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File: 1347469897052.png (104.53 KB, 758x734, 1342178288345.png)


last thread is shit and kind of aimless so i'm making a new one.
MLPG vanilla private server thread.
We're using http://valkyrie-wow.com/
There's even a fully patched torrent. Register, and go to the Valkyrie server. Whisper FaurenLaust or Pohknii when you do. Also, we're horde.
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I tried playing on that server a while ago and gave up after a bunch of the quests in the starting area were bugged.
Any idea if the situation is different now?


I didn't find any bugged quests in the Horde starting areas that I can recall.

I'm at lvl 40 now and I've only seen a few bugged quests in total. Nothing game breaking… It's probably the best one I've tried after the late Quality Gaming.


Alright, will give it a shot then.


File: 1362654633426.png (113.42 KB, 723x712, 1333059401317.png)

Still at it? Ingame name is in the email field, give me a shout if you want help or something.


Nah, I gave up on the game rather quickly. As much as I'd love to play vanilla, those quests not working properly really rub me the wrong way.
Anyway, thanks for the offer.

File: 1362716560320.jpg (24.96 KB, 350x350, halo-4-forward-unto-dawn-s….jpg)


In which we play alien shootan.

We usually play from Monday to Friday at night, and we use Skype to talk because Xbox Live chat tends to cut off a lot.

My GT is on the e-mail field.

Post your gamertag, discuss about them maps, have some fun!


Aw yiss.

GT: Omikron 12
Skype: Okiedokielowkey

File: 1359257786537.png (192.21 KB, 320x634, fullbody (1).png)


Anyone play it?

Pic related, my xXxl33t4rm0rxXx
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File: 1360067916080.png (83.12 KB, 358x416, 1341789653998.png)

it's a pretty goofy name anyways


What do you know about names Lyra?


I just got this the a couple days ago when it was on sale
anyone still play?


We still play it!

I think I'm gonna delete this thread and make a fresh one, for Xbox 360 games in general, or make the Halo 4 one better.


ha ha time for halos

File: 1359255560738.jpg (538.31 KB, 1917x795, Spiral-Knights-Feature.jpg)


Spiral Knights is a F2P MMO action RPG created by Three Rings, a tiny "indie" group in California owned by Sega. The game is a top-down hack-and-slash adventure inspired by old-school gameplay and couched in a strong, clean art style that melds fantasy and sci-fi elements with an original and witty setting.

SK is distinct in the F2P MMO market for having what I consider to be one of the best F2P mechanics: the Crystal Energy mechanic. Like many F2P games, SK limits daily gameplay by leashing all players to Energy costs for everything they do in the game, from entering a dungeon to crafting new items. More CE can be purchased for real money, of course, but SK adds the option of purchasing CE from other players using the in-game currency of Crowns.

TLDR: You can play the entire game without ever having to pay real money. True Free-To-Play.
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Look for me in-game if you do, same handle.
Maybe join my guild.


File: 1359520036601.png (680.83 KB, 1024x640, Promo_drakon-wknight_fire.png)

Just finished an Emerald Queen T3 run tonight. Hunting for Danger Rooms, waiting for Arenas (and getting lucky on a random-floor Arena) brought a yield of 12,900 Crowns!

Saving up money is a big concern for me, having to save up for the Guild Hall, but it will also be key to taking advantage of the upcoming Battle Sprite update, which will likely be a heavy Crown/CE sink and put a bit of a kick in the economy. I hope CE prices will lower a tad in the rush; I don't have enough CE to sell off and make a real profit.


I used to play Spiral Knights last year but had stopped for a while. Let me go install it back, and if my character's still there, maybe I can join ya' for a couple of runs.


File: 1359838396790.png (126.68 KB, 900x427, catchlights_19_by_ponyspon….png)

An important thing for both free and paid players is the regular "jolting" of Spiral Knights' economy through the dynamics of special events and promotions. The old adage of "buy cheap, sell dear" holds quite well, as these CE-purchasing rushes and slumps represent a grand way to build up an economic base for oneself and friends over the long term.

With the Katastrophic Confrontation special event running through the 13th, players have been buying up CE to craft up their event items, as well as spending Mist on Prestige runs for daily event tokens. This has led to a marked decrease in CE prices, as low as 6400 some days. Before this, prices hovered at 6900-7200.

