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You have all been summoned to the sleepy town of Farmington, a majority pony village far from any sort of excitement. The word you had all gotten was that the dead were not resting quietly in the town's graveyard anymore and that a few people, mostly young, had gone missing. After arriving you are all greeted by boarded up windows and sandbag walls between the town and cemetery guarded by under-armed and untrained militia.

The mayor informs you that there have been more ponies taken, ranging in age from older adolescents to young adults. There have also been several grizzly murders done along the outskirts of town. The bodies of all the victims so far have been cremated as a precaution. She tells you that everyone here is terrified and that you should all not expect much in the way of help or support until until proof can be brought back that the threat has been taken care of. All she has to offer you is two potions of remove curse and a warning to stick together in the graveyard.

You are also given a warning to not go digging or grave robbing while seeking out the threat. According to town legend a great mage by the name of Lilly Vest lived in the a very long time ago. Supposedly she cast a spell of protection on the graveyard after a gang of diamond dog corpse thieves struck it. The most popular version of the legend says that anyone digging around in there would wake up every last corpse and bring them down atop their own head. No one here has ever tested it themselves or has the magical skill to investigate it. Rumor has it that wandering troublemakers occasionally vanish near the cemetery, and that things that go missing after strangers come through town sometimes turn up atop old graves.

After that the mayor hurried you all on your way, urging you to start your work while daylight still remains. She has a town meeting to call to reassure her people, she said, but is confident you will do just fine without her. The jumpy town militia was also quite happy to point you towards the cemetery gates, and even happier to stay behind their barricades.

The sky was already overcast and grey, but when you enter the graveyard it gets even worse. It takes your eyes time to adjust to the unnatural gloom after passing through the bone yard's iron gate. Fog fills the air and rests in a thick blanket on the ground. It swirls slowly around your legs and obscures your vision beyond a dozen meters or so. The cold, clammy air doesn't rPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Morning grunted and tried to keep at the wall as she had her Abomination get back up to keep fighting the wall.

[1d10] Break dammit.

[1d10] Get up

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 6 = 6


Springs and gears go flying every which way as the vampire digs into the robot.
Perlite's mechanical minion loses 4 Hits.

You aren't too skilled at physical combat, and the vampire easily tosses you aside after finishing his spell.
You lose 3 Hits.
Next time you go Helpless you won't be able to get up on your own.

You kick at a few of the cracked stones and are able to pulverize them. The air that comes out of the holes you make is cold and stale, but the holes aren't big enough to see much through yet. The zombie continues to attack you while you don't fight back, and is finally able to drag you down to the ground. Your abomination gets back up.
Your abomination is no longer Helpless.
You are now Helpless.

The vampire splits apart into a large swarm of bats that fills the room.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


I cry and plead to Celestia that we live, with enough strength to outlive this night at least. [1d10+3] Prayer of Healing

Roll #1 6 + 3 = 9


Morning grunted and waited to see if the sisters spell came forward as she had her Abomination work to put the wall down as it was growing tedious.

[1d10] abomination

Roll #1 6 = 6



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Temporary thread for Soul Quest this evening / any future instances where we can't play on our normal site, post your sheets for the 9th session of Soul Quest
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Yggdrasil snickers as Anima comments on Alexis' taste in stallions. "Leave it to the 'bad girl' to never know the appeal of a 'bad boy'."

"I think he's cute. He has hair, which is a step up from the last guy. Kind of reminds me of Diez when he was younger…" she says for a moment, then stopping herself short as the slightest bits of blush appear on her face. "Uh, looks like you two are having fun. Wouldn't mind riding one of those motorcycles, especially out in the woods."

"I'd recommend Ajax to you but, you've already met him. Personally I don't have the patience for him," though she says in comment to her liking 'bulkier' guys, "Chrome Dome is pretty well built too, but I don't know what to do about the perpetual stick up his ass though. And again, bald."


"That sounds like a pretty big misunderstanding. You two seemed more…familial? In the memories. I've never really had to deal with the jealousy thing. I've only really had the two long-term relationships and neither of them were taken at the time."
"Whose Diex, one of the Twelve?"


