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The party have acquired new provisions and narrowly escaped the clutches of the sinister Parliament, an insidious cult that rule over Last Hearth with an iron fist. Doing so was not without its toll, however. Violet fell in the encounter, her soul bound to a peculiar doll called a Crucible. Reviving her is possible, but will require time, sacrifice, and preparation.

Meanwhile, the Oneiromancer has stolen the body of the undead elk Etrigan, though through Zunden's intervention he remained by their side, having become one with the Fate's Fortune. The repercussions of this remain uncertain.

Licking their wounds, the party have continued on, at last reaching a safe haven for them; a far-flung swamp town known as Withick. Here they have quickly made a new ally in the form of Sprig, a genteel, slightly eccentric purveyor of antiquities who has a personal vendetta with Lysander. He was eager to form a bond with them, and will aid them in their endeavours. As one with some knowledge of magic, he has promised to lift a spell that renders a map unreadable to them, a map which may, fingers crossed, point them to a hidden place where they can safely hide the terrible Cuckoo's Egg.

In return for this, Sprig has asked them to investigate an anomaly: an entire complex of mysterious ruins has manifested itself into existence in the nearby wilds. A not unheard of phenomenon in the Echoes. Sprig has asked them to go there, scout the ruins, and come back with their findings, along with any trinkets and curios they may find there.

Time in Withick has not been uneventful for the party:

Lilura has found a new home in the castle of Caer Portach, working as a bar maid.

Aegis has left the party to pursue her own personal goals; namely, finding a way to seal her debt with Ragalaseab, and kill Lady Grosvenor.
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"I guess we don't know she won't. But as far as I can tell it's our best option. But yeah. I don't plan on going in and just trying to chat her up or anything. We're going in with a mutually beneficial purpose. It'll still be dangerous, but…" I rub my eyes with the thumb and forefinger not stroking Vi. "Maybe we shouldn't all go in. It's not like having us all there would matter if we free her and she does decide to welch."


''I disagree'' Aegis says, not taking her eyes off the Zweihander ''With the help of Dawn we might have uncovered a way to return, or at the very least, a hint, a step closer to the truth. I have no doubt in my heart that there is a way to traverse to the other side, and as long as I live I will seek it''
She turns to Gawain, facing him with her usual cold emotionless glare ''I must return to my family, and fulfill my duty, this is my way''


Satisfied with my work, i unhook the flasks, transfer the poisons to the proper vials and go about cleaning out the equipment for later use.


"It was, yeah." he says, sighing a little and smiling as he thinks back.

"And, I definitely don't envy what you had to do. I'm sorry things had to be so hard on you, Etrigan. You deserve a lot better… so, I'll do what I can to make things here more pleasant." he offers a smile.


"Hm. I imagine we'll have to be forceful about it too. If she doesn't accept, this whole plan falls apart. We should have a backup plan in case of that."

He looks surprised. "Oh? Well, Miss Dawn does seem quite the magical adept. I suppose if anyone could make progress towards such a historic revelation it's her." He looks through you. "If what you say is true, then I'd be going back as well. I have promises to keep. As do you, I'm sure."

You finish your work and clean up the lab. The whole brewing process took most of the morning, but the results speak for themselves.

He smiles back. "Thank you. I'm just doing my part to see this through. As we all must."

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File: 1590884261301.jpg (1.47 MB, 3000x1180, ZarciaTundra2_UNFINISHED.jpg)


Hello, you, yes YOU will test drive my new CYOA!

This is the WIP header image, it's not done yet, as you can plainly see. What's the skinny? Read on…

https://zarciantundra.neocities.org/ This lays out some of the basics.

(YOU) are Curiosity/Wonder, a femanon/male-non sent to go to the Zarcian tundra. Your main character, as seen in the Twine game there, is Frost Shard.

More in the next post.

File: 1587304486455.jpg (249.19 KB, 1088x811, 1547239961559.jpg)

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Last time, on PirateQuest…

Another dream haunted our crew the night before, wherein they and many kingdoms and races of the world stood side by side, trapped within a vortex of overlapping folds of reality, witnessing the opening of a great and towering Vault. From within, an army of giants, metal men like the one that the crew recovered last night, stepped forth, their hands outstretched to take away all that lay before them. But before the giants could snatch the people away, the obsidian machinations of Cuauhtemoc rose with a bloodcurdling frenzy of war-cries, attacking the giants in a guerrilla ambush, and made a mad dash for the Vault itself. But they were defeated and routed, and the giants continued their eternal march toward the world.

