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In which nothing really changes but we still keep doing it
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File: 1487733214724.jpg (550.09 KB, 1400x1000, 1025571__safe_solo_clothes….jpg)

why is poke confused about its pillow?

heh that could be a fun fan art


No Kelani doesn't believe thatthou he does see that romance isn't the way to go about it

I don't have any good zeebs left, only old zeebs.


I wonder what he'll cook up

Also you can post party zeeb


File: 1487733365729.jpg (239.37 KB, 570x512, 1462521786579.jpg)

It's looking for more than a pillow


I can't, I can't draw her fuck


Well.. okay..
>spends the next 3 hours breeding for a female riolu


>I can't draw her fuck
Oh dear, you don't have to jump to conclusions!
There's more than one way of zeebposting!


>tfw I have like, three in Y
Still haven't brought them up to Sun, though. Putting off renewing the bank subscription.


…I don't have other means of zeeb posting

just like gamefreak put off adding a national dex, ayooo


It'll probably be in Pokemon Stars, or whatever they're probably going to put on the Switch.


File: 1487733868623.gif (76.73 KB, 550x591, 1444259209204.gif)

I just hope Knight is around


Are you suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure?


or maybe they will just drop the idea of people collecting them all


Impossibru. That was the main reason to split it into two games in the first place.


Not for 3-4 hours. Start for Andy, I'll try to get in but no promises.


File: 1487734790455.png (251.47 KB, 1200x1200, 1457465735368.png)


To sell more copies because of exclusives yes, but versions exclusives can still exist, without a subgoal of colllecting every single pokemon: aka the national dex filled


But then who would buy Pokemon NuGold and PureSilver? Or BasicBlue/PremiumRed?


File: 1487736039464.gif (2.73 MB, 307x284, 130068026033-Pinkie_Pie_De….gif)

Nostalgia fags and kids who never played it


File: 1487736121543.jpg (114.54 KB, 1024x724, 1447540958348.jpg)

That doesn't bother me so much


That's PokeGO


You seen the numbers on that?
You think Gamefreak will ignore that audience?


Apparently they're rolling out the Johto pokes for PokeGo soon.


I mean
You saw the numbers on PT and Metal Gear and Konami still let Kojima go


The difference is that the Konami execs hated Kojima's guts and had him locked in a basement.


they did already yes

not really the same thing


File: 1487737064615.jpg (55.8 KB, 680x510, 1445207698464.jpg)

lemme know if trainers want to train


I meant to ask earlier but it's hard to budget time for the sub lately

What do you guys think about black science loli who will probably be the next hero?


Age and costume choice are questionable I mean, isn't it a bit racist that the 11-year-old African super-genius is dressed in current tribal garb as opposed to futuristic 2070s engi-suits?, but I suppose this will somehow tie into how the Doom Fist is going to be missing from areas.


OW heroes were always essentialist

>Guy from the American Southwest

>Dresses up to fight on a battlefield like a literal cowboy
>Japanese guy in the future wearing normal silk robes and using a bow
>British person is gay

They're all classic stereotypes


File: 1487738250119.png (84.33 KB, 1007x1229, 393Piplup_DP_anime_5.png)


Spoilers from leaks that seem to be all but confirmed:
She isn't going to be out there on the battlefield, she will have a 4-legged spider drone/mech that she controls, and she's also going to be an anchor tank like Rein


But Hanzo has some mechanical components, I believe. And McCree is just a total nerd.
Besides, there's no way in hell they'll let you shoot at an 11-year-old, no matter how smart she is.


holding off opinions until she actually gets in


So they say, although while I love to believe in leaks you could easily remain skeptical. There were already spiderbots in official OW art before that post so they could've gotten the idea from there.

McCree also has a prosthetic arm, quite a few heroes are disabled


That leak in particular also called the Lunar event and the Winston skin.
Plus, y'know, what Fidget said, they won't let people shoot 11 year olds


Even I called the Lunar event, remember? And if you got the Lunar event, the Winston skin was the easiest skin to guess out of that (I guessed it too)


File: 1487738831846.jpg (123.11 KB, 900x1260, 1450088218953.jpg)

gib a while


Well, I want to believe


Me too, but I'm just playing advocatus diaboli


File: 1487739005374.jpg (413.34 KB, 1920x1080, wukong-winston-overwatch-l….jpg)


>ywn get to play a Tachikoma in Overwatch


How do you say 'cautiously optimistic' in latin though?


Sylt would know, I bet


No monkey business


You used latin just now in a completely arbitrary fashion!
I assumed you're just going to pepper some into every post


Well, looking at a machine translation, Cautious becomes "cautus", and hope (which I'm substituting for optimism) is "spem."
So it'd be cautus spem, or just cautus.
Or you could just go for a different phrase altogether and get "audemus dum cavemus", which is "we are bold whilst we are cautious."


Doesn't sound like something egomet would do



Reminds me of a hungarian movie in which a history teacher is abducted by a bunch of thugs and he makes up gibberish latin to lead them all around the country

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