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Felt like I was pesterting MLPG too much with vidya talk so I wanted to make a thread where we can exchange IDs be it Xbone, PS4, or Steam

My steam ID:http://steamcommunity.com/id/Pretentiousindiemusichipster/ and my PSN ID is EmpyreanAbattoir. I mostly play fighting games but I'd be down to play shooters and other multiplayer games if you don't mind me being a bit shy and not using a mic


wow I bet you ERP too


Man I am so bad at fighting games


I don't. Why would you think that?


We can always play other stuff since the sale is going on I imagine there's a lot of cool multiplayer games out there on the low.


File: 1499026065213.png (866.75 KB, 1706x1034, cyber cybersex celestia.png)

bet you'd love to try it though huh huh


File: 1499026226206.gif (2.96 MB, 503x504, 1476820791776.gif)

I'm a really bad writer so I don't think anyone would want to ERP with me, anon

So uh what's your info if you don't mind sharing


Is this the Steam ID thread Anon mentioned in the thread?

Anway, here's mine:

I'm away for about a week though


there's always jerk-off instructions ya know

in fact, I'm pretty sure I haven't seen any pony JOI. I should get on that.


Yup. Hope you don't mind me sending an invite


Well, I don't expect much to come of it, but I suppose I'll chuck mine in as well.
Don't have a PSN account and my Xbox Live has fallen into disuse since Steam happened.
Don't expect me to talk or anything, due to lack of microphone.


Oh hey we're already friends.


Since last year or so I think? Might have been longer. Back then you were still rolling around with the pink pony princess tag.


Sorry about not talking to you that much I'm really bad at that


It's fine. I don't really start conversations either. Usually because I'm convinced other people are either in the middle of something or they're just not in the mood for talking.


File: 1499028244860.png (1.87 MB, 2000x1500, Best Skullgirl best color ….png)

I'd also be down to help anyone learn fighting games especially when TFH comes out. I'm not the best but I think I'm pretty decent

I'm the same way, but I'm getting better at it. I might drop you a message tomorrow just to ask about your day so we don't feel like complete strangers after being on each other's friend's list for so long


Sounds fair enough.
Just might want to wait until I'm actually online, though, since I'll be unavailable until the afternoon/evening.


Those videos are weird


There are videos?


File: 1499030237835.png (63.28 KB, 214x290, 1431971342475.png)

Jerk off instruction videos? Yeah assuming that's what anon was talking about.
I swear they are so weird


File: 1499030487804.png (227.15 KB, 425x452, Too kawaii to live too sug….png)

Boy this steered away from video games pretty fast


Those look dumb.


I think the whole thing is pretty dumb but I'm in no place to judge other people's kinks myself.


File: 1499031007713.png (190.02 KB, 389x425, Kawaii in the streets Senp….png)

It's fine man. Not a lot else going on here. yet. Plus I post my fetishes all the time so you're in good company here


I mean I could post some doujins but I just wanted to make friends for vidya.
But I also can't help myself when fetishes are involved


How absolutely naughty.


File: 1499032923018.png (38.99 KB, 174x281, Beware of slutty women.png)

Whoa anon that's turbo lewd


I know no one comes here, but unspoiled lewdposting goes on /unf/. That's what it's there for.


Sorry. Got carried away


File: 1499055568761.gif (2.36 MB, 399x399, 1463623272030.gif)

If anyone is here how does KF2 on Friday and Left 4 Dead on Saturday sound?


Is it? I can go even lewder for you.


File: 1499081534170.png (548.86 KB, 617x497, Robe and wizard hat.png)

Anon it's against the ruurs
We can share lewd over Discord if you don't mind sharing your ID


File: 1499082088263.gif (707.38 KB, 800x422, 1465310134553.gif)

who here /dotatwo/


File: 1499082296327.png (555.91 KB, 768x1024, 1331528900724.png)

I'm way too stupid to play MOBAS but I own the game. I'd play with MLPG if didn't mind how much I suck
Never could get into them feel like they're harder to learn than fightan games


If you're still here if there are any guides or tutorials for the game that you'd recommend I'd definitely give them a watch


File: 1499084367883.webm (1.42 MB, 1280x720, turning doturd2 into a go….webm)

I know what every hero ability, item and neutral creep does because of sheer time spent, but I'm still a baddie that has embraced his baddiness by now.