>Anima may respond with sheet to previous post before next game

"He is the Pegasus of the South. He's the most notorious, long-lived pirate in Tetran history so, you know, has that 'bad-boy' charm too." She rubs the back of her neck. "Way, way back I kind of had a thing for him but, I grew out of it. He was nicer than he looked but he's one of those guys who can just never be satisfied with what they have."

At one moment, the vision no longer focuses on the motorcycle, which pulls away out of sight and into the distance as the entire memory fades into black, more memories flushing by quickly by as the scene changes. For a moment, it goes on longer than it did during the last few shifts, but the memories slow to a stop as all three of the ponies hear the noise of screeching tires along the asphalt, followed by the hard thunk of an impact echoing throughout the darkness as the memories stop coming in.

For a moment after the screeching tires fade, the darkness around slowly starts to give away: Yggdrasil, Anima, and Alexis find themselves seated in a row of wooden pews in a pristine white church, surrounded by other ponies dressed in fine clothes. Among them Alexis recognizes several friends, including Bitter trying to comfort the zebra Kam, gripping his hooves. Light shines in through stained glass windows lining the walls, the one at the front depicting a setting sun at the front of the Church, and in front of the alter is an open casket, containing Alexis' body (dressed in a beautiful black dress with a veil over her face). Her father, mother (who is presently crying), and two brothers sit in the front row, heads held down as a song plays throughout the church, everyone silently listening to the hymn.

Besides the three of you seated in the rows, you also witness Alexis' ghost, besides you as she looks on at the scene ahead, staring onward at the front as though in disbelief that this is Post too long. Click here to view the full text.




>"Hey, I was only half joking when I said I'd like to tie up Ajax," Anima laughs.


>Stormy looks around at the funeral with a sober expression. In particular, she spends a lot of time looking at Alexis's family.

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File: 1591974137397.jpg (507.7 KB, 1920x1152, 1551406503602.jpg)

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Last time, on Anno Castra…

The party set out from Ironcastle with their deliveries in tow, and bore witness to the awesome destruction of the land caused by the stampede of the Dreaded Ones. All the badlands to the north, east and west had been trampled and reshaped by the passage of the Dreaded Ones who were whipped into a frenzy by the Siren Singer's call. Crags and hills had been stamped flat, low valleys uprooted and shaped again into steep crags. Heaps of rubble and corpses of trampled Dreaded Ones lay underfoot. At least now this meant a somewhat easier passage from Ironcastle to their first stop.

They headed north over the trampled badlands, and found that the Old World town had been little affected by the stampedes, even though the land surrounding it had clearly been trampled. Why the town and the fortress was spared was unknown. It was getting late in the Cycle, so they decided to stop and rest here.

By the lakeside just south of the Abandoned Fortress, they saw a Helping Hoof, an Old World tankpony robot, designed for household cleaning and defense. It had just slain a pair of Sightseers, and took up residence in the Fortress. After some deliberation, the party went to the Fortress to investigate. There, the robot ambushed Zamrud, but seemed to be asking him for directions in Old Equish. It sought to know where it was in relation to a place called "Canterlot," a term unknown to the party. They discovered that the robot had a function for learning new languages and regional dialects, and so they spent the rest of this Cycle teaching it modern Equish by providing audio samples.

Good decided to give it a "Spicy Señorita" accent. Its ultimate accent would be determined by the aggregate of the audio samples provided, so other party members still have a chance to influence it in that regard, if desired.
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"Heading to the sauna. It was better than allowing the crowd to take Good to the bar."


"I beat Qhapaq in a wrestling match, They really liked it."


"You beat Qhapaq in a wrestling match? You had a wrestling match?" Zamrud asks, sounding very surprised as he looks around. "I wasn't aware the game room had that sort of entertainment prepared."


Qhapaq chuckles a little, before nodding. "It's a normal form of entertainment, Zamrud. I thought I'd told you at one point or another." he says, tilting his head to the side. "But, yes. He fought quite well, once he got his bearings straight and got riled up by the crowd. The Aya appreciate an underdog."


