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PoneCraft is an idea for a pone-themed modded Minecraft server with a twist: each player chooses a pony race when they join and each race has access to different items. Earth ponies farm the land, cook health-boosting meals, and can cultivate incredible flowers that perform many tasks. Pegasi have the power of flight and can craft powerful tools and weapons. Unicorns can use their magical prowess to craft all manner of arcane items so long as they resist the temptation to give in to the dark arts. Zebras can brew mysterious potions as well as harness nature to perform limited magic or enter the dream world.

The modpack itself will be distributed via the Technic Launcher as a private pack and should come preconfigured with everything you need to join the server, including the IP.

Here's the list of mods planned for the server:

- NotEnoughItems
- Waila 1.5.3a
- ArmorStatusHUD 1.28
- StatusEffectHUD 1.27
- JourneyMap 5.0.0 RC2
- ColoredLightsCore 1.2.2
- InventoryTweaks 1.58-147
- ForgeEssentials 1.4.0-beta4
- Mine Little Pony

Usable by all races
- Jabba 1.1.4
- BetterStorage
- BiblioCraft 1.9.2
- Natura
- ExtraUtilities 1.1.0k
- ProjectRed (Base, Compat, Integraion, Lighting, World)
- Railcraft

Earth Pony
- Pam's HarvestCraft 1.7.10f
- Botania r1.4-154 (flower crafting only)

- Tinkers Construct 1.8.2a

- Botania r1.4-154 (everything but flower crafting)
- Thaumcraft
- Blood Magic 1.1.0

- Witchery 0.20.0


In addition to the above mods, I'll also be working on a pair of custom mods for this server and a single-player tutorial world.

The first will add a 'nutrition' system to the existing hunger mechanics in the game. In addition to restoring hunger, food also belongs to one or more food groups: fruit, vegetable, grain, protein and dairy. Foods accessible to all races will only have a single food group associated with them while earth ponies can cook up foods that have 2, 3, 4 or even all 5 food groups in them. Eating a balanced diet increases your maximum health as well as the speed you regenerate from being well fed. Food will show which groups it belongs to on its tooltip.

The second will introduce consequences for those unicorns tempted to delve into the dark arts of Blood Magic. Unicorns with a soul network containing 2,500 LP or more (half the capacity of the weakest orb) will gain a purple smoke effect on their eyes and nearby players will recieve creepy messages every few minutes. As the unicorn gains more and more LP, certain effects will start to plague every player on the server - tools and armor will break faster, monsters will grow more restless and crops will wither. When the other ponies eventually discover a practicioner of the dark arts in their midst and bring an end to their foul ways, the slain unicorn will lose all LP in excess of 2,500. Given the nature of Blood Magic, this can prove quite disastrous so if you must dabble in blood magic be sure to hide it well!

For those who are interested in playing but are intimidated by all the mods in play, there will be a tutorial world included in the modpack. Playing through it will give you a gentle introduction to the various shared mods as well as a more in-depth intro on each race.


If you're interested in helping out, currently I need testing and assistance in setting up the permissions used to lock other races out of the different mods. Contact me on Skype and we'll work something out - most likely I'll leave a server up and running and grant you OP access so you can try out different permissions and see what works best. And in the off chance you happen to know anything about the Blood Magic API, let me know!


I assume that I should be working on designing a tutorial diorama for each mod as I go along? Should I create a personal tutorial world to submit to you?


Go for it! And you can put them in a separate world if you like - I should be able to WorldEdit them into the main tutorial world in the right place.


Here's what I have so far on nutrition.


The first blob of text is the raw nutrient data I'm using to calculate the rest. It's CSV where the first column is the ingredient name and the second is the nutrient it possesses if any.

The second blob is a list of all the recipes I'm going to need to remove either because they're very meaty (hamburgers and hotdogs are okay because you can say they're tofu, but garlic chicken is pretty specifically meat) or because there's a nutrient conflict.

The third blob is the list of all the remaining recipes in Pam's Harvestcraft with full nutrition data calculated out and grouped by number of nutrients.

To give more detail on how nutrition works, each player has five nutrient bars that go from 0 to 20: vegetable, fruit, protein, grain, and dairy. When you eat food, first subtract the hunger restoration value of the food from every food group, then add that same value to only the food groups that are present in the food. The sum of all five food groups for a player is their "well fed value" which ranges from 0-100. At 20 or below, there are no effects, but from 21 to 100 you gain increasingly more maximum health and food regeneration speed.


This is some interesting stuff. Never played Minecraft, though.


It's a pretty chill game. No pressure besides the day/night cycle and hunger, and one of those is entirely moot if you have a bed.


I'm trying to make it as approachable as possible for modded Minecraft with the tutorial. The races also force players to focus only on a few mods while still getting the benefits of all of them.

It also helps force people to work together instead of racing off 1000 blocks in different directions so they don't build into each other.


I'm thinking about how best to reward well-fed and looking at the recipe lists and how the mechanics work I think it's best to gate it on increments of 20. How does this look?

0-20: No benefits
21-40: +1 max hearts, 10% faster food regen
41-60: +3 max hearts, 20% faster food regen
61-80: +6 max hearts, 30% faster food regen
81-100: +10 max hearts, 50% faster food regen

Basically as your diet includes higher tier foods you gain tiered benefits instead of a sliding scale. It also helps cut down on jitter in max health if you eat something weird or get desperate.



I'll add that, while it is a pretty chill game, you pretty much NEED to read an FAQ/walkthrough or have a good friend help you during your first playthroughs. This game does not have a tutorial and it also doesn't have any hints as to how things work, what you're supposed to do, or what enemies to avoid and how to defeat them.

It basically requires a good 1-2 hours of FAQ/walkthrough reading before you can actually play the game.

Also, there's no endgame (except The End, but I don't count that). You have to make your own fun, whether it's building a giant golden penis, a Doom Fortress, 8-bit block art, or designing mods like EA is doing.

Totally worth $15.


Whoops, that math doesn't work out!

A better way to model it is to store the last 20 hunger units restored in a queue such that as food is eaten the nutrient value of it is pushed onto the queue a number of times equal to the hunger restored and then elements are removed from the end by the same amount.

So if you're at 0 nutrition and eat a food that restores 5 hunger made of fruit and grain, the queue will be:


This gives you a total well fed value of 10. Eating a 10 hunger restoring item with vegetables, protein and dairy will bring you to:


For a total of 40. If you then eat 8 hunger worth of empty calories:


Which leaves you at 34. Obviously it should store more than just counts so that you can render pretty nutrition bars, but that's the basic jist of it.


