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File: 1494155972232.jpg (98.48 KB, 616x584, go to sleep.jpg)

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In which we go to beb


How'd your drinking spree go


I live if nothing else


File: 1494156805044.jpg (1.26 MB, 2576x1932, 1494006727023.jpg)


File: 1494157182080.png (561.57 KB, 800x800, uprising_mercy_by_raikoart….png)

Finally this ded can end.


File: 1494159203206.jpg (638.9 KB, 1536x2048, iIxDfgG.jpg)

>Post is followed by 30 minutes of silence


File: 1494159397807.jpg (62.14 KB, 564x696, 1449851515890.jpg)


What's the plan for this Sunday, Bidien?


Mons later?


Sounds nice
I have to leave a few hours later though, but I can play on the phone!


There's other times if you're busy!


Remember to wish your mum happy Mother's Day


Alright alright


That's next week you daft cunt.


It's the first Sunday of May you cocksucker


In most countries it's the second sunday of may actually.


Only in third world shitholes.


Well excuse my country for having a date that is easily remembered


So it IS Mother's Day in Belgium then?


second sunday is scientifically more easily to remember since there's assonance.
And Things that rhyme are more easily remembered


OW anyone?


Eh, in 20


File: 1494164206116.jpg (452.34 KB, 1366x768, 20170507143512_1.jpg)

I can be your angle or your dvil


File: 1494164555220.jpg (60.68 KB, 800x534, 498831-Deathclaw, Karl Fra….jpg)

I awaken.






File: 1494164876299.jpg (225.31 KB, 1024x1066, 1400285787155.jpg)


File: 1494164945264.jpeg (138.63 KB, 768x1024, 885422.jpeg)

how are you


File: 1494165177451.png (171.05 KB, 346x297, morning DM what's for brea….png)




Drink some water


This is diabolical


Would you give cursed items to breezy?


I should, since I'm out of juice.
very creepy, top spook


But you're best friends with a walking curse dispenser!


Oh! So, we give the curses to other people.
Got it.

very fun!


Yes, it's a villainquest remember!


File: 1494166437607-0.jpg (842.89 KB, 2033x2081, 2017-05-07 17.09.16.jpg)

File: 1494166437607-1.jpg (1018.78 KB, 2104x2584, 2017-05-07 17.09.10.jpg)

I wonder if this looks right for a warboss.


This is pretty cool


W-we're heroes


But you forced a poor government employee out of his job!


I had nothing to do with that


And what about your robot abuse?


robot training you mean!


you should really progran him to have emotions, so its even worse


Hey, he will get a better name when he earns it.


Beep boop. I have gotten this limited edition comic, it costed 10000 gold


File: 1494169214298.jpg (381.06 KB, 700x900, yusei_luxray_by_shucanme-d….jpg)


"…How did you get this?"


I got it from the shop! Oh and I said you'd pay for it!


"WHAT?! I can't pay for that! I thought I told you not to spend money?!"


>for a comic


…I must have forgotten that!




>Scarp is my incompetent minion
N-no I really am a villianess


It's fantasy!


File: 1494169839130.jpg (161.11 KB, 1000x1141, 1419312507094.jpg)


Either someone is overcharging or that thing is made from gemstones.


It's a super limited edition, from 1000 years ago!


File: 1494169929230.gif (1.42 MB, 540x304, 1485368716811.gif)

so fken slpy


File: 1494169978564.png (58.68 KB, 172x190, 1391198393302.png)

How was it preserved?
You had a rough night.


In a sealed bag made of magic


I'm not sleepy at all
I just wanna sleep because I haven't got anything else to do


I feel like there are better things to spend your gold on.


File: 1494170208753.png (389.29 KB, 1170x1089, 1375149.png)

But he really wanted it!


File: 1494170231549.jpg (287.31 KB, 600x600, 1467279202695.jpg)

any trainers here?


Maybe. Where were we?


You had to put up a stage show to an audience of Pokemon in a gym for your challenge.


Why not.


File: 1494170417307.jpg (392.85 KB, 800x800, jap style swim suit.jpg)

I could


Link me the sheet and I'll join.



File: 1494171260834.jpg (831.88 KB, 834x1345, 1487511414107.jpg)


Just desu me famalam


File: 1494171553253.jpg (148.87 KB, 630x787, 1493714309431.jpg)


This picture makes me want to get fit


File: 1494171679554.jpg (922.28 KB, 1366x2000, Rabudesu_ch2_04.jpg)

>When two yanderes fall in love with each other



File: 1494171781578.png (319.12 KB, 638x1289, 1478363776510.png)


File: 1494171803794.jpg (26.04 KB, 529x399, 1304454650797.jpg)

oh boy


The last thing I posted before I went to sleep was a /fit/ girl >>846389

I think dating fit girl would be nice because it would give some motivation to keep to an exercise schedule


T today?


That thing looks grotesque in all the worst ways.


Maybe a little

Being black isn't grotesque!


>Groves calls something grotesque
>have to check what it is because I probably like it
Yup it's unf


My whole goal was one day to have a beach episode just so I could write in "Leila [iron bikini]" as my name.


You missed the first!

There will be other gatherings


7.8 / 10

Also yes.


Oh dear


The other day when I was doing yandere research, someone in that thread complained there are no male yanderes

>Manga about two yanderes is yuri



It's funny because we're probably attracted to different subjects in the image

The fit girl is a nice set piece for me to emphasize how small and cute the wonder-filled blonde is


File: 1494172286665.png (260.38 KB, 561x568, 1490543854770.png)

I'm not sure if there is a market for male yanderes


yea, the blonde girl is kinda boring to mecould be interesting if she was a trap or used to be male in someway thou


Well the one guy who complained of course


I have nothing else in my life right now


How devious!

Big Amazon girl probably has high expectations for who is allowed to be male and feminizes anyone who can't 'earn' their masculine status.

Pls Nasso so extreme!

I'll run a little bit once I've finished my morning rituals


File: 1494172668402.jpg (30.47 KB, 500x571, anime-anime-boy-black-and-….jpg)

yea, there's no point in it all


File: 1494173110896.png (255.77 KB, 680x381, 1464837146355.png)

Gotta run do house stuff, I will return in time for T, Nasso


I don't know about yours but mine is entirely pointless


File: 1494173164966.jpg (356.2 KB, 950x507, cc4b6e3f-6af8-4438-b789-78….jpg)

I'm here I'm here!


File: 1494173191382.png (539.79 KB, 1426x1450, 1492922992245.png)


>there's no male yanderes



File: 1494173450739.png (536.47 KB, 660x996, outlast groom.png)

And then the Sub ate my image


File: 1494173455590.webm (136.46 KB, 198x330, fox_bune_toys.webm)


Woah, that's lude!


File: 1494173484561.jpg (18.72 KB, 286x313, 1487186040900.jpg)


there are male yandere
but they are just called rapists



File: 1494173524110.png (634.41 KB, 1276x1550, 1457775957236.png)


The clingy emotional abuse is probably more of a selling point than the rapeyness


File: 1494173580820.jpg (3.05 MB, 2475x3500, 1466118842896.jpg)

lewd is the only thing that makes the nosse live
therefore there must be a lewd


Holy heck her thigh is so THICCCCCCC


File: 1494173651436.jpg (321.34 KB, 556x864, girl(male).jpg)


That's just called being a dick


>leafs aired the Rainbow Parents episode
>it's got almost as many fillies in it as the Sweetie Belle episode they aired yesterday
>dash's mom is cute
Still not going to watch it until it's supposed to air, though.


File: 1494173799695.jpg (78.23 KB, 1024x540, Eddie_behind_gate.jpg)

Makes sense!

No, you see, in Whistleblower it's okay because it is a yandere (male) who rapes men
And we all know that raping men is acceptable and also a very good joke topic in popular media when it comes to prisons


That's not a Yandere, that's just a psycho though
I know I played that part


A violent dick


File: 1494173981705.png (3.2 MB, 1520x2660, 1494153166973.png)

New Jack reaction image


Well, yes, part of the yandere appeal for me is the psycho part
>"Would you rather die than be with me? Then die."
Thats as yandere as it gets


I'm sure that classifies as an abusive relationship

So there we have it
yandere is just wanting to be with a female pycho rapist


Actually for once Nasso isn't begging to play because of lewd

His character got badly injured trying to bust through a window, then he got carried down to the med pavilion by potential waifu and he accidentally drank a full bottle of painkillers

So he actually wants to play for plot reasons!




File: 1494174130552.png (875.15 KB, 1375x2000, Rabudesu_ch1_08.png)


W-well he's probably hoping to do lewd as a result of finishing that!


But I'm not much into yuri, sadly, so eh

Why do you think I like Emrille so much?


Daily reminder that Emrille's taste in rifles is shit


File: 1494174418129.jpg (93.38 KB, 585x741, 1489258856703.jpg)

back in a moment, door


>literally the best gun at the time

Believe whatever you want Nasse, won't make you any less wrong


And Andy was never seen again…


File: 1494174548551.jpg (15.34 KB, 1000x401, spencer-1.jpg)

Smoothbore muskets were the best gun once, doesn't make them any less shit
Besides THIS sexy beast existed at the same time
Henries can't even compare


What a loyal door-answering doggo


The best gun is the one that keeps you alive.


Get your fucking peashooter out of here


File: 1494175781575.png (111.29 KB, 400x400, 1467278093598.png)

they died


Who did?


they did


File: 1494175955464.jpg (50.41 KB, 497x622, 1463060752125.jpg)

Every current monser


May they rest in peace


I got called away. Still busy. Sorry looks like it won't happen.


Figured, another time then


Sorry had to take care of that for a while


>the naked fight
What the fuck is this episode


>Its a blizzard
>NPCs insisting we need to go out in it to forage
wouldn't any wood we find be wet from the snow?


Bark's pretty good at keeping the internals dry

I-it should be


File: 1494178752990.jpg (112.09 KB, 776x600, coffee misato.jpg)

Seems legit
Let's hope the pokemon don't get lost out there


Pure salt.


But is it?


File: 1494179665920.webm (1.61 MB, 640x480, 1494137725790.webm)

Oh wow you were right!


File: 1494179750830.gif (3.47 MB, 540x376, 1494154280072.gif)

Lots of it

I have to admit I was a bit salty at the start of the episode, but it became so over the top it was kinda cute.


what happened


File: 1494179784258.jpg (52.27 KB, 528x212, 1494170539611.jpg)


Well, now I have to DL the ep and watch it right now




Be ready for 50s music.


>jack doesn't deserve to be happy after 50 years

Remember, he was probably only not romancing anyone because of that one trick Aku pulled on him


The whole episode is an allegory for fucking.
And then at the end they actually fuck to top it off


Or maybe he was just too fucking busy getting back to the past. Duty to his country and family.


Jack never really had a love interest
I bet he sucks at being a boyfriend


>oriental desert aesthetic
Good start!
I'm not sure if you noticed but the Walrus is voiced by fucking Zoidberg

He's just shy!


He's a man's man.
Would keep the family safe and provide for everything. Be a great father.
Always in top physical shape.
Is it not enough?


>I'm not sure if you noticed but the Walrus is voiced by fucking Zoidberg

Need a guest voice? Why not zoidberg?


I'm serious, go back and check!



Its probably a chance for real growth and him becoming a man emotionally: rather than an angry boy trying to get his dad back


Yes I already know.

It's a zoidberg maymay


I know, but it's a very old normie meme!


YEah andy, but girls are icky!
M-Muh ronin fiction!


File: 1494180361682.png (26.52 KB, 1134x851, 1492093549912.png)

>trying to save his people and family from eternal slavery and abuse is being an angry little boy


"Ow, something's poking me."

10/10 I'm not even mad


>ronin story
>not having romance at some point


He had it once
Then it turned out to be "FOOLISH SAMURAI"

Quick, someone post the edit of "well, this is me" with Jack!


the only consistent rule so far about this universe seems to be that all women are into /ss/ or /u/


Well no
But he should be able to feel all sorts of emotions rather than only the quiet anger he had through much of the original show?
I think that's what the crazy jack was about too, he's been nothing but angry all this time, while he has a good reason, its not healthy to have no joy.


This is fucking adorable and anyone who thinks otherwise needs a reality check and grow up


> this universe
>as in reality


I think he had much more emotions than quiet anger throughout the original show.