"I am really sore and sweaty and tired. But I managed to duplex Qhapaq. So that was really cool."

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File: 1591709955816.png (1.77 MB, 2464x1540, Sketch 1.png)

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Last time, on HolyQuest…

After recovering from their brief but dangerous confrontation with the den of toxic rats, the Saviors descended through the strange, two-dimensional labyrinth, down and down and down. They reached a torture chamber, lit by gemstones filled with demons that, by this point, must have been imprisoned for millennia. From there, they approached a chamber further to the right, but discerned, by the fact that their view was pulling out, that there was something waiting for them beyond. Instead of proceeding directly to it, they pursued a path on a slope leading diagonally upward. At its peak, they saw that, at the base of the chamber was the staircase leading downward… and so too were a pair of enormously long centipede demons, trapped in an eternal guard-dance surrounding the staircase. How they would deal with this, we shall soon discover…
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"I don't really believe in 'uncompromising'," Amy responds to Salt. "But, I guess that kinda describes me, so I guess I don't believe in me," Amy laughs.

"I have a lot of pity for the demons in Tartarus, but I'm also not going to try to befriend every single one of them. We don't have the time for that unfortunately. If they get in my way and they won't move, they will be made to move."

"Hey, speaking of which, is all the food still safe for later?" Amy suddenly asks conversationally.

>Mantra of Equality [1d10+4] DC-4

Roll #1 5 + 4 = 9


With three final strikes Shei gives up "bah, bah, ba-a-h - No give, I need more practice."

"Gadds? Do you want to put out some darkness before we start again?"


Shorthorn's eyes open wide as she sees the very thing she tripped on trying to progress through the hall ends up revealing an unforseen clue, smiling widely as Volkama lifts up the long dark rug to reveal the trap-door.

"A-ahah! So there WAS something down here…" she says, looking at the locked door with a digruntled groan. "But it needs another key to open… keep track of where this is on your map, maybe if we got the rest of the way down the East hall we'll find one. Unless any of you remember to ask Pryce if he had more keys to spare."


"Patience will lead to deliverance. If a mind cannot compromise, a body can, or perhaps even the spirit. The tree that does not bend in a storm breaks."


Pryce thinks, taking time to answer this time after Sulfur's scolding before.
"There is far too much on the line to be caught aside in differences of belief. I will do whatever it takes to ensure we can continue on with our goal."

>"I think if we just talked we could find a compromise."

KP says.

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File: 1588945313024.jpg (567.97 KB, 1601x2000, 1552780103212.jpg)

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The armored skiffs hum low over the gray, humid earth, speeding toward the Castle of Silence. An AI gunship escort follows each skiff, weapons trained on the dark horizon. Inside your skiff's cockpit, the pilot grimly triple-checks the cloaking device to ensure they have enough charge for the ride back. Knight-Brother Mountain unlocks his harness and enters the ship's passenger hold, casting an apprising glare over the lot of you. You may have been hand-picked by Iron King Ischyros himself for this mission – even made to swear an oath of secrecy on pain of death – but the Knight-Brother's judgment was subject to his own insurmountable standards.

"Wake up, soldiers," Knight-Brother Mountain says. "We'll arrive within the hour. Consider it your new home; you're gonna be here a while."

Mountain flicks a button on a terminal in the center of the hold, portraying a holographic projection of a grand ziggurat, countless miles tall and wide, extending far deeper underground: Agatecastle is its official codename, but it is better known now as the Castle of Silence. Once home to millions and millions of souls of every race and walk of life, it is now nothing but a grave.

"For reasons unknown, Agatecastle fell to the Dreaded Ones, millennia ago," Mountain begins. "Either they infiltrated before the Castle's Heart could erect its protective barrier of light, or, worse, they broke through that barrier. If it's the latter, then whatever broke through could still be out there. And they'll come for the other Castles sooner or later. Agatecastle exists on no official records anywhere in any of the nine remaining Castles, so we have little to go on. All we know now is that the place is crawling top to bottom with Dreaded Ones.