File: 1423474144212-0.png (26.2 KB, 573x187, hud resource pack.png)

File: 1423474144213-1.png (2.86 KB, 123x169, nutrients.png)

Looks like AppleCore will do 80% of the heavy lifting when it comes to the food mod, so have some celebratory WIP screenshots of things!

The first is the teensy resource pack I whipped up. Meat haunches don't really work for vegetarian pones, so I made them into little wheat icons.

The second are the icons I'm planning on using for the five different nutrient groups. They'll show up on tooltips for food when I implement that part of the mod.


File: 1423474439039-0.png (18.14 KB, 669x208, applecore tooltip.png)

And here's a shot of the AppleCore-supplied tooltips for food. The top is the hunger restoration value and the bottom is the saturation.


File: 1423474939393-0.png (19.44 KB, 672x231, tooltip mockup.png)

I can't sleep - have a mockup of how I'd like the nutrient tooltip to look too.


File: 1423525001448-0.png (16.59 KB, 298x302, tag-a-long screenshot.png)

File: 1423525001448-1.png (730 B, 64x32, tag-a-long.png)

I have summoned Art-Anon


File: 1423533484531.png (24.37 KB, 273x265, for aa screenshot.png)

And then he made this


File: 1423557701346-0.png (131.13 KB, 594x476, skelepone.png)

File: 1423557701346-1.png (297.15 KB, 1320x921, ponemies.png)

This is just regular Mine Little Pony, but for those not familiar with it the mod also changes the models for zombies and skeletons.


Looking at this and the .txt it looks like it's physically impossible to reach the 81-100 range without at least one Delighted Meal or Hearty Breakfast in you, and that (assuming the foods in vanilla and the all-access mods only do up to two different food groups, which is a risky assumption to make) it's impossible to get past the first benefit tier (21-40) without an earth pony around.
That first one seems a little harsh without more variety in the 5-nutrient foods, but overall that's pretty neat and really encourages the other races to work with the Earth ponies, at least.

This looks pretty nifty! I'd be interested in helping test out stuff if you still want people for that: I'll catch you on Skype some time later, since I'll be busy most of the week (Aquain).


File: 1423563956670.png (311.13 KB, 1600x900, 2015-02-10_02.13.25.png)


I've created a tutorial building for JABBA (Just Another Better Barrel Attempt) to be added into the tutorial area, also for your own amusement if you've downloaded the ponecraft mod pakc.


You're correct on both counts, and that's how I designed it. There's always heart canisters to increase maximum health, and the +regen bonus while nice isn't critical. It's meant to be something to reward Earth ponies for being good at their jobs with the ultimate goal of figuring out how to best cook and prepare either Delighted Meals or Hearty Breakfasts. Though now that I look into the recipes:

Bread x1
Milk x1
Salt x2
Lettuce x1
Tomato x1
Potato x1
Fruit x1
Snow x1

Firm Tofu x1
Fried Egg x1
Bread x1
Fruit x1
Onion x1
Potato x1
Milk x1
Salt x1

That doesn't seem like a very difficult goal to achieve. Which is both good and bad I suppose. I'll have to see about which gardens drop which crops - maybe both perfect meals are very geographically separated.


Hmm, no such luck. You need to find chickens, cows, a Ground Garden and a Stalk Garden to get Hearty Breakfasts going (plus fruit, but fruit is very easy to locate.) Delighted Meals require Ground, Leafy, and Stalk Gardens, but all three can be found in temperate forests.

In playing single player the gardens seem to be relatively rare, which is good. But since you can pick up the garden and they reproduce like mushrooms (given space, time, and light more will spawn nearby) you technically only need to find one. The livestock requirements are nice at least.

The biggest stumbling block will be the issue I have with Harvestcraft in general: there are TONS of 'worthless' vegetables. Take rutabagas for example: there are no unique rutabaga recipes. The only thing you can do with a rutabaga other than eat it raw is use it in recipes that work with any other vegetable. So essentially once you've gotten any vegetable other than a rutabaga you can stop growing rutabagas completely. And it's not just rutabagas - cantaloupes, bamboo shoots, and cactus fruit are also completely generic.

I don't know of a non-invasive way to handle this. If I could get the textures and ideas, I could add a bunch of extra recipes specifically for these generic foods. Or somehow involve them in other non-food things maybe?

How does this sound: plant growth rate is proportional to the usefulness of the plant. Instead of every plant growing equally quickly, the growth rate is diminished by something like the square of the number of food recipes that use the fully grown crop. So low-value crops like rutabagas and cantaloupes grow like weeds while lettuce takes ages to mature. That way there's incentive to grow generic crops. It should be easy to put together mod-wise: AppleCore has events for AllowGrowthTick and I'm already digging through the recipes collection for anything and everything edible.

The only other idea I have is to steal from TerraFirmaCraft some more and do soil nutrients. But that's a TON of work and forces Earth ponies to replant crops every so many harvests.


Time dilation sounds OK to me. That empty diversity did annoy me about the mod.

You're not as worried about the fruit and garden reqs you mentioned first?


File: 1423676630245-0.png (4.86 KB, 256x256, cutie bento.png)

File: 1423676630245-1.png (28.79 KB, 558x789, cooktop crop.png)

I should probably post this here, huh?

Provisions are a way to combine many different foods into a single, edible item. A provision item can be 'eaten' over and over whenever the player is hungry and restores them to full saturation and hunger at the cost of durability. When the provision's durability runs out, the item is lost. Provisions contain the combined nutrition data of every food used in their preparation, making them an easy way to achieve high levels of nutrition without having to craft Delighted Meals or Hearty Breakfasts. The catch is that provisions use a more complicated system of determining overall restorative value.

Provisions are crafted at the Cooktop using from 2 to 12 foods, a carpet block (whose color determines the color of the finished provision), and a piece of string. To calculate the total restorative amount of a provision, each food item in the provision is first broken down into a list of its base ingredients. The total hunger and saturation of the food item are added together and each ingredient that makes up the food is assigned a proportional amount of this sum. As an example, a hamburger requires one firm tofu and one bread to craft and restores 3 hunger and 4 saturation totaling 7. Dividing up based on ingredient, this means that when a hamburger is placed into a provision it adds 3.5 units for firm tofu and 3.5 units for bread. After this process is complete for every food item, the lowest number of units for each ingredient are added together for the total restorative amount. So for instance if you have one food item that contributes 2 units from potatoes and 2 units from cheese and another food item that contributes 3 from potatoes alone, the resulting provision will only have 4 restorative power - the lowest potato value is 2 and the lowest cheese value is 2.

