414.27 KB, 1178x1694, 1488077930724.png)


That is a very lewd whatever kind of creature it is
It's good to hear you got some nice food!

Although it's a bit too late to start anything I think


File: 1488143092276.png (107.32 KB, 500x467, 1421550822101.png)

wanna do something?

Oh. Okay. When would be a good day?


I should go to bed in about 2 hours…


OW a few rounds maybe?


You've been pretty lewd this week

Did some good Rainbow art get made?


Tomorrow or Tuesday if it's good for Sylt and you?


What? Maali posted outright porn and I'm the lewd one?

its okay for me at least.


File: 1488143416141-0.png (444.51 KB, 774x1024, large (40).png)

You're always lewd


Lewdness is relative, Nasse and Maali post porn all the time, it's not surprising.


File: 1488143475009.png (71.44 KB, 669x415, 1342103.png)


I'm not sure I feel like it tbqh…



We're used to Maali being a whore


File: 1488143614889.jpg (262.21 KB, 492x740, 062f3dddca8a21166108b22bad….jpg)

I post pretty girls often enough I think.


I promise I'll play seriously!


File: 1488143652998-0.png (161.39 KB, 1024x608, 1329030__safe_solo_rainbow….png)


> I'll play seriously!
This I almost want to see


File: 1488143729322.png (Spoiler Image, 661.55 KB, 1200x927, 1460346246.tsampikos_cb2s.png)

I had an excuse, I was merely sharing porn that I knew Wf liked
It's no different from when people post Rainbow for you or Trixie for Sion
My intentions are pure


Then I really don't feel like it.


Looking at that pic I can't help but think that sitting like that is gotta be pretty comfortable.


Would it reallyy


I thought the same


File: 1488144058659.png (803.79 KB, 1280x1348, Blep.png)

am I being rused
Could be less comfortable for the guy, depending on how much weigh put down. I mean, even if it's not a lot, it can still be uncomfortable. Like how when a small dog or cat walks on you while you're lying down.




Animals stepping on your dick is the worst, this I can agree with


File: 1488144139596-0.png (567.98 KB, 945x945, 1305012__safe_solo_blushin….png)


Belly rubs are very pure!


Depends on how low you go on the belly, to be honest. Or whether you turn the tummy rub into a gentle caress which kicks off foreplay.


No idea what you're talking about
Pure friendly sharing


File: 1488144406315.jpg (23.69 KB, 299x326, Well I dunno have you TRIE….jpg)

>intentions are pure
>posts explicit size-difference lewd for the express purpose of getting a rise out of both Wf (the size-fetishist) and Andy (the other resident fur-fan)


Helping your friends is a pure thing!


>tfw no one baits you with art


It's also a sacrifice out of me, it does nothing to me, yet I'm going out of my way to save those, occupying precious space in my phone


There's a line between giving your friends a hand, and giving them a handy.
I've endeavored to hide my preferences so that I cannot be baited.
That doesn't really hold water when you like what you're posting too, Maali.


>There's a line between giving your friends a hand, and giving them a handy.



And what?


File: 1488144994389.jpg (99.87 KB, 540x233, 9b1abe26-2632-4f2c-8ddb-24….jpg)

I just said it does nothing to me, Fidget


And what's wrong with a good old brojob!



That defense never holds water when I use it.
It's far too bromosexual.


Wizars cannot be immune to anything


What's with you and holding water? Geez


Wizards are immune to everything. Or at least resistant. Grand Wizards, however, have no weaknesses.


>play seriously
>win two in a row
what now haters?


Nothing, I don't want to play seriously myself.


Yeah, but can you carry me playing Widow, huh, though guy?


File: 1488145683960-0.png (157.04 KB, 1000x794, Rtx67Vx.png)

VERY RARE Akko magicking her clothes away, by the one and only DM


this is not what witches do


That's a really promising start


File: 1488145832409-0.png (Spoiler Image, 312.99 KB, 1500x1192, F3qg3jN.png)

I like his lineart more tbqh


Slanted pussi




File: 1488146091740.jpg (88.99 KB, 383x274, 1484971641583.jpg)


I leave him with you for two days and he does this. You're an awful babysitter.