"Your primary mission is to discover why the so-called Castle of Silence fell. Data chips, paper records, get whatever you can find that points to something concrete, something we can kill. As for your secondary mission: As you know, every Castle has a self-destruct mechanism, known as the Sword of the Five Gods, located on Layer Zero. It can only be operated by the keys and authorization codes held by the Castle's royal family. These should be located somewhere Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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"Mister Cautaa, Mister Huitlapan, I'm sure you both saw the mural we spoke about. If such a work of art could be preserved and moved back to our hive, it would sell for the fascinatingly warm colors alone. Pair it with what a 'sunset' and 'beach' are and you'll not have to worry about fine dining for years. That untouched splash of colors.. goodness."


Lost Hope passes the canteen to Deadweight, who beans it straight into the side of Xu's head. She falls over, and blood gushes from the point of impact, but she doesn't appear to have noticed, as she gets back up and continues to watch the programs with her obsessive gaze.

The Obsever stops, peers into the tent through the window, then hurries and enters, gawking at the horrid scene of blood. "What… what the hell did I just walk into?"

"Err– right," Huitlapan says. "If anyone wanted to buy that mural, it was assuredly the Magister herself. She seemed downright annoyed when Green stopped talking about it and began talking about his late father. I don't think she simply wanted to know about his mental state when he talked about it."
"We've certainly got time," Cautaa says, gesturing to his Comp. "Perhaps we might try to discern what the Magister's true interest was, as regarding the mural. If she were just after the art, there would be little need to take Green aside and hook him up to a machine that scans his mind."


"Maybe there's a secret door in it that hides treasure?"


Deadweight can't help but mutter an emphatic "Shit!" under her breath when she accidently hits Xu with the canteen. While still muttering curse words, she pulls out a medical kit and tries to stop the bleeding from Xu's already injured head, hoping to Regn she didn't just give her permanent brain damage, if she didn't have any already. She shouts to the Observer, "Don't just stand there, get a medic!" At least they got their distraction.


"Seriously! She's hurt! the last thing we want is her getting even more hurt!"

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The party have acquired new provisions and narrowly escaped the clutches of the sinister Parliament, an insidious cult that rule over Last Hearth with an iron fist. Doing so was not without its toll, however. Violet fell in the encounter, her soul bound to a peculiar doll called a Crucible. Reviving her is possible, but will require time, sacrifice, and preparation.

Meanwhile, the Oneiromancer has stolen the body of the undead elk Etrigan, though through Zunden's intervention he remained by their side, having become one with the Fate's Fortune. The repercussions of this remain uncertain.

Licking their wounds, the party have continued on, at last reaching a safe haven for them; a far-flung swamp town known as Withick. Here they have quickly made a new ally in the form of Sprig, a genteel, slightly eccentric purveyor of antiquities who has a personal vendetta with Lysander. He was eager to form a bond with them, and will aid them in their endeavours. As one with some knowledge of magic, he has promised to lift a spell that renders a map unreadable to them, a map which may, fingers crossed, point them to a hidden place where they can safely hide the terrible Cuckoo's Egg.

In return for this, Sprig has asked them to investigate an anomaly: an entire complex of mysterious ruins has manifested itself into existence in the nearby wilds. A not unheard of phenomenon in the Echoes. Sprig has asked them to go there, scout the ruins, and come back with their findings, along with any trinkets and curios they may find there.

Time in Withick has not been uneventful for the party:

Lilura has found a new home in the castle of Caer Portach, working as a bar maid.

Aegis has left the party to pursue her own personal goals; namely, finding a way to seal her debt with Ragalaseab, and kill Lady Grosvenor.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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"I guess we don't know she won't. But as far as I can tell it's our best option. But yeah. I don't plan on going in and just trying to chat her up or anything. We're going in with a mutually beneficial purpose. It'll still be dangerous, but…" I rub my eyes with the thumb and forefinger not stroking Vi. "Maybe we shouldn't all go in. It's not like having us all there would matter if we free her and she does decide to welch."