This results in requiring that the player mix and match different ingredients in order to make the most potent provisions. Care needs to be chosen such that many different ingredients are used with as little overlap as possible as each shared ingredient has the potential to lower the overall effectiveness of the provision as a whole.

The first image is what I have for the provisions item's icon and the second is a prototype of the cooktop UI. The large blank area in the middle will list all the ingredients along with how many points they're contributing and what food was chosen for them.


Whoops - forgot to give credit where credit is due!

AA gave me the initial outlines for the icons, Omni added the cool line pattern on them and OP drew the sword and the tree. Thanks, guys!


Neat! What's the Cooktop block look like?
I'm assuming this is Earth pony only-thing, since it'd nullify the need for HarvestCraft for satiation otherwise.
>tfw no qt earth pony waifu to make you a packed lunch

Also, I since realised the other races can reach the second (41-60) tier with cakes, as eggs are a protein source and it's got wheat for grain and milk for dairy. That seems fair though, since in Minecraft it's not a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake.


I don't have a texture for the cooktop yet so right now it looks like an ugly magenta and blue cube of programmer test art.

And yeah, we'll set the permissions so that only members of the EarthPone group can right-click a cooktop.


Cooktop progress update:
- properly implements ISidedInventory for carpets and string
- crafting provisions is at black triangle stage

Next up I think is going back to food group calculation.


After some discussion with FlyingSaucer, I've changed pegasus flight.

Pegasi will be able to fly, but while in the air they'll constantly gain exhaustion (the same thing that goes up when you walk, jump, sprint, etc). When they get to 3 wheaties of food left (same limit for sprinting), they'll drop out of the sky. From full saturation and hunger you have about 5 minutes of flight time.

Hopefully this will help prevent birdhorses from just flying the fuck off forever and encourage them to help out their local earthpone and get delicious provisions to stay airborne.


Looking through the mods and seeing a few different mechanics that cause plants around you to grow more quickly gave me a thought.

Is it a good idea/is it reasonably possible to do something like make plants grow very slowly normally, but any earth pony gives plants within a certain number of chunks a ton of extra growth ticks to make them grow at a good speed? So all ponies can help with planting/harvesting, but to get a crop in any sort of reasonable timeframe (and then do anything particularly useful with the results) requires them to be tended by an earth pony?


That probably wouldn't be too difficult, but done we have Natura it's a more optimal strategy for non earth ponies to just scarf down berries instead. Berry bushes are plentiful and grow quickly enough that you can keep yourself fed quite easily.



I decided it would be best if I threw the custom code stuff up on GitHub. There's instructions on how to get it running locally in the readme and if you're feeling adventurous (and I'm exceedingly lucky) you can even help contribute.


Was taking a look through (mainly out of curiosity, dunno if I know enough to try to contribute) and spotted what looks like a typo.
Line 68 of BlockCooktop.java has .getFacingDireciton() which looks like it should be getFacingDirection()


Is this still active?


I'm still noodling with ideas and tinkering with it, yeah.

Help is always appreciated though!


What module do I work on making a tutorial for next after I renovate the current JABBA Tutorial design?


Good catch!

I still haven't noodled enough with command blocks. I'm thinking we can make tutorials interactive with ProjectRed for logic and command blocks for inventory detection and messaging via chat.


I'm still tinkering with Ponecraft on and off. I have a single-player world that I play in 'alicorn mode' since I haven't done any permission stuff to it. It helps with balancing things and feeling out what needs to be changed or added, but it's mostly just for fun.

This should be everything in the current horse.ponecraft JAR so far:
- Cooktop block: has inventory, UI, and slot filtering for food/string/carpet, but no crafting yet
- Drinking tea has a chance for the player to think or comment to nearby players that this is some bomb ass tea
- Nutrition manager, but still no nutrient data yet
- Food group renderer in place, will pick up nutrients once they're in
- Ponies with the proper permission granted can fly but only if they're wearing approved armor and have enough hunger to sprint. Losing flight by going hungry or putting on armor makes you drop out of the sky!
- ProjectRed gems are usable in Tinkers Construct tools
- Ruby tools have Razor Sharp, which increases attack based on how much durability is remaining in the tool (lowers damage as it breaks)
- Peridot tools have Resonant, which adds a 2 second slow effect to mobs on hit (think momentary stun) with a decreasing chance to proc as the tool breaks
- All gem effects also add fragility to the tool - every time the tool takes damage it has a 50% chance of taking one additional damage and another 25% chance of taking another additional damage (50%: 1, 25%: 2, 25%: 3). This happens for every gem part on the tool!
- Removed recipe and research for Thaumostatic Harness

Stuff I still have planned/have to do:
- Race permissions!
- Nutrients!
- Pony Achievements!
- A recipe book for earthies that shows what can be made with food in inventories
- Provision crafting
- Turning a provision into a feedbag (amulet slot bauble that auto-eats at the cost of 20% of the provision's durability)
- Dark magic effects for Unicorns
- A solid cloud block for pegasus to craft
- Sapphire gem bonus (increased haste scaled to durability)
- Add 'pacify' to Peridot effect so stunned mobs can't attack
- Truffles!
- Tutorial!


Just realized that well fed doesn't add max health. Now it does.


I throw my full support behind this project and encourage others to help bring this thing to life.


Sounds intriguing, but I don't know from shinola about Minecraft modding.


oh gosh a sticky

I'll see about coming up with a list of stuff for volunteers to tackle. In general I'll need people with art skills to help with textures and people with mod knowledge to do tutorials and racial permissions.


>limiting people according to the race they choose
normally I'm okay with this, but
>Pegasui alone get Tinker's Construct
>the most overpowered mod in existance
When Pegasui are shooting people with 80 damage per shot crossbows, you're going to start losing people, and if it's not PvP, then there better be a large amount of NPC/bosses to fight.
-with love, 4chan's /mlp/


another thing, will Zebras who have access to witchery be the only ones capable of becoming vampires/werewolves? or will they just be the only ones capable of turning others, because if it's the former then Zebras and Pegasui are going to be the most overpowered races, as vampires are invincible to most normal forms of damage, and Pegasui will gain access to an insane amount of attack power with one shot rapiers that ignore armor and crossbows that take you out at 100 blocks away


I never understood the appeal of PvP Minecraft. Are there not enough online games where you kill the other team?