I'll give it a go again then and try to get good if we can get more players interested.
I just had a bad time with my first few games because I kept getting yelled at by Russians


Alright I'm heading to class hopefully more people will be interested by the time I get back (this place is ded so who am I kidding)


File: 1499084983592.png (2.83 MB, 6857x3000, 828424__safe_artist-colon-….png)

For tutorials, there's the in-game one which is only actually good for "how do i jump" level learning of the basic controls.
Then there's the "Welcome to Dota, you suck" guide which is often linked to new players, I've read the old version of it myself, back in 2013 when I started playing.
Muting people is great.


Also, the russians will keep screaming at you regardless of whether you're bad or good.


And just like that classes are cancelled and I get no call about it.
Thanks I'll give this a read in a few


Okay downloaded doata 2 and would be willing to play with whoever once I read that guide


oh man i do not know how to moba


Neither do I but we can be bad together like anon said


I'd play multiplayer games if not for the pressure of being vote kicked or being yelled at by teammates.


File: 1499146639751.png (36.85 KB, 370x256, 1330779798532.png)

I'm a shy guy so I don't use my mic often I also hate playing with rude people and MLPG has always been nice and fun when it comes to vidya
As someone with bad anxiety I know it's stupid to say but you can't let that stop you from having fun


File: 1499279896325.png (118.83 KB, 374x411, 1367648508244.png)

I know I apologize a lot but I'm really sorry if I've been bothering people in the thread with all this video game stuff. It's never my intention to cause problems or arguments for anyone in the thread


File: 1499303968179.png (128.38 KB, 700x700, 1446880159671.png)

Wasn't sure if MLPG had a dedicated server for Killing Floor so I went ahead and made one the password is

It's pretty barebones right now but I'll work on that


Izzat KF1 or 2? I'm assuming 2.


File: 1499305158947.png (363.26 KB, 1786x2923, Happy kwanzaa.png)

2. If you don't have it I'll buy it for you in a few days if you don't mind waiting until I get things cleared up with my bank.


Nah, dude, it's okay. You got it already for a bunch of guys and you can have a solid game with them.
I do appreciate the offer, though.


you're fine man, honest truth


File: 1499305611128.png (243.03 KB, 788x768, _UcML-FbfuKArywhWk8q-JsoVu….png)

Alrighty. And who knows maybe we already have a multiplayer game or games we can play together already.
Everyone has L4D2 so I was thinking of playing that on Saturday


Sounds like fun.


You're a cool dude too anon


File: 1499319327273.png (299.66 KB, 544x520, 1475335064694.png)

For those that try it out let me know of any problems or ways I can improve it. I also think I need moderators or something? I'm pretty new to all of this


I've never had a server so I dunno how that goes


Neither have I but any criticism is appreciated if you play
Also won't have any problems making people here admins if they ask


I, for one, just want to fuck you.


File: 1499375725291.jpg (34.37 KB, 400x421, 1373326994083.jpg)

MSOB let me know I did something wrong so hopefully this should work now either that or someone is going to discover my collection of eromanga

That would be a bad time for both of us.


File: 1499389645843.png (29.18 KB, 300x400, 1348991110218.png)

So I'm having no problem connecting to the server and a few strangers didn't either, but I still fear that I might have done something wrong.

If anyone wants to try connecting to the server and tell me if they can or can't I would really appreciate it.


I also added a CHS map


If anyone is still interested in playing tomorrow the server can hold 32 people and I also wanted to know if 7:00 EST is good time for you guys if not we can do it earlier or later.
I feel like I'm just talking to myself


it's okay fam
I'll try and swing it


File: 1499393824990.png (382.01 KB, 1318x1100, 1329756239757.png)

Alright cool.
You wouldn't happen to want to be an admin on the server would you? I already found one but I wanted at least four more


you got a roster of maps curated yet?


Just the default ones and the CHS map if I understand what you mean.


File: 1499395928653.png (681.82 KB, 1500x2000, mr__spike_by_etonyoc-d4xi0….png)



I'll add all of those as soon as possible


And done


If anyone cares I might not be able to play tonight because of legal stuff I'm going through right now but I'll still try to make time


File: 1499490779147.png (111.28 KB, 1000x625, 1341994232128.png)

Yo if anyone actually cares I probably won't be using MLPG for a while because I feel like I've been bothering too many people by trying to make new friends and then there's that whole server spam thing. So if anyone wants to hit me up on Discord I'd be down for that. Would make it easier to set up games too


Friend-o, I don't begrudge your presence in the slightest but with the issues you're having in life atm it may be better for your own sanity not to try and engage in big diatribes back and forth on the internet. Find your zen!


