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PoneCraft is an idea for a pone-themed modded Minecraft server with a twist: each player chooses a pony race when they join and each race has access to different items. Earth ponies farm the land, cook health-boosting meals, and can cultivate incredible flowers that perform many tasks. Pegasi have the power of flight and can craft powerful tools and weapons. Unicorns can use their magical prowess to craft all manner of arcane items so long as they resist the temptation to give in to the dark arts. Zebras can brew mysterious potions as well as harness nature to perform limited magic or enter the dream world.

The modpack itself will be distributed via the Technic Launcher as a private pack and should come preconfigured with everything you need to join the server, including the IP.

Here's the list of mods planned for the server:

- NotEnoughItems
- Waila 1.5.3a
- ArmorStatusHUD 1.28
- StatusEffectHUD 1.27
- JourneyMap 5.0.0 RC2
- ColoredLightsCore 1.2.2
- InventoryTweaks 1.58-147
- ForgeEssentials 1.4.0-beta4
- Mine Little Pony

Usable by all races
- Jabba 1.1.4
- BetterStorage
- BiblioCraft 1.9.2
- Natura
- ExtraUtilities 1.1.0k
- ProjectRed (Base, Compat, Integraion, Lighting, World)
- Railcraft

Earth Pony
- Pam's HarvestCraft 1.7.10f
- Botania r1.4-154 (flower crafting only)

- Tinkers Construct 1.8.2a

- Botania r1.4-154 (everything but flower crafting)
- Thaumcraft
- Blood Magic 1.1.0

- Witchery 0.20.0
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And here, we, go.


I love long, black bars. I really do. Just look at how long this one is. Holy shit, it's so long, I can't even describe it. Fuck yes, black bars EVERYWHERE. That means fun is about to happen. NAUGHTY fun. NAUGHTY BLACK BAR FUN. Not to be confused with black fun, that's illegal. BLACK BAR FUN: NAUGHTY EDITION™ FuckYeah™.




Do you wish to continue, yes or no?


Multiplayer horse husbandry when, EA?


Ponecraft in 2016


But it is 2016
You lied to me


There's still a lot of 2016 to go, anon


But I can't wait a year - 4 days to get off


I decided to make an official Skype call for Ponecraft discussion and apparently you can join it from the web? Looks like you don't need a Skype account or anything - you can chat as a guest!



Literally the only reason why I haven't bothered with anything related to you, EA.


But you don't even need to have Skype installed to chat. You can click that link and join as a guest on the web - no installation, no signing up.


But it's Skype.


Discord allows guest chatting as well, and similarly doesn't require registering or installation.


You may be right, but I'm a lot more likely to interact with the discussion if it's on Skype. I have it installed on my desktop, tablet, and phone and already regularly check it for other things. So from a cost perspective, Skype is free and Discord requires a lot of extra work on my end for very little gain.

I've had this argument before back in the desktop IM wars. The client you use is the one everyone else you talk to uses. Switching clients without significant buy in of your social network just means things suddenly get very lonely.


You made the thread on /mlp/ a couple days ago right?

You may want to consider having a constant thread. It'll build up more hype and have more people for the launch date, which is crucial. Don't want it to be dead on arrival.


Except said launch date is "Somewhere in the far future."
A thread will be worthwhile once it's even remotely ready for use.


Wait, I thought it was like January 16/17th or something.

Perhaps you're not the person I was thinking of. They planned on using Towny.


I think I maybe made one thread in /mlp/ many months ago? But I don't really post outside the general.


Oh, that's interesting.

I wonder who that other person was. Might have been the guy that created the series of servers back between April-July last year.


Like it says in the OP, my goal is to make something more than just a server with Mine Little Pony on everyone's clients.

If you're interested in following along or helping out, feel free to join the chat and say hi.


Im Hosting /mlp/craft Revived on the 16th of january
guy who did the ones back in april helped with the set up of the new server


Thanks to everyone that watched the devstram! I'll try to do them more frequently and schedule them a little farther in advance.

Today we got the race selection screen done and fixed a crash in the sapphire tool event handler.


File: 1453138573979.png (166.1 KB, 870x519, racedesc.png)

I added in a scroll and descriptions after the stram.


Where's the screen that lets you choose how many cocks you want?




File: 1453173297571.png (267.34 KB, 1173x895, cooktop.png)

I got a cooktop model from Pennwick. Looks good!


Dang, that's pretty. Happy to see this is still ticking along!


It does!


I am cheering as hard as I can


I am cumming as fast as I can


I had no idea this was still a thing! How exciting, sorry if it's been asked too many times already, but is there an estimated date when the server will be online?

I haven't looked at this thread since mid 2015, thank you very much whoever linked this thread in the mlpcraft thread on /mlp/.


EA is still hard at work coding things up. There is no ETA as of yet for a release. Feel free to join the skype conversation to keep up on the latest news, >>2829


Feel free to join the skype conversation to circlejerk it up and be monitored by the FBI*


Maybe some guys down at the FBI just want to be a blocky smol hors.


File: 1454095876472.png (48.8 KB, 213x295, not an agent.png)

Please continue to use approved channels to discuss small blocky equines. Nothing is out of the ordinary.


>you will never bend over Agent Octavia and tell her that PRISM totally worked


how does one join this server again?



Sadly the modpack isn't finished being meshed together. Once it is I think EA will be using Technic launcher to distribute it and that should have the server included in there somewhere.


>technic launcher
But that means no lewd stuff!


i've no idea what that launcher is, care to fill me in?


I'm still working on it - there's no server up yet.

Though I am getting close to putting up a whitelisted test server if you want to help make sure the nutrients on different food items are correct and that you can't tech up in a different race's mod.



…Well, fuck.


Online pony husbandry when, EA?


Still monitoring this thread from /mlp/ and is there an update blog or somewhere with regular updates on this?


No, but you can keep up with the chat here:


File: 1458670638840.jpg (40.44 KB, 492x428, I seriously hope you guys ….jpg)



i like to play


File: 1471292007418.jpg (9.58 KB, 259x194, imgres.jpg)


Hey EA?

You might want to post here every great once in a while.

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