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Huddled together, furtive and vulnerable. Rats in a maze.
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File: 1498416128294.jpg (24.04 KB, 900x279, 1497495844057.jpg)


File: 1498416420065.webm (3.96 MB, 481x276, arguing on 4chan.webm)



File: 1498416906036.png (351.5 KB, 520x414, 1494508450746.png)

Glad you got it.
That one's pretty good.
>Why don't you marry soup?
>because I'm already married… to Justice.
>Yeah, only a blind girl would marry you.
Holy fuck was that a good burn.


File: 1498417329631.webm (2.56 MB, 568x426, english teachulator.webm)

For as dumb as this show is it has some serious fucking wordplay in almost every sentence

One of my favourite ones is still when he talks to a guy who died because of him and discover a chicken restaurant voucher on his corpse and tells the dead guy "I will ensure your wasted life was not squandered in vain"


It really is an interesting show, if only to showcase how even stupidity can cause accidental brilliance.



I mean many people say it's a stoner show but it is perfectly enjoyable without being high too.
It's just harder to follow the plot that way


Hello from my smartphone. I have finally reached the future.


>said he, moments before the car crash


Now you only need the sub's app!


We have an app now?


Of course. Rater 7/9 stars.


File: 1498433300308.png (132.66 KB, 565x400, 1448438620814.png)


File: 1498433939396.png (395.05 KB, 1280x960, Panic button.png)


File: 1498435781794.png (714.12 KB, 701x1001, 1459531__safe_artist-colon….png)


File: 1498435969230.png (47.54 KB, 496x296, What's going on in here.png)

So how goes the world rimming?


Cute moonhorse
Haven't played any of today though


Makes sense. Sundays are probably still busy over in bongland.
Though isn't it, like, 1AM where you are? You should probably head to sleep soon.


I may have accidentally fucked my schedule again


File: 1498436727152.jpg (36.39 KB, 700x313, 1498403954696.jpg)

How about that felcurry?


>few days ago read about a motorbiker colliding with a deer, he was hurt real bad and rushed to hospital
>just now on my FB feed see someone post X-rays of broken ribs and shoulder saying "Me vs Deer"
>turns out it was one of my friends

Holy shit

Hopefully this week


With how regularly it happens, I'm starting to think it's not mere accident.
Ain't happening yet. I hope she doesn't lean too heavily on the demon for moral guidance. Curry never even got to teach her how to be either a Lifebinder (for reincarnate) or a a necroshaman (for friends on the other side)


It was an accident for real this time, I kept going to sleep at midnight/ 1 AM I just kept waking up way too late because I've been sleeping awfully the last week again due to some issues


File: 1498437421362.png (475.04 KB, 508x600, IMG_0005.PNG)

Lunch break Princess


Makes sense.
invest in alarms and coffee to right it.


That is one smug-ass horse

I'll have to try


Don't end up like me, who operates on roughly five or so hours of sleep a night.
Though that should be righting itself shortly, since the night-shift person in our house will be once again fit for work and out of the house.


No, you see, when I am back at Uni in a place I know surrounded by my friends and things I want and like, I can sustain myself without a problem on 5-6 hours a week and work hard, sometimes throwing in an afternoon nap
It's this UK place that's dragging me down and making it nigh-impossible to wake up.


I'd blame the weather. It weighs you down. I know the humidity does that to me here.


…I can take the weather just fine


Well, that's good then.


Oh hey it's 4am and I'm not sleeping


That does tend to happen sometimes.


Last week before summer bois


What's so important about summer?


Not needing to work for 4 weeks


That does seem pretty sweet


File: 1498455077619.png (1.69 MB, 1334x750, IMG_0571.PNG)

Fresh Saber for anyone that starts playing the English version of Fate/Grand Order.


File: 1498457986204.png (86.41 KB, 500x744, IMG_0009.PNG)

Good night


File: 1498458920242.png (Spoiler Image, 345.94 KB, 994x830, Untitled.png)

Better visualization of the hero offers from this week's MHA


>no mobile network in the school building

Is this literally Africa


File: 1498466869790.png (209.08 KB, 650x680, Xennyxen.png)

Okay real talk
Would you guys pay 5 bucks for one of these chibi things of your character?

Please aswer truthfully while I got die in bed so I can check this in the morning
good night


Are chibi capers an option


File: 1498473876992.jpg (2.76 MB, 3000x4000, IMAG0903.jpg)

>prof calls some other doctor a twat while pointing out how much French love having things up their ass

This is fucking great


I would if I wasn't completely broke



Roll #1 2 = 2


That's pretty good


File: 1498478741005.jpg (88.61 KB, 1365x567, sylv.jpg)

In the end, Death claims us all

But the Sub will live on



>USA and UK are a pill bottle
>Hong Kong is food
>France is… a thing
I am going to need some context.


Hi there.

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