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File: 1490307847994.png (233.24 KB, 722x576, 1327278483397.png)

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But what if those fish aren't for eating? I'll have to get Baldric to hook me up.


Hmmn sure I could do some mushrooms hunting (and something more)
Woah dang
Is this video actually old as heck or is it stylized to give that 90s feel?


File: 1490558413896.webm (2.9 MB, 1075x600, 1490053238393.webm)



And as for bridesmaids, I've got three in mind already, but I'll need another three. For the maid of honor I was thinking the sister-in-law, Rose Compass.


>I'll just lie down for a moment and rest my eyes
>2 hours later


Ha ha, that works two ways because Cumin.



He has his own pond

[s[You're gonna make some friends, probably


>another 1

Is Kelpie ded?


Friends are good.
Lilly, Maeda, and Kotone were already considered for bridesmaids' positions, though I'm not sure the post will find them in time.


Rip Kelpie


drown in an imaginary ocean of monsters



Don't worry, illusions can't hurt you


How about we do it a little later when Maali is less occupied? Sounds like OTR is getting pretty exciting


OTR is pretty slow
Don't worry I'm currently not doing anything except watch the kids and wait for dinner
I'm in my phone but I can play


I wonder if the usual "you and a +1" type of invitation is the norm here.


Does that means Rhanna can bring a friend?


That's usually what the "+1" means. It could be a date. Or a chaperone.


She better invite the twins too


She hasn't met them yet, though, Selena is getting invited.


Hm, okay then


File: 1490559464553.png (295.12 KB, 1064x1413, kelpie.png)

Live by the magic die by the magic



0/10 hat not oversized enough


Oh man, I wonder who should I invite
Aw yeh
I agree with nopo
Also what is she gonna do with that tiny ass hammer? That thing is more suited for nails than our enemies!
Though I guess I can't blame her, poor malnourished girl is so thin I doubt she could lift anything heavier


File: 1490560222921.png (325.36 KB, 1064x1413, BIGGER.png)


that looks more like a weapon hammer


One of the sweets chefs is an Alpaca.
>tfw Marina has very few friends
At this point she might just fill out the roster with fish ponies that she's met all of maybe once or twice. Rhanna's no good as a bridesmaid because she's 2young.


Needs to be larger


File: 1490560732699.png (333.91 KB, 1064x1413, YUGE.png)

This is not smol at all


What if the real hammer is just a keychain and the big hammer is just a hard-light projection


File: 1490560785282-0.png (143.65 KB, 539x941, 1490514906752.png)

——Quest proposal——
Would anyone be interested if I ran end April or May the meme dungeon AKA The Tomb of Horrors. Only the dungeon, nothing before or after.
I'd do it in D&D 5th ed


You don't understand

Only if I can fug one of those things at the end


Are you going to have the six-second realtime death trap at the entrance?


Yeah, actually this was intentional



Oh I absolutely know who I`m bringing in this case

H-hey Rhanna could be a great bridesdog
That`s a bit better
Now that is just Duna levels of big


The proper answer to that question is maybe.


File: 1490561085204.png (Spoiler Image, 63.62 KB, 867x789, smol.png)


File: 1490561144526.gif (66.97 KB, 636x467, Papyrus out.gif)

Time to make some new frens.
oh god I'm so bad at making frens


10/10 finally got it right


Doesn't Undyne say "Why the fuck did he jump through the window" right after that?




File: 1490562224751-0.png (189.5 KB, 584x480, 1375146.png)

Thanks for running DM
Going to slp now


Enjoy the slp


Night Sion.


That line really touched me
Even shattered, this aeon is still flipping smooth


Aeon is very cute


be igh bak




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