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File: 1377248886244.png (228.96 KB, 500x500, Skullgirls.png)


So how about that Skullgirls?
pretty fun, huh?


Peacock best gurl.


why else?


Cerebella here.
Too OP.


Squigly. Can't wait for Big Band and Eliza.


Fuck yeah skullgirls

File: 1360748863565.jpg (638.99 KB, 2978x2866, ZvjDj.jpg)


Anyone tried out this game yet?

I just started playing today and it's wonderful. All those passives… those glorious, glorious passives… all those character builds…

It's… beautiful…
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Yeah, it's the passive skill tree. All characters share the tree, your class simply determines where you start in the tree.

Activated skills come from gems that you put into your equipment (and can be pulled out and put into other equipment when it's upgrade time at no cost).


I played a witch for a few hours, not normally a big fan of these kinds of games where you both move and attack with your mouse but this is really fun

I'm gonna restart because I didn't think through the skill points and want a different name but that's no problem since the game is so item-centric, I can transfer most of my progress over



File: 1361725039819.png (273.94 KB, 714x436, poe.PNG)

It takes forever.


Huh, what is it about?


Joined in the last two weeks of Ambush and am now in Standard. I like dual wielding but it seems kind of hard to build for, or I'm just not understanding some mechanics. Otherwise, I like this game because it scratches the old D2 itch. I've yet to complete Normal.

File: 1400302730138.jpg (438.11 KB, 2560x1440, 400 lbs of rape.jpg)


One in each hand.

Share your Steam handles, tips, tricks, and perk levels.
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but wouldnt that make the FP angry and go batshit?


After he panicks, he doesn't seem to autorage. Most times he's set n fire, it's done with the flamethrower, which doesn't count as small arms, so I guess that doesn't set off his ticker. I can't guarantee you won't piss him off if you use the MAC-10 or flare guns.

Plus, everyone needs to really pile on him when he panicks. If there's still gunshots going off after he leaves that mode he can go right into rage mode.


File: 1401338867273.gif (416.98 KB, 1024x425, lodsapone.gif)




Some general tactics and behaviors that I've learned by rote and committed to instinct:

1. WATCH YOUR BACK. And your squad's too. Don't get split up, try to at least pair off if you must. Cover each other! If one guy is looking/shooting one way, then turn and look/shoot in another direction. Maps are filled with corners and spawn paths, and the game will not hesitate to drop a bunch of Clots into an empty hallway less than five meters away from you.

2. SHOOT STRAIGHT. Learn to love, use, and abuse iron sights. With the lack of crosshairs and the massive muzzle climb on heavier weapons, you have to make every bit of ammo count. If you have problems using ironsights, go into the controls and assign a key to Toggle Ironsights instead of holding for Ironsights.

3. CONSERVE AMMO. Switch to the 9mm to take down slow-moving Clots and Gorefasts, sometimes Crawlers and Stalkers. These are enemies you can reliably headshot with some careful aiming. Save your big deadly guns for the targets that warrant more firepower.

4. LEARN TO NEW YORK RELOAD. It's faster to switch weapons than to reload a weapon. Buy multiple weapons so you always have a sidearm other than your 9mm to fall back on when you're empty. A majority of deaths are the result of getting caught reloading in a crowd.


File: 1403403558686.jpg (760.94 KB, 1920x1080, 2012-01-07_00001.jpg)

tryhard Hell on Earth squad when
700 hours sharp/supp/demo/medic


File: 1402289514727.png (531.3 KB, 3551x2823, friendship is magicka.png)


Magicka: Wizard Wars is now in open beta

It's free, it's fun, it's fast-paced and it's fairly easy to pick up, even if you never played the original Magicka

Check it out

Fair warning: it's not technically pay2win because every item that buffs you has an "equally balanced" downside, but it is extremely grindy if you want the nicer stuff


At least it kind of makes sense and isn't just a RTS reskin.

The original game was so poorly optimized, were they able to put more work into the engine for this one? It's a PvP game, so there's more impetus for scalability.


File: 1402375891331.jpg (36.57 KB, 700x242, assfaggots.jpg)

Occasionally you'll graze someone with a rock and you'll see the damage on your side but they don't actually get hit, and from time to time you get a really laggy match but I haven't noticed anything too glaring on the netcode front

Reducing the slots per spell from 5 to 3 has done a ton for bringing together on the balance front.

And yes, it's a >MOBA
I like to think it's not full-ASSFAGGOTS tier because it's not really a fortress assault and games are fast enough that getting matched with someone afk doesn't totally ruin your day

Plus, basically no one uses in-game chat so you don't get a bunch of toxic douchebags

File: 1374587004961.png (54.68 KB, 413x531, tacticool dash.png)


Anyone play Counter-Strike?

I can't stand playing hats but I love me some CS


Reporting in, CS is fun.



I play competitively, NA East. Soloing in comp is difficult, I need a team.



Master Guardian II here. I play with a few people every now and then. Almost always try to be 4-5 when we queue.


US West here


I'm trying to work my way out of nova but it's tough solo queuing

File: 1393090716878.png (225.17 KB, 910x1024, fluttershy white mage.png)



Post your friend codes bitch niggas.