I like to consider Minecraft is for exploring and building together.


The point of the server is to encourage people to work together by splitting up responsibilities across pony race lines. The only real PvP action I expect is if a unicorn goes full dark magic and starts terrorizing the server or a zebra goes rogue and starts cursing people.

Exactly. It's about exploring and building together.


I'm sorry, you must not be aware of what has happened. 4chan has been made aware of your server and will likely be playing on it, which means you'll have a large group of total assholes playing alongside your standard fare here. We'll likely wind up PvPing until banhammers start getting thrown around, and it'd make sense to prepare for that. I mean no offense by this, but we're not exactly the kindest lot and may actively target some players.


no u prickface


Man i hope this keeps going, i would love to see this prodject come to be.


I'll be sure to tremble in fear as the might 4chan descends upon the server bringing woe and explosions until all is naught but smoking rubble and tears.

But seriously, I hosted a modded pony server and invited anyone on /mlp/ who wanted into the whitelist and everyone seemed pretty cool, if a bit flaky. Didn't have any trouble with griefing or PvP.

And speaking of PvP, given some implementation snags I'm considering dropping Blood Magic and the whole dark unicorn angle. It'd be easy enough to add in later anyways. But with that gone I can't think of a compelling reason to leave PvP even turned on. Witchery has statues you can place via creative that prevent curses and other ailments which would keep zebra griefers in check.

It's not set in stone, but it might be handy to reinforce the cooperative nature of the server.


Can we write lewdwords in books


Not only can you write lewdwords in books, but you can copy those lewd books and start a business selling them for bits. Or collect a bunch of them in a lewd library built into a tree.


can I write lewdwords in books with you


You don't need books to do that, anon.


What kind of timeframe for testing?


Do you have a host yet? or a modpack to mess around with?


i would like to know this too


I have a host for when we get that far. As to playing around with the modpack, I don't have a zip handy but you should be able to just grab the latest version of all the mods in question and go to town. You may also be able to use the dev environment - I think I made it standalone before things went quiet.


how good is host? like ram?


I don't have exact specs, but it should be enough.

Assuming the new Terraria patch doesn't consume me completely for the next month, I'll try to get an updated zip up for people to play around with. It'll have the latest versions of the custom mods in there too.


if you need help with a host i might be able to help you out a bit, even if its at start to test things


I offered up the sub's server to run it. It's not doing too much resource heavy stuff so it should be fine.

3.4Ghz Intel Xeon E3 1245v2 4 core 8 thread
32 GB of Ram
2x2TB HDD Hardware Raid 1
250 Mbps Down/Up
Unlimited Traffic
DDoS Protection


So talking about Blood Magic, isn't it gonna be prohibitive to choose it because of how easy it will be to be discovered, thanks to the graphical effects and the creepy messages?
I doubt the server will have THAT large a population all the time.


>Race based mod Restrictions
Annoying and feels really randomly split up, with unicorn favoritism.
>splitting up a mod between races
Just how do you expect that even work? The earth ponies and unicorn player have to constantly bug each other to do anything?


Looking over this thread, I see you wanted to mimic shadow/crystal magic, similar to sombra?
I might reccomend making use of the player's thaumcraft 'warp' levels instead. Its very close to the concept of what sombra does (dark forbidden magic) and you'd get more benefit from it. Taint could be altered to spread faster, since taint seem to be more likely when messing with these forbidden arts, therefore encouraging others to keep their fellow thaumages safe and sane (friendship) before they go too far and spread taint.


You seem a little vauge on the first onion, and the second is stale. Unicorns get all of Thaumcraft, earthpones get all of Botania.

The goal of the pack is to make different races work together.


Using warp is a neat idea! I mostly just wanted to include Blood Magic because it's a cool and fun mod, but it doesn't really fit in with everything else.

I could look into making use of Thaumcraft's ability to only give out crafting recipes to players that know the research and make it so that you can't get into Blood Magic at all (altar and sacrificial knife uncraftable) until warp has driven you mad with eldritch knowledge. Taint spreading faster is a great idea though. Perhaps the highest levels of blood corruption double or triple taint ticks or something.


The trick is that it only keys off of your soul network's current levels. So you can progress all the way to the very end of it completely undetected so long as you don't invest too heavily in your soul network. You can even have rituals and stuff going on silently as long as you stay below the threshold.

If I remember correctly, you can only fill your soul network to a certain point with each tier of blood orb and I intended to set the start of the messages/effects once you charge past the lowest level orb's limit. So you could just limit yourself to only charging your network with the crappiest blood orb and always be safe from those effects at the cost of having a very tiny pool of power to pull from when using sigils/rituals.


To continue the postspam, I might as well post this here too: I've been thinking of using HQM on the server with hardcore mode disabled as well. HQM will let us make the single player tutorial run much smoother as well as potentially let us set up fun little starter quests to further encourage cooperation between players.

I've also been idly noodling with the idea of race changes. I was planning on making race selection be based on your current skin as I'm going to need skin manipulation code anyways for the blood magic corruption effects. But with that in place, players can change their race whenever they want. To balance this, what if changing your race completely clears your inventory? Either you log in and everything falls out of your pockets, or it just gets deleted forever I haven't decided. But that should give flexibility for players to experiment with the different races without having them be able to effectively circumvent the racial system entirely.


This is all stuff over my head, I haven't really tinkered with Minecraft at all, but your ideas seem solid to get me into it.


I'm glad you've taken to the warp idea, but may I ask why you're picking on blood magic if you wanted to include because you thought it was interesting? Most of the sigils are very natural/helpful, and unless you set up a villager farm, you're just hurting yourself and mobs that would be farmed for meat/drops anyway. I just don't see your reasoning.


Actually you will need the better blood orbs to even activate the rituals, and there are very few rituals that can run off the smallest soul network. So really, you can't limit yourself to just the basic orb if you want to get to the end.


Well thematically Blood Magic has you harvesting life essence from yourself and innocent creatures and eventually involves summoning demons. Doesn't sound too nice for cute ponies to be doing.

Also there's actually no meat! I plan on removing meat drops from mobs since ponies are herbivorous. That's why pigs will drop truffles - that way every farm animal has a passive farming use without slaughter.


I'm not saying you can get far without crafting the higher blood orbs, I just meant that if you always use an Apprentice Orb to charge your network you'll never ever get the negative effects.