So when other players are purchasing CE in droves to get their event/promotion rewards, swim upstream and begin exchanging your hard-earned Crowns for CE. You can use your windfall to craft up a few items or sell it off for a huge boost in Crowns during slower times.

That's not to say CE has no direct value for gameplay. It's wise to keep a stash of at least 100 CE for emergencies such as in-dungeon revives, danger rooms, covering teammates' elevator fees, and treasure gates.


File: 1361166615315.jpg (196.84 KB, 1280x800, 2013-02-17_00001.jpg)

Just came out of a Tier 2 Lockdown 4v4 battle that was quite exhilirating. My team (Teal) was lagging close behind Red when they started roving the arena in a tight pack searching for stragglers. We wised up and started ninjaing points behind them and forming up on our Guardian, completely throwing their formation off balance and finally gaining a microscopic lead on them in the last thirty seconds. We managed to keep them from gaining more points as the clock ticked down.

Tier 3 Lockdown games (4-5 star gear) tend to turn into a fustercluck of Flourishes and Wolver gear, especially in larger games, so it was refreshing for me to drop back down into Tier 2 gear for some small-game fun. Recons and Guardians have an actual effect!

Generally speaking, the idea is that Guardians hold a formation together, Recons nullify Guardian defenses, and Strikers move in for the kill, but most teams stack up on Strikers and go crazy.

As I always say, though, "Kills win you fame. Caps win the game."

File: 1359258105419.png (95.17 KB, 303x314, Black Fiora tries to tank.png)


I'll start.
Dragons Dogma
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I loved that game, played it a lot along with IG1. Also Empire Earth II.


File: 1359828461369.png (150.99 KB, 1000x800, Bit Trip Dash.png)

I play oldies like…Railroad Tycoon II, Unreal Tournament, Empire Earth II, AoE II.

Also, those Miniclip-kinda games and Bit.Trip Runner.


File: 1360637865970.jpg (29.32 KB, 256x362, 256px-Pirates_The_Legend_o….jpg)


File: 1360640012375.jpg (22.17 KB, 600x375, hl2dm.jpg)

dying game ;_; Nobody wants to play fun maps any more, they just want to play autism RolePlay


File: 1360976723243.jpg (94.16 KB, 1024x768, total overdose.jpg)

Total Overdose.

This game was awesome, but it was really short compared to San Andreas, the plot is kinda silly but that slowmo shooting scenes were awesome.

File: 1359257359995.png (291.3 KB, 900x600, 1357305011365.png)


I haven't played a pokemon game in six years but some days ago I downloaded White 2, shit's a lot of fun but I don't know half of the creatures, I got a couple of generations to catch up on…

Ponymon General.
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Pokémon Yellow is the best one in the entire series.



You can get Bulbasaur (the best pokemon) in it, so it's at least OK tier.


File: 1359677970015.jpg (79.65 KB, 500x442, Look at your Gothitelle, n….jpg)

You only need to know the best one


File: 1359701453732.png (197.86 KB, 535x411, 034Nidoking.png)



File: 1359721463632.png (92.47 KB, 214x260, This nigga destroyed the w….png)

But I know him since the first generation.

File: 1359396761981.gif (1.99 MB, 400x225, level 99 sneak.gif)


Filename thread anyone?


File: 1359397910294.gif (843 KB, 499x281, vanguard_basics.gif)


File: 1359254903003.png (170.26 KB, 900x866, Why Am I Only Good At Noth….png)


>tfw too busy ponquesting to vidya


>Aspirant died in the military
>No more questing

File: 1341280330645.png (132.7 KB, 1440x900, we're gonna need more rope.png)


List is as follows:

1. Twilight
2. Dash
3. Fluttershy
4. Pinkie
5. Rarity
6. Applejack
7. Big Mac
8. Princess Celestia
9. Princess Luna
10. Spike
11. Chrysalis
12. Cadance
13. Shining Armor
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DD plz go


>game full
Oh god dammit.
Next game 9?


I think we can just use the pictures uploaded here,
They're decent enough quality.


File: 1341284592741.png (246.68 KB, 1280x1482, flutterdance.png)

Wasn't me, man… I wouldn't suggest porn for a deck photo. I'd have put this one.


File: 1343351573027.jpg (761.93 KB, 1665x1375, mafia.jpg)

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