I said this last night but the choice of really white American music at the end was really weird - like, I love that style of music for its place in Fallout, but Jack is Asian/Rap themed. Seemed weird.

I meant T of course!

But so far no one - PC or NPC - seems to be interested in manly men.




He was always happy to meet new people though, despite his mission

I'm not quite there yet, but I've been warned about it


He's really only been angry when Aku tricked him, especially when time portals been involved.

Otherwise he's been pretty zen. Enjoyed his times in the wild. Always friendly to animals. Very sad during the Japan flashbacks. Can't recall much but I don't remember him as being angry and brooding at all.


File: 1494181020965.png (389.74 KB, 400x585, 1443728745759.png)

Have you considered that maybe you need to put more attractive men in the game?


There are a few! But you know things have been crafted based on demand


Percival is a very attractive, stronk boy!
He's just too young to look too manly!


File: 1494181253747.png (450.6 KB, 626x920, 1464383402677.png)

I think if you made a manly attractive male, and had them take on a significant role which mattered to the players
they would be more interested


Maybe, but I really don't mind the preference for powerful women instead


File: 1494181395717.jpg (Spoiler Image, 6.02 KB, 263x192, nielsen.jpg)


File: 1494181398023.jpg (36.05 KB, 640x480, 1487064808241.jpg)

you're kind of annoying me now


So is your lewdquest still lewd or not anymore?
And when do the bzzzs get lewd in the tent?


You were the one who asked, sorry! I was just answering honestly.

Yes, we will have to bring in Leslie

It's kind of both. Think of it like Pirates was.
>Brz lewd
Pls, Fairweather is not for that

Also I should add that I might draw that scene


It seemed like you were complaining about it at first!


Don't Forget the tiny flag with the wrench on top of it.
And Pattern being spooked by Petilia's spooky stories


But we both know the terms of the Nielsening


Well, I like it. I'd rather spend time describing nice, perky breasts than monster cocks personally.

I am still in the planning phase, and I'm not sure who is inside and who is outside the tent! Maybe you / Andy can describe the scene in detail.

That was mostly a joke, I'll have a Nielsen cameo regardless.


File: 1494181883895.jpg (786.26 KB, 839x1188, 1477235537873.jpg)

slp time now


I'm not sure who's inside and outside either!


Slp well noble congoer


I will be inside the tent
I think witch was going in too


thanks for running


File: 1494182291171.jpg (27.72 KB, 291x521, 1494174443041.jpg)


>expecting a feudal samurai prince to "get with the gays" instead of restarting his family line after fifty years of not knowing the touch of a woman



It ain't just a river in Egypt.


Fucking kids man


Fo' shame.


I suppose I misunderstood
Perhaps you're all incredibly straight


Foolish Tumblr Warrior is closer in syllable to Foolish Samurai Warrior.
I have failed, regardless.


File: 1494182618435.png (367.33 KB, 487x635, 64ebc82d54853eae94060ec888….png)

I can really enjoy manly men but we agreed on no gay stuff in the beginning
Even if you are sort of breaking that rule lately, for reasons I don't know


Okay, now that's a stretch

Also, you can be straight and appreciate a man's body aesthetically!


File: 1494182772391.png (342.55 KB, 690x600, 1459633287563.png)

>no one wants to interact with manly man
I don't think you can still call yourselves gay


I just want to make people happy

I can be flexible even if it's not my thing

This sounds like something out of Renegade Angel

>They like women. That makes them straight.

>But what about their obsession with yuri?
>That's two women, or double straight.


I never wanted to call myself gay!


Sorry, Neeps is the exception, he likes muscle manly men but only when transformed into a woman

And Sylt who is on break of course


Post the "double yes" webm from XRA









Xavier is pretty powerful, I bet he's at least an Afrit!


File: 1494183049497.jpg (1.01 MB, 1200x1400, 006ef93e9e68a563111b9a5413….jpg)

Well I asked that because I wanted us to focus more on things that would be more fun for both of us, since I know you'd get more into it this way


File: 1494183106237.webm (2.56 MB, 568x426, english teachulator.webm)

It's not gay if he's a woman~

I swear to god if I could summon Xavier I would never need another demon in my entire career


It's not gay if they're girly traps right?


File: 1494183674841.png (Spoiler Image, 206.05 KB, 800x600, edc1fff7-0a2f-4528-9420-09….png)

I'm feeling really conflicted about this, Wf


Y'all need God.


Said the literal sêmen demon


File: 1494184083416.png (3.65 MB, 1498x1123, 1493729242835.png)


File: 1494184156166.gif (2.15 MB, 480x360, slightly homo.gif)

Probably literally, since God is a male



>using kethup
>not even fake blood

low energy


I agree. But the day of the crucifix is coming, my friend.


File: 1494184680393.jpg (217.26 KB, 798x1158, 1491765566528.jpg)

Here you go.


I'm literally not playing any more.


Heh, thanks!


Oh it will not only be Jesus who is going to be coming, Emma


Besides, I think he'd appreciate it if you restrict talk about his stuff to the Discord



File: 1494185499392.jpg (178.03 KB, 514x769, 1376517369097.jpg)

ID didn't teach Kilana very well about time magic
she's going around changing the past now


>inb4 she saves Prima


"That's okay, love
Maybe if you break things enough
We can fix it together"


>undoes her own past
>no longer a wizard
>unexists in a paradox
She would like thatshe misses her donk so much


It's probably harder to lose someone you could literally share all your thoughts with.

Cameo some day might be fun though!


>saves Prima once
>she dies later, too late for Kilana to choose the path of necromancy and spellery
>instead she's just a depressed zeeb bard forever.


At this point everyone will have a cameo!


>big finale comes
>decide to hold it on a thread
>invite everyone to cameo
Its more likely than you think



File: 1494186286126.jpg (15.92 KB, 266x216, 1443956646586.jpg)

Have to ask sylt closer to time if he thinks its a good idea.
It could work thou.


What a sendoff it'd be.


I'm starting to get into the idea actually.



File: 1494186839124.gif (2.39 MB, 448x252, 1442792228801.gif)

>invite the old cast
>they someone turn the world into a puddle
Maybe there was a reason you fucks got locked up in time


My really bad friend collector habit is rubbing off on you guys!


File: 1494187115829.png (154.17 KB, 807x721, Crescent is not happy.png)

I suppose at times like this, I wonder if I should be glad or not that Crescent didn't really count as "the old cast."


Would you want to join such a thing?
I don't see why not.

Its doable if its for the finale really.


File: 1494187308973.jpg (570.18 KB, 1272x2704, 1493720597724.jpg)

>Macron wins

As expected. Would have been pretty interesting if Le Pen won though


Well, there's really the matter of what he'd even be doing there. He's just a guard, albeit one that got slapped into a golem suit.
Which may or may not have even been canon, come to think of it, since DM was edging away from crazy tech near the end.
>le "terrorism is just something you'll have to live with" man won
I wonder how many refugees voted.


Macron is a French dessert I thought


Fuck off dude, Le Pen is a lunatic.


Maybe Pumpkin would ask him to come to a party.


That's macarons


File: 1494187550977.png (136.78 KB, 450x500, 1493619818577.png)

I doubt Le Pen could have achieved much anyway.

If she's a lunatic, what is Merkel?

What Sylt said.


I'm personally glad that dumb fucking whore didn't win.


Our immortal fuhrer.




File: 1494187745796.jpg (104.89 KB, 960x960, 1494176968177.jpg)


File: 1494187762461.webm (2.73 MB, 569x320, sion reminiscing.webm)


File: 1494187776526.jpg (11.46 KB, 184x184, 1365704883191.jpg)


This is why you never plan and improvise everything!


I don't think they liked each other that much, to be honest. Or at least, not to the point of being friends.


Macron may not be the best candidate, but he's a whole damn lot better than Le Pen. I'm glad he won over her.


File: 1494188002130.jpeg (131.61 KB, 784x1019, 621852__safe_solo_flutter….jpeg)


File: 1494188026777.jpg (90.87 KB, 600x351, cap-1-skull-e1464283842486….jpg)


File: 1494188085765.png (880.2 KB, 1280x939, tumblr_oiskr1vjzS1vegwk5o1….png)


Save that for later use. I'm sure it will come up.


File: 1494188146142.webm (4.4 MB, 768x432, sion picks a drink.webm)


Someone on /co/ is dumping all the hellboy-verse comics in chronological order and they are pretty amazing.


File: 1494188198389.jpg (77.86 KB, 1000x500, Hail Hydra_zpsf1gxa7h6.jpg)


what a comic


File: 1494188371396.jpg (64.48 KB, 739x493, importance_of_gender_studi….jpg)


>go into debt
>only learn about what a dick and a vagina are


>dick and vagina

Genitals have nothing to do with gender, Andy.



Okay Sion
Tell me
Are you okay with the closing of CEU?


I don't know enough about Hungarian internal politics to care.
Schools are commie factories in General.


I thought you were in school too
Why aren't you a communist yet


File: 1494188656786-0.jpg (1.02 MB, 1988x3056, Right even when he's wrong….jpg)

File: 1494188656786-1.jpg (1.29 MB, 1988x3056, Right even when he's wrong….jpg)

It's honestly hard to tell if these comic writers are intentionally making the villains more socially aware because of inability to take risks with the heroes, or if this is all accidental in their attempts to appease the sjw crowd.


Because I'm not doing humanities.


File: 1494188682196.png (151.41 KB, 234x307, whelp.png)

I'm pretty sure that's the exclusive determining factor actually


Wow, oh wow, you're clearly not educated enough to understand.


You're right Sion
Let's just close all universities
We would be better off learning how to carve stone or cut wood
That's a great bright shiny fucking future, isn't it

CEU Business School
The School of Public Policy (SPP)
Cognitive Science
Environmental Science and Policy
Gender Studies
International Relations
Legal Studies
Mathematics and Its Applications
Medieval Studies
Nationalism Studies
Network Science
Political Science
Sociology and Social Anthropology
Doctoral School of Political Science, Public Policy, and International Relations

That's the departments of CEU
Look at all the fucking liberal commie trash Soros Györg aka literal Satan is indoctrinating for his jewish takeover


You guys are such fucking tools today.


File: 1494188907595.gif (31.51 KB, 205x39, 1466499246599.gif)


But at least I'm not a hoe.


I'm just not sure if Sion is baiting me or if he really did eat up the diarhhea that /pol/ shat into his mouth
Gobbled it up and said "Wow, that's some tasty shit right there."


File: 1494188974275.jpg (38.97 KB, 600x400, 1471505377169.jpg)

I know right


It's a conundrum. Can't close them because what you say, can't leave them open.
Another reason why we're deadlocked on this path to the end.

As I said, I do not know enough about this particular school to have a judgement. I simply posted it because I knew it would trigger you.


Why no more T for you though


Yeah, fuck higher education
Fuck critical thinking too
Fuck universities, they are the spawn of Satan, a plot by the jews so the immigrants can fuck our daughters
That has been the point of universities this whole time, but Detective /pol/ has finally discovered this devilish plot


I don't care for it, wasn't really interesting.


Running quest


Yeah, your little rant about genders in the Renaissance really showed me the critical thinking skills you've been taught.


File: 1494189293496.gif (1.32 MB, 540x400, 1493126922560.gif)

playing quest



This thing is too cute


File: 1494189469582.jpg (84.55 KB, 960x434, 1491526994265.jpg)

it really is



More than you have, apparently.
Your critical thinking is about this complicated

"I read it on /pol/ so it must be true! That means everyone else is a liar paid by the jews to genocide the whites!"


Boy you really did get triggered by my Little picture didn't you?


They wouldn't have posted it otherwise!


No, I get triggered by the fact that a friend of mine is actually retarded and is completely okay with a government shutting down one of the best universities of a country just because it is funded by a jew that the PM hates because he has a daddy complex


File: 1494189882824.png (137.98 KB, 403x455, Rainbow mom.png)


File: 1494189901387.png (103.38 KB, 1410x1266, tiny doodle.png)

Just a tiny doodle I'll probably never finish




Looks just like her daughter!


Surprisingly not a loss image.