File: 1499491910742.png (99.34 KB, 557x564, 1342139152910.png)

Nah that anon was right. I've been blogging too much and trying to be more personal has caused to many problems and I'm sure he's not the only one that has a problem with me.
MLPG just isn't the place for me anymore I guess. But I had a fun 7 years with you guys.
I just wanted to do something nice for MLPG like make a server or share links to specific fetishes since that's the only thing I can do for you guys. I'm just feeling bad that it escalated this far and that I possibly ruined some people's time in MLPG and that's something I never want to do.
I know I'm being all dramatic and shit but I really think I fucked things up this time when I should have just stayed as that weird guy that post doujins sometimes. All I did was make people hate me and the people that already hated me hate me even more.
I'm just not cut out for MLPG anymore.




You forgot that I'm also an annoying shitposter on top of being a faggot.
But I'm sure it was an honest mistake


File: 1499494482827.png (44.14 KB, 169x184, 1345899447820.png)

Here's my Discord info if anyone actually wants to talk to me or play games sometimes.
Cute Justice

Sorry for the way I acted in the thread tonight and this morning my day has been really bad. I'm sorry for even thinking making this thread was a good idea.


And you guys are still welcome to use the KF2 server anytime you like. I won't be shutting it down


File: 1499497002273.png (14.62 KB, 668x504, 1327965142694.png)

I know I'm talking to myself here but I made a complete ass of myself in the thread and I'm genuinely sorry I took up so much space arguing and posting about my legal trouble and I just want whoever reads this to know that. I love MLPG and I like you guys I would never intentionally try to cause problems for any of you because the majority of you have been very kind and helpful to me over the years. I don't have autism or anything if that's the impression I gave off. I just had an awful day and took it out on some anons who didn't want me to do anything but stop shitposting. I'm sorry I apologize so much, I'm sorry I spammed the thread, I'm sorry I started that whole stupid argument, and I'm sorry I didn't leave right away like I should have.
I'll come back to MLPG when I learn not to be so sensitive and get this legal stuff sorted out and I promise no more sad panda links in the thread and no more spamming the server whenever I do decide to come back.


File: 1499497293502.gif (238.02 KB, 853x480, discordpopcorn.gif)



It's fun to laugh at other people's misery.
Do you want to talk about anything in particular. I think you're the only guy in the thread and if you're one of the anon's I was arguing with I don't want any bad blood between us


File: 1499498188329.png (491.27 KB, 414x404, slappies.png)

I just want to slap you with my futa marecock


File: 1499498252706.png (176.63 KB, 330x427, 1373339246939.png)

Guess not. If you are the anon I was arguing with then I apologize. I decided to take my shitty day out on someone that just wanted to enjoy pone and wasted your time by arguing with you.


Well guess what anon I want to hold your hand


Erase your history. Get rid of your internet access. Forget all this happened. Get a STEM college education and a position in research/engineering.
Otherwise, you're as good as dead.


> Get a STEM college education and a position in research/engineering

But I really like my current job


You will lose it.


Why do you think that?


File: 1499500373926.jpg (18.24 KB, 270x174, 1354414558548.jpg)

Again, talking to myself.
I'm honestly really embarrassed by the way I acted in the current thread and I want whoever reads this to know that's not how I normally act and I will admit I was being an asshole and in the wrong. If someone simply told me to stop doing what I was doing I would have no problem. I'm just sad this turned into what it turned into. Like I said I had a bad day and just didn't feel like putting up with people shitting on me for everything I did. I really just wanted a server like the old hats server where we could all hook up and have a good time. I should have talked all of this over with the people inside of MLPG before I did any of this and I'm sorry for posting all those sad panda links over the years. If I knew how many people didn't like it I would have stopped immediately but the current state of this thread leads me to believe that no one really cares and they just see it as one less shitposter gone. I just hope I can find a way to change when I do decide to come back to the thread and I don't think that's going to be for a while. Again I'm really sorry all of this happened. I'm sorry for the server spam,
I'm sorry for the sad panda links, and I'm sorry I took up so much of the thread's time focusing on me because I really do hate being the center of attention or the cause of an argument.