That morning, the party rose, groggy and disoriented from the strange dream. After they'd gotten their bearings and breakfast, they set out with a task from Bee Holder. The night before, Paraiba, Prisma and the five remaining mooks had been found by Kukulcan's crew, and had been taken back to his camp for medical attention. Bee Holder, however, distrusted Kukulcan, and wanted our crew to recover the wounded group during their exploration of the island today. With that in mind, they set out for the jungles of Cuauhtemoc. Although Kukulcan was not expecting to see them today, he had made arrangements yesterday, so perhaps the party could use those.

After heading west for a time (minus Cloud, who stayed behind because of his lame forearm), they reached a high plateau overlooking a canopy of a tree-village, and to the distance they saw the gnomon of a magnificent sundial many miles off. Before they could try to scope out more, they were approached from behind by pack of obsidian jaguars, unknown in number, who apparently had a strange taste for the island's fruit.
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Cloud says with some confusion, and then shrugs.
"Well if you're okay with it then I guess there's nothing to worry about. Kind of a waste though, but your choice."



"Well of course it's a problem! Of course I'm not okay with it!" Cutlass blurts out. "But, what the heck else am I supposed to do? If the options are fight a genie that I can't beat or fuck it one time, I'll take the easier option. It's gross and awful, but it's not like I'm losing anything of actual va-"

Cutlass cuts herself off. Her face goes red again. "Y-you said it would be a waste?"


Cloud snickers as Cutlass blurts out about fucking the dress.
"You could also just not wear it and use normal clothes."
He says in jest of that option being overlooked.

"Well yea. That first time is something special. If you don't share it with somepony special, that's just a waste."



"Somepony special…" Cutlass mutters with a forlorn expression. Then, she knocks back the remainder of her drink. It takes several long seconds.

"That's not ever going to happen," she grumbles once she's done.


Cloud looks down at Cutlass as she grumbles over her drink, feeling a bit guilty.
"There's somepony out there for everypony. Don't tell me you'll take out an island's government but surrender yourself to a dress."

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File: 1590102280765.jpg (93.68 KB, 1024x576, lukewarm&lukewarm.jpg)


[This thread is a small excerpt to make up for a non present player.]

So there Luke is pissing on his shoes, stupid fuckin look on his trying to put two and two together.

"Why are you here?" He asks
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Jean pops her sleepy head out of Luke's drawstring bag. "It sounds like a pretty good deal." She whispers in his ear.


"Aaalright, you guys sold me." Luke says all chummy about it.


He presses a piece of paper into Luke's chest for him to accept "Here's a map to the room."

B Luke then spreads his limbs out in pose. "Normal Luke. Gauze me."

To which Normal Luke responds by hopping off the toilet and wrapping Business Luke in toilet paper.

"Thank Nero crystal ponies literally wipe their ass with gauze."


And thats how a drunk, two retards, a cat and 3 assholes made a pact together. Promising to properly sedate Lukewarm with videogames and drugs while they impersonate him for a day.



Thanks I hate it

File: 1586229013880.png (4.53 MB, 2400x2100, HolyQuest - the Saviors.png)

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Last time, on HolyQuest…

The party, along with Regina, Box, River, Zjetya, Gadriel and LJ, hung out, eating ice cream and generally enjoying themselves as a group. Shei got to speak with Gabriele and Punish, in a reunion that quickly went from awkward to far more heartfelt, as they reunited after being so long apart. Like with their reunion with Shei-perd, however, Shei eventually had to move on, and speak with the water spirit whom he had angered for turning the river in which he dwelled into a weapon.

They traveled via Dark Corridor to the outskirts of Fantasia, to the bank of a river that led from northern mountains into a forest to the south, and it is from those waters that the god of the river appeared, in the form of a catfish dragon. After a period of negotiation, the water god agreed to relent from the punishment he had in mind for the whole party, if they agreed to instruct the Fantasians to honor him and the other lesser-known gods of the land in honor of the protection that they provide to the nations. Amy pestered the water god until he agreed to be her friend, business as usual.
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"I'll have them protected, don't worry about that. Flaming does have a point though, you won't always be able to avoid whatever you come across in Tartarus."