You're not okay with anything your government does so I really doubt this University is really special to you. More part of your General hatred for fidesz. I'm sure if your favorite party closed down some school funded by fidesz or jobbik you'd be cheering all day.


You watched maid dragon after all, huh?


No, you absolute fucking mongloid, I would not be okay with it
Because if they can close own one university, they can close others too.
I do not like news sites that originate from the government and their friends but I would not be okay with someone forcibly closing them down because this is literally against freedom
But I suppose you don't care about freedom and what happens to others as long as it does not personally affect you, good for you then. Do have this poem. This might shed some light on why I am an advocate of freedom and do not want to see anything closed down on an ideological basis.

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.


I went to /a/ and saved pictures of it


File: 1494190448135.jpeg (310.58 KB, 1500x2000, 1311958__suggestive_artis….jpeg)

You definitely need to watch it

I actually ended up liking the main protagonist girl and her friend from work more than any of the dragons they were too relatable


So what you're basically saying is "no one can close down any propaganda machines even if they're working against my own interests".
This is such an incredibly self-destructive opinion I don't even know where to begin.

And I don't worry about that poem, there's already no one that speaks for me.


Please stahp

We all know how the two of you feel, this has passed the point of banter



Well, apparently a nice way to begin is to close down universities just because they have a department for gender studies along the dozen others





File: 1494191921303.png (47.5 KB, 512x512, mabel.png)



In the end, there wasn't a cameo from "Mabel egg in eugenics jar"


Thank God for that


>tfw so very very tired but can't sleep because need to go pick up mom from the station in the middle of the night


File: 1494192808035.jpg (29.73 KB, 500x463, 314f7c7c-a824-4c28-a858-3d….jpg)


Crystal durr


Why not?


There was never any reason to go through genetics stores


File: 1494197544628.png (143.28 KB, 765x836, It's made of foam.png)

>sub is ded
>dreams is ded
>day is almost over
>some gross tuna/white bean salad is the only option for dinner today
Does anyone want to do something, or am I the only one with nothing to do?


Do not disturb the bat


File: 1494197795010.png (187.47 KB, 712x517, She has no style she has n….png)






He's right there, though.
I could, if you're fine with getting memed on because I'm horrendously out of practice.






To be fair, unless you really get stuck, you should try to do a first-run blind. At lot of scenes lose impact if you read up on them beforehand, after all.










Dying is part of the experience.


Just relax and do it
Focus your mind




Andy, I think this looks like a good spot to stop so we can do the excorcism next session

Lion statue status: Aqcuired



I am being reasonable. You just have to git gud.


Now you just need an excuse to be brave!


>carry lion and rat around
>get into danger eventually
>no matter what I choose a statue activated
Plan status: Success




Fidget in how many quests were you part of again?


More quests when?


The difference is the Lion one is for selfless bravery, remember?
And the rat one is for being firece when cornered




Lioness statue for making smug expressions while laying on back when?


I will run RIGHT NOW



I've heard the key is FUCK YOU AND FUCK YOUR MARKER but that may just be a meme


It would be too easy for Kelani to activate

Awaken the sleeping, they said, it will be easy, they said


That's easy
Look up a walkthrough

But if you run right now there won't be time to beat it


Horizons, Macross… and I think that's it, really.


Was the original plan to simply run through houses banging on pots and pans?


Couldn't you theoretically activate both at the same time, one leading the fight and then the other when shit goes south?





Gods don't like technicalities

Kelani gets incredibly aroused from the sight of plantlife, yes.


grumble grumble


But your selfless bravery put you in a tight spot, and now that you're cornered your ferocity is being brought to light.


Would you like to be in another one?
Dsty I don't understand
please don't be upset at me


The problem now would be having time for it, since work has started again. Unfortunately being a NEET is harder than it sounds in America.


Hey, if it was an easy task, it wouldn't be a hero like Kelani doing it!

Stop trying to cheat the system!


Don't sweat it, Dsty is literally a meme

You're not a neet, you're educated and employed!


File: 1494200024697.png (1.37 MB, 1002x1416, 1494182901507.png)

There is another layer of irony here.

They just proved that Cyclops was right all along. They spent years hating on him and the XMen and they accidentally undid it here.


File: 1494200074353.png (93.19 KB, 1000x500, Nylis learning to game the….png)

If you're gonna play rogue, you don't do it half-assed.
That's why I said it's harder to be a NEET in America, because you have to have a job. Or be looking for a job.
But Knight, Cyclops was always right.


Video games?


Macross mega neko meganekko when?


SV or OW?


Or do we want to get really angry and play HotS?


Sylt really hates it and Week 3 is not yet here I think


Hots is most realistic for me, I could try OW but honestly laptop reee


Fair enough.


I'm playing from laptop too famalam


And do what, lose to your AA0 deck?
Go home.
Let's try OW


I could run H for Marina and T for Percy.

Sylt is still taking a well deserved rest of course.


Oh the temptations.
Maybe a few rounds of OW, and then H? If you're up for it, WF.


Maybe later, will vidya with Sylt for now

You do realize that both times you were one turn away from winning with Maelstrom Serpent if I didn't have lethal, right?
I could do the thing you asked and craft my old deck


Arright lemme see what the patch DL time will be for OW


I'm sure you'd have had some answer.


3GB @ 4MB/s = 12 minutes

Play a game without me, just one and then wait up


It just took us a while to spot his second mutation

Did you watch Wolverine and the XMen? I liked how they portrayed Cyclops in that cartoon.

>Giant cat person
>In a ship full of tiny, drab dressed people
Calta and the Doctor would probably spend more time fishing people out of her mouth.

Though it might be fun to have her constantly get distracted and stalk you all…


Wasn't that the one where they made Cyclops a hothead instead of Wolverine?




And giant cat would know not to eat the maintenance crew. We all would taste like oil, metal, and grease.


Apparently there is a very real threat of giant rats, so if her glasses fell off…


ROUSes? I don't think they exist.


Oh they're real. Be glad I blew two up!


Cyclops became dark and broody. He didn't shave and had a dirty Neo style trenchcoat. I'm pretty sure he was drunk a few times Wolverine went to talk with him.

It's also a version of Wolverine I really like. He's very competent and does a good job running the team.

You're already imagining her in your head, aren't you?

Gotta make sure your in your mechs as much as possible when going planet-side


Nah, I will keep a clear mind for now to see if you cook anything up


I don't believe you.
well, that's kind of a given, isn't it? Aside from gathering samples, staying in the mech just makes travel easier.


I haven't ever really followed the comics too much, especially new stuff. How exactly have they been hating on Cyclops and the X-Men? Was he taking a stance of "we need to account for the fact that mutants are dangerous" and getting treated like a bigot because of it or something?


Nopony playing vidya with you is like sticking a thorny eggplant up my ass.


Yet sometimes when I play with you we always get memed on by teams with no healers and hanzo widow genji

Really makes the noggin jogging


One of these days you're gonna be wandering a dark hallway at night and be pinned down by one of those ravenous beasts, and you'll just wish there was a safe pocket to hide in


>hanzo widow genji
That's every QP team m8

Every one of them


Confirmation bias, you only remember the bad times because you are so salty about every defeat like some kind of insecure child.


Oh and do the defeats come fast and furios when I play with you!
Yes they do indeed!


Look at this salty cuck whose worth as a man is measured by the online, non-competitive games he wins.


But I'll have my gun.


Wow, big words coming from the guy who had a mental breakdown from getting triggered by the word 'weekend' earlier


These things are bear-sized, you think a pistol has enough stopping power?

Would you two lay off? It's only because you're so tired and tomorrow is Monday that you're offloading this hate


A heavily modded one would.

As for those two, isn't venting spleen healthy? Bottling your emotions just means they leak out when you don't want them to.


I don't even know what you are talking about, we only talked once today and it was right now when you quit on a noob, a laptop user with bad internet and me for losing a QP match.
You were the only one triggered.
I agree. Fuck mondays. But fuck nopony too because he's such a dick.


Oh yes, I am such a horrible, awful human being, such a dick for quitting when I'm not having fun instead of suffering some more


Also, I quit a fucking game and then you not only text me you bring this shit here to the sub
But I'm the dick


It's normal to hate Mondays dummy

Garfield says so

You'll want friends in low places

And by low places I mean "places small enough for us tiny humans to reach"


Yeah you are a dick because by quitting like that you annoyed me. So I'm just gonna rile you up some more because I want everyone here to hear how salty you get at video games.


File: 1494203330469.jpg (262.21 KB, 492x740, 062f3dddca8a21166108b22bad….jpg)

this thread looks like it needs water


Talk about quest instead


File: 1494203374821.png (592.24 KB, 1422x1653, little witch.png)

Because those two boys are thirsty for each other?


File: 1494203426403.png (317.83 KB, 365x551, 1461005543477.png)

Eh, I had a nice day and I just had some nice ice-cream
I'm not going to let my mood get ruined but keep bitching if you want! I'm sure it will make an interesting read!


File: 1494203545468.jpg (87.34 KB, 599x701, 1487782699138.jpg)


are batponies the softest equine


Pegasi have down feathers


Nyet. Baby pegasi are, since their fuzz and down make for extra cuddleability.


File: 1494203628046.png (263.14 KB, 900x1169, 213101__safe_oc_changeling….png)

No its bugs


So what about gryphons?
How soft and cuddly are they, on a scale from 1 to 10?

This seems like a lie


I had to cut back on questing heavily because it felt more like a chore than fun.
Now Brzzz was about to become that but it turned around and I'm actually enjoying it.
NLer is coming to a stellar conclusion and I'm extra hyped about everything in it.
My T character turned out way too boring to play as, and at the same time the only thing which would satisfy my fetishes, so I'm just not playing.
H has me stuck because of how often we interrupted back then and how differently the two of us think about riddles. Also because I don't take notes.
I'm interested in Groves' magequest but I find FC boring.
Nopo runs one quest for me but despite loving the characters and settings it always feels like I have no agency to do anything in it.
You literally allowed a video game to make you so mad you ragequit. This facade of zen-like tranquility doesn't work when everyone here knows how hard you rage at the slightest thing which displeases you.


Which bugs would be the best cuddlebugs?


File: 1494203764112.gif (985.2 KB, 960x480, Derpy's career was ruined ….gif)

You'd think they'd be super-cuddly, but they've got cat claws, talons, and beaks. Their pointy-to-pettable ratio is too far in the favor of pointy-ness.


I understand what you mean, if you want to try to make either H or T work talk to me on Steam sometime and I will be very flexible to try to help you out. You might be surprised, and it costs nothing to ask.


File: 1494203846127.png (343.23 KB, 680x512, 315613__safe_oc_changeling….png)

The girl bugs, with their spotty manes, and pretty eyes, and fluttery wings.


I was annoyed, yes, but then I had ice cream and realized I had a nice day so I'm not going to let a few bad games get to me, unlike you


File: 1494203928922.png (1.37 MB, 2000x2643, 1405259__safe_artist-colon….png)

But what if I like the pointy bits?

Pretty, yes!
Soft and cuddly?
They don't even have coats!


I really don't care much for an erp quest any more.
See what gets to me are not the games, it's your behavior.


File: 1494204089508.png (209.87 KB, 1024x800, 489900__safe_solo_cute_que….png)

Just look how soft she is, like a plush pillow


I had my box
I checked my box
I quit
End of story, it's that simple!


She looks all chitiny!


File: 1494204274949.png (545.27 KB, 1095x1031, I'll cute you.png)

Then I guess you won't have much competition for them.


File: 1494204292390.png (182.48 KB, 800x835, 1473526491186.png)

why are you being so mean to bug mare?


File: 1494204403763.png (155.83 KB, 552x480, i have erred.png)

As long as we can avoid any accidents

Because as much as I like this form of hers, she should turn into a zeeb if she knew what was good


File: 1494204447511.png (25.73 KB, 249x250, Dang.png)



I think I will visit my bro


File: 1494204750100.png (33.99 KB, 249x250, Hi eyespack.png)

A pity she's ded


Have fun.


As all good things


How dare you


Well, I should probably wait another 20 minutes so he has time to finish mowing. Maybe a game of SC2 in the mean time.

Your task while I do this is to come up with a bug that would actually be comfy to cuddle with in real life, if you were cuddle-sized for that bug.