Thank you to all the anon's that offered advice I should have honestly listened to.
When I come back I promise to not make the same mistakes I did in the current thread or the threads before it.


As for the apologizing a lot I really couldn't help myself. I don't deal with confrontations well and I always try to deescalate them before they start. I just wanted the people who were upset to know I wasn't intentionally trying to shit up the thread.
I also feel the need to mention I don't have the tism I just have a really bad social phobia and I don't deal with things like I normally should online if my day has gone bad.
It was wrong of me to get upset and act the way I did but I still like you guys a lot and even it's not posting sad panda links I want to be able to do something nice for you guys.
I just went about this the entirely the wrong way and I don't want you guys to think secretly some asshole or something.
I should have taken the advice I was given or left the thread if it was getting to me. I didn't think any of this through.

tl;dr I was an ass and everyone that doesn't like me has every reason not to like me especially after this ordeal.


This isn't vidya related but
The reason I can't sleep and the reason I was being an asshole is because I've been being harassed and threatened IRL and I'm afraid to go to sleep in case this man actually shows up. I'm actually waiting for the cops right now to file a report




File: 1499506863453.png (6.93 KB, 214x214, smug neckbear.png)

As long as I'm not a NEET I'm fine with being a nerd
Because I am a huge fucking nerd


Cop was very helpful. Put my mind at ease.
No longer have to worry about some 40 year old African man showing up at my doorstep to kick my ass


File: 1499517267469.png (14.75 KB, 467x650, Rabbit.png)

So I guess I'll be here now.


File: 1499517950802.png (1.7 MB, 2133x1829, 1384832530478.png)

Guess I'm the only one here. Not really surprised.


File: 1499524484488.png (215.47 KB, 900x867, 1348891024467.png)

So I guess I ruined any chance of ever setting up games with MLPG. If anyone reads this I'm sorry I wasted your time. I'll probably be deleting this thread later today and hope someone more competent and respected can try again later.


Dude, relax. It hasn't even been a day yet. And it's not your fault no one uses the sub.


File: 1499528578942.gif (72.93 KB, 201x203, 1448161942358.gif)

Sorry man I'm just extremely stressed over some IRL stuff and I haven't slept at all because I fear for my safety atm. I normally don't get this emotional over small stuff like this I'm just stressed and tired


Also since I won't be going to MLPG for a while there's no way for me to post about this thread so I assume it's just going to stay dead.
I just really wanted to do more for MLPG than just post sad panda links


It's fine.
You should try and sleep though. Trust me, you'll feel better if you can.
And as for MLPG, well, they seldom appreciate anything.


It's almost 12:PM here I really cannot sleep because I'm seriously afraid that person that has been threatening me IRL is actual going to show up. The officer I spoke with was kind but just to call them if he shows up, but I don't know if he has a gun,I don't know if he's going to kick my door in,
I don't know if he's going to damage my property. I don't know what's going to happen so I can't fall asleep. My anxiety won't let me


Chances are they won't. Just lock your doors, be in an interior room, and remember to breathe. Make some tea. If you're really worried about them kicking the door in, put a few things in front of it, just to ease your mind. Maybe stick a chair under the knob to brace the door against forced entry.
Once you've got your defenses in place, just focus on not panicking, since the most common home defense errors result from panicked overreaction.
You've already got the police notified, so you should be fine. And if there is property damage, then you can get the guy arrested, and sued for proper compensation.


File: 1499530945899.png (9.62 KB, 426x364, 1398285384443.png)

Thank you for the advice I'll make some tea and try to calm myself down. I think I'll take a break from the internet too because I've already shown I can't deal with hateanons in my current state of mind. I usually don't let stuff like what happened in MLPG bother me, but with what's been going on I've kinda been lashing out whoever I think is trying to intimidate or disrespect me and I never do that. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before and I'm not sure what I do to invite this kind of treatment from certain people. My anxiety is really bad so that's why I'm stressing over all of this
I'm sure half the general thinks I'm sentenal levels of autistic now
I should have just stuck to lurking and posting sad panda links. I don't know why I thought this thread would be a good idea


Y'all just wanted some friends to play vidya with. Nothing wrong with that.
And there are worse spergs out there. At least you didn't start trying to dig up personal messages or the like to shit on other people.