File: 1393090930616.gif (1011.15 KB, 276x250, 1389486227077.gif)


pls update your heroes and not send your level 2 tiz wasting my turn in the process.


I need villagers.
I wouldn't advise summoning me just yet, though, as I've only barely started and haven't cracked level 10 yet.

File: 1379094230458.jpg (602.01 KB, 1280x720, GTA-V-big.jpg)


GTA V is coming out soon, so how about a GTA thread? Previous games welcome of course.



I'm joining this for xbox and there's nothing you can do to stop me


I also joined for xbox

Fuck the police


I also have the xbox version


File: 1390660282633.png (2.9 MB, 4114x4562, MLP GTA.png)

File: 1386322855408.jpg (187.93 KB, 1858x1058, 2013-12-06_00002.jpg)


Starbound General


Set up a server if anyone is interested.
pass: bonbon


>tfw planet wipes
I had such a nice castle started, too…


File: 1389177455785.png (1.31 MB, 2552x1350, A Glitch's castle is his h….png)

Ah well. When life clears the board, you just start over and build it better.

File: 1363959917360.png (357.13 KB, 1200x800, pinkie_the_terran_pony_by_….png)


"What is Planetside 2?"

Planetside 2 is the long-awaited sequel to/remake of the original PlanetSide, published in [FIND DATE] by Sony Online Entertainment.

"That didn't answer my question!"

Okay, okay. Planetside 2 is a massively-multiplayer online first-person shooter. There are only three maps, but don't fret! Each map is multiple square kilometers in size, and instead of the 64-player cap on most shooters? Up to six thousand players can be on the same map, at the same time, potentially even in the same general area.

"Holy shit! How does it work?"

The basic game is "Point bangstick at other players, pull trigger", with what I've been told are heavy shades of Battlefield 2/3. The bigger picture, though, is territory control and resource management. Each continent has several bases of varying degrees of importance - from clusters of prefab buildings with a name attached to them, to full-fledged bases that are roughly the size of your average Battlefield 2/3 map - that can be captured by each faction. Capturing a facility, be it a trailer park or a tech plant, gives that faction an increase in the amount of resources it gains.

"Wait, resources? This sounds like a trap."

I was hesitant about them too, but it's okay, they got this bit right. See, each faction has the ability to spawn vehicles. There is no limit, aside from raw player count, on how many of a vehicle a particular faction can have in play at any given time. Vehicles are therefore limited by two things: resource cost and a re-purchase timer. If you want to drive a tank, you spend ~200 Mechanized resources to spawn a tank and a countdown is started. If you try to buy another tank before the countdown ends, or you don't have the resources to buy another tank, you simply can't buy another. Don't worry, resources regenerate fast enough to keep competent drivers and pilots in their vehicle of choice. Infantry resources, on the other hand, are spent on things like grenades, C4, mines, and MAX armor. I'll get to that.
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File: 1370846624747.png (191.3 KB, 332x284, vanu bait shop.png)


File: 1371918815589.jpg (68.63 KB, 256x256, booping intensifies.jpg)

GU11 trip report: Lasher owns, Jackhammer owns, being able to see which direction your gunner is facing owns, hit detection fix owns.

Verdict: I don't know how SOE did it, but GU11 owns.


File: 1376234249551.gif (306.13 KB, 346x327, too happy.gif)

GU13 trip report: New Esamir owns bones.

NS-7 PDW trip report: http://youtu.be/P3ALwKeSEYs


File: 1377498537129.jpg (33.81 KB, 450x496, obabo.jpg)

Oh hey, I didn't realize we had a PS2 thread.
If anyone wants to add me, I'm on Mattherson TR as BarrabObabo, and Connery NC as Galatamon.

I'm on sporadically, in need of a Prowler/Harasser gunner.


Game has been updated so it doesn't run like fucking shit all of the time, and ZOE glowcrabs are getting nerfed, so I've come back to the game.

I'm going to shamelessly plug my recruitment link. If you haven't played in six months or if you're new you can get some free shit from it.


File: 1381589389470.jpg (501.34 KB, 833x762, Pokemon-X-Pokemon-Y-Get-Co….jpg)


Pokemon X playthrough thread

The story until now:
Anon bought POKEMAN X
Picked Froakie
Caught a Scatterbug(named Dix)

And I just caught a Weedle
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Looked like it to me.

The bug gym was a bit too easy imo.
But maybe that was just because I already had two pretty high flying pokemon


Ah, it also locks the enemy into battle, might be really useful.


Oh shit



I picked Charmander because I really like Y-Mega-Charizard.

But all of them are pretty cool, it's a shame that you can only get one.


Anyone want some pokemon?
I've got a bunch of breeding leftovers I was planning on giving away to /vp/ at some point, so I figure I'd ask around here to see if anyone wanted first picks

Huge Power Marills
Gale Wings Fletchlings
Harvest Tropiuses
Scrappy Kangaskhans
Ice Punch/Fake out Sneasels
and Compound Eyes Voltics
all with appropriate natures and 4-5 IVs

I don't really need anything in return but more high-IV breeding stock would be appreciated

Bug me on skype or let me know here and I'll set whatever aside for you

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