Also the effects only last as long as you have the LP in your network. So if you want to kick off a ritual that consumes loads of LP, you can always keep an altar/tank ready and waiting then wait for a quiet time and juice it all at once. The idea is that Blood Magic is the same as Dark Arts. While useful, you don't really want the other players to know you're dabbling in it.


Why include the blood magic mod if you feel its not thematic?
particularly if you're removing the need to kill animals at all. The thaumcraft warp will already give the player creepy messages and cause bad things to happen to them sometimes. I mean, rather than making it a massive fustration to use the mod, why not just.. not have it?


Oh. I seem to have misunderstood a little bit about that.


I meant that it doesn't sound like something nice for cute ponies to do. But villainous unicorns bent on global domination sure seem to fit that.

To be honest, removing it would simplify a lot of the implementation - I still don't know how to modify a texture after it's loaded which is what I'd need to do to color in the eyes green. But if I want to keep the 'dark magic' aspect of the game in there I don't think mapping directly to warp (or just having warp be its own 'punishment') is enough. The Thaumcraft progression sort of leads you towards eventually going eldritch-crazy anyways and I want going dark unicorn to be a choice a player makes, not an inevitability.

With Blood Magic in there, you basically have three playstyles for Unicorns after you dig all the way down to the bottom of Thaumcraft. You can get the side benefits from Tinkers, Witchery, and Botania that we allow via permissions. Or you can discard all of that and get all of Blood Magic with the caveat that all the other players on the server will be looking to off you. Or you can play it risky and try to get everything.

Looking at it from another perspective, an earth pony is generally going to be friendly because they don't really have any incentive to be unfriendly and a big part of their playstyle is all about helping others. Players should pick earth pony if they want to be super helpful and cooperative with other players.

Pegasi are also pretty likely to be friendly since they probably want to stay good with the local earth pony population in order to be able to fly around. But they aren't quite as mechanically inclined for cooperation as earth ponies are. So players should pick pegasus when they generally want to be cooperative, but also want to strike out on their own a bit.

Unicorns are even less likely to be friendly than pegasi - most of their unique talents aren't really applicable to the other races since they require a wand or a thaumaturgical setup to really make the most of. Combined with the potential to go dark and potentially become a target, unicorns tend to either be moderately friendly or openly unfriendly. Players should choose unicorn if they want a more solitary playstyle or a dramatically antagonistic one.

Zebras are completely self-reliant. They have no need of the other pony races, and in fact they're encouraged to build off aways from settlements because of the constraints of Witchery altars. But they also have a lot to offer the other races in the form of circle magic, potent potions, and other supernatural services. As a result, you never quite know what you're getting into when you see a zebra and players should choose that race to play into that.


Well. Now that you laid it out there properly. I kind of wonder why only unicorns have three options for play style.
How many people do you expect to play so far?


Yeah, as I was typing that up I noticed that discrepancy too. Honestly only Zebras have a similar sort of good/bad playstyle. To wrap it all up in single sentences (and because I like summarizing): earth ponies value cooperation, pegasi value freedom, unicorns value personal power, zebras value mystery.

I have no idea what the interest for a server like this is, but given that it's best done with a thriving playerbase I'm more than willing to advertise it outside of the general and even outside /mlp/.


I see. Can I have a full mod list again? Including how its spread out.



- MmmMmmMmmMmm
- Mine Little Pony
- Natura
- NotEnoughItems
- ProjectRed (Base, Compat, Integraion, Lighting, World)
- Railcraft
- Tinkers Mechworks
- Waila
- ArmorStatusHUD
- StatusEffectHUD
- AppleCore
- BetterStorage
- BiblioCraft
- BiblioWoods
- Extra Utilities
- Forge Essentials
- InventoryTweaks
- Jabba
- JourneyMap
- Dense Ores (new)
- Storage Drawers (new)
- Hardcore Questing Mode (new, hardcore disabled, used for the single-player tutorial)

Earth Ponies:
- Pam's HarvestCraft
- Botania

- Tinkers Construct

- Thaumcraft
- Blood Magic

- Witchery

There's also a custom mod I'm writing that adds some extra stuff: a nutrition system, a way to combine foods into edible provisions, limited flight for pegasi, ProjectRed toolparts for Tinkers, a new truffle item randomly shed by pigs that has different uses for each race, and other stuff I'm probably forgetting at the moment.


Are Openblocks and Iron Chests not compatible with that? Or will the Storage Drawers be the same idea as that (not familiar with that mod, sorry)


Storage Drawers are sort of like barrels, but optimized for smaller quantities and larger diversity. There's also some built in sorting capability and a special compressing drawer that autocrafts storage block style recipes.

I could do Iron Chests instead of BetterStorage, but it feels weird to have both. Plus BetterStorage has backpacks, which let you use your chest armor slot for a chest worth of storage (or a portable enderchest if you're willing to farm it up).

OpenBlocks feels like it has way too much in it on it's own, especially on top of Extra Utilities. Is there something specific you want from it? I could add it if there's one or two blocks you think are super important.


Hmm, I just really love inventory space. Never get enough.

Off hand I'd say elevators and gliders are things I used all the time.
Graves can be pretty essential for just the increased danger and power creep in mods.


Haha, it's funny you mention those two blocks since they're the big reasons I didn't want to add it in. They both make pegasi less important - gliders let other races 'fly' and elevators make it very easy for other races to hang out up in the cloud layer.

I'm a little torn on graves. On the one hand, there's a lot of expensive items in the mods I've selected and it would be really terrible to just lose everything. But on the other hand that's good motivation to play it safe and work in teams. If you're wandering around in the nether (which is quite terrifying with Natura spiders/biomes, Thaumcraft firebats, and Witchery hellhounds!) all on your own you're taking a huge risk of losing everything on you. But if you have a buddy with you, then your stuff has a much greater chance of surviving.


If I'm reading this right, a pegasus could craft a a TC tool and give it to another race, and they could use it to it's full extent?


What if you just disabled those two things then?
Open blocks has the paints and building helping blocks in it, so peaceful builders will love that.


Speaking of openblocks, I would love that holographic mapping tool it has! Would make a great throne room map!


File: 1440215659758.png (351.95 KB, 642x553, 1359003620861.png)

Would Forestry and Carpenter's Blocks be compatible with this?
I think a lot of people would like the different trees and beekeeping, and the mail system in Forestry.
Carpenter's is just a great way to customize you home, you get a custom bed even.