''I disagree'' Aegis says, not taking her eyes off the Zweihander ''With the help of Dawn we might have uncovered a way to return, or at the very least, a hint, a step closer to the truth. I have no doubt in my heart that there is a way to traverse to the other side, and as long as I live I will seek it''
She turns to Gawain, facing him with her usual cold emotionless glare ''I must return to my family, and fulfill my duty, this is my way''


Satisfied with my work, i unhook the flasks, transfer the poisons to the proper vials and go about cleaning out the equipment for later use.


"It was, yeah." he says, sighing a little and smiling as he thinks back.

"And, I definitely don't envy what you had to do. I'm sorry things had to be so hard on you, Etrigan. You deserve a lot better… so, I'll do what I can to make things here more pleasant." he offers a smile.


"Hm. I imagine we'll have to be forceful about it too. If she doesn't accept, this whole plan falls apart. We should have a backup plan in case of that."

He looks surprised. "Oh? Well, Miss Dawn does seem quite the magical adept. I suppose if anyone could make progress towards such a historic revelation it's her." He looks through you. "If what you say is true, then I'd be going back as well. I have promises to keep. As do you, I'm sure."

You finish your work and clean up the lab. The whole brewing process took most of the morning, but the results speak for themselves.

He smiles back. "Thank you. I'm just doing my part to see this through. As we all must."

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File: 1590884261301.jpg (1.47 MB, 3000x1180, ZarciaTundra2_UNFINISHED.jpg)


Hello, you, yes YOU will test drive my new CYOA!

This is the WIP header image, it's not done yet, as you can plainly see. What's the skinny? Read on…

https://zarciantundra.neocities.org/ This lays out some of the basics.

(YOU) are Curiosity/Wonder, a femanon/male-non sent to go to the Zarcian tundra. Your main character, as seen in the Twine game there, is Frost Shard.

More in the next post.

File: 1587304486455.jpg (249.19 KB, 1088x811, 1547239961559.jpg)

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Last time, on PirateQuest…

Another dream haunted our crew the night before, wherein they and many kingdoms and races of the world stood side by side, trapped within a vortex of overlapping folds of reality, witnessing the opening of a great and towering Vault. From within, an army of giants, metal men like the one that the crew recovered last night, stepped forth, their hands outstretched to take away all that lay before them. But before the giants could snatch the people away, the obsidian machinations of Cuauhtemoc rose with a bloodcurdling frenzy of war-cries, attacking the giants in a guerrilla ambush, and made a mad dash for the Vault itself. But they were defeated and routed, and the giants continued their eternal march toward the world.

That morning, the party rose, groggy and disoriented from the strange dream. After they'd gotten their bearings and breakfast, they set out with a task from Bee Holder. The night before, Paraiba, Prisma and the five remaining mooks had been found by Kukulcan's crew, and had been taken back to his camp for medical attention. Bee Holder, however, distrusted Kukulcan, and wanted our crew to recover the wounded group during their exploration of the island today. With that in mind, they set out for the jungles of Cuauhtemoc. Although Kukulcan was not expecting to see them today, he had made arrangements yesterday, so perhaps the party could use those.

After heading west for a time (minus Cloud, who stayed behind because of his lame forearm), they reached a high plateau overlooking a canopy of a tree-village, and to the distance they saw the gnomon of a magnificent sundial many miles off. Before they could try to scope out more, they were approached from behind by pack of obsidian jaguars, unknown in number, who apparently had a strange taste for the island's fruit.
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Cloud says with some confusion, and then shrugs.
"Well if you're okay with it then I guess there's nothing to worry about. Kind of a waste though, but your choice."



"Well of course it's a problem! Of course I'm not okay with it!" Cutlass blurts out. "But, what the heck else am I supposed to do? If the options are fight a genie that I can't beat or fuck it one time, I'll take the easier option. It's gross and awful, but it's not like I'm losing anything of actual va-"

Cutlass cuts herself off. Her face goes red again. "Y-you said it would be a waste?"


