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In which we leave behind this imperfect world
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File: 1495148441244.jpg (2.59 MB, 2736x3648, 1495120091647.jpg)

That's sad. I hope your meme deficiency can be cured


Pay bills
Run DnD Quest
Commission fish horse


The real pull is that now that I have a source of income, it yearns to be spent. I've been shoving most of it into a savings account, though, which is probably why it feels harder to resist impulse purchases since I'm already spending willpower to sock some of it away right out the gate.


I know that feel, but you gotta save up that money in case another car gets hit or a transmission needs changing.

I know you can color, so why not save money and commission lineart?


File: 1495149084243.png (77.94 KB, 416x163, 1490412078571.png)



>I can color
Like a child can, sure.

Honestly, I should just not buy art. It is a luxury item.
Especially since I'd be going well and truly off the deep end and getting a picture of her in a wedding dress in preparation for the end of Horizons.
When I finally do pay money for something like that, you'll know that for well and true the warp has overtaken me.


File: 1495149231161.png (1.95 MB, 2200x3002, 974501.png)

I'll just be posting this for abslutely no reason at all you hear me Fidget?


I was wanting to commission Maali for wedding Marina for a long time but every time I've asked him he said he was working on a commission for someone else. First BDN then Sion.


Now's your chance, Wf.


You're up next! I just finished Sion's and only havent drawn today because I had no other comissions!


File: 1495149408089.png (309.13 KB, 567x559, 1334670605184.png)

But what if he suddenly comes up with another job to insert before me? He's prone to doing that!


Sounds like he's free, though.


It's fine to SAVE up for a treat of that size, but that means you have to put $60USD away and save the rest


File: 1495149718163.jpg (75.12 KB, 385x385, fdb829ae127a88bf28895f03f8….jpg)

Looking back at that picture
I think I might have charged Sion 5 bucks more than he owed me
I'm a monster


I demand my money back plus interest


Well, y'see, there's the thing.
It's one of those $20 things that Ego does from time to time.

I'm only human, Knight


File: 1495149831159.png (363.68 KB, 617x529, 1465361716273.png)

You're gonna be up later right? I need some time to think about what I want you to draw


$20USD is fine to splurge. I've wasted more on less useful stuff over the years.


you weren't supposed to enable me, Knight you've ruined everything
now I have to put together reference images


If you're already ferreting money away and have paid your bills, Capitalism and your hard work is the one who enabled you


oh wait ego said nothing complex in her commission list
that means I have an excuse not to get anything because wedding dresses are complex pieces of shit
I'm freeeee
Eh. I should keep saving up anyway. Car goes for its yearly inspection next month, so who knows what they'll cook up for me to pay out the ass to fix.


>writing any culture that isn't theirs
>writing any culture that isn't theirs well
I don't think it's necessarily a matter of whether they can, so much as whether they'd be able to get the project off the ground in the first place. They've got to pitch the idea to their bosses, after all.
That, and I doubt they've got people who understand day-to-day life in America or Europe as well as they understand Japanese day-to-day life. If anything, Persona 5 demonstrates just how wide the cultural gap really is- from how doctors and healthcare is handled to the political system to how adults and teenagers interact.


Make it up with free coloring :^)


File: 1495150842648.jpg (157.28 KB, 884x884, 1491291397153.jpg)

Wf can you post the 2d6 system here again?

Have a fairy for your troubles


it wasn't a system, just stats that said you had better chances of being the middle number so your stats would matter


In *World hacks, your results are based on 2d6

2-6: Failure (58.33%)
7-9: Minor Success (25%)
10-12: Great Success (16.67%)

You can also play with the numbers as much as you like, for instance you could make 11-12 Great Success, reducing the odds to 8.34%. If you feel like maintaining critfails, snake eyes has a 2.78% chance of falling.

>What does this mean?

Much more consistency, the most common rolls are
6: 13.89%
7: 16.67%
8: 13.89%

Consistency makes your stat adjustments more impactful because you are going to be rolling average cases like 7 more often where your bonii matter. (e.g.: -1 is a big deal if 6 fails and 7 is the most common dice result)


I have PDFs of ApocalypseWorld and some other *World hacks, the ranges for failure and success are taken straight out of Titan World


You didn't send it yet did you?
W-well just say the cheese was an additional character!
fsssss I shouldn't
but alright
Shut up!


but its a bit of a stretch to call that part alone a system



I dunno, I didn't want to take credit for "coming up with it" when I really got it from a well known work

Just another 45 minutes, say?


Alright, I can stay until that


>cheese getting boned in her holes


I missed your cheese filled art, post it?


File: 1495152766969.png (209.86 KB, 480x398, 446356.png)

We need more Ned Flanders memes here.


somewhere in this thread



Oh right! I remember now. Yes, I was busy when you posted it originally. Why not on your Tumblr?


>you'd like me to be you, wouldn't me?

Fucking XRA never stops being funny with this stupid shit you often don't even realize at first


Thank you andy
Oh I asked to Sion first but today was a very busy day


we need a thread new plz


Why are you asking me I never make threads


There's always a first time.


you have art to post as the OP


There was a first time
I failed shaemfully
I cant
I'm not strong enough


File: 1495155002445.jpg (14.72 KB, 301x167, A man's job.jpg)

Well, I guess I'll have to fill this hole.
And by hole I mean the matter of succession of threads.



good job


File: 1710256528140.jpeg (161.88 KB, 1200x1420, 00CE3822-A276-4BC9-8788-B….jpeg)

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