That depends on the tool. I was thinking that basic stuff like picks, broadswords, shovels, and axes would be okay, but anything fancy or advanced would not.


If there's this much support for OpenBlocks, I'll go over what's in there and see how it all fits together. Extra Utilities has some coloring features too, but I vaguely recall a paint mixer block that lets you just type in RGB values instead of using the Minecraft rainbow.


Both Carpenter's Blocks and Chisel should be in the list now that you mention it. There's not really any good reason not to have them in there.

I'm a little wary with Forestry since it provides so much farming automation. My worry is that you get a single industrious earth pony to build out infrastructure and suddenly farming/food is completely solved forever. The point of the nutrition stuff is to make food fun and interesting. That being said, I have a definite weakspot for bees/trees.

I'll have to think on it for a while, but I'm leaning away from adding it in since I don't want players new to modding to lose their minds with complexity.


Well honestly, it isn't reasonable to think that someone will want to spend all their day farming, enough to provide for the server constantly, in the first place.


That's why I gave earth ponies Botania - something to do other than wait for crops to grow so they can harvest and replant. But Botania's farming automation pales in comparison to a well-built Forestry setup.

As far as providing for the server, I was thinking that earth ponies would most likely just fill public chests with provisions if they feel generous. The nutrition system is designed so that if there's no earth ponies at all everyone can still stay fed and healthy. All earth pony food gets you is the potential for extra max health and increased regeneration with a full tummy.


I guess that's reasonable.
Still a shame to miss out on bees and mail just because you don't want a bunch of automation.

Thanks for considering our suggestions.


I'll look into seeing if I can disable the multifarms. I must admit the idea of a mail order catalog of delicious ponysnacks sounds super adorable.

I don't want to give earth ponies too much to do though. As it stands pegasi are probably the least engaged with modstuff since other than flight they only get Tinkertools and a smeltery to manage. But then again that might be a good thing - pegasus can be the 'beginner' or 'light' race that's mostly just vanilla exploration with a splash of fun new tools and ore doubling.


Bees 4 Life

Bees 4 Everyone

Bees are the best thing ever to happen to minecraft


Hmm why not make it shared so that its not just 'something for earth ponies', its a pretty big mod actually, multiple players would be able to take on parts of it as teamwork. And mail is good for everyone, even pegasi.


That's a really good idea! As long as we don't throw in Extra Bees or Magic Bees, the actual stuff you can produce with bees doesn't really eliminate any of the races' strong points. Not to mention the obvious mailmare connection with pegasi.

I don't think I'll need to limit trees any either, since saplings are open to every race as wood is such a basic need.


>bees n' trees for everyone



I have a question.
What if I enjoy doing more than one thing? Like, I love the tools thinker's construct gives and how they make exploration more fun, which is what I like most about minecraft, but in my downtime I enjoy tending to a well developed farm back in my home base, and usually in the late game I dive into thaumcraft for all those utility wands and the ridicolous stuff like the bedrock dimension.
If all of this is secluded behind which race you pick at the start won't it cut back on the durability of the game?
And could we roll more than one character?


I was considering a way to let you change races. If I just base everything off of the pony skin you use then you should be able to change races by just changing your skin. As a 'cost' to doing so, I was thinking that I'd clear your inventory if you log in with a race other than the one you had last time.


How would one classify inventory? What if you drop something in a common chest, would that be gone too? And what's the distinction between a common chest and any chest, at that point?


I just meant what you're carrying. So yes, if you wanted to you could take advantage of all the different racial abilities by constantly emptying your inventory, logging out, changing your skin, and logging back in. But I figure if you're that patient you'll find a way around anything I end up putting in place.


Oh boy, I'm fully on board with this.


If that's the case, what about certain soul bound items, like blood orbs, or stuff you've warded with thuamcraft wands, or your familiar/demon contracts in witchery?
Would those things still belong to you (provided you put the items in a chest), and your familiar still be bonded to your character?


I wouldn't be able to do anything about soul network stuff other than resetting your LP to zero. As far as Thaumcraft is concerned, I was considering wiping research on race switch - it wouldn't handle warding at all, but it would mean that you'd have to get very far into Thaumcraft and be willing to throw it all away to start over with another race. As for Witchery, I don't know if I can wipe familiars but I could remove infusions.

Most of the rest of the problems would be solved by the permissions system making everything else outside your race just fall out of your hands.


>losing thaumcraft research
This is how it will go down:
People will start changing in pairs so that they can pass a copied tome around each time.
And for items, just build a chest and drop everything in it while you are roaming, then relog.


Whoa that would be a huge deterrent to switching.
What about the witchery curses: werewolf and vampire, are those going to be affected by this, will you be able to get cursed by a zebra and do the quest chains and use the vampire and werewolf related items if you aren't a zebra?


The tome that lets you share research isn't in base Thaumcraft, but you can duplicate research scrolls before you consume them.

It's still a ton of work, so I'm not that worried about it.


Seeing as the Witchery curses can be applied on any player, I don't see any reason to remove them when you switch races. Though I was considering putting one or more of the special creative-only statues in the center of spawn so that players can't be completely screwed by asshole zebra players.


>no tome
Right, I will stay away from unicorn.


Those two particular curses could be fun, as long you're allowed to craft and use the items related to it, the moon charm for werewolfs, and the class gentlemen armor set for vampires.


I won't even touch thuamcraft if the research can't be done as a group. Not happening.


You can still do it as a group, it's just more complicated.

Basically, until you get the research that lets you duplicate discoveries you just research everything twice. After you can duplicate, you duplicate before you learn anything new.

Yeah, it's a huge pain in the ass, but it can be done.


I'm pretty sure it can't. Duplicating a research costs as many points as it costs you to research it. With this few mods, players will need to break down stuff over and over for research points.
Anyway, is the kami stuff for thaumcraft gonna be enabled?


That's also not part of Thaumcraft - that's another mod.

So no.


I can't even imagine bothering to store the hundreds of individual completed research scrolls, even for diamonds, and since you can't copy things from your book onto a blank page each person would wind up just doing all their own research.. Unicorns will be wasting all their time doing this stuff alone and either get bored, or take so long that everyone else on the server will have the equivalent to what they can do and more


I'm not gonna lie, unicorn doesn't sound attractive.


Actually, evil idea.
Not entirely mine.
Go into thaumcraft up until you learn warding.
Create your lair near a spawner.
Ward everything up.
Get an endless source of blood magic
Fuck it all up for others and never leave your lair. By just standing still you don't even waste food, and the debuffs will be active anyway.
Perfect griefing technique.