Cloud snickers as Cutlass blurts out about fucking the dress.
"You could also just not wear it and use normal clothes."
He says in jest of that option being overlooked.

"Well yea. That first time is something special. If you don't share it with somepony special, that's just a waste."



"Somepony special…" Cutlass mutters with a forlorn expression. Then, she knocks back the remainder of her drink. It takes several long seconds.

"That's not ever going to happen," she grumbles once she's done.


Cloud looks down at Cutlass as she grumbles over her drink, feeling a bit guilty.
"There's somepony out there for everypony. Don't tell me you'll take out an island's government but surrender yourself to a dress."

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File: 1590102280765.jpg (93.68 KB, 1024x576, lukewarm&lukewarm.jpg)


[This thread is a small excerpt to make up for a non present player.]

So there Luke is pissing on his shoes, stupid fuckin look on his trying to put two and two together.

"Why are you here?" He asks
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Jean pops her sleepy head out of Luke's drawstring bag. "It sounds like a pretty good deal." She whispers in his ear.


"Aaalright, you guys sold me." Luke says all chummy about it.


He presses a piece of paper into Luke's chest for him to accept "Here's a map to the room."

B Luke then spreads his limbs out in pose. "Normal Luke. Gauze me."

To which Normal Luke responds by hopping off the toilet and wrapping Business Luke in toilet paper.

"Thank Nero crystal ponies literally wipe their ass with gauze."


And thats how a drunk, two retards, a cat and 3 assholes made a pact together. Promising to properly sedate Lukewarm with videogames and drugs while they impersonate him for a day.



Thanks I hate it

File: 1586229013880.png (4.53 MB, 2400x2100, HolyQuest - the Saviors.png)

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Last time, on HolyQuest…

The party, along with Regina, Box, River, Zjetya, Gadriel and LJ, hung out, eating ice cream and generally enjoying themselves as a group. Shei got to speak with Gabriele and Punish, in a reunion that quickly went from awkward to far more heartfelt, as they reunited after being so long apart. Like with their reunion with Shei-perd, however, Shei eventually had to move on, and speak with the water spirit whom he had angered for turning the river in which he dwelled into a weapon.

They traveled via Dark Corridor to the outskirts of Fantasia, to the bank of a river that led from northern mountains into a forest to the south, and it is from those waters that the god of the river appeared, in the form of a catfish dragon. After a period of negotiation, the water god agreed to relent from the punishment he had in mind for the whole party, if they agreed to instruct the Fantasians to honor him and the other lesser-known gods of the land in honor of the protection that they provide to the nations. Amy pestered the water god until he agreed to be her friend, business as usual.
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"I'll have them protected, don't worry about that. Flaming does have a point though, you won't always be able to avoid whatever you come across in Tartarus."


A turn is between 3-5 seconds, you're looking at 30 seconds from the crit

Shei scans the millipede demons, feeling the seconds whittling away on his invisibility…

>Lords of the Refuse

>250/250 HP
>Weak: Gun, Blunt, Pierce, Magma
>Resist: Fire, Ichor
>Null: None
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


When Shei relays the demons are resistant to fire, Pryce's mood is lowered a bit.
"Fire resistant bugs?"
He says, looking at his burning spear. He sighs, dismissing the weapon and dropping his bracelet to his hoof. His horn glows as he makes a new lance, without an element this time to be more effective.
>Conjure Weapon [Lance] [DC5, Single, Great] [1d10+1]

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2


Shei-Sher takes from a canteen some raw earth and carries it high in his hoof. The dirt stokes hot as embers manifest.
>space affinity

There is magma present in his hoof. He releases his grip and small motes of the ember fly out to imbue his party's choice of weapon.
>spellbleed 6 targets
[1d10+3] magma element for gadds, Amy, River, Shei, Flaming, Zjetya

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5 / Roll #2 3 + 3 = 6


>Ndindisholo: Passive; Critical Hits and Critical Failures do not deal extra damage to you.

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