Maybe moth





File: 1494205133645.gif (2 MB, 340x307, mosura.gif)


Is that a Queen Alexandra's Butterfly or however they call them?


File: 1494205254742.png (164.81 KB, 542x480, 1492631818757.png)


File: 1494205355728.jpg (57.37 KB, 564x792, Moth fencer.jpg)


Now that's a cute one


File: 1494205649106.png (96.65 KB, 500x427, But where is Mothest.png)


Awful pun


File: 1494206090641.gif (6.87 MB, 750x573, 1423369__safe_artist-colon….gif)


>Spend 20 minutes in SC2
>Come back to flood of moths


File: 1494206398890-0.png (1.23 MB, 2500x2500, Bug zapper.png)

File: 1494206398890-1.png (71.89 KB, 550x435, Angry moth noises.png)

File: 1494206398890-2.png (232.66 KB, 1000x700, Fatal attraction.png)

File: 1494206398890-3.png (302.08 KB, 800x800, I ated your closet.png)


File: 1494207121881.webm (662.6 KB, 360x360, 443353.webm)


File: 1494207163900.jpg (318.71 KB, 638x960, Xij0s8L.jpg)


Pripyat did it better


DARE you


I don't know, really.


Post a better pic if you are so great.


Just think.
It could have been spiders


File: 1494208450717.jpg (448.01 KB, 800x600, graffiti4890234-16.jpg)

I think that's the species of butterflies that grows tallest

The joke here was the pripyat ferris wheel was famous because it was never ridden before the Chernobyl catastrophe happened
It was supposed to be first ridden on the May First Celebration but the world ended on April 26th


>grows tallest

I may be tired


Well, if they grow large, that tends to mean they grow tall as well.


Yeah but 'tall' is a dumb way to describe a butterfly


Goodnight faggots.
Life is amazing.


I suppose.
Night, Sylt.




File: 1494212195480.png (304.19 KB, 477x643, Flying in the 90s.png)

Would you play lasertag with filly


What a dork! No!


File: 1494212332631.png (698.52 KB, 376x631, Sad rainbows.png)




What adork


File: 1494212616112.png (1.47 MB, 1920x1080, Neighs externally.png)


>just spent ten minutes crouching in water for an achievement in Outlast 2

The lenghts I will go to


File: 1494214497329.png (412.01 KB, 1280x853, (n1327552585549).png)


File: 1494214536410.jpg (131.02 KB, 1277x1242, tmp_16278-1493775176544-12….jpg)

>dat Jack
Wew lad


You know what this means, right? We need more clothing damage in horsequests.


But I'm not running a horse quest right now


And on the topic of quest, sorry for not running otr, or being all that available in general.
This weekend went in some really weird directions.


It can apply to peoplequests too.
Did you steal some girlfriends, DM?




I got awful close before we snapped out of it


>girls (male)

What were you up to?


Things got weird between me and my guild leader


Alcohol is a hell of a drug.
Good man, DM. Don't ever fall in that trap.


Are you shitting me
Wasn't your point to make her fuck off?


That was the second night. The outcome was as desired, we got over it.


[intense judging]


To clarify
>it got awful close
>but we snapped out of it
Not like it could have gone anywhere for a ton of reasons, but hey, we got some good laughs out of it at the end


File: 1494217626906.png (2.93 KB, 321x322, 1461168065711.png)

You wanted to make someone fuck off?


But you also delayed the Moks being turned into burgers and gummy bears






Sorry, I'm tired that wasn't clear

It's morning for you, go to slp!


I should yes


So apparently Reddit went full retard yesterday or something


I expected it to take a relatively short amount of time.
We ended up talking until 8am.


When don't they and what happened?


Someone scammed a youtuber out of thousands of subs with a false accusation and no one on reddit thought that looking for proof was necessary and just sent a bunch of death threats for him while he wasn't even awake

What did you talk about for 6 hours?
How you are going to not hook up as internet boyfriend and girlfriend?


Nah that was like the first hour
We had topics to meander through


File: 1494219778988.jpg (297.2 KB, 992x1400, sizeable_tales_2.jpg)

Posting for Neeps

Though I am sure you can see where this is going since I posted it


S m o l


This is one of them furry transformation picto-books, ain't it


File: 1494222665825.jpg (256.21 KB, 992x1400, sizeable_tales_3.jpg)

Do you even know me, Fidget?


How smol can he go?


File: 1494223205563.jpg (83.18 KB, 910x897, 1494029024477.jpg)

I prefer stopping at a certain size. In general, I don't like unaware (which is, as it sounds, a genre where the larger partner doesn't even know the small one is present).


Sub-atomic micro is the future


File: 1494223513818.jpg (Spoiler Image, 203.53 KB, 1157x1636, 1466218597349.jpg)

This is the absolute smallest I've got

I'm not even sure if this is actually in need of a spoiler. I mean… it is technically pubic hair.


So here the partner is aware so it is fine?


No, I saved it because I think the girl is cute

Too small, only good for meme potential


File: 1494223763995.png (102.17 KB, 299x299, kobayashi.png)

To develop the earlier point a little more, I have taken a liking to lazy introverted girls

I liked Kobayashi more than any of the dragons in her eponymous anime


Kobayashi is actually a hard worker but her home life is pretty comfy


File: 1494223913544.jpg (49.53 KB, 500x490, 1494101344702.jpg)

If you don't think this is a cute pancake though, we may have some serious problems

I would definitely say this is easily in my top 2 cutest pancakes of all time


What's the other one?


The thicc pancakes with the animu faces


Is breezie sized perfect?


Those pancakes look comfy


Pretty much


File: 1494224179708.png (428.11 KB, 684x577, 1493129114587.png)

If only I had fetishes as harmless to discuss as Wf


This may surprise you but I am actually very shy about my size preferences with actual girlfriends. It may sound silly and harmless to you guys but I hung out here literally for YEARS before I admitted I was into micro. (Although an astute observer probably could've picked up on it)


We cannot all be as pure as wf


File: 1494225658514.png (4.47 MB, 3000x3000, 1316474__safe_artist-colon….png)

I should play a money obsessed mercenary the next time a quest pops up.

Good night


Despite our long history here, the degrees of openness vary greatly


Remember Sol's character in that Campfire quest?


Which campfire quest?


Bardquest, I think it was?


Ah yes
I remember it well. As I said to wf, that was to me what I imagine Marcross is to him.


File: 1494226949871.png (902.59 KB, 1280x900, tmp_17966-1493926310422334….png)

Of course it would sound silly if you suddenly talked about it, but weird as it is it's pure for a fetish


>tfw Wf is the purest of us all
We're all degenerates in comparison.


File: 1494228891286.jpg (213.61 KB, 1920x601, d14bac1def8846198ba867481b….jpg)



"we're all degenerates now"
-pervert 76


>read a short article mentioning how young Macron is
>decide to look up who is the youngest
Captain regent of San Marino (29)
Followed by
Kim Jong un (34)

The first non meme country was Estonia (38), then Macron (39) and the prime minister of Belgium (41)


>tfw DM is old enough to lead the glorious People's Republic of North Korea


So fukkin ded


File: 1494235064674.gif (377.15 KB, 435x392, tmp_29813-1487825119784-88….gif)


File: 1494235143772.png (82.8 KB, 640x395, 1386860.png)


File: 1494236208821.gif (682.44 KB, 540x540, 1494235907978.gif)

I can't believe I didn't save this to my dropbox


A very bouncy smol drgn


>A warm waffle and a hot chocolate for lunch
Hello diabeetus my old friend.


Belgian pastime?


The place I usually get proper lunch from was too damn crowded. The way of the waffle has not been forgotten.


File: 1494240007925.jpg (96.97 KB, 640x656, 1380244.jpg)

I'm bored at work but I don't even want to go home because I know how messy my room is right now.


File: 1494240948600.png (4.3 KB, 351x351, F2U_BASE_:_Chibi_pony_by_D….png)

Good morning


This animal appears to have a floating tail


Huh, I thought it was a floating wing


Get on with the times old fellow. Limbs attached to the body is sooooo 2016


File: 1494242061606.gif (2.95 MB, 640x640, 1383990.gif)


It amuses me you can just go somewhere for a meal like that


Waffles are popular as a street food, so you can usually order them on the go from vendors.




File: 1494243735147.png (492.82 KB, 750x750, tmp_17966-1469726472754297….png)


It boggles my mind that you consider that street food. Here you'd have to be at a fair to get that


What a comfy living space


File: 1494244732887.jpg (2.48 MB, 2432x3648, img_0743.jpg)

We have other foods for fairs, although waffles are always popular at those as well. Sometimes places like pic related will go all out with adding loads of stuff to it as well. I don't really like all the added crap, if I wanted chocolate sauce or ice cream on top of my waffle I'd go to a tea room and order a proper one. Personally I think street food should be simple, like a cone of fries or an ice cream cone.


Mmm, grilled food


>Havimg street food
Lel, come to Finland, here you'll have to knife battle with drunks when it's dark if you want your greasy fries and sausage and it's only available after 10pm


You wanna /not starve/ before the weekend?


>tfw only shitty waffles in germany

I have to go back


File: 1494246875947.png (387.8 KB, 830x1120, 1466755952199.png)


File: 1494247264048.png (323.35 KB, 1375x1090, Xxexx2.png)


She's qt


I'd love to, yeah. I'm not sure if I'll have access to my desktop today though. I'll know soon enough when I get home.

Did you have a day in mind when you want to set up the world event in T by the way?

Hey, German street food ain't bad either.


File: 1494247480729.png (2.97 MB, 2400x1020, Xenthori's sun.png)

She's more than cute, she's adorbs


It has the misfortune of being the last four days for my papers

An end to all things now rapidly approaches

I will be more clearheaded for T planning after, but basically this event is less strict than the dungeon and you can proceed whenever you want.

>DM: Needs some Monday and Wednesday content

>Neeps: Still fucking around on Monday
>Nasso: Already on Thursday
>Groves: Bullying Anna on Wednesday but free to move ahead to Thurs after that
>Maali: Investigation underway on Tuesday


Stuff like that would set me back ten dollarydoos at minimum and only be found in a fancy cafe


>the delivery company hasn't moved my delivery by an inch since I took it to them last Wednesday
>the person who bought the thing called me to complain and now I have to find out what's wrong with it


>not posting the rest
What's the point then?


I will post it on the Discord


That'll do

Well, I didn't really get any sessions recently to proceed, did I?


File: 1494249460173.png (850.96 KB, 3000x1500, 1429909357905.png)

Oh now I understand why nopo seemingly liked this pic so much
It was the blood


File: 1494249785945.gif (3.71 MB, 400x225, you got me.gif)




haw haw


You seem anxious to get the plot moving so we can cut some that faff short


Yeah, all about getting paid and getting the cash 💰

Not that they don't have ideals and the like, but they have their own sense of justice


>finally Nier is cracked
>can play it
>spend all night DL'ing it
>it works just fine
>runs smooth too
>start on hard
>you can't save at the beginning
>every time you die the game sends you back to the start of the game
Guess I will take a break from that.


>decide to relax with some arena
>i have no board clears
>first enemy I face vomits FOUR bone chimeras on the board then Prince Catacombs it



Fuck shadow.


Current Cancer



Gud jerb


File: 1494253061270.png (1.17 MB, 1456x1392, What'sHerName.png)

>Upload this pic to DA
>5 SECONDS LATER it's already on someone's favorites


>opponent loses
>DCs to waste 2 minutes of my time



I feel like one of those rich furries who commission porn and it ends up on e621.


Isn't that what they want?



>doing well in arena
>lol, I'm your internet
>I'm a piece of shit
>let me disconnect for no reason
>hope you don't mind that loss instead of that win you were about to get

I swear to fucking god nothing pisses me off more than connection troubles
It literally makes me want to murder people with my own two hands and rip them fucking apart and stab their fucking dicks with their own ribs
God fucking damnit


And then one of these fucking neanderthal mongloids killed the fucking router because they are so absolutelly fucking assmongeringly retarded they didn't realize it was not necessary

I am thinking about installing a contraption around the router with a meat cleaver that fucking chops their hands off if they want to fuck with it without even asking
They'll be sure to learn after the second time


Who knows if Petilia or Petunia will end up big and become a e621/FA star


Oh sure. But the waffles, I need them


Porn of petilia when?