A turn is between 3-5 seconds, you're looking at 30 seconds from the crit

Shei scans the millipede demons, feeling the seconds whittling away on his invisibility…

>Lords of the Refuse

>250/250 HP
>Weak: Gun, Blunt, Pierce, Magma
>Resist: Fire, Ichor
>Null: None
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


When Shei relays the demons are resistant to fire, Pryce's mood is lowered a bit.
"Fire resistant bugs?"
He says, looking at his burning spear. He sighs, dismissing the weapon and dropping his bracelet to his hoof. His horn glows as he makes a new lance, without an element this time to be more effective.
>Conjure Weapon [Lance] [DC5, Single, Great] [1d10+1]

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2


Shei-Sher takes from a canteen some raw earth and carries it high in his hoof. The dirt stokes hot as embers manifest.
>space affinity

There is magma present in his hoof. He releases his grip and small motes of the ember fly out to imbue his party's choice of weapon.
>spellbleed 6 targets
[1d10+3] magma element for gadds, Amy, River, Shei, Flaming, Zjetya

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5 / Roll #2 3 + 3 = 6


>Ndindisholo: Passive; Critical Hits and Critical Failures do not deal extra damage to you.

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File: 1584713349049.jpg (142.54 KB, 716x1008, 1547178368740.jpg)

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…Now, there exists a certain fanciful legend regarding the Time Long Forgotten, holding that the Outlands were not always a lightless expanse, as it is in this our present age, but that there was once a great Lamp perched upon some colossal mountain, that with a gentle and pale light illuminated all the earth, and that this Lamp was known as The Moon, and that it was kept and maintained by a godly Queen, and that her land was called Night.

Some hold to another version of the tale, which attests that there was another great Lamp, and that this one, called The Sun, gave off such a glow that it shamed the dim light of The Moon, and that it was kept and maintained by a mighty King, whose country was called Day. Those adherents of this version of the legend disagree as to whether the King of Day and the Queen of Night were wedded or bitter enemies, or perhaps even siblings. Some say that it was an earth-shaking war between these divine monarchs which rid our world of light.

But, those who believe in this fable claim a still more incredible thing: That the light of The Sun and the light of The Moon were so powerful that they were anathema to the Dreaded Ones, and that even the mightiest of those abominations were so weakened by the light that they had to hide deep underground, as we hide in our Castles in this our present age. With The Sun and The Moon keeping watch over the lands, there was a peace in the earth, the likes of which not one living soul in this era knows.

It may only be a legend… but I pray that it be true, and that there may be some way of restoring even a modicum of the light of The Sun or The Moon. For, if this not be the case, then at our current projections, these Castles which seal us off from the Dreaded Ones will exhaust the last of their power in this generation. These walls, built by our First Ancestors and their secret wisdom, will soon crumble, and the Dreaded Ones shall finally fall upon us.

But life shall not be extinguished, for the Dreaded Ones harbor no such mercy.

-Mendicant Rudolph, Anno Castra 31274
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Good decided to offer to take the first watch so he could be somewhat rested for tomorrow.


Roll #1 8 = 8


File: 1590818033420.jpg (71.76 KB, 960x540, cheese bisque.jpg)

After taking the time to each the Helping Hoof all he knows of languages, Zamrud takes off his teacher hat to put on his chef's hat, preparing dinner for the evening with an old classic: cheese sandwiches with tomato bisque.
[1d10] for cooking

After which, given his keen eyesight, he offers to take the first watch over the Fortress, hoping its defenses will do most of the work in keeping them safe
[1d10+1] lookout

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 4 + 1 = 5


[1d10] Using Dexterity to attempt better food (at least)

Roll #1 4 = 4


The cheese is burnt, the tomato slices are crispy, and the avocado distribution is shamefully uneven… the bisque is okay though. The only way you're going to be able to play off these cheese sandwiches is to spin it to be about building character.


Qhapaq doesn't manage to get a chance to keep watch, but he does sleep close enough to ensure he'll wake up if one of the two needs help.