I just don't know where I went wrong people got angry when I would ask about vidya in the thread then they'd get mad at me when I linked the sub. to let them know it was a thing.
And thank you for being so kind you've really helped put my mind at ease a bit and I was certain I killed whatever "cred" I had with MLPG in that last thread so I was sure most people either hate me now or think I'm so crazy autist


I think a majority of people were apathetic to the goings on, but the vocal ones were likely just irritated at how easily the bait was taken nearly every time.
And you can rest easy knowing there's no such thing as MLPG "cred" unless you're an artist/writefag, and that we're all varying flavors of autist.


Thread will be deleted by the end of the night so it can no longer be linked to MLPG. I'm sorry for all the trouble I've caused last night and this morning. I'll really miss you guys.


File: 1499536790303.jpg (182.21 KB, 1500x1500, 1336012472459.jpg)

I'm sorry for ruining the current thread, but I was right. MLPG just isn't the place for me anymore. Before I delete the thread tonight I just want to say thank you for all the fun years we've had together and sorry this turned into what it did. I really just wanted to do something nice for MLPG but I didn't realize how much people didn't like me.
Sorry for everything.


If that's how it is, that's how it is. Nothing to apologize for.
Good luck with your anxiety and stuff.


File: 1499538223419.png (39.16 KB, 219x302, 1329684635611.png)

Nah I really do feel the need to apologize here because I was in the wrong for taking such obvious bait. I like to help out and do nice things for people whenever I can but according to MLPG buying someone a 50 cent game because you had extra cash left over is pure autism and not just being friendly for the sake of being friendly. My intention was never to buy friends but spend all the money in my vidya fund and I like giving gifts to people and I don't want to buy a game I won't play just because it's on sale. So I wanted to see if MLPG wanted cheap games because I had no issue with my finances to do so.

I have no idea where they're getting blog posting or "whine"posting from because all I've done for the last few days is post links to this thread and the server and apologize when people got mad at me which only made them madder. The only time I ever said anything about my personal life is when asked and I always kept it brief.
Other than taking bait everything I've done in MLPG for the past week were things I was doing for years and if someone told me to stop I would stop. I've always used spoilers in the way I do and now that's an issue for some people. I know I'm taking shitty bait, but really feels like the whole thread at this point just does not want me to be there and that's extremely depressing because it was one of the few places on 4chan I still went to.

But I totally ruined the thread by getting upset and taking the shittiest bait imaginable and held a non-pone related argument for almost an hour with people who wanted to do nothing more than just fuck with me. It's been a fun 6 years with you guys but the rumbleanon days are over and I don't think I'll be back in MLPG for sometime because if they didn't think I had autism before they sure as hell do now. It really sucks leaving on such a sour note.
I have ever only tried to be kind, helpful, and respectful to people in MLPG but I guess I was more hated than I thought


tl;dr I just don't fit in over there anymore because everything I do not gets some anon on my case


For what it's worth, I'm certain people were genuinely appreciative of the gifts as I know I was.
Give it a week or two, maybe a month, tops, and it'll probably have blown over. Though I'd advise lurking for a while if/when you come back just to see how shitposty the thread is.
And remember, they can't get you if you don't engage.


I'm glad you were.
I don't believe in buying friendship I just believe in kindness for the sake kindness. If I have the money then I'll definitely help out whoever I can especially when stuff is on sale.
And I really don't think I'm going back anytime soon. The culture's changed and everything is so different now. And it really feels like the majority of the general hates my guts for not letting it go and engaging them in the first place

I thought my last day in MLPG would be fun but it turned out to be a horrible experience and ended up coming much earlier than I expected.

Also this has never been about getting people to join the KF2 server. I barely play and just thought it'd be cool for you guys to have one to yourselves
But I guess I went about it the entirely wrong way. This thread, the server, this was all made for MLPG's enjoyment not my own. And I managed to fuck it up before it even got off the ground


Actually no. I'm being stupid. I'm not going to let some assholes drive me out of one of the places I still have fun


He was arrested


Well, I guess that means you get to sleep for now. Just don't miss the court date if it comes to that.


Too busy shitposting to sleep
I normally do not do this or treat people this way but I'm definitely not going to get chased out MLPG because some people don't like me.


