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Wherein we discuss tiny pones, donuts, and other pointless things.
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Yeah, thank fuck for Paradox. One of the very few game devs left worth supporting.

I rarely take note of your opinions though, no offense.


File: 1490304782469.png (134.71 KB, 576x636, 1404434634240.png)

I prefer "practical" but, sure.
Time's a resource too, time spend researching a game, playing a game, posting memes about a game.. its all the same thing really, when it comes to time spent.


I will
My rep grind for the Armies of Legionfall, that is


I don't like tank anyway, but she's not really fun to play around either.


Yeah, Sylt is right, Orisa is a surprisingly technical tank, involving a lot of thought about cooldowns
>Shield available once every 12 seconds (but expires after 20)
>Fortify once every 14 seconds, lasts 4 seconds; Use judiciously to avoid boops, shutdown Meis/Reincharges/Roadhooks/Flashbangs/Gravitons, etc.
>Halt once every 8 seconds, can be used to pull weak enemies out of cover to finish, stagger speedy flankers, or slow pressure

It's a lot to think about


Until you play games with other people, in which case you also socialize.

Now that's a very efficient way to spend your time!


Into the trash it goes then
Glad I didn't waste any coins


Maybe once people get better at her it will be more fun.. quick play has been downright miserable since she came out thou


I'm so sorry.


File: 1490305019713.png (884.45 KB, 1280x720, CMC_happy_about_the_idea_S….png)

yea, there is that.


t. man who tanks in WoW


This will be a lot more sensible since I will, for the first time since starting Legion, have fresh content to solo through rather than just raiding.
I'm a DPS though.
Though yeah like 75% of my performance is rotation management


You should group up with someone who knows how to play Orisa right and then you won't be so miserable having to deal with a bad damage sponge

>This is what would have happened with any new tank though, like how we had DPS mains playing Ana when she came out

I honestly dunno how DM would feel about Orisa, it's hard to speculate. She is a projectile hero and he likes those, Torb and Junk.


Yea, nah, this is way worse, because they were able to shoot things, they could still be OKAY at ana.


I'd need to play her to know.
My big worry is I'd play her vastly too aggressively and die a lot.


That's why we can pocket you if we play together


The other question is how many situations are there where me on Orissa will be better than me on Rein


File: 1490305530635.png (2.9 MB, 1648x1190, 1473732241208.png)

I can't play tonight and you can't play tomorrow, so someone else will just have to group up with you


The advantage of Orisa is her sheer damage output is staggering, she completely saturates an area with trashdamage like Junkrat


It's literally a wow tank.


If Orisa has her barrier up Rein bounces off.


Maybe this weekend


Her fortify up*

Barriers are something else


Waiter, there's ass in this soup


Well there's a sales pitch if I ever heard one
But I'm a retridin who sucks ass at PVP


File: 1490305759659.png (517.39 KB, 1890x1417, 1480172877809.png)

I did play some QP earlier on Gibralter though

>How it feels trying to soloheal a team of Reinhardt, Orisa, Roadhog, Zarya, and *doublejumps*INEEDHEALING*doublejumps*


You mean the deployable barricade? I know that. In my head, though, barrier goes on the person, barricade goes on the ground.


what a tiny nurse


Use your cooldowns.
No really. PVP is about picking your battles and using your cooldowns as soon as you need them.


File: 1490305827133.png (106.39 KB, 720x936, 1490293050945.png)

Red Mage's ramblings always reminds me of DM somehow.


Barriers are things that absorb damage without providing ult charge

Fortify only halves damage


I see.


Makes sense to me


That's something Fighter would say. Or maybe Elf


Its been long since I've seen this web comedy.


File: 1490306235368.jpg (74.36 KB, 177x219, Crosseyed.jpg)

It was a good webcomic, back when spritecomics were a thing.
Probably for the best it had a definite ending.


I remember loving it.


File: 1490306549959.png (147.53 KB, 720x936, 080619.png)

>tfw never a quest like this

I also remember the one where red mage survived a deadly fall by throwing a potion in the air while falling so it broke on his dead body and revived him


That's pretty clever actually


File: 1490306914986.png (120.66 KB, 720x936, 080902.png)

He is a genius after all.
Can powergame even better than Sylt


PVP is about one side having better healers or a rogue/mage/priest setup


Would be funnier if
>Why didn't it work? Why's he dead?
>It's an oral drug. When was the last time you just slathered yourself in ibuprofen?


I just heard a series of loud pops in the distance and I have no idea what it was


The sound of +6 treants


probably not fireworks


Not in the house.

Probably not.
Maybe some car or something?
Because I also doubt it was someone unloading a semi-automatic gun.


File: 1490307682372.jpg (47.41 KB, 583x513, 1489549466822.jpg)

It's Them.


File: 1490307720264.png (59.34 KB, 908x869, 1347311653586.png)

I have no way to know from here



What is worse I have no way of knowing from here either!

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