I think you're vastly overestimating the amount of research gained by reading discoveries - I just dug around with a decompiler and I could exactly 91 research entries that require using a discovery. That's four vanilla chests. And that includes absolutely everything, including all the eldritch endgame stuff.

As to 'wasting time', is generating mana for Terrasteel wasting time? What about gathering all the different essences for Witchery? Or filling up your altar with LP so you can infuse the next tier of orb?

If it's really so absolutely terrible to bother with Thaumcraft research, there is an easy mode so that everything is basically the minor researches that you purchase directly with research points. I personally think it's fun to work your way through the book and unlock new stuff over time.


It's not for everyone. That's why there's earth ponies, pegasi, and zebras.


Man, this just sounds better and better all the time.


How's the custom mod coming along EmptyA?


I'm still thinking of a good way to calculate transitive nutrients and ingredients.


I know of a mod that already does a nutirion system, Hunger Overhall I believe is the name. You can even combo it with I believe Spice of Life so if you eat the same food over and over you get diminishing returns.

If you're weary about adding OpenBlocks, there should be other mods that add Graves or similar mechanics. That, and if feels weird to me for Tinkers to be Pegasus only. Maybe make it universal and give Pegisi Tinkers Weaponry?

It does seem like the pack favors Unicorns.


Hunger Overhaul is all about punishing players for poor food diversity. My nutrition system rewards players for good food diversity.

If graves are super critical I can add them, but at that point why not just keepInventory=true?

Yeah, I was stuck for what pegasi should get unique, but Tinkers fits in with the military overtones in the show pretty well I think. Also all pegasi can fly and are the only race able to do so. That's huge.

Honestly I think earth ponies have it pretty dang good. Botania is powerful and interesting, plus they pretty much get double max health and double health regen speed from the food only they can prepare. Unicorns have the most mods, but also the most restrictions.


I agree with the Pegasus, I can't really think of many good thematic mods for them either. I think their might have been a mod like Chromachraft or something from the maker of Dye Trees, Pegasi do rainbows, right?, but that's all I can think of.

The military thing is why I suggested just Tinkers Weaponry for them. Maybe I'm just used to Tinkers being a core mod.

Most grave mods require you to be carrying some item for a grave to spawn, more balanced IMO but it's your pack, I'm just adding my two cents.


Yeah, the only other direction I could see was weather manipulation. But due to the nature of weather in Minecraft that's a really global power so you really only need one Pegasus for that? If there was a localized weather mod that would be great.


>but at that point why not just keepInventory=true?
As a player who's had his fair share of lost Graves, it's not really the same.


Went and looked around for Chromaticraft, turns out it's one of Reika's mods. Guys got some stuff might be worth checking out. I, for one, always liked Dye Trees.


Chromaticraft is actually an exploration focused mod which does line up with Pegasus ability to fly. Not sure how you would exclude worldgen by race though.


I'll have to look into Chromaticraft some - it looks pretty comprehensive and it fits with the theme well. My only concern is that it's competitive with Botania and Thaumcraft in terms of power. Flight is really, really good.

As far as making Tinkers a core mod goes, I'm against it. Botania and Thaumcraft both have their own tool trees and their special abilities tend to pale in comparison to the overpowered nature of Tinker tools. Why bother charging up a Terra Shatterer or infusing a measly Pickaxe of the Core when you can just slap together a crazy self-repairing hammer for a handful of cobalt and some stacks of redstone?


From what I can remember Thaumcraft, especially the vanilla stuff, is not really that powerful.
Most of the gamebreaking trinkets are in the addons.


Some of the void stuff is really good, so long as you can rinse off the warp it causes regularly. I do believe the tools are either infinite or nearly so since they auto-repair very fast, and the armor is quite powerful as well. There's also the fact that you can have an army of golems at your command and are the only race capable of completely sealing off an area using warding/warded doors.

Botania at the very endgame is also pretty overpowered, but you have to fight a very difficult boss several times in order to get there.

Witchery can get pretty nuts too, but you have to infuse yourself, conquer the dream world, and complete several werewolf/vampire quests to get there.

Now that I think about it, pegasus players have it pretty easy. The 'tech tree' of Tinkers is pretty short and you get ore doubling right at the start to help out. It doesn't take a lot of smarts to figure out how to make crazy effective weaponry either, and flight plus ranged weapons mean you rarely end up in a bad spot.


Aye, there's the rub.


I think that's what I'm feeling. The other mods tech tree's add a kind of 'stuff to do' aspect and Pegasus don't really have that.

This seems interesting and I'm looking forward to playing it once you're ready.


So I am messing around with modpack stuff, is there any updates to the current list of mods? I am thinking maybe get a betapack/server up if that is all cool.


I haven't updated any of the mods, but you should be able to get everything by enlisting in the github. I'm pretty sure that should have all the mods.


Followed the instructions perfectly and cant seem to get it to build.


What sort of errors are you getting?


Here is what eclipse is spitting out when I try and run.


so close
so close




I'm working on getting a client and server together, but it won't really be playable as described in the thread.

It'll just be a modpack with Mine Little Pony installed.


What does that mean exactly?


It means I'm making progress and you might even be able to hop onto a server, but that it's still alpha so there won't be pony differentiation or most of the other features.

It'll also mean that if you build stuff it might get tossed if we need to reset the world with an update.


I see.


Server when?




File: 1445844639009.png (70.66 KB, 1616x716, flags_4x.png)

Did a little art for a 'race select' screen. Nabbed a vector of the masks from dA and the flags are taken directly from the color chart. The hanger styles are cribbed from the same episode.


File: 1445846305469.png (71.28 KB, 1616x716, flags_4x.png)

Oh hey yeah the races have different flag holder stand things too, duh

Fixed (plus an attempt at fancy zebra)


But seriously, how long until a server is up?


I'm torn on putting up a server.

There's no race separation code in there yet and a lot of other stuff is unfinished, so if I do a server now it'll just be like playing a normal modpack except you look like ponies. There's also the issue of people settling in and making big builds, which means I can't easily push out breaking updates or other large changes.

In other words, if I'm going to do "early access" I want to do it right, not just dump whatever I have done onto the server every so often.

But if I don't put up a server, will people lose interest and not care about playing on the server later when it does come up?


I just kind of jumped in, but what do each mods do?

All depends how long that takes honestly. And how you "market" the server.

