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Quest is not for lewd edition
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>Two healer meta
That's great though. And I mean two healer meta never really went away. Problem with one healer is that if they die, the team is out of healing until the healer respawns.

It's viable to run one healer in QP, but in Comp it's a bad idea. Always has been.



First, the healing from the RIFLE is unchanged
Second of all
The grenade still heals for 50 hp an then your consecutive shots heal for 160
How is that ruined?
It just means burst fire characters like Reaper are actually viable now


On an unrelated note, you can make a scatter arrow bow in starbound


All I'm saying is they could have changed the Nade to like 75 healing. Still a 25% reduction.

Bows don't really seem like they're worthwhile at this point.


True. The only selling point it has is that it is unaffected by gravity.


All healers should be able to solo heal.
Having just one healer slot, and the team keeping that one alive, is the ideal way for everyone to play as wide a variety of heroes as possible.

ninja sounds

>never a good idea in comp
Well yea, not like we're going to play comp together, but fine.

>it will still be viable to run a single hero in qp

but it won't if they can't heal enough burst.


Reaper and mcree were already able to damage through her healing if they were hitting the person properly (crits or fully body shotting them for example)


Most of us like playing healers though
Also, Zen is going to get better and quite a few people here like playing Zen too

She was WAY too strong agaist flankers
Which sort of makes them being moot if they can't pick the healers like they are supposed to
As I said, it was such a fucking trial to kill Ana with Winston before
You spend two seconds taking half her health, during which she can pump three shots into, THEN she can nade you, taking off a huge chunk of your health and preventing you from healing, while also making you spend two more seconds to kill her.
Without good positioning or shield placement she could easily 1v1 a tank meant to kill squishies and have a decent chance of winning, and even if she didn't, she left you very low

Lucio - self heal aura is slow
Mercy - self heals only out of combat
Zen - Self heals only out of combat but only the shield

Ana was literally the only one who could regen half her healthpool mid-combat


Mercy is viable in QP even as a solo healer, I'm sure Ana will be fine in QP solo.


The other three needed to be buffed to be as good as ana.

Also no, our group hates to stick to the 2-2-2 composition and instead rotate what hero is selected, understandable, but not gonna work without proper solo healing around. I hate this.


I hope so.


Immortal Mercy during Rez has been pretty impactful at least in QP for me

A few of our favourites can self heal though, and we also like to play high mobility stuff like D.va or Winston who can just jump out a fight to grab a healthpack
It's not the end of the world that the grenade heals less on impact
Remember, it still boosts your heal darts to 120 HP (I was wrong earlier, it's 120 not 160, but that's still half the hp pool of a squishie and 1/5 of a tank)
Plenty of burst heal still


File: 1488893607782.gif (1.92 MB, 400x208, 1408314300835.gif)

fine whatever
Its useless to talk about this until it happens. don't fucking tell me I didn't call it when people are yelling about having "no fucking healing" in chat after this


I wish Orisa was released already, I wanna play her.
And fuck yes I will drop quick matches if someone else locks her in before me


File: 1488893805323-0.jpeg (18.51 KB, 340x226, 6yvoIWLJU28h1ECoUs.jpeg)

File: 1488893805323-1.jpeg (134.52 KB, 1160x768, 6yvoImKHVR5h1ECoUs.jpeg)

Calm them tit-lays down, geez!
If y'all want to try the new tank I'm just going to be playing healers for a while then, I don't mind.
Have some white lion cubs that were born 2 months ago and were just introduced at a zoo


File: 1488893853364-0.jpeg (454.55 KB, 2000x1325, 6yvoIWLJU28h1ECoUs.jpeg)

Whoops, I posted the smol version of the first one


"I need healing! I need healing! I require healing! I need healing!"
- Genji

Speaking of Genji, I think I mentioned this before but there's a dude in my class called Genji. And it always fucking cracks me up when someone calls his name to catch his attention.

>"Hey Genji help me out here."

>"Genji, want to go for a smoke?"
>"Genji not coming in today?"


I guess you could say Genji is with you


Wf made that joke already, slowpoke.





poor guy, I knew a person who had a very unique name, then lion king 2 came out and suddenly everyone was quoting the movie at them. shit got annoying real quick.


We have a friend called Robin, which is a somewhat unusual name over in Hungary, so we just call him Ropin, which means 'on a salstick'But also because it just sounds funny to mispronounce it like that


These guys don't play Overwatch, so they're not familiar with Genji memes.


I have managed to popularize Lucio quotes with my friends who only played during beta/open weekends or when they are our friends who have it on PS4


There's another dude I share another class with whose name is Yoshi.

You can probably imagine the amount of Mario jokes.


My class never really had these popular-because-of-pop-culture names to make fun of, sadly.
We have to make due by calling a friend on her full name that she hates rather than the nickname


It's a first for me as well, honestly. I'd never met anyone called Genji or Yoshi before in my life. Who the hell gives their kid a Jap name anyway? I've never heard a single Jap name that doesn't sound retarded.


They aren't Japanese?


Nope. Both are very Belgian.


File: 1488895382527-0.webm (1.09 MB, 480x600, vomit.webm)

Okay, I'm triggered now


Mixed family or just weeb parents?


Yeah. I mean exotic names aren't hugely uncommon among younger generations, but fucking hell.


File: 1488895831672-0.png (393.89 KB, 649x716, 1450888221914.png)



Both these guys look like they don't have a drop of foreign blood in them. I'm not that familiar with them, so I don't know if their parents are just Japanophiles. I don't exactly want to ask them why they're named the way they are either.


could be worse, at least those are rather traditional names


File: 1488896020811.jpg (202.36 KB, 1920x791, robot encounter.jpg)


The new owner of my local game store is named Kai and he's firmly a southern white guy, and for the longest time I thought he was just a weeaboo until fairly recently someone else brought it up to him, and it turns out it's because one of his adoptive parents is Chinese.


File: 1488897113132.jpg (162.53 KB, 760x960, LR4mYEi.jpg)

Yea, that's awful to assume something like that


Well I didn't think he was trash, I just went with it and didn't want to potentially be confrontative about it, gosh.


File: 1488897387712.jpg (118.56 KB, 480x525, 1317631640984.jpg)

>trying to vidya to shake this horrible hollow feeling
>not working


File: 1488897981940.jpg (108.76 KB, 425x284, 1371481[1].jpg)

To a husband just released from a POW camp was born a healthy son on 18th of October 1918 whom we named "Sure Revenge"
In Ruovesi
Lahja and Lydia Rantala


Maybe rewatch pone?


Well. That's a very bitter life ahead for that kid.


File: 1488898130657.png (284.67 KB, 515x471, tmp_17544-1487849911258-18….png)

>throat starting to hurt
Well shit


Ingest serious looking witch to cure your ailment



Kind of weird, but my PC just asked me to pick a boot device when starting up. First time I've seen that.

Anyone know why that might be?


Funny, my PC sometimes goes to a screen where it complains it can't find a boot device.


File: 1488898455133.gif (120.25 KB, 120x120, 1322562948948.gif)

Could it be a hard drive issue?

Maybe. I need a while to step back


I've got an SSD for Windows.

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