File: 1494254668200.png (311.44 KB, 850x846, 1324226330355.png)



Don't ask me!


Then i must commission it


File: 1494255114653.jpg (127.31 KB, 593x509, 1451827717443.jpg)

How's it going on your end?
Does Sylt have at least one character that isn't a slut?


Syltpony is the purest. She got married and even managed to not get doggo taped in a lemonquest.
Though that might have a lot to do with how it lasted one session


File: 1494256098520.png (6.75 KB, 455x125, Remember_Pumpkin_Is_Totall….png)

blue horse!


I prefer white horse


…the trot horse? She was a total dragon loving slue


>dragon giving the mare the hot dragon dick

Unf unf unf


Okay, I admit those are quite the accomplishments
What a shame


What a weird post to cap.
….how many screencaps of sylt posts do you have exactly?


I wish I had a vidya to occupy my time


Shit, he's onto us!


Try nier


I can't afford Nier
If I could afford a game I'd buy Prey


pirate it


I guess Andy is magnetically erasing her drives right now.


File: 1494258123810.webm (2.86 MB, 640x360, delet sys 32.webm)


Dont do it andy!


File: 1494258676179.png (32.96 KB, 464x146, liekRnag.png)

but what if something weird gets posted whe-


That's such a hassle


Is that a circular object in Minecraft?


its quite large and far off


>Only now realized I didn't print out all of my exam material that I need to read


Nah, it doesn't matter

Any anxiety you sense is anxiety over my papers


She's teasing you, it's a minimap mod


File: 1494261028039.gif (941.2 KB, 681x470, 1338630191634.gif)

>or risk my mood in dota now that I have a winning streak




File: 1494261289693.png (275.5 KB, 500x558, 1379390436646.png)

Cancelled match finding just in time


File: 1494261387603.png (542.22 KB, 460x613, roll 10.png)


File: 1494261706643.jpg (145.89 KB, 1024x1395, 1379994274985.jpg)


File: 1494261942629.png (1.3 MB, 1920x1080, Manga Waifus.png)

what a nice fox


File: 1494262142556.jpg (44.54 KB, 500x503, 1489937846999.jpg)


File: 1494262219876.png (302.82 KB, 1224x720, pigman hogs cart.png)

What a sisterly picture


File: 1494262313703.jpg (86.31 KB, 755x593, 1489926495863.jpg)

They're all naked in that picture…


Skin tight latex is not naked, its the kiddie version of naked


Get in Mumble we HOTS now


It's not latex! It's more like bodypaint


But pokemon just started up
BDN never stays up too long, can I join after that?


Darn it Andy, stop trolling
Oh I'm here
I was outside playing with animals
lots of fun


…..latex paint armor from the future!



File: 1494262558524.png (1005.27 KB, 2651x955, 1490499162846.png)


Sorry, I really don't want to leave the poke girls lost in the snow again!


File: 1494262722651.jpg (91.39 KB, 694x1044, 1472656475576.jpg)

We have agreed to wait until lunch is over


File: 1494262869802.jpg (368.67 KB, 1494x1495, 1479148241294.jpg)

I'm very close to 10,000 gold on EU, so I do want to play it.
Have a good bird horse in the meanwhile


We can Hots in 30?


>hey, want to HOTS?
>Well, actually, no



poke friends so qt


File: 1494263123937.png (1.72 MB, 3141x2181, 956585__safe_solo_oc_oc on….png)

Well I DO
But HotS doesn't have pokegirls huddling together in a cave for warmth
But BDN says in 30 or so.



Have this zeeb as apology


File: 1494263319997-0.png (190.26 KB, 648x676, Hector Recharges His Assis….png)

File: 1494263319997-1.png (1.1 MB, 1000x946, 1394257610967.png)

File: 1494263319997-2.png (185.88 KB, 500x480, zecora_by_science_fox-d4p5….png)


File: 1494263449957.png (134.11 KB, 396x382, http://40.media.tumblr.com….png)


File: 1494263519527-0.png (259.45 KB, 900x604, 1394257572970.png)

what a nice zeeb


File: 1494263762968-0.png (62.73 KB, 574x600, 1402863684748.png)

Classic zeeb art


Sonic the zeebhog


File: 1494264131350.jpg (1.08 MB, 2560x1920, 20151010_184649.jpg)

She isn't just a nice zeeb
she is THE nicest zeeb


File: 1494264217724-0.png (906.08 KB, 1126x1024, 1394259835168.png)

Very zen looking
RIP doctor zeeb


She's just enjoying a cup of tea, nothing zen about it
This one is very zen however >>846973


>not zen
maali you know nothing of zen states


I thought zen was all about meditating and seeking the aswers of the universe withing you or something
Tea is just a nice drink to enjoy and relax


I suppose its true, but you need to relax to reach a zen state


File: 1494264949696-0.png (331.57 KB, 1280x1024, 1394260816119.png)


I knew it was a scizor
I'm so screwed


I suggest you leave!


If only this rude scizor would let me
Amber help me
help me with your fire mons


Seems like they've got a 5man group already for HOTS, so you can stop whenever

Cello knew, and he didn't do anything
It is time for him to taste failure.


I didn't think it was such a popular game


Nah, Gaius is just a meme he's not with us


maybe if he had only asked politely the scizor could do some posing for him


Ooh okay
This is an okay time to stop too
Thanks so much for running BDN


Probably a good time too, I need to plan stuff

Also, gather your thoughts also means things like thinking about your frens or your future


File: 1494266488501-0.jpg (67.41 KB, 411x600, 1394258239779.jpg)

I know what you mean, but Amber's just a teen and doesn't have the kind of forethought


She can just let her mind wander
Maybe about how cool her friends or her Pokemon are


>she sits around daydreaming about being a hero like the super-sentai-rangers


Is there a Pokemon Professor at the Aquarium? I had a question regarding Cali after I am done interrogating Arthur.


Is she a NEET or something?


You can ask the staff, maybe their director is around.


File: 1494269973318.png (2.47 MB, 1920x1080, Untitled.png)

all 5 cards


time to slp soon Maali


Aaaaah thanks again
Gosh that scizor
I wish I could just
take off my knife and shank his red scaly butt


Sweet. I'm hoping to start on that path I imagined for her.


Oh? what would that be?

He'd probably crush the knife and your hand in one grip

It's the Ranger Chief's Scizor, his own starter Pokemon.


It's based on the DnD arcade game, so it's a bit of a stretch.

Cali got someone else's awesome sword.

I want her to be able to make her own awesome sword with her own efforts.


File: 1494271244522.png (433.65 KB, 1024x666, mWbU6Ww.png)

Samurott use two swords


Also, based on the build and where I've liked some things, it might not be a sword


I assume as much, that kind of scizor can't be wild


File: 1494271390178.jpg (404.9 KB, 700x700, samurott_by_yilx-d3eq1qe.jpg)

This does change things slightly


File: 1494272796932.png (38.34 KB, 407x426, sweating zeev.png)

>all these zeebposts


My paws hurt
This electric Warcraft remix is too loud
I wish I was at home letting the earth swallow my enemies


File: 1494273673686.png (320.61 KB, 695x1043, 224gxt5txktLVZ.png)

Mokepon situation may be defused


File: 1494273885529.jpg (94.35 KB, 640x716, 1489299774754.jpg)

Animu stramers

Would any of you be interested in watching Silver Spoon?

It's by the girl who made Full Metal Alchemist, but it's an agricultural slice of life


Oh right, that thing. I was personally actually hoping to watch it at one point.


I liked the first season, but I haven't watched S2


We should continue Toots sometimes too



What are you guys watching nowadays? Just Little Witches?


They watch Hero Academia too


Heroes and Witches.

Toots with Neeps.


>Watching shows about farting

How childish


File: 1494275152915.webm (280.53 KB, 1280x720, 1469071965550.webm)


>Emma approaches Anna


File: 1494276521613.png (699.92 KB, 3733x3000, 1014102.png)

Say something nice about this pony.


File: 1494276653842.webm (2.98 MB, 800x450, shitposting.webm)


She's cute


File: 1494276790959.png (188.18 KB, 323x487, 1494170972133.png)

Shitposter extraordinaire.



That pegasus looks super cute too


File: 1494277382570.gif (451.63 KB, 498x274, 1490637541233.gif)


File: 1494277484873.jpeg (69.7 KB, 540x575, 1384596__safe_artist-colo….jpeg)


File: 1494277604895.png (2.07 MB, 1920x1080, 1492283347228.png)


File: 1494277757138.gif (238.78 KB, 161x211, 1461534745330.gif)


File: 1494277819778.gif (665.53 KB, 310x310, 1367051.gif)


File: 1494278048994.gif (1.66 MB, 400x225, 1492283496498.gif)


File: 1494278079363.png (147.4 KB, 900x682, 1390521057100.png)

Post only burd past here


File: 1494278336801.jpg (54.99 KB, 883x960, large (3).jpg)


File: 1494278730826.png (90.8 KB, 1024x571, 1377130185017.png)


File: 1494278944341.png (18.22 KB, 1053x967, tickle.png)


File: 1494278980056.png (331.8 KB, 604x485, 1490544391604.png)


File: 1494279411082.jpg (234.47 KB, 1024x1024, C_KJ2L4WsAAynAd.jpg)

Pepe is officially dead


So now he has become more powerful than ever…


File: 1494283715412.jpg (1.64 MB, 4160x3120, IMG_20170508_212333.jpg)

This is a fried pizza.
Say something nice to her (him).


File: 1494284787212.png (1.75 MB, 1500x1061, 1481730799956.png)

You get me a lot of mileage out of this picture.


Gotta defend national heritage.


File: 1494286539116.jpg (85.78 KB, 540x806, 1494197304578.jpg)


I feel like I've seen number 15 somewhere.


>number 38
Does that one trigger you?


T-trixie isn't a whore's name.
It's p-probably a nice story…



File: 1494287078723.png (427.54 KB, 790x504, 1370087.png)

>hollywood is so out of ideas they're actually resurrecting blade runner

What's next, Citizen Kane 2?


Ridley Scott is the original director though.


He's not the man he used to be.


Tell me your problem with Prometheus except it not being a horror movie.


It was pretty boring.
All characters were retarded, including the so called super advanced race.


And I will say it's genuinely a dick move to market something because muh Alien and then not make it a horror movie


File: 1494289455295.jpg (97.71 KB, 960x621, 1494203933189.jpg)

Macross in about 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours. Picking up groceries


File: 1494290738871.jpg (1.51 MB, 3264x1836, pizzahell.jpg)


the fuck


File: 1494290835098.png (2.98 MB, 1154x1078, 1493684398010.png)

I'll be here.


Gotta defend national heritage.


I will need to have a slice of each of these, for testing taste.


Why did you make balaclava that big


What balaclava? it's a a very literal pizza pie slice.


It looks like a gigantic hunk of balaclava. Probably because I can see the grease oozing off it.
Jesus man, get that on an actual plate before the paper disintegrates.


File: 1494292393723.jpg (568.62 KB, 1894x1536, 810684__safe_solo_clothes_….jpg)


Home now, give me 10-15


File: 1494293407437.png (12.97 KB, 500x500, A huge deal.png)


Beat some Hard Coops with Neeps and he got up to Artanis level 5

We got really, really close to winning twice on Brutal but slow units messed us up at the end both times


File: 1494293492002.jpg (39.7 KB, 561x800, b8fdcecd469386a9d1a186b0b1….jpg)


>Fidget, me, Knight
Is this a Macross bait post I sense?


File: 1494293627992.jpg (318.09 KB, 1396x1261, 1494254324692.jpg)

Sure thing. I'll be ready.


Its soon right?


File: 1494293705017.png (1.45 MB, 2500x1406, 1368546__suggestive_artist….png)


>tfw can't stalkerball



File: 1494293733620.gif (233.17 KB, 595x603, 1063598__safe_princess lun….gif)


File: 1494293791204.jpeg (172.85 KB, 900x850, 821498__safe_solo_rainbow….jpeg)


I should really, really go to bed.


Good night, Sylt.