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File: 1580609376897.jpg (470.64 KB, 2203x1361, 9-10-neutron-star.jpg)

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It is a lawless time in the galaxy. The recent years of war and turmoil have led to a fractured, chaotic society, rife with warlords, crime empires, private corporations, and other vying powers trying to stake their claims on this new wild world. The Republic of Selen, following their triumph over the Helian Empire, struggle to maintain their hold over the Realms.

In these times, mercenary outfits have become more and more common, hired by all manner of powerful figures to undertake whatever tasks need be. Spacers are a common sight, wandering from place to place, doing whatever work needs done, no questions asked. Groups of these mercenaries have formed, freelance, unaffiliated unions with little ties between its members.

It is to the best known of these, the Spacers' Guild, that our protagonists seek to pledge to, in hopes of ekeing out a living among the stars…
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"I mean yeah like, we're not assholes. If you think this is a really bad call, we could call it off. We don't even own a ship proper yet so, just trying to make a few more credits is all." Vandal responds to Luv shrugging, leaning against a wall.


"No comms and automated missle fire suggests this things been abandoned. Only have to wonder why."


"Hrm… I'm not so sure about it, but if the crew's going, I'll be going."


"If you guys want I can cloak, pop in, and scout it out a little. Frank can pop one of his optical sensors out and fiddle with it too. Makes sort of a flying camera." She knits her brow and looks down at the sulking bot. "If I can pull him out of this little funk long enough to actually do it."

Frank hasn't moved since the hit from the missile and still lies slumped over, face down on the floor.


"I am very much down to raid this place for a payday, If shit goes south we bail, but otherwise there's no point in not giving it a proper try."

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File: 1585451657461.jpg (76.99 KB, 1024x576, 9ad9826b5dd4786bc028a38cf4….jpg)


The land is sick and infected, decimated by war and apocalypse as the land Equestria was left seemingly irreversibly scarred. Countless millions were claimed by the cataclysm and its immediate aftermath, once bound pitiful lands made barren and empty as ponies and other creatures struggle to survive with the remnants of old world technology and food stores.

It has been many years since judgement day and you are one the survivors scraping by in this new age of ruin. Whether you walk the way of the tribal or cling to the technology supremacy of the old world, this will be your story to shape.

Name: Your identity.

Gender: Boy or girl?

Race: Each race has unique racial skills.

Class: Determines which skills you can take. Take a second class to become Multiclass.

Skills: You get 5 points to spend on skills. (3 if you are Multiclass)

Special Talent: A subject or activity you excel in.
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File: 1581622468621.jpg (80.72 KB, 918x871, The Crimson King.jpg)

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Somewhere, in a distant time and place, a young sailor hurries back to his room.

The going has been hard. The storms have not been kind, for they are headed into waters that have remained uncharted for a good reason. Not even the stormtamer mages that the captain hired from the Shaka mage's guild have been able to quell these winds, and they have had little choice these past few days but to let themselves be tossed at the sky's mercy. The rations have been thin and tasteless, for they know not how long they must endure this wait. The colt's sole comfort has been that most curious logbook…

He crawls into bed, where the book awaits him. Flipping to his bookmark, he genuflects, making the Mark of Virtue, tracing a diamond shape over his head and heart. It's a good enough prayer for now, he reassures himself. He would make a more formal one once he reached the end of this Act. Just as Act 1 had ended with an excerpt of what happened to the villainous Bee Queens, so too must this Act reveal what happened to the dreadful Auntzi, and he had been eager to find out, all throughout the day.

He reaches his bookmark, and flips past the blank page to the epilogue…

But there are no words upon the page.

At least, none that can be read.


On the contrary, the page is full of words, or so it seems. The edges of words can be seen near the corners of the page, but the main body of the paper is completely covered by some kind of… doors. An otherworldly, lifelike illumination of a colossal pair of marble doors; an almighty Vault. Its face is embossed with seemingly endless, intricate designs of monsters and mortal races, and it awaits at the end of a long, crystalline path, guarded by ten thousand stone soldiers, but it all pales in comparison to the doors of the Vault.
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"Is that you, Kukulcan?" Cutlass asks calmly as she looks around for the source of the sound. [1d10] perception


"Eh. You get used to it," Cutlass shrugs. "But, what's a… laudanum?"

