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In which the same repeats but we still love it
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Say that the next time I post big tidde


File: 1487923207153.png (931.06 KB, 979x1305, 1456716930390.png)

It's late enough for me and I got some stuff planned for tomorrow, so I'll stop here

I'm actually real eager to see what happens from this point.



What's all this then


But, a mature person realizes their own tastes.



I should stop too


goodnight then, thanks for running


I need ot think of winter gear


T-shirt and jeans should do


File: 1487925183654-0.jpg (89.13 KB, 680x1190, does-this-looks-like-the-f….jpg)

gonna try to sleep I suppose


File: 1487925406127.png (389.76 KB, 565x800, 1401925582405.png)

Imagien cuddling close with your team

Hmm, might be a case for locals


I want this snek to wrap all around me
ALL around


>Man I hate the kind of SJW culture as much as the next guy but /tv/ is getting too /pol/ for me, it's every single thread now.
This is a problem on many boards to be honest. /int/ got way too /pol/ as well, it's pretty annoying.


We are literally /pol/ here half of the time


It's been that way for ages, have we not noticed?

/pol/ are just reskinned SJWs.


That's just the basic 4chan culture ingrained in us. /pol/ is a whole other level.

It's been on the rise for some time, yeah. It's also funny how, to outsiders, /pol/ has pretty much taken over as the face of 4chan instead of /b/. So instead of meme trolls it's now meme """""nazis""""".


>a Finnish frozen foods franchise got the laughing spanish or italian man to do an ad for them
Memes must be stopped
the guy who is in an interview and starts laughing in a really high pitch? They made a version of it where he's talking about Nvidia cards burning?


So apparently cloudflare got cracked meaning basically all passwords ever were leaked


What now


File: 1487927986681.jpg (74.58 KB, 640x645, 1478284309225.jpg)

I just changed eveyrthing too


It's 2beb


Apathy overwhelms me, I'm not even sure if I'll change any


Kind of in the same boat here tbh. Think I'll just change some of the important ones and not care about the rest.


Are you for real?
Time to get myself a password manager then.


Well I heard it at work. There was also a pastebin link for a list of possibly affected sites.
Amusingly 4chan was on the tl;dr list of 'important' sites alongside things like okcupid and uber.


Can you link me that pasta?


There was a circular email confirming the security flaw from the 4chan chief of staff, be he said there had been no evidence any passwords were actually stolen. As part of due diligence, though, everyone was asked to change passwords just in case.


File: 1487932341383.jpg (82.73 KB, 640x240, 1341809[1].jpg)

Should I change my google and steam passwords?
I just changed them too. Fuck.



I don't think Google uses cloudflare, do they?




You don't have to stutter, Jack doesn't start up for several more weeks

Unless you were talking about the Jojo: Battle Tendency reference, in which case that airs on Saturdays


Timbuktu tonight confirmed


It was actually github not paste


Witcher has not a lot of witching for being a Witcher game



You're a witch-man, not a cute witch


I mean, you do get those monster-hunting side missions, but none of the monster killing missions so far have been very involved.


Monsters aren't just strange beasts

What part are you up to?


I just got done with the feast and fucked the Princess and helped the fence.


File: 1487937453667.webm (337.3 KB, 640x360, 430701.webm)

Anything that should concern us too?


4chan if you have a pass


Fuck, I no longer have Uber on my phone
And Curse, that fucking useless thing


Looks like you're in chapter 3, it's pretty nice getting to the better part of Vizima.

Did you send the kid to Triss or Shani?


Triss because I had nothing to do with Shani and I thought a wizard might be better at handling a magical time bomb.


I would have preferred Shani but she didn't give me the sex so too bad


Same, I wanted to dump the kid with soceress and then love cute medic but she didn't like that


No, I just didn't even get the event that would have allowed me to sex her, which would have happened in Chapter 2.


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