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First off, I know that there is a perfectly good Dwarf Fortress thread on this board already, which has a number of helpful guides and info graphs posted. But that's not why I'm making this thread, its not a general thread. As always the hiatus is long and MLPG is upset, so I'd thought I'd try and organize a complicated and lengthy vidya project for us to get collectively frustrated over. You know, for fun!

>What is this exactly?

This is a succession/bloodline game of Dwarf Fortress. Chances are if you've heard of Dwarf Fortress, you've heard about the infamous legend of Boatmurdered, a succession game that was done on the Something Awful forums once upon a time. I want to organize a game like that for here.

>What is a succession/bloodline game?

Essentially it works like this: One of us starts a new game in fortress mode and play the game as we see fit. We continue this way until a set amount of time (in this case one in game year, or when Spring Has Arrived!). Once that happens we drop everything no matter what, save and quit, take the save game file and send it to the next person. We continue like this until the fort is inevitably destroyed or until this whole thing just falls apart or gets no interest. Which ever.

As we do, we take various screen shots of notable events or people or projects or simply things you want to point out and post them here with your commentary. You can be humorous or serious or do it in a journal style, however. Just be engaging and have fun.

>What do I do if I want to participate?

The game is open for all of MLPG. Simply post here expressing your want to be in this and I'll put you on the list. However keep in mind that this thing is going to be screwy on its own, so if you are completely new to Dwarf Fortress this is not exactly the best way for you to start learn.

Oh and for simplicity's sake, post with a name. More then one anon will just get confusing.

>What you will I need?

If you don't already, you'll want to download the latest version of Dwarf Fortress (0.34.11). Compatibility will be key here so everyone will need the same version. Besides that you'll need to know how take screen shots of your game and also how to pretty them up in a separate program, if you want to do that. Dwarf Therapist is also recommended, but not strictly needed.

>How will we be sending/receiving each other our save files?

We'll work that out based on what's easiest for everyone, probably being either email or drop box or some other easy free file sharing application.

>How long will I have to play/post my stuff/until I need to end my turn and send my save?

We'll work that out once I get an idea of how many people/how much enthusiasm there is for this. At the moment I'm thinking giving everyone about a one week deadline, but that's subject to change, especially as things progress or there's issues. We'll see.
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File: 1370322899913.png (339.66 KB, 1275x737, 40Uvashmysteriousobject.png)

Oh, Uvash has contracted THE GAY, oh boy, oh boy!


File: 1370322975580.png (167.86 KB, 1275x732, 41whattheshitisthat.png)

Oh god, what is that? No, seriously, what the fuck is that thing? A lava fish? This isn't fucking monster hunter, WHAT THE SHIT IS THAT?! 5spooky12me


File: 1370323045155.png (225.17 KB, 1275x738, 42wooptyfuckingdo.png)

OH HEY, Uvash finished something! Guess what? I don't fucking care ~ baka


File: 1370323179015.png (152.58 KB, 1157x733, 43nuhmahgud.png)

I.. I can't fucking believe how big this network is, holy crap. I mean, LOOK AT it… it's almost enough to drive a man.. to the brink.. of.. insanity… b-but that's impossible right? H-how can a cavern do such a thing? I-I-It's j-just a cavern.. r-right? Nothing to fea-


File: 1370323241482.png (265.88 KB, 1273x728, 44JESUSFUCKINGCHRISTAGUGUG….png)

W-wait.. wh-what the.. oh… OH GOD…W-WHAT THE F-F-FUCK IS THAT? WH-


File: 1370323308635.png (479.2 KB, 1274x730, 45AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA….png)



File: 1370323358148.png (223.72 KB, 1087x730, 46donefinalpic.png)

-End Transmission


>Map Upload
>ETA: 30min~


File: 1370325621899.jpg (2.56 KB, 125x125, [diggingintensifies].jpg)


Oh jeeze this thing is getting silly

Ok then, you're up! Go for it.


I was almost finished then the multi post gadget crashes. I'm cry. one moment.


File: 1370759605825.png (23.18 KB, 674x743, dorfy3.PNG)

I begin by acquainting myself with the base.
After that, I delve into the earth in search for metals to create fearsome armies with.


File: 1370759748595.png (212.98 KB, 812x631, dorfy2.PNG)

Feeling uneasy with a huge backdoor into a wild cave system under the base I seal it up. However Twily takes her(his?) sweet time architecting it.


File: 1370759827843.png (56.73 KB, 812x631, dorfy1.PNG)

A rat sneaks in and starts wrecking everything.


File: 1370759885453.png (15.32 KB, 674x743, dorfy4.PNG)



File: 1370759982309.png (70.17 KB, 812x631, dorfy5.PNG)

Obviously reeling from its shameful display in the mines, it travels up the shafts into the main base, hungry for dorf.


File: 1370760014201.png (103.67 KB, 812x631, dorfy6.PNG)

Nathan was waiting.


File: 1370760074599.png (25.37 KB, 674x743, dorfy7.PNG)

Needless to say, Nathan chopped the rat into hamburger. He emerged a hero that day.