For anon in the thread. I did believe I was leaving MLPG for a while because I was being harassed and threatened for weeks by a woman and her husband. Some anons knew about my legal trouble and tried to take advantage of that and it was stressing me out to the point to where I was replying to obvious bait from people who already knew I was stressed out. I ignored several post to ignore them and that honestly made me feel bad. I than began believing with my legal trouble and the treatment I was getting from some members of MLPG I would not be able to handle the threads anymore. But my matter is resolved and now I'm shitposting just because.


Fair enough, but just remember to reign it in after a while.


I'm done. And I was serious about no more sad panda links I'm done with the whole Rumble thing because it was causing problems.
I'll also only advertise the server on Discord for the moment and invite MLPGers to play if they are interested

I have other games too so yeah. I don't even play KF2 that much

Thank you very much for understanding my situation


File: 1499546941569.png (79.34 KB, 242x251, 1370213607901.png)

Don't worry man, people can have shitty days but in the end it's up to how you cope with it what matters. Some shitposting won't kill the thread and in the end it doesn't really matter as long as you keep posting cute foals.


can you take a minute to kill yourself just a bit


Thank you for understanding.


After the movie


can you please stop bringing up the fact that you're leaving every fucking thread

that's 3 threads in a row now, just fucking stop


I only brought it up in one thread. If I'm remembering wrong can you link me to the post. Also I'm done and I'm sorry for the way I acted. It's not normally how I am.


just fucking stop posting in the thread about your shitty life, holy shit you are still posting there as I type this

fucking stop



I haven't been posting about my life at all.
If you could tell me five things about my personal life then I totally believe you.

Otherwise I'm going to have to say you're being delusional as I am a very private person when it comes to my life.


Also I would like to add my life isn't shitty so there's nothing for me to complain about


Yes you are. Every single fucking post you make is about how sorry you are and about how you've been in mlpg for so long but you're leaving now.

Now, unlike you, I'm actually going to leave. You're giant piece of shit and the fact that you don't understand why is equally infuriating and aggravating.


If you can link me to those post I would appreciate it


>Now, unlike you, I'm actually going to leave.
>okay stay here and reply to me about thing
You really don't understand.
And as outlandish it is for you to understand no, I am not him. I'm just another guy who passed by.


Please understand.


But you stayed too


Looks like I'll need this now.
I know I fucked up the whole rumble thing and I'm sure I ruined whatever positive views you had with of me if you had any at all but this is all over now

If you actually want to talk I'd be glad too


If anyone is still here and wants comment about or just tell me to go fuck myself I'm all ears.


did you do it again: http://boards.4chan.org/mlp/thread/30478202#p30478755

because any time you want to stop I'd appreciate it


That was the last post on the matter. I feel I did owe you all an apology no matter how much you hate it. I acted like an ass and I will no longer be posting about it




And I know I fucked up whatever chance I had of making friends here or the whole Rumbleanon thing, but none of that matters. I just want you to know I never do this or act this way towards anyone, forum, or thread. I had personal issues going on and I should not be in a thread where people were already giving me a hard time. That's all on me.


are you still doing it or has the meme metastasized



No that's not me. I posted the babs pic. I want to talk about how I can possibly make it up to you guys.


you can always make friends, just think of a good portion of the world as the old bill cosby skit observation: parents aren't interested in justice, they just want quiet

you don't need to explain every single moment and motivation unsolicited because most people are only going to really notice that you're still apologizing for something that they had no stake in to begin with


Anon I'm pretty sure everyone in the thread thinks I'm a psycho now and now they know the multiple names attactched to. I shouldn't even have been in MLPG if I was that stressed.


attached to the rumbleanon poster

I just made huge mistake making this thread


Mistakes are how people learn. It's no big thing.


File: 1499592389400.png (536.98 KB, 646x759, MISTAKES INTO MIRACLESS.png)


Are there any of the recent fighten games good? Off the top of my head are tekken and injustice. Are you looking forward to Them's Fightin' Herds's release?


KoF is fun but it's dead. Guilty Gear is my favorite series so I always recommend that
Really looking forward to THF if it plays like Skullgirls.
If you're triyng to break into fighting games I suggest one with a good tutorial to teach you the mecanics


I wish I didn't fuck this up so badly

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