How long do you think it'll take to finish the mods? Alternatively, if you did release it now, how often would you need to reset the server to apply the updates?

You're right that if you keep resetting the server, people will get tired of rebuilding their shit, so you'd want to do that sparingly.

There isn't much point starting a server only to wipe everything in a week. However if it'll take you over a month to pump out the next update, I think that'd be enough time.


What >>2789 said, pretty much.


Here's a quick rundown of capabilities by race:

Earth ponies can grow and cook all manner of delicious foods, the most nutritious of which can double your maximum health if eaten regularly. In addition they can cultivate flowers that can do all sorts of wondrous things like collect items, fight off mobs, and even produce a substance known as mana that can be used to repair tools made from iron bathed in it.

Pegasi can fly, so long as they don't get too exhausted. They can also forge powerful tools and weapons and can easily double the yield of ingots per block of ore.

Unicorns can channel their innate magic through wands and baubles to perform astonishing feats. Carving temporary holes through walls, protecting blocks from ever being broken, even shooting fire and lightning.

Zebra can tap into the spirits of nature, performing various rituals through enchanted circles and brewing up potent potions. They can also enter the world of dreams and even harness the spirits of the dead.

As for the mods, the biggest player-impacting thing is the racial separation. Right now any race can do anything, which sort of defeats the whole purpose of the pack. I'm delayed because I've gotten absorbed in another game for the moment since interest waned a little and I needed something to escape into for a while.

I do like your suggestion that I keep updates roughly monthly though. I worry a little about the fatigue of starting over every month, but it could also help keep things active and interesting for people.


I'll suck your futa e-dick if you work harder



Taking bets on EA making lewd modifications for the mod.

I wouldn't complain. At all.


I'm not even sure what lewd modifications I should even make.

Maybe like a secret recipe for a hollow sound or something?


Animal husbandry, clearly.
Very personal animal husbandry.


And here, we, go.


I love long, black bars. I really do. Just look at how long this one is. Holy shit, it's so long, I can't even describe it. Fuck yes, black bars EVERYWHERE. That means fun is about to happen. NAUGHTY fun. NAUGHTY BLACK BAR FUN. Not to be confused with black fun, that's illegal. BLACK BAR FUN: NAUGHTY EDITION™ FuckYeah™.




Do you wish to continue, yes or no?


Multiplayer horse husbandry when, EA?


Ponecraft in 2016


But it is 2016
You lied to me


There's still a lot of 2016 to go, anon


But I can't wait a year - 4 days to get off


I decided to make an official Skype call for Ponecraft discussion and apparently you can join it from the web? Looks like you don't need a Skype account or anything - you can chat as a guest!



Literally the only reason why I haven't bothered with anything related to you, EA.


But you don't even need to have Skype installed to chat. You can click that link and join as a guest on the web - no installation, no signing up.


But it's Skype.


Discord allows guest chatting as well, and similarly doesn't require registering or installation.


You may be right, but I'm a lot more likely to interact with the discussion if it's on Skype. I have it installed on my desktop, tablet, and phone and already regularly check it for other things. So from a cost perspective, Skype is free and Discord requires a lot of extra work on my end for very little gain.

I've had this argument before back in the desktop IM wars. The client you use is the one everyone else you talk to uses. Switching clients without significant buy in of your social network just means things suddenly get very lonely.


You made the thread on /mlp/ a couple days ago right?

You may want to consider having a constant thread. It'll build up more hype and have more people for the launch date, which is crucial. Don't want it to be dead on arrival.


Except said launch date is "Somewhere in the far future."
A thread will be worthwhile once it's even remotely ready for use.


Wait, I thought it was like January 16/17th or something.

Perhaps you're not the person I was thinking of. They planned on using Towny.


I think I maybe made one thread in /mlp/ many months ago? But I don't really post outside the general.


Oh, that's interesting.

I wonder who that other person was. Might have been the guy that created the series of servers back between April-July last year.


Like it says in the OP, my goal is to make something more than just a server with Mine Little Pony on everyone's clients.

If you're interested in following along or helping out, feel free to join the chat and say hi.


Im Hosting /mlp/craft Revived on the 16th of january
guy who did the ones back in april helped with the set up of the new server


Thanks to everyone that watched the devstram! I'll try to do them more frequently and schedule them a little farther in advance.

Today we got the race selection screen done and fixed a crash in the sapphire tool event handler.


File: 1453138573979.png (166.1 KB, 870x519, racedesc.png)

I added in a scroll and descriptions after the stram.


Where's the screen that lets you choose how many cocks you want?




File: 1453173297571.png (267.34 KB, 1173x895, cooktop.png)

I got a cooktop model from Pennwick. Looks good!


Dang, that's pretty. Happy to see this is still ticking along!


It does!


I am cheering as hard as I can


I am cumming as fast as I can


I had no idea this was still a thing! How exciting, sorry if it's been asked too many times already, but is there an estimated date when the server will be online?

I haven't looked at this thread since mid 2015, thank you very much whoever linked this thread in the mlpcraft thread on /mlp/.


EA is still hard at work coding things up. There is no ETA as of yet for a release. Feel free to join the skype conversation to keep up on the latest news, >>2829


Feel free to join the skype conversation to circlejerk it up and be monitored by the FBI*


Maybe some guys down at the FBI just want to be a blocky smol hors.


File: 1454095876472.png (48.8 KB, 213x295, not an agent.png)

Please continue to use approved channels to discuss small blocky equines. Nothing is out of the ordinary.


>you will never bend over Agent Octavia and tell her that PRISM totally worked


how does one join this server again?



Sadly the modpack isn't finished being meshed together. Once it is I think EA will be using Technic launcher to distribute it and that should have the server included in there somewhere.


>technic launcher
But that means no lewd stuff!


i've no idea what that launcher is, care to fill me in?


I'm still working on it - there's no server up yet.

Though I am getting close to putting up a whitelisted test server if you want to help make sure the nutrients on different food items are correct and that you can't tech up in a different race's mod.



…Well, fuck.


Online pony husbandry when, EA?


Still monitoring this thread from /mlp/ and is there an update blog or somewhere with regular updates on this?


No, but you can keep up with the chat here:


File: 1458670638840.jpg (40.44 KB, 492x428, I seriously hope you guys ….jpg)



i like to play


File: 1471292007418.jpg (9.58 KB, 259x194, imgres.jpg)


Hey EA?

You might want to post here every great once in a while.

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