File: 1370760156056.png (55.92 KB, 1604x904, dorfy8.PNG)

Unfortunately the first mining level did not have much on it, so I went a bit deeper to try again. It did not get far.


File: 1370760181139.png (33.16 KB, 336x487, dorfy9.PNG)

Here are some migrants.


File: 1370760231885.png (71.97 KB, 564x672, dorfy10.PNG)

Right after that, Marker decides now to be the perfect time to make a thing.


File: 1370760307573.png (86.22 KB, 564x672, dorfy11.PNG)

A masonry table! I am filled with anticipation!


File: 1370760346847.png (86.42 KB, 564x672, dorfy12.PNG)

A table. Honestly I would have preferred another grate or something.


File: 1370760397549.png (16.08 KB, 564x672, dorfy13.PNG)

At least it has cabochons. The cabochons redeem it.

Good job Marker.


File: 1370760508306.png (57.34 KB, 564x672, dorfy14.PNG)

Fortunately for me, the first mining level was not completely barren: I GOT GOLD.


File: 1370760610752.png (65.13 KB, 564x672, dorfy15.PNG)

I also took the liberty of expanding the shafts down and ended up opening up another cave system. I paid no mind to it.


File: 1370760632643.png (15.31 KB, 333x194, dorfy16.PNG)

Even more migrants.


File: 1370760676327.png (59.53 KB, 564x672, dorfy17.PNG)

In a similar pattern, Tex decides to go brood in a corner.


File: 1370760702716.png (173.23 KB, 785x900, dorfy18.PNG)

One left gauntlet.


File: 1370760821048.png (53.24 KB, 785x900, dorfy19.PNG)

At least it's a badass one left gauntlet, I mean, It's got spikes that stab you when you try to put it on; not to mention the gems and little pictures of guys and cats. This glove is officially hype as shit.


File: 1370760913978.png (14.09 KB, 331x216, dorfy20.PNG)

And then more migrants. It was somewhat boring in that nothing notable happened aside from Tex making the One Left Gauntlet.


File: 1370761055738.png (45.97 KB, 905x662, dorfy21.PNG)

Also MORE GOLD (galena and copper too, but who cares about those shit-tier ores)


File: 1370761162156.png (40.22 KB, 905x662, dorfy22.PNG)

Tropico: Dwarf Fortress Edition

In which El Presidente makes golden statues to raise the spirits of his subterranean subjects.


File: 1370761250226.png (27.18 KB, 905x662, dorfy23.PNG)

Anyways, feeling the need to circumvent the water blocking the upper mines, I delve deeper into the earth.


File: 1370761267392.png (45.16 KB, 921x1036, dorfy24.PNG)

That should do it.


File: 1370761289282.png (196.77 KB, 955x676, dorfy25.PNG)

And then THIS kid.


File: 1370761503784.png (183.64 KB, 955x676, dorfy26.PNG)

Note: this happened at the exact same moment as the kid.

Also: a Dwarven caravan is off screen. I will let you astute reader infer what the conclusion will be.


File: 1370761551809.png (44.9 KB, 955x676, dorfy28.PNG)



File: 1370761659217.png (171.25 KB, 955x676, dorfy29.PNG)

The kid makes an exact stone replica of some guy,


File: 1370761748696.png (60.72 KB, 955x676, dorfy30.PNG)

Well, not exact. This guy probably didn't have as unhealthy an obsession with bucklers as portrayed. Also, cabochons. Fear the cabochon!


File: 1370761875601.png (154.22 KB, 955x676, dorfy31.PNG)

TL;dr some fishermen died trying to run, then the caravan guards annihilated the goblins. Not too bad.

Look, horses!


File: 1370761999370.png (143.69 KB, 799x456, dorfy27.PNG)

Some time in between all that, El Presidente completes his most ambitious project: putting a bunch of golden statues in the dining hall. The fortress will never be the same.


File: 1370762100250.png (142.33 KB, 955x676, dorfy32.PNG)





File: 1370762185698.png (115.71 KB, 955x676, dorfy33.PNG)

Nathan demonstrates his prowess by chopping a goblin into hamburger after his previous performance with the rat.


File: 1370762268926.png (157.87 KB, 955x676, dorfy34.PNG)

Before I forgot: I named the kid (as well as other previously unnamed artifact makers) after previous keepers of the fortress.


File: 1370762346921.png (70.9 KB, 799x456, dorfy36.PNG)

I give the mayor what he deserves: a fully golden set of rooms because why not?


File: 1370762435217.png (119.24 KB, 955x676, dorfy35.PNG)

Time flies by so fast.

Also why is that guy crying, life is great in the golden city.


File: 1370762512740.png (139.27 KB, 955x676, dorfy37.PNG)


File: 1370762591975.png (172.85 KB, 1261x709, DorfyArts.png)

Also, some MSPaint fanart. This took longer than it looks.


>make a world in dwarf fortress
>play legends
>read though historical figures
>there is a demon that has been living a thousand yeas
>said demon has also be writing all the books in the world

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