That's quite the look on you there, RD


File: 1494293914523.png (395.83 KB, 924x541, pumpkin_slps_with_his_pet.png)

sleep well



>Kind of considering gifting you Legacy of the Void so that you can play more commanders

Vorazun is the one with stalkers but she's pretty technical, you might want to play one of the tower builders first like Swann or Karax


File: 1494294084267.png (108.93 KB, 248x470, If you're not first you're….png)

Do you think Felfire would ever like to gofast


File: 1494294097424.jpg (75.26 KB, 684x976, Selendis_SC2_Cncpt1.jpg)

My principle problem with Protoss is they have no mouths


Eh, don't you have to buy Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Shit too?

Once she realizes how fast flying is, maybe!


File: 1494294244257.gif (1.41 MB, 594x540, 149825__safe_solo_twilight….gif)

Latasha The Lamia Viper Lady on standby



They knew it would be too hard of a sell to get you to buy all three so you can buy straight to legacy of the void - you won't get the old campaigns but you can play PvP and all the free commanders



File: 1494294345331.png (368.65 KB, 1800x1800, 1472283650184.png)

[Plop into drink]

They told us to make friends!


>you won't get the old campaings
Oh no, but all that cleverly crafted and engaging storytelling!


In spite of the bad writing the gameplay is actually pretty fun

You know about the Wings campaign, I like the wall of fire mission and it's nice to micromanage your finances and upgrades.

The LotV campaign is probably the most dumbed down but it still has its moments


File: 1494294669920.jpg (56.26 KB, 1024x768, 28ebf1d0-19b0-434e-9241-76….jpg)

>tfw no boat
I really hope, one day, to be able to afford a 16 meters.
Goodnight for real.


I'm not sure what they were thinking with the campaings




What a friendly species..


File: 1494295180103.jpg (134.24 KB, 1080x1066, 444651.jpg)


Heh. I don't think the blue is far enough up the arms though.


Since Neeps was so successful, I'm hoping to teach you to play SC2 coop as well. He had a lot of fun and my commanders are mostly strong enough to solo Hard content so it's a relaxed atmosphere.

We discovered unfortunately that with the free version you are limited to just Artanis, Kerrigan, and Raynor, though.


hang on a tick, that's not in the list of attributes
Or did I somehow miss it?


It used to be the "Arcane" skill, until it was apparent that it didn't fit the tone of the setting and was retitled "Will."


I'm sure its fine then


Ah, okay.
This is gonna suck, then.


File: 1494296604169.jpg (57.14 KB, 480x720, 1465283604867.jpg)


File: 1494296610580.jpg (650.78 KB, 791x1068, 1494260701084.jpg)

If you have fun with it I might gift you the upgrade, same as I was talking about with Neeps

It's nice to have some real friends to play Coop with


That's nice of you

We'll probably be able to play this week sometime


You should download now while you're not gaming anyway so that you don't have to later


wouldn't it be hilarious if it turned out Frank was fold-capable, and just never triggered it.
Not like it'd happen, though.


I downloaded it friday anyway


Well, I don't know about "hilarious" but it does match the things you generally like, I am not surprised you are toying with the idea



Well, Frank will likely develop along a different path instead of becoming and explosive Newtype.


File: 1494296903153.jpg (392.89 KB, 1920x1080, MF8ahYU.jpg)

>HotS got an EVA Dva before OW

How does this make you feel?


HotS get all the good skins, just look at the Zarya ones.


Also, her Hearth animation is a total meme



File: 1494297000288.png (49.68 KB, 297x290, Well there is.png)

It's expected.


File: 1494297077182.png (168.95 KB, 1280x512, 1494006227126.png)

>The key to unlocking his abilities was channeling rage
>Being forced to work on such a badly-designed mech finally pushes him past the threshold
the skill he learns is repair-based, like Nanobot-swarm
Because he's so sick of dealing with the mech's bullshit that he just forces it to stop being retarded through sheer frustration



wouldn't that be the day.
But I'd have probably needed to roll a 10 back there for that to happen.


File: 1494297654115.png (402.29 KB, 656x360, Dey look like big stronk '….png)

>tfw can roll well in everything except the one thing you specialized your character towards
Truly, a unique kind of hell.


File: 1494297870450.jpg (432.98 KB, 1920x1080, 1483178-legion_04.jpg)

>The incoming conversation
Well, it's justified by the fact that the mech is in complete defiance of logic and standard engineering. It's so badly-designed that your knowledge is actively hindering your attempts to fix it.


Which is why I tried hitting it. But that was even less effective, somehow.


>Banging on the Apple iMech
>Expecting it to work


If playing nice wasn't an option, the only road left is war.


I'm trying to look through kaiju and see if there's a name that sticks out as a good nickname, but most of them just look weird. The closest I've found is "Muto," which seems a bit too derogatory.


I hope you know, Frank's just probably gonna call you Tiny or something, just for the sheer dissonance of it.


…does that mean he's just going to call all the aliens Tiny?


Shelly seems fitting


File: 1494300486462.jpg (5.36 KB, 300x168, Vajra you wot m8.jpg)

Works for me.


Nah. His coworkers get their proper names. At least, until they earn embarrassing ones over the course of duty.


File: 1494301762468.gif (489.98 KB, 210x110, 1492647745353.gif)

I get the feeling I'm being duped. I bet that code means something bad for either the voldra or the ship.


File: 1494301874808.jpg (100.41 KB, 854x640, tmp_20435-whatsu-155352262….jpg)


File: 1494302134192.jpg (42 KB, 640x640, 96f6a12e941aebe8334b971439….jpg)

>spaceport being this insecure


File: 1494302337949.jpg (24.6 KB, 480x517, 1465342365335.jpg)

>Roll hypnosnek
>First encounter
>"I roll to brutalize him with a baton"


File: 1494302481596.jpg (6.21 KB, 166x231, 131017250800120110725-2204….jpg)

He seems pretty aggressive, I should probably subdue him by hitting him a few times first.


Well, they did have an unconscious guard next to them. And they were breaking and entering.


File: 1494302600505.gif (1.09 MB, 573x889, 1494047046303.gif)

It's a good strategy- daze, then hypnotize. The concussion weakens their mental defenses.


File: 1494302618108.jpeg (230.23 KB, 865x1080, Pimpess Celestia.jpeg)


Its probably like Pokemon, you gotta weaken them first then use hypnosis to capture


What a thicc snecc


File: 1494303104617.png (168.21 KB, 800x618, 1320854693283.png)


That's a horse I'd not have in my bed


Remember kids: when in doubt, do the opposite of what neep does


File: 1494303510135.png (210.92 KB, 1500x1475, 1318941594450.png)


She looks hungry. No wonder she's getting some extra chub.


She is pretty and a good lay I'm sure
But the fucking fallout, god
I would absolutely not want to wake up next to her and hear her whine and moan about her beauty sleep and boss me around for her morning tea and pony-pedi or whatever!


I've got about 20 minutes left in me since I have to wake up early tomorrow.


Thanks for running.
This has been a very exasperating day for Frank.


File: 1494304158022.png (93.58 KB, 570x546, 1352788920.png)

Thanks for running.
>Getting a 10 on Street Smarts
Buggers be gansta yo


Good night

It would be nice if you end on a note that's good for faffing - with anyone, really. I have that assignment to talk to Cheesy and I want to meet Andy too!



I'll probably be busy with this for a hot minute thou


I know, it's a little much to ask for I guess. Up for a little coop or are you 2slpy?


Marshmallow horse is for hug not fug


Gonna go to bed after knight does actually
Wed afternoon would work well. If not then the weekend would be fine.


She'd wine about the hug messing up her mane




>it does damage
I didn't expect that


it's a virus, Andy


File: 1494305111904.jpg (22.3 KB, 375x305, 7nPIzZg.jpg)

I'm sure this is not mere hypnosis anymore


File: 1494305287137.png (212.82 KB, 345x518, qt_background_girl.png)

Thanks for running


Hope you had fun.

You're right. Frank is with you and Cheesy is just walking back into the Hangar.

Stop reading my notes.

Thanks for the idea.

You did hit him in the back and invading his mind.

Buenas noches.


Thanks for running!





One of these days Frank will do something well other than shooting pirates in the face.


I very much did, thank you.
Well, I'm not walking back, per se…


File: 1494305582418.jpg (159.06 KB, 1920x1080, viper.jpg)

I'm letting it deal a little now since he already took plenty of Hull damage already. Next time you'll need the XCom Grapple to deal proper damage.


I need a specific ability to grapple?
Tell me more tomorrow, slpy


>tfw Adven Viper will never wrap around you


File: 1494306241229.png (Spoiler Image, 362.62 KB, 500x726, 1484853269124.png)


File: 1494306241923.jpg (27.98 KB, 225x350, tmp_20435-158563-346696215.jpg)

>blizz has open designer positions


Turns out I am not good with Printer.

Bad Touch lets you grab someone and force them to lose their next turn. Free chance to Hypnotize them.


There's also the Binding Grasp ability, which doesn't lock you in place like Bad Touch and lasts three turns, but requires Will instead of Unarmed.
Bad Touch allows you to hold them indefinitely, but imposes a movement penalty. Binding Grasp can be upgraded and requires less personal risk, but wears off and can't be used again for several turns.


File: 1494307247633.jpg (163.49 KB, 1440x1490, 1492313867009.jpg)

>can't wake up


Bad Touch says it requires 6 Unarmed, can you change it to Melee?

I'm going to be honest, Binding Grasp -> Bad Touch -> Trojan seems like a real scary combo, like something out of Naruto. Just being held in place, then actually being held down, and then getting hypnotized.

I want to see it.


I'd imagine Bad Touch would get balanced by giving enemies a chance to break free, though it would have to be at a penalty with a success threshold of 6 or something in order to keep it from becoming useless.
I want it to be fair, but I also want to avoid making it more trouble than it's worth due to the other guy always managing to slip out. Maybe make it so they can only try to break free every two turns or something?


Would you work for blizz dm?


Maybe lower it to 4 or 5 Melee then with the possibility of breaking free?


Yeah, that works. Make it harder for them to break free the higher your Melee skill is too.


Yeah, that seems fine. It'll help keep the dice going but lets you improve your odds the more you invest in it.


Probably not since I can't see myself ever working in the US, but I did consider sending a resume just because why not


Just in theory what game would you like to monetize even more


I'd want to work on WoW but odds are I'd be better suited to hearthstone.


WoW is DED


>DM designs a hearthstone card

"Parrying Jitte (2) Warrior
1 Attack, 4 Durability
Negates damage from enemy attacking character by attacking it on the same frame it hits the equipped character."


It's on a very slight climb in profit, certainly showing its age and unable to ever recapture its greatest heights, but try as they have, nobody has been able to kill it.


That's because mmorpgs are dumb



>DM on wow
>evil boss of the next expansions is the Breaker Of Balls


Nah I just tell the art team to update the animation on any Kick skill :^]


It's like the worst parts of an rpg and mmo combined



>b-but s-sir this won't get past the censors…


>Boring, laggy combat
>Shit story and characters
>Constantly shilling for coin from players
>If the servers go down, you can't play
>M O N T H L Y F E E S


And yet still made more money than [your favorite game] ;^)


Spoken like a true whore.


The industry has ruined my love of vidya to a degree. But oh well.

On a side note, I think I'll play more leoric next time we hots


>Implying money matters to wether a game is good or not


Companies exist to make money


It's kind of sickening how, because HOTS is such a casual MOBA, it's actually kind of fun to play with people. Like yeah most games are fun with friends, but this is a fucking MOBA.


Companies can choke on my dick


Vasemmistonuoret pls
If hots has anything going for it, it's the short game length. I don't think we'd bother with 90 min dota games.


That being said, I look forward to seeing D.Va in HOTS since she's canonically a Blizz fangirl.


>Implying games like Witcher, Fallout 1 and 2, Breath of the Wild or Dark Souls aren't infinitely better games than WoW despite making a fraction of what WoW makes


Witcher 1 sure as hell isn't


The hots YouTube seems to have quick previews of most heroes. Auriel seemed kinda interesting as a healer.


I tried her once. I was completely useless. As far as I could tell, she builds up mana by killing shit and then drains her mana to heal people.


Attack to regen mana
Heal to expend mana
Buff allies so their attacks regen your mana
She is designed to be a pocket healer who never stops healing if paired with someone who can consistently keep hitting people.