This clearly means you should not be allowed to interact with DM anymore
You're tainting him with your American prudishness


File: 1488146220730-0.png (63.33 KB, 278x259, 1486866152962.png)


File: 1488146874776.png (186.94 KB, 653x900, fluttersaucy.png)



Night, DM.


Three day weekend soon


OW, DD, DaS, or Painkiller.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Back to the dank dungeons, I guess.


File: 1488148179587.jpg (134.84 KB, 600x1340, 77d9730.jpg)


Polanball is the internet's greatest creation.


>not pepe
Do you even internet magic?


Well we had a few decent games, it wasn't all bad

My eyes kinda hurt though, I think these contacts might be bad for me or something, I feel like I've had a lot of eye pain lately. Or maybe it's eye strain from all the screens I stare at all day.


Pepe is a meme tragedy.


Must be all the trash shows you've been watching lately, ayooo


File: 1488150967351.png (70.47 KB, 755x801, bc827da93e4b61a72e6195890a….png)



I have been looking at a lot of Nopony posts lately… that may be it


>Guy claims he built a "functional Lego Bastion"
>It doesn't fire bullets


Impossible, you said you cut back on the meta


Hmm, that only indicates that the few posts that I have seen were extra concentrated shitpost though


File: 1488151460823.webm (3.91 MB, 1280x720, 431820.webm)

This should help you with your eye problems then.
Just follow the few easy steps.


File: 1488151792551.jpg (30.66 KB, 555x333, vJBn9xn.jpg)


File: 1488152918973.png (388.22 KB, 495x781, 876441.png)

Time to be the same in ded.




File: 1488153460036.png (109.73 KB, 766x764, cumin and marina.png)

Did you beat up that Shrieker?

If you kill his nest before he flees, you net a cool 4,000 gold


File: 1488153818685.jpeg (109.79 KB, 1200x825, 1456531992616.jpeg)


Fluttershy that mirror… is not a mirror. It's a glass wall with an identical clone on the other side. That's not what a reflection looks like.

Very slowly walk toward me and do not make eye contact with it.


I was noticing something was up with that too, but I couldn't put my hands on what exactly is wrong with it


But that's too hard


Also her big toe is on the wrong side on her right leg


None of my people are level 5 yet. Got a bunch of 4s, though. Just managed to kill the second-tier necromancer (vestal/jester/crusader/leper combo). Cumin was the crusader of the party.


Does the mission linger around until you complete it? That's handy

If we're gonna nitpick, you can notice the perspective is warped too by the way the sink and tub aren't even, they have different slopes.

Either the sink is literally hanging downward off the wall, or he lost track of his horizon lines


It does, as a matter of fact.


File: 1488154365061.png (1.02 MB, 4896x4018, 1448821824418.png)

It's still somewhat cute, if you don't look at it for long


Is Cumin on the same team as I Want To and Side Rainbow Dash?


File: 1488154796778.gif (460.78 KB, 400x301, Slap conga line.gif)



This fucking webm is killing me I can't stop watching it




You know, I don't think there's been a proper picture of Coriander throughout the course of the quest. Considering how (comparatively) big Marina is to Cumin, her brother would probably dwarf him.


Thanks I love Gundam.
Ah, I see.


It's very hypnotic isn't it

>was offline on steam
>only now just going to bed


Marina got bigger not just metaphorically when she left because Coriander is a Farmer class character and quite literally made her his little sister.

I hinted at that a few times but you know, it's no fun if you never figure it out.


Oh, I knew he was bigger than Marina, physically speaking.
But then he goes and gets married first and now Marina's second in the official order. So there's not much more she can do other than grudgingly wear the mantle of "Coriander's little sister."
If she ends up having twins, she's going to have someone record which one came out first, so that it's settled before her kids have to worry about it.Well, that and if they're both girls/boys she'll know which one is slated for Davey's kid. Hopefully by then he'll have become a respectable naval officer and settled into a role that inspires ponies into more… legal nautical adventure.


