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File: 1489187668564.gif (4.34 MB, 320x178, trottypon.gif)

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Onwards to another meta
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'1d10+5' well you're trying at least, but she has her sneak suit on

Roll #1 9 + 5 = 14


Should I just run Timbuktu until you get tired or something?


Good grief that is sneaky as shit


I am confused, but this horse seems smug


No, I'm going to bed.
Tell you the truth I haven't had the chance to do that too often, mostly because the wii u's control scheme is a bit awkward for my tastes.


I can play it between posts

It's a smug horse we saw on a painting in a museum in Belgium at the second meet.
Which was the first Belgium meet.


File: 1489374251231.gif (209.53 KB, 1458x950, 1343239503208.gif)

sleep well


>episode ten intro
PC is gone from the house

No ;_;


Prepare for a one hour long rollercoaster of emotions.


what a nice art


Oh boy, is it working?


I'm not sure if we have the full image or just the horse


No, friend who got a switch day 1 borrowed me his wii u, I got loadiine on an sd and I'm playing it from there.



Maybe it's time to get a used Wii U


I know me and a friend are looking into that.
We plan on buying one half and half, properly modding it and then buying it off the other guy when the time comes.


File: 1489376511182.png (181.71 KB, 900x1271, rainbow_dash_drinking_by_p….png)


I'd let her suck on my drink IYKWIM
I mean I used to make killer tasty banana milkshakes with no added sugar, just milk, bananas, a hand-turmix and a touch of vanilla


That's a lot of knowledge in such a short sentence.


Knowledge of what?


File: 1489376954492.jpg (60.96 KB, 605x1383, sD6hQ2Z.jpg)

Wow it's been so long since I used my computer I barely could play

Also geesh Fidget is a flipping God at Paladins


Knowledge as in the K of IYKWIM


You back home? The whole thing solved yet?


glad you could enjoy it


If only he was as good in OW then

Oh, I thought you meant that said something about my character listen man, if you criticize making home-made sugarless banana milkshakes you're just picking a fight


File: 1489377213274.gif (1.45 MB, 288x198, Oh wait you're serious.gif)


>Episoded 11 intro
Even worse


Nah I'm not back 'home'
I'm at the house of a friend and I brought my computer along so we could play stuff together
I mean, I would have played like a God too if I wasn't playing on 7 fps. That was tough
Good thing Paladins have characters that don't need aim


Told you it only gets worse.


Was your ping/fps bad even on the BR server?




I have a very bad feeling from the intro and this setting trend about the last few episodes about what is about to happen


Paladins has a lot higher time-to-kill, and no one-shots (save for one person's ult). So I can endure a bad matchup sometimes.


Hope you had fun


Ping was much better
Now the fps on the other hand… I mean this office computer is obviously not meant to run games like Paladins, even in the most minimal possible parameters


Ah. Well, that's to be expected, yeah. Still, glad you had fun.


I mean, Widowmaker has a 1-shot, but I'm almost certain I'm bad enough at her that you could beat me if I miss my shot if we played Skirmish
We played 1v1 skirmish with Sylt the other day and it was a fucking ball


I'm Bojack the Horse (Bojack)
Bojack the Horse
Don't act like you don't know~


I can't wait to murder these scientists


Hanzo one-shots.
Rein can one-shot most people who aren't tanks (charge).
Hog usually two-shots people.
Hell, if Mcree gets close enough to use his flashbang and hits with all his fans, then that's pretty much dead there too.
Point is, you don't spin from full-to-dead in less than a second, even if you aren't paying attention to everything.


Sounds like you need to git guuuuud


Like that's going to happen.


Wait in line.


No one can hide from the Huntress~


Oh its another one of me then.


>Played Widow on the PTR
>Got a bunch of headshots

Probably better than Nopo, I beat him that time we did McCree headshots only!


That was literally for 20 seconds while we were waiting for someone to show up


I killed you 3 times in 20 seconds? After you account for respawn times and travel times, I must be a god McCree


I killed you first, we all know that's the only kill that counts, the first blood, the popping of the cherry



>"I killed you first, by starting the game without telling you it was headshots only, taking three bodyshots for no damage before I finally lucked into a kill"


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