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Ah- towards the obelisk, then? Or, is that for later?" he asks, before whipping around to look behind him!


"An anodyne for physical and mental ailments. You may also know it as tincture of opium. It would do you good."


"That's enough out of you," Shadow Chiu says, bopping Shadow Cloud on the nose a little. "You're going to be a dad too, and I don't want our kid picking up any bad habits like pessimism."
"I never thought about that," Chiu says. "Will you and I… give birth simultaneously?"
"…Let's NOT find out," Shadow Chiu says.
Setting that aside, Chiu sits across from you on her own towel, starting to build the foundation of a sandcastle with her hooves. Granny, meanwhile, curls up like a cat and sits on the towel, keeping watch over the nearby sand for said golems and sea monsters.

It tastes quite sweet, and if anything, it's a little powerful, with a strong tang. Perhaps it is best experienced when mixed with something else that can balance out its forceful flavor.

Colobok gasps and reaches toward Cutlass, but it is too late. From out of the shadows and the jungle behind you, there comes a shape, a smooth and dark shape which brushes up against Cutlass's side. It is an obsidian jaguar, with eyes of deep ruby glimmering as it inspects your party. Shapes stir in the foliage beyond, suggesting that more are approaching. Your backs are against the open sky over the plateau, and there look to be few places where you can go from here to get free of the creatures.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



"Oh… Yeah, I'm not really a drug… kind of pony…" she says, seemingly realizing how un-pirate-like that is.

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File: 1580169794746.jpg (1.08 MB, 1024x768, Threecoins Map.jpg)

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Last time on HolyQuest…

Amy and Shei finished their discussion with the soul of the Bodhidharma. It was indeed possible to turn an angel or a demon back into a mortal, for both angels and demons are, in the end, naught but ascended souls with a new physical body. However, such an act was not mere transformation, but transubstantiation – the true conversion of one thing into another thing, not the simple adjustment of its shape or properties. To accomplish it, they would require the soul of a god, and the Ember of Jalandhara was the only such soul around. The fact that the soul was only an ember at this point would likely mean that using it for the purpose of soul transubstantiation would drain it of its remaining power, unless it could be somehow recharged.

Pryce and Cloak purchased a few weapons and upgrades from Meister's Metallurgy, and paid the near-deaf smith back by helping her train for the day. Cloak earned more than a few stinging bruises for his trouble. Pryce, meanwhile, did a bit of boxing practice with Spitshine, to Sugar's unspoken delight. Before leaving, River and Zjetya placed in a secret order, one that would take Meister until about sundown to complete.

Flaming finished her brief tabletop campaign with Box, LJ and Regina, and the trio showered their QM with praise for their adventure. In a change of pace for their date, they elected to leave the Library of the Sacrosanct behind and go out for a run to clear their heads and get some fresh air. The Public Gardens to the south held a most wondrous overgrowth of plantlife, and was thus a suitable location.
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Amy smiles and wags her tail. She leans into the stroke.

"Yay!" she says excitedly. "Since we're friends now, I promise to come back and visit you soon! I'm kinda busy right now saving the world, but once I have some time off, I promise, we're gonna have fun together!"

"We can play games and eat fish together! Can you cook? It's alright if you can't, I can bring some friends who can. We can have a slumber party!" she gasps excitedly. "We can stay up all night talking about boys! We can share stories! Tell each other jokes! It'll be so much fun!"


You sense annoyance coming from the river, just as the malevolent pressure was coming from it earlier.


>Forgot to give him a name!

Amy smiles and wags her tail. She leans into the stroke.

"Yay!" she says excitedly. "Since we're friends now, I promise to come back and visit you soon! I'm kinda busy right now saving the world, but once I have some time off, I promise, we're gonna have fun together!"

"We can play games and eat fish together! Can you cook? It's alright if you can't, I can bring some friends who can. We can have a slumber party!" she gasps excitedly. "We can stay up all night talking about boys! We can share stories! Tell each other jokes! It'll be so much fun, Figgy!"


"Ahem-hrm! Please explain why boys, is plural." Shei has have a mind to call his mom.


Flaming smiles, "I didn't doubt it for a second. Put Amy in a room with any thing and she'll walk out with a new friend."

She pauses, "Figgy? Who's Figgy?"

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