She's never going to be anything more than the filthy fucking bastard of a literal fish and a retard
t. Emmy


>wanting the last real pirate lord to stop being a pirate

There are "technically" still other pirates in triangle cove but the MSL has the seas on lock

Also Marina is definitely established as first to come out of the womb on record, that's the whole rivalry, remember?
>Coriander is bigger
>Marina was born first

Anyway, I'm sure now that she has accepted her fate as little sister she will settle into the role and behave for her big brother


That's not true.
Mera might take Curry as an official consort.
She'll just strive to be the Cool Aunt. And fail miserably because she'll be way too damn busy studying how not to be an utter failure as a leader.
And the thing is, Wf, Marina still doesn't want her future kid to face undue hardship due to her father-in-law's profession. Privateering might be a thing, maybe.


Speaking of Marina when is Horizons going to run again?


God, I wish Emmy could just shoot him one more time, for old time's sake


I'm on a mental health hiatus from all quests


If she did, it would spark quite the incident. Are you sure you want to throw away Emrille's recently restored and hard-earned youth for one moment of passion?


Pity Emrille got cured so we don't have a shot at the bad ending where she goes senile and Curry takes care of the dottering mercenary while she drools on herself for the last few years of her life


Oh please, that's Tela's duty. Curry would just make sure she doesn't hurt herself until Tela gets there.


I'm sure he'd let her kneecap him once
For nostalgia

All she wants is to shoot him again, non-lethally!


No, I'm pretty sure he wouldn't. Because he only just barely forgave her for everything else, and is quite happy he doesn't have to hear her harp about how much she hates ponies that aren't mares above a certain degree of attractiveness.


File: 1488156581355.png (277.47 KB, 1252x1992, 1392561843422.png)


I should've had you spend more time with Marina instead of urging you onto your own adventure. It would've been neat you trade tip with her brother who is also a farming enthusiast / tinker.


File: 1488156658763.png (247.22 KB, 1280x640, Emrille.png)

I think there's enough art of her I could make a 'Do it for her' by now…

She would absolutely shit on every life decision he has made


Just watch it, the payoff at the end is great



File: 1488156771039.png (30.2 KB, 501x503, Fedoramancer.png)

But at least Curry got to live out the rest of Spring Water's days with her.


Just a breezy in the wind now


It's fine, they can meet during the wedding, and hit if off then. Especially since Coriander will probably have grown a good portion of the materials used for catering the wedding.


File: 1488157111562.webm (1.73 MB, 640x640, 418550.webm)

Emmy still fucked more mares than he ever did
And she is a mare

I wish the curb your enthusiasm meme was more popular


Quality beats quantity, as Emrille should be well aware of. If Tela hadn't practically leashed her, Emrille would have probably spent the rest of her days blowing whatever money she scraped together on cheap whorehouses and died of some sort of venereal disease.


>she scraped together
From my understanding she got rich as fuck from all the mind-controlled killings she did in Anniev
I mean, I know a lot of what she experienced there were hallucination,s but what I gathered was the money was real, that's why she could afford to just chill out in the tropics with Tela for the rest of her days from all the blood money


True, but without Tela there to snap her out of it, would she really have been in any state to actually use it? Especially considering that they'd probably send the newer model off to get rid of Emrille after she served their purposes?


She could afford to chill in the tropics because it's literally uncolonized land, Tela hunts and cooks, you're not paying taxes to anyone. Your only expenses are for mai tais at the bar in town.

So yeah, not much money but also doesn't really matter.


Tela also killed the person who did this to her though.

I totally thought she was well off.


Again, the qualifier was "without Tela."
All this is running under the "what if" of Tela not coming back for Emrille.


I guess that depends on how you define well off


File: 1488158483614.png (341.53 KB, 600x438, 1337295359188.png)



She can buy whatever she wants whenever she wants without worrying about going broke

But she did


That could technically be true if she doesn't want much


File: 1488158583990.jpg (177.84 KB, 1280x720, 5ee60074-b664-4605-99f1-99….jpg)

>Not able to draw tonight again


She doesn't, not anymore.


There was always a chance she wouldn't.
But, past is past, and I hope you realize Emrille isn't going to be invited to the wedding. There was going to be an open bar.


File: 1488158766706.jpg (789.72 KB, 2560x1920, 8ohYYzk.jpg)


File: 1488158842173.jpg (52.61 KB, 736x1139, One easy step.jpg)





You motherfucker


I don't know why did you took a liking for that specific picture though


File: 1488159206845.gif (374.93 KB, 500x292, Outrageous Laughter.gif)


Isn't that Flicker?


I'm 60% sure it is


Kneecap Curry

Roll #1 3 + 4 = 7


File: 1488159492793.gif (740.89 KB, 500x281, 1449516613303.gif)

Anyway, I'm going to slp, night


Let's see how guards detain you.

Roll #1 4 + 10 = 14




In XCOM that's considered a miss.


Because its a soft qt pegasus its the one which made me a fan of your art


Good thing I just asked Autumn
He said it is Indeed Flicker
That? Really?
Y-you should have picked something nicer, that thing is so old now…


File: 1488161426747.png (381.39 KB, 1200x1000, SnowBerry.png)

Okay, what about this?


tell me about Flicker


Much better
Oh um
Hold on


She's a sassy mute pegasus tracker mom that's sassy.


Maali told me you were talking shit like I wound't find out

Get out



holy fuck



Tell me about Flicker, how is she so pretty?


File: 1488162409410.png (705.13 KB, 750x776, 1488136850875.png)

What's up? Having fun at school?


A pegasus mom? With hunting skills? Sounds amazing


trainer should not use the white herb on himself


Squatz and oatz


File: 1488162711856.png (186.12 KB, 1049x761, caoch_rainbowdash_by_glitc….png)

>super /fit/ too
She keeps getting better


File: 1488162833475.jpg (132.4 KB, 1000x1000, 1338134906114.jpg)

Struggling to wake up and leave for school knowing things are going to get even busier now


File: 1488162910432.png (199.28 KB, 500x455, 999100__safe_clothes_scree….png)

>tfw have to do things but don't want to


File: 1488163050674.jpg (119.44 KB, 1280x720, 1321897212036.jpg)

Feels terrible


I'm here more than you are nerd
She's also a teenager but we don't talk about that timeline since the game was garbo


File: 1488163150926.gif (110.04 KB, 447x586, I_Can_Learn_So_Many_Things.gif)

Classes lighten up in spring at all ?


Could be worse.


Not at all
Our semesters are from January to April and August to November, and now that I've passed the halfway mark shit's gonna get real


File: 1488166411766.jpg (130.26 KB, 1000x667, 1488038326137.jpg)

I believe in you




Well, Zootopia took the oscar, surprising no one.
A pity about Kubo, but we knew it wasn't going to win anything.


>expecting anything but hollywood masturbating from the Oscars
An indie/non-Hollow-wood equivalent would be nice


File: 1488172876724.jpg (18.04 KB, 375x345, tmp_20282-1487243990840-81….jpg)


File: 1488172935258.png (838.82 KB, 1347x5316, 1094006__safe_solo_clothes….png)


What a pinkish pony person


she's got. pleasant colors


Hair's a bit bright for me but to each their own



I'd check it out but


Are you implying zootropolis wasn't good?
What the fuck even is a kubo


File: 1488175393371.png (399.4 KB, 1440x2560, tmp_18944-Screenshot_20170….png)


>not knowing kubo


sad weeb story


More importantly, beautiful Laika stop motion



Well no I don't


Is it fun ?


File: 1488178005985.jpg (550.09 KB, 1400x1000, 1025571__safe_solo_clothes….jpg)



I don't particularly like most of the mons, but it's pretty alright

I want to that pon


File: 1488178150438.png (416.66 KB, 1440x2560, tmp_18944-Screenshot_20170….png)

Current team


I want that Lizakbar.


File: 1488178737858.png (211.46 KB, 1440x2560, tmp_18944-Screenshot_20170….png)

Cloudcat is actually pretty cool


It's by Laika, the guys who do really good stop motion


But Laika died


Why does everyone seem to be moving to discord nowadays?


It's got a lot of convenient features in comparison to IRC, from what I've been told.


>we're an AWESUM chat system for GAYMURS XD

The whole thing kind of puts me off


Yeah, one of the complaints is how it records stuff, I've had people not want to use it for that reason.

Just think of it as another of the 11 million social network apps out there.


>records stuff
Fucking hell

Too bad I have to join the Sage team there


File: 1488180028501.jpg (1.2 MB, 1200x688, 1487996906813.jpg)

How long has the project been underway? Do you best to get them to put it out.


File: 1488180054126.gif (712.8 KB, 909x800, tmp_20282-1488144344911-42….gif)

People follow other people. My guild uses it for voice chat on raids and it is at least easier to run than teamspeak.





File: 1488182033683.gif (661.51 KB, 400x225, 1212525.gif)


"Because it's better than skype"


Go mumble, it's free ass in Freedom!


Mumble is shit except for voice chat, and I don't want voice chat


MSN messenger


File: 1488185549235.png (5.16 KB, 240x160, tmp_18944-Pokemon Clover_1….png)

Um, uh


Go back to 2006, gramps


File: 1488188939500.jpg (31.24 KB, 700x420, tmp_20282-4066-760092963.jpg)

Meanwhile, in Russia


What a flattering image of trump


File: 1488193750583.gif (1.57 MB, 540x405, 837a5f.gif)


File: 1488194644817.gif (1.69 MB, 500x400, tmp_20282-1485506564343-10….gif)


File: 1488196329285.gif (1.98 MB, 620x717, 1483657363600.gif)

People like it for being a bit of everything in one. Haven't used it, so I don't know how good the VOIP quality even is.


It's as good as mumble, the only problem is it's being run by tosspots


File: 1488198762901.webm (603.04 KB, 360x360, rat.webm)

Dear sub
Today a rat jumped off some trash right next to my shoes then ran off and it scared the everloving shit outta me.


File: 1488199078848.jpg (612.88 KB, 1452x1086, secret_cult_screen_01.jpg)

>New CK2 stuff releasing next week
>tfw still haven't played it with the Sub
Once we get bored of Stellaris and want something different, I'll need to get you guys in on this. The game is too bonkers to pass up on.


We played like 5 years of it once

The problem is that different ruler types have different paces. Like, I need to pause almost constantly to run a republic optimally but need to let a few years run by when playing a duke.


I'll seduce DM, Neeps and Gaius eventually.


We'll have to see about that




You already own the game, all you need is someone to teach you how to play it like with Stellaris.


As I said, with my brief time with it completely fucking overloaded when I was supposed to decide what type of toilet paper should the people wipe their asses with in the smallest acres of land


Having a tough time deciding where I want to play when societies come out

I'll probably pick up this old game I was playing where I play a vassal count of the Pope and try to get as large as possible without ever going independent


>play Witcher 2
>get to the first "open" settlement area
>not sure where to start so decide to quit for now and make dinner instead


File: 1488200824429.jpg (24.27 KB, 554x431, get (57).jpg)

>murder a few people
>go to jail for 9 years
>get out a rich man



CK2 is definitely a pretty complex game with a lot of different stuff you can do in it. The thing is that micromanaging every little thing is not necessary, just like in Stellaris. When you're learning CK2, it's best to have someone tell you what to pay attention to and what to ignore until you have a better grip on the game.

The mechanics of the game can also wildly differ depending on what your playing. A viking ruling a petty kingdom in Sweden is going to play very differently from a doge controlling Venice, but the core mechanics are still there. At the end of the day, as long as you're fucking your wife and can defend your lands from invaders (Through either alliances or being part of a larger entity like the Holy Roman Empire), you're not going to lose your dynasty.


I see
I'll give it some thought


I mean we'll have plenty on our plate for the time being anyway once Utopia releases.


>no eu4



btw the season finale of Star Vs was perfect


EU4 doesn't have the same level of hilarious craziness that CK2 has. EU3 and EU4 are still some of my most played games ever, but I don't think the meme crew would enjoy it as much as Stellaris or CK2.


Btw there hasn't been Timbuktu for a week


File: 1488204239608.jpg (120.13 KB, 1260x278, 1307270591632.jpg)

Resist urge to make supper

Roll #1 9 = 9


I never wanted to sadden a zeeb…


Apparently posting - XDDDD - is filtered and considered spam on /vg/
Shitposting will be harder now


File: 1488204777923.jpg (191.54 KB, 1263x1079, tmp_20282-1488176270125952….jpg)

Akko sees ______


Inappropriate art made of her


File: 1488205012020.jpg (121.73 KB, 440x433, 1485180829209.jpg)



>they changed the voice of the elf

Now it sounds awful


File: 1488205221564.gif (377.62 KB, 700x700, 5db25e09f091118ea724d9107c….gif)


I suppose I'll redo that later


File: 1488205354089.png (27.51 KB, 218x316, tmp_20282-1488165785166-10….png)


what's all this about discord recording things?


Will you?


Batpon is thirsty!
She's looking at your neck…


File: 1488205495973.png (145.43 KB, 581x399, 640.png)

>tfw no froggo


File: 1488205545682.png (127.29 KB, 935x855, echo_the_bat_pony_1_2__man….png)

give bat the fruits I was hiding behind my back


Bubble bubble


I might, given how vocally you were disappointed in it.
I dunno, I barely use the thing.


Bretons 2morrow


I'd reply with a pic of tiny chariot if I had one saved


File: 1488205824658.jpg (122.89 KB, 540x270, bc98e378-62e6-48a7-bd48-6a….jpg)

It's confirmed
The sickness has gotten me


I mean, mumble that's got a built in record option, so it wouldn't be abnormal but, I never noticed one on discord, and I've heard it makes audio issues with game streaming programs


put ice on doggo nose '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


File: 1488205949651.png (436.69 KB, 800x800, 1378777996121.png)

What's caught you


poor molly


Doggo mistakes the the ice for treats and eats it
I had to walk around in strong rain for a looong time. I think it finally hit me up, I'm feeling cold and my whole body aches all the time
That's not
My name


File: 1488206430091.png (349.33 KB, 338x654, tmp_19471-1488197703945-14….png)

Aw shit nigga


File: 1488206497644.png (1.68 MB, 1760x1588, 1448933781357.png)

Take care and drink warm water


You actually going to be around today or what?


oh noes
get under a warm blanket


>warm water
Um, can it be something else warm?


I am! But I am fighting the urge to draw now that I'm alone at the house and can have peace


File: 1488206671265.jpg (152.28 KB, 850x600, 1380104936037.jpg)

Water's the least likely to fuck up anything
Caffeine might interfere with you resting


maybe a light tea?


Hey, I really liked the lineart and the poses!


Eh' just because you're alone isn't a reason to do something, if you are sick just sleep.


File: 1488206907974.gif (220.96 KB, 660x500, 8ef69f7c-9431-44a1-ae4f-39….gif)

Don't worry, I don't drink coffee
Problem is we don't have tea…



>people in the Shadowverse general will defend this


I just been frustrated for not being able to do anything yesterday and the night before


Same end result


What about, a cool drink, like a clear soda, the fizzes can help you feel better.


File: 1488207168081.webm (715.49 KB, 614x768, HhCiE1YiHf1Aft3oySlTNGRVn….webm)



Maybe you can work with a more sketchy design?


Well I have been avoiding drinking any kind of soda for a long time now



but why encourages sketchy art?


Because they look nice?
Sylt said it's about our mind combining the best of the lines to make it look appealing


File: 1488318348357.png (698.7 KB, 2000x2000, Dsty makes pone 3.png)

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