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Ponies an metas never change meme etc
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I mean Knight**


Get fidget to go with you so he gets wins


and I need to finish with dinner, go ahead without me


Oh so they joined minds and became boyfriend and girlfriend?


So what did you end up doing with Klava? Did she survive to H?


Yeah, it was hella gay

Meanwhile Prima was dead but her soul was in a cursed dagger and Kilana slept with it but that was no homo


I would say that they probably felt pretty close before doing anything mind meldy, that's pretty personal

Yeah but being related to Chip is never a happy ending



So when will we learn about the secret twin of that diamond dog, the dreaded Dale?


So cuuute
did they used this power to cheat eachother aswers of tests when in class?
What a terrible, perfect fate for her, even after death she could still keep backstabbing others


they do use it to tell sekrets to each other!


NL2 happened a long, long time after NL1.5, they were all grown up

They probably used the power to do more practical stuff, like work on building fancy undeads as a team faster


Yay cool secret shari-
Nevermind, it's disgusting now


Ouch, sounds like a real bad end there


Oh, don't worry, Id had no necromancy skills so Kilana probably did the undead building alone.

they totally shared rumors about the queen and her fatty mane


Kilana had an army of skeletons and also some true abominations made out of the corpses of a great many things
>cute zeeb necromancer


File: 1493259165753.jpg (221.8 KB, 1039x899, tmp_6231-14706332766221982….jpg)

>tfw wanted to make all the Northlands characters happy


Well at least he can be redeemed
What became of the two?
How terrible


Kilana was very cute and a nice character


Kilana is a very happy mom to a talented druidess, and a qt artist son with an undying soul


Well their kids at least sound nicer, I'm glad they didn't went the same terrible path as their mom
post pictures


Stop being so racist!


I have nothing against her being a zeeb
Its the necromancy that I have a problem with


File: 1493259572294.png (Spoiler Image, 422.85 KB, 1400x1400, KilanaBardLike.png)

Morrigan knows how to necromancy

But you could consider Kilana evil, yes, but she wasn't always, she was once a purehearted bard.


File: 1493259580797.png (188 KB, 1000x1000, Zivur.png)

You take that back


Terrible, horrible
What corrupted her purity to take a path so awful?
It's wrong


Her best friend being murdered in the middle of the night and her other friends nearly being assassinated.


>Best friend

poor thing, she deserved better


That's nice
Verne's endgame was to end the quest and he got his wish


File: 1493259902086.png (54.33 KB, 238x202, PrimaDonna.png)

Prima Donna, a pretty unicorn.


What a meta


Eeeh, I've seen prettier


File: 1493260014846.gif (1.37 MB, 491x470, Kilana_responds_to_rumors_….gif)


>a lich
>literally forever

The feels man
The feels


It could be worse

Mind talking is useful when raising a kid

Imagine appearing like you never, ever argue, and also never disagreeing


I mean
My parents fucking silently seething in anger and glaring at each other may be more damaging than yelling
Especially if I know they are telephats, since they could be planning anything and you wouldn't even know


File: 1493260372321.png (100.32 KB, 500x451, violet_my_little_pony_cont….png)

They have eternity to pick on the other girls!


Sounds like a good way to raise kids who don't know how to express anger and properly argue about things!


>laughing mares.jpg

"Kilana, I thought you said we would never be bullies again!"
"It's okay to bully just a little."



>they don't look that upset.


>Psch, and ugh, I mean, that bow with that mane? Please.


Morrigan is probably really good at expressing anger because it's gonna get mindread anyway so may as well get to enjoy a good yell


>Exactly! Somepony had to stop that madness before it became a horrible trend!

She's good at glaring and becoming a bird and poofing up herself while making a squawk/chirp sound when upset


>I mean green mane? Ech!


Oh yeah, if you're in the mood I could run for you and Fidget after we're done (2 games left)

He needs to make princess freeens and you have plenty to do on doggo island

Maybe some day we can do a faff 1on1 slice of life for the Id-Kilana family


>tfw prima was our party rarity

I mite, need a shower and stuff really



1 left

If you're not in the mood that's fine, I've had a lot of quest today and Fidget has to slp


Alright, thanks for the games you two.


Ditto. Apparently Brightwing is easymodo support.


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