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New thread test
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Images of Scootaloo's Rear

Have images of Scootaloo's orange rear? Post them here to get them in to the rotation when scootabutt.org relaunches!

Just one rule: Keep the crotchs featureless or covered.
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Hidden Pages

So when is this becoming a hidden page?

Also, hidden pages thread.
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Welcome more appropriately placed banner thread! While we have quite a few awesome banners there is always room for more, so if you have something you would like to see thrown into the rotation post it here.

Up to 300 pixels wide
Exactly 100 pixels tall
Keep them relatively SFW
Should relate to MLPG or MLP in general.
If possible try to include MLPG or MLPG.co somewhere in the image.
Preferably in PNG or GIF format.
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New version or something.

swf: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/43266019/fla/ponk%20clock/Ponka%20clock%20as3%20better%20anim%20load%20file.swf
data.txt: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/43266019/fla/ponk%20clock/data.txt

Added features:
- Alarm:
Alarms when an episode starts, checks for the first one that hasn't aired yet (ie. you can be viewing the timer for ep3, but it'll alarm when ep2 starts. works even if timer is hidden etc.). You can also just click "!" for your own amusement.

- custom message:
by changing "custom_message" to true in the data.txt, you can change the "Until S#E#" message to whatever you want.

- startTypeToggles
the number of times the timer setup is "toggled" (when you click ponka's head) when the clock is started and it finished loading data.txt. Thus you can set the default display however you want in case if you don't want the digital clock to be there. Default is 0, and keep this value between 0-9.
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Styles and Themes

If you would like to contribute a theme to the site post here. Not sure what is the best way to handle this is so I am open for suggestions.
Pony/MLPG related themes are highly encouraged!

Current Styles:
Main css:

Theme css:
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Bio page for Marker and Gloomy

And Junior, too, I guess?

A bio page describing the origins, history, and personality for MLPG's mascots. We can have people contribute writing and information in this thread, though it will fall to one person to assemble it all into something coherent.

URL suggestions:

I like boop
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Locator Catchup

4chan recently introduced temporary thread archiving that keeps threads online but uncatalogued and locked. This confuses the heck out of the sub's current locator, and often sends boopers to old dead threads that are over 24 hours old! Please revise the locator so it forwards to the most recent thread.
R: 13 / I: 9
The site's 1 anniversary is almost upon us (Feb 18) and I thought it would be nice to give the front page a bit of a facelift for the next year ahead.

Up to 500 x 300
Relatively SFW
Incorporate MLP, MLPG.co, or the Marker
Preferably PNG or GIF with transparent background.

Just like the board banners these will be put into a rotation. So if you want to contribute there is plenty of room!
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Alright, This board is dedicated to making this site the best it can be.

I would like to see:
Any and all problems you have with the site. Nothing is to small or trivial, please bitch about it and I will do my best to fix it. Ideas and suggestions on how the sub can be improved. Again nothing to small or big, if it's a doable idea that wont destroy everything then I am game.

Issue Thread Here: >>3
Board Banner Thread Here: >>16
Front Page Banner Thread Here: >>51
Style Thread Here: >>15

Feel Free to make a new thread for anything else!
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Got an issue with the site? Post it here or send me an email. Please give as much detail on the issue as possible.

Known issues:

Scripts don't work in steam browser. (no updater, quick post, ect…) - It appears that Steam doesn't handle JavaScript that well.

Posting issues for some mobile users. - The only one that seems to work right for me is Firefox. This is on a Samsung Galaxy S3 ruining Android 4.1.2. Feel free to post what works on what device.

Your request looks automated. Post discarded. - This shouldn't be much of an issue anymore, but if it happens let it be known.