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Here we stand beneath the warm and soothing rain
The droplets gently falling down on the terrain
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Discord + charged shot. Be warned that a good tracer can melt a Zen because of your large head hitbox. It's double the size of your visible head, as Zen.
Reliable tracer counters include all hitscan heroes, soldier on top because of helix. The trick is bursting her down.


Too late. Class tomorrow. Goodnight.


Defensive Sombra counters Tracer by forcing her to attack Sombra first or lose blink



File: 1494897213288.jpg (463.25 KB, 1200x900, 1494873528684.jpg)

Par for the course when you consort with a Goddess


No titty goddess yet


Bzzy or Kelani
No PC is safe when nopo is around
Kelani just makes as many friendz as possible to try to avoid death
Oh good


File: 1494898818981.jpg (203.83 KB, 1024x1237, viper__armored__by_infinit….jpg)


Friends are good

But don't forget, if you get attached he just has leverage over you!

What a nice snek, finishing tonight?


File: 1494899111344.jpg (36.98 KB, 637x476, Akko_Methodology.jpg)

If I befriend literally everyone including satan, I won't have enemies left to threaten me


well perhaps
I don't know where knight is thou


So many ways to hurt him…




File: 1494901035640.jpg (454 KB, 1303x987, 1494826119557.jpg)

Also, more Akko size stuff

Little witches are popular for this kind of thing apparently!


these witches sure are little!


File: 1494901240785.jpg (95.53 KB, 709x1128, 1484019968816.jpg)

These are my smol witches


File: 1494901288599.jpg (798.37 KB, 1316x1361, poison_mushroom_by_alloyra….jpg)


Oh yeah, Knight, I have the dice explanation if you still wanted to read it


Thanks, go ahead and post it.


In *World hacks, your results are based on 2d6

2-6: Failure (58.33%)
7-9: Minor Success (25%)
10-12: Great Success (16.67%)

You can also play with the numbers as much as you like, for instance you could make 11-12 Great Success, reducing the odds to 8.34%. If you feel like maintaining critfails, snake eyes has a 2.78% chance of falling.

>What does this mean?

Much more consistency, the most common rolls are
6: 13.89%
7: 16.67%
8: 13.89%

Consistency makes your stat adjustments more impactful because you are going to be rolling average cases like 7 more often where your bonii matter. (e.g.: -1 is a big deal if 6 fails and 7 is the most common dice result)


this reminds me of the time that sylt and I wanted to write a system


Some other approaches to dice and agency:

5e: Advantage. You gain advantage to spend once a session, but the DM may award an extra one at discretion for good roleplaying. In the original rules, you declare advantage BEFORE making any one roll (save, attack, damage – not a roll for stuff like wild magic charts or loot), but in my years of running 5e games we found it was more fun to let people use their advantage after seeing a roll they don't like (it feels "better" to know you're not wasting it). Spending your advantage lets you roll twice and keep the best result (Foldborn, a trait in Macross system, lets you do this and it is SUPER SUPER strong, like nuts good!)

FC: Action Dice. These grow over time and you can spend them to boost nearly any roll, but you also have to spend them to activate crits. Basically, their answer to someone rolling "hot" (critting constantly based on dice rolls) was to limit it by dice rather than crit confirms like 3.5D&D. These recharge per session and the amount/size is based on level. Normally we go at such a slow pace on the sub that we struggle to use all of ours in FC quests before they regenerate next session!


Okay, I see it now. I might stick with 2d5 so we don't have to do too much to the system we have now. The next part will be RP, so I can try it out then, but I'll be more generous when it comes to the successes.

Snake Eyes seems like something I have to keep in Macross (๑˃ᴗ˂)


Pirate Dice: My own little experiment with the world of dice rolling. At the start of a session, a player may roll 3d10, and keep two of those numbers. (e.g.: 3, 5, 10, keeps 3 and 10). Here's where it gets nuts. You can roll a die with that many sides and add its value to your roll. So if you had a 4 before, you might add 1d3 = 2, 4+2 = 6, pass. If the Pirate Die itself didn't crit, it can't transform your roll into a critical. HOWEVER, if the Pirate Die itself rolls a critical (e.g.: 1d2 = 2, 1d5 = 5) your result is ALWAYS a critical success (for this reason, a d1 is a stored crit, guaranteed).

I believe this is a fun system because it encourages strategy. A d9 or d10 might be a "sure thing" to nearly guarantee a normal success, but a d2 could be the coinflip that changes everything if it lands on 2.


I think Sylt and I both like playing with dice and stats (Knight too)

You can always check out this site http://anydice.com/ to mess around with numbers

Just remember, the lower the total result sides (e.g.: 2d5 has 9 possible results instead of 2d6 has 11 possible results), the more impactful skill bonus is (+3 is huge with 9 results)


This is just a catch up for Andy, right? I don't need to be worried I missed part of session?


perhaps that's it


Yeah, just finishing a fight and then she'll be on the flight to the Ankylosaur.



File: 1494903293304.jpg (609.66 KB, 1000x1483, 1483391316297.jpg)

Yes, it's just Andy. You can bet I'd jump in if I could.

You know, I actually would like to roleplay with you but a lot of my personal stuff is kind of research related, so it would interest Frank about as much as engineering would Wan. Maybe if you were serious about Fold awakening you could talk to her more though


File: 1494903393460.jpg (87.28 KB, 500x466, 1493817880483.jpg)

After Macross are you gonna be too tired? I was thinking about a little night OW box farming. Not a lot just a few games.

Event is probably gonna be next week since we haven't heard anything yet


I need a nap at least soon


That's okay, tomorrow is another day


It might come up in passing (I'd have to fold shit myself if I wanted this damn thing to work), which could lead into hilarious misadventure as wan attempts to awaken Frank to the powers of the fold.


File: 1494905609709.jpg (51.19 KB, 635x851, 7de27082b42417136a87637446….jpg)


File: 1494905758974.png (260.72 KB, 279x345, Kotone_Naps_In_Dania_Wool.png)


>Waifu earth pony
>cute wolfgirl

Breezie next in Kelani?


this is b8
this 2




File: 1494905911741.gif (2.79 MB, 300x252, 1466500330772.gif)


Nature, uh. Nature finds a way.


Is it though

What did she mean by this?



That can be remedied with the proper application of nature magic.




Kelani would be too scared to hurt it


Even if he was bzzzd too?



He wouldn't like that much, he's not into being shapeshifted


That's fair.



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