It's not very well made, but it's still better than WeW


It has an incredibly poor price per hour of gameplay compared to wow and the 'canon' storyline is shit


Wait hold on a second.
Are you guys telling me that the ow skin ploy worked? You're now unironically playing hots for fun?


What's the 'canon' storyline? Besides of course WoW has better hours per dollar but it's lile saying you can eat more paper mache porridge for the price of a steak


We're still just doing it to get OW rewards. Only just though.


oh dear.
At least you guys play in group, moba solo sucks.
Do you still play stellaris memes?


I would hate to play HOTS alone. Hell, even not having a full team of 5 sucks dick.

Also yes we do.


Has utopia been worth it? Considering buying it.


It has its flaws but I think it's well worth it. There's another patch coming out today which will fix some of the issues.


Hots is at the bottom of the things to play together list, but it's tolerable with a full team while OW can feel worse with one.
Stellaris, ow and don't starve are the more go-to options depending on who is available


Hots dva looks odd as shit
I didn't expect them to put that much weight on bab form


File: 1494315808464.png (1.8 MB, 1006x851, iApfakj.png)

I hope they add this skin to OW at some point.

Not a huge SC fan, but it looks cool.


I could see them adding popular hots skins as an event


It makes sense too since it's basically promoting other Blizzard games.


Though hots has by far the most lax art direction. I don't see the anime reference skins showing up in ow for one.


Angry Birds promotional skins in OW when?


Five years ago that might have been a thing


I thought Angry Birbs was supposed to be the best video game ever?


The era of shoving ab into everything ended when the guy who pushed for that left the company.
Now we make money instead.


So pep


Your money-making killed us


I mentioned this the other day, but if I do resub to wew I'll probably want to try a different class, even if that means having to powerlevel back to where we were. If you remember, I played a hunter for a while with another friend, which was much more enjoyable.

I just can't stand leaving Legion untouched after having bought it.


If you really want to blast through levels there is a thing called elixir of rapid mind, which gives you +300% xp gain.
Alternatively, we could both make new characters and do the areas we ignored last time like kalimdor, nagrand, netherstorm, borean tundra, scholazar, storm peaks and uldum


I'd be down with that.

I'm fine with leveling alone too though, if you'd rather do your own wew stuff until I catch up. I'll just put up a podcast or something, get that elixir and breeze through the zones.


Option C is that I level with you with Vatak or Angel until you hit 90 again. The only downside is you can't do random dungeons for bonus xp.
If we were to start new characters, I'd probably do warlock, hunter or monk.


Also regardless of what we do, I'll throw you enough money to buy 30 (or was it 35) Heirlooms. That gives you a mount you can use right away at level 1.


Soooo no more movies?


I don't work with the movie people so I only know as much as you can Google


File: 1494329124147.jpg (289.67 KB, 950x718, tmp_17966-WUwlQHH989829263.jpg)


I should replay it.


File: 1494331798725.png (343.67 KB, 600x950, 1492656396952.png)

Haven't played Portable myself, wondering if I should redo a male playthrough since I missed out a lot of content on my first and only run, or jump right into slut mode


Slut mode is fun, albeit non-canon.


File: 1494336382738.png (182.72 KB, 447x483, tmp_22804-1492563843910773….png)

>snowing again


I don't think I would ever play HOTS on my own, but it's also easy enough to mess around in that I really don't mind playing it with friends. If Andy ever wanted help farming stuff in the future, or the group wanted to play something else to take a break from OW, I wouldn't mind playing HOTS.

>Short games
>Lot of map variety
>I found a character I click with
>Daily quests actually pay out a very reasonable amount of coins, you can unlock a new hero in 3 days without dropping a dime

>Not very involved

Honestly, that stacks up really well versus other MOBAs I've played in the past.

I like Rehgar aesthetically. I said this before but I enjoy playing a shirtless healer who screams "YOU – FIGHT ME!" and jumps on enemies to claw their face off. OW needs a healer like this.


I checked out the hero preview and I think it's weird because in theory you like never want to be in pilot form as Dva, since that means you've given up half a kill to the enemy.

That being said I guess it's nice that you can at least defend yourself in that form.


I would normally never complain about unrealistic armor, but this is a little silly!


The bab form ult looks a lot better than the mech one


>doomfist (support)


I've had Outlast related dreams for the past two days and I am starting to become somewhat frigthened

>DM on Team 5

-Ben Brode


Everything is fun with frena


It's a weird feeling playing New Game Plus as a different gender. Since you can have high end Personas at the very beginning, you really feel like a Gary/Mary Sue.

They all complain when you give them those outfits.


Remind me of some jrpg I played where you could get one of the best healer summons in the game in the tutorial area if you sat around and farmed enough gold


Speaking of HotS, anyone up to it?


Not home yet
Did the reset already happen?



Let's wait on a 5 stack.


In an hour.


Right, I'll go grab some food in the meantime


>eyes dilated by doctor
>can barely read screens

Life isn't worth living like this
Maybe I should sleep it off


File: 1494342461006.png (888.48 KB, 1316x574, torture hour.png)

>winning with an awful lineup because we somehow got our shit together just in time to make it fucking impossible for the enemy to siege our base

I can't imagine how mad they must be after stomping us for the first half hour and then getting memed

I'll more dota in the meantime


Poke me on steam when Groves is here, okay?


File: 1494343542054.jpg (366.39 KB, 1920x1080, 1494265864536.jpg)

>1.6 Stellaris Update
>Habitats now require monthly influence to maintain
>Warp Cooldown time increases- because apparently being the slowest FTL method isn't slow enough
>Completing the Enigmatic Fortress event only gives you one random Enigmatic tech instead of all of them
Oh boy, this is going to cause some salt.

Also this planet is Maali's worst nightmare.


Literally unplayable.


Jesus christ how horrifying



Ok time to never put then game below fast
>making the already worthless megastructures even worse


File: 1494343847198.jpg (12.88 KB, 238x133, 1473558865921.jpg)

>Giant arachnids displayed multiple times


File: 1494343860266.png (359.47 KB, 616x353, 985bfd42-e811-4566-bd79-e8….png)

>Some new species portraits



DM in love already, I bet

Just use another means of travel fam


It's more along the lines of
>hey Paradox the habitats are way better than your underpowered megastructures, can we maybe get the megastructures sooner or something
>Okay, we'll just nerf the habitats so that they're underpowered too. That's balanced!
I'm glad you're now able to take from your sector's stockpiles, but 100 influence cost to withdraw 75% of the stockpile seems really pricey.
Influence is the hardest resource to collect, and it seems like they're just making everything cost it.
>Seath the dragon race
Okay, that might be cool.


Most of my games I'm literally sitting on a thousand influence I have to spend on planetary energy or mineral edicts.


It's only 25 influence when you're in a defensive war, which makes sense.


I'm here


We going to play inferior ASSFAGGOTS or?


Oh wow that's horrible.
I really liked having the enigmatic techs.


We decided to wait, so I'm going to cook some dinner first.

Problem is that we have like 7 people now.


I won;t stay long anyway


Eh I can pass, not terribly into it today.


How long's that going to be


You know what's worse? The tech you get is random.
At least they had the sense to remove Enigmatic Disruption Field so you didn't end up only getting a worthless station module out of it.


get three more and have two full groups :^)


20ish minutes I think.


File: 1494348182746.jpg (1.45 MB, 2560x1920, 20150623_015225.jpg)


Ranked or unranked

Roll #1 5 = 5


Don't be indecisive

Roll #1 1 = 1


So I was reading about free-range eggs

>In the EU, cage-free egg production includes barns, free-range, organic (in the UK, systems must be free-range if they are to be labelled as organic)

>In the EU… in the UK





>WoW has Ancona chickens
>Ancona is a place in the real world



File: 1494354533820.jpg (454.08 KB, 1766x1918, 8686c23e1efd20c9b683fd6b0e….jpg)

Woah man


Cultural appropriation.


File: 1494356862167.jpg (57.26 KB, 528x960, 1465778659147.jpg)


He doesnt look happy


That's why I love that picture thou


What a displeased fish


Nice catch Andy. I wouldn't be brave enough to catch that thing in my hands like you did


She has very hairy arms, like a stronk wolf


File: 1494360270130.png (894.52 KB, 1200x675, Wigfrid_trailer.png)

Sleep to regain sanity at the cost of hunger


>Someone tried to log into my Steam account
Can't wait to get home and change ALL my passwords


File: 1494361556361.png (513.82 KB, 626x570, 1493647826269.png)

Anybody want to try Trixie's nuts?


Someone's been sending spam from my windowslive account and been spamming through my skype too. Even after I changed my password TWICE.


>Now my Google Account is warning




THhat sucks. Hopefully you can get it taken care of.


File: 1494363115241.png (224.91 KB, 480x480, 1492313150548.png)

Now is the time to panic


File: 1494363228534.png (1.38 MB, 1440x1200, 218447__safe_solo_flutters….png)


File: 1494363271656.png (170.57 KB, 1158x1080, devil.png)

Cheer up




File: 1494363396638.gif (255.51 KB, 397x397, 1492285187761.gif)

Just a little smile


File: 1494363475435.png (378.11 KB, 1000x800, 272097__safe_twilight spar….png)


File: 1494363551491.gif (931.48 KB, 503x503, 1372714$.gif)


File: 1494365472930.png (598.88 KB, 1422x1653, Molyquickun.png)


File: 1494365534624.gif (1.12 MB, 300x225, Boop.gif)


Twins bumping butts




Marina is a chubbyy seal pon
Oh, right
I'll get to it



I'm not sure about it yet


It's Too late
I already made the first line


oh the huge manatee



Oh the huge Marina butt
You can't stop art Sion!


File: 1494366381442.png (109.73 KB, 766x764, cumin and marina.png)


Are threeway marriages acceptable in fishpony culture?
Can I be their concubine?
I want to wake up with those two ponis in bed


Fish ponoes lay eggs so casual hookups are the norm Fidget wants to encourage them to be more like land ponies


That marriage is 3/4 land pony! It's up to Marina


She's not fat, she's stout.
How's things, Wf?


Maybe if I act cute enough in the marriage she will adopt me as he dog child
You're right, She's Phat


Final paper
Cu'est-ce que c'est
Fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-far worse
Run run run run run run run away oh oh


File: 1494367230005.webm (1.63 MB, 852x480, 1490548698478.webm)

I'm going to be a responsible adult and head to bed early today.





File: 1494368114973.png (124.92 KB, 900x900, fa3.png)


File: 1494369266129.png (685.11 KB, 1500x1213, 1470082015742.png)


File: 1494369359700.jpg (4.25 MB, 6000x3000, Marelets.jpg)


>tfw no qt Rainbow


It vexes Andelia as well, no doubt.


>Blake says : "They always hurt women to punish men. It's sick. It's cowardly."

>realize that the game pretty much does this in the end too

Well played, Outlast 2


My parents like to watch Dr. Phil, a couple months ago there was an episode where he said
>If she attacks you, you get out of there. You leave, you call the police. You never put your hands on a woman - only a coward would do that.
>The cowardly thing is to defend yourself, the courageous thing is to call the police
Really makes u think


But that's not equality.


File: 1494371019892.webm (485.3 KB, 326x326, birb.webm)

I wouldn't describe Dr Phil as a progressive liberal in any way, though, so at least his views are consistent


To be fair, in this world that's the smart thing to do- if you're on crutches, you need to throw them away before defending yourself, or you'll get charged with Assault with a Weapon, after all. If you retaliate and cause any physical damage, there's not a court around that won't immediately side with the woman and fuck you over.
It's a backwards and broken system, but it's what we're stuck with right now.


File: 1494372974832.jpg (76.6 KB, 911x1131, may 11_26_2016.jpg)

What a tiring day
Good night


File: 1494373102356.gif (5.81 KB, 220x1066, Wait what I- never mind.gif)

>no nipples
You get by on a technicality this time, Maali.


Did you guys hear about the FBI director?


Due to foreseeable but unpreventable issues, Macross will most likely run Friday evening. Let me know if that's good for all of you.


File: 1494374925192.jpg (139.36 KB, 1024x682, 3WttpIaRDcSfjAQZ0AjwuU8YKa….jpg)


File: 1494375165754.gif (3.66 MB, 800x336, 1494224908482.gif)


I'm sure the Comey thing is going to be all over the news for the next week or two.


File: 1494375281687.jpg (36.88 KB, 700x443, 1491782931345.jpg)

That's gonna be fun, uh?
Can you say it with me, I M P E A C H M E N T.


File: 1494375566792.png (1.18 MB, 1000x546, 1494323895664.png)

I'm actually more interested in seeing /pol/ and reddit's reaction.

Anyways, let's talk about more important things, like which RPG systems you've read up and plan to use for a quest.


Highly unlikely. It'll be yet another black mark on the administration, but nothing more.


I can't enjoy rpg systems any more. I just kinda stopped reading them.
Help me out. How do I install those .cab archives which come with games in the form of redistributables?
I'm having game-crashing troubles with nier and xinput.


Wait nevermind, fixed.
To get back to the rpg topic, I'd love a system which allowed me to actually have tools and powers without trivializing the world.


Why would I be bothered by that? I have one.


Feels like the plot of a fucking bond movie over here


I wouldn't be able to help you with the cab files. Even the PC games I physically but are just Steam install disks.

Which ones are you familiar with that you think Sion and Groves might enjoy?


Pics or I don't believe you.


More like an Austin Powers movie.
None. Groves especially, I don't think he likes shuffling systems around, which is fine. He focuses on story and characters much more.


File: 1494376425165.jpg (121.59 KB, 1024x576, 1455628474765.jpg)

Fine by me. Assuming there isn't a sudden family emergency or something.


"That's my strategy at the bar. I show 'em the flare, then I eat the secret." - Disguised Toast, 2017

@Knight: Fri is fine


Clarify tools and powers.

Sounds good then.

I've been trying to get this fight going for the longest time but you all RP too well for me to want to stop it.


Superpowers like in my japanese anime.
Ability to move heaven and earth.
Comic book tier powers.
And before you mention FATE or similar games the problem with those is how everything boils down to the same flat bonuses. Pretty much like in s10.
Unique skills which let you do unique things. Which change the way you traverse spaces, fight a mob, deal with a conversation.
All of which, without making the game trivial or unfair, keeping the balance.
The main problem with rpgs is that they might even very well give you one earth-shattering power, but that one is all you will get, while I like the "take this toolbox and try to open this safe" approach to situations. Imagine a Deus Ex game, but in ttrpg form.


>Caring about a safe when you have multiple god-tier powers

For what contrived reason?

>I move the Earth so the safe is in a volcano

'1d10+88' Will
>I move the Heavens and destroy all who might oppose me
'1d10+88' Will
>I create a sentient, subservient new species from the ooze that remains
'1d10+49' Intelligence
>I command my slaves to build me a new safe with the same contents to the exact specifications of the original, but this time unlocked
'1d10+4' Charisma

Roll #1 9 + 88 = 97 / Roll #2 5 + 88 = 93 / Roll #3 3 + 49 = 52 / Roll #4 10 + 4 = 14


I'm going to be honest, I think the only thing that comes close to that is being a GM.

Mutants and Masterminds might be the next closest thing, but even the book cautiouns against going that route and ruining the fun.

Maybe something based on Lensman, but even GURPS rates that as obscenely high tier play.

Just what kind of character do you want to play? Silver Age Superman?


File: 1494378288684.png (103.95 KB, 1024x1024, HoldingBestPony.png)




Ponies are supposed to be naked!


File: 1494378412808.gif (263.96 KB, 487x486, Blinking wunnabolt.gif)

That is bordering the obscene.


But there's a hooman there too!


Well of course. It'd be shitty proof if I wasn't in it.
I don't judge your relation with applehorse!


Okay I took the hyperbole too far.
Think about what makes heroes in cape or spy movies so interesting to watch.
They are pushed up against the wall time and again, in a dozen different situations, but always have the right tool to wiggle out of it.
Or let's go higher and look at video games. Stuff like taking out dozens of goons without breaking a sweat is normal there, only to have a fight which actually matters against things like bosses. Attacks are many and varied, flair matters just as much.
Meanwhile in dnd and similar you have to specialize a character which will only ever attack one, optimal way.

In short you miss out on variety, in ttrpgs. And that gets just too boring after a while.


Yeah, but I don't strip her and cuddle her in a white void, either.


Yeah, but did it have to be naked?
That's sorta slutty!


It'd be weird if she got to wear clothes but the pony didn't.
That way they both score.


Humans literally evolved to have clothes on all the time though


Once we find ourselves in pony land I won't tell if you don't tell.


I'm being pulled for a bit, but I think what matters to you more is the campaign rather than the system. You want something that requires you to think out of the box, to not do what I did in Pokemon and attempt to power your way through with everything.

I'll be back in a bit.

PS, stop worrying about damage


Not entirely. I also want an rpg system I can toy with and build characters which acquire many different powers, which I would then mix and match together to solve puzzles in ways other than brute forcing them through the one thing I'm good at.
I want what systems already do for parties but focused in one character.
Because I play a lot of solo quests and balance is funky.


I mean you'll be cold outside if you wear nothing at all times


Most games are designed around a group of people playing together though.


Tell the horses we co-evolved with horses to get our heat from snuggles


File: 1494379865442.jpg (135.56 KB, 600x889, 1494277997459.jpg)

LITERALLY play Darkest Dungeon

Mix and match 4 heroes all you want


But as I said right now I'm looking for a system to play solo games in.


LITERALLY looking for a ttrpg system!


You're probably not going to find one, because most people don't want that. Tabletop gaming is an inherently social activity.

I mean, if you're set on something like that you could try either Exalted or Ascension-level Dark Heresy with a buttload of starting exp, but I honestly don't see the appeal.


You do realize Nopony has been running soloquests for almost 2 years now?
Or how many of wf's quests devolve into personal exploration. Or how NL1.5 was all about the individual characters and that's what people remember best about it?
We play so many solo quests it's not even worth twisting your nose at any more. We play more solo than group quests. They are more active, for sure.


If you had to fill out your toolbox with eight or ten versatile powers, what would they be?

Keep in mind, you really don't need more than one "incapacitate enemy", whereas stuff like "light up room" or "see through wall" could have great utility.


File: 1494380600591.gif (1.7 MB, 639x533, 643878__safe_rainbow dash_….gif)

I dunno
Maybe you can solve them in ways besides what your skill points say
Pumpkin solves things in ways besides killing so there is that


>other than brute forcing them through the one thing I'm good at.
You seem to be happy to solve everything with mind powers with Mona!


Yes, but you're taking our microcosm and trying to find a system that fits it. In my experience, there isn't one because most people don't play games like that. If you really want an answer, go ask /tg/.


I feel like there are just 3 things I'd want.
1. a combat system which lets you deal with enemies in many different ways
2. a crafting system which lets you McGyver your way out of anything
3. encounters which are thought, from the ground up, to be solved in many different ways.
Making a toolbox was turning too much into making a character.
I know, Pumpkin is still fun to play don't worry. I like investigating stuff and then cobbling together solutions, it's something you can do in a system as meaty as PF. NLer respects points 2 and 3 of my first reply after all.
That's because I can do literally nothing else reliably.


Sounds like you want to just play freeform and make your own solutions. Which is cool, when it works.

I thought it was cool when Alex got the first key by covering up the grate with his clothes, which wasn't one of the three intended solutions


I'd like to play a mechanically crunchy freeform, if that makes sense.


Only slightly. Crunchiness comes from defining your boundaries. Usually that's done with stats defining what you're good at and what you suck at.

But it sounds like you want to be able to be good at potentially anything, depending on what the situation calls for.


Yeah pretty much. Plenty stat points, ability to skill into almost anything, a solid system which doesn't break and lose all challenge when this happens. And a setting to use all of this in.


Gotta step out of the house again.

How are you with Science Fantasy?


If only there was a freeform setting where you could play a character that's almost more of a tool than an actual hero. You know, the kind that could be reconfigured with magic jewelry to be useful in different situations.

Maybe you'd even get thrown into a situation without getting to pick what you've been assigned and you have to cobble together a solution with 'echolocation', 'toad form', and 'hold portal'.


File: 1494382167335.jpg (470.45 KB, 1569x897, 1395250198145.jpg)

Any setting with augs could fit that bill.
I never read anything really cheesy at the John Carpenter of Mars level, but Biomega was pretty damn great.


You'd have to play someone who is fiercely loyal to their master, but surprisingly cunning and self-educating, someone who spends all their time self improving with books from the library because they are so slavish to their duty. By the same token it would have to be the kind of setting where you have a master sadistic enough to send you into a situation with those kinds of odd combinations of magic abilities.

Preferably, there it would run in a sort of Discord like program, too.


Sorry, still not really feeling it. I will consider it though.


File: 1494382808272.jpg (149.18 KB, 456x500, 6493ca4bad5a0f8dd84d188ad2….jpg)

No need to apologize. Besides, if you hadn't wanted to leave I never would've had that fun brainstorming session with Fidget. So you know, all things happen for a reason - I like seeing the silver linings.


I want to try out Starfinder when it comes out, and this sounds like a class you might like.



I will keep that in mind, thanks.


File: 1494383227806.png (31.97 KB, 1553x323, 1493769080566.png)

There are a few other classes you might like, such as Solarion or Technomancer


yes this is me

I thought about your post during this time.
I think the problem lies in clear communication to the DM, to make the checks more reasonable for a solocharacter.
Giving them a toolkit of ultities, or a lot of spell uses and variety, like giving extra spell slots for a mage.

I have to do some adjusting in NLer or certain monsters would simply be unhittable due to the AC being made for flanking and debuffing them less lately thou


I once again require your shitposting expertise.

This is a fork of vichan that I have been getting a lot of help with. Pretty much all the major things have been done by someone else. I wanted to get one more big fix in before upgrading this place. Hopefully the backlinking in "View last 50" is working proper.


Hey, so how's that archive update coming along?


Oh hell I knew I forgot something.


File: 1494384105671.jpg (187.02 KB, 748x1000, 1460124224531.jpg)


Heh, no rush.
Well, maybe. Other people probably might want to look back through them for our games.


File: 1494384588430.jpg (487.22 KB, 1000x1000, 55a7b38402d141caaeebf2b390….jpg)

>mousewheel 7+ year old G400 finally died

If no trainers are here I'll pop out to get a replacement


Busy tonight, no chance


File: 1494386382028.jpg (126.72 KB, 800x560, 800.jpg)


File: 1494386423819.png (781.33 KB, 960x1920, Not pictured are his robo-….png)


Look at this fucking faggot
I'm glad he died when his home was destroyed




File: 1494386704584.jpg (108.2 KB, 960x960, 18194263_1892194987728397_….jpg)



Anyone up for coop?


can't humble the bumble
You know who's cuter?
Asking honestly.




>HotS week 3 started
Fuckin finally


>already got it with Swatz
Step it up senpai


what's it this time, more matches against real people? Do we have to win this time?


File: 1494387014984.jpg (743.49 KB, 1280x1800, 1494386817622.jpg)

Posting this for Groves when he wakes up, please review this image and tell me what you think.

Weeks 3-4 are same as 2


Very Sweaty


Good, so we don't have to win (though that's preferable).
It'll have to wait on my end, though.


I'm going to need to confiscate that pic for inspection


What do you mean by SC2 coop? It's not the usual game mode is it?


You're correct. Coop missions are special missions where you and a partner each choose a commander with a special set of units and usually some set of gimmick bonuses. Together you tackle objectives ranging from escort to king of the hill to survival.

I played some with Neeps, it was a lot of fun! you can play it with the free starter edition


You may save one (1) copy


File: 1494387373429.png (620.01 KB, 1000x1000, dva.png)


File: 1494387433086.jpeg (61.87 KB, 680x583, 1466273295746.jpeg)


Thanks to all that participated in the testing via shitpost. To everyone else, you guys are cool too.


It got annoying after a bit because of flood detection but I did what I could


File: 1494388114811.jpg (43.53 KB, 620x455, 1476950072090.jpg)

glad to help, even if it was mostly through thread-spamming.



Sorry about that, it seems to happen when many are posting an image at the same time and having no text or similar text in the comment field. That is how it should be working, but I should have made it more lax. Didn't even think about it.

